Human Fatality Rate 60%: “Grave Concerns that H5N1 Will Become Easily Transmissible Between Humans”

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Emergency Preparedness | 238 comments


Health Officials Admit Canadian Woman’s Bird Flu Death is ‘Odd’


Canadian health officials have admitted they are confused over how a fit and healthy 20 year old hospital worker has died of H5N1.

The Alberta woman was a care worker at the Red Deer regional Hospital. She showed signs of illness on the return flight from Beijing on December 27th and died, in hospital on January 3rd.

Wenquing Zhang head of the World Health Organization said of the case:

“At the moment, we know that the woman didn’t visit a poultry farm or a poultry market.”

The fact that the first case of H5N1 in North America does not seem to have come from direct contact with poultry is worrying doctors and scientists alike. There is no evidence of H5N1 spreading between humans without sustained contact, and questions are being asked about if the flight from Beijing to Edmonton, which takes a touch over 11 hours qualifies as sustained contact. If so, then other passengers may well have been exposed and are at risk from the virus. Symptoms usually show up between two and ten days after exposure to the virus, with the mean average being eight days.

Coming in winter, and with seasonal flu cases mounting there are grave concerns that H5N1 will mix with this years circulating virus and via genetic reassortment will become easily transmissible between humans.

The Pandemic potential of H5N1 is frightening. Currently humans have no immunity from the virus and with a 60% mortality rate the consequences of such a pandemic would be devastating. Osteltamivir (Tamiflu) has proved effective in some cases but not in all, with the virus showing resistance in some patients, just as it has in H1N1.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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    1. azprepper

      Get your colloidal silver ready.

      • Dave

        Excuse me for sounding not up to date; but how can Colloidal Silver stop a potentially deadly virus such as this?

        • azprepper

          A quick search on the Internet about colloidal silver and you will easily find it has the ability to combat thousands of issues that we face. It’s a Super medicine if you will. I use it for everything and it has yet to fail me.

        • JustDave

          Silver kills viruses. Ionic silver is the better choice in this case. Those that have it will not be affected in the least. Those that do not will end up in a body bag.

        • infadel13

          colloidal silver naturally kill virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. you can get 5000ppm colloidal silver that is tested and guaranteed to kikll bird flu and MRSA!!

          • Mittens

            And its totally not a scam!

            Just like that blogger in Contagian.

            Because the makers of some quack silver solution have access to people infected with bird flu and MRSA and the like and can use it to treat them with the solution alone, and it works, and some how big evil pharma is just keeping this under wraps.

            Or not.

            Tamiflu is the only drug of any sort that stops bird flu, and even it is only so effective.

            The best medicine is distance. Don’t be near infected people, clean you hands and for arms after touching things they might have touched or breathed around, and shelter in place.

            Trusting what is basically silver water to save you is pretty freaking foolish.

      • KY Mom

        Elderberries are an effective treatment for the flu. Get some elderberries or elderberry extract.

        Herbs: Dried Elderberries – whole, organic

        Sambucol (elderberry extract) is sold at many stores (even Walmart) or can be ordered online.

        Forget the Flu Shot: Hand-washing and Elderberry Extract Are the Best Defenses Against the Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak

        “Don’t fall for the escalating propaganda or the fear campaign. The flu vaccine is NOT the best way to protect yourself against the H1N1 virus.”

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        And a 1000-acre ranch away from EVERYBODY else.

        • JD

          It’s bound to happen sooner or later, might as well prep!!!

        • durango kidd

          Increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants beyond the “minimum” values. Load up on spices, fruits and veggies. Walk around the block, or up and down the street to build up your immune system. Don’t break yourself down when you exercise. Build yourself up. Suck on vitamin C drops.

          What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 🙂

          • What?

            Unless it maims you. 😉

            • sixpack

              There’s already wide spread H1N1 (swine flu) going around the west coast, particularly in Washington and here in Oregon. Now we have an infusion of H5N1 (avian flu). If the two mix and mutate, it sounds like we may have a problem.

              There are so far reported, 7 deaths in over 80 cases of H1N1 in ICUs right now in WA and OR.

              With a little “assistance”, this could be a pretty deadly flu season.

              I’m still not getting vaccinated—I’m just clamping down hard on the influx of people who come into my home and in contact with me. My goal is to minimize the possibilities of becoming infected by an outside source, bringing it into my home….also, upping the supplements and the use of bleach for cleaning surfaces.

              Common sense rules.

              • randomguy

                Check out the one minute cure too. Read amazon comments about the book.

                • durango kidd

                  Eliminate the G Flu: R1,D1,L1 🙂

              • Jim Bob

                Remember, this death rate is occurring when only a relatively few cases are present and resources are plentiful.

              • jr23

                the girl picked it up in china they do not think she had contact with birds but they cannot be sure . not time to panic but keep up with news the strain if h1n1 is killing young people who were not immunized the stain is covered by this yrs shot get it it works see

          • ItIsWell

            I’m 33 healthy, exercise often, take vitamins and Echinacea daily. I still got h1n1 and from a nurse who had the shot. I also took silver and that didn’t help. Sometimes there are viruses that prey on the healthy. The Spanish flu epidemic was one of the viruses that did this. Crazy, but true.

            • jimb


              • that would be right

                Actually that is true… strange that the normal victim / immune deficient are some times passed over and the healthy go down in a screaming heap.

                • c

                  It depends on the type of immune response that the body mounts. And that will depend on the type of virus. With the Spanish flu of 1918 the body killed itself from creating a cytokine storm in an effort to kill the virus. Since healthy young people had healthier immune systems they were able to produce a much stronger cytokine response that damaged their own bodies.

            • Mittens

              I was stationed on the USS George Washington when we had an outbreak of H1N1 coming out of Australia. We had a massive number of young healthy people (myself included) who got sick as dogs with that virus. Its no joke.

              Silver is neat. Silver has all sorts of medical uses. Trusting silver to save you from the flu is silly. Tamiflu works, but its best to just avoid contact with it. Keep some hand sanatizer in your car and use it after trips out. Be ready to shelter in place at the first sign of human to human transmission of h5n1. Just my suggestions.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Eh,no need for ranch,be plenty of room to stretch my legs after plague rolls thru,gonna have one hell of a time rounding up the bodies and burning em though,well,bottle of jack and a big truck and will get to work,don’t do this will have more plagues and after first go round will quickly tire of it!

          • lonelonmum

            They’ve been working hard enough for decades to create a super bug to kill us all off. Only a matter of time before they succeed.

            Do your preps include?
            Clean water! This is THE most important way of staying alive, have 3 ways to purify water at all times.
            Collodial silver – and a way to make your own.
            A herb garden (especially things like thyme for simple sanitation and hygiene maintenance and dirty hands will kill more dumb nuts than any superbug in a grid down situation).
            Vinegar of the four thieves – learn to make this form the products of your herb garden.
            A quarantine plan
            A plan to burn/bury the dead – most of us want to see our loved ones treated with respect whatever our religious convictions.
            A waste plan including humanure or other way of rendering human waste harmless.

            There are three aspects to prepping for this type of event

            1/ The superbug itself. Somehow I feel old school remedies will help more than new pharma stuff. Just a hunch based on the way local low tech defeated high tech so often in recent Western military forays.

            2/ General sanitation and hygiene. Cholera & Typhus take out more people in any disaster than any other cause. Dirty water and a dirty home environment will make any superbug more effective. Ensure you can provide clean bedding, and linens, clean water for any patients to drink etc, etc. Noone seems to talk about laundry as part of their prepping but it matters. have an efficient vermin control system etc, etc.

            3/ Nutrition – sprouted seeds will provide a good fresh vitamin supply if you feel to ill and sick to garden. Seed save this year to boost your supplies. Learn how to make apple cider vinegar.

            Off topic.
            Over here in the UK our left wing press has finally noticed what’s happening. We are all criminals now

            “Lord Macdonald, formerly the director of public prosecutions, points out that “it is difficult to imagine a broader concept than causing ‘nuisance’ or ‘annoyance'”. The phrase is apt to catch a vast range of everyday behaviours to an extent that may have serious implications for the rule of law”. Protesters, buskers, preachers: all, he argues, could end up with ipnas”

            • lastmanstanding

              Thyme kills mersa and staph both.

              • lonelonmum

                thyme is nice added to homemade soaps – a nice clean non-girly poofy smell.

                My neighbours cat used to munch away on a pot of thyme I put out for him. he had urinary tract problems, and the thyme plant seemed to really help him. Animals are not dumb.

                I use the following in a non-scented bottle of shampoo for use against headlice.

                10 drops lemon oil
                10 drops thyme oil
                10 drops rosemary oil.

                Once established Thyme is one of those herbs that can just be left year, on year in a temperate climate to get on with things. I like plants that take care of themselves as I think in the event of civil disorder the more species your garden has that doesn’t need constant attention, possibly the safer you will be? Also all our time is so valuable.

                Rosemary is another herb that needs little attention but is handy to have around. It is traditionally burnt, (sometimes with juniper berries) to cleanse the air in the sickroom of infection.

              • Them Guys

                ZYCLON-B works swell to Kill Lice that cause Typhus.

                It may be sold under brand name of “RAID” bugg spray today.

            • The Old Coach

              Just FYI, “humanure” is one of the features of the rural Chinese flu-virus generating system. It’s a bad idea whose time should never come, unless you can roast it to kill all the human-adapted bacteria and viruses it contains.

              Otherwise +1 to everything lonelonmum wrote.

            • jr23

              (Lord ) allowing royal titles is part of GB problem it looks like there trying to get the feudal system back in europe

          • Man on the inside

            Dont forget the front end losader….

        • Rodster

          “Grave Concerns that H5N1 Will Become Easily Transmissible Between Humans”

          No scientific evidence has been shown this to be the case yet. Which the article implies for an almost certainty.

          • sixpack

            That just means they haven’t weaponized it, yet…it doesn’t mean they ain’t trying.

        • Pissed off white guy idea

          OR….Shelter in place…wait for the die off and then emerge.

        • Vicky

          And be sure to not pick up the mail or touch any packages delivered to you. The virus can ride in on anything.

          • jr23

            i spoke to the doctor who was a medical director of the lab I worked for this has bee around since about 2005 same story’s medical is tracking there will be time the odds of being the first case is infinitesimal h1n1 is in this yrs shot and unprotected are dying for 20 25 dollars at the drug store is very economical

            • c

              Capital, periods and full sentences please.

      • Gods Creation

        Make it and take it every day.

        I ain’t afraid of no bugs….

        • Rodster

          I ain’t afraid of no ghost 🙂



      • scott

        Tamaflu too

        • c

          Tamiflu has some potentially serious side effects for some people. Those who live alone should not use it. It has been known to cause suicidal ideations and actions in those with no precious mental health issues. And it happens quickly: 24 hrs or less.

      • RICH99

        Colloidal silver does NOT work …..have tried many brands and it never even gets rid of the common cold ….BUT oil if oregano has worked very well as long as it contains at least 70% cavicrol

        • Love the Silver.

          it works very well for me. it has saved me from a number of flu type sickness,s. one trick is when using it is don,t be afaid of it. drink enough to kill the germ. as we all know the elite of passed times sucked on silver spoons to rid and keep themselfs from the bug. keep the berries. for my hose and i. we will suck the silver.

        • Gods Creation


          It doesn’t work if you take a teaspoon or two a day. If you feel a sickness coming on, you need to take at least 8 oz of at least 10ppm, a couple of times a day.

          In order to do that, you must be able to make your own or it would cost a fortune. If you are paying a fortune for the crap at the health food store and following the directions, it WILL NOT work. But that is in no way a reflection of the silver.

          If you take enough to do the job, it works great. If you are scared of turning blue, the corp propaganda is working on you like a charm.

          How much good do you think it would do you to take 10mg a day of penicillin? Not much. Why would you suspect silver would do any better at such low dosages?

          At 10ppm, you are taking the equivalent of 10 mg per liter of colloidal silver. In order to equal one dose of penicillin you would need one liter of 500ppm colloidal silver.

          Fortunately, silver is much more potent and effective so you don’t need anywhere near that much. But you do need enough to get the job done if you expect it to work.

        • laura m.

          Rich99: I am experimenting now with natural cures. I do have colloidal silver. I tried Oil of Oregano, gave me an upset stomach. Pro biotics are immune system helpers, also hibiscus and green tea, vit D3, C, multiple vit., raw juicing, certain herbs used daily (dill, sage, thyme, turmeric, parsley, etc.

      • Brane Frees

        “Grave Concerns”…?

        Oh good grief, are they taking a cue from Mercutio?

    2. maudy fricket

      She hadn’t been in contact with a poultry farm or poultry market? She went to see her old boyfriend in a small village in China. What if he had been choking his chicken? Huh? Huh? It could happen.

    3. TimTheCrusader

      It sounds bad and all, but I think sometimes we as preppers can’t spend too much time worrying about this sort of thing. Sort of like a pole shift – we have no control over it. Prep and pray, but then realize there’s only so much we can humanly do, no sense hand-wringing over the rest. As that guy in No Country for Old Men said, “It ain’t all riding on you, that’s vanity”.

    4. Ghostrighter

      I thought I had enough to worry about with Fuckishima, Emp, terrorists, nukes, unemployment, devalued dollar, crazy weather patterns, obamacare, AND NOW THIS.

      I want off this crazy ride.

      • lena

        and you forget to add that both the mid east and the far east are setting up to go to war almost overnite.

        this is why, once day a week i drink beer, smoke cigars, eat very poorly and watch something funny on tv; there’s no way this ride doesnt get really bad over the next 5 yrs.

        just too many things set to go very wrong, very fast.

        • hammerhead

          LENA – You couldnt be more right.
          Sometimes we beat ourselves up over things we cannot change and forget to live for the day .
          This virus is scary shit , but i cannot stop it , so i hope and pray for the best.
          I am not in control , god is .

          • sixpack

            No, you can’t stop it, but you can treat it like a runaway freight train and, try to stay the hell out of it’s way.

          • gerald

            So if gods in control,why did god create this virus. the bible says all things god made were good.

            • Anonymous

              Can you quote the verse you are referring to about “all things god made were good”?

              • john1028

                Perhaps he meant Romans 8:28 ?

                “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

                But don’t rip this verse out of context, it doesn’t mean if you stub your toe or crash your car or commit a sin, God does a happy dance.

                Read the chapter in whole, it talk about suffering and persecution (tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword). The death and suffering of Christians for their faith. None of it can separate us from God and all of it makes us co-heirs with Christ.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Well gerald, As the preacher was saying, God made all things perfect. And a humpback stood up in the back of the church, and said, well what about me? And the preacher said, well sir you are the most perfect humpback I have ever seen. Trekker Out. It’s All In Perspective!

            • Masgrande

              Maybe God didn’t make the virus. Satan or his minions may have made it.

        • slingshot


          Don’t tell me I have to give up my BBQ chicken wings.

          • lena

            heck no, although i prefer pizza.

            my point is it’s almost a certainty that we’ve got very rough times ahead. take some time to enjoy what normally makes you happy now as you might not have that available to you once things really start downhill.

          • blankone

            If the chicken comes from china, Id surely think twice about it….Just like seafood from the Pacific and the Gulf….

            • wncmountainboy

              I don’t allow ANYTHING from Chinie that’s “edible” into my house…even at Halloween we go through our kids candy stash; If it doesn’t say where it’s made, it’s gone!
              Couple of years ago they were poisoning our dogs, for pete’s sake!

            • Farmer's Daughter

              Well…I learned it is now legal to ship our chickens to china for processing and then have them shipped back to our stores. Hooray. Looks like chicken is off the menu until my flock is bigger!

              • wncmountainboy

                That seems really cost prohibitive, but one way around it ( if you’re not raising your own) is to buy from the smaller chicken producers that can’t afford (the way Tyson could)to ship bird offshore.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Lena,You forgot about the near east. That would be NY,NJ,and MD they’re gonna take everyone’s guns. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • What?

            I’d like to see an article that has several “Where can we go now?” type locations or sanctuaries. I know most people say they would fight to protect their rights and property, but is there an option to avoid it in the first place. Probably not, but it would be an interesting read.

          • The Old Coach

            You left out Conn and Mass, says this native of Boston, (who is now a refugee in Appalachia.)

            Maine, NH, VT., are still almost tolerable, but with the flatlanders moving in from Boston and NYC they won’t be for much longer.

        • Canadian Vet

          Every now and again they come up with another health scare. And since the flu shot became mainstream, they pimp out new flu strains every six months.

          I can’t even imagine how much money gets made from these vaccines. They anticipate what strains will be in circulation that flu season but by the time the shot gets released to the public, it is already obsolete as the strains have already mutated anyways.

          But you have to admit it is a great racket. They scare the crap out of people and because fear is always good for business they make a bloody mint out of it.

          • c

            They decide which strains to use, 12-18 months prior to you getting the shot. It takes months to make a world wide supply. So out of hundreds of possible viruses they pick 1, 2 or 3. What are the odds of you getting protected from the right virus, even if they don’t mutate? You have better odds of winning the Lottery.
            And if you look at what else is in those shots, you

            How do medical professionals protect themselves? Even if they get the flu shot and even if there are only 100 possible strains ( there are more) their odds are only 3% that they got the right shot for protection. AND recently an MD with a local health department explained why a fully immunized child died of flu: “You only get about a 50% protection if you get the right shot.”

            So IF you get the right shot, and your odds are less than 3%, you are only 50% protected according to that MD at the health department.

            Medical professionals wash their hands often and well. They eat right and get their 7-8 hours of sleep and regular exercise. That is their flu prevention method. And it works. They are surrounded by illness and manage to stay healthy.

            • The Old Coach

              True ‘dat. Every year I get ragged by my kids to get the shot, and every year I lie and tell ’em I did.

              Best thing I’ve done for myself is get away from crowds. Used to work in an office where we’d get business transients coming in from Europe, Mexico, and even Asia on a weekly basis. Everybody in the place was sick 3-4 times a year. Went Galt in 2009, moved to my BOL, see only local folks who don’t travel, and don’t know anybody who does, and I haven’t had a cold since!

          • 1braveheart

            Canadian Vet, I’m sorry to say that our own pharmaceutical companies make some obscene profits from the poisons they sell. Add the doctors and insurance companies to the mix and….. It’s a shame the doctors won’t promote natural remedies. there used to be a time when they would, but now their livelihoods depend on promoting medications and/or surgeries that people don’t really need. I’m not sure of the situation on your side of the border, but too many people enroll in our medical schools for the wrong reasons. Take care.

        • lastmanstanding

          Go listen to Greg Hunter interview Jim Willie at

          After the 60 minute interview, you’ll be uppin that to 3-4 days a week.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • laura m.

          Lena: Agree! One day a week I eat lots of collards, fried chicken, cake at the local diner, later on go to the yogurt shop for a large cup of fr. vanilla & choc. swirl!

      • .02

        probably have a bigger chance dieing from the knock out game than any of the above.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          that knockout game will turn into a national passtime SOON!

      • Gopher

        Since I feel like I trust TPTB less and less, and every wackadoo conspiracy seems more plausible, what if….
        The flu vaccines that are being promoted have a built in back door? Just a little something added in for later activation. Harmless, laying dormant, until the NWO decides its time to decrease the population. Release the catalyst and bang! If you’ve had a flu shot you’re dead. The banksters and TPTB didn’t get the shot, they’re fine, and blameless. Just so very fortunate their families didn’t get sick. Crazy Train??? Maybe, but how much easier could it get?

    5. Sgt. Dale

      Even if they come up with a vacine for it it will more than likly mute into H6N12 or something like that. Who knows?
      I haven’t had a flu shot in 10 years I get sick once or twice a year. I don’t get as sick as the people around me that get the shots. Your call, but I’m not getting any shots.
      Try to eat healthy, and stay in shape is your best bet.
      There are a lot natural stuff out there like Zinc Vit. C. Mom’s Chicken Soup. Ect.

      • Jack Hammer

        Same here. Haven’t had a flu shot in about 30 years. No vaccinations for me. The flu vaccines have Mercury and other poisons in them. On the CDC website it states there is Mercury in it but it should be “OK”. Right! I listened to a doctor on the radio the other day that has been studying vaccines for over 14 years and she said the flu shots have up to 6 BILLION strains of “dead” flu in them and there are no guarantees one of those won’t activate and kill you. Why in the world would anyone take vaccines anymore? They are poison.
        As for getting the flu I have had the flu once in thirty years and that was Christmas a year ago. I rarely get sick and it’s usually a cold once every three or four years. Stay in shape folks! Eat right and pray.

      • darkstar

        I agree with you Sgt Dale. Stay fit and healthy. Plenty of other ways to help the immune system.

      • darkstar

        I agree with you Sgt Dale. Stay fit and healthy. Plenty of other ways to help the immune system.

      • VRF


        Ive never had a flu shot, and I haven’t ever gotten the flu

        now theres a hypochondriac at work that always gets her flu shot, has alcohol wipes on her desk etc etc

        and seems to always be sick with something each and every year, maybe not the flu, but she sure gets sick a lot and coughs a lot and bitches a lot about getting sick

        sickly lil bitch, its almost like shes askin for it

        • hammerhead

          VRF , I see it alot too , people overusing anti-bacterial this or that . We dont use any of it at our house , just bleach for cleaning.
          My family (thank god) is seldom ill .
          Its like takin to many anti biotics , our bodies need a few germs to build immune systems .

          • JayJay

            I just read that hammerhead; forgot where or who wrote it.
            Exactly. Our immune system is stronger if around illnesses because it becomes better fighters when it has practice. 🙂

            • What?

              I have some relatives like that. The second they don’t feel 100% they curl up into the fetal position and do nothing. They don’t even cook. After days of shoveling junk food into their mouths they can’t understand why they don’t feel better. Pointing out the obvious then pisses them off because they realize it’s probably their own fault, but they blame the other person anyway. Needless to say, we’re not close.

              (Ron White)


              • Canadian Vet

                I got 7 kids, 5 of them school aged. So if I’m sick as a dog on a school day, there is no rest for me until I get them all out the door and onto their buses. I can only say that on days like that I’m glad to be in the process of a medical discharge and am deemed unfit to work in any military environment thanks to the extent of my injuries (physical and otherwise).

                So, when I get one of these days it’s my old ratty regimental sweats and t-shirt, the couch, a blanket and plenty of Lipton chicken noodle soup, plenty of water and every now and again a tall glass of half-strength warm Gatorade to replenish the electrolytes lost to sweating or the runs.

                But once the kids get back from school, regardless of how shitty I feel, it’s back to work because dinner won’t make itself.

            • Rick:)

              George Carlin ” we swam in the east river as kids. Tempered in raw shit. I never get sick. Don’t wash my hands after using the bathroom, either. We’ll, unless I get shit on them. ”

              I miss him.

          • REB

            Reminds me of the time the sheriff and his kids were over and walking through the barnyard…his boy decided to chase a chicken and at length slipped and fell face first into a nice wet pile of chicky leavings…face full mouth full…he ate a good helping before we got him clean up a bit and I told his dad he would be okay…he needed the germs…his dad agreed but his mama would’ve died had she seen it(nurse)…and yes he was fine…chuckle about that from time to time still 🙂 aint a farm kid alive hasn’t eaten some crap sometime 🙂

          • JayJay

            What if BIG PHARMA just took the germ from a lab and somehow exposed this young girl?
            Fear to enhance the use of the vaccine?

            I know; that couldn’t happen!! But, what if??

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Do you REALLY know this couldn’t happen?

            • Nopittypartyhere

              How do ou knw it’s not a tet by Chinese scientists to see how many could get it on the plane?

          • Cede

            You use bleach for cleaning? Try using white vinegar instead. No chemicals, does a better job, it’s cheaper, you can buy it in bulk and if you’re in an emergency situation you can use the same vinegar on fries (tastes better than chemical laden ketchup)
            For the record, I’ve never had a flu shot in my life. And, I very rarely get a cold or flu. If I do, I have hot toddies made with honey, lemon, cloves and whiskey. Whiskey needs to be single malt. I also eat unprocessed honey too during the winter, comb and all! I’d go through 4-5 lbs of honey easy. Eat it straight from the container. No way will I touch that over the counter cold and flu medicine. They only relive symptoms.

            • lonelonmum

              white vinegar instead of fabric conditioner on your laundry = nice soft soft towels and sheets. (My son insists I add a few drops of lavender oil too as he’s spoilt). I find it rinses out the detergent residue that causes my excema to flare up so use it all the time.

              White vinegar and scrunched up newspaper = clean windows.
              Add to baking soda for a clean oven.
              baking soda, vinegar and a kettle of boiling water = clean drains.

              We do not need all these chemicals in our homes, messing with our immune/reproductive systems and burning holes in our wallets.

        • 1braveheart

          VRF, try to talk her into stop taking flu shots and see what happens then.

        • Achilles Heel


          I have not got a flu shot since junior high school (25+ years ago) and finally, last month, I got the flu. Did something I never do – hang out at the mall.

          And what happened? I had a 101 fever for about 8 hours, chills, sweats, and slightly sore joints. And then it was gone.

          I eat well, run 40 miles per week, never take any kind of pills or medication. Everyone is imploring me to get the vaccine now. I ask, “Why, if a few hours of discomfort is all I have to endure once every few decades???”

        • Canadian Vet

          Our society has become obscenely obsessed with cleanliness and the absence of germs.

          I’m sorry but if drinking out of the garden hose, sharing a bottle of pop or a bag of chips with your school friends or getting dirty in the park were so bad for us, the human race wouldn’t have survived past our cave-dwelling days.

          These days with ultra-cleanliness, super-strength anti-bacterial cleaners, antibiotics prescribed up the wazoo and this obsession for a sterile environment, our immune system has gotten lazy and much more vulnerable to the minor bugs anyone born more than 20 years ago would shrug off without breaking any trouble beyond maybe a bit of a cough, maybe a mild case of the runs and at the extreme a day or so of throwing up. Basically nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a day or so of rest, flat ginger ale, soda crackers and/or a bowl or three of chicken noodle soup.

          And even more recently, I noticed it was these guys who used and abused the sterilizing wipes and the hand sanitizer who got the worst of the discomfort from minor bugs in Afghanistan. Granted I wasn’t the happiest either from these minor discomforts but in my case it was the side-effects of my weekly dose of mefloquine.

          • JayJay

            I have got to tell this story–true and you will just say…what??
            I bought 20 (30) gallon drums and filled with tap water.
            My neighbor –not friend–from California that worked and retired from a water utility job told me that water would NOT be fit to drink…you can NOT keep water and expect it to be drinkable; it goes bad.
            AND even AFTER explaining I had a Berkey, he STILL swore that water does not store and it would not be usable after 6 months!!!!
            I swear this is the truth and that jackass worked for a water utility company for over 20 years and retired??

            • Canadian Vet

              In all fairness, for all I know he could have been a sewage guy or a pipe-layer or manning the tool crib or the janitor at the garage where the trucks are stored and have no real knowledge about potable water.

              As an example, I have almost 14 years in the Canadian Armed Forces but I don’t know the first thing about how to operate the turret, sensors and fire control systems in our LAV III’s because frankly, it isn’t part of my field if expertise. However, if it has to do with anything that radiates in the EM spectrum and EW/SIGINT analysis, I am a subject matter expert.

              So your neighbour might be an expert in his field yet know dick all about water storage despite working for the water department.

            • 1braveheart

              JayJay, you say he was from Commiefornia? It figures.

      • laeagle

        With great respect to you sargeant, with none of the natural stuff you mentioned are you pointing a weapon against the real enemy, the flu virus. Remember, aim small, miss small! Aim at the right target and, get the damn vaccine while you are ahead! So many of you, my friends, have become force-multipliers for the flu virus. It is astounding! Red thumb me at your own risk and expense, I wash my hands (you should too and frequently, but get the vaccine). If I have to, I will continue to be the lone voice in the wilderness, needling you on!

        • Masgrande

          I know people who got the flu within a day or two of taking the shot, so I’ll avoid the shot. (Or did they get a virus that the shot didn’t protect against?) I do agree with you on the hand washing, though.

          • Indy Colts


            I had the flu shot a few years ago and 48 hours later I was the sickest I have ever been. I thought I was dying… Never took it again and I’m happy with that decision.

            So lets see the ingredents:
            DU,Mercury,cancer cells, and fermaldahide (probably didn’t spell that right or even close)

            Just say NO to flu shots!

        • laeagle

          Let the red thumbers who shut down my posting show themselves and their credentials! They are ignorant cowards who spread crap like chickens in a chicken coup but in this case like chickens in a beautiful garden. Take their hearsay snakeoil houey at your own risk. Am I wasting my breath? Probably. But if one person is encouraged to do the right thing and get vaccinated, then, it will have been worth it. Your strength and good fortune will fail you when you get infected with the flu virus. I have seen men as strong as an ox die in just a few days as their lungs fill up and their strength fails the them. It is not fun to watch!
          Aim small, miss small, and go get your damn vaccine! laeagle is looking after you, you red thumbers!

        • Canadian Vet

          How many flu strains are out there? I couldn’t tell you but it numbers in the dozens if not hundreds. Ahead of time, the eggheads in pharmaceutical companies forecast which EXACT 2 or 3 strains are nots likely to be out there the upcoming flu season and generate a vaccine ONLY for those few strains.

          And because the flu mutates so fast and the vaccine targets only such a small sample, it is both obsolete and only marginally effective when it it released to the public.

        • REB

          Never had a flu shot…no flu…people I know get flu shot every year…get flu every year…coincidence? I don’t think so!

      • 1braveheart

        Howdy, Sgt. Dale. You’re right on target with eating healthy and staying in shape. The last flu shot I took in 2009 I got sick only 2 hours after taking it but recovered that same evening after a bowl of chioken soup. Then I came across and checked out her research on flu vaccines. After I looked at her findings, I have not taken any kind of vaccine since then. I take a couple of Vitamin D3 every morning. That website is Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and she even wrote a book on the subject. No more vaccines of any type for braveheart.

        • laeagle

          Braveheart, I am sorry that you were sick after the vaccine. I can assure you that it had nothing to do with a live flu virus. Your body was most likely mounting an immune response to the flu which is a good thing and far better than getting the flu itself. There is so much disinformation out there about the flu vaccine. Caveat Emptor. There is a lot that you can do to improve your health status and taking Vit. D may be one of them. I give my patients who are deficient in Vit D, the vitamin, but too much of it can be a dangerous thing as well(metastatic calcifications, kidney stones, suppression of the parathyroid gland, interference with normal bone metabolism,etc. There are very few things that are truly safe. Definitely, don’t go see a Dr. or to the hospital if you don’t need to. Don’t take anything if you don’t really need it. Water and Oxygen can be dangerous to your health under the wrong circumstances, but, assuming you are a male, you are 60% water. It is not good if you become dehydrated and develop kidney failure. We need to be specific, as specific as possible with how we fight our enemy. I am told that the flu vaccine is 50-60% effective. Certainly, I would love for it to be more effective but under the circumstances that is the best we’ve got. I would rather have something than nothing at all. Get your flu vaccine before you get sick. Aim small, miss small; Aim big, miss big.

          Everyone, check this out on the eradication of polio in India!

      • JayJay

        Dale, I have read a lot about herbs, alternative meds.
        Get some elderberry; take it daily, or wait for illness and kick it in the butt with high doses.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Jay Jay
          Thanks for the info. I was going to lean on the silver but what the heck it can’t hurt. (Makes great wine I’m told)
          I don’t drink. but I have some whisky, and black berry brandy on hand. whisky for the hot toddies and Brandy for the SH&^Ts.
          Thanks gain.

          • sixpack

            A little apricot brandy helps me sleep when I’m feeling crappy.

        • lonelonmum

          Jay Jay

          Home made elderberry wine is my favourite tipple. Now you’ve just gone and given me an excuse to go have another glass ; )

          Agree on all the comments about excessive use of antibacterial wot nots for cleaning. Hot water and soap cleans most things from people to the home, and bleach sorts what the first can’t. No point making your own home, or worse body a breeding ground for antibacterial resistant bugs.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i joined the USAF 38 years ago and the day i showed up at basic training i got a flu shot…i had a slight cold or sumthin’ when i arrived there…within a couple days i didn’t know whether i could get up in the morning for the rest of basic training. filling a handkerchief with green seamonkeys every day..i vowed NEVER to take a flu shot again. about 8-9 years ago i was sick for 6 weeks, TWICE that winter and decided i HAD to try a flu shot…sure enough, i didn’t get the flu, that winter, even though i was previously getting sick for a lot of weeks EVERY winter. after the flu shot for a few years i would realize i HAD the flu, but symptoms were VERY mild…this went on for several years and i was thankful that i decided to try it again….the last few years it seems to not be AS effective.. but it sure did do the trick for me for SEVERAL years!

    6. slingshot

      Make him do the chicken!
      “Choir Boys”

    7. Caliber

      well.. im going to fill my body with wild turkey bourbon, beer, and pot. il make it so dangerous in my body, that all illnesses will be too scared to enter.

    8. Bill G

      sounds good to me. this could be the new eugenics. 🙂

    9. REB

      Whats the old maxim…something about having the good sense or humility to know when I cant change something….TPTB don’t care if we die…in fact Id wager theyd be thrilled…my 2 cents worth is if they cared theyd be doing more common sense things to stop this crap…instead they stoke the fear and odds are they created the thing…soon they’ll have an answer…MANDITORY FLU SHOTS OR WHATEVER CONTROL FREAK THING THEY WANT)…hygiene/soap and water would go a long long ways towards preventing a lot of problems…something many places on earth are not familiar with…stack some…use some!

    10. Mr. West

      Take 50,000 Vitamin D3 until the Flu is reported in your state, then up the dosage to 100,000 per day + Vitamin K.

      Uping Vitamin C to 1000 per day certainly cannot hurt.

      I have been taking this for the last year with no side effects, except everyone I know has or had the flu, and I did not catch it.

      I am not a doctor and you should not take any advice you find on a blog.

      • The Old Coach

        You can OD oon vitamin D, and it ain’t pretty.

      • kimintn

        vits A, D, E, K are stored in fat and can be dangerous, esp to your liver and kidneys, and should NOT be mega-dosed!!! poison yourself mr.west….

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i took a lot of bee pollen, but woke up one night flinging myself at the screen door and had to stop.

    11. Trailer Park Investor

      Everything else is going to HELL why not get hit with a Super Bug too. Just a little icing on the proverbial cake.
      WARNING: New Regulation
      New regulation to take effect in near future anyone dieing of natural or Non-natural causes will be responsible for burying themselves, or will be fined severely.
      Want to see how and what to prep, see:

    12. Joseph James

      “SHANGHAI (INTELLIHUB) — It has now been reported that the ultra-deadly H7N9 strain of the Avian A virus has mutated from human to human in what may become the worst plague to strike the world in modern times.

      Although there still is a chance for suppression of the virus, it’s likely it will still continue to kill at a steady rate.”

    13. InsanityISContagious

      Just as a side note: It is not the virus that actually kills you…it’s your body’s immune response to a virus it has never encountered before. It is called a cytokine storm. Having an excellent immune system is what actually kills you with these “new” pandemic viruses. It is why young adults in excellent health tend to be the majority of the victims.

      People keep talking about elderberry, but can you find any anecdotal evidence that elderberry helped the Spanish flu victims to survive?

      From what medical studies have found, elderberry apparently helps with regular flu by lessening its duration, (flu that has been around for a long time and people have gone through the “pandemic” aspect of it in years past)….but as far as I can tell, it has NEVER been time-tested against a pandemic virus.

      So once again, I am going to say to you: Do your own research and find out what the survivors of the Spanish flu used to survive…the knowledge is out there. I found it, and it is NOT elderberry.

      • jimb

        Well what is it??

        • InsanityIsContagious

          Did we miss the part of “do your own research” … seriously, if you and I were face-to-face, I would tell you, but not on the net.

    14. MXLord327

      “For 20 bucks I’ll call him a chicken fucker!” (Super Troopers reference, sorry in advance!!!)

    15. Red Leader

      My wife who is an RN, put hand sanitizer in all our vehicles. Anytime we return from a public place we sanitize our hands when we return to the car. She is seeing a lot of flu stricken patients at the hospital. Not deaths, just people getting really sick and dehydrated.

      My wife never gets sick and she atributes it to hand washing. She tells me that hands are the most common method germs transporting germs. She says grocery carts and doors are among the worst.

      Sometimes it pays off to listen to your wife!

      • Chilton

        Good point. That’s one prep our family did awhile ago as well – hand sanitizer in all our vehicles. That’s a point I try to make to people about prepping, it’s not all about end of the world scenarios. Sometimes its just about making daily life easier / safer.

      • Kulafarmer

        Fueling nozzles,,,
        Another bad one,,
        Just keep your hands away from your face until you csn wash or sanitize them,,

        • PO'd Patriot

          I’m gonna try this again…. goddamn NSA. I feel sorry for my daughter cooped up in the classroom for several hours with her first graders as they’re hackin’ gaggin’ and runnin’ their snotty little fingers all over door knobs, puttin’ other’s pencils in their mouths and what not. This is pretty close to what I typed before and when I hit submit I got an error 404 and it took me somewhere in Bumfuck, Egypt. But that’s Ok, I slapped the shit out of Accchmad, took his AK pistol and mags from him, cut my way through a wall of flesh and made it back here. I would of took some scalps but there weren’t no time and besides the bastards keep their hair too short.

          • Mama Bear

            You could scalp their beards.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Sorry Mama Bear, no can do. Looks too much like britches hair.

              • PKLauLau

                PO’d Patriot:

                LOL….”looks too much like britches hair”…..thanks for the laugh today….I needed it.


              • Nopittypartyhere

                Roflmao…”britches hair”. I love it!

        • JayJay

          Money is reported to be the worse carrier of germs.
          I advise all to stay away from hospitals, doctor offices, pharmacy counters, too.

          I researched and some germs can live 2-3 weeks on surfaces!!! 🙁

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Jay,feel my duty as a forum member to relieve you of the risk of illness,hence,be glad to take the diseased dollars from you.To insure your safety and well being should do this as soon as possible!

            • JayJay

              Oh, Hell no!! I wash them in vinegar!! 🙂

              • Wachild Dammit!

                Vinegar?Hmmmm…..,seems risky but your choice,just keep me in mind if you decide the risk is not worth it!

          • KY Mom

            Jay Jay,

            Some germs can live for MONTHS. CRE has been found in nursing homes.

            “Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) is the latest example of an infection that can be difficult — if not impossible — to kill, joining Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) as a troublesome foe for infection control professionals.”


            “Bleach is the most common C. diff disinfectant when properly diluted, but the Environmental Protection Agency also has added other hydrogen peroxide products and a silver-based product to its approved list…”

            “Proper hand hygiene may seem like the most elementary part of infection control, but the reason why it is at the top of surveyors’ citation list is that protocols aren’t followed often enough, infection control specialists say.”

            “Any strong infection control program should include a hand-hygiene program — not only for staff, but for residents and their visitors as well.”

            Mcknights dot com

          • REB

            Then Im fine as I never come in contact with any money… 🙁

      • .02

        wear gloves

      • 1braveheart

        Red Leader, my late wife was a nurse and I always followed her advice. She was a professional and really knew her business.

      • Mcdave

        Cash is dirty as hell! Most of it has been places you can’t even imagine.

        • The Old Coach

          Somebody determined that something like 90% of all bills have detectable cocaine residue, too.

      • Chilton

        Good point. That’s one prep our family did awhile ago as well – hand sanitizer in all our vehicles. That’s a point I try to make to people about prepping, it’s not all about end of the world scenarios. Sometimes its just about making daily life easier / safer.

      • ready down under

        Red Leader, Not listening to your wife can be more dangerous to your health than the worst flu bug ever!!


      • The Old Coach

        Yupper. Thirty years or so ago there was a study done in connection with a hospital that was moving lock, stock and barrel to a new facility. They figured they’d finally find out where all the staph germs were hiding. Turns out the move made no difference at all. The germs were on the people.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        it’s MY belief that the MAIN reason masks work so well to protect against the flu is we can’t put anything in our mouth/nose with that barrier there until we take it off, and when we do take off the mask we tend to wash our hands before eating or….
        if we just keep our hands away from our mouth/nose we wouldn’t get this damn flu…another one is going to, lets say that christmas party and sticking yer hand in to get a handful of chips that a sick person has had THEIR hand in…betcha that gets a lot of people sick too

    16. JRS

      Keep your ionic silver in an amber bottle .

      But don’t keep it next to the whiskey bottle.

      Instead of a hangover you may wake up with the “blues”.

    17. TheGuy

      And it was clear she couldn’t go on
      Then the door was open and the wind appeared
      The candles blew then disappeared
      The curtains flew then he appeared… saying don’t be afraid
      Come on baby… and she had no fear
      And she ran to him… then they started to fly
      They looked backward and said goodbye… she had become like they are
      She had taken his hand… she had become like they are
      Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper

      Captain Tripps.

    18. BJ

      Psalms 91

    19. PO'd Patriot

      Much obliged to Lizzie for the article. Picked up some Sambucol at the organic store in town this mourning. Pricey, but I’m gonna order some the the Black Elderberry canes to plant come spring time. Right now I still have to prune the fruit trees.

      • Mama Bear

        Patriot, I don’t know if it is a sign of the apocalypse or not, but this is the 4th time in 2 days I have responded to one of your posts. Hmm.

        Anyway, on the topic of elderberry, you probably already know this, but it may be helpful info for others: it is actually a tree or large shrub, and here in the Midwest they grow wild in copious amounts. In the high summer, you need to look for their large showy spreads of delicate, lacy white florets, and mark the spot, mentally or physically. Keep checking back on them and when they are bearing the shiny deep black fruits, harvest as many as you can. You can then tincture them in vodka for a few weeks (I cover the berries and then add a couple more inches) and then store the strained tincture indefinitely in a dark glass bottle. There isn’t much agreement on dosage, but if I feel something coming on I take a tablespoon or 3 in water or juice 4 or 5 times a day, mixed with echinacea tincture from my garden.

        It seems to help with any upper respiratory issues I have had for the past year. Also, it is a lot cheaper than Sambucol–I have a couple of quarts of tincture bottled for free; well, I paid the price in scratches and mosquito bites, but whatever.

        The dried flowers make a great tea and also have the reputation of helping with upper resp. issues. But avoid using the stems and leaves, as there are many parts of the elder that are TOXIC. Including the berries if they are not cooked or tinctured–don’t eat them raw.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Thanks Mama Bear, for your replies. I did some reading up on this just yesterday on one of Daisy Luther’s articles. I looked further on the growing of them and will be getting some of the canes to plant. I also printed up the making of the tincture, syrup and extract. I read where you need to refrain from eating the red berry type raw as it’ll make you sick. I’ll stick to the black ones. I do appreciate your input as well. Here along the Chesapeake watershed we don’t have the elderberrys growin’ wild. Mainly tons of blackberries and cattail. Hope you and yours are well.

          • lonelonmum

            In temperate climates elderberry grows as a weed like shrub. Put it in the ground and let it do it’s thing, if you are getting a couple of canes for your garden they grow just fine if you don’t go fussing over them, and just let them settle in for a couple of years.

            Here in the UK it’s so easy to find wild, almost as common as blackberries. Every May I make elderflower non-alcoholic cordial for the kids, and sparkling wine for those of us who can’t afford champagne at summer picnics. Come Autumn I fill a demijohn or two with elderberry wine.

            If you find an OLD bush in the wild, the wood is really nice for whittling.

          • hammerhead

            MAMA BEAR AND PO’D – I have been makin elderberry wine for years.
            Plenty of recipes on the net, good stuff.
            I have also fused it with some “home brew” as a flavor and have had good results.Those little berries will stain yer clothes when picking , so dont wear your best.

            • PO'd Patriot

              hh, good to know-thanks!

      • InsanityISContagious

        You are better off looking for an agent that inhibits replication of a virus rather than one that “shortens” an infection by enhancing your immune system, since, in a pandemic-type, your immune system is mostly what kills you. It is why they use star anise for Tamiflu. IF elderberry ONLY “shortens” flu duration by enhancing your immune system, it most likely won’t help in a pandemic. Why do you think these young people are dying?

        From Medical News Today:

        “American scientists believe that the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic was so deadly because it triggered a tremendous immune response in the human body which made it destroy its own cells. Spanish Flu was estimated to have killed over 50 million people – young adults were worst hit.

        You can read about this new study in the journal Nature.

        Researchers infected mice with a reconstructed H1N1 virus. They observed that not only did the mice suffer severe lung disease, but also their immune systems responded ferociously to the infection – the immune response continued for several days after they had died. Most of the mice became seriously ill within 24 hours and died within five days.”

      • Arby

        Elderberry grows wild, grows good even in poor soil and can often be seen along the road. I have dug and replanted several on our property and they are doing good.

        Easy to identify in the spring/ summer when they are blooming. Just dig up some roots, trim back the growth and replant. I potted mine first and gave them morning sun and afternoon shade, plenty of water then set them out this past fall.

    20. newbee

      Question on the colloidal silver. How many ppm should one start with for the first time.

      • slingshot


        10 ppm is what I have used for about seven years. No major colds except allergies. In 1976 I was forced to take the Swine Flu shot by the military. Eights hours later I was ill.. Have not had the flu since. The reaction was violent. Twenty four hours later I was fine again. That was the last vaccine for the flu for me. I eat lots of hot peppers, onions and garlic.

        • newbee

          Thanks for your input Slingshot.

    21. Iowa

      If you had to “shelter in place” in that situation, you’d be at peace. Be well.

    22. slingshot

      Symptoms show up in eight or tens days.

      This healthy person died in about ten.

      Is it airborne? By surface contact? Incubation period. What is the transmittable stage. Anti-biotic resistance.

      Ahhhhhhh, “Freak Out”, Le Freak C’est Chic.

        • PKLauLau

          Husband is on his third round of shots, antibiotics, 2 different puffers and now prednisone, chest x-ray tomorrow. We got something 4 months ago that won’t let him go. Dr. is “puzzled.” Dr. said that most everyone here in town has this. Hard to cure. The coughing is so HARD that I hurt a rib pretty bad, but at least I got well. Had a friend who cracked a rib coughing with this. Doc said that injuring ribs by coughing is common with whatever this is. Plus, it’s really, really hard to breath…..

          They do a LOT of chemtrailing here….lots…..hmmmmmmmm…..all the snowbirds who winter here will be bringing it home to their family and friends in two months or so…….

          As a friend who worked for the CDC (years ago) explained it to me…the older folk will survive better as our immune systems are not as good. The younger peoples’ immune systems go crazy and they basically drown in their lungs as their body sends the white blood cells to fight the lung infection…..

          …..this sucks….


          • Sgt. Dale

            Our prays are with you and your husband.

            • PKLauLau

              Sgt. Dale: Thanks….my eyes are leaking….


          • kimintn

            @pk ask your doc to test for fungal infection, esp if hubby has been around old bird droppings, bat droppings, etc. common in the soil around old barns and such.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            sounds like what i and 2 daughters had a yar and a half ago…took about 6 months to stop coughing. YIKES!

          • Northern Reb

            We will keep you and your husband in our prays. Had a bot with some crud this fall, sound like the same sh&* I had. Had to take 4 regiments of steriods and 3 regiments of antibiotics to finaly kick it. Found out I was allergic to carton (box) dust, cats and dogs (and my wife. NO JUST KIDDING THERE/:=))Had to sleep in a chair for 6 weeks, could not lay down cough to much. Hang in there get alot of rest and take you vitimans, hot chicken soup, and a good old fashion hot totty to help you sleep. Good luck were rooting for you and yours.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • PKLauLau

              Northern Reb:

              Thank you for the kind words….sounds exactly the same. I am really wondering if it’s in the chem trails……how can all these dr’s be confused about what this is? And it just seems to hang on to people.

              Didn’t Bill Gates want to “vaccinate” the US via planes or drones? How scary is that….we have no idea what they will decide to “vaccinate” us with next.


            • buttcrackofdoom

              yup, +one on the chair sleeping. for a few days that was the only way i could sleep…MUCH better on the coughing while sleeping in the recliner about half reclined.

          • Anonymous Patriot

            Oil of Oregano. Please look into this. It has brought people back from stuff like what you are describing and worse. I hope your husband is feeling better soon.

            Mine was exposed to flu at his work, but out of the 8 people he closely works with, he is the only one who didn’t get it. He is taking 3 drops oil of oregano a day + D3. It is definitely striking the young and healthy, as one of the guys on his team is only 23 years and spent a few days in the hospital with it.

    23. Socrates

      “Canadian health officials have admitted they are confused over how a fit and healthy 20 year old hospital worker has died of H5N1.”

      Confused? No… misinformed maybe. I stated previously that we won’t get nuked before we get plagued. Bio-weapons (there’s that Stephen King, ‘The Stand’ reference again!) are the prefect delivery vehicles to execute Agenda 21. Kills off most, if not all people and leaves infrastructure (what there is)intact. You know the creators of these nightmares always inoculate themselves first, but don’t plan on the weapon mutating….which it always seems to do. Oops. Like the saying goes- “If you haven’t planned for failure, you have failed to plan.” and “If you failed to plan, then you have planned for failure.” Either way, you are screwed.

      • Canadian Vet

        That’s almost like the plot of Tom Clancy’s novel Rainbow 6. But even the Eco-nazi bio terrorists recognized their engineered bug was too nasty for even their vaccine to be 100% effective so their “ark” was also set up for isolation and disposal.

        • JayJay

          And ‘Contagion’, with Matt Damon!!

      • ready down under

        Consider this – some nutcase (North Korea/Iran/some other terrorist funded wacko) is genetically modifying the H5N1 so it is rapidly transmissable human to human. Once they have that virus engineered to their satisfaction they develop a vaccine and innoculate their essential personnel.

        Then “they” release it onto a totally unsuspecting and unprepared worls and sit back and watch the chaos – laughing themselves silly all the while.

        Mission accomplished. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.


    24. Warchild Dammit!

      As long as we are talking The Stand,as one of the few survivors I want to be Trashcan Man!

    25. Ugly

      I don’t think any of this has to do with world population, global warming scam, or even climate change. I believe much of this is experiments gone wrong in biolabs. You know, kind a like an escaped mosquito with the virus in it. Just my opinion.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        If you want some information nearer the truth go to nomorefakenews dot com. John Rappaport has wonderful articles about Big Pharma and what they are foisting on people. He has NO advertisers; so he does not have to worry about his income.

        I would not wish any of their so called vaccines on my worst enemy (tptb). The scam involved in the FDA allowing drugs on the market that are debilitating is unreal. The deaths due to these drugs and vaccines would get an average person prison time.

        Go read what goes into those vaccinations and then tell me your body needs those poisons. Look at the teevee that tells you what a wonder drug will do for you; but be sure to listen to the fact that it just might kill you. Check out the lawsuits from these “wonder vaccines”.

        When will we ever learn?

        • 1braveheart

          Howdy, Granny. Another website on vaccines is Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has done a lot of research on vaccines and her findings caused me to swear off vaccines forever. After the last flu shot I had and got sick from it only 2 hours later, braveheart doesn’t touch any kind of vaccines these days. She also wrote a book on the subject. take care.

        • Ugly


          There is a lot of medical biochemistry going on. Sooner or later a mistake can be made, and then that mistake could get an accidental release or a contaminant. People take way, way too many meds in my book.

    26. Warchild Dammit!

      The Umbrella corporation!Actually,hope not or the world is really more screwed then I thought!

      • maudy fricket

        You beat me to it.

    27. 1braveheart

      To everyone, go to the link I posted for Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s website in my comment #2908776 to Sgt. Dale above. She did a lot of research into the contents of vaccines, etc. and her findings will shock the hell out of you. After I first checked it out in 2009, I haven’t taken another shot for anything since then. The respiratory infection I had back in December was the first time I had been sick in more than 4 years and that was because of my smoking which I gave up at the same time. Nowadays I feel pretty damn good for age 56.

    28. Rev. Billy Graham Cracker

      Mathew 10:28 Jesus speaking to His disciples said, ” And do not fear those who can kill the body, but can not kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both the body and soul in hell”. (Meaning God the Father) We all are on “Death Row”. Our deaths could come from some virus, a stroke, cancer, whatever? The question is, are YOU ready to stand in front of a Holy God?

    29. Liposomal

      Liposomal vitamin c has 93% absorption. Bring ’em on!

    30. ZombieDawg

      Just like the film “Outbreak”..

      Engineered by the military but just pretend they didn’t …

    31. Okie rebel

      Week before and last week, I started hacking and coughing. Both times I took Elderberry capsules I bought at GNC . Knock on wood, I haven’t came down with anything yet. Just FYI

    32. REB

      Off topic but folks may want to go over to the Daily Sheeple and see the item on GMO labeling laws and who is supporting the govicorp to deny us the right to know whats in the food…Mac,maybe you could run that one over here at SHTF…important stuff folks!

    33. Eisenkreuz

      Getting rid of the inferior races would result in the eradication of 70% of the bugs.

      • What?


        I bet you ink that took a large amount of intellect to come up with that one. Maybe you are just a follower to a bigot you think of as intelligent. I suppose think that the so-called bugs reside in certain races, instead of any races in proximity to a certain area. The fact that you can post here means you have a brain, crank it up a notch and use it instead of repeating racist bullshit.

        • What?

          I bet you think. Grammar. Oh, well

        • What?

          I bet you think. Grammar. Oh, well

    34. PO'd Patriot

      Truth of the matter is, this could be the start of trimming the herd by the Chinese and the Communist regime here in power to allow the chi-coms to “acquire” property. I wouldn’t put NOTHING past these common bastards.

    35. Suspicious

      Hey I wonder when the next model of virus 2014 is coming out to the market, since H1N1 is a very old model, lets do the H5N1 as test then our new and beautiful H8N1 perfected ed and resistant to shots will do the job to control population.

      They say that even HIV was created to keep the population down, afterwards the Georgia stones are very clear under 500 million. Got it?

      Nowadays believing in coincidences is not an option. Afterwards chicken is raised here and then sent to China processed there and come back who knows first take a shot at CHINA and then send it to USA.

      But who knows maybe I am too exaggerated.

    36. RICH99

      He’ll , I’m still waiting for that war with Syria from last September … fast topics change and the doom changes plus people have short term memory !
      Comet ison ………WHERE IS THE DOOM …..all the hype and now it’s a short distance memory ….anybody see the same pattern I’m seeing ???

      • Be informed

        @ RICH99. Potential events sometimes come back and rear their ugly head. Last year’s meteorite explosion over Russia could have more debris waiting for the planet to swing through when the plat rotates the near same spot later next month. The Middle East is an absolute hell hole right now. The war against Christians has become widespread to most islamic countries now. Iraq is totally falling apart. Syria is still on the top threat to Israel as demonstrated by several monthly air strikes on Syria and Hezbollah positions. Iran is still a major focal point because of the petro-dollar and Israel’s fear of mass prodcution of nukes like Pakistan. Just because BO backed down to Russia and Syria doesn’t mean that powder keg over there cannot explode within an instance.

        Let’s face it in regards to doom and gloom, there is a good positive point of this, it keeps people on their toes and continue to prepare and not join the 99% that prefer the rosy world of elf land that nothing is ever going to happen. Just look at the Fukushima mess over there. At very least billions of forms of life have had direct contact with this toxic soup over there and they migrate around the Pacific, Arctic, and India Oceans and are eaten and those life forms are now poisoned. This is some real serious sh%^ and hardly doom, it is actaully happening and f’ing up our food production big time.

        I agree that certain events failed to manifest themselves, but others are more than fulfilling their promise of SHTF. I say prepare for the worst, because it is not only possible to happen in the future, it is already occurring in our present day time frame.

    37. JayJay
      • Anonymous Patriot

        They are especially on a campaign to go after the “natural alternatives” crowd.

        About four years ago, there was a local news article released that there were over 30 cases of Pertussis in my area. I’m in a very small town, and rural area. Like all small townies, and rural folks, we got on the phone and started to call everyone to find out whose children were sick. Guess what? No one was sick, no one had Pertussis.
        It was just a ploy by the local public health services to get parents to bring their kids in and get a shot, and they do this often. A lot of psyops to try and scare people into submission.

    38. 21Bravo

      Nothing like a good pandemic to improve the job market….
      There are so few jobs, I have resorted to checking the obituaries for job leads…..

    39. Be informed

      A pandemic is due for the human species, it happens to practically all life forms, especially warm blooded life. It is where this particular virus is going to center itself is the key here. Bird flu has normally been deep in the lungs. IF such a deadly virus started spreading via the upper respiratory tract; the throat, nose, and mouth, there is the potential for a doomsday plague. Even people that are immune or have defenses against this, even those that can stay isolated, it still affects the world through the possible end of human civilization.

      There is only so many people that can become immobile or just die before everything falls apart and continues on that downward spiral. War or an out of control virus can end society. This is something everyone should plan for, an out of control virus.

      I truly don’t know much about the colloidal silver as it might be a cure all. What I would be concerned about is a type of filo-virus that affects not just one of two specific spots in the body, but ALL cells in the body. People with ebola or marburg literally melt away as the virus causes a type of pooling of the blood under the skin and the very fibers of what holds this together becomes thinner and thinner and the blood thicker and thicker. Many people that have marburg die of strokes and heart attacks before the really sickening torture begins. Some people have been saved by using blood thinners to keep the blood vessels from totally coagulating and becoming like molasses. I wonder if they ever considered using a by-product of the vampire bat saliva that has one of the best anti-coagulations that there is.

      Anyway, would something like the colloidal silver be able to get into all the cells to protect them, or would it tend to only offer protection to certain organs of the body, leaving the rest of the body very vulnerable. I would wonder if the Russians that experimented with marburg bio weapons tried the colloidal silver to see if it helped against this type of virus. This is something those that know much about the silver should look into about ebola or marburg, or even some of the other hemmorhagic viruses if it could and would be effective cure against it. The bird flu has on occasion exhibited similar hemmorhagic properties as well as earlier cases of smallpox. It would be nice to have something that could combat some of the worst nightmare viruses.

      • sixpack

        Gee, bedbugs also have a powerful anticoagulant that they inject at the bite site, to keep their meal flowing for longer…so does that mean since bedbugs are easier to find than vampire bats, that we should harvest a few bedbugs for later?

        You don’t even have to go looking for bedbugs—THEY’LL FIND YOU!

      • Socrates


        A new book out discusses the many health benefits of silver- colloidal, mist, gel- you name it. I think you could almost stay alive on raw unfiltered honey and use Silver (in it’s many forms) to kill the rest of the pathogens off. Good stuff, IMO

        New Book: “The Most Precious Metal”
        “The most precious metal during a crisis is silver, but not because of its role as a monetary metal. Silver is not the most precious metal because of global supply, its current ‘price’, or investor sentiment. It is not the most precious metal because of its role in photovoltaic solar panels or electronic circuits. It certainly isn’t the most precious metal because it makes for a nice set of earrings or tableware. There is nothing wrong with any of these uses of silver, but silver has a much higher purpose that clearly makes it the most important metal any person could own.

        Silver is nature’s finest germ killer. Simply by being silver, this most precious metal’s elemental properties are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms while simultaneously being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria.”

    40. lonelonmum

      Our youngsters are growing up in an authoritarian world, and adults are not defending or protecting them

      At some point the herd will be thinned via drones used to disperse some supervirus (so gun owners in the US and elsewhere will have no defence).

      The world has already gone mad. The line has already been crossed (Waco, WTC, Katrina, TSA, etc, etc) and no revolution has begun. This generation does not possess the 3% that created the American revolution amongst it’s ranks. Instead consumption has turned to “stuff” for prepping, as an alternative to rebelling (and because we are still stuck in the McMansion mindset). The pioneers and original Americans actually had very little in the way of materials good but a whole different mindset and brains that were not fluoridated and dumbed down.

      I am beginning to think that SHTF already, there was no resistance to the elite takeover, freedom died and all that remains now is the clean up with a planned population reduction.

      • Farmer's Daughter

        I hate to think that but you make a damn good point!

    41. maudy fricket

      Government scientists, laboratories, big budgets. What could possibly go wrong?

      • What?

        The coffee maker in the break room goes on the fritz?

      • Northern Reb

        maudy: They run out of toilet paper/;=)

      • REB

        ah..theyre idiots who lack common sense and apathy playing gods?

    42. Fed up

      I’ve never commented on here before, but I follow this site almost daily and really enjoy all the comments. The comment Lena left made me want to post. I get overwhelmed with all the bad news at times and have to take a break and do as she says just Indulge in the simple pleasures in life for we know not how long we have .

      • What?

        It can, at times, be so damn sad.

    43. posseecom

      Plagues and viruses and bacteria oh my!

      Probably the same folks who bio engineered lyme disease..which was let loose off the shores of Connecticut and first appeared in Lyme Connecticut..

      Some bio engineering site on some island off the southern shores of New England..

      Government sponsored of course..

      Hell.Germany was performing similar experiments 60 years ago..The nazis never left..they just moved here and set up camp ever since..

      The rest is history..

      Enjoy the day..


    44. Nopittypartyhere

      That new movie Lone Survivor,about the CMH recipient, is being touted as ” military propaganda” by democrats. I vote we put all democrats in the mountains of Afghanistan, and let them talk themselves out of a beheading.

      • Wachild Dammit!

        Saw that on the net,copy has been out that was headed for I guess awards viewing and streaming online before even in theatres.Not a walburg fan but will say he and all in movie did a pretty good job,tis a depressing movie as the title pretty much lets you know how it ends up,movie not pro/anti war,more brotherhood and friendship in hard times.

    45. old guy

      Im 63 and the wife and I have never had a flu shot. Our thinking is we would just as soon get the flu and let our body develop a immunity to the flu. We got the flu one time about 30 years ago. Never had it since. The flu is something im not even remotely concerned about.

    46. Leslie Anne

      Time to thin the herd.

    47. Lisa

      Speaking of Sambucol, I take it whenever I’ve been around sick people or get any symptom and haven’t been very sick in a long time. I have really put it to the test the past week. I’ve been taking it since early last week when my husband came down with the flu and I’ve had a sore throat since then until today, but haven’t had other symptoms even close to what my husband had. Then starting yesterday I’ve got the nasal congestion and am tired, but so far I haven’t had the aches and pains and over 100 fever that he had.

      He has Tamiflu and had to spend around $250 at the drugstore after seeing the doctor. Then he still felt terrible for days. I haven’t been to the doctor and have just been using Sambucol, maybe $30 worth so far and some immune-building tea. And so far, I feel much better than he has. Plus it’s available without a prescription and can be bought ahead of when you actually need it.

    48. Lisa

      Oh – and my cousin got the flu shot and still ended up getting the swine flu last month.

    49. pfwag

      Tamiflu, an extract from the star anise plant, is VERY effective if taken 1-2 weeks BEFORE being exposed to the flu but generally ineffective after one has caught the flu.

      Other posters have noted other natural compounds that have anti-viral properties. To that list add natural, REAL, black licorice. FYI: most is artificial.

      Collodial silver does work but for an infection in the lungs, get a nebulizer to get the silver down into the lungs where the infection is. When you buy silver, don’t buy any that doesn’t list the particle size. You want SMALL particles, the smaller the more bio-effective. Don’t ever use colloidal (or other kinds) with particle sizes larger than a micron. That’s how one ends up with argyria – it won’t really hurt you but will turn your skin a shade of bluish-grey. Exactly what color you end up will depend on your complexion. If you make your own, filter your home brew. A Katydyn Hiker micro-filter (~$75) works really well for this.

      I have over 500 medical articles on the effectiveness of silver killing pathogens. Here are a few of the better ones:

      Promising cure to URTI pandemics, including the Avian flu: has the final solution to the coming plagues been discovered?

      Study Shows Silver Nanoparticles Attach to HIV-1 virus

      The bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles
      Jose Ruben Morones et al 2005 Nanotechnology 16 2346-2353 doi:10.1088/0957-4484/16/10/059

    50. wncmountainboy

      Elderberry extract, extra vit.c(red grapefruit is best), kefir(intestinal probiotic support), raw gingerroot in a cup of hot green tea, hoppy beer(no, I’m not kidding, hops is a powerful antiseptic)
      If it gets bad hold one of your silver bullion pieces on your tongue for 15 minutes a day, not to much though…you’ll end up with argyria.

      • wncmountainboy

        Oh, forgot…local honey!

    51. Tucker

      This kind of fear mongering has been going on, almost non-stop for the last 10 or 15 years. Bird flu. Swine flu. Asian Flu. Klingon Flu. Flea flu. Roach flu. It is non-stop, and I am convinced that these mentally insane, criminal, pathologically deranged psychopaths who’ve managed to hijack our government are obsessed with a sinister desire to convince Americans to submit to these vaccines that they keep cooking up in their Dr. Frankenstein’s labs.

      I’m convinced that those vaccines have something in them that will not be in the best interest of White European Americans to have injected inside their bodies. These evil sonasbitches, who have their tentacles wrapped around the throat of our nation, are instructed by their vile religious books to find ways to kill the best of the gentiles, and one very effective way to achieve this objective – is to chemically sterilize us.

      Think about it. Haven’t we seen articles that show that this Gardasil vaccine has been shown to result in the deaths of some of the children who’ve been subjected to it? Care to see a short description of the incredibly negative side effects associated with Gardasil?

      Granted, in addition to the sinister concerns about this fear mongering agenda – there is also the profit motive aspect to it and we should also be very concerned about that angle. These greedy, avaricious sleaze balls who infest our US Congress and ranks of the political elite class of psychopaths – are so consumed with the lust to make a financial killing, that they are not the least bit shy about inventing a ‘crisis’ out of thin air and then positioning themselves to be able to rake in enormous profits off of the pharmaceutical industries who will be producing these ‘vaccines’ that they want to mandate for everyone to take.

      Do NOT trust any slab of human excrement in Washington D.C., people. These rats are our mortal enemies.

    52. motherofmany

      My daughter works for a chiropractor and he suggests everyone takes Vitamin D even before suggesting Vitamin C. Lypospheric Vitamin C is a bit pricey but works very well. Sambuccol is excellent. Don’t forget garlic, just chop it a bit and for kids you could put it in some yogurt or applesauce, even my 3 year old takes it this way.

      • wncmountainboy

        Hi, mom…you’re right! I forgot about garlic. Alicium(sp?) is a powerful immune booster.

    53. M

      One drop of oil of oregano in 16 oz bottle of water , works for me.

      If I haven’t gotten sick in over a decade , despite being exposed to multiple strains from around the globe.

      Whilst working , shopping and living on a military installation.
      Well I am pretty happy with the results .

    54. slingshot

      Pretty Nasty stuff out there.

      Can not see the flu bug and you can not see the radiation. We will only see the effects of each.
      Lord have mercy on what I am about to say.
      We are all concentrating on prevention. What if a loved one catches the bug or a good dose of rads.
      Have to think of isolation/quarantine protocols. Then care of the individual. Possible death. Decontamination and sanitation procedures. Hospitals made be overloaded. Government may shut down transportation.
      Worse case scenario.

    55. old guy

      Its really smart you are not feeling good. So you go to the doctor. You sit around in the waiting room that is full of sick people. You are already weakened so you go where all the sickly are concentrated. Then you get to spend money taking some big pharma drugs. Its a wonder you don’t catch a double dose of flu! I would bet the percentage of flu & other sickness is less among those who never get flu shots and never go to the doctor.

    56. Mr. Blutarsky

      Maybe flights from places like Beijing need to be quarantined before passengers are allowed to inter-mingle with us. Price for international travel I guess. I sure don’t want the government telling me I have to get a flu shot. Too many really bad side effects and in many cases, they don’t even work!!!

    57. Anonymous Patriot

      Doctor is telling patients to stay AWAY from his office unless it is absolutely necessary to come in because there are FOUR different strains of flu (according to him) going around in our area.

      I needed to go in because I’ve torn something in my knee, and just today his nurse told me not to come in unless is it imperative.

      With the flu shot stew they are creating, it’s no wonder that people are going to start picking up anything and everything, and it doesn’t help much when viruses come up missing from labs:

      FBI Gets Case of Missing Virus at Texas Biolab

    58. Rocky

      It was never a question of IF the next pandemic would start but WHEN. Whether or not this turns into a true pandemic is anyone’s guess. But it IS coming someday and another great kill off will take place. It is simply the way of things.

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