Expecting War? Russia Conducts “Armored Train Drills For First Time In 15 Years”

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 57 comments

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    Russian tank train drill

    One could only conclude that Putin is not playing around anymore.

    Instead, Russia is out and out prepared for war. It is likely enough that we should expect it, too. Can you feel things heating up?

    These drills appear to be very serious training for the mobilization of a major force that intends to bring in vast numbers and superior equipment under cover from fire.

    Watch carefully as this force readies to protect Putin’s army during transport to the point of conflict:

    The Russians have been flaunting their latest equipment for communications jamming, which allows them to literally dominate and control an area; they have been flexing their ICBM mobile trucks and they have been giving every sign that they will not be pushed around by NATO, rightly or wrongly.

    They will be rolling out their carefully regulated, exercised and trained 21st century army ready to engage in electronic warfare.

    Ukraine and Syria are both still open proxies, and attempts to bring Ukraine into NATO could provoke open war:

    Much of this comes as NATO and the IMF continue to attempt to garner Ukraine into the EU and make the country a full-fledged NATO member.  Such an action will not come without a price, however, and an excellent example of this can be found in an article entitled “Ukraine joining NATO would be trigger for war with Russia,” by Debra Killalea of news.com.au. 

    The red line in the sand is if NATO makes Ukraine a member.  That will be seen as a call for war.”

    Dibbs also added that a nuclear war with Russia was “not an impossibility.”

    Perhaps these world events coincide with clear signals from the American election cycle that Hillary will be inserted as president whether the public likes it or not, and whether or not her corruption and dirty laundry have been hung out in full display to all passersby.

    The establishment has chosen Hillary, and Hillary has signaled for war with Iran. Russia and Syria have also been named as enemies on the new, updated ‘axis of evil.’ Basically the worst parts of the Bush regime and the Old Testament have been mixed together in a blender from hell and put into Hillary’s group of advisors and cabinet-members-to-be.

    George Schultz and Henry Kissinger are almost certain both lucky just to be alive at their advanced ages, and both are pissed off at the possibility that they might die before they get to see war in Iran, or even conflict with the queen piece in Russia.

    Regardless, the forecast has darkened significantly. Tensions in the middle east are being stoked once again for a new season, and old flames of war will be started up again.

    Read more:

    This Tipping Point Could Easily Escalate To World War III: Putin Says “The Threat of Nuclear War Is Very Real”

    This Cloak Makes Russian Military Invisible to Enemy: “For First Time, These Weapons Do Exist”

    The West Is Provoking A World War: ‘Russia Is Being Pushed To Its Limits’

    Obama Wants A Third Term And This Is How He Could Make It Happen


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      1. TPTB control 75% or so of the worlds resources. I assume being educated men that they look upon that percentage like a GPA and want a 4.0 as 1.5 might be passing but its a low score. They’re willing to risk real war, with a first class enemy, with world destructive capability, to get it all. That is delusional, mad, blinded by the lust for power or to sum up just plain crazy.

        • kevin2: 3,500 years of Pharisitical and Talmudic teachings and beliefs will create such Fanatics and Master race Mind set attitudes every time.

          Untill after 35 centuries such fanatical beliefs have become an integral part of their internal DNA-Make up.

          Which get’s then passed on down thru their offspring heirs, and creates even greater fanatical loons.

          Which Is about where we all are at Today!

          Make America great again! Make America #110 and never Again!

        • Speaking of TPTB:


          To the specific “plot/plan” being implemented by the CIA and Mormon Mafia against Donald Trump, this report explains, was their putting forth this week one of their operatives to run against Trump named Evan McMullin—who aside from being a Mormon and a top official at the corrupt Goldman Sachs banking firm, was, also, a CIA operative who specialized in assassinations and torture while in the clandestine service.


          The power of the CIA-Mormon Mafia linkage, this report continues, is one of the most feared “dark alliances” in American for their having, in 1963, accomplished the feat of not only assassinating President John F. Kennedy, but, also, successfully covering up their plot.

          The plot itself to kill President Kennedy, this report explains, was masterminded by top Mormon official, and US Senator, Robert (Bob) Bennett and CIA operative (and future President) George H. W. Bush who were both working on behalf of President Lyndon Johnson.

          CIA-Mormon Mafia Plot To Topple Donald Trump Sends Shiver Of …



          In the Baltics,(video at PCR), this Russian journalist was saying that Russia has had a fleet there since WW2 and now suddenly (at the request of the US) countries in those areas are fixing to give the Russian ships the boot. However, on SHTF article yesterday, it said that Russian generals were being dismissed for not agreeing to take military action in that area.

          Also, in Ukraine a couple of Russian military people were killed in Crimea by Ukrainians forces and Russia said they would not allow this to go unanswered. Putin has said he is not willing to meet with the hog, Porenshenko, which is unusual for Putin, who usually bends over backward, trying to negotiate with these scumbags.

          Also, in a recent speech, Obama announced his view of the situation in Syria in which he told nothing but a pack of lies (see PCR website). This, of course, is nothing new. However, what this means is that Obama and the elites have not given up their goal of ousting Assad. So the fight is on there, in Syria, as well as Ukraine and the Baltics.

      2. I remember being told waaaaay back in 2005 that the attack on Iran and Russia would occur either towards the end of the 2016 presidency or at the beginning of the 2017. But it would be in that window of action.

        The Russians did throw a spanner in the works by propping up Syria. Syria is the lynch pin. Syria had to be neutralized as a threat to Israel. I suspect it is close to being the case. The Syrian army is no longer capable of harming Israel. We are close to the Syria chapter being neutralized. This will then open the window for an attack on Iran. Or a simultaneous attack on Russia and Iran. Russia bogged down in Ukraine; Iran bunker-busted to oblivion.

        If you are to study the propaganda wars and where they are the most intensive, that is illuminating. One country where the anti-Russia propaganda is most intense is Canada. Canadians have been told for the past five years how evil Russians are. I suspect this is a clue as to who will be heavily drawn in to the Russia campaign: Canada. As for Iran, the anti-Iran propaganda has been more hit and miss. It crescendos and then totally disappears. That tells me there is more flexibility with the Iran timing.

        The UK is also illuminating. It clearly is trying to play a more neutral role to make money out of wherever it goes. Anti Russia, anti China propaganda comes and goes in waves. Anti Iran has been quiet for some time. The Brits seem more sensitive as to how Muslims feel than anything else. That tells you how important Islamic finance is to the UK economy.

        • that seems like a hole-filled and pragmatic approach to discerning what is happening

        • Frank Thoughts

          could you expand a little bit more on the role that Israel plays in this situation? Did/would Syria have intentions of harming Israel? What will Israel’s course of action be during this major conflict/war ? Also will western(north) Canada be the/a main working military base in a war against Russia due to having the Rockys between them to act as a would be shield(the coast of Alaska could destroyed and overran much quicker i.m.o.). Thanks, I look forward to your reply. Abu

          • Abu Hajaar
            Israel, and the US are using ISIS as their Proxy Army to invade and bring down the Syrian Government. ISIS has captured oil wells and has been shipping Stolen oil out of the Syria. Israel has been the buyers or recipients of this stolen oil. Russia has even provided to the world satellite photos of the flow of this stolen oil and into Israel. Looking for a motivation for Israel’s involvement? There you go.

            Syria, like Iran and Russia all refuse to be debt slaves of the Rothchild’s central bankers cartel. So wonder why Israel and the West have been attacking and demonizing these 3 main countries? You see Israel and the West/ US, would rather install puppet dictators friendly to Israel in these countries, so the bankers can loot the countries resources at will with little resistance. If the peasants in these countries resist their countries resource theft, they are painted as Terrorists. Do you see the connection here? How many more countries does the west US and Israel need to invade. How much theft is enough? Its very pathetic what our government has been doing. Disgusting really. Israel is just pure evil on every front.

            ~WWTI… btw. Russia is not America’s enemy, its the shills running the US foreign policy and the Military Industrial Complex Mafia profiting off having a big boogie man, to create a threat for Massive profit making. btw. Israel deserved to be destroyed, then 75% of the worlds problems and threats would just instantly disappear.

          • This will Fix and Sum up Franks flawed senarios.

            Israels biggest ever threat, the same as in America as to biggest threat, comes from WITHIN it’s Own ruling control zio freeks and Fanatics.

            In Fact, the exact same can be stated regarding what is the biggest threat to: Britian-Canada-Ausstrailia-every western whitey nation on planet earth. They ALL contain an internal fanatical zio zog threat, that is far greater and far worse than any prior war or destruction of a nation threat ever yet faced by all of those nations.

            Which of course poses the worst ever globalized threat to litterally every nation on earth today.

            With Israels often touted, Samson Option/they will Nuke every EU major city if israel don’t get whatever it wants, likely being The worst of ALL threats of any sort or type one can possibly concieve of.

      3. The Odds Of A Global Food Crisis Are Rising

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-17/odds-global-food-crisis-are-rising

        “Or we can wait until a “surprising and unexpected shortage” of food hits the human populace with full force.”

        • Satori, I am going to be extra nice to my fat neighbors then.

          • Reminds me of the 1987 movie, The Running Man. Where a 2017, food storage, was mentioned, at the beginning

        • good article!

        • Kind if reminds me of the 1987 movie, “The Running Man”, with Arnold Schwarzentruper

        • Reminds me of the 1987 movie, “The Running Man”. Where it is mentioned, in the trailer, that the will be food shortages in the year 2017

      4. Frank Thoughts….. One thing to remember. There are many folks who’ll side with the so called aggressors such as Russia / Iran exec.. just because we know that such war is to benefit the Zionist Occupied pigs in NATO and the US. So let the war get started and assume it won’t go nuclear fast so we have some pig hunt parties globally.

        • Yeah, I get their feeling that Putin is not playing around any more, as well… 🙁 Bad for us but I can understand his viewpoint.

          I felt stressed last night thinking about the situation, but imagine what the Russians are going through!!! Imagine if Russia had a bunch of missile sites surrounding our country?!! And what if Russia kept saying all these lies about us!! Would you be able to sleep at night? Of course, this is causing stress for them! Of course, Putin will not put up with this forever!! 🙁

      5. Ah what the fuck are you going to do?

        We have a stupid ass in the White House who is more concern with his legacy than the safety of the Nation.

        A power hungry Bi@ch in the run for the presidency who is screwed up in the head.

        Then a 50% population that supports her and her policies.

        A good many here that post want Hillary as president.

        And I am ready to vote for the Bi@ch to shove it up the WHOLE nations ass.

        All this talk about what will happen to our children and grandchildren is bullshit or we would not be talking this way here.

        • denial

          • Satori:

            You have just listed the process following the death of a loved one. Who died?


            • America

      6. Obama gives web to international authorities…

        “The Department of Commerce is set to hand off the final vestiges of American control over the Internet to international authorities in less than two months, officials have confirmed.

        The department will finalize the transition effective Oct. 1.”

        ht tp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/america-to-hand-off-internet-in-under-two-months/article/2599521

          • FROM: The New Observer article source…

            The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

            According to: The Times of Israel….

            Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

            The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper. (Code for: “We are whom shall decide whats allowed and whats not! Just consider it shall be the same as current censorship in 56 Nations, most in EU and Canada, of all/any speech about anything claimed by the holohoax industry Cash Cow tribal propagandists, which has been fully Taboo-censored with prison terms attached for all who Dare to even question such hoax claims made! This is what all those nations “Hate Speech Laws” were really about, and gotten passed into state Law by the ADL org of zio kommies”.)

            They Change the word of “Criticism” to now mean, “incitement” of “Hate” and as a “Hate Speech threat” of/to “Israel, and/or jewry”…However, as always was, ANY other speech on all topics and issues and history or historical facts or claims etc, are and shall remain A-Okay to write or speak out about freely like the usa’s 1st ammendt demands it remain. You just cannot speek of any issues israel or jewry decides They do not like to hear or read!…Do You folks get it yet?

            “Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added. (is it The Plan to continue their hoax cash cow incomes once very soon every current so called camp-survivor collecting tax free monthly pay dries up completely, when all aprox 4 million current “survivors” are soon old and dead like all goyim gentiles of WWII era are?)

            According to the plan, the participating countries would be part of a “loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”

            Continue Reading it at: I Will Post up LINKS, several links, in Next Reply post so as to not keep This reply tied up in moderation Limbo forever!

      7. Satori

        Yeah I have read that before.

        Problem is I’m Irish and can get a case of the ass that can last for YEARS.

        The Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance are going to get their ass kicked.

        • LOL !!!

          “The Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance are going to get their ass kicked.”

          I don’t doubt ya one little bit !

          don’t F_CK with the Irish !

          • Satori

            I’m plain old tired of it all and would enjoy having an practical equal solution to the problems we face.
            I mean it will get down to hand to hand combat. There has to be some hurt in order for us to come to our senses that some things have to stop.

            How many fronts do we have to fight.

            The Arabs/Muslims
            The J-ws
            The Blacks
            The Latino’s
            The Government.
            The Democrats.
            The Goody Two shoes
            The Dumb Asses.
            The Rich
            The Give Me Dats.

            And on and on and on and on.

            Oh we need more love. Love to kick the shit out of some stupid people.

            Eighty four days and counting down. Election day can’t come soon enough. Then we will know where we stand.

            • GIANT Meteor 2016
              lets get it over with already

              like Ron Whits says “I don’t wanna limp away from this one”

            • Anon, That’s why we have lots of Ammo and High capacity Magazines.

              ~WWTI.. Bring it.

        • Beautiful and priceless. I love it anon. That’s great.

          Explains why once you piss me off I stay pissed off for a long time!

      8. Looked like one of the newer BMP Infantry Fighting vehicles on board. The Russians have mobile launch missiles on trains and trucks. They look like every day modular truck units. Then, surprise, it opens up and launches a missile. Difficult to locate and destroy. Chinese have them, also.

      9. “One could only conclude that Putin is not playing around anymore.”

        Agreed – and NATO/US Western Allies had better clean up their behavior. A conflict with Russia – will also include China backing them up with notable prospects such as Syria and Iran.

        Even if War stayed on the level of being “conventional” – these 4 countries alone will annihilate NATO/Western Foreign(business) Policies.

      10. Since I get gigged for not posting prepper stuff, check this out. Who wudda thunk???

        h ttp://survivallife.com/pucker-up-for-this-surprisingly-useful-survival-tool/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL-8-17-16-content-mail-a

      11. russian school children are taught how to shoot and break down the ak47 in grade schools across russia yearly.

        the entire country celebrates ww2 victory day nationally every year.

        russians will not just stand by as the international zionists attempt to rape russia’s banking system and natural resources as the zionists have done to germany and most other countries in the world.

        russia is a strong nationalist secular country.

        the zionists wont win this one.

        there is a reason that at the end of ww2 amerika didn’t continue ww2 on russian soil against russia, even though amerika was engaging russian air force in dog fights over germany and fighting small skirmishes with ground troops.

        amerika is weaker and therefore scared of russia.

        a 1000 years of history shows us that russia dominates all wars on russia soil.

        And they have Vlad Putin, who has been trained from childhood by the kgb/ fsb to be a true russian leader for russia.

        zionist controlled amerika and we as amerikans as what happened during ww1 and ww2 are once again on the wrong side of history.

        zionist controlled amerika is evil and wrong.

        “if no one showed up to a war, there wouldn’t be a war!”

        simply don’t go if the zionists start ww3 with russia.

          • Mommy, why do fools join up for wars?

            • Son, Fools join up for the military mostly because they are just another generation of ignorant fucks who can’t cut it in the private sector, besides they are blinded by patriotism, country music, Nascar and the NFL.

              I will add son, Regardless what the schools teach you as you grow up, do your own research for the facts on every issue. Question Authority, and then you will grow up to be a Genius like me. Any more questions?


      12. This is simple. If you saw someone building up weapons on your boarder what would you do. Set on your hands or Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

      13. US military power is failing across the board.

        Russia and China are working hard at catching us, and I think within 5 -7 years they will reach a level very close to ours.

        If the following sites analysis is correct, we are in big trouble.


        I hope we don’t do anything, and just let Russia and China go. Our military is to small, weak, and politically correct to face our adversaries anymore. Our industrial capacity is shot. It takes years to build more ships and planes, so in a shooting war anything we loose will not be able to be quickly replaced.

        The US military is working hard at making sure we are reduced to a regional power. The US military’s number one concern is making sure the massive and growing LGBTQ crowd is happy, as we begin naming ships after dead gays. Soon, I expect our ships to be painted in rainbow colors and launch confetti missiles and bombs.

        Our technology has been the best, but the problem is we’ve allowed our tech to either be stolen or outright transferred to Russia and China.

        If it wasn’t for China stealing and being given our technology, they would still be stuck in the 1950’s, polishing their T-54 and T-55 tanks. Instead, they are quickly catching us technologically. They are not yet at full strength, and already they are challenging us. Our response is to do virtually nothing.

        It makes me sick, but what we are seeing is appropriate. Our society is incredibly immoral, and it’s going to get far worse.

        Good fruit cannot be produced from a bad tree. American society has grown into a bad tree, and they are producing bad fruit to represent us in the government.

        The best the country can provide for candidates for President are a tired old socialist woman, and a double divorcee with his third (trophy) wife on his arm.

      14. War with Russia? A tanking economy? Global warming?

        Time to keep the car gassed up and the bug out bag close by. Looks like it’s about to get real.

        • Easy Hoss. They’ve been playing this tune since at least 2011 and probably long before that but I’m not really paying attention that far back.

          Car should always stayed gassed up every single day anyway.

          When it’s time to bug out in the U S of F’d A; it’ll be too late. You can take that to the bank (but don’t leave it there in case of a bank holiday you won’t be able to get it out!) 🙂

      15. I’m happy that Russia stands up against the NATO-US allied war devils. I don’t believe Russia is a threat to America, they are just defending against US aggression in the attempt to conquer the entire world. This pure evil American cabal has no respect for human life anywhere on this planet. More insanity from what was once known as the United States of America. The American people should be protesting in the streets by the millions letting these criminals know their actions are unacceptable. Instead we get go along to get along. Above the law government must be wiped out.

        • “Communism By The Backdoor”

          By: Dennis Wise

          On YouTube

          Check out Part 19

          Then go back and watch it all. It is broken up into sections about 15 minutes each…


      16. Where is Cyndy Sheehan and the “no blood for oil” types when you need them???

        Oh wait! Obungler is prez, so they are back in mommy’s basement playing video games.

        Russia is not communist, so who cares? This is just pre-WWI geopolitical jockeying which is useless.

        What if they gave a war, and no one came?

      17. Who is going to fight to kill white people on behalf of a gay black Muslim? I mean, get real. By ALL means send only the black and Hispanic elements of the US military to fight Russia on the steppe. Puh-lease!!! I bet the Russians would welcome them with flowers.

      18. i will believe it when moscow is being evacuated

      19. Putin will not permit UKR as a NATO member.
        The Ukrainians don’t want it either.

        Keep your eyes on Turkey, they are a key component.

      20. Stormfront used as a reference? Nothing like white trash being used as a viable source. It’s hard to believe Mac allows the overtly anti-Semitic shit on this site that he does. Thinking it’s time to move on.

        • YOSig, who do YOU think foments ALL of this shit…Gregorian monks? No, it’s the ((( j*ws))). Who controls the money… the (((Rothschilds)))…Who controls the (((media))) & (((Hollywood)))??? ARE you getting the picture yet. (((Who))) is/has been waging a war on white people for a very long time? (((j*ws))). Do you still believe in the (((6million))) holohoax? Time to wake up goy…we’ve been b.s. ed for a long time. Since 1889 (((they))) have been using the (((6million))) number in the media… look it up AND educate yourself about it. (((Who))) is behind the flooding of Europe with Islamic savages??? (((Who))) is flooding America with Islamic savages??? Oh, and one other thing, you gotta be Semitic to have someone else be anti…Why do (((THEY))) ALWAYS go apeshit when anyone questions ANYTHING about (((them)))??? If it’s ALL true, then the facts should support the story… BUT they don’t… WHAT was the number that the international Red Cross stated after the war? Between 250,000-300,000 died in the camps. Do some research and cut out the parroting of (((their))) bullshit. It gets old…

      21. Why, oh why are my comments being censored??

      22. Menacing us with a rolled-up newspaper

      23. The one and only clue as to if war is really coming is flight routes. Flights get re-routed or blocked or cancelled if there is going to be a war. This has happened every time in my lifetime when we go to war. The one time they let a British Airways flight get captured at the beginning of the Iraq war was only as a ruse to smuggle in British special forces into Kuwait as a spotter and sabotage group for the actual allied invasion. Too bad for the passengers, who ended up as prisoners and human hostages.

        Prior to any real war you will see stuff like this happen. Each side will grab the citizens of the other to use as bargaining chips. Behavior gets very different when stuff gets real. God help any Americans working and living in Russia if a real war started.

      24. Its the Jews! It’s the Jews! White trash useful idiots. No better or different than the blm useful idiots. Same bunch of propaganda, blaming everything on a race or religion for what money,or the worship of it, really causes. Maybe you white power types and the black power types will get together someday. Who’s the parrot here? Hey don’t let the facts get in the way Jew haters, it’s typical. Sig heil ! Morons

      25. Just received an email this morning (AUG 18) from a missionary in Ukraine. They are preparing to evacuate to the western side of the country. They’ve been there for years and they don’t cry wolf and run at every rumor. This is the real thing.

      26. Sigproshooter: You make it quite Obvious by your reply postings that…The Real main reason You are doing all this vile slanderous name calling of others here.

        Is due to the obvious Fact that You have NEVER yet Dared nor tried to even LOOK at, Nor READ, Nor do ANY research at ANY of the Too many to list here articles from Israeli Daily newspapers, LINKS to solid, documented, vetted, Proven proof which 100% agrees with and totally Backs up We that post such info regarding Israel and or jewry issues and agendas etc.

        Because if you ever even ONE fucking time Tried to use your head and brain for more than a Hat rack?

        And actually research read such Vast Piles and Tons of proof infos and Links we here provide, then you would do One of Two things.

        #1 then you would sheepishly return here to apologize to the folks here you call such vile slanderous names, and all done I may add, based soley upon the Fact that everything You “think” you know of such issues…Has all been gleaned by You from various MSM TV news and Hollwood jewish created/made holohoax and WWII Movies and of course many, many hours and days spent absorbing your hourly doses of FOX-Ziojewry owned and Run and Staffed TV Neocon war mongering Spew, designed to benifit Only Israel state, jewry in general, usa military machine of Big $$$ Cashola profits from wars. And also main agenda design for exterminating every European Whitey and Christian from the planet so ziojewrykommies can then rule and Own entire world in their Foamed at Mouth, Rabid desires to create and BE the real Antichrist global systems prophesied of to occure.

        OR…#2…Yes You Have read and researched such vast amounts of Proof infos and Links we here supply folks with. And…Like far too Many folks act once real solid facts based Truth of unrefutable, documented, vetted sourced materials, and especially info truth straight From the very words as spoken and written by Jewish folk and rabbis themselves! Has become available to them, You like they are too damn fearfull of real Truth, and so you do likewize as they always also do which is to simply Reject it all outright and act the same as kommie marxist lib dems do in such things.

        What would That lib dem marxist reaction to real facts and truth tend to be, You may ask or wonder of?

        Well this is Your lucky Day since I shall Tell you the answer to that question.

        What such leftist lib dems do in order to Remain locked in deep Denial of facts and truth, is to simply reject all forms evidence and proof outright by NEVER looking at nor Reading ANY of it at all!

        And then they next..As Your replies so well prove happens…They/You that are so unable to handel facts and truth even after proven more times that you can count that high to, simply resort to slanderous vile Name calls!

        Well folks like You need to awaken at minimum to one simply Fact…That being..WE as well as majority Whiteys today have awoken to all of the too many fabricated Lies and scams and false holohoax claims made since 1940 era.

        We Have studied and researched it all, and have come away with far more factual truth proofs than most folks can ever handle or absorb if they suffer from small minded delusional idiocy brought upon them Via, a lifetime of zio and jewish msm-tv-news-Hollywood jewdeo propagandas as spoken of so often here.

        Therefore like Most usa whitey folk today have done we too have rejected ALL forms name calls of antisemite or racist and jew baiter and jew hater etc etc…As nothing more than a feeble attempt to stiffle all debate and free speech, whever the speech is about Israel state, zionists, jewish agendas and issues as well as african savage black agendas etc too.

        In other words sigproshooter foolish soul, your mindless use of such name calls have completely LOST all of whatveer former “MOJO-EFFECT” it may have had on some folks to stiffle their speech…it simply will NOT work any longer, would’nt be prudent, to quote GHW Bush, and at this Late date time you would do far better for yourself, as well as all others, by doing that reading research and viewing a few proof truth Videos from various jewized up awake folks and Re-Think Your false beliefs before it does get too late and thanks to massive current afforts by ziojewry and israel state, such info will very soon get totally scrubbed from every online website source. Then deluded and duped folks like You will wish they still had those sources!

        Also, Please return to reply again and tell us here how reallly awake and swell your new wake up efforts have gone once you do said research of truth infos etc okay.

        I am certain inquisitive minds here would love to read such a next reply from you just as I look forward to doing so!…Them Guys

      27. When I was on the Fire Department, we drilled for fire scenarios all the time. Seemed the prudent thing to do, particularly when there were not a large volume of the real thing to practice with. Oddly, we subsequently did not go out and light fires.

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