Death Knell of Debt: “99.8% Data Manipulated to Cover-up” Insane Levels of Student Loans

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    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Editor’s Comment: No one can escape the larger reality. Society has been set-up for a hard fall; an entire generation has been roped into untenable debt – huge liabilities for education and college degrees that don’t translate into better jobs, or a better society. The same pattern of debt has been replicated across the market; houses costs are swelling, people are renters again, except for the millennials who are are largely dwelling in their parents’ basement and putting off the future that isn’t there waiting for us.

    There’s an existential crisis for Americans, and a debt that – at least on paper – can no longer be paid. Either we can kick the can down the road indefinitely and live in bondage to the central bankers, or the system will crash, and a bad cycle must be accounted for. All the experts who’ve dared to face reality, and discuss the real factors at play, know that this cannot be avoided. Trump, or any president for that matter, even with the very best intentions cannot get us out of this hole. Only fixing the banking, monetary and financial system can; and there is no way it can be easy or quick.

    The life of a debtor serf, until or unless reality is faced and confronted…

    America’s Problem with Student Loans Is Much Bigger Than Anybody Realized

    by Shaun Bradley

    The Department of Education recently released a memo admitting that repayment rates on student loans have been grossly exaggerated. Data from 99.8% of schools across the country has been manipulated to cover up growing problems with the $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loans. New calculations show that more than half of all borrowers from 1,000 different institutions have defaulted on or not paid back a single dollar of their loans over the last seven years.

    This comes in stark contrast to previous claims and should call into question any statistics provided by government agencies. The American people haven’t fully grasped the long-term implications of loaning a trillion dollars to young people who have no credit or assets.

    Increases in tuition seen over the past two decades have become a point of controversy and angst for those who don’t fully understand the contributing factors. Between 1995 and 2015, the average cost of a public, four-year university skyrocketed by well over 200%. Although federal student aid programs are often championed as a necessity, they have been instrumental in making higher education unaffordable. The opportunity to pay for college by working a part-time job evaporated as soon as huge sums of money were handed out to anyone with a pulse. Since students no longer pay their tuition upfront, colleges are able to raise prices in perpetuity, knowing the government will step in and make credit easier and easier to obtain. As an added bonus, outstanding student loans account for 45% of the government’s financial assets.

    Subsidizing the lives of an entire generation has turned personal growth and advancement into a choice instead of a necessity. After all, why take risks or work your way up from the bottom when with just a signature, the life you’ve always wanted could be laid at your feet? It’s not hard to figure out why so many people are tempted to take advantage of the instant gratification that comes from student loans, but like everything else in life, they have a price. The same safety net that delays the anxiety of the future also ensures that monthly payments will be owed for decades to come. Procrastinating when faced with pivotal life decisions is an instinct that used to be overcome as a teenager, but today it is worn like a badge of honor well into adulthood.

    The policies of intervention haven’t stopped at federal aid, and loan forgiveness is now being offered to those willing to work in the public sector or at a non-profit for ten years. This perverse incentive only serves to drive those desperately in debt further towards government dependence. Productive jobs are created when the needs of others are met in the free market, not by joining the ranks of the state for self-preservation.

    The idea that success comes exclusively through attending a university has created a stigma against some of the most valuable occupations. The lack of real skill sets has lead to a shortage of welders, electricians, carpenters, and other trade workers. Instead of learning through experience with apprenticeships, many students have embraced four years of sleeping in, drinking heavily, and getting an increasingly useless degree. While there are many fields that require specialized training, the surge in popularity of degrees like sociology, anthropology, and communications clearly illustrate a disconnect between the needs of the economy and the skills of the incoming workforce.

    The normalization of this system has blinded individuals to their own potential. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thinkers are those who have bypassed traditional education. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and hundreds of other innovators achieved greatness by breaking from predictable paths to knowledge. Instead, passion and experience were the foundations that gave them the confidence needed to make groundbreaking strides. What it means to learn and be educated is changing rapidly as technology develops, and it will eventually force the State to adapt with it.

    Albert Einstein was able to spot the innate flaws in the education system even back in 1936, but it’s doubtful he could have fathomed how far things would go:

    “I want to oppose the idea that the school has to teach directly that special knowledge and those accomplishments which one has to use later directly in life. The demands of life are much too manifold to let such a specialized training in school appear possible…The development of general ability for independent thinking and judgment should always be placed foremost.”

    Those who do achieve their degrees often do so without developing important skills like critical thinking and individual discernment. The scariest part about this revelation is that almost 90% of outstanding private loans are co-signed by parents, making this an intergenerational problem. As the instability of pension funds, social security, and economic conditions continue, any additional burdens passed onto the baby boomers could have far-reaching ramifications. The vast distortions in information that this report exposes should motivate everyone to become an independent fact checker. The only way to reform this broken system is to shift the pursuit of knowledge towards the direction of each individual’s passion instead of creating more cogs for the machine.

    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Anti-Media.


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      1. Somethings’ gotta give. And then we start over again. Wheee!

        • Revolution, that is what will give.

          And it won’t be revolution for more freedom. It will be revolution for socialism.

          • The Government backed student loan program is a scam by the banks to give any schmuck a massive lifetime loan debt, and he will never get any job good enough to pay it all back. Its the Free money carrot scam.

            The Big Hook is that the Government will get their money back by taking up to 15% of your social security payments for repayment of your student loan debts including interest and penalties and collection costs. Only way you can get out of the 15% SS repayment of a default, is to be on disability. Its a snake that grows many heads.

            NEVER Refinance your STUDENT LOANS EVER. Because it is a “hands washing scam” to get the first lender and its scam loans out of their name, and you renew all of that bogus debt with a newly bundled repackaged loan. Again still guaranteed by the Government. Many Colleges take out bogus loans in your name, (Identity Theft) and you won’t discover this bogus loan debt until you are well out of school, that you have been duped and on the hook. If you refinance those bogus student loans, you have no recourse to get them dismissed. Its like “money laundering of bogus loans into new loans.” A lot of this loan scam or identity theft comes out at the smaller colleges and trade schools. BUYER BEWARE. Always get copies of all of your original student loan documents. Many loan applications are in violation of Title V funding. And you can get those loans discharged if they are not legally filled out properly.

            If you are so smart, understand what the heck you are borrowing and all the rules to loans. Don’t get ripped off. I learned the rules and got my entire college education for FREE. I schooled them Biotches. lololol All my Student loans were discharged by the Dept of Ed. Since the loans I had, were improperly filled out by unqualified people in the School loan office, filling out the loan apps changing the amounts I borrowed on paper after I signed the docs. The Dept of ED investigated the college and they got shut down basically and lost their Title V funding capabilities for Fraud. It took me years to figure it out, and get all the info together and teaming up helping another fellow student victim with her case, and by helping her, I figured out the rules of student loans and found the massive loophole to get all my loans discharged, and the school and the original bank has to pay the money back to the Dept of Ed, according to the violations they committed. Free education dammit, and I schooled them on Finance. LMFAO!!! Yes, and why I have been self employed 25+ yrs. Know your shit, be the boss of your domain.

            • That’s an excellent example of why not to take out any sort of loan. Too much can happen to what you signed up for or thought you signed up for.

              Same for credit cards, mile, points and all the other consumer “helps” created by banks and other industries. Just like the casino, the player seldom wins big. Hope you enjoyed playing though.

              Thank you, TD, for telling this story.

            • TD -that was very powerful thanks for the share ??

            • It might have been free to you, but, the rest of us taxpayers will eventually have to pay it. It may, however, be in inflated dollars. Think Wiemar.

          • I am NOT a fan of Huxley, but this quote is instructive. And it appears, while they are using pharmacology, another avenue they are using to achieve the below is **propaganda** and the dumbing down of the next generation to yet new depths to achieve what Huxley notes below. Watching the slaves demonstrate in Berzerkely a few days ago, all so they can return to the plantation/concentration camp, is an incredible feat of brilliant – and at the same time evil – social engineering. “Please, please Massah! But I **want** to work 16 hours a day in the cotton fields and die an early death, all so you elite plantation owners can live in luxury(think plutocrats Soros, the Hollwierd Learjet leftists, Mikey Moore, the late Maurice Strong, RICH Nancy Pelosi, the RIC head of the Southern Poverty Law joint, etc)

            “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution” -Aldous Huxley, 1961

        • Whats $900 billion among friends ???

          When TRUMP puts tariffs on China to create FAIR TRADE out of FREE TRADE, the government will recapture that $900 billion in two years by eliminating the imbalance of trade. And in eight years …..

          Yeah, it could happen. 🙂

        • What is really sad is 99% of these students are just cannon fodder for the left. A few will be promoted to leftist leadership, and live in luxury, but 99% wont. They will have no career, no money, a dump to live in, and no money to get married.

          PLUS, the fascist Learjet left leadership actually has them protesting to REMAIN in their chains, while the leftist elite live in luxury (not to mention their socialist profs who make a grand living, retire at 55, after living a basically stress free live making incredible money, compared to the private sector (I KNOW for a fact, as I started my career teaching on the post-secondary level, for about 5 years – you do about 25% of the work one does in the private sector… literally).

          Having slaves protesting to remain on the plantation. Master propagandist Edward Bernays would be proud!

          Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first lef, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

      2. The “I have A College Degree’ was at one time ticket to financial security when one learned something that an employer wanted; and it still is. Its not the degree but rather its marketable demand. A surfing degree from the University Of Miami or Art degree from Stockton doesn’t cut it. An Engineering Degree from MIT? Thats a different story.

        • In my town the City advertised for a position for a zoo keeper. The requirement was a degree in Zoology and it paid minimum wage.

          They require a degree to hire someone who’s job it is to shovel shit out of the cages.

          That is what America has become.

          • I know a wildlife biologist who does home maintenance for a living. His college expenses were basically wasted.

            Then there was the Master’s degree in International Relations, he was glad to get some work helping me put a roof on my house. He put himself through school, though, no loans.

          • I worked summers in a zoo as a high school student washing shit out of cages with a hose, among other things; like picking up garbage for the local Parks & Recreation Department.

            $1.50 an hour and all I could eat. You can’t get a job like that anymore without a high school education. 🙂

        • An Art degree from Stockton, now that’s funny!

          Stockton is a failed, bankrupt city with no go zones.

          • The Stockton I knew is a college in NJ

            Here is one of their courses.

            500703 Art History, Criticism and Conservation
            A program that focuses on the study of the historical development of art as social and intellectual phenomenon, the analysis of works of art, and art conservation Includes instruction in the theory of art, art history research methods, connoisseurship, the preservation and conservation of works of art, and the study of specific periods, cultures, styles, and themes

            • No Liberal should go through life without this education.

        • Kevin 2,
          well we can blame the wall street banksters AGAIN, the student loan “scam” was just that a scam for the many students who got degrees in a field that only got them a job flipping burgers for minimum wage, and they make up the majority of students and owe thousands in college loans. just another one of many reasons to “hang-em high” around the beltway lite poles, because our politicians backed them up as well!! for s SMALL few it was GREAT and they have meaningful incomes and most no-problem to pay back loans, the rest guess who is gonna get stuck??

        • I was SURE my degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, which I took six years to complete due to my partying, drug overdose, stint in rehab, and three abortions, would lead to a $100k/year job. And I only borrowed $95k to do it!

          On the other hand, that idiot leftist prof, who has 20 contact hours a week, sabbaticals, summers off, early retirement two weeks at Christmas, massive benefits, etc etc. is doing pretty fine! Too bad I am too stupid to figure out I am in massive debt, while this guy lives in luxury ***off of me, and the state. Only other leftist scam doing better is the BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming scam.

      3. It doesn’t help that the federal government has taken over the student loan process in this country. And then makes it very hard to pay back the way the interest is worked with the loans. Sometimes loans are needed to get through school for certain careers such as in the medical field. Agreed that paying one’s way through school gets harder to do with the high rates of tuition which continue to climb.

        • All the feds are going to do is politicize student loans. Obama promised loan rate reductions during his 2007 campaign, and garnered a lot of votes with our money.

          The latest political corruption is student loan relief. Just write it off, no problems, thank you for voting Democrat.

          • Smokey, scrap the student loan program totally and these libturd colleges and universities would go belly up. That tuition money is how they pay their damn bills. It would be poetic justice to see libturd ‘educators’ get laid off.

            • It’s become a self-perpetuating liberal creation machine, using our tax money for guarantees, votes in favor of political payoffs, and a supply of mushy-headed kids to indoctrinate into the liberal mindset.

      4. I have a degree that was 100% funded by me. I worked three jobs and went to school!!

        • Same here, took two jobs. Certainly no 12-credit semesters, either. Get it done and start making a living.

          • One year I worked full time at night, and went to school full time in the day (got really sick doing it, too)

            Another year during graduate school in Canada I slept and studied in an unheated basement (had a winter sleeping bag rated to – 20 F, which came in handy).

            Eight years of education, and one time my parents gave me $600 bucks, that was it.

            Just more “white privilege,” y’know…

      5. Just another nail in this nations coffin.

      6. Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics…..

        Moe of the same from the Government.

      7. Would you believe me if I told you that moist of the college debt is over useless degrees like basket weaving, bowling, ECT., and bull shit things like this.

        Let use get real here for a moment. College should not have Bull Shit courses like Basket weaving and the like. The only should have courses that improves the world for man kind. It is all a money getting thing, Just another thing that the Banksters got their greedy little hands on, and turned into a cesspool.

        So let it blow! I don’t give a CRAP, that to can go into the cesspool along with the colleges.


        • Quite a few people are also spending 5 or 6 years to get a four-year degree, just raising their costs by 25% or 50%.

        • I am pretty sure that I have run across some MBA’s that can’t even count change from a one dollar bill without a digital cash register.

          • You can be sure you did, no doubt about it.

            I’ve seen people accepting clearly erroneous figures because their calculator displayed the number for them.

            Knowing the ballpark figure you should have seems to be a lost art.

        • Sarge, spot on. I think the only degrees still worth going after would be in medicine, engineering, criminal justice, maybe some electronics, etc. There used to be a time when all colleges and universities had curriculums WITHOUT any politics. Everything they taught was something useful in one form or fashion. Nowadays, no matter where you go, 60-80% of curriculums have some of the most insane political courses anyone ever heard of. Except for the degrees I mentioned, college is a big waste.

      8. Are you telling me that my Bachelor’s degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, which I took six years to complete and cost me $100k (all to fund my socialist professors who retire at age 55 on a nice little dole) is now ***worthless???

        Too late will you Che T-shirt wearing leftists learn that, just like Trotsky, just like Lavrentiy Beria, just like Che told his buddies that the peasants supporting him would have to be liquidated when he and his cronies came to power, so too you campus lefties have just been cannon fodder to the amoral left. (Yes, some of you will make the cut to become apparatchiks, but 90% of you will be just like the Soviet citizens were – broke, starving and cold. Except that at least they didn’t have the lessons of history that you ignored, so we can justify them a bit.

        It is, as Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

      9. Forgiveness – wouldn’t you know it. Especially now that I’ve paid my $43,500 down to less than $600 – and on a missionaries income.

        I should have deferred more of it, and for a longer time. RATS, that’s what I get for being responsible, diligent, conscientious, and hard working.

        Son of Liberty

        • as a missionary-you glorified God in your honesty and integrity.

          God Bless you.

      10. I agree with
        Where Eagles Dare
        Get through college completely self funded. Not always possible, but certainly more than what is happening these days. And try to get a degree that is going to get you a good paying job!!

      11. Most college degrees now are useless. What the f#$5 did the snowflakes and cupcakes expect when they signed on the dotted line? When you sign those loan papers, you are legally obligated to repay that loan. I always knew I was right to stay out college. More political garbage in the curriculum than anything else these days. Except for medical and engineering, nothing useful is taught in colleges anymore.

        • I took photography in college. I enjoyed that. lol I was recruited for sports and swam for a state college to go to Nationals. It was a yuuuge party school. I quit early and went to go work for a few years, then left that job and went back to school for business. Then figured out the loans from the 2nd college were fraudulent and got all of them discharged. Free education Mf’ers. School that!! Bachelors in Bus Admin and Minor in Mkt. A great degree for running your own business. I am probably 85% self taught though. College teaches you to think, but self-curiosity and street smarts teaches and rewards you with success. If you have no ambition in life, a college degree won’t even get you a job, so don’t waste your time. And why so many live in mommas basement at 35 YO playing video games all day. And those snowflakes on the streets protesting thin air.

      12. All the entitlement morons with degrees in ethnic studies, sociology, liberal arts, acting, anthropology, are not unemployed. They are unemployable. They have no skill sets that anybody needs, and an entitlement socialist mentality that makes them basically useless. Other than the left, as they are the useful idiots to progress the nation into Marxism. The most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard, and trumpeted by our last 4 presidents, is that “no child should be left behind….and all should have the opportunity to go to college”. When in truth, there are plenty of ignorant undisciplined children that should be left behind….and NO, not every child should be going to college. At least 1/2 should be going into trades, or technical schools. Whos going to pay the trillion + dollars that they can’t or won’t pay back? YOU, the taxpayer.!!!!!!! LOL

        • I meet a lot of them waiting tables, making sandwiches, serving coffees, taking surveys, answering phones, that kind of employment. Some of them work full time at a trade, they learned they needed to make a living and weren’t going to with some temp intern scam.

        • J, truer words were never spoken. A nation of losers. And these are the same kind of people who have been taking part in anti-Trump protests and atrocities since Nov. 8th. How many have awakened and smelled the coffee? Maybe a small percentage at best, but all the rest are a lost cause.

        • A republican prez had the sorry a$$ idea of NCLB, no child left behind. What a pathetic failure it has caused for the public schools. Teachers can try to instill learning and order but NCLB allows parents to work the system if the child is misbehaving. As for trade schools, a lot of these have been eliminated so kids coming up don’t know the options, they have just been told that a four year degree is the golden ticket to success. Over qualification is also a problem for young job seekers, and let’s be honest, the cost of college today compared to the 70s is not proportional. It is higher, much higher.

      13. The Democrats are boycotting Trumps picks for offices.

        SCREW THEM, Go Nuclear and BYPASS the Bastards. If the rest of the country don’t like it, then we can go to War.

        I have had enough. Crash the markets too! I don’t give a shit!

        • Anon, I agree, but I think we’re heading toward a war regardless. The left hasn’t been THIS stirred up since the Vietnam era. Going to a gun show in my area this weekend for more ammo. There’s a storm comin…..I can hear the thunder.

      14. Unsecured debt is where you have nothing securing the debt that you can repossess. Kidney? Eyeballs? First-borne child? It needs to be something or you get defaults. What should it be?

      15. I’m a gonna get me a degree in synchronized underwater basketweaving. Yes sir.
        Then I’m gonna work at Hardee’s for the next 35 years to pay it off.

      16. The student loan program has been used as “welfare” by students graduating from high school to avoid going to work. Sign here and you get four more years to party! And momma and dada are stuck with the bill! Momma and dada deserve it because they were so stupid to co-sign! So they end up with their worthless brat back living at home while they are paying off the debt for the useless degree the brat wasted four years getting. No sympathy here.

        • Ronna, welcome, and I have to agree. No sympathy here, either.

        • No sympathy? Fair enough. Just remember that when the social security ponzi cuts the benefits you “earned”. 18 year old kids are told from birth they are going to be abject failures unless they sign on that line and attend college. I don’t blame them, really, as I was once in their shoes, naive and misguided. I have a $900 a month student loan bill I pay month in and month out, but got lucky enough to graduate before 2007, married well, and started a fairly successful business. Most of these kids followed the advice of their elders and got taken behind the woodshed…..

          • Exactly. It takes a degree to get secretarial work or call center work. Try applying for a job sometime and you will see.

          • My debt when I left college was a total of about $2,000.

            They charge more now for just tuition than I had to pay back in the 1970s for everything (tuition, fees, room, meals, clothes, books, etc.).

      17. I really can’t believe we have allowed this to happen. I know it’s a broken system, and has been for a while with both parties sharing responsibility. I need about 2-3 more months to be prepared, and I do realize that none of us will be totally prepared for that day!

        • 2 or 3 more months–hope we get it.

          2017 is the year of protein at our house. I hope to have enough time left to fill in the protein gaps in our preps.

      18. President Trump is working a deal with Big Pharma. He wants the costs of meds to come down. He is removing regulations, reducing the 10-15 years to get approval, streamlining the process. In return, he wants the companies to come back from overseas.

        Iran’s Ayatollah Khomaini is perturbed because no “inexperienced man” is going to tell him whether or not he can test nukes or some such thing.


        I have a degree in lesbian orgasm and a minor in child psychology from The Kinky Institute in Brussels. I’ve never been without a job.


        • I was just joking. In case you missed that.

          __ about lesbian orgasm, I have no clue.


      19. When My daughter got to be college age I offered to help her through, but I imposed a limit, you have to get an education in something that will pay you well and has a very good chance of getting employment. She chickened out. It saved me and society lot of money.

        • Secure Jobs today are in the Medical Field, Nursing, assistants, office work, tons of jobs for ambitious people. Get some sales experience, in lots of areas, then start your own business as a reseller of services or products. Create multiple streams of income. So you always have something coming in. Today you need to be more than a one trick pony. Your job could even be eliminated by automation in the next decade. SO have a full time job and a part time in home business as a backup and write off a portion of your household expenses, mileage, etc. Go clean old people houses. When your home business makes you more money than your full time job, go self-employed and build your business. I would think a Hobby/ Gun smith repair Machinist is a great skill to have in SHTF. And reload and sell Ammo in your spare time. Get it going baby!!

          There’s a new Sheriff in town now, and he likes new business and hiring, and just reduced the business taxes bigtime!! Git it!!

          • BS. The hospitals are not as stable as you might think. Google hospital and layoffs. ACA plus rising patient cost etc means even hospitals are laying off staff. Loo at Beckets hospital review for info on this.

      20. Tech Schools are where it’s at. Learn a trade that can be applied immediately. Affordable education, as well. Work and go to school to learn how to fix all the crap the leftists are breaking.
        The skills you learn will also help you when shtf. Nursing, Mechanics, Lab technology (ability to test and examine what type of junk was dropped on your area)Electrician etc…

        Tech school learn a skill trade.

      21. If the Student Loan program is done away with, it was because it was abused. The abusers will never accept their rose and will blame someone else. The people who didn’t abuse it but played by the rules will be the one who pays the price.

      22. That chart says it all. It was all Obama, and the economy he couldn’t fix.

        Under Obama, to lower the count of unemployed, easy money was given to anyone to go to college anywhere anytime. It got them off the rolls and Obama promised he’d fix the economy and there would be millions of jobs by the time they graduated. They didn’t get to keep their doctor either.

        Since after graduation they weren’t eligible for unemployment, the desperately seeking jobs graduates were not counted as unemployed. There are now millions of Americans that owe a fortune in student debt with no prospect of employment. Many are now in their thirties. A lost generation of over educated liberals. Obama’s war on small business insured these people couldn’t even go it on their own, if they had a good idea.

        • PTPO, libturds having a GOOD idea? Now someone is really dreaming BIG, LOL!

      23. If any of theses people who owe student loans are working take their tax returns for as long as it takes to repay the loan. No everyone should not go to college. The rich go to college because they have the money, but do they have the brains? Now days they have all these remedial courses for college students to retake the classes they should have mastered in high school. Most of these are math subjects and English classes. In my opinion, and I’m nobody, I believe you should have to pass a standardized test to be accepted. And if you do not keep your grade at a 2.0 then you’re out. What classes you take are your business, but hopefully you’re smart enough to know to take realistic and practical subjects. The government needs to crack down on repayment of student loans. It’s not the taxpayers responsibility.

      24. 10 years in night school and a full time job and i did just fine. come on snowflakes…if I can do it you can tough it out and do it to cuz I’m not bailing you out. You are on your own!

      25. I enrolled in college and went to class one day, yeah only one day. GI bill deal. It did not help that I previously scored a half pound of Columbian Gold. No student loan to pay back, worked out fine.

      26. I suppose this is the colleges fault for having such high tuition. What ever happened to personal responsibility. If you can’t afford college don’t go do something else. I never went I do ok ?.

        • For two decades during which universities increased Tuition by double digits, while inflation was half that, have ballooned tuitions to make you bleed and become a slave highs has not helped.

          All I’ll say in defense of Universities is, the Federal government was all the while inflicting expensive regulations to remake universities into politically correct insane asylums. There was no liberal cause the government thought too silly or expensive to inflict on Universities.

          Endless loans for any student for college major, even ones that produce guaranteed unemployment rates 80 to 100% are just fine.

          Universities and the government enjoyed a joint fantasy that lined the pockets of university executives and produced a generation of brain dead democrat voters, and tax payers would ultimately have to pick up the tab. What a plan! These people are all grifters.

      27. What they don’t tell you, and what any competent bankruptcy attorney, along with any staffer in your Congressman’s office will tell you: student loans ARE UNSECURED DEBT. That means they have zero underlying assets to back them. When the originator then turns around and dumps these things on a pension fund that has no clue what they are really buying, you have a classic boiler-room scam. That also means they should be able to be fully discharged in bankruptcy.

        Simply put, student loans are a total scam. That’s why I refuse to pay them. I filed a BK many years ago, listed the loans and got a complete discharge. Under Natural American Law, and not this bullshit Brussels law they’re trying to ram down our throats, that means I won and do not owe a goddamn thing.

        Can hardly wait for the day when we’re allowed to hunt down these c*ck-sucking, Soros-worshipping pigs running these student loan scams, along with their immediate family members for being direct financial beneficiaries of this scam, and make them pay with their lives.

      28. Smart parents with lots of kids will buy a 2nd house on a college campus and send all their kids to tht school and they all live in the house, and rent the spare rooms out to other college kids as well. And as income for your kids to live on with the extra rental income. Skip the pricey dorm fees. Put all your kids though college, then sell the house for a tidy profit and pay off any student loans in full. I see the smart successful parents out there making smart moves. Big money in student rental properties. The house may get beat up, but charge high rents to recover the repair costs. Rent to college girls. Go collect the rent.. lol

      29. I sorry If you signed on the dotted line and made the debt it should stay with you until paid or your estate is probated. it doesn’t matter what you borrowed the money for. You borrowed it you need to be held accountable. bankruptcy is a legal way to beat a honest debt. And you may think you got away with it. But there is something called KARMA that will even the score. As ye sow shall ye reap. Forgiving someones college debt is unfair to those who did the correct things and worked their way through and paid their own way. If the college debt is forgiven or nullified by bankruptcy at the very least the degree should be taken away. The deadbeats should lose that degree and the years they spent obtaining it be for naught.

      30. Refugees receive $64,350 in the first five yearsXmultiple wivesXchildren.

        Carry diseases including HIV, TB, hundreds of others.

        Rape of six year olds is normal. Gang rape is happening results in AIDS infection transfer.

        What the hell are we doing. Stop ALL immigration NOW.


        War with China? For oil? Our kids die?

        Nutty yahoo building islands in Gaza. Expel Palestinians? Land grab?


      31. Got my training in Air Force ,54750 heating system specialist, included free travel . So I’m Blue collar, I do pretty well. Somebody’s got to run these large buildings ” mechanically” 1 student loan repayed ” 1st Harly money “

      32. It’s easy enough to be pleasant ,
        When life hums along like a song.
        But the man worth while
        Is the man who can smile
        When everything goes dead wrong.

      33. Guess who receives billions in our tax money and sends their kids to College on our dime for free. If you guessed “IS real hell”, you got it. Keep sending these people your tax dollars. Every dollar counts. 38 billion Obama sent before leaving. That’s your money going to a foreign country.

        34% of welfare goes to California.
        12% of U.S. Population is in California
        40 million people – 23 million on food stamps, welfare, Medicaid
        Half the population of California is Hispanic
        Governor threatens to make California sanctuary
        Kuazimoto “Sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary”
        President Trump could withdraw Federal funds
        No funds, no welfare, “civil unrest” riots beatings murder, lock down,

        __ I’m not feeling very secure.

      34. It is akin to the Vietnam War. Those who remember know the Democrats always use data to lie and manipulate the public. And it works – for a time. They always presented data (and they had the most sophisticated dudes to do it like Robert McNamara) that showed they were winning and all their decisions were the right ones. Body counts? Count all the arms and legs and divide by 4. Targeted search and destroy missions done at high tempo.

        But, in the end, the Vietnam War was lost on the ground. Several key turning points can be found. America was able to arrogantly bomb the hell out of the country and its neighbour up until Russia called BS and changed the game: they introduced SAM missiles that started bringing down large numbers of B-52s (remember the Linebacker air raids). The next thing was the Vietnamese going fully underground. They were able to bypass American air superiority and to penetrate deep into South Vietnam. In short, the Vietnamese studied America’s obvious technological superiority and devised counter measures that hacked the sh#t out of it.

        Today, the Democrats did what they always do: manipulate the data to hologram a phoney recovery and victories and then project that hologram through the greasy grin of the magic negro. The young people bought it hook, line and sinker, just as they did Vietnam until all the body bags started to pile up. We are now in the body bags phase: it has become beyond obvious nothing was fixed and now the young are rioting.

        The question remains: is Trump Nixon or is he Reagan?

        • Excellent post, Frank. However, I disagree to an extent. When the US left, it was stalemate, and the North had not won. In fact, North Vietnamese General Giap explicitly stated that they LOST after Tet. What happened was that after 1974, the Democrats cut off funding for the South, and then they collapsed AFTER that.

          This doesn’t take away from most of what you said, I just think there is a little more to be said on the matter

      35. My youngest grand daughter lives at home with me, works full time and takes what college courses she can afford to pay cash for. She generally takes two courses a semester, receives no grants and takes no loans. I have tried to teach her over the years to stay out of debt and she will have a much better life. As long as she works and goes to school, she will pay no room or board here. That is my contribution to her education. Oh, and she drives my old 2005 Ford Escape, rather than having to pay a new car loan. All she has to do is pay her insurance, gas and maintenance.

      36. Here’s your degree in worthlessness. Now you can pursue a career in in Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot or Mobil.

        At 12 dollars an hour single with no dependence that’s almost 40% taken out of your gross pay for a part time job. 12 x2 = 24K per year full time. You will never be able to pay off your debt compounded annually. And thats our goal. Not for you to be “educated” for you to be indebted.

        Go file for your income tax return now. Pay H&R Block for a short form 100 dollars and they will get you back no more than 40% back of your Federal deductions.

        Now you have to pay the fine for Obummer care to support the insurance companies we bailed out in 2007 that gave themselves bonuses and raises with.

        You are a slave now in corporate America. Welcome to your financial servitude. Whats wrong ? This is not what the guidance counselor told you would happen before you agreed to accepting your loan ?

        Meanwhile illegal aliens. Free school. Free Food. Free housing. And almost free pet care.

      37. Many, in my generation, wondered which color of the rainbow, you had to be, or what was the secret handshake, to attend college.

        I think the Millennials were sorely deluded, in wondering how Boomers found opportunity ruined it for us; they were debt peons.

        That was the big secret, they were holding over your head.

        When you were independently productive, and that seemed so awkward, their net worth was in the red and approaching black hole status.

        This story is how people do things, in the socalled “real world.”

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