EMP Threat: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

by | May 4, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 80 comments

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    A spokesman for the Center for Security Policy says that the threat of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is real. With Iran developing multi-stage Space Launch Vehicles (SLV) the possibility of such an attack will become even more probable than ever before:

    From WND:

    And experts forecast if such an attack were a success, it effectively could throw the U.S. back into an age of agriculture.

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. “And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

    A recent launch of an SLV by Iran has sparked renewed concern of an attack that could send an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to wipe out computer controls for systems on which society has come to rely, officials say.

    As the G2 Bulletin reported last week, Ronald Burgess, director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed that Iran successfully launched a multi-stage SLV, the Simorgh. The device ultimately could be equipped with a nuclear bomb, which the U.S. intelligence community assesses Iran is developing.

    Officials also report Iran has been testing detonation of its nuclear-capable missiles by remote control while still in high-altitude flight. The development makes a potential EMP attack on the U.S. more probable.

    An enemy of the United States, be it Iran, North Korea or a terrorist organization, does not need to detonate a nuclear weapon on the ground.We believe this is the only reason why Iran would be testing SLV’s with in-flight detonations. With this kind of weapon, Iran (or anyone else) would simply need to strike first. Once the weapon goes off, it would be difficult to determine from where it came and to respond appropriately, as all forms of traditional communication would be wiped out.

    A small-scale, five to ten kiloton weapon detonated 200 miles above Nebraska, or a few weapons detonated 50 miles or so above the eastern, western and central United States would do the job.

    The effects would be nothing short of disastrous – literally the end of the world as we know it.

    All unprotected and unhardened electrical devices would be left useless.

    This means that everything, from the refrigerator in your kitchen to the semi-trucks that carry food across the country, would be non-functioning.

    If an enemy of the USA wants to bring America to its knees without rendering the land completely useless, they could do so with an EMP weapon.

    We’ve always believed that a mainland invasion of the United Stated would be difficult, if not impossible. But, if an EMP weapon were to be used, our country could effectively be invaded within a matter of months, as most of the population would be wiped out and the government and military infrastructures in disarray.

    We consider EMP as one of the most significant threats out there. The recovery period from a collapse of this magnitude would be counted in decades, not years, thus, for those who are “prepping” for a worst-case scenario, consider long term sustainability planning when planning for an EMP SHTF scenario.

    Recommended Research:

    One Second After by William Forstchen

    Jericho TV Series (Available on iTunes)

    Patriots by James Wesley Rawles


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      1. The only thing Iran wants is to be let alone by the beast that has conquered America and is threatening the world.

        The belief by officials in the US is nothing more than the result of propaganda intended to start the war with Iran and pin it on them before the first shot is fired.

        Iran is no different than the American people and the states.  We want the beast to leave us alone as well.

        What I fear is what it is going to take to put the beast down, if it can be.

        EMP is real, but Iran seeking to do that is a ridiculous idea.  If  Mr. Gaffney wants to prevent Iran from doing anything, he should be telling the military to get the hell out of their part of the world and leave them alone.

        In the end, that is all that anyone, including American Citizens, want from the United States corporation (government).  To leave us and the rest of the world in peace.

        Unfortunately, that is as unlikely as an EMP from Iran.

        • Sites like this one and folks like John Moore, who are so blind and in so much denial as to refuse to even discern WHO the enemy really exasperate to no end.

          Iran is an impoverished, poor backward country capable of very little. With big mouth? Yes. Big bite? No. At least with the phony Communism/Russia threat that the NWO pulled, it was half way viable due to the advanced state of USSR technology (which WE gave them via Rockefellers, Harriman, Ford, a multitude of jewish spies etc).
          The real national security threat is the masonic NWO with its capital in Jerusalem. Christians have mistaken religious propaganda for genuine Christian theology. Most are deceived. Who owns Hollywood and the porn industry that has destroyed our morals? Not Iran, not Muslims but Pharisee jews. Who controls our govenment and Congress? Not Iran or Muslims, but jews. Who has annihilated our economy and controls ALL levers of fiscal power? Not a Muslim or Iranian among those names. BTW- Muslims are ADAMANTLY anti-abortion. That atrocity is another jew import via Margaret Sanger and her eugenic racist fellow-Talmudists.

          But “Muslims are the enemy!!”- brought to you by the jew controlled media.

          Christians you have chosen to be deceived. Soon you will reap what you’ve sown. Next to come will be the jewish Bolshevik Rev of 2011 in USA where all the churches are burned and 40 million Xtians are starved to death like in Ukraine. And if you dare name the perpetrators behind all this you’ll get the gulag or the death penalty like xtians got in the Soviets. Get ready.
          But know for once, that it wasnt the Muslims who built the FEMA camps. Chertoff is a jew…

          • .




          • An interesting position to be sure, especially since the only real way you can be proven wrong is when they carry out an EMP attack. Since we would both probably be dead within months after the event, the price of your assumption will have been paid in full.

      2. “One Second After” will scare the poop out of you.

      3. The new Air Force space plane is a platform for our “Star Wars” laser and pulse weapons. Anything Iranian that goes up:

        Must come down. 

      4. A die-off of 90% of our population does not require EMP, or a nuclear attack of any sort. It requires only that the foreigners who supply most of our petroleum and manufactured goods tire of being paid in Monopoly money. So it seems inevitable anyway. By the way, recovery will take millennia, not decades.

      5. IMO, 9 out of 10 is generous… let’s hope we never find out, but I think this type of attack is most likely Iran’s most desired goal.

        • The profound stupidity of the likes of you is stunning. Have you ever questioned anything or do you just parrot what your’re brainwashed? Pathetic. Its because we have eunuch-men like you that that we’ve lost the country.

          • I dont know why your so mad. Most americans are so used to their pampered living and their electricity it really would diminish our population quite a bit. To be honest, your reply is quite childish, naive even.

            • Look at New Orleans after Katrina. Imagine if the rest of the nation was also similarly immobilized. Who would show up and herd survivors into the hell that was the Superdome? Imagine being unable to rely on others for your food and safety, even for a month. I have security but lack prep for food.

      6. How and what could you protect from an EMP? a solar system?  Any ideas?

      7. Gringo – I agree, there are a number of scenarios that could lead to a 90% die-off, EMP being just one of them. Peak oil is a very serious issue often overlooked and understated. Hyperinflationary destruction of the dollar is another possibility.

        Zuk — I won’t disagree there. I believe the USA has the technology to bring down most missiles. My concern with this, however, is that we also had a NORAD defense plan for 9-11 and the ball was completely dropped, on purpose or by accident, thus, I am not sure if the military would act in time…. Though I don’t know how it could be done if a nuke was smuggled into the US, perhaps on a container, the military would have very little time to respond to a missile being launched straight into the air, say, over Nebraska… I have a hard time putting any trust in the govt to protect us in this scenario.

        Patrick – we can only hope. I believe the threat from within is where the real danger is.

        RE: Iran’s capabilities — Honestly, I am not so concerned with Iran as I would be a country like China or NoKo… A scenario i wonder about is basically an initial economic hit, say, hyperinflationary.. This would bring commerce and life as we know it to a standstill. It could take down, for a period of time, our defense infrastructure, especially if we go down-grid scenario. Then, you take a country like China, and let’s be honest, they ARE at war with us right now… They see an opportunity and lob a few ballistic missiles our way and detonate above ground…. this is a scenario I could see from a strategic perspective if I was a military planner in China.

        Anon – Anything with complex electronics is going to be toast. I think solar panels… I am not knowledgeable enough on EMP  effects to know exactly what types of electronics would survive here, but essentially, anything working off old school electronics… Example: From what I have read, trucks/cars from the 70’s would still operate, even their radios, because they use old school transistors. For current electronics, your best bet would be to construct a Faraday cage.  This is one of my fun projects for the summer, as I would like to protect hard drives with family pics, a laptop, and communications equipment, among other things…. When the SHTF, I still want to be able to watch some of my favorite DVD’s 🙂 You ask an excellent question and I will attempt to address this in the future regarding which electronics survive and basic solar/wind/hydro electronic systems that might be able to survive an EMP.

        • An EMP attack is a lot of hysteria. This generation seems to forget that we fought a cold war. Don’t you think that the USSR had orders of magnitude more capability to generate EMP attacks than puny little Iran? Do you think that the US military didn’t do assessments and build systems that could withstand EMP attacks? We could not be attacked in stealth. Long before a nuclear bearing missile could disrupt things we would detect them and know where they came from.
          Remember MAD.ie Mutually Assured Destruction. It was the center piece in the cold war. If we knew where the attack came from, and they didn’t destroy all our retaliatory capability, we would wipe them off the map in a retaliatory strike. Iran could never mount a large enough attack to disable our ability to retaliate. As crazy as they are, they would not commit national suicide. The Russians never did and they won’t either.

          • I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union. I remember the Soviets’ point of view very well, and I agree with you 100%: Iran would not attack us, just like the USSR never did.

            However, there is a kind of EMP that we should be afraid of because it may be extremely powerful, and there’s nothing that the Big Brother can do about it (even if they really want to, which I doubt, except saving their own asses): coronal mass ejections.
            If this happens… refer to “One Second After” for the scenario.

          • Thats not true. if you watch any videos on radical muslims they are willing to die to wipe out americans, Russia wasnt willnt to take that risk. Dont ever think they wouldnt risk their own life to take ours . Look at all the suicide bombers, thats exactly what they do. Watch the movies Iranium or the Third Jihad they are all crazy. I dont trust them for one minute

      8. If we dont Bomb Iran NOW they will use this type of weapontry against us. That is a fact. There was a news article out today that Osama Bin Laden is living the high life in Iran. As long as Barrack Hussein Obama is president the United States wont do anything against them. This needs to change NOW. We cant wait until 2012 elections, and the terrorists/ Iran regime know that. Look for a major attack on us and or Israel by 2012.

        • Fact? You have no idea of any facts. You know nothing, just spout agitprop you’ve had slammed down your throat like an overstuffed foie gras. That you didnt know Osama has been dead since 2001 is a testiment to the fact right there.

          • And NOW in 2011 we kill OBL. Which goes to show you are a gullible fool who spouts more rhetorical spite than fact.

      9. Tony, or anybody else who believes this crap – GET A CLUE. What a total load of BS. Iran is NOT a threat and this is just another “little seed” being planted in your head to make you think Iran is bad and should be invaded. (Funny how the New York bomber just happens to be from Pakistan.) Seems to me this is just the type of propaganda to get more Americans killed fighting wars for Israel. This article is pure Jewish lies.

        Pull back the curtain and see who the real enemy is. Hint,hint it is not the Muslim. 

      10. I think  a real threat is Russia or Pakistan or NK,  giving  2-3  nukes to say Iran. They are loaded on a commercial jets, flown to both ends/middle of the US  and the bombs detonated at planes maximum altitude. Not sure if that would be high enough to do maximum damage, I can’t remember the most effective altitude for high altitude burst, (hell they could probably get another 10,000 feet or more than what is considered spec, they aren’t coming back) but it would be bad enough.

        I am not an expert but I would guess there is no way to stop that if the government and  pilots are in on it, unless of course some kind of radiation detecting satellite exists.   They would just have to have the balls to hope they did enough damage to stop our response capabilities (which they can’t because of our Navy) or just not care

        The only logistical problem is, can a 747 fly non stop from Tehran to New York , St. Louis or LA? I have never flown international so I don’t know.

      11. MDF: the truth is, we are fighting the muslims. We are not fighting a war where we can bomb certain areas, we are fighting a holy war. Even if you’re not christian, you’re still apart of a holy war. Infidels as we are called by the muslims, are to be slain according to muslims. If you read the koran (in which i have in parts) With the creation of islam, muhamamd killed thousands as he forcefully converted people. Muslims will not stop at anything to destroy us. Although there are many shall I say misguided muslims (Those who are peaceful) Islam as a religion is VIOLENT. And those who truly believe and follow it will carry out forceful conversions or they will kill us. I recently talked to a muslim who converted to christianity and they told me flat out that 90% of islam is violent, however 80% is too chicken to do anything, YET.

        Hear me out, we are in a holy war and whether we are attacked via EMP or not, God bless us with our developing situations.

      12. MDC – Oh noes, not the evil “juice” again!  Please, put the curtain back, hide your anti-Semitism.

      13. Willie – quite an interesting scenario.. I think the new Red Dawn 2010 movie depicts an invasion using commercial airliners — i suppose they could be used to detonate nukes as well… EMP is a line of site weapon, essentially, so the planes would need to be high enough to to have line of site across the entire US… But, I suppose if they took out the major cities on the East and West coasts, and maybe Northern/Central US, that would be enough to create serious problems.

      14. “Gods Creation” had it PERFECTLY right. There is a beast upon this earth. Until that beast is slain, there will never be peace on earth. Hunter, you say the basic premise of the Muslim religion is violent. That pales in comparison to the “Sons of the Devil”. If you still think the Muslims pulled off 911, you are clueless. Everything since then only benefits ONE group. That same group controls our government and they want us destroyed. They are a leach who suck the lifeblood from all good men. Good thing I have plenty of salt ready to be put to use.

      15. Iran is not yet a threat but will be soon enough. They are continuing to process nuclear fuel  for warheads and have “industrial level  manufacturing capacity”.  Their plan is to become a major nuclear power “overnight” by creating hundreds of warheads serepticiously, then loading them onto missles and deploying them prior to physically testing a warhead.

        Iran has mastered computer design, development, and simulated detonation of their warheads on “super computers”. They have also launched satelites into orbit, so they have an ICBM capability.

        North Korea is doing the same thing and they are working together in this regard, as NoKo had the better bomb technology and Iran the best missile technology. Once Iran had the NoKo info they jumped ahead because they are smarter and more technologically advanced.

        One day Obama will wake up and we will find ourselves facing two nuclear armed adversaries, not one. China is at least on board with no nukes for NoKo because that is in their own backyard and they DO NOT want Japan or South Korea to develop nuclear weapons in response. Both Japan and SoKo has that knowledge and could develop the manufacturing base for enrichment and missiles in a very short time. In the meantime, both have the US nuclear umbrella.

        Chinese talks with Kim (NoKo) are taking place as I write this post. Time is running out. Israel is ready to pounce and it may be more likely that the Israelis take out Iran with an EMP. Israel won’t stop there, they will go all the way and reduce Iran to rubble. I’ve got a hundred bucks (even money) that happens this year.

        Any takers?   524 402 925 TCA

        • You’ve been sold a false bill of goods and don’t even realize it. I drank the kool-aid too but no longer. My eyes are wide open to the truth, and what you’re saying here is far from it.

      16. No joke – this is one of the reasons I bought a mechanical-combination lock gun safe – as opposed to one with only an electronic lock.

      17. Cold dead hands , the only thing you forgot was the Authors name on the book “One Second After “  Its William R. Foestchen . I purchased and read that book the first week it came out . I must agree the book will scare you .  As far as the 90% death rate again I agree . It would drive  this country back to the stone age in some respects .  No electricty, No phones , No cars older than 1964 (the first year thay started using computer electronics in cars ) no Forced air heat . No Airconditioning . No internet , If you need any kind of medicine , good luck when it runs out . No police, no amblance,  no doctor.   Not a pleseant thought is it . The only radios that would work would be old fashioned tube type radios and those luckey enough to have been shielded some how from the pulse .  I could go on and on but you get the idea .

      18. Comments…..MDF, you sound like a muslim. Anyone who defends the “religion of peace” with its cult moon god and its pedophile prophet, with its stated goal of enslaving the world and beheading the infidels, and installing Sharia law to replace all Western Democracies, is nothing but a g racist intolerant savage muslim. The civilized world is waking up to the cancerous threat of your tribe.

      19. The author is incorrect that all electronics will cease to function. In simple terms, EMP has the ability to render complex circuits inoperable, but will leave typical simple switching electronics functional.

        1) EMP will not render ALL complex circuits inoperable, but a high number (est. >92%) will be effected by an EMP.

        2) Even simple switched can spark, catch fire, etc. if the feed wire is long enough as it functions as an antenna for the EMP pulse to gather and overload the switch with massive amounts of power.

        While EMP is NOT 100% effective, even in a lower less, less effective burst, EMP will be devastating to today’s circuit run civilization.

        Both NK and Iranian launchers are still relatively short ranged to do the job from the respective home countries, this is mostly irrelevant since that would be the proverbial “smoking gun” as to who attacked and lead to a counter attack that would negate any military gains to the attacking country. Mind you that the attacking country might have factored that in in terms of acceptable losses in order to take the USA down. (which is something to contemplate!) Using available launch systems, the attacking country would have to stage the launch vehicle(s) closer to the US in order to hit the desired burst location – this would also serve to hide the origin of the attack and limit the US’s response.

        Maximum effectiveness for EMP is with a small yield detonation (5-15mT) at altitudes between 250,000 and 500,00 ft. Above the reach of any air breathing vehicle, requiring a ballistic launch vehicle. EMP bursts are “line of sight” and the location and height of the burst define its “kill zone” on the planet’s surface. The lower the burst is under 250,000 feet, effectiveness begins to drop off at a rapid rate due to the nature of EMP. While surface or just-above-surface detonations DO yield EMP effects, they are localized to the burst area and fall within the immediate destruction area of the explosion itself where the EMP isn’t noticed as the circuit in question has been vaporized or destroyed.

        As mentioned, “One Second After” is a eye opening view into the world after an AMP attack, as is “Lights Out” (an internet only book, has been recently pulled from online to go to print – highly recommended).

      20. Mac, yeah, thats what I am unsure of, how big is the horizon at 50,000 feet?  If its  1000 miles then 3 would about do it for the whole country.

        In Red Dawn 1 (one of my fav movies as a kid) they used commercial jets to bring in the cuban paratroopers also.  They filmed RD2 10 miles from my house here in MI, can’t wait to see it.

      21. airborne…Mac had already referenced the book with authors name,  I was just following up with commentary.

      22. Ahh, David answered the question, thanks. Just didn’t have time to look it up.

      23. Just read “one second after” — very eye opening.  Definitely encourage all to read it.

      24. Actually it was Russian paratroopers now that I think about it, the Cubans and Nicaraguans came up from Mexico.

      25. I’ll tone it down for the sake of Mac’s site.  Eric, my skin turns a nice shade of red when I spend too much time in the sun. I believe in Jesus. I served in the U.S. military.  I only want to save the ideals that were established under the Constitution.  My country is being torn apart.  I want my kids to have a better life than me. That is NOT going to be possible unless true patriots rid ourselves of the traitors in Washington and New York . We DO NOT have a country “Of the People, By the People, For the People.” we have country that is corporate fascism defined to its purest meaning. We have a (Jew controlled) Fed, a (Jew controlled) media, (Jew controlled) movie and TV industry; education system, financial system, etc.. EVERYTHING, AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING that touches your life on a daily basis is skewered to control your mind. I do not believe the Muslim religion or any other is the true path to the “Big Guy”, but I will not slam anyone but the Jew for what they believe. The Jew is the devil alive here on earth. Jesus called them out for what they are in John 8:44.  You figure it out for yourself. My suggestion is to TURN OF THE DAMN BOOB TUBE. Pull yourself out of the herd. Learn the truth about 911. Free your mind of the lies.

        We will take this country back.

        (Now I get to kick back and wait for the Jew pukes to attack me on this site. It is quite funny to read the folks who claim to be patriots justify their evilness and try to sway the masses. You guys must be REALLY busy the days. People are waking up. Go ahead and give it your best shot.)

        • Change “jew” to “zionists” please. Not all jews are zionists, and zionists are the problem. Everything else you said is point on. But in reality there is nothing we can do about it. The biblical prophesies are all playing out right now so the path this will take is already set in stone.

      26. If this really ever happened hopefully the Iranians would do a small burst over their real enemies, that being the tyranny in Washington D.C………… and leave the innocent citizens in the rest of the USA out of harms way.

      27. MDF,

        I dont think you quite understand what is going on here. You dont quite understand the significance of the 5th Imam /Mahdi and the role this prophet is playing in the government of Iran. The president of Iran is worse than a Muslim extremist and  Iran is THE biggest threat because they will use “the bomb” or bombs like it in a second, where Russia and China would not due to economic ramifications.  Armadenejahd said it himself that he is going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. If its true that Iran is harboring Bin Laden, then that confirms everything. Look at Sept 11th. If that wasnt enough to take Irans threats serious then nothing is. Iran is planning on ushering in Armageddon so that their prophet the 5th Imam will return!

      28. Bin Laden is dead. Give it up. Where do you come up with this crap?  Who signed the Non-Proliferation Tready? Who has allowed every UN inspection? Who is building a nuclear POWER STATION. The answer is Iran. Now, who has not signed? Who wont even admit they have nukes? Who certantly wont allow inspections? That would be Israel. Who is most likely to “push the button” if they don’t get their way? Just keep those lies coming. I’ll slam them all.

        • You left out that part about them behind the USS Liberty bombing.

      29. Right on Tony, Iran is a country being run by a group of delusional  ideological sociopaths.  They WANT to bring about Armageddon.  They are similar to,  but much more dangerous than,  Evangelical Zionists who wanted to return the Jews back to Israel NOT because of altruism, but to fulfill the Christian Armageddon prophecy.   The former just wanted to put the pieces into place for God to be able make his move, the latter wants to actually be the purveyors of THE END.

        I guess we should consider ourselves lucky, our country is just being run by a delusional ideological narcissistic fasciobamunist crime syndicate.

      30. MDF,  I think you haven’t seen the youtube video of Eric Jon Phelps and the late Alberto Rivera, he was a former top Jesuit in Vatican.  To give you a brief summary, the black pope in Vatican (the Jesuit General) created a lot of front organizations and one of them is freemason.  Under that freemason organizations are the Jews ( the elite which is composed of 12 or 13 families — they are international bankers that controls the world).   The Jesuit, the black pope,  is using the Jews so that they will not be blamed for it.

        Anyway, it seems to me that nobody heard of Lindsey Williams.   This guy robbed elbow with the elite (the so-called Jews) for three years.   All the things that the elite told him, happened.    Look him up in youtube.  Check this one, as an appetizer.


      31. Mac,

        Thanks for posting this info and great recommendations.  I have read and/or watched all three.
        ‘One Second After’ is truly an impressive combination of research and well written fiction.  I stayed up three nights running just reading it  It was sobering and scary to say the least.  Excellent book.  Unbelievable….but necessary reading.

        The TV series Jericho  sort of brings to the screen what the effects of multiple blasts in American cities would look like from the vantage point of a small Kansas town.  It depicts so very clearly in today’s day what it would be like to be isolated and not know what the rest of the world is doing if something catastrophic happens.  It shows what “real’ people would probably do…..and touches on the machinations of what all can be working behind the scenes. That show is a diamond in the rough, IMHO.  A little Hollywood like for the first few episodes…but it really takes off if you stick with it.    How that ever made it out of Hollywood I’ll never know.  

        We all, young adults in particular,  who have never seen hard times,  need to understand what life might look like…so they (or any of us) won’t be part of the problem but part of the solution.  This show did it for a lot of people. Very inspirational show.

        J Rawles book…and his second are the compendium of everything anyone should know about in case SHTF.   I’ll probably be one of the first to be eaten, so to speak, because I have no skills to offer, but I still was inspired and informed by his amazing books.

        Thanks for the post, Mac…these are truly sobering times and those are really helpful resources for those who feel the need to act on their spidey senses and prepare for tough times.  Please don’t delay.

      32. MDF not MDK…

      33. C D H , My Bad .  I saw it after I had posted .  DAVID , I would hope that you are correct on your posting about what will or won’t work after an EMP attack . BUT I would hate to find out the hard way .  I for one will err on the side of caution .

      34. I see Iran as being just another country trying to come up in the world. Nuclear energy is a very efficient resource. Several nations have and use nuclear energy in the Middle East.
        Iran is not a country of terrorists. They didn’t come to North America and start waging war. They are as likely to start a nuclear war as the Soviets were in the 80s. If anyone is going to be launching nukes it will be the US. Hiroshima anyone?
        As far as an EMP goes. What would all those women do without their cell phones? People have gotten along fine without electricity for centuries. The amish base their entire lifestyle without it.
        Fear is the mother of all fuck ups. That is all this article is doing. Finger pointing instead of looking in the mirror. Hell! A solar flare could disrupt the planets magnetic field and we’d all have to walk to Wal Mart.
        I read about stockpiling guns, gold, food, because we are afraid of someone invaiding what is ours. Have you ever thougth that maybe Iran is doing the same thing. I’m sure they don’t want to become another Iraq. Would you?

      35. MDF, I cannot believe so many bright, articulate, and well read contributors to this site are so damn blinded by this hysterical notion that Iran is a threat to this country. This is the same rush to judgement and condemnation that lead us to the hopeless wars in Iraq and Afgahnistan. This is so pathetic, I paused before even acknowledging the obvious! 

        • Iran and North Korea are the two countries in which the zionists have not been able to establish central banks (ala the Federal Reserve). Iraq was the third in the so called “Axis of Evil”, but we’ve already taken them out. That makes Iran and N. Korea two countries top targets for the zionists (which is based in Israel). These countries just want to be left alone and not enslaved like the zionists have done for the rest of us tax slaves.

      36. 1. Make up fake Iran WMD story
        2. Invade and occupy for 10+ years
        3. ????
        4. Profit

      37. Comments…..MDF,you  blame the Jews for everything, then worship and pray to your Jew God Jesus for salvation. If you haven’t heard, Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem , the Capital of Israel, not the Capital of your Muslim tribe. You are no Christian. You are nothing but a dirtbag muslim raghead posing as a Christian. Your MDF moniker stands for Muslim Dirtbag F##K. You muslim ragheads will not destroy this great country or Israel.

      38. MDK, you claim to believe in Jesus. LOL. That is funny. I have to agree with Eric that you are really a racist muslim POS. Your cult moon god and your pedophile prophet are the ones you bow down to while smelling the ass of your fellow tribesman in front of you.

      39. It is a shame that some of the postings here are so insulting and provocational. The  lack of substance in your comments is a poor reflection of the “typical” main stream ignoramise. It is truley sad….

      40. Harold, Paul
        This is what I was talking about.”Just sit back and watch the attacks come”. They have nothing to stand on. They know I’m right. The last recourse is verbal slander. You can pick-um out a mile away. Probably just one guy who is “assigned” this blog to monitor and sway. I just laugh. The truth is exploding throughout the country. People are becoming aware. History will repeat itself when we throw the bastards out. To bad they didn’t get some of their rich ones to colonize the moon because there will be no safe place on earth for them to hide.

      41. While I agree the issue is very real, a few notes.
        The intro says that with Iran’s developments, the “possibility of such an attack will become even more probable than ever before.” In this case, the word “possible” replacing “probable” would be more accurate.
        Also, a few megaton device at 200 km would not cover the U.S. – it would need to be many megaton device at 300-500 km, at the center of the U.S.
        Finally, an EMP would not take out *all* electrical devices, but would take out devices
        with solid state electronics (computers, transistors, cars, etc.). Simple electronics, like tube radios and most refrigerators, would not be affected.
        – – – –
        That aside, any enemy contemplating taking down the U.S. would be foolish to detonate on the ground, unless they don’t have ballistic missiles (commercial aircraft cannot fly high enough, either). Read “One Second After” or “Lights Out” to get an idea of what it could mean for America.

      42. Just listened to Forstchen on Coast to Coast, he said detonation would have to be approx. 200 miles up.

      43. I personally think it is much more likely we will have an EMP catastrophe from an X class solar flare.  If you would like to be updated via email on solar flare activity, you can subscribe to email updates at these organizations. It may give you 24 hours notice that could save your life (get to your safe haven, don’t get on that plane, insulate electronics or vehicles, etc).




      44. Listening further, Forstchen says a limited Compton effect (the ionizing of the atmosphere which causes the circuit frying) could happen at 20 miles but optimal is 200 to 275 miles up.

      45. @Aborne71 – Yes. To err on the side of caution is the best position (one I think is dominant here!). 😉

        In my previous post, I did not go into the devastating effects on the national power grid from even a poorly executed EMP event. The time it will take to re-build the grid, even on a regional level would be measured in quarters as a baseline. And I’m talking 6 to 10 quarters – thats 18 to 30 months for core areas to regain power on a reliable level in best case scenarios.

        One thing that fictional writings like “One Second After” and others missed on a post EMP world within the first 48 hours would be containing the fires that would have broken out in all of the power stations, sub stations, etc along the grid. Not only would the transformers, etc. be destroyed, but the stations themselves would be consumed by fires started with the EMP discharge. Its not a matter of just getting components and installing them, its a COMPLETE REBUILD of the power grid.

        And if that’s not enough, we should all hope those nuke plants can secure their rods and fuel post EMP, as the last thing we’ll need to deal with would be 103 Chernobyl events. (we have 103 reactors in 64 sites) And by “deal with” I mean evacuation and abandonment of the surrounding areas within 70-100 miles plus the prevailing winds pushing radioactive dust downwind for hundreds, of miles. (I say hundreds of miles when we know that detectable fallout can circle the globe – I’m drawing the line at levels of radiation that are damaging to plants, animals and humans.)

      46. Eric and Franklin. Well put. These hate mongering racist  muslims who pretend to be patriots and Christians need to be exposed for what they are, murderous barbarians. Any Bible believing Christian who loves Jesus also loves Israel and the jewish people.
        MDF, may your hate turn into cancer  and give you a slow painful lingering trip to Eternal Hell.

      47. Willie – I heard that interview the night it played a while back, so my details are sketchy. If I am not mistaken, Forstchen was talking about a single weapon being detonated and launch over Nebraska. To get complete line of site across the entire US it would need to be 200 miles up.

        I can’t remember if he talked about multiple detonations, three weapons for example, going off in different parts of the country, which would not need to be launch as high.

        If we’re talking about a single weapon, though, then the threat coming from a “terrorist” organization would not be very realistic. In this case, it would have to be a state sponsored attack – say, China, Russia, NoKo, Iran or even…. TPTB….

        All I know is, if my power goes out, the cell phones go out and my car doesn’t start, it’s time to go into security lock-down.

        I need to pick me up one of them old-school Chevy’s ASAP!


      48. I am pretty sure he said 2-3 weapons at 200-275 miles would take out the whole U.S.  I will go back and verify

      49. Iran isn’t “our” enemy,we are theirs.
        We overthrew their democratically elected government in 1953(google: operation AJAX) to install our puppet the Shah(whom they hated).
        We funded and supported Iraq to attack Iran resulting in 500,000 dead Iranians over 8 years of war.
        We shot down one of their airliners killing women and children.
        If anyone should develop nukes,it should be the Iranian’s for protection from us.
        Who could blame them?
        All of this noise about Iran trying to attack us is Zionist Israeli bullshit just to get the gullible US to kill one more of their well deserved enemies.

      50. When you are the the most powerful mf ‘er in the world, you are, by definition, your own worst enemy. 

      51. Went to the link “Xman” provided showing the Lindsey Williams video. About the non-energy crisis. He spoke of huge reserves that could keep the US in oil for 200 years. One of his first statements about proof of these reserves was the fact that 1 billion CF of natural gas was being pumped back into the wells each day. Because there was no place to store it. Both of those statements are true. But they are true because the gas is used in the EOR (enhanced oil recovery) systems. The drilling fields were set up so that the gas could be captured and used to pressurize the wells so that more oil can be removed. Natural gas is one of several substances (polymers, water, are both mentioned) used for this purpose, since the 1940s. No need for me to discuss the process, hundreds of articles can be found by Googling. Which apparently Mr. Williams didn’t do. There are all of these conspiracy theories that require thousands of people to keep secrets. I don’t believe that’s possible. EMP from a solar flare is much more likely than a launch. Plus most of the military’s equipment is shielded, as a maintenance engineer in a semiconductor wafer fab, I know the fabs are shielded because of the possibility of solar flares. In less than a year, supplies of components would be far into the pipe line. Things would be very bad for a while but nothing like suggested here. Because this book assumes there will be no replacement parts. That’s wrong. Got to go but a quick aside. No one is monitoring this blog. The powers that be have more important thing to do than watch the crazies. I thought the people on Town Hall were wingnuts. As soon as anyone disagrees with MDF, there is a conspiracy against him, perpetuated by the Jews. If he is privey to all this information and he tries to warn the world using the steps and methods he has been using to inform the people on this site, God has stacked the deck against us and MDF will surely burn in He!! for botching the Lord’s assignment to inform the world.

      52. Tim, that might be my exact path.

        A question for everyone. Is there a person alive today that can tell me EXACTLY what will happen when I die? No there is not. (There are plenty of  folks who will take your money to say their way is the ONLY way) Is Jesus the only way. Allah? Buda? I don’t know. What I DO know is what is good and what is evil. I slam the Jews because in my mind (my opinion only) they are evil. Could I be wrong? Yes. I can say that there are as many or more Christians who claim to follow Christ who are absolutely evil. (The traitor Baby Bush would fall perfectly into that reasoning) I do know that when the “Big Guy” looks down upon this planet he sees EVERYONE as equal. He doesn’t see ONE group as “The Chosen Ones” and the rest as chump change. I am no better than a poor starving black child in Africa or an old Asian man or anyone else. I also know when he looks down he can see right through you. Good and evil don’t mix. My path is hard work and honest living. Is that THE way. Who knows?

        There is a lot of evil on this earth. 2000+ souls were killed on 911. How many souls have been killed since that day? 2,000,000+ !!!!! Two MILLION people. think about that. Why did SO many have do die? Because a small handful (Jews AND Christians) dickheads seem to think that “Their Way is the ONLY Way”. Well, I don’t agree with THEM. When they try to force their wishes on me, I WILL fight back.

        I blame the majority of the earth’s problems on the Jews. I think I’m right. They hold ALL the cards and we (Americans) are just the chips. If they want to attack Iran, LET THEM DO IT. America needs to pull itself off the poker table.

      53. I disagree that EMP would cause 9 out of 10 to die this is pure neocon media exaggeration to scare the mind controlled public into believing bull shit to pave the way for a nuclear confrontation with Iran and NK. EMP might destroy all electronic devices but won’t affect or kill a single human.

        The US has more than 10000-20000 nuclear heads and (Israel has 250) which could wipe out any loving organism on the whole of earth and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians if not millions who is crazy to attack the US (Iran has never attacked another country in the past 250 years) even 9/11 was inside job, and you will find that all of the false flag attacks were manufactured by your own government for no reason except the theory: Creat a problem so you could impose a Solution (NWO!) without much resistance.

        The crappy media scares the mind controlled sheople in order to impose the New World Order, the illuminati are paving the way for their Lucifer Anti Christ satanic religion yet we still see sheople like Eric blinded by the propaganda crap and attacking a Prophet adhored by hundreds of millions of people, who if you truly knew what he stood for you would at least shut up out of
        respect, but your ignorance will doom you even if you are not a beleiver in any religion, bad karma will hurt you back.

        Muslims make 1.5 billion of the world and calling all Muslims terrorists is a huge mistake the suicide bombers are more anti-islamic than the ZioNazi themselves this is why they bomb mosques everywhere, they are linked to the CIA puppet government of Al-Saud which funded and recruited the 9/11 terrorists following an agenda planned tens of years ago by your own Masonic government.

        WakeUp!, the fight is no longer between Muslims and non Muslims the fight is between those who believe in JUSTICE and those who don’t.

        If you have a tiny drop of JUSTICE in your heart you wouldn’t support the ZioNazis who are turning the Middle East into rivers of BLOOD. What for so those who claim to be the chosen people can occupy a land they didn’t and will never own, a land which they stole by force and kicked out a whole population with massacres after another and they continue to do it, do you think Jesus the messiah (who BTW Muslims are awaiting as much as true believers of authentic Christianity and Judaism) would support INJUSTICE you are blind if you do.

        Do you think any Prophet of God be it Jesus or Moses or Muhammad May God bless their souls are pro injustice and pro bloodshed you are mistaken, and for the same reason Iran is developing the EMP cause they don’t want to inflict any indiscriminate harm on American civilians, they also don’t have any defensive weapons to defend themselves against any possible indiscriminate nuclear attack, and the TRUE Islamic religion forbids the killing of innocent civilians forbids the killing of women and children forbids the killing of trees and animals so they wouldn’t even adopt the nuclear bomb, yet the psycho warfare of your own government is to attack those same principles in Islam from within through some deceived wahabi/saudi recruited terrorists.

        You are also mistaken about Muslims forcing others to convert this is one of the NWO propaganda crap they keep attacking
        Islam with, the biggest Islamic nation is Indonesia with a population of 280 million, who do you think converted them,
        the Muslims never had a single soldier on Indonesian soil ever in history yet they all became Muslim. do your own home work before attacking the victims.

        WakeUp and check The Arrivals on the http://wakeupproject.com/Videos.asp

      54. emp video

      55. When any government agency claims that “Iran is working on an EMP to attack America”, you just know that whatever else come out of their office is pure baloney!

      56. The bottom line to all this is all it takes is the logs of ONE hardened computer system which is connected to a ICBM type nuclear launch system to prove not even 100% that the emp attack came from Iran & the operators seeing the chaos all around would launch against Iran.
        They know this & would never attack as it would be the end of their civilisation for a very long time if not forever.

      57. When you here about this kind of stuff it basicly tells you what to look up on youtube for home made stuff. Other then that, The part about the Iran crap is simply bull. Iran has never had, nor are they going to have any desire to use any such crap as this to cripple the U.S. This is pre-false flag stuff being pumped into your heads to ready you for a possible false flag attack by our own government and military on our own soil aginst U.S. people for the sake of the F.E.M.A. death camp in place right now and going active in the central U.S. Be ready people. Be ready.

      58. I’ve been researching about EMP for a little bit now and I’ve come across some really great blogs and articles along the way. One that I always go back to listen to is a radio blog. They have guest(s) on every Wednesday to talk about EMP. Next Wednesday two authors are going to be on their show, Paul Palango and Reza Kahlili. I think that this should be a really great show to listen to, I can’t wait. Here’s the link if you’d like to listen, too: http://empactradio.org/pvp/pvp66-paul-palango/

      59. I never thought about all that an EMP bomb could do. Many if not most would be forced to become cannibals to stay alive.

      60. I posted on this before about Paul Palango and Reza Kahlili being on that radio show (EMPactRadio) a while ago. But I wanted to let people know that Reza Kahlili is actually going to be back on that radio show again this Wednesday if you missed him last time or if you want to listen to him again! He’s really great! Here’s the link for this Wednesday’s show: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode88-reza-kahlili/

      61. I apologize; Reza Kahlili is going to be on next Wednesday the 22nd now. I hope you guys can catch the show. Again, I’m sorry about that mix up but I wanted to let you know.

      62. If they hit the USA with an EMP and wipe out 90% of the population. Then the gloves come off, the USA should shoot back with a disease missile to wipe out 90% of their population too. hahaaha!!!

      63. Thank God, my M4A3 with Armor Percing High Explosive Super Incindiary rounds traveling at 3,150 Feet per second will still work!


      1. NASA Building Solar Shield, Flares Threaten Huge Disturbances to Electrical Grid, Computers, Telephones, Transportation, Water Supply and Food Production - [...] would mirror an EMP style attack. According to the Center for Security Policy that means nine out of ten…

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