Hard Times Lead to More Crimes; And How to Protect Yourself

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 44 comments

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    In a sign of the times, a woman in Detroit, Michigan was car jacked and hog tied while the thief robbed her home:

    A bizarre home invasion left a Detroit woman hog-tied with duct tape and robbed of electronic equipment, jewelry, money and her sense of security.

    It started when Leah Smith was unloading her Thanksgiving Day groceries.  She says a man put a gun to her face and tied her up first with jumper cables and then with duct tape as he ransacked the rooms in her Woodbridge neighborhood duplex.

    During the ordeal Smith say the man told her he was sorry but had fallen on hard times and Christmas was coming and he had little kids.

    At one point Smith says she thought it was over, so she worked to free herself but then the man came back.

    He told her he needed help loading all her belongings into her own car.  Smith says she just wanted him to go so she helped him pack her car, watched him drive away and then ran to a neighbors house to call 911.

    source: WXYZ

    This incident goes to show just how desperate some people will get. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    We can certainly empathize with the man who is going through tough times – millions are going through exactly the same thing. Of course, this does not justify him carjacking, hog tying and then robbing a woman.

    When there are no jobs, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, many people will take actions that they would never have considered taking in better times.

    For now, there remains a governmental safety web of unemployment benefits (for most), welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. But once those on the programs start being eliminated, or the inevitable austerity cutbacks commence, stories like the one above will become commonplace.

    We can expect a rise in home invasions, robberies, kidnappings for ransom, and violent crime. This is an unavoidable side effect of a depressionary economic environment.

    How can you prepare?

    For one, we recommend to all our readers that you get armed. If you have a home defense weapon already, consider a conceal and carry permit. In addition to being ambushed entering your home, mall, grocery and retail store parking lots will become hot spots for thievery and assault.

    For the armed amongst us, also consider taking self defense classes. For those without martial arts or fighting experience, look into programs like traditional Japanese Karate or Israeli Krav Maga.

    The following videos show some basic skills that can be acquired in Krav Maga – a system of self defense originally designed in the Jewish quarter of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s. Skills learned in Krav Maga, Karate or any other fighting art can save your life if you’re caught without a self defense weapon (or happen to run out of bullets).

    Our family has chosen to practice traditional Shorin Ryu Karate (empty hand combat) for a number of reasons that include convenient scheduling of classes for kids and adults, comparatively low cost,  very personal instruction from a 4th degree black belt and his assistants, and the practical application of Karate skills for real-life self defense that include blocks, strikes, grappling, pressure points, pain compliance, and body conditioning. We highly recommend that you consider similar training for both, adults and children in your family.

    Here are some excellent videos from Krav Maga practitioners that are worth watching as they will show you just how easy (once properly trained) it is to defend yourself in situations that happen to regular people everyday.

    Krav Maga Gun Defense:

    Krav Maga Car Jacking Defense:

    Krav Maga Edge Weapons Techniques:

    Hat tip Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition


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      1. Being someone who has been robbed 4 times in the last 10 years, if you have PM, make sure it is well hidden. Just because you have them, doesn’t mean some low life won’t break in and steal them from you. I’m unfortunately having to move from my paid for mobile home to somewhere else where I will have to pay rent, just because of high crime in my area.

      2. Other things people can do:  put security bars on their doors & windows, get laminated glass for their windows (does not break easily at ALL) and be very aware when entering and leaving the home.  Have motion-sensor lights and no areas right by the door you enter & leave through where people could hide and ambush you.  A dog makes a good alarm, but train it to only take food from you in designated spots or someone can easily poison it.

        Go to http://www.ferfal.blogspot.com for some really good advice on security in a collapsed economy – he’s in Argentina and writes about the situation there – a good read for all of us…

      3. One night during the midnight shift last week just before Thanksgiving… at the hospital I work at seven cars were broken into in the employee parking lot… SEVEN in one night… and nothing was caught by security.  Fortunately for me… I was off that night… but there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen again.

      4. I would imagine that the robberies will not be confined to electronics , Christmas presents and other desirable household goods.

        I can see people being robbed at gunpoint after they just finish shopping at the grocery store.
        Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  In my state, carrying Mace is not illegal.  This may prove to be an effective deterrent and can be deployed from a short distance.

        Scary times indeed.

      5. Mace? Forgetaboutit..if the crook is armed all thats going to ensure is that you end up dead holding a can of Mace, as you lay face down in your own blood.
        self defence works if you are skilled, larger than your attacker, and possibly have some element of surprise on your side.

        The ultimate equalizer is the hand gun, and the knowledge to use it tactically, especially for the smaller individual or people with comprimised health or stength for what ever reason.

        And dont act on the first sign of agression..show the attacker that you plan on complying, act as though you will give him what he wants, maybe evan as you reach back to hand him your wallet with one hand, be pulling your gun with the other..and this is not the time for your mouth to be spewing bullshit..this is where you let your finger do the talking..shoot the fucker!!!now!!

        as for home invasion..make your doors stong as you can..this will buy you time to lock and load..again not time to talk things over..they broke down your door,, they aint there to play kissy face!..make sure when they are slid into the grave they have caused for themselfs, that they are at least 1440 grains heavier than when they came in. (thats more than one shot for you that dont know what i mean by that)..min. 2 in the head and one in the heart..make it so we dont have to pay for his upkeep, and so you dont have his story fucking up the truth.
        home invasion should be met with absolute force..and a shot gun is your best tool..covers more ground, is very intimidating..and wont go thru walls and wack your kid or wife on the other side.

        Parking lot altercations, are a difficult issue, you have way more obsticals to deal with and the possiblity of other innocent people around to be possibly harmed by you or the crooks gun fire..
        make sure you have your target aquired,,,completely!

        if you plan on packing..get lessons in tactical shooting..dont just go for the CPL..throw a few bucks more at your safety and get taught how to deal with the situations that can come your way, and learn your responsibilities of packing a gun…
        and when its time to act and when its time to watch.

        theres way more to packing heat than to smack a few target rounds into a piece of paper and think you got it down..

        try having your heart beat up, to the fight or flight range.. or to the point of total black out..thats when it gets really scarry

      6. IMO..i feel there is way more need for training of a CPL carrier than is available..legally and tactically.

        I have many many years of training,(target, and field..also tactical) and still dont know how i would handle the situation..its so easy to say how you would, but trust me..each event has its own dictators on your actions, and your assailants actions that create a different senario to paly out each and every time.
        Text book will get you no where.. on this..training for it, preps you.
        only living it …shows you

      7. This morning on the radio they spoke about a man who had legally purchased guns in Colorado where he lived. He was moving to New Jersey so he called to ask how to legally transport his weapons per that states laws. Once in that state he was arrested for the weapons in his car and is now in prison serving a 7 year sentence. The jury was not allowed to hear about the legal clause that allows for  gun transport  when moving or that he was in compliance with that law.   Involved with his trial was a group that seeks to ban all personal weapons.  I if you leave your property have a permit to carry and that goes for each state you move through. Know what the law allows for use of your weapon for protection. Do not listen to others. Get the law and learn it and follow it exactly. 

      8. Bee spray shoots 15-20 feet and is legal in all states. Shoot at the eyes. It burns. Sounds crazy? Some self defense experts say it works and it legal.

      9. Good advice VRF….. Very real facts.  I have.  My advice, never wish for it but “to carry” brings a great deal of responsibility.  I have defended my life & my girl with a shotgun & he backed down, quickly.  Gun was in condition 3.  He had time to think & so did I.  He was armed.  He is still breathing & he is f*ck(ing) up the truth!  Now he knows where we live.

      10. I have several cans of wasp/hornet spray…

        Get some.  On sale.

      11. Comments…..MiVidaLoca, that’s one reason why I don’t put up Xmas tree lights or even a Xmas tree. IMHO it just invites unwanted people to come into your home to steal. 

      12. VRF:

        I hear what you are saying, and for the most part, I agree.  However, in my state it is not legal to carry a concealed weapon without first obtaining a permit.  You can, of course, open carry, but the weapon cannot be loaded.  In my particular county, they are very stringent about who gets a C&C permit. 

        Then you are looking at drawing a weapon that the perp can see you carry, and try to load it before the perp blows your head off or knifes you to death.  In my particular situation, I’d rather quickly pull out the little can of Mace and spray him.  Not the optimal situation, but it’s the best I have at this point.

        Of course, it’s better just to give them what they want than fight, but sometimes giving them the goods won’t satisfy them – they want blood.

      13. I go shopping in the early morning; try to park close to the front of the store.  Never leave your handbag in the cart.  A small  shoulder bag/hands free is ideal while shopping, or even one that goes around the waist with just the wallet in it.   Since I drive a Hyundai,   I appear to be a fixed income retiree running around in gym/jogging attire.  Anyone standing around parking areas acting suspicious should be reported; turn around and go back in the store, which is what I did several years ago and security acted on it.  Be suspicious of  “friendly strangers” in public, (diverting your attention), also if someone asks for directions and you Q their appearance/motive, ignore them and leave.  Let instinct be your guide.  Dead bolt locks, keep loaded guns, wasp spray, knives, ball bats, golf clubs (irons), etc. handy for quick access.  Cut away all bushes scrubs  where someone can hide in front and back yard.  Trim trees underneath for clear view to the streets.   Lock the fence gate.   Keep sending  comments for  safety, self defense.

      14. GoldenFoxx:  I was just thinking that maybe there should be no presents under the tree this year.  Heck, maybe you’re right – no tree either.

        The kids would be disappointed but they would be even more disappointed if someone broke into their house to steal or commit mayhem.

        Good point.

      15. When out in public carry two wallets; if you can’t legally kill the bastard then at least get him out of your face on the cheap. Although I am well prepared to defend myself it may simply be easier in the long run to take that route if appropriate; anyone who wishes to press the issue will not be disappointed. My home is also well protected, however IF it is ever broken into when I am not there then I have a pleasant display of easy to grab merchandise that I can afford to lose. These guys have a limited amount of time, can only carry so much, and are generally stupid as hell so yeah, go ahead and take my parts guns and the fifty bucks on my nightstand. LOLOL. As far as lawful/unlawful carry is concerned, I do not/will not ask permission to defend my life liberty or pursuit of happiness wherever this sovereign individual goes. I don’t start shit but I will end it if necessary as is my right to do so. 

      16. Comments…..here in rural (very rural) mississippi, most of us are dirt poor anyway so we get pretty upset when someone takes advantage of us.  we have a motion detector in operation at the door, dead bolts, etc.. but the one thing we refuse to do is use a “security” light on a pole fromthe power company..why? well, without the light you can drive right on by in either direction and not know there is a house there. the only way to detect my house is to pull right up into the driveway and step up to the deck..then surprise..you are so blinded by that friggin light ya gotta blink quite a few times to get your vision back. and of course there is alot to be said about having plenty of bullets, beans and bandaids. lessons in self defense are useless unless you practice on a regular basis..then of course, there are things a person should think about before they head to town to get groceries or whatever. don’t travel alone at night unless ya gotta go tothe emergency room or the police station.  more importantly is to use the brain that God gave you and think things through before ya need to do something…be nice and polite but don’t trust anyone…even your crazy relatives.

      17. 3/4 inch plywood with inverted finish nails in front of the weak spots inside your house.  Top off with dead uncooked chicken drippings & rabid maggot raccoon dung.  

      18. Comments…..we live in calgary canada and its getting real bad here too … i agree  use your brain before doing anything …. we need more real death wish  people  like charles bronson ….. thats where this going ….take care

      19. first if someone wants to rob you they’re obviously not playing games…

        ask yourself what is your life worth”???”

        just give em what they want, they’re scared too… look them dead in the face – tell them “okay” and give em what they want – being dead or permanently maimed isn’t worth it! 

        I’ve been robbed 5 times is 42 years of life and 4 out of five times it was by people I know or see in every day travels. 

        make a point of recognizing your perp, eye’s nose face height scars tattoo’s and hair… your perp is usually someone you know! 

        try to recognize your attacker, give em’ what they want ( dead is dead) and hunt them down later… that’s what I do!   

        a house with camera’s an motion lights is very secure…it’s worth the added expense for peace of mind!

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      21. Comments…..Average citizens doing police work will not work in these times. Keeping a low profile is better, IMO. Usualy thieves know the date when paychecks are spended. Shoping
        local, in small amounts, every day, during day time saves you
        alot of trouble.

      22. If you have a permit to carry, would not the police come to your door first to confiscate since they know who has a permit and who does not?  Any comments?

      23. Comments…..I wish I was there to plug that no good.  Unfortunately, I live in a low crime area, so I don’t know if I will EVER get to unload a magazine into someone.  I hope the rioting looters head my way.  I would love to see their faces as I turn them into swiss cheese!  Kill!  Kill! Kill!

      24. I’m tucked away in an isolated area at the edge of a city.  Only abode among older commercial warehouses. Fed Ex still can’t find me. When I have to use them, have shipper post “must use map quest”. It’s commercial property with six foot fencing topped with barb wire and has security cameras.

        Took a page out of the pioneers handbook and decorated my abode rustic indian/western.  Above the big window is centered a clock – a replica of a buffalo head.  A 22 loaded rifle is mounted under it. On each side are hanging railroad kerosene lanterns.  In the corner a working wood cast iron ship galley stove is ready to be fired up for power outages.  The front door is metal and mounted to swing out and the L shape porch design makes it difficult to get a good swing, but could be kicked in if the two 2 x 4 door bars are not down in place (which I use at night).  The loaded 20 gauge is mounted over that door.  The back metal door also swings out and is single barred with a loaded rifle mounted. All are dead bolted. There is a storm locking front door, but no bars yet.

        The rustic theme is carried throughout with areas artfully displaying the collections of seasoning and medicinal herbs, oil lamps, candles and holders, hand grind grain mills, baking equipment (mounted baker rollers, sifters…) and pottery/cast iron cook ware. The windows are double panes and don’t open and would need something to step up to get leverage to get to them. No Plexiglas or bars yet. I’m not big on home entertainment, so don’t have a lot of in and out traffic to worry about. Those that do come by, think it is all decoration as my attire of fringe and buckskin motorcycle attire blend the life style.

        As I sit posting at this desk, my handgun is on a shelf below in arms reach.  I’ve taken several NRA classes with the same instructor who does some ladies only classes.  He is adamant about always being alert and aware of one’s surroundings.  No full headsets when running or distractions texting.  Think ahead, have keys at the ready when approaching car or house. No fumbling at doors.

        Lastly, ladies in particular, trust your instincts.  I was a single full timer RV’r  and I agreed when I started not to second guess myself when it came to my security.  One time I was in an isolated area sleeping peacefully when this voice in my head made me sit straight up with  MOVE!  MOVE NOW!  I did.  I’d learned the times those gut feelings had been ignored, I regretted.

        Spike TV had a great series on disasters hosted by this Navy Seal guy – search spike tv disasters.  They address home invasions, pandemics, nuclear attack, airplane high jacking…. AND +1 on the falfel.com blog.

      25. LH, take the barb down & put the real thing up.  Install sensors on porch when person walks past.  No tresspassing signs tucked away along with real or faux security camera for future.

      26. Thank your all for your wonderfully creative ideas on security….I will take your  advice. 

        Good luck to all of you and yours.

      27. Greg C..
        that might not be a good idea
        and just because you have CPL doenst mean you dont have other unregistered firearms…

        I myself would take this act as the dont tread on me time..and I would refuse. or…maybe just to put them off,by handing That  one over, but none of the others.
        knowing full well that at the time they came to disarm me..the Shit has already hit the fan., and laying down for the tyranny wouldnt be an option at that point.
        It would be time to protect my family and my property , and by them disarming me that would be seen as an act of agression and terrrorisum to my family and well being. they would become the Terrrorist in my eyes.

        They have an Oath to keep..and “they” know what im talking about..step outside that line..its all fair than.

      28. NO GLITZ ! ! !


        no show off fancy or fake-fancy glistening rings, watches, jewelry, clothes, cars or other evidence or pseudoevidence of wealth.  a fancy necklace can be ripped off and gone in milliseconds. don’t talk about things that imply you have lotsa money. always be nice  -not overly nice. don’t anger ANYONE EVER.  get into the habit of parking your car in the open and always in direct line of surveillance cameras.

        get legitably paranoid. glance around slyly all the time for unusual stuff and unusual patterns. remember and write down all license plate numbers of wierdos. IF YOU WEAR FANCY WATCHES AND RINGS IN A CAR A CROOK HAS YOUR LICENSE NUMBER. if you can carry a concealed camera and cell phone wherever you go. document, time and date anything that looks out of the ordinary. 

        always carry at least 2 “sharpie” marker pens with you – – the kind that write on glass or skin.

        and above all – – -don’t flash any money higher than ten dollar bills in public. absolutely NEVER.

      29. “If you have a permit to carry, would not the police come to your door first to confiscate since they know who has a permit and who does not?  Any comments?”

        Yeah…..I can only carry a handgun with any practicality, but home is where the GOOD stuff is.   My advise to anyone planing to show up for theft by confiscation, or just plain ole theft is come with plenty of help and your lunch….you’ll be here a while…..permanently if I have any say in the matter.

      30. @ Greg C

        “…If you have a permit to carry, would not the police come to your door first to confiscate since they know who has a permit and who does not?…”

        The CCW or CPL is also tied into the driver’s license and the  motor vehicle registration.  As a full time RV’r and little ole colored lady adventuring to explore the “blue highways” of the country, I found out about profiling. 

        The first few tops being pulled over for things like tail light or  unsecured latch on my top storage carrier, couldn’t believe it took two or three LEO cars. 

        When I figured out there was a pattern,  I objected to being stopped when not in violation of any laws.  Sometime during the second year of travels, one of those a-hole LEO’s had had a notation added that I was armed and dangerous. (Really!!!) I didn’t even keep the gun up front while driving, it was always in the “home” area.  It became obvious the offense was driving while Black.

        I went back to my state of origin, turned in the CCW and it took persistence and six months to get the state to completely purge the info from all my records.  My records have always been clean.  No arrests, drugs, not even a moving violation or accident. 

        Now when I want to conceal carry, I use a SmartCarry (the way I wear it requires a search of the a-hem “groin”  area).   No violations  and you are reaching down there?  LEO’s got some explaining to do.  Seems I’ll need to be wearing it more often now.

        (*FYI-  blue highways are the blue lines on maps  – like route 66)

      31. caryn,

        Your point about “security” lights is dead on.  NEVER will be one of them on my place.  I want crooks to wander around in the dark, tripping over stuff, and stepping in holes, and making all kinds of noise in the process to alert the dogs whose job it is to alert me.

        I’ve NEVER understood the mindset behind lighting up your yard to make it easier for folks that don’t know their way around to move about your place.

        Also, for ALL:

        One of the best security devices you can install, IMHO, is a Dakota Alert MURS system.  Though primarily meant for driveways, you get a base unit you put in the house, and then you can mount up to four sensor units around your property, all wireless.  Then sensor units can be magnetic probe based that will pick up vehicle movement, or motion detector type that pick up movement.  Each sensor is set to a specific zone number ( by you ) and the base unit will sound off “ALERT…..ZONE 1” ( or 2,3,4) three times to let you know something has tripped the sensor path.  You can also buy a handheld walkie talkie unit to talk to the base unit, and it will also pick up the sensor alerts.  With 4 sensors, you can pretty well cover about any situation.  And the range is several thousand feet.
        I’ve been using one for about 4 years, and they are the best I’ve found.

      32. @ Anonymous

        “…LH, take the barb down & put the real thing up…”   Three stands of barb not good????  What is real thing? 

        Have a couple of those Radio Shack ac/9volt portable alarms in preps – best get them out.

      33. The comments regarding the ability to bear arms are all really good ones.

        I’m reminded that our 2nd Amendment right to arm ourselves is being infringed upon more and more as time goes on.  When our nation was young, people carried guns and rifles, and it was no big deal.  Compared to today, in some states, it takes an act of God almost to get a permit to carry a loaded gun, after begging our Nanny for permission to carry.  It shouldn’t be like this.  A gentleman in my state carried an unloaded gun in public and the outcry was ridiculous – you’d have thought he was threatening everyone around him with it, which was not the case.

        The US Supreme Court has failed to extend the 14th Amendment to the 2nd Amendment – this means that the right to bear arms under our Consitution would apply to the states.  Translation:  this would mean that they would be unable to abridge the right in any way.  

        With that being said, it is not illegal to own a gun and it can be loaded without any fear of reprisal from the government.  The law recognizes a strict right to protect oneself when at home, using deadly force if necessary.  There is no duty to retreat.

        I only hope that the government doesn’t decide that it is in our best interests to take that right away as well.

      34. LH- while working at the DA’s office, I arraigned and prosecuted people for traffic infractions and misdemeanors.  It slowly became obvious to me that some of the officers were clearly profiling because of the nature of the violations they were being cited for.  When you see a ticket for a suspended license violation and nothing else, one wonders what the reason for the enforcement stop really was.  If didn’t appear to be any probable cause, so I would dismiss the ticket outright.  Most, if not all, of the defendants in these cases were people of color. 

      35. MVL, on behalf of those you didn’t let get screwed, thank you and also thanks for the confirmation on profiling.   Having that LEO i.d. me as armed and dangerous, put my life in danger without my knowing I needed to protect myself – from the LEO’s. 

        My message to people of color is not to get a CCW, buy guns from private parties and be smart and discreet in carrying and use. (No glove departments or under seat )  It is not in our best interest to become a target by getting on any government records or lists.  When they do a records search, and it states you could be armed, prepare to be treated like a criminal, not the law abiding tax paying citizen the majority of us are.   

      36. Greg C – Great question.  I have a CCW and carry frequently.  Not all the time though.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work.   I have several friends that are local law enforcement officers and their answer to this question is that the guns they have the capability of knowing about are not their concern.  I consider my license a step in the right direction if the police are involved.  Yea, I had to get fingerprinted and a major look into my past from who knows who, but I have nothing to hide.  I’m happy to be “legal”.

      37. @ bill

        “…I have several friends that are local law enforcement officers and their answer to this question is that the guns they have the capability of knowing about are not their concern..”

        Gee, it’s sure nice to have friends and be in “the in crowd”.  If you are not, consider not being treated in the same manner.   I had nothing to hide either.  That is why I applied, was fingerprinted, background checked and was approved  to carry.  I had even gone to gun safety classes before it was a requirement.

        In addition, jobs I have held required additional security clearance that the average joe citizen doesn’t have.  I have really been background checked. 

        So, for you majorities out there, with LEO friends, I agree, get your permits, be legal.  I would of kept mine except  for the attitudes and prejudices shown by LEO’s that could of cost me not only my rights, but my life.

        LEO’s always says they have the right to go home to their love ones, which I support.  But what about when they put someone else in harms way?   

      38. Razor blade wire.  Get a couple of wireless drive way sensors for your porch also.  Motion detector camera that interupts your favorite tv show.  Very inexpensive.  Northern Tool  

      39. Finally (!) the Third World country lifestyle has arrived to America! Where there is massive unemployment and zero income, crimes skyrock, unfortunately. The mistakes of some generate punishment to all! It’s just starting, and getting darker, each day. No, this is not pessimism, I wished it was just that, but this is reality. I was ever against guns, but now I am considering buying and carrying one (at all times, as permitted) and attending some shooting classes so I know how to use it well when it’s needed for my or someone else’s defense. If someone wants to kill me or an innocent person close to me just for the heck of it, I will use my gun, with no mercy. I would be doing the society a big favor, anyway… The old West has returned to America!

      40. Fortunately I live in a small town in the Central Valley of California.   I do not have a permit to carry.  In truth, if TSHTF, local law enforcement are personal friends, but other LEO’s are not.   I tend to think I would keep as low a profile as I could, shop in groups of friends, some with permits, and behave myself.   If forced, and near my good stuff, meaning the rifles, shotguns, pistols and such, well, the safe would be opened and weapons loaded.  For the idea of being defenseless while a family member or friend was gunned down is a personal nightmare to me.   I harbor no ill will for anyone.  I will be armed.  Were such an event to occur,  I would be merciless.  I’ve had people try to kill me before.  
        Avoiding such scenarios the best bet all around, for I have done a lot of prepping, over ten grand worth,  and would just as soon live long enough to be of assistance to family and friends.
        I somehow suspect, that were a groupf of armed thugs to seek to rob and terrorize people, well, like I say, a small rural town, with small town attitudes, small town friends,  where most own guns………..some vermin might get exterminated.
        Nevertheless, I’d much prefer to trade with silver rounds than with lead……..


        Kent, I traded junk mercs, ten junk walkers, and three junk morgans for a 20 guage and a case of 7 1/2 and two boxes of buckshot.  I live in a small town, ad my whole neighborhood is HEAVILY armed, but clueless.

      42. Your first mistake was to buy a house in a neighbourhood going down the crapper. These are hard times and they are only going to get worse in the next few years. In hard times, rather than arming yourself to the teeth and living in fear in your home, you need to be flexible and mobile. Get to the safe places.

        Where are the safe places? You can be damn sure those are the neighbourhoods where the rich white folks hang out. You want to get there. Look for the signs of a stable community: preppy clothing shops, twee tea shops and bistros, good infrastructure, probably an ivy league university nearby.

        Pay the little bit extra to rent in this community: it will be worth if for your sense of mind. Face for the facts: you will not win out against the gang bangers and other slime as crime goes up. You can only shoot so many people before getting the street rep for being the crazy white guy with the gun and they will come to get you.


        Frank, I bought the house before all this crap started.  We have a loose circle of like minded friends, with large tracts of land right outside of town.  (400+acres not visible from any highway).  As best we can, we have been planning for the necessity of bugging out.  I will not be staging a firefight from my front door.  :)  And I don’t really want to be in any city, rich neighborhood or not.

      44. Stick with the Pepper Spray. Wasp Spray will NOT work on those who cannot feel pain i.e. drugs or alcohol. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory which will cause the eyes to slam shut no matter the situation. That’s why over 40,000 law enforcement agencies carry it nationwide and even the smallest canisters will fire 10 ft while the larger will canisters will fire 25 to 30 ft.

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