How to Prepare for an Economic Depression

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    This article has been contributed by Stephanie at The Wannabe Homesteader.


    Psst. I’m gonna share a little secret with you…

    I think we’re in an economic depression.

    Don’t believe me? Consider the fact that more than 100 million Americans are on some sort of government food assistance right now. If EBT cards didn’t exist, just imagine how long the soup lines would be!

    I write more on how I’m preparing for an economic 9/11 here.

    In this post I want to share with you the recommendations of Nicole Foss, an acclaimed finance, energy, and preparedness analyst who believes we are headed towards a deflationary spiral. Yes, the time to prepare is still NOW.

    In her article, “How to Build a Lifeboat,”  she explains the 9 steps to personally take to prepare for a deflationary depression. I have taken these recommendations to heart and me and my family are actively following these steps to the best of our ability.

    How to Prepare for an Economic Depression

    According to Nicole Foss, the 9 steps to take to prepare for an economic depression are:

    1) Hold no debt (for most people this means renting)

    2) Hold cash and cash equivalents (short term treasuries) under your own control

    3) Don’t trust the banking system, deposit insurance or no deposit insurance

    4) Sell equities, real estate, most bonds, commodities, collectibles (or short if you can afford to gamble)

    5) Gain some control over the necessities of your own existence if you can afford it

    6) Be prepared to work with others as that will give you far greater scope for resilience and security

    7) If you have done all that and still have spare resources, consider precious metals as an insurance policy

    8) Be worth more to your employer than he is paying you

    9) Look after your health!

    In the original article, Nicole Foss further explains these recommendations better than I ever could. Below, I give you my take on these steps and what my family is doing.

    1) I don’t care if you want to start a business, go to college, or buy a house- “debt is not a tool!” Pay off your debt and do not take on new debt no matter how low interest rates may appear to be. It took us 4 years but we got rid of our mortgage and paid off $60,000 worth of debt. We may not have a fancy house or nice cars but we are better off than 90% of the Americans out there.

    You mean renting is better than having a mortgage?? Yes. According to Foss,

    There is no safe level of debt to hold, including mortgages. For those who are not able to own a home outright, most would be much better off selling and renting, as real estate becomes illiquid faster than almost anything else in a depression. By the time you realize that you need to sell because you can no longer pay the mortgage, it may be too late. Renting is essentially paying someone else a fee to take the property price risk for you, which is a very good bet during a real estate crash.

    2) In an economic depression, “cash is king” as average joes like you and I will not be able to depend on credit to get the things we need.  Instead of focusing on debt and credit, pay attention to your liquid assets. What are liquid assets?

    Be cautious holding short-term treasuries though. The Federal government defaulting on its promises is not as far-fetched as one may think.

    3) Our banking system is in trouble and  worse, is based on fractional reserve banking. Don’t think bank runs can’t happen- they can. Proceed with caution.

    4) This piece of advice is applicable in a pure deflationary scenario only. While the point of this article is how to prepare for a deflationary depression, predicting future economic conditions is difficult; diversifying may still be wise.

    5) Foss talks about stockpiling the basics and items like solar cookers and water filters but we’re taking this step a bit farther. We hope to have a paid-for homestead, full garden, and farm animals for independent food security as much as possible. After that, we plan on experimenting in solar power and off-grid living arrangements (composting toilets, etc.)

    6) In my opinion, this is the hardest to achieve but probably the most rewarding piece of advice to follow. If times get tough, you’re gonna want like-minded people to work, trade, and barter with. Don’t rely too much on internet “prepper groups.” Instead you’re going to turn to family members and friends you already know and trust. Invest in relationships with people who actually live near you and will be able to physically lend a helping hand when you need it.

    7) For those who wish to preserve their wealth, investing in precious metals is an option but like everything, comes with its own risk.

    8) Do you think you’re worth more than your getting paid? That may be a good thing. Employers are strapped for cash and as the economy gets worse, you may NOT want to be the highest paid employee on the payroll, if you know what I mean.

    9) My family’s health is something I’ve been focusing on since we became debt-free. I think proper nutrition is paramount and follow the principles of the Westin A. Price Foundation. I strive to cook traditional foods using traditional preparation methods. We try to eat organic, non-GMO, local foods as much as possible.

    As with everything, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. But whatever you do, don’t rely on the lame stream news or the government to warn you about economic upheaval and collapse.

    Want to learn more?

    The Big Short by Michael Lewis is an entertaining read that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the housing market crash in the eyes of few benevolent investors.


    The New Economic Disorder by Larry Bates is another book that helped us understand what’s going on in the economy and how to prepare.

    economic disorder

    The Wannabe Homesteader

    Stephanie blogs at The Wannabe Homesteader, where she and her family have fun stumbling over each other on their way towards self-sufficiency. She writes about debt-free living, current events, natural health, prepping, and homesteading. You can connect with her on FacebookYouTubeTwitterPinterest, or by email at [email protected]

    This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition


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      1. Great article! The ‘9 Steps to take to prepare’ are excellent!

        • Doing something different today I see….

          • …. or so I thought anyways. LOL

            • Peterson, f#$% you! Back off from KY Mom and take your trolling ass somewhere else.

          • These steps look more like things EVERYONE should do on a regular basis, collapse or not…just plain common sense.

            • sixpack, agree. This article is very useful and great for beginner preppers.

          • Everyone needs to ignore this ass monkey… from this day forward… give him a thumb down and don’t reply. That goes for the other trolls to.

            • IGNOR Peterson!!!

            • LOL

              Give KFC a little shit for riding coat tails, and everyone hates on me!

              You’d think you guys would be helping her out with some cash to start her own site if think her news anchor skills are worth your time…
              Just Sayin’ is all…

        • The New, Improved 1984

          “George Orwell’s prescient book 1984 envisioned a technologically-enabled authoritarian state of ubiquitous surveillance, propaganda and fear that constantly rewrote history to suit the needs of the present regime.

          Published in 1949, 1984 took the totalitarian templates of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and extended them into a future where the state employed technology to perfect not only control of the populace via police state repression but control of their minds via propaganda extolling the state and revising “facts” to support the current party line.

          Welcome to the new, improved 1984, America 2013.

          Ubiquitous surveillance: check.

          Ubiquitous propaganda extolling the state and central bank: check

          Perpetual fear-mongering: check

          Perpetual war against an unseen enemy who can never be defeated: check

          Police state with essentially unlimited powers to suppress “enemies of the state”: check
          Continual revision of history to support the current party line: check.

          Have you noticed that every key metric of the economy is constantly being revised, rewriting history and installing a shiny new set of “facts”?…”

          • Perpetual non-sense, check.

            I’d really like to know how you think posting more news from other sites does a bit of good? Militia Men finally rise up and it becomes time to start taking our freedom back…. and some how SHTF misses it, that might be the time to make a news alert here to clue everyone in that it’s time to start shooting…. but…. more useless news…. I don’t get it.

            • Are you just a woman hater or what? YOU are the wannabe distraction here, not her.

              • Maybe he is paid to disrupt this sight.

                • Ya that’s it alright, im Conservative as all hell… but I’m paid to stir the pot here.

                  If you pussies cant take a little shit…. you sure had better work on it before the collapse happens. Thin skinned people wont do to well.

                  • What the hell makes you so arrogant as to think that people here, should have to take ANY shit from YOU? Who are you, and what makes you think it’s your ‘job’ to deliver that shit?

                    Is that all your sorry ass comes here for…to dole out some “shit”? If you’re not here to learn from, or participate with like-minded individuals, then get the fuck out! I think you’re just someone like finx with a new handle.

                    The MO is the same—just post a couple of comments that people can agree with, then start slinging as much shit as you can, for as long as you can.

                    I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about, without having to dodge piles of dog shit like you. “Free speech” doesn’t include yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre, and it doesn’t include intentional verbal attacks on others.

                    Take an early lunch and go jerk off in the can—maybe you’ll feel a little better about the fact that you’re wife ran away with the cable guy.

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                  • Petersen, we all have thicker skins than you think. we just don’t have any use for communist trolls.

                • Well, if he is getting paid, it must be the government thats paying him because they are wasting every cent!

              • Dont feed the trolls!

                • I don’t know kula—I could justify passing a troll some GMO bread and some fluoride-laced stagnant water.

                  • wrong type of troll.

                    If your going to use an internet term use it right please.

                    Troll as in fishing not troll as in creature under a bridge.

                    Troll as to cast a line out to troll for a bite.

                    Not troll with club from fucking harry potter.

                  • @AnonLegion, obviously you’ve never met my ex—when you look up “troll” in the new world dictionary, you found HIS face next to the definition.

                    SEE: Slang Dictionary

                    an ugly person; a grouchy person. : Gee, that dame is a real troll. What’s her problem?
                    an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war. (As a fisherman trolls for an unsuspecting fish.) : Don’t answer those silly messages. Some troll is just looking for an argument.
                    a message sent by a troll (sense 2). : Every time I get a troll, I just delete it.

                    Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
                    Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill.

                  • sixpack,

                    Take the high road amigo. This rectum Peterson thinks (she?) can wrap herself in a “conservative” flag and sling crap to everyone in sight with impunity.

                    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, and that is to NEVER pick a fight with a pig. You get cover in mud and excrement, and the pig LOVES it.

                    Don’t feed the trolls.

              • You pulled that out of the liberal tool box, didn’t ya?…. ya that’s it, I must hate women…. and I must hate all blacks because I hate Obama Hussain.

              • Didn’t we have a couple of wife-killers named Peterson?

            • Peterson, are you a jilted wannabe lover, and/or a stalker? What else could possibly motivate you to single out and pick on someone you don’t know? Why in Hell would you “really like to know” anything at all about someone about whom you know nothing at all? People only “really want to know” more about those they already know. Unless you are living in an entirely closed-system fantasy world in your mom’s basement (in which case nothing outside of long-term therapy, ECT, and an ample stock of basket-weaving materials will help you), then the healthy thing to do would be to realize that you know nothing about anybody on this site and take everything that is written here with a grain of salt, offer positive contributions when possible, and lay off the ad hominem attacks.

              • It’s called little dick syndrome, and he has it in spades! Unfortunately, there is no cure.

                • Microscopis Pensitis.

            • Peterson, why don’t you stop being a troll and take our information seriously, you just might learn something. It would do you a world of good to stop drinking that federal kool-aid.

              • is peterson really eisenshit head ??

          • nice! d;^)

            • i guess some people are misinterpreting my comment: I’m saying “nice” to KY Mom for continuing to post links/articles DESPITE that troll. at least, that was the intention.

          • @KY Mom….I started to read “1984”, but had to put it down (as I found the beginning just too ‘dark’….but what I did get was that people were being watched constantly…..

            But that was just around the same time that dh was going through recovery from his surgery…..(which he is still going through)….guess just too much ‘real’ darkness for me!! BTW, read your very inspiring messages every day (glad you had my email address)and so often is the only thing that sustains me….THANX, again..(to both you and Miss Daisy. take care, CC

            • Canuk, try “Anthem”. Not quite so dark to start with, nor as techno.

              • That’s really a good suggestion Net Ranger! I’ll also make that recommendation. Not so dark, but enlightening as well. Take care!
                Standing ready in Daytona

                • Or for that matter, watch Brazil. Yes, it is meant to be a comedy, but boy does it come close to present reality! From the media hounds to the terrorists, big government driven by bureaucracy and the small citizens at their mercy, right down to the youth-obsessed gambling on plastic surgery.

              • @NetRanger….thanx for the suggestion…went to library today to p/u, they have to get it from another library for me (Ayn Rand) should be a good read. Did p/u ‘Conspiracy Theory’ on DVD(for free)…Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts…(What an eye opener!!) Take care, CC

            • Be brave, read 1984, then watch the movie, with William Hurt as Winston Smith…

              • The movie will give anyone with a few brain cells left the actual creeps…because it puts into a visual medium the dystopic nightmare of the book. The atmospherics are oppressive, the hopelessness and despair beneath the “get happy” facade, the crushing sense of having your every move and thought available for inspection…horrible.

                And getting to be very, very plausible. Watch it. It will help fortify your belief that if it comes to it, it will be better to die than experience the living hell that totalitarians like we see around us are trying to build.

                • That was the only movie I’ve seen that was close to the book. The older version of the movie was not as good as the book, or the later movie.

          • George Orwell was part of a secret society known as the Fabians. He was an insider & knew about the elite’s plans – that’s why 1984 is so eerily similar to the world as it exists today.

            Folks, I think the final test is approaching. We’re living in truly monumental, historic times. Our current system is too corrupt, too far gone & it is by design. A catalyzing event or series of them will happen & the future of this world will be at stake. Slavery or freedom. Fear or love. Those will be the choices.

          • KY Mom, I’ve read 1984. One of the most tragic and scariest books I ever read in my life. When mrs. braveheart read the book she told me it’s exactly what happened to her homeland of Cuba. braveheart

            • I went to school in the mid-late ’80’s and they never assigned that one. I wonder if they thought we’d figure it out if they did? Of course almost everyone read it anyway in 1984 so why assign it? I’d better try now I suppose 😉

        • KY Mom,

          Many thanks for your thoughtful contributions to this site! It is sincerely and greatly appreciated.

        • It’s a good article but it should have been titled “how to prepare for an economic collapse”. If it weren’t for the govt fudging the numbers, it would show we have been in a deep depression since 2009. 😉

        • I wouldn’t call it a “great article”, KY Mom.

          Here is why. Although Stephanie has given some “great” advice; she failed to prioritize the most important and immediately feasible things to have/do.

          Sure, getting out of debt is great, but for most people it is not something they are immediately able to do. Most won’t ever get the mortgage paid off if the collapse is somehow delayed for a few years and definitely not before some SHTF.

          If a full blown economic collapse hits, most jobs…gone! Without jobs….dollar gone. So why have cash and cash equivalents? Short term treasuries? Very bad advice unless you are just happy to piss $$ away. The full-blown, total collapse won’t be a slow process whereby a person will have weeks to “cash-out” investments. And, definitely nothing like the early 20th century collapse/depression era.

          No jobs = no cash (or equivalent)
          No cash = no electricity (eventually)
          No electricity = no potable water (in most cases)
          No potable water = death

          The most important and most feasible project to undertake is having a backup plan for processing clean potable(drinkable) water. There is hardly no way for most folks to be able to store enough potable water to last a year or more. Having a plan and the system in place to produce potable water is priority one. Don’t count on municipal sources, for they may not service you if you have no way to pay.

          Food reserves comes next and then security.

          Financial/bartering scenarios follow and hope and pray you never have to depend upon them.

          • I had these same concerns with Foss’ 9 suggestions. To those I would add the greatest concern I had, which is that she advises selling real estate! I cannot conceive of any reason whatsoever that anyone would shed one of the most real, tangible and sustaining assets you can hold, other than if you are doing it to get out from under a mortgage, but that goes to debt-elimination, not divesting.

            • If I understand Foss correctly she predicts a deflationary depression. A farm would be good realestate to own (i believe she lives on a farm) but in deflation ,housing and commercial property would go down in value.
              The big debate is whether we are headed for deflation,more inflation,or hyperinflation. There are good arguments for each happening and time will tell.

              • But everything would go down in value, so relative to your overall cost of living, holding land you’d still come out ahead.

        • Nicole Foss, who I’ve never heard of, only has half of the deflationary prediction correct… We will see deflation, follow by the biggest hyperinflation in history after the Fed starts printing to “save” all debt. In deflation the banks lose… People can’t pay their bills and banks go under. In a hyperinflation, the Fed will print to make the banks whole, and the banks will spend that cash before anyone else gets their hands on it and their buying power will out run yours. Saving in cash with work for about a couple weeks… then your money won’t be worth shit.

          And treasuries… can’t even take that seriously. Hold those at your own peril…

        • “There is no safe level of debt to hold, including mortgages”

          I have been sounding the tune that the best way to “stick it to the man” is get out of debt for many years now. However, since the great housing bust of, when was that? ’07,’08, sheesh I forget. Anyhow, I was one of those guys who didn’t buy the McMansion. And I could have easily done so then. Instead I bought a nice little prefab, modular, not so mobile, mobile home type deal and plopped it down on a few acres where I could grow a garden and a chicken or two. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my little slice of country, but I still have a mortgage, albeit, one I am still able to afford. But, my point here is, soon after the housing bust, along comes Uncle Sam, or whoever is wearing his costume these days, to bale out my stupid friend who bit off more than he can chew financially. He ended up with a half paid off mortgage and lower house payments. And the smart guy who stayed within his budget and has over an 800 FICO score? Zip, Nada, HIT THE ROAD JACK. When interest rates plummeted the banks wouldn’t even talk to me about a refinance. One loan officer at Bank of America had the round ones to tell me that everyone knows that people who buy mobile homes (even though mine isn’t) are higher credit risks. Tsk! Tsk! Silly me! And here I thought those that spent more than they earned would be the higher credit risk.

          Lesson learned???? Buy the biggest damned house you can find and wait. Wait for the SHTF, let Uncle Sam pick up the tab. Or hell, move to a flood zone or hurricane ally, or earthquake city or maybe even the DMZ between the Koreas, maybe you will get lucky. You see; In Amerika, you get rewarded for being weak and stupid, not smart and thrifty.

      2. News On Channel UNO!

        • Great picture! I’ll be sure to add those to my Amazon cart

          • You have become a “comical distraction”. If that is your intent…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

            If not, your “paymasters” will soon require a “site handle name change”. “Peterson” will have “petered-out”.

      3. Amazon

        Night Owl Optics XGEN Pro 3X Digital Night Vision Monocular

        Cheap night vision. Picture in black and white. Zoom function. Needs 4 AA batteries, uses them up fast, and you cant use the rechargable kind. I’m going to field test it tonight and let you know what I think.

        • Eisen- hopefully your digital unit will work better than my Bushnell digital one did. thing was crap. processor was too slow, creating lag and jitter in the picture and gobbled up batteries like a stoner with a bag of doritos.

          • I want one of those infrared scopes for my rifle, spendy but hard to hide from.

            • oohhhh yes….precious! yeah- i’ve been ogling one for the longest time. even if i wasn’t prepping- i’d still want one! why? cuz they’re FRIGGIN COOL! or- just cuz! but in an STFH scenario, an IR scope in the right hands could be a match-changer. another tool to put in the box, but only after it’s been filled with all the basics first.

              BTW- a site that i’ve found handy for alot of my preps, especially defense related ones (and no- not getting paid by the click here folks) is
              great variety of gear (solar to IR scopes and AR upper kits), competitive (or better) prices. great customer service and i’ve had zero problems returning items, even after 4 mos. of using it. “meh- don’t like it”. no problem. and another hting i REALLY like, which has really boosted my preps over what i could normally afford, is is you get on their membership program (yes- i hate these too- but this one is actually worth it), not only do you save over the regular already-fair prices- but you can also buy on a “4 pay plan”. i know we don’t want to get into debt…right? but i’ve been able to put together 2 DPMS M-forgeries (M-4 carbine clone) and a LOT of other higher end (for my budget anyway) preps that i wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise- and have brought me peace of mind for having them. i’m just putting this out there because i’ve had good dealings with them, they’ve helped me add more to my preps than i could afford otherwise, and i’ve gotten some REALLY good stuff out of it. hopefully you can too. got someplace better? COOL! how about you share it? oh the Bushnell NV monocular i was talking about to eisen? i bought that at, tried it for FOUR months- told them it sucks. they gave me a refund and return shipping label, but didn’t give me any grief. the way it should be.

              • Thanks for the tip, ill check it out

              • Glad to hear they treated you right…back when I was in the biz I had a few “differences” with him and SG was the most complained about company folks talked about…I made a few bucks off folks by matching/beating their prices/terms…those were the days…

            • IRs are the way to go. The price are dropping. And they are game changer on any system.

              We love our eoteck style or. And our rifle scopes make even smoke and fog not there.

        • All Generation 1 night vision is worthless.

          • ^here. If you got the coin…. PVNS-14. Third Gen and the pricing has come down some.

          • @ Reality Check
            sorry- TOTALLY cannot agree with that statment. i’ve got a SWEET atn unit that combined with my LR-308 is VERY (sub MOA) accurate out to several hundred yards, and recovery from muzzle flash is almost instant. and it’s also extremely miserly on battery usage.

            • CWinOR – that 308 is gonna shake the guts outta that ATN scope , been there done that. not even 50 shots , they sent a new one out and the same thing happened.
              the third one they sent me works fine on a 22 🙂

              • good coyote gun BTW .

              • sorry to hear that HH. i guess i got a “good one”. several hundred sent downrange with it so far, and just recently had to change the battery for the first time. you know how “quality control” (or lack thereof)is these days.

          • Not true for Gen1

            Years ago I brought a Russian optic unit. Operates on 9v battery. Still works but the focusing is tricky. Gets out to about 75 yards with clear picture. Has IF unit attachment which is 4.5v. Then brought another hand held mono unit. ATN night vision Gen1. Clear optics with built in IF and works better and is also Russian. Night Owl Gen1+ and I am out to 150 yards plus on moonlit nights and no IF. It is binocular with head set. Operates on 3v battery. You can find good units and do not have to spend lots of money to give you night advantage.

            • i second that Slingshot. having NV will be a battlefield leveler if we have to go up against our own LE/Military, and is likely a force muliplier against the zombie horde. if all that were available were the Gen II+ units- i wouldn’t be able to afford them, so i’d be back at square one.

              • Word of caution with night vision units with battery tubes. If you are not using them often remove the batteries or they might corrode and damage your unit.
                Also some units left unpowered for long periods of time might need to power up the light enhancement tube. Just give it a few minutes to warm up. Also you might see some dark specs in the field of vision. They are common the early night vision and do not affect your tube. Exception is, if there are too many spots and those I would avoid. Careful to use good cleaning solution and cloths when cleaning lenses as to not scratch them. Treat them like a good scope and you will be fine.

                • good advice slingshot. i do typically follow those rules, but now that you remind me…when i get home i’ll be powering it up for a few and pulling the battery again.

        • Eisen.

          Have a pair of Night Owl Gen1+ and they work fine.

      4. Great article;

        Disagree with #8.

        Feel it should read be more of worth to your support team and members.

        NOBODIES paying for anything once the SHTF occurs.

        Really like the thought put into the article.

        • If entitlements weren’t so easy to come by then perhaps people would actually work for their own survival. It’s a quagmire of deception and we are all being deceived.

          There are jobs out there but not many takers anymore. Part of the problem is the NWO mentality taking over, what’s yours is mine and I’m going to take it. You work hard and make an honest living but the lazy sloths want their share of your income. If you are a sloth then you are to be cared about and taken care of. If you are an independent human who takes nothing that he has not earned but prepares for the future, then you are a selfish enemy of the regime and you must be tracked and vilified.

          As for owning your own home, if you can afford the mortgage then stay put because if you don’t have money for your mortgage then you won’t have it for rent either. You will be homeless a lot quicker if you’re a renter who fails to pay the rent versus a homeowner who can’t pay the mortgage.

          • Swinging on a star, Who knows? Maybe this administration will let the homeowners out of their mortgages again!

            • patientmomma,

              Yes, that is a possibility if you are a minority. If you are white and middleclass then you aint got a shot in hell.

            • Again? I missed the first mortgage amnesty, still paying for mine!

              Still paying for my own phone, heat, power, food, insurance, tuition if I want it, and no EI Tax Credit, either.

              What am I missing ?

                • Y’all might wanna take a minute for this one…

                  • Does make you wonder…glad this man is asking questions…they sure don’t need guns to collect taxes…but then too why does UDSA/FDA need SWAT capabilities either…farm/food police?…crazy!

          • @StarSwinger

            The other point that people may be missing is that there are many places in this country where it is cheaper to own than to rent — by far! For example, in my neck of the woods in South Carolina, the house that we rent for over 1000 a month can be owned for 700 a month, including taxes and insurance. I’m not denying that it roots you to one place, but the ability to move doesn’t come cheap either, unless its just across town. Plus, renting sucks because you have a landlord breathing down your neck, like yet another layer of government — as if there weren’t enough layers already!

            Like you said, if you can’t pay a mortgage, you can’t pay rent either

            • SonOfSam,

              You are absolutely right.

              • As are you. As are many thoughtful people here. I don’t even disagree with the people who argue in favor of renting, except that I thinking they are missing some essential facts and not even just the ones we’ve already addressed. Another thing that has just occurred to me — and hasn’t occurred to the renters crowd — is that moving for a job can be a huge expense in and of itself. When we first moved south, it cost us thousands… the cost of the truck that I drove, plus diesel fuel, first months rent plus deposit, the cost of hiring large people to bring inside items that I can’t lift, etc etc etc. To say nothing of the expense of bringing our cars.

                Its real easy to say “move to where the jobs are”. I believe its more realistic to say “find a place that has some jobs, and just damned well stay there”.

            • Yeah well..

              this must be the place where all the “near do wells” earn enough to pay off their mortgages,eliminate debt,buy a retreat for cash..and live the good life off the grid..oh.. and purchase high end generators,solar panels,night vision scopes,pricey ar 15’s and 1000’s of rounds of ammo.. etc etc..

              Meanwhile the rest of us 90% are living paycheck to paycheck if we’re even lucky to have a friggin job!

              So what about the millions and millions who want to prepare and are unemployed or underemployed..or flat broke?

              Where is the advice for average preppers..or is every prepper here flush with cash, stock options, 401’s, pensions, and trust funds???

              Please, spare me the sanctimonious diatribes with every wannabe make a few bucks on the scared to shit prepper for a few dollars more..

              Free advice is everywhere..applying it to your circumstances with common economic sense is another story..

              There is nothing to fear ever just prepare accordingly to your means..

              It appears that all those with wealth,or attempting to accumulate, are the first to share and charge for advice with fear as the motive…especially to those who fear economic and other such maladies approaching..

              Beware the charlatans..they are everywhere!

              Just like the snake oil charmers from the past..


              • possee,


                Y’all still better play nice…

                hillbilly SC

                • Possee.

                  Regretfully the ones that couldn’t afford to prepare will die and suffer just like the one who chose not to prepare

                  It is called the survival of the fittest and poor is poor.

                  • “It is called the survival of the fittest and poor is poor.”

                    That’s exactly the attitude that got us here in the first place. The elites feel this way, call us “useless eaters”. I understand that there are many out there who choose to live off others & take no responsibility for themselves. But as a human being with a conscience I don’t believe in survival of the fittest. That’s Darwins evolution & it’s nonsense. Think about it: do you realize how much food gets wasted, thrown out on a daily basis around the world? How much useless, shiny new crap people buy? If we put our minds together this world would not only be surviving, we would be thriving.

                  • How else will we cull the herd of the useless eater as you say. Some will survive some won’t the problem is the attudude of trying to save everyone. Can’t be done.

                  • JC75…Im curious…how is the survival of the fittest Darwins idea…mind you Im no fan of Darwin…it canalso be called the law of the jungle and it works..its lethal and uncaring and tends to favor the strong over the weak…I see it on the farm everyday…its the slow chicken that the hawk gets…most of the time…so the weaker(and many things can contribute to being weaker)are generally the ones who get taken out by any particular circumstance all other factors being equal.
                    So in any conflict the stronger or the richer or the better prepared ones are the most likely ones to make it…fair or not it is what it is…thanks!

                  • “How else will we cull the herd of the useless eater as you say.”

                    I didn’t say we, I was talking about the elites or those who control the world. They see us as cattle. If you see people in the same way, you are no different than them.


                    Darwin believed we evolved from monkeys. I disagree. If you take a really good look at nature, everything serves a purpose. It’s balance, harmony. There are few exceptions. Disruptions to the food chain can have serious consequences. We’re part of that chain, but we are not animals. We have spirit, our mind-body is significantly more advanced (we only use a small % of our brain, & only 3% of our DNA is active). We have the ability to care & provide for each other. Just food for thought 🙂

              • You said it well, possee.
                I just lost a tomato plant because it had too many huge tomatoes pulling it down.(tied to the shutter with masonry string:-) )
                I cut those tomatoes, with diced green peppers and onions grown by my only neighbor that gets it, and made relish.
                Thankful to have a place to grow, and neighbors that grow and share.
                Tomorrow, canned tomatoes from the neighbor that can’t give them away fast enough.
                Thank you Lord.
                Some of us get it, possee–nothing goes to waste here.
                That neighbor might one day wish he’d canned those tomatoes, huh.:-(

                • Wish ya’ll lived closer, I’d send ya home with zucchini the size of baseball bats. Best I’ve ever grown, solid with tiny seeds.

                  • Yes, this is canning season. Our best garden ever! Gardens aren’t very expensive, just a lot of work, but we are going to have lots of food! Got beef from a friend so meat, potatoes and vegetables galore.

                  • Yep canning green beans today myself…but alas…no zucchini…actually squash all didn’t do too well this year… 🙁

              • When you’re renting, it’s much easier to move to a place with a cheaper rent, than it is to sell a house. And what if nobody wants your house? Just today I read about a simple lot that was bought for $138,000 a few years ago that isn’t selling for $38,000 now. Someone said foreclosing would be a low priority when SHTF, maybe so, or maybe not. Seems to me they foreclosed houses and farms pretty fast during The Dust Bowl, and even today if someone has an eye on your place and it’s extra desirable.
                If someone says it’s too expensive to move, they’re taking along too much stuff, and probably too many cars. Cars are easy to sell and buy and are one of the last things anyone should move, except the one you drive to where it is you’re a going to. Just my view.

              • Wow, every ones circumstances are different. I could tell you part of what we have done. Have 2 logs homes in AK paid for and resold, us holding the contracts. We have one dbl wide mobile home in lower-48 paid for, resold, us holding contract. Living in an old single wide mobile home on desert land. Have done much fixup here. Its almost paid off. Land is paid off. We are living in a trailer that many would shun. We don’t care. The only way I know of to press ahead is always live below your means. In AK, I worked a couple of different jobs, came home and did gardening, painted new buildings, laid floor tiles, chinked the outside of log house and that job I hate. Also canned many, many cases of food taken from dumpsters at stores. Yea, need to lose your pride and just do it. Food is put in some dumpsters still in boxes. I canned cases of asparagus, tomatoes, applesauce – you name it. My middle finger goes up to all those stores that would throw away wonderful, good food that is perfect. They just throw it away because the new shipment comes in. By all means, don’t give it to the food banks or senior citizens. While the Americans grow sicker from not enough fresh foods and our gov spends more on their healthcare, you would think that some of these brainy politicians would get a clue…nope. One way to save a lot of money is to keep your health good. When in AK, I needed teeth pulled. We drove over to Canada and had it done for a fraction of the cost. These days the exchange rate has changed drastically though. Another way to save is somewhat remove yourself from people who are into all the new gadgets. These people have a way of making you feel that you are not up to par. Have never opened a FB account, would not even have a cell phone if my daughter had not given me one of hers, and put me on her account. We all have our priorities. My husband cuts all our firewood. He does all of our repairs around here. We did hire out the septic system and plumbing. We still don’t have hot water in the trailer. We heat on woodstove or propane cookstove and then carry the big pans to the bathtub. Lots of work. Offgrid life is not for the sissies. With all the heavy carrying, you begin to notice your muscles toning up and you know that is good for your heart also. Keeping healthy is one of the best tips for surviving the future financial hell. If you lived close I would love to take you under my wing and tell you stuff that I can’t mention here. Good luck, always keep your eyes open for free stuff.

          • “There are jobs out there but not many takers anymore”. That’s not necessarily accurate. You should go research exactly what it takes to get a dishwasher or waitress job these days, not to mention the high(er)paying jobs.

            They want college degrees to wash dishes now, B.A. or above. They mostly want very young candidates with years worth of experience, no criminal history (and in this day and age, that’s getting harder to do)and they’ll even troll your social media page to see if you ever made an off post or comment in your life. The list goes on and on.

            There are MANY people out there who would work if they could get the damn job. I’m 53 and haven’t worked since my accident in 2005, and that’s easily enough to keep me from scrubbing toilets.

            Then you have to get there every day, and in a state with mandatory auto insurance and high DMV fees, that’s about impossible. Not many places want you to work for them badly enough, to allow you to pitch your tent out back. There’s always somebody else who can fill the position if you can’t.

            Then, even if you have transpo, you have to live until you get that first check. It’s not just lazy people who aren’t working. There’s way more to it than just that.

            • @sixpack

              I totally understand those BMV fees. We bought 2 new vehicles last year and WOW….. we pay like $1500 in tags and reg each year. This is my first new truck and I didn’t know it would be so crazy high. I just keep tithing and GOD has taken care of my family. We’re not rich but happy we can pay the bills. FYI I work one of the most stressful jobs with the most workload at my office. Any I make $8000 less than my co workers. I’m not a jealous person and just put my faith in GOD.

              • Next time they won’t be new any more- will the tag prices go down?

            • Sixpack…boy do I know it…love this farm and being independent but some cash money would help a lot…been looking for something(anything :)almost) to help buy some new equiptment and tools…cant even get a silly dishwashing job or one at home depot…really a mess and barry tells us its all better…not in my world!

              • Yep…you know we’re in trouble when they’ll only hire a rocket scientist to dig ditches…even worse, is that they’ll get one who needs the job that bad!

          • A mortgage can be “cheap debt”. Borrowing money at a low interest rate today and pay it off with inflated dollars in the years ahead. My parents mortgage when I was growing up was less than I spend on utility bills today.
            If the banks collapse there won’t be anyone coming to foreclose on your home. Just keep sending them a check that’s probably worth the paper its printed on.

      5. I agree with this article except perhaps home debt,you put that money in metals/food/whatever you are prepping for it really hits the fan not really worried about being evicted!I do own outright only because bought for a great price from a group of relatives,that said say the money can be put to better use many times.Could see selling high end for profit,buying land/home in cash and have extra money for other things,that might make sense but really feel bank evictions will be low on list quickly.

        • If you can’t pay that mortgage and get a 0 balance, why pay extra?
          Save that money and buy all the preps you can.
          Heck, when TSHTF, whether you owe 100,000 or 1,000 makes no difference to a banker–they’ll take it either way.
          I’d rather have solar, Berkeys, solar ovens, food, meds, manual washer, fireplace or wood heat, 1000 gallons of clean water, pond, animals, farm land….list is long.

          • Out here, you will pay $1000 a month for an apartment in town. You can buy a small house and pay $1000 a month for the mortgage, add your taxes and insurance, some upkeep, a home is $2000 a month here. Still better than the apartment in town. Spending that $1000 a month different on preps in an apartment is not going to work. You will not be in the community you should be in, nor is there any land to plant on.

            • There’s no houses for rent where you are, Smokey? Why is spending that $1000 a month difference on preps in an apartment not going to work? For some it might. They might even be in the community they should be in. I’m just saying there’s no iron clad rule for many things in life after SHTF, only possibilities. Also, what about rooftop gardens? Gardens in neighboring abandoned houses? I think I’ve seen a few of those. They might not be perfect, but they might work?

      6. #4 sell real estate….lt was always suggested to own your own land for farming or investment if the dollar goes had.

      7. Uh… I am trying to be polite but some of this is extremely foolish advice. We essentially have been in a deflationary or stagflation depression for almost 15 years. The reality is, it is very unlikely we will continue down this road, but even if we do go deeper down it, a lot of this is still VERY foolish advice for many people, especially most of the people on here. Lets start with the “no debt for any reason” and “it is better for most people to rent”. This is what I would describe on the whole as extremely foolish advice. It would be great to buy a house outright however most people cannot afford that. Further, it would cost more to rent for many than too buy. I know, I know, rising interest rates… not likely to happen on mortgages, but even if it does, there will be so many defaults and angry people, the bank will never be able to come and take those houses. If you have a good home in the country or out of a major city, with a reasonable mortgage, than to panic sell would Be VERY foolish.
        Next, cash is king? No it will not be this time. Holding cash in either scenario this time will surely end in tears for most. Hard assets are king this time. This includes real estate. There will be no huge rush into the dollar again. Maybe a mini one. It will not last long. And holding treasuries is a ridiculous piece of advice. VERY foolish. Some cash may come in handy, however no one is going to take the treasuries off your hands. The single most ridiculous piece of advice you have given is for anyone on here to short stocks. Most people on here should never consider this and even if the market goes down a lot, the shorts are not going to make out well this time. This is not advisable unless you are very tuned into the market and ready to take profits very quickly. It is shameful that you are even suggesting this. The final thing is about being worth more to your employer than you are worth. Most people are already working like dogs and bringing home a pittance. It would be foolish to do any more work than you need to. As well, in your scenario, if we go further down this path, it is unlikely many businesses will survive.
        We may very well get a “deflationary scare” here, however it will be short lived and I would expect that the Federal reserve will step in quickly and end it with what will be the trigger for hyper inflation. If we do go into some deflationary spiral, I do not expect the people will take it laying down. We will see massive revolt. The bankers and government will be running for their lives. This would have been good advice for someone in the late 20’s but very few would have listened. The fear factor was greater than, I believe.
        Overall, I would not run out and do what is suggested in this article. Lets be honest, it would be very foolish for many people.

        • I sold my house to go to graduate school, took my family and moved across the country to attend one of the best schools in my field. I had to lease a house while in school. Three years into the lease, I get a pile of court documents in the mail calling my lease a sham, and the bank informing me that I owe them money. My landlord wasn’t paying the bank for almost a whole year and the bank couldn’t find him, so naturally they went after me! I couldn’t believe it. One year left of grad school, prepped to the hilt with 20,000 lbs of emergency goods, we had to suddenly move under court order. I had great difficulty finding a new house in short order and had to sign a new lease all over again.

          The hassle, headache, and heartbreak this has caused us is unimaginable. I didn’t even see it coming. You can be prepped in every other way, food, clothing, medicine, medical equipment, solar and gas generator, water filters,silver etc…but if you do not have shelter you have nothing. After we filled three 26′ U-hauls packed to the max, plus 7 + vanloads of stuff we finally got out of there. It took over a week of loading and unloading with just family and a couple friends that stopped by for a couple of hours.I forgot to mention that I have six children and one is in a vegetative state due to anoxic brain injury. We had one nurse watch our disabled daughter for 11 hours for $330.00. It was crazy.

          Now the summer has been spent settling in and trying to make new friends but for the most part my kids and wife are miserable. Buy a house, pay off the house as soon as possible, and never, ever fall victim to being forced out of your property under court order. It is a horrible feeling when you are about to become homeless and you have $40K invested in survival items and very little cash in the bank. Shelter is number one and make it a priority or else you will fall victim.

          So yes, I agree with eeder on this point. I would rather own a home in case property prices or interest points drastically change we are all in the same boat so the banks couldn’t possibly put us all on the street at the same time. But if you rent, you had better hope the landlord owns the property outright or else you may find yourself on the street in short order.

          • Preps are good and fine, but Rule No. 1 is a 30-90 day cash reserve for expenses. If you don’t have that, you are at the mercy of a landlord, blown engine gaskets, or short-term layoff.

            The purpose of prepping is to be prepared for emergencies. Having a problem and no money to deal with it is not good.

          • My sister and her husband signed a lease for a nice little house. They paid their rent for over a year to the guy they signed the lease with. Come to find out that the guy didn’t own the property he was collecting rent for and they had to move out within 14 days. The guy who scammed them was never found. They didn’t even have his real name. It was their loss and there was nothing they could do about it.

            There have been instances where scammers sell property they don’t own as well.

            Life’s path often has many piles of shit to step in along the way—it is up to us to remember to wear our waders every day.

        • @ Eeder, your post was extremely well thought out and absolutely correct! Ive been reading articles from this site and never responded until now,because you were spot on in your analysis!

          As long as the Federal Reserve has power over our monetary policies, we will never see mortgage rates at what they were (over 15% in the 80’s). Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing I dont know, it depends on how these rates would effect the market today. Even if we saw mass foreclosures due to increasing interest rates the government would intercede just as it did in ’32 and again in 2008.

          once again, awesome post and thankyou for giving me something to think about!

          • The Federal Reserve had power over our monetary policies in the 80’s and has had since the early 1900’s. The Fed is now buying up all US debt with the single purpose of holding back interest rates. If US debt was sold at a Fed-less auction, there would be no bidders unless interest rates were adjusted upwards. This cannot continue forever. Some type of “reset” is approaching and it won’t be a continuation of the “new normal”.

        • “it is better for most people to rent”. That seems very sensible. Are you a realtor eeder? You seem like one. The people over at The Housing Bubble Blog have been saying housing is ready to crash again. They’ve got some good info to back up that claim too, and a great track record. There are many examples of homeowers facing worse circumstances than CND below. And if a person has to short sell they have to bring gobs of money to the table. It’s tough all around and there’s risk everywhere, however; it seems like the risk is lower for renters. It’s not like there’s a shortage of rental properties in most of the nation, unless you’ve got terrible credit or are just too picky. I suppose it all depends on your income stream and your cost ratio. YMMV.

          • you sir can rent if you please. I do not think you are looking at the whole picture. I will stay where I am, which is a house that I do have a mortgage on. I am not a realtor,no. I am not suggesting anyone run out and buy a home but I certainly wouldn’t rush to sell it either. Think about it.

            • I lived in apartments for years and hated every second of it. You never know who your neighbors will be and the apartment complex doesn’t care what happens as long as they get their money. We actually saved a couple hundred a month buying a house. Owning a home also adds a sense of security even if it isn’t paid off. We have a modest 3 bedroom 1100 sq ft house with a 1 car garage but to me its a castle after living in apartments and rentals.

        • I agree with your first two points entirely.

          However; this last paragraph doesn’t show any merit. A full blown collapse event won’t just be affecting America and your Canada. The federal Reserve just can’t “step in” and fix the world economies.

          Remember, this is/will be a carefully calculated and staged affect to bring all the world’s monetery systems into one. The one world “financial”, political, and religious system. There is not one one-thousandth of a percent chance that it “won’t” happen. It is written and designed by God. It will happen. How soon, and when, is the million dollar guess/prediction.

          I made my prediction of something major by April 29th,2015 and climaxing by the end of September, 2015. If it doesn’t, then I’ll do a reset based on the same factors i have based this prediction, “if” I am still in the flesh and it is God’s will.

          Everyone has to sail their own ship and mine is afloat on a sea of glass. I used to sail with a ship of fools until God shook the foolishness out of me and set me on the course of righteousness and truth.

          Happy sailing!

          • PISSIN- i agree with your timeline , things will dump just ahead of the next presidential election .
            as before , and as planned , just history repeating itself.

            • I think there is one cabal that may have it planned that way, but they aren’t the only ones with power and I think today’s events in Egypt are an example of two different globalist plans clashing. And then, God may have yet another plan. I think the socialist PsTB had the stage set in the 1930’s and then Hilter came along followed by FDR’s cancer and a mover to a freer market in the 1950’s. They have the stage re-set, but there is division among them and they are up against the Islamist cabals which fight amongst themselves as well as against the West. Nothing is truly monolithic at the ground level. Throw in an EMP, earthquake, something going wrong with comet ISON or one of the others and it might just change their anticipated time line.

      8. Why the big deal with debt especially unsecured debt? How are they going to collect if the economy collapse?

        • king I think there’s more to it than what your implying. Debt just sucks. I can understand the purchasing of a home or land but that’s all. Anything else in my book is foolish. If you can’t pay cash for it, you don’t get it. Credit cards are the hands that grasp you by the nuts!

          • don’t make more of what he said than neccessary.

            In a collapse situation whether it be manmade or a natural disaster…ask yourself…who the fuck is coming to collect that debt.

            No fucking body.

            THEY created this fu system and we bought it.

            I have absolutely no regrets and I am one of the last ones making every effort to make things right.

            When it goes tits up, I am fucking done with them.

            molon labe…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Someone will still own that paper on you when the new system starts.

              • bet on it.

                • I don’t bet, I watch.

              • Only if we let them.

                Let me repeat…no fucking body will have the balls then either.

                Their game will be over and in full view for everyone to see.

        • ‘They’ aren’t going to go away, no matter what the economy does.

          There may be (brief) periods of WROL, but to think the govt and the people you owe money to are gonna go *poof* is prolly an extremist view.

      9. 1- For reasons I cited before, August of 2013 is truly our last month “to prepare”.

        2- Our country is already collapsing and gosh do I hope I’m wrong about this but I think full collapse is inevitable. Expect the final straw to be a banking collapse– for what OTHER reason did our government purchase 1.5 billion bullets since last Labor Day?

        3- Therefore, at the MINIMUM, stock up on:

        – water

        – nonperishable food

        – winter clothing including blankets, boots, etc. in case the grid goes down;

        – alternative heat sources like wood stoves

        – NON-gmo seeds for one of the best solar powered lights/device-recharging devices;

        – stock up on over the counter meds and prescription meds even if you have to pay cash due to insurance restrictions (if they are affordable for you to do so);

        – water filter devices;

        – perhaps buy a new or used bicycle NOW for when gas becomes no longer delivered or is too expensive ($25./gallon?) to buy should a war or false flags interrupt delivery of gasoline;

        – cardboard-insulated galvanized steel trash cans (home depot has them, you put in the cardboard) to protect your electronic devices from an EMP or a solar flare.

        A good number of these items I have not yet been able to afford but I am working on it, doing the best I can.

        By NO means is this list all-inclusive, you can go to to locate all-inclusive lists at other “prepper” websites.

        Given that the above list is NOT “complete”, what would YOU include on YOUR “Minimum” lists for us readers of these posts?

        Expect Martial Law to be declared (for whatever “cited reason) between 9/1/13 and 12/1/13 and expect foreign troops to appear via train stations in your nearby cities and towns to “assist” with Martial Law and all of this is related to THE WARNING and also to the fact that the Ison Comet approaches our galaxy soon this Fall.

        My deceased grandparents survived during the Depression by cleaning, cooking, and then eating dandelion leafs they picked from their back yard and elsewhere, and did so until the day they passed.

        I’m curious since I learn a lot from you all, what is on YOUR Minimum List?

        – The Lone Ranger

        • @ Lone Ranger
          “…August of 2013 is truly our last month ‘to prepare'”

          We’ve got a bit longer than that. Think about it for a minute, the Democratic Admin. and powers that be will NOT let their self-imposed puppet phony ass bubble economy to implode before the
          mid term elections in November of 2014. They’ll string this crazy phony economy along ONLY to TRY gaining control of the full Congress.
          Shit.Will.Hit.The.Fan: November 2014

        • The prep advice is good, but the timing is ridiculous. BTW, I didn’t go see your movie either. 🙂

        • there aint gonna be no collapse only a tightening of the police state screw unless you lads begin to throw molatovs & give jackboots the good news you have to make the collapse because tptb want drag things out until the police state is complete, gonna have to shift from reactive to proactive for a start like minded community can take a vote to declare a certain area federal no go zones & then inforce it, protestants in Northern Ireland are doing just that

      10. In the year 2525, Obama’s grandkids will be our Rulers and they will still be telling us white serfs to “pipe down and eat our gruel because there is not depression!”.

          • Another part of slow-kill White Genocide…

          • You will have a predetermine job when you are born next.
            All in the name of diversity.

            • diversity is their new religion. they welcome anybody- as long as they think EXACTLY the same. funny thing- if the inclusionistas as i refer to them were true to what they CLAIM they believe, which is of course that being “diverse” “makes everyone stronger”…then why is it they don’t welcome any KKK members to their diversity club? what could be more diverse than that (and hence “stronger”)? there’s the rub. typical of the libtard situational ethics mentality. “oh…well THAT is different because…”

      11. Id put food and water first.

        • Agreed food, water and for us clothes and shoes a size to big for 2 growing boys. Clearance can be your best friend. $50.00 jeans for $2.00 = great!

          • Might want to hold on to outsized clothes/well worn clothes. Use for rags and patches.

            • Don’t forget to save those jeans that are too small…
              Some day they just might fit… again.

      12. You know it will only get better when Hillary is elected ! I heard that Oprah was thinking about becoming her vice Presidential candidate just to make sure Hillary wins ! 2008 was the first nail in this country’s coffin. Let’s not allow 2016 to seal our fate ! Perhaps I’m overly optomistic but I would like to think that this country can still be saved. It will never be the same as before but there are enough good AMERICANS left to hopefully stop this downward sdeath spiral. By the way I was kidding about Hillary and Oprah. Oprah has too big an ego to play 2nd fiddle to some Ho Cracker !

        • Just when you though it couldn’t get any wurser… hillary and mooshell…. The Day the Earth Stood Still!

        • The way the media is running its mouth, I feel that Hillary is already elected as President for the 2016 term.
          I am not happy about it.

        • The last nail already went into the coffin while no one was looking…

        • Hillary and Oprah to save America. Wow your really far down on that learning curve aren’t you? No President will ever turn this around when [they] are f-cking in on the destruction of it. Give up the Disneyland, Apple Pie and quit dreaming-like George Carlin said.

        • JUST WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS—A NWO globalist and a black billionaire in the whit house! /sarcasm off/

        • I nominate, Joe Shit the Rag Man and Hogan’s Goat.
          Probably do better.

      13. I would not agree that renting is better than having a mortgage in a Schumer Hits The Fan senario. It may not be a good idea to go into debt, but if you already have a mortgage and are making house payments, I believe you would be better off than renting. Point being, in having a comparable house, your rent payment will probably be as much as a house payment. And when times get bad as they already are, we have seen people with a mortgage go for maybe 2 years before they got kicked out of their homes. Try that as a renter. That’s just my thoughts. Trekker Out.

        • The time has come when “foreclosure” and “eviction” will be “payed-off” in high velocity precious metals…aka copper-plated lead delivered from steel/brass combustion chambers.

          If the “banks/lenders/criminals” can receive Bernanke monopoly money printed out of thin air…then “through” the same “thin air”: MY Payment will be delivered via MY choice of payment! What is good for the “goosers” is equally good for the “GANDER awake gunners”. I have denominated MY lead payment, and each round down range has been “counterfeited” (it must be “legal”, because the nonFederal Reserve does the same DAMN THING everyday)TO BE WORTH 1 BILLION Smotllars, dollars, or whatever THEY ultimately label green TOILET PAPER.

          At this “equally artificial conversion rate”…ONE ROUND should cover all my outstanding debt! Okay, two rounds if you insist. ;)!

          • I plan on using similar payment methods for anyone seeking anything from me. The bankers and .gov will not be so foolish I believe. However we must remain ready. As I have indicated before, I also have a special payment for anyone who chooses to upend my hive. I have an aluminum baseball bat that has the name “ball buster” printed on it. It is already painted red too! If this does not do the trick or I perceive a greater threat, than the steel and brass will be used as “payment”. The bankers and .gov can consider themselves warned.

          • Yental,the important thing is you are paying your bills!Just be sure to do it in a timely fashion!

            • “in a timely fashion…”

              2700 fps sounds about right.

              BE FEARED………or be sheared…….BA.

      14. yes, holding gold and silver vs. stocks and bonds isnt going to work when things really start going downhill as there’s going to be a selloff of everything.

        if you’ve got metals to use as barter or money, thats fine; but everything will sell off for a while before metals are worth having as an investment.

        • Lena, got to disagree with you.
          When a trigger is ‘flipped’ things will crash overnight
          worse than 2008 and paper equities will lose probably half
          of their values, gold and silver will inversely skyrocket.
          Prep and hold anything tangible; gold, silver, land to farm, stock of foods, medicines, defense gear, hone skills,
          develope network of trusted friends, be willing to help
          fellow patriots.

          • AAAAAANNNDDDDD it’s gone. Someone put that South Park cartoon on here a while back… Funny Stuff!!!

          • Stevo is correct. World wide bubble that this world has NEVER seen.

      15. Hold short term treasuries? huh? Dont trust anything else in the financial sector but trust the govt? rolls eyes.

        • When this collapse hits, paper will be only used for taking care of business in the bathroom. Physical assets are king and the weaponry to protect them also.

      16. What will you do when that friend/relative/neighbor that you’ve been telling for years to prepare for what’s coming but hasn’t done one dang thing comes knocking on your door?

        1) Thumbs up if you’ll go a ahead and help ’em out.
        2) Thumbs down if you’ll point in the direction of the camp.

        • @US,
          Just like in the three little pigs- you spent the time
          building your sturdy brick fortress and when SHTF all your
          lazy buds and relatives bang on your door giving you a guilt trip…throw them a bug out bag and point!
          Help those who help themselves.

          • Looks like I’m not the only one.

          • Not wise I have read many times on many sites.
            Have a sign on the door–
            Donated at church; proceed to nearest one.

            Never let them know you have anything.

            I have 2 liters of rice for handouts–will be very careful how I distribute it. Anonymously.

        • @us. I think my neighbor is Peterson. So a bullet or the camp. Its all the same to me

          • @ mark in orlando

            I like the way you think, sir. May I have your thoughts on this? Unprepared neighbor’s survival instinct kicks in when you give them their choice. He hits the road.

            Sheeple neighbor trudges toward Camp FEMA. Just then a patrol of heavily armed government employees marches by. “Hey Lt, I know where there’s a prepper with supplies.” LT: Do tell, worthy citizen. And the sheeple you sent packing has the pleasure of watching the gun battle between “the authorities” and a “crazy hoarder keeping needed food from hungry people.” The pros win that fight every time.

            Emotionally I’m with your decision. But if possible, a little charity that helps the sheeple think kindly of you has survival value.

            If that refugee has useful skills, and your location is understaffed … think of it as a Robinson Crusoe and Friday situation.

            • DEAD MEN DON’T TELL ON YOU.

            • john
              by the time peterson is ratting me out i’ll be in my bol and my house will be a giant ied. so when they kick in my front door the suprise will be on them. you have to think quick and stay 2 steps ahead .

            • I’ll be walking around the neighborhood in some old clothes to big for me asking for food like everyone else.

              • That’s actually a great idea!

        • My parents will be welcome, if they can make it here. No one else will be, they all think I’mccrazy so to hell with them.

      17. @ not so much

        Yeah, but who really gives a fuck what a douchebag like you thinks about anything, on those precious few times you are able to rub 2 brain cells together.

        • LOL, the thumbs are in and it looks like I was able to put together more brain cells than you.

          Is that you trying to sound all intelligent again Road Runner?

      18. I highly recommend that everyone on this site take a moment and go to John Galts site Shenandoah and read the article posted Sunday night.

        • Whew !!!!! Now I am depressed….

        • Cowdoc….Good Grief! State of the United States by a Pissed Off American; that is one totally depressing article. He may be right, but I pray I never lose hope for a better outcome.

        • Prepare accordingly or die like a retard. It is now your choice.

        • I love it when someone suggests a story without the link.
          Don’t you??

          • Oh, man, he tells it like it is.
   short; we are so screwed.
            Luke 21: 7-36

        • Yep, thats about how I feel about everything thats going on.
          I agree with the author, MOST of the people in the usa are too fucking stupid to do a damn thing.
          They think they can vote it right, and that getting the right people in office will make a difference.
          The only thing the assholes on capitol hill will understand is when their paychecks stop and they have no benefits and bullets are ricocheting off the plaster walls. They will have a moment of clarity as a bullet pierces their left eye and turns their brain to jelly. Democrat, repulican, black, white, green, doesnt matter, its all the same.

        • He is correct. Blunt, to the point. Must read for every American.

      19. Confederate Puddin’
        3 cups hot milk
        3 cups cold boiled rice
        1 tsp. salt
        1/4 cup molasses
        1/4 cup raisins
        1/2 tsp. nutmeg
        1 tbsp. butter
        Mix hot milk and rice, add molasses, butter, raisins, nutmeg and salt. Bake in a greased pan at 350 degrees for an hour. Stir after 30 minutes. (Note from recipe book: “Southern folks always had a sweet tooth. After the war white flour wuz hard to come by so they came up with this here recipe. It wuz so good they kept right on eatin’ it even when they could git flour.”)

        Baked Cornmeal Pudding
        2 cups cornmeal
        1 cup flour
        2 well beaten eggs
        1/4 cup shortening
        1 cup sorghum molasses
        1/4 tsp. allspice
        1 tsp. baking soda
        1 tsp. salt
        1 cup buttermilk
        Sift meal twice. Mix all dry ingredients real good. Add eggs, milk, molasses and shortening. Mix all together good, adding more milk if too stiff. Bake at 350 degrees in well greased pudding pan until golden brown. Test with toothpick, if it comes out clean, pudding is done. Serve hot with any kind of fruit.

        Southern Bread Pudding
        2 cups milk
        4 eggs beaten
        1 tbsp. vanilla
        1 cup raisins
        4 cups biscuit crumbs
        2 tbsp. butter
        nutmeg to taste
        Mix milk, eggs and nutmeg together in a saucepan. Place over heat until hot but not boiling. Line baking dish with biscuit crumbs mixed with melted butter. Pour milk mixture over biscuit crumbs (you can use store-bought light bread, but biscuits are better). Sprinkle with nutmeg. Place the baking dish in a pan of hot water in a 350 degrees oven and bake for 45 minutes.

        Apple Brown Betty
        2 cups soft bread crumbs
        1/4 cup margarine
        3 cups apples, sliced (they need not be peeled)
        1/2 cup sugar
        1 tsp. cinnamon
        3/4 cup water
        In an oven-proof skillet, saute bread crumbs in margarine. Add apples, sugar, cinnamon and water. Cover and bake at 375 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes, until apples are translucent and tender. If mixture becomes too dry during baking, add 1/4 cup water (apples vary as to moisture content).

        Apple Custard Pie
        filling ingredients:
        3 apples, sliced and peeled
        1-1/4 cup sugar
        1 tsp. cinnamon
        1 egg
        1 cup evaporated milk (or 1 cup double-strength powdered milk)
        crust ingredients:
        1-1/2 cups flour
        1/2 tsp. salt
        1 stick butter
        For crust, mix flour, salt and butter with a fork until mixture resembles coarse meal. Press firmly on the bottom and sides of a buttered pie plate. Place sliced apples on crust. Sprinkle with 2/3 cup sugar and cinnamon. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Beat together egg, remaining sugar and evaporated milk. Pour over apples and return to oven to bake 30 minutes longer.

        Scotch Shortbread
        2 sticks butter
        1 cup sugar
        2-1/2 cups flour
        1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
        Cream butter with sugar until soft. Add flour and mix well with hands. Add nuts if desired. Chill dough 1 hour, then roll thin. Cut into shapes or short strips. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. Makes about 3 dozen pieces.

        Grandma’s Molasses Cookies
        1 cup molasses
        1 stick butter
        3 cups flour
        1 tsp. baking powder
        2 tsp. baking soda
        1 tsp. salt
        1-1/2 tsp. ginger
        Heat molasses and butter. Remove from heat. Mix remaining ingredients together and add to molasses mixture. Mix well and chill 3 hours. Roll thin and cut with cookie cutter. Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees about 12 minutes. Cool.

        Molasses Crisps
        1-1/4 cups flour
        3/4 tsp. baking soda
        1/2 tsp. ginger
        1/2 cup molasses
        1/4 cup shortening
        Sift the dry ingredients. In a saucepan, bring the molasses and shortening to a boil. Cool slightly. Add flour mixture. Mix real good. Chill thoroughly. Cut into desired shapes and arrange on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees until done, about 8 or 10 minutes. Makes about 2 dozen.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Dog gone it Watchman…now ya made me hungry…thanks for the “real food” recipes 🙂

        • YUM!!!! Shortbread…… Molasses Cookies…… Made at home!!!

          Where did you say you lived?

        • Now I need to stockpile butter/butterpowder for Scotch Shortbread. Maybe I could use coconut oil as a substitute. Now that’s what I need is a primer on what can be substituted for what in a SHTF senario…

      20. We picked up an inexpensive tow behind bicycle trailer. Perfect for groceries or other similar articles. Might be handy if we play out an extended depression scenario.

        • I just have a wagon.
          I may attach an umbrella with cable ties–I’m really low-tech.

      21. All is well.. Just drink the kool-aid ..

      22. Confederate Corn Chowder
        3 cups water
        1 medium onion, diced
        1 cup potato flakes
        1 cup whole kernel corn
        1/2 cup dry milk powder
        salt and pepper
        Combine ingredients in a large pot. Bring to a boil and simmer until onion is tender. Season to taste. Makes 6 servings.

        Forager’s Potato Soup
        3 cups potatoes, peeled and diced
        2 cups water
        3/4 tsp. salt
        1 cup onion, chopped
        2 tbsp. vegetable oil or butter
        2 tbsp. flour
        2 cups milk
        1 tsp. dried parsley
        1/2 to 1 tsp. garlic powder
        1/4 tsp. pepper
        Bring potatoes, water and salt to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Without draining the potatoes, mash them up. Meanwhile, in a large saucepan, heat oil and add onion. Cook until onion is soft. Sprinkle in flour and stir for 1 minute. Gradually add milk, stirring frequently for 5 or 10 minutes until thickened. Add cooked potato mixture and seasonings blended together.

        Old Timey Potato Soup
        1 medium onion, minced
        1/4 cup butter
        4 cups diced raw potatoes
        2 cups water
        1 tsp. salt
        4 cups milk
        a few dashes celery seed
        salt and pepper to taste
        4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
        Saute onion in butter until translucent. Add potatoes, water and salt and cook until tender. Add milk and season to taste. Simmer a few minutes before serving.

        Bacon and Bean Soup
        2 cups dried beans (or 2 cans cooked beans)
        4 slices bacon
        4 cups water
        1 cup diced onions
        1 cup diced celery
        1 tsp. dried parsley
        1 tsp. savory
        1 clove garlic
        2 tbsp. bacon fat
        1 tsp. red pepper
        1 tsp. salt
        Soak dried beans overnight and cook until tender (or use canned beans). Fry bacon until crisp and drain. In a large pot, mix cooked beans with remaining ingredients. Simmer for 1 hour. Add water as desired during cooking process. Crumble crisp bacon on top and serve.

        Yankee Cake
        2 cups brown sugar
        2 tbsp. shortening
        2 cups hot water
        1 package seedless raisins
        3 cups flour
        1 tsp. salt
        1 tsp. baking soda
        1 tsp. cinnamon
        1 tsp. cloves
        Combine and boil the sugar, water, shortening, raisins, salt and spices for 5 minutes. Dissolve soda in a teaspoon of hot water. When all ingredients cool, mix in the flour and dissolved soda. Pour batter into two loaf pans. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes. (Note from recipe book: “Notice this here recipe ain’t got no eggs, milk or butter. Now I guess you know where it got it’s name. Cause of them Yankees there wuz no eggs, milk or butter after THE WAR.”)

        Hard Times Spice Cake
        1-1/2 cups milk
        1/4 cup vegetable oil
        1/3 cup molasses
        1-1/4 cup whole wheat, unbleached or all-purpose flour
        1 cup cornmeal
        1 tbsp. baking powder
        1/2 tsp. salt
        2 tsp. cinnamon
        1/4 tsp. cloves
        3/4 to 1 cup raisins
        Mix together the milk, oil and molasses. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients except raisins. Mix together the two mixtures and stir in raisins. Pour batter into a greased 9×9-inch pyrex baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

        Old Fashioned Stack Cake
        1/2 cup sour milk or buttermilk
        1/2 tsp. baking soda
        1 egg
        1/2 cup shortening
        1 cup molasses
        1 quart cooked dried apples
        allspice or nutmeg (Schilling Pumpkin Pie Spice combines cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg and is good with stewed fruit)
        Mix sour milk, soda, egg, shortening and molasses real good. Then add flour to make a stiff dough. Roll thin and cut layers round, the size of cake desired, and bake. To stack, drain juice from cooked dried apples, mash, sweeten and spice to taste and use between layers.

        Stack Cake
        3/4 cup shortening
        1 cup sugar
        1 cup sorghum molasses
        3 eggs
        1 cup milk
        4 cups wheat flour
        2 tsp. baking powder
        1/2 tsp. baking soda
        1 tsp. salt
        3 cups sweetened, spiced applesauce
        Sift well the flour, salt, soda and baking powder. Cream in shortening. Then add sugar a little at a time, blending well. Add molasses and mix thoroughly. Add eggs one at a time, beating well until smooth. Pour 1/3-inch deep in greased 9-inch pans and bake. This will make 6 or 7 layers. When cool, stack using applesauce between layers. Commercial applesauce can be used or you can try the next recipe.

        Windfall Applesauce
        Cut apples, peels and all. Place in pot and add small piece of cinnamon and a small amount of water. Cook covered for 20 minutes. Cool slightly and add 1 tablespoon butter per quart of apples and add grated nutmeg, ginger, grated lemon peel and ground cloves to taste. Cool and serve.

        Dried Apple Cake
        2 cups dried apples
        2 eggs
        1 cup sugar
        1 cup milk
        1 cup molasses
        3 cups flour
        1 tsp. baking soda
        2/3 cup baking powder
        1 cup raisins
        cinnamon and nutmeg
        Soak apples long enough to soften. Chop apples up small and boil them for 15 minutes in the molasses. Dissolve the soda in hot water, put into molasses when cold. Mix in all ingredients, beat well and pour into cake pan. Bake in moderate (350 degrees) oven until done.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Im puzzled by the yankee cake…don’t see any yankee in the ingredients list…and God knows them thar Yankees is in everything… 😉

        • Now I need to stockpile butter/butterpowder for Scotch Shortbread. Maybe I could use coconut oil as a substitute. Now that’s what I need is a primer on what can be substituted for what in a SHTF senario…

        • YANKEE CAKE!? OMG!!!

          How could you…!?

      23. Not a bad article but not all points are valid.

        Debt is bad because you may experience a reduction in pay/salary during an economic depression, which by definition means falling prices and wages. Your wages will fall faster than prices. Any debt will suddenly become next to impossible, if not impossible, on which to make the set payments, and restructuring debt with your creditor will be equally impossible or close to it. Creditors have first dibs on your income, and if you go hungry, so be it, but they will be paid before you put food on the table.

        She is correct about mortgaged real estate. It becomes worth substantially less during an economic depression and, again, close to impossible to sell even though your reduced income can no longer make the set mortgage payment.

        Renting makes you mobile. If your job disappears and there are no other jobs in the area to pay you enough to get by, then your only alternative is to move to an area where work is available. Renting also does not tie up your money in a down payment, closing costs, mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance (which is much more expensive than renter’s insurance), maintenance, repairs, property taxes, etc. A renter risks only their security deposit. A renter has no maintenance or repair or upkeep costs, much lower insurance premiums, a lower property tax cost, and whatever savings a renter has, stays in his pocket rather than going for other costs related to owning. There is no guarantee at all that an owner will get back their equity when they sell — that’s what happens when prices are forced down by rising interest rates and when there is a short sale. Those owners would have been far better off to have rented and saved that money in a safe account earning interest.

        Government bonds were the only thing that did well during the Great Depression. Those who had their investment money in them survived. Those who didn’t wished that they had.

        Cash is king because during an economic depression many banks fail. That means one morning you wake up and discover that your bank has locked its doors and will not open up to let you access your money. You can’t write checks on your account, you can’t withdraw from your savings, you can’t use a debit card, you can’t get an emergency loan or any loan for that matter, etc. You have only what cash is in your pocket.

        Many say that the FDIC can’t cover all of the deposits in the U.S. I believe that such a catastrophic scenario will not happen. Have your deposits well within the insured limits and maybe spread them around to various banks and credit unions.

        Do strengthen your family ties and know where everyone’s loyalties lie.

        • There are questions raised, however, by the article itself.

          For example, her original blog was dated April 2012 — about 16 months ago. What leads her to believe that now we are headed for, in her words, an “economic 9/11?”

          Also, when I see the words “non-GMO,” my antennae go up. Those words have become the rallying cry of radical leftists who also advocate reducing the U.S. standard of living to virtual caveman days. There is nothing wrong with GMO foods — fact. The criticisms of GMO foods are uniformly nonfactual and based on supposition. If you want to save money on garden seeds, then buy heirloom seeds and save some of the season’s produced seeds for the next year — if you know how to do it correctly you will have viable seeds for the next year that will germinate. If not, then you will have to purchase fresh seeds. But to claim that hybrid seeds or GMO seeds are inherently bad for you is just silly, hippy-style, unfounded fear-mongering and use of tactics amounting to demagoguery.

          Before you criticize my views, first check the dictionary to be certain you understand the meaning of all of the larger words I have used.

          • Gee I didn’t know I was an old hippy demigog…whatever that is but thanks anyhow…ya Ill bite…you work for Monsanto?…just wondering…for starters anyone who knows anything about the two knows that “hybrids” and GMOs are two different animals…hybrids wont breed back true to the parent lines but they are obtained using natural means…GMOs are exactly as the name implies “Geneticly Modified Organisms”…never happens in nature only in the laboratory…gene splicing and modification is a process in which animal/bacteria/plant DNA is changed by the introduction of genetic material between the kingdoms…plant into animal,animal into plant,or bacteria/insect into either one…this is not normal…never happens in nature and leads to all kinds of trouble…but I guess to point that out makes me a radical leftist looking to make everyone into a caveman…actually if you knew your stuff youd know that the left is the main supporter of GMO not the ones trying to get rid of it…oh and leftist would include a lot of so-called repubs…the last few administrations back to BUSH the elder have been in bed with Monsanto big time,but I wont let the truth get in the way.Ive said here before that I lost a lot of livestock when GMOs first came out and that I cured the problems by not using any more here on this farm…no the real fact is that the truth about GMO is still not out there and the people who make it spend millions a year to see to it that people never find out that truth…personally I like to know and have studied this issue since 96 when this crap first showed up in the market place…youre certainly entitled to your views but your views are unfactual…you are either invested in it or you are uninformed…either way youre just wrong my friend…big words or not! thanks!

          • Terminator Seeds anyone…?

        Would You Save Your Family and Yourself
        OR Would You Rather Die In the Flames?

        There are actually a few people who think that life without luxu-
        ries for a few years wouldn’t be worth living. They have a low view
        of the meaning and importance of life. We are not directing our argu-
        ments to change their minds. We are arguing to convince other people
        — people who, in a fire in the middle of the night, will grab their
        children and run out of the house.

        About 28 percent of the world’s civilian population is protected
        from nuclear war. You are not.
        There are people who think that nuclear war is unthinkable.
        These people clearly are not Soviet military strategists, who have
        thought about it carefully for four decades. They have built the
        largest military force the world has ever seen. They also have pro-
        tected their civilian population from nuclear war.
        The two Communist superpowers, the Soviet Union and Red China
        have understood the realities of nuclear war. They have built nation-
        wide nuclear defense shelters. So have the Swiss.
        What isn’t generally known outside of Switzerland is that the
        entire Swiss population is now sheltered from atomic attack. There
        are substantial but lesser civil defense programs in some other coun-
        tries such as Sweden. The rest of the world, especially the U.S., has
        not understood and is undefended.

        There is a reason why the Communist powers are prepared for
        nuclear war: they plan on fighting one. They are both prepared to
        take the steps necessary to provide themselves with not only a fight-
        ing chance, but also a high probability of victory.
        Some say the Soviets have amassed the largest arsenal on the face
        of the earth as a “defense.” Let them tell it to Afghanistan. Let
        them tell it to Poland. Let them tell it to someone who is totally
        ignorant of the history of the Soviet Union. Don’t tell it to us. We
        cannot take the risk of dying in a fantasy world.
        If our enemies are at some point willing to bring the “game” to
        its climax, 200 million Americans will die, unless we develop AND
        DEPLOY new defensive strategies.
        Today, we have no shelters. We have no anti-missile and virtu-
        ally no anti-aircraft defense. Our American based soldiers have no
        shelters either. We are at the mercy of the Soviet General Staff. We
        cannot even protect ourselves from a single terrorist nuclear weapon.
        What should be argued no longer is the need for a place for our
        people to hide when the missiles begin to fly. Today, there is no way
        for the United States’ military to shoot down the missiles before they
        reach their targets. Those of us who are targets — and this may mean
        all of us — want to get out of range. The first step for our protec-
        tion is to build a passive defense system.

        Certain political groups who advocate unilateral disarmament and
        surrender of the United States have originated doomsday claims for the
        purpose of frightening Americans into remaining unprepared.
        They have claimed that a so-called “nuclear winter” would make
        the earth uninhabitable. All responsible scientific studies of this
        subject have concluded that no “nuclear winter” would occur. The
        “nuclear winter” claim has been completely discredited in the scienti-
        fic literature.
        They have claimed that the earth would become so radioactive that
        it would be uninhabitable. Even in the worst possible nuclear war,
        life threatening levels of radiation would not remain more than two
        weeks in most locations. In fact, in most areas of the United States
        the radiation would decay to a non-lethal level within a few days or
        less. If Americans have proper shelters — as the Soviets, Chinese,
        Swiss, and Swedish people have today, then they would be protected
        from harm during the brief period of radiation danger.
        They have claimed that great firestorms would kill virtually all
        urban Americans. In fact very few American cities are constructed in
        such a way that firestorms could occur. Moreover, in properly de-
        signed shelters our people would be safe even from this threat. Dur-
        ing the firestorms in Germany during World War II, the people who were
        in proper public shelters survived.
        But what about chemical and biological weapons?
        Good shelters protect us from those threats too. In fact, there
        is only one phenomenon of nuclear war that can surely cost you your
        life. That is the phenomenon of fear — if that fear causes you to
        make no preparations ahead of time to survive.

        Keep the FAITH

      25. The dollar will become worthless. Now is the time to buy food, guns, ammo, and everything else you’d need for at least a year if all the stores were closed. Once you’re fully prepared, and only then, should you buy gold and silver with at least some of your savings.

        • @ Barn cat;
          Perfectly said!

      26. Debt isn’t bad if the currency is being hyperinflated. The only time that matters is if the government indexes your debts to inflation. Otherwise, yeah, let me borrow $100,000 today and I’ll pay you back in worthless dollars in 10 years.

        • bad advise. debt is always bad.

        • If you have a pile of gold and enough cash to keep you afloat until that happens, I believe that could be “OK” advice…

        • Ya but you still need 100000 worthless dollars plus interest to pay it back and wages are very flat … so my question is how do you come up with these worthless fiat notes when no one wants to part with them?

          • wait till things crash, then sell someone a decent firearm and a box of ammo for $100,000 in worthless paper money?

      27. If the American people do not learn and soon, that the only truly effective weapon against rising government tyranny is massive disobedience, both locally and on a grand scale, they will have forsaken their birthright of freedom and will deserve the consequences. Either confront the government en masse, or be content to be government’s slave. If fear is what motivates us, then fear is our master.
        Ron Ewart

        Keep the FAITH

      28. You better have a farm live in the country and have enough preps for 7 long years or NO you wont really make it and you better have viral preps in place good luck we are on the way down [probably]

      29. CHANGE, this is the one word that can be embraced for the better or feared like death by those that see it as the world coming down upon them. The fool never wants positive change and the fool’s fool doesn’t prepare for that change when it is Earth shattering and devastating.

        I truly believe that there has to be some sort of physical event(s) that will cause the economic collapse. Too much manipulation can be done with numbers, and since there is really nothing backing those numbers, they can be warped in all directions to fit. Unless there is a country that calls the U.S. debt it will go on for awhile. Not to say that China won’t, but again it is like a physical event such as the U.S. supporting Taiwan or something with the Koreans. Even the U.S. dollar not being used to purchase oil, petro dollar, likely will be some Middle East conflict.

        Here is the thing. Any event(s) that can trigger the economic collapse is likely to be severe, not as much so years ago but still severe. A catastrophic earthquake on the San Andreas, New Madrid, even the Cascadia. A VEI 6 or higher eruption of a local volcano. Pandemic. War, Large scale terrorist attack. The list goes on. In other words you will probably see the catalyst before the card house comes down. At least have some warning. That is a warning to FINALIZE your preparation and plans.

        The time for anyone to act was yesterday to prepare, but still there is time now, that means now to anyone that is still unsure that world is in deep trouble and going down fast. One just has to look at the extremes that occurring each week as harbingers of bad times coming. Extremes from geophysical to the economy, to military movement around the world, to MERS potential of global death, to the general attitude of the masses not only not caring about freedom but gift wrapping those freedoms to those that want to destroy it.

        The storm clouds are building in most locations, the time to act is now, tomorrow, and each day after that. “Each day, everyday” everyone should make a committment to prepare in someway. Maybe purchase an extra can of food or two or some extra water containers, read up on new survival ideas, writing up a new plan, reorganizing your supplies, something each day should become a new habit of doing something that is Prepper/Survival oriented. Like pennies in a jar, it adds up you when you really need it.

      30. Chicken coop chickens, rabbit hutch rabbits, great big garden or greenhouse. Goats and other low maint critters and you and yours should not be making an appearance in the soup lines. Cant do that where you live? no, well get used to either getting in line to eat or getting to the country to eat live and thrive. Choose now while you still can or as the name says “when the SHTF dont say you wernt warned” Its time to do something if this article rings true for you, as for me and mine only when the chickens and rabbits are done and the garden has been scorched dry, the deer no longer run and all fish have been killed off will we ever entertain the thought of standing in a soup line. Dont waste any more time in the city its time to go.

      31. I could solve this country’s problems fast.
        In every community…get togetehr 50 middle aged pissed off white guys.
        Then make a public announcement…you have two years to get ride of your foreign car.
        Also…the automakers have that time frame to bring home all manufacturing…same goes for everything else.

        Then after two years…if you’re seen driving a foreign car…they smash it to bits.
        They don’t harm you…just open a can of fubar on your rice burner.
        Yeah…how the gas mileage now?

        There you go.

        • Only problem with that is Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Subaru, Lexus, and most others you think of as foreign,, All made in the USA
          These automakers employ way more people than the so called “American” auto makers
          Some fucker with a bat thinks hes going to intimidate me he will get his torso ventilated by my mossberg and some good old American home rolled 000 buckshot or perhaps a 230g JHP through his face right after my 1911 barks its reply to his advance.

        • As they say,
          Shoot first and let God sort it out!

          • Kill them all and let God sort them out.

            • Amen guys…It is either you or them.

              I will not be going to anyone that I don’t know/trust for anything. I have things as squared away as I can at this moment.

              Strangers beware. Nothing personal…my life or yours.

              I just want to be left alone.

        • We have those guys. They are called unions. Can’t make a decent automobile, so they’ll bash yours. They are precisely why the automakers went overseas.

          • No joke. When I first started working as a supplier to GM in the early ’90s, I found two visitor parking lots at some of the pplants. One for American made, separate one for foreign. The foreign lot was to-hell-and-gone from the entry doors. Park your rice-burner in the American lot, and chances were 50-50 that you would have the valve stems removed from all four tires within the hour. “Golly, don’t know how that could have happened”.

        • I like the concept, but trashing cars is not going to solve anything. They need to be looking at individuals instead.

        • Yeah thats great, trouble is, the Hog part of the name is on account of my penchant for chopping the snot out of old harleys. Heres why I bring it up; pulled the forks off an early 70s Ironhead and guess what I found embossed in 2inch letters? “Made in Japan” what your talking about is about 50 years too late. It would be great to buy only American but it just doesnt exist.
          My very first day of boot camp, just like every other Joe, I put those Canadian boots on before saluting the American flag. Its a nice idea but well you get the idea…

        • Most of those “foreign cars” are built in the USA now, Just saying.

          • And with non-union labor, too. The UAW hates that. You know what UAW stands for? United Against Work. Their idea of prepping is a fat paycheck for no work, fat pension after 20 years of doing no work, and free medical care for life.

        • I was telling people back in the 70s to buy American…they didn’t care…smashing up someones hard earned property isn’t going to help make it better!

      32. BeInformed

        Thank you for your continued comments and advice…as you are a sage amongst the there is a proliferation of bullshit here and everywhere..

        A question for you..

        Do you believe there is any weather/geo physical/scienctific manipulation by the asshats in charge?

        That being..chemtrails,haarp,viruses, and other science based technologies released upon the public worldwide..

        Thank you..


        • @ possee. Everytime it seems like there is an earthquake around a high value area, it is downgraded to not scare the population. I have seen earthquakes rated 6.1 and been downgraded to a 5.3. Even equipment back in the 1940’s could tell the difference between a 6.1 and 5.3. This is so obvious manipulation it is incredible. Many ask why not just rate it as a 5.3 initially? My guess is because is because for the scientists they have to know the true magnitude, for the common masses they get the revised version to make the sheep feel safe from the wolf.

          It is like the British Petroleum Deepwater disaster is which the amount of oil coming out was more than obviously in the range of 50000-150000 barrels, while lied they said 1000. The public will believe anything. ALL natural diasters that scare people are downplayed. Lied to the public on purpose. I tell you, I can’t stand it when I see something that is wrong and you know they are not telling the truth, and the masses believe this.

          I think HAARP is a weapon to modify weather, as the two sides, Russia and the U.S. have been trying to find a way to harm the other side as much as possible. Bio-weapons are a known threat and are experiments just like in Soviet Vector. Chemtrails are something that I am not so sure of because the vapor trails that form from the exhaust of airplanes depend on weather condensation, the fuel used, and many other factors like wind directions and upand down drafts. Commercial jets and regular aircraft many times form these contrails because of the weather conditions being right. Sometimes you can go more than 2 weeks were I live without seeing a single contrail. Then when the air is not so much sinking, you will see them all day long. Spraying over large populated areas is possible, but I have no evidence one way or the other, so keeping an open mind is best idea here.

          I think the real danger is that collidor in Switzerland. These suckers are trying to open a mini black hole, find the God particle, and figure out how to manipulate energy. Like the Curies when they were fooling with radium and other radioactive materials over a 100 years ago, ended up with cancer. When you are experimenting with power like this and pushing the limits, there are many times consequences. After they first turned this thing on, within 13 hours there were 4 different earthquakes in the 6 to 7 range on the Earth. This was no pure chance event. I think this device can literally break the planet apart like some disruptor if not properly regulated. Tesla discussed this about breaking the atomic bond of any structure and crumbling it with the wrong frequency.

          Look at how the atomic age came about, with a weapon. This is the goal of any of these characters, power and control. You know that they are attempting to find that right frequency that brain waves operate on, so they can totally lobotomize anyone they choose at any distance. BO is so interested in mapping the brain, “to heal and help”?, no freaken way. This is no conspiracy anything, it is only common sense. Whenever someone in control can solidify that control, they will take the option. It just is going to happen. This I think is one of the most frightening thoughts of the future, where a select few can govern everyone like some insect colony, like the Borg in Star Trek. Techonolgy is getting dangerously close to this point. Scary future.

          • Bi, you made a point there with the vapor trails vs chem trails
            I seem to recall that most aircraft burn or rather dump excess fuel depending on conditions encountered in flight, ie a tail wind vs a head wind, i also recall that the aircraft need to have no more than a certain amount of fuel on board, not so much the smaller commuters, but the jumbos?
            Maybe someone who knows the real skinny on that subject can shed some light.
            While cloud seeding and aluminum and barium mists are definitely all stuff that has been tried i dont know that it is as prevalent as some think.
            There is also the issue of military aircraft vs civilian aircraft, sort of like seeing a military truck belching smoke because they are made to run on just about any grade of fuel, i believe the military aircraft tend to leave vapor trails because of similar traits, ie, lower grade fuels vs higher grade and also varied efficiencies because of design.
            Again, would be interesting to hear from someone who knows.

            • @ Kulafarmer. That is what is so nice about the site, when one or more of us don’t know what the truth is there just might be someone out there that does. I know about climatology and earth science, but I have no real idea what THEY are up to. Maybe someone out there does that has worked or had someone work with these characters.

              That 6.1 in Peru is directly on that arc I was talking about from the South Sandwich Islands 7.3 on July 15. I would say until the end of this month that arc remains active and dangerous as there is sometimes a delay from this region for a mjor earthquake. That Nazca plate is capable of a super quake like in 1960 with a 9.5. It makes me real nervous that these precusor quakes keep happening and still no really strong quakes in Central America since last November, and no really big quake in South America, above 7, since September of last year. These areas are really active and move a lot and this is a dead lull that is extremely ominous. Before the 8.8 in Chile 3 years ago there was a similar lack of high activity.

              Even though Hawaii is about 5500 miles away from a super break of the Nazca plate, I was watching a video in which the tsunami waves can be channeled in. While Alaska and the Aleutian Islands remain the worst danger for Hawaii. You could still get a 20 maybe 25 footer coming in from this area. If you ever hear of a 9+ in the Kamchata Peninsula to Aleutian Islands region as this is only about 2000 miles away from Hawaii, watch out coastline. The worst tsunami threat, other than a 8 pointer right off the coast, will be the Cascadia fault. This is just about the closest point to a mega thrust to Hawaii. When it breaks I would not be surprised to see tsunamis hitting the coast there in excess of 40 feet. You follow the shape of the Pacific Ocean and such a mega quake would funnel in much energy towards Hawaii. You are safe of course at your elevation, but others near the coast are not. The Cascadia fault is probably in the top 3 as the most dangerous faults for tsunami risks to Hawaii.

              • I keep wondering when ill hear those tsunami sirens wailing again and this time it will take everything out, we are long overdue for something catastrophic here.
                I really like reading your analyses of the seismic activity, thank you!
                I had a dream one night that the sirens were going off and i watched a wave wash over the entire central Maui isthmus, and then the second wave caused a wrap around and swamped the entire coastline and wiped everything below 150′ elevation off the face of the earth, have had this dream three times and the last time i was glassing the Kihei area with my neighbors and we were all shocked and kept saying its all gone, everything its all gone!

            • Kulafarmer, it *would be* interesting to hear from someone who knows. There was a retired Air Force pilot on NBC’s Today show who said he knew some things. He said the military was coming down hard on him for speaking out. No doubt he was allowed on TV as a message to others who know and were considering speaking out. His was their fate too if they said anything of substance. We won’t be hearing from them, especially after the examples of Manning and Snowden. Just like in the recent SHTFPlan HIT Squad article, they won’t sacrifice their families just to tell us. Who would blame them? I’m guessing you’re in Hawaii, things are quite obvious in The Heartland, if one cared to observe. Have you seen the two films available online: What in the World are They Spraying, and, Why in the World are They Spraying? Lots of info there. As to your question about a tail wind vs a head wind, consider that moot when you see two aircraft (in a sky full of similar) coming from opposite directions leaving the same trail from horizon to horizon to the point they almost meet head on and have to swerve when they meet. When you mention military aircraft vs civilian aircraft, well, the skies here must be full of military aircraft all day for weeks on end of Nothing But military aircraft if that is the case. And that opens a whole nother can of worms. Or the same can? This is way off topic, but at the same time it’s not. If it’s true they’ve been causing it to rain since the 1930’s and now things have gotten out of their control a bit, what happens when their money runs out and they stop? Does it stop raining, forever? I’m not prepped for that. There are plenty of official .gov documents online which show they have the desire, the ability, and the motive to control the weather, among many other uses for what they are doing. – They are not hiding that. – The only thing missing is, The Smoking Gun, and that’s either staring you in the face when you look up, or, we’ll never see enough evidence to prove to the most skeptical among us. For the skeptics, grids in the sky are natural, and technology only advances the way they think it should. Just IPads and cool stuff, nothing more than that. So, look down and obey, won’tchya? It’s the American’t way.

              • Obey? Me? Yea right!
                Yes im in Hawaii, so no i dont have the benefit of seeing the trails on the continent, i wonder though, are they making rain? Or drying it up? You know, trying to stress the food system to make prices higher and more people dependent. I know some of the experiments were an attempt to see if they could cause a drop in atmospheric temperatures by dispersing reflective particles in the mid altitudes, 20-25k? Honestly have no idea, just what i have read, they could very well be spraying any sort of crap on all of us, point is the government is out of control and the only thing that will stop them is a complete collapse that draws out the different factions within our society for a knock down drag out fight to the death, sad but true. Either way, chem trails or not we are screwed. Personally i think they are using stuff that causes people to be passive and it is only as effective as its dispersion, that coupled with some sort of brainwashing from Tv and thats the only reason why we havent had a melt down. But what do I know!

              • ***What in the World are They Spraying, and, Why in the World are They Spraying?***

                Great for newbies that don’t ever look up.
                Now we need a ‘who in the world is spraying??’

            • Ok guys,
              I happen to know something about contrails…
              simply put…the heat from the engines cause the the water vapor behind the engines to condense, once the heat is removed the water vapor goes back to the state it was in.
              That is why you might see those contrails linger for up to a minute…
              Anything else is NOT a contrail but a chemtrail, period.
              What it’s being used for, well, I tend to think it’s being used to limit radiation from a comic source…
              Aluminum to reflect barium to absorb…


              • coSmic

              • jerytbg.

                You are right on the condensation from jet engine exhaust. Happens above I think 25,000 feet altitude.
                Really cold air up there. Aircraft can dump fuel when they have an emergency to get down to a safe landing weight. That happens at low altitude. The only aircraft of military used that was fitted with spray capabilities was the C-130 Hercules for agent orange in Vietnam. Also types of fuel, JP5 to JP8 may react differently due to refinement of the fuel and the type of jet engine it is used in. More thrust means more heat and longer time to disperse on the contrails. The convergence and crisscrossing of contrails may be due to diversions of aircraft around storm systems over the horizon.

                • Hey sling,
                  you’re right on the alt and the C-130’s…
                  many hours of flight time…
                  but you know in your heart of hearts…
                  they’ve EXPANDED…the program…

              • Large volumes of air pass through a jet engine. Any moisture present in that air is compressed and heated during passage through the engine. When the heated air leaves the engine, the cold air at ALTITUDE freezes the moisture and it becomes ice crystals. Dispersal time is mostly a function of wind speeds at altitude. When the sky is full of contrails over a given point (usually a city) this is probably a mock bombing run by B52’s of the Strategic Air Command. I have seen these trails for over 50 years now and I do not understand the current fuss. Spraying may, or may not, be taking place. However, most of what people see are contrails.

                • roast duck–go somewhere else.
                  You’re not talking to idiots here.

                  • thanks JayJay…got your six too…

                  • Obviously, I am.

                • Bull Shit RD…
                  And you know damn well…shame on you!!!!!

                  • Let me rephrase that
                    Bullshit R2D2…

                • The first “chemtrails”, were temporary antennas, laid by high altitude aircraft, for over-the-horizon communications, before the advent of sattelite communication.

                  Dr. Edward (I really love the H-Bomb) Teller, studied the dispersal effects of these temporary antennas, and proposed using a similar airial spray, to create artifical cloud cover, to mitigate global temperature increase. So, we have what are known as “chemtrails” today.

                  Chemtrails are notably different than contrails. In Portland, you can watch the same aircraft lay the chemtrail pattern, from south of the metro area, to north of Vancouver. Then watch it all become a milky, hazy, ooze.

                  Someone once told me : “People don’t look up”. So, unless you are watching carefully, it is easy to dismiss chemtrails as another “conspricy theory”.

                  I reccomend the following site:

              • Oops, sorry, jerrytbg. I hit the Thumbs Down by mistake.

                • pay no mind, all is good…
                  It’s rare when someone owns up…
                  Why can’t those in power do the same…

        • Check out a presentation on chemtrails on youtube called “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology”. It’s eye opening to say the least.

      33. I find it surprising someone gets bagged because their views dont agree with yours. Read other peoples submissions for what they are – their take on what they think will best suit them when things go belly up. Might be something in there you can use or give you cause for thought, might not. Aussie.

      34. “Renting is essentially paying someone else a fee to take the property price risk for you, which is a very good bet during a real estate crash.”

        Renting is a great short term approach. But remember, when you rent, you are subject to the rules and tyranny of another. Yes, you don’t have to pay a mortgage, yes you aren’t burdened with property taxes, yes you don’t have to deal with a vest financial interest, but you also give up a lot of your own personal sovereignty.

        Those of you who own, or have owned property know I speak the truth.

        • @RC:
          You are paying the mortgage, with interest, for someone else, so they can eventually have a paid-off asset. You are paying the property taxes as part of your rent, as well as the maintenance costs. In the end, as you say, you have nothing substantial.

          OTOH, if you own free and clear and have worked or run a business out of your home or on your property, take a look at your State Department of Revenue worksheets. You will pay capital gains, just as the landlord will when they sell.

          Pluses and minuses for everything. No free lunches in this life.

      35. Yea real simple, pay off all your debt, have good stash of extra cash, along with silver and gold, food, then pile up guns and ammo. I’m part of the 90 percent that has no chance in hell of getting out of debt, real good article doesn’t help people like me one bit.

      36. Fuck you Eric.

      37. Would love to win the Powerball, lump sum, change my name & collect food stamps. I would almost be up to the politician status in the DC belt.

      38. When the Shtf who cares about debt. There won’t be Internet to pay bills. There won’t be mailmen to deliver bills. The only currency will be water, food, ammo and medicine. The best investment you can make is a farm with a natural water source. Who is going to collect the mortgage

      39. So much doom and gloom. I used to be an avid reader till I discovered that these sites pray on your paranoia and fear of a what if. Am I saying to listen to the mainstream media? No. I’m saying to live your life intelligently. As debt free as possible, as independently and self efficiently as possible, and with as much positivity as possible. Could the worlrl come crashing down tomorrow. Yes it could. Could you hit the lottery tomorrow? Yes. Could the government cease all your assets and belongings tomorrow? Yes. Could you die in an accident tomorrow? Yes. There are a lot of what if’s that could happen and it’ll drive you crazy.

        The mainstream media preys on your insolence and, simply put, lack of intelligence. These sites prey on your fear of a what if. Break free and live. Enjoy today. Keep tabs on what’s going on but don’t be a sheep to these people either. If you follow them, you’re no different than the ‘sheeple’ that follow the Illuminati and the Elitist.

        Open your minds!

      40. im gunna miss kit kats…. mho

      41. I’m betting on the price of Silver returning to the forty dollar an ounce price range before a complete and total economic collapse occurs.

      42. Sorry to be off-topic, but does anyone have any thoughts on the sinkholes that have been on the news the last couple of years? I’m in Australia, so is it a common thing in the US and we’re just seeing the big ones, or is something strange happening?

        • @Bastet….I imagine you will get info on the sinkholes from someone in the ‘know’, but last night MSM did show that hotel that went down in Fla…and said that area is all limestone and does absorb water (which softens) and that there are many sinkholes (but not usually that large)…..they have to tell us ‘something’ take care, CC.

      43. I notice from 1930s depression photos and talking to people who have lived thru this that the now and then are not the the same. Its about attitude and beliefs. People grew home gardens and traded with neighbors. Old people were treated with respect, not just potential victims. Yes if you had money no braging was done, however secrectly you gave to the soup kitchen with no P.R. expected.
        This SHTF may be a good thing. Perhaps when people get past designer stuff we once again became human.
        I am a locksmith who , today while waiting for a corporate response to bid did some people watching. Lost souls with maxed credit cards trying to act noncialant hoping that someone will notice them amongst the carbon copy consumers. The Rolls Royce driver speaking loud so someone will notice. Sad thing is the wanna bes are afraid to be caught looking as to show their subjectivity.

        Worried about SHTF ? If you trust nothing else , trust me on this. Those of us trained in the hard times university will do better than you think.

        • Good Points Mike P.

          I and the people who work for me work on the streets. For OPSEC I will not say what it is that we do but dealing with people in all classes is part of what we do.
          No, we are not cops.

          The once almighty upper echelon who have lost everything are the ones who are hurting the most. They are very easy to spot. Look for the women in Wallmart wearing older designer clothes and expensive jewlery. 5 years ago they would never been caught in Walmart and shopped only at Macy’s and above. Mall craeures I call them. They have split up from their husbands because they could no longer support them in the style they once lived only to find out that after the divorce there was nothing more except charity and government handouts.

          The guys, ah the poor bastards who have lost it all, job, car, house and then family. No where to turn to except working at McDonalds or going on SSDI. Worse yet sliding down the scale to a life or drugs and liqour and perhaps even suicide.

          My point is that these people have no street skills. They have lived the life of the privliged with the thought process that this could never happen to them.

          The perpetual poor that have lived this way for gemnerations, they know the system, they know where to go for the freebies. They know the current hustle that will enable them to draw off the still affluent. They are the suirvivors at this point.

          I say at this point because when the SHTF they will be the ones who rise up first and foremost and be the most dangerous to preppers such as ourselves. A fiend once told me that you are who you associate with. Keep uour preps and plans close. Trust very few.


          • I forgot to use spell checker, sorry.


      44. Great article Mac, the best point made was the fact that 100 million people on gov assistance today. I wonder what that number would of been during the depression?? Back then people were more resourceful and did alot for themselves to begin with. Can you imagine the pictures on tv today if everyone had to fend for themselves. The soup lines would stretch far and wide. Magnify that image with sheeps no longer able to get their hands on all the free drugs they get now?? Mayo clinic study found that 7 out 10 americans are on some form of prescription drug. Now imagine those millions standing in line for soup flipping out and going into withdrawals because they have no zoloft and ritalin….yikes. This storm cloud on the horizon is far bigger and far greater then most people can even comprehend.

        • Thank You. Someone has got it on the nose. Of course our “leaders” may want us on drugs.

      45. “Be worth more to your employer than he is paying you,”

        This is one of the best pieces of advice that anyone will ever hear. Throughout my career, I always made sure that I was willing to take on additional responsibility, and if need be, to put in a few extra hours or volunteer to work the holiday weekend when something critical had to get done – and this would take the pressure off of my supervisor to have to assign someone to work who might not be eager to do so. In other words, try to be the ‘go to’ guy whenever the boss needs something done and he wants to make sure it gets done right and finished on time.

        However, all too often in today’s America – most companies seem to be staffed with a majority of Americans who adopt the Mr. Minimal attitude; they are willing to do only the bare minimum amount of work and put in the bare minimum amount of effort to avoid getting fired.

        • IF it really gets bad, your employer is broke too.

      46. Having lived through such a crisis and not only survived but thrived, I shall concur with the main points and add the following:

        – definitely your social relations are critical to survival. In a major crisis people actually do start working together and supporting each other. Communal suppers, do each other favours, have stay-at-home parties to keep costs down.

        – debt: definitely stay out of debt. It is the one thing that will bring you down superfast. Currencies will fluctuate wildly, losing 30 to 40 per cent in value in a week. What if you lose your job or if your boss decides to knock 50 per cent or more off your salary? Could you survive and meet all your living costs? What if you pay is delayed for 6 months or even more? This is very common in a crisis as governments can’t balance their budgets and start to delay salaries.

        – health: absolutely crucial. A little thing can quickly get out of hand and you will find you can’t work and then everything goes crazy and, before you know it, you are homeless and on the street. Don’t get fat, eat the best quality food you can find, make sure you have muscles and work out.

        – mobility: don’t be pinned down anywhere. Towns and cities can quickly go down the crapper and you will need to leave to greener pastures. Notice most of the community is now unemployed and taking drugs? Leave.

        – needy people: you must become a harsh judge: Support people who genuinely want to make things better and have a positive attitude. But you will find people who are a great ball of negativity and failure. You want to stay away from such people. Never let somebody mooch off of you. If they are staying on the couch, then they will wash the dishes, cook a meal, do handy work. Your survival depends on the quality of the people around you. They are your ‘team’ so make sure they aren’t losers and life-sucking death stars.

        – take the initiative: don’t wait for events to hit you, or hope that one day somebody is going to walk through the door and say “Hey Jim! How would you like to earn $150,000 a year plus pension working for us at Quasar Technologies with a team of nymphomaniac Japanese science chicks who LOOOVE white guys?”. It will never happen. You must make everything good in your life happen through action. That means pursuing your goals with passion, verve and focus. Taking the initiative also has a powerful added bonus element: it changes your psychological profile: by pursuing your goals you are shielding yourself from the inevitable ups and downs of life. You are fortifying your mind for adversity. You will rarely get depressed or despondent.

      47. Just an observation on renting vs. owning. IMHO, If renting in a SHTF scenario, the landlord has the ability to remove you from the property. There goes the garden, bees, chickens, rabbits, goats, whatever. Owning is by far the only way to go. If possible have enough in investments or PM’s to pay off the mortgage.

      48. the main thing i find wrong with this article is the author saying to rent rather than own. im not knocking her but from what i see in my county in SW FL. I have seen friends who rented only to have to move again because the landlord got foreclosed on. it happened twice to one of my friends. 1rst they lost their home and then twice had to leave rentals because of foreclosures so renting is even more dangerous to me. they can also keep raising your rent as well. at least if you own and can’t afford it anymore then you can let them foreclose on you or just leave if you have too or you may have the option of bankruptcy as a last resort. you also have the lowest interest rates ive seen in my life so if it is a fixed rate and hyperinflation takes off your mortgage will look cheap as hell. all the other ideas seemed good to me.

        • If hyperinflation takes off, yes, your mortgage might look cheap as hell, but will you be able to afford it?
          It’s not like your other bills will remain the same, and possibly your income too.
          It’s been said that a landlord can raise the rent. True. Just the same, the state can raise your tax rate and any number of other charges they levy at homeowers. Just ask the people across the nation with new sewer improvements that have sent their bills skyrocketing, making their homes unaffordable.
          A landlord might resist those price increases in order to keep a steady tenant. Who knows.

          Yeesh, and if hyperinflation takes off, it’s possible that rent is going to look cheap as hell too. Especially with all the additional foreclosures on the market competing for renters. Many landlords face competition.

          Anyway, you all make it seem like it’s much more of a tragedy to move than it really is.

          A bottom line is, a renter doesn’t walk away from the down-payment and fees a homeower does. Not too mention any extra improvements or repairs a homeower had to make which a renter rarely does.

          Ownership might work for some, for others, renting is the best deal. Especially if mobility is a prize.
          B.O.B.’s, anyone?

      49. I disagree with renting if only for the reason that Someone is likely paying a mortgage or equity loan on that property whether it’s a single house or an Apt building.

        Whatchya gonna do when they foreclose?

        • I guess the same thing if you were in a mortgaged home, foreclosure doesn’t care if your renting, or “owning”( to use that term loosely)
          your still out

          at least with renting, your not on the hook for the mortgage, and can easily go find another rental , they are everywhere.

          Nice thing about a rental too is, if you lose your job, you can pick up and move without having the debt of a mortgage and a home you cant sell, as long as you set yourself up with enough money to make the move

          • If the shtf anyone can just leave renters or owners. owners have the lowest rates i have ever seen so if inflation takes off their mortgage stays the same while people renting will see their rent skyrocket by the owner so they can pay their bills. i guess i can see it both ways. either way it will be tuff. God help us.

      50. Dempsey in Israel, Jordan, to tie last ends before Obama decides finally on US military action in Syria
        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 13, 2013, 8:44 AM (IDT)

        Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey arrived in Israel Monday, Aug. 12 for critical talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, followed by parallel talks in Jordan. DEBKAfile reports he has come to lay the ground ahead of President Barack Obama’s final decision to embark on limited US military intervention in the Syria civil war.
        The Obama plan, if it goes forward, would involve Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Israel, Jordan and possibly Turkey. DEBKAfile’s Washington and military sources reveal its 11 high points – most of which were first reported exclusively in DEBKA Weekly 598 on Aug. 1:
        1. US, British, French, Saudi and United Arab Emirates will establish a no-fly zone over central and southern Syria, stretching from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to and including Damascus.
        2. The Israeli Air Force will provide these forces with air cover from Syrian air space.
        3. A 40-kilometer deep military buffer zone will be drawn from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to the southern and western outskirts of Damascus. The military units controlling this zone will hold the entire area of the capital within artillery range.
        4. The southern Syrian town of Deraa, where the Syrian uprising sprang up, will be declared capital of Liberated Syria.
        5. President Obama has determined that there will no American troops in the buffer zone or anywhere else on Syrian soil, only special Syrian rebel forces.
        6. Those forces will consist of 3,000 fighters trained in Jordan by US military instructors. They will be headed by Jordanian special forces and operate under US officers based in Jordan.
        7. To host them, the US Army has just finished building in the Hashemite Kingdom a huge training camp and logistical system, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. All the weapons and equipment required to train and arm the rebel force are already stacked there.
        8. The American operational command center for the Syrian operation is already in place in Amman led by US Brig. Gen. John Wright, who at 57 is a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
        9. The US air force units for imposing the no-fly zone over Syria are already in position at Middle East locations and ready to go at 36 hours’ notice.
        10. A Druze unit trained by US military instructors will be a key component of the special rebel force. It was put up by the million-strong community which populates 120 villages and towns in the Jabal al-Druze area of southern Syria. They are situated in a commanding position overlooking the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.
        11. US forces deployed in the Middle East, especially in Jordan and Israel, will stand ready for possible reprisals against American, Israeli, Jordanian or Turkish targets, if ordered by Syrian President Bashar Assad in retaliation for the no-fly and buffer zones.

        Keep the FAITH

      51. What to do if you are in a house that is foreclosed on. Advice for renters and owners in possesion:

        1. Do not move out until you are forced out by a legal document. To many people move out and the bank does not follow up on filing what is called a notice of default with the county. The owner, they who purchased the house, are on the hook for taxes and utilities, HOA’s etc until the bank takes over the house. You would be astounded at how many banks do not follow through on the foreclosure. I have recently seen people who have been out of the house for 4 years return and re-occupy and because in most places the price of the home has gone up been able to do a short sale.

        2. If a notice of sale is posted on the property make sure and go to that sale where and as listed. Such as the steps of the county courthouse. The majority of these house are being purchased buy investment companies that in turn re-hab and rent them out. Speak to the purchaser and tell them you are in possesion. Ask them if there is anything that can be done to stay in the house. 9 out of 10 times, in all reality I have not seen a negative result, the agent for the investment company will take you out to the parking lot, open up the trunk and have you sign a two year lease with an option to buy at the end of the lease.

        These investors have bought these houses to make money. They know that keeping the people in the house will insure a pride in ownership and that you will keep the house and yards up. All on the hope that within two years you will be able to purchase which I havn’t seen, but that is the hope of the occupant.


      52. GAME OVER, WW3:

        Russia WILL NOT allow the U.S. to take over Syria, and MOST importantly establish a gas pipeline to bypass Russia’s monopoly of energy to Europe. It would cost Russia hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue. Russia WILL launch their ICBM’s at all targets before this happens. Russia has already been boxed in by broken promises that this would not happen. Russia will not and CANNOT allow this to happen. This is why Russia has a freaken arm armada of its best armed forces ready to go to war. China also understands that this cannot happen.

        IF BO is manure stupid enough to try to take on Russia in their own backyard, GAME OVER- World War 3.

        • I wish they would leave the American citizens out of it

        • @BI: Again mine was at 8:39 and yours 8:58 why don’t people see this. To me these are major happening, I say you are so right that Russia will not let this go on for very long. My post about Russia and China prepared for NUKE WAR is down right scary.

          Keep the FAITH

      53. Monday, on one of the cable business channels, I noticed a stat that was undiscussed by the talking heads. The M2 money supply rose 14.7% in the month of July. That’s right. In the month of July. One months increase! That is a lot for an entire year, much less one month. I went to the Feds website and looked at the graph. The line goes up almost vertically. Inflation anyone?

      54. The depression end of it is bad enough but if you do as described in the above article you can weather that economic storm. Its the inflationary depression which in a non fiat environment is mutually exclusive but in a willy nilly print more money economy is all to real that posts a virtual insurmountable problem.

        When the money becomes virtually valueless what the hell do you do?

        • When the money becomes virtually valueless what the hell do you do?

          Reminds me of a title: When Money Dies.

      55. Hell on Earth is Coming With a Vengeance
        OR I hope you like rat meat on a stick cooked over an open flame?
        I like mine well done.

      56. Rent versus buy: If you are clever, you can find rentals that will stay cheap for a long time. The key is research. There is far less stress renting than buying: if crap breaks, it is the landlord who coughs up. Another factor often forgotten about buying a place is utilities. Prices are rising quickly for heating, water and electricity. When you buy a place, which is usually bigger than an apartment, your utility costs go up. What kills people financially is losing control of fixed costs every month. The fewer fixed costs you have, the easier it is to stay within your budget.

        If things go hyperinflationary, this will not be the same in every country across the world. Just as in the past, hyperinflationary episodes tend to be local, occurring in one country for a period of time (think Weimar Germany, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Hungary etc.).

        Staying mobile will allow you to exploit hyperinflationary episodes to your advantage.

        Here is an example: in Weimar Germany it was hell for Germans, as prices rose by the hour. But for French people, who lived across the border, it was happy days, as they could go to Germany and buy excellent German products for pennies, and, as descriptions tell, stuff their faces with cream cakes and sausages and still have only spent a very small amount of money. One American at the time set out to spend as much as he could on food and drink in a day while in Berlin – as much as he physically could consume – and still at the end of the day had change on a dollar.

        So, stay alert, stay mobile and exploit the hell out of hyperinflation.

      57. Major earthquake in Columbia that was forecasted on Comment # 1988137 on August 4, at 9:07 AM, on the NSA article about them watching people buying pressure cookers and backpacks. Columbia was one of the targets mentioned 9 days ago from the swarm of precursor quakes. However this is slightly out of the arc that was created by the South Sandwich Islands quake of 7.3 on July 15. This arc remains in play. Again, it is shown that earthquakes follow a pattern. Just also had another precursor quake on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge that will take a little time to input to see if this was for the quake in Columbia or somewhere else.

      58. Everyone says to get out of debt, but I can’t quite grasp why. If the banks are the ones that are causing this problem, as we all pretty much agree, then why shouldn’t we all get what we can from them before the collapse hits?
        The day after, I don’t care how much debt I have, there isn’t going to be anyone to collect it. I’d rather owe $25k and have spent it on supplies than have a clear credit report.

      59. are they starting the party yet?

        as reported 2 hrs ago JERUSALEM (AP)

        The Israeli military shot down a rocket launched toward a Red Sea resort town near the border with Egypt on Tuesday, the army said.

        It was the first time Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted a rocket attack on the resort of Eilat, the military said. The incident came after days of heightened tension along the Egypt-Israel border.

      60. I am living high off the old hog right now,building up lots of debt,and eatin filet and lobster. When the SHTF I’m going to come pay you all a visit with my hand out, asking for mercy. See you soon.Cheers.

      61. While I agree with the general advice of this article in regards to preparedness and self sufficiency, I am not sure that I agree with the fundamentals mentioned. Perhaps I am wrong so please educate me: if you believe DEflation is imminent, then why would you recommend owning anything tangible? You would want fiat cash only, and you would not want to buy metals, solar cookers, extra food, land, or anything. You would simply want to stack uninvested cash because everything tangible would later become cheaper by comparison.

        Again, I believe people should prepare for hard times which could come in many forms (or even not at all), but you are recommending a strategy for a specific type of economic downturn which I am not sure is sound.

        • Drew Rinella, while I don’t think deflation is eminent, if it were to occur, it might be like the last deflation event where businesses folded due to lack of operating cash and sales, which means the goods are no longer available on the market for you to purchase. There might be plenty of good deals around for some things, for others, there will nothing available.

          Deflation is a decrease in the money supply. And with the way things are set up, if people don’t have money, they can’t buy, and that drives businesses out of business.

          That said, The Fed will be sure that the money supply is there for people to spend, spend, spend. It’s the Keynesian modus operadi, and they control the levers of the fiat Dollar creating machine.

          You know, we could have a little of both? First deflation, then inflation. Wouldn’t that be grand? We’d be like yo-yo’s.

      62. “There is no safe level of debt to hold, including mortgages”

        I have been sounding the tune that the best way to “stick it to the man” is get out of debt for many years now. However, since the great housing bust of, when was that? ’07,’08, sheesh I forget. Anyhow, I was one of those guys who didn’t buy the McMansion. And I could have easily done so then. Instead I bought a nice little prefab, modular, not so mobile, mobile home type deal and plopped it down on a few acres where I could grow a garden and a chicken or two. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my little slice of country, but I still have a mortgage, albeit, one I am still able to afford. But, my point here is, soon after the housing bust, along comes Uncle Sam, or whoever is wearing his costume these days, to bale out my stupid friend who bit off more than he can chew financially. He ended up with a half paid off mortgage and lower house payments. And the smart guy who stayed within his budget and has over an 800 FICO score? Zip, Nada, HIT THE ROAD JACK. When interest rates plummeted the banks wouldn’t even talk to me about a refinance. One loan officer at Bank of America had the round ones to tell me that everyone knows that people who buy mobile homes (even though mine isn’t) are higher credit risks. Tsk! Tsk! Silly me! And here I thought those that spent more than they earned would be the higher credit risk.

        Lesson learned???? Buy the biggest damned house you can find and wait. Wait for the SHTF let Uncle Sam pick up the tab. Or hell, move to a flood zone or hurricane ally, or earthquake city or maybe even the DMZ between the Koreas, maybe you will get lucky. You see; In Amerika, you get rewarded for being weak and stupid, not smart and thrifty.

        Paid down mortgages, lower monthly payments and a hundred million people on food stamps. What a country!

      63. I’ve been through this BS before. It may be time to start putting politicians in the stew pots of the “bread” lines.

        The problem is that the people who caused the financial problems remain in place, and the victims are expected to pay for it all. It is the same stupidity that allows people to call for disarming the law abiding gun owners after a criminal commits a crime. If the criminal isn’t targeted, he, and those like him, continue their behavior unaltered. The banksters have gotten nothing but love and appreciation from the government and we got the bill. That will continue until the criminals are dealt with.

      64. I enjoyed the article but caution that the future may turn out to be inflationary rather than deflationary. I believe we are in the midst of the largest financial bubble of all time; a worldwide government debt bubble. When this bubble finally pops, things will get very difficult all over the world. If governments try to pay down their debt by enacting harsh and painful austerity measures, than a deflationary future is very likely. However, if you believe that governments will respond by printing more money (as I do), then having most of your assets in cash is probably the last thing you want to do.

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