How To Make A Fire Cider Health Tonic

by | Oct 5, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness | 27 comments

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    As winter approaches, it is important to boost the immune system and give it the upper hand when fighting off the nasty viruses that cause a cold or the flu. Fire cider is an excellent option! It is an immune-boosting health tonic that’s been used for decades to naturally protect against cold and flu and ease sinus congestion.

    Fire cider is also relatively easy to make!


    1/2 cup Fresh Horseradish – helps alleviate sinus congestion and headaches.

    1/2 cup Ginger root, peeled and grated – helps with digestion, infections, and nausea.

    2 cloves Garlic, crushed or chopped – has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

    1 medium Onion, chopped – has similar properties to garlic but is also great for preventing and recovering from colds and the flu.

    1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper – improves circulation.

    1 Tbs Turmeric – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

    1 Lemon, the zest and juice – contains vitamin C.

    Apple cider vinegar – numerous benefits, including aiding with digestion.

    1/4 cup of Raw Honey – soothes organ inflammation.

    It sounds awful already, but keep in mind, you can add more honey to kill some more of the taste of the harsher ingredients. Because apple cider vinegar can erode the tooth enamel because it is so acidic, consider diluting the mixture.


    1. Add the ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic, lemon zest and juice, turmeric, and cayenne powder into a quart-sized glass jar.
    2. Pour the apple cider vinegar in the jar until all the ingredients are fully covered and the vinegar reaches the top of the jar. You want to be sure all the ingredients are covered to prevent spoilage.
    3. Shake the jar well to combine all the ingredients. Store in a dark, cool place for 4-6 weeks, remembering to shake the jar a few seconds every day.
    4. After one month, use a mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain out the solids, pouring the vinegar into a clean jar. Be sure to squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can. The solids can then be used in a stir-fry or you can compost them.
    5. Add some honey to the liquid and stir until incorporated.
    6. Taste your fire cider and add more honey if needed until you reach your desired sweetness.
    7. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator or in a cold, dark place.
    8. Drink 1-2 Tablespoons when needed, diluted or straight to give your body an immune boost.

    Alter this recipe if you’d like! There’s no need to add cayenne pepper if you simply cannot tolerate the taste.  You could try incorporating rosemary and jalapeno peppers too!  The sky is the limit and this recipe is incredibly flexible!

    Try the fire cider today! It’s cheap and easy and can help give the body a leg up this winter when fighting off those germs! If you don’t feel up to making your own fire cider, you could always get some that’s premade. Fire Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic with Honey, contains all certified organic ingredients, is not heat processed, and not pasteurized.


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      1. Well folks it looks like it coming Alberta separation. Come oct 21 I will no longer consider myself to be part of confederation. We are called separatists, traitors, cowards and deserters. The Canadian people want our money and resources but at the same time tax us into oblivion and insist we take in more refugees.
        Demonstrations are taking place in Edmonton and Calgary.
        Oh I can’t wait.

        • AB,
          Long time no see, good to see you are still around!
          Are you referring to what will happen if Trudeau gets re-elected Oct 21?
          Under the Clarity act, a province can leave Canada or join up with another province like B.C. or Saskatchewan? Are you guys planning a vote to secede? Like “Wexit Alberta”?
          If you could stand our gun laws, I’m sure you’d have no problems culturally, or legally becoming a US state.
          I lived in WA state for over 20 years. 13 of those years due to my location and reliance on C band satellite, my main news source was CBC and the National( socialist ba$tards). More than half my high school teachers and many of my university instructors were Canadian. My last job had about 25% Canadians. So I have more than a passing knowledge and interest in Canada and Canadian politics.
          You Western guys have the same problem as we do in America, Big city dominance over the rural areas.
          One big difference is your conservatives are more like our generic Democrats. Your cities are REALLY nuts.

        • yes, keep U.S. posted on the goings-on up there…..sounds like calipornia all over again.

          • Canafornia, Colofornia, Orefornia, Washifornia, Nevafornia, Idafornia, like a fooking cancer that needs a cure. Bastads are moving in here too with their BS. Fook mexico, build a wall around Kalifornia!

        • AB- Where’s the Yellow Vest Movement on all this? Underground?

          • Oops try again.

            AB- Where’s the Yellow Vest Movement on all this? Underground?

            • Testing

      2. As I type this I have a small case of the sniffles lol.

        I never really tried making a home tonic so this is great advice. I could image in a survival situation with no access to pharmacies this would be worth a lot.

      3. Alberta is conservative politically we were the last province brought into confederation kicking and screaming I might ad. Relik you are correct big cities against rural areas. The western (alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba)gripe is under-representation out east. Here in canada we have one man =1vote that perpetually keeps the west disadvantaged because of population densities. Literally all the votes any politician needs are in 2 provinces Ontario and Quebec. And as we all know one man one vote equates to mob rules , well the mob has ruled that we keep sending out money (transfer payments) shut down our means of producing wealth.
        Our federal election is oct 21.
        The alberta separatist party will start filing paperwork oct 22 to get a referendum we need 51% of the vote.
        A referendum is a vote that’s put directly to the people.
        There is more then 51%.
        Should that go thru. Its doubtful well join the union right away.
        But will adopt much of an American style constitution. The separatists parties already have some idea of how things will be at first. We will close borders immediately we will freeze all “foriegn” assets. We will have gun rights our farmers are shooting trespassers and going free.
        We will back.our currency with natural resources coal oil lumber uranium potash all of it. A commodity backed currency seems to be a common thread amongst the different factions.
        Fir now I stock up and get ready.
        I hear the us is looking down the barrel of civil war 2 how serious is that all getting?

        • AB, Amerikun masses won’t do shit but complain. There might be a squabble here and there but nothing game changing. Just a slow grind into the dirt. Kinda like watching grass grow….

        • A commodity-currency would be a good thing. Don’t let the bankers take hold of your provincial economy. Fight like hell to keep them out!

          As for Civil War II, we’ll see. People need to feel fed up with antifa enough to kick their asses, and so far that is not happening.

        • hey beav, if you need a constitution, you can have ours…..we aint usin’ it anyway……

      4. If you get a cold drink some pickle juice. I shit you not it works great! 🙂 Drink some Emergen C every morning too. That tonic sounds pretty good, maybe I can add some shine too it lol.

        • Genius, I save my Clausen pickle jars after I finish eating the pickles, boil up about a dozen eggs, peel them and drop them in the jar/brine. Let then set for about two to three days and they make a great snack especially sprinkled with a little “old Bay”.

          • You tell me when a Grid down happens, where the heck will any of us get “fresh ingredients” in any food substance? Another pie in the sky BS article in fantasy land. Just a few spoon teaspoons full of Apple cider before bedtime is all you need.
            This list of ingredients below will fully disapper off all shelves in just 3 days into a grid down.

            1/2 cup Fresh Horseradish – helps alleviate sinus congestion and headaches.

            1/2 cup Ginger root, peeled and grated – helps with digestion, infections, and nausea.

            2 cloves Garlic, crushed or chopped – has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

            1 medium Onion, chopped – has similar properties to garlic but is also great for preventing and recovering from colds and the flu.

            1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper – improves circulation.

            1 Tbs Turmeric – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

            1 Lemon, the zest and juice – contains vitamin C.

            Apple cider vinegar – numerous benefits, including aiding with digestion.

            1/4 cup of Raw Honey – soothes organ inflammation.

            **In a grid down most will be drinking Acorn coffee and 90% of the populations will be eating pets, twigs and leaves, grass and bugs and dirt for meals. Watch the horror as the masses fight over the last jar of horseradish just 3 days into the chaos. Forget fresh.

            I do have about 9 months of coffee and 2 extra large jars of honey. I want to start Off-Grid bee keeping next spring. I am also getting a big bag of Florida wild flowers to plant all over the property next spring.

            • But it’s not grid down or shtf and these things are available. Otherwise we have lots of garlic and rosehips growing and that will be shtf immune booster. Rosehip tea with honey is delicious and packed with vitamin C.

              Be sure to stabilize your fuel for winter (or any time). Sta-Bil is crap, it only lasts 3 months and is expensive per use. Pri-G is much cheaper per use and lasts for 1 year. Pri-G has many other benefits too, I have used it for years. You can retreat your gas once a year and it stays fresh. Order it on ebay for just under 30 bucks and it treats 256 gallons.

              • You know, gardening is tough. Like, it’s really really tough. One year we had heirloom baby tomatoes and that plant was 7 ft high and about that wide. Non stop bowls. The next year, hardly anything salvageable, and the year after, and after that. This year we did not even try and planted aspens there instead, just hoping for some better biological activity in the soil and more moisture content being there from the trees.

                We just want our land to provide something for us. Being in the suburbs you can still have options. Looking forward to planting some horseradish, great reminder. Despite killing the majority of fauna, we’ve had good success with rasberries, they survive despite our inability to keep things outside alive.

                One or two dang malformed miniature apples, hard as nails mini pears and a half dozen bug infested plums are not going to cut it. How long does it take a fruit tree to actually produce and why is it falling over sideways all the time? We bought the little wild bee house dealie and some actually live there, that’s a cool item.

                Costco 20 lb bags of rice for 15 dollars. That’s the end of the line and we like to keep like at least 5 of them. Also it’s a great low priced daily meal, just use the rice warmer every day.

      5. Well its definitely interesting times to be living in kinda roshni was a bit younger lol. Getting older sucks.
        I’m kinda curious; what’s the deal with this “squad” ? How serious is that being taken?
        If Alberta separates and joins the union I’m not dealing with that shit show and her 3 friends.
        Relik ,
        Yes albertans would most welcome a direct transfer of the entire constitution.
        I’d miss my free health care but small sacrifice I suppose.
        Universal healthcare really isn’t that bad. I can walk into any hospital and walk out fixed or be given a bed in a semi private room. No charges for any of it. If I want extra coverage for eyes, dental, prescriptions, wage replacements then I buy a health care plan from blue cross or wherever.
        I’ve never gotten a medical bill of any kind come to think of it I dont know any one who has. Ever.

        • I don’t see any good coming out of any Country or in Canada anymore. Its all fascism teamed up by a corrupt government up and down the chain, taking order from the Globalists, and greedy commie corporations who have a seat at the table. The rest of the general masses outside, get to fight over the token government leftover crumbs… As we pay the taxes and get less freedoms every day, higher taxes less freedoms. We are approaching the Nexus snapping point. “Merica, Land of the Fees and Home of the Slaves.”

          If our founding fathers could see the corrupt war mongering chaos going on in today’s US Congress, I bet they would build a Gallows out side of Congress doors and just start hanging the thieving criminals, called sham elected officials. Its that pathetic, Why is Hillary and Bill not rotting in a prison yet? If our founding fathers could see today, what the CIA does undermining our own freedoms with perpetual war globally. What other Amendments would they have put into place. or even gave more freedoms to the 2nd Amendment for the massed to replace a corrupt Government of tyrants. A better reset button Like a full recall of all congress in a special vote nationwide.

          Until I see Real justice in this Country, we need to just keep on arming yourselves more and more to prepare for the big fight. Its coming, Civil War. The masses vs the Globalist Governments. I see mass land theft of waterways here in FL in my area. I have plenty of proof. They are just writing over 35 years of warrantee deeds in private owned lands with Government Labels like DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) then hide all previous history. There is no way to do a search. Its a fake happy face DEP name, when its real Name is (Department of Land Theft and Needless Poison and Pollution spreading). They poison more lands they steal with no title, then douse then lands with chemical dumping for big illegal profits to their Hoodie Local Government contractors spreading the poisons and glysophate. Killing entire sectors of Natures food chains. We have lost 1/3 of the entire global bird population in the last 40 years. Its globalist’s earth destroying poisoning plan to cut off all food supply. Put their chemicals in every place on the planet you can’t escape their genocide.

          Get your rope and find a good hanging tree in your area, for the corrupt politicians and their minions carrying out their illegal orders, in violation of the Bill of Rights.

          Come and Git em”

        • I was fishing up in central and western Ontario a few years ago (one hell of a long drive from Southern US), and met a lot of locals. I spent much of my time talking to them, and they were all really fine genuine people. I can tell you most of them did not like the way Canada was going, especially with immigration, taxes, gun control, and the PC culture. Most of them felt they were not represented and some were saying “screw it, let’s get out of Canada.” They were not just dissatisfied over some political or cultural issue, they believed Canada is irretrievably becoming a country they don’t want it to be.
          They (Ontarians) don’t want to join the US (which is a good thing), but would like to be autonomous. They did not have any real affinity for Ottawa (political capital) or Toronto (cultural capital) as they presently are. They also said that many people all over Canada actually felt the same way.
          Perhaps the provinces Ont., Man., Sask., Alb. and Yuk. (a territory) could unite and form their own Confederation. Maybe a few of the Atlantic provinces would join them. If that happened you would probably see Quebec finally go it’s own way. That would leave Nun. Terr., NW Terr., BC, and remaining Atlantic provinces.
          The future does not bode well for geographically large and/or diverse nations all over the globe. They are too large and becoming too complex to govern. It’s not just for economic reasons, but especially so because social, cultural, and religious cohesion is diminishing, rendering populations into unworkable amalgams. We’ve seen this tried for thousands of years, but it eventually and ALWAYS failed. The globalists and “elites” of today believe they can finally recondition humanity, into a new image. Every country that fractures with the new nations deciding their own fate frustrates the plans of globalists. I sincerely hope that Canadians and Americans who seek their own destiny secede and succeed.

        • AB,
          The “squad” is a creation of the Mainstream media. In America most of our Media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.
          The squad reflects the “rule of the Mob” aspect of Democrats.
          In reality America has transitioned from a Republic to an Oligarchy.
          There is a civil war going on now, but it is a 4th Generation Warfare(4GW) type of war, asymmetrical in nature. As this is a public forum, I’ll leave it at that.
          I can’t speak to health care as my present situation is unique and not many Americans fit into it. When I was working, my heath insurance covered everything with a nominal co-pay.
          Everything was covered, including eyes, dental, and drugs. My premium cost was a small portion of my paycheck, about 5%.
          I understand Obama care screwed that up significantly, as I retired just before Obama care came into force, I don’t know how much it changed for working people.

          • Rather than being asymmetrical, everyone is playing with a handicap, to make it perfectly symmetrical, imho.

            If I was a witchy sort-of person, I would note the use of emotional energy.

      6. The Fire Cider sounds okay. It’s apple pickin’ time around here and time to can up a few bushels of Macintosh applesauce.

        Oh…and time to make up a gallon or so of Apple Pie Drink…mmm…mmm…good. That stuff will make you see Jesus and give back stuff you never even borrowed. It creeps up on you real quick.

      7. I believe in the use of allopathic, Western medicine, in case of an acute trauma, but not for chronic conditions.

        I would gladly eat every single one of these ingredients — lots of them– in the form of spices and condiments, rather than mixing it all in a cup and drinking it, together.

        • Mixing it together creates a synergistic effect. Asians have added honey to other ingredients as a cure for centuries.

      8. 1/2 cup Fresh Horseradish – helps alleviate sinus congestion and headaches.

        1/2 cup Ginger root, peeled and grated – helps with digestion, infections, and nausea.

        2 cloves Garlic, crushed or chopped – has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

        1 medium Onion, chopped – has similar properties to garlic but is also great for preventing and recovering from colds and the fl

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