Doomsday Planning: Underground Shelter Networks

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    While some preparedness minded individuals have created their own personal hideouts, bug out locations and homes away from major cities, many are stuck between a rock and a hard place. One of the challenges with moving the entire family out of a city and into a rural setting is maintaining an income. Most of the jobs are in the cities, and most require your physical presence at your job location, making it nearly impossible to create an effective country or rural habitat stocked with food, defense armaments, water sources, equipment and other necessary preparedness supplies.

    Even if you were to have the time, energy and wherewithal to establish an emergency home site, you’re posed with several challenges, one of which is maintaining security. If you don’t reside at the home site as a full time resident, there is always the threat of thieves breaking into the home, running off with thousands of dollars of supplies, which is a serious operational security issue if an emergency were to arise. If you get to your bug out location and your home has been looted it could lethal. Additionally, unless you’ve already have an established network of friends, family and neighbors of like mind, in a doomsday-like scenario resulting from natural or man-made causes, maintaining regular security over your perimeter will be a daunting and almost impossible task to accomplish.

    This is where the Terra Vivos Underground Shelter Network comes in.

    In May of 2010 we ran a report about Robert Vicino, a preparedness entrepeneur who was embarking on a mission to build self-contained shelters designed to be safe havens in the case of a catastrophe. As of this writing, Mr. Vicino, head of shelter building management firm Terra Vivos, has built several large-scale group shelters around the United States with one mega-shelter being constructed in Central Europe. The shelters are capable of accommodating from as little as 80 people in some of the US shelters to 2,000 people in their European “mega-shelter.”

    Here’s a short video tour of the Vivos underground shelter systems:

    There are a variety of price points available, depending on the shelter and the specific needs of the inhabitants. The “economy class” shelters, for example, would run a single individual about $9,950 and come stocked with food, fuel, medical and hygienic supplies for up to six months. Economy shelters provide inhabitants with everything they need to survive a doomsday event – anything from economic collapse to nuclear war. You may not be able to bring along the contents of your entire house when entering the economy class shelter due to storage limitations and you may not have the privacy and comfort you’re used to because walls are separated with canvas and curtain doors, but you’ll definitely fair better than the majority of the population stuck on the outside. According to Vivos, the economy class shelters rate about 2.5 stars on the hotel rating scale.

    For those look for longer term living – up to one year – and some added luxuries, Vivos offers first class 4 star accommodations through their Nebraska and Indiana shelters. The price is a bit more steep, ranging from $25,000 to $35,000 per person. But there’s certainly a benefit for the added fee. These shelters include interior decoration, exceptional quality furnishings, private rooms with hard walls and substantial storage space for personal belongings. The shelters are designed to face any threat we can conceive of, including nuclear, earthquakes, and even super volcano eruptions. The Indiana shelter, for example, is a Level 5 hardened nuclear shelter capable of withstanding a 20 megaton blast if it occurs within just a few miles of the shelter. The Nebraska shelter boasts 137,000 square feet of space, can accommodate over 900 people, and is strategically located in a wildlife area so when it’s time to return above ground, there will be plenty of game, fish, water and vegetation to start a new life.

    But what of the day to day living within the shelter? We contacted Vivos via email with some questions about how the shelters were managed and what type of staff they support.

    To become a member of a Vivos shelter group you’ll need to go through a screening process that will look at the experience, skills and background you bring to the table. Each shelter is designed to be an autonomous unit, so the members of any particular shelter will need to have the skills to deal with, among other things, day-to-day management of personnel, security (internal and perimeter), and medical needs. Essentially, each shelter will be populated like a MAG, or Mutual Assistance Group.

    Something that is of importance to anyone who may be moving into a facility where they don’t know anyone is how the “local government” works. We asked Vivos, and they have a well organized plan for this, as well:

    “Each shelter has its own set of Bylaws, Regulations and a Code of Conduct.  They are made available to actual buyers through the escrow process. The primary rule is: Cause no harm to any other member.  If someone does, each shelter has a security force and detention area.”

    Vivos says that the evidence and signs are clear that changes are coming. They pointed out something we and our contributors have discussed in recent years: It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. This, of course, is one of the driving motivations for many of us who are preparing for the worst. It’s better to be a month or a year early with your preparedness efforts than it is to be a day late.

    When we asked Vivos if they had any other comments to share with our readers with respect to a wide-scale disaster and their underground shelters, they responded with a simple question : “Which side of the door do you want to be on?”


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      1. Yea we know all about these underground bunker…spot on as usual Slavo!

        Everyone else reading this, check out the resurrection of

        Keeping the ‘NOW’ legacy alive, this website should become rather popular in a hopefully short amount of time!

      2. you couldnt get me to live in one of those shelters if you paid me..

        so If I die top side fighting as I go down, so be it.

        living like that would be worse then death

        besides, im not weathy enough, or connected, and who would want to be with those types anyways, chances are you would be rubbing shoulders with the ass holes that made TSHTF. Or at least had played a part in it

        • VRF said it! People need to watch “Lord of the Flies” (Or read it), one more time, and apply it to armed adults. Anyone who thinks strangers, or even friends, will hunker down and be hunky dorey knows nothing of human behavior, siege mentality, or life in general.

          Anyone with a tiny bit of authority in one of these bunkers will almost assuredly become a tyrant in a matter of days, if not hours. Don’t believe me? Go to a nearby HOA meeting. I assure you, when TSHTF I will not be locked up underground or anywhere if I have anything to say or do about it. No thank you.

          • You are absolutely correct. Why do you think there is such scrutiny and psychological testing on Navy submarine personnel who can be down for up to six months. And still there are sidearms and rifles. They aren’t there to defend against an attack at 1200 feet by Aquaman’s evil twin and his band of vixen mermaids.

            Here you will have wealthy, spoiled, snobbish, entitled pricks and their dysfunctional offspring who are no longer under the care of their 5th Avenue ‘shrink’ at $300 an hour. From a psychological standpoint this is liquid nitroglycerin over an unpaved road on a hotplate!!!

            And imagine the lethal ‘office politics’ that will occur as supplies and resources run low due to extenuating circumstances above ground and it is determined that an ‘elite’ 10% can hold on for another year, otherwise they’re all dead within a month. You DO want to be a fly on the wall for this one! Starving snakes in a pit attired with Gestapo uniforms will have nothing on this ‘moral’ drama.

            In the short term these ‘princess’ installations would seem to have their appeal. But intermediate to long term… I know which side of the ventilator shaft I would want to be on!

            • The wealthiest and best connected in each group will probably be the only ones to get inside. It would suck to arrive at your luxury bunker and have your cardkey not work because “emergency protocall” does not permit the opening of the door. Those inside with the hottest wives or GFs would find themselves “detained” and liquidated as time passed and supplies ran low. The “security force” would not allow anyone else to be armed so no challenge to their authority could be mounted.

          • Agreed concerning HOAs. Most often some real estate agent who “knows best” but does not have the sense to pour pi** out of a boot.

        • Thinking the *exact* same things here.

          Unless we’re talking nuclear fallout, super-massive volcanic ash clouds, or other such things where underground with a bunch of rich folks would be the *only* option? No effing way, Jose’.

          I mean, picture this:

          Take a bunch of A-type personalities and their typically-spoiled entitlement-minded families, and pack them all into what will quickly become cramped quarters. Make double-plus good certain that the majority are the aggressive type with easily-bruised egoes, who think they’re ‘entitled’. Ensure that the majority will be people who are used to giving orders, not taking them. Insure there are no servants or staff around as handy targets to direct the inevitable anger and frustrations at (after all, they’d just eat up all the food or even revolt, you know?) Next, give them *all* guns.

          Oh, and make certain that the vast majority of them (if not all of ’em) are completely ignorant of even the most basic of survival/traditional skills, of patience, self-reliance, or even empathy of their fellow man.

          Now… let’s put them into a hyper-stressful SHTF/TEOTWAWKI situation – one that stands a good chance of breaking the minds and sanity of even normally-adjusted human beings.

          Sheyah – count me the frig out.

          I’ll take my chances out here, thanks.

          If that bunker door ever opened six months post-SHTF, you’d perhaps find (maybe) one survivor in there, and he’d likely be drooling and babbling incoherent words to himself for the rest of his miserable life.

          Want a good historical example? Pitcairn Island (as in, Mutiny on The Bounty):

          It quickly became a world of sh!t, with people killing each other left, right, and sidewise. Only one guy of the original crew, John Adams, managed to survive the mess. Every other man who landed there was either killed, or committed suicide. Now imagine that, instead of an island with plenty of room and pretty women, you were stuck in a hole…

          • Bring Jane down underground with your group, put her in charge and things will be fine :).

            • ROFLOL!! Thx for the laugh, Anon!!

            • Sorry, but I’m not going into any hole willingly…

            • Stand clear I say. She’s mine. I like FINE. What kind of seeds DK? Po’P what kind of kitty lip balm?

            • OMG thats hilarious….she wouldn’t last long at all

            • Awesome, truly genius.

      3. Market this to the banksters, politicians, lawyers, Judges,and Government brainwashed..
        and when its full..

        lock the door and turn off the life support

        than we can get to the real buisness of getting this country back up and running like it should be

        its kinda like that joke..

        what do you call 5,000 lawyers dead in the bottom of a pool?
        a dam good start.

        • “lock the door and turn off the life support”

          Nah – just weld the doors shut. Lacking that, get a Bobcat or two and just move some earth. No need to shut anything off – the rest just sort of takes care of itself.

      4. VRF said it! People need to watch “Lord of the Flies” (Or read it), one more time, and apply it to armed adults. Anyone who thinks strangers, or even friends, will hunker down and be hunky dorey knows nothing of human behavior, siege mentality, or life in general.

        Anyone with a tiny bit of authority in one of these bunkers will almost assuredly become a tyrant in a matter of days, if not hours. Don’t believe me? Go to a nearby HOA meeting. I assure you, when TSHTF I will not be locked up underground or anywhere if I have anything to say or do about it. No thank you.

        • DaveyBoy: Absolutely right about HOA’s and the litte Hitler’s they spawn. I learned that decades ago and sold my Town Home.

          I never recommend a condo or townhome to anyone over a SFR; particularly if the SFR is on your own land. maybe a condo if it is a second home in a resort location, or a time share.

      5. I’ll take my chances topside, way back in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the financial costs involved with these organizations, the psychological screening involved is deficient IMO. Most people will not be able to adjust to such an alien environment. It will be a life in isolation and confinement. You will have very limited privacy, with much potential for authoritarian abuse by the selected “leaders”. You will not be able to come and go to the outside world as you wish, even if deemed “safe” to do so. Every moment of your lives will be regulated and controlled, with force if necessary. You will effectively become the private property of the persons who are placed in charge. It will literally be a hell-hole for anyone going into these bunkers.

        • “I’ll take my chances topside, way back in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.”

          Ditto that one. If I can’t make it properly to the Ozarks, I may as well hunker down out here in Oregon.

      6. And what does the actual structure consist of? A bunch of land-sea containers pinned together to a central dining hall? One would be much better off with just purchasing your own land-sea cargo container and burying it on your own property.

      7. I remember a rather silly joke about bunkers.

        There are three guys who accept to take part in some psychology experiment. They will be locked for 20 years in some underground room with only one pleasure item, in order for the scientists to examine human behavior.
        The German guy asks for beers, the French guy asks for women, and the Greek guy asks for cigarettes.
        So they lock them up and the time passes.
        As soon as the 20 years end, the scientists open the heavy door. Here comes the German with a belly big as an elephant. He drunk all the beers and is about to explode.
        Then comes the French guy followed by the women and dozens of kids.
        Finally they open the Greek door, and the guy jumps out holding a cigarette and says: Holly shit, anybody has a lighter or a match?

        • 😀

          Good to see your sense of humor is still burning brightly 🙂

          How are you holding up out there?

        • When the new school year started the history teacher was so
          excited because there were three little Indian boys in her class.
          She was beside herself with excitement.
          So she asks the first little Indian boy to stand up and tell
          the class what tribe he was from and how he knows this.
          The little boy stands up and proudly throws out his chest and
          takes his fist and hits it on his chest.
          He says in a booming voice, “I am a Cherokee. My Father and I
          walked for many moons and one day my Father says son, you see all
          this land. This is Cherokee land. So, I know I am a Cherokee”.
          The teacher says very good and asks the next little Indian boy
          to stand. The little boy stands up and proudly throws out his
          chest, takes his fist and hits it on his chest.
          He says in a booming voice, “I am a Comanche. My Father and I
          walked for many moons and one day my Father says son, you see all
          this land. This is Comanche land. So, I know I am a Comanche”.
          The teacher is growing more excited by the moment and asks the
          last little Indian boy to stand up. The little boy stands up and
          proudly throws out his chest, takes his fist and hits it on his
          chest. He says in a booming voice, “I am a Fuckawee.”
          The teacher looks dumb founded. She says, “I don’t think there
          is any such tribe as the Fuckawee.”
          The little boy says, “My Father and I walked for many days and
          many nights. And many nights and many days. We ran out of water,
          but we kept walking. With no rest, we were getting weary. Finally,
          one day my Father stops and with his hand to shield the sun from
          his eyes, looks around. “He said hmm, where the Fuckawee.”

          • Odd Questioner,
            we are fine. The spirit is high, and due to the people the government made its first move. They changed people within the cabinets. But it only gave them a couple of months more.

            LOL :-), thanks. I have another with indians.

            When the little boy grows a bit, he asks his father how the indians take their names.
            Dad replies, that whatever important is related with the exact time of the conception, this is which gives the name.
            For example your brother “eagle on the tree”, was named after that because an eagle sat on this sekoya.
            Your cousin “bear in the river” for a similar reason.
            Is it clear now my son “spoiled condom” ?

      8. The backhoe is running and I’m less than one month from starting the dig. I have a poured basement and I plan to dig down beside the basement, set a 20ft shipping container down beside it, form and pour a doorway to seal the container to the wall of the basement and then bury it. I plan to move the larder into it and set up sleeping quarters for us in the other end. It won’t be deep but at least it will be completely storm proof. Total cost will be about $2500.

        • I read on another site about the approach of burying containers (such as the Pods you can buy). It sounds cheap and easy, but the big concern I heard about is the lack of structural support for the walls and ceiling once the container is buried and the surrounding dirt begins to settle.

          • Mick, firstly, the sides are fine. As long as you don’t try and “pack it in” right after you full the sides in. It also depends on how deep you bury it.

            The sides can be kept pressure free by filling first with pea gravel. This is a good idea anyway since it will keep the water pressure off the sides, and, thus, the side pressure. Anything buried with rock beside it has a reduction of side pressure of about 1/2. The sides of those containers are pretty sturdy. The roof too, however, one has to be careful after the initial fill not to machine pack the fill. Let it settle naturally.

            I used to dry up wet basements for a living. You learn a bit about ground pressure when you do things like that. …and you see a lot of other people make mistakes that you learn by. Mostly gravel backfill, no machine packing and not burying it too deep (for the top. Also, I’ve considered finding a “hump” in the property someplace and half bury another one and then put the soil up over the top of it. This cures other problems. One could have a standalone bunker just about anywhere there was a hill you could cut a slot into. Anyways, if I have problems, I’ll just dig it up and do something different.

            • I’m years away from being able to do such a thing, but I do have a question. How much pea gravel are you back filling? about?

            • What about electricity adn air?

      9. The wife and I bought into underground shelter package for $9000.00 total…they’re called graves!

        • That was just plain beautiful, I am going to remember that one. 🙂
          You only get a bed for that price, WOW!!!

      10. Wish I could afford one of these, and a six pac…

        Buy Silver, help crash JP Morgan!

        • Joerocker: Too late for that Joe. The last retracement in silver was manufactured so that JP Morgan could discharge their shorts.

          Ride silver to the top Joe.

      11. wasnt there an experiment where they took scientists and put them into a self sustaining environment?
        had plants , water system living in a bubble..A Bio-Dome or something like that in Arizona

        from my ended up bad, didnt work..mostly because of poor planning if i remember
        And these people were “screened” for this type of deal

        anyone know or remember this, it wasnt too far back

        either way, you take too many different mind sets and cram them into something like this, you just end up with a Mass Burial..period


        this was an above ground unit, and it didnt work..had animals, food sources..etc..

        an underground bunker would be nothing but a grave

        • IIRC, a lot of the biodome/biosphere projects were also (literally) air-tight, and were intended to be a complete closed-loop system.

        • I think you are thinking of the biosphere II experiment. A total flop that did not work, and they even quietly brought in food, etc.

      13. It might be handy for things like solar flares or nuclear wars, but what happens if the planet is rocked by earthquakes. You will be encased in your own tomb. No thanks, I’ll take my chances above ground.

      14. Big sale going on at Okie’s ‘Bunkers R Us’ store. The single family unit has 4 lawn chairs, 2 gal water, 4 granola bars and a pint of cheap whiskey. All stashed in a semi submerged extra large livestock watering tank (the nuclear-proof galvanized kind) Only $1799.
        Or try the Extended Family model which includes extra chairs, more granola and whiskey, and an empty 5 hundred bushel grain silo, reinforced with extra layers of radiation repelling spray paint (colors vary). Now only $3599 at Bunkers R Us. Plus with each purchase we offer a free booklet on how to turn your radar detector into a geiger counter (duct tape and JB Weld not included) That’s Okie’s Survival Store and Bunkers R Us conveniently located on hwy 9 near the sewage treatment plant. Open year-round except for holidays, hunting season and when we go fishing.

        • I have a question about your extended bunkers. I wants to brings wit me my 2 cousins, cuz they is so pretty. She is a blonde and he is a brunette, anyways, I needs to know, can we gets some extended credit to buy the bunker, cuz we is an extended family?

          • You can write us a hot check. We take ’em all the time!
            And I love your Posting name! You’re not really Charlie Sheen in reality are you? Wait…I take that back. Charlie never was ‘in’ reality was he?
            By the way, I have lots of kin from Arkansawww and we may be cousins too. If so, we’ll let you in the bunker, just don’t look at me with that gleam in your eye. You’re makin’ me nervous.

            • Dont worry, I wont say; “You sure do got a pretty mouth” 🙂

        • Woot!

          That was funny!

      15. Didn’t the government setup checkpoints and roadblocks during Katrina, so only people they deemed “authorized” could get in or out? Paying $25-35K for a 1st class spot in one of these shelters does you no good if you’re stopped from bugging out of your town when the need arises.

      16. No, No wrong way you need to go up and gain height on your area of control. Got to not go medieval, that crap don’t work.

      17. Has anybody ever seen these shelters other than vaporware?

        I have seen this video many times and the interview with the designer but I have never seen the real steel.I guess it’s a secrete till 3 days before you need to know.

        Going into one of those things several years after tshtf would be interesting. Your imagination just goes nuts to think about it.

        It would be like the scarest movie you ever saw x1000.

        • WARNING
          I agree Ray, like in the movie “Deep Imapact” where they are all packed on to the buses and taken to the “secret place” and upon arrival that Army dude comes stomping on, yelling orders, something like… ” FOLLOW ME!!! FOLLOW MY ORDERS, STAY IN LINE, ACTUNG!!! YOU ALL WILL OBEY ME FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS, GET USED TO IT!! “…. yikes, no thanks on that.

      18. ~~~when it’s time to return above ground, there will be plenty of game, fish, water and vegetation to start a new life.~~~
        After a nuclear attack???Really???

        • It’ll probably look the like the beginning of the movie, “Book of Eli”. Kitty lip balm anybody?

      19. I would not be interested in buying into one of those “group graves”. They say you’re vetted but, how? …by how much money you can pay people off with? Nah, SHTF is a very personal thing for me. I won’t trust anyone that I haven’t vetted on my own. They can have these mass graves. They may look like they’re going to live in comfort and safety, however, like the city, unless there is some kind of infrastructure to support it, your time will be limited and then you’ll either starve or you’ll have to strike out on your own. No, I’ll take my chances, long term, above ground. I acknowledge the need for underground bunkers for temporary escape to safety for, maybe, hiding and to escape a tornado, fallout, a super CME/EMP or other such events. Living underground after SHTF longterm with a bunch of people that could afford a whole bunch of money to pay for that kind of thing sounds like pure hell to me. I mean, think about it, these people probably have no skills and no resources. …and do you think they’ll let you keep your weapons? Ha! Essentially, this is “socialized prepping”. Pay someone else to do it for you.

        We’ve socialized so many things in this society: defense and security (the police), basic education (public schools), national defense (army – We used to have militias), etc, etc. Socializing your prepping? How would that work out? Leaving your fate in the hands of others? Do you REALLY think they’ll have your best interests in mind WTSHTF?

      20. Nice post to complement this one (last comment on this post about RealitySlapNOW, I promise)

        These underground bunkers are a scary fact. Sure we can have a laugh about them here I laugh about them to, but I’d be lying if I said that the fact they exist DO NOT disturb me or prove that some big cataclysmic event is coming our way shortly…I guess all we can really do is sit back and wait, but I’m with the people who said I’d rather die then sell my soul and take a seat in one of these places…especially the government ones…

        • Guys, these f–kers are not trying to hide from sun flares or nuks! Their thinking the house of cards is about to fall and they are trying to hide from the civil-unrest…that’s going to be an uncontrollable nightmare. The governments of the world see the probability of this happening and are going to ground. At least some of them will get to watch the show and instant replays via..satellite and predator drones. If you take a few steps back and look at the big picture. It’s population reduction 101… people are not starving yet but, believe me or not! it’s coming sometime in the foreseeable future. “Human population as come to an implosion point and greed has pushed it over the edge!”

          I hope…hope there is not going to be any nuks! Kind of hard to ambush or shoot a nuk.. 🙁

          • Ok, so that’s the worst case scenario! 🙂 you can take off the foil hat now…lol

        • ANON: What’s the point of having a blog if all you are going to do is post a blurb for articles that someone else wrote, provide a link to the original article, then expect a audience?

          Try adding some value.

      21. 15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[f] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[g] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” Rev. 6:15-17

      22. nope…cannot make me live like a mole with these kinda folks or these conditions…will stick to my own hole thank you very much.

      23. The visual here reminds me that going into a hole in the ground is for those who want to die. If you can’t maneuver, you can’t fight. If you can’t move about, you can’t feed your family. What’s the disconnect here?

        • that’s the way I feel about it as well. Screw crawling in a hole…even if it is furnished!

        • Jonny V; The idea is to take all of the essentials with you underground until the “thumping” stops, suggesting that the war is over, the chem trails have expired, and the EMP is passed.

          Com’on Jonny! Every guy wants his own “bat cave”. I got mine with a spring, plenty of game, and lots of firewood. All I need is lots of seeds and JANE! 🙂

          • ROFLOL!! DK…You are gonna be in trouble now!! I can’t wait!! 😀 Is it the 4th of July yet? The fireworks should be pretty good!!

          • Yeah she “might” make good bait or feed for the critters so they leave you alone…LoL

      24. Fuck this living in fear bullshit. Live free, die free…..and fuck the TSA.

      25. This totally reminds of the “Fallout Games”. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an underground vault in a SHTF scenario, especially in a earthquake zone. I’m pretty sure there are more alternatives.

      26. Pffff I’d rather fight than hide under ground with a bunch of folks I don’t even know.

      27. This reminds me of the Stanford psychological experiment. Where persons of authority were against the “prisoners”. Very dangerous situation. My philosophy is to stay mobile and stay low. I don’t even like the idea of a back yard shelter, if you have that you better have “eyes and ears” on all approach points if not you’re as good as dead too.

        Underground bunkers are dangerous when a mix-bag of people come together in confined spaces. The “security” force will rule over the so called “clients”. Their daughters and wives will become trophy prizes. Military men and LEO’s tend to stick and band together, the clients are nothing more than sheep.

        I pity them.

      28. In response to Netranger and Nick, I have a container I am burying, well into the project now. I do recommend reinforcing the side panels, I am welding a 3″ C channel into the corrugations, using 13 per side. This adds the necessary side load strength. Mine will be 2-3 feet below grade, reinforcing the top is the biggest concern. The roof is very weak. I am welding a header that runs down the length of both sides that is 4″ from the roof. I am using a 2×6 roof joist that rests on this header. I use one joist on each rib in the roof, that means 56 joists. They are coped to match the crown in the roof and to rest along the header, the C channels come up under the header to provide additional support. You also need to think about water proofing, ventilation, humidity, insulation if you intend to heat and cool it. It’s a challenge but worth the effort in my opinion. The final piece to the puzzle is to use a heavy mill plastic, around .040″. After you get the container partially buried, create a grade and cover the container with the .040″ material, extending out a minimum of 10′ in all directions and then continue your burial. This umbrella you are creating will keep the dirt around the container completely dry and minimize the side load compression because you will not have the soil getting wet, then drying out and heaving as this goes on.

        As far as the comments people are making about a group of people living together in an underground structure, I agree completely about the societal problems that will develop and damn quickly.

        You do need community though, you will NOT survive what is coming on your own. People that think they can throw the BOB over their shoulder and run around the forest hunting Bambi and drinking out of streams are delusional.

        There is a balance in this, you have to find out what that is for yourself, I have. It can be done with the right group of people, not one of my group are in that upper 1%. In fact I turned down a family that could have funded my entire BOL with one check. It’s not about the money, it’s about the skills they bring and a willingness to work. We are all hard working and committed to the group. This can be done and many around the country and doing it.

        • 45-70 asking OKPrepper, If there are so many people out there doing the bunker(survival) thing just where are they? I have been trying to build and supply a place for like-minded people to lease for when SHTF. We are not able to reach this type of people for some reason. Can you help?

          • I can help (well, explain it).

            It’s called OPSEC, or Operational Security.

            The concept is really simple. You prep and keep quiet. Even among trusted people, you never let on about how much you have. Even in a Mutual Assistance Group, you always keep a bit for yourself, and so will they. Just the way it is.

            The reason why is simple, too:

            * If everyone in your neighborhood knows you have stockpiles of food/water/etc – when the SHTF, guess whose doorstep they’re going to be on, with empty bellies and looking for (or even demanding) handouts?

            * If the local authorities know you have a stockpile of firearms and ammunition, guess whose door they’re going to break down when the SHTF, looking to disarm you so that you ‘don’t cause trouble’? Note that this is exactly what happened in New Orleans and adjoining ares, just after Katrina passed through.

            Long story short, there are *very* good reasons that most actual preppers keep quiet about it in real life.

          • 45-70, Old Questioner is right, it’s about OPSEC. My best recommendation would be to join some of the survival blogs and forums. They often have regional sections. Learn about MAG’s (Mutual Assistance Groups)in your area. Join those groups, it might have to attend several meetings before you learn who is prepping at a more advanced level.

            I started out looking for land just for my family. I actually own over 800 acres in another state, it’s 500 miles away from where we live now. Ideal location, but too far to use as a BOL. I started looking for land around my area while educating myself as to the kind of threats we could face. It didn’t take too long before I realized I could not do this on my own. So as I began stockpiling my Beans, Bullets and Band aids, I starting to look for like minded people. I am involved in a MAG and have used this group to recruit people to join me in my efforts.

            It is a long drawn out process. I watch people in our group and slowly as I get to know them, the ones that stand out I talk with one on one and see where it goes from there.

            If you find a MAG, don’t get too aggressive looking for these kinds of preppers, they would suspect you could be a plant. Hopefully you have some valuable skills that would be attractive to them. Good luck with your search.

      29. imagine the world’s politics concentrated into one small underground neighborhood… sprinkle a few mooslims into the mix and WEEDAWGIE!! Please pass the popcorn! 😀

      30. I have to agree with some of the statements regarding groups living together in shelters and then breaking down. If you ever watched the show Survivor , you see how things break down quickly, a very good example of real life how we all start breaking down into smaller groups, and there is always that one person who needs to take control.

        I have seen this for many years where I work at , where people get a long at first, then conflict occurs. I think I will hunker down with my family and connect with the other groups later, but not live with these groups.

        • If the clients are ever actually allowed in, this type of shelter will be full of people who think they should be in charge. I suspect that the people who are selling this scheme are only stocking their own private retreat/bunker. A bunker used to hide from a SHTF event is OK as long as it remains unknown. If people think they will fight off the angry mob and slam the door to their underground haven, they will be terrified when the sounds of their bunker being sealed/buried are all around them.

          These things have been built (IF they really have been built) by contractors, and the grunts who did the actual building knew what was being built and where.

      31. The life after SHTF is starting to sound a lot like the Afterlife…I do my living and gardening above ground thanks anyway.

      32. Not so sure i would want to survive by a bunker surrounded by angry White America as my surviving neighbors.
        I am sure if a few thousand survive the collapse and set up new governments It might resemble Nazi Germany:
        They would definitely round up Blacks, Jews, Gays, Democrats, liberals, Catholics, Muslims, druggies, Physically handicapped, the mentally challenged, prisoners and blame them for the collapse and kill them.
        I do not want any part of Haters.
        I would rather die.

        • Time to get “real” timetogetreal!!! I (a white catholic) would be beat down if i walk through a black “hood” right now, democrats and liberals shout me down with incohearant talking points, muslims kill nonbelievers,druggies rob me, handicapped take all the parking spaces,catholics(my own “group”) want me to worship their way!! who are the reall HATERS??? must be the mentally challenged, and that is YOU!!!! P.S. the last group you mentioned killed jesus!! REST MY CASE YOU ACCORN SCUM!!!

          • Kevin says: REST MY CASE YOU ACCORN SCUM!!!

            And I rest my case.
            You Kevin are the ultimate “HATER”.
            You Kevin get the SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER AWARD!
            You and your kind if they survive in a fall out shelter are going to set up a what kind of government or social rule?
            It would be “HELL” for everyone that survived.
            Why not call your self “JIM JONES” and pass the around the koolaide.

            • you say “and I rest my case” your reply to my reply shows who you are(the mirror never lies my friend, look into it)! I am the ultimate hater? Jim jones? Satans little helper? Me and my kind? So you obviously think that you are YOU and YOUR kind?????? HA HA HA HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA! I know you can not help yourself, getting an accorn check must be easy for you, you were raised to hate people! God bless, and have a great day!

            • Kevin says:

              Satan awaits you Kevin.
              His arms are open wide for you.
              Satan feeds off your hatred for
              your fellow human.
              When you are in church’s Bible meeting
              pretending to worship in front of your fellow church members, just remember this:
              You and Satan are becoming one.

            • Just wanted to say, thanks for the prayors timetogetreal!

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

            • Grow up and get a brain. Here is a prime example of the
              USELESS IDIOTS

            • grow up? brain? useless? idiot? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I have been to okie, that state is full of them! kettle,black!! god bless, and have a nice day!

            • Yes Kevin,
              I see you are thoroughly enjoying the thought of becoming one with Satan. You are laughing with joyful glee! I know you secretly desire to be his disciple! But i ask you Kevin how can you enter a holy church and pretend to worship God?
              You secretly desire to fulfill Satan’s will and become one with him..No?
              Kevin it is not too late to save your poor soul from your demonic desires. Go to your pastor or your priest and have them lay hands on you.
              We will pray for you Kevin.

            • Getreal, you are a moron

      33. The ultimate resupply cache.

      34. Always follow the rats advice regarding sinking ships.

        Manager Betting $6 Billion On A Doomsday Scenario

        Mark Spitznagel is losing tons of money every day running Universa, his $6 billion hedge fund, and he’s weirdly calm about it.

        Part of the reason is that he only has about 15 investors to answer to, and they have enough money to invest more than $50 million, Universa’s minimum investment, in a world doom scenario. (Several sovereign wealth funds, for example, which need to hedge for 2008-type scenarios, are invested in Spitznagel’s fund.)

        Another is that Spitznagel’s fund is currently betting that a huge disaster is coming — that will cause the S&P to fall 40%, for example — and until it happens, he’ll keep losing money. It’s inevitable.

        Read more:

      35. I’ve been in quite a few of these. Everyone there is picked with a special skill and job experience that you brought to the table or you didn’t last long. If you had an attitude, you had to have a lot of charm and you got a nickname. The more training you had, the more valuable you were but you weren’t any better than anybody else. It could accommodate at least 5600 and it was strategically located so it would be hard to get to. These shelters were designed to face many threats. It come stocked with food, fuel, medical and hygienic supplies for up to six months but food & tp was really the only limiting factor with it’s narrow purpose.

        There was plenty of water, fish and vegetables (canned). They had their own security with regulations and even doctors and dentists, two were surgeons. You had to wear special clothes. They had their own water and the meals were mostly pretty great but the menu was lacking. The air was fresh except the days they served beans and you followed somebody to close. The water was different colors every few months if you were lucky. They even paid us but I hear some people pay them so they can do it. Privacy was a luxury but we had our own church and buried people almost every week but only on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. but thankfully most of them were old timers that I didn’t know but respected greatly. More than a few, that I did know, didn’t get buried, they just didn’t come back because they were lost forever.

        Communications was great and even snail mail during the holidays, which was pretty good considering what it took to get it there. That’s just some of the good things. There was some less than perfect things also. If you showed or displayed weakness you were a target. There were fires everyday and anybody was expected to take charge. Some of the rooms I stayed in had bombs come through the roof, years before. The people that were killed had their names on the door. You never had more than a thousand yards to commute but the new people were always getting lost. When you went into these things you said good bye to your family and some weren’t around when you walked out. But back to the best parts, that was meeting different people from somewhere else. They let us out every once in a while to stretch our legs, each time was different if you were new. Call me crazy but I liked flying off the roof & my friends coming up next to me, but nothing beats catching a three wire when I came home. One of these days they’re going to kick me out.

      36. Hey, Mac… Will they have a jail down there? Because if I was down there, that is where I would end up. I could sit still only so long before I would have to resort to my old ways… looting, pilfering, drinking, fighting, stalking and ravaging females.. You get the idea. I hope I get a decent cell mate!

        • I’m sure you’ll make him a fine wife 😉

      37. wow mac, that was quiet the sales pitch! LOL. That wasn’t an article but rather a commercial. I mean shouldn’t there be an article about the pros and cons about such a set up? As a reader I would be far more intrested in practical applications of such and set up rather than what a certain company is offering.

        • I never get these types.

          ‘Being a hero isn’t dying for your country. It’s making the other dumb son-of-a-bitch die for his.’

          –General George S. Patton

          Reason dictates that if one is absolutely determined to exit, stage left, one would derive greater spiritual satisfaction and provide a much greater utility and service to his fellow victims by delivering as many demons-in-training as possible back to their point of origin who are responsible for one’s suffering and destitution.

          What a thoughtless and selfish waste. I say this as the very same scum that caused his dilemma, continue to perpetrate it to untold others with a confident smirk while wallowing in luxury and influence.

          I just don’t get it!

      38. For what it’s worth, Russia has built an extensive shelter system capable of housing a huge portion of their population. They have even built hardened shelters designed to be used for manufacturing heavy equipment. They intend to survive a nuclear war.
        Switzerland used to have a law requiring shelters in private homes. The standard included a specific level of blast protection, i.e. a bomb shelter. I believe Switzerland has abandoned this requirement but of course most of those shelters still exist.
        The U.S. gave up shelters (for the masses) in the 60’s. There is nothing except a few secret shelters for government and perhaps military. Maybe that was the correct thing to do considering the costs involved. But in the event of a nuclear war you will be on your own perhaps for years or until the Russians rebuild and then invade.

      39. Here is the best plan:

        Get 100 acres of cheap scrub land in a northern state.

        Have your own bunker built underground for your own family on it.

        camoflage the entrance.

        Ideally, you would dig a bunker inside a cave.

        • SSPXER,

          Where does one find cheap scrub land in northern states? I’m looking for a backup BOL. I plan to Bug In where I’m at unless it gets too hot then I’ll pack up, gun up and split.

          Any ideas?

          • NetRanger: There is cheap scrub land in Northern and Northwestern Arizona. Try Seligman AZ and locales west and southwest. Also western New Mexico.

            Just saying.

          • NetRanger-

            I say in the Northern states because you will have water (i.e., snow) 6 months of the year minimum.

            But if you go to and search around northwestern Minnesota; northeastern North Dakota, you can find land in the $400/acre ballpark.

            For example, search in Polk, Marshall, Kittson Counties in Minnesota (towns would be within 20 miles of Argyle, MN, just spend some time on the searches in that area).

            You are not too far from Grand Forks, ND there.

            I know what most land goes for because my grandpa had a farm up there, and I have always liked the very small towns as bugout locales, or the isolated raw land still readily available where one could have a bunker dug without anyone at all ever the wiser, because the farms are so far apart.

            • ND and MN are great if you want 40 below temps too: wet and cold. SW New Mexico and North AZ have water, game, and fuel.

              BTW: Cayce said MN and ND would be underwater with the Changes. There’s a reason they call MN Land of 10,000 Lakes. Not a good BOL.

              Find some elevation. 🙂

            • SSPXER is right about the water deal.

              Even outside of Salt Lake City, water rights were a constant source of civil strife among property owners. Oftentimes land was for sale cheap, but you didn’t have rights to the water on (or under) it unless you bought those with the land.

              Personally, I’m starting to prefer the Pacific Northwest. The temperatures are better year-round, water is definitely *not* a problem, and the forests are still thick and lush. Northern California would be a good second, but keep an eye to the south for refugees (though it won’t be as big of a problem as you may first think).

              South? The Ozarks are your best bet – it’s hard living, but certainly doable. Anywhere else? Well, IMHO, unless you’re already considered a “good ol’ boy” (or the like), avoid living there, unless you move down there right now and start integrating well w/ the locals. Otherwise you’ll be the outsider, and automatically the first target of suspicion when the SHTF. Trust among neighbors is paramount in the South, and if you don’t have it, you won’t get on very well.

              East? The Appalachians around West Virginia. Not sure about the culture, though.

        • I have read down through the replies to SSPXER’s plan. It is clear to me that very few people have really thought this kind of scenario out. People better get used to the idea that you will have to have a community if you are going to survive what we could be facing. If you looking at a 100 acre BOL, you should plan on having a minimum of 30 and more like 50-60 like minded people there with you. People that can get along under times of extreme stress.

          If you are a single family, what happens when you run out of your food stores? You have to plan for redundancy and be able to grow your own food. I don’t think living in Minnesota with a short growing season is the way to go. You might be able to live hunting Bambi for a while.

          While your working in your garden, if you have one, who is providing security on your 100 acre property? The larger the property the more people you need to keep an eye on who might walk in you and try and take your stores and maybe if they like your BOL, they take your life and keep your BOL until the next stronger group comes along.

          If you are within 100 miles from a major city, eventually the food in the cities will run out and the “road warriors” will venture further and further out looking for supplies. If you are close to the city with your BOL, it better not have anything that would draw attention to pass-er-by-ers. If you have a nice looking place, you need a small army to defend it.

          If you are 100 miles out, that makes it really tough to go out on weekends and work on your BOL. If you hire people to work on it for you, you might find them already there occupying it for you when you do finally bug out.

          I am not trying to talk anyone out of doing this kind of thing, you just have to realize what you are up against and how momentousness doing something like this can be. I know, I am doing it and it ain’t easy. I have 3 kids, that is my motivation to keep going.

      40. Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob Las Vegas Convenience Store!

        LAS VEGAS – Caught on camera, a mob of young folks bombarded the Town Stop comfort shop on Sunset Street and Pecos Road and stole in merchandise. “It became a feeding frenzy,” said Town Cease operator Jon Athey. “They were in the retailer for a few minutes and 30 seconds… It is a quite frightening issue.” Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched several items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy… potato chips,” he said. Athey says this tactic is known as a “swarm”. After 42 decades in the comfort keep company, Athey says this crime stands out. “This is the biggest a single I’ve actually witnessed,” he explained. If you walk into a convenience shop, you anticipate every single transfer to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every single path, nonetheless, didn’t stop this crew. “Now, you happen to be seeing droves swarming in the front doors – correct right here – as quick as they can arrive in,” Athey mentioned as he watched the surveillance video clip. “You can see them milling all around by the beer doorways. Now, you might be going to see them commence deciding on products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They are placing it down their pants.” The crowd commenced strolling out without having to pay, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They are all coming back for seconds,” Athey stated. Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell telephone. They then rushed back again out the doorway. “We ended up blessed no one was harm,” Athey explained. Athey states the clerk followed his training. He hopes …

        Thursday, June 2nd, 2011general
        TAGS: Convenience, Hooligans, Store, Swarm, Vegas

      41. maybe the building of these shelters is where some of this countrys money is going to?

      42. Hmm, let’s see. You don’t get to see the bylaws until you put the money in escrow. Shades of ObamaCare. Gotta vote for it before you can see it.

        Ditto on the animals, fish , etc patiently waiting for you to emerge. Aren’tcha glad there ain’t no one left outside?

        What if you need a warranty claim? No warranty? Ooo, the 6 month’s worth was a small package of granola.

        Nah, I’ll be right where I am.

        Oh and those shipping containers (conex), keep in mind the doors swing out and are easily locked shut without a lock. Better make a door that swings inward. Old guard rail is available for re-enforcing the roof and walls. Good point on the visqueen, but it doesn’t need to be thick. Visqueen lasts a lifetime when buried.

        You better read the results of the Stanford Experiment. Now imagine it with a passel of type A personalities. Can you spell warlord? Oops spelled it for you.

      43. I can’t remember the name of it, but there is this rubberized spray/paint material you can spray on the container and it would seal it for water

      44. Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob Las Vegas Convenience Store!

        LAS VEGAS – Caught on camera, a mob of young folks bombarded the Town Stop comfort shop on Sunset Street and Pecos Road and stole in merchandise. “It became a feeding frenzy,” said Town Cease operator Jon Athey. “They were in the retailer for a few minutes and 30 seconds… It is a quite frightening issue.” Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched several items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy… potato chips,” he said. Athey says this tactic is known as a “swarm”. After 42 decades in the comfort keep company, Athey says this crime stands out. “This is the biggest a single I’ve actually witnessed,” he explained. If you walk into a convenience shop, you anticipate every single transfer to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every single path, nonetheless, didn’t stop this crew. “Now, you happen to be seeing droves swarming in the front doors – correct right here – as quick as they can arrive in,” Athey mentioned as he watched the surveillance video clip. “You can see them milling all around by the beer doorways. Now, you might be going to see them commence deciding on products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They are placing it down their pants.” The crowd commenced strolling out without having to pay, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They are all coming back for seconds,” Athey stated. Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell telephone. They then rushed back again out the doorway. “We ended up blessed no one was harm,” Athey explained. Athey states the clerk followed his training. He hopes …

        Thursday, June 2nd, 2011general
        TAGS: Convenience, Hooligans, Store, Swarm, Vegas


        • could you please stop posting this, once is sufficiant.

      45. There is an interesting concept called the Rule of 150, or Dunbar’s number. I first learned of this concept in The Tipping Point. But it is, of course, also to be found in Wikipedia.

        150 is said to be the maximum number of people that each person can maintain a stable, social relationship with, therefore work together in a functional unit. And that after that complicated hierarchies and rules and regulations are required to maintain order.

        For example, Hutterites have a strict policy that as the group size approaches 150 they split in two and start another group.

        So… the Vivos groups of 80 might work, but the groups of 2,000 might not.

      46. Ha Ha BJ!!! Sorry to disappoint you, but I am hetero… you will have to dream about somebody else…

      47. This is very freaky. Does anyone know in what states they have these facilities?

      48. Prior to reading this article, I would have never even given a moment of thought to living underground with a group of strangers for one second; now it will never cross my mind. 🙂 There is an old sayin’ that goes “A cave is a grave” and I believe this is especially true with a group of unknowns. Like others, I’ll make my preps for whatever it is I happen to be prepin for, and not get involved with unknowns.

      49. When the tektonic plates start shifting and the waters flowing I wouldn’t want to be anywhere underground in a ready made tomb with the “upper crust” of society or anyone else for that matter.
        Those “above the upper crust”, will probably be hovering above us in survival ships which are probably already in existance but the yet, best kept secret from society. They’ll be looking down on the chaos, not below it wondering when it’s safe to come back up.
        They are robbing the rich ensuring their demise with a grand fire sale with false hope as the reward.
        The real survivors (us), if any will be forced into the already made “Retention Camps” controled by marshal law while the wealthiest who didn’t go underground decide who can partake, and in what position, in their new world.

        “And then the time would come, unlike any other day,
        we knew it was inevitible, it had to be this way,
        we’re all forget out parts, stumble over every line,
        it’s not like we didn’t know, it was just a matter of time…
        And then…

      50. Looking for a prebuilt, Concrete Shelter?  I’ve got the answer and you’ll be surprised at what it is…

        The Cellular & Telecomm industry has been using concrete shelters for years and when it’s time for an upgrade, those used shelters have to go somewhere right? Well, That’s where I come in. Our company decommissions those shelters and then we sell them back into the public market. These Shelters can be used as Bug Out Shelters, Storm Shelters, Storage Shelters or just about anything else you can think of!

        They come in sizes from 6’x6’ to 12’x28’ and even bigger if needed and we have them waiting for new homes All Over the US right now! Fortified with Steel Doors and Thick Concrete walls, Heating Cooling Units and even ready for a Generator!


        Call me, Billy at 319-826-1453 (Office) or 319-431-8144 (Cell)

        Or check out our site at


      51. I am all for having a bunker for weather and storage reasons. However, buying/building/renting a bunker for a social collapse scenario gives me pause.

        Unless your bunker is absolutely hidden and never found, you are a sardine in a can with a target on your back.

        There were very few castles and forts that could withstand being put under seige. Time always worked against those hunkered down inside fortresses.

      52. Periodically the humanity went through a bottleneck and was reduced up to no more than 2000 – 3000 people. These people have to start over again and recreated the humanity. What might happen? An Asteroid hit, super volcano, ore pole shift. Who survived the first month? All these who were 150 ft underground in caves with running water. They do not need cooling or heating because the temperature is constant 72F. Who survived more than 1 month. All these who were far from the epicenter, and in the equator near water beds to have more chance getting food by fishing. You must be about 200 people, you might have 1-year food, but you have to face a long Ice Age. I would prefer to go with the majority of the people, and let the others to start from the scratch. But the elite that will be resurfaced, with police and armed forces will force you to work not only for your surviving but to be theirs slave too.

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