(UPDATED) Prepper Sentenced to 21 Months In Prison For Stockpiling “Destructive Devices” After Insider Rats Him Out

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    UPDATE: Please note that this article has been corrected. Alfred C. Dutton has never appeared on the show “Doomsday Preppers,” though footage from the show was used in helping prosecutors to convict him of the charges described below.

    We were made aware of our mistake by NatGeo Doomsday Prepper Executive Producer Alan Madison.

    This report has been updated to reflect this new information.


    -Fight Club Movie 1999 (link)

    OpSec, or Operational Security, is an important rule to follow for those who have chosen to prepare for emergencies by stockpiling food, self defense armaments and disaster supplies.

    It’s simple, really. Don’t talk about your preparedness supplies unless it is with trusted people with whom you will be working if a worst case scenario comes to pass. Otherwise, if the world around you collapses and your neighbors and acquintances known you have supplies, guess who they will turn to for help. If you deny them help when they come asking, and they have no place else to turn, you can be relatively certain they will do everything in their power to get at your larder – and that means collaborating with those who would do you harm.

    The other key reason we don’t talk about our preps, especially the sharing of critical details like what we store and where we store it, is that you are a potential domestic terror suspect with respect to newly disseminated bulletins from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

    Case in point: Alfred C. Dutton was recently convicted of possession of unregistered destructive devices after sharing his preparedness lifestyle with his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

    Off Grid Survival Reports:

    A number of times in the past, I have warned about how dangerous I think T.V. shows like Doomsday Preppers are to the prepping community. In my opinion, these prepping shows do nothing to help people prepare and are designed to do only one thing – To make Preppers look like complete Wackjobs!

    I hate to say I was right, but it seems the popular reality T.V. show about prepping is now being used to help obtain search warrants and convict preppers of crimes.

    The case in question, involves a man from Kansas who was prepping for an economic collapse scenario. It seems law enforcement officials in Kansas used the T.V. show and images of preppers to not only obtain a warrant for a residents arrest, but also to convict the man of crimes in court.

    Aflred Dutton, a military veteran and self described prepper from Kansas, was convicted last month of making and storing explosive devices. While what he did may have been a crime, this story should serve as a warning to other preppers. USE YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT WHEN IT COMES TO PREPPING……The fact that you prep can and will be used against you in the court of law.

    The Basis for the Search Warrants states:

    Mr. Dutton, a military veteran, has been preparing for the economic collapse of the world. In addition to gathering a large supply of non-perishable items, he also has a modest collection of firearms and ammunition. And he makes fireworks.

    During the trial, the prosecution played clips from the popular National Geographic Channel show, “Doomsday Preppers”. The prosecution used images of various “crazy ass preppers” from the T.V. show to successfully paint a picture of Mr. Dutton, as someone on the fringe of society that posed an extreme danger to his community.

    Mr. Dutton’s undoing came at the hands of someone he trusted but shouldn’t have:

    The only source of information for the storage unit search warrant came from Joe Scott, Mr. Dutton’s ex-wife’s boyfriend. Mr. Scott often came to Mr. Dutton’s apartment to pick up Mr. Dutton’s daughter for her visitation. During these visits, Mr. Dutton and Mr. Scott discussed firearms, fireworks, and other explosives.

    On August 23, 2011, Mr. Scott went to the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office to tell them about the conversations he had had with Mr. Dutton. Based on Mr. Scott’s information, local law enforcement officer, Captain Lumley, prepared an affidavit supporting the search warrant.

    Joe Scott came to the Greenwood county Sheriff’s Office to report that Alfred Dutton Jr. possibly had explosives. Scott said that on or about August 9th of 2011 he had gone to Dutton’s apartment to pick up a minor child per court visitation. While standing and talking with Dutton he produced a small cylindrical device about the size, Scott thought, of a triple A battery. Dutton asked if he knew what it was and when Joe said he didn’t Dutton told him it was a fuse for a hand grenade.

    During their talk Dutton had said he ordered fuses from the internet and when they arrived and found they were what he wanted he was then going to order Grenade hulls and claymore mine hulls because the fuse worked in either one. When Scott went to pick up the child on August 16th Dutton told him that he could not find the black powder he needed that [sic] to complete the devices and had to order it from Cabela’s website on the internet.

    Scott said when Dutton told him that he ordered the black powder he became concerned for safety reasons of the minor child and public safety of the residents around him in the apartment complex. Scott gave me a package of 20foot safety fuse and told me that Dutton had given it to him just after July 4th of 2010 to “blow stuff up” if he ever needed to, Scott has become concerned because Dutton told him when the government starts to round up citizens he will be one of the first because of his military background.

    Source: Dept. of Justice

    Mr. Dutton was subsequently charged with with knowingly possessing destructive devices, more fully described as five incendiary bombs (Count I) and nine grenades (Count II). He was convicted under Federal Law and sentenced to serve 21 months in prison.

    As Off Grid Survival points out in their report, Mr. Dutton was breaking the law and there is a likelihood that he was endangering those living in his direct vicinity.

    We’re not defending Mr. Dutton’s actions, though we suspect there is many a prepper out there that possess similar incendiary devices (or parts) intended for use to protect one’s property from looters and roaming gangs in the aftermath of a collapse. Likewise, there are preppers out there stockpiling other supplies that may not be fully compliant with the law or have been obtained by circumventing existing state and federal statutes.

    As such, what this report highlights is that if you talk about your preps with anyone but those who will join you at your survival retreat, you are asking for trouble.

    Let’s say it together…. The first rule of Prep Club is…


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      1. Yep

        • Geez, so many things to learn from this…

          Don’t put your lifestyle on national TV

          Don’t tell people about your supllies

          Certainly don’t tell you ex-wife’s boyfriend about your supplies (hello?)

          Don’t HAVE an ex-wife to begin with ;^)

          And on and on…

          • Don’t get married to an Asian! My wife will turn me in if and when the time comes. Sad but true I am sorry to say. I only stay to help my daughters and in another 3 years I can leave.

            • Whether you like it or not she will. She once said she was going to take a knife of mine to the local police station to see if it is legal to carry or not.

            • Scott: Wow, been there, done that, and left her the house paid in-full after the kids left. Even they know she’s nuts. But watch out, she may use that knife on you. Mine tried twice. Op Sec is vital in every situation. So don’t tell her whe you’re leaving, just be gone one day. Have everything put in multiple loctions that can’t beeasily traced back to you. She will do anything and everything to get back at you so be careful. Good luck!

            • Doesn’t sound like that white man’s burden thing is working out.

            • Learn how to pick a wife. By the way Asian has nothing to do with the fact you picked poorly.

            • My first wife was Appalachian and after spending eight years in college, she divorced me the first year she made more money than me. She moved out and took all our valuable stuff then a few weeks later took my guns and knives to the police and told her I beat her up. They stripped me naked, deloused me, and threw me in jail overnight until I was released on bail. While I was in there she moved back in, got a restraining order and sued me for divorce. The charges were dropped a couple months later for absolutely no evidence, but I never saw my guns again.

              It was George Herbert who said living well is the best revenge and I later met a great woman, married her, and had our first child last year. During that same seven year period she has married and divorced two other guys. Unbelievably, she tries to steal me back after each marital disaster.

            • Zinger: He Mr. Perfect Wife Picker, you missed the point of the conversation between Scott and I which was-don’t tell anyone, especially someone who could turn on you, anything about what you have, where it is, and anything else to do with getting ready for the coming chaos. But you were so busy patting yourself on the back, I guess that went right over your big head. OPSE first, last, and always.

            • “…and in another 3 years I can leave.”

              Yeah, RIGHT! Dream on big guy!

            • That is NOT a fact about Asians! You see there is one of the problems I will deal with in a quick and deadly manner if I am confronted with it when and if the shit goes bad. I know for a FACT that I will have to put others down like any animal just because my wife is Asian and I will do it quickly with no hesitation, no remorse. My wife is Asian and she is behind me all the way on anything. Her being Filipino she remembers what her grandparents went through during WW2 with the Japanese. It just sounds like you picked the wrong one. I do everything a disabled veteran expecting problems in the future does and she does it all right beside me all the way. She is very loyal to me and the family and I am loyal to her. My wife was from a Province and not from a city so she was not spoiled. She fishes, hunts and camps, shoots any weapon taught to her plus takes care of our grandson to boot. I would be lost without her especially after 26 years of marriage. Race doesn’t have shit to do with this and you are a damn fool if you believe it does. Just the amount of thumbs up I see on your comment means I am just going to get all the meaner and downright evil towards anyone. Yeah I will be keeping trophies on my front fence posts.

            • “Legal” and “lawful” are two entirely different things.

              “Legal” is what is proscribed by the government and is proffered as “law”. In reality it is “statute”. Statutes are fictional. They only apply to you if you agree to be subject to them either explicitly or implicitly through “adhesion contracts”, i.e. licenses, permits, etc.

              “Lawful” is what is moral and right. Lawful is what you do because it is the right thing to do. Also, as long as what you are doing is not harming anyone else in the process of exercising your own rights, what you are doing is lawful.

            • WTF? Divorce her now—you can have visitation for 36 months…or wait until she finds something to get you arrested.

            • now is the time to get everything that shes knows about in a safe place that she don’t know about, even if you have to sacrifice some of it with a close friend.

            • We have strayed so far from our orignal path that we are now reaping the ‘rewards” of our sins. We should a force for good and progress in the world. Instead we let big business run our governemtn and use our military and their countractors to further their agenda of destruction and reconstruction. And after we have “liberated’ certain counties, we then send in corporations “to help them manage their natural resources”. This has applied to anyone who has oppossed our county’s ‘business interestes’ since Jefferson sent the Marines and Navy to protect private shipping off of the Barbary Coast in the early 1800’s. Every war ever fought has been a land grab to control larger areas of natual resources-period.

          • Paddy, how many of us, on this site, have tried to educate family members who could very well rat us out to the gov’t?
            I do have a few prep pals that can be trusted better than family members. Point: we all are in the learning curve of prepping. Most will learn from this guy’s mistakes. My gosh, how many of us would have even considered prepping 10-20 years ago? For some even a year ago would have been a foreign thought.

          • Paddy O: Anyone who gets on national TV and brags about their stuff and details of their lives are wacked out dumb butts for sure. A small trusted group of like minded folks to interact with; yet not telling anyone what you have stored, is best. Keep it low key and use cash for certain items.

        • Yep, times 200.

          (pardon the carpet-f-bombing folks, but…)

          The dude fucked up in numerous ways:

          1) keeping such things around in the first place. Seriously? Hand grenade fuses? WTF? If you really feel the urge to have shit around that house that blows up, at least do it as legally as possible (why yes, there are numerous and perfectly legal ways to have that stuff w/o registration.)

          2) Telling his *EX-WIFE’s BOYFRIEND* all about them… in a situation where custody is always at stake. Colossal clue, gents: if there are kids in a divorce? Guess what? Custody will always be at stake, and to quote my youngest brother on the subject: “bitches be vicious”. Good job on handing the chick full custody of your kids on a silver platter, dumbass. Again, brothers and sisters! Can I get a “what the fuck!?” from the congregation!? A-Men!

          3) Going on TV prepper show for any reason other than as a talking head doing an interview. “What, you want to see my home and stores? Oh Hell, no!”

          Nothing says “please rob my ass blind after shit meets fan” like showing off your face, your wife and kids’ faces, your home’s interior, and a ginormous mountain of supplies… on *national fucking television!*

          4) I gotta bring back #2 again. Seriously. Ex-wife, custody, kids… dude!

          They call it OPSEC for a reason, folks – and now you know why.

          • @ Odd Questioner. You asked why would anyone go on to national ( really worldwide ) TV and talk their head off about their prepping. Some of these individuals want others to see what they have accomplished and get others on board. For these that “sacrifice” their safety and their supplies to help others start prepping, good for them for trying to help. It could and will likely become a complication for them later, and is sort of what a sacrifice is. Others though have succumbed to one of the 7 deadly sins that seems to nail more people than any, PRIDE.

            For them pride is a form of narcissim that they want to show off and parade everything they have done. Like the 15 minutes of fame that many have commented about, it is a very expensive 15 minutes of fame that will likely cause many more problems for them when SHTF than for what it was worth. It is definitely not the practical and logical course of action. I guess that is why this is one of the 7 deadly sins that bites too many and becomes a liability for them rather than an asset.

            • Dunno, man. I take a little bit of pride in having stocked-up, but more importantly I take relief and peace of mind from the knowledge that I have them stashed away.

              If it’s for educational reasons, there are a lot better ways to educate – without giving potential mobs and adversaries a guided tour of the goods.

          • It is perfectly legal in the US to make and use explosives for lawful purposes. But you cannot store or transport them without the proper licenses/permits/approved magazine(s).
            AFAIK, training grenade fuzes are also legal to posess.

            Explosives + fuze in one package = deep shit with the feds.

            Explosives + fuze + ex-wife’s BF + national TV? = Jeezus Krist, yer beggin’ for it!

            • Oh, one more thing. If you have cool stuff, STFU! And wait ’til SHTF is really, really imminent before building anything that can be construed as a DD.

          • Brother that was epic seriously that comment is so true and have to say you gave me a good chuckle this morning THANKS and also Kudo’s

          • just goes to show you that, just because you are military doesn’t mean you have any brains at all. In fact, most soldiers are just trained to obey idiotic orders, not develop nor use independent, adult thought. Amazing that so many of these nimrods think they are going to lead us into the future. . . . not a future I’d want to be in.

            I looked at that show for my own anthropological interest and, indeed, these folks are low IQ whack jobs.

            • Anonymous: Got Balls? Doesn’t sound like it becasue your limp-wristed sissy ass has never been in the military or you wouldn’t be spewing such uniformed bullshit about blindly following orders. All military personnel are taught to take the initiative early in their careers. And that intensifies greatly when they become NCOs. Yeah, there are always a few screwballs, but most are good folks who can deal with a lot of dangerous situations and come out the other end in good shape. I was in two branches of the military, a firefighter, and retired as a cop. What are you, probably just another Mall Ninja with a lot of ‘cool stuff’ that you’ve hardly ever used? Another Rambo/Road Warrior ‘Wantabe’ who’s over weight and out of shape? Have a nice day tough guy!

          • I figured those “prepper” shows were like most of National Geographic and the Hitler Channel: fake and paid actors creating a story for entertainment.

        • Did you say, “Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil”?

        • Don’t rant on forums like this either

        • Aside from the sheer stupidity of the “man” involved, most here have failed to consider the bigger picture.

          The right to keep and bear arms does not only apply to guns and bullets. It applies to ANY arms, including pipe bombs and hand grenades and any other weapon that may protect the people from the occupying US government and assist the people in enforcing the Constitution.

          Iraq has proven that the corps massive army can be beaten, given enough time, with small arms and the so called IEDs.

          It is not unlawful to have these things, it is merely illegal for a corp slave to possess them for possible use against the Masters.

          Thus, the corp sentenced it’s slave to 21 months as an example to other slaves. Most slaves will buy into it. The more enlightened among us will realize that the true message sent out was to build your arsenal quietly.

          But most important of all, protect your property from anyone who sets foot on it, no matter what corp costume they may be wearing.

          • GC ‘..no matter what corp costume they may be wearing’ is a great line. Why? It’s true, there are many different masks that the corp has created and to keep it simple for the members of the costume party; they have alphabet titles to help them remember which group/org they’re in.
            Recently, was talking to a state trooper who is getting out. Says there is too much fed involvement in state LEO affairs.

        • The lesson is “explosive devices are illegal” !!!!!

          I’ve been on the show, and regularly talk with local law enforcement.

          I have done nothing illegal, and any prepper is perfectly within the law to have some food and a gun.

          It’s the idiots they to worry about. Like somebody that thinks he needs HAND GRENADES!!!!

          Hell, I’m a prepper and I don’t want to live near that idiot.

      2. I seen that episode, I thought, when he was constructing the device, DUDE what are you doing? A videotaped conviction. I am surprised his arrest didn’t happen sooner. A lesson for all of us.

        • Everything he had, gone, gone, gone!His ability to purchase guns legally, gone too!He fell right into that one and now I hope he realizes his blunder, but a little to late unfortunately.

          Be Aware, Be Awake, Be Alive

          • On the plus side, that estate sale will be pretty effing awesome to attend if you could swing it…

            • I bought a gun collection from a guy who was charged with a felony (not theft) and knew he was going to plead guilty. It came with everything from the cleaning kits to the gun safe. I sold off the pieces I didn’t want and ended up paying about $100 per gun.

            • Odd Questioner says: That estate sale……

              My guess: No sale involved, the goons take possession and ownership of the guy’s preps and defensive supplies and use them for the ‘common good’.

              The stuff they cannot easily use, they just incinerate.

            • Err, you do realize I was joking around, yes?

              (OTOH, maybe after the weapons and explosives are removed,the rest may well just get sold off by the family? Who knows? I prefer getting the best gun deals at the first yard sale at whoever just got divorced…)

          • I use to date an attorney and her favorite sayings, (in private) were “Park and Barks” and “Felony Stupid”. Wanna take a guess as to what category this guy falls into?

            • hammerun: “Stupid is a stupid does” says the great philosopher Forest Gump.

        • Read the story, he has not been on the show preppers!!! What you saw was another idiot doing stupid things in front of a camera.

      3. Don’t take every gun you own to the range, especially at the same time.

        • especially if you need to take a canoe to get to your firing range

        • Wisdom comes from God and I thank him for channeling it to people like you, so you could share it. Great advice friend.

        • I did that once, with all my traceable 4473-form purchased guns. And wouldn’t you know it, they all fell out of the canoe I was in crossing the lake to the range!!! 😉

          • A lot of people learn the hard way that lead, silver, gold, and rifles are a quick way to overload your canoe! You were lucky to have survived the event.

            • I think you failed to read between the lines mate..


      4. I suspect this will start happening more and more as people expose themselves in the media. I would also say that you need to work on disinformation as well. Even when using a site like this, set out a few false trails and don’t discuss exactly what you have, ESPECIALLY weapons! It doesn’t matter that you believe you are in full compliance with the law. One little slip up, one minor mistake and you can end up in jail. I would also avoid joining any Facebook groups on prepping or other fringe subjects as well. You never know who sees all of that public data.

        • I agree 100%.

          We can be assured that exactly the people we don’t want to see that public data are the ones seeing it.

          • When are people gonna quit hiding, thats what id like to know.

            • Problem with not hiding is shit like this happens. You get labeled as an idiot and then they come and throw your ass in jail – why? because you had your families best interests at heart.

              There are 3 things you need to do when talking about your prepping – 1) Shut Up. 2) Don’t say anything and 3) Keep your mouth shut. Same goes when talking to a law enforcement officer.

              If you follow these three things and do them correctly – you will most likely stay OUT of jail. 🙂

            • Hide and cower? No.

              Show some effing discretion, tact, and confidentiality as to what I’ve got stashed in my preps and what my skillsets are? Hell yes – I’ll show as much discretion, tact, and confidentiality as I can, thank you much.

              Tell you what, sport – you get on that show and brag on your stuff. I’ll watch. Then, once shit meets fan, we’ll see which one of us best avoids getting mobbed by desperate neighbors.

            • You guys need to get on Amazon and buy some Ragnar Benson books…. id start with the ones that are out of print!!!

          • …..guess i should throw in there that im not talking about revolution…. im talking about flipping liberals off when you see them and standing up for your rights when someone tries to stomp on them.

            • Being obnoxious doesn’t really help the situation. To be taken seriously, you need to engage in intelligent discourse with those who oppose you. Excessive emotion only serves to shut down the logical part of the brain that learns and activates the defensive part of the brain that does not. Make sure then that you parse your arguments in such a way that it opens up the mind of the listener to hear what you are saying and not to reinforce the negative stereotype that has been inculcated in them by the dominant left wing culture.

        • Anything I put on Facebook is useless drivel, like the weather or a recent vacation. I never post on FB that I AM GOING on vacation. I keep a low profile on important items such as preps. A few friends and family know, and that is all.

          • Fuck Facebook.

            • yeah, what beefcake said.

            • Bingo!

            • or face the fuckbook

            • Fuck Facebook in the face!!

            • I guess Mark Zuckerberg trolls this forum judging by the thumbs down I am getting.

          • They post it on facebook for you. Too funny what people will do not even thinking.

          • Like My Little Pony, noone will take you seriously.

        • If any here are on FB, TWITTER, MY SPACE or any other “Social Network”, then they are simply setting themselves up for trouble with a CAPITAL “T”! Heck, this site (and every survival site, just look at Survival Blog) is making folks targets too. One must use logic, common sense and prudence when traveling along in the world wide web.

        • Do you think the guy did anything wrong? When laws get passed in the future that restrict your freedom in this country even more…. are you just gonna roll over and obey some more?…. run and hide? lay down and give up if they come for everything you have? At some point in time your gonna have to stop being a puss and stand up for yourself, if not there isnt even a point in you visiting this site.

          • Buying/owning live grenade parts would have been completely illegal 100 years ago.

            If you really, really, really need to make explosives? There are a lot of ways to do that without being so stone-stupid as to go out and buy/build real grenades and claymore mines.

            Seriously – there is no comprehensible defense for such jaw-dropping mental retardation. None.

            • Ive had liberals say the same things about my AK’s….

            • Go buy every Ragnar Benson book you can get your hands on. He does a great job explaining freedom and protecting it.

            • Telling your ex-wifes current boyfriend who probably hates your guts or at least wants to do something that rates a BJ about your explosive devices. What could go wrong?

            • “Ive had liberals say the same things about my AK’s….”

              Except they would be wrong – automatic weapons could be bought by catalog back then. OTOH, grenades and purpose-built antipersonnel bombs literally were illegal to possess 100 years ago.

            • Is it a bill of rights?
              Or a bill of what liberals think you need?

            • the big box stores are also being told to report sales of items that could be used, including pipes caps random nail purchases and told to report to police so buy your supplies carefully also jus and fyi i work at a big box store

        • Another point that should be made is to make sure you do KNOW the Law especially for your & surrounding states & of course Federal like the difference between AOWs and NFA C3 firearms etc. There is also something the ATF looks for is the capacity to make something illegal just by the fact that all parts are under the same roof. This is called “constructive possession” which means although its not illegal to own a short barrel for one of your rifles and you have never mated them. The ATF will assume that because you can means you “will do”.

          The obvious thing is – Don’t have ANYTHING illegal !!
          Know the Law and work within it.
          Also make sure you check their Laws for any state you may be driving thru as some states allow “x” length folders and while other the minimum is “y”. This can apply even you have CCW reciprocation with that state.

          NY, CT and NJ are famous traps for the clueless gun owner in transit, especially their airports. FOPA will not protect you in NJ, NY, *NYC* and CT.

          Never say anything about what/where on ANY public forum as your taxes are now hard at work sniffing every website and social media zone on Earth 24×7. The issue of OPSEC is real serious and will only get worse..

          Its probably too late for most of us to start paying cash for stuff but with Google working with the NSA, you have to assume that TARP banks were compromised by TLAs and your buying habits known for the last 7years.

          Good Luck!

          • Or you could just focus your efforts on enforcing the Constitution on lands where NONE OF THAT is LAW.

      5. ,,,,,the best kept secret is the one you keep to yourself.

        • Take it to the grave people

        • I have added 2 comments…but they have disappeared. (?)

          • Selling Out U.S. Sovereignty in Secret

            There is an interesting article about the UN treaty known as LOST – Law of the Sea Treaty. Over 162 nations have already signed it.

            “LOST will acquiesce to a UN council where U.S. companies can drill for oil or fish and which technologies must become global property via a form of intellectual eminent domain.”

            “The UN could tax up to 50% of royalties from offshore drilling and redistribute these proceeds to poorer nations.”

            “Once signed and ratified, these sneaky international treaties have the same status as constitutional law and cannot be altered or eclipsed by Congress or state legislatures. And their provisions must be enforced by U.S. courts.”

            Source: American Free Press

            (I have tried to enter the link…it just disappears.)

            • You wanna talk civil war, this is the beginning of it. Be afraid VERY afraid if Obummer gets in again!

            • KY Mom,

              I’ve recently had a LOT of posts that vanish or simply won’t post at all, giving me a 404 error. What I have discovered, through trial and error, is that there is always an objectionable (to the PTB, anyway) keyword that is sabotaging my efforts to post.

              So again, through T&E, I copy the post, paste it in, and remove different words until I figure out the objectionable one and it posts. Once it was “FBI”, another time it was “porn”.

              I’m not technically savvy enough to tell you precisely why or how, just to tell you that it happens to me too and how to circumvent it.

              Thanks for the info!

            • Daisy,

              Thanks for the info. That explains why the article wouldn’t post.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • Gonna download some F.B.I porn. No problem.

            • Offgridsurvival recently had a post on this very thing (LOST)

          • The article is at American Free Press dot net

        • Three people can keep a secret only when two of them are dead.

      6. That is now 2 people from that show. I would imagine that they will find it difficult to find peope willing to brag on TV about their lives in the future.

        • I think it was a sign to those awake to heed the warning..if not, it shoulda been

        • Oh, I would say the show is ‘history’!!

      7. Y’all Beware! Enough said!

      8. Ha Ha! That what he gets for trading OPSEC for fifteen minutes of fame. Your neighbors are spying on you just like when the Nazis were in power in Germany. Just wait until they have get a reward for turning you in.

        Even the BSA is training your children to rat you out.
        See something…Say something

        • Don’t I know it. PITA neighbors always looking over the fences, Im growing a hedgerow as fast as I can. with thorns (bougainvilla). We closed in my pantry with a false wall/door. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I told him it’s not really hiding the pantry it’s a “safe room” now. The pantry just happens to be inside it. I don’t even try to convert anyone anymore. If they haven’t gotten it by now, they aren’t going to. I pay cash. I rotate the stores I shop in. I go early or late so PITA neighbors dont see what I bring in. I dont even order over the internet anymore as the Mailman is way too nosey. I get down on my knees every. day. And pray I’m wrong. And that next year, the food bank gets a big bonus for the holidays. I pray that when my son goes off to college next year, all this will be behind us and he will be safe on the other side of the Continent. If not, I pray I raised him with enough sense and skills to get himself home again.

          • Having a garage is right handy…pull in, unload.
            Or if no garage, shop at night??
            I couldn’t hide even then, nosy neighbors will still see.

          • Why would being on the other side of the continent make him safe? What will have been put behind you?

            • John W wrote:” Why woyuld being on the other side of the continet make him safe? waht will have been put behind you?”: Let me clarify:My son will be attending College on the other side of the Continent. Hence; he will not be at home, with his family. If the SHTF, he will be on the other side of the Continent. Get it? If the s does not htf next year when he goes to College, I have LESS to worry about. Please let me know if I can explain my comments any more plainly other than including a map of his approximate location next year, a probability flow chart of the S H-ing TF in the next 12 months and my projected income tax withholdings for 2013 (fine. Im not sending you my income tax forms).

          • I can’t imagine why people everywhere aren’t completely embracing this idea of being prepared. The government is coming right out and telling us to have back up plans, escape routes and bugout bags ready to go. Oklahoma has a radio campaign and a website…red dirt ready, anybody else heard of it?

        • You’re not kidding. In La, we have radio spots that tell us to “see it, suspect it, report it.” Basic translation: Your neighbor is probably a criminal, go ahead and report him. He’s probably already reported you.

      9. I am very new to prepping but even I know you don’t talk about it with anyone. Like I’ve said before I don’t judge how others handle the affairs of their life but to me it seems as if this gentleman asked for this problem.

      10. Real preppers would NEVER go on that show! Guess we know for sure that “they” are watching!!!!

        Does everyone know that you’re only allowed to have 9999 rounds of bullets in the same location? Add one more and it’s a federal offense. Just learned this one…

        • PSM,
          That’s an interesting factoid that I was unaware of. Do you happen to know where that is documented?


          • One of our “tribe” members used to be a cop in Atlanta and he told us. If you have bullets buried around your yard in say containers or something, as long as you don’t have over 10,000 bullets in the same place, you should be OK. But I highly recommend checking into this if you are well stocked!

          • Me too. If this is true I know a few people who need about five more locations not to mention that every boy scout camp in the nation is committing felonies.

            • After a quick search, here is a link of summary info by state. It looks as though, if there are restrictions, they mostly apply to industrial storage or they are very specific to a few geographical locations. Also, keep in mind that the link cited exists on a site whose hosts probably wouldn’t be too appreciative of the collective mindset and general opinions displayed from the folks frequenting Mac’s site…


        • Prepared Soccer Mom , Could you give a link to that information? Thanks, Harold

        • Prepared mom…I do believe that you are wrong about this unless there has been a new federal law passed within the last month or so. I think the only limits on amounts of legal rounds are what your floor joists will take. Stack em up high!

          • JRS,

            You are correct, here’s a website that may help:
            (remove spaces after www and before gov)
            http://www .cga.ct. gov/2007/rpt/2007-R-0217.htm

          • JRS,

            You are correct, here’s a website that may help:
            (remove spaces after www and before gov)
            www .cga.ct. gov/2007/rpt/2007-R-0217.htm

        • Prepper mom… When the UN small arms treaty is signed we will all be illegal arms owners.

        • Don’t know about this 9.99K limit but I have heard of people getting nailed and stockpiles seized by fire marshals. Was a few years back so don’t remember all the particulars or location. If I recall someone had fire rescue at their home for a medical emergency. Nosy rescue person took note of stash in the corner of the garage and a day or so later fire chief/ Marshall & PoPo showed up handing out fines, citations and seized property. How much truth I don’t know as I don’t remember where I read it. But with Big Brother like he is I can believe it.

          Apparently many places have obscure restrictions on amounts, how it’s stored(i.e. in metal ammo cans, fire vault), number of primers, powder etc in their fire codes. I live in the country so I really don’t give a flip. But you might want to do some checking locally.

      11. Ain’t it great when de gub’ment don’t need to do nuthin’ but follow a ratfink’s word?

        No spy cameras used. No hidden mikes. Not even a drone in the air….

      12. When viewing this episode, wondered aloud how long this would take. I don’t want to be disrespectful, but kind of an idiot would do this for a camera?

        • I didn’t realize there was more than one kind.

          • Nahhh!! I moved from Tennessee to Kentucky—they’re different.

        • Which episode was it. Kind of like to watch it to see his stupidity first hand.

        • I remember thinking the same thing! Seriously…you are keeping home made explosives in an apartment with a small child AND showing it on national television. Stupid is as stupid does, I guess…

      13. I stopped watching the show, because they do portray preppers as being whack jobs. I’d be happy if that show just went away. The jury is out on Doomsday Bunkers.

      14. Guess next season will be put on hold? Maybe…..wonder who is foolish and desperate enough to go on now…Jersey Shore Preppers?

        • That would be the only way the masses would have any idea what is going on.

        • Next season it will be a audience participation reality program on ratting out and hunting down the preppers.

          • I like it. We could get Cabela’s to sponsor it and sell it to both the Outdoors Channel and MSNBC. We’ll make millions!

      15. This is precisely what I meant in an earlier reply(Prep,Quietly,Quickly,Prayerfully)PQQP;due to sheeples that are jealous,”heads in sand”lazy or just plain ignorant because these types of folks will sell you out in a heartbeat,and think about it,my fellow preppers,can anything else be expected from them? The old saying:GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT HAS HIS OWN will become more prevalent as time goes on,therefore keep YOUR actions under the radar. On a good note,I see that CHICAGO didn’t sustain major damage during the NATO SUMMIT-could it be because they “prepped”accordingly or CPD’s reputation made many leery to go there and if their life&health insurance wasn’t up to date,well you get the picture. Well,my fellow preppers,please keep up your activites,stay within the realm of reality,enjoy your family&friends,and GOD BLESS YOU ALL TILL THE NEXT TIME.

      16. Terraforming: Alien or Human, It’s Here

        Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.


        • I don’t know about the resources being plentiful. there is a reason the Bush family and T Boone Pickens are buying up property that are over top of aquifers. Thats just one example

        • The majority of our people are loving ethical etc? Sorry I live on Terra, third planet form SOL. What planet do you live on?

        • Sorry, I live on Terra, third planet out form Sol. What planet do you live on?

      17. Best practices would be:

        NOT be on any reality TV shows that delve into prepping.

        If the topic comes up in casual conversation, do not defend “those crazy wackos”, distance yourself and camouflage.

        Buy your preps in small quantitys over time.

        Pay cash.

        If questioned about what your purchases could be construed as, disavow and come up with a solid cover story.

        Do not sole source from one business.

        Keep in mind that friendships and relationships can sour and could be used against you.

        • They are always “DONATIONS FOR THE NEEDY”

        • Napoleon Dynamite “Idiot”

      18. and now they are attacking doomsday preppers?

        14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun…
        But don’t wait around for December 2012 to look for the signs. Here are 14 signs that the world as we know it is unraveling right now.
        learn more, be prepared, get ready…

      19. Goes along with what my bud and I always say about being a successful criminal…. 1) Work alone. 2) Never, ever, tell anybody anybody……
        Same rules go with prepping

      20. Yeah, I dont think its a good idea to have explosives laying around your place,,fuses for claymores and grenades probably not a good idea either..

        stick to potato crisps, and water

      21. I don’t use FB or any type of social media, I have never even sent a text message in my life. I dont like cell phones cancer and stuff. Bottom line loose lips sink ships. There is no way I would ever go on that show. Why become a target? Anyway I just keep most things to myself except for a few family and trusted people.

      22. My ex-es boy friend isnt too bright either..I bet he’s stocking all kinds of bad shit, as it was, my young daughter, my wife and I were threatened with death..yet nothing was done from the police to stop it or investigate him.

        another major reason I never go anywhere unarmed, and my home is like a fortress..when some one tells you they are going to kill you , your wife and your kid..that stayes with you for life, or until the threatining party dies. you will always be in a hightened state of awareness.

        Im kinda surprised the cops did anything to this guy..usually they only show up after the fact.

      23. As far as people turning other in, I must say that this is going to happen more and more. In the past people never wanted to “get involved” even when a crime was being committed in plain sight. Now people are being incouraged to rat someone out. “SEE SONETHING SAY SOMETHING”

        You know you can never be too careful when looking out for your neighbors safety. Afterall someone has to save them from themselves…..

        As we get futher down the road when people are going hungry and they are dependent on the govt for all their needs they WILL turn you in. Your best BFF will probably sell you out for a piece of bread.

        Think about that for a minute….who can you trust….really trust?

        Me, Myself, and I

        • As much as the left loves to throw the word fascist around, they fail to admit they are the real fascists. Controlling the media, the propaganda they vomit everywhere, trying to stir animosity between the races, their socialist & communist doctrine, etc…

          Is it 1938? Is this Germany? neighbors reporting neighbors, kids reporting parents… Many areas of our inner cities are not far off from quickly becoming the ghettos of WW2 Germany.

          What’s the word the Left like to throw at anyone that holds up the Constitution? Oh yeah, Nazi! Funny how they can’t see they are the very thing they accuse others of being and that they supposedly profess to loathe.

      24. Yeah I saw The whole prepper marathon this week on Nat Geo and remember seeing that guy and thinking that he was going to wind up in hot water over the homemade explosive device thing. He had to know that was going to attract unwanted attention. In fact you would think NatGeo folks should have said something about that being a bad idea. Oh well with the exception of a few folks on there, they have quite a collection of yahoos. Thanx Nat Geo for making preppers look silly.

      25. the people that want to get on a tv and talk about prepping get everything they deserve…sorry it sounds harsh but lets face it….natural selection works.

      26. Tv rots your brain..

      27. In the words of Scarface, “Who do I trust? Me, that’s who!”

      28. Simple Solution.

        Keep your Prepping legal.

        No sense in upsetting the gendarmes.

        • What is legal and what isn’t these days – according to the FBI – if you are storing more than a weeks worth of food you are a terrorist and need to be stopped. Yes, that is extreme, but only because it sounds so.. If you are prepping it is illegal. YOUR government has deemed it so. Just shut up about what you are doing. Better yet, GET OUT OF THE USA, THEN start prepping. God gave us some very good advice when he said you have a choice – Life or death – He then said – CHOOSE LIFE. If that life is outside of your so favourite USA then so be it – especially when life there is NOT what it used to be. Being an American Citizen in these times is a LIABILITY rather than a bonus.

          I’d rather be somewhere else than have to make the decision to shoot my neighbor who has been a friend forever because he has come to my house with a gun ready to shoot me if I don’t feed him and his family because they are grashoppers – not ants. I am an ANT. If you want to survive the coming ‘stuff’ GET YOUR OWN. If you don’t want to make a hard decision like shooting a long time friend – then GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE :-). I know I know – all you do good wanna be’s think you can stop what’s coming and get the old America back.. You guys are on glue if you think that is the case. Remember 49% of Americans lie sideways in the public trough and EXPECT you to feed them. That goes for school teachers, civil employees, police, Firemen, ANYONE who gets their pay from a government source. Yes that also means private contractors who’s ONLY client is the government. Oh yeah.. the welfare and Unemployment trolls too. They all have been brainwashed to think that the government will look after them. Proof of their conviction is the absolute Pristine and wonderful job they did after Katrina. Didn’t your government do a wonderful job after that disaster struck? Can you smell the sarcasm people???

          There is no legal prepping any more. Anything and everything you do is a crime and you will find yourself at a FEMA camp sooner or later. Anyone want to go and have a shower?

          Open your eyes to what is going on and get off the titanic before the rest of her goes under. There’s a point where every sinking ship is beyond salvage and is going to the bottom.. The biggest cronk to that is the USA is working PERFECTLY for them. It is a very well oiled machine that is gaining what they desire at every step.

          Some people are just too stubborn to believe that the USA they knew from 40 years ago has left the building and IS NOT coming back.

          Next thing you know you will be thrown in jail for buying a 6 pack of # 10 cans because you own a restaurant and like to have a week’s supply of peppers or soup stock etc… It’s getting that stupid People. If you only were getting the news from outside your country you would know this and be packing your bags for a very extended vacation.

          • So enlighten us oh wise one… Where do you call home? What country on this planet gives you the complete freedom that your speaking of that we “dumb” Americans think we can get back?

          • @ Stoneage, Where do you feel would be the safest locations to go to? Maybe you could rank them from #1 to #5 or #10. I am not doubting that everyone may have to bug out somewhere much safer. Where do you suggest?

            • Based on those radiation fallout maps earlier in the month I’d say I’m sitting pretty here in Australia, even if our firearms laws are total bulls$%t. On the bright side most of the folks with guns are already living in the country so roaming gangs aren’t going to be as much of a problem.
              Our economy is in relatively good shape for the time-being and our alphbet soup agencies are remarkably small compared to the USA.
              There are far worse places to be.

      29. People ,what did you expect ? 15 minutes of fame and now a stretch in the fed pen. Making grenades ? Really , on TV. How stupid can one get ? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. SAY NOTHING TO ANYBODY!

        • I read too fast and got “bed pan” instead of “fed pen” LOL!

          Messing with fuses, blasting caps, stuff like that, is really dumb UNLESS you’re trained about them and really know wtf you are doing. Powder, messing around with making your own Claymores, stupid!

          I think da kopz were faced with a clear decision: Arrest him now or deal with a kid with an arm blown off.

          Hell even smart guy and personal hero of mine Kurt Saxon managed to blow a hand off. This stuff ain’t Play-Doh or an Easy-Bake Oven.

      30. I am not prepping. I am known as smart-shopper who buys sometimes larger amounts of food and other stuf to save money and most people know that I love tools. This is how my colleagues know me. Nobody thinks I am too weird because people a lot of people have to be careful about their spending and I hope avoiding visitors if things should get bad.

      31. Shsssss! Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve got an A-bomb hidden in my garage and a F-16 buried in my front yard next to the M-1A1 Tank.

        We also have 4 bricks of 100% gold in the the freezer, and 2 lbs. of uncut diamonds in the botton of the Sugar jar.

        My name is Barack Ocommie and I live at 1600 Pennsyvania, Washington D.C., with my wife and two daughters. Shsssss, mums the word…o.k?

        • Are you related to Smokie Okie??

          • No young one, the likes of Okie comes along once every generation.

            • The last I heard of Okie, he was either playing piano in a Cat House in New Orleans, or selling Lady’s underwear in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive, under the name of “Kevin First”….just say’n.

            • So true..so very true.

      32. Presidential “Kill Lists” and Drones for “Officer Safety”: Skynet Takes Shape

        As the White House publicly acknowledging the existence of a presidential “kill list” for potential targets of drone-fired missiles, law enforcement and “security” agencies are moving quickly to assimilate automated killing technologies – creating a Skynet-style automated killing apparatus in the name of “officer safety.”

      33. explosives are not part of the prepper world people…

        • A bullet is an explosive device. Any questions?

          • Noooo, a bullet is a projectile, and most often propelled by a propellant. Modern gun powders are propellants, not explosives.

        • But it doesn’t hurt to know your way around them. You never know when that knowledge will come in handy.

          • Agree. But there are ways to learn that are smart and that are stupid. Just messin’ around with stuff is stupid. You can find manuals on stuff in used book stores. You can join rocketry, fireworks, etc clubs and you can learn some chemistry. Lots of books out there on safety and procedures and you’d better find them fascinating.

        • explosives biological and chemical weapons are FORCE EQUALIZERS

          … i suggest preppers at least read up on them. learn how to make basic compounds like gun powder , mustard gas.

          learn to detect and protect yourself from them.

          these are the weapons you will be fighting against , these are the weapons that a tyrannical government will use against you.

          learn them if you want to survive live.


      34. Boy, a real live “prepper” web site, wow! I’m sooo excited, where do I begin?
        Well last weekend I went to the gun show and bought 20 Ar-15’s which I plan to convert to full auto. I’m building enough land mines for all 60 guys in my “Survival Group”. We have 2 zillion rounds of .308 ammo hidden at Fred’s house and 450 million rounds of .40 cal at Ron’s. We also came up with an idea for napalm, using a zippo lighter and mashmellow fluff.

        Our plan is to attack all 5 of the Banks in our town of Springfield, along with Jud’s bait store and the F.B.I. building.

        Gee, I sure as heck hope that the Department of Homeland Security isn’t reading this post?….duh!

        • One sure bet somebody from the Gubermint is looking into Preppers and their activities. I bet that they would find more crimes if they watched Eric Holder and his guys at the Un-Justice Dept.

        • You forgot to use the buzz words…Mexico, pork, and cloud.
          Email told me that’s what ‘they’ watch for.

          • LOL! saw the list. They left off “bible” and “bullets”. Probably just some oversight…..

        • Did anyone ever tell you the DHS does not have a sense humor and most of their agents have had personality by-pass operations…?

          Without a doubt, the DHS-ATF-FBI Gestalt will continue to prey upon Preppers if only to say “Look folks here’s some more crazy dangerous prepper people we collared so we are doing our job, see!”

          Yes, they are monitoring this site I have absolutely no doubt as flies go where the honey is.

          I will surprised if there is a new season of NatGeo Doomsday Preppers as the word will trickle down to avoid the show like a plague. And without crash test dummies they dont have a show, but of course, there will still be idiots out there.

          Be Careful, Very Careful…

      35. “The old days will never be again, even as a man will never again be a child”
        – Dakota

        Today when I was in line at the drug store, I was pleasantly surprised to hear two old war vets talking about Obama. They were infuriated that he had the gaul to speak about Viet Nam and how the military was treated badly when they came home. These two guys were livid with Obama and I quote them, ( If Eisenhower had said those words, they would have meant something, but this lying coward makes me sick). I have no doubt that these guys would stand up to anyone with their very lives on the line. They were not afraid to speak up and I heard them, as did many others standing by. I gave them a thumbs up. These two old guys have more guts than most of the teenagers that are being raised today.
        They may not be preppers but they are patriots who will not go down without a fight. Prepare, live life normally and prepare some more.

        • O…I believe this is the first time since WWII that neither candidate has been a combat veteran. How wrong is this that they can kill others when their life has never been on the line? Of course, I am not including Dr. Paul, as it seems he will not be nominated.

          • JRS,

            Not only that, but this ego maniac who knows nothing about combat or the military, takes all the credit away from the troops, the seals, the generals, and the men who lay their lives on the line, to make this cowardly slime ball look good. This is one subject that makes my blood boil. He is so arrogant as to make military decisions without the input of the military. The president is playing a game that he enjoys, including having a kill list, psychotic is an appropriate word to use in describing him.

          • This concept that political candidates be veterans is nothing new. I am a disabled USAF veteran and a Scifi fan since I was a munchkin. I recall that in Robert Heinlein’s classic story, Starship Trooper, that you only received full citizenship upon completion of military service. This was later mentioned in the disappointing film version. I myself feel that military service should be a prerequisite to running for higher government offices. Veterans just make better managers and are overall more honest. In reference to Ron Paul, he is a veteran and does have a major following of current military personnel and veterans.

      36. Same here..my dh’s friend(associate)he sees most every day is now, after 4 years, upset with Ohomo….he’s supporting gay marriage?? Uh, ya think we should tell him Ohomo is gay??? and most non-sheeples think he’s behind two gay church members’ deaths??

      37. Grenades? Claymores? Hey, here is a novel idea…obey federal law.

        • I’d like to. If they will just quit passing thousands of pages of them each year, so many they cannot read all of them. and try to abide by the Constitution, it would be easy. Even Congress admitted they had not read the new Medical Bill because they had had it less than one night and it was over 1000 pages.

        • HK91,

          Rand Paul: “Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist”

          Do you obey all of the laws, or do you mean just obey some of the laws?

        • Grenades? Claymores? Hey, here is a novel idea…obey federal law.
          Soon as ‘they’ do.

          • My farts are explosive does that mean I’m a terrorist? I mean if I light them then I’m hiding a flame thrower up my ass. Great TSA will be checking my ass out then…

            Ok joke aside, this will only lead to trying to turn on each other, non preppers against preppers, those who have not against those who have. Watch for the reward system coming soon for those who turn you in. Watch for the paranoia to set in on the extreme preppers

      38. Thats why only the people that I know prep too in my community know that I stock food…nothing more nothing less, we have our own codes. if we have firearms, we just know we “have firearms” dont care what they got as much as they dont care what I got.

        Like all the otehr idiots on the show who say they dont want neighbors to know…then why are you on national TV?

        Thats OK, the more idiots try some of their moves, the more stockpiles I know Ill find in years to come when they dont survive…

        • Yeah, all I stock is food and gardening supplies. Maybe some day I will have guns and bullets but frankly, they are just too scary.

      39. Greetings Everyone!
        Sad to see that even a “prepper” can be tempted by the glare of media “fame”(and perhaps a sum of cash as well?).Truly a object lesson for even “sheeple” folks.Seems like almost everyone today thinks their opinion is a “ultimate truth” that needs sharing.Prepping,however need to be done,even if we can’t allow for everything(anyone got anti-zombie/vampire/alien pills around?).Some things are most likely to occur.Some may NEVER happen in our lifetime.Basic needs should be on hand no matter what,even if it’s a “rapture” event(that one sounds alot like a alien abduction plot to my thinking,but who knows?)
        I’ve stopped even trying to “enlighten” people I know for sometime now.Being “indirectly” called a “worldly faithless idiot” at church did it for me once and for all.I’ll take care of my own,encourage folks here and as for the rest….Even Noah didn’t run back out of the ark to get friends who laughed at his “prepping” inside after the rain started.
        Just my simple viewpoint,others may be equally valid here as well.
        All the Best to All

      40. my mind automatically jumps to a different level than most of the comments i have read on here so far. Most are on the man for doing this or saying that…..I question the laws, not what the man did

      41. I’m sure that others have already had this thought, but with the F.B.I. putting cookies on visitors to blogs like this, and now this story…somebody in the F.B.I. is paying attention to Preppers.

        (Hi, F.B.I. guys…how’s it go’n?)

        • How can pork, cloud, and Mexico be any step up from Federal Reserve??
          Anyone remember that buzz word a few months back??

      42. Looks like he is now off the grid for 21 months…..

        • Clark: Stalag 17 was a great movie starring Bill Holden. Probably before your time. It details the discovery and demise of a mole in a POW camp.

          Great movie classic.

        • The best 5thing to do when you think you have a rat in your midst, is to lead them astray. You see, the death-knell of an informant is bad information that makes their handler look bad. There used to be a website called “Not-so-confidential Informants”, from the Women’s Anarchist Black Cross that detailed how to spot and foil a snitch. One of the best tried-and-true methods was to not let on that you know what they are, then hand feed them misinformation. When their handlers come up empty, they usually send the rat for a long walk off a short pier…the rewards for success are three-fold.

          1. you get rid of a rat
          2. you make the FBI look stupid(er)
          3. you don’t get caught and lose your stuff.

          …it’s a winner all the way around.

      43. Like what Mr. Blutarsky said, KEEP IT LEGAL! There are plenty of legal weapons that a person can legally own and put up a hell of a fight with. No one either can convict someone of knowing how to build what they need to when the world collapses, having knowledge is not YET a crime. Know you country’s, state’s, county’s, and local laws as best as you can. THEY want to bust you for something, but they also don’t want a false accusation suit against them either, just keep it legal.

        Unfortunately these MF’s also want to try to take totally legal preps such as food, water, and other supplies away from you. I can remember many years ago back in kalifornia how THEY were trying to say that someone that was preparing for WW3 back in the 80’s had a stockpile of a lot and they were going to nail the person for a health violation. Living in a primary enemy ICBM target zone and preparing for WW3 with just a lot of supplies didn’t make sense, but THEY still wanted to stop this person from stockpiling even back then. Keep you supplies in good clean order or the county could take away what you have under some health law.

        The prepper is constantly under attack and so are freedoms. Just today I was listening to Fox news radio and there was a shooting in Seattle and the news had also mentioned that there have been 16 deaths in the past few months. The reason they gave was probably less restrictions on firearms. Not that some nuts went crazy for some reason, but yet again blame it on more free firearms laws. Yet again, blame freedoms for acts of violence.

        Mac, one rule of prep clubs and prepping is DON’T ever do anything that ruins all your efforts. It is not worth it to lose everything before anything happening. A person that doesn’t even get a chance to survive what is coming because they decided to do something they knew was illegal is such a waste. The number one rule of survival is to survive. Being locked up in some jail for some violation that takes away someone’s right to own firearms doesn’t make sense. Even if someone gets free before the world collapses they won’t have a decent way of defending themselves.

        Even though it takes biting your tongue a bit, prepping is about securing your supplies and yourself and that might mean abiding by the law so you can keep yourself, your family and friends, and your lifeline secure and safe. Even in areas that almost totally outlaw firearms, there are other weapons someone can possess.

        In almost every area on the planet it is still legal to stockpile food, water, and supplies that are not going to cause a health risk. 75-100% of your survival supplies no one could deem a threat to anyone. You don’t want to lose like that person in Kansas that could very well be incarcerated when SHTF, all of his efforts for NOTHING. IT AIN’T WORTH IT TO BE IN JAIL FOR SOME REASON UNABLE TO REAP ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND MONEY WHEN THE WORLD COLLAPSES. True anarchy awaits and the most logical course of action is to make sure you are there, in your home or retreat safe and free, to survive it.

        • I’m not sure true anarchy is coming. I think it’s already here.. Anarchy is lawlessness. How many LEO’s out there actually obey the law these days and respect your rights? Answer – NONE. Lawlessness. Anarchy. Get away and maybe you might survive. The very people that are supposed to enforce the law have gone to every length to ensure the law is so ambiguous that you CANNOT follow it.

          If every man is created equal with unalienable, God given rights, then where do they get the jurisdiction over you?????

          • @ Stoneage. You just hit a pet peeve of me, when the horse crap law system makes something so opaque and lacking of clarity that you have to have law degree to understand it. I lived in a state just like this, and they attempted to suffocate you with so many laws that even the lawyers had a rough time of it. Right now I live in a free state and actually it is far better, still not good but better. It seems like here when someone breaks a law they most often get a warning rather than a ticket. There are still some states that have relaxed gun laws, thankfully for the time being.

            I think when I talk about anarchy I mean a type of world in which there are no police or anything to enforce anything either. This is just my idea of the word anarchy, as a word has different meaning to everyone. I just know it stinks right now, but no one should ever do anything to take them away from their family, friends and their survival supplies if at all possible. I guess everyone should do checking as best as they can to avoid any problems with the “law”. You know what law stands for in modern day society; (l)oads of (a)wful (w)aste.

            I think the best advice that many people have given above is just not to tell anyone much about what you are doing in preparedness. Forgetting the law enforcement part of it, you don’t ever want neighbors or others knowing or thinking that your house is some sort of supermarket with FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

          • WE, as a people gave it to them by being lax and not paying attention to what our elected officials are doing.
            Sad but true……

      44. The police were within their rights. The lesson is don’t try to make your own land mines and hand grenades. Most rational people would’ve called the police on the guy.

        I have no plans to make flame throwers, land mines, hand grenades, or any illegal explosives. And if I was involved in any illegal activity I wouldn’t tell it to anyone.

        • I agree but having the info and knowing how stored away in your mind could prove useful and life saving down the road if thing do go to slime……..

        • absolutely right, I certianly don’t want some nut living next to me that is making mines and grenades.just supposen he plants the things all over his place and something happends to him, I pity the people who find them and the people who have to pick up the people who find them.

      45. I’m not a prepper, I’m just really, really, really old fashioned.

        At any moment the French could come back down here from Quebec and start attacking our forts again.

      46. Thats why I call them Dumbsday Preppers! I dont know what the hell these people were thinking to let NatGeo exploit them like this!! I knew nothing good would come out of this show. If youre a prepper shut the fuck up and dont show and tell the whole world what youre doing. Very simple. I like to say I feel bad for the guy but I dont.

      47. Could someone please clarify (a link perhaps): was this guy actually on the Nat Geo Doomsday Preppers show or just inspired by it. I know the article says he was known for being on the show, but the quoted section merely says that the prosecution used DP footage to depict preppers as idiots and the defence used footage to justify his actions.

        The Nat Geo site has a ‘Meet the Preppers’ list and Alfred Dutton doesn’t appear there. Is the list incomplete, or was he using a pseudonym?

        I find it odd that, if this guy was on TV, the news stories didn’t
        even include a still shot of him, let alone a video excerpt.

        As to why people would appear on the show, I think quite a few of them had products or services they wanted to promote – the guy foraging in LA runs foraging workshops, the guy who shot his thumb off has some tool he invented, the uber-fat lady sells prepping instruction courses, the ‘Doris Day of Doom’ lady has a book on, I think, food storage or something similar.

        • Yeah, the series does make fools out of some preppers but I did get quite a few good ideas from watching. And I did see a major flaw that quite a few of them made in their food storage, mainly home canning. They had glass jars stored on High shelves with no restraining strips across the front of the shelves and no padding or cushioning material between the jars. Any major earthquake or pole shift would crash these jars together and throw them of the shelves. There was only one prepper I saw who had built a root cellar and had all his stuff down low and restrained.

      48. hmmmmmm, most on here seem to be defeatist, of which I view the term as quite the opposite of the likes of DK

      49. I have to question if these folks on this show are true preppers anyways. No real prepper I know of would go public and advertise he is a prepper, it’s just not part pf prepping.

      50. Well, at LEAST he wasn’t selling Lemonaide! That would have really gotten him in trouble!

        • Or organic milk.

      51. that dude is a dumbass…period

      52. Stupid is as stupid does. Next….

      53. well than i guess that the guy hadnt prepped enough,he is a prime example of what not to do,i guess someone had to get thrown in front of the truck or it could be a prime example of what could happen if SHTF.power in numbers keep prepping my friend an your other friend.

      54. The whole world is going to hell in a hand basket and our politicians are pushing us over the cliff. What happened to Citizens rights? The 1.5 Quadrillion Dollars we will owe when the derivatives market collapses? What about the money we owe 15 trillion dollars? what about the money we are committed to pay about 200 trillion dollars? What about the 16 trillion the FED gave/lent to foreign Banks, Governments and Businesses, now that money is gone they are facing bankruptcy again. What about the run on Greek, Spanish and Italian banks? What about the Eurozone Collapse? And what about QE3, What about money printing I could go on all night, PREP FAST

        • Joel Skousen on TPTB or the Elite Plan..
          ***they will not collapse the dollar, but milk it in a downward slide till war comes;
          ***they are looking for a third world war which gives an excuse for two things:
          1) walk away from debt–which is unpayable; blame on the war for destroying all financial centers
          2) try to get all remnants of world together in an attempt to achieve a militarized world govt. to beat China/Russia and rebuild the NWO without national sovereignty and never return each nation’s sovereignty..they will have succeeded in gaining total control of the world.
          ***Faux news agencies/stations refuse to allow this published or aired…don’t want genie out of the bottle…internet is the answer to alert all people.

      55. I think everyone is missing the point! Have y’all heard the phrase “root cause”??

      56. That is 1 ONE PISSED OFF PATRIOTIC VETERAN Taken Down , OUT of 20,000,000 Pissed Off Patriotic American Veterans and more joining us every day as folks wake up to the truth of the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST FREEMASON ZIONIST U.N. AGENDA 21 EUGENICS DEATH PLANS !!!

        Patriotic Prepper Americans are buying 5 million guns a month , there is a 8 month manufacturer back order on popular guns rifles an some ammo !!! No way can they stop ” US ALL ” from a “Take Back America Revolution” !!!

        All we need is a lil’ Spark !!! BOOM ITS GO TIME !!!

        *** if you do make home made explosives , build your own explosive ied’s claymores , do it away from your homes , at least 500 feet from structures , in a well ventilated area , store them buried in protected shaded secure locked gated fenced in sandy dry pits areas away from kids and animals. Prepping is good , smart prepping is even better !!! We Vets all know the safety protocols for explosives – please be responsible for the kids innocent none combatants sake !!!


      57. That is 1 ONE PISSED OFF PATRIOTIC VETERAN Taken Down , OUT of 20,000,000 Pissed Off Patriotic American Veterans and more joining us every day as folks wake up to the truth of the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST FREEMASON ZIONIST U.N. AGENDA 21 EUGENICS DEATH PLANS !!!

        Patriotic Prepper Americans are buying 5 million guns a month , there is a 8 month manufacturer back order on popular guns rifles an some ammo !!! No way can they stop ” US ALL ” from a “Take Back America Revolution” !!!

        All we need is a lil’ Spark !!! BOOM ITS GO TIME !!!

        • Too many people just want to keep their head in the sand. Some will be acting patriots, but most will simply rollover . In this day n age people just want it easy no matter what kind of wolf is on their door step. If we as a people cant handle the smallest of problems with out calling the cops u can’t expect me to believe folks will be ready for machine-gun battle with a oppressing governments army. I realize their is lots of different kinds of resistance , Hell it got the French by until we could bail them out, but in America it seems WElike its a good way to get labeled as a terrorist , once that happens your countrymen will betray you and no one will take your place in the fight. Once again darned if u do or don’t

      58. *** if you do make home made explosives , build your own explosive ied’s claymores , do it away from your homes , at least 500 feet from structures , in a well ventilated area , store them buried in protected shaded secure locked gated fenced in sandy dry pits areas away from kids and animals. Prepping is good , smart prepping is even better !!! We Vets all know the safety protocols for explosives – please be responsible for the kids innocent none combatants sake !!!

      59. “Just obey the law” so many clueless People here say.

        Yeesh, have you ever heard about:

        How the Feds Imprison the Innocent
        by Paul Craig Roberts

        … “Silverglate’s Three Felonies A Day focuses on how federal prosecutors invent creative interpretations of statutes, sometimes creating new felonies out of vague language or thin air, felonies never legislated by Congress. Federal criminal law is today so vast and so poorly worded that Silverglate reports, truthfully, that each of us, every American, commits three felonies every day without knowing it.” …

        • Just three? Is that all? Heck, I’ve usually comitted more than that, plus a dozen misdemeanors before I even get the truck out of the driveway in the morning.

        • People imprisoned for make believe crimes are rare. What’s more common is prosecutors get other people in jail to testify that you confessed to your crimes while in jail. They get to go free in exchange for perjury.

      60. Another AmeriKan Politician wanna be Israeli Bwiatch goes to the Weeping Wall for Vaseline Pillow Biting Training by the Israeli Zionist Jews … WTF AmeriKa !!!

        … this time its Gov. Bob McDonnell of “Virginia is for Pillow Biting Jews” will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Weeping Wall to show just how flexible as a Sub-Dom Pillow Biting Sodomite he is for the Israeli Jews … during his two-week trade trip to Israel and India, which starts Wednesday. Is it just me or do Alot of AmeriKan Politicians have Sore Assholes from bending over and taking it up the ass for Israeli Zionist Jews !!! Just to prove their Israels Political Bwiatch !!!

        I guess Fat Bastard Gov. Christie of New Jersey used too much “Teeth” when he visited the Jews !!!


      61. Another AmeriKan Politician wanna be Israeli Bwiatch goes to the Weeping Wall for Vaseline Pillow Biting Training by the Israeli Zionist Jews … WTF AmeriKa !!!

        … this time its Gov. Bob McDonnell of “Virginia is for Pillow Biting Jews” will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Weeping Wall to show just how flexible as a Sub-Dom Pillow Biting Sodomite he is for the Israeli Jews … during his two-week trade trip to Israel and India, which starts Wednesday. Is it just me or do Alot of AmeriKan Politicians have Sore Assholes from bending over and taking it up the ass for Israeli Zionist Jews !!! Just to prove their Israels Political Bwiatch !!!

        I guess Fat Bastard Gov. Christie of New Jersey used too much “Teeth” when he visited the Jews !!!


      62. The tv show did not, I repeat did not get Alfred or David arrested or raided.

        Alfred told his ex-wife’s boyfriend what he was doing… why in the hell would you do that??? The boyfriend & ex probably hated Alfred and were looking for something/some way to get his parental rights taken away.

        David, should have never joked with the dr. about suicide, the dr. is required by law to report it.

        If both had never been on the tv show, would they have been in the same boat they are in… YES!

        Does the tv show Doomsday Prepper promote OPSEC… NO!

        What happened to Al or Dave stop people from wanting to be on the show… NO!

        If bad things happen to people who were on the show, will they be held responsible for their actions… NO!

        Prepping is about using common sense.

      63. Number 2 rule. Keep all your weapon making information in your head, instead of having the actual weapon or ordinance in your possession. Example: Making black powder. The ingredients are plentiful and readily available. Use your head to know how to make black powder. So, you can do this with most other weapons when the time comes. The freaking government can’t arrest you for having the information in your head.

        • James

          Remember Carbine Williams? He told the warden you can’t stop me from thinking about guns. In the end he invented the short stroke gas piston I believe or made one heck of a contribution / improvement on it.

        • One comment…bitch slap the wh*re in purple??
          Ahh, meet her in the parking lot.
          Hey, I’m redneck through and through.

      64. Opsec-opsec! Have your story ready in case a neighbor/family/friend quizzes you on why you buy flour in 40 pound bags or why you need 12+ cases of tomato sauce at a time. I have several-depending on the nose box.
        “I bake for the local senior citizen lunch program.”
        “You know that we have earthquakes in California. I just want to be ready.”
        “My cousin and her husband and their 10 kids are coming out in the fall/spring/summer.”
        “The store/pet store/sporting goods/etc was having a 50% off sale. You know that I love sales!”
        “My therapist has told me that my helping the American Red Cross Disaster Fund is good for my recovery.”
        I turned a 3rd bedroom into my pantry, and installed a garden shed for water storage. No one knows what the “spare” bedroom has in it and the “garden shed” not noticeable in the backyard. Always unload in the garage with the door down and a minimum of noise. If the local swat/pd/sheriff/FBI come snooping, they will need to dig up the floorboards for the good stuff.

        • Mine is ‘I manage a daycare’.

          • Stealth…..don’t you just love those 3 bedroom furnished with no children, no grandchildren and crybabies with no space to store food to save their lives??
            Priorities are waaay out of order….and I also have an entire bedroom stocked.

      65. he wanted his 15 minutes of fame, now he’s got 21 months to think about it.

      66. We need people like this to fuck up. We learn for there mistake and never make the same. He was smart to prep but he was dumb to talk about it.

      67. When you see society start to unravel you start reading websites like this one.

        When you start reading websites like this one you go out and buy alot of food.

        When you buy alot of food, you then go out and buy alot of guns and ammunition.

        When you buy alot of guns and ammunition, you show your ex-wife’s boyfriend all your stuff and end up in jail.

        Don’t show your wife’s boyfriend all your stuff and end up in jail………

      68. LOLOLOLOL.. this guy is a laughing stock… his situation has the perfect ingredients for burying him and anyone associated with him… nice going… now, for the ramifications: 21mos in prison = felony record = no job better than car wash attendant or homeless shelter helper = no money = no more preps(certainly never even have a legal firearm again) = no “group” with which to associate(if someone has nothing to bring to my table, they keep walking) = being virtually alone wtshtf = very short life expectancy thereafter… and all this for the proverbial “15 minutes of fame”…

        moral of our story kids: KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

      69. Nobody “ratted him out”. That implies that it’s wrong to report a crime. Somebody playing around with explosives is a danger to others. He should’ve been reported.

        If you want stuff like that for after it hits the fan, keep all the parts separated for now. You can’t afford any accidental explosions before it hits the fan.

        • I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Playing with explosives is dangerous even in a controlled environment but playing with explosives in an occupied apartment building is crazy. You are putting at risk the lives of all those around you who don’t get any benefit if you turn out to actually need them. Sorry but if I lived in an apartment building and found someone doing this I would turn them in too. I don’t want to risk my life trusting that nothing will go wrong.

      70. Alfred Dutton blew it. He should have known better. You NEVER trade opsec for 15 minutes of fame. And secondly, if you want to be on tv, but still remain totally unseen, you go on CNN.

      71. Its like my daddy used to say… “I taught him everything he knows, BUT not everything I know.”

        Why do you ( anyone ) feel the NEED to boast beyond the obvious? I mean, like I said, the `6 ish local preppers Ive found within 5 miles, some recently discovered AS such, Ive known a few since I was 12….. some longer…. SOME I introduced. but the one thing,we only concern ourselves within our circle with regards to food stocks….we all prep together as in plannign meals and such, offset difficulties from time to time…. and hygene staples… thats the only thing we as a community NEED to know… so when SHTF we have our “circle” can provide and have community meals / cooking to save fuel preps, prepare grand community meals, and work together.. I know XYZ is trained in this BC hes a volunteer that, I know YXS knows something b/c he served 12 yrs as a tab qualled blah blah….. etc. etc. I know person B is 30yr police veteran… we live in faith of assumed knowlage… we know without asking… implied knowlage……

        When SHTF, laws go out windows, how you protect and move forward is your call… I wont promote violating any CURRENT laws…. again, after SHTF…watch out.

      72. Prepper? Hardly. Still playing Army? Yes. If your doing this and telling people about it you should be removed from the Prepper food chain. You become a danger to we survivors. Find your manhood in the shower each morning and for god’s sake keep your mouth shut. Have a nice day.

      73. Human beings long to talk to someone. They can’t help it and this trait is an investigators best tool. It may take different methods of approach but everyone has a weakness and will spill the beans sooner or later.

      74. My name is Alan Madison. I am the Executive Producer of the show Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic Channel. This whole article is based on a lie, which is that Alfred C. Dutton appeared on my show. Let me say in no uncertain terms that anyone who says they saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers with Alfred C. Dutton appearing in it is very much mistaken. He has never ever appeared on my show. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and bet anyone (including the author of the article), any amount of money, that he never appeared on my show. Any takers? Didn’t think so. The reason is this article is based on a lie. Let’s forget about the first rule of Fight Club, which is of course a fiction movie, and revisit the first rule of journalism, base your article on facts! Unfortunately this lie, like the proverbial 13th chime on the clock, since it in itself is false, it renders everything else in the article, let alone the whole website, false. I wonder if the website publisher will have the courage to admit he was wrong and publish a retraction? NO PERSON who appeared on my show was ever contacted by ANY law enforcement entity because of being on my show – let alone got arrested. And anyone who states to the contrary is lying. Plain and simple. Again – anyone willing to put their money where their mouth is? Crickets.
        If any legitimate prepper website wants to have a discussion about the “Prepper’s Paradox”, OPSEC vs. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT I am willing to engage in that very interesting debate. But to base the discussion on an outright lie diminishes the importance of the issues involved. I look forward to either hearing your apologies or collecting your wagers!
        In closing I would rather quote a real person than a fictional character: “The truth is incotrovertable. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it but in the end, there is is.” Winston Churchill

        • DP: I respect the fact that you are willing to come here and atleast say your side. I’ll leave some parts for Mac. I believe if someone wants to make a damn explosive device for your camera you will air it. I also believe that our hyper sensitive police units will use that information to their advantage. Who owns the responsibility is debatable for that. Me personally? I wouldn’t go on any show. Not yours, not montel williams, springer, Idol, none of them.

        • I will admit to being wrong then. The interesting thing about the human brain is just how plastic it is in regards to memory. Each time we need to recall information, we need to recreate this information in our minds. Thus, it is entirely possible that external factors can taint our recall of what we thought was pertinent information and create a false memory. Obviously, this is what happened here. You have my sincerest apology for any mistake I may have made.

        • Im sorry you gain money by exploiting lifestyles that are best left in private by playing to the human ego.

        • Alan,
          Interesting comment and a couple of questions, if I may.

          1. Didn’t a rather large guy, who was on your show, a Ham Radio operator as I recall get detained & sent for a mental eval and lost his right to possess firearms without a trial? Yes, he seem a tad wacky but I for one did not consider him a threat to society.

          2. OPSEC not withstanding, I have Masters in Computer Science, a fairly good IQ and have extrapolated may possible outcomes for the financial mess mankind is in, both nationally and globally – most of them are not pretty, which is why we are planning for that rainy day – the world in 1-3 years may be very different place.

          So last question to you is – can’t you find some preppers for your show that represent the many sane & serious people who have analyzed the evidence around them and found that we not being accurately informed and so the future is really pretty dire? These people have valid reasons to be concerned for the future and for their family and friends?

          As for your experts at the end of each segment saying “x has not happened or will likely happen in 25years…” denying some of the real SME’s conclusions. Your experts always manage to downplay the risks and probability.

          Thankyou for the bandwidth and await your response.

        • Strange that you would choose to quote a conniving bully like Churchill, who doomed millions to death and millions to life under communist rule.

          • roosevelt and stalin as well maybe you should wake up and open your eyes and read material that has basis in fact not heresay or conjecture.

        • Oh, I forgot to add that “NatGeo” is a caricature and represents a sad commentary on cable television. You mentioned journalism and truth in the same sentence. I see NatGeo as sort of the “Popular Mechanics” of cable. Popular Mechanics being the sorry excuse for a magazine that fooled half of America with “science” that kerosene and aluminum was responsible for what was actually the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers.

          All of cable T.V. is a horrendous shit parade. Journalistic integrity aside, every channel is still covered in the stink of the adjacent channels.

        • Alan,

          I also appreciate you coming on to this forum to clear up the facts with regards to Mr. Dutton not having appeared on your show. I’ve seen every episode and find them entertaining.

          I would also like to point out that it is plainly obvious that you did not conduct any research or investigation as to the validity of this website to post that because Mac ran with a story that contained a mistake. If you would have actually counted to 10 before going off on a defensive mechanism induced personal attack on “the author of the article” and went back to read his articles you would have found that he is a journalist that deals in the truth. Proven so by his revision of the article and public apology for his mistake.

          Notice I didn’t say he was perfect. He made a mistake and since then he has owned up to it, revised the article to correct the information you provided and publically apologized for a mistake. To say I’m sorry on a public forum takes humility and honor. So, there is no need to wait any further to hear his apology.

          Now that Mac has shown that he can man up and admit when he was wrong and do everything that you asked to correct the article, I’d like to point out a few FACTS.

          1. “Let’s forget about the first rule of Fight Club, which is of course a fiction movie” Surely this isn’t the first time that you have heard someone quote a line from a movie that is pertinent to making a point? The quote actually gave a great example from a well known movie which is what we in journalism call an opener. Something entertaining to start an article with to capture the attention of the audience. If you have taken any journalism classes it would have been covered in one of them that started with a 101. Please note that at no time, do the PHD’s teaching these classes state that it is not acceptable to use a reference to a non fictional character.

          I think it’s funnier than hell that in the same line where he is chastising Mac for quoting a fictional character, you compare his reference to a fictional clock. LOL

          2. The following is a synopsis of a couple of the personal attacks that you made on this forum against the site and Mac: “…since it in itself is false, it renders everything else in the article, let alone the whole website, false.” “Any legitimate prepper website…” If you would have done an ounce of research on the content over the years on this website, you would have found that the website is not false. In fact, it is a very thought provoking website that covers the spectrum of prepping activities. I am sorry that you feel that this website isn’t legitimate. I respectfully disagree with your opinion. (Please note that this is your opinion and not fact) Let’s revisit the second rule of journalism, when correcting a journalist with facts regarding a mistake published by said journalist, don’t take personal shots laced with unfactual opinion. You could have simply wrote who you are and stated that the premise of the article isn’t factual and respectfully request that the article be revised. Instead you chose prove your point, in my opinion, poorly.

          Let’s have an exercise everyone. Let’s judge Mr. Madison’s response by utilizing his own criteria with regards to himself. He states “…since it in itself is false, it renders everything else in the article, let alone the whole website, false.” That is simply not true. Again, you haven’t done your research on this website. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that that sentence is a lie. This website is not false. So, now that we have established that something Mr. Madison said is a lie, by his own criteria, everything he stated must also be false? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be that stupid to believe that if one apple is rotten that the whole barrel is rotten. (Please note that in the interest of being factual with this response, said apple barrel is fictional and may or may not exist)

          To wrap it up, I took offense to your tone and your choice to attack Mac on a personal level. Mac has manned up and responded to your demands by revising his article, pointing out his mistake, saying he is sorry both publically on this site as well it appears in an email to you. He has class.

          So you no longer have to look forward to hearing his apology.

          Now it’s your turn. I’d like you to apologize for getting personal. Mac is a stand up guy and would never…and I repeat…NEVER intentionally post something that he thought was unfactual. I’d like you to apologize to the readers of this site and forum for calling this site false in it’s entirety. crickets….

          I look forward to your apology for telling a lie about this site. Remember, you said “…since it in itself is false, it renders everything else in the article, let alone the whole website, false” I will bet you everything that I have, own and all future wages that I can find something on the website that is factual truth. See? I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and bet anyone (including the Executive Producer of the show Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel) any amount of money, that this site exists and it is not false in its entirety. Plain and simple. Again, anyone willing to put their money where there mouth is? Crickets.

          I hope you see how childish your rant came across.


          Man up and apologize or go away and find another “legitimate prepper website” to litter with your verbal trash.

        • Thats OK, The thing is, you DONT know who people are online.

          Im just going to make a few phone calls, and lets see how far into season two the show lasts.

          Then he can Exec Produce his way into another stereotype

      75. Alan, this report has been updated to reflect this information. As noted in the email sent to NatGeo to your attention, the information as it was interpreted by me indicated this gentleman had appeared on your show. I was wrong about this point and have made the appropriate changes.

        My sincerest apologies for the mistake. It was not intentional.

        Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention.


      76. Leaving my stock reply, as I have on similiar thread topics: Unless you can pull a “Jeremiah Johnson” and live out in the middle of nowhere, on as little as possible, you better just plan on dying to protect what you are trying to keep in a populated area.

      77. “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut”

      78. Mac!
        That is so stand-up of you. I am very protective of this aspect of the show. We have no problems with ‘the law’ and these rumors often get started and inhibit our ability to get the prepper word out there. Our show always aspires to be 50% entertainment and 50% education. We are aware that the ‘prepper’ world sometimes gets upset at the entertainment value of our show but we TRY very very hard to be respectful and truthful even though we are creating a for profit entertainment. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, problems, beefs or even for an interview! This is the best address to get in contact with me ([email protected]) – Brooklyn always knows how to get these emails directly to me. Thank you for your timely response and your sincere apology. I appreciate it. Onward and upward with the truth!

        • I am a fan of the show I actually stumbled onto this blog trying to search and see if there is going to be a second season. I watch the show and spend hours trying to educate myself about prepping. You may have noticed but some preppers believe in being pretty tight lipped. I particularly liked the show because I wanted to hear the reasoning behind why people prep in certain ways, or what might be the best thing to do in different situations. Unlike some people I don’t have the advantage of extensive military experience. My husband is truck driver/mechanic. I’m a nurse and we are experienced campers. We have 4 kids that we would sure like to be able to take care of well into adulthood, but with the current state of things we began to get worried. So I educate myself and prep as much as I can. I remember the episode that I think this article references “Mr Wayne” was building pipe bombs and practicing remotely detonating them…I really don’t know any of the laws concerning bombs but I thought holy crap that dude is gonna get arrested. Really it seems like your show could have given the police probable cause if they had wanted to search his stuff? Also will somebody please tell me what opsec is?

      79. It’s fun when the walls have eyes.

      80. Regardless of whether or not Mr. Dutton appeared on the Nat Geo Doomsday Prepper series, it is my opinion that elevating the subject of personal self-reliance and personal responsibility to entertainment status is a travesty. I know of more than one blogger – myself included – that was asked to appear on season two of Doomsday Preppers. I find it interesting that a polite “thanks, but no thanks” was not good enough and it took repeated calls to finally put an end to the matter. I was assured that next season will be more mainstream but I do not have a lot of confidence in the Doomsday Prepper” definition of mainstream.

        I would like to believe that the prepper community will prevail long after the Doomsday Prepper series is a distant memory.

      81. I own a sawed off rifle (11.5″ collapseable stock AR), sawed off 12ga pump shotgun, and have a silencer for my Glock. All legal with the correct papers and stamps. Next project is a machine gun and maybe later some ‘nades.

        JJ The Fed

        • No one cares, dipshit.

      82. Well, if you’re illegally producing fireworks, it may not be a good idea to attract attention to yourself by going on national TV.

      83. Alan Madison A.K.A. D.P.:So you peek out of your hidey- blind and say “any takers?” like this site is in real time.Mac corrected the mis-information as regards your “show”.Your hubris is about equal to to your ego you carry around.It must be quite a burden to carry.And why should we “forget” the first rule from a different show?I don’t recall you having any authority to tell others to how much to say.Your simpering quote of “The Great Commoner”,W.C.lends little credence(and even less authority!) to you or the sloppy “yellow journalism” that your show represents.Watched it once,spotted the “slanted viewpoint” you wanted the viewers to have on the subject and never watched it AGAIN!”Shlock-shock” to the extreme it well and truly is.If that’s the best you can “create” then your are NOT a credit to either the people you used as subjects or the viewing pubic you lusted after.And most important of all,you wasted the funds of Nat.Geo. Channel.If your “show” is the best the head execs there can do,then both they and yourself are a waste of time/money better spent elsewhere.And by the way,Alan why aren’t you doing a in-depth series about Greece?I’ll bet you even money it’s because you ain’t got no real talent or imagination!What no answer from the little man? thought so.
        Best to Everyone here(less so to trolls like Alan)
        P.S. Alan(assuming that’s your actual name)
        If you have any talent(unlikely,but still possible!)and can actually produce something of value to view,by all means drop in again…I might even watch the commercials(if they are creative enough and have information on their products worth the time).Why don’t you do the whole banana to prove your worth?Yes Alan.I’m talking real TALENT.Got it?Good

      84. Was this dimbulb really “convicted” by a jury or did he agree to a plea bargain and plead guilty? There are major differences. There is no way a criminal trial would have ran it’s course in well under a year.

      85. Interesting that Mac chose to print this article just now.

        I just turned down an invitation to participate in a Doomsday Prepper show. The producers and I could not work out the details where I could remain 100% anonymous; I did not want my face to be shown on camera. Although I have a great story to tell, the risk would be too great.

      86. sounds like there are some hard decisions to be made. everyone must balance the need for finding like minded preppers, to the need for security. The more people you try to find that are like minded, the better chance you have of finding that little weasely rat who wants to score a pat on the back for turning in a ‘terrorist”. I don’t talk to anyone about my plans, and only family members know what I plan for. Loose lips sinks ships, has never been more apt for this period in time.
        My choice—keep my mouth shut, and only add people into the circle of trust when necessary.

        • Since you left a reply on this site you also opened yourself up to the government. Anything posted on any of these sites is just as opening your mouth whether you mention what you have or not. Just as I have done by replying also. We arr watched from all sides today. Why do you think you were allowed the technology to do what you do today? Because it makes it easier to watch whom they want too. Watching me watching you, lmao

      87. nothing online is secure either, NOTHING

      88. Mitch, the bottom line is, if anybody believes all the sacrifices military and civilian have made to keep this great country free and safe, then who cares what they think they are the enemy of ALL free and god fearing people

        • Try speaking english.

      89. That boys ass is going to really hurt. The brothers will have at his candy ass.

      90. Personally,I find the Doomsday Preppers show interesting enough to watch but not so interesting that I would be willing to have any of my preps, small as they are, filmed. I do agree that some of the folks featured on the show tend to focus on a single scenario that may or may not ever happen instead of a more general bad-things-are-happening scenario. My main gripe about the show is that they continue to use comments from economists as reasons not to prep for a financial disaster. Economists? Aren’t those the guys who have missed every single financial disaster that has ever occurred? Yes, that would be them. Some “experts”!

        I don’t know Mr. Dutton. Was he the gentleman who was making pipe bombs for “defense”? If so, then allowing that activity to be filmed was pretty stupid, IMHO. Making pipe bombs for defense in an apocalypse situation where the rule of law has collapsed is one thing. Doing it while there are still laws against it is quite another. Nothing wrong with having all of the unassembled parts handy, though.

      91. When anyone ask me if I have prepared for Dec 21st or an economic collaspe ( People ask because i am an avid outdoorsman ) My answer is always the same I have 2 cans of starkist tuna a 20oz bottle of Dasani water 3 rubberbands and a tounge depressor

        • Jerry:THREE rubberbands?how selfish of you!you should at least give the Feds two,and donate the third to the FEMA program to house the poor.As for the cans of tuna,that kind of investment should be best placed with Goldman-Sakies.They’ll promise you at least four cans in return!
          Except the four will be empty…

      92. I sure hope this “rat” gets the severe beat down they deserve!


      93. Alan Madison,

        I am (just like you) a video producer. However, I am additionally (unlike you) a prepper. When I make a video about prepping, I do not deliberately attempt to craft the tone and emotional impact of the video so as to mock the preppers who agree to be interviewed by me. I make every effort to ensure that the resulting tone of my videos is one which leaves the viewer feeling good about the prepper whose life they just witnessed, NEVER a tone meant to make the viewer feel creeped out by the prepper or his/her lifestyle. Through choices made in questioning, in camera work, and later in editing, a skillful video producer can either humanize his interview subjects, or alienate them. I choose to humanize my subjects. But you, in my professional opinion, choose to mock and denigrate them. At every turn, with every choice you make (especially in the editing suite), my sense is that you do your best to make preppers look like utter freaks.

        Because your show has a primary focus of consistently crafting the tone and feel of each episode to accentuate weirdness and thus alienate the audience from the preppers, your show makes not just your interview subjects look like creepy, weirdo freaks. By extension, your show makes ALL preppers look like creepy, weirdo freaks. The many news items written about your show (including and most especially the New York Times reaction to your show) demonstrate how thoroughly you have vilified our lifestyle. So I will now state the obvious: I and many of my prepper peers find your show insulting, misrepresentative, and even needlessly cruel. (In short, we HATE your show.)

        Tone is everything on how a film or video gets crafted. You opted for a tone which goes after the “freak show” schtick on how you chose to brand your TV series. And by “freak show” I am drawing a comparison to third rate carnivals where you can pay ten dollars to get a gawk at the bearded lady or the snake boy. The bearded lady sits quietly behind a sheet of plate glass, you are isolated from her, you don’t talk to her, she doesn’t talk to you, there is a wall of separation between you which prevents any sort of human connection to her. All you can do is gawk for a few minutes. Treating the bearded lady or the snake boy this way is akin to looking at them like they are bugs under a microscope. And after the carnival huckster has decided your 3 minutes of gawker time is over with, you get chased out of the carnival tent while plagued by a mildly disturbed sense of revilement over what you just saw. A century ago, a young Londoner named Joseph Merrick, more famously called “The Elephant Man,” was subjected to exactly that sort of life of being gawked at by people who paid someone else for the privilege.

        You, Alan Madison, have sadly chosen NOT to craft the tone and overall execution of your TV show as a human study of real people. Instead you have crafted it as a cheap carnival freak show where the people you interview are mere bugs under a microscope that the audience gawks at with the unavoidable sense of being disturbed and revolted. You are akin to the man who sold “Joseph Merrick gawker time” to people for mere pennies. And I further find you to be (just like Joseph Merrick’s keeper) needlessly cruel.

        The despicable choices you make in selecting the most irrational-as-possible interview candidates are well-known in prepper circles. The questions you ask of potential interviewees are also known about by us because many preppers have blogged about being interviewed by you, and they have reported the reasons you gave for turning them down. The most common reason given by you and your screeners: “Your reasons for prepping aren’t interesting enough.” Instead of a LAN administrator who fears his company might go under, so he stores extra food in the event of a prolonged job loss, you’d rather interview a guy who is convinced that a massive EMP will hit the Earth in the next 18 months. Your rejection of the more rational members of the prepper community is very telling of what your true regard of us is, and also telling of what your exploitative intentions for us are.

        Many of us preppers have all vowed to steer clear of you because your preferred portrayal of what it means to be a prepper is deemed by us to be nothing less than destructive to our ability to comfortably carry on with this crucial lifestyle choice we have made for ourselves. And yet in spite of the decision many of us have made to stay away from you, the sad reality is that you will continue to get foolish preppers who are misguided enough to sign up for your show, and also odd-ball enough to make it through your biased-against-rational-preppers screening process.

        I admit that the appetite in society for “freak show” television is a strong one, but so are most prurient interests. That doesn’t mean you have to give in and actually cater to the prurient. And yet you have. And that’s why many of us will never have anything to do with you.

        Crunchy Prepper

        PS: Try using spell-check once in a while.

      94. Why would anyone discuss with an ex-wife’s boyfriend your prepping plans? If you have a need to talk to someone – get a dog.
        This should teach everyone who is serious about prepping – keep your mouth shut. If you belong to a group of like-minded individuals who belong to your survival group – fine discuss what you want, but even with them, stay away from discussing or planning issues which are clearly illegal. You should know better, the possession or production of explosive devices (such as grenades and mines) is illegal. This has nothing to do with paranoia or the tin hat brigade but real terrorism. After 9/11 and OKC you don’t discuss the making of explosive devices with anyone unless you looking to get locked up. For all those other preppers out there who see a need to mfg. explosive devices, keep your ideas to yourself. Besides, purchasing fuses over the Internet, what makes you think Uncle Sam does not know who you are? In fact, you might be buying from Uncle Sam. How better to identify crazies and radicals then to offer questionable items on the internet? Let’s just see who is ordering? They got you coming and going and you helped them. Don’t think for one moment that some of the blogs and on line stores might not be sting operations set up to identify potential radicals and subversives. Not everyone is preparing for just in case… Be careful what you buy and where you buy in what quantities. Be especially careful when arming yourself. It is no one’s business, except for members of your survival group and even with them, stay within the law. Trust is something which needs time to develop.

      95. I had to eat shit for two years while my ex got to the ten year point to get part of my pension. I had my computer, guns, ammo, and money double locked in one bedroom, and I slept in one with the door locked. The cops said she could bring her friends in and kick in my door and steal all my guns and there’s nothing I could do as Long as she still lived in the house. It was rough, she finally left Christmas eve ’99. Never saved a dime until she left.

      96. To some people, everything is an ego trip.

        Hey! I got 2000lbs of food!

        Look at all the guns I got!

        If they come knocking I’ll come Glocking!

        Look, people, vet the people you talk to about preps. If you aren’t careful, they will screw you over bigtime. While its hard to keep secrets from everyone you know, you can leave them with unspecific information. Yeah, I’ve got some food. Yeah, I’ve got some guns.

        Society is to paranoid that you would NEVER want to tell anyone that you have part or have the skills to create destructive devices. Couple that with guns and YOU ARE A TERRORIST JUST WAITING TO STRIKE!

        The run of the mill public in the USA are dumbed down sheople that have been fed a steady diet of gun fantasies from Tell A Vision (…of stupidity…) and think there are only two types of people that have a gun:

        1. Cops
        2. Criminals

        Two incidences that prove this:

        I was at my nieces birthday party. We’re a country family. Guns are a big part of our lives. Tools are tools to country folk. You just use them. A special guest from Chicago has stopped by for the birthday party. She came late. I had been shooting earlier and had one of my 9mm handguns in a Fobus on my hip. She saw it and said “Oh, shit! What is *THAAAAAT*!” I said, “A Smith&Wesson Model 59, 9mm. Here.” I subsequently, in a single motion, unholstered it, popped the clip and ejected the shell and handed it to here. (I’m really quick with it. Its my EDC.) She said, “Oh, my god! No! I don’t want to see it!!! Are you a cop?” “No.”, I said. “Well, then, are you going to kill someone?”, she says. “Uh, no. What planet are you from? I carry it for coyotes and other vermin both 4 legged and two legged that might cause me problems.” She said that in her town only two type of people have guns.

        I have a son that plays in a county concert band that has a concert every staturday evening. Its a fairly casual event that I attend to watch my son and hear some nice band music. As I usually do, at casual events, I open carry. I also know the band director (who just happens to be very pro-firearms. He dad was a local firearms dealer.) He shared with me one evening that several people had voiced concerns that a certain person was carrying a gun to which he answered, “Oh, thats Bob. He’s properly permitted and open carries for comfort.” As a side note the band director’s mother now, often, asks me what I’m carrying and wants to see it. She carries a Lady Smith.

        Sheople are paranoid and ignorant. Have patience and use wisdom. Best they don’t see something they don’t understand. If you’re doing something illegal (which, by the way, I have learned does not mean “dishonorable” or “immoral” or “wrong”) you better keep it hidden. Illegal is the means by which the state plays games with your life so they can tax, control and squash decent.

        Eventually the sheople will be slaughter like the sheep that they are by the government that they trusted to take care of them. I hate that the day that happens appears to be approaching fast. Does anything REALLY believe that the drones are there to collect information about “criminals”? We are the enemy and they are collecting information about us. They tested them overseas and now they are going to use them on us. Every drone pilot, mechanic and support tech is a traitor.

        Some day there will be a reckoning. I hope I am alive to see it.

      97. From world war one they had a saying – “Loose lips, sink ships”

      98. So basically you’re advising people commit crimes and keep it a secret. Okay, Got it.


      100. RON PAUL!!

      101. I worked for the guvmint 15 years before the stress of seeing so much dishonesty and screwing me over made my heart hid the skids. The irony of this now I am dependent on them for income and on such a shitload of meds I wont survive the shtf. I never heard of prepping before the GEO special. Now I’m watching how New York is responding to terrrist attacks. Are they all shit for brains or what? Do they think terrorists don’t have TVs? I don’t prep I’m a coupon fanatic. Mispelling key words is my hobby. Leave my address or web address, are u kidding?

        • to “to por to prep “, no offense, but sounds to me you just have a weird accent instead of “mispelling hobby” =)

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