DUI Checkpoint? “You Do Not Have to Roll Your Window Down. You Do Not Have to Talk to Police.” Say Nothing, and Display THIS

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    As DUI checkpoints have become widespread on roadways in nearly every state across the union, controversy has grown over the extent of police powers and where the line is drawn on an individual’s constitutional rights.

    While police may be searching for evidence randomly from everyone on the roadways in the name of public safety, you do not have to be caught up in their sweep. Violations of your Constitutional rights are unlawful, and you do NOT have to comply with unlawful requests. You do NOT have to talk to police. Know your rights and protect yourself from potential abuse.

    Here’s how one guy got through a DUI checkpoint in Florida without a word to police – and hanging THIS inside his window:

    The flyer was created by the Fair DUI project, who have several state-specific versions of the flyer which include the relevant code concerning the upright window and the display of license, registration and insurance.

    This flyer, in large, bold letters, is displayed (best with tape) to the inside window for police to see, along with any required documents:


    Clear enough for any LEO upholding and honoring their oath to the Constitution.

    As the video explains:

    “You do not have to roll your window down. You do not have to talk to them at all. That is the best way to go through a DUI checkpoint. A lot of people start talking to the cops, they want to debate with the cops. That’s a bad idea. As soon as you talk, they can say your speech is slurred, and lie and say your speech is slurred. As soon as you crack your window, they can lie and say they smell alcohol or other types of drugs emitting from the vehicle. The best thing to do is go through it, windows rolled up, doors locked, and put the Fair DUI flyer out there with your license, insurance and registration on display.”

    The website also urges people to film everything that happens during the police encounter for documentation, should any rights violations take place, or further incident occur. There is also a book with further information.

    Jeff Gray, who operates the “Honor Your Oath” YouTube channel where the video was posted argues:

    It is vital to the preservation of liberty for us to know our rights, to assert our rights, and to document the actions of public officials… My goal is to teach citizens that our rights do still exist, and to show how to assert those rights.

    Stay cool, Be polite, Flex Your Rights, and Always Film The Police.

    But, what if you have nothing to hide, and have done nothing wrong? Isn’t it easier just to comply and be on your way?

    That mentality is how a free society becomes an enslaved one. The police state is clearly already here, and feeding the beast is not a good idea if liberty is to endure.

    The reasons these rights were established on paper in the first place during the founding of the United States are due to historic tyrannies of overreaching and arbitrary powers that resulted in systematic and widespread abuse, not only of individuals who actually warrant suspicion and investigation, but of the general people.

    Today, it is still very relevant. There is commonplace disregard for the 4th and 5th amendments, which, among other things, guard against unwarranted search and seizure and being compelled to witness against oneself.

    But that is exactly what is happening at checkpoints and traffic stops. Police are actively investigating each person they stop, whether they have something to hide or not, and essentially fishing for any evidence that could lead a violation or arrest, creating revenue for the system.

    And most of the evidence police have is volunteered by those who do not know or do not exercise their rights. But those who have ‘done nothing wrong’ and ‘have nothing to hide’ believe it is better to do what they say, even if it is unreasonable or unconstitutional.

    And while drunk driving is a danger to public safety, it is hardly the real reason that cops are out in force on the roadways. That is merely the pretext, and it it may or may not apply to the driving being apprehended.

    It does not better society, and is not the act of a good citizen to make the work of the authorities easier by answering any request; compliance is literally enabling the police state rising up around us that assumes guilt until innocent is proven, and disregards the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Such a government, though the actions of its officers, is assuming undue power. It is not good government, and will stop at nothing to control the population.

    Also Posted:

    Our rights, inherently given by God and not granted by government, include (but are NOT limited to) –

    Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Amendment V

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    See also:

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      1. Replacing driver side glass is going to be a booming business.

        • Clearly stated instructions will consistently produce multiple interpretations.

          Boyle’s Laws – 6

          Same shit, new day.

          • They don’t just ignore the Bill of Rights, they have turned the Constitution on its head from one of enumerated powers, that we learned in grade school, to one of enumerated liberties with the Commerce Clause (primarily) decisions. Instead of asking “where does the Constitution allow X” even here the starting point is “the Bill of Rights” prevents X.

            It is a conscious perversion of the Constitution in order to facilitate the 100+ year power grab.

        • and thats when ” you fear for your life” you know the rest

        • Ok, now run a 19 year old black kid in a beat up olds and see what happens.

            • As you roll to a stop at the DUI checkpoint and display the sign for the pigs to read, can’t they simply force you into submission based on their “view” of your “erratic swerving”, thus giving them probably cause to investigate you for a DUI and of course, whatever else they may possibly be able to manufacture or drum up for commercial revenue purposes?


          FRANCES CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST. Algeria was held from 1830 to 1962. It was a major colonial war. There is also Chad which the French took in 1897 and were forced to withdraw from there in 1914. Napolean invaded Egypt from 1798 – 1801 and Napolean also attacked Algeirs. Guinea, Sudan, Togo, Mali, the French Congo were all taken over by France.



          • Acid/eisenturd is off his meds again.

            • well Acid Etch May be off his meds but he is fucking correct again. Nails it this time. He certainly doesn’t mind controversy either. I think he has balls…not many do anymore

          • When you join the empire army, and you kill the Iraquies in Felujah, they call you a hero.
            While all along like a pond in a chess game you only follow the orders of a military, Funded by your taxes and controlled not by your corrupt congress but by the Khazarian Warlord Banksters.
            The Republic was lost when Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
            And until we reverse that it is going to remain the same horseshit.

            • pawn not pond

              • Actually, I’m quite fond of ponds that follow orders.

                Especially the ones that I order not to make me wet before I jump into them.

          • @Acid…please don’t sugarcoat it. Just simply tell us how you really feel.

            • As always sterling your comments are civil, insightful, and humorous.

              To those who can’t get past acid’s prose: he has made several great points in the past and often reveals his desire to educate and help, though perhaps without meaning too. Try to either politely respond how he is factually incorrect or ignore him. I suspect the meds comments and such just make him laugh at you.

              • BINGO!!

                You are one of the more insightful and intelligent posters for sure.

                Acid actually cracks me up, especially the responses he generates. But I also find some of his posts very informative.

          • Wow, you really are off your meds again, aren’t you? Do you really think that attitude will make people love you more? Oh, I know, you don’t give a rat’s ass and your response will not be seen by me; I’m not interested in anything further you have to say – but at least I hope you get some anger management courses in the near future!!

          • Hope someone in your family gets killed by a drunk driver

            • Now I know you are unhappy with what the person above said. But really? You respond back you “hope someone in their family gets killed by a drunk driver”.. Really? Rather horrible to wish something like that on anyone don’t you think?

            • You must be a Christian.

            • Go Deepthroat a chainsaw. This turned into a rhinoceros gang bang quickly.

          • Acid. Very well placed. It’s nice to see another lady on here with a big ballsack that ain’t afraid to speak up. Don’t worry about being off your meds, hell, I get the same way when my estrogen levels are swayed by silly people who post silly blogs. Anyway, got to run for now. Have a beautiful evening, and don’t forget to wipe. Your’s truly, Nancy Pelosi.

          • I agree with acid here, except for all the swearing and all caps. His point is spot on and supported by any somewhat unbiased history book.

            I was the first male, that I know of, in my family to turn 18 and not join the military since the revolutionary war. While I’m sure there must have been some, I’m positive all since my great grandparents were in the military and I’m positive we’ve fought in every war. Needless to say I was raised in a very pro US military family and lived on base half my childhood.

            That being said, I don’t support our troops either. I don’t support them or their mission. Their lives are being used and wasted by our corporate fascist government/military industrial complex. If you are in the US military right now you are serving an evil master and are not a force for good or any other such nonsense.

            We should not have a standing army in peace time. We shouldn’t have our troops stationed in over 100 countries either. Neither Mexico nor Canada can invade us (well their army anyway, mexico is invading with civilians) and no other country has the naval power to land enough troops here. We just don’t need a standing army.

            I would politely ask you to examine any reflexive pro-military sentiments you might have. I have many honorable family members currently serving in the military or retired, but I don’t support them or approve of their actions. They should retire immediately. Please come home and stop serving the military industrial complex. Our nation isn’t better off from your efforts.

            • Though if one of my ancestors could’ve shot that tyrant Lincoln sooner I would support that.

            • My family is very similar and I agree with your statements 100%.

          • Who is Frances Chickens?

        • I roll down my window and tell the cops “thanks for doing a great job!” …. because I am not a douche bag that drives drunk!

          A police officer looking at you and seeing blood shot eyes, slow pupil reaction to light, seeing you in a drunken stuper..etc.

          This is all probable cause for continued detention regardless if you roll down the window or not. Failing to obey commands is a criminal offense so the sign in the window is retarded.

          • your the retarted one and more likely a cop and eaaly offended when people stand up forthemselves and don’t submitt.

          • Failing to obey commands is a criminal offense? Well they don’t call us rebels for nothing; being called criminal won’t hurt my feelings either.

        • touch his or anyones window will get you sued dickwad.

        • What a load of c-r-a-p.

      2. Safe lite gonna make some $ let me know how that sign thing works don’t drive drunk and there is nothing to fear. What lawyer is gonna come out to speak to the police just for you. They only go to court with you you’d have to be arrested first. Gonna be a lot of broken glass.

        • “don’t drive drunk and there is nothing to fear”

          Nothing except having MORE of your rights violated. It’s cowards like you that gave freedom loving Americans the police state we have now. Grow a pair and stand up for your rights.

          Or just /self.

          • I’d have to say that that maybe A Hat is more used to using his brain instead of his “balls”. And that Billy hill is a GOOD thing. You might want to try it sometime. Ass Hat is spot on. Don’t drink and drive and you have nothing to worry about. I appreciate the cops having the check points and looking out for drunk drivers. Having a loved one killed or injured senselessly by a drunk driver is not something I would wish on anyone.If these check points get one ignorant drunk driver off the road it is well worth everyone’s supposed “giving up their rights”, what a lame excuse! What about the rights of the innocent people being hurt and killed by those drunk drivers? Think with your brains people.

        • A hat,

          My state is tryin to lower .08 to .05 I cant say for sure but I think ive heard of states trying to make any thing over .00 or .01 illegal. This stuff has nothing to do with saving lives its all about revenue. So don’t have two drafts with some oysters and fries and then expect to make it home as a competent adult without being molested by the armed tax enforcers and you have nothing to worry about huh? O’er the land of the freeeee……. man I love that song

      3. Yeah, right. Put a sign in your window that says this driver is a moron. Who listens to idiots that claim a sign like that would work?

        • The Prophet says:

          “Yeah, right. Put a sign in your window that says
          this driver is a moron. Who listens to idiots that claim a sign like that would work?”

          Yeah right???

          Try this one on!

          Yeah, right. Put a sign (the US Constitution) in a glass case that says these people are morons. Who listens to idiots that claim a sign like that (the US Constitution) would work???

      4. Mac,

        Yo9u have a typo in the headline. It reads “gave” instead of “have.”

        • We need an Edit button….it appears I have one two…..LoL

        • Woops – thanks for the heads up!

          • Also I just seen where you have “drivING being apprehended” when I think you mant “drivER being apprehended.”

            Weird day…….I am not usually the type to find typo’s, at least not in articles. But I am workig on a ventialtion plan for welders in a confined space right now and having to do some editng myself.

            Would an edit button be hard to add here?

      5. “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”
        John Adams. This was a small win (that I’ll gladly take any day of the week) in our never ending fight with tyranny, I just don’t believe enough Amerikans will come to or put forth any effort in accepting a personal responsibility for their own safety and will continually ask for state assistance via the jack booted thugs that enforce this shit.

        • I see beatdowns…. many, many beatdowns. 😮

        • It’s so depressing to agree with you. I hope that by homeschooling we are in some small measure preserving western civilization and defending liberty.

          • Amen brother.

      6. Typo in header: You don’t gave to…

        • Also: Such a government, though the actions of its officers,

          Should be “through”. 🙂

        • Missed that one – thank you!

          • Mac, No writing while drunk. Trekker Out.

            • They make those portable self testing kits now pretty cheap. If I blow anything over 0.4% I won’t post 🙂

      7. The police can legally tear your vehicle apart and walk away from it. If you have a used vehicle, have you searched it yourself. A previous owner might have concealed some drugs/paraphernalia/etc. YOU will be arrested, not them. And just maybe a crooked cop will hide something.


        Just another feather in the cops cap if he finds something. You, your life is in ruins and maybe years of jail time.

        • That’s the problem right there, “We The People” have accepted their violations on OUR rights as legal!

        • Dave, Right you are! I bought an old truck once and was doing some electrical work on it under the dash and lo and behold I found a small bag of weed. I disposed of it properly of course 😉

          • So, ya burned it? 🙂

        • If you’re going to be thrown in jail for something you didn’t do, you might as well be thrown in jail for something you did do.

        • I solved the problem on Car searches at age 64. I got rid of my vehicle – big ass truck almost 5 yrs ago. Damn I don’t miss that thing. I hate driving with a passion. I walk, ride a bicycle towing a trailer period…Oh I empathize with the resistance to searches but I’ll never own a vehicle again. Just saying…

      8. DL and registration and proof of insurance. Obviously written by a non driver.

      9. This is the most bone headed thing I have read in awhile !

        • Well rewrite it then and make it more interesting, at least to your satisfaction…

      10. Makes sense. Your appearance to the officer is subjective. What if you are tired but to them you appear intoxicated? I have never liked the idea of these checks because they side-step the whole probable cause aspect which is a large part (maybe the main and only reason) they have you in custoday. Because a traffic stop is technically an arrest. I’m not a lawyer BTW. How do they obtain convictions through the use of these checks then?

      11. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.
        Funding the new Police State may cost you your car, home, and possibly your life.

      12. Ah, all the drunk drivers have found a “loophole” You can’t make this stuff up.

      13. thats to big of a chance to take to be labeled as trouble… no-one can tell me that eyes won’t be on your vehicle if you do that

      14. Don’t ever travel or transport anything during “amateur hours”.

        Don’t Drink and Drive. If you’re at a party, and you can find your car, the party wasn’t that good. But that doesn’t mean you should risk becoming a target. Stay and sober up….which now leads me to my next point

        Attend awesome parties. No one should ever be able to find their car at the end of the night. Passing out and waking up at 3PM the next day needs to be the norm. Otherwise, un-friend the host on facebook for having a crappy party.

      15. On a side note,bless these cartoonists who refuse to be dictated by koran law!And spell check,will not here capitalise koran! ht tp://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/01/07/breaking-armed-attack-on-french-magazine-charlie-hebdo-10-dead/ .I wonder if false flag to get the war machines fired up or real attack,if real,muhammad can blow me(though he may it!).

        • It was a good run, but the cartoonists are probably all done bashing Islam. They don’t want to die for it.

          On a side note, that office was likely a gun free zone. And the automatic weapons used were illegal. If a couple of the editors were armed I bet the outcome would have been considerably different.

          • Nah, I always hear about mus limes attacking gun shows.

      16. Stupid article, Muslims are killing folks around the world,(12 dead in Paris today, 2 killed in Denmark Christmas Eve ) infiltrating the U.S./Government, the protest marches continue, and the GOP has become Obama’s boy-toys. Our economy is edging towards a deep dark pit, and we have a Islam/Marxist in the People’s House.

        All are better topics than this.

      17. And hopefully you get a cop who knows something about his oath he took and a little about the constitution THEN you just might have a chance of this working.
        Check out the Ultimate Home Survival Guide (Cause to be honest how many of us can afford a cabin in the mountains or an underground bunker) Shows how to make your home and you self sufficient and self sustaining.
        And the very best part it’s totally FREE, get your copy before it’s to late at: http://www.iplantosurvive.info

      18. Like Richard Prior said about training the Vietnamese immigrants to be good Americans with, “If you get your ass kicked you said it right”.

        The cops would mop the floor with you.

      19. My posts still haven’t posted for the last few articles. Lame. Wonder why viewership is way down? Most of these articles I have read from their original sources days ago. Or YTube Vids. Freedom Phoenix News Source posts most of these articles, opposed to one article a day here,and then comments don’t even get posted. But the LOW IQ joksters get their posts instantly posted. The swirling sound of dumb and dumber prevails. Just like America. Land of the Sheeple.

        • This info has been out there for years. Zzzzzzzzzz

        • @WWT (Troll)
          Take a hint, go hump somebody else’s leg!

          • Eat Me is a Coward. Show your face coward. Hiding behind your sissy Genetic name. Real men don’t hide behind their thumb sucker child’s baby rattles. The weak will eat their own cause they love to be lied to daily. I speak the truth deal with it.

            • Okay “real man” WWTI…and YOUR true face is? Or are you also “hiding” behind your thumb sucker child’s baby rattles?

      20. In GA you can be required to sign. Therefore you will have to open your window if they ticket you. Once you open the window they can claim anything. This means that this tactic is only useful at a checkpoint and then only if they can’t find any reason to ticket you. In addition I think this puts the driver in a hostile situation from the start which means they WILL find a reason to ticket you. I agree that checkpoints are unconstitutional but I’m not going to try this tactic. I have too much to lose.

      21. For now we may have to put up with check points by Law Enforcement. Yes, are Constitutional Rights are being trampled on. There is a leak in the dam and it steadily increasing its flow. I figure if the events like,
        sniping at police continue, Police stations will become fortresses. Movement of police will be by armored vehicle with air support. Check Points will become enriched targets.
        The amount of city revenue in the Big City has dropped. Less tickets/fines and so forth. Maybe the people will say they had enough of that silly bullshit too.

      22. Mac,
        Your giving out faulty info. “DUI checkpoints in nearly every state” isn’t accurate. Many state’s do not allow these checkpoints. I’m a Cop in a state that doesn’t allow them and personally don’t believe any state should allow them. However, some of the info provided in this article could really create a problem for some folks who may not fully understand the game. If you are stopped by the police at a checkpoint and the police observe a violation, they will address the violation. The violation could be as minor as a piece of paper taped to the windshield which may not be allowed due to the fact it is obstructing the driver’s vision out of the windshield. The person stopped is now being detained on scene until the violation is addressed. You will be required to provide a D.L. and proof of insurance at a minimum. The window is gonna have to come down (at least partially) to provide these documents. This is now the point where things could start to spiral for a motorist who follows the advice in this article. I could continue with this example or provide other scenarios but I think folks will get the point.

        On a side note – I work in a state that continually votes Liberal but the vast majority of cops consider themselves Conservative. I’ve been in L.E. since 1993. During that time I have seen many changes, some good some bad. Every year the Law Makers get together and pass more and more needless laws (the Liberal way of thinking). Many of the older cops are able to distinguish legitimate violations from the fluff. The problem I see is that the younger generations aren’t able to do the same. Hence, the divide between the public and the L.E. community seems to be widening.

        • CF249, welcome aboard, and I must say the retired cops in my family would agree with you. I also think the sign is a bad idea that’s only going to hurt people. I don’t have any problem going after drunk drivers since my wife was killed by one back in 1982.

        • I’ll bet you have arrested people who haven’t harmed anyone, except possibly themselves, or violated anyone’s rights through force or fraud.

          How many people have you arrested for owning property the state doesn’t approve of?

          How many people have you imprisoned for victimless crimes?

          Have you ever broken a law and not turned yourself in? Have you ever arrested someone for a “crime” that you have handled differently for family members?

          Why haven’t you arrested some of your government officials for lying under oath?

          • Agreed. Fuck cops and this family of pigs and catholic haters.

        • good as it should be then.
          The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. – Patrick Henry

      23. test

      24. Check points, Free speech zones, Protests marches, Stop and search.

        All this is playing around the bush.

        Not many people wanting to die for the cause. Nothing going to change till the police openly see a crowd draw down on them. Not hiding or sniping in the dark. After all turn about is fair when police point their weapons at people. Draw your weapon or point your shotgun at me and you mean to kill me.

        • ” Nothing going to change till the police openly see a crowd draw down on them.”

          Agreed. Until a group of people intervene in some of those incidents of “street justice” being meted out by police, they will continue.

          You can’t sue them. You can’t prosecute them. You can’t reason with them.

          So we’re going to have to scare the shit out of them, and force them to change their behaviors. It has to become NOT WORTH THEIR TIME. That’s just my opinion, drawn from watching this unfold for decades.

        • I don’t have the distain for LE that many on this site have, but there is nothing that smacks more of a Police State than these So-Called DUI Checkpoints. I haven’t driven drunk or even buzzed in probably 20 or 30 years and when I see one of these Gestapo Check Points it makes my blood boil. And this BS about taking drunks off the street is a joke. They have people that have 4 or 5 dui’s and then go out and kill someone and it’s still rare for them to be sent to prison. Hard to believe that the Supreme Court found this to be Constitutional! Trekker Out.

          • Amen. One of my patients was in yesterday less than 24 hours of being charged with his 4th DUI. He wasn’t feeling well and wanted cough syrup with codeine. He was born in mexico, doesn’t have auto insurance, though he does have medicaid, and is out driving around 24 hours after a 4th DUI?

            One of my technicians 17yo son was given a DUI not too long ago for driving while smoking marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of tobacco. He didn’t have insurance either and wasn’t charged for that and only given community service. A drunk mexican kid with 3 other guys smoking dope speeding down the highway while uninsured doesn’t go to jail?

            If the retarded public defender can get you community service for that then what possible point can there be to dui checkpoints other than revenue?

      25. The problem is that I know what my rights are… the cops who have GUNS and FISTS and CLUBS do not. They will drag you out of that car whether you want to go or not. And there isn’t a single judge that would side with your civil liberties over their badges in their attempts to “protect and serve.”

        • In those instances that you are referring ,,, the State, County or City these cops are employed end up paying paying in civil litigation. Sometimes to the tune of millions of dollars. When you talk in absolutes you typically are absolutely wrong.

      26. So while we are on the subject of liberties taken…why have a drivers license, Insurance, Registration or put plates on the car. I have never seen cops do the lieing part to get someone in trouble, if you are having problems like that STOP BEING A SHADY MOTHERF#$%ER

        • your the stupid mother fucker if yu haven’t seen the lying to get people into trouble you not looking very hard then.
          The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. – Patrick Henry

      27. Its all fine and dandy to be belligerent to the cops, but really?
        If you drink and drive your an ass, driving is not a right, it IS a priveledge, so why be belligerant,
        You catch more flies with honey, i would suggest being courteous and reasonable, being a dick to the cops wont get you anywhere but screwed.

        • You must be watching a different video for no where was anyone drinking and driving. all this guy is doing is standing up for himself. and you notice after they read they let him go simple. so whats wrong with that? showing them your licence and registration and showing them that you dont submitt to searches hows that being beligerant?
          it’s atttudes as yours that keep the polce state in place and not puh it back any. that attitude of simply comply is how we got here in the first place.

      28. In some states refusal to take a breathalyzer results in automatic suspension of your drivers license.

      29. That sign is worthless. Because Driving a vehicle on the public roadways is not a counsitional or god given right. Driving a vehicle on the public roads is a privelage. In order to drive on the public roads you have to follow the rules & regulations set forth by your state legislature. Random DUI checkpoint,s don’t infringe on any counstional rghts.

        • If I have a right to buy and own it, then I have an implied right to to use it for it’s intended purpose.

        • ya they do they infringe upon our right to drive without being molested buy cops.

        • I was going to post something about what you posted, but I
          figured since you can’t spell you are probably too stupid
          to understand anyway. Have a nice life slave.

        • @old guy,
          “Random DUI checkpoint,s don’t infringe on any counstional rghts.”

          I wonder if you’d still think that if they began setting them up more and more places more and more often. Maybe even one just to get into your neighborhood. I know it may sound far fetched but if we don’t look ahead and question power, well….. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We may look up one day and not be able to drive to work without stopping at multiple checkpoints to show our papers… all for our own safety of course, you know… from drunks and terrorists

        • It is a privilege only if you are engaged in commerce.

      30. whatcha gonna do if the gang of officebutts surround your truck all with weapons drawn?

      31. Good one but didn’t we see this happen a while back on a diff vide the guy just held up a sign and was eventually hauled off.
        I’m glad people do this though shows them were not taking their crap no more. Seen one a while back too where the cop did break the womens window although she did had it roled down some. I am glad they did say at the end that this was for FLirida only and to check your own states laws.
        Lol it’s amazing cop lovers will always call people who stand up for themselves are idiots, or to not drive drunk and shit lol. Amazng how they will make out that the person is somehow driving drunk when that is not the case all that is happening is people sticking up for themselves. Fucking cop loving morons you fukers make me sick. Why isit wrong to stand up for our rights? why is it wrong to do this? Why are we assholes or idiots for doing this I’d like to know tell us. You seen the cops just let him go so wtf? I think your listening to too much Bill O`Reiley and letting him dictate to us how were supposed to feel. turn off FOX and slowly back away. For it’s turning you into Fascists. Leae the liberal chanels too they dont know squat either.

      32. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you have nothing to fear from police DUI check points. No matter how arrogant and abusive cops might be in your area, the purpose of a DUI check point is to save lives by taking drugged/drunk drivers off the road. They are not trying to find someone to pin something on. Of course, if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you have outstanding warrants, you have reason to fear, and you certainly won’t appreciate what the police are trying to do. However, a responsible citizen has nothing to fear, for he knows that he’ll be on his way within a few minutes. To stand opposed to DUI check points is the same as giving your consent to arm a mentally unstable person with a dangerous weapon, for those that foolishly drive while intoxicated are self-centered, and do not care about the safety of your loved ones.

      33. Why in the hell would you even recommend someone even do this? I’m all for law and order blah blah blah – but to instigate something when there is no need is just plain stupid. BTW – DUI checkpoints have been declared legal by the U.S. Supreme Court. Use common sense people!

        • So many of us in the United States have known a family member who has been hit by a drunk driver. However, are you aware that Montana has the worst problem in the U.S. with drunk driving related accidents? Yes, that’s right, Montana. One of the first things that a person notices when they visit here is the vast number of crosses that line the highways, in memory of where loved ones have senselessly lost their lives to a drunk driver. I am quite aware of how the police behave in my former state of California. They tend to be arrogant and abusive, and well-deserving of the hatred that law-abiding citizens harbor toward them. However, all cops aren’t bad, and everything they do is not evil. DUI check points might even be the means that prevents someone in your family, or girlfriend, etc., from becoming another victim. I do not mean to convey the thought that anyone should submit to warrantless searches. The Supreme Court has ruled that DUI check points are legal, and do not infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Sadly, I have never seen a DUI check point here, but I believe that if they started conducting them on a regular basis, we could cut back the number of drunk driving related accidents. I cannot understand how someone can claim to care about the lives of their loved ones, yet be so vehemently against this attempt to take drunk drivers off the road. They seem to despise the cops more than they love their own family and friends.

      34. thank you. Montana please.

      35. I do not like the increasingly hostile stance against those who are pledged to protect all of us. Are there bad apples? Of course. There are none without sin. I also understand that our “newer” police are often of questionable character. However, I have known many police officers and they are all being lumped together. You don’t like it when it is done to you, but you will happily do it to others.

        It is tragic that our country has reached this point in time. I know there is a problem. I’ve seen what is happening and I am not blind. But, did you notice the two cops killed in retaliation in New York were Asian and Hispanic? They didn’t even kill “the bad white man”.

        I see the growing injustices. But my local cops have been nothing but kind and helpful. If yours are not, then yes, you are acting accordingly. It is different everywhere.

        I do not trust federal government at all. There is corruption leaking and flowing from the top. However, in my area, we do still have some honest folks serving….and in the event of a crisis, it is the local politicians and police that will be your protection.

        It seems incredibly foolish to antagonize the same people you will be calling upon to help you later.

        Nothing is black and white. You know your area, I say act accordingly. Be prudent. Think about causes have effects….and all of the causes are not from the police.

        • too fucking bad!

        • The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. – Patrick Henry

      36. Try that in NC and see how fast you end up under arrest and convicted. This is total falsehood and is, dumb on a level usually reserved for things that come out of the mouths of White House personnel. I hope no one actually does this.

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