Hundreds of “Riot Gear-Clad Officers Move In With MRAPs” Against Dakota Pipeline Protests

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 139 comments

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    This article was written Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

    Editor’s Comment: The powers that be are increasingly using military troops against the American people, and shutting down legitimate protests by force. Whether the issue is one you agree with or not, a militarized opposition to assembly is taking place.

    Those standing against the Dakota Pipeline, including tribal members, having been speaking out against the contamination of the water supplies for tens of millions of people, while they have come to represent a new front in corporate-crony crackdowns on American dissent.

    Dozens Arrested as Heavily Armed Cops Move In With MRAPs to Remove Water Protectors

    by Claire Bernish

    Heavily militarized police and National Guard forces moved in to raid camps at Standing Rock on Thursday morning, with hundreds of riot gear-clad officers marching in formation to clear camps of water protectors, journalists, and anyone firmly entrenched to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Ominously poised on Highway 1806, officers waited in formation with dozens of heavily armored vehicles for over an hour before eventually descending into the remnants of the largest Standing Rock camp, Oceti Sakowin, in recent days renamed Oceti Oyate.

    Prayerful song eerily served as a backdrop for what constituted a military raid of land unceded to the U.S. government in treaties from 1851 and 1868.

    In a livestream taken a slight distance from camp, Unicorn Riot explained a Bearcat armored vehicle on scene was likely the same from which an officer in a gun turret fired an alleged explosive device at Sophia Wilansky, ripping her arm to shreds on November 20, during a police offensive.

    Just before noon local time — and under the watchful eye of snipers — officers in helmets carrying temporary zip-tie restraints could be seen roaming the camp, searching for stragglers to arrest under the premise water protectors are trespassing on land federally managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    With assault rifles and guns in hand — and helicopters occasionally just ten feet in the air above — militarized cops perched outside tipi and tent entrances, searching for violators of the eviction order. As the search continued, live video showed several water protectors joining hands in prayer before near certain arrest.

    At 12:30 local time, dozens of officers approached a tiny group of water protectors — one of whom raised a sacred pipe in prayer as they closed in to make arrests. Reports more than 20 military veterans had been arrested were unconfirmed at the time this article was published, but images posted to social media did show police arresting an elderly Native grandmother and searching the pockets of her coat.

    Despite nearly a year of proving themselves unarmed, water protectors became the subject of utterly unfounded law enforcement rumors that an armed group of rebels could be hiding out in an unknown location within the camps.

    Thus, MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles), Bearcats, and Hum-vees zig-zagged through the a complex of still-intact structures that had served as home for the protectors for months, making sure to evacuate everyone before razing the property.

    National Guard and police were still searching through the property as of 1 p.m. local, and appeared to be secondarily kettling water protectors inside the camp, where arrests would be easier to effect en masse.

    Sweeps of the territory will take hours, as officers move from structure to structure with assault rifles drawn — permission to use live fire was reportedly given months ago — in a methodical but deliberate process.

    Just as law enforcement appeared to have gained a foothold of control on the camp, two of a handful of livestreams were suddenly cut. A third livestreamer, Hunter Nolan, recorded as authorities tried to determine how to extricate a lone water protector perched on the roof of a house in defiance of the eviction — whom Nolan described as ‘the last man in camp.’

    UPDATE: At approximately 3 p.m., livestreamer Johnny Dangers reported in a live video Bureau of Indian Affairs police had begun to raid a second camp, Rosebud, in much the same manner as with Oceti Oyate camp.

    This article was written Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.


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      1. Obviously the protesters weren’t prepared. Maybe they should learn from this episode, I certainly have.
        Disclaimer – I hate the government and these protesters are despicable self serving POS. Both sides are suspect.

        • Rellik, there were supposedly only 100 libturds left at the camp when the cops moved in. The rest had already cleared out.

        • Do you have to get the Bundys to do every protest now? They’re the only ones that seem to get it right.

          • Yea dude … lets occupy a “Federal Building” and hold up in it … cuz everybody knows … making 2 wrongs = a Fk’n Right.

            Bundy’s were doing fine … until … they occupied a Federal Building.

            Major Dumb ass maneuver … that is beyond a rookie mistake … that is 100% full retard move.

            • As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

              Holder was then among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), which demanded that the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” The change, the group insisted, was to be made “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

              Read morre

            • FTW,
              how much would you like to bet, the Bundy’s were being advised by one of the friends who turned out to be a fed under cover agent!! and they pushed them into it, YES i know they did NOT have to, but with a little help from your federal friends they took the bait!! that insider scumbag should have been sniped!!

              • Yes, check out the website and articles in back issues of The Range magazine. You will read a different slant on things out there. Hammonds have now been jailed 2x for the same crime -starting a backfire.

                Some federal employees started a “controlled burn” with high winds forecast about 4-5 years ago SW of here. A million plus in damages, buildings,livestock and hay -gone. “Oops! So sorry” and that is it. Kind of like the Govt river incident in the SW US at the one. If it is a citizen he is destroyed. A govt “pro” -oops. Mrs Bundy wrote an open letter to Obama – it is published in the March ’17 issue.

        • “I hate the government and these protesters are despicable self serving POS. Both sides are suspect.”

          Some of these protesters are made up of Veterans and Bikers … it’s not just Native Indians who are there.

          Maybe you would feel more comfortable if this pipeline was in your backyard.

          • It was my understanding that the good guys left and so did the local tribe guys. The left over protesters really screwed up the local tribal Casino business. The crowd left over is the people I was referring to eg. the professional SJW types. I’m a Vet and a biker. I would love to have a pipeline in my backyard. It is called dollars in the bank!

          • A few facts are needed here. There are currently 8 other pipelines that go under Lake Oahe. They are 90 to 115 feet below the bottom of the lake drilled through bedrock. The new pipeline will also be well under the lake through bedrock.

            Many of these “peaceful” demonstrators pelted the cops with hundreds of steel nuts as in lug nuts using powerful sling shots. Many cops were injured.

            This is what the media will not report. A legal permit was issued after the company jumped through all the legal and EPA hoops. The land the demonstrators are occupying is federal land not reservation land.

            • It’s only Federal Land … if there is a Federal Building on said Land … otherwise … the Claimed Federal Land from Government .. is a complete and utter lie.

              Government is in the wrong … and those who support the Government on this issue … may as well sign up and be a boot licking /// wanna be ass kicker enforcer of the NWO.

              Hurry … do it now and sign up to be a fk’n stooge.

              • Anybody criticizing the water protectors are dumb as a rock on the facts. Do you nutjobs ever learn anything or read any of the articles a few months back? The Natives are not Liberals or what ever lable you want to throw at them. This pipeline was originally mapped out to go under the river upstream of Bismarck, but was moved downstream of the city because of fear the pipeline would destroy Bismarck’s drinking water supply. Oh so dump this crap on the Natives water supply then huh? You people are freaking clueless idiots. And it turned out this Pipeline builder did not even have the proper permits to build it where they tried to last fall. This is in full violation of EPA law you freaking morons. What is going on now is one more pathetic chapter in American History of shameful theft, violation of the law, civil rights abuses, bullying with the point of a rifle. You bootlickers just wait till it is your turn when the Govnt comes to your house and steals all your property. We will call you scum sucking Liberals for objecting. F-You!!!

                • You’re correct, Zeus. The pipeline was moved because of fear the pipeline would destroy Bismarck’s drinking water supply. I am not sure on the permits, but the rest is true.

                  • Pipeline was not seriously considered for north of Bismarck. One of the criteria was it needed to be more than 500 feet from any inhabited residences – simply put there was no place that sparsely populated in the area north of Bismarck where they already have pipeline. This area met that requirement and had a corridor.

                • Calm down there Mary’

              • So the government doesn’t own the land? In that case you don’t own your land. Because almost every parcel of land in the USA was originally deeded to the first private owner by the US Government. So if the Government cannot own land then the original deed was invalid? My land I have the abstract and The government deeded the Original owner the parcel in the form of a Land Grant for his service in the War of 1812. Are you saying that deed is not valid?

                • Yes, he is, but he’s not smart enough to know that.

                  I think he missed that clause in the Constitution about Congress having authority over the public lands. Everything else follows.

                • Actually you are incorrect.

                  The general (federal) government was HOLDING IN TRUST the territories for the new to come states. Yes, that is in writing, As soon as each new state laid out their borders and created a republican form of government all land within those borders became the states.

                  That was changed unlawfully by the feds so that they could steal the land from the states and add to the most limited government more power. When those who served at the time of breaking the contract were not charged and prosecuted it did not change a thing, except that they dumbed enough people down to not know our governments and what they are allowed to do, etc. But for each successive legislature that did not correct the unconstitutional problem can be held accountable since their first and most important duty above all else is to Support and Defend the US Constitution.

                  ALL new states come into the union with equal footing with the original states.

                  “Admission on an equal footing with the original States, in all respects whatever, involves equality of constitutional right and power, which cannot afterwards be controlled, and it also involves as Citizens of the United States of those whom Congress makes members of the political community, and who are recognized as such in the formation of the new State with the consent of Congress.” Boyd v. Thayer (1891), 143 U.S. 143.

                  • Thanks Cal for some intelligent fact stating. Many here are Low IQ Bootlickers. Many can’t recall history past the last Beverly Hillbillies show off Nickelodeon.

                  • The State governments are not victims. They were complicit in the land grabs. Almost all local and State level politicians have higher political aspirations. All trying to join “the club”.

                    Amazing how many “awake” people think States are pure as the driven snow.

              • Washington DC is federal land.

                Any other land, in order to qualify as “federal land”, MUST be purchased from the state for certain limited purposes. All of this can be found in writing within the contract and supreme Law of this land, which also creates the “federal government”.

              • FTW look a little deeper. Who profits the most from no pipeline? The Indians are pawns.

                • There are some around here who think it is BN RR – lots of tanker rail cars. And without this pipeline that keeps them rolling across the bridge just north of the new water intake structure for the tribe.

                  Remember that the Sioux received their money for a new water treatment plant in the last decade.


            • The protestors left more garbage (tons), poured gasoline in the water and caused more ecological damage than the pipeline ever could. So much for the progressive self serving BS causes. Time for them to get jobs and become productive members of society. Some of these losers are such hopeless cases that one can only blame their parents for gross negligence and child neglect…. they are the ones responsible for this lost generation. What a waste of humanity and to think they are drinking our water and breathing our air.

              • Barry you freaking scumbag liar. Post a link with facts. Indians did not dump gasoling in the water. Now we justvmale up BS lies. Fyou too ahole. You morons are pathetic.

                • That’s right pump the dirtiest oil on the planet, Tar Sands and move it under the drinking water supply to our First Americans. How patriotic.

                • Zeus – the protestors – who are both native and white supporting – used excelerant to burn structures in what is now a soupy wet mud – hole (or was until night before last when the temps dropped again). It will eventually end up in the river. I do not know if the young people burned were native or not (minors so names not released) but that may give us an idea about that fire incident. BTW – The Solen Sioux (as Standing Rock school) just now won their next game to advance in the state HS Class B BB tournament. As heard on Local Radio – KFYR. Flasher lost to them badly. You can check it out. I do live nearby…..

              • The protesters, even the liberal ones, really don’t give a damn about the environment, they just want to create chaos, it’s what they do.

                They have nothing better to do because we in effect pay them to do nothing else. Cut off all their free shit entitlement payments, EBT cards, WIC, etc, and they’ll stop protesting once they realize ‘oh shit’ they better get jobs and work for their living. Yes they will hate that new concept, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m tired of my tax money going to worthless POS parasites that don’t contribute anything useful to society.

                • BlackMoe, I hear you loud and clear. The Indians have been living on our tax dollars for much longer than the libturds have.

                  • Brave, hope you are doing good.
                    I agree that the Indians have and are living off the backs of taxpayers. The days of Custer have been over for a hundred years or more, and the entitled Native Americans are just about stooping as low as the blacks that live for entitlements and reparations because of bad deeds done against some, not all, ancestors.

                    The new and modern native american has become as corrupt and evil as the white man that caused them grief, misery, death, and stole from their ancestors.

                    Case in point, a native american female child was adopted and raised for most of her years by white/caucasian parents, and loved her as their own biological daughter.

                    Some tribal cunt-in-charge, decide she wanted the child removed, as “tribal property”, and thus a lawsuit and the child was put into a place with strangers.

                    What a piece of un-compassionate dung to, see this innocent child as property to be used as for their power tripping purpose.

                    My great great aunt was half Cherokee, and I have a lot of respect and love for the Native American general.
                    However; what I am seeing on these reservations, especially those with casinos, is very disturbing.
                    The majority of the natives are still uneducated, use drugs and alcohol daily, and have no desire to learn and do things right.
                    Shoddy workmanship is the norm on reservations, because it is mostly reserved for people with connections to tribal leaders.
                    In Cherokee, NC, the restaurants are closing down because the natives population as a whole can’t even cook eggs correctly, and just don’t care. Almost all restaurants where the Indians cook, the food is shitty…even the fast food joints.

                    The new age Native americans, are giving the Mexicans, a good name. At least the mexicans have work ethic, and will follow directions and try to learn. native americans just want a paycheck, and feel like they are entitled to one, without putting forth any effort. Kinda like a large segment of black america.

                    • About 141 years. Just look it up -Ft Abraham Lincoln, between Mandan and Standing Rock. “Where Custer should have stayed”. His regiment road right through here on his way to LBH.

            • Thank you R.L. What you said is correct. People should look at a map of existing pipelines that are currently used and some very old. The other way is to use Soros’s truck & rail lines that are very accident prone.

        • This news just makes me sick. OK go build it and then blow it up when the MRAPS are gone. This is like Trespassing Railroads as they went westward back in the mid 1800’s, and the invaders destroyed the native Lands and treaties, and lifestyles and cultures.

          Trump on this issue is a F*cking POS Traitor to the Native Americans. Trump is a Friggin uninformed IDIOT on Solar energy also. His F*cking FASCIST Oil buddies need to crawl in a hole. I voted for Trump, but Trump is 100% wrong on this one. Can you hear me now DJ Turnup!!

          • Id like to shove a gas hose down the throats of the oil company executives. Then turn it on and let them die. You like oil you POS scumbag, here you go, drink your death. Open season. Go find where these Oil Companies employees live and burn their houses down. Eye for an eye!!! Target them in their neighborhoods and friggin yachts.

            • You don’t have a car or ride in other forms of transportation, right? You must only ride a horse or unicorn because it would be pretty stupid to want to shove a hose down the throat of the people that keep you from having to walk everywhere you go, right?

          • You’re an idiot, the oil is being tinkered on railroads right now, this just changes how it’s transported.

          • Fuck the American Indians. They were stone age hunter-gatherers who never even invented the wheel. They adopted the white man’s technology whenever the opportunity arose. “Cultural appropriation”.

            Tired of hearing about the “noble savages”. The Indians were constantly engaged in tribal warfare. Hardly “at one with the land”.

            Superior cultures always destroy the cultures they encounter. EVERY nation has it’s origin in violence and conquest.

      2. It’s about time! Those DAPL protestors all along were doing things that most other outlets weren’t reporting. They’ve left all kinds of debris there and it will be a nightmare to clean up. They need to do something with these other libturd protestors instead of playing pattycake with them.

        • Dep BrHrt. You are a freaking moron absent of any facts. You are a Libtard yep moron really. Dipstick yep you leave your trash, and suck off your relative just like a Libtard.

          • Zeus, what the f#$% is your problem today? You call ME a libturd? Get back on your meds and go f#$% yourself.

            • Zeus, BTW, you’re starting to sound like HCKS.

      3. Mac, do we still have to keep looking at pictures of the hildebeast?

      4. I agree with these protesters at Standing Rock. It is stupid to lay an oil pipeline beneath a river; if there’s a break it will do all kinds of damage to the environment. Why can’t the government show this kind of force toward the liberal rioting terrorist?

        • There are already two pipelines under the river in the same location.

        • Running it over the river is far more likely to cause damage to the river than running it deep under the river through bedrock.

          As for pipelines vs surface transport, the Exxon Valdez alone caused more leakage and damage by itself than all the pipeline leaks we’ve had.

          Then there’s things like rail cars of crude blowing up entire towns to contend with because there were no pipelines to be used instead.

          • Anonymous, I have to agree on underground pipelines. Even with their own risks, they’re still much safer for transporting oil.

      5. I’ve witnessed the filth these so called protesters have created, far worth than any crude spill. Typical left wing maggots that need to get a life and a job.

      6. President Trump seems more of the same, a continuation of corporate predatory capitalism. Doubling down on actions against freedom and the peoples right to protest, the fundamental right of free people. His cabinet is packed with bankers and warmongers. His energy plans are more of the same. He is ushering in the dictates of the globalists. Nothing has changed for the better, yet another hoodwink job. What is to like? The differences between Trump and Clinton were minimal. Everybody lost.

        • Aljamo –

          The day he got elected … I mentioned folks to be careful … I figured Trump was a “ringer”. I was hoping to be wrong, but as the days pass … I’m noticing a “pattern”.

          Told folks [Trump fanatics] – Give it a year or less … and you will more than likely be singing a different tune about him.

          For the most part – Domestically … I have no issues.
          It is his rhetoric on Foreign Policy that is a major problem.

          At the moment: Do I see a Man for the People … or a Con-Man?

          I would like to say it’s 50/50 – but … it seems as each day passes … I’m believing more people have been hoodwinked into the Game of we call “politics & the Theatrics of Dumbass’s”

        • Aljamo agree 100% what you say. Trump is so wrong on this issue. He must only be getting one side of the story. He too loves to steal others property without due process. His scumbag fascist oil grubbing shills on his team are disgusting. Then we have uninformed morons here taking the dumbed down bait like fish low rung morons with 2 brain cells making comments with no facts. Just shows what generations of imbreading and floride does to the brain. I agree with FTW also.

      7. Whether you agree with this protest or not, it remains a fact that we live in an open air prison where those in costumes follow ‘color of law’ statute to deprive you of your rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

        Fuck The Police

        Fuck The Police State


      8. And What exactly would you have them do? Continue letting the “protestors” break the law? If you’re trespassing, you’re breaking the law… they were asked to leave.
        And the whole “Protecting the environment” is a load of horse hockey… These protestors did 1.2 Million dollars of damage with their filth, trash, and human waste. They did more ‘environmental damage’ than the pipeline.

        • M……FUCK OFF YOU POS.

        • Hey M. Tell us what laws the Native are breaking? Post some facts. You know the truth. Your uninformed rant is nonsense. Post what laws the Natives broke or how about just STFU.

          • Trespassing. The Indians were not on their reservation.
            And Zeus, I can tell by your other posts, you care nothing of facts. You’ll believe whatever non-sense you believe and CALL them facts. Here’s a fact: You can’t just do wtf ever you want and expect to stay out of jail/harms way.

            I have no problem with peaceful, non-destructive protests.
            (slightly off topic, but still to my overall point)
            Once you start standing in 4 lanes of traffic… you need to get ran the **** over. Once you start rioting, breaking windows, burning cars, you need to be shot dead.
            If you’re interfering with people’s livelihood, or trespassing you need to go to jail… if you refuse to go peacefully, you need to get rough up. Our criminal system is way too weak. We need far fewer laws with *far* more severe punishment… That’ll put a stop to all this B.S.

            And “Anonymous” your level of maturity is showing.

        • M, spot on. I lost count of how many times those libturds and Indians were asked to leave. They had more opportunities than they should’ve had to leave, voluntarily, without any harm coming to them. The vast majority did finally leave. The ones who stayed should’ve also left and would’ve been just fine. Everyone concerned with this affair put up with so much BS from the libturds and Indians for much longer than they should’ve.

      9. Hundreds of “Riot Gear-Clad Officers Move In With MRAPs” Against Dakota Pipeline Protests

        Once again … The United States Government is in the wrong and breaking another Treaty of lands that are without a doubt … Native American Soil.

        The Treaties of Fort Laramie, 1851 & 1868

        Most notably, and relevant 1868 Treaty.

        US Gov are notorious for breaking contracts & treaties – it’s what they do.

        Most of these pipelines have issues … as in leaking or bursting … contaminating the ground & water. Most do not make the National News – it happens more often than most would think.

        For those “naysayers” that think I’m being a jerk or a un-Patriotic Citizen – I say: “Fuck You Too.”

        If this Pipe was coming through your property – would you be ok with them destroying whatever was in it’s path for them to be successful in their mission?

        I highly doubt anybody would be happy with it.

        This is exactly what is happening to these people – it is their backyard … and it shouldn’t be tampered with – though much of it already has and obviously … continues to this day.

        • The stuff that is flowing through these pipelines came from the ground so shut the fuck up about “contaminating the ground”
          A more ignorant argument does not exist.
          As for treaties, you are correct, the liberal left is as guilty as, or more than the right (see pres. Jackson).
          But promises made mean nothing to those who pretend to “represent” the citizens of this nation.

          • Oil is in the Ground … way below the ground water level … once exposed on top of soil … is called … contamination!

            You can STFU VocalAnalRetentiveBunghole!!!

            Hope the Oil Company finds a path through your homestead soon.

            • Oil is only deep underground? ?

              Been to the La Brea Tar Pits? How about walking on the tar sands of Canada. I have a landscaped garden wall made of lead stone. Lead stone doesn’t have any lead, it’s just heavy because it’s an oil bearing shale.

          • Hey VocalMoron. Go dump a 55 gal barrel of oil in your water well, then go take a shower, cook some food with that water and drink some of it. Then come back and tell us now natural it tastes and how good it is for your body. Seriously the IQ here is sub 30 maybe. Thanks for illustrating what dumb Americans we have in this country. You are an embarassment to the human race.

            • You, zeus, illustrate what dumb morons we have.
              “imbreading and floride”
              It’s “inbreeding, and fluoride”.
              I don’t care about the argument here. If there are pipelines under the lake already, who cares.
              You want to power your car/truck on solar, make a tablet or computer out of flour and water? Wood and glue? How so? You still need oil to get there.
              Name one thing that oil doesn’t touch in our lives.
              Whether it’s made from it or delivered by it, it’s what runs our world.
              You’ve never defended my arguments against solar so we see what you are. I’ll leave it at that.

          • Hey VocalMoron. Go dump a 55 gal barrel of oil in your water well, then go take a shower, cook some food with that water and drink some of it. Then come back and tell us now natural it tastes and how good it is for your body. Seriously the IQ here is sub 30 maybe. Thanks for illustrating what dumb Americans we have in this country. You are an embarassment to the human race. Throw in some lead too in your water. Thats natural too from the ground. Stupidass.

            • If I dumped a 55 gallon barrel of water in my well it would float on top of the static water level at about 75 feet. And my submersible pump is at 450 feet. Not a drop of oil would be pumped into my home. petroleum floats on top of water. and if its where air can get to it there are oil eating microbes that will take care of it. Oil is a natural thing. and nature eventually recycles everything. And solid lead will not pollute water. In the bigger citys there are still old lines that are made with lead pipes. Water does not dissolve lead. In fact a car battery has lead plates that survive in sulfuric acid. and it doesn’t eat or dissolve the lead. what kills batterys is sulfation. Sulfation is a build up of a hard crust on the lead plates. The kind of lead that’s dangerous is teratyl lead. Called Red lead it was used as a additive in gasoline. also finely ground lead was used in paint. solid lead will sink to the bottom of a well and simply set there. We have naturally occurring lead in the Ozarks. We even have a Town named Lead Hill. Hard to say for sure but I would bet there are likely thousands of water wells in the Ozarks that are drilled through lead deposits.

        • The 1851 Treaty was superceded by the 1868 Treaty following the Red Cloud War. Just what clauses in the treaty have been broken in the last few weeks? The Reservation is about 2 miles away.

          • Yeah 2 miles up stream you freaking moron. What ever is upstream flows down stream just like your uninformed BS IQ mentality. There have been over 1000 pipeline spills and leaks in the US in thr last few years. Some of you here will not be satisfied untill every inch of this country is a cesspool of pollution. Which also is reflected in your low IQ statements. The flouride is really kicking in here eh?.

        • It is their back yard – but NOT their property. The pipeline runs north of the reservation – the SECOND time it runs under the Missouri River in ND. (It goes under the river south of Williston already.)Standing Rock is moving its water intake 70 miles south – to Mobridge, SD. There it will be less than 2 miles directly down stream from a rail road bridge that has hundreds of oil rail cars crossing it daily….That decision was made before we got anywhere near this point.

          • Facts do not matter to the zealot.

        • FTW, I always enjoy your posts. I also know you’re NOT a jerk or unpatriotic. But someone else mentioned the Exxon Valdez affair and RR oil tankers exploding. The risks associated with those methods of transport are far greater than with an underground pipeline. Granted, pipelines do have their own risks but don’t seem to be as great as the other methods. There’s no PERFECT way to get oil transported from point A to point B. If there was a better methodfor transporting oil I would be in favor of it. Absent that better method, what else can be done? So we’ll just agree to disagree on this one, unless I’m missing something here. Take care.

      10. Aljamo, i know that you and me have gotten into it from time to time, but i back your comment 100%. I posted something similar to your comment yesterday. Its the same tyranny rebranded under Trump to look good and by the time October of this year comes around, watch what happens. I am no longer in support of Trump. Military in battle gear, pointing guns in the face of veterans and Indians, considering what was done to them and in the past. Today, the Indians find themselves with their grave yards destroyed, relics destroyed and guns in their faces all over again. The American people will wake up by years end to find out that they have been fooled again, and the ones that on that Trump high seem to be high off their asses all the time but not me. This proves that the elites and milti-billionaires are all the same, and its always about them, and them only and fuck the rest of us. The whole election looks now like a black hat operation in disguise to stall the revolutionary war that almost commensed and that it’s Clinton who they wanted and knew that we would not support that, so that came up with a different tactic that worked. And now we are seeing that Clinton will not be arrested, and no arrest will be taking place. We have been lied to fooled and they just a total complete fucking ass out of us, because it they kill the veterans and start killing people at that pipeline, nothing would ever make this country recover from that. Now we are hearing about and assault rifle ban passed the court of Appeals. Like i said, i like Trump, support Trump, but i am confused as to what is really going on in this country, because my feeling have changed with viewing that picture with military pointing Ar’s in peoples faces. Rumor is that Trump owns the pipeline, and has invested in it, has business in Saudia Arabia, in Europe, etc. And he is getting along with the british prime minister and will be seeing the queen. This looks almost like business as usual.


        • HCKS –

          Good Post!

          You see … what I’m seeing on this issue… and we are not alone.
          Others are raising eyebrows on some questionable stuff that is happening.

        • Is it too much to ask for you to try to use paragraphs when you post?

        • here we go with the rumor shit….

        • I agree with you except about people waking up. More people are drinking the lefts koolaid than under Obama and the good old fashioned conservative Americans keep wringing their hands and talking about “they better look out, they better watch out!” but sitting idly by cruising the site and buying .22 from CDNN.
          When are the Deplorables going to shut down CNN by parking 50,000 out front? We won’t because we think we are better people than those retarded SJW who march with their pussy hats and we say, “we have jobs and can’t do that crap, but they bette watch out! Better stop stirring that pot!” And nothing ever gets done.

          It is dispiriting and everyday I see more and more of the “normal people” who I would consider open minded and intelligent begin to parrot the CNN BS about freedom of the press and Russia.

          We are losing. I feel like the last Roman soldiers along the Danube, defending a system that long ago abandoned me against hopeless odds.

        • HCKS, I read about that ‘assault weapon’ ban made by the 4th Circuit. That can still be appealed to SCOTUS. Let’s see how many people, if any, follow that ban. I wouldn’t. It’s null and void to me.

      11. I worked in north west n Dakota . They used radiation detectors at the city dump. In Rulison Colorado they tried to frak natural gas with a nuke but the gas was too radioactive to use. At the laudrymat they have machines marked for greasers. But the oil is so tough the clothes weigh a ton and the oil won’t come out. Guys told me of taking showers with dawn dishwashing soap to try to get the oil off your skin. The city water seems oily when you take a shower. I bet they are injectiing hydrolic oil in the ground then pressurizing it with clean burning mini nukes. Scientists set off over a 1000 nukes in the South Pacific knowing the radiation . And they were highly educated people. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on our planet. Or how many highly educated savages are amoung us.

      12. FTW and Almajo, both of you guys hit the nail on this ass. I have been wanting to talk about this but i had to wait to see what you all here on SHTF had to say, and like all preppers, we will have to face reality all over again, and this why we are preppers. The scientist told me that nothing had changed, and now i have accept the end game, this bullshit about the 80% population reduction from 350,000,000 down to 280,000,000 by 2025, just 8 years from now, and the that the military will have the entire population under control by 2030. How the fuck to you guys think i feel now. Flynn came out and said that Iran broke the UN resolution on Nuclear Proliferation. If this is the case, did Flynn just say that the US is under the UN or did i miss something, did his mouth slip getting his ass fired. Because i listen carefully and i don’t miss shit. And the way spicer talks, he keeps pushing aggressively that the President is right, that things must be done the way the president says it must and this sounds like dictator talk. Its get even more interesting, i talked someone in the oil business last week, told me that Trump has lost his trust among them. The employee source said that Houston is watching everything at the moment. Trump is loosing support from the people who voted him in and the reality that no manufacturing will be coming in anytime soon, and the urgency is not to help the American people, and this is not a priority, and it a lot of people are still suffering all over the United States, they have lost homes, cars, apartments, out in the fucking streets and what’s those peoples positions now. What kind of condition are they in right now at this very moment? I must address this, i have been in this position before. i am not going to come on here and lie my ass off to you guys and tell you all bullshit that Trump will fix everything because nothing will be fixed. The cabal planed in advance to start a civil war to bring in troops, the soldiers are here, we saw them move in all the UN equipment. Did anyone see all the UN and other hardware exit the country since Trump won. Where is the equipment, where is it. Its here and more chi-coms, russians, Latvians are still coming in. Every since that spetsnatz came up into my face, i knew right away the David Hodges and Steve Quayle had credible sources. I knew for a fact that Russians were in in Houston. I have to call this our for what it is. THIS IS FUCKIING REALITY.


        • HCKS –

          Good Job … and you are right about the … “trump bringing jobs back” … kinda thing … I … and I would hope many would realize that line of bullshit … is just what it is.

          No manufacturing jobs are gonna come back to America … that is a major bong hit / smoke dream. Not gonna happen …

          If we tried that … that itself is “economic warfare” … our politicians sold us down the river years ago … and this “make America great again” crap … is what it is … SHIT.

          The “Establishment” has had this country by the balls for a long time … and guess what? … they are not going to let go of it.

          Listen to Trumps rhetoric or don’t listen to Trump’s rhetoric … matters none … keep prepping … a day will come … you’ll be thankful that you took the appropriate actions.

          • Who is Trump making America Great Again for? Looks like the Oil Companies. The rest of us get to eat cake. At least on this issue. Trump is Wrong on tbis one.

        • HCKS,
          I’m still open to Trump. We certainly are getting huge signals that he is not the globalists choice, neither the Banksters choice. Trump being hated by every entity of the Main Stream Media is actually reassuring to me.

          Never the less, the government has been packed for decades with globalist, and Progressive operatives. At some level even Trump must work with the Shit sandwich he has been fed.

          The globalists want to rule the world, and their plan is nothing less than to take over the world. We as preppers must plan for this event, even as we plan for a silly Hurricanes and tornados. I’m speaking in scales.

          • PTPO and everyone. I’m still open to Trump. I also know it’s possible he’ll turn out to be wrong on some issues. He’s never going to be perfect. One thing that definitely deserves our attention is the gun ban upheld by the 4th Circuit. Let’s see if it’s appealed to SCOTUS and struck down by SCOTUS. If not, let’s see if Trump does something about the ban. If he doesn’t, then I may also start losing faith in him. I still have all my options open. My prepping won’t stop regardless of what happens.

      13. HCKS… we get along fine, I enjoy your posts. I am really angry that Natural has been taken down, most likely the onset of internet censorship. Big pharma and the CDC and government enablers have hidden the truth exposed on that site. Also, waking has been gone for a couple of months. Hide the truth at any cost. Free speech is under enormous attack. Free exchange of relevant info on the net is threatened.That majorly sucks.

        • Aljamo –

          Natural News hasn’t been taken down … I guess Google gave them a big FU … Iduno … but the site is up and running.

        • I was just on the ‘Waking Times’ site a few minutes ago. ‘Zen Gardner’ was taken down a few months ago, another site I really liked, but that was done himself. So Waking Times is up.
          I was looking for an article that I had recently read where it spoke about how people today have had their minds affected to the point where people can’t speak with candor. There were a few other points made about how it’s difficult to talk to anyone today without soon feeling that you are on the defensive, because ‘you’ are not getting along. I couldn’t find the article again. I guess it was a little late and I forgot to bookmark it. But it spoke the truth. It’s like now we are all surrounded by pod people. So when you say certain words you get pointed out quickly and that news spreads fast.

      14. Add guns to protesters and you have an armed resistance. The bundys learned this the hard way. Is protecting water worth your life. I delivered pipe to a superfund site the guy charged with the cleanup said they were cleaning the ground water I said really he said it will be good as new. In the 50s the military dumped oil and other contaminants that seeped into the water table. He said they don’t need to remove the soil just clean the ground water. He was there for about 3yrs so I guess that’s how long it takes. These protesters are not gonna win. A pipe running through your backyard is safer for the environment than a tanker spilling like the Exxon Valdez or a train wreck and major cleanup after or how about the many tank trucks running down the highway. These people are a bunch of tree huggin hippy leftie Indians who would be first complaining to gov if their access to oil got shut off.

        • A pipeline is the ‘cheapest’ way to move oil. That’s why Syria is the equivalent to the Dakota protesters, only in the ME. Yeah, they’re using the same tactics in both places too. Always have, always will. They make you an offer first, that you shouldn’t refuse.

        • What you do it take it to the oil co CEOs house and trash his home property. Dump oil on his lawn in his well and drill holes in the hull of his yacht. Paybacks are a B1tch!!! Uncle Karma Baby!! Dont get made get even.

      15. This country is not going to make it. By the end of the year we will be at each other.

        • Anon –

          Regardless … overall … this country is beyond FUCKED!!!

          Society in general is a HUGE Disappointment.
          Cant help those … who do not want to listen.
          Cant help those … who choose not to work.
          Can’t help those … who neglect to work as a Team.

          I give up on Society … cuz it is a Cesspool of Retards.

          [no offense to actual retards … just those that … choose to be that way]

          • I agree, sir. Sad, so sad.

        • Not really. The crazies on the left and the crazies on the right will be at each other. The rest of us are going to pick up the pieces and rebuild once they’re done.

      16. Sorry Claire – have you even been anywhere in the area? MY COUNTY – you know the one I pay taxes in – is over 30 MILLION dollars in the hole dealing with all of this crap. There are just over 30,000 residents in the whole blooming county. We are stuck with the whole mess thanks to “news” people like you who keep dragging this stuff up. Anyone who saw the National News video about the “Buffalo Floating down the River” needs to be sold swampland in Florida. Cal Perry was told that someone was feeding him a line and chose to run it anyway because “only the locals will know and they don’t matter”. Talk about “fake news”. What about the 260 truckloads of waste, garbage, junk and feces that have been cleaned up so far? The 300 plus abandoned cars that need to come out of that camp before they end up in the sacred Missouri River that the campers profess to protect? What about the 7 and 17 year old kids in the camp that were burned when protestors started burning structures because it was easier than moving them and propane canisters exploded? (One has been airlifted to a Minneapolis burn center.) What about the ranchers who have had thousands of dollars worth of property vandalized, stolen and destroyed by some of the asses that showed up who wanted nothing to do with any of this but grab headlines? What about the Standing Rock Casino that is down 50% in revenue last year and has no business to speak of from the Bismarck/Mandan area now? What about the (according to a local native women who calls a radio station – you can tell by her language and voice that she is native – and she does mention her name) 95% of the Standing Rock voting community that want the protestors gone? The Veterans who showed up to be totally betrayed by “Ol’ Wesley Clark Jr.” and left to their own means when they got here. Millions of dollars from that “go fund me effort” has vanished as has most of the money that was so foolishly donated by most of the country. The Prairie Knights Casino has been vandalized by protestors – a local hotel where a few were given free lodging, food and a bus ticket home had two rooms vandalized. Yes what about those things? Many local folks who were sympathetic with the tribe and the protestors are more than ready to line them up and shoot, hang or run them into the river. I know local ranch families who are split up – kids and mom living in town with friends/relatives and dad at home protecting the place. The cops are stuck in the middle. Sorry – the majority of the TRIBE has asked for action and wants these people removed from the area. When it comes down to it we are damn lucky no one has been killed down there…..

        • I bought land in and surounded by swampland in Florida. Makes for a great BOL. The ONLY NATIVE TRIBE IN THE US WHO DID NOT SURRENDER TO THE GOVNT WAS THE SEMINOLE INDIANS AND GOT AWAY. The US Government was too frightened to go into the swamp. Aligators an big as a freighter, Snakes as long as the river and ghosts in the foggy haze that will swamp your boat. Swampland for sale in Florida, Im buying!!! Count me in.. Study and learn history. It will save your life.

          • There is more history spoken in this household than you can imagine – from Classical Roman to present day and US history. There is a leather bound set of the of the “unabridged”, if you will, writings of Washington, Madison, Adams, Hamilton and others along with the full Federalist Papers – in their original “old English”. I don’t believe you need to counsel me on such things.

            I might, however, be a little nervous if I were Seminole and you moved in next door….!

        • Facts get lost in the excitement, don’t they?

        • A Local, sorry to hear about all the troubles you’ve had up there. I knew there was some things missing from the whole affair not being reported by anyone. We appreciate your insight on what really happened up there. Good luck to you and yours.

          • Thank you DB – I can tell you that I have it easy compared to our Sheriff Kyle and Scott Davis – the Standing Rock liaison. I don’t think Kyle has gotten much sleep in the last 7 months and last time I was at a meeting Scott attended he left at 9:30pm and was heading back down to the bridge an hour plus round trip from Mandan (where he lives).

      17. I should add that everyone was given time to leave safely AND offered a ride to a hotel room for a night, a meal and a bus ticket to anyplace in the lower 48. FREE-!(But not free to the state of ND taxpayers). The thanks for that was a vandalized hotel. This “secondarily kettling water protectors inside the camp, where arrests would be easier to effect en masse” is an inflammatory false statement.

        Claire, hon – do your damned research next time – would you?

        • Claire is not a journalist, she is a writer of partisan screeds like this. A greenie Goebbels, nothing more.

      18. Off Topic:

        India is beginning to go Organic and nonGMO.

        One State in India is paying farmers to go 100% Organic nonGMO.

        (Take that Monsanto.)

        See article at: Natural News.


      19. So grateful that todays Americans wen’t yesterdays Americans! Imagine today’s Americans at Lexington and Concord, or fighting WWII nazi germany! We would still be under British rule, and speaking german!

        • I’d rather be speaking German, than Ebonics or Arabic.
          My favorite second languages are Spanish and Mandarin.
          I’m not as good as I used to be, but I like the cultures.
          African and Arab are lowest of the low.

          • Most everybody on this site is speaking Jewish and you carry their Zionist Paper Fiat IOU’s in your wallet. And you keep saving these paper IOU’s like a security blanket. You work all week for a paycheck of paper IOU’s. Can’t fix stupid.

            Go ask your employers, you bootlickers, you now want to be paid in Physical Silver 1 Oz Rounds for your week of labor, and see the look on his face. Priceless.

          • Rellik, I’ll stick with English no matter what happens.

      20. What ever came out of the murderer of Labor Finicum..nothing, and now troops and the National Guard is down there pointing guns are people. I am telling your guys. The military will shoot and kill American citizens.. 18-19 year old children ar not rational thinkers. They are down there pointing guns at people.. Do you people realize what you have done. The Indians are 100% right and a veteran I met less than a year ago had warned me of Donald Trump. That he is not to be trusted and I argued with him telling him that he was wrong and said to me, wait and see till the high wears off..and for the one commentors, trolls etc who came on her telling me that nothing I have said has happened and that my scientist friends a fraud. I have news for you people , things are going to get worse.. Things in the world have been getting worse year after year.. Look at Venezuela. The people are literally starving to death. Russia has done nothing. Not a damn thing, because Russia is apart of the population reduction programa and is run by the Rothchild banking family. Both Russians and the US and rh UN counties had and agreement that been om force for years. They decided they they must keep the American public and the public of all the major counties beliving that they are enemies. Then the indoctrination of the counties soldiers to belive that wars must be fought when in fact, war is designed for population reduction.. Russia, The US and the UN is literally to thier militaries to turn counties against each other to continue the population reduction programs.. Russia is our enemy. China is our enemy. The war is against everyday people in general. People like us. The every day people. It’s been tough for me all week to accept the reality of the fact is that Trump is not working on the best interest of the people.. And Alex Jones can keep promoting him. And soon Jones will looking like a total idiot, since else supports Trump so much..reality is something that I have been dealing with my entire life and the reality is that I have to prepare for that EMP, that bio weapons deployment. Forcing me to leave the city to my BOL location..Ron Paul was talking crap about Trump and now I know why.. It’s all making sense now.. He is a master bullshiter and we just put another tyrant in the white house. He is going to reply troops on us.. He just did it at Keystone. This is not looking good folks.


      21. oh for crapsakes! You Americans all the same whether on left or right! give the guy a chance how long since he got elected?/ You bunch of pussy winers either support him help him fight for yoyr rights or lay down and die for NewWorld Order. quitcher bellyaickin complaining like little spoiled babies. keep up your prepping butwork for your countyr!At least you still have a fighting chance but rest of world does not!

        • A president that is pro Patriot act and wants to even restore parts of the Patriot act that Congress stripped away, that is pro stop and frisk, civil forfeiture, eminent domain, giving police military surplus to be used against the people.
          Is certainly no friend of freedom and is not fighting for anyone’s rights, in fact its just the opposite.
          Does anyone ever do any research, or is it all just blind allegiance?

          • To restore law and order after the last 8 yrs of deliberate sabotage of our system, it’s gonna take a tough no-nonsense approach. President Donald J Trump will need to employ tough measures to deal with the shitsandwich he’s been served by the mutinous Left. A strong law and order policy is imperative at this moment if we are to preserve our freedom.

        • So who, or how many were you late waking up to out in the world? It’s better to do it right away than waiting for things to change. I think it’s called battered wife syndrome evrywhere.

      22. Protesting is one thing. taking over someone else’s property and denying their lawful use of same is another. What is the answer when people use “protesting” as an excuse to commit criminal acts? Do you simply let them continue to occupy the land? Is there a rule of law?

        • Oh breaking the law or treaties to occupy others land. The Native American’s land have been illegally occupied since the late 1500’s. Thanks for bringing up that point. This is one more pathetic chapter in American history where the First Americans get screwed over again and again. Know your history baded on facts otherwise you are an ignoramous!!


        Could this be over active imagination. Just for argument sake.. Lets talk.

        Nancy. You dont have any clue as to what is going on in the country.. Do you not see what is happening at Keystone.. Give the guy’s a chance and quit being a winer pussy. You think giving the man a chance to destroy people grave sites. I am no fool. I will not post on this site and lie to people. Then he sends in the guard to hunt down veterans insurgents is not a good thing. I am not winer pussy. I talk to real people.. My comments are not opinions. It’s based on facts.
        EVERY 4 years an new president gets selected and then elected by the people. Before the election they bash the current president. Tell the public that he screwed up the county, then the new one goes in, then he goes into power and starts to repeat the exact same thing that the former said.. We must attack Iran. We must attack Russia.. We must attack Syria.. Now Trump is saying that Crimea must be given back to Russia. And that Russia mus the are Ukraine. It’s all the same, war. War and war..of this continues then we will not survive.. Then you have the extra terrestrial issue. This is something that you know nothing about.. You don’t have my sources. You don’t want to hear the truth and want to go back into your comfort zone. Go there. I am not going there..

        Who is coming to replace 50k a year in income loss. Who is going to bail me out.. You thing I don’t know bullshit when I hear it on tv…

        I only get exited for a short time before o wake the hell up.

        Where is the UN equipment. Where it.. Did the president announce the removal of the 350,000 PLA. The 25,000 Russians. The Burkas..the jihadist traing camps. Did he shut them down. Jihadist camps are all over the county.. What has he done so far..nothing.. .not a damn thing.. Spicer is trying to convince us. But Spicer is full of shit.. Not happening ..Goldman Sachs is in the new administration and all th former tyrants and bad people are back in business..

        Comfort zones get people into trouble.. A lot of complicated things are going on.. The scientists and government ruling elites have been trying to control us for years. For thousands of years. And we keep rising up , and they keep trying to lead us in the wrong direction and we keep finding out that they are
        Bad and not in for the best interest of the people. Now they have changed their tactics, they decided to give us what we want, planed the whole thing, set us up for the big fall, they finally got in man that the people love and now they have total control. But you see th suns photon waves are hitting this planet. Nourishing the beings. Waking us up. Now we are realizing that self rule is the right away that in a Type One Civilation, Government does not exist. Why do we not have fre energy, yet that massive pipeline is being built.. Do not see whats going here..Donald Trump is president and a soldier is pointin and AR 15 into face of and American Indians, how in American.. What a damn shame.. His ancestors murdered. And his grave decimated over a pipeline.. You watch then bring in this police state right in front of your eyes.

        THIS is tyrany rebranded under a new a president.. I have awakened to this. Look at the bible in revelation, this is good own for you bible thumpers. You think that what it says will not come to pass became a lot of it has already..we have a disaster on our hands and it’s not looking good. Things will not be getting better. The planets environment is in trouble, or of solar system changes are occurring.. I do not support ass hole liberals or th left. I like Trump but the possibility exist that he could be establishment and it’s looking like this is the case.. Look who he picked for his I know what Jesse Ventura meant when be said that..


        Sorry guys. I am awake again..been awake and now even more awakened..

        • “Comfort zones get people into a lot of trouble”

          Yes, exactly the problem today. Keep it up!

        • Good to see that someone who supported Trump is awake HCKS.
          There was too much in Trumps past that concerned me, I always look past the nonsense and look where a person stands on freedom as that is the begining and the end of what made the US.
          Everything I stated above about Trump was well known before the election, but I think he really was picked as a Trojan horse to run against probably the worst candidate in history, or in a long time anyways.
          Then if people just look at his friends and close associates, my family and friends would have nothing to do with nasty people like that. Look at his cabinet picks, Goldman Sachs, big oil, big pharma,etc…
          Speaking of oil how about Tillerson? The guy as head of Exxon said it was safe to frack in your back yard but filed a lawsuit to stop fracking near his ranch.
          Or civil forfeiture Sessions, its off the charts how nasty the people are Trump surrounds himself with.
          Yet the sheep are mesmerized by these simple issue’s and dont see whats happening.
          If you dont want illegal immigrants, stop giving them free stuff , allowing them to be hired and end all programs like the anchor baby.
          If you want people around the world to stop hating the US , stop droning, attacking and invading them.
          It really is a shock to see the Liberty/Freedom movement silent on all that is happening, there is a lot more, but this is already getting long.
          To sum it up, whats going on is the old trick of people watching one hand but not paying attention to what the other is doing.

        • I know a lot about the extra testicles, they’re all nuts. And they’re hairy bastards, too. They live just in front of Uranus. And they never see sunshine.

      24. If the Native Americans back 500 years ago could have seen what is going in today on their land called America. I bet they would have banded together harder and fought much harder. But the white man started buying their beaver pelts. Read about “The Beaver Wars” with the French and the Dutch. The more gistory I study the more I want to study. That avoids looking like a fool posting ignoramouse comments here like we are witnessing in this article.

        • If you want to avoid looking like a fool, stop posting.

      25. Hurrah for the rule of law. The pipeline has a legal right to be constructed. The protestors needed to be charged with littering. President Trump stated he would solve the problem. And just like that! It seems its solved. It wasn’t a legitimate protest. And the pipeline is the safest way to transport petroleum products. There isnt a Tyranny . Its simply the Law being enforced. Like it or not. Right or wrong that is just the way things are. The oil company paid to build the pipeline. They are the victims. They likely lost money because of the delays.

        • There is NO Rule of Law other than Trump overriding the EPA Law which said they do not have the proper permitting. There is nothing legal about it. OLD Guy watches too many John Wayne Movies. Dumb as a freaking rock and proves it with every keyboard click.

          • You’re an idiot, Zeus.

            All Trump did was order the permits to be issued. The Indians didn’t like the Environmental Assessment that was done, so they demanded another one. Boo hoo. It was Obama that illegally stepped in and began the process over again, hoping to get through Hillary’s election.

            The Indians got their due process, they didn’t like the outcome and started this protest.

            You haven’t said one truthful thing all day.

          • Zeus – you have never been to Standing Rock have you? It is sad – there is a huge amount of alcoholism and poverty. The Sioux have a somewhat communistic form of tribal governing ideology. If one brother goes to school and gets a good job and buys a nice house the rest of the family moves in and sponges – usually until he gives up and quits. The most successful ones generally leave the reservation and keep the relatives out. The reservation towns are dirty with a lot of garbage litter and old vehicles laying around. Government houses are not only not usually maintained but sometimes scrapped for money. There are some successful ranching families that are out of town and hard working and as with other groups there are some fascinating and wonderful people. Still there is much sadness and trouble. There are rumors of the Casino there going under – which will be the loss of the biggest employer in the ND part of SR. This whole protest mess IS the direct cause. It is sad.

            I understand you have a passionate belief – I just want to say you would be a lot more credible if your mamma would have taught you some manners. Name calling is generally an indication that facts are lacking…..

            • A local, Zeus is part of the entertainment here. On occasion, he does make some valid points and even gives out some good prepping advice. But he’s also a prick and doesn’t play nice with others. He definitely let his emotions get the best of him.

            • A Local, you probably won’t get a response from seuss.
              What you said is also true of some Indian reservations I have been to in Oregon. It’s sad but they just will not get up and better themselves. Alcoholism is rampant, run down houses and yards but with a late model car in many of them, panhandling for cash at rest stops.
              You’ve got it right.

      26. Reading all the comments, we made a big mistake. We should have bit the bullet and voted for Hillary and then instead of Bi@ching we would be fighting a real war now.

        • Lots of folks here just complain, they’d complain about being hanged with a new rope. Others don’t have much room for reality in their worldview.

      27. The real problem is most people are gullible. They read a article or see a program or video and they believe what is being presented to them as facts. The editor of this very article is guilty of a slanted version of a type of false reporting. He neglects to mention a lot of negative facts about the protesters actions. He tries to paint the government in a negative light. The poster A Local his comments fall on the deaf ears of brainwashed sheeple. There are sheeple in both camps. Some sheeple supported Hellery and Some supported Trump. Im of the opinion that there isn’t any viable Political or Ballott box solution. The root problem isn’t with who we have elected. The actual problem Is the citizens. Too few of us do not think that they don’t need to produce. They think someone else will produce for them. Too many are taking parasites and too few are making producers. So I always side with the Makers. In this situation the Pipeline is a Producing Makers. Those welfare drawing Indians and their Casino are Taking Parasites. My enemies are those who are Parasites not the Productive.

      28. The communists hijacked another movement. It may or may not have been a good cause. The National Lawyers Guild was there. These are full blown communists. Wesley Clark, Jr., was one of the leaders. He’s a globalist nut job. Veterans? I’m a veteran. So what? Not every veteran is sophisticated enough to know what’s going on. Bikers? Really? That makes it a legit cause?

      29. Anyone who would build an oil carrying pipeline under a river is stupid. If and when that pipe breaks under the river enormous ecological damage will be done. I’m with the protesters on this one; but would like to know why this much effort can’t be made against the rioting terrorist liberals protesting Trump’s presidency. No money involved in that I guess.

        • Want to know why pipelines are underground, rather than on the surface where they can be repaired and maintained for far less money?

          Because the people are idiots. They would shoot at them, drive bulldozers at them, hit them with cars, hammer off valves, and basically try to louse them up. Drunk, stoned, crazy, or green, it doesn’t matter, they’d do it.

          So they’re put underground where us morons can’t get at them.

        • Waiting -you had better do your research – there are already THOUSANDS of places pipelines run under rivers in the country.

          Just search for images of current pipelines. If you have NG at your home or business there is a 100% change it goes under a river someplace. Oil pipelines do the same thing – some protestors shut off valves on several along the northern border just last summer where the pipelines come out of the ground for manual valving. Where were you and all of these other protestors for the last 80 years?

          • Still believe transporting by truck is safer than underground or under a river; and easier to clean up if there is a spill. I’m still with the Standing Rock protesters, no oil pipeline should go under a river. I would like to see all oil pipelines shut down. You have your opinion and I have mine. Take care of the water. Man has done nothing but pollute the earth, water, and air. Time to find better answers to pollution, and stop ruining this world. They, oil companies, only care about money, making it the fastest and cheapest way possible.

            • Hey waiting, I have well trained horses for sale. We can’t put enough trucks on the road to supply the refineries and then deliver the gas to the local stations. Logistically impossible with current demand. I could survive either way so take your choice!

              • Don’t insult me with your smart aleck ways. Like I said you have your opinion and I have mine. At least I gave my answer to your post in a respectful manner. I’m sure you must have tested it to see if it was logistically impossible. Anyway safety over money.

                • Waiting – You think I am being a smart aleck. I know good people who have died because of massive numbers of tanker trucks on the roads in this state. You do have your opinion and I have mine. I am trying to inform you that the safety statistics support pipelines.

                  You think above ground rail trains (which are now going to be just north of the new water intake) are safer? Just ask the families of the 47 who died in Canada after a train derailed in a town. (see link info below) Are pipelines perfect – HELL NO – but compared the above ground alternatives they are safer – period. The only other option is to give up gasoline – and plastics, asphalt, polyester and more things you use than you imagine.

                  I have an environmental background, but work in an energy related industry. I am not trying to be a jerk – I am trying to get you to realize that what you are suggesting would lead to massive shortages and inflation of more things that you use and take for granted than you can imagine.


                • Waiting –


                  If you ever come back and check this out you fill find that currently 2/3 of our Oil and Gas is transported in pipelines. The amount of gas/diesel it would take to fuel the massive number of trucks required to move the raw and refined product around the country, the accidents, and the wear and tear of heavy trucks rolling along on our infrastructure would greatly increase the costs. My answer about selling you horses was not smart aleck – it was dead serious. You may want to ride a bike instead, – but the asphalt on the road is a petroleum product and the diesel/gas required to run all of the cement trucks and paving equipment would lead to mostly dirt roads – not so nice for biking on. (And we won’t talk about winter.) You can ignore me, but it doesn’t change the facts.

      30. Though it has been said that the Founders valued self-sufficiency, though I would like for people to have their own, private energy sources, it seems that this infrastructure was made for the benefit of foreign interests, whether you boycott, or not.

        That being said, how does crony capital criticize the labor, for being parasitic, if each one of you has to keep dozens of people, in degraded positions, to cover your decadent living conditions.

        • I do not disagree with you Beaumont – but there are many in the US who have trouble changing a light bulb a screwed on globe – how would they manage a full home electrical system? The other issue is that the “modern American” uses a LOT of power – especially those running AC or full ground source heat systems with a couple of circulating pumps. (They seem cheap or energy efficient due to subsidized power, but most of those GS heat pump systems are like running another big AC system. The power is generally subsidized by the other customers so they use it for heat at 5 cents or so per kWh.) Regular priced power runs from about 8 cents to nearly 30 cents depending on where one lives. Either the standard of living drops dramatically or each home owner makes a LARGE investment in a home power system and has a lot to learn to avoid getting hurt.

      31. No poor person ever provided anyone with a decent job. Most places the best paying employer is Wal Mart. They set the bar and the other places have to pay higher wages to get help. Without big corporations there wouldn’t have been any rail roads. and without big companys we wouldn’t have anywhere near the quality of life that we enjoy here in the USA.

      32. Hi Folks .. It seems most of you know each other and I might be taking liberties to butt in. Just to stay in the mood y’all have generated, I might suggest methane systems for home power sources to recycle some of what’s flyin’ around. Probably never get it past the zoning regs though..sigh. Little Agenda 21 at your back door there. Can’t even catch water off your roof anymore (OR & NM). Talk about parasites, what about the 1%? You want to rag on the Indians !! they’ve known for 500 years what each of our generations has to figure out from scratch .. you can’t trust the Govt! Expecting someone in that System to have a Solution is like waiting for the second coming of JC. We’ll just keep adding to the plastic raft in the Pacific with our plastic water bottles as the ground water continues to be contaminated and the corporates buy the land where the clean springs are… or we pay them for distilling it for us. And pay Big Pharma for cancer treatments .. not cures, mind you. No $ in that! Dunno if any of you have spent any time in Indian Country, but I could suggest the Alex Jones interview with Russell Means. It was done a few years ago and it goes into some of the Govt restrictions that apply to natives on the Res as far as business and infrastructure. The larger objective, really, is to have us all dependent on the corporate entities so the assets continue to flow into the hands of those who have. Since any two people rarely agree on the time of day, we’ll probably all have our undies in a bunch when the dookie starts to fly. At this point, you can hardly get anyone’s attention out of their cell phone long enough to have a conversation. (electronic hypnosis?) I think the frog is in the pot and the water’s gettin’ hot!

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