First Things First: Key Questions Facing The Beginning Prepper

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Norse Prepper.

    SHTFplan Editor’s Note:  While there may be three million Americans preparing for a paradigm shift which promises to change our very way of life, that leaves roughly 99% of our population that has failed to take any serious steps to insulate themselves from catastrophe. Earlier this week we asked “How Horrific Will It Be For the Non-Prepper?”, in which we detailed the disastrous consequences that await those who will get blindsided by a widespread natural or man-made disaster. Hopefully, that article will be enough to convince some “non-preppers” to start putting their well-being into their own hands by developing personal and familial preparedness and response plans for far-from-equilibrium scenarios that may strike at anytime. 

    As Norse Prepper points out in the article below, one of the key motivators for ramping up your personal larder, supplies and skill sets is to avoid ever putting yourself and family into a situation where you are left with no choice but to tell your loved ones that you’re, “going to get us some food and will return with it or die trying.” In a scenario like that your odds of survival diminish significantly.

    If you’ve turned the corner, or been ‘awakened’ as we like to say in alternative media, then the notion that the system as we have come to know it could fall apart around us without warning can be very overwhelming at first. So, too, is the daunting task of determining what steps to take next and how to go about creating your own personal preparedness plan to shield you from whatever may befall us.

    The following questions, suggestions, considerations, and topics of discussion are a primer for those who have chosen to take control of their personal safety and security, and may help to point beginning preppers in the right direction.

    First Things First: Key Questions Facing The Beginning Prepper
    by Norse Prepper 

    Inspired by the article regarding how horrific it’s going to get for the non prepper, I thought I might also submit the following article on what it is like to be a new prepper.  The purpose of this article is not to tell my story, but to give perspective on how overwhelming it was for me as a beginning prepper.

    With the amount of knowledge that readers at this website display, what could I possibly add?

    My answer to that is perspective.

    Many on this site and others have been preparing for years and are prepared.  I know one of the first replies will be that you can never be fully prepared and it’s a journey more than a destination and I subscribe to that 100%.  I personally will never be done prepping.  One thing that I have found in my years of work is that after someone has done something for some time, it’s hard to remember what it was like in the beginning.  I work in an engineering field and things that are very simple and seem like basics can be complicated and not easily understood by someone who is new in their engineering career.  Hopefully this article takes you back to when you first began prepping and helps you relate to us newbies.

    Think back to when you first felt the tugging of something in the back of your mind leading you to do more research and eventually coming to the conclusion that you must become a prepper.  It may have been as blunt as a Katrina event, or possibly it was just little things here and there that eventually and gradually led you to where you are at today.  Regardless of the journey, I believe it to be important to remember your roots and by doing so you will be more armed to help other people to come in to the light of what is going on in the world around us and help them get more prepared.

    How I was first awoken from my state of unpreparedness was when I watched the End of America video produced by Porter Stansberry.  What I saw scared the heck out of me and after watching what he had to say and showing the facts of our economic system, I went from being a SHTF ostrich with my head in the sand, to fearful that time is running out for our country as we know it.  Even after seeing the End of America video, I still wasn’t aware of what it was to be a prepper.  I focused more on investing in silver and things like that to hedge against the coming hyperinflation.  It wasn’t until about six months ago that I came across the term prepper and dug in to see what this movement was about and frankly, I found it extremely overwhelming.

    Below is my top ten list of the thousand questions that came flooding in to my head upon my awakening as well as what I am doing to answer these questions.  I believe these are all questions that every new prepper should answer as fast as possible and take steps to prepare for immediately.

    1. What am I preparing for? 
      I needed to identify what it is that I’m going to try to protect myself from.  If I was going to prepare for a one week loss of power in a winter storm then there isn’t much to prepare for.  If I am preparing for a global collapse of the financial system or EMP that would send us back to the early 1800’s I’ve got some work to do.  At a minimum I would suggest that new preppers start with a plan for being self reliant for 3 months.  By the time you are prepared for this, you will have learned much and can then set out on whatever your phase II duration will be.  I live in a northern climate with harsh winters so my phase I goal is to be prepared for six months.  Personally, I am still in this stage of prepping, but phase II will be for preparing for a multi-year grid down scenario.
    2. Am I going to bug in or bug out? 
      I agree with the opinion that bugging out should only be considered if you have somewhere to go.  Heading out to the woods is not an option unless you are trained in surviving under these conditions.  I’ve got a wife and three kids, heading to the woods is not an option for me.  If you are going to bug out, it needs to be earlier in the collapse rather than later or you will find yourself stuck at a road block.  Read the book One Second After for a detailed description of what happens to refugees attempting to flee to already starving communities.  Personally, I have chosen to bug-in.  It is where my preps are located as well as familiar neighbors.
    3. Can I defend my family, property and preps? 
      Let’s face it, when the SHTF, my preps will be viewed as “their” preps to the golden hoard.  Is a stranger more likely to watch their children starve or are they more likely to tell their wife “I’m going to get us some food and will return with it or die trying.”  The prepared need to ask a different question.  When they arrive at my doorstep, what will I do?  Will I give them some of my preps as charity?  Every meal I give out gets me closer to the time when I will be telling our family, as I head out the door, “I’m going to get us some food and will return with it or die trying.”  This is a huge decision to make because we need to have resolve in our minds what we are going to do when this day comes.  In a SHTF situation there can be no indecisiveness.  I won’t go in to any detail on how to defend yourself as there are novels of information on this subject.  I believe a defense plan is more important than a food plan because if you can’t defend it you might as well not have it.
    4. Do I have enough to feed my family until order is restored? 
      That is assuming order will be restored.  Personally, if it gets as bad as it can, I do believe eventually a new nation or nations will form and there will again be public services.  I had to figure out what my comfort level is for the amount of time that I will need to eat from my preps, supplemented by gardens, hunting, fishing…etc.
    5. How will I heat my home? 
      Since my plan is to bug-in in a northern climate, I need to figure out how I will heat my home. I live in suburbia and it scares me to see that relatively few people have wood burning…anything.  I have a fireplace in my house and will secure enough firewood this summer to heat my house for two winters.  All of my neighbors depend on electrical or natural gas for heat.  I personally have seen the temperature in my location get to -60 degrees below zero with a wind chill of over 100 below.  Many in my surrounding area will die of exposure unless they can be in my living room.  I honestly don’t know the answer to the question of what will I do when people in my area are freezing and there is smoke coming out of my chimney.  Anyone who has driven past a house burning wood in the winter knows it is fairly impossible to not alert people to a nearby source of heat.  To me, this poses one of my greatest threats.  Suggestions here would be helpful.
    6. How will I keep clean? 
      Personal hygiene will be a huge issue in a SHTF scenario.  I realized quickly that I need to stock up on toothpaste, TP, laundry/dish/hand soaps, medical supplies, and everything else needed to keep sanitary conditions in an unsanitary world.  I made lists of lists of all of the things I will need. [Lists and more lists]
    7. How will I provide light and electricity? 
      In an EOTWAWKI situation having some rechargeable batteries to use will be a luxury that we currently take for granted.  I plan on getting a stockpile of rechargeable batteries and solar equipment.  I have a basement with a sump pump, when the grid goes down what will keep my basement from getting inundated with groundwater?  I picked up a secondary battery powered sump pump that runs off of a deep cycle battery.  Solar rechargers can be purchased to ensure that the batteries can be kept charged.  How great would it be to be able to watch a movie on a laptop?  With respect to light, when there is no power, it will be very dark.  Children (and some adults) can get spooked easily when there is 14 hours of darkness per day in the winter.  I am going to stock some solar powered garden lights.  These can be placed in the light during the day and provide for a night light during the hours of darkness.  Radios, flashlights and other things can be hand cranked for power.  Anything that is sustainable and will produce light or energy will become extremely valuable.
    8. How will I keep up on information and communicate with the outside world? 
      Obviously my TV will become useless. Who knows if there will be radio stations transmitting, and if they are, what is the source of the information?  Personally I plan on eventually getting a HAM radio and learning the trade.  I believe this will be the best information available as it will probably be filled with info from other preppers in the nation.
    9. What do I have to offer others? 
      In a collapsed society, skills, knowledge and items for trade will pay off in a huge way.  The only thing that will help me acquire supplies that I don’t have or want will be the ability to offer something to someone who has it and they find the value of my goods or services to be more than what they have.  If they don’t, then they will not be willing to trade.  I have personally chosen to stock up on more of the convenience things for these situations.  I plan on stockpiling coffee and lighters.  People will trade for a hot cup of coffee and from my perspective, coffee is a convenience.  People will need to be able to start a fire for cooking or heating their homes and a source of fire will be invaluable in a SHTF scenario.  Personally I won’t be bartering away guns or ammunition because the person who I just armed would also realize that if I can spare these essential items I probably have other essential items and now they have a way to get them from me.
    10. How will I fight off boredom? 
      One thing that has haunted me is when the SHTF, how can I pass the time without going completely stir crazy?  Obviously, there will be many chores and a lot of labor involved in daily life after a collapse, but there will also be hours upon hours of sitting in a quiet house.  My kids will be involved in chores of the day, but what can I do to reduce the monotony of a grid down situation?  I plan on stockpiling books on many different subjects.  Fiction and nonfiction.  How to’s and stories.  A bow and arrow can provide hours of target practice as well as developing a survival skill.  Decks of cards can provide entertainment as well as bartering potential.  If you go to a casino, you can get decks of cards for 50 cents.  Puzzles, board games, pads of paper and plenty of writing utensils.  Anything that can hopefully make life more fun for the family to escape reality, even for a moment.  Don’t forget the most important book of them all, the Bible.
    11. How do I pay for all of this? 
      OK, I know I said top 10, but this question needs to be taken care of pre-SHTF where as my top 10 deal with issues post-SHTF.  Most are living paycheck to paycheck, so how can preps be paid for when we are in survival mode?  My plan is to sell off anything that I don’t feel is necessary.  Have a garage sale and go to garage sales – you would be amazed at what you will find.  I recently found three oil lamps for 50 cents each!  Sell things on Ebay and Craigslist.  Get a second job and dedicate all income from it to preps.  Don’t worry, if the SHTF doesn’t happen and you are prepped, you can always go back and replace these items, but get prepared first.  I would rather have a stocked supply room than shares of Google.

    What am I preparing for?  Will I bug in or bug out?  How will I defend myself, family and home? What will I eat?  How will I heat my home?  How will I keep clean?  How will I produce light and electricity?  How will I get information and communicate with the outside world?  What skills do I have and items can I use to barter?  How will I fight off boredom?  These are but the tip of the iceberg of questions needing to be answered for when life as we know it comes to an end.  When talking to and dealing with anyone new to prepping, please remember that they are entering a large and complex world where their decisions on what to do next could mean the difference between life and death.  Help them to make a list of priorities and offer them advice on what the list should contain.  This article is just a primer, but is more than what 99% of people have done to prepare themselves and their families for what is coming.

    Also, please let me say thank you to Mac, the contributors and people who comment on the SHTFplan web site for helping me and my family prepare.  You truly are today’s patriots.  God bless.

    Norse Prepper


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      1. I am new to this! Great Article, Thank You.

        • Just remember, the only REAL reason you are really prepping is to make sure you can eat and drink and live in the future in the event of a collapse in commerce or the power grid fails. Everything else is secondary.

          The best advice about how to prepare yourself is that which originates in your own mind. Let the list be a catalyst rather than a strict guide.

          • Norse Prepper,

            Great article!!! 🙂

            Watching the “End of America” video was a wake up call for many. It prompted me to push prepping into high gear.

            KY Mom

            • I’m really glad he included the last section on “how to afford it.” My father left me land that is an ideal Bug Out Property or I wouldn’t have that option; my brother and I have bought neighboring properties and its a great place for us now, but since I pretty much had to sell my business before I wanted too (thanks economy and those ruining it) affording the preps got difficult and the author is right. I started selling non essentials and found it to be a great joy to convert them to silver, ammo, and acres.

            • Found a list that is short and might help someone getting started with prepping. I am sure people here could add many more items.

              (Note: The list has been updated and now includes 67 items.)

              37 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t


            • Just one thing I would recommend – secure that firewood, eh?

              I read this:

              “Many in my surrounding area will die of exposure unless they can be in my living room.”

              …and thought this:

              ‘Or, they’ll just steal the firewood and anything else that burns, using it to feed their improvised fireplaces.’

          • Amen!Gods Creation as to that which originates in the mind as preparation.Great article!

        • Twisted; added advice for all of us; our trash will be a signal to others of how we are surviving. Folks, if you are in your bug out area, burn your trash at night. You can control the flame brightness (burn a little at a time). Day light burning, with the smoke, is like a homing device. You can shield the fire at night, I’ve done it.
          If you’re staying put, try to dispense of your trash as far away from your property as possible. Most dumpsters will be packed and will have eyes watching. Or if you can burn it do it ,again, away from your property.

          • Depending on what your trash is, you may be better off not burning it. Many forms of paper, shredded, can be composted. Plastic bottles that can be re-closed, (i.e. with re-useable caps), have a surprising variety of uses. Metal cans ditto. Hopefully you’re not throwing away much in the way of food scraps.

            Burning at night is only “invisible” if there’s no moon, unless there’s a high wind that will disperse a smoke plume quickly. And even then, the odor of the smoke is a dead giveaway.

            If OPSEC is that critical, better to bury than to burn.


          • Or bury the trash

          • before you burn your trash, see if there is anything that can be used in it. As Amereicans, we throw away way too much stuff that could prove useful. Also, trash could be burned to help heat water, the home, cook with, or any reason for needing heat. In a survival situation, NOTHING should be wasted.

        • Welcome Twisted. Each person has to search for the truth and decide what is important to them. Good luck with your search and we hope to see many comments from you.

        • If you are new, remember that there are cheap ways to muddle through certain preps in the beginning while you get your food and water needs secured. In the beginning, you don’t need to store lots of weapons and ammo or invest in ham radio equipment. You should start with storing inexpensive staple foods and methods of water purification. Ramen noodles and rice may not be a great way to eat, but you will be happy to have them if food is scarce. I’d also have canned vegetables and a garden.

          Now, there are some other things you will want to have when you have begun to get food. At the very minimum you should have some form of first aid kit. While many in the prepping community have enough medical equipment and supplies to stock a hospital in the developing world, it isn’t necessary in the beginning. Go to Wal Mart and get a $10 kit just to have something on hand.

          For radiation, you can shop for surplus dosimeters (CDV-742), survey meters (CDV-715)and geiger counters (CDV-700) from the “Office of Civil Defense” (now part of FEMA), but beware. Many of the less expensive ones don’t work and/or need calibration. They are better than nothing in an emergency (so long as they are functional), but really should be calibrated to be effective. If you are on a tight budget, try to find a collection of dosimeters and a charger. I got my set with 6 dosimeters and a new in box charger for $30 by shopping E-Bay for a month. I got lucky and mine all work but they just as easily could not have. To verify functionality on the dosimeters, make sure you can zero them. Once that is done, check them a week later to make sure they don’t have excessive voltage leakage (make sure they hold zero). On an even lower budget, look up the plans to build a Kearny fallout meter. These were devised during the 1950’s as a way an average American family could judge radiation in case of a nuclear war. It’s not very good but is better than nothing.

          Now for a shortwave radio. Most preppers will tell you to buy a good, name brand model. I agree with them but I also know that it is not realistic in the beginning. Instead, I will suggest an unorthodox approach that will let you hear strong international stations for less than $20. Go to E-Bay and find a Kchibo KK-9803 10 band world receiver. Yes, it’s cheap and Chinese but it does actually work. Now, go to Wal Mart (or any other store, for that matter) and buy a metal Slinky. While you are there, get a piece of wire and two alligator clips in the automotive section. Next up, buy a tin of Danish butter cookies (and eat them!). What do you have? Well, you have a Slinky monopole antenna, a receiver that can pull in strong stations like BBC World Service, China Radio International or Voice of Russia and a Faraday cage. To put it all together, stretch the Slinky out as far as it will go while still returning to it’s original shape. This can be done inside a house or in a tree if you have to. Next, attach the wire to the alligator clips and then use the clips to attach one end to an end of the Slinky and the other to the top of the antenna of the radio. Now, you have the ability to hear news reports in English from around the globe. When you are done, wrap the radio in a rag or old tee shirt and place it in the cookie tin. It is now (somewhat) insulated from an EMP. My cookie tin also includes a solar batter charger I got from Harbor Freight and some rechargeable batteries, but that setup was another $15-20. Usually I just run it off of some batteries I got from IKEA for $1.99 a 10 pack.

          Speaking of IKEA, there are some excellent things you can get there for very little cash. The one that comes immediately to mind is candles, specifically tea candles. They give off a surprising amount of light and can be bought for $5 for 100 or so. I also like the GORM line of wooden utility shelving. It is unfinished pine and could also be repurposed in an emergency if needed. As it is unfinished, burning it for fire wood would not give off toxic fumes, if you got desperate enough to need it.

          On the topic of weapons, any gun is better than no gun but some guns are better than others. I am not well versed enough in weapons to give you good advice here other than to say that you can’t go wrong with a good 12 gauge shotgun. It won’t penetrate concrete block walls like a rifle cartridge or a high powered hand gun but is more than up to the task for home defense. This is important if you live in an urban area as you are responsible for every shot fired. For other purposes, many people like the Mosin Nagant for it’s low price and reliable design. However, I have fired very few weapons in my lifetime so I really can’t give an opinion on it.

          • Also, Ikea has a hand crank flashlight for $6. It’s not the greatest quality (obviously for $6) but they work and I have a few of them for backup to the backup.

            • Thanks! I didn’t know they had that. I’ll have to go pick one up the next time I go.

            • You can get solor powered radio’s at radio shack for a reasonable amount, many different bands. I’d get a couple of good QUALITY guns and enough ammo to last you a couple of years. Many say 2 is better than 1, not if 2 don’t fire correctly after a couple of tough months of weather. Don’t forget your house probably has 4 sides, you have to cover all avenues inside. Focus now, your family will need it later.

          • Winston, never thought about the slinky as an antenna. Great idea. Thanks!

      2. Great article to share with others to get them started with their preparation.

      3. I was a survivalist way back in 1998. then I became more and more proficient in it.
        but I became prepper per se 6 years agao (or something like that) it all began with simple abreviation:
        🙂 there’s my little confession 🙂

        • doh! … agao… ago! yet again – doh!

      4. Awesome job, Norse Prepper! 😀

        Very informative and organized in a way that is not overwhelming to a newbie – a monumental task!!!

      5. @ Norseprepper

        It was almost like you read my thoughts on preparing.

        Great article. 🙂

        Depending on the scenario .., outside garden lights could create an attraction to your home. Good luck.

        • As a solution to the light attraction comment, we purchased window tint kits for cars and applied it to all windows on the house. We used 5% and it works well.
          If you use the right wattage bulb, street walkers won’t notice a light on in your house. Of course you should close the curtains / blinds also.

          • I thumb you down. Take cars that have dark tint for example when you turn on the interior lights you can see everything inside. A better idea would be to have a can of black spray paint and black plastic bags covering your windows. For buying that cheap autoparts store tint your going to have a fun time scraping it off in a year.LoL

            • i dont thumbs you down but you will want to board the windows up with plywood so people cant throw things into the house or try to get in to homes with windows close to the ground. preferred would be cast iron bars to cover them so they can only get into the front door or the back. but good point. we all like different tips or ideas.

            • The lights don’t matter that much.

              Some folk will be looking for occupied dwellings, and others for abandoned. Either way, if it ain’t burn’t out(and maybe even if it is), it will get checked out. Defensive fire may repel some, but will attract others.

              Most USA buildings are simply not defendable. But even if you’re in a concrete garrison (with faux wood cementious siding) and a metal roof, how likely is it that you have clear fields of fire and the personnel to defend it 360 degrees 24/7?

              OK, you’ve burn’t down the neigboring houses, filled the cellars and have enough people to sustain defence? So they stand off and lob Molotovs at you with a trebuchet or air cannon!

              I’m sorry but very few are getting through this, and luck will be as important as preps.

        • You bring them into your blacked out shelter at night.

      6. Wood is fine, but propane in 100lb tanks is the way to go. It does not go bad or rot, 100lb tanks are manageable in moving around . Heating with it creates no aroma of burning wood.

        I’d keep the wood as back up to the propane.

        • Great idea. My house is currently connected to natural gas. I’m guessing you are saying to go get a propane heater that I can bring inside the house? Any suggestions on which one or how many BTU’s? Thank you!!

          • I bought my dual fuel (natural gas/propane) space heater on sale at National Tool for under $100. I currently use it as a backup for the house in town by setting its thermostat a little lower than the central heating one. If the power goes out, the unit kicks on automatically. I also turn it on when it is really cold as it is 99% efficient so it has saved enough heating dollars to pay for itself.

            I bought the smallest unit (10,000 btu) and as we live in a small house it has never let met down. In the event of a temporary emergency where natural gas goes out, I can quickly convert it to propane and use the gas grill tanks I keep here. I can also take it to the retreat which has the 100# tanks for our gas range and instant H2O heater.


          • I am new to this so bear with me. I used to travel extensively for a living and a large part of my travels was spent overseas, in the third world. One of the things I noticed was the sub-standard medical treatment and I noticed that you didn’t address this in the article. This is one of my major concerns and with 2 small children it puts an added pressure. I have sufficient over the counter first aid stuff but I am looking for information on obtaining anti-biotics, any advice?

            • US Centurion:

              I’ve heard that some people purchase “Fishmox” from the pet store. It is the same as amoxicillin, only far less expensive, and of course, doesn’t require a prescription. 😉

            • @ US Centurion: Not sure about anti-biotics, but was told by another prepper to google how to prepare “four thieves vinegar” apparently has great medicinal value.

              There are many recipes, but I am going to try one of the simple ones with 4 ingredients only. Has anyone else out there made a batch as yet? Please advise.

            • Daisy,

              Thank you

            • US Centurion:

              I am in the same boat. It is definitely another concern of mine, but I also have been blessed with a healthy family. Here is a site to check out for prescription meds.


              I am in the process of checking it out myself so I can’t speak to if it’s a great resource or not, but they have many favorable comments.

            • Some antibiotics are available in veterinary supply locations. If you have a friendly doctor, you might be able to get a supply of extra antibiotics. It is important to also educate yourself on when and how these should be used. Consider getting yourself a stethoscope and otoscope (to look in ears) and learning how to use them.

              If your children are young, swallowing pills might be a problem because most liquid medications do not store well. However, most antibiotics can be crushed and mixed with food.

              Also think about supplies of tylenol/ibuprofen/naproxen, cold medications, cough medications. There are many things that respond well to herbal remedies and most medicinal herbs are easy to grow.

              Another thing to keep in mind is that antibiotics are extremely overused. Most children will recover from an illness without intervention. Antibiotics are only a necessity for severe illnesses that don’t readily resolve. If you keep your children well nourished by maintaining good food supplies, they have a better chance of not needing antibiotics. My active sons, now grown, only needed antibiotics twice during their entire childhood.

            • US Centurion:

              If you still travel much, a traveling friend of mine got his antibiotics from the market in India. I know it’s not ideal, and probably not your average shopping destination, but he managed to get me some and it’s a great addition to my preps!!

            • @US Centurion:

              Daisy is spot on about the Fishmox. It’s the same as human antibiotics. Anyone suffering from rosacea can get amoxicillin prescribed as well. I’ve got a mild case and stockpile the antibiotics. I’ve found natural remedies/treatments that are just as effective. Pills get stashed in the medicine cabinet.
              Also, don’t believe the expiration dates on the bottles. It’s false. A US Army study showed that most antibiotics were effective a decade or more after the expiration date.


            • Flowers of sulfur a yellow powder, you can order it off the internet, very cheap and all natural. I us it on animals and people, and age-old cure for anything, mix 1/3 teaspoon sulfur with one teaspoon honey take once a day for two weeks for anything, cold’s flu cuts sores ect.. . it always works. And for deep cuts sprinkle directly on wound and leave stops bleeding I us it when I cut my male pigs and pour it on there sack’s stops bleeding and no infections. I us it for anything concerning health. And get some liquid wormwood kill human and animal worms, humans have them just like animals.

            • To all who have replied,

              Thank you, it is fantastic to have a site to come too where people assist you, instead of criticizing you.

            • You should be able to gauge your doc’s attitude. If he is a money grubbing corporate tool, find another. If he is a decent sort, be straight, tell him you want to set some medicines aside. Most of the common meds are about $4-5/100. Your doc can help you choose well and tell you the basic indications for their use. You can buy a simple drug reference. One standard drug reference is Tarascon Pharmacopeia There are other good medical references, but, without “the medical-industrial complex” at your disposal, you will be in over your head in a hurry.

            • cal vet pharm grade antibiotics make sure that it is pharm grade not any animal fish med. I ordered from this site great variety fast shipping hope this helps (much research as I have kids too) research with patriot nurse on youtube what meds you need for what disease illness etc. if ya need any other info send a shout out to me I check often

            • Weird bug.

              When we have a collapse, hygiene will be a problem. Care of simple wounds will be a matter of life and death.

            • Stock SOAP, hand sanitizer, and antiseptics such as Betadine (povidone-iodine) and Hibiclens (chlorhexidine).

            • Consider also stocking the standard oral medications used to treat MRSA:

            • sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim,

            • The medicine problem is USA only, I take several prescription drugs, I have insurance; pays 80% or more. Amazing thing is all of them are over the counter in Canada and Mexico and cost only a bit more without my insurance than they cost me here with it. Antibiotics are cheap. Search Canada Meds or walk into any drug store in Canada or Mexico.

              Fish Mox amoxicillin is an antibiotic that is used to treat infections in aquarium fish. Fish Mox is sold in 250mg and 500mg capsules and is manufactured by Thomas Veterinary Products. A bottle of 100 capsules can be purchased for less than $35 at most pet stores. Although labeled for aquarium use only, some consumers are using Fish Mox as a low cost alternative for doctor and dentist visits.

            • Since we’re on this subject, I have a huge shelf of Tang, vitamin c, and just learned crystalline vitamin C lasts waaaay longer…I just received my order from…fast service, guaranteed product, extremely inexpensive; $12.00 (free shipping) for 3 bottles..112 servings ordering more with free shipping with my next order of garlic tablets. Hope this helps a prepper.

            • Oregon grape (similar to goldenseal) is a good broadspectrum antibiotic if you are looking for herbs.

              DO NOT store tetracycline past its expirations date; it will become poisonous!

              Colliodial Silver is another good multi-purpose option.

              And, as strange as it sounds, dried cayenne pepper is great for stopping bleeding in cuts. Yep it stings for a sec, but is very afforable, stores (and cooks!) well. Mix 1 TBSP with 1/2 c vinegar for a good linament; think capsaiaisi-c.

            • US Centurion: Buy prescription antibiotics from

              I get antibiotics, thyroid meds, BP meds, etc from them. Hurry, though, because congress is trying to pass a law prohibiting buying Rx drugs from overseas. You can contact me offline if you need help w/ this.

            • One word FISHMOX (I think that is how it is spelled.) Then do your best to look up the study the army conducted on 15 year old antibiotics and that will put any worries about expiration dates to rest.

          • I like the 30,000 BTU wall heaters. They are very efficient(one can easily heat 1200-1500sf by current standards, more in a shtf scenario when someone would bundle up to conserve fuel. I currently have one in my 1700 sf bug out cabin and a 100 lb propane tank will last at least 3-4 weeks in temps below freezing. That is not bad considering the cabin has 17 foot tall ceilings. They are also very easy to install. All you need is a regulator and 20′ of black pipe. Gas Logs are also a decent idea but I prefer the blue flame heater. I also keep plenty of firewood for a back up plan.

            • I forgot to mention the heaters run about $199 on sale and the hook ups about another $50.

        • H Nelson, obviously there are variables, like how cold the weather is and how warm you want to keep your house, but can you give me a general idea on how long 100lbs of propane will keep you warm for?

          I’m trying to come up with a secondary heat source for my rental house in a Northern climate and I am vacillating between propane and kerosene.

          • I know you directed this question at H Nelson and hope no one is offended by my input, but according to the FAQ section of their web site, my 10,000 BTU Pro-Com ventless gas space heater uses .46 pounds of propane per hour. That is, of course, while operating continuously. As you indicated, the number of hours per day it will actually be running depends upon the outside temp, the size of the space, how well insulated it is, and how high you set the thermostat.

            If it fires up 30% of the time to maintain the temp, that would be the equivalent of 7.2 hours per day. 100/.46/7.2 = 30.19 days on a 100# tank.

            • Thank you – exactly the information I was looking for!!! 😀

              So approx 100 lbs per month.

          • Daisy- a very good way to heat a home is by passive solar. for instance, my wife and I built a greenhouse attached to the house and in the winter, we really don’t need heat, except at night. AND, we get food in the winter! This was a decision made a few years back after concluding that we’re all in a world of hurt with the economy. another thing I’m in the process of is to make solar heating boxes that have a glass panel on the front, with a black surface inside, and draft ducts bottom and top to passively heat the house. attach to the house in a window or cut a vent in the upper portion of a south facing wall. if a body can keep a well insulated house at 60-70 degrees in the daytime, at night the temperature drop will be tolerable with a few more blankets. mind you, all this can be done with a few skills and free or cheap lumber and glass panels from craigslist. or wherever. doesn’t need to be expensive or purty.

            • I’d love that, CG, but I’m in a rental – unfortunately I can’t do the greenhouse thing where I am right now. One day, though!!!!

            • Daisy- the window box solar heat works well and can be used in almost all situations. You don’t necessarily need to cut a hole in your walls. A box built that sits on the ground or a balcony floor can be made for a small amount of money right now, and turn into a gold mine afterwards. Plus, if it’s portable, then if you bug out…. take it with you and set up in another window. You will be AMAZED at how much free heat they provide! Also, if you choose, put a small muffin fan (12 volt with a small solar panel wired to it ) inside the box at the inlet vent area to be a forced draft system. I know a guy that uses a similar system to heat his “hoop house” on his tilapia farm with good results.

            • Very interesting concept, George – thank you!!!

        • I would love to keep my house warm with only propane, but as I live in the great white north of Michigan, wood is the only way to go.

          • Jim (aJ) – I’m just thinking of heating one room in an emergency situation. 🙂 I would LOVE to have wood heat!

          • Anyone else got wood? ;0

            • We have used wood for all our married life, soon to be 33 years..we designed and built our home in 1987. Our three sons are grown now, but are close enough to help with the wood. We live in a sounthern climate so the winters are usually mild, but can be cold. Sure the house gets messy and dusting is constant, but there is nothing better than a wood burning fireplace to keep out the cold, especially during winter power outages.

          • May I ask where abouts in northern Michigan?

        • I’ve thought about cold winters and wondered if a tent in my basement with all four family members in and maybe a camping stove (just to get the chill out maybe minutes at a time really) would suffice. Ne thoughts on this?

          • Be VERY careful with the camping stove in a tent.
            Carbon monoxide can kill you all, in a short time ,,,
            You might need some sleeping bags as well.

          • I would make sure the heater has an automatic low oxygen shut off on it. This will automatically shut the heater down if the oxygen level gets too low which goes hand in hand with high carbon monoxide levels. Still a risky bet though.

        • Propane is dangerous. You have a tank indoors that leaks and your house will go off like a bomb.

          • No one asked this and I’m not trying force my Ideas on anyone but maybe this can help someone else.

            Please don’t put the propane tank in the house. If you are concerned with thieves there are other ways to protect it. What I did was to mount the tank in my basement egress window. This allowed me to weld together a heavy duty steel frame on hinges that goes over it. I added a long steel rod that extends down to the bottom of the egrees pit that I put a lock on. This keeps someone from being able to just cut the lock. They would have to cut through 4 different weld on hinges to get it out of there and it would probably take a plasma cutter to get the job done. Just make sure if you do this you still have plenty of room to escape and have the key just inside the window in case of an emergency.

            If you don’t have a basement the same thing could be done with a hole dug in the ground.

          • Sure is…I had a rat giving me fits…wouldnt take bait or poison so I found his burrow out in the barnyard and sprayed a good shot of propane down in there….then waited a sec before setting a flame to it….I felt the groung lift up under me as a very solid KA-BOOM shook the ground,and it wasnt a very big squirt of propane….anyhow that rat wont be back…..hmmmm….I wonder if itd work on a govt rat….gotta locate their burrow…… 🙂 ….seriously be careful with propane or any gas,its nasty when it burns in the wrong place!

          • When I was a volunteer firefighter we had a guy whose natural gas got shut off so he rigged the burner on his hot water heater up to a propane tank from his gas grill. There was a link and since propane is heavier than air his basement filled up with propane.

            The resulting explosion lifted the old two-story home off its foundation. If anyone had been in the house it would have been very bad for them. Despite never catching fire, the house was condemned and had to be torn down.

            • ‘link’ should be ‘leak’

      7. Im divorced, homeless, and flat broke. I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, how can I prepared for the onslaught of doom to come. What do I do, and how do I do it?

        Helpless in Seattle

        • @Buster,

          Start concentrating on preps that you can afford and skills that are free to learn.

          You can get a lot of preps and BOB items at the dollar store. They will get the job done, if need be.

          There are also free online survival courses and a host of other community classes that you can go to for free and at least learn what you can. Also, there is a wealth of knowledge on YouTube that you can learn from.

          Just a few thoughts. I hope your situation improves.

          Best of luck to you,


          • Buster, my heart goes out to you. To add to what Tess says, one useful, free survival skill that you could use right now is learning how to forage for wild edibles, yes, even in the city. This is a skill that will stay with you no matter what happens, and your library probably has some good books on this. Not only can you provide some nutrients for yourself, but if you are really good, and can get out to the woods, forage items such as morels, chantarelles and ramps can bring top dollar at restaurants that specialize in local, sustainable foods.

            Another thing you can try (and I haven’t tested this myself) is guerilla gardening–since you don’t own land of your own, sneak some plantings into local/state/national parks, off the beaten path, but not far enough that you would be suspected of planting pot or anything. Plant things that the average person would not recognize as food during its growing stage–kale, collards, potatoes, carrots, etc. Maybe a better idea is to see if a friend or family member would let you plant a garden on their property to make it more legit.

            And if you smoke or drink–give it up. Not to be a nag, but first, it’s not good for you (yeah, mom), second, it is quite expensive, and finally, going into a SHTF situation with a clear head and no dependencies will serve you well. And you can put that money toward preps. 🙂

        • Buster, I’m sorry, but have no idea. One thing that I have seen on other sites is people advertising themselves as good workers/contributers to other survival groups if they would take them in in a SHTF scenario.

          Hopefully others more experienced in prepping can also give advise. I have read on this site people who don’t make much for income that have overcome.

          Pray for Gods favor to come in to your life. Nothing is impossible. You have my prayers.

          God bless.

        • For you the doom has already arrived. You have nothing left to prepare for because it likely will not get much worse for you. Bottoming out is a good thing, once you realize that it is the bottom.

          Now you can rebuild your life in a sustainable way. How? Not by deciding what you are going to do, but by doing it. In the end, you will be at a big advantage compared to the millions that will be thrust into their new lifestyle at the same time. you will already know how to survive the toughest of times.

          The first step is to stop considering yourself helpless.

        • Buster, the first thing I would do is start moving south.
          California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida – somewhere, where at least the elements won’t kill you.
          One can make an acceptable living fishing off the coast.
          Get in touch with some of us southerners, let’see what we could do …

          • You are correct Raymond. A man could certainly live off the bountiful ocean supply in the south. If you can get to some of the creeks that feed into an inlet, you can eat crab, shrimp, fish, clams etc. In fact I know a homeless guy in Garden city SC, who cleans fish, cuts grass, and does other odd jobs for the locals. He spends his days on the pier where anybody that knows him looks out for him. Often times he drops a line with a treble hook attached and cleans rigs off of the pilings and them sells them. They cost a dollar on the pier and he sells them for 50 cents. Every little bit adds up. Where there is a will there is a way. Good luck Buster.

          • With statements like these, I again return to the subject of all those churches across our nation 6 days a week issues be damned!!

        • I’ve been told I’m Pollyanna, so here goes, Buster.

          First off, if you are on your own, you can do things a lot of the rest of us cannot.

          I don’t know if any of these would work with your situation, but to start brainstorming

          Can you venture south and find a place to set up a campsite?
          Can you find a job as a handyman or caretaker that comes with accomodations?
          What about a live-in situation for someone who needs assistance, an older person who can no longer drive or care for themselves?
          Do you belong to a church? Even if you do not, many congregations would be happy to lend a hand to help you get on your feet again.

          You didn’t say if you were working at all, so I’m not sure if you have any income, but if you do, for less than $2 a week, you can put away a spaghetti dinner – a can of sauce and a bag of pasta. It’s not much but it beats nothing.

          Best wishes to you.

          • Daisy’s onto summat with the live in carer.

            Like many HFA/ADHD parents I’ll be looking for a male Au Pair at some point in my son’s teens to help build independence for stuff like the school run. The hours would give you weekends and thee school day to get yoursef back on track.

            Bars/hotels/summer camps are also live in quite often.

        • @Buster

          Seek God, first, last, always. You can live on a big farm, with two years of food and plenty of good water. Own 100 rifles and 1 million rounds of ammo and get bitten by a snake or bug which will kill you, or have a stroke.

          Put your faith and trust in Him. Ask Him daily for what you want/need from Him.

          Join a good church or Bible study. He takes care of his childern as long as you are willing to do the work.

          • Ad Gloriosum et Dei æterni

        • Ten years ago I was where you are now with only the clothes on my back, but now I have a beautiful new wife and a child, a home in the city and a retreat in the country and everything else that goes with that.

          If you are unemployed, move to where you can get a job. I met a man just the other day who moved here after convincing a businessman to by him a bus ticket. He was living in our homeless shelter and had a job offer at a hotel and was plugged into a church that was helping him out and had a good attitude. He is turning things around for himself and you will have to do the same.

          In the meantime, make sure to take advantage of the social services, and soup kitchens and pantries, and anything else you can to get prepared. Just this week my neighbors put an indoor wood fireplace out with trash so that can be another source of provisions.

        • And get the HELL out of Seattle, some small town in Washington will improve your odds by 50% or more, who knows. Also GARDEN, GARDEN, GARDEN. If you don’t have one,start one, you can throw potatoes on grass and then some straw if you have too. Potatoes and onions and lots of them at that can be grown easily with some time and patience. Seed to Seed-buy the book and learn it. Stay the course and 50 push ups and sit ups a day will help everyone-the stronger you are,the better prepared you are for everything. Muscle is Protein. If the Krebs Cycle can’t get enough energy from carbohydrates or fats, it will break down proteins to feed into the Cycle later. If there’s not enough protein available when your body wants it, it will break down your muscles to fuel your cells.

          • Darn I’ve been wanting to talk to someone from Zero Hedge, ya’ll have a great web, and funny too you must be the one whom has the calf jughead, I seen your pictures on one of your articles about eating what you raise, I raise my own meat and always have a large garden. I sure hope everyone the best, and if I can help folks in the area I live in, the South it would be an honor.

        • 1) Learn
          The cost of learning is the same as accessing the Internet. Find web sites that will teach you skill sets like first aid, butchery, handy work with plumbing, etc.

          2) Earn
          From your learning figure out what you can sell to someone else and sell it – for anything – any gain is better than no gain. You said you are penniless so take a few pennies for something worth a lot more. At least you get something going.

          BTW I did those two things when I sold my business and had “nothing” to go forward on. I wasn’t penniless but I learned about solar, I now sell solar, and its doing quite well for me here in CA

          • Growing up my local library had a plethora of books on everything from lock picking to homesteading. It is also where I was introduced to Mother Earth News when it was still for poor people.

            This time of year Scout Camps are hiring so if you have a clean record you should be able to get on somewhere for the summer because some positions must be filled by people over 21. In addition to a paycheck they provide free room and meals and a few weeks of unemployment when it’s over.

        • Dear Buster,

          I am concerned for you and would like to put my 2 cents in. If you have children, do not move away from where they live. Seeing your kids is important to them and you. You have stirred compassion on this site, so why not put yourself out there and see what comes of it. You have no where to go my friend, but up.

          We have all been in a place in our lives, where we needed guidance and help. Hand your worries over to God, in other words ask God to open a door for you and remember, you must go through it. If you are truly ready to live life and make yours better, you can and will succeed. There are many farms that need help and provide housing. There are landscaping jobs this time of year. You could even start at a fast food place, or a convenience store nights. These seem like menial jobs that are below some standards, however it is honest work and in my opinion, just as worthy as a professional.

          I recall a young man that waited on me one day at the drive through in Dunkin Donuts. I was very impressed with his outgoing personality and politeness. I said to myself that someday, that kid will own the joint. Low and behold, he was store manager within 6 months. Never give up, never give in and never compromise your integrity. When we leave this world, we all leave the same, with nothing but ourselves. Worry more about getting on your feet right now, that is paramount.

          God bless you and keep you in his arms.

        • Hey Buster, at least you’re not in debt!

          Take the Path of Least Resistance.

          Get out of Seattle. Head South to a warmer climate, like Tucson. Hitchhike if you have to. Seattle’s the model city for the Nanny State. Expensive to live in. On the other hand, lot’s of “socialized” programs there to keep the “homeless” happy, more or less. But get out and head to where it’s warmer, especially before the winter.

          Link up with good people who can use your skills. Don’t try to do what some of the others suggest, other than getting a small backpack and filling with essentials to get you to The Community, use your leverage. DON’T BUY ANYTHING ELSE, other than food to keep you grounded, centered and physically balanced (and a good sleeping bag). From the tone and delivery of your post, you obviously have skills that would/could supplement any group needing help. There are many spiritual communities that aren’t totally self righteously, self absorbed, who are looking for all the help they can get, in return for room, board and a stipend.

          If you want a quick way to generate money FAST, to get your pack and gear, to head out, and food to tide you over and a good sleeping bag to keep you comfy at night, do this:

          Buy a bottle of Windex.
          Buy two or three rolls of good paper towels.

          Take these two items and find a stop light where there’s a medium separating the flow of traffic. Don’t get yourself in a spot where you might get hit, but where traffic stops for a good few minutes and there’s lots of backed up traffic.

          Once you’ve scoped out a good safe situation as described above, when cars come up and stop for the light, walk up and 1. SMILE then 2. Clean their front windshield. Do it fast, but do it thoroughly. 3. Don’t expect any money in return, but if they do pay you, and many will, thank them unconditionally. I guarantee, if you find the right location, where you are not blocking traffic or endangering yourself or traffic, and you have the attitude of giving with out expectations, You will make up to $200 a day, no joke. ‘

          Put the false pride on the back burners. Suck it up and go out and do it. The initial investment may be 10 bucks or so, but once you get going you’ll rake it in. Got to be genuine, though. Don’t fake it. Work hard and stay focused on each and every window. Don’t bark and those who bark at you. Let the work be inspiring.

          Keep your cash well hidden. Get a “inside the shirt money belt”. Once you get enough, buy your pack with gear, always keep a roll of paper towels and windex and you can make money as you travel south.

          People might laugh at this, but it works. Got to do it with no expectations, though. First few might be free, but once people sense you really want to clean their windshield, and “Service” is your motive, the bucks will flow in.

          Watch out for Cops and thieves. Be polite to the first and keep an eye on your back for the latter. Don’t run from a cop, rather, ask them, if they are telling you to move, where they might suggest you go. There’s always parking lots too.

          Good Luck

        • First, if your living in Seattle, move now. Perfect time since you have nothing keeping you there’s. Move away from the coast to some rural community and a church will eventually help you get back on your feet. Your need to find a bug out location and likeminded people would be gone. Then start prepping. But whatever you decide, do it quickly.

          I worked for min wage when I started prepping. Handfuls of matches at gas stations, hand wipes at kfc, bunch of shampoo/lotion from hotelscollected phone books for tp, stored water in pop bottles, ect.

          Good luck and Godspeed.

        • Check out prepper sites that have bulletin boards. A lot of people are looking for people willing to work on their farms.

        • Knowledge is free.

          Learn every skill you can!

          Edible plants in your area, gardening, woodworking, small engine repair, diesel mechanic, plumbing, electrical, firestarting, purifying water, etc.

          Anything that might keep you and yours alive one more day! Learn it now. The internet is an amazing place to learn new things.

          I have prepped for years and have only in the past couple of years really figured out that while prepping is very important knowing how to sustain my lifestyle and being as self sufficient as possible is just as important if not more.

          When the stores are all closed it will be up to us to fix the things we depend on.

          Good luck!

        • Hey Buster,

          I have advised many, many people about prepping. As I review all the scenarios and eventualities with them and the things that can be done to prepare, I always tell them that it is impossible to be completely, totally prepared and that the most important aspect is being mentally prepared.

          Allow me to point out that you managed to access this webpage, ergo you have internet access. Be not troubled by what you do not have, start out by assessing what you presently have to work with and build on that. You might surprise yourself.

      8. How will I heat my home?


        • No passive or even active solar at 42 degrees North in the winter. We do not see the sun for weeks, except as a slightly brighter spot of gray. Your stone heat storage also conducts cold in those conditions and makes the room space colder. We also have totally windless weeks, as well as raging blizzards, which coat the solar array or the windmill w/snow or ice and can damage either.

          Out here in the Northern boonies, almost everyone has wood w/propane backup. Lots of outside furnaces. Lots of stacks of firewood. It takes a lot of time to steal enough wood to make it worth your life, so no one is worried. even under a tarp, most of the woodpile freezes in winter and it takes a lot of work to loosen the logs w/a maul. Woodlots full of deadfall and cool Spring and Fall days are filled w/the sound of chainsaws. Target practice is also evident, most of the time. We have had machine gun shoots out here. No one pays any attention because they are doing the same thing.

          It is like stealing a large generator wired to a transfer switch. It takes time to move it, load it and take off. 30 below means people learn to take care of themselves. We are more than a tank of gas from any large urban area.

          All combustion, even propane, sends some noticeable sign up a chimney, even if it is only hot air condensing in the cold.

          You are not going to disguise that you have heat. Out here, more people will have heat than not, probably all of them. No one is really worried about it, AFAIK. If it is a priority, then indoor safe propane space heaters w/match start will help. Carpets on the floors that get coldest are a good idea. Dress in layers, wear a hat, etc.

          We have energy efficient windows, for the most part and no drapes because we hate that they collect dust, fade and block both sun and light. Light is precious in the winter up here. We even have one visible window with a grow light in winter. Everyone knows that we garden indoors in winter. So, the light is visible and again: we aren’t worrying about it. We can see light in the neighbors homes, too. After all, it is dark from 4:30 pm to 7:30 am, here for 5 months.

          There is a LOT of unspoken preparedness going on. Yesterday, I spoke w/a middle-aged woman who has no computer, has never bartered, reads little and maybe watches a tiny bit of FNC news. She was aware of the situation, mentioned having silver coins and knowing people attempting alternative energy production. She gardens, cans and grew up in a rural environment. She has family, most skilled at something vital. Trust me, if this lady is even mentioning her awareness, then it is wide spread. Two years ago, she told me she just wants to be able to elect people she can trust to do their job.

          Back during the Y2K panic, the local welfare idiots approached the County Board and Town Councils demanding they *do something* for *everyone*. The response was :”We can’t.” Somehow, the moochers figured out their own survival plans.

      9. You’re right, Norse Prepper, it’s hard to remember the early days of prepping, being that it was so long ago. I started with the notion that if I were standing naked a one point, what would it take to survive. Of course, clothing came first, then water,food,shelter, sanitation, medical/first aid, communication/ information, etc. Under each of these categories I listed all the various sub-categories. Under clothing, for example, summer clothing, winter clothing, rain gear, etc. and so on down the list. Having all this outlined on paper really helped.
        Your issue of the tell tale smoke coming from your chimney can be resolved partially by using Biobricks as fuel. Because Biobricks burn much hotter than firewood, less smoke is produced. This fuel can be stored indoor away from prying eyes and, because they are in brick form, so much more fuel can be stored in a smaller area than with firewood. I currently have three years worth of woodstove fuel stored indoors and, except for the day I receive delivery, no one knows I have them.

      10. Norse….Well thought out post.Perhaps I can make a suggestion for heating without smoke.I have heated with wood for 35 years.I currently have a wood furnace in my basement.If you take a section of your basement and build a coal bin on wheels or acessible to a window if permanent,you could store several tons of coal. Hard coal burns with little to no smoke after it is lit.You could use wood under cover of dark and coal during daylight.I also got a triaxle load of polewood last fall.This should last me 5 years. I only cut enough for the heating season and store it in the basement. This way no one can steal the remainder of outside wood as it is too heavy to lift. S

        • I think all that coal has given you a bunker mentality. Get it? Bunker… coal bunker! Ha ha.

      11. For the beginning ‘prepper’, it’s rather important to remember that there isn’t really any ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan, program or list of required supplies that works for everyone. You will have to adapt and reconfigure even the best of plans/programs and supply lists to meet your individual needs.

        You do the best you can with what you have to work with. Everyone, no matter how little space or how little money that you have to work with, can always better their situation. You can always give yourself just a little bit better ‘edge’ over unexpected circumstances and disaster situations that may suddenly occur in their lives.

        I have no idea exactly what the timeline is for the coming global collapse of the international financial system, but I can’t believe that we have all that much time left to continue to prepare. The final warning signs of the coming ‘helter-skelter’ are all around us. Fail to prepare at your family’s peril.

        The only really stupid question is the one that you fail to ask for whatever reason. Newcomers to the movement should feel free to post ANY legitimate questions that they have here. I think that, for the most part, you will receive courteous, well thought out responses.

        BTW. My family and I went with a small but well made combination chess/checker travel set, several decks of playing cards, a set of dominoes and 3-5 books apiece that we are partial to as recreational outlets during the coming ‘quiet’ times ahead for all of us. What the fuck do you mean the TV won’t turn on?????

        God Bless and good luck to all who post here.

      12. Does this mean WE will become the 1% after SHTF?

        • Short answer to that is YES! And the 99% will be bithcing about what you have and trying to get someone to take it from you(because they are too damn lazy to come get it themselves). So everyone should plan on a good hiding spot for at least the barest of essentials.

          Good luck!

          • Bitching-Sorry. Got a little fired up there.

      13. Great stuff, Norse! I am not saying “gratulerer med dagen” yet.

        For the newbees I am am presenting my preparedness basics. This is only one opinion and comments and critics are welcome.

        I started with small steps. First food for three weeks and then I expanded gradually in all directions. My advice is to keep a budget and try as good as you can to avoid buying food you don`t like. Get food you want to consume later. At one step if a breakdown hasn`t come yet you might eat the food you have stored and replace it instead of just throwing it away.

        Another important thing is to change your consumption behavior. Accountancy and smart shopping will become necessary. You want to know what you have, how much you have and how long the food will last. By having it all in the books, you can set yourself targets and are in control. As you will buy more food then usual, you should be aware of the prices, much more then you might do in everyday life. A storage check once or twice a month on certain days is helpful.

        For the stocks. Don`t forget sweets and chocolate. They might save your day. Tobacco or nicotine gums are very important if you should smoke. I stopped smoking three years ago. I am sure I couldn`t have done it in the time of a crisis. Consider buying alcohol even if you don`t drink and if you have pets, don`t forget them either.

        Above all try to become as independent and self reliant as possible. And again, small steps are better then the great plans which don`t work out. You can not be the perfect prepper. Do as good as you can.

        I think it is also very important is to keep faith and stay optimistic. Its all a challenge not a burden. And don`t make this preparedness business a 24/7 job and don not go into the doomsday trap. You will end up paranoid, or bonkers and you will achieve less for you and your loved ones. Life can be bad enough. Don`t make it worse by bad thoughts.

        Be safe!

      14. Very nicely done! I am sure this will help the newbies as well as garner support.

        I also work in engineering. I woke up a long time ago although my grandparents and family, all were “preppers” for generations back. That was just the way it was, they were being prudent. I learned much from them that is todays prepping skillsets most people are trying to learn.

        I was blessed, growing up in a similar Northern climate with temperatures during the 6 months of winter often exceeding -40 and lower without the wind chill. Northern Minnesota and my home town was the largest for 100 miles in any direction. It was not that affluent of a small town although we had a state college there. So we grew up hunting, fishing and trapping animals for their fur and meat. Again great skillsets for the modern prepper.

        We are also fortunate to have family land on my wifes side of the family that we purchased and will stay in the family long term. It is not a whole lot but it is our bug-out place. We live in the Houston proper area and have used the family homestead for evac in several hurricanes. Since all of the indicators of recent years, we have stepped up the pace of keeping the country place stocked with supplies for all needs. I won’t get into listing all of the needs.

        I also, after hurricane Ike, got to thinking about “grid down” problems. Alternative fuels to hydrocarbon based products and what I can do for myself. With the country land and gardening skills I can grow starchy vegetables and since we are semi-tropical can grow sugar cane. I had spent two years in Saudi Arabia at the end of the first Gulf War and remembered making moonshine…the light dawned on me and I proceeded to research producing my own fuel grade ethanol as I no longer imbibe as a beverage. Just google home distillation and you will be amazed at what you find. I built a prototype reflux fractionating column and integral boiler which also doubles as a very good water distillation unit. So BINGO, I have capability of distilling water, (far better than filtering or using chemical treatment or simply boiling) making my own ANTISEPTIC grade ethanol as well as fuel grade up to 95% purity, yes, 95%. The azeotropic barrier is 95.6 so this is very good output.

        Since that time, over the last year plus, I’ve taught myself how to TIG weld copper to copper using copper. I can do without the welding if need be and still build, pardon the pun. So, if post shtf, I have a whole set of skillsets and products to be used, bartered and built on outside of the present day job of refinery design in engineering.

        Anyone wanting to contact me, you will find a way, and not too far away either….lol just look close at banners.

        I can give advice if you are a do it yourselfer or whatever you want to do.

        This site is one of the best in the community. Mac does an excellent job, but the reader/commentors have loads of knowledge, take advantage of it while we can.

        God Bless,
        Terry W. Reed
        Land and Livestock protection LLC

        • Terry – totally off topic question:

          Does distillation have any effect on radioactive particles in water?

          • A simplified view of distillation is you are boiling a liquid mixture in a pot and collecting the condensate in a separate container. The condensate will be relatively pure (free of contaminants), but the stuff left in the pot will have a higher concentration of contaminants.

            In the case of water, you will want to drink the condensate and dump the liquid left in the pot. Just be aware that (1) distillation with an external heat source is *very* energy intensive (in chemical plants a very high percentage of the total production cost comes from separation processes such as distillation) and (2) distilled water is missing important minerals and electrolytes your body needs (the lack of minerals is also why it’s good for car batteries, radiators, flat irons, etc.). Distilled water isn’t good for you to drink for extended periods of time so make sure you have some source of these minerals to replace what you usually get in the water you drink.

          • @ Daisy from the reaserch I have done no it soes not. You need a special filter to do this ( They are pricey I have looked into them myself) A goal of mine is to own one though.

          • What question? lol

            I do not care one wit, whether you think my comment is off topic.

            It is a personal story of a prudent person and the light coming on in one direction. We have newbies coming on this site all the time, they need all the help they can get. Now I, for one, think the ability to distill water and ANTISEPTIC is a fair bit important.

            What is important after shtf?
            Meds including antiseptic which is paramount
            ability to protect oneself and loved ones

            I think I’m totally on topic, but like I said, I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think…

            And no, distillation does not remove radioactive particles…I think if radioactive particles are in the water, the water itself becomes radioactive…I could be wrong, but doubt it…lol

            God Bless you anyway….


            • Terry – you missed my point – it was MY QUESTION that was off topic. What you said was completely pertinent. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!

            • Oops, my bad, see following article quickly researched on purification of radioactive water….

              Purification of Radioactive Water
              In nature water generally contains a plethora of impurities. These impurities can include small microbes to something as dangerous as radioactive substances. Methods such as boiling, Chlorination (use of household chlorine bleach), and purification tablets remove microorganisms. More rigorous modes of purification are used to rid the water of other wastes including radioactive materials. Groundwater is a common example in which radium, a radioactive element, is mixed with the water. This way produces a black sludge of radioactive water which is unhealthy for consumer usage. The radium can be removed through ion exchange or the conditioning of water. Other unnatural occurances of radioactive materials require more meticulous methods. Distillation removed salts, heavy metals, and radioactive fallout (since water itself cannot become radioactive, the radioactive components are referred to as radioactive fallout). Filtering the water will also remove the radioactive fallout.2

              So…Distillation and filteration will work for radioactive particles in water!


            • another way to remove radioactive particles from water… in a clean bucket add in a cup or two of “clean” ie radioisotope free dirt to the water and stir well until well mixed with the water. Let it sit for a few hours until the dirt settles and the water is clear on top.
              The raidoactive particles stick to the dirt and will fall to the bottom of the bucket pour out the water carefully and filter it through several layers of cloth and clean sand to be safe. Then treat as normal “dirty” water and filter, boil, or distill as needed.

              We used deionized silaca beads to mix with the water from the reactor to “clean” it before dumping overboard to remove any particles.
              The above procedure will also remove fallout if you use dirt that is a foot below the surface. Hope this helps

            • Great info MM2 and Terry! Thanks!

          • Daisy,

            I recall reading somewhere but don’t know where that filtering through known clean earth and then home distillation removes way more than distillation alone.

            There are commercial units that can clean the water by distillation but I have no idea if they make units for home use

            Take care

      15. First time posting, been reading through this site for a few weeks now and have to say, loving it.

        Thanks for this post, although I’ve been prepping for maybe a year now, sometimes it IS all so overwhelming that you lose focus. This post helps bring you back into line, so it’s much appreciated.

        Good work guys, I’m in Scotland, guess we’re prepping all over the world. Nice to see so many different countries represented on here.

        • Hi sickofitall

          Nice to see another Brit!

          I’m down south, trying to move to the Celtic Fringes as soon as the housing market permits.

          • Welcome, Sickofitall! Don’t be shy if you have any questions. 🙂

      16. Norse Prepper asked in the main article:

        “Anyone who has driven past a house burning wood in the winter knows it is fairly impossible to not alert people to a nearby source of heat. To me, this poses one of my greatest threats. Suggestions here would be helpful.”

        If you are depending on wood heat in a MASONRY fireplace, you can minimize “smoke signals” AND maximize the BTU’s in your firewood by installing:

        a) A catalytic Jotul fireplace insert, which (when installed and operated properly) shows ZERO uncombusted exhaust gases and solids — the building blocks of smoke — from the top of the chimney. There is also very little woodsmoke aroma to be smelled. All that CAN be seen is some heat wave patterns in the air directly above the flue. These can be rendered virtually INVISIBLE by installing …

        b) A chimney cap with spark arrester grates on the sides. The concealment can be almost 100%, depending upon the girth of you chimney, and hence the distance between the flue being used and the side edges of the chimney cap.

        The Jotul fireplace insert is not cheap, and MUST be tightly connected to a dedicated chimney-saver metal flue liner (of the diameter designated for your model insert) that is placed within your original, presumably terra cotta chimney flue. If you regularly replace / maintain the gaskets on the doors, it will be absolutely TIGHT and give you a hot, clean fire. Your house will also be safe from the threat of a chimney fire — every year when I clean my flue, the only residue inside is clean fly ash. I have NEVER seen ANY combustible creosote buildup whatsoever, and that’s after running about three cords of wood through it each winter for the last ten years.

        P.S. Be sure your wood is absolutely SEASONED to get these results. There are many other variables you will have to check, and I recommend you find a qualified installer to come up with something that will work in YOUR particular set-up, which may be very different form mine.

        I hope this helps.

        • Additional to the above comment:

          The Jotul fireplace insert I use is completely non-electric. An optional blower-unit (to circulate hot air into the living area) is available, however,


      18. I started prepping years ago. I first started buying precious metals and firearms to protect my family.
        I mainly was prepping for a hyper-inflation scenario, until I realized food, water and manual equipment was necessary in case of a disruption in common everyday means.

        If you have not started prepping I’m not sure how you’ll survive. It’s getting late, I’m surprised that we still have time but now I see how our government can prolong this collapse for a few more years.

        The people in Europe just grabbed all their money out of the banks and are caught behind the eight ball. Will they hold onto their devaluing currency? Or buy as much food and water they can while they still can?

        It’s going to get nasty and I still see everyone around me acting like everything is getting better. I don’t get it, and I see a lot of people who will get slaughtered in the coming crisis.

        God bless you all and good luck. I hope it won’t be as bad as we think! But I doubt it!!!

      19. I hope we never have to face any of a large and long term scale..

        SO.. i hope for the best..but..prep for the worst.

      20. Look into a rocket stove. Youtube has many vids on the subject. Burns way less fuel, and doesn’t put out any smoke.

        • or download plans from pirate bay torrent site… I found some there and about 2000 books and videos that will come in real helpfull. almost 400 on gardening alone

      21. I too, am fairly new to the idea. Not to being prepared, but preparing on such a large scale. I was always “generally prepared”, but evacuating a rapidly flooding home for higher ground, with nothing but the clothes I had on, was my wake up call. At least, on a grander scale. As far as the end-all SHTF, well, I’m still figuring it all out.
        I was a scout in my younger years, and have carried that idea with me into my adult life. People think I’m a bit nuts, but when I pull the toolbox out of my truck and fix their car in the parking lot, and get them going again, they see different. Money isn’t easy to come by, to spend on extra items above what I use daily. But, I make the best of what I can get. Besides tools and physical goods, I take the opportunity to learn skills whenever possible. I am a certified first responder, trained weather spotter, working on my Ham license, and am constantly reading articles or watching how to videos. One thing I’ve noticed (I read a lot, yet post little), is how caught up new preppers get into gear. Gear this, buy this, have to have a better something…
        Reality is, gear isn’t gonna save your butt on its own. (Remember the saying about guns not killing people?) People make a list, (buy knives, shotgun, water filter, lots of food, stockpile lots of stuff etc etc), but fail at learning skills. The lists that people make do need gear, but people fail to realize that skills are just as needed, if not more. Learn to DO things, MAKE things, instead of forking over cash for someone else to do it for you. I work a very boring job, nothing that specialized. But, I learn new things wherever possible. I don’t know too much about any one idea, but being able to “get by” in many areas will get you farther. At this point, I don’t see the benefit of specialized training in any one thing (ie going to medical school for umpteen years), and ignoring other things I can learn (welding, gardening, canning etc). I am however, considering joining my local volunteer EMT squad. There will always be a need for medical professionals, pre or post SHTF. I live in a very, very small community, and they need all the help they can get. Plus, it networks myself into being in a helpful community position, which could be of great value when the big pile hits the blades.

      22. I’ve changed my prepping plan after listening to the Drake interview and buying into it hook, line, and sinker. It’s borderline insane to think the people of America and the U.S. military is going to sit by idly and allow the U.S. to descend some kind of TEOTWAWKI wasteland. It’s also borderline insane to think the banksters and politicians in the U.S. aren’t going to eventually be arrested en masse and punished accordingly.

        So while I do intend on having a 1 year supply (almost there) of food, water, toiletries, medicine, etc, on hand, I have adjusted my plan for less long term stuff. I feel that a 3 to 6 month supply of less critical items and barter items is sufficient. Ammo is probably never going down in price though, so I’m still stockpiling. Our government and society isn’t going to collapse, it’s going to change for the better. December 21st, 2012 is going to be the dawn, not the sunset.

        • I have read some of Fulford,Wilcock and Drake.Don’t know quite what to make of it. Some of the links go to sites that get into extraterrestrial involvement, etc.Even if what the Drake says is true and there are mass arrests, what do you propose is going to fill the void after the purge of the moneymasters, the corrupt politicians and the illuminati. Surely there will be some chaos until a new govt is set up.Or is the military going to take over? Nothing like “from the frying pan into the fire”.

          • Most of the issues are addressed in the Drake-Wilcox interview. The depth and breadth of legal and social ramifications are hard to fathom, but I believe in my heart of hearts that the mass arrests are coming soon and that Ron Paul may be installed temporarily as President until legit elections with legit candidates are held. Yes, there will be some disruptions and limited violence, but nothing approaching a true SHTF situation. Here is the “Drake Interview” all cued up at the point where it really starts to get down to business…


            • I support TMFC in the suggestion to listen to Drake/Wilcock interview.
              It was full of answers for me…and Drake sounds like he’s been researching all this for a very long time.
              It’s long, spoken in terms even I understood…listen, judge for yourself.
              It all makes sense. God will not forsake us if we trust in Him.

          • Most of the issues are addressed in the Drake-Wilcox interview. For example, it’s not a military coup or even a tradition coup at all… it’s a constitutionally legitimate legal action against treasonous individuals… in the form of mass arrests and subsequent trials. The depth and breadth of legal and social ramifications are hard to fathom, but I believe in my heart of hearts that the mass arrests are coming very soon and that Ron Paul may be installed temporarily as President until legit elections with legit candidates are held. Yes, there will be some disruptions and limited violence, but nothing approaching a true SHTF situation. Here is the “Drake Interview” all cued up at the point where it really starts to get down to business…


            • OMG…tmfc…could this be the answer to why he stopped his campaign??

            • Connecting the “suspension” of RP’s campaign and my instinct that he would temporarily be installed as President (or “Executive” perhaps) as part of “the action” may be reaching a bit, but maybe not. My gut tells me “the action” will take place no later than July, well ahead of the election and the typical scripted bs that occurs in the months of September and October.

              The more I think about this, the more it boggles my mind. Let’s say the arrest the top 1000 NWO banker-politico scumbags in the country tomorrow. What about the 100,000 scumbags below them? For example, everybody knows the War on Drugs is grossly unconstitutional, but there is easily 100,000 people who know this and profit from the it, from judges to prosecutors to police and so on. Throw in the IRS, ATF, NEA, NEA, and so on and you have potentially millions of Americans who violate (knowingly?) the Constitution on a daily basis. Who is going to throw them in jail and who is going to decide the HUGE gray areas as to exactly who is guilty and to what degree? Only time will tell I suppose.

            • I hate to be a downer but this sounds like a pacifier to me. I don’t believe it. TPTB know that the Patriots are ticked and many are ready to take action.

              I’d love it if it turned out to be true, but I’m quite leery of it. If anything, I think it is a way to soothe the anger of the people while they (TPTB) ramp up the big guns and get ready for some shock and awe.

      23. Very impressing! It is people helping other people with advice like this that is going to be the reason that at least some of the human species is able to survive what is coming. When someone drops a positive idea like this out there, it is like a ripple effect that inspires more to do the same. It may just be 1%, but generations ago it was much higher of those people that prepare. It is not lost, the notion of preparedness, it just needs to be rekindled. Granted some people never learn, but there are still individuals out there that just need something to get them going and let it become a habit.

        Many people if they just would start adding their favourite foods in the form of canned goods to their shopping experiences, within a month or two they would have at least something there to last them some degree of time. The old adage something is better than nothing holds true. Many people don’t realize that it might just take a week’s worth of food and supplies to get them through a “lightweight” disaster. Even a limited amount of food and supplies gives something to someone that doesn’t have anything, TIME.

        It should never be overwhelming for anyone. A simple exercise someone with nothing can do is to get a medium sized box and just start filling it up with food. Get an extra case of bottled water at the market. After this add a little bit more. The main objective is to just get started, even if it is small. Kind of like find an old jar and starting to put change in it, at first it looks small, but it sure adds up.

        I want to thank you and everyone else that gave approval of the article I wrote and Mac so well organized. To see someone such as yourself inspired enough to write an article yourself truly shows that there is some hope for at least part of the world. That is so cool. I really hope that both of what we wrote will jar some people loose and get them going. The more people that prepare, the less that have to rely on their country’s government to keep them alive, especially the high price tage that come with that. The more people that prepare, the more people there are that will remain free.

        Again, excellent job. Maybe others will to add something unique also. There are some really quite brilliant minds that frequent this site. 🙂

        • Amen brother. Amen

      24. GREAT article Norse! I am 1 year into the prepping and it has had its ups ans downs. Financial and it is an emotional journey. I remember when I first found the prepping sites, FEAR. Then confusion, frustration, exhaustion, a gammet of emotions. But I would not trade my lifestyle back for anything. I coulhave a million dollars and would still be frugal. This venture has changed my whole outlook on life. The one thing I love is just being so much more thankful for what God had truely given my family. I have learned to coupon, and I love yardsales, the thrill of the hunt. This can be done on a very small budget with some brains and time it can be done. I wan too thank everyone here for guiding me through my journey you all have been a wealth of knowledge. Great to see an article so focused and positive. (sorry for any typos 3 year old jumpin on the bed while I type:)

      25. I just brought this for my garden in case we have no fuel, made for the Amish but can till the shit out of anything. A five star product and priceless after TSHTF.

        It’s accesible by Googling Lehman Rotarty Tiller or

        200 is expensive but American made and seems alot better than the Rural King crap I have ran into.

        • That is NICE!!!! It’ll be worth every penny and then some.

        • That don’t look too bad. I’ve got a high wheel cultivator and I can say that “don’t waste your money on one”. Cheaply made. I did just purchase a nice push cultivator from It’s a company out of Georgia. The cultivator is heavily constructed and works extremely well. It is a little pricey. I bought the dual wheel and got the adapter shaft/bolt to convert to single wheel. It’s a far cry from the four foot wide tiller I use behind the John Deere, but if I can’t get diesel it’ll do.

      26. I have tried to listen to The End of America by Porter Stanberry, but it is so long !!! There is no way to stop it, and then come back later and pick it up again. I don’t need to be convinced, so maybe I am wasting my time. However, I am always open to new warning signs and ideas. Suggestions?


        • It’s available on youtube. Just keep track of where you left off. The next time you watch it, start where you left off.

      27. @Buster: We’re in an apartment and are not young, but we prep. We started out storing a little bit of water in rinsed 2 liter soda bottles and buying an extra bag of lentils once a month. Slow but it can be done.

        When you don’t have any material goods, what you have in trade are your skills. Do you know how to garden? How to turn scrap wood and salvaged nails into something useful? Heck, can you tell an enthralling or funny story that will keep us entertained after it’s dark and we have nothing to do because it’s not smart to go outside? Do you have enough learning to tutor children and watch them while their parents garden?

        I’ve found if I concentrate on what I don’t have, I’m sunk. If you’re smart enough to know your situation you have an edge over a lot of folks, and you can make it. Welcome to prepping, it’s not just for the rich folks. Wish you the best.

        • Porter Stansberry is spot-on when it comes to what’s happening around the world but he’s lying about how accurate his predictions were.

      28. Great article!! Prepping can completely rule your life, until it becomes second nature, which most of us won’t feel during our lifetimes.

        I think a HUGE part of prepping is what you “think” is going to happen. For my family, I’m expecting some really bad shit and I also think it’s going to last a while. The book Patriots was my wake up call, it just made alot of sense to me. So we’re prepping for a lifestyle.

        Personally, I think just having the knowledge that something bad could happen and that let’s say the grid goes down, you won’t be like 99% of the population who waits for it to come back to life, you’ll be one of the first people to know what’s going on and get ready. Knowledge is half the battle!

        Be safe and keep prepping!

      29. WOW! How apropos!
        I’ve been trying to prepare for a year now. Making some headway but eyes are still rolling and chuckles galore. The oddest part is I’m doing it all for them with NO support at all.
        The apropos part is this: Last night I dreamed World Headlines: “U.S. Truckers Strike….Cities Devastated”. From this dream I realize I need to be more involved in keeping my eyes open.
        Please do not comment on a foolish dream. Just know that I need your import more now than ever before.
        Thank You in advance for all the great posts.

        • Precognitive dreams are hard for many people to grasp, especialy in Western Civilization, because people have been conditioned to reject dreams as nonsense or evil. Once you’ve a precog dream or two, there is no other way to consider them, but that we are connected to the larger sphere of Conciousness. Onironaughts sometimes see…

      30. Off-topic:

        The European Central Bank has denied assistance to Greek banks.

        It’s on Drudge, link to follow.

        • Daisy;

          I watched on the news tonight that an important guy from Greece says.., that if Greece does collapse it could lead into a civil war and the people with the most guns will take over.

          • I wrote to Manos as soon as I saw this report but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out, Eagledove.

            • Ok., Daisy. 🙂

          • EAGLEDOVE

            In that event the weapon supply will be augmented by the power elite through the various intelligence agencies in foreign nations. The common man has a hunting rifle, shotgun and pistol which is a thorn in their side but the opposition will obtain military grade weapons.

            If you want to see who is in the right side look at the weapons. There will be no shortage of good weapons in the hands of those groups doing the bidding (usually unintentionally) of the power elite.

            Superior weapons do not ensure victory as Vietnam proved. The numbers of people believing will determine the outcome. All the weapons do is to prevent a monopoly of coercive force to exist in one groups hands. The battle may be with bullets but the victory is with the literal hearts and minds.

            The internet frightens the power elite more then the Second Amendment.

            • @ Kevin2 : Thanks for the insight. 🙂

      31. 3 weeks without food
        3 days without water
        3 minuets with out air

        • prep accordingly

          it could be your own life or family you save

          • Satori

            As a child we were always hearing talk about EU food mountains, these national preps have now evaporated into the ether. Britain has several issues relating to food

            1/ Mostly urban population & crazy housing & land costs(so no opportunity for the majority to homestead).

            2/Heavy reliance on imported food stuff. Our politicians have forgotten all the lessons of WW2 with regards to national food security

            3/ The just in time delivery system that means the big stores & wholesalers don’t have much inventory hanging around. Once the stores are cleared – that’s it.

            It’s not because the ptb fear some foriegn Islamic terrorist threat – it’s for when we the people, kick off again! Last summer scared the bejesus outta the British authorities. The effort they poured into the MSM propoganda machine showed that.

            The Olympics is being used to acclimatise the sheople to militarised civil order management, to intimidate those who would rise up in protest.

            After the Olympics the military presence won’t just disapear – Scamerloon has the introduction of major welfare reform to implement next year. This doesn’t just affect the feckless and lazy but will impact many who aren’t expecting the depth and breadth of the changes to health, education & social care.

            The City of London has to be protected for the banksters at all costs, given that historically it’s their spiritual home. Defeat of the City of London = defeat everywhere for the global criminal cabal.

            (Google the City of London & you’ll see that like the Vatican it’s like a state within a state. Stratgically it’s critical to the banksters)

        • Makes no sense. We’ll all have air.

      32. the most crucial thing 1st on my list is … situational awareness , a personal head check , pause of action and full situation review , stop think personal safety , before reacting. the 24 hr sleep on it rule is always in effect. fools rush in and die. caution – don’t be a fool.

        fire and disease will be the greatest threat for a prepper. after secure home , water , 98.6 body temp exposure control , food.

      33. norse prepper,
        invest in a modern wood burning stove.. i have a newer model with the “reburn” system.. only smokes when the fire is first started..i can stand outside of my house with a large fire going and CANNOT smell smoke..people next door believe i hardly use my stove.. truth is it’s all i use ..

      34. Illuminati Banker prime talking head choice for ameriKan puppet prez candidate mitt romney heads to the weeping wall in israel … to bow before the zionist jews on his knees and elbows – bitting the pillow – as the zionist jews of israel lube his posterior up with vaseline!!! say AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhh mittens!!!

        ;0P da’ nwo!

      35. Rice, Pasta, bleach, water. Save your old soda bottles. A working/old .38 revolver and some ammo. A short wave radio. Candles, wool army surplus blanket and extra wool socks. One good knife and a pack to put the stuff in. Matches dipped in wax to make them water proof. A cooking pot, knife, fork, spoon. 2 canteens.

        Basic stuff

        • Soda bottles aren’t enough. Put some food-quality 55 gallon barrels in your basement. Fill them with water. Add one teaspoon of bleach for every 10 gallons of water. Have enough water so each person in your house can have one gallon every day for a year. We have 1500 gallons in our basement.

        • I have waterproof matches…Ace Hardware…$1 for about 250 for those who have an Ace store.
          LOts of cartons…

      36. technology is screwing up this world…or should i say its giving the assholes one more way to fuck you up.

        Have you ever been sent a text message with a link? Be careful! Identity Theft Expert and Consultant Robert Siciliano says it could be an ID theft scam known as “smishing.”

      37. To add to your question of heating with a fire place I would install a wood burning stove as thay burn hotter. If you have smoke comming out of your chimny it is becawse you are not burning good eoungh to consume all the fuel remember smoke is unburnt wood/fuel.

        I never see smoke comming from my chimny. Also oil lamps can be a great sorce of heat and light. A Dietz #80 oil lamp will put out 1400btu’s per hour and give you heat and light where you need it. You can also cook with them.

        I love this mag light.
        MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight, Black
        The only flashlight that lets you open up a “can of whoop-ass!”

        The best defense is to look like you are willing to do battle.
        Folks don’t mess with you. I keep two(2) of these in my car, under the seat.

        This Mag Lite holds six(6) big D sized batteries.
        They fit snuggly in the tube.
        So you not only have a flash light but a big stick/baton.
        Folks don’t mess with you with one of these.

        HOW TO USE IT…
        Way of the Warrior – Eskrima, the Philippino Way [1/4]


        Hi to Manos in Greece. We all hope you are well.

        Buffalo, NY

        • THANK YOU FOR THIS LINK!!!!! Can’t believe this is in N.Y., but even they are recognizing the stomping of the Constitution.

      39. Our public schools at work…

        Florida students’ test scores drop, so state lowers passing grade.

        (posted on Drudge Report)

        • dumb animals are easier to control.

        • KY Mom

          They dropped dramatically too from somewhere from around 80% to 30%.

        • The Public School system was never meant to educate anyone. It was designed to create socialized work-drones.

          • That might have been the intent but with an eviscerated manufacturing base they no longer need to even go that far. All they need is compliance. Drone complacent sheep that follow some trend that they direct. That way the masses believe they are “individuals”.

            The best way to keep a slave is to give them the illusion of freedom.

        • I just discussed with my neighbor…email says teachers can’t correct spelling errors now; can’t correct with red pencil now; one test asked several grades what secret they had to keep?? hmmmmmm..
          I kid you not!!!

          • My 11 year old daughter recently had to write an essay about the following topic:

            “If you learned that we were being invaded by foreign soldiers and could go to Wal-Mart for 15 minutes to buy whatever you wanted, what would you buy?”

            That had all my personal alarm bells ringing. Also it was an in-school assignment, not a homework assignment. It was supposed to tie in with a book they are reading about the war of 1812.

            My daughter, OPSEC to the wind, wrote a great intelligent response, and was the only one to do so in a class of 32 kids. The whole thing made me VERY uncomfortable, but then again, folks tell me I’m paranoid.

            • Daisy that is a very, very odd assignment – would get my tin foil hat antenna twitching too.

      40. Great article! Too bad there are’nt many toilet paper hoarders posting! Those guys always crack me up. Why hoard a couple years worth of toilet paper when a dozen or so wash cloths will last for years if you have the means to wash them?

        • Sorry CC!
          Love my Charmin, and it’ll be a nice little reminder of the olden days when it comes to it.
          And you might as well stock up now, ain’t like its getting any cheaper.

        • I agree with you Chopulin, we hit upon that idea ourselves. However I brook no argument with people who have the money and storage space to store TP. We have some items that are not really necessary, but we wanted them anyways. If the SHTF luxury may very well be defined as the guy with toilet paper or a percolating coffee pot.

      41. The collapse of our world is not only economic. Earth changes will happen almost at the same time. Nuclear power radiation is a breath away and can happen anytime. If the electric grid goes down, the spent nuclear rods heat up creating a meltdown. All that is happening now is serious stuff folks! Prepare, and if you can have a way to get underground or make a safe room and prepare your home against radiation seeping into your home. Did you know that the adult women in Japan now have 6 months taken from their lives due to radiation poisoning and for those of childbearing age more miscarriages and still births? More children will grow up with Leukemia. We are looking at scary times my friends. Do the best you can with what you have to work with.


        I put this buck knife on my bow. Came with a nice leather case.
        If you are a prepper, you’ll want a nice folding jack knife. This was the best one I found.

        Note.. I live in NY… I think they did pass some type of crappy law that don’t let you have a thumb post on your knives. So you might want to go look up the knife laws. This one did not have the post on it.

        Here’s a prepper tip… A while back in my kite flying days, I bought 200 lbs dacron line. This stuff is really strong. I’ve had it for years and it’s had many uses. Yeah, I used to fly big kites.

        I still think our cities will erupt. Good time to start lacing your life with all sorts of little weapons. The smith and wesson self defense pen was cool also. Make it though air port nazis in the wife’s purse. Imagine that.

      43. I don’t like the idea of burning wood. People can spot the wood smoke miles away. They’ll know you have heat and possibly food and water too. I plan on burning kerosene. I can leave the flue open from the fire place for ventilation. Nobody will know I’m heating my home.

        I also plan on having all my supplies in my home. My garage isn’t attached. I expect after the collapse that it will get broken into.

      44. Good to see so many new folks breaking away from lurking and joining in. My only thought as I scan through the post and comments is: Norse Prepper has not only taken the red pill, but stepped off the shore of disillusion…. good for you being so pro-active and quite frankly – brave. Welcome to life unplugged. Harsh, yes-sir-ee, it is; but after you get some serious preps and skills tucked away ~ your confidence will also build. IMHO… confidence will get you off the couch and into the yard… where all good little prepper-peeps this time of year
        are spending their days honing food production skills. I’ve been gardening for … well… since I tattled in behind my PaPaw. It’s not for the faint of heart. Soooo… guess I’m sayin’… Keep your priorities straight, don’t be over-whelmed with ‘hurry, hurry, hurry’, and you’ll find you become not just a prepper-extraordinaire, but a very well equipped human (in the process of)’being’. Wee ~..~

      45. heads up put on your tin foil hats …

        The week America implodes? The G8 was scheduled for McCormick Place May 18 and 19 was moved to Camp David cloning facility. The NATO summit is scheduled for May 20 and 21. Then May 21-23 the Russians practice protecting the Denver International Airport which has a secret evil military base underneath it….Chinese troops hanging around Mexico-US border…. Is there a reason all of these evil events are lined up in america one-by-one? Oh no worries…. just go back to American Idol, maybe they got televisions in the concentration camps and you won’t miss a show!

      46. @ Norse Prepper

        Hello! Great breakdown article for noobs.
        One thing of note, however, about your fireplace.
        In 1993 I lived in the Smokey Mountains during the blizzard of that year. We lost power for three weeks. We had a fireplace that we thought would keep us perfectly warm throughout the event. BOY WERE WE WRONG! In a fireplace most of the thermal energy is channeled straight up the chimney out into the great blue yonder. Buy and install a wood burning stove instead.

        • I heated a 1300 sq/ft rancher with an Avalon Wood Stove for a decade. I used three cords of wood / yr. Cooked a few meals inside it for fun. Meat, veggies, spices rolled up in aluminum foil out of direct heat was quite tasty.

      47. First of all, “Prepping”, or preparing for anything is a mindset. If you are simply awake, even this late in the game, you are way ahead of the heard. Your Mind is your primary weapon. If you can sleep in the dirt like a Grunt, the rest of the mindest is easily attained.

        If you have absolutely no gear, or anything at all, your first 3 purchases should be:

        1) good Boots, 2) a good Knife, 3) a Water Filter

        Then, focus on your Preps, orginizing them in Tiers.

        Tier 1) What you can expect to survive on for an extended period if you are left alone, not overun, attacked, etc.
        (This may be the hardest for everyone. A lot of people will simply roll over and die, but many more will become viscious. Expect hordes of hungry, angry people roaming around. Even those around you, loved ones, friends, etc, may flip out. It is not uncommon for people in denial of a situation to lose it, blame those not in denial, and try to harm them.)

        Tier 2) What you could expect to survive on in your vehicle, if you have one.

        Tier 3) What you can carry on your back, and survive with as a last resort, if you end up on foot.

        There is a lot of good info out there, free to all, on recommended Prep items, weapons, etc. Dump your bad habits, clear your head. First and always, your Mind must remain clear and focused.

        • Any suggestions for a good water filter?

            • For anyone who hasn’t started prepping $25 to take care of your KEY survival need – clean water, seems a great place to start.

              Thanks so much for this Satori – these guys ship to Europe! Very convenient for some of us here.

              (I’d mentioned previously I was looking for a UK/European supplier.)

              At the risk of sounding cheeky – those water filters could make a cheap, yet potentially life saving gift for the Xmas stockings of family & friends still sitting on the fence re prepping? That $25 could save a much loved but non-prepping family members life.

              Just an idea (feel free to thumbs down as I’m not sure we have till Xmas).

          • I actually purchased an ESpring water filter from Amway. It has a 3 stage carbon filter and ultra violet light inside of it and removes pretty much all of the bad stuff. It doesn’t remove flouride though. If you have a solar set up the ultraviolet light will be able to be plugged in. If you dont have power you can rig it up to still filter water very fast. I also have extra filters. I have a pond outside my door so ive got unlimited water supply and a way to filter it. Pretty cool unit.

          • Make one yourself! Take a 1 gallon bottle and cut the bottom off and line the spout w/ a thin cotton cloth. Then add sand, charcoal, and grass in layers. 5 to 7 layers should do the trick! Cost? About twenty minutes of your time!

        • Katadyn is the “gold standard”, but priced accordingly.

          I got a PUR Scout years ago, not as good as the Katadyn, and priced accordingly, but in a pinch it works. I also keep some Water Purification tabs (these are chemical based and are not to be used for prolonged periods), just in case. It is my understanding that some PUR Scouts were recently recalled, not sure of the issue.

          There are other filters available, at least aquire a couple of the “dirnking straw” types. They will not last very long, but are very portable, and may save your life.

          I survived Giardia infection, even a cheap filter would have prevented it, and it took prolonged massive doses of antibitoics, some IV, to save me. Giardia, and any number of other water-borne parasites can kill you.

          If I had the money, I’d get the Katadyn. Have to decide what you and your’s lives are worth.

          • JustMe

            Thanks. I figure the swimming pool will work as a supply for some time; cover it, chlorinate it, run the generator two hours day if possible for the pool pump.

            • just make sure there are NO other chemicals in the pool
              pool chemicals typically have more than one ingredient
              these can be fatal

          • I bought a Katadyn too. The replacement filters are a bit pricey too, but well worth it I think. I believe the Katadyn I bought will filter 36,000 gallons before you need to change the filters.

            • Awesome. The Katadyn may one day be worth more than it’s wieght in gold.
              Um, btw, you want me to hold that for you?

      48. Most importantly, WATER! If you live in the city, or the suburbs dig a well! A shallow well, with a hand pump is relatively cheap to dig, and assemble. Many how to and DIY videos are posted on You Tube. I dug mine for under $100 bucks!If there is a long term power outage, at least you can flush your toilet, bathe, and water your garden! god bless!

      49. When all your critical supplies have run out, you’ll be prepping to go into zombie mode. Join the zombie hordes now or later.

      50. I started my preps by saving every bottle I could fill. I even fill my soap bottles, I can use it to wash dishes, body, dishes etc. I fill everything I can. That was my first venture into prepping, water and hoarding bottles and containers….You can do it with limited means just have to look at things a lil different. Like I have a parrafin wax machine for my hand and tootsies, God I love how my hands and feet feel when I used it for THAT. Now it is clean sanatized abnd matches get dipped for water proofing etc. Candles etc. Just look around and really SEE what you have around that serves a better purpose. 🙂

      51. I think the best prep any of us can do is to forge relationships with other like minded folks. Yes, we’ll need food, etc, etc. What about after? Will we be a nation of little individual fortresses, or a community of people committed to live together. Vowing never to repeat our mistakes.

        Knowing who has what skills in a community and being willing to work together is what will ensure our mutual survival, just my $.02

        You have chickens? Well, I have a complete set of bicycle tools and the knowledge to use them, maybe we could work something out…

        • Speaking of bicycle powered tools, I’m looking for a pedal powered rotary mill saw to cut raw lumber. Any ideas where i could get that, or do I have to build it myself?

      52. on response to questiion 5. check out a missouri/russian fireplace. they somoke initially during start-up but after that, depending on the insulation in your house you might only have to stoook it every two or three days. above 90 percent efficient.

      53. Hoopster @ May 16, 2012 at 6:33 pm

        Sure the house gets messy and dusting is constant, but there is nothing better than a wood burning fireplace to keep out the cold, especially during winter power outages

        Oh, I am joining your dust club; propane is horrendous on creating dust—I just gave up finally and wait for spring!!!

      54. Just wanted to thank people for keeping the discussion positive!

      55. THE TOO BIG TOO FAIL BANKS NOT ONLY CONTROL YOU ; OWN YOU OUT RIGHT AND YOUR OWN LOCAL STATE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS!!! But they now are building their own PRIVATE MERCENARY GLOBAL ARMIES with your fed gov tax dollars fed reserve bank bailout monies!!!


        Can no one else see how this ends???

      56. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a few thoughts…
        Before we get to the scenario as described,I believe we’ll reach a “Argentinian moment” that could last decades.Crime will get FAR worse,police will bekept busy with “anti-terrorist” activities.Local,State and what ever Federal “government” will be non-functioning or worse “protective” of it’s status(read we care for the 1%’ers,jail/kill everyone else!).Most of the Prepper plans are great short-term(1month-1year)goals.But fall short if TPTB’s take a few years of infighting to establish wherever recycled “democracy” they can put a face on.It’s been fun,but the ride is DEFINITELY slowing.Not a happy place we’re heading for to be sure…
        All the Best to you and yours

      57. Living this way isnt too hard once you make it a lifestyle…if its going to just be a fad/phase then itll always be “work” and youll never really get there….I cant be unprepared for anything because I made the choice nigh 40 years ago to kept living as I was raised….self-suffecient and dependent on only myself and the good Lord…that philosophy then affected most all following choices till today I am as independent as one can hope to be in this time and place short of tossing it all to the wind and living under a tarp…this old cabins a bit nicer than the old tarp I once did live under,but Ive told that story here before… so I wont repeat it…just wanted to encourage newbees thinking…. and others to change how you think about being prepared….it has to be in your concious and unconcious

        • …it has to be in/part of your concious and unconcious thinking… 🙂

      58. Anyone new or old to the prepping lifestyle should read “Alas Babylon”by Pat Frank and “Lucifers Hammer”by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle for ideas on all the things you didn’t think about….both deal with long term TEOTWAWKI events



      60. ****From MANOS****

        Stock market is collapsing for the 10th day.

        There is a temporary government which will work until the 16th June elections.

        Fears of spread to Italy and spain, are being discussed all over the south.

        I took our last money from the bank, and turn them to U.S. dollars,
        and golden sovereigns.

        From what it seems, the end is near.

        People still rushing to the banks. It’s not an actual bank run, but
        it’s not good either.

        Just on Tuesday, 800 million euros fled from the banks.

        • Daisy

          manos is correct..

          Spain’s Bankia has a had a run over 1 billion in euros this week..

          Italy’s major banks downgraded..

          JPMorgan derivative debacle is just a tip of the iceburg!
          financial pundits beleive it is the beginning signs of implosion as they manipulate silver market down in case of demand for physical..

        • Daisy,
          Please pass on our prayrs and good wishes to Manos and his family. He is on the front line of the collapse and I think of him as the “official” newscaster of the collapse.
          Thank you
          SHFTplan family, friends and fiends
          MM2 nuke

      61. Great discussion!!! I agree with you Daisy, how can you not be nervous with the news we keep having? You guys have some really good ideas, so thanks for sharing them!

        And Daisy, I can’t believe your daughter had to write something like that at school, how scary is that!!! I tell my kids to NOT talk about prepping, even with their friends. Unfortunate, but necessary.

        I thank God we have a BOL!!!

        ANyone part of tribe? How’s that working out? How are you meeting like minded people?

      62. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

      63. Take a look at this European recession map

        Consider most of the countries in red to be in what laymen call a depression not a “recession” as tpb. Far more nations than the ptb are letting on are in currently in the queue behind Greece for shtf. Eventually turmoil on this level across Europe will impact the States as the banksters are so intertwined globally.

        We are hopefully spending the summer in Romania, Europe’s 2nd poorest economy on DS’s family land.

        Manos – if you are able to read this please know that we are praying for you and your people.

      64. Norse Prepper,
        Great article! Question No. 5…How Will I Heat My Home?
        The best alternative fuel available is anthracite coal for heating. Not to be confused with bituminous coal. Anthracite coal is smokeless and odorless. It burns for a very long time and puts out a tremendous amount of heat.

        I heat an old 3600 sq. ft. two story farm house completely with anthracite. You will never see any smoke or steam coming out of my chimney. I used to have people ask me if my furnace was not working because even on the coldest of days you could not see anything exiting from my chimney.

        I am a dealer for anthracite coal and the stoves that burn it.Most of my customers save 50-70% on their heating bill by heating with anthracite. Anthracite is available in 40 lb. bags or in bulk. I have customers buying semi loads of anthracite and stockpiling in case of a SHTF scenario. I have one customer that dug out underneath his deck and stashed a whole semi load (22 ton) of 40 lb.bags of anthracite. It’s completely hidden. Some customers are splitting a semi load to save costs.

        There are different kinds of coal stoves. The most popular is called a gravity feed stove. It’s become the most popular because it doesn’t require electricity and will burn from 24 to 36 hours on one load of coal.

        Another plus is there is no creosote build up, unlike wood burning stoves, therefore no chance of chimney fires. Anthracite can be stored outside…it doesn’t matter if it gets wet, also unlike firewood.

        If anyone is concerned about heating their home for a reasonable cost now and especially when the grid goes down, look into anthracite coal. If you live in an area where it’s not available, it can be trucked to you.

        Since I’m a dealer, I didn’t mean for this to be a plug for anthracite coal but I feel most people are not aware of the benefits of burning this fuel. Here is a link to a users forum out of Pennsylvania that deals only with anthracite coal and stoves.

      65. @ REB……Had to laugh at your rat problem. I had half of my frontyard tunneled up by moles…came up with the same lp gas solution..Gave it quite a shot of gas and lit-er-up. It didn’t work out as planned…blew up half the sod so then I got the bright idea to blow a bunch of cayenne pepper down remaining tunnels. Woke up the next morning the other half of yard was tunneled up to get away from the pepper. Cherrio….Butch

        • Oh, Butch…the ‘moles from hell’ are here in our yard.
          If you discover any cure, let all us know….I can’t mow without stirring up dust EVERYWHERE thanks to their tunnels.
          Neighbor has bluegreen boxes in his yard. We bought spray Saturday for inside the tunnels; but won’t they just make new tunnels??
          Obviously, they don’t use the tunnel but once. Those that say they are just aerating your yard have no idea the damage they do.
          EVERY tunnel is soil pushed up; therefore, no grass will grow there, so they destroyed a large section of your yard multiplied by 20 plus???

        • …moles are directly from hell 🙂 I planted onions in my new hoophouse the other day and was out after dark under the lights inspecting the days work when I noticed an onion laying on the ground and thought that it wasnt supposed to be there…so as I watched suddenly another onion jumped straight up out of the ground and this hillbilly figured something was definatly amiss…so I pulled out my pocket pistol and leaned in close as I did a small nose appeared out of the soil and I sent its owner back to the pit I mentioned earlier…had a good laugh with my Lady over that jumping onion…dont like moles,two or four legged ones 🙂

      66. There are many sources of good information from folks here. From the info below take what you need and review the copyright requirements if listed. I don’t know if these have been listed here in this post before but I have to leave now as some flounder and speckled trout are awaiting my arrival. Best to y’all – hope these help.

        This site lists the following categories and PDF files and links for each:

        Gardening, Food Production and Preservation – 29 Articles and links

        Food, Cooking, Recipes & Camp Techniques – 13 Articles

        Home Energy Production & Storage – 16 Articles and links

        Medical Reference – 11 Articles

        Survival & Emergency Preparedness – 18 Articles and links

        Self Defense & Weapons References – 11 Articles

        History, Politics, and General Literature – 17 Articles

        Y’all Beware! If that’s not enough for starters let me know.

      67. I want to answer Norse’s request for suggestions re: What to do with large numbers of people being attracted to his chimney smoke.

        Norse, you probably would prefer to find some way to hide or conceal your wood burning stove, but I don’t think that is going to be possible. Whether it be heat, food, water, etc., all Preppers face a moral dilemma in what to do with throngs of innocent people asking for our charity (the violent thugs who would plunder us also present a problem, but dealing with them is fairly straight forward from a moral perspective) and I have a suggestion/prediction with regard to this issue:

        I predict we will see the return of feudal relationships, and the return of the concept of personal fealty. Think about it: You’ve stockpiled everything you need to survive except the private army you need to keep it. The answer is obvious: When the starving, freezing, thirsting masses arrive at your door, you need to be prepared to make them a deal: “I will feed and clothe you and provide you shelter. In return, you must swear absolute fealty to me, as your Lord and Master, and carry out my orders without complaint, without hesitation, as long as I do not order you to do anything immoral (and I suggest you find out ahead of time what the applicant would find “immoral”). If you break your vow to me, I reserve the right to take your life.”

        This is the system that arose in the Dark Ages that enabled people to survive. People are still the same, and the answer is the same when we enter the 2nd Dark Age.

        What do you get? In return for sharing your supplies, you gain a foot soldier, some one who will share guard duty and man the defenses with you. Obviously, you will need to be very selective, getting only the most trust worthy and capable to form your household guard (House Carls in the Saxon tongue). You will literally be forming your own civil authority in a political vacuum. Your supplies create the basis for a nascent local economy.

        Some you may trust with only bladed weapons, some you may only trust to help you work your fields to grow food. Some you will take on because they have special survival skills, such as in medicine, mechanics, etc. These will form the basis of the 3 traditional classes that made the Manorial system work in the Middle Ages; military nobility, skilled craftsmen, and peasants.

        So, to sum up, the answer to your question is to stock up on MORE weapons and more food, and choose from those wanting charity people who will help you build a new civil society, not the least those who can form a private army to defend what you have. At some point, you will be tested, and you will have to perform an execution to show you mean business. But I think you will be surprised at how quickly people will adjust to your terms rather than face anarchy.

        Yes, you may have more willing to give fealty than you have supplies for. We all know you can never prep enough, and we are essentially preparing life boats. Life boats can be swamped, of course, but you will be more secure, and more at peace with your conscience, if you have done everything you could have done, and you have saved at least some if not all.

        Given enough time, more manpower will enable you to create more food, more infrastructure, and more material growth, so that even more can be saved.

      68. Wow! lots of responses.

        I also live in a northern climate and have used coal for the last 30 years as a suppliment to my heat. The reason I went away from wood was a chimney fire I had. Coal stores a more compactly and doesn’t need the attention wood does while burning. It is probably cheaper also. I question that a fireplace would heat a house very well.

        Once you learn to use a coal stove it is great. I have picked them up on Craigs list for under $300. I have used the Petite Godin. I’m not certain you can buy them new any more and they would be too expensive anyway.

        Stay on the path.

      69. censorship is for commies

      70. Greetings Everyone!
        Not to get too far off-topic….
        Looks like we’re on track with what ever version(or even concurrent versions)of “end times” that J.C. repeatedly warned us about.
        Comrade AmeriKan Commie:
        I read your item(s).Can anyone else validate the part about the Mormon church telling it’s followers to “turn in” their food stocks to the church?Did Mitt Romeny get a cut?
        Stock market’s crooks are at it again today too!
        Best to All

      71. Hi all, great posts here and I have gained much from it! I am fairly new to this preppen idea. I actually began about a year ago when I bought a years with of storage food but lost momentum soon after. I can not get family and friends on board, they think I am nuts and don’t think we will see in our life time what we all know is just around the corner. So I am doing it on my own and I have many questions that I hope you can give me some helpful advice on or at least point me in the right direction to find the answers.

        First question, I presently live in a bay area city but last year I bought 20 acres of raw land in Elko NV to eventually either build and move there or sell it off in parts for money or barter something I will need. When SHTF, do we take off immediately (8 hour drive) or wait a few days for things to calm down if they calm down? I was thinking on getting possibly a pre-fab home or cabin and stocking it up. There is no waterlines or power lines, nothing at all has been done yet but if the grid is out it really won’t matter, right? I may way out of my comfort zone with this land purchase but I felt being out of the city would be better for survival. Any thoughts is welcomed…

        Second question, I want to buy a gun or 2, probably 2 actually like maybe a rifle and hand gun but I have no idea of what would be good for a beginner. I plan on taking lessons and I am going to sign up for the Project Appleseed gun event that will be coming to my city to gain some training and knowledge. I am looking forward to it! Anyway, any input on fire arms is also greatly appreciated.

        I think I will stop here as to not over do it with my questions and wear out my gracious like minded friends to be!

        BTW, I like Joisey’s idea for the dilemma we most likely will face. I am not sure if I would be able to kill someone though but I guess I will find out when the time comes. I hope I will never have to make that decision!

        Oh, about the moles, gofers that are tunneling in your yards, must you be so cruel to the little fellows? I hate the solution I found out by accident but it did take care of the problem we had. We have 5 cats and the poor little tunnelers cannot get away from my tunnel hunters. I do feel so sorry for the little buggers and how they end up and I try not to think about it. It is not pretty is all I will say.

        I really am glad I found your site and look forward to sharing with all…ciao

      72. You should add baby wipes to your list of things to stock pile. They are great for keeping clean when taking a full bath or shower is not an option.

      73. Avoid baby wipes. They are chemicals. I make my own with a simple recipe you can search online for. I also make our own TP with shop rags, I bleach to get red out, cut into quarters then whip stitch the edges. Reusable and nothing to throw away.

        Remember what everyone forgets: what will you do with trash/rubbish? Bury it? If you have batteries then you risk contamination; think about it. what will you do with toxic waste?

      74. How will you handle laundry? I’ve just started prepping and this website was full of information. Also, some of the abbreviations have me baffled. I figured out SHTF, but some of the others are still puzzling. Thanks in advance for your help.

      75. I think one of the most important things to have on hand is heirloom seeds. Most people can do some gardening. If you live in a rural area, plan on planting a large garden. If you live in an apartment, you can still do container gardening on your patio. I have bought several varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds and am planning on buying more for bartering purposes. You can save the seeds from heirlooms for years, but you can’t with the hybrids…. I stumbled upon this site and have learned a lot reading others comments. Thanks!

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