This Is The Collapse: Discount Grocery Store Serving Poor Cleaned Out: “Bargain-Hungry Shoppers Emptied the Shelves”

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 54 comments

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    Belarus Crisis

    This article was written by Michaela Whitton and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: This story isn’t quite what you might think at first if you just scanned over it, but it still demonstrates an alarming trend:  namely, just how desperate so many have become.

    Basically, it amounts to riot-prone and often struggling people fighting over bargain-basement junk food after it was put on sale. But what does this level of reaction say about society and the level of economic crisis the world has reached? Basically, that almost anything can make things come unhinged.

    If people are reacting this strongly over undercutting food prices, it suggests how much food insecurity exists, and how difficult it has become for most to pay the bills. Food banks have been overwhelmed nearly everywhere. In fact, this grocery chain found the problem to be big enough to create this cheap food marketing niche – which will now need to rethink its business strategy. What happens when the food isn’t just cheap, but unavailable? Multiplied against the whole environment of economic stress, there is every reason to think things are practically just falling apart.

    Grocery Store Forced to Review Trading Rules After Shelves Go Empty

    by Michaela Whitton

    London’s new EasyFoodstore has been forced to review its trading rules after it had to close temporarily when bargain-hungry shoppers emptied the shelves. The mega-discount food store is the latest venture of EasyJet entrepreneur, Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

    The millionaire businessman was inspired by the idea after seeing the widespread use of food banks in Britain. “This is another way the Easy brand can serve the less well-off,” the budget airline owner said.

    Easy on the wallet

    With a weekly shop for a family of four costing just £15.75, it’s no surprise the store rapidly became a victim of its own success. After a promotional offer charging just 25p for everyday food items generated so much publicity, hundreds of bargain-hunters cleared the shelves and the store had no choice but to close until it was able to re-stock.

    The recently opened food shop in Park Royal, north-west London, carries a basic range of 76 cheap and cheerful items including pizza, tea, coffee and tinned goods. It has been quickly forced to bring in a 10 item purchasing limit to deter its competition from stockpiling products.

    In her brilliant opinion piece for the Guardian, Joanna Blythman says the EasyFoodstore is in a different league from the “no frills” food shopping that she claims is now such a familiar feature of the British retail scene. She adds that poverty is a money problem, not a food problem, and won’t be cured by artificially “cheap,” nutritionally impoverished, lowest-common-denominator food.

    “Surely no society on earth can ultimately afford food this cheap? If we factor in the hidden costs to society, from grave public health issues to climate change, it most certainly doesn’t constitute a bargain,” she said.

    The predictions are that EasyFoodstore products are to rise from 25p to 50p after February. However, with Foodbank use in austerity Britain at record levels, is it any wonder that rationing is required?


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      1. Prepper Tip of the Day

        10 Foods That Last Almost Forever

        h tp://

        • Na Na Na Naaaa
          Hey Hey Heeeey
          Gooood Byyyyye

          • Well that’s an intelligent reply.

        • I agree with everything but rice.

      2. So wait…

        A store selling groceries almost went out of business because

        Wait for it…

        They sold too many groceries.

        • Maybe they didn’t make any money on their merchandise, but they sure made up for it with the volume !

          • that sums it up very well, smokey!

      3. BTW
        Isnt England basically socialist
        (regardless of public opinion)
        ……maybe Bernie would know

      4. I just love it when those talking bobble heads
        on the FAUX News Network start whining that someone like Bernie Sanders even brings up the idea of class warfare

        Oil driller cut 25,000 jobs, paid CEO $18 million

        h ttp://

        company going down the tubes
        major layoffs for the peasants
        and the CEO gets a pay raise

        AMuRiKA F_CK Yeah !!!

        • So you want Bernie, who has never had a real job ever, to run the oil companies? What are to make of all the brilliant, unionist lefties who believe in their unions and pension funds now that Central States is cutting benefits? The genius of the Federal Reserve and Keynesianism on full display as pension funds everywhere cannot earn enough to pay put the bloated benefits they were promised.

          Faux news, another idiot who hates anyone who might think different and thinks he has the open mind.

          • Solve the problem by getting rid of the Federal Reserve
            and issuing dollars at no interest instead of paying interest to Wall St. and the big banks.
            Interest on debt in 2015 was $402,435,356,075.49

            • Last one to try to get rid of the Federal Reserve was JFK. Shortly before he was shot.

              • Anon: posting about JFK being shot, so, a man was telling me that short term prepping makes more sense, since (see : today’s post) UN troops are going to shoot people who own guns or who won’t coop. and willingly go to FEMA camps. So why bother stockpiling (tons of items) plus many will be on the run anyway in campers or fifth wheels or bug out land, and how much stuff can people store when on the run anyway?

                • So by that logic, why prep at all? Just wait for the UN to escort you to the FEMA camp where you will be well taken care of, lol…..

                  HAVE FUN!!

            • This is what got Hitler into trouble. He did as you suggested, and international Jewry declared war on him, and pushed for international trade sanctions on Germany in 1931.
              Even so, by 1936 Germany rose to an economic powerhouse from being an economic basket case.
              Churchill, controlled by The City of London worked with FDR to bring on WWII in Europe. With the gift of 50 destroyers to England in 1940 and economic and military aid (“lend lease”) to the USSR, FDR, controlled by the Federal Reserve, committing acts of war well before Germany declared war.

      5. This article is scare mongering in the extreme! But then, what can one expect from a newspaper that is extremely left wing (The Guardian)? The problem is not a poverty problem as stated, more an educational one, or to be specific, lack of education.

        Most of the stock has been bought (in bulk) by Asian shopkeepers who then sell it on at up to 100 per cent mark up, that’s why they’re limiting future purchases to 10 items.

        Most of the people who will shop in this type of shop have little or no idea of nutritional values and are just too thick/lazy to cook from scratch.

        These type of people will not last long when push comes to shove – they’re too used to Nanny State looking after them, I know, I live in London and see them with cigarettes hanging from their lips, whilst followed by a clutch of multi coloured kids!

        • Wow, how sad and how true! Society in general is so horribly disgusting!! WTF has happened? So many takers, no so many givers…Society and all of the trashballs will have to pay the price at some point and some point SOON. . .

          • The takers only exist because there were “givers” in the first place. I get your point, and I basically arguing semantics, but this is the problem with the idea of giving. When both sides don’t benefit from an interaction problems result.

            ‘Ole Joanna lost any credibility in her opinion on the matter when she tried to connect the issue to climate change :rolls eyes:

        • Anon, spot on. We’re waiting for similar things to happen ‘across the pond.’

        • Its not just scare mongering it is a lack of research. Most Europeans shop almost daily for food and have tiny little hotel style refrigerators. They shop locally as well. That is a recipe for spending way too much on food. Insert a grocery store with cheap groceries into a poor neighborhood and obviously the shelves get picked clean until they culturally adjust to the ability to have this kind of access. Looks like a great opportunity for a Walmart like startup.

        • Agree: London is packed with some of the lowest and most vile, lazy scum bags you will find in any developed city (and the ugliest women you will ever behold). And all these people live in public housing and on public welfare. Their problem is not poverty but the fact they are accustomed to a life of dependency on the government. Most of these people should be just shipped out of the city to some place else: they clearly can’t afford to support themselves in the city and they are a visual blight on the place. I suspect most of the food was bought up in bulk by Asians and then either sold out of their corner shops or on eBay. That’s how they role: natural-born traders.

      6. Bullshit that’s from Valentine candy sold out

        • Christmas light shelves the week before Christmas. Can’t even find a light around here, they just put them back for next year.

          • Having worked retail for 27 years, I can tell you that retailers do not “put things back for next year”. There is NO room in their stockrooms. Besides the basic overstock of items carried everyday (shelf will hold only 8, but the case contains 12! go figure), items for the next “season” are already coming in up to 2 months before it will go on the shelf. Right after Thanksgiving when Christmas is getting in full swing, Valentine’s Day stuff is coming in. By New Year’s Day, it’s Easter and summer items. That’s why you see swim suits and pools in February and winter coats in August. If you don’t get it when it’s on the shelf, it probably won’t be available later, especially if it’s a seasonal item, like Christmas lights. Best time to buy those lights? Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, not the week before Christmas.

      7. Any 2nd. Grader knows that a 1 gallon jug only holds 1 gallon. To try and fill it with 2 gallons just gets the floor wet.

        The same for an Economy, or Society. There is only so much space/wealth contained in any given Country. By adding say 1,500,000 more people to a country/city/state that only has the means to deal with It’s “natural” population is like trying to put the 2 gallons into the 1 gallon jug. EITHER WAY, ALL THAT YOU DO IS MAKE A MESS.

        The Communists run this con-job why using the word “fair”. Example: “It’s not fair that White North Americans, who work for a living, have food and shelter, while across The Border, poor Mexicans are starving”.

        As I learned a long time ago, “Nobody ever said that Life is Fair”.

        Prep on Garth!

      8. The Aldi’s in this area is similar, empty shelves near the end of the sale week, and they are only somewhat cheaper than the big grocers and carry few national brands. Publix and Winn Dixie are grossly overpriced. Aldi’s also do not accept coupons and do not give out rain checks when the item wanted is gone. Some items in the ads never appear in the store, yet will show up the following week at double the price. The store gets average business, but when the winter crowd arrives the shelves look like a hurricane is bearing down. There used to be low budget dented can stores around, they have disappeared. The Grocery Maufacturers Association is a huge conglomerate, they provided big money to thwart GMO labeling, slow kill glyphosate laden food is big business.

      9. Keep having lost of babies and see what will happen to them once hard strikes..there is a reason why the scientist laughed his ass off.. even i knocked up my woman right now I can still protect her, the offspring and still survive shtf..I am more dangerous to invading armies when I am in a relationship versus none..
        Keep at it you dumb down brainless idiots, thinking that the Mexicans will be picking food in filed a for you to make sure you fed well.. even if they have food you think the trucks are getting of the candidates just threatened and EMP event.. so some searching, see who said it… they are really planning it.. Mack let’s post on this topic.



        • HCKS

          Totally agree. EMP event would kill 95% worldwide due to nuke power plant melt downs. All of them melt down with no electricity.

          The sun has been acting strange too. Watch out for the big one hoss

          • An single EMP would not affect the entire planet.
            Now, what if that’s the point?

            • Put one in the middle of the USA, and yes it would. If you don’t think so, I feel sorry for you and you don’t understand… Kevin

              • No. The ramifications will affect the planet, the blast will have minor affect on the weather in the northern hemisphere, but the impact of a single blast to take down the NA grid won’t, itself, take down the planet.

                If you’re thinking in terms of retaliatory measures, then, yes.

                Excellent conversation skills, by the way.

        • Speaking of brain dead idiots, here’s the daily dinner bell of doom for Pavlov’s dogs who bother to read hcksy;s posts.

          • You should research what happens to the human body during the final stages of starvation.

            It is enlightening.

            Did you stack high enough there anon?

            • Dame sure didn’t there cap’n, because hcks told us that Niburu will be showing up in April and we’ll be getting the massive die off soon enough. I double checked it with ” scientist friend and four star general” so they have confirmed that it’s on the way, along with the dreadlock zombie invasion of Houston next month. Hope you like fried zombie brains cap’n!

              • I’ve been reading about Planet X on less than mainstream web sites for years. Then what to my wondering eyes I see, an announcement by NASA and Cal Tech that they have indeed found Planet X also known as Niburu!

                This is freaking wild, out of the mouths of right wing wacko nutty web sites comes a super scoop on hard science.

                Google it yourself for more news stories, ain’t rocket science cool!

                • I am so sick of waiting for doomsday. I am ready, but so tired of waiting! I’m sick of waiting for Nibiru too. Only time will tell eh? Wait and watch……

                  • I’m not sick of waiting.

                    I wish the big crash would never come, but I know wishes are foolish, and will fail in the face of the arrogance of men. Thus I prep.

                    The coming crash is due to the arrogance and evil hearts of men. A little planning, a cool head, and you and your family can survive the worst.

                    That is the plan! It’s not about me, it’s about those I love. If I can make it so they survive, I survive.

              • So what yer sayin is see yall here in May,,,

      10. Not enough 411 in the article for it to make a lot of sense.

      11. Yes, the sun has been “acting strange” hasn’t it? Next time around we ARE supposed to be destroyed with fire – – and nobody will be able to find a place safe from this fire. (not a quote, but correct). Well now, The Sun? Nukes? (both would be inescapable given enough ferocity). I once read that cow farts were the largest source of methane being released into the atmosphere. Perhaps they are gonna blow and it’s curtains for all of us. (Ever try to hide from a cow fart)?

        • Yep

          CERN experiments directly with the sun. They have calculated exact distances and frequencies to manipulate the gravitational influences b tween the sun and the earth.

          Bpearthwatch has a great you tube channel

        • There have been five solar flares in the past week, but all of them have been only about M1.

      12. 99 cent stores here are not much better off. Shelves empty of good stuff and everything comes in a much smaller package

      13. Check out on YouTube dated 1/19/2016 by William Mount “Prepare for Empty Grocery Store Shelves”. Its been over 1 month now and the shelves are starting to look sparce in some of the southern states (USA) already!! No ships coming in = no food or dry goods! Remembered we don’t grow anything(California drought) coupled with the fact that we (USA) don’t manufacture anything to speak of!! Looks like shortages may be the new norm for us.Time to load up on groceries for while you can.

        • Of course we also had all those that on Feb first were yelling “See! There is still food on the shelves! You are just ‘FEAR MONGERING'”
          Next thing you know they will be blaming us with causing the empty shelves. You know – “If you hadn’t said that the there would still be food!” – that crowd!

          Y’all have a nice day! (month?, year?, life?) 🙂

      14. Grow a garden and be able to defend it.

        • How big would the garden be for a family of four, two watch dogs, chickens, rabbits, and one horse?

      15. I saw the Cuban missile crisis as a kid and all the grocery stores were empty as we faced nuclear war in the face for real. Those that had food kept it and those that had none were SOL and faced a short future. That was reality it will happen again it is only a matter of time. Great huge supermarkets without a cracker left in them and long faced shocked people staring at the empty shelves

        • It will happen again but be much worse,
          Society isnt as polite as it was back then,

        • I don’t remeber the cuban crisis. I was about ten then. I do remember tho that when my dad got laid off we got great food from the government. Very large bricks of cheese, a very large can of peanut butter and powedered milk. Can’t remember anything else….now they give us _hit.

      16. So the Onion article is brilliant because she mentioned “climate change”?

      17. I find the need to villinize those, some feel are below them with comments about Mexicans and people who have too many children ridiculous and distasteful a form of blaming the victims! “The Mexicans” do the jobs that we feel wed are too good to do…….cleaning toilets, picking our food in the heat and all kinds of weather for minimal financial compensation. People feel justified in degrading these people who are doing an honest days labor for very little yet are unaware or uncaring of the rich conglomerates and CEO’s getting millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies. Grow up people and see reality! Those of us who prep are rejuvenating a lifestyle of our ancestors….the goal is to be self sufficient in all ways as our grandparents and great-grandparents were, to have multiple skills, to grow our food, to preserve our food and to have enough for hard times. as a prepper I will go after bargains only if they are healthful and of decent quality…however, there are millions od people who are “food insecure” and they do not need scorn they need education to help them make better choices.

      18. Much of the periphery of London is filled with dumping grounds; places where the zombies wander around, living on welfare and public housing. They add no value to the place. Eaters not makers. Many arrived during the Labour government years, as welfare became more generous while the population of unemployed and unemployable grew.

        The city would be better off it just moved these people out and moved Chinese and Asians in with money and drive. Get rid of the ugly, fat whiners with bad teeth and replace them with business-smart Asians with ambitions. London would thrive.

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