End of the World? This Could Be The Ultimate “Backyard Underground Apocalyptic Bunker”

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 28 comments

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    Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.02.46 AM

    Preparing for the apocalypse has never been more fun.

    If this guy ends up holed underground in order to deal with the inevitable collapse of society, he’ll not only be better prepared than 99% of the population, but he will be having more fun than anyone else (still) alive in what could be the greatest ever DIY bunker.

    Colin Furze is not only prepared to survive in style, but to fend off invading zombies or SWAT teams as well.

    Not sure who could afford to actually build such a place, but if nothing else, it’s great for a laugh and some inspiration for surviving in style.

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      1. Cool!!!

        I would up date it some, but not bad.


        • Did you look at the other vids on stuff he has made.

          Absolutely crazy and fantastic. Has to much time on his hands.

          If I had about a couple of hundred yards (safety Zone) between us he would be a cool neighbor.

        • Anyone know what it cost?

          • Not enough food or toilet paper. While he was buying a flat screen he should have bought a 55″ curved screen super high definition TV from Best Buy for only $1,000.

            A MS Stick for will $200 turn it into a computer screen. 🙂

          • Yes,
            It only cost him selling his soul to SKY 1 broadcasting.

      2. What!? No barbecue grill? Where’s the beer cooler? No thanks, Colin, I’ll stay up top.

        • I’ll stick with the cabin at the BOL. I’ve always taken my chances up top anyway.

      3. Bunkers are tombs…. Great for underground grow facilities tho.
        2:57 into video—-ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J9mcnUmoOIA

      4. Man, I wish I had a neighbor that cool.

      5. Yeah , like who’s got that kind of capitol on hand, and like im sure NO ONE knows its there

        besides if SWAT pigs show up at yer door, they aint giving you time to “run out to the shed”

        Im staying top side and giving the establishment creeps their due

      6. No prairie dog end of days for me. I’d rather be moving. Didn’t work for Israelis at the Masada.

      7. These cave dwellers have to figure out how to create light and heat and from what power source above ground. Damp as hell and how are you gonna keep the rainfall out? It’s a fantasy. Go 2 weeks with out sunlight is damn depressing. I lived up north in the winter, overcast for weeks. Damn depressing. If you use fuels or generators it depletes the Oxygen below you again die. Rules of 3 applys. If you are worried about radiation, you are living in the wrong place to begin with.
        I have 14 wild Turkeys feeding 5 yards from me as I write this, my backup protein source. Yep above ground on my porch enjoying a cigar and glass of red watching the wildlife go by.

        -WWTI…FL BOL.

      8. This guys bunker has all the traits of other bunkers.
        Very few, if any that I’ve seen have an exit strategy.

        Every bunker should have at least one route for emergency in case the bunker needs to be abandoned or to have the option to defend it from the outside.

        Otherwise – what is the point? – if your bunker ends up getting compromised.

      9. What? No women? Where was that cat again? Looked like he needed more food,didn’t see any Oreos.

        • No twinkies either; with the shelf life of a Big Mac, its the ultimate comfort food. 🙂

          • PS, Don’t forget the Zip Lock vacuum sealer food saver at Wally World. Only $50. 🙂

      10. Cool video, but that dude wouldn’t last 24 hours in a real SHTF scenario. One, as mentioned, no escape route, two…power sources, three….that big dummy has told the world about his bunker, which is now a glorified man cave. Has all the markings of…..FAIL..

        • He probably intends to sell it on to a bigger fool. He may be smart enough to realize that in a SHTF situation, he would be dug out, beaten to death and his preps stolen. He doesn’t seem to me to be the sort that would be able to carve out, cook, and eat a human thigh, alive or dead, what with that awful ‘English-bite’ and all (no pun intended). Jesus, I’ve watched too many episodes of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ on youTube.

      11. A natural cave with two or more exits is the best option. stays a moderate temp year round and breathes on its own. Around here its 58 degrees and most have good water dripping from the stalagtites. Any man made bunker including the goverments at Mt weather could easily become a toomb.

      12. DRUMS??!!


        Oh my achin’ head.

        I would NOT want to be in there.

        He doesn’t have enough food anyway.

      13. flash/ thunder/by

      14. Couldn’t get my dog down the ladder, so it’s useless to me.

      15. If I build a bunker, the building permit will say “Wine Cellar”.

        • PTPO- You don’t need no stinking permit permission slip. First Rule in OPSEC. Keep your spewing piehole revolving or trap door shut. Zip it. Got it? Now just go do it. And if anybody asks why you are digging??, say you are digging for worms to go fishing.


      16. Gas generator? Can you say carbon monoxide poisoning?

      17. Not going to worry one way or the other. I guess after they get a little nerve from drinking or drugs. They might try something. I’ll be waiting right here. Remember you lost round one. You want another shot come get some.

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