Facebook Wants To Read Your Mind

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 11 comments

Facebook is one step closer to reading your mind. The social media giant has become one step closer to developing a working brain-computer interface, capable of reading users’ thoughts.

CNBC reported that Facebook has taken yet another step in developing its brain-computer interface, with the company’s Reality Labs division working alongside researchers from the University of California, San Francisco to develop a device that can decode speech directly from the human brain onto a screen. A new report published in the journal Nature Communications reveals that researchers are becoming closer than ever to connecting human brains directly to computers.

Researchers reportedly worked with three patients currently undergoing treatment for epilepsy in order to develop the device. The patients had electrodes implanted into their brains and researchers will spend the next year testing the technology. Researchers from UCSF stated that the findings of the research could help to give patients that are unable to speak due to severe brain injuries a new way to communicate. –Breitbart News

Researchers have claimed that successful trials are more likely to be used as part of Facebook’s efforts to develop augmented reality glasses.


“It’s currently bulky, slow, and unreliable,” Facebook said. “But the potential is significant, so we believe it’s worthwhile to keep improving this state-of-the-art technology over time.” Many other Silicon Valley companies are also researching computer-brain interfaces, with Elon Musk’s firm Neuralink working on a similar project.


Musk claimed at a recent event that the company expects to start human trials before the end of 2020.  Facebook is quickly jumping into artificial intelligence and mind reading at a time when humanity is quickly approaching “singularity.” or the point of no return when it comes to machine learning.

Father Of Artificial Intelligence: ‘Singularity Is Less Than 30 Years Away’

Singularity is the point in time when humans can create an artificial intelligence machine that is smarter. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief of engineering, says that the singularity will happen in 2045.  Louis Rosenberg claims that we are actually closer than that and that the day will be arriving sometime in 2030. MIT’s Patrick Winston would have you believe that it will likely be a little closer to Kurzweil’s prediction, though he puts the date at 2040, specifically. –SHTFPlan

Kurzweil has said that the work happening right now “will change the nature of humanity itself.” He said robots “will reach human intelligence by 2029 and life as we know it will end in 2045.”  There is a risk that technology will overtake humanity and make human society irrelevant at best and extinct at worst.

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    1. Clown World

      People squelch the mental chatter that may be their most enlightened teacher. I generally make a conscious effort, to retrace all of my steps and to acknowledge my inner voice. Rather than burying, I face what disturbs me (sometimes to jump the shark.) People would do well, to read their own minds.

      Instead of being salacious and mundane, I would like to ask someone’s subconscious the winning lotto numbers, in a foreign language.

      Not endorsing their degenerate themes, or the British tv tax that paid for it, but the fictional ‘Torchwood’ series read the minds of the recently deceased.

      I think, it’s an unexplored frontier, in there.

      I take exception to the fact that you are surrounded by an electrical field, yet it takes crony capital to make mechanical alterations to a sensitive part of your anatomy. No surgery should be required, and noone should be buying it, under duress.

    2. DobieGrayDriftAway

      Stay out of StarBucks.
      Stay out of Dick’s sporting goods.
      Cancel NFL/cable TV “news”.
      Cancel FarceBook-Twatter-YouKooks-Gaggle.

      Do Not support or use any anti-American anti- constitution company.

      Don’t buy China goods. Stay out of walmart.

      If you Love America, the constitution, the 1st, 2nd amendments. Stop supporting communist knee takers, censors, snoops, etc.
      Piss on ALL communist genocidal TechMonopolyBully control freak dirtbags.
      Piss on Transhumanism. Fight it.

      – – God Bless America.
      – – Long Live our Republic.
      – – Be of good cheer, have faith, have hope, and be overflowing with endless courage.

      Listen to : Dobie Gray – Drift Away

    3. Ketchupondemand

      If they succeed in reading facebook’s customer’s minds I don’t think they’re going to find much in there.

      • rellik

        Agreed, most their brains are in their

    4. Anonymous


    5. Anonymous

      non political correct thought detected
      comment purge in process
      thought crime notated
      social credit reduction complete

    6. Kevin2

      Personally I don’t use Facebook as this site and a few E mails is as social as my social gets. The bigger issue is that Facebook may sincerely (if they’re capable of being sincere) believe that they can read someones mind. In these times, fed by fear and paranoia, they confide with whatever letter agency fits and someone is demonized, potentially with violence. Conversely cases will result that likely thwart a tragedy which will get top media billing. The body politic then becomes even more acceptable to a 1984 dystopian existence of not just being watched but judged by actions or inactions, words or silence.

    7. DMONIC

      ANYONE that still uses fakebook is a FUCKING retard. No sympathy here.

    8. JCLincoln

      Facebook isn’t going to exist in the future. Easy come, easy go.

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    10. 예스벳88

      One of the best books you should read is a Harry Potter !

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