Company Selling Genetic Data On Millions of Americans: “Hand Over DNA, Vial of Spit At a Time”

by | Jul 9, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 47 comments

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    Image: S zillayali, Creative Commons.

    Image: S zillayali, Creative Commons.

    The questions of our time have become – who owns you? Your data? What about your DNA?

    For customers who opted into signing a consent for when they signed up to have their DNA sequenced through the company 23andMe, it would appear that their DNA data belongs to a giant database that is being shared and sold to third party medical and pharmaceutical firms.

    As Gizmodo reported that the company that has been featured in Walgreens stores to sequence your DNA for a cheap one time cost of $99 has a lot more at stake:

    Today, 23andMe announced what Forbes reports is only the first of ten deals with big biotech companies: Genentech will pay up to $60 million for access to 23andMe’s data to study Parkinson’s. You think 23andMe was about selling fun DNA spit tests for $99 a pop? Nope, it’s been about selling your data all along.

    Since 23andMe started in 2006, it’s convinced 800,000 customers to hand over their DNA, one vial of spit at a time. Personal DNA reports are the consumer-facing side of the business, and that’s the one we’re most familiar with. It all seems friendly and fun with a candy-colored logo and quirky reports that include the genetic variant for asparagus pee.

    But … it’s always been about enticing customers to hand over their DNA sequences along with details of their lives in a questionnaire to build a giant database—one that academic researchers and biotech companies alike are, well, salivating over.


    Its privacy policy notes that it will share aggregated data to third parties (read: sell to pharma and biotech companies) for scientific research if customers sign a consent document. Wojcicki told the San Jose Mercury News that 85 to 90 percent of 23andMe’s customers do.

    For most, the concept of keeping a massive DNA database is still as creepy as that episode of the X-Files where they discover a giant filing cabinet system inside a mountain fortress containing smallpox records and tissue samples for every American:


    But the truth is there are attempts to database, store, share and sell our genetic information.

    The government has been taking and keeping blood and DNA samples of all newborns for decades now, and yet it is barely known.

    Many parents don’t realize their baby’s DNA is being stored in a government lab, but sometimes when they find out, as the Browns did, they take action. Parents in Texas, and Minnesota have filed lawsuits, and these parents’ concerns are sparking a new debate about whether it’s appropriate for a baby’s genetic blueprint to be in the government’s possession.

    “We were appalled when we found out,” says Brown, who’s a registered nurse. “Why do they need to store my baby’s DNA indefinitely? Something on there could affect her ability to get a job later on, or get health insurance.”

    The same information could be used to create a bioweapon, or to cure cancer… the question is, do you trust the consortium of interests behind this research with your most vital data?

    What information should be used for research, and how much information should remain private and confidential?

    Hopefully the customers who purchased the DNA kits at least realized what they signed up for.

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      1. I remember when that company started advertising DNA sequencing. My first thought was this was a front for something else. Now another company is offering something similar. I think it’s all gonna end up in da gubmint database. We are living in strange and perilous times. Be very careful. Everyday is still an opportunity, don’t waste it. Stay quiet Be smart.

        • If you’ve ever licked the envelope or stamp on your IRS tax return, they already have your DNA in their database.

          • Nobama, you know I have been saying that for years now, licking envelopes is NOT what to do, ever. I take a small sponge or paper towel dip it into water and seal the envelope that way. If you send your licked envelope back to any fascist corporation like Utility companies or credit card payments, they can take that DNA and put you in their Fusion Center Matrix.

            And parents tell your kids to never submit to any mouth swabs or any body part tissue collection or blood samples, as this is how they will be tracked. Or your DNA used as a Patsy at a crime scene and get you convicted. Lick an envelope could get you in prison for no reason. Give them nothing, not your DNA and not your Guns either.

            ~WWTI… We have no idea yet all the complications of others having your DNA, in their possession. You can read a lot with a blood sample, like health problems diseases, and your DNA Map sequence. To be denied health insurance, etc, insurance rates. Same with Finger prints. Give them nothing.

            • I have the dog lick my mail envelopes.

          • I haven’t licked a stamp or envelope since the 90’s
            But one hospital visit and they swab everything but your kitchen floor.

        • that is what i think the nra is it helped write the first gun control bills

      2. More and more places are collecting your fingerprints as part of the job application, along with the more common background check. Those fingerprints end up – not in the company’s filing cabinet – but in the big FBI database. You can bet that DNA is being collected from those urine drug tests at more than a few places. And very likely anyone on government healthcare who has a common blood test gets their DNA collected. Sure you can own your DNA – just don’t apply for any jobs or seek any healthcare!

      3. Anyone who uses one of the genealogy services for DNA sequencing, to find out where their family has come from, is a damn fool to think others will not buy this information for their own use. The DNA information will be sold to the highest bidder.

      4. I wouldn’t submit to Ancestry for genetic makeup from what countries I came from…I already know, but the chance they would sell it to other places would end up in the governments possession eventually since they want your DNA badly.

        • The reports they give you on where your ancestors came from are bogus. There is a video online where a black person is given a report that says their ancestors came from a particular tribe in Africa. The person was moved to tears to think they had a known point of origin. Then the host of the program gives them a similar report from another DNA company that says their ancestors came from another tribe.

          If you turn in your DNA to 3 different companies, you will get 3 different results. That means bogus to me.

        • I wrote an answer but it went to moderation. I guess the “t r i b e” word is prohibited now.

        • I almost went for the Ancestry DNA offer. That’s money down the drain but probably a good thing. Something just felt “off” about it, and there’s no disclosure about how they would handle the results. It’s a shame we always have to be so suspicious, but necessary.

          • And NEVER click on those Adds that say, “See what information they have on you?” Well they had nothing, until you typed your full name in their database and your IP address pops up and they cross reference property ownership records and Bingo they now know who you are, your DOB, Address, demographics, and sell this info Fascist Companies like the Rand Corporation as they probably get sent back a report with a Key Logger Virus to map your every key stroke and time on your computer. Then market you BS. Then you are fucked for life on more lists. I would love to stop getting so much solicitation Junk mail. I order something from a company and seems weekly they send me catalogs and flyers and Add BS. My box is stuffed daily. I even called a few of these Mag and catalogues to get them to stop sending that to me, and they don’t. What do you do about it? Anti-Junk Mail requests? Anybody got info or a link to that to stop Junk Mail?

            To stop phone solicitors you can go here: ht tps:// Just add as many Phone numbers as you like into their system, especially cell phone to stop call solicitations.


          • That’s the way I look at the whole modern world. It would be wonderful if everything was as it seems on the surface. Life would be convenient and full of fun facts, games and ways to connect with new people without any fear of negative consequences. And you know what? For the vast majority of people who are not politically minded or deeper thinkers, that’s exactly what it is. For those of us who have learned how to question though, it is the exact opposite. It’s a world full of traps and gotchas that can be employed at any time should you become a nuisance to the deep state, your employer or anyone with the means to exploit the vast data stream that has become who you are. For those of us who realize this, the modern world has become a nightmare that we would love to be able to escape from except that to live during this point in time means you cannot escape technology without giving up too much.

          • Ever see that TV ad for DNA ancestory dot com?

            You know its a fraud scam when the ad shows some idiot guy dancing aroind in some type german short pants outfit.

            Then he says “I used to believe I was mostly German…Then I sent my DNA to ancestory dot com and lo and behold I found out I am really 57% Eastern European!

            Soooo…since When is “eastern european” a “Race”?

            That covers 20 Nations! Plus some of them nations changed names several times in past 100 or so years.

            Eastern european sounds more like Code word for them we cannot Name here eh.

            Maybe instead of eastern europen they should just use the Proper word of Khazar ashkanazi eh?

            Of course Kazaria where khazars came from also changed names. Since almost 1,000 yrs ago its been called Russia, Ukraine, parts of Poland etc etc. The Only real unchanged thing about it is that khazars much akin to lepords can Never change their “Spots”! nor ethnic related woes and problems.

            Hobammy needs send in His DNA and find out if his ancestors were Chimpys, or Baboonies, or the much more common Apeisizamoungus.

      5. In time this could be mandatory, like to get a drivers licence, marriage licence, hunting, fishing, any hospital visit etc…

        Just another cog in the machine of controlling the populace.

        Be well all…

        • This NWO gig reminds me of the Jolly Rancher commercial.

          Just keeps sucking…

          • Good read on Soros and NWO…
            h ttp://

          • Eppe, LOL. Good one. Yes, the NWO sucks big time. I don’t give up DNA or anything else to anyone.

      6. You can’t do anything about it (DNA collection and data basing) so don’t waste your time worrying about it.

        After all, what could come of it that you should worry about?

        • They can use DNA to make specific a sequencing toxins to kill large portions of the population at a time. Read the scientific journals and medical technologies! We as a nation have become so niave.

      7. Sorry off topic . Just saw unbelievably important prepper video. Making a bad 12 volt battery good again for under 5 dollars .Repairman Jared. 3 million hits If this is true it’s a game changer. With Pickeling Alum?

        • “Just saw unbelievably important prepper video. Making a bad 12 volt battery good again for under 5 dollars .”

          Care to share the link? Thanks!

      8. Guccifer dead, the only witness to the emails. Things are moving fast. They want your DNA to identify the body, saves time.

        • ht tp://

          • It does not matter where you are (maybe Russia, Snowden) you can be Arkancided…

            Is anywhere safe???

          • Grandpa, And to think that these two pieces of trash criminals may very well end up back in the White House.

            If these two psychopathic killers can get rid of anyone they want to, without being in the White House, imagine what they can do (and not be held accountable of course) if they end up back in the White House. There’s only one house these two criminals should be in—the jailhouse….permanently.

            • Jules, if you mean the Clintons, they need to get a does of their own medicine aka ‘pushing up daisies’.

              • Brave, I agree, and yes I was referring to the Clinton’s.

          • But this site says it isn’t so:

            ht tps://

            So who’s right?

            • Nothing is right these days. Maybe the people reporting triangulating snipers in Dallas. Anybody hear what cleared the three suspects and the camo bag put in the Mercedes? Anybody care about Hillary’s perjury? Remember, with the emails taken care of, aw what the hell, I feel like a fiddle anyway. Stay nimble Epster and thanks Archivist.

      9. It’s too bad these DNA tests can’t determine psychopathy / sociopathy since they are genetic disorders. If they could determine that they could be used to prevent these greedy bastard pos douche bags and tyrants from owning any weapon (not just guns) and either institutionalize them or make sure that their whereabouts are very closely monitored much like convicted sex offenders instead of allowing them to run for office, hold positions where they have the ability to abuse their power, make critical decisions for the normal-brained people, indoctrinate children, tear families apart (think CPS), perform surgery on patients, etc.

      10. I have long considered personal dating or introductory services to be dangerous on many levels. Add to this your DNA and it makes the potential hazard much worse.

        If an enemy wants you distracted in order to get you off his lines and out of his face, he sets you up with an alcoholic, drug addict, or criminal hoping you’ll fall for the looser and you’ll be toast. But many have the brains to reject these. What if however he has you DNA, he could set you up with a perfect match for some rare disease gene you carry but requires the same in a mate in order to materialize. Your children would be so sick you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. I thought this was happening before DNA. But with computers plus your DNA a whole people could be attacked in this way. Welcome to a brave new world. It kinda sucks.

        • There are only two fairly reliable ways to meet someone: church and school. Both venues give you a chance to scope a person out. Meeting someone at church means they might just share your values. Meeting someone at school, especially continuing adult education at a community college, means they have some intelligence and enough drive to try to better themselves.

          Dating services and bars are probably worse than dice rolls.

          Or you could try the proven redneck method of meeting someone at the next family reunion.

          • Used to know a guy that defended meeting women in a bar.

            Always pointed out that he met his first wife in one.

            And he was serious about it.

            • Lots of places to meet good women. farm auctions, stock car races, Hunting camps The feed store. One bit of advice check. out their mothers. Many girls turn out to be very similar to their mothers in appearance & personality. I got mine when she was 15 and raised her to suit me. That was 44 years ago. first time I seen her she was riding a horse. And few months later I was riding her!

      11. I am offering ten bucks for Braveheart’s dna. I am going to clone him and raise him as an organic granola, yogurt eating hipster who votes for Bernie types. He is going to be anti gun and when he plays as a child he will shoot fairies out of his nurf gun. Just kidding but I bet BH has nightmares.
        All kidding aside, anyone can get your dna anytime they want it. Cigarette butts, beer cans, spoons etc. They can get your fingerprints and hair anytime. There was a movement in Europe to take dna at birth for crime data bases. It’s just to easy to get if they want it. I’m just not that worried about it. But braveheart may be. Ha

        • Tunkcuf, LMAO. That’s a good one. Never happen.

          • likely not braveheart but I can always dream

      12. Off topic:

        I’m Out in a place where a T.V. Is on but the sound is off.

        A guy just licked the face of another guy.

        Then a woman licked some salad dressing or something off a man’s lower stomach.

        Says Mtv then advertisement kid getting mouth vigorously liked by dog.

        This suggestion is obvious when pointed out, but the subconscious records all and later you don’t know why you do what you do. You and your children are being perverted without your consent.

        Take that t.v. Into a safe place outside your children’s reach. You Don’t need to be brainwashed.

      13. You can bet that the DNA collected will be used for the benefit of TPTB.

      14. It’s the elite parts house,Soros needs a new heart!oops Bobby -Joe had a accident or just disappears.Soros lives 10 more years!
        Maniac –out

      15. Wonder if they would like a stool sample?

      16. Specific bloodlines. And cloning.

      17. possibly they can find and do away with the gene for innertube lips!

      18. Celerion and other so called medical research clinical study companies routinely gather DNA for Gov and pharmeceutical data base use and receive compensation; not compensating participants they deceive and lie to. This is shared world-wide. Celerion reclassifies medical research participants as European though Indiginous from various countries they human traffic into the USA. They reclassify participants as white and/or brown to change their status at will depending on how a particular law may be applied to circumvent the law. Every form we fill out puts us into a data base being created for race, sex, gender, ethnicity, religeon, to apply and qualify for benefits as dictated by the GOV and entities to discriminate against whites and Christians.

      19. How much of your hair particles do you leave at the barber or beauty shop. hmmmm. Been cutting my own hair for decades.


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