Hungry Venezuelans Feed on Stray Dogs and Cats: “Pets May End Up in Cooking Pots”

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    How far would you go to eat?

    The economic crisis in Venezuela, which has made food scarce, has become so sharp that many people are now being forced to turn on their pets in order survive.

    The mounting cost of imported staple foods used to make dog and cat foods has proven to be prohibitive for many pet owners, who have trouble enough feeding themselves and their children and have been forced to release their pets to fend for themselves.

    As a consequence, there has been a sharp increase in stray animals on roadsides and city areas, and along with them, people desperate enough to turn to these once-beloved companions as a source of food.

    According to USA Today:

    Household pets are the latest casualty in a country where food and other essential goods are becoming ever scarce, inflation is rampant, looting is escalating and electric blackouts occur regularly.

    Pet food is one of the staples in short supply in a country that imports about 70% of its food. … The high prices mean many can give their animals only table scraps, vegetable peelings, rice shards or cooked bananas. Like their human owners, many pets are noticeably underweight.


    “If people themselves don’t have enough to eat, what are they going to do with their pets?” [Angela Exposito, who heads Fundanimalia, a non-profit animal rescue organization] said. “People feel they have no choice but to abandon their animals.”

    Many pets starve to death or are hit by passing vehicles. Others may end up in cooking pots. Ramon Muchacho, mayor of the Caracas suburb of Chacao, warned in May that hungry Venezuelans were hunting stray dogs and cats to eat.

    For animal lovers and pet owners, the thought seems unconscionable.

    However, the harsh truth is that a nation full of people who have already turned to looting, rioting, black market trade and now even pouring across the Colombian border to get food, will do anything to survive.

    That isn’t just true just of Venezuela, or certain parts of the world, but of humanity in general. The potential for darkness is inside every man, woman and child.

    If/when the thin veneer of civility is pulled down by a true and prolonged crisis, the unthinkable becomes the last resort for people who face true desperation. It can and will happen in America in the right set of wrong circumstances.

    As SHTF reported back in May, Venezuela is headed towards the bottom, and something is going to have to give in order for its population to survive and someday return to balance:

    Now, hunger and scarcity have apparently reached a tipping point that is driving people to poach stray animals and even pets for food.

    According to the PanAm Post:

    Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.

    Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger. People are also reportedly gathering vegetables from the ground and trash to eat as well.

    The crisis in Venezuela is worsening everyday due in part to shortages reaching 70 percent […] six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats to ease their hunger, as there was no food at the Fort Manaure military base.

    As pure desperation sets in, crime also becomes inevitable.

    But what about the rest of the world, where the economic forecast remains quite gloomy?

    Even former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan warned that Venezuela was under martial law and that ‘America and Europe are next.’ And that means the people here could reach just as desperate a situation.

    While it seems quite distant from current events, the reality is that brewing chaos could shift more quickly than any of us think into martial law and a deep economic collapse.

    Are you prepared for food shortages, riots and masses who have been reduced to looting and poaching for food and supplies? Are you prepared to feed your pets, too, so they don’t fall victim to such dark times?

    It would certainly be wise and prudent to get ready for the worst of it, while hoping that things turn around for the people of Venezuela who’ve been held hostage by dangerous socialist leader and the rest of the global economy stabilizes.

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      1. what was the turning point, if there was one? If somebody has a link to an article that tells of that turning point, I’d appreciate it.

        • This is really bad and coming here. Hopefully we won’t resort to cannibalism, but if we do, we need to round up those that have caused this mess, sew their mouths shut, hang them on meat hooks and keep them alive in a cool dark place long enough to carve out some nice steaks until they very painfully expire.

          • I’d prefer to feed them to my dogs though, not actually eat them. We really don’t know for sure what we are actually capable of until the situation is upon us, do we.

            • Yummy yummy yummy
              I got love in my tummy

          • People have resorted to cannibalism up until I believe the sixties. Just google – history of cannibalism and get ready to be shocked. Honestly I would prefer to eat a dog or cat then a human. I have never been hungry enough to know the kind of desperation that can make a person do things they never in a million years imagined they were capable of doing.

            • Let’s put things in perspective. It’s teotwawki +14 days. The nursing homes are abandoned by the staff. Who cleans the beds, wipes the elderly, and cooks for them. There will be nothing for them to eat. Same in the hospitals. Same in the military because the trucks aren’t running. Same in the communities, the churches, the schools, the urban and rural area. There will be no food for anyone except those who have prepped, and those who can do some guerrilla gardening. So, cannibalism is already preordained. It is a fact of life. Irreversible in scope, unavoidable in detail. In fact, once people turn to cannibalism it will probably become the preferred method of survival. Think about it, you capture a few humans, break their legs, and they sure are not going to run away. They’ll just lay there in agony, accepting their fate. A better verse than kill or be killed, is eat or be eaten. It is the future of this country and once the lights go out: It’s on: Cannibalism. God help us. thanks for your time.

              • Taxedn2: Well said. There won’t be snap cards, ebt cards for welfare losers, or title 3 programs for low income elderly, food banks will close. The sick and old in hospitals, hospices and nursing/rehab facilities will fend for themselves, will starve. Cannibalism is sickening. I will eat squirrels, mice and rats and shoot and eat rabbit, crows, blue jays, wild turkey but will go no further than that. In Romania and wars in Serbia, Kosovo (late 80’s early 90’s) parents dumped kids in state run orphanages because they could’t feed them, many fled for their lives.

            • Canibalism was an everyday event in New Zealand till maybe the mid 1800s. Maori regularly took slaves from their enemies lands for fattening up and later eating. In all the accounts written in the later part of the century and early 1900s, every account says that human tastes like pork. The usual way of cooking were in the fires of cooking pits dug for one or two at a time …. Or pits dug for several dozen slaves to be cooked all at once for really big feasts (Christmas,Thanksgiving, Weddings)
              In the central North Island where volcanic hot water pools are located ….. Maori preferred their meals steamed or boiled. Smoking or curing meat was common too …. Beef jerky anyone?
              I heard a story once, that two English backpackers were invited to stay in a beautiful and remote part of the country for as long as they wanted in 1970. Local Maori gave them a house to stay in for free …. And brought vegetables and local game (deer, fish) to them everyday for months, slowly fattening them up. They were never seen again ……

        • Stevor, the Main Turning point to Venezuela’s collapse and depression was the severe drop in the price of oil. Venezuela’s main cash flow came from oil. Just like the South Dakota’s Boom to bust, working in the oil sands and fracking business. Oils cost less on the open market, and cheaper than they can pump it. It becomes unaffordable to pump it. Which is a negative profit. So they shut down.

          What I have pointed out on here various times, it that when people can’t feed themselves they let their pets out to the streets to forage on their own for food. Then what happens, is this Animal strays goes wild, and this chaos turns into Feral Dog packs that will attack anything that is alive including humans. Go watch the Movie Cujo. 2 Min Video- ht tps:// A rabid dogs that kills people.

          That is why people need to carry guns and walking sticks or baseball bats to combat the wild feral packs. I would not eat wind pets, as they have been out scavenging and eating rotten food, including worms and parasites. You are what you eat. Do you want to be at the bottom of the food chain? That’s why we prep with several years of food.


      2. I don’t see a problem. As long as there government supporters, there is plenty of food.

        • Nasty

          • Tastes like the meat at Taco Bell.

      3. Many of them don’t live in rural areas where they can grow their own food, which by now would have been stolen or confiscated. It is appalling that their country’s leaders would let their people suffer like this while they eat their three meals a day, and then some. Coming to America soon!

      4. Coming soon to a city near you.

        • Our problem will not be a food problem, but a thug problem.
          Kinda like what Rio is going through. Thugs run the show for the little joe, but “government” runs the show for the middle to upper class people.

          • agreed.

            food may be a problem eventually if the world dissolves into a total disaster, but for the foreseeable future and when this economic farce of the Fed and debt spending meets reality, your bigger problem is thugs coming into your neighborhood to rob you because there is nothing in their neighborhood and local authorities either can no longer keep up with the number of thugs or have started putting their own safety first.

            • They come into my neighborhood there will be casualties…..theirs! They have a chance to prepare. If they don’t they will suffer the consequences.

              • Jim, they would never even make it to the region where my family and BOL are located. Even if they did, they would ‘disappear’.

      5. Coming soon to a city near you.

      6. Mom, where’s Rex? I’ve been looking for him all day and I can’t find him anywhere.

        Shut up and eat!!!?

        • I hate my sister! Shut up and eat your dinner.


          • Let’s eat grandma!

            Hmmm did I miss a comma?

        • Alan Greenspan warns, “Venezualea under Martial Law and America is next”. He ought to know, he and his buddies, the Rothschilds et al, are paying people to stir up as much crisis and mayhem as possible. The globalists Zionists, ZioNWO, at the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, have paid both sides of every war which they personally started since the French Revolution; and there is evidence that they were doing this as far back as the Roman Empire. It is even speculated that the tales of the Devil himself comes from the character of these evil people. You only need to look at very old art. The faces of demons and Devils bare the distinct features of these deceitful, greedy, genocidal people. Even Jesus was tempted by them, bow to me and all this is yours. They couldn’t bribe him so they executed him. Sound familiar. Same shit, different day.

          • Look up . Live leak blood libel. To see how long and what theve been doing. Or Italian child porn ring. They are unbelievably evil.

          • B – If you still want to know who the “et al” are I answered your question. In the other thread.

            • Jules:
              Thank you.
              That was on July9, 2016
              10 Years (or less): Orwell’s Vision Coming True

              Let me know if you remember the rest.

              • B – Will do.

      7. I guess it is better than air pudding.

      8. This may sound cruel, yet the reason the US has been so prosperous is its Christian roots. Every nation that has turned to any other belief, has ended up just like this.
        History will show if you care to look that when people turn to Christ, the other problems tend to go away.
        George Santayana said it, and it was later quoted by JFK, Those that ignore history are destined to repeat it.

      9. Dogs and cats today. People tomorrow!!!

        • Little Timmy taking Ole’ Yeller to the wood shed has a new meaning.

          The biggest problem in Venezuela is not the riots and looting, it is that there is nothing to steal, it is all gone.

          • So many people think with a gun I’ll take what I want . There will be nothing to take.

        • Ahem. You mean Soylent Green

      10. the end is near

        • second.

          over the next year, maybe up to 3 years; you are going to hear stories of people eating their own family members, hanging themselves rather than keep starving and people doing literally anything(be a wiling sex slave, kill neighbors, leave their own children behind to try and leave the country) for food.

          people have no idea what long periods of not having enough food can do. look up Ukraine-holodomor.

          • And remember the holomodor was done by Jews. Just like now.

        • 5For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows.


      11. One of the main reasons I like living in Michigan. Trapping is relatively easy & a no brainer at my residence … if I needed to and was heavily dependent only on wild game – there’s an over abundance of Rabbits, Raccoons, Muskrats, Possum, Woodchucks … etc to trap.

        It’s practically a daily event around my household – can’t kill enough of these varmints that thoroughly enjoy destroying my property. I highly doubt I would need to resort to eating Dog or Cat – … but … I suppose it’s an option if all else fails.

        • FTW
          Start eating weasels , they got my chickens here in the n. middle of the mitt.
          I cant ever catch the damn things.

          • Live traps at Tractor Supply are only about $15.

          • Hammerhead –

            That is actually one varmint, for some odd reason does not exist in my area. On rare occasions do I see a mink – though I would think I’d see more of them … considering I have 3 swamps(one spring fed) and a half acre pond … all watering holes which contain stock full of fish.

            If you don’t have already possess these … I have really good luck using the 4.75″ Spring Coil Traps – [advice tip – acquire the “padded” Jaws] These traps are powerful – I’ve witnessed raccoons losing their hands when they have encountered these devices.

            I also have good luck with the typical “live cage” traps.

      12. From the movie the Patriot… “dawg is a might fine meal”..

        Not to make light of the situation; just never thought I’d be able to appropriately use that line..

        In all honesty.. it’s the city dwellers that are in serious difficulty there.. they are accustomed to buying things at the market.. when there is nothing at the market, or nothing affordable.. they are in a world of hurt. People with gardens, fruit trees or suburb dwellers are not in nearly as bad of a situation.. food grows rampant in tropical and subtropical regions.. I know.. I live in them.. you may get tired of eating a certain thing.. but you won’t starve. City dwellers who have lost their contact with the land and given up their past of self reliance ( even to a small extent ) becoming fully dependent on Just In Time deliveries and getting 100% of their food, 100% of the time from the stores are the ones that are in serious doo-doo. Please take note everyone.. the time to be able to produce at least SOME of your food is LONG before you need it. Even having pots with soil and growing yourself some fresh tomatoes, carrots etc puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most people.. don’t just think about it.. do it.

      13. Why don’t they grow a garden? And help one another out.

      14. Worked with an older guy in the late 70’s, he was stationed in Korea. He had a hoochie mama on the side and visited her often. She had dogs and cats penned. They always named them American names, and Joe was one of the dogs. He came over one night and she was having red meat stir fry, he sat and ate. As he finished, he looked for Joe, was no where to be found. He asked about Joe, and all he got was a blank stare.
        He stated dog was not so bad, if you did not know…

        • I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti

      15. Bernie Sanders should write a Socialist Cookbook with some of these recipes. Presumably, the later chapters will be on cannibalism.

        • Naw , He should write the book on mass killings and willful starvation , a good socialist is fat and rich, everyone else dies.

      16. Going shopping for dinner at the dog pound. Now that’s a thought.

        Today in this country. There are many pets that have been discarded along the road. Some of the lucky ones find their way into neighborhood homes that take them in. I see them on the country roads with no collar and they are not any type of hunting dog.

      17. What I don’t understand is how people can be eating pets for lack of food to buy or money having value to buy it, and no one is in the streets in front of the great socialist leader’s palace with a rope.

        • When people are starved they loose the energy to function. They just sit around with no motivation, starving.

          That is why in WWII they always feed the troops really well before a battle.

          • I liked your response to my earlier post. Nasty!
            “When people are starved they loose the energy to function. They just sit around with no motivation, starving”.
            I direct to “the 900 days, Siege of Leningrad”. If you have a moral people, with a little help they can break an army.
            I don’t believe modern Americans(Democrats) could show such determination, but there’s a lot of people in the world who can and will persevere.

        • because leadership are behind walls with guards who are well taken care of with more firepower than the people are willing to try to get past.

          did you see how the dallas BLM group scattered from one semi-automatic ?

          believe me, when things go bad in the usa, and they will; all these loud talking patriots will take the abuse and just try and ride it out because none of them have the ability to counter even the local police in firepower.

          • lena

            99% of those running were unarmed.

            As far as Patriots taking the abuse. Depends if it is at your front door. Down the street. Do you have support in your cause. How Patriotic you are. How you were brought up. What principles you will stand up for.

            A major plus for me is that I have been around weapons and BIG GUNS since I was small.

            I would hope you have a battle plan with levels of readiness. Other than that you either take the abuse or run like hell.

          • Lena:

            Smart people become friends with the police, they don’t shoot them. It’s a job. People get jobs for money, benefits, a pension. Most people are descent. Most people can be reasoned with. In the Phillippines, Marcos was deposed and Aquino instated in a bloodless (relatively) revolution. The police were beseeched by demonstrators to switch sides. They did. The rest is history. That is why the globalists want to put in foreign soldiers. They know local police are able to appreciate the cause of freedom and liberty. That’s why they’re bringing in foreigners from Islamic countries. We need people to keep track of planes and make sure they don’t import more Islamics. That is our fight. Did you see what happened at Dearborn, Michigan? Throwing stones at Christians. They are always peaceful until they’re not. Someone who cares needs to mount resistance to this insane treason. This Trogen horse is first priority. Organize resistance.

            • working for the government is always a great way to handle a medical crisis.

              If your wife gets cancer, quickly get job as a janitor at city hall.

              They will hire anybody, quickly, and you get the same medical benefits as everybody else.

              When she is cured, quit and go back to your regular life and good paying routine.

        • Smokey:

          Maybe it’s the armed guards. People have been shot. That puts a stop to “peaceful protests”. It ain’t about color, it’s about power and the powerless. If you are going to storm the palace; do it right off. Don’t mess with the little guys. Go for the jugular of the power structure, or go home and scramble for scraps and crumbs if you can find any.

      18. Already took inventory of the neighbors pets months ago! Thanks for sharing though!

      19. All Venezuelans are not eating cats and dogs. The Preppers in that country are eating nutritious meals because they prepared for a collapse.

      20. The native Americans during times of plenty ate game and fed the scraps to the dogs. during times of lean they ate the dogs & horses and sometimes each other. Human bones broken small enough to fit into cooking pots tell the story. If the power grid goes down in the entire USA. We will quickly be worse off than the folks in Venezuela. Its believed than within a short time with no electricity 9 out of ten will die.

        • Old Guy:

          This is pretty much what all cultures do to survive when times are lean. Taking straws to see who will be sacrificed for the rest is the civilized thing to do. Keep. Some sausage skins in the freezer. If you have unwelcome company. Grind them into sausage. Mix it in with animals you’ve trapped. Use it for barter and keep the recipe a family secret.

          • I suppose the secret is in the sauce1

      21. I love my pet and can’t feed it so I will dump it off to be killed or starved. REALLY? If I found myself in such a horrific situation I would ask a real man to help with my dilemma in a humane way. Taking care of rabid humans is something I can handle myself.

      22. Not the Idaho Shoshone according to Lewis and Clark.

      23. The Best Armed will Survive the bad the people of Venezuela wernt ready for it.

      24. Ha! Who am I kidding i’m not Ready

      25. Snausages, it’s what’s for dinner. Some elderly people eat pet food. Southeast Asians eat dogs and any animal that moves. They’re not finicky or picky. Country of origin labeling for meats no longer exist, mystery meat, probably all food soon. Much of the seafood is under great stress with the pollution and radiation. Farm raised is certainly not as healthy as wild, which is fed garbage. I need to read up on all the edible plants and insects. Gag me with a spoon.

      26. Rin tin ina tin. Its what’s for dinner tonight! WOOF.

      27. According to some reports, the shortage of food only affects the poor… which is no surprise at all.

        I love critters just as much, maybe more, than the next guy… but of push comes to shove I’d consume a ‘pet’ before I’d ever consider cannibalism. If it gets to that point, then by all means the bankers, politicians, etc. will be the first to go, perhaps before any ‘pets’.

      28. “Dad, have you seen the trolls? I can’t find them anywhere.” “Boy, what do you think it is I put in the deep freezer?” LOL!

      29. Tomorrow is Tuesday, Amazon prime day.

        Check your lists to see if there are bargains, or things normally expensive to ship that you can get free shipping on.

        I’ll be checking my list twice, and being naughty and nice!

      30. “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else” Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        Yep, leftists have ZERO idea why this has never worked, CAN never work, and WILL never work. Rather, it is as Talleyrand said, these folks have learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.


      32. Honestly I find nothing wrong with eating cat or dog. Have never eaten a household pet, but have had both coyote and wolf, and bobcat and cougar. And as far as cannibalism that someone mentioned here is the real shocker for you. It is only illegal in I think Idaho. People are not convicted of cannibalism they are convicted of murder or desecration of a corpse. Not going to go eating people either just a nice little fact to look up 🙂

      33. You know you are in trouble when they start to eat human meat.

        Lots of this went on in WWII but hollywood does not want to talk about it and only have time for jews, the jews, the jews when it comes to history propaganda from that period.

        if you have been eating McDonals then you have already been trained to eat anything put in front of you without thinking about it so what are you waiting for 🙂

      34. dunununununununununununununun






      35. To be frank, the Venezuelans do not look hungry; they look like they are at risk of diabetes because they look obese. I have seen hungry people and that is a rare sight in the poorer areas of most countries. Junk food tends to always find its way to people’s mouths.

        The best way to get fed and get fit is for these people to set up urban gardens. They live in a lush environment with lots of sunshine. You actually do not need that many calories per day and most humans over-estimate what they need. All longitudinal studies show human health improves when calories are restricted, as in times of rationing. People will be leaner and better looking. Ironically, this also addresses the low birth rates since women will look hotter and guys will be more interested in having sex with them.

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