Homeland Security To “Regionalize” Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 61 comments

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    From Independence News reporter Gregor Deitrich:

    A phone interview with Sharon Bylier of The Dept of Homeland Security, revealed that H.S. is stepping up regionalizing disaster supplies. Simply put, they are taking emergency items that are currently centralized in Washington, D.C., and distributing them nationally. Sort of like a mobilization of suppies. Their plan is to complete the supply of fifteen H.S. warehouses around the country in the next three months. Ms. Bylier is quoted as saying “we have worked hard the last six months to meet our local objectives.” She continued “the goals of Homeland Security are in sight.” It’s difficult to know if this is a good or bad omen. No comment was offered as to why this program has been given so much urgency at this time. It’s nice to know we’re ready. But ready for What?

    Source: Independence News

    In a previous report we brought our readers a view of how the U.S. government has been preparing for emergencies and disasters for decades. They’ve stocked not only food, but built underground bunkers, stored seed varieties to restart agriculture in the event of a global catastrophe, and designed secondary systems of government (e.g. the shadow government, martial law) in the event of events such as economic collapse, nuclear war and even asteroid collisions.

    That the U.S. government is preparing for wide-scale, far-from-equilibrium scenarios is evident.

    According to some reports, there has been an acceleration within the emergency planning elements of our government, as if they are anticipating some type of event in the near future. Anecdotal evidence from freeze dried food manufacturers and private bunker construction firms indicates that the government is rapidly purchasing supplies, often leading to shortages for civilians trying to do the same.

    The Independence News report from above indicates that Homeland Security is now actively moving eggs from one basket and distributing those eggs to multiple facilities across the country. From a preparedness standpoint, DHS seems to at least have some foresight, as a national emergency in, for example, California, would lead to serious supply problems if all of the food, medical supplies and water were located nearly 3000 miles away in Washington D.C.

    Given the current economic, social and political atmosphere in the United States, combined with the reports of accelerated governmental preparedness programs, one might assume that the emergency supplies are being prepared for specific actions and/or events to occur at a date in the near future.

    According to the Missouri Department of Public Safety the regionalization of homeland security plan is, “focused on establishing a common sense, logical governance structure and process to facilitate local, community level engagement in not only grant funding priorities and strategies, but other homeland security related decisions.” The regionalization strategies are designed to facilitate emergency response on multiple levels including, but not limited to, governance, medical services, and law enforcement.

    For those planning on utilizing DHS secured emergency supplies, we warn that the benevolent “goals” of DHS in this regard have not been made completely clear to the American public. Can we assume that the regionalization of these supplies is for the direct benefit of regular people, or will they be used to re-supply emergency responders, law enforcement and military personnel only?

    The DHS has not provided any inventory information on what type of goods are being regionalized and what the capabilities of DHS, FEMA and local government would be in the event of an emergency in a particular region.

    How much food is being stored, how will it be distributed, and who will be in control of distribution if the worst happens?

    Whatever the case, we have to continue to assume that any region-specific or national emergency will lead to complete pandemonium in the populace, which explains why much of the regionalization focus as outlined by Missouri DPS is focused on governance and law enforcement.

    By FEMA’s own admission, if the SHTF, they may not be able to provide adequate food, water and emergency services for days, perhaps weeks.

    Editor’s Note: Earlier this year Independence News founder Greyson Deitrich III passed away. Mr. Deitrich was a long-time advocate for truth and spent his later years conducting interviews and news reports to get the truth to the American people. He was a valued contributor to this web site, often submitting news reports and commentary on issues ranging from the economic crisis to big business and union influence over the political system of the United States. His thoughts, perspectives, insights, and communiques with our staff will be truly missed. The news bulletin above was submitted to us by his son Gregor Deitrich, who like his father, engages in reporting on events in the way of the “old-school,” by identifying stories and contacting sources and experts directly to verify accuracy. We look forward to more reports from Independence News in the future and thank their organization for their continued support and contributions.


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      1. I wonder if the feds would demonetize the dollar, then demand an implanted ID chip in order to get access to this food when people are starving…
        It would be done “for the children” and to “prevent terrorism”, of course.
        You could implant anything into 90% of the nation if they are made VERY hungry beforehand, then it becomes total slavery & control.

      2. Who cares about CA.  They are voting on pot.

      3. I work for a hospital and we are regulated by certain auditing firms. Over the last few years (since Katrina) emergency prepardiness has played an key roll in what they like to see. The auditors what to see just how preparded we are.

        Well….we have been recently (this year) notified that the auditors along with the CDC have updated their standards of preparedness and we are required to prove that we can be totally self suffient (without any outside assistance) for a extended period time. 

      4. Dave….I’m afriad so.

        Whenever it’s time to (receive the mark) it will be in the name of security, food safety….etc. Always playing on peoples fears. Sadly many will accept it just so they can eat. 

      5. Dave & Tina,

        How one can resist to the RFID? Our government is implementing from the 1st of January the “citizen card”. It will be plastic card containing a chip with all the vital data of the owner.
        If i don’t get it i won’t be able to work, buy, travel, make transactions or whatever.
        Unless some people react, we are doomed. But as i said in some other discusion, people are sleeping.
        Now we hear that the Brazilian government has passed some law about GPS trackers to be installed to all vehicles; mandatory.

        Is it hallowen today? If it is, i wish you all to have a happy holiday.

        • “If i don’t get it i won’t be able to work, buy, travel, make transactions or whatever.”

          First, they can only legislate supreme authority over the SPECIFIC territories that the u.s. is given jurisdiction over by the states and ultimately the people. More people need to realize that the federal u.s. is really quite small. If enough people wake up and stand up for the truth, the system of control will ultimately disintegrate.

      6. FWIW, FEMA has been ‘regionalized’ into ten regions since its inception… and the FBI has had things (i.e. atropine innoculations, etc…) pre-positioned for certain events for a LONG time now.

        \did you know that ‘bridge day’ in WVa is second to the superbowl as a preferred target? they got guys hiding in the friggin’ TREES on both sides of the river – just LOOKING for people…

      7. Chipping cars like (trucks) will come soon (active trackers).  Ever notice all of the sensors along interstate.  Tires are already rfid.  OnStar is smarter than most think (pun intended).  Pay tolls (auto pay/passes).  Most new cars have black boxes that can be read after an accident (ask your mech at dealer).  Don’t think the Dems will go quietly into the night!

        “Can we assume that the regionalization of these supplies is for the direct benefit of regular people, or will they be used to re-supply emergency responders, law enforcement and military personnel only?”
        Assume the position. Okay how about this? Family food budget multiplied (X) by area population (X)  days to be fed (X) premium for storability (X) yada, yada.  Any questions?
        Okay if you stayed with me this long, you are of the notion that you must accept responsibility for yourself.  Food gets eaten. Food is going up in price. So can we assume that storable foods are a wise purchase?

      9. Tom…..again all this in the name if “safety”. Their main goal is keep us all safe…..right???? YEA RIGHT!

        Same with S510….God forbid we buy a tomato from a local farmer that makes us sick……so to avoid that we have to pass a bill that makes it illegal to buy or sell food/produce from anywhere other then the grocery store. BUT of course if you do not have (the right card…maybe a smart card) you won’t be able to purchase anything….again all in the name of safety. After all it could be very dangerous to purchase anything (all under 600.00 of course) if you do not belong in the US

        Slippery Slop People. 

      10. Tom…your on the money about Onstar…who owns GM? 
        (you know who) and they can shut OFF your GM car like a light switch.
        even if you are not a subscriber..if the equipment is on board, they already have control if they deem necessary.

        As far as the Gov. prepping..They want you to believe its because the “learned a lesson” yeah…like that is ever going to happen..when has our Gov. learned its lesson on anything?
        at least not something positive for the masses, maybe only for themselfs.
        If these measures ,they seem to be putting into place are for real..its not for us..its against us or to use them agaist us.
        Any idea how easy it is to get starving thursty people to do what ever they want? simple provide what they want , and you have control. 

        plus they dont want to apear to not be on top of things…because that will raise suspicions..almost as much as them now feaverishly trying to stock up..
        these are signs people..Huge F-ing bill board sized signs , but hidden from most sheeple.

        Dems Repubs..all the same once you get down to the beast in the belly..
        they are only puppets to the masters.
        this party debate and taking sides crap is so funny when you realize they are one in the same, feeding the same beast

        the only way to show the full size and scope of the scam on all of us Americans is if every last one of us did absolutly nothing on Nov 2nd..or better yet..we all voted for daffy duck.

        because you are all lead to believe ” your vote counts”
        how laughable..
        we dont count..we havent counted in so many years it has become a complete inside joke to all those on the Gov. dole

        Hey..when you got some shmuck blowing millions or billions campaigning to obtain a 400K a year gig , you have to know the jig is up.
        the only clean up of this governmental problem will come from full scale in your face Revolution..nothing more nothing less..all because they dont think we got it in us..and lately im thinking they are right.
        way too many followers, and not enough leaders

      11. we all need to ignore fema and brownies. one katrina event per century is enough. why delay the inevitable. obama and his buddies need to take mccain’s god-given advice and bomb bomb bomb iran. it’s time for a great crusade against the infidels. this will rally the population behind our military security complex that appears depressed lately and put the whole country back to work in the ultimate noble cause. then, after wiping out iran and securing our oil suppy, we must smash those wimpy little cowards in pakistan and athiest china. god bless america and our rightous almighty crusading military forces. let’s get on a roll. let’s do it now.

      12. Manos….WOW I didn’t realize that they were considering this in January….this is truly scary. I personally do not think that a smart card is “accepting the mark” but we are not far from it. Whatever you do DO NOT allow them to talk you into marking your skin or implanting a chip under your skin. 

        Either way….one day we will be faced with it and at time we will have to make the ultimate decision….to take the mark or not. 

        What will we do…..are you strong enough to refuse it if you or your children are starving????    

      13. Comments…..Can there be any doubt to what they have planned?? They are getting ready right under everyone’s nose. Remember, there are no coincidences. If you can read the signs, you deserve what will happen to you.  Maybe those millions who do nothing can borrow some of those ten dollar bills from shroom.  he seems the generous type.
             I keep expecting another distraction any day now to keep people from focusing on what is really happening.  We don’t have long to wait apparently.

      14. greaseman

        I guess we grab a beer and popcorn, sit back, and wait, to see what  happens.   I don’t think we are going to like it…..and I agree, …. we won’t have to wait long.

      15. Well thought out or not… “economic colapse, nuclear war, or an asteroid”.  Pretty big spread there.  It covers planned, ego driven, to divine.  Lets stick with the first.  The Govt/NWO is intent on burying this economy through coordinated actions and our puppets and minons know the outcome.  Can the writing on the wall be any clearer?

      16. @ VRF

        You are right no ones vote count’s. We who vote do so to pretend that we still live in America. A revolution will never happen in this country. The people could not even march on Washington or their local capital to complain about the tyrant government with out the LEADER of said march being rounded up under Bushey boys laws and to try and lead online they would find themselves in a perverted justice scenario only without sex involved even though it doesn’t take a mental genius to know we are all being FUC*ED .

      17. MANOS, being forced to take a card w/ a chip isn’t the mark of the beast as long as it isn’t in/on our skin (forehead or hand) and as long as there is still cash being used for transactions, that way you aren’t shut off from society.
        When-not if-cash is gone, we will be enslaved at that moment since you can’t babysit, cut down a neighbors tree, fix someone’s car, go to a restaurant or work without the government knowing about that transaction (and taxing it a whatever rate they want since there’s no longer cash to go underground with).

      18. See, I told you Nappy was on the job! But I am just as sure that these rations and supplies are intended for LEO’s and emergency personnel.

        VRF: You are right about one thing; if you don’t vote, you don’t count!

      19. I don’t think there is such a thing as “Bush’s laws” or “Obama’s decisions” or “Clinton’s directives”. There is the word passed down from the masters and these elected people go out and “sell it” to the useless eaters or the Joe sixpacks. Will there be a revolution in America? We, as a people, have neither the mental toughness nor the endurance to revolt. Will there be isolated cases where a small group does not want to “go along with the program”? Yes, and they will be put down forcefully with plenty of media coverage. That will (due to lack of mental toughness) discourage the rest of us. We are a people who like our comfort zones and do not like to be removed from them for too long. Again, a lack of mental toughness and endurance. We, as a people, are light years removed from the more hardscrabble life of only 70 or 80 years ago in this country. A revolution? Nah, but we could sure watch one on Youtube!! 

      20. read CNN; package from Y*e*m*e*n was a dry-run.

      21. I’ve flown over Yemen back in the late 80’s at 100 feet.  Oil wells, hard packed desert & camels.  Everything was tan or brown.  What can brown do for you?

        I wonder if the feds would demonetize the dollar, then demand an implanted ID chip in order to get access to this food when people are starving.

        Dave, that is what I think…this is the way they will get our guns–trade for food…

        • Before it got that bad, it would be time to  start picking them off one at a time with a scoped rifle.


        People–they’re already using a card for transactions…noticed the flag on the welfare/food card??

      24. Unfortunately, I agree with SD Mule. 

        While there is certainly a small contingent (Remnant even) of Patriots out there, the center mass of this country would NEVER revolt…and I’m not just talking millions, I’m talking dozens of millions. 

        My impression, is the “inertia” of our once proud country has been overrun by moral relativism…which is a recipe for disaster. 

        Even if their was a propensity to revolt, we can’t agree on anything as a nation.  Pick any topic and float it out there.  Even among like-minded folks (aka “Preppers” in this forum) it is highly likely that we wouldn’t fully agree on anything.  Let’s have some fun, I’ll start by tossing a few out there.

        1) Removal of God from all public buildings, money, Pledge of allegiance & school is in accordance with seperation of Church and state (I firmly disagree).

        2) Homosexuality is not a trait from birth but is a life-style choice (sin) and should not be afforded/rewarded with benefits reserved for Heterosexuals.  Also, Homosexuality is an affront to God and defies the natural order.  No one claiming this lifestyle should be able to “marry.” (I fully agree).

        3) Abortion is murder.  Period.  Euthanasia is murder.  Period.  The Death Penalty is murder.  Period.  (I fully agree).

        4)  9-11 was not as it seems.  I have no evidence to prove it (nor does anyone else on the other side), but the US Govt was complicit in some form or fashion to push their Patriot Act agenda.  Building 7, never hit by anything, has a small brush fire in it, houses all the records for the SEC, and comes down at free-fall speed due to controlled demolition (I fully agree). 

        5) Lee Harvey wasn’t a lone gunman
        6) Coke is better then Pepsi
        7) And a semi-automatic 22 is better then a bolt-action

        Now, go to town on this list. And feel free to add your own.

        Bottom line point here:
        We are a nation DIVIDED along political, social, religious, economic and nationality lines…And as we’ve been told from the source of all Truth, “A house divided cannot stand.”


      25. Yourdaddy:   911 was initiated by Al Queda and completed by the Mosad and there is plenty of evidence to support that. Our government has chosen to ignore it, because there is no political capital to be gained from naming the Mosad.

        As for euthanasia, America has been debating that for 45 years. Although I disagree with it  in principle, the reality is that when someone is dying of a truly terminal illness like cancer; they have begun to waste away, and they are in considerable pain, I do not believe there is any point in prolonging the misery.

        My brother is in a far better place and I know that for a fact because he visits me often.

      26. Seems Durango was the first to bite at the apple, and in doing so, helped make my point for me.

        Regarding Euthanasia, from a purely human point of view pain equates to meaningless misery.  However, from the Christian point of view there is something known as “redemptive suffering” and contrary to your position, actually carries tremendous significance.  Also, you are quick to suggest that someone with a terminal illness has no point in continuing to live.  The only way you can reach that conclusion is if you place no value on that person’s soul.  May I ask, are you a Christian?  

        Didn’t mean to branch off on a tangent, because the entire point of my O.P. was to point out how many differences we each hold fast to.  How in the world would we be able to coordinate a nation-wide revolution if we can’t even agree on the few topics I raised above?  

        Revolution?  Don’t hold your breath.

      27. Yourdaddy: Diversity of opinion does not mean a “divided” nation. It is a sign of many voices: free voices!

        “no point to live” does not convey my belief that an individual has a right to choose death, during a truly terminal illness. They shoot horses don’t they?

        As for whether or not I am a Christian, let me say this: Jesus I know face to face; and for a split nano second, I was allowed to feel the pain of the crucification: in my hands, my feet, and even unto the piercing of my heart. For that reason, I do not mediate any longer on the mysteries of the faith. I will accept them as gospel.

        Virgin birth? Not for me! :-) 

      28. The Feds are preparing for what lies ahead: “Collapse”

      29. Not Christian, but I support your right to be one!  I like them, well most of them.

        Anyway, i don’t think we have to agree on everything, we just need to agree on key things.

        Like freedom… that is what the forefather’s did.  They found the common ground to start the revolution.  They were a motley crew ya know.

      30. I’ve been telling people for a long time that if the Powers The Be ever felt they were losing control of their power over us, they would do something or “Something” would happen in order to suspend it. Children can’t cope with losing. And neither will those in D.C. They’ve got something up their sleeve and it’s not their elbows. Either way, we know there’s an “Event” coming. Just be prepared for it and stick to your plan. No amount of worrying will change anything. If the Ballot box doesn’t work, there are others.

      31. Bit late to the party but still, “Anonymous” what’s wrong with growing pot/hemp?  Canadian farmers are making millions upon millions of dollars growing the stuff.  If it is regulated like cigarettes what do I care?   Hemp can make cloths, food, fertilizer, fuel and its a weed it grows easily and anywhere!

        I hate pot (the smell of it) but it would save billions of dollars on a war we can never win (supply/demand, errr war on drugs).  It wouldn’t be a gateway drug anymore (no more joints laced with god-knows-what which gets the kids hooked or a free bag of the same to try).  Slowly we reduce the number of hardcore drug addicts and reduce how much we spend on enforcement.

        Gee, tax revenue, less spent on enforcement and even more taxes from the farms growing the stuff (and those making stuff from it etc).  Gee, win, win and win?

      32. Comments…..@mikel
        I don’t think the government will ever allow total decriminalization of growing and possession of pot. Why—because they are the biggest dealer around, and they don’t like competition.
             Check out what many troops returning from Afghanastan are saying.  They are saying that the only reason they are over there is to protect oil pipelines, and poppy fields, aka the drug trade. I keep reading about this all the time.  The US is probably the biggest drug dealer around. It’s a multi billion a year business. Don’t be so innocent and think they would never be involved in that—bull—they run the drug trade.
              Why do you think the US does nothing about the drug wars in Mexico? They don’t want to upset the apple cart of their suppliers from Mexico.
               Even though it’s disheartning to think about, but our government is not what we were brought up to think it was.  They are not here to help us, they are here to take every dime you have, and make you a slave to the system. They prove this idea every day by their actions.
             Take care of yourself, because that’s all you have.

      33. Criminal Homeland Security, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
        They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
        They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
        They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
        They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
        Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
        (Last link of Banned Book):

      34. Comments…..Lets not forget pilgrims that the jews wrote the bible…god’s chosen people, nahhhhhhhh!
        The bastards are cowards, yellow bellied cowards.
        Lock and load and go down in glory.

      35. Comments…..In the fifties and sixties, there were “fall-out shelters” all over the place, stocked with boxes full of survival supplies. In the early seventies, I remember working at one of these shelters, throwing all those boxes out.  Their “shelf-life” had expired and they were no good anymore. What is happening now is probably just a re-stocking of those supplies.  Local sites should be re-invigorated and re-stocked, as you never know what is going to happen. All those nukes still exist, and someone could get an itchy finger someday. Not that I would care to be a survivor of an all out nuclear war, but it would be nice to have some place to go in the event the unspeakable happens. 

      36. @greaseman – Oh I’m not innocent or naive.  But I think pot is only such a bad thing to them because the big pharma companies cannot patient it.  I know the US is a big drug pusher, look how they protect companies making drugs we don’t need and have more side effects which require other drugs to counter, etc. 

        I’ve not heard of any pipelines in Afghanistan yet, I have Canadian family members over their with the Army and some friends from the US with Special Forces and they’ve said nothing about that.  That they bomb poppy fields now and then but since its all they have for money they leave them now so the people don’t turn towards the Taliban.  I know they were talking about pipelines but sounds like they’re a no-go.

        The government doesn’t want to solve the drug problems anyways, too many people make a “living” off of the results.  Drug counselors, enforcement agents, a lot of people would lose their jobs too.  Its more complex then them promoting drugs by not destroying them either.

      37. Crow…hate to tell you but they are not resupplying those old shelters,I used to be in the army/navy business and bought alot of the supplies…it was still very good shape even at the end of the 90s…I still have some cots made in the 50s,brand new and perfect,some I use to sleep out on and crakers made in the early 60s that are still fresh,unbelievable I know but true.
        Anyhow talking to govt people and others I learned that the US govt no longer wants a civil defense type program,they want you to do it yourself so they can keep the cash themselves,and thats okay we dont need them anyhow,just thought Id let you know! Thanks.

      38. In the 70’s we visited the caverns outside of Townsend Tn. at the entrance chamber there were  emergency supplies stacked as high as they could get them.  As well as I can remember, most were some sort of biscuit or cookie, and a lot of sanitary and medical supplies.  So it is not the first time the government has cached emergency supplies.
        Freeze dried food was not available at the time. 
        Given the many threats to the US it is not illogical that supplies should be stashed throughout the country. It is a good question as to how they would be distributed so to be on the safe side individuals should have their own emergency supplies. 
        From attacking Jihads to Mexican drug cartels the US is facing many threats, so it is best to be well stocked in guns, ammo, food, water  and bandages . If you want to survive, on the other hand things could get so bad who would want to survive .

      39. Marijuana should be decriminalized, but won’t be for reasons already stated.

        We received the so-called the “mark of the beast” the moment we received our birth certificates/SSNs.  These are our “chattel slavery” numbers.  Try getting a normal payroll job or a bank account without it.  You can’t.  If  BCs and SNNs don’t qualify as the “mark,” nothing will.   RFID chips are simply an improvement of the tracking technology.  The “mark” is the “number” you’ve already been assigned, at birth and when you entered the workforce.  Whether you carry your number in your wallet, or implanted in your hand or head, is irrelevant.  

      40. THIS SOUNDS MADE-UP, FICTION! unless you can give me a source of so called INDEPENDENCE NEWS or some info on gregor this is BS.

      41. Your source is here:

        “A phone interview with Sharon Bylier of The Dept of Homeland Security”

        Independence News may be a small organization, but they have repeatedly submitted credible stories and interviews to this web site over the course of the last 18 months. Though I did not personally verify the validity of the story by contacting Ms. Bylier, I’d suggest to those who question its authenticity that you contact her directly.

        The “Regionalization” aspect of the DHS initiative is nothing new and has been an ongoing program with federal, state and local entities for quite some time.

        Thanks for reading and for your comments.


      42. Now this is just scary, if it is true.  I’ve been storing up a years supply of food with friends/family laughing at me, but canned food last for 3 yrs. so I’ll be OK for a long while.

      43. canned goods take up a lot of room, they last longer than 3 years btw, and if you spray/wipe a cooking oil on the top and bottom ,rust is not a problem, finding a truly dry longterm storage area isnt that easy humidity etc takes its toll. DRYgoods are by far better value! dried beans etc cost the same as a can usually for 4 times the volume in food. and canned food is high in BPA, not a good thing either. drying your own fruit and veg is easy, one summers attention to it means years of supplies. buying dryers is crazy when sunshine does it for free! but even  the dryer cost is better than the crazy cost of commercial drymeals. not many people realise that the poptop jars can be reused to preserve fruits and pickles in, preserving jars cost a mint, reusing is wise. simply follow the standard procedures for bottling  they will reseal and popdown tight, I have stored food for years using them. oh and sugar prices are due to rise 30% soon I hear. time to grab some bulk bags. or find  some real good honey suppliers and buy large buckets.

      44. Nine days regionalized – O left for India yesterday and claims will be gone for nine days….what might happen? 

      45. You don’t need bunkers or stashes of food and other supplies…you only need a Bible and prayer. The Mark of the Beast is not a RFID chip or card, it is worshipping a false god (Lucifer) on a false Sabbath (Sunday)…created by men to exalt their pagan sun god and to deny the authority of the one true living God, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Choose everlasting life by worshipping Him on his true seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday, or more specifically Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). God will provide your food and water, just as He did for the Israelites in the desert wilderness. Persecution will follow…but do not bow down to their false idols. Satan is coming soon to personate Christ…calling himself the Cosmic Christ or Matreiya and deceptively declaring that Sunday is the proper day of worship…but do not believe! A global law will follow making it a requirement to worship only on Sunday and illegal to worship on Saturday, and those who do not comply will not be allowed to buy or sell food or anything else. But hold fast to your faith, for when the edict comes into force, the plagues will return and harm only the wicked ones who have rejected the one true living God…then soon after Jesus Christ Himself will return with power and glory in the clouds (never touching the despoiled Earth) and His chosen people (those who chose God) will meet Him in the air and live forever in peace and happiness! The Bible warns us that if they say the Christ has come and is in the desert or walking on the Earth,  do not go and do not believe, for this is a deception.

        Go to www (dot) amazingdiscoveries (dot) tv to learn all truth about what is really happening in the world. Select “Bible Controversies” in the media section, then select the “Total Onslaught” series to understand and believe. Don’t delay, for time is short. May God bless His loyal and obedient servants the world over. Come soon, Lord Jesus! Amen!

      46. What absolute bullshit Craig, God gave us a mind and if choose not to use enough common sense to prepare for economic collapse, and your thinking is along the lines of God will provide everything I need as long as I put my faith in him and have a Bible in my hand.. then I’m sorry God is no longer speaking to you, or he’s decided your time on earth is up and it’s time to come home.. Maybe that’s your place at this point in life.. not mine. PREPARE.

      47. @mastershakelock – I, like you don’t have enough faith to stand in the street with a bible in my hand waiting for a care package from the sky to drop in front of me (on me?)  I was given common (uncommon now-a-days I suppose) sense to survive with.

        Its more an insult to the creator not to use the brain given to you then a little lack of that sort of faith.  At least being prepared won’t be a sin I have to apologize/explain myself for.  I think not using that thing behind your eyes, above your teeth and between your ears is more of a sin.  Just my 1.02.  Inflation, what used to be 0.02 now costs 1.02, sorry it’s a hidden tax… shhhh!

      48. Comments…..Like my Grand-daddy used to say…”God helps those who help themselves”.

      49. Comments….. I hope nothing happens.  Still, I am getting this creepy hair standing up on the back of my neck thing.

      50. Cathy: Don’t worry! Put your tinfoil hat on and it will dissipate the static electricity from the alien implant in the back of your neck!

        Its always like that at first, you’ll get use to it!

      51. Comments…..I believe that no matter how much planning digging and food storeing you people do the only way to save yourselves is through christ. I am sorry that most of you don’t
        even accept even a possibility of him existing. To have such a closed mind is satans greatest asset. God help all of you that  deny the living God that gave his life for our sins. Though there is no way i can prove to you that he exist unless you have not sinned against god or man. I was at one time an athiest but god
        will reveal to you what you need to believe if you are worthy!Like the holy crow said …”God helps those who help themselves”.  If you can have no faith in Christ i can promise that he will not lose his faith in you. Even though you do not believe there will be relief for all. At least hell will not be eternal
        though it will seem that way. I will pray for you all. God help you!

      52. Comments…..@ Ibelieve
        I think most people prefer to keep their religious views to themselves on these postings. I prefer to keep these posts for informational and educational purposes, as I don’t care what religion or belief you are.  
             I think you make a mistake assuming  most people on this board are some non believing heathens or something, because they mention doing preps, and not about faith in the Almighty.  I for one consider beliefs a private issue, and here, I  am more concerned with what I can learn about preps, and discussions about the topics  on these boards.  
                  My message to all.  I’m happy to accept you for whatever you believe, but while I’m on these boards posting, I’m more interested in what you have to say about the topic posted, and not your religious beliefs.  have a great day.

      53. Ibelieve….. Not exactly sure how to respond to your entry. I feel a bit weird reading such as this. I was born and raised in a church and believe in the power of God Almighty….However… God has given me ability and the brains to do what it takes to be a survivor. Guess I am just  blessed that way….But…. I DO believe God offers his sustaining advice and power to anyone who asks for it! …..Just get on your knees and ask!

      54. Greaseman…..You can put  it out there in such a way other’s can’t. I need to just not reply at all. I am getting tired of trying to help people to wake up anyway…..I am tired!…

      55. And to those who post a bunch of useless info on this website…. GO  AWAY!!!! I really don’t give a rip about your opinion. Start thinkin about what is practical and how YOU can make a difference in someone’s life. Prepare for yourself so you can help others…….

      56. Goodness gracious!  I need to leave you guys alone! Too much verbage from me. Oh well.

      57. Off to bed. Just finished the last batch of turkey in some broth canned in the “pressure canner”. My husband helped with the “de boning” process and then off to bed for him to get to work in AM. Me as well.    Awesome taste with the turkey in a jar I must say! All protein and little broth. I know!   Only last a year but I’m doing the best I know how and am capable of.    D

      58. My husband drives a commercial touring company bus. I can log onto a private web site his company subscribes to and literally watch his bus as he travels. If he stops, it shows. It shows exactly how fast he is driving and how long he allows the bus to idle. This is “routine” now for bus drivers for travel companies and we just take it for granted. It was done for “safety”, but it is a big eye in the sky watching every move he (and his co-workers) makes while working. Just thought you all would like to know.


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