Hurricane Irma Wipes A Caribbean Island Off The Map

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts | 39 comments

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    The intensity of Hurricane Irma is already making a huge impact on those in the path of this storm’s fury.  The hurricane has even wiped an entire island off the map, destroying almost every building on it and flooding it to the point that it’s now underwater.

    The tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda is “uninhabitable” and “literally underwater” after it was steamrolled by Hurricane Irma. Officials in the Caribbean said as the superstorm’s confirmed death toll climbed to eight and it could still go higher. Barbuda could take years to make habitable again.

    “As it stands, Barbuda is practically uninhabitable,” Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne told Antigua/Barbuda Broadcasting Services. He added that the destruction on the island, which is home to about 1,800 people was “heart-wrenching” and most of it is now completely underwater.

    “A significant number of the houses have been totally destroyed,” his chief of staff Lionel Hurst said. At least one of the eight deaths caused by Irma was confirmed on the island of Barbuda.  Originally, Browne’s optimistic Facebook post claimed that Barbuda and Antigua had both stood up to Irma’s wrath.  Antigua, which is home to around 80,000 people was not hit nearly as hard as Barbuda.

    “It is clear that Antigua and Barbuda has stood up to a mighty test,” he wrote in the statement posted to Facebook. But he revised his opinion after taking a helicopter ride to survey the damage to Barbuda, which is just 30 miles north of Antigua. “I never contemplated any possibility that you could have such a contrast,” he said of the relative destruction. Browne also said that 95% of the buildings on Barbuda were damaged and 30% percent of the buildings on the island completely demolished when the core of the Category 5 hurricane crossed almost directly over the island early Wednesday. “Barbuda now is literally rubble,” Browne said.

    Browne went on to say that he would order both islands (Antigua and what’s left of Barbuda) evacuated should Hurricane Jose, which is brewing out in the Atlantic, head their way.

    So far, Irma has claimed the lives of eight people.  A 2-year-old child died while the family tried to escape Barbuda, the prime minister said. Another death was reported in Anguilla, and six people died in the French part of St. Martin. The death toll is expected to rise higher as recovery crews survey and begin to work on the damages sustained.

    So far, the storm has also inflicted significant damage on St. Martin, St. Bart’s, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands before it left more than 900,000 people in Puerto Rico without electricity, and 50,000 without water.  It is expected to continue its path through Cuba before making landfall in Florida on Sunday.


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      1. I was hoping Hurricane Irma would wipe Jeffery Epstein’s Pedophile Island and all its “elite” visitors over the years off the map.

          • Florida bracing for Hurricane Irma
            “Irma, downgraded to Category 4, from Category 5, was still regarded as the most powerful in the Atlantic in recorded history, bringing sustained winds of 150 mph – not as strong as the 185 mph of previous days, but forceful enough to cause severe damage to homes and other structures.

            “Hurricane Irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the United States in either Florida or some of the southeastern states,”

            “FEMA Administrator Brock Long said at a news briefing on Friday. He warned that parts of Florida would be out of electricity for days if not longer and that more than 100,000 people may need shelter.”


        • All scum ball traitors and sick bastards should Hang and do society a very solid!!

          • The aftermath pictures are catastrophic and horrible. I am surprised anyone survived on those islands.

            The latest forecasts are showing the hurricane possibly passing between Cuba and the Keys. We are protected by a wall of high pressure overhead but…

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Thats what amazes me, those islands get scrubed clean every few dozen years or so yet people keep building and rebuilding on them, the bahamas is one great example, theres no trees! And whatever there is are either stunted or young, so that tells you something, to me, anything beyond a knocked up fishing shack is a waste,,,

            • laeagle,

              I agree. This is horrible. I looked at some pictures from that area. The pictures speak 1000 words.

              Irma destroyed 95% of Barbuda and St. Martin and left 60% of the population left homeless.

              Praying for these people and all who may be in the path of this storm.

              • KY Mom, This is the island I was talking about yesterday. 2000 people were supposed too have inhabited it. Oh G-d who sits on the throne of mercy…….


            ht tp://

            • KM,

              I have been on the phone all morning with relatives in Miami who have decided to stay and hunker down. They feel it is too late to leave, after seeing the enormous traffic jams slowly moving north. I have offered room and board here and truly hope they will take it. The storm surges and the tides worry me too. They say they are not in a flood zone but I am not too sure about it. I remember Cyclone Nargis and the storm surges that swept across the delta plains south of Rangoon on the Irrawady river delta in Burma and the unofficial estimate of over 1 million deaths. This is a ‘nuclear hurricane’!

              Better to flee while they can!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • laeagle,

                If it might help, tell them about this.

                U.S. Navy Base is Evacuated, Preparing for Hurricane Irma
                “There is no doubt about it: Hurricane Irma is going to be one of the most serious weather storms in history. Now, the United States Navy has been forced to evacuate 5,000 personnel. They are currently fleeing from the destructive path of this Category 5 storm.

                At the Navy Air Station Key West, families and personnel, along with civilian staff, are leaving the region immediately. Bill Dougherty, a Navy spokesman, noted that the U.S. Navy Region Southwest commander has ordered a “mandatory evacuation of non-essential personnel and dependents from NAS Key West to safe haven within 300 miles of Atlanta, Georgia.”
                The storm, which has winds up to 185 miles-per-hour, is already becoming a disaster for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

                Now, it’s headed straight toward Florida’s 21 million residents. This Category 5 hurricane, which is larger than the state of Ohio, shows no signs of slowing down.”

                ht tp://

                  • KM,

                    Thanks. I have talked with them off and on and they still believe they can hold out and hunker down. I have offered assistance but to no avail. I will do what you said and send them the article. It is like they are determined against all odds. Keep them and many like them in your prayers.


                    Louisiana Eagle

        • YO FYI, Trump is one of the “elite visitors.” Trump and Epstein been best friends for many years now. They go back a ways. Trump has said so himself many times. Trump also used to talk and joke about this on the air as a regular guest mostly in the 90’s on the disgusting, sleezy Howard Stern NYC radio show. Nothing funny about holding innocent children, pre-teens and teens hostage to use as sex slaves.

          Epstein is a tier 3 registered sex offender who has served time (not long enough though) in prison. Trump isn’t a pedophile but imo he’s a hebophile, a person with a sexual fetish for 12-15 yr olds and who forces himself upon them.

          The fact is the only people who hang out with other pedo’s/hebo’s are other pedo/hebo’s. No, I’m not a Hillary supporter. I just think we’ve sunk to a whole new low with this incompetent pos in the WH who has gone back on his promises and continues to disappoint.

          • My reply was meant for YO, Young Otis.

          • I thought a hebophile was someone who was afraid of Jews.

            (I’m sorry. I’m just kidding)

        • Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island, was turned upside down with destruction. Less than 35 miles away (southwest) is Little St. James Island, a/k/a: Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island. You can bet something bad happened there, thanks to hurricane Irma. Hope they evacuated all of the sex slave kids in time!

        • Yeah I was hoping Epsteins Island with all the Elite pedophiles on it would be engulfed with a surge so high it would drown them like rats.

      2. A lot of preppers who lived in east Texas and tried to ride out the storm found that they weren’t as ready as they thought they were. If you’re living in the projected path or Irma, evacuate.

      3. This might seem premature …
        Trust me it’s not.


        ht tp://

        • I read where up to a million flood cars may hit the market from Harvey and Irma. Houston alone has about 500,000 cars that were inundated.

          They’ll be trucking them all around the country in a few weeks.

      4. While every life lost is bad, the death toll seems extremely low for such a major hurricane. Comments, anyone?

      5. Next time you build something in Hurricane Alley. Build it to withstand Irma or more.

        • Concrete, Steel, on concrete piles

      6. @Ketchupondemand,,,,
        Hope you folks fared ok,

        • We did, Nail, thanks for caring. Only gusts to 50-60, lost about 10 banana trees and a gift was about 35 avocados were on the ground.
          All in all, a long and mostly sleepless night as it arrived around 10:30 PM but we’re very lucky.
          Still no power but generator power, yes yes.

      7. People are warped into a frenzy crawling along packing the interstates in Florida heading north on both coasts. This after the projected weather cones are all moving east. The guy across the street from me is boarding up the windows in his 1940’s woodframe house that is broken up into four dwellings. The weatherman here is projecting 30 mph winds from the storm up to date. People have gone freaking nuts. All I can do is lol.

        • It’s called prepping and it is the original reason for this website.
          Guess you aren’t preparing for the financial storm that’s coming either.
          Enjoy your LOL.

          • Financial SHTF is propably the most prevalent and possible events and at a personal level can be just as catastrophic as any large scale SHTF,,,
            Thats one of the main reasons i prep,,, its nice to be able to eat, wipe my butt, and drive the truck around even if i have nothing coming in.

      8. Except for the occasional real bad hurricanes, it’s probably a great place to live.

        • Build a nice flat top concrete house, sun deck on the flat roof, and roll down storm shutters with gasketed casement windows, same for a garage, just close it all up when the storms coming,,,
          Im thinking minimalist design, modern clean lines, concrete is your friend!

          • I’m wondering why that kind of construction isn’t in the building codes there? It’s like here- people build these HUGE eight room three story ” cabins” out of logs, then freak when it gets burnt to the ground! Building codes are a joke here. Sad.

            • Eight Bedroom, four bath monstrosities, is what I meant

              • Each bedroom doesn’t have it’s own en suite bathroom?
                Amateurs 😉

            • Over here we have people build multimillion dollar mansions right up to their high water setback on the ocean and then scream for the county to do something when a summer swell takes the sand away 4 feet under the front of their house,,, just stupid, the small shacks they replaced were small shacks for a reason….

              • And i might add the small shacks were never ever right down on the water, usually were as close to the road and away from the ocean as they could get.

            • I lived in Florida for a few years, I noticed there were two kinds of houses, wood frame houses built in the fifties and later and concrete houses built in or before the forties.

              Turns out there were a rash of hurricanes in the 30’s and 40’s. The wood frame houses from that era and before were destroyed by storms or termites.

              I have no clue why Florida building code was so weak for so many decades. Never the less it was and many houses are death traps in a storm.

              When Andrew hit Florida there was a big stir because a split housing development did fine on the north side of main street, but south of main street it was in ruins. Turns out two different inspectors handled the two sections. The one inspector had a huge McManssion and a 50 foot boat. The houses he inspected all blew down. The other inspector lived in a normal house, had a normal car. The houses he inspected all stood against the storm.

              While this story was breaking, my house was being built, there was such a flurry of red stickers, where the builder failed inspections. I like to think I got a better house because of the public outcry over corrupt builders and inspectors. Decades later, I still find things to fix that should have been caught by inspectors.

              Knowing what I know, I no longer say how could God let this happen to innocent people, rather I can’t believe how the greed and corruption of people in authority and power get innocent people killed or left homeless, by their ignorance, greed, and corruption.

      9. With almost 200 mph winds, I figured there would be nothing left on those Carribean Islands except dirt!!

        (Thank God, my daughter just left Cuba!!!)

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