How They Will Control The Masses After The Collapse: “They Only Understand Force”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: As things stand now, there is some pretty serious crowd control technology already in deployment under the general header of non-lethal and less-lethal weaponry. There have been some used of the LRAD at G20 protests, and some demonstrations of the active-denial system (which creates a burning sensation on the entire body until you flee the areas), and there are always the tried and true tactics of batons, tear gas and lines of riots cops with shields.

    The truth is that we haven’t seen anything yet. When the gloves are off, and things have reached a martial law jurisdiction, and when the rule of law has been suspended, there are some very demoralizing and incredibly efficient means of coercing the population. Though it was little discussed, the Persian Gulf war in Iraq in the early 90s involved the use of directed energy weapons that convinced thousands of enemy troops to literally surrender on the spot. Just imagine if that technology were deployed against a civilian population!

    Secret weapon used in Iraq, where thousands of Iraqi troops just surrendered.

    Though resistance will always continue, and the spirit of liberty will live on in those who survive, individuals will have to update their views of state power and the role of their force.

    How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse

    by Brandon Smith

    There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. Naturally, the mind reels in horror at the very idea, because many of us know, deep down at our core, that centralization is the root of tyranny.  We know that when absolute power is granted into the hands of an elite few over the lives of the masses, very bad things happen.  No small group of people has ever shown itself trustworthy, rational, empathic or wise enough to handle such a responsibility.  They ALWAYS screw it up, or, they deliberately take advantage of their extreme position of influence to force a particular ideology on everyone else.

    This leads to resistance, resistance leads to sociopolitical crackdown and then great numbers of people are imprisoned, enslaved or even murdered.  This leads to even more resistance until one of two possible outcomes emerges — chaos and revolution or complete totalitarianism and micro-managed collectivism.

    There is no way around this eventual conflict.  As long as the centralists continue to pursue total power, men and women will gather to fight them and the situation will escalate.  The only conceivable way that this fight could be defused is if the elites stop doing what they do.  If they suddenly become enlightened and realize the error of their ways, then perhaps we could escape the troubles unscathed.  Or, if those same elites all happen to meet an abrupt end and their influence is neutralized, then the world might have a chance to adjust and adapt in a more organic fashion.

    Unfortunately, there are people who refuse to believe that a fight is unavoidable.  They desperately want to believe there is another way, and they will engage in an amazing display of mental gymnastics in order to justify this belief.

    First, I think it is important to note that I have always argued that the globalists will eventually fail in their pursuit.  I find that some folks out there misinterpret my position when I outline the strategies of globalists and they assume I am presenting global centralization as a “sine qua non.”  I do not argue that the elites will win the fight, I only argue that there is no way to avoid the fight.

    Those that want to know my views on why globalist defeat is a certainty can read my article The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose.

    The rhetorical question always arises:  “How could the globalists ever hope to secure dominance over the entire world; isn’t that an impossible task?”

    I believe according to my knowledge of history and human psychology that it IS an impossible task, but that is NOT going to stop the globalists from trying.

    This is what the cynics just don’t seem to grasp; we are dealing with a group of narcissistic psychopaths organized around a cult ideology and with nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips.  These people think they are rising man-gods, like the Egyptian pharaohs of old.  They cannot be persuaded through superior logic or emotional appeal.  They will not be deterred by mass activism or peaceful redress.  They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies.

    Such people are notorious for taking entire civilizations down with them rather than ceding their thrones.  It is foolish to plan a response to them on the assumption that a fight can be avoided.  When I say that the globalists are “destined to lose,” this is predicated on my understanding that a certain percentage of human beings will always have an inherent capacity for resistance to tyranny.  The globalists will be defeated because there is no way to quantify every single threat to their utopian framework.  As long as people continue to fight them, physically and with information, regardless of the personal cost, their weaknesses will be found and they will fall.

    This will not be accomplished, however, without considerable sacrifice.

    When I talk about “collapse”, I am talking about a process.  Collapse is not an singular event, it is an ongoing series of events.  The U.S. has, for example, been in the middle of a collapse since 2008.  The end of this collapse will come when the final economic bubble propping up our system has burst and the process of rebuilding begins.  The most important questions is, WHO will do the rebuilding?  The globalists with their power agenda, or common people seeking freedom and prosperity?

    I have outlined in numerous articles the reality that an ongoing destabilization of large portions of the global economic framework will be used by the elites as leverage to convince the public that greater centralization is necessary, including global economic management through the IMF and BIS, a global currency using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights as a bridge and global governance through the United Nations or a similar body not yet developed.  This plan is becoming more and more openly discussed by globalists within the mainstream media.  It’s hardly a secret anymore.

    Many people will undoubtedly support this centralization out of fear of instability.  That said, many people will also refuse to support it.

    Here is how I believe, according to historical precedence and the globalist’s own writings, that they will attempt to assert global centralization post-collapse and enforce compliance.

    Resource Management And Distribution

    As I point out in many of my articles on the necessity for localism, without ample food, water and shelter self-maintained by groups of like minded citizens, no resistance can be mounted against a centralizing force.  If you cannot supply your own logistics, then you must resort to stealing them from the enemy.  Obviously, it is less risky to supply yourself if possible.

    Post-collapse, when rule of law in many places has broken down and resources can no longer be transferred safely from region to region, the name of the game will be control of necessities and the producers of necessities.  This is also used by totalitarians when the danger of unrest is present.  A prime example of this method in action was the Stalinist consolidation of the Soviet Union.

    The fact is, successful rebellions in occupied nations tend to grow in rural surroundings.  Cities are often strongholds for totalitarians because they offer more means of surveillance, a more passive population and, once taken over, they are easier to secure and defend.  I call this the “green zone doctrine;” the use of locked down cities as pivot points to launch attacks on rural people.

    Stalin used this very model, sending troops from controlled cities to plunder resources from outlying farming communities.  He then stored these supplies for “redistribution;” the people deemed most useful to the regime were fed, the people deemed not useful or potential threats were not fed.  In the end, Stalin killed off many potential rebels simply by denying them food production or food access.

    The elites do not need to own every inch of ground in order to launch an effective campaign of martial law.  All they need to do is own key cities through surveillance technology and troop presence, then use these cities as staging grounds to confiscate resources in surrounding areas from people they do not like.  If you think the government would not pursue that kind of tactic in the U.S., I highly suggest you look into Executive Order 13603, signed by Barack Obama in 2012.  This order gives the president authority during a “national emergency” to take any private property or resources if it is deemed “necessary to national defense.”

    It should be noted that starvation as a weapon has been extremely useful for the elites in the past.

    The Malaysian Model Of Control

    If the elites are anything, they are rather predictable.  This is because they have a habit of consistently using strategies that have worked for them before.  In my article When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It, I examine the writings of Council On Foreign Relations member Max Boot on methods for quelling insurgencies.  In the U.S., insurgency is a given post-collapse.  The only question is whether it will be a large insurgency or a small one.

    I do not hold out much hope for most of the rest of the world in terms of generating a useful rebellion.  Most citizens in Europe and Asia are unarmed and untrained.  Any resistance in these regions will be very small and cell structured if it is going to survive.

    The methods Max Boot describes tend toward larger threats to the establishment.  Boot mentions specifically the great success by the British in Malaysia from 1948-1960 against highly effective communist guerillas and terrorists.  This success can be attributed to several factors:

    1) The British used large-scale concentration camps to separate production centers from rebel influence.  These were massive camps surrounded by barbed wire fences and guard towers, primarily used to house farmers and other workers and their families.  This stopped the guerillas from hiding among the working class and recruiting from them.  This follows the “green zone doctrine” I described above.

    2) The British implemented a sophisticated identification system for all Malaysian citizens including fingerprinting.  They then set up numerous checkpoints across the country at which citizens had to produce their paperwork.  Anyone who did not have their papers was held on suspicion of being an insurgent.  The rebels in Malaysia attempted to counter this by forcefully taking over busy buildings and buses, then burning everyone’s IDs.  This would not be a very effective tactic in a digitized world where identification is accomplished through advanced biometrics.

    3) Instead of fielding massive lumbering military brigades in a useless effort to cover large stretches of ground, the British used spies and informants to locate rebel strongholds, then sent special forces units in to neutralize them.  Again, they did not need to control every inch of ground; they used military assets wherever the rebels were, then left.  Their goal was not to control a lot of ground, but to kill rebels.  The British used considerable brutality in their efforts, including a mobile gallows that traveled the country, and the public display of rotting corpses to strike fear in the insurgency.

    4) The political elites in Britain fought the psychological war by offering promises of peace and prosperity to the Malaysian commoners if they supported the effort against the insurgency.  They did not necessarily need to follow through on these promises, all they needed to do was create a few examples of reward for cooperation, and sell this to the public in a convincing manner.  Once enough of the population was in the hands of the British, the insurgency lost supply resources and also had to worry about informants.

    Technology Grid For Tyranny

    Malaysia was an example of a competent strategy to uproot insurgents, but there were also many failures and pitfalls.  The elites are trying to mitigate any future unknown quantities when fighting against rebellions through the use of new technologies.

    The green zone doctrine could only be successful today with the use of biometric surveillance.  Restriction of movement could be accomplished, but only in cities with extensive surveillance grids.  The insurgents of a post-collapse future would be hard pressed to infiltrate or exfiltrate from a green zone with currently available facial recognition, gait and walk recognition, retina and thumbprint scanning, etc.  Facial recognition has even gone into the realm of thermal imaging; cameras can use the unique heat signature from blood vessels within the human face to identify a person from a relative distance.  Make-up and prosthetics would not counter this.  Thermal masking would be the only solution.

    Beyond that, an insurgency would have to be technologically savvy. Cyber warfare would have to be integral to their methodology.  This is not something any other rebellion in history has had to deal with.

    An Uneducated And Bumbling Insurgency

    The globalist’s strategy to trigger economic and social chaos, then lock down certain regions and offer centralization as a solution to the population, is far easier to accomplish when the opposition they face lacks insight, patience, planning and initiative.

    The British were partially successful in Malaysia because the guerillas were ignorant of public perception. While they were effective and ruthless fighters, their viciousness resulted in lack of public support.  Though wide public support is not needed for victory, it certainly helps.

    Multiple revolutions against Stalin’s power, some of them very large, were put down because of poor planning.  Rebels massed sizable forces in tight areas, such as a single mountain or mountain ranges.  Stalin simply dropped poisonous gasses on insurgents that had put all their eggs in one basket and forgot to stockpile gas masks.  It is vital to recognize that in a post-collapse world governments and elites may no longer be subject to public scrutiny, and are thus free to act as maliciously as they want.  All contingencies have to be considered.

    Rebels in the Soviet Union also had a bad habit of ignoring logistics.  Many were armed with mismatched rifles and a rainbow selection of ammunition instead of arming all their men with the same rifle and the same ammo for redundancy.  Rebellions have been lost in the past merely because the fighters armed with too wide an array of weapons ran out of enough ammo to feed any of them.

    Insurgents have also historically suffered from an inability to strike the leadership centers of the empires they fought.  Primarily because they did not know who the real leadership was.  Only in our modern era do we have the information available to identify the elites and their organizations.  Globalists are often very vocal today in media about who they are and what they want.  This is why the elites seek to make the next insurgency the LAST insurgency.  Never before have they been so vulnerable.

    I believe the globalists will use their standard strategy of disinformation and division first to acquire centralization, but eventually they will turn to a Stalin/Malaysian model for control on the ground.  I will have to save the specific counter-strategies to these tactics for another article.  Some of them I probably cannot legally discuss at all.  The most important thing to remember, though, is that the globalists’ job is harder than our job.  They have to control people, property, resources, and mass psychology.  They have thousands of variables to take into account, and thousands of situations that could go wrong.

    All we have to worry about is our own local organization, our own moral compass, our own survival and removing the top globalists from the picture.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Please visit to read more or support his work.


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      1. Force multipliers come to mind.

        Just Fuck Off…

        How about leaving people alone to live in peace.

        • THE EMPEROR HAS NO BALLS” by Ginger from the INDECLINE project

          Based on the picture above, it is valid to conclude that Donald Trump truly represents the aspirations of the “Silent Majority” in the United States: Americans that are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically); subhumans that are feed with GMO foods on a daily basis -meals fully responsible for major diseases- and their offspring treated like lab rats by experimenting new vaccines on them all the time.

          • Your attitude determines your outcome. The one thing the simulations and planners of this fail to understand. Their arrogance fails to account for GOD and simple things that break their toys. With GOD for me who should I fear. A nick may not harm you but, thousands of tiny cuts you bleed out. This coming battle is exactly as the Book of Revelation described it. Russia, China, Turkey, Iran Gog-Magog Army has formed. One third (over 2 Billion) will be wiped out. About the number of the enemies of Israel aligning against them. Get right with Jesus, repent and sin no more. Stand up and be counted.

            • Very well, and, we are likely to see, truly stated.

          • You sound like the typical liberal parisite. Estimated 340 million firearms in the country. Not my number it’s the ATF and FBI’s number. If only 10% were aimed at a tyrannical government that would be 34 million. In any war that’s an over whelming force. As far as the government force fighting against cave man solders it doesn’t seem to be working out for the organized military in Afghanistan or Iraq does it. It won’t work out any better here.

            • 34 million is a considerable number, however, they need to be directed in the same direction.

          • I’m not a slob, obese or addicted. You are an ass.

          • I’ll take Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton any day.

            • Both are authoritarians. Both will put you in a FEMA camp.

        • “They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies.” LOL, hey Brandon, that’s TWO things…

      2. God bless! Good luck all!

      3. They will control people by withholding or providing food, water, doctors, depending on how your area “behaves”. Now sign zee papers!

        • The best solution to all of that, is stay away from mass population centers. Live off the Grid at your own remote secure BOL. Check!


      4. Dear Team Trump , you need to go after Gary Johnson and his VP Bill Weld because they are Frauds and Friends of the Clintons !!!!!!!!

        You can’t be in the same year critical of Trump and Clinton but be saying you don’t see anything wrong with Hillarys email issues and all that , so Gary Johnson and his VP Bill Weld are in this for Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t be played for FOOLS and someone needs to call them out on this !!!!!!!!! Here are some Links to verify this ,

        If we learned anything out of Ross Perot it was this ,

        Gary Johnson Bill Weld can help Hillary Clinton win 7 states !!!!

        • The sudden attention to Jill Stein is also likely an establishment distraction. The hope is that she will pull enough support from Trump to put hillary in the white house. There is a reason that the MSM is not ignoring her, as they have up until now. Nobody knows who she is. She has ZERO chance of beating hillary OR trump, but she is a useful tool for the globalists. They’d run Hello Kitty if they thought they could make it serve their purpose.

          Like it or not, voting third party in THIS election is just helping hillary. Please don’t fall for yet another establishment trick.

          • There are only TWO candidates that have any possibility of being elected.

            Americans at least have a chance of reclaiming our Republic with Trump. The alternative is the complete destruction of this nation that would be guaranteed with Clinton, the final descent into bho’s hell hole.

            The destiny of our children, grandchildren, and future generations depends on THIS generation with THIS election.

            Hopefully, Americans will put away petty differences and unite to save our Land from the globalist agenda.

            This election is about Freedom & Sovereignty vs. utterly hopeless tyranny.

          • Yes they used that trick by inventing UKIP in the UK to take votes away from BNP.

            Even when UKIP got the votes they only got one seat in the election and are good for fuck all when it comes to taking us out of the EU after the Brexit vote.

            Nigel and his party was just the type of setup you are trying to warn people about, crafty bastards are the not.

            • Thanks for the info.

        • Or help her lose 14…. Those who vote for Republican “unity” don’t vote at all, just like the Bernie Democrats who can’t see what’s been done to them.

      5. they will control you by controlling mass transport, highways, food, water and medicines.

        much like as they do now.

        you must become self sufficient to survive.

        • And, never ever allow yourself to be stampeded into leaving your home base and then risk becoming a refugee.

          Best way to separate any population from their resources and contacts to later resist is to create an ‘event’ that forces an evacuation and relocation upon them all. You can only take so much and nothing will ever get past the gate keepers either in leaving, or later in arriving, once you’ve started down that funnel that awaits you.

          • Watch . The greatest story never told. Then talk about Hitler

          • Shane, ain’t no way they’ll ever control me or any of my family. If they come into our region, they’ll disappear.

            • BH.Disappear after they take your out.You are nowhere as good as Clnt Eastwood. Keep up the dreams. Dumb arse.

            • Right..You be backed up in a fox hole shaking like a coon dog passing pine cones.

              • …ummm, top first or bottom first — trying to visualize that…

                • SIX..Does not matter.Beginning to think you left the country.

              • Tacoma, I don’t claim to be Clint Eastwood but I can and will hold my own and have family for backup. Would you like to come find out the hard way? No, didn’t think so.

          • No one is going to leave except those in big cities, and since none of them are in any kind of shape they won’t last more than a day or two. Lack of safe drinking water and sanitation will be the biggest “killers”. Then the roving “predators” who are waiting for them like the highwaymen of old. The refugee flood will slow to a trickle in just days with a lot of fat, happy vultures and crows. And there will be no cops or military coming either because they will be home safeguarding their own families. Even a medium size event will be YOYO Time (You’re On Your Own).

        • EXACTLY!, Goat!

      6. The greatest vulnerability of good & moral people is their lack of any personal experience with the all consuming narcissistic lust for power that drives these hitler wannabe’s, thus they are late recognizing it in their midst while they might still prepare or repel it.

        • If this all goes down like in the article, respond in kind.
          You see all these black booted thugs eventually all return to their command posts, change back into their civilian clothes and get in their personal cars and drive back to neighborhoods like yours OR a hotel. Just sit out by their command posts and start writing down license plates as the cockroaches scurry home. Follow them or Get a patriot cop friend or buddy at the DMV to get you all their home addresses and pay a visit to their homes and burn them down and lay waste or kidnap their offspring. Eye for an eye is all they will understand. They shop at the same places you do trying to blend in.
          Success is playing by your rules, not theirs.
          Let them be bogged down by the moron rioters, as you back door their assets and destroy them one by one. In fact a riot is a great decoy to lure them away from their homes. Paint the curbs yellow in front of the traitors homes. So patriots know what houses to hit. There are way more of us then them. 10,000 to 1. I like those odds. It not that hard to defeat those looking to harm you and yours. Watch their forces abondon their posts and resign in droves. Moral quickly slides like a sniper pinning down an entire town. Hit and move, hit and move. Creativity rules. They are slow moving targets that like uniforms. Start collecting intel today who the traitors are in your areas. Including the shill politicians. Know their schedules, habits, its not that hard if you have the will. Bottom line let them fire the first shot. Then its game on.


          • @ WhoWTFknows – Very good post.

          • bingo, and right on, they will be hit by stealth and then removed permanently and for ever for treason and hanged., you see, with traitors you dont negotiate before a left wing democratic Marxist judge, you just do what the constitution instructs you to do as well with the treasonous judges, the media, the university left wing loon professors, then the politicians who went along with the democratic party scum maggots, and anyone in the police departments, the military and most of all the Bureaucracy which has the biggest amount of scum decrepit democrats working in it. dont listen to anyone who says nothing can be done when they come . they surely didn’t believe that in Italy, France during world war 2, the patriots fought and kicked there butts all over the place and they fought be stealth. just imagine what 20 patriots can with there long range rifles and the fear they can spread, and thats only 20 patriots, what will they do when there are 10,000 patriots with that capability.

        • Shane you obviously know NOTHING about Adolf Hitler other than what you’ve been taught from the brainwashing government schools & controlled bullshit media.

          Try reading his book, listening to his speeches, etc. Watch The greatest story never told & Hellstorm if you don’t like to read…

          Excellent article Brandon!

      7. This is a stunning article by Brandon Smith and should be copied and saved by everyone on earth who cares about liberty.

        • Agreed. Fantastic analysis, beautiful writing.

        • Agreed.

      8. I am so uneducated and bumbling I have purposely adjusted all my sights on all my rifles to shoot about 18 inches low. This is to make sure I shoot below their body armor. Fighting people like me is going to get old very quickly…

        • Uh…. be it far from me to ask, but why not leave your sight adjustment alone and simply aim for the area below their body armor?

          • You were kidding weren’t you….

            • I like the arrogance of how SWAT teams on Bearcats operate……standing on the running boards like firemen. AND, the newest Kevlar helmets, have opened up the complete earhole for COM, looks like a bulls eye….2 guys, 10-22’s, then take their stuff.

              • Rosco, I have a 10/22 with a good scope. Ideas like that are hazardous to someone’s health. LOL!

            • God I hope so PO’d…..

              • How the hell r u gonna make a head shot (let’s say the medula oblangata) with that sort of setup? (Probably has a laser set to show where the damn thing hits anyway). lol…

                • Equorial, I’ll be aiming for everything but the torso although I do prefer the head.

                • I figured out how to make the head shot. Turn the rifle over.

        • Birdshot in the eyes is better . And cheaper.

      9. How to serve man. It’s a cook book!

        • The Twilight Zone


          • Actually, wasn’t the name of the book “Cooking For Humans” (…I am just positive it didn’t say “man” is all), no biggie.

            • No, I think it was “To Serve Humans”

              • I believe it was
                “To serve Man”

      10. My time to shine let do this.

      11. In a case like this the people fighting the powers that be work need to work as an army of 1000 ants. Each group of ants working as an independent cell having no knowledge of the workings of the other ant cells. That way the powers that be can’t cut off the head of the snake. Then they could attack the powers that be city’s infrastructure, many city’s get their water, and power from plants located miles away. So they could go after that distribution system, they could attack the power lines, transformers, and power distribution towers, the water pumping stations,valves and gates. Out west there are miles, and miles, of power lines that cross state after state. Those power lines, and towers would become a prime target. These are just a few of the items the “ants” could target to make life hard for the powers that be.

        • You are cooking with gas Anon. Instead of fighting them on their terms any effective resistance has to:change the game. While they will have enormous technological and material advantages, we need to determine what are their needs and how that could potentially make them vulnerable . Power, supply lines , communications are areas that would seem to present excellent targets of opportunity. Technological systems are complex and vulnerable should the right pressure be applied at key spots. I can think of several ways an aggressors supply lines could be made very vulnerable at certain spots given our geography. Preparation is only a start. We must train our minds toward strategic thought and uncovintional ware face.

          • It’s working in Syria.

          • You can disable a man eating shark by turning it onto its back. It becomes disabled, disorientated and basically is in a coma, no longer a threat. Then with your knife pierce its skull by the gills.

            However if you think standing in the roadway throwing rocks at the tanks is effective then do so.


            • Too bad that doesn’t work on a democrat……

            • Many long term stored food have O2 absorbers. Don’t discard them. They contain very fine iron particles that oxidize to absorb oxygen. Steel wool soaked in water with a spoon of bleach is another easy source of iron oxide.

              Combine fine iron oxide with fine aluminum powder to create thermite. Use equal amounts by volume or by weight 10 parts aluminum to 3 parts iron oxide (rust). Ignite with a small amount of smokeless powder. You don’t want the igniter to explode, just burn. Magnesium ribbon also works well to ignite thermite.

              Pack in one of those tiny soda cans, it’ll be enough. Light, toss down the barrel of a tank and walk away. The tanks cannon will be turned into crap by a molten blob of steel blocking the barrel. Set one on any critical metal part of an engine or drive train of a vehicle. It’s not going anywhere. Thermite doesn’t explode, it just burns, at thousands of degrees, the leftover is the iron oxide converted to molten iron.

              Railroads use thermite to weld rails together. It burns bright, as in like looking at the sun. In the barrel of a cannon it would be almost unnoticed.

        • Always be aware of infiltrators and moles once your group increases beyond 2. A hundred million lone wolves will be hard to track and defeat. Your secret recipe is not a secret if you share it. Eyes and ears open…prepare for uncertain times. Hell just a box of roofing nails on the roads leading to their command posts will slow them down. Will they stop to shange the tire, or in fear keep driving on the rim? Hmmmmmm. lol

          -WWTI… READ the poem. “The want of a nail.”

          • For Want of a Nail

            For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
            For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
            For want of a horse the rider was lost.
            For want of a rider the message was lost.
            For want of a message the battle was lost.
            For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
            And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

            • Bingo Grandee!! You are indeed a Patriot. Thanks for posting the poem. Learn it live it.

      12. That is all Any Government Understand is use of Brut Force if The Government uses Brut Force on its people it Will get Brut Force Used on them.

      13. Behind every blade of grass there will be a rifle. Every car will be a bomb exploding our enemies. A truck will reduce there fortresses to rubble.

      14. These big ass sat dishes are PERFECT targets! Just like the blue helmets. You gonna tell me these ADS dishes can withstand 7.62/.308/5.56 AP rounds? I think not. Unload a mag into those things and they become non-functional. Just like if you unloaded a mag into the vehicle compartment running them. MRAPS look “scary” too, until you see how those savages that live in caves and wipe their asses with their hands took them out….

        • Dmonic, spot on. Electronic devices can always be defeated. Besides, if an EMP hits, their toys will be fried just like everyone else’s. “liberty tools” never depend on electronics.

        • “D”
          Some 308 147GR. APs out of my 300 Win Mags can punch through a lot armor. I have a lot of them.


        • Yep, you just shot up a modular satdish that can be replaced in an hour at a depot, and probably got killed doing it.

          Keep your eye on the prize. Officers and NCOs.

      15. Harp took the work of Nikola Tesla. The way Tesla has been treated is disgusting. Like everything, these useless pieces of Self Chosen Dog shit J*w bastards use other people’s inventions to control and oppress the Goyah and too keep themselves rolling in money.

        The great genius, Tesla, was robbed and his memory erased by neglect. How many people even know who he is.

        I bet 99 out of a hundred people know who Oprah is. What a J*w does to nonJ*ws is criminal.


        • Yes i do know about Tesla. They have stolen his inventions and used them for evil and to control the masses.

          • ditto

        • Tesla was a great man. His wisdom was well beyond his years! Was he one of those “Star People”?? I wonder!

        • Without Tesla DC and home would have stayed in very close proximity to the generators, until he turned him on to that mathematical equation, then he went with AC (overnight), our “grid” was born.

          I still maintain there is a hidden secret in the cars that were first built to use 6volt positive ground electrical systems, and there must also be a reason that house-wiring lacked a ground for so many years.

          We are pretty sure Tesla had “antennaes” outside his lab that somehow captured “earth energy” which was used inside in the most bizarre of ways (such as the glowing object he’d hand to folks then return later to fetch it back), and all the stuff with Tesla Coils. We built a pretty big one years ago (a monster of one would make a superb house & land trespasser deterrent with all of those arcs). Folks with C4 may wish to stay outside the fence?

          • J.P.Morgan pulled funding from Tesla because Tesla wanted to make the AC power free to any and all…Morgan wanted to get huge profits off Tesla’s ideas. Edison wanted Direct Current but after the math was done, Tesla won. Westinghouse bankrolled Tesla after Morgan pulled funding.
            Odd…when Tesla passed on, the FBI was there at his apartment and took all his notes, and had them “classified”…
            Just a bit of history from an aging electronics communications technician..
            Be well.

            • Thanks. I learn something new everyday.

          • My hubby built a TeslaCoil in high school, and it still works! He brought it to college one day to show us how it worked. Amazing thing. If we had a little girl, I wanted to name her Tesla.

        • How many know? Well, the makers of the Tesla automobile I guess do. Everyone here seems to be violence oriented, forgetting that the pen is mightier than the sword. If people just took 1% of the time ranting about violence to try to dialog with an open-minded neighbor, they might actually PREVENT the whole nightmare. But, seems people hear are just as closed to that thought as a Hilaria von Pantsuit supporter is to reality. How to I know this? Brandon himself says he originally bought into the whole leftist scam.

          And it’s also not just Jews. Yes, there is a subset of leftist Jews involved, to be sure, but you miss the forest for the trees, and that misdiagnosis (while close) can or will lead to a wrong solution.

        • Yes, I too know about Tesla. School books are being dumbed down, nobody knows the greats anymore, like M. Curie.

      16. Great article,the last line,OUR Own SURVIVAL –REMOVING The TOP GLOBALISTS FROM THE PICTURE!Here lies the problem,plenty would like to remove the problem,Soro’s,
        Rothschild’s etc. Problem,HOW!
        Hey Putin could use a little help here!
        I’d gladly lay down my life,if I could actually accomplish
        a real objective.I see where it got the Bundy,,
        S.Another example,die like a snuck!
        Maniac –out

      17. “SMUCK”

      18. Food is the ultimate weapon. Maybe not ? Satellite based microwave weapons? As soon as they have the ultimate weapon we will be slaves working for food. They have to feed us . Unless their are plenty of replacements .

      19. Even if the other details are tended to. the most difficult nut to crack is co-ordinated, jam-free, secure communications.

        The Evil Empire will make any coordination and comms damn near impossible except at the carrier pigeon, smoke signal level…and then there’s drones 🙁


        • If you can hit a Wood Gross or maybe a Pheasant, you’ll have no trouble with even the “4-spinner” drones (bird shot for those or whatever ….old drill bits). Big drones, use a rifle and destroy everything forward of her wings in ‘mid’-fuselage (about the centerline is where the electronics (PCBs) are located (and armored with certain birds. .308s with 150 or 180 grain green tips would get’er done (or it had better) lol… Got a mess of them from AAMAX (military “pulls”) and I’ve never found one I could not use. (They also taught me to love BT (Boat Tails). They DO tend to fly straighter with a BT (with MY setup, that is). I’ve heard a M1 Garand often tumbles BT’s, but I’ve no clue if that’s truth or bs… (I’m leaning to the bs side…).

      20. No they will not Use force. They don’t at present use force on the DINDU riots . And I don’t think they will use force later. They are using divide & conquer. And using social engineering. If you behave and fit within certain parameters you are rewarded with So called free goods & services. stuff like Obama phones ,EBT , section 8 housing ect. They will not employ blue helmets or anyone. The sheeple will willingly do what they are being baited to do. There are so few hardcore, hardcase preppers . Who are actually self reliant and mentally and physically able. That they simply don’t care about them. They will simply wait them out. Even Germonio eventually came out waving a white flag.

        • Old Guy, they didn’t use force on the spooks because of bleeding heart mayors and police chiefs telling them not to. Once the balloon goes up, when the feds and UN boys show up, it will be totally different. They’ll be acting against white people primarily. When I see those foreign pieces of shit harming my people, IT WILL BE GAME ON. They might as well expect to get targeted by us.

        • If you ever go out on a picnic mission leave all your comms electronics at home. It works just like a tracking ankle braclet. Run silent run deep, and plant and scatter your tools remotely. Dont want to be caught with the picnic basket full of chicken drummies. The bears will eat you alive.


      21. No they will not Use force. They don’t at present use force on the DINDU riots . And I don’t think they will use force later. They are using divide & conquer. And using social engineering. If you behave and fit within certain parameters you are rewarded with So called free goods & services. stuff like Obama phones ,EBT , section 8 housing ect. They will not employ blue helmets or anyone. The sheeple will willingly do what they are being baited to do. There are so few hardcore, hardcase preppers . Who are actually self reliant and mentally and physically able. That they simply don’t care about them. They will simply wait them out.

        • Old Guy I disagree but only to a point. A lot will depend on the cause o/f whatever induces them to declare Marshal Law. If it is a Black Swan of their time and choosing you may be right but there are so manny balls in the air they may not be able to control which one falls. I also believe it is incumbent on any resistance to force their hand, when it is certain that it’s game on they must be hit and hit hard in ways that disrupt their plan. Will the majority roll over and play dead, probably but only about 10 % of our population resisted the British with spectacular results. I believe as enfeebled as our population has become there are still sufficient numbers of people who love freedom and reject tyranny to make them very uncomfortable when they finally get ready for the end game.

      22. Stop calling them globalist . And call them by name . The Jewish mafia. Who Edward the long shanks deported from England . Thus the prapaganda. Almost all history is a lie. Expecialy WW2. We will learn the hard way. They have control of our gov. Military and media . It’s all part of the plan. Like the holomodor. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. But we will soon learn . The hard way.

        • Well said and to the point, Wolverine.

      23. I honestly believe that right now would be a damned good time for everyone to start observing OPSEC in a serious manner (as this IS a serious matter coming down the road). Those seeking to amass information are doing so as fast as they can assimilate sites. All I can say is it would be great to have the knowledge needed to use firearms, but I didn’t grow up around them so I’ve really an “idiots” knowledge of firearms (so I carry wasp spray and a bic lighter).

        • Excellent news in tough times!Look up the cajun navy,a bunch of folks with their own boats helping stranded folks in the south from the floods,govt. aid?,eh.A bunch of civic moided folks on their own helping their own,things like this give me hope for the future,bless them craw fish eating patriots!

      24. There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.
        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.
        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)
        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

        Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown, nor did I keep the author’s name.

      25. The fact is, successful rebellions in occupied nations tend to grow in rural surroundings. Cities are often strongholds for totalitarians because they offer more means of surveillance, a more passive population and, once taken over, they are easier to secure and defend. I call this the “green zone doctrine;” the use of locked down cities as pivot points to launch attacks on rural people.

        This was not true when the USSR fell, nor E. Germany. In fact, one of the turning points was the peaceful protest in Leipzig (google this, folks). **If we can peacefully communicate, we will win.** Why? Because their ideas suck and are outright lies. Yes, they have the leftist media, Goldman Suchs, etc. But that will ultimately be tissue paper holding back a tsunami. As Victor Hugo wrote, there is no stopping an idea who time has come (or here, come again, after the Magna Carta, the US Constitution, etc)

      26. Put an Ultimak forward rail on my Garand with a scout scope. I have only shot it at 300 yards but am good with a 5″ group with 60’s Greek ammo. Have lots of 06′ AP. Have not shot it yet.
        Have loaded Sierra Gameking 165 grains. Not shot it either.

      27. Thats why it was said in the bible, that man shall be ruled by the law of god, not by the will of other men. Now I can see why. Humans abuse their power. They turn evil and its up to the rest of us to fight for our rights against these people. We have the right to fight.

        • Yeah, well the buybull is ruled by a jealous God who instructs its sheep to destroy other cultures and religions that does not agree with his propaganda. If you enjoy being fleeced financially and your dignity abolished to think for yourself, stick with any faith absent of any facts or proof.

          -WWTI… Hell, even liquor has proof. Sometimes 100% proof.

        • and you have the right under our constitution to get rid of them by killing them, these are enemies of the nation and they must be exterminated at some point, and I mean everyone. all liberal Marxist Bolshevik democrats must go.

      28. use of the exact same strategies and tactics is the only course…except be more ruthless.
        Those who work to infringe, limit or deny us our liberty, forfeit their own.

      29. if the golves do come off then the people fighting the state will have to take examples from ISIS in how to fight the war and that will include taking hostages of police wifes to members of the elites family and holding them as hostages.

        That’s the price to pay if you join the wrong team and point your guns at the people that were paying your wages.

        No point starting a revolution unless you are ready to give some blood and the police/military will be nothing to the race wars the state will try to create in the process but sooner or later we are all going to have to make a stand, like it or not.

      30. Mr smith. It’s to bad that they will push us to the point were we have to do such things. They just won’t give up that paycheck and that pension. And they will butcher our families to keep their families in the money. The law of the jungle. Greed. The longer we delay the stronger they will get. Bringing in more third world back up . These third world rats will happily rape our families. And we all know it. They can’t wait. And a big paycheck and a pension as a bonus . We will hesitate and die. Thinking that we can talk our way out.we won’t understand there not interested in negotiations. They want everything we have . And the Alfa males gone. Kill the proud spare the conquered . Keep the complaint slaves. The stupid bimbos and the femo males. The so called liberals will make great slaves. Disarmed and working for their EBT food ration. So the billionaires can make more money. We need the tribulation. And soon.

      31. I keep saying our illegal and satanic government and the small portion of our military who follow after illegal edicts from the white house of Horrors, will have there equipment taken from them and used on them, so go ahead and begin your war. as for the foreign armies on our soil they will not be going home along with the u.n. blue helmets, you will not be put into body bags, we will dig larges trenches and dump all your stinking bodies in it, that will be there resting place. so go home to your countries and get out of America , its like people keep writing about they will not be going home, as well as our military who kill Americans for our government, the patriots and God loving Military Folks will be shot dead on site for treason.

      32. No mention of SATAN their leader. Who is your leader Brandon? No mention of that either.

      33. The absolute masters of controlling civil unrest and insurrections are the British. They wrote the book on it and have done so the most in history. So, what do the British do?

        They isolate, they target, use surveillance, they track, they torture. The first measure is to introduce check points. Never allow travel without identity. This is the 21st century, so this will be bio data. It is possible to do this without the need for physical, manned check points. Long-standing trouble-making communities are placed in camps or isolated with fences.

        Once that is underway they then use surveillance to identify the key players in the insurrection. Once known, they then send snatch and kill squads of special forces after them to take them out. These days, as shown in Iraq, you can run this stuff at a furious tempo with modern data collection and analysis and fusion. Groups are mapped and taken down quickly.

        For those who are supporters, there is torture. The British also wrote the book on soft torture: ways to torture without physical scars. White noise, stress positions, and today, mind messing and pharmacological techniques. We now also have sound waves, micro waves and radiation.

        Any insurrection in the US will be taken down this way. Think of the computing power available. Imagine Silicon Valley running this stuff and the insurrection is done in months.

      34. Great Article! Don’t leave anything out of your next post on what to do about it. Post it on the dark web if you have to or some other method, but get it out. You know what depends on it. 😉

      35. “Re-building” won’t be the new order of things. Building anew, separately, but equally, BEFORE the collapse, will be what individuals will do IF they are to be free from elites.

      36. So I see everyone is a website warrior, but what are you doing to prevent or prepare for the inevitable conflict?
        Coordination of effort will be the only thing that saves the day. Our enemy has been planning for decades. What have we done?
        They know the greatest weakness we have is communications and coordination of forces.
        They will strike hard and fast.
        We must be prepared for the initial fall back, then regroup…..if we can.

        • Dont need to get ready i am already trained and have been trained for the last 50 years, If and when they decide to come and pay me a house call I wont need to hide in a closet, because not one of them who are sent will be going home alive, I will kill all them. So If they send 6 or 8 or what ever the number is of swat jack asses or black operational mercs. who love murdering, it still wont be enough. /mu estimation they will send black ops. jack ass schmucks to try to take me out, but they wont, i know how they think and how to kill all of them.

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