Crimes of State: Will Obama Pardon Hillary Before Leaving Office?

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 74 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Lest there be any more loose talk about prosecutions and investigations against the Clintons, there may be pressure on President Obama to sign off on a ‘blank check’ pardon for Hillary, for “any and all crimes she may have committed” during any time before/during/future.

    After all, President Ford pardoned Nixon; it would be good for the continuity of the country, etc., etc. Federal government is so up to the top with corruption and criminality, that its partners and operators in Washington had probably rather sweep it all back under the rug, and endure a few weeks of groaning about such a politically motivated pardon. Hillary will eat crow again, and take the get out of jail free card. Anyone think different?

    Big Surprise: Media Betting Obama Will Pardon Hillary Clinton Before He Leaves the White House

    by Melissa Dykes

    A lot of us figured this was coming, but now the mainstream media is predicting the obvious in print.

    In a piece by contributor David Weisberg over at The Hill, he declares that Obama will make sure to pardon Hillary Clinton “for any violations of federal law she might have committed while she was secretary of state.”

    Weisberg writes:

    We should first note that the Obama administration’s decision not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would not bind the Trump administration. Until relevant statutes of limitations have expired, she could still be prosecuted by the new administration. It is possible in my opinion for Clinton to be prosecuted for either her improper handling of classified information on “home brew,” or allegations of “pay to play” arrangements between the secretary of state and donors to the Clinton Foundation, which could constitute bribery.

    The statute of limitations for most federal crimes is five years from the commission of the offense; that would apply to the two categories relevant to Mrs. Clinton. Her tenure as secretary of state ended Feb. 1, 2013, so it is possible that the statute of limitations will not run until Feb. 1, 2018, more than a year after Mr. Trump takes office.

    Apparently, however, there is legal precedent for the acceptance of a pardon being equal to an admission of guilt. It was established by a 1915 U.S. Supreme Court case, Burdick v. U.S. which has never been overturned. In other words, if Hillary takes the pardon, she’s admitting she committed at least one crime she committed and needs to be pardoned for.

    Then again, is it even likely Trump is actually going to prosecute Hillary anyway? Pretty much as soon as he won, he announced that he no longer planned to. Even Weisberg points out, “Since being elected, Mr. Trump has been remarkably warm towards the person he used to call ‘crooked Hillary’.” It’s been speculated Trump’s promise not to prosecute was part of the phone call ensuring Hillary would concede. Then again, they’d been pretty good friends for the two decades leading up to the election.

    Weisberg goes on to say he thinks Obama’s pardon for Hillary is forthcoming. Why not. The White House won’t deny the option is being considered, even though, again, Trump has come out to say he does not plan to prosecute Hillary anyway.

    Obama’s pardon of Hillary will probably be worded a lot like (if not exactly like) Ford’s Pardon of Richard Nixon:

    Now, THEREFORE, I, GERALD R. FORD, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974.

    Hillary’s pardon will be just as ambiguously worded, to make sure and cover anything and everything (and there’s a lot to cover).

    As projected, it’ll likely be dated for her entire tenure as Secretary of State, too.

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. There was never any doubt that a pardon was coming. Makes it possible for the ruse to continue.

        • A pardon automatically becomes an admission of guilt of which, she has been vehemently denying. It should officially kill any chance of a 2020 run, which I will greatly appreciate…

        • No doubt he may pardon her, but I am not completely convinced it is cast in stone. BHO is very concerned about his legacy and that could influence this decision for one simple reason. Any pardon would also be an admission of guilt and that would reflect on BHO whether he likes it or not. I think 60/40 in favor of the pardon, but not a slam dunk or absolute. He may also pardon Bergdahl just for spite towards the military system and legal system.

      2. The unfortunate reality is that to convict Hillary you must prove that money was donated to the Clinton Foundation with expectations of political favors. This applies to both the recipient, the Clintons and the donator. One cannot be guilty with the other innocent. This opens up a true, “too big to jail” as foreign leaders and extremely powerful businessmen / financiers must be drug into court. Their attorneys will cite selective prosecution if its just a few and therefore this maze of corruption would have to envelop all of them or make a damn good effort at it.

        Piss, moan, shout, beat your head against the wall but there are people, and organizations that are just too big to touch in great number.

        • Macau accepts the ChiCom police state laws without question.

          Hong Kong has massive pro democracy protests every time suck fuckassed bullshit is proposed and always fights it off.

          The state owned ChiCom media praises Macau and not Hong Kong.

          HK has 7 times the economic output as Macau.

          Macau has 7 times the gambling industry as Las Vegas.

          Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal.




          • Can you tell me why the They’s want to destroy the white race?
            Can anyone answer the question?
            Whites are already a massive global minority.
            What is it about the white genetics that the “They’s” find so threatening?

            Also why does the world want to destroy Jews?
            Why can’t we just be left alone as whites or jews?
            It is obvious the “They’s” seek our Destruction.

            I’m seriously asking these questions. I understand some of why the anti semite garbage. but why the white guilt and anti white Pro Diversity garbage?

            I’m white of Viking-German blood married to a spoiled wonderful olive skinned Jewish Princess. We are both Christians. She actually converted me. How is that for diversity. Her family practice Judaism and are the most wonderful in laws anyone could have. My ancestors refused to serve Nazi’s and fled to America. I now feel it may be time to flee America for same reasons. America is dangerous.


        • Single moms should be ineligible for the welfare roles.

          If you want to fuck some bad boy worthless piece of shit that’s fine.



          • Eisen, once again, damn good points.

          • This exactly why I support planned parenthood. Without free birth control, there will be even more low life pregnancies and they will expect us to support them. It is also a small price to pay to keep the blacks and other minority populations in check.

            • Single people who are responsible should not have to pay for public schools blended in their property Taxes. 51% of my Taxes in the City went for schools and I did not even have any kids. That is truly Commie Socialism.

              Meanwhile the scumbag across the street has 10 kids loading down the schools system, and he gets 10 more write offs on his income Taxes. That’s more Socialist Commie BS. That’s why I moved out of the Commie Socialist City Taxes and all the Commie programs I never use but have to pay for.

              Every child parents have, needs to immediately start paying into that kids education, you play you pay.

              Having children is a life style choice. My lifestyle choice is going boating, so how about you pay for my Boat Gas and in fact I am going to attach my boat gas bill to your Property Taxes. That BS is called Liberal Commie Socialism.

              • Hillary’s coined Phrase, “It take a Village to raise a Child” is ultimate Commie Socialism.

                No you Hag, it takes 2 responsible parents to take care of their own child and raise them on your own. Dependents means they are yours. NOT MINE.

                And people wonder why Food Stamps and Welfare is skyrocketing? Its a race to the bottom, rewarding Trophys and benefits to the failures who make bad decisions. Its time we start cutting people balls off after their 2nd child.

                And its the poor and ignorant who keep popping these scum squibs out of the womb as another generation of losers they cannot possibly afford.

        • I will bet Obama does NOT pardon Hillary. He hates her. He hates Israel also. Hillard scammed hundreds of millions on Obama’s watch. Obama is only worth $12 Mil.

          In 2017, there will be 2 types of people.
          Victims and those with Guns.

          • I have no clue as to whether or not Obongo hates the Hildebeast, and don’t really care one way or another.

            But, there are 2 things that this Communist, virulently anti-White half-black, America hating loser did while in office that he deserves credit and praise for.

            #1: He told the Israel First, America Never lobby and the blood thirsty, war mongering, mostly but not entirely jewish neocon cockroaches to kiss his ass and refused to get the US into a war Iran.

            #2: His recent refusal to veto the UN resolution which skewered the loathsome and diabolically evil, 9-11 complicit Bibi Netanyahu and the criminal, false flag terrorist state of Israel for STEALING the land that was awarded to the Palestinians according to the original U.N. partitioning agreement – that also deserves praise.

            Oh, and perhaps I could add a third item to the list of things that Obongo has done that has been worthwhile. He managed to wake up millions of stupid, naive, self-hating, self-loathing, White guilt ridden, brainwashed White Americans to the reality that the left and the disgusting RINO cucks in the establishment GOP have been waging an openly declared race war on the White majority population and the founding stock of this nation – effectively attempting to ethnically cleanse the White indigenous majority and replace them with swarms of low IQ, uneducated, poorly skilled non-whites from the Third world who are totally incompatible with Western civilization in order to turn America into the Third World hellhole that Ann Coulter described in her best selling book, Adios America.

            Obama played a big part in that awakening, and he should be thanked for it.

            • Many good points. I recently commented that BHO has actually shown us all just how easy it is to circumvent what we thought were the laws of this failing land. He put everything on steroids and congress stood by and watched or funded all of his insane policies. He had PRAVDA/MSM on his side so anything was possible ! Any lie, any manipulation.

              Question is did the populace learn anything at all ? I doubt it. So what exactly has changed ?

          • Zeus,
            it will depend on who Obutthead hates worse, I will bet he would pardon her IF he thinks it will hurt Trump!

        • I am reading the book “Alone on the Ice”

          Its a great book.

          Mawson’s 1912 Antarctic expedition.

          Learn from the best.

        • So if obama pardons her, the article says she has to accept the pardon which means she is admitting guilt. if she accepts and admits guilt then there’s a truckload of others who are guilty, her husband and daughter just for starters. It would also mean that she doesn’t have a prayer if she plans on running in 2020. It’s to hard to make an opinion either way but you can bet that this slimy crew is already in spin control.

          • Jacknife, with her health issues, she may not live til’ 2020. Whenever she dies, I’ll celebrate.

        • other words: elitism is alive and well in the democrat party, and politics in general…as we already knew.

        • How can you pardon someone, who has not even been charged with a crime yet?? So its not even an option for Obama. Can someone prove me wrong? Got a link or Constitutional law on that?

        • Kevin2, it’s sad but true. If the Clintons fell, so would the entire DC establishment. It will never happen.

        • There is far more than enough evidence to convict her on the emails and other crimes. It is a matter of political will and actually following our laws. Nothing more. So we will see how it all plays out and know what exist after the fact, soon enough.

      3. If not prosecuted then we are under a tyrannical govt and the Second amendment applies. conduct yourselves accordingly politicians. Your time is short.

        • Nixon wasn’t prosecuted either, also by means of a pardon.

      4. pardon her for what?

        she hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything … yet.

        lots of hoops to jump thru before pardon happens

        • Please don’t comment until you bother to actually read it.

          Pardons can be issued in advance to cover “anything that may have happened”.

          After that the only recourse is the guillotine – a la the French Revolution. I’ve got a sinking feeling in my stomach that if old Trump is feckless, that may be in our future.
          GOD knows we need it but it sure is gonna be nasty.

          • Thank you Stuart-I stand corrected.

            Just couldn’t believe the article stated the whole truth and nothing but the truth (sorry Mac-i always investigate)

            I am amazed that such can be done with no conviction-shoot, nobody will ever get convicted of wrong doing at this rate.

        • “G”
          You Are thinking the same thing I’m thinking. She has been charged or convicted yet.

          • The pardon that matters most is the one we get from God. He alone knows what is in Hillary’s heart, but I haven’t seen any evidence from her that she even knows Him. Sooner or later, JUSTICE will be done.

        • Actually she doesn’t have to be charged with a crime. The pardon would be worded with a catchall. Just like the way Ford did when he pardoned Nixon. “Any crimes she has committed or may have committed.”
          It may not make a difference anyway. Trump can overturn the pardon and go after her anyway. Especially if he could prove that Obama’s presidency was illegitimate. If that could be proven, then any and all, official actions Obama did, would be null and void.

          • Right, chairman maobama being cool with her criminality does not absolve her nor does it mean we all must pardon her. Plus, some of those charges COULD very well be murder..

        • No, she can be pardoned without being convicted of any crimes potentially committed in the past or the future. That is how presidential pardons work, just like her husband gave to Mark Rich and Nixon got. Pretty whacked system IMO.

      5. Obama will set off WWIII during Trumps reign by arming ISIS today with ground to air missiles. Most models are really ugly inside.

        • 643, Trump can STOP those arms shipments once he takes office.

      6. The FBI Clinton Foundation investigation is ongoing. If Comey leaves and Rudy becomes the FBI Director, there is a very good chance both Clintons will be indited.

        Rudy’s record of prosecuting organized crime is very good. He clearly knows how to follow the money.

        • ….. ain’t gonna happen. Rudy has too much baggage (e.g. business dealings with the Ruskies)
          Just Sayin

      7. Trump should still prosecute Chelsea Clinton for misappropriation of funds from the Clinton Foundation. It’ll do Hillary and Bill good to watch their daughter rot in prison.

        • DAMN good idea. Most interesting I’ve heard and DAMN poetic justice to boot.

        • To Plan twice,
          ? That’ll work.

        • The Clintons took $3 Mil from the Clinton Foundation to pay for Chelsea’s Wedding. A clear violation of law for charities. Chelsea is worth about $12 Mil and lives in a $5 Mil apartment in NYC. She hasnt worked a day in her redheaded life. Hubbles daughter.

          • correction , 11 million dollar apartment, crazy all the fraud

          • Zeus, if I remember right, Chelsea married a member of the ‘tribe’ with ties to Goldman-Sachs and has had 2 kids by him.

      8. Who cares about that bitch old news. All the shit going on and all the guns out there It’s a matter of time. Gonna be a lot of crazy shit happening till Inauguration Day.

      9. Just for the record:

        “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

        “A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God,” he explained. “An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.”

        Who said this? Martin Luther King

      10. “[W]here there is no law, there is no liberty; and nothing deserves the name of law but that which is certain and universal in its operation upon all the members of the community.”

        –Benjamin Rush, Letter to David Ramsay, 1788

        • Read this Article. This is what your country has come to.

          Federal court rules dogs can be shot if they bark, move when officer enters home stemming from controversial Michigan case
          ht tp://

          What are your thoughts on this “justice”?

      11. Winter is when the earth renews itself.
        Leaves that have fallen from the trees become compost and cover for seeds that will emerge in the spring. The ground freezes and pathogens die off. Mosquitos and other pest retreat temporarily and the earth becomes quiet.

        I love quiet… no crickets , no bullfrogs , no cicadas no assholes on their ATV’s… just quiet.

        NASA has spent millions listening to the universe (interstellar plasma oscillations) akin to fingers strumming a guitar…they’ve heard it twice.

        Yet I can sit in front of a fire that has turned to embers and tiny flames and hear a symphony on a deadly quiet winters night.

        In a way it seems unfair to those who can’t but to whom shall I complain??

        • That is about the only thing I like about winter. Thank you Nomadic.

      12. He’ll pardon her and Bergdahl. they both should rot in hell.

      13. It would be a wonderful day to turn on the news and hear that Hillary Clinton, along with her close associates, have been indicted on numerous felony federal charges. And then months later that these same defendants have been convicted on all charges. It would be marvelously glorious! It would restore the faith of justice being blind and free us from the Clinton crime family power and their endless scandals.

      14. Jim in VA.

        Too late. The Pope has given them both absolution.

      15. Jim in Va.

        Too late. The Pope has given them both absolution.

      16. If Trump had a brain, he would explain it to the Mullatto.
        You keep it up and the government will hunt your a$$ for all the time I’m in charge. Do it Chicago style. I’ll make your life
        miserable. It is best you go quietly into the night.

      17. I think Obama will hang around and try to make DJT’s life as miserable as possible no matter how hard things may go for him personally he will eat every drop of misery he will cause our incumbent president.

        Jan. 21st should be a joyful one for all of us who want only the best for our country but, some where in the back of my mind a little bird is saying be careful it may not turn out as you wish. In the coming year all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        Happy New Year everyone and pray for the best.

        • mallardhen

          I am sure Hillary an Obama will hang around causing as much trouble as they can from the sidelines. This Last Hoorah on Jan. 21st. will tell the nation how far the Left want to push it.
          As far as the nation coming together and being healed. Not going to happen. So why not prosecute old Hillary and get things started.

          Obama to pardon, Hillary? He screwed the J3Ws didn’t he now.

          • Anon, it’s a safe bet that Jan. 20th will be a very dark and very bloody day in DC. I’ll be back at the BOL a few days before that, just in case.

      18. According to Adolf Hitler in his autobiography, “Mien Kamph” (My Struggle), the Genesis expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden, is man’s history of civilizations collapse, when the cultured high tech Aryan masters practice democide by breeding with the inferior captives under their control. The offspring being unfit to continue creating an advanced civilization.

        This idea is plausible. Just look at what is happening around us.


      19. Some idiot professor said there needs to be white genocide. This is crazy. When he was confronted he said it was just satire. what a scum bag race traitor. He should start by killing himself.

        • Asshat:

          I read about this guy. He said, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”. I don’t care about what he said. I care that white people have been brain washed not to have children. I care that immigration is so out of control that in a hundred years, there will not be any more white people. Genocide is real. What is happening is not funny.

          __ black and brown people will become abject slaves to the elite when whitey can’t play interference for them. Then they will wake up and realize that whitey is not the problem. Whitey is the only thing between them and the globalist psycho satanist sadists.


      20. FWIW, a pardon cannot be given prior to a crime having been committed.

        Otherwise a President or Governor could hire hit men to take out opponents and give them a pardon in advance of the act making them immune to the law, or a police force could be given a blanket pardon for all crimes it ever commits in any future action with the same effect. For that matter, rioting could be legalized by granting blanket pardons for all rioters in advance, effectively nullifying laws against rioting.

        Obama granting and Hillary accepting a pardon would therefore be admission by both that the crime had been committed. It would just sort of nullify this particular crime and make it unprosecutable.

      21. One can always hope that her billionaire donors collect on her worthless hide, personally. They KNEW that she was criminal scum, she KNEW what she was taking the money for (favors)…She can die a painful criminal scum mafia type death at the small cost from her donors to get revenge for her failure to deliver..GOOD RIDDANCE.

        let the scum kill each other, and failing that maybe someone else will get a measure of justice extracted from her carcass later, god willing.

      22. The treasonous psychopath Obama will not need to pardon treasonous psychopath Hillary, Orange Satan already did, remember he said the Clinton’s were “good people” after Orange Satan duped all the dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum Trumpbot cowards into chanting “lock her up”….Trumpbot cowards will even praise Orange Satan when he brings one of the Clinton’s into his Corporatist Fascist Military Junta Administration.

        Ego, pride, and mass delusion will NEVER allow Trumpbot cowards to stop worshiping Orange Satan as their savior God, and admit they welcomed another Corporatist Fascist criminal psychopath to be their New Dear Leader!!!!

      23. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” Exodus 22:18

        “If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer neither shall thou lay upon him usury” Exodus 22:25

        Two jobs here for your first 100 day plan, Don John.

        Get crackin’

      24. Just read the pardon that Johnson gave nixon. She will get the same, I’m sure. She will never be able to be charged, no matter what they find.

      25. Obama lies with every word out of his pie hole. Disgraceful joke of a president, this NWO criminal works tirelessly to destroy America. Trying to start a war with Russia is pure insanity, Obama finagles pleasing the warmongers. He has signed a bill to take away senior citizen gun rights through the social security administration. What are his positive accomplishments beneficial to the majority of Americans? There are none. A fraud from the get go, brought in to cover the crimes of his predecessors. Thanks Obama for nothing. He should be jailed tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. Both Bush’s and Clinton’s also. No justice for the biggest of criminals.

      26. How can he pardon her when she hasn’t even been officially charged?

      27. Let’s get this straight… for any person who pardons another, means only one thing. A crime/s has been committed and the acceptance of such a document/declaration, means to the one accepting it, is to affirm of such a crime/s. Further, in Hillary’s case, it is to say, I was lying and fraud would be involved as well. (However, if you are corrupt and Liberal, that means nothing, because everyone goes around excepting PARDONS for crime/s they did not do, it is just the thing to do.) If you have an issue with this, the world is flat, I have moon property, the Democrats are an Honest group of people who care for the Constitution and Jesus Christ(Republicans are very near) and there is no Heaven or Hell, and tell that to those who have been there!

      28. How can you be pardoned of something you have never been charged with or convicted of?

      29. Just remember that a Presidential Pardon of any sort carries with it an implication of guilt on the recipient’s part. So, what to do with Hillary? Pardon her with that cloud of guilt, or simply decline to prosecute, which would leave her open forever to future criminal charges? This should be interesting.

      30. Pardon her for what?? According to Hillary she did nothing wrong. According to the FBI, she is guilty of simply bad judgement which no reasonable prosecutor would indict her for. According to the DOJ, there is nothing there. So if no one will indict her since there are no crimes committed, what would Obama pardon her for. It seems to me if Obama pardons her, and if she accepts the pardon, she admits guilt. While she may not end up in prison, she will forever be branded as a criminal and with the grace of God, she will be finished. Either way, she is between the devil and deep blue sea.

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