Garden Rebels: 10 Ways to Sow Revolution In Your Own Back Yard

by | May 9, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 206 comments

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    Sometimes I think that the next Revolutionary War will take place in a vegetable garden.

    Instead of bullets, there will be seeds.  Instead of chemical warfare, there will be rainwater, carefully collected from the gutters of the house. Instead of soldiers in body armor and helmets, there will be back yard rebels, with bare feet, cut-off jean shorts, and wide-brimmed hats.  Instead of death, there will be life, sustained by a harvest of home-grown produce.  Children will be witness to these battles, but instead of being traumatized, they will be happy, grimy, and healthy, as they learn about the miracles that take place in a little plot of land or pot of dirt.

    Every day, the United Nations and the Powers That Be take steps towards food totalitarianism.  They do so flying a standard of “sustainability” but what they are actually trying to sustain is NOT our natural resources, but their control.

    This morning I came across one of the most inspiring, beautifully written articles that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time.  Julian Rose, a farmer, actor, activist, and writer, wrote an article called Civil Disobedience or Death by Design and it is a “must read” for anyone who believes in the importance of natural food sources:

    “From now on, unless we cut free of obeisance to the centralised, totalitarian regimes whose takeover of our planet is almost complete, we will have only ourselves to blame. For we are complicit in allowing ourselves to become slaves of the Corporate State and its cyborg enforcement army. That is, if we continue to remain hypnotized by their antics instead of taking our destinies into our own hands and blocking or refusing to comply with their death warrants. This ‘refusal’ is possible. But it will only have the desired effect when, and if, it is contemporaneous with the birthing of the Divine warrior who sleeps in us all. The warrior who sleeps-on, like the besotted Rip Van Winkle in the Catskill mountains.”

    Does it sound dramatic to state that if things continue on their current path of “sustainability” that we are all going to die?  If you think I’m overstating this, read on.  The case is clear that we are going to soon be “sustained” right into starvation via Agenda 21.

    • The European Union is in the process of criminalizing all seeds that are not “registered”.  This means that the centuries-old practice of saving seeds from one year to the next may soon be illegal.
    • Collecting rainwater is illegal in many states, and regulated in other states.  The United Nations, waving their overworked banner of “sustainability” is scheming to take over control of every drop of water on the globe.  In some countries people who own wells are now being taxed and billed on the water coming from those sources.  Nestle has admitted that they believe all water should be privatized so that everyone has to pay for the life-giving liquid.
    •  Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code”) is a global set of standards created by the CA Commission, a body established by a branch or the United Nations back in 1963. As with all globally stated agendas, however, CA’s darker purpose is shielded by the feel-good words.  As the US begins to fall in line with the “standards” laid out by CA, healthful, nutritious food will be something that can only be purchased via some kind of black market of organically produced food.
    • Regulations abound in the 1200 page Food Safety Modernization Act that will put many small farmers out of business, while leaving us reliant on irradiated, chemically treated, genetically-modified “food”.

    In the face of this attack on the agrarian way of life, the single, most meaningful act of resistance that any individual can perform is to use the old methods and grow his or her own food.

    Growing your own food wields many weapons.

    • You are preserving your intelligence by refusing to ingest toxic ingredients.  Many of these ingredients (and the pesticides sprayed on them) have been proven to lop off IQ points.
    • You are nourishing your body by feeding yourself real food.  Real food, unpasteurized, un-irradiated, with all of the nutrients intact, will provide you with a strong immune system and lower your risk of many chronic diseases.  As well, you won’t be eating the toxic additives that affect your body detrimentally.
    • You are not participating in funding Big Food, Big Agri, and Big Pharma when you grow your own food.  Every bite of food that is NOT purchased via the grocery store is representative of money that does NOT go into the pockets of these companies who are interested only in their bottom lines.  Those industries would be delighted if everyone was completely reliant on them.
    • You are not susceptible to the control mechanisms and threats.  If you are able to provide for yourself, you need give no quarter to those who would hold the specter of hunger over your head.  You don’t have to rely on anyone else to feed your family.

    Consider every bite of food that you grow for your family to be an act of rebellion.

    1. If you live in the suburbs, plant every square inch of your yard.  Grow things vertically.  Use square foot gardening methods.  Make lovely beds of vegetables in the front yard.  Extend your growing seasons by using greenhouses and coldframes.  This way you can grow more than one crop per year in a limited amount of space.   Use raised bed gardening techniques like lasagna gardening to create rich soil.  If you have problems with your local government or HOA, go to the alternative media and plead your case in front of millions of readers.  We’ve got your back!
    2. If you live in the city or in an apartment, look into ways to adapt to your situation.  Grow a container garden on a sunny balcony, and don’t forget hanging baskets.  Grow herbs and lettuce in a bright window.  Set up a hydroponics system in a spare room (but look out for the SWAT team – they like to come after indoor tomato growers!)  Go even further and look into aquaponics. Create a little greenhouse with a grow light for year round veggies.  Sprout seeds and legumes for a healthy addition to salads.
    3. If you live in the country, go crazy.  Don’t just plant a garden – plant fields!  Grow vegetables and grains.  Grow herbs, both culinary and medicinal.  Learn to forage if you have forests nearby.  Learn to use old-fashioned methods of composting, cover crops and natural amendments to create a thriving system.
    4. Raise micro-livestock.  This option may not work for everyone, but if you can, provide for some of your protein needs this way.  Raise chickens, small goats, and rabbits, for meat, eggs and dairy.  If you are not a vegetarian, this is one of the most humane and ethical ways to provide these things for your family.  Be sure to care well for your animals and allow them freedom and natural food sources – this is far better than the horrible, nightmare-inducing lives that they live on factory farms.
    5. Save your seeds.  Learn the art of saving seeds from one season to the next.  Different seeds have different harvesting and storage requirements.
    6. Go organic.  Learn to use natural soil enhancers and non-toxic methods of getting rid of pests.  Plan it so that your garden is inviting to natural pollinators like bees and butterflies.  If you wouldn’t apply poison to your food while cooking it, don’t apply it to your food while growing it.
    7. Be prepared for backlash.  The day may come when you face some issues from your municipal government.  Be prepared for this by understanding your local laws and doing your best to work within that framework. If you cannot work within the framework, know what your rights are and refuse to be bullied.  Call up on those in the alternative media who will sound the alarm.  Every single garden that comes under siege is worth defending.
    8. Learn about permaculture.  Instead of buying pretty flowering plants for your yard, landscape with fruit trees (espalliering is a technique that works will in small spaces), berry bushes, and nut trees.  These can provide long-term food sources for your family.
    9. For the things you can’t grow yourself, buy local.  Especially if space is limited, you may not be able to grow every bite you eat by yourself.  For everything else, buy local!  Buy shares in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Visit your farmer’s market.  Shop at roadside stands.  Join a farming co-op.  Support the agriculture in your region to help keep local farms in business.  (One note about farmer’s markets:  Some farmers markets allow people to sell produce that originates at the same wholesalers from which the grocery stores buy their produce.  I always try to develop a relationship with the farmers from whom I buy, and I like to know that what I’m buying actually came from their fields and not a warehouse.)  Find a local market or farm HERE.
    10. Learn to preserve your food.  Again, go back to the old ways and learn to save your harvest for the winter.  Water bath canningpressure canningdehydrating, and root cellaring are all low-tech methods of feeding your family year round. Not only can you preserve your own harvest, but you can buy bushels of produce at the farmer’s market for a reduced price and preserve that too.

    There is a food revolution brewing.  People who are educating themselves about Big Food, Big Agri, and the food safety sell-outs at the FDA are disgusted by what is going on. We are refusing to tolerate these attacks on our health and our lifestyles. We are refusing to be held subect to Agenda 21′s version of “sustainability”.

    Firing a volley in this war doesn’t have to be bloody.  Resistance can begin as easily a planting one seed in a pot.

    tomatoes growing

    Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Be a Real Rebel with a Green Thumb FIGHTIN’ TYRANNY , Against the Oppressive ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV Red Commie State …

        GARDEN NAKED !


        ;0p slurp

        • Garden Naked! That is some funny shit!

          • That isn’t really as funny as it sounds, in our area we have a “back to nature” group who live way out in the hills and they do exactly just that and live off their land. Gardening naked is alive and well in Missouri.

            • sorry to be a buzz kill BUT the local farmers markets are a Joke you pay three times the price for basically the same produce.
              these folks just appeal to the inner city yuppies who think there buying good food but in reality there buying over priced crap.

              Most “farmers” are nothing but con artists. they get some things to grow in up state or Ca ( for those of us who live in the south west )and then they charge $5.00 for a bunch of half grown carrots.

              i have seen $4.50 heads of lettuce and $6.00 per lb for tomatoes that were supposedly organic.

              Maybe in Canada prices are lower but for us in the Cities there out of line.

              also most of the produce sold in AZ and NV it all comes from California

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • you just said it yourself…so grow your own!!!

              • you’re wrong about this. i live in south texas and we have lots of organic micro farms and citrus growers. their prices are very reasonable and the food lasts three times as long in the frig as store bought. find another source, you will not be disappointed…

                • well there are not many in southern NV
                  the point of my comment was that MOST farmers markets are just a rip off NOT all but most. the few citrus trees are small and not good producers.unfortunately citrus trees don’t do well in 113 degree heat.

                  Northern Nv and Southern Utah are a different story but even they over charge city folk will drive up and pay almost twice and never even figure the gas costs in to there price.

                  inner city folks have no clue about how the stuff they buy at these Flea markets are really just bought by the sellers and are grown in Ca and they use that as an excuse to over charge. most city dwellers Think there buying organic and maybe Daisy will teach us about Organic and non organic.

                  my understanding is organic just means no pesticides doesn’t mean you cant enhance the soil with chemicals

                  they over pay. all in the name of Healthy! after all if it has a vine still attached it has to be worth $6.95 per pound right ??

                  i have gotten better deals at the local Mex market 5 lbs of tomatoes for a $1.00
                  we canned over 30 qts last year for around $25.00 to $30.00 TOTAL!! pure tomatoes no seeds no skins and that lost about 10lbs to 15 lbs for the waste.

                  i am not saying there are not good deals but you have to look at the actual “farmers markets ” some are set up in Trendy shopping malls ( google tivoli village Las vegas nv ) they hold one on fri or sat

                  others are just an excuse to get people in to the Casino areas so they will gamble.

                  almost every thing here is designed to get suckers into the casinos.

                  • I’ve read that about 50% of “organic” produce in USA comes from five farms in CA. Daisy would agree that the only you can be sure of what you’re eating is to grow it yourself.

                    Even in the’burbs, you can grow a lot of your own Six tomato plants along the side of the house will probably produce more than you can use fresh. Every little bit helps.

                    My neighbor told me gardening was too much work, as he was slaving to make his “lawn” look like a golf course. Strange, after I set out my tomato plants and put the cages around them, (Huge job, I had to push the wires several inches into the dirt. Probably took 10 minutes total to install the cages.) I did nothing else until picking time.

              • SSU,
                The big agricultural farms receive government subsidies that the small farmer at the Farmer’s Market does not. That accounts for some price difference. Most people I know at the Farmer’s Market, including me, try to price our produce at the same price you see in the grocery store but that means very little profit for the little guy. Mega farms also can buy mega fertilizer in bulk that costs them a lot less than the little farmer has to pay. People who buy at the Farmer’s Markets are not necessarily yuppies but are trying to support the small local farmer while also getting produce that was picked fresh that morning or night before. Can’t get that in the grocery store with their lower prices that are federally subsidized.

                • Big ag also has the advantage of scale. Hov much would a Chevy cost if they were each made by hand? SSU is pointing out the scammers. Buyiong “organic” at Whole Foods is not what people think it is. They go to a lot of trouble to make their stores look homey and rustic.

        • Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Save your seeds and replant next year!

          • This just isn’t right. They are making people guerrilla
            farmers who are only trying to fill a need they were born with. What’s next?

            • Oxygen tax.

          • Kudzu, just don’t plant kudzu.

            • I reckon you’ve never heard of kudzu blossom jelly.

            • kudzu is a real problem but can be controlled if folks would just do it…like letting cows forage- they love kudzu and so do goats…kudzu jelly is fantastic. and the dried kudzu vines make beautiful baskets and wreaths.

              • Kudzu root has medicinal values and the flowers for jelly. I have plenty if anyone wants some… I guess if the shtf then it might become a resource. Now I need a goat…

            • I think kudzu leaves are high protein and make good forage for goats and rabbits. I love growing pushy, aggressive food plants. It’s like free food throwing itself at you.

        • Another good article Daisy! However, some of us live in the desert and raising any kind of garden uses more water than the garden produces.:(

          • Hi AZ ~

            Thank you! 🙂

            I had considered relocating to New Mexico at one point, and I was very interested in the “Earth Ship” methods. Not necessarily building that way, but their methods of diverting all gray water to gardens, particularly indoor beds. That would definitely be my plan if I lived in an arid climate. Are there any drought resistant things that you are able to grow with a smaller amount of water?


            • Cactus. Hohoba beans. Pinon nuts. Better yet use hydroponics through aquaculture and recycle the water that is not used.

              That is the future of farming everywhere.

              • Agave,
                Home made tequila!

          • People in the desert should look into teary beans. Very suited to dry conditions. Also, look into foods that UNESCO and other groups investigate for foods in dry parts of Africa. I can’t remember any off hand because I live in a rainy area, but there are plenty of trees and plants that will do well in the desert. You just have to be flexible in your idea of what a garden is. Good luck.

          • Seems aquaponics would be a good alternative for you.

        • If you do garden naked, you better be careful at pruning time.

          • Hey now!……

          • Sunburn can be serious – even up here – near Canada! (And it STILL hurts a lot!) Ok – I am just talking about FEET! I would suspect other parts could hurt as much…..or worse!

          • You should be careful about gardening naked, you know potatoes have “eyes”

        • Garden naked? I got flashed once by a girl in the Home Depot garden department. Does that count?

          And, don’t any of y’all mention the time my overalls fell off while picking tomatoes. That was NOT on purpose!

          • For some, gardening naked should be a felony.

        • I enjoyed the article even though I have been gardening for at least 40 years. You never are too old or to smart to learn something new. Great job Daisy!

      2. Sorry to change topic but If Tyler D is reading, your article on Cypress extending it’s bank controls. With the withdrawal limits won’t most people have all their money out in about4-5 more months?

        • Daisey: Where you get the pictures? I’m in Wyoming also, My plants commit Hari Kari as soon as they know where they are.

          • Paranoid:

            Those were taken when we lived in the city in Southern Ontario, in our backyard garden.

            ~ Daisy

            • Great job Daisy, loved your input and common sense.

              • Absolutely, great article Daisy.

                • Really nice article Daisy. Some great ideas there. Was no aware, but not surprised to hear, there are places that have a law against collecting rain water. That has to be one of the stupidest laws I have ever heard of.


          • Learn to harden your plants by slowing getting them used to being outdoors everyday before you plant them in the garden. Really have to do that here in Wyoming.

            Buy yourself a copy of “All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More In Less Space”
            written by Bartholomew, Mel

            • I need a publication that will tell me when I can safely plant different crops. I have trouble remembering everything BUT sweet corn (I grew up in Iowa). Any suggestions?

              • That same book will help you out there also.

                • Wonderful article Daisy! ” The Old Farmers Almanac” by Robert B. Thomas is invaluable in the world of gardening. It has plant dates for all regions, Gardening and harvesting by the proper phase of the moon is a must for increased yields and prolonging root crops after harvest.

                  With Godspeed, prep, and pray.

              • Go to your county Extension office and they can give you free material or run copies of what month and time frame you can plant different vegetables according to the zone you’re in.

                • This year we changed zones. Normally we can plant Potatoes the end of March. Had 2 blizzards and a couple of snows in April. The old tried and true method of sticking a thermometer in the ground seems to be the ticket this year.

                  • Somebody ask AlGore to please turn global warming back on.

              • just plug in your zipcode. Tells how to plant as well.

              • sixpack: Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook is a great reference for what to plant,etc..Find out when your last frost date is and then fill in the date you’re suppose to do what for each chapter. I also keep a notebook for when I planted what and where, when it came up and any notes or suggestions for the next season. The Self Sufficient Gardener is a must have, as well. Here’s a link for the first book for Walmart. It’s also available on Amazon.

                • That’s exactly what I was looking for—thanks!

              • Hoop Houses – Cold Frames – Hot House – Hot Boxes….

                Those really help you get a longer growing season here in the mountain states.

                Get a copy of that book and read up.

            • This is an inspirational article Daisy! Thank you! Last week I was shocked when I read about the EU wanting to register seeds; I certainly hope the European farmers are pushing back. Seems like every day, some govt is trying to sneak away freedom, while the population is distracted with other things.

            • Drip irrigation will help

          • Those little tomato cages just you just push in the ground are great for mini greenhouses. Just wrap with that clear package wrap and instant individual greenhouse. Great protection from the wind and hungry critters and if it gets frosty just cover the top with cardboard. For premium tomato cages a roll of reinforcing wire will make you a bunch of cages. All you have to do is keep tucking the plants back inside the cage, and you’ll have 6 foot tomatoes before ya know it 🙂

      3. Thank you Daisy for a good article. I think number 10 is the most important and an excellent ending to this. Preserving food is essential, as most of the country has less than 220 growing days on the calender, and many less than 150 days. 140 days without being able to grow anything outside is a long time. Areas that are colder have several months without warm enough weather, and should really consider livestock of some sort. There is also a danger of losing most heat to be able to grow food inside. Canning is so valuable, and as long as some wackos don’t make pressure cookers illegal, canning is one of the most economical ways of keeping your food from the garden or other sources there for when you need it.

        • Great article Daisy!

          I agree #10 is very important. Preserving your food is healthier as well as economical. During difficult times, using this knowledge could be what sustains you and your family.

          Fresh, homegrown vegetables are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. They contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and dietary phytochemicals, which are needed for good health.

          • An additional note on preservation….if you are unable to can, you should also have the ability to ferment your foods, which means you basically chop it, salt it, and store it in a crock covered by it’s own water and weighted down. Pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, and many other kinds of vegetables can be preserved with this very ancient technique. The Art of Fermentation is a comprehensive guide for all this plus meats, meads, dairy, beer,etc. It notes a gentleman whose family survived off of sauerkraut and potatoes after WWII. It also cites a USDA microbiologist who says fermentation is one of the oldest and safest food preservation technology that we have. I have thus far made sauerkraut and pickles, and they are very easy and tasty. Now I have 500 more pages of fun.

            Agree, this is a great article, Daisy!

        • A must have are Elliot Coleman’s books
          Four season Harvest
          The New Organic Grower
          These two books are indispensible, especially if you have definite and possibly shorter growing seasons.

        • Be Informed ~

          Thank you!

          And congratulations! I’m not sure if you saw it, but Natural News picked up your 35 Excuses article! You are officially a big deal, my friend!

          Link to follow…


            • @ Daisy. Like I told Mac, I just hope that this can wake up a few more people before this happens, especially family and friends of preppers/survivalists. It is going to be an extreme hardship on many people that have prepared to have their whole framily coming crashing in when the collapse begins. We have such little time left to make any type of positive difference. Glad to see your articles, as so many people on the site contribute so much.

        • i keep thinking about that “livestock thing”

          last year the DEPT of AG census form was floating around and under penalty of death, they wanted it filled out by all farmers, even ex-farmers (kinda of like myself) with inventory of EVERYTHING. down to how many chickens you have.

          this is similar to the DEPT OF LABOR census that was going around last year, regarding what inventory you have
          in your business. Gee, now why would they want to know these things?

      4. And to think I’ve been gardening and canning stuff all along. Ha ! I’m a rebel!

        • Yeah, rebels without a cause, till now.

      5. Meanwhile the government continues to sign the sheeple up on the food stamp “snap” programs….enslaving yet more amerikan’s

        • TheTruthHurts,

          I’d rather eat fried cat shit than get on SNAP. Howsoever, I have a pretty decent garden every year, myself. I just need to expand my operation!

        • They will be free
          As soon as those EBT cards dont work,

        • Food stamps are run out of the Dept of Agriculture.

          First Presidential primary is in Iowa.

          Connect the dots.

          Food stamps will go away the same time as farm subsidies.

      6. A Storm is Coming, are you ready?
        One day soon food (a meal) will cost you a days wages. (where did I read that? Anyway)
        You can buy all the ammo, guns, food, water, water filters etc. BUT you really need to be able to grow your own food as one day your stored food WILL run out. You can not and will NOT be able to rely on others to grow it for you (at any price). In a TOTAL collapse gold and silver, just may be worth nothing. Who is the richer man: The man with 100 pounds of wheat, rice & beans OR the man with 100 pounds of gold? (REMEMBER, you can NOT eat gold). And your Gold may have some value somewhere say 500 miles away from you but how are you going to get there AND BACK, especially if there is no gas. FOOD and Safe Water (ARE GOLD) in the very near future. Learn to grow your own food.
        Check out Aquaponics it’s a reveloutionary idea in growing FOOD and FISH together, at:
        Takes very little room and grows tons of fresh vegatables and fish to eat too.
        You can buy a 12 volt pond pump on Ebay for $19.95 and it works great off a battery powered by a solar panel. Also I have plans for free how to build the perfect siphon bell (it works every time) If your interested.

        • The richer man is the one who has both. One is a short-term asset while the other is a long-term one. One denarius was considered a day’s wages in the Bible (the origin of your original quote). It contained about a tenth of an ounce of silver. Therefore, according to this a one-ounce silver coin will buy enough food to feed someone for ten days at the level described in the Bible. That sounds like an argument FOR buying precious metals now while they are undervalued.

          I own a fully stocked and loaded off-grid retreat that produces its own heat, meat, water, and power, but if I could travel just 500 miles to an area stable enough that precious metals are still being traded, I would leave it all behind and not look back. Of course I could because I have enough of them to start over. My truck will run on used motor oil once it gets started so I could travel 500 miles even if I hadn’t stored any fuel.

          I’ve investigated the IDEA of aquaponics and even the 12 volt systems with bell siphons you describe and found no one successfully keeping the system going without external inputs. I think I will stick with what works and leave the experimenting to others.

          • Yep. I like the idea of aquaponics but I think if someone can get it to work on a solar connected pump they have to look at it as a short term supply of food– something to carry you over while getting long-term solutions perfected. Pumps go out. Then what?

            As you say, the inputs are a problem. People do aquaculture– not aquaponics– in India and Thailand by feeding feces to the bottom feeders. Fun to think about next time you’re eating jumbo shrimp or tilapia!

        • Trailer Park Investor: There is a minor typographical error on your link. You need to change the M to an N or just click on my name to get to the correct website. I’ve seen many YouTube videos on aquaponics and it looks like a prepper’s dream if you can get it to work.

          Getting back to your question, if you have BOTH the food and the gold, the barter possibilities boggle the imagination if federal reserve notes lose their value.

      7. you dont need a pressure cooker to can. Winter crops are important

        • d…b,
          Last Winter, I grew enough cabbage, kale, carrots, and broccoli for all on about 768 square feet.

        • You


          You DO need a pressure canner to can all low acid vegetables, meat, and mixtures of the two.

          • I’m with you.

          • yep you sure do need a pressure cooker to can meats.

            and if you dont have one , buy one now .

            i also advocate you all learn to save your seeds , i have done this for years and if done the right way , your plantings can improve over time.
            remember most hybrid seeds cannot be saved .
            and just because it is “hybrid” does not mean it is GM ,
            it simply means it is from a grafted or mixed variety.

            party on wayne!

          • Get your pressure cooker’s soon before it’s against the law.

      8. I must be going about this wrong, I’ve been spilling my seed for years now with little to show for it besides bragging rights.

        • Pig, go away!

          • Anonymous, I’m here for the long-haul so how about you make it easy on yourself and play nice? Even the the end of the world needs some blue humor in it.

        • Maybe you’re lucky, mclovin. Some end up with a lot of notches on the bedpost and an empty wallet.

        • You must have summer kids……summer here, summer there.

      9. It is amazing what you can grow in a limited space.. don’t have a big yard ? Grow in pots.. buy a couple of wooden stair risers that they sell at all home improvement stores and some 2×6 or 2×8’s for the “shelves” and in a small space, you can easily grow a lot of produce… a lot.

        Replace any non fruit bearing trees in your yard with fruit bearing specimens.. fruit trees are attractive, long lived and attract lots of pollinators. Replace the shrubs around your place with food bearing shrubs.. there are tons of them.. the look great and don’t just “sit” there.. put in beery patches along your fence line.. not unattractive if well kept and no one is going to be real eager to cross over them after the first time..

        Pay close attention to your growing zone.. plant things rated to do well where you live..

        Food does not get any better than when you grow it yourself…

        • Fruit trees are great once they start bearing fruit after a few years. Plant strawberries now and You will have fruit this year and twice as much next. Plant blackberry bushes in the fall (not in the garden) and they will bear fruit next year. I never mulch any of these crops. I thin each Spring and get fruit every year.

      10. Thanks Daisy,
        Great article. Been out tilling the garden this morning. Plan on planting in the next couple weeks. All heirloom seeds. Getting a hand pump put on the well within the next week or so. Ain’t cheap.
        Next on the agenda is building a greenhouse. Plenty of wild critters in the woods and fields. Be sure to stock up on canning jar lids, they are going to be worth their weight in gold when TSHTF. Got plenty of canning jars. Propane stove for canning and plenty of propane. Wheat and wheat mill for breads. Just planted 2 more blueberry bushes. I keep trying to get prepped, but, I suppose that very few folks feel prepped enough. I feel as though (like Lou Gehrig said) I am the luckiest man in the world. Got a wife that goes along with the prepping lifestyle and I feel very fortunate in that. It is not the cheapest lifestyle in the world, but it does give comfort. Friends used to think I was some kind of nut when I kept telling them to buy ammo ahead, now they want me to sell them some. TOUGH SH$T. Ain’t goona happen. Anyway, thanks for the website Mac, and again thanks for all the great articles.

        • Ooh! Having a green house– even a cheap one like mine– is the best! I LOVE mine! When it was chilly and even cold I could go in there and feel like I was in a different season. It is great to go in there and be surrounded by LIFE when everything else is dead or sleeping. We did use a heater in there during the cold in order to grow and sustain things on days that were overcast and at night thanks to the extended cold season we’ve had, but even if we don’t use heat this winter, we can still keep right on growing lettuce, spinach, and carrots! 🙂
          ….And I may continue using it over the summer to brood chicks. 😛

      11. The US ( and most nations) already has a law that is consistent with UN Agenda 21 that limits food storrage, sharring, donation etc. It is called the Food Safety Modernization Act and was passed in 2011. They are not enforcing the parts of it that puts limits on households but they were told multiple times to remove that wording and they would not. They would not remove it because that wording is in compliance with UN wording. If they insist on having those word in the law, they will eventually use them. They EU is just doing what Agenda 21 allows them to do and thatnew EU law was probably written by Monsanto or DuPont.

        Our Senate is current debating new legislation that could require all GMO foods to be labeled. Read the wording and if it is ok, contact your Senator and tell them to vote for it. That is a direct attack against Monsanto and DuPont and their goals for total control.

        • “That is a direct attack against Monsanto and DuPont and their goals for total control.”

          And that is why it will not be passed…

        • I’m not holding my breath while congress does one more ‘whitewash’ or slight-of-hand trick. I predict more of what we got last time, from Pelosi, only this time in regard to some proposed, incomprehensible, non-labelling bill, and not ever knowing what’s in the GMO food.

          I can hear her now: “We’ll just have to eat it to find out what’s in it”…

          That’s the mentality they think they’ve reduced us to, and I hope they are soon disconcerted and surprised by their inability to control millions of angry and dissatisfied taxpaying citizen protesters.

        • That’s why there are troops marching down my street arresting people and consficating guns.

      12. Love, love, love this post. 🙂

      13. Daisy, awesome article. This is one place where I am lacking in my preps and have so much to learn. We are starting our first garden and will be planting in a couple of weeks.

        Keep up the great positive work and I for one really appreciate this and all of your articles!

        God Bless,

        • A survivor of a high-level ring involving child sacrifice, torture and trafficking went public today in an exclusive disclosure and interview with Freedom Central’s Mel Ve and ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett.

          Toos Nijenhuis, a fifty four year old physiotherapist and mother of five from Holland, was tortured, raped and used experimentally from the age of four years old by wealthy and powerful men around the world, including top officials of churches and governments.

          And, Nijenhuis claims, these crimes are continuing today, including the ritual sacrifice of children in rural Holland.

          • Read in the past about the Detroux affair. Apparently the child molestors are supported in Holland in the highest level of government and monarchy. I almost threw up every day for many days after reading some about it. I can’t take these things and can only pray God’s justice will come swiftly.

        • What have you guys been smoking?

          I want some!

        • How did you become so twisted as to believe the garbage you post? Scary to find out that there are people like you out there.

      14. Even as gun and ammo prices double, Americans are buying everything produced in these industries and there isn’t an arms manufacturer or ammunition factory that can keep up. Obama has cut off imports to help dry up the market – the LAST thing he wants is an armed America.

        The American people are aware that something is VERY WRONG even if they can’t put their finger on exactly what it is – And America is preparing for war. Make no mistake about it – they are not just buying “guns;” the American people are buying military pattern semi-automatic rifles to the point that they are now back-ordered for 2 years for some brands and at least a year for others. Americans may have been dumbed down, but most are not yet retarded and at some level know they will not be voting themselves out of THIS mess.

        There is a civil war brewing in this country and to think otherwise is whistling past the graveyard of history.

        • WCIII, Hate to diagree with you, but on one point you are wrong. Bet there are a lot of really sick people out there, that have probably already learned, NEVER BUY IN A PANIC. You are right as far as ammo goes, but that too will pass. As for guns, their prices are already down, some almost 50%, just go to gunbroker and you can get all of the AR’s that you want, and most can’t even get a bid. But the next big event and it will be off to the races again. Trekker Out. FREE MEN OWN GUNS,SLAVES DON’T!

        • They may be buying them but my bet is that when the time for action comes they will not do anything. A big step to take for those that have believed that we have a lawful govt. Normalcy bias will get us all killed.

      15. Nice dog. Golden Retriever? I’d entrust my life to my dog sooner than any human.

        • that Mutt is a ‘Blonde Spazzy Ditz!’

          her name is ‘PuckHead’ ;0p

          And she is for Sale $1.00 , Hell keep the dolla’ i’ll even pay you 1 ounce of real silver to take her …

          an she comes with a no refund no return policy .


          • I take it your visit with the “Mutt” wasn’t that pleasant?

            • @JRS … Respect !

              even ‘CUJO’ would flee far far away from this crazy nutsy bw_tch of a dog ;0p

              she does this weird snaggle tooth snarly growl thing every time you even get close to @Ms. Daisy or The Kid , doesn’t even let you sit on the coach … she literally herds you around .

              an she likes goin’ for your oysters every time ‘HARD’ with a muzzle poke and sniff , steals your favorite pair of Tony Lama’s and take them into the woods to never be seen or heard from again .

              and i swear would pee standing on three legs if she could , never knew a dog could be a womans-liber till I met this Loony Toony as it is she who wears the pants and strap-on in the family .

              male intruders beware .


              • Smart dog…she sure has your number!

                • ;0p pssszzt

        • JRS ~ She is actually a Golden Doodle, but she didn’t really get any of the “oodle” part. Her littermates all looked like little yellow poodles, but she looks like a pure Golden Retriever. She acts like one too – you should see her swimming across the lake we live by now in her fruitless pursuit to catch a duck.

          She is a real sweetheart and thinks my youngest daughter is her puppy. 🙂

          ~ Daisy

      16. This is everyday life for my family. We have been raised bed gardeners for years. We grow all our fresh produce, can and preserve the excess. We make our own jams, jellies; grow all our own herbs. We haven’t bought any herbs in years.

        I like being a rebel…

        • Fifteen gallon containers are great for carrots, beets, tomatoes and many other crops. The black plastic sides let tomatoes get an early start on the season. Just make sure that the containers are shaded from the late afternoon sun when Summer arrives at least in the Southwest as the Sun is so strong.

      17. Great article Daisy. :0)
        Ive been working on my self sufficiency, i really think that is the best, safest, and easiest way to flip it to the system, just refuse to be part of it!
        We can grow year round, but EVERY form of refuge has its price, ours is in the form of high county and state fees and regulations and high priced everything else, so there still needs to be some form of income,
        If there was no electric etc,,, would actually be a blessing in disguise.
        Then the excuses disappear!

        • 5 Habits Of Self-Sustaining People

          “Most self-supporting people come from hard times. We could have grown up anywhere, but somewhere in our lives, we have had to get by on little or nothing. Instilled within us is a conservative yet creative mentality combined with a “git ‘er done” attitude…”

      18. The garden is in. It’s been a fairly normal spring around here. Unlike the last 2 years. I have asparagus planted but not enough to freeze or can. It’s about the only veggie ready right now here in the NE (besides dandelion). I went to the local “truck farmer” yesterday and bought him out of all his asparagus seconds. 10 pounds. Blanched and frozen. I canned a bunch last year I will save for preps and eat up the frozen this year. I have two apple trees I planted from local seed 3 years ago. I need to get them in permanent ground. They are about 4 foot tall now. Any advice on that? Do they need full sun or can they deal with some shade? I have limited full sun with my chicken pens and gardens and woods all around and I hate to see them go to waste.

      19. Living in the city your little garden spot is quite valuable to you. All the time and effort you put into it can be undone by one night of marauding raccoons, opossums, armadillos, cats, dogs, squirrels, you name it. Happened to me a couple weeks ago and I have since put up a little electric fence. So far, so good.

        Amazon has a battery operated fence charger for @$40 that packs quite a wallop. A few plastic thingies $8 and some wire $7. No more varmints tearing up your garden. Priceless!

      20. Miniature cattle are awesome.

        • goats are much cheaper then minature cattle. goats will thrive on forage that cattle would starve on. A old timer told me that during the depression you could buy the very best milk cow for 12 to 14 dollars. but a good white shannon ot other milk goat would cost $45. Goat manure can be used directly on your garden. Cow manure must be composted.

          • Goats will destroy everything unless confined. Kiss any fruit trees etc. goodbye if goats get near them as they will eat the bark and kill the tree.

            • Goats are easier to butcher, but nothing beats the taste of 3 year old grass fed beef.

              Electric fences will keep goats under control, tags of tin foil on the wire attract them at introduction time, and they are quick learn ears, one zap to the snout trains that one and all it’s mates.

              You can run goats under trees, but you have to keep moving them onto fresh feed to stop them eating bark.

      21. If you are serious about gardening, in any of it’s various forms.. here’s a piece of info you might find useful. If you have a fruit tree that is producing well, depending upon the variety, you can easily ( easily ) create another tree by using a technique called Air Laying. Pick a small branch that “looks” like a tree ( good form ) and use a sharp knife to cut a “circle” around the branch.. cut one high and cut one low. Don’t go deep into the bark, you only want to cut deep enough to pass the first layer of “skin”. Then connect the two cuts with a slit and carefully peel the outermost layer of bark off. The 2 cuts that you are connecting should be at least 4 inches apart. After you peel the first layer of bark off, wrap the cut in tin foil filled with wet apagnum or peet moss. The “bottom” needs to be tight around the branch so that it holds moisture. The “top” should be loosely shaped like a funnel so that you can easily add water to keep the moss moist. In about 2 months, depending upon variety, you should be able to slit open the top of the aluminum foil wrap and check for root development. If you see a nice bundle of new roots, cut the branch off the tree and plant in a pot. Keep the soil moist and in the shade for about 3-4 days to lesson any shock. Then plant it.. it will bear fruit, likely in the very next season because it’s parent was mature. It would be helpful to the plant to pick off all the new fruit for the first season, just to let the tree gain strength, but it isn’t required. If you open the aluminum and don’t see a lot of roots, just wrap another piece around your bundle to seal it and wait another 3-4 weeks, then check again. After the initial bark cut, you should see no wilting at all. If you do, you probably cut too deeply.. you only want to remove the single outermost layer of bark. You can very easily have a large orchard in 2 seasons by using this technique.. heck, you can even pot some trees and sell them for some garden cash.. just price them a little lower than the big box stores do and you’ll sell out. This is a very useful technique.. if anyone is interested and my post isn’t clear enough, just reply with any question and I’ll try to answer; if I see the response.. this is how a lot of nurseries develop their stock.. it really is easy.. no green thumb needed.. just patience.

        • I mark my garden rows with sticks . This year I cut finger size sticks from an apple tree and used them as marker . Out of 4 “sticks” I have 2 that have now sprouted leaves. Its been a really wet spring here, and I know I could NOT have done that if I tried. Looks like I have 2 new bonus apple trees.

          • Yes, life is eager to carry one.. I really appreciate those types of bonuses. Probably just the right moisture and sunlight.. most excellent !!

          • Grow more grapevines by putting a vine on the ground with a weight to hold it against the ground. By the end of the Summer it will have rooted and either be dug when dormant and moved or if far enough from the mother plant just left to grow where it is.

          • Paint stir sticks are free at Home Despot. Nobody ever questions me having these at checkout, even if I don’t have paint (HD paint is mostly low quality stuff).

        • I’ve done and I do do that, but I make a slit about 3″ or 4″ inches all the way through the branch and pry it open, put a pebble in to keep it open, and then wrap it. I use a root growing enhancer. I don’t think they’re poisonous. Not the fruit trees, the root growing enhancer. Is it poisonous? In jest, I don’t think one should injest root enhancing powders. Even worse! Don’t put a bean in your nose and forget about it! Boy! When it sprouts! You have a major surgery bill to get them roots out your sinuses!

        • Thanks I’ll try this

      22. @Daisy:

        Hi neighbor (almost).

        Up in your new neck of the woods last weekend…pretty.

        Great article. I am moving to new digs also, but only ’bout 30 miles, so no garden as of yet.

        The only thing that I have been canning this year is ammo, I am always ready for backlash.

        Be safe, Happy Mothers Day, and I got your six.

        …..I got a brand new pair of roller skates…..BA.

      23. Great article!

        Just one note about canning. Make sure you are using up to date methods. Some of the methods our grandmothers used are no longer considered safe. The Ball canning books are great and have good recipes for jams, pickles etc. I wouldn’t want any of you good peeps on here to become ill from improperly canned produce you worked so hard for.

        I preach to people that anyone can grow SOMETHING! People need to stop making excuses and stop being lazy. We work full time and still manage a big garden and can and freeze as much as we can.

        Stock up on those canning jars and lids when you find them on sale during the summer.

        • Click on my user name to download the ‘Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving’ in pdf format. I’m not sure how many downloads my free Google drive will permit so act now.

      24. Great article Daisy! Reminds me a bit of our comments yesterday. It’s funny, your approach to this in classing gardening as rebellious is exactly how my wife and I balance out with our own place and thinking. We both understand the importance and necessity of both martial (defense, training, materials, etc.) and living (garden, livestock, community, local interactions) preps. She just leans toward the thinking that if we do the latter well, we won’t have as much need for the former, and me (being a guy I guess) think that if we want to preserve the latter, we better have the former nailed down. Nonetheless, since she has a J.O.B. and I work at home, I’m the one who got to plant our raspberries and sunflowers this morning, with taters following on shortly. 🙂

      25. THX Daisy! We have been doing this for years and love it. Again THANK YOU!

        Keep the FAITH

      26. If you live in an area where these activities are considered rebellion, I think that would be a good indicator that it’s time to make other arrangements. In times of peril outliers become the first targets.

        Even if you cannot move, a weekend place in the country where you can improve the soil, plant a garden, and get perennials going is worth the price of a few vacations. I leave on Friday night and return Sunday evening. Buy now and arrive with a truckload of organic mushroom compost and some landscaping timbers and you can spend weekends in a cabin tent and worry about a trailer or permanent structure in the Fall. Even before I owned a truck, a bought a 20′ camper contingent on the seller delivering it to my site.

        • Mushroom compost rocks. This is my first year trying it and everything is growing better than in previous years. Cheap but money well spent. Will pay off for YEARS in improved soil!

      27. FBI didnt tell Boston PD about their Bombing Suspects..(should read Isamist terrorists)

        Imagine that..and do you think anyones head will roll over it? Nahhh

      28. Already got tomoatos on the vine in Charlotte, NC… but need to figure out how to stop the rabbits so beans will grow. Started some inside only to have them eaten once put outside. Advice?

        Also, possibly awesome group BOL in SC. 355acres for ~500K. Anyone want to go in? I can buy a few of those acres. But, looks like part or all is in national forest so not sure how regulated development might be:
        Water is not a major problem in SC. Crime limited to roving theives mostly. Growing stuff… stuff grows by itself in most places. Deer abundant but competition from hunters. Healthcare is average. Personal freedom is higher than most places I believe.

        • Might try netting that they use on strawberries against birds. I shoot as many as I can but you never get them all.

        • Hey, MOTV: I discovered THE answer to the rabbit and other rodent probs: human hair clippings. Whenever I or my daughter. Trim our hair, we save the clippings in a baggie. I put them everywhere I don’t want rabbits, and I put them where I plant beans so they don’t get eaten. Voila! Damage ceased! Saved my seedlings from getting mowed down by mice!!

        • maters_on_the_vine

          What I have tried with success is to put a post on the
          four corners of the garden and mount a Great Horned Owl
          decoy on each one facing outward. Anything an owl preys
          upon will avoid it like the plague. Works for me.

        • For rabbits, I would get either a dog or a cat. Seriously. A little Jack Russell wouldn’t tolerate a rabbit… and rabbits won’t hang with kitties.. which ever one, get intact males. They mark their territories. Pretty effective small pest repellent, since in the wild, they are normal prey.

        • Rabbit stew. Wooden box traps are easy to make and worked well when I was a kid. A peice of apple will draw ’em in.

      29. Thanks Daisy, that was a great article. By the way, I tried your canning recipe for chili (cold pack where you put all the ingredients in dry). That’s great!! Everyone here should get themselves an All American pressure canner and several cases of quart jars. Can vegetables, fruit, meat and make sure you try Daisy’s chili recipe!! And her canned Roast Beast!! Great recipes.

      30. In my neck of the world a person can grow vegetables if he/she so wishes but its the abundance of fruit that we enjoy mango,papaya,guava,banana,litchi,granadilla,avocado,sweet potato, suger cane & fishing. I am not sure what the UN plan to do over here but I suspect they would sooner civil war us or disease us to death rather than chop down our trees although they did look the other way while the chinese trawled our sea coast

      31. Nerve Agents

        Physically, nerve agents are odorless, almost colorless liquids varying in viscosity and volatility. They are moderately soluble in water and fairly stable unless strong alkali or chlorinating compounds are added. They are very effective solvents readily penetrating cloth either as a liquid or vapor. Other materials, including leather and wood, are fairly well penetrated. Butyl rubber and synthetics, such as polyesters, are much more resistant.
        Pharmacologically, the nerve agents are cholinesterase inhibitors. Their reaction with cholinesterases is irreversible; consequently, the effects of inhibition are prolonged until the body synthesizes new cholinesterases.

        Signs and Symptoms of Exposure
        Nerve agent intoxication can be readily identified by its characteristic signs and symptoms. If a vapor exposure has occurred, the pupils will constrict, usually to a pinpoint; if the exposure has been through the skin, characteristic local muscular twitching will occur.
        Other symptoms will include rhinorrhea, dyspnea, diarrhea and vomiting, convulsions, hyper salivation, drowsiness, coma, and unconsciousness.

        Specific therapy for nerve agent casualties is atropine, and acetylcholine blocker. For immediate self-aid, each individual is issued three automatic injectors containing 2mg of atropine sulfate for intramuscular injection or two auto injectors containing the Nerve Agent Antidote. These injectors are designed to be used by individuals on themselves when symptoms appear. After the first injection, if the symptoms have not disappeared within 10 to 15 minutes, another injection should be given. If the symptoms still persist after an additional 15 minutes, a third injection may be given by non-medical personnel.
        For medical personnel, the required therapy is to continue to administer atropine at 15-minute intervals until a mild atropinization occurs. This can be noted by tachycardia and a dry mouth. Atropine alone will not relieve any respiratory muscle failure. Prolonged artificial respiration may be necessary to sustain life.
        Oxide therapy, using pralidoxime chloride, or 2-PAM Cl, may also be used for regeneration of the blocked cholinesterase. For individuals treated initially with the new auto injector, additional oxide therapy is generally not medically indicated; it is already included in the auto injector.

        Blister agents or vesicants exert their primary action on the skin, producing large and painful blisters that are incapacitating. Although vesicants are classified as non-lethal, high doses can cause death.
        Common blister agents include Mustard (HD), Nitrogen Mustard (HN), and Lewisite (L). Although each is chemically different and will cause significant specific symptoms, they are all sufficiently similar in their physical characteristics and toxicology to be considered as a group. Mustards are particularly insidious because they do not manifest their symptoms for several hours after exposure. They attack the eyes and respiratory tract as well as the skin. Further, there is no effective therapy for mustard once its effects become visible. Treatment is largely supportive, to relieve itching and pain and to prevent infection.
        Mustard (HD) and Nitrogen Mustard (HN)
        HD and HN are oily, colorless or pale yellow liquids, sparingly soluble in water. HN is less volatile and more persistent than HD and has the same blistering qualities.

        The part of the body most vulnerable to mustard gas is the eyes. Contamination insufficient to cause injury elsewhere may produce eye inflammation. Vapor or liquid may burn any area of the skin, but the burns will be most severe in the warm, sweaty areas of the body; that is, the armpits, groin, and on the face and the neck. Blistering begins in about 12 hours but may be delayed for up to 48 hours. Inhalation of the gas is followed in a few hours by irritation of the throat, hoarseness, and a cough. Fever, moist riles (abnormal sounds in the lungs, usually heard with a stethoscope), and dyspnea (labored, difficult breathing) may develop. Bronchopneumonia is a frequent complication; the primary cause of death is massive edema or mechanical pulmonary obstruction.
        Because the eye is the most sensitive part of the body, the first notable symptoms of mustard exposure will be pain and a gritty feeling in the eye, accompanied by spastic blinking of the eyes and photophobia.

        There is no specific antidotal treatment for mustard poisoning. Physically removing as much of the mustard as possible, as soon as possible, is the only effective method for mitigating symptoms before they appear. All other treatment is symptomatic; that is, relief of pain and itching, and control of infection.
        More to come!

        Keep the FAITH

      32. Lewisite (L)
        Lewisite is an arsenical. This blistering compound is a light to dark brown liquid that vaporizes slowly.
        The vapors of arsenicals are so irritating that conscious persons are immediately warned by discomfort to put on the mask. No severe respiratory injuries are likely to occur, except in the wounded that are incapable of donning a mask. The respiratory symptoms are similar to those produced by mustard gas. While the distilled mustard and nitrogen mustard cause no pain on the skin during absorption, Lewisite causes intense pain upon contact.
        Immediately decontaminate the eyes by flushing with copious amounts of water to remove liquid agents and to prevent severe burns. Sodium sulfacetamide, 30% solution, may be used to combat eye infection after the first 24 hours. In severe cases, morphine may be given to relieve pain.
        British Anti-Lewisite (BAL), dimercaprol, is available in a peanut oil suspension for injection in cases of systemic involvement. BAL is a specific anti-arsenical, which combines with the heavy metal to form a water-soluble, non-toxic complex that is excreted. However, BAL is somewhat toxic and an injection of more than 3mg/kg will cause severe symptoms.
        Aside from the use of dimercaprol for systemic effects of arsenic, treatment is the same as for mustard lesions.
        Blood Agents
        Hydrocyanic acid (AC) and cyanogen chloride (CK) are cyanide-containing compounds commonly referred to as Blood Agents. These blood agents are chemicals that are in a gaseous state at normal temperatures and pressures. They are systemic poisons and casualty-producing agents that interfere with vital enzyme systems of the body. They can cause death in a very short time after exposure by interfering with oxygen transfer in the blood. Although very deadly, they are no persistent agents
        These vary with the concentration and duration of exposure. Typically, either death or recovery takes place rapidly. After exposure to high concentrations of the gas, there is a forceful increase in the depth of the respiration for a few seconds, violent convulsions after 20 to 30 seconds, and respiratory failure and cessation of heart action within a few minutes.
        There are two suggested antidotes in the treatment of cyanides. Amyl nitrate in crush capsules is provided as first aid. Follow-up therapy with intravenous sodium thiosulfate solution is required.
        In an attack, if you notice sudden stimulation of breathing or an almond-like odor, hold your breath and don your mask immediately. In treating a victim, if no blood agents remain present in the atmosphere, crush 2 ampules of amyl nitrate in the hollow of your hand and hold it close to the victim’s nose. This may be repeated every few minutes until 8 ampules have been used. If the atmosphere is contaminated and the victim must remain masked, insert the crushed ampules into the mask under the faceplate.
        Whether amyl nitrates is used or not, sodium thiosulfate therapy is required after the initial lifesaving measures. The required dose is 100 to 200 mg/kg given intravenously over a 10 minute period.
        The key to successful cyanide therapy is speed; cyanide acts rapidly on an essential enzyme system. The antidotes act rapidly to reverse this action. If the specific antidote and artificial respiration is given soon enough, the chance of survival is greatly enhanced.
        Choking or Lung Agents
        The toxicity of lung agents is due to their effect on lung tissues. They cause extensive damage to alveolar tissue, resulting in severe pulmonary edema. This group includes phosgene (CG) and chlorine (CI) as well as chloropicrin and diphosgene. However, CG is most likely to be encountered and its toxic action is representative of the group
        Phosgene is a colorless gas with a distinctive odor similar to that of new-mown hay or freshly cut grass; unfortunately, the minimal concentration in the air that can cause damage to the eyes and throat is below the threshold of olfactory perception. Generally speaking, CG does not represent a hazard of long duration, so that if an individual were to be exposed to a casualty-producing amount, he/she should be able to smell it.
        There may be watering of the eyes, coughing, and a feeling of tightness in the chest. More often, however, there will be no symptoms for 2 to 6 hours after exposure. Latent symptoms are rapid, shallow, and labored breathing; painful cough; cyanosis; frothy sputum; leavened, clammy skin; rapid, feeble pulse; and low blood pressure. Shock may develop, followed by death.
        Once the symptoms appear, complete bed rest is mandatory. Keep victims with lung edema only moderately warm and treat the resulting anoxia with oxygen. Because no specific treatment for CG poisoning is known, treatment has to be symptomatic.
        More to come.

        Keep the FAITH

      33. Psychochemical Agents
        Psychochemical agents, often referred to as incapacitating agents, temporarily prevent an individual from carrying out assigned actions. These agents may be administered covertly by contaminating food or water, or they may be released as aerosols. The characteristics of the incapacitates:
        • High Potency (i.e. and extremely low dose is effective) and logistic feasibility.
        • Effects produced mainly by altering or disrupting the higher regulatory activity of the central nervous system.
        • Duration of action is hours or days, rather than a momentary or transient action.
        • No permanent injury is produced.
        The first symptoms appear in 30 minutes to several hours and may persist for several days. Abnormal, inappropriate behavior may be the only sign of intoxication. Those affected may make irrational statements and have delusions or hallucinations. In some instances, the victim may complain of dizziness, muscular incoordination, dry mouth, and difficulty in swallowing.
        The standard incapacitate in the U.S. is 3-quinuclidinyl benzoate (BZ), a cholinergic blocking agent, which is effective in producing delirium that may last several days. In small doses it will cause an increase in heart rate, pupil size, and skin temperature, as well as drowsiness, dry skin, and a decrease in alertness. As the dose is increased to higher levels, there is a progressive deterioration of mental capability, ending in stupor.
        The principal requirement for first aid is to prevent victims from injuring themselves and others during the toxic psychosis. Generally, there is no specific therapy for intoxication. However, with BZ and other agents in the class of compounds known as glycolytic, physostigmine is the treatment of choice. It is not effective during the first four hours following exposure; after that, it is very effective as long as the treatment is continued. However, treatment does not shorten the duration of BZ intoxication, and premature discontinuation of therapy will result in relapse.
        Riot Control Agents
        “Riot Control Agents” is the collective term used to describe a divergent collection of chemical compounds, all having similar characteristics. They are relatively nontoxic compounds, which produce an immediate but temporary effect in very low concentrations. Generally, no therapy is required; removal from their environment is sufficient to affect recovery in a short time.
        These agents are either lachrymators or vomiting agents
        Lachrymators or tear gases are essentially local irritants that act primarily on the eyes. In high concentrations, they irritate the respiratory tract and the skin. These agents are used to harass enemy personnel or to discourage riot action. The principal agents used are chloracetophenone (CN) and orthochlorobenzilidine malinonitrile (CS). Although CS is basically a lacrimator, it is considerably more potent than CN and causes more severe respiratory symptoms. CN is the standard training agent and is the tear gas most commonly encountered. CS is more widely used by the military as a riot control agent. Protection against all tear agents is provided by protective masks and ordinary field clothing secured at the neck, wrists, and ankles. Personnel handling CS should wear rubber gloves for additional protection.
        Lachrymators produce intense pain in the eyes with excessive tearing. The symptoms following the most severe exposure to vapors seldom last over 2 hours. After moderate exposure they last only a few minutes.
        First aid for lachrymators generally is not necessary. Exposure to fresh air and letting the wind blow into wide open eyes, held open if necessary, is sufficient for recovery in a short time. Any chest discomfort after CS exposing can be relieved by talking.
        An important point to remember is that this material adheres to clothing tenaciously, and a change of clothing may be necessary. Do not forget the hair, both head and facial, as a potential source of recontamination.
        Vomiting Agents
        The second class of agents in the riot control category is the vomiting agents. The principal agents of this group are diphenylaminochloroarsine (Adamsite {DM}), diphenychloroarsine (DA), and diphenylcyanoarsine (DC). They are used as training and riot control agents. They are dispersed as aerosols and produce their effects by inhalation or by direct action on the eyes. All of these agents have similar properties and pathology.
        Vomiting agents produce a strong pepper-like irritation in the upper respiratory tract with irritation of the eyes and lacrimation. They cause violent uncontrollable sneezing, coughing, nausea, vomiting, and a general feeling of malaise. Inhalation causes a burning sensation in the nose and throat, hyper salivation, rhinorrhea (runny nose). The sinuses fill rapidly and cause a violent frontal headache.
        It is of the utmost importance that the mask be worn in spite of coughing, sneezing, salivation, and nausea. If the mask is put on following exposure, symptoms will increase for several minutes in spite of adequate protection. As a consequence, victims may believe the mask is ineffective and remove it, further exposing themselves. While the mask must be worn, it may be lifted from the face briefly, if necessary, to permit vomiting or to drain saliva from the face piece. Carry on duties as vigorously as possible. This will help to lessen and shorten the symptoms. Combat duties usually can be performed in spite of the effects of vomiting agents if an individual is motivated.
        First aid consists of washing the skin and rinsing the eyes and mouth with water. A mild analgesic may be given to relieve headache. Usually there is a spontaneous recovery, which is complete in 1 to 3 hours

        Keep the FAITH

      34. XXXX

        Howdy Daisy,

        Brilliant statement, one that cuts to the very Heart of the Matter!

        “Every day, the United Nations and the Powers That Be take steps towards food totalitarianism. They do so flying a standard of “sustainability” but what they are actually trying to sustain is NOT our natural resources, but their control.”

        I applaud your clarity in ascertaining this one simple fact. Remember the story of Nikoloi Tesla, that when he went to meet JP Morgan – the Earthly progenitor of vitually all Evil which we see in the World today – that Morgan asked him of his marvelous ‘wireless transmission’ of electricity, “Yes, all well and good …But HOW do I METER it?” THAT single statement defines
        the entirety of all modern utility company thought in ALL time since…and MANYY other things as well…

        The effort at hand ia to actually establish a Life-and-Death stranglehold over the VERY basis of all things neccessary for continued Human life on this planet; a pattern of manifestly seeking – without variance – nothing short of Absolute Control over every last Citizen of the Earth. The Founders well knew what this state of affairs immediately becomes, they had a word for it: “Tyranny”.

        As well, they HAD a Solution for that also…but I needn’t here belabour that here overmuch, need I? Each of you who yet possesses the capacity for reasoned, rationale thought knows these things…and KNOWS where this will go. Therefor, “How will you PROTECT that which is MOST valuable…those you Love beyond even your own Life? ‘Tis time to begin to ask of ourselves the HARD questions so that when the moment comes you WILL know your path…

        “Think THRICE…ONLY then, ACT”….time grows shorter with each passing moment, as they cinch thier grip fully, completely around your throats… and the THROATS of Your Children.

        In years to come who among you wants to stand before your Child to explain WHY you let the World Fall into the Pit; Why you did NOT ACT.

        “Woe Unto You, Oh Columbia, thy Children are Enslaved …How were you so Blinded that you could not SEE!!”

        “Woe” indeed…

        The “New Dawn” will NOT come…until ALL Stand for to recieve it…


      35. Thank you Daisy for the article, very enjoyable. I plan on getting dirty this weekend as the bulk of my plants will go in. Already have got eight forty-five foot rows of red pontiac potatoes up through the dirt. Will side dress them this weekend too. Cheers.

        • My potato skills need improvement. How many pounds do you figure to get with 8 forty five foot rows? And what are you side dressing them with?

          • I side dress my potatoes with fresh horse manure. I stack it up to the top of the row on one side. This helps fertilize and mulch the potatoes at the same time. Then of course at the end of the season the horse manure is broken down and ready to plow into the soil next spring.

          • JRS, figure to get approx. 80 pounds of potatoes per row on average. Last year I got 416 lbs from 5 rows. I put in an additional 3 rows this year cause I’ve decided not to plant any sweet corn. I usually side dress the rows with 10-10-10 fertilizer. If you got a co-op nearby or a tractor supply, that’ll be the place to get it. With a 45 foot row it usually takes 5 pound of seed to complete it. I plant with 3 1/2ft between rows. Once the plants reach about 10-12 inches high, I run the tiller between the row to loosen the soil, then using a rake pull the dirt from the center of the space between the rows and cover the plant till only half is showing. I drip irrigate all my garden crops. When the potatoe plants bloom, thats when they really need the water if you don’t get the rain.

      36. Nice article, Daisy. I have muddy boots from working in the garden the past two days, so I guess I am a rebel. This is my third year really gardening, and it can be a challenge. The garden changes daily, though, and is the first place I go each morning once the sun rises. I recommend a book by Brett Markham; Minifarming, Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre. It has tables showing how long before the last frost to start different seeds, details on preservation, seed storage, etc. Checked it out from the libray and decided I needed to own it for reference. We have a short season here in the frozen north, so have to try all the tricks we can find. Thanks.

      37. once again, let me repeat, these policies are the work of the crooked politicians, both republican and democrat. the time has long since past where anyone in this country should have any belief in anything that these people say. they are not your friend! they are not there to protect you! they are there to do what is best for you, your family, your country, or planet earth. they’re only concerned with power and wealth. and whatever it takes to maintain those things, they will do it. they have no problem with killing people by the millions — Vietnam, Iraq, Central America, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan — are you getting the picture? don’t think for one minute just because you live in the usa that you’re immune. unless these psychopaths are stopped, they will get to you soon enough. don’t blink!

      38. Nice work, Daisy! Excellent article!

      39. I have a good amount of “public” land nearby…been practicing “guerrilla gardening”…sureptitiously tending wild berry patches, apple trees, wild grapes, pruning out the nasty invasives to promote growth.. Even transplanted some indingenous species where their habitat was encroached by “progress”. Critters love it when they beat me to the luscious wild fruits, which is quite often. I don’t mind sharing. Waiting now for the weeds to pop up in the backyard garden. Some varieties are very tasty!. Seems once you start to enjoy the weeds, they just don’t grow as well anymore.

      40. Daisy, very nice…
        If I may add… Being able to do all this in “post collapse” should be in the back of everyone’s mind…

      41. Hi Daisy—Really like your article, as always.

        Picked up your link on Bosnia. It is so similar to the
        many tragic stories we have read about when the thin
        veneer of civilization is stripped away.
        So many of us here try to convey that message on SHTF,
        but nothing brings it home like a first hand account.
        Best to you, and don’t be a stranger.

      42. I’m in an apartment in the city and my windows are always clogged up with plants.

        Two window boxes of mustard greens pretty much mean that I never have to buy any sort of lettuce.

        Had good luck with most herbs: basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, especially,

        I built trellises from dowels that almost completely cover the windows and have snow peas, cucumbers, summer squash and cherry tomatoes growing up them.

        Free, fresh food is awesome. If I can do it, anyone can. I know jack about gardening.

      43. Wonderful article Daisy…

        We had goats.. don’t do goats anymore.
        If you have goats you need a bit of land for them to graze, with a fence, otherwise you have to buy feed. Once goats get a taste of feed, they don’t want to graze anymore… if they don’t graze, they get internal gastro problems. Oh, goats can JUMP!
        My nannie goat, broke out of her pen, just jumped over the fence and headed straight for the wifes flowers and veggies.

        That was it for the goats.

        • Piper Michael:

          You need to be smarter than your goats.

        • yes goats are not everyones cup of tea. goats need a good fence. mine is 3 acres it,s 6ft chain link with a strand of electric at the top. the goats & pet deer stay in. dogs and varmits stay out. but that fence wont hold my angus bull he pushed his way under it. he even went through a four strand barbed wire fence also. however one strand of elctric fence 2 ft from the ground easily holds him.

      44. Excellent article Daisy .
        Wonderful as well to see the comment thread and so many good tips and advise .
        This site is great for its community .
        First and foremost …

        First season in an apartment for me .
        But my various pots and window boxes are coming along nice enough .
        Only problem I have with it is I feel the urge for some space of my own .
        But I sure enjoy the school kids eying my front balcony each day as they pass .
        Growing food needs to be taught to children .
        So few even have a clue .
        Sigh .

        If I cant speak freely,
        I’m not free .

      45. Thanks Daisy, good article. My kitchen is like a garden, waiting for weather to straighten out to put plants in ground. I do have potatoes in for the first time, wasn’t sure how to calculate how many to plant. Have enjoyed reading all the gardening tips today.

      46. Daisy, your article is bound to inspire a lot of people. I personally have 12 4’x8’x2′ raised beds made from 2×12’s and 4×4’s. I only use horse manure and compost in the beds. You can run your arm down into my beds almost 2 feet. It is astonishing to watch vegetables take off in these beds. And they are easy to water and weed. I am in the process of building 12 more. Once you garden this way, you are spoiled forever.

        • I also use raised beds. Mine are the large rims fron rear tractor tires, I quit gardeing in open ground due to mole problems. when you have good organic soil you have lots of earthworms and those worms attract the moles. so now I put tin on the ground and place a rim on that and fill it with compost soil & manure. I use rabbitt goat, horse and chicken manure None of which need to be composted. I never use commercial feterlizer. We have a stud pony & jenny that run with & portect the cattle. Its very easy to collect their manure from the stud ples. After you get raised beds established you dont any longer need a tiller or machinery to prepare the soil.

          • I see you have the raised garden bug. Another good idea is to grind up fall leaves and leave them over the top all winter. Leaves a pretty black layer on top in spring. I have never had a problem with fresh horse manure burning plants. Don’t know where that idea came from. I will be building 2 more beds in the next week. You can never get enough in my opinion. I believe this is one of the best things a person can do to prep for shtf.

      47. For those who have house with basement add a Dehumindfier. For collecting water from the air. Or build cold food shelter and store one there.

      48. If you have not read Selco’s blog , I would highly recommend doing so . He lived for a year in real life SHTF situation in Bosnia , he does not candy coat what its actually like day to day . It got me thinking in a different direction . One thing he does say is that ammo was relatively easy to get or trade for , but food was difficult to come by and most trading and venturing out into the hellhole was in search of food .

      49. You guys should check out USCROW

        Their doing some big things in the revolution and survival department.

      50. I would like to add that for those of you who have never garden but have saved up your seeds for when the SHTF and think you will start a garden you may find out the hard way that certain things may or may not grow in your area. Also if gas and electric was not available and you have to break new ground by hand this will be very labor intense. You could starve from the disappointments you will have because you waited until you were forced to garden. I firmly believe that it takes a good three seasons to understand what you can expect to grow and get your soil into shape so that it will be easier to turn over by hand if it comes to that. That is why I till way more land each year than I plant, (for just in case). I recently saw a video on a different (easier) way to garden and it makes alot of sense it’s called (Back to Eden) google it, it’s online free to watch. It is about an hour and forty minutes and very informative narrated by a christian fellow. You can never know to much.

        We all have rights and privileges but they end where another’s begin.

        • Yep, if someone hasn’t tried gardening for real they will have no idea of the time it takes to get things set up.

      51. Good article. This is my second year of gardening. This year I setup rain collectors. Two 375 gallon totes. And two 55 gallon drum that I fill halfway with water then suff with composted chicken poo and hay and table scraps. And am doing drip feed system off of the big tanks. In the process of building cold frames / raised beds. My garden is 30 x 40. So not a whole lot to work with. And planted my first apple tree, it’s a winesapp? Never heard of that apple before so thought IDE give it a shot.

      52. Good article. The seed registering ploy in Europe says a lot about where things are headed. The only thing I’d argue with about the article is the negative use of the word “sustainability” to describe attempted control of the food supply. Many people use that word to describe the same thing the author is arguing for: small scale agriculture that makes full use of resources at hand. I didn’t realize that the technocrats were using “sustainability” as a justification for corporate takeover of food production.

        These are my “sustainability” ideas:

        Nut trees. They’re high protein. Especially if the tree will grow in your area and doesn’t look like food to your neighbors or if you can hide it among other trees. Just plant it now since they take a while to bear fruit.

        Forage trees for goats and rabbits if you have them. Look for a nitrogen-fixing multi-purpose tree that can be forage and green manure.

        Agressive vines, especially if they have more than one purpose: nitrogen fixing green manure, food or forage for you or your bunnies/chickens, etc.

        “Weeds” that can be salad greens. No need to bother with any difficult greens. Find what’s hard to kill and self-seeds and tastes okay and use that.

        All of the “poor folk” foods: Rabbits, beans, sweet potatoes, etc. It’s how people used to get protein and calories fairly easily. Rabbits can be raised in indoor cages and fed forage materials that don’t look like food to desperate neighbors. Their poop is the most excellent fertilizer.

        Some kind of grain that grows easily, stores well, and isn’t high input or difficult to process. I think grains are the missing part of a lot of preppers’ gardens. I’ve been struggling with this since I live in a humid area where grains get moldy on the stem. What works for you might not be what the mega farms are growing near you. It might work for them because they have the harvesting and processing machinery. Try looking at grains or seeds people in India grow. Millet, for example. It doesn’t demand as much fertilizer.

        It sounds ugly, but start thinking now about how your going to use your poop. It shouldn’t be wasted. Learn how to compost it as humanure. Or use it in a biodigestor for gas and/or just let it rot anaerobically and feed it to something in a pond system that is a couple steps removed from your consumption. For example, after putrefaction, it can go into a duckweed pond and the duckweed feeds poultry or fish. Or, it could feed trees since the fruit won’t touch the soil.

        Start growing food using your urine (diluted) and wood ashes as the main fertilizer sources.

        Try to garden or raise animals with no purchased inputs. It’s not easy. I know because it’s what I’m struggling to do now.

        Set a goal of one day a week you can ONLY eat food that came from your land, again, with no external inputs. It’s not easy but it’s a first step and helps take one out of the realm of just dreaming or imagining doing it in the future.

        In general, read up on what people in Africa and India and Bangladesh do to survive. They’re already living the SHTF dream.

        • Sustainability means completely different things to different people,

          • To anybody remotely connected with any government, it means their boot on your neck or the extermination of most of us.

        • @mikey

          “Start growing food using your urine (diluted) and wood ashes as the main fertilizer sources.

          Try to garden or raise animals with no purchased inputs. It’s not easy. I know because it’s what I’m struggling to do now.”

          Careful with the urine and wood ashes,
          Can acidify your soil real fast and make your plants stressed, poor growth, increased insect pressure, poor uptake of nutrients by plants, etc etc,,,
          Important to keep on top of your Ph testing till you really know what your soil is doing, you would be amazed the difference it makes.

          • Yes, Kulafarmer, thank you, that’s true. Both can affect pH; wood ashes can actually push it toward alkaline but the effect is short term since the ash is water soluble.

            I’ve used it to great success problems. I just don’t overdo it because of the salt content of the urine. So I alternate with other fertilizers.

            Here is a link that describes a scientific study using the combination:


        • We usually have totally home grown meals two days per week. something that dont look like food is Kudzu the root is usd like potato. also the tender top part of sawbriar is a very tasty edible. My take on growing your own food is when we have a totally home grown meal that is produced processed entirely by ourselves. That elemanates the middle men and the goverment Robbing & wasting a part of it by taxation. What is happening is half of the folks believe that they dont need to produce. Those parasite takers think that someone else will produc for them.Now those who are producing are asking themselves Why? Why produce when the fruits of my production are Taxed and redistrubuted to other parasite takers who had ought naught to do with it?

        • >>>>Some kind of grain that grows easily,

          Spelt (Triticum spelta), also called spelt wheat, is an ancient grain grown for its nutty-tasting, highly nutritious seeds that are easily digested. Spelt is used to make pasta, breads, and flour, and the seeds also are sold for sprouting. Many individuals who are allergic to wheat can tolerate spelt, and spelt contains a different form of gluten than wheat does. If you have a wheat or gluten allergy, check with your doctor before trying spelt products.

          Spelt grows successfully in poorer soils than wheat, including heavy clay, and tolerates dryer conditions as well.

          Rye grows better than wheat in cold, wet climates. It also grows in poor soils that won’t support wheat, but yields about 30 percent less.

          I have been reading about rice, supposedly easy to grow.

          we have a large crop of oats. oats are easily grown from your harvest (ask anyone who feeds horses, and drops oats on the ground, they are sprouting within a few days)

          also, get a small grain mill.

          just an observation, for prepping conditions, why are so avoiding commercial fertilizers and aids? if it increases your yields, use them while they are available. Just know what to do when they are not, and have back up plans.

          anyone who has livestock has to consider their hay situation for winter, also. even goats and sheep need supplemental.

      53. Guys, I’m done with all this prepping shit.
        Get the thumbs down ready.

        Here’s the reality of the food thing.
        People’s incomes depend on getting shit out the door and into the stores.
        You don’t think they will let their own economic lives be messed with?

        Prices might sky rocket..but things will get done.

        yeah, I have some supplies.

        But prepping is not a life focus.
        Don’t get too sucked into all this.

        Don’t forget to live life.

        Your best prep is your career and stay debt free.

        Good times come and go.

        Yeah…I’ll many thumbs down.
        I’m just saying… don’t be blabbing all this prepping shit to folks who don’t want to hear it.

        While you guys are all bunker moded down.. My salary has doubled in IT corp. America. I have a crew of guys and we’re just running the place. There’s no way they can get rid of us. If we get a VP who talks outsourcing.. we stall his projects and get his ass fired off. Even the VPs are our guys.

        Your next prep is to learn how to build a crew.

        I prep up on computer books and manuals.
        Just got a $5k bonus. Now stack that up against how much bulk food that can buy.
        Or ammo. or debt paydown.

        When my neighbor gets fired…it’s a recession..when I get fired…it’s a depression.
        SO>>>>> DON’T GET FIRED EVER.

        Read leadership books.
        I prep up by taking folk out to lunch and they join our crew.
        I worry about my crews careers and mine soars.

        Be the company and own everything …and act like everything matters.

        We keep our crew to mostly men.
        Chicks just fuck things up an go drama on us.

        I’m writing a book on how to build a crew in corporate america.
        Fuck teams.. people switch teams all the time and steal team members.
        With a crew.. it’s like a mafia family.
        Guys stay…as they know their career ladder is being planned for them.

        That’s corporate prepping.

        Maybe all the preppers need to go public…create a public company and steal business from the NWO boys and keep jobs in America.

        Maybe it’s time we got prepping out of the basement and go corporate.
        Go watch the movie Fight Club.
        I did this on a corporate scale.

        Maybe you need to think differently…
        After you planned for an SHTF…then stop.
        Then refocus on eduction, family, career and life.
        Toss a big blanket off the shit in the basement and forget about it.
        You did your family good. Now plan well and don’t be waiting for a SHTF like you are waiting for Xmas to prove you right. It could never come.

        In your later years.. buy some chickens…feed all the food to the chickens and eat the eggs and meat. That’s my plan.

        1. Network
        2. Find out who the power players are..find out who the assholes are.
        3. Determine who you want to get promoted and who to be benched.
        4. Tell mgt. you want to start a focus group.
        5. Get VP and Mgt. stack support.
        6. Leverage lunch time to be a small town a crew.
        7. Have a core team to steer things.
        8. Focus on getting things done that are directly the result of your focus group…this is key…tie improvements to your focus group.
        9. With your new raises and bonuses…buy resource materials and fund more lunches.
        10. Build sub teams and other focus groups and tie them together.
        11. Have a career ladder.
        12. Think leadership and influence.. not management.

        yeah I could go on. My pay doubled, I have two machines at my desk…killer software and all the resources I need. I walk in peace and nobody fucks with me.

        Lastly.. run your crew with Christian values..let the bible guide you.
        never be mean..but be nurturing, run the thing with love, care and sincerity.

        You’ll be fine.

        Final point.. ignore anyone who busts your balls.
        One day they will walk into one of your meetings, sit in the back and see 25 heavy hitting players running with your crew and they will feel rather small.

        I mean no disrespect to the prepping community..just prep up..then remember to live life.

        The best prep are a crew.

        One lady’s hubby died… we had a huge storm and the crew went to her home and cleaned up all the downed trees. Build a community. A force. A team/crew/family/group.

        You get the idea.

        Love to you all.

        ps. These steps will change your lives forever.

        • I hope Moving ahead never loses his job. the folks like him pay the taxes that are redistributed to the parasite takers. If those parasite,s dont get their freebies they will want to take them from others. You never know when you will find yourself out of a job. their is no such thing a job security. You could become ill and unable to work. You employer could go broke. a catyclismic event could destroy your workplace.the US goverment borrows 40 cents of every dollar spent. I would rather work for myself two hours and grow & forage for goods that are not taxed than work for and be someone elses slave for 15 minutes at a taxed wage that would purchase the same goods. When you work for others you are selling then the most valuablething you possess the productive years of your life. Those years are numbered.Im to the point that all of my time belongs to me. I eat , & play when I want and how I want.

          • “Someone else’s slave”.

            Folks.. I dress like a prince and drive a very nice car to work.
            I have a waterfront view.
            I have all the software I need and the job is challenging but not crazy.
            I LOVE going to work..becasue I’m the man.

            Also… I’m prepped up.
            Further, if I had to get a job or create a business I’d have the skills.

            Further, I have all the tools I’d need to build a mud, wood and stone hut if all went to pot.

            In this economy…I’ll take a high paying job with great benefits.
            If I want medical tests… bam..I put the card down and it’s all paid for.

            Don’t fall for that “work for yourself” shit.
            I did that for a while…it sucks and the govt. treats you like a criminal.

            As for “foraging for food”… I eat the best there is and toss anything I want in the cart without looking at prices.

            You might think I’m bragging.
            What I’m teaching you all…is that I spent 20 years of my life learning all this computer science. Now it’s paid off. I earned every penny.

            Sure…Obama is going to tax my ass. We’re headed towards communism and nobody cares.

            True your time is your own….but I can take time off or work from home at will.

            So it’s not that bad.

            Building a crew/group/team/family is a lost art.
            That’s what I’m saying.
            The greatest generation were very social.
            Today..everyone is fubar and introverted.
            They don’t have soaring careers..they are like cows out to pasture.

            Awaken the Lion in your souls.
            The American spirit is not dead…. It’s just been messed up with too much TV and electronic stuff, chemtrail dust, fluoride and food additives.

            Good luck.

            ps. I’ll say this.. I’d rather the govt. spend some cash to keep all the boneheads at home and off the streets. I live in a nice area…zero crime. If we call the cops I have four cars in front of my house in 3 minutes. That’s the benefit of working and paying property tax.

            I earned every penny and have a nice life.

            I hope you all follow in your own ways.

            Final thought..
            If all was taken from me..and I only had one eye, one ear, and one finger to type and move a mouse.. I’d still find a way to make good money.
            I will NEVER retire…. why…my job is easy, the pay is great and I’ll be the old guy
            on oxygen in a wheel chair mentoring the grand kid generation….with the wonderful hard working values of the greatest generation. Boomers.. you did NOT listen to these people and look at the country. You’re all driving foreign cars.

            • You’re not the first guy who thought he was indespensible.

        • Pride comes before failure and those VP’s you sabotage will eventually catch up with you. You know what they say about a fool and his money…. I agree with you about not waiting for SHTF and living life; I don’t agree with you assuming your a God to everyone and we are so priviledged to hear your words.

          How to build a crew….. sounds like a selfhelp book or a pyramid skeem. I love how people come here to preach to preppers.

          • Yeah one VP was an abuser of women. It was a joy to get him wacked.

  ’s about attitude…positive and not being a pussy.

            As for money.. it’s all in PMs.

            I’m tired of everyone thinking we’re going to mad max barter town.

            “How to build a crew”.. It’s about leadership.
            If you don’t have confidence and are bold…nobody follow you.

            Make sure you button up the trailer tonight.

            • HAHAHAHA trailor? Thats all you got. I assure you GOD has blessed me and I didn’t get where I am by stepping on people or thinking I’m better than everyone. Everyday I see your kind and your the reason we are in this situation.

              To address you Pu$$y remark; I’m not an internet gangster who hinds behind a keyboard and acts hard. From fists to heavy metal I protect mine and don’t need to brag on the net about how awsome I am. Go back to you libtard sites and quit trolling this one. If your in IT English probably isn’t your first language so let me know which one you need me to spell it out in.

              Rant comeplete and will do no good. Happy Friday to all the real people here!!!

            • I’m sure your reputation preceeds you and some VP will carry out a peeemptive strike.

        • Wow, a one-eyed narcissistic bible-basher who hates women…what a guy!

        • Well, you have to do what’s important to you. It sounds like you’ve really gotten heavy into the crew-building scene. There’s a lot to be said for living life for now. My dad got into prepping back in the 70’s and now he’s almost dead. :-O On the other hand, he kept living life, he just made different choices.

          I actually enjoy prepping. I’ve learned to do a lot of things I didn’t know how to and most of these things– like raising chickens– are fun. I’m glad I look at certain things differently now– my yard isn’t something to be landscaped to demonstrate success– it’s a valuable resource that can create food and it’s a fun puzzle for me to figure out how to do it. And, I’ve also developed a stronger “get ‘er done” work ethic. Maybe if I had kids I would have already developed this no-nonsense approach to things.

          If I didn’t spend so much on a high tunnel and other things this year, I could have afforded a trip to SE Asia. I do regret not being able to do that. But still, to me, it would have seemed frivolous spending so much money on two weeks of good food and beaches. I am promising myself that I will take that trip next year if I meet my other garden goals this summer.

          Thanks for the reminder we need to keep enjoying today.

          • Whoa! I had not read the rest of “moving on up’s” posts before I wrote that!

      54. Why confine it too yards ? Spread the flora wealth everywhere , toss seeds out the car window even.
        Cause if everyone within one tank of gas or even walking distance of your stead. Does not have food security , neither do you, even if you have food supplies. You are currently outnumbered 300 too one by people who do not.

        • Sad thing is the state employed pukes will make a concerted effort to destroy anything you sow “wild”. That mindset is hammered into them. If anybody is a public employee and don’t have that mindset, no offence meant. I applaud you for being able to keep up the dumbfuck act and not get fired.

      55. Good article in Project Chesapeake, follows along the theme of miss Daisys article here,
        Just more good common sense for us self sufficient minded folks.

      56. thanks for the great article, Daisy! I’ve been practicing and learning gardening for several years now. We are getting better every year. We have over a dozen rows, 75′ long. And a smaller area with a dozen rows, about 40′ long. Another lady gardens with me, and we share the harvest. We both can and freeze the produce, and I dehydrate, also.

        I have chickens for the first time ever. I love it! And my 15 yr old grandson who lives with us has taken over much of the daily chores of tending to the chickens. And he did much of the tilling of the garden. He’s learning.

        I haven’t done much fruit, but my one apricot tree is doing well.

        I look forward to getting out and working in the garden. And I now have a greenhouse, so I’m planning on nearly year-round food production.

        If this city-raised gal can learn all this (and at my age, too!!), anyone can. And should!!!

      57. Good Lord.

        Hi, I’m a misogynist douchebag who thinks I’m Tony Soprano Junior.

        Don’t get fired, ever. It’s all so simple, you wingnutz.

        Now go form a crew and stop prepping, because I’m an arrogant SOB and I say so.

        • Yes, I’ve heard mgt. toss around the word team..and they always fail.
          Funny, all the Italian gents get the word and these guys thrive.

          You’ll need to advance because inflation will eat your paycheck.
          I scored a five figure raise just by asking.
          The price hikes have not touched me.

          It’s really funny when you tell people your success formula and your results.
          They are lazy and don’t want to learn or do they degrade you.
          It’s people like you they ask me to “automate their jobs” so they can save on the payroll tax. Heck , with Obamacare…business is booming.

          Yes, the weak minded make fun of the word “crew” as all they have on their minds is what’s on TV. Try reading a book. Also, try and research on Rome and see how they lasted so long. But then…as always…people get fat and lazy and things fall apart.
          That’s just opportunity.

          I always keep my resume posted online. Nightly I get 5 and 10 hits.
          I’ll never be unemployed.

          Back to Walmart with you. Make sure your pants are nice and low.
          Ass crack is the new cleavage.

          I love stupid people…it’s so much easier to do well.

          ps. You’re the kind of person I’d hint to mgt. that we need to “review workflow” so we can shed payroll.

          And the folks that are on our “crew”…we make sure they get greater technical debt to secure their jobs.

          Words have influence.
          You don’t need a mgt. position to guide a company.

          The high ups have less job stability than the janitor.
          We change them like we change the wall paper.

          Got it?

          And Yes, WE are writing a book on our journey.
          Everyday it’s wonderful.

          Now go back to the shelf stocking…must be mind numbing.

          ps. If you are NOT cocky in this world..people walk all over you and you get no results.

          • No real high-flyer would be wasting his time bragging to preppers who don’t give a shit. Nice story though: pity its fiction you’re writing.

          • If you lived beside me, I would move.I suspect any “moving ahead” you are doing is stepping on peoples heads and sucking up/backstabbing people. Your type thinks they are the elite. You are probably a government employee with your hands in the till…no responsibilities…no accountability. You are undeniably a jerk with a Obama style opinion of yourself. Good grief.

        • Its called little mans syndrone. He was the pimple face, 40 year old virgin that watches star trek everyday. I found in life the ones that talk about it never have. My company is a fortune 1000 so I see a lot of high wealth people and none rant like this loser.

          BTW let me know when this book is a new york times best seller.

          • LOL! You say it much better than me Indy!

          • Yes.

            The more he talked the more phony it became.

            He sure has a fear of women. He sounds a little crazy and very immature. to someone I want on my crew!

            • Hmmm…..
              We’ll I’m just trying to put a spin on prepping.
              Being your own version of a “Don” IS PREPPING.

              I was moved into a new great position by the folks in power with no interview.
              Raise, title and a $5K bonus.

              I run into this often…small minds.
              They never make it into our group of friends, colleagues and business partners.

              Everyone has spent years in “slave training”…. it’s hard for may to break out and understand the power of friend and influence. Mgt. does not really run the company…it’s the key players who have their hands on the machinery and have their own business network.

              I’ve found that preppers are often a lonely bunch who only run in a small wolf pack.
              So that’s all they will ever be. Time will pass and they will die off.

              And yes, we are writing a book on these concepts.

              The greatest generation knew how to form groups, build communities, build churches and industry… Their bratty boomer children and grand children we’re not sitting at the table and listening well… Instead they were behind the TV.

              All the better…it will be that much easier for my crew to do well.
              When a person makes fun of the word “crew”..then that’s a signal for us that
              they are a bone-head.

              Anyone who things this world just happened without careful planing by groups of people who plan things out are really simple minded.

              I think I’m done with you guys now.
              Life is not about just having your’s about living your life and being part of the life story…not hiding away in a basement like a frightened rabbit.

              I’m sure I’ll get man thumbs down…if you are…then why you are giving a guy the thumbs down who’s trying to empower you. That’s your slave reflex kicking in.
              If it did not come from “Mgt.” then it has no value.

              Funny…it’s always the boomer generation who tear things down..and cannot network.
              I see generation X doing rather well and we tend to run with them.

              I see the boomers as the socialist generation…they all want a hand out and are always dems.

              • Your tone sure did change… Did my 40 year old virgin comment hurt your feelings?

                Let point out the obvious here. You come to a prepper site to dog preppers? Why don’t you go to an abortion website and dog them for killing innocent babies. That would be better time spent.

                You should be out building this awsome crew instead of wasting time online at this site. Nerd crew unite!!!

      58. Well done again Daisy…been livin it for along time and been preaching it to anyone who’ll listen,glad youre out there,keep it up…get independent in food and in every other way possible.if you cant do something as basic as feed yourself then rebelling against the systemis not likely in your world…as I like to say…be a rebel,grow something,especially if that something is regulated!

        • Ive given it some thought. they claim a larger than ever number of folks are on food stamps. To me a person is a pitiful failure if the goverment must feed them. If you cant even feed yourself without assistance your a parasite.I resent the fact that my hard earned cash has to compete with food stamps & goverment giveaways in the marketplace. the dept of Agriculture needs to be abolished.

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