Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In a FEMA Camp?

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 132 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Ummm

        • When outnumbered, don’t do anything foolish!

          • Ya, i know,
            But i have never been good at doing what im told nor keeping my mouth shut!

            • NOBODY on this site (besides the gubmint trolls) will have the chance of a kerosene cat with tar britches on surviving in Hell.

              • Yup,,,
                If it gets to the point where they are setting up camps my whole AO will be a camp, everything we utilize comes from elsewhere,, only a tiny portion of the food is produced here, and almost ALL the natives are anti gov,,, so it wont be as easy as just lining everybody up

                • Yeah Kula,
                  I’ve wondered about that possibility.
                  There are places here the cops won’t go unless
                  they are sure someone is dead. The natives here
                  don’t like the government, but they keep
                  electing tyrants, I can’t figure that one out.
                  My food situation is better here
                  most all the food we need is or can be
                  produced locally. I don’t know what we’d
                  do with all the tourists. Bait for the wild pigs?
                  I wish I owned a mule for transportation.
                  Prep on!

                  • Rellik: look on Craig’s list. Plenty of folks out there with mules.

                    • P,
                      I’m in Hawaii.
                      The closest mules are on
                      an island called Molokai.
                      The waiting list is many
                      years long.
                      I’ll check mainland, but I think
                      shipping is beyond my means.
                      I can get get a horse for 3K or so.
                      but I’m enclosed by gulches and a mule
                      is a better choice for their
                      safety and mine.
                      10 meters off one of my fences is a 50 meter
                      drop nearly straight down.
                      Hawaii isn’t all beaches.

            • Kula, braveheart is the same way. He’s always been too independent-minded to be some good little Nazi or commie. He’ll never be anyone’s mindless robot. He never fits into anyone’s box.

              • I have experience with being torn from everything you have and everyone you know.

                I also had, had an elderly friend who was indeed torn from his home, all of his possessions and friends, by order of a probate court…HE DIED WITHIN IN ONE YEAR.

                The difference between him and me?

                He was happy to just give up, because he hated to make a fuss – I’m a fighter. I refused to submit. I found my way out and I took it, and never looked back.

                I guess that’s what irks me about the people who say “it’s over” – IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL I SAY IT’S OVER.

                And those people who say they won’t bother to vote, “because it’s all rigged anyway. Again, it’s not over until it’s over.

                I don’t do the “defeatist” attitude very well. In my very real life experiences, putting me down was not enough. They’ll have to put me out – permanently.

          • Much depends on who is depending on you. While no one should allow themselves to be taken hostage, parents of young children can not take the risk (standing up for what is ‘right’, attacking the enemy etc.) as would an old but armed Granny such as myself.

            Much is written about ‘bugging out’. But being able to simply and quickly HIDE nearby for a short time during ‘sweeps’, raiders going door-to-door etc.

            • Yes. Take the children and RUN.

              But in order to do that:

              *have to be ready, bags packed.
              *have a destination in mind-some place safe short term.
              *others who fight must know you are leaving and be able to watch your back.
              *Children must learn security procedures and have been through trial runs.

              In other words- BE PREPARED!

        • Hell no. The last bullet I have is for me if it comes to it. The other thousands are for them first.

          • Exact same here

            Fuck them. No quarter expected none given

        • To be arrested or not arrested? All the Oregon occupiers surrendered. Even Finicum.

          • so?

          • And after boasting they wouldn’t.

            Buncha cowards that think all you have to do is waive a little AR15 around and all the police and military will run away screaming in terror.

            Same way with the Bundy Ranch guys, now to be rounded up one at a time and who will whimper and cry like little school girls when the actual men of the government agencies come to arrest them.

            • Pffft,,,
              Men of the government agencies,,,,
              Thats funny,,,

            • Anon.

              Playing G.I. Joe is not going to make it.

              Although our speculative adversaries are not invincible. They do have the advantage of training. They follow procedure and everyone knows the procedures. Then add on all the great equipment we buy with our taxes to be used against us. Intelligence gathering and surveillance capability?

              I do not see a cohesive fighting force between us till the chips are really down. Except for those who have family on the same page, most of us are lone wolves who will either first fight against government or the mobs of those who failed to prepare. I figure the unprepared will rise against government first but turn on their fellow neighbors later.

              I don’t see no serious thinking to the problem.

              • Remember some of us were trained by the military machine and understand their tactics.

                • Caucasian

                  Do you know how many people can not even tie a square knot? Gives you an idea what we are lacking.

                  • I’m trying to remain positive. As hard as that is.

                  • Slingshot,
                    A square knot? Pretty esoteric. I took a man down with a rock to his head once upon a time ago. He was bigger, stronger, and had the advantage of surprise. I had a rock in my hand when I needed it. Try not to make it too hard and try not to jump in front of a camera and waggle your booty. Look to George Washington et al.

                    • Red Becky, still here spouting your usual lies and BS. Fuck you.

                    • Rebecca.

                      That analogy to George Washington is far from the point.
                      I would never ask anyone to do something that I would not do myself in a time of hostilities but there are many who would not be able to perform simple tasks even after minor instruction. They just do not have the capability to grasp the concept. I say this from my experience as an instructor. That is why the military has ranks.

                      With todays electronic entrapments there will be many that can not function outside of that sphere. If you can think for yourself and be able to react to dangerous situation then you are better off than most. Today many would be looking on their Ipods on what to do. Reaction time is too slow.

                    • Rebecca, I’ve cleared entire houses with my temper, never having to shed a single drop of blood. And like you, I didn’t back down against a seemingly superior force. I’m just not wired that way.

                    • Sixpack,
                      I know you don’t give up. I like that about you. Being a scrapper has nothing to do with cussing and screaming, it is just stubborness sometimes. I don’t give up either! And I never did make a good victim. Never mind that being soft of voice and manner has let a few to believe they can victimize me, online is more like a lawfirm, I go more intellectual and I don’t think the soft shows so much. That’s my story and I am sticking with it. I have had a lot of bumps and bruises in life, it did not turn out as planned! I am enjoying what I have and it is turning out good for me. Can you believe I am okay with going off grid and a very simple lifestyle? It is quite relaxing.

                    • Rebecca, I think I made the comment once that you sounded like a flower child from the 60’s, and somewhat on the Liberal side, but I must say, I would rather read your input than the disgusting profanity and continual attacks that are made by some on this site. The beauty of “Freedom” is being able to say what we feel without being physically or verbally attacked. To Disagree is healthy, but to intimidate is intolerable. Trekker Out. Who Is The Troll?

                    • Mountain Trekker,

                      I was in grade school in the 60s so I missed those interesting times. Not to mention being a hick from the sticks and living in the backwoods most of my early years. What you are likely picking up on is my Pisces nature. Soft rather than liberal. I registered as a Republican in 1972 and started working as a legal secretary in 1976. I am on the nerdy side. I would say I don’t fit either camp, the Republicans have moved so far right that they are too extreme for me. Genocide? Really? The Democrats have always just seemed like a bunch of airy fairy nitwits but I don’t see them as scary monsters, just silly. I do see the corporate ownership of government as heinous fascism… not sure how exterminating liberals is going to fix our real problems. In fighting for rule by Constitution and law, I have worked with a larger percentage of Democrats. I guess I keep the conversation interesting
                      because my daddy taught both his girls to debate… he made us debate different
                      subjects then change sides! He was an amazing man, born in 1930, and gone
                      Who is the troll? I don’t know. Since I think genocide is evil beyond belief, could be me. Since Philo loves the idea of genocide and endlessly harasses me with filth, could be Philo… by the legal definition of cyberstalking, definitely Philo. Since Foxglove666 is feisty and gives Philo back her guff… could be Foxglove666! Legally, Philo is the only one on this site who could be prosecuted under cyberstalking laws.
                      Thank you for talking to me in a decent manner. Freedom of speech does not seem to include a dissenting opinion on genocide!

                    • Sorry Rebecca but I can’t buy that soft rather than Liberal comment. If you think the Republicans have moved to far to the right, it sound like the RINO’s are more to your liking, because they have given Obama everthing he wanted. As for the Dems being airy fairy, your right in reguards to the fairy part, but they are binding us down with chains that will soon be to strong to be broken. No Rebecca you ain’t no troll, but you are a Liberal. Trekker Out.

                    • Mountain Trekker,
                      Maybe so, maybe no… but genocide ain’t my idea of a good time. Call it what you ves that whole genocide schtick. The 62 are up for it. The right wing nuts think they will be spared, delusional darlings that they are. Guess what, Gates, Monsanto, Koch Machine, Soros are all on the genocide page with those of you who espoused genocide. Call me crazy, but I suspect they won’t go to jail no matter who they kill… or how openly.

                      I do not believe all conservatives or preppers are genocide minded. I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. You want me to say “of course 3 million preppers
                      want this country and its 320 million people to be annihilated” then I say this country has a worse problem than I thought. Let’s just blame the victims of the NWO and conspire in their deaths, hmmmm? What makes any of your fat old
                      asses think they will want you armed and dangerous people left?
                      I am not stupid enough to believe tptb will genocide everyone one but my pearly white arse cuz I am soo white… oops special… like Acid Etch.

                      Every idiot calling for genocide thinks their special white arse will be spared and valued… even the brown ones.

                      How about we just fight for Constitutional law, Mountain Trekker man? It is a guaranteed winner.
                      RINO? Not. Nope, I don’t believe in the D/R corporate machine either. Genocidal I ain’t. Make a case for how the biggest slaughter of americans… about 320 million human beings… makes anyone a patriot. Makes you a NWO shill at best.

            • Are you one of those ‘men?’ anon

            • Anon troll, go somewhere else with your BS.

              • Brave,
                I think Anon is MORE than just a govie troll, judging from what i know and see I bet they are trying to get all the red list people to say things on what ever sit it is and they will use it to trump up some sort of charge to hold you! BOY are THEY in for a surprise when they start falling like flies!!

            • The Bundy bunch is not indicative of everyone here. Some yes some no. No doubt the Bundy idiots overplayed their hand. They seemed resolute about dying and refusing to leave. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Bombastic idiots always shit down their leg. The quiet ones…that’s who you want on your side. Don’t think everyone here is a pussy like the Bundy bunch.

          • Important to pick battles carefully,,,
            Rule #1
            im really not sure what those guys expected, if you stand in front of a bear and wave your willy at it you most likely will either A. Have to run or B. Get eaten,,, same here

            • Awww geeeze I definitely fail rule#1…..

              Live Free or Die…yikes…22million

          • It all depends on the situation. The BLM situation was NEVER going to be a national issue and thus any action against them would not marshal enough support for a nationwide revolt. Thus, in the face of overwhelming odds, surrender was the most logical option. If you were part of a national, simultaneous movement though, the odds change. In that case, the best strategy is to fight because the full weight of the government cannot be brought to bear against you due to the distributed nature of the fighting. Your death would not be in vain in that case as you would be contributing to a war of attrition.

            Does this mean I am itching for such a fight? No. Many good people would die in such a war and I am hoping for a political solution. In the end, it’s a fun discussion to have but the reality of being in that situation is a horror I hope never to see.

      2. Go with the flow, look for opportunities, top priority, to survive!

      3. Doing time aint pretty.
        You’re mixed in with a whole bunch of people who you really don’t wanna be rubbing shoulders with.
        The stench of sweat and fear is constant.
        Being banged up in solitary confinement, though it’s suppose to be an extra punishment brings its own relief.
        The worst part about it is not being able to be with the people you love. It breaks your spirit.
        The days are long and the nights are even worse.
        I met some really good people on the inside but on the whole, it’s full of proper full on badass phycos.
        There’s no way ever that I would now submit to having to endure that experience or anything similar to it ever again.
        I agree with the author.
        Don’t even go there.

        • Agent, haven’t heard in awhile.

          How are you and mom doing? Hanging in there?

          Keeping you in thought and prayer. Wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten what you’re going through.

          • Dear grandee.
            I just knew someone was praying.
            Mom is still living. She was placed in the death room with only hours, days at best to live.
            After about a week the doctor said she was well enough to return to the ward where she’s now stable and in good spirits.
            Thank you so much for your kindness.
            Wish I could hug you x.

            • I guess God decided the doctors were not getting their way this time – good for you, for not giving up on her.

            • Praise God for His Blessings!

              • grandee, yes I have, many, many times and also for you too. Thanks once again.

                And thanks to you too six. I know you’ve been there.

      4. The key point of this article is:
        Don’t Get On The Bus!!!
        Resist with all your might.
        It would be a shame if someone were to burn all those buses, trucks, and assorted vehicles.
        I could see how some people would even lay ambushes for those traitors that would violate innocent citizens Constitutional rights.
        Some would say; Don’t be the hunted, become the Predator and do the hunting!
        What do you think?

        • If it’s bus time things have really taken a turn for the worse.

          Do what ya gotta do.

        • I agree. It will be easy. Most people will be lured to camps by the promise of food or medical care. At first they will be told to stand in line and they will be allowed to go home. The pretext wil be that these are local Red Cross and FEMA shelters to help people. With 50 million plus people on food stamps and 100 million out of work, plenty of people will show up for a hand out.

        • Did you know that a knife can puncture a tire’s inner tube? That could slow down a bus if all of its tires are punctured? Salt in the gas tank seems to work wonders too.

        • are you advocating becoming a Traitor ? just like them?

          • I suspect he’s being sarcastic, although it does bring up two interesting points:
            1- If you REALLY want to “survive at all costs”, give up your soul and join the guys who run the prison.
            2- If you really want to fuck up the works, get a job on the inside and work against the machine.

            Me, they’ll have to kill me. And I’ll make it a damn expensive butchers bill to pay on the way out. I wouldn’t make it in a camp, and maybe I can keep them from taking my neighbor in the process.

        • They can’t pay me enough to deal with the quota queens and liberals.

      5. i have what it takes to never end up in a camp. alls i need is my knife, maybe a little rope, my hunting and gathering knowledge, along with the rest of my knowledge, and luck (im not too sure bout my luck though). to give yourself up to their custody is signing into slavery, and very possibly death. no thanks, ill slave for myself and my people and risk a death in the woods

      6. No, I would not survive a concentration camp. The idea of “FEMA” camps for the masses is absurd. Work camps… yes, perhaps. But if ever the ptb wished for depopulation in this day and age, they would just outright do away with you.

        I live near the death penalty capitol of North America (Clyde Barrow spent some time in these parts) and I can tell you these jails are jammed to the max. I don’t doubt there are “housing centers” now sitting empty but manned around the country- so, it doesn’t seem like those are private jails. But, most of us would never even make it to one of these places. We would be a waste of food.

        • I don’t know…


          Camps are for a certain ‘class’ of people.

          How will you qualify? skin color? religion? political? etc.

          • grandee- Understand your point, but it’s not the ’40s anymore. The population is much more diverse and any work camp that is populated will contain those fit enough to do the work… OR those who are chosen to reproduce as the SS breeding homes in Germany were set up to do in WWII. As for Christians, we will be prime targets for extermination if we get caught. Just don’t see much win/win for an antichrist system feeding us when there are a lot of secular folks who will stand in line to get an rfid chip so that they can get their next ration of gruel.

      7. Like Kalufarmer said No!
        I say Hell No. Being a farm boy living in the country able to go outside and run up and down hills hunt fish play with the dog when I want to and where I want to and when I want to would kill me.

        So if I’m going to die in a FEMA camp I would rather die on my own even if it means starving to death. At least I would die with dignity.

        On the other hand if for some reason like owning guns speaking my mind and flying my Stars and Bars, they would try to put me in a FEMA camp. THEN THEY WILL HAVE A FIGHT ON THEIR HANDS!

        So I would have to say no I wouldn’t.

        Funny how this came up. I just watch the “Great Escape” with Steve McQueen in it. For those who don’t know it is about a WW2 FEMA ooops Nazi POW camp. They would more than likely kill me for trying to escape.


        • Sarge, i can barely stand being at the hardware store if its crowded, and at least theres tools to look at, but being locked up, might as well just be dead.

        • Hell no

          No one is going to any of the camps. I will personally burn them to the ground before that happens

        • Howdy, Sarge. For once, Hodges came up with a good article. The answer is obviously don’t let anyone take you alive under any circumstances. I’ll die standing up fighting if it comes to that. Every man dies. Not every man really lives. MOLON LABE

      8. While trying to stay out of one is my first choice, I was bought at a price and where the Lord leads me is where I shall go.

        • Aint it the truth!!

          There are souls to save, even in a ‘camp’.

          Ask Corrie ten Boom.

          • For 35 years millions have seen that there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.

            “The Hiding Place”

            “Every experience God gives us . . . is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see.”–Corrie ten Boom

            • Thanks,grandee. Corrie is one of my heroes.

      9. These articles are really jumping the shark, lately….

        • Charley,

          What do you mean ” lately”? I love reading all the chest thumping comments about the daily story of doom and despair. A few days back everyone was shitting their pants about the UN secret meeting about North Korea and their new EMP weapon they were ready to detonate over the US and throwing everything back in the stone age. Man, chicken little couldn’t screech loud enough the sky was falling and now, only a few days removed, it ‘s now EMP? What EMP? That’s old news now, today we’re all frightened about being thrown in government camps! Yeah, how many times has this theme been repeated here? 2 dozen, 3 dozen, more? This site offers the BEST entertainment going! Thanks to Mac for all the laughs!

          • I find Ferfal the most instructive as to the way a real collapse situation would play out.

      10. Not going to no camp.

        Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and the Turks.

        Is it our turn with Obama?

        The news media being what it is, A FARCE. You keep your eyes open and ears to the rails. The “Ah, Shit” moment is upon us.
        This story doesn’t even register on the fear scale anymore.

      11. OFF TOPIC

        -2 this morning here in New Hampshire, this weekend will see -10 and below. Gets much colder and I may have to put on something heavier then a fleece lined windbreaker and my SIG SAUER cap.

        JM Bullion delivered 300 oz. of silver yesterday. Life is Good.

        • Wow- I ordered a 10oz. Compared to you I am a silver mouse.

          • Me too, I can only get one or two here and there. I thought I was doing good to get 3 – 1/4 oz gold coins in the same year…

        • AOWG: that Sig is really nice cap to have! JMB is a good company. My stack makes me feel all warm and toasty inside.

          • AWOG,you must be a northern hampster,us southern hampsters will enjoy a balmy -3,perhaps -5,t-shirt weather I say!

      12. There are things worse than death, to me. It would be more honorable to make an escape attempt, than to live in slavery. I don’t think a war would last 4 years, I think it would be longer, and what would be the outcome?would there be a free country to go to?

        • Babycatcher, I hear you. Internment camps by Amerkins for Americans is not my idea of how this country should be. If the our government starts imprisoning us as “political” prisoners, then this experiment in governance is dead. Hell, it’s on life support as it is……..
          In better news, it’s Friday. Have a great day, all. 🙂

          • Foxglove, I hear you. I wasn’t made to be anyone’s prisoner. I’m at the point that I don’t care anymore. Let them bring it on.

            • Hey Brave I’m thinking our BOLs are sounding better all thelse time. Holding out til retirement in a few months then color me gone, dude! 😉

              • Satanic 666 bitch: sure when you are one-hour from the Free Shit Army hordes in Seattle. W/E.

              • Foxglove, I’m scheduled to make another supply run to mine in the first week of March. I just hope I don’t have to ‘reschedule’ the trip but I’m keeping my options open.

          • Oh the poison 666 Satan worshipping whore. Fuck you bitch.

            • Enough already, you’re infantile temper tantrums are becoming an embarrassment, perhaps not enough for you to realize, but your friends are going to figure out soon enough you’re a psycho troll stalker who should probably move in with Acid etch, you two would make a superb couple. There’s enough brain damage between the two of you to keep an army of psychoanalysts up their knees in cash for years to come.

              • newby, go troll somewhere else.

                • Braveheart,

                  Sorry if I’ve outed you as being so frightened by your new psycho friend that you’re terrified to do anything but suck up to her. If the truth hurts, don’t ask for it, it’s obvious you’re frightened of her. And since when has acid become your good friend. Maybe you should just return to threatening to shoot everyone who disagrees with you, it’s more your style.

                • Brave, how is Newby trolling and Philo isn’t? You’ve got some really messed up reading comprehension skills, dude…..just saying. This microcephalic moron has been after me for days. Whatever….. besides, at this point you are about the only person who even neutrally acknowledges her as a life form. She’s pretty much been shunned for the head case she obviously is. You need to buy a clue, my friend. 😉

                • Brave farter
                  can’t believe you just said that to a rational commenter. You think you are going to stand up to the feds when you are pissing your britches in fear of a crack ho talking cyberstalker? Get real, old man. I have always wished you well… but get your Depends on, you smell like an accident with this remark.

              • Newby, I knew I liked your style. One of the better Christian cussings I’ve seen in a while. 😉

        • Nah, it’ll be over by Christmass!

        • “would there be a free country to go to?”

          Not of they can kill or corral all of the patriots.

      13. The great irony of life is this:

        “NOBODY gets out of life………….. alive.”

        Your only choice you have is if you go out with a BANG!………….
        or a whimper.
        I hope to bring a heart of courage as a small gift to my God.

        • People are dyin to get out of here!

      14. The headline caught my attention but then I saw it was written by Dave “Chicken Little” Hodges. If one was to believe what Dave has to say, we’d have all been long dead of Ebola by now or we’d be locked up in Walmarts turned FEMA camps by our own military in order to be gassed. This guy is the epitome of sensationalistic fear porn. He’s been writing this garbage for years, predicting with utter certainty, all kinds of doom and gloom scenarios based on mysterious piece of information gleaned from sources within various government agencies and military branches. Of course, not one word of it has actually come to pass but that doesn’t stop our intrepid reporter, Dave. Much like a liberal, Mr. Hodges never lets the facts get in the way of a good narrative. I guess you gotta make a buck somehow and fleecing the ignorant is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If the Boy Who Cried Wolf and Chicken Little were to couple, their progeny would be a lot like Dave Hodges but would probably have a higher IQ.

        • Charley,

          What do you mean ” lately”? I love reading all the chest thumping comments about the daily story of doom and despair. A few days back everyone was shitting their pants about the UN secret meeting about North Korea and their new EMP weapon they were ready to detonate over the US and throwing everything back in the stone age. Man, chicken little couldn’t screech loud enough the sky was falling and now, only a few days removed, it ‘s now EMP? What EMP? That’s old news now, today we’re all frightened about being thrown in government camps! Yeah, how many times has this theme been repeated here? 2 dozen, 3 dozen, more? This site offers the BEST entertainment going! Thanks to Mac for all the laughs!

          • Maybe 4dozen,,,
            Lotta weeks in a year

        • Dave,

          You echo’ed my post exactly. Tomorrow will be a new batch of doom porn, it never has to happen, the threat of it occurring is more then enough to keep the faithful masses salivating like Pavlov’s dog for the daily dinner bell. My handle sums it up, livin’ for doom porn, just can’t get enough doom n’ gloom, tell us again how we’re all going to digress into chaos, ’cause I can’t get ENOUGH! Best entertainment going is right here!

          • Thats why most just go straight for the comments section,,
            Article? What article,,,

            • Kula, you are telling the truth about that!

            • Ditto

      15. No

        but , I can fake it to fight another day and fuck their whole world up, once they think they have me wiped

        might even be able to build a team up while I’m in there and wreak havoc and make those CS work for every cent they get

        but the reality of it will probably be, that I’ll die in a pile of my own brass

      16. Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In a FEMA Camp?

        “Hell no … I won’t go!”

        Whether I live or die in that sort of scenario being played out onto the public … I’ll be 100% defiant all the way.

        Fuck ‘Em

      17. Hypothetically, if this does comes to pass, I do not delude myself.

        I will not be herded into a FEMA camp.

        I will not be subjugated.

        Therefore, I will die, but I will die free.

        So be it.


        resist with all of your might and take 10 of them out with you as you depart this world. send them straight to hell

        • CC, AMEN to that. I’m the same way. If it’s my time to leave this world, then so be it.

      19. The REX84 Documents which were linked in the article have been deleted.

        Any other source?

        • google REX84 Documents.

          Lots there to read.

      20. Nope, even is they can find me out among the sawgrass and gators.

        OFF TOPIC
        How about Hitler-y Rotten Clinton wins the election, then Lynch/FBI brings her up on Benghazi charges. ObuttHole declares there is no “winner” to be sworn in, and He stays in Office?

        All Christians on this site need to read Gina Miller’s post entitled “When Insanity reigns” at Renew America.

      21. “Read the Rex 84 documents.” link no good, says:

        Deletion notice

        The document FEMA Camps and REX 84 ( Orders and Locations by State) has been deleted.


      22. Seminole Wind says:

        “All Christians on this site need to read Gina Miller’s post entitled “When Insanity reigns” at Renew America.

        Good read. Thank you for thee link!

      23. ‘Gruesome’: Look what Obama’s unaccompanied alien “children” did

        Unaccompanied-alien teens from Central America charged in gruesome killing entered U.S. as ‘kids’

        “Obama has announced he’s reclassifying Central American migrants crossing our border as “refugees,” making them IMMEDIATELY eligible for taxpayer benefits.

        They won’t even have to show up at court to see if they can stay in the U.S.”

        “Boston media now reports that the 17-year-olds charged in the grisly Jan. 2 killing entered the U.S. as UACs and both have ties to MS-13 (gang), according to authorities cited by the Boston Herald.

        A third suspect is also wanted in the case but remains on the loose, considered armed and dangerous.”

        “Prosecutors say the two suspects, described by the Boston Globe as “baby-faced boys,” shot a 19-year-old in the head at point-blank range. Both have pleaded not guilty and are being held without bail.”

        WND dot com

      24. Idiot’s Cousin in GA,
        Thank you.

        • Becky your Welcome. Your one of the few that understands my moniker. I’m in North Georgia and my Idiot Cousin is in Memphis. I’m going back into hiding!

          • Me and Phil are gettin’ hitched cuz. Want to be best man?

          • Thanks for support on other threads. You are a decent human being. Good luck in all you do.

      25. The Rex 84 and FEMA articles mentioned in the article above have been removed.

      26. Do you have what it takes to survive in a FEMA camp?

        NO,nor a desire to.

        Hence,will fight like hell and probably die,just take a few to rock in hell with me.

      27. Why does Dave include all those references to the ‘holocaust’ as if they were real – these days almost everyone knows it never happened. Just another Eskimo lie.

      28. You need to do some deep research on these ‘labor camps’ during WW2. The ‘gas chambers’..were for lice..and they were successful. The camps had various amenities (and people are surprised to see this at Aushwitz’). The people who look emaciated and who died ..did so from typhus and other diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. Anne Frank died of typhus. It was not 6 million, it was about 1.5 million Jews that died. The Russians built the crematoriums to dispose of people who had died of typhus. Again, they were built after the war by the Russians. I’ve done extensive research on all this. My aunt is a holocaust survivor..and she doesn’t believe me of course…but she is not willing to do the research. There MAY be ‘re-education’ camps..but we are not certain of anything..we just have these camps outside of many cities in the U.S. I feel they are there for those that riot in the event of a fiat collapse…as our prisons cannot hold everyone. Spread the truth ..and stop this silly fear mongering. I know..’fear sells’…

      29. When I consider that there are about 26+ DNS commercial servers and maybe 19+ free/public servers in the USA, I must disagree that the internet is as put, “…..the one medium of communication exchange not under the control of the New World Order, is the Internet.” Simply not true. Call it 50 servers or thereabouts.

        As I see it, every line of text, every image, every digital sound stream, video stream, email, cookie trail is being stored. Makes sense if a ‘plan’ is in the works. That is, if I were the “power that be”. Just let all radical, freedom loving people believe they’ve some liberty, allow them to state, restate, argue and express their views and plans…… Well, you can understand, I hope, what that means.

        The ‘net isn’t simply those things either. The increasing use of mobile devices provides geo-tracking and quite literally a map of most people’s travels. Their homes are being monitored via so-called smart meters …….. it’s known when you wake, when you hit the fridge for a snack, what your preferences are as regards environmental controls; and, more’s coming. You banking is entirely digitized and all transactions done via a swipe or other entry point are noted.

        No. Simply wrong. The internet is not a point of freedom whatsoever. Rather, the exact opposite – on steroids.

      30. There is only one way to survive a FEMA camp–DON’T GO INTO ONE, period. You might as well take your chances on the streets or in the woods.

      31. I think this clown is working for the government. STOP you fool.

      32. I think we will respectfully decline the FEMA camp’s offer of food and shelter.

      33. First investigation in the 1950s determin6ed it really was a communist Marianus Vanderlube who burned the Reichstag in Germany. I have wondered why traps were not laid for the smash and grab boys who bust down doors Booby trapped doors would tend to reduce the number of such folk. Stop bein6 sheep waiting for the slaughter. I recall one escape artist who broke out of a POW camp and thought he was crossing the border into Switzerland while evading and he had broken into a German army camp. He broke out again and finally crossed to Switzerland. He had found a way across four guarded fence lines. In WWII it was foun6d that those who took to the buckwheat in the fall of the Philipines came mostly from the Pacific Northwest. It was mind set they were used to camping, fishing hun6ting an6d they did not fear the wild areas. City dwellers were the most passive of POWs. They feared the wild areas more than6 the Japanese. Repeatedly it is demonstrated that those who make the effort to survive live while the sheep are simply buried in large holes

        • Rochmanr,
          I came out of the backwoods of Oregon and my cousins were tough old boys in each of their wars. No military training for me… but the same upbringing.

      34. Mountain Trekker,
        Republicans haven’t given Obama jack unless it was in exchange for something tptb who owns them wanted. Hmmmm mm Boehner traded taxpayers for $30+ trillion bailout for the banksters and gave Obama a concession or two. Paul Ryan traded taxpayers for the oil companies to sell off our oil stocks and gave Obama a $1.1 trillion budget. Clinton already traded our uranium to Russia to line her pocket. I hate the D/R corporate machine and I am a commie RINO? You have got to be kidding. Riddled with hatred for my country, I am not. I will not blame everyone for the 62. Not even you 😉

      35. It helps to have a command structure Recall the great escape where over 100 POWs escaped at the same time It was done with team work and estab5lished leaders. POWs have escaped since war was created Initial arrest is a time of chaos if it involves large numbers of people. Use the chaos A Polish POW had himself thrown out a hole in box car into the dark rather than stay a prisoner. No one followed him out. he lived the others did not. it is easy to say dont surrender but my grandfather in WWI was part of the Lost B%attalion cut off for a week by the Germans they fought on regardless. Granpap was wounded twice but he still fought Some people escaped German camps got scared and went back and died Didnt want to make trouble. Over and over again people who live are the ones who got out during the initial period of chaos in mass arrests. Avoid the herd mentallity and think and act. Dont play the game by the rules given to you. Make your own rules. Slave workers in Germany hid under road over passes during boming raids while the guards hid in shelters. Rarely did anyone just walk away to freedom They were men6tally whipped many died rather than just walk away

        • Rockmanr,
          It takes a strong spirit to do those things. There is a reason Christianity is called a slave religion… it breeds “turn the other cheek” to those oppressing you. Stand up to abuse and cowards become jackals to tear you down. Some fight back and perish, but they perish as a free person. Crawl on your knees and perish as a slave. We are admonished daily to perish as a slave. No one knows whether it matters to God, slave or free, but I was born of free parents and odds are I will perish free.

      36. scribd….2/16/16, 7sm…

        The document FEMA Camps and REX 84 ( Orders and Locations by State) has been deleted.

        Anyone care to comment?

      37. City dwellers will be taken in mass. Almost immediately lack of food and water will become critical. Hard to watch your child go hungry…

        Enforcing martial law over every individual in the country would seem an impossible task. Trying to imprison 100,000,000 people wouldn’t be plausible either…

        To some degree more people have come to the realization that big government is not our friend. If they did start to imprison people in mass, the revolution would be on, same as if they tried to confiscate firearms…

        Look how it worked out for Mussolini…

      38. Send a message directly to the Beast government.

        Question: If you Googled something with the words ‘bomb’ or ‘how to join the terrorists’ or ‘how to join Isis’ or…….use your imagination, would ‘they’ not get the message?

        So, send ‘them’ a message directly. For example do a Google search on (or simply enter in your browser’s address bar) something like: “bomb. FU despicable tyrants!! join ISIS” or similar. ‘They’ will get the message.

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