Collapse Survivor: “Try To Imagine Yourself In The Worst Moments of Your Life”

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    Editor’s Choice: No preparedness and survival plan is complete without considering the types of self defense armaments you’ll require should all hell break loose. You’ve likely read scores of informative articles on close range weapons, long range rifles, calibers, accessories and modifications. But in the following article founder Selco takes, as is often the case, a different approach. Rather than worrying so much about stopping power or having the most expensive firearm money can buy, Selco suggests that you should look ahead to the time when you may need to use that weapon. What types of conditions will exist?

    Selco survived One Year In Hell when his city was besieged during the Balkan War and by all accounts it was literally hell on earth. Thousands were being killed by trained military regulars. Snipers were shooting passers-by as they scrounged for food and supplies. Neighbors and friends were turning on each other. 

    Such events would wear on even the most hardened of individuals. Your mental and physical capacity to perform as efficiently as possible would be significantly lessened. Your emotional state could be one of extreme stress or deep depression. As Selco notes, even walking from one place to another could become a monumental task as your body breaks down from lack of sustenance. 

    Will you or those you depend on to keep you safe be able to effectively use their weapon during high-stress conditions? And perhaps more importantly, when they raise their rifle to neutralize an enemy target, will it even fire? Or will months of dirt, debris, lack of cleaning, or poor maintenance render their weapon useless?

    It is with these factors in mind that Selco discusses choosing the right post-collapse weapon in the following article.

    The AK 47 My Weapon of Choice
    By Selco (One Year In Hell)

    “The Zastava M-70 is an assault rifle developed and produced in Yugoslavia, nowadays Kragujevac, Serbia by Zastava Arms company. The design of the M-70 was based on modified Soviet AK-47 and AKM assault rifles and it became the standard issue weapon in the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1970. The M-70 is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire rifle. This weapon is also available as a modern sporting rifle in the US without select fire capabilities.”

    dirty-ak-47This above sounds like someone is trying to say something interesting, but he failed in that. It is simply dry facts about something that meant lot for us in those times, thing that saved many lives, and took many too.

    Of course nobody calls it M70, type A, B or whatever type there was. Not too many people call it AK, few call it Kalashnikov, or simply shorter and more familiar name:“Kalash“. Like we were talking about kids nickname or your favourite uncles name.

    Favourite name was „gipsy woman“ or „gipsy lady“.

    In the beginning of the war, all kind of weapons were in use. Some of those artefacts were used more to instil fear in enemy then to harm someone.

    So in one period it was normal to see guy with his grandpa hunting rifle, two belts of bullets for bird hunting on his waist, and even green hat on his head with bird feather on it.

    He was looking more like he is going to some party with barbecue and lot of alcohol where he is going to sing a lot and fire few bullets in the air while singing songs than like someone who is shooting people.

    And of course all kinds of weapons were pouring in through illegal channels. Most of that was simply junk that some warlords from some other country were trying to get rid of in country where war just started and everyone wants some kind of weapon.

    Whenever someone asks me did I see some weapon or use it in war, I said yea, I saw and did. But most were bad weapons.

    So you could see lot of weapons that were „strange“ to this region. Some of those items fell apart after first hundred of rounds. Sometimes killing the newborn warrior who finally had this first weapon.

    Also there were events where some grandpas digged out old German MP gun, taken some 45 years ago from German soldiers and carefully hidden somewhere under meters of earth because „you know we live in Balkan and you never know“.

    So in one period it was confused mix of all kind of small weapons usually too old and in very bad shape and used by people who are not so familiar with weapons. Accidents happened daily.

    It was like some futuristic computer game where you could see fighter jets bombing area and at the same time guy with 100 years old rifle trying to shoot that plane.
    But pretty soon after that, after the army barracks were taken, and I guess better warlords jumped in on the trade, „gipsy woman“ took over.

    For ordinary folks it was rifle that somehow was easy to get into, it was easy to use, and easy to handle. Some of the reasons why AK 47 has become so popular everywhere in the world.

    Most of the folks did not take care of it too much. I mean even if it was cleaned it was not cleaned in proper way and with proper equipment. And yes it was mistreated, dirty, left in dust or rain, kicked, fell on ground many times and thrown away when we were jumping for cover.

    Do not misunderstand me, it was not something that created instant warriors, but it was the perfect rifle for that time and people who used it.

    There were mant accidents and stupid events, like a guy who had adrenaline rush and forgot that he needed to switch safety so he tried and tried to shoot, but nothing. At the end he beat the other man with rifle like he was holding a baseball bat and not a rifle, luckily the other guy was confused more than him so this worked.

    People made lots of mistakes in that time. Knowledge about weapons and knowledge about fighting was very low, so that was another reason why folks loved that rifle. Easy to handle and easy to kill.

    Real event from that time was that after one group broke in military storage they took cases with rifles, but nobody touched guided anti tank missiles. At that moment nobody had a clue how they worked. Too heavy to carry and rifles had real value. Another urban legend is that some folks tried to fire one of the rockets but they failed to understand how to operate the small joystick so they blew themselves and their buddies up.

    Later I lay my hands and used for some time „other“ favourite weapon that folks like compare with popularity of AK. My first impression was „oh man, this is so nice, easy and cute“ but again, maybe I am stubborn, I prefferer AK.

    It is about me only maybe, it is simply a heavy duty tool for me. Tool that is reliable and can make you being violent more effective.

    There are endless discussion which one is better, and endless list of arguments, and many people spend more time reading weapon magazines than preparing or learning new skills for survival. Again I keep saying it is not about which one is better.

    It is which one is better for you, for your region, your size, your knowledge but like with all survival equipment make sure it is weapon that can take a beating. Just like with camping equipment today there are very light tents that are very high tech but they are not good for real survival scenarios when we talk about maybe months of use.

    The next step is thinking about how to fix your weapon. Again just like a good tent can be fixed with normal stuff, you should be able to fix your weapon if you have to.

    Today situation is different than 20 years ago, world is getting smaller, it is easier to get your hands on weapons that you like and at least promise to make you so much more dangerous for enemies. That’s better, we all can see or try many different types or weapon, we can actually feel how it works before we obtain it at shooting ranges.

    Think about your weapon not in perfect time and surroundings, try to imagine yourself in your worst moments of your life. You are cold, hungry, in pain or fear, when your kid is home sick without medication and you feel like some very heavy weight is pressing down on you from all the pressure. Standing up to this sort of challenge is what makes survival hard and lets strong people survive. So it will not be weapon only and if you choose your weapon make sure it is something that you can still operate in the worst mental, physical and maybe also natural conditions. At times when you are almost too exhausted to walk but you know you have to.

    What is your go to weapon for SHTF and why? Please share in comments or on our community forum.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. Visit the SHTF School Forums an learn from other members of the community.


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      1. Well as a school janitor I’m already used to being the lowest rung of society. =D So when the collapse hits I have nowhere to go but up. Awwwww yeahhhhhhhh

        • I like the fact he brings up that a lot of the stuff folks buy fro “survival” is just glorified camping gear. Stick with the basics and the more robust it is built the better. Heavy can be good. I will take a military canvas tent over the crap they sell at Bass Pro, REI, or Cabalas any day of the week. As for a great gun…. Anderson Manufacturing Big Dog AM 10 308.

          • Imagine living in Russia today under Economic Terrorism with U.S. Sanctions. Interest rates in Russia just went from 10% at 17% overnight, the Russian stock market in 1 day dropping down 12%, Ruble getting Crushed from Aug to Dec froma bout 35 Rubles to the US Dollar, now about 75 to the US Dollar. Low Oil Pricing is the weapon of choice to start WW3. The Average Russian in US Dollars made about $13,000 a year, Now with this economy they now make Only $5,500. You want to see blood in the streets? Or WW3?

            And what is the purpose of this?? Obama vs Putin? Tit for Tat? NWO vs Putin? Jealousy? Spite? Cause Putin took Crimea back? Really?

            • When you intentionally push a nation into political instability that just so happens to be armed with nuclear weapons your taking a huge risk. The grassroots dynamics coupled with possibly some nationalistic madness can make the unthinkable possible if not probable. We’re lucky that the USSR collapsed relatively peacefully. The USSR was just one component of Mother Russia. This is the heart.

              Its obvious that the world players exercise manipulative control over large segments of the world economy and geo-politics. Its unlikely that their same quantity of control exists within the Russian government. We therefore have a poker game that the cheaters are great in number but random cards can still sidetrack them. They’re gambling the entire world that they get the royal flush.

              My friends wife who grew up in Belarus said, “They (the Ukrainians) just want to live like us (Americans) and Putin is stopping them”. She is no fan of his and knows this area from the inside. Maybe they hope that the people in Russia having been exposed to what the West has to financially offer them will willingly dissolve the last vestige of old Russia.

              Personally I wish they weren’t so adventurous pushing Russia into domestic political strife. However one would be mad to wish for any outcome that was not peaceful.

              • You can kick Russians many times, but they don’t go down. If they do go down, they will get right back up. The NWO has no idea what they’re dealing with.

                • You are right, Russia will not roll over and show their belly.

                  It doesn’t matter whether you Love or hate Putin/Russia, Russia will stand for National interests regardless of the view of the rest of the world

                  • FreeIllinois says:

                    “… Russia will not roll over and show their belly.”

                    iGadget distracted American morons on the other hand have rolled over!


                    … the American “belly” is fat, stupid, and sick!!!

                    It’s time for gastric bypass surgery (a reset)!!!


                    Dear Santa,

                    Screw my two front teeth.

                    All I want for Christmas is a FedGov collapse.

                    • Agree. It is coming.

            • Economic terrorism my ass. Russia would not be under sanctions if Putin had just left Ukraine alone. First they try subversion via Yanukovych, and when the Ukrainian people saw through and threw the Quisling out then they simply invade. If there’s any terrorism going on it’s coming from Putin.

              How much does Putin pay trolls?

              • Oy veh! The Old Coach again parrots the synagogue’s anti-Putin hasbara.

                The obvious truth: the tribe flew in their banksters, puppets, and CIA/Mossad agents and flew out the Ukranian gold reserves. Meanwhile the tribe continues to encourage goyim to kill other goyim.

                Their technology is more advanced, but the modus operandi of the self-appointed Master Race has been the same for centuries.

              • Ukraine is an Obama false flag. Obama is behind destabilizing the area. How would the US react if Russia destabilized Canada?

                So Russia reacts exactly as expected and is tagged the enemy of planet earth? Oh yeah, the Russians entered into a deal with China to avoid using the US dollar as the reserve currency in trade.

                Amazing how such terrible things happen to any nation that tries to bypass the dollar as reserve currency.

                The US economy is bankrupt, but the party continues with the sheeple ignorant of reality. Anyone who endangers the fantasy becomes a target of the government, because TPTB don’t want to lose power.

              • Put down the MSM and step away from the TV, old coach.

          • I seen some people using canvas tents, real big one’s on our families last camping trip we took while still in PA last year. But they weren’t hiking in on foot. I don’t know anyone who is going to be hiking with all their gear AND a canvas tent….at least not very far.

        • The first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. It should be a gun that you feel comfortable with and shoot well.

          I like the AR platform because I have had them for over 35 years. Others may like the AK or M1A/M-14/Mini-14. Shoot what works for you.

          I have found tat I can shoot my Remington 870 pump faster and more accurate that my Benelli M-3 from 40 years of bird, rabbit hunting as well as trap shooting. That is what works for me, maybe not for you.

          I have had three custom 1911 pistols costing thousands of dollars and carried them for a couple decades. Some snot nosed rookie started carrying a Glock, “Combat Tupperware” as we veteran officers called Glocks. To make a long story short, we all carry Glocks now. They always work and don’t break. Your experience my be different.

          Carry what works for you.

          • I think people should start off and train with Bolt Action Rifles. Simple to work, easy to clean and durable, most durable besides a single shot. They make you actually aim every shot, with semis I see a lot of people just shoot and not aim. If you become a good shot with one it can still be as effective as a semi just you need to keep a distance from targets. Also you can buy them for around 200, though most of the rounds aren’t standard and aren’t used by many, some are just a little short of a 308 in terms of power. Some of the ammo is cheaper too. Some come with made in bayonets, not sure if that is a pro or con. Their pretty heavy though, However I’m just recommending them for practicing/new owners or if you can’t afford a good semi.

            • You need to stick with calibers that will be readily available, and avoid the wildcat, obsolete, or specialty cartridges.

              .308, .270, 30-06, 7.65×54, .303, 8mm, will all be much easier to locate than 7.5 Swiss, .243, 6.5 Swedish, 7.65 Argentine, .257 Roberts, etc.

              Even if you reload, eventually you will run into the wall of not being able to locate replacement brass and bullets if you have not made a common caliber choice.

            • Which bolt action rifle and caliber would you suggest?

              • Re: Bolt Rifle; The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle comes in .308 and has a detachable 20 round magazine. Not cheap though.

            • Ill tell you hands down the best rifle I have fired for the money is a Yugo SKS. Shoots damned straight, never had a misfire and they take a beating. I prefer the iron sights even at 50 yards. Even comes with a bayonet and you can fit them with 20,30 or 40 round mags. Hell, you run out of ammo, you can use it as a club. Shes a heavy beast, and worth every penny. Make sure its a Yugo. The barrels were made extra tough to handle the corrosive ammo they used. The Chinese variants are garbage, and the Yugo has a grenade launcher attachment! I know I’ll never actually use it, but its pretty cool. If I had my choice between an M1 Garand or a Yugo SKS, I’ll pick the Yugo every time.

            • I assume your “bolt actions” would all be military, since very, very few hunting rifles have detachable magazines or can be stripper-clip loaded. Which one? As issued in WW2 they are heavy and too long for close quarters work. Only milsurp I’d consider is the good old British SMLE, and I’d want a #4 at that. The old WW1 era saying was: “The Americans went to war with a target rifle, and Germans went to war with a hunting rifle. Only the British came to the party with a combat rifle.” I have had ’em all.

              Those $200 Moisins? I have never wanted one. The good American made ones were all gone decades ago anyway. Maybe OK if you can’t afford better, I suppose. And IMHO bolt guns are OK to start with, but not to stay with. Eventually, firepower rules. I’ll take a Mini-14 if I have to fight somewhere other than my own place. Just can’t bring myself to accept furrin’ made guns.

              My nickel’s worth as a serious though non-professional gunsmith.

          • The Greatness of Glocks is the 30 Round Magazine. Buy them, Lots of them, put a few loaded 30 round magazines in your Car glove box, next to your bed side, and and make a satchel full of long magazines. No six shooter is worthy anymore. Thieves and home invaders carry Glocks. Fight fire with fire. For AR-15 or AK platforms get at least 25x 30 round magazines and keep them loaded less one round. Get the 40 round magazines, 60 rounders and 100 round drums. When a group of thugs are coming at you, you need to instill fear, and you don’t want to be having to change magazines at least for your first beginning firefight. Your adrenalin will already be pumping. All you need to do is aim and pull the trigger and keep shooting sill you see no movement.

          • Red leader

            Agreeing with your statement. After the 2013 Sandy Hook scare I looked at exactly what you were saying and after some research came up with a great solution. I built a 7.62×39 Ar from scratch. Now some of my buddies thought it was sacrilege to have the Ak round in an Ar platform, then others saw the genius in it. The Ar platform has everything under the sun in ways of accessory’s, its just the bullet is a little too lite for me (22 bullet with more gun powder) plus the 7.62×39 seems to be readily more available in post Sandy Hook scenarios. While ammo flew off the shelves there always seemed to be the 7.62×39 in the case, or online in cases. I’ve built 3 other guns for friends and another one in a couple of weeks as soon as he gets the parts rounded up. Their sold after shooting my gun. No jamming at all.

            The only disadvantage to the gun is the
            magazines are not readily available, so when you find um buy um. Those that say the ammo is junk Chinese crap should know Hornady and other manufactures have more expensive ammo with the green or red tips just like the 223 or 556. Basically sniper ammo out to 250 or 300 yards.

            The only thing you need is a complete upper in 7.62×39 and new magazines, the lower is the same. so if your looking to have a new rifle in another caliber and already have an Ar shazzam you now have 2 calibers as an option when ammo gets tight. Just pull the 2 pins and install the new upper. The magazine fits the lower well with no problem.

            I’ve looked at the 6.8 caliber but decided that the ammo was not readily available enough to invest in an upper. I’ve heard soldiers sing the praises of the knock down power of the 6.8 in the battlefield, but I don’t have the government buying my ammo and equipment for me. So that’s why I chose the 7.62×39 because of the availability of the cartridge. Plus if we get into an altercation with the Russians or the Chinese guess what, your going to have plenty of ammo to obtain.

            In closing, its just fun to shoot, especially with the cheap ammo.

            • Survivor in waiting: Great post on your part.

              The reason I stick with the .223/5.56 X 45 is that we are not restricted to FMJ ammo like the military. A .223 hollow point or soft point is devestating. I was able to view pictures of a shooting in southern California where a gang banger shot it out with patrol officers. The suspect was hit several times with JHP rounds from an AR-15. The damage was unbelievable. I would describe it as almost explosive.

          • America is Totally Screwed come 2016+. Its gonna be a choice between NWO Hitlery Clinton or More Corrupt War Jeb Bush.

            And thus we are just majorly screwed. Make your Vote Count Folks. Bwhahahahahahaaaaaaaa

            • But Glen Beck just stressed this morn how important the 2016 election was. Said it was our last chance at saving this country. You heard it folks, make sure you vote in 2016, its our last chance.

          • Second rule of gunfight.
            Don’t get into a face to face gunfight when you can pick them off from cover at 600 yards with a 308! Even a bolt action fires plenty fast against a handgun at 600 yards.

            In watching the Crimea revolution, snipers ruled the streets. Even a 22 can keep a street clear of people out 100 yards.

        • Now theres a question that totally violates opsec 😮

          • So does talking to a cop.

            BTW, anyone hear what that sanctimonious pos cop Jeremy Follmore said in an interview where he stood his ground demanding an appolgy from a football player who wore a t shirt that only said “justice for tamir rice and john crawford”

            The interview with the football player was real good. He spoke articulately and made good points and said he wouldn’t apologize and shouldn’t have to….wish I could find the dang video. They there is the video with that union cop and you should hear how he talks…..”just do what your told and there will be no problems” that is the jist of what he said. He also insinuated that police coverage at the games might be affected. HA!

            Lines drawn have never ever been so prevalent between what they made “them vs us.”

            Reminds me of the movie First Blood on a national scale.

            • Mac, your commenting policy is being violated again.
              You said racism will not be tolerated.

              • @ Macro. Cunt… go somewhere else.all you do is whine about lack of censorship.

                • Dave- I second that! And there was nothing racist in his post. I really wish people would learn how to read and start looking at the actual definitions of words. Hitler was a racist. He believed in the purity and superiority of the white race. Nobama made mention of neither, he just made a suggestion for blacks to stop acting like thugs and hooligans.

                  • Bullshit.

              • Macro, STFU! 🙂

                • Kiss my ass.

            • A great laugh for the start of this day. No arguing with your thought porcess.

              Only problem I see is that when wearing such a shirt your survivability factor probaly decreases minute by minute you are on the street.


            • Nobama—>

              Never trust ’em either.

    ’s a great site, cataloging why:…

              ht tp://

            • @mark,
              You are 100% correct, but please don’t fool yourself in thinking that a lot of people who do use the word mean it in anything less than a derogative way.

              • YES!!!!


            A MUST READ:
            Text – H.R.5344 – 113th Congress (2013-2014): Responsible Body Armor Possession Act | | Library of Congress- Link:

            So if you ever thought of buying body armor, buy it today.

            • I will add. If you would like to enhance your home SAFE ROOM, or a special wall in your house from GUN FIRE there are levels of Sheet Rock from Level 1 to Level IV wall board that will stop bullet rounds. Check out this website ~ ballistic sheet rock for details. You could have a panel van and put up sheet rock on the inner sides of the van and back doors if you wanted. The higher the Ballistics the thicker and heaver the sheet rock. You could cut these in the size of body armor and put a small panel in your back pack as a last resort.

              • You could stick a cast iron skillet or griddle in your backpack and get both protection from gunfire AND something to cook with when you get back to camp… 🙂

                • I like your idea better, of course that adds weight to the load!

                  • Those body armor plates aren’t exactly light either, but you can’t fry trout with them. I like ‘dual/multi purpose’ items, myself.

                • I suggest you shoot a cast iron pan with even a 22Rifle before you figure it will save your life.

              • If you noticed, he only e shot 1 .308 round into that panel, and it knocked one corner off the nail. If he had shot it 2 or 3 times that would have been a mess. I don’t know any as shoul who wants to shoot at you and only shoot once….empty the mag I say. Besides. Do you think a stud wall can support the weight of 1/2 inch gravel up to head height without collapsing from the weight?

                • Haha auto correct asshole to as shoul. Darn phones.

                • I think to be effective two back to back walls 12″ on center with off set studs would be best. I would also use 3/4 inch advantec panels. Glued and screwed. No nails. Maybe even put a 1/4 inch steel sheet between the walls. That is one heavy wall. That floor will also have to be built to handle it all. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

        • Paleface – I like this Classic – “The Breakfast Club” Movie – Don’t Underestimate The Janitor- enjoy. Short Vid-

        • Started my working life as a school janitor, lots of ways it was the best i ever had. No politics and at the end of the day you had accomplished something people actually wanted.

      2. Anyone that is looking forward to, “the big reset” as they say are out of their mind.

        May they kick the can successfully down the road, around the block, across the state and country and around the world. I like food, shelter, electricity, relative safety and medical care a lot. The family likes it too.

        • Kevin a lot of folks spread a lot of bravado here. Any one who has been to war or been through true natural disasters (been there done that world wide) knows the reset will suck and 50-90 percent of the folks out there will be dead by the first year.

          • Thumbs up.

          • Kevin2 & MOTI.

            “Anyone that is looking forward to, “the big reset” as they say are out of their mind.”


            Guess we can Bitch on till the end of eternity. Yes, I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now! As the time extends outward to the reset, the stronger they become. More cops, more ammo, more Heavy Gear more stupid people. Many of us will be Overrun. The odds are is that they will start it. Cops doing more killings, Riots or the President setting Martial Law. Bank Collapse? We can only prep. Nothing can change what is happening now. Don’t you think a change should have happened by now with all our discussion?

            • I used to think like Kevin2 does, and here lately I have moved to thinking more like you do. If this is allowed to get much worse….the cops (all of them) are going to murder everyone and there won’t be any good guys left to fight. Yeah, the sooner the collapse happens the better. This is only getting worse with the govt and their roman guard dogs of war.

              • I can see Kevin’s point, but I been sayin for a couple years now, that it needs to happen. Like slingshot says, they grow stronger, and in my case, my preps dwindle. Would we rather this happen on our own terms… or just let shit continue to get worse until we go quietly without even so much as a wimper?

            • Reset?…reset…reset…reset…reset…damn reset doesn’t work. Why? There is no reset to what is coming folks. Why doesn’t everyone stop and think?

              The end of this age, this dispensation of time, is almost over. Yea, it could go on for several, or many more years. even a decade or two, if the Lord tarries and permits it. I don’t believe He will.

              He is still in control and these things must come to pass to cause as many as may, to wake up and forget about dancing with the stars and the follywood stars for a minute and focus on their Creator, instead of the created.

              Hate to break it to yea sleeping ones; there ain’t no backside nor reset. This is it. Final. Finish. Complete. When this period ends, there will be no more flesh bodies of any kind, even the animals will go into spiritual bodies.

              It will not end well for billions, yep that is right billions with a B! They will miss their chance in the flesh.

              They will not escape the “sting of death”.

              The only way to escape these things that are coming upon the earth is thru the Divine protection of the Heavenly Father thru the blood of Jesus Christ.

              All the guns and gold and goods one can stockpile won’t get them thru for very long. Yea, it will help. It will help one’s feelings of a “faux security blanket” in the short term and pre-collapse, but…..

              When the laws of the elite/TPTB/evil traitors, are invoked via the so-called…State of Emergency; which is a PC term for martial law, all things people now invision will take place, will be “shot to hell”.

              The writing is on the wall, or in other words, it is in the books of our laws that was created and placed there by the idiots the citizens elected. Yes i am to blame also, because i voted. What’s done is done, don’t dwell on it, just be smart and put your money into the things that matter right now.

              Sorry to break it to you “reset believers”, but, GOLD ain’t one of the things that matter. Why? Just read it for yourselves……

              Martial Law in the USA? Have you read NS PD51 and HS PD20 yet?

              10995 Seizure of all print and electronic media in the United States
              10997 Seizure of all electric power, fuels, and minerals, public and private
              10998 Seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private, including farms and equipment.
              10999 Seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks or any other vehicles, including control over highways, harbors, and waterways.
              11000 Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision; it allows the government to split up families if they believe that it is necessary.
              11001 Seizure of all health, education, and welfare facilities, public and private.
              11002 Registration by the Postmaster General of all men, women, and children for government service.
              11003 Seizure of all airports and aircraft.

              Highlight two key words in sections 10997 & 10998…..


              If this doesn’t cover gold, then they surely will cover it somewhere in their “patriot acts of devilish control”.

              So Merry Christmas you all. Seriously. Do what matters. Get your spiritual life in order. Don’t waste $$ on preps you can’t use; (gold, arsenals of weapons, bunkers, excess petrol products, etc.) but, rather purchase food stocks that will keep, and the basic creature comforts for survival. Protection? of course. Bartering Items/silver coins? of course. Backup heat source/wood stove/cooking source? of course.

              Love and hug your children and grandchildren and educate them of what is coming so they won’t be shocked to death; and let them know “if” they love and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, they will have a permanent home in Heaven, no matter what transpires here on Earth.

              Celebrate this Christmas as if it will be the last and honor the true meaning of what the celebration means to true Christians.


              • pwpt-excellent advise which i have followed and

                all would do well to heed.

                “Do what matters….permanent home in Heaven”

                read that part again and again, till it sticks !

              • “Martial Law in the USA? Have you read NS PD51 and HS PD20 yet?”

                No, I haven’t yet. I need to.

                Here’s what I’m seeing:

                Conservative Constitutionalist Militias (for the ones willing to leave their families behind to fight)


                Heavily Armed Lib Zombie Soldiers enforcing their Lib Masters Dictate for Martial Law.

                Who’s gonna win?

                The Heavily Armed Lib Zombie Soldiers in the vast majority of combat situations. They have the technology and the fire power. Plus they’d rather go after Conservative Constitutionalists than ISIS head-chopping Allah-praising Muslims and their Godless Lib Masters.

                • I don’t think so, Tim.

                  The average age for a “Heavily Armed Lib Zombie Soldier” is about the same as their IQ. <25.

                  • I’m personally rooting for the Conservative Constitutionalist Militias to repeatedly defeat and demoralize the Heavily Armed Lib Zombie Soldiers, but realistically they’ve got the weapon advantage, the technological advantage, and possibly the numerical advantage.

                    It’s like the history books about the “300” from which the movie came. Which is generous in thinking that more of them will die than the number of conservative militias Eventually, they overwhelm you. The best hope is for some of them to break ranks and betray their Lib Masters.

                    • This coming conflict will not (praise God)be a stand up fight. In any stand up confrontation with the forces of the PTB’s, we lose, end of story. The only tactic that we can deploy and be effective with is guerilla warfare. It is proven by time and conflict worldwide.
                      Prep and train accordingly.
                      God bless.

                • Disagree.
                  If that were the case the Founding fathers would have been hung and disgraced and we would currently be paying taxes to Great Britain.

                  The United States was born in conditions much worse then what we currently have.

                • If it comes down to a fight for survival, I’m gonna cheat like a MOFO.

                  • I’m with you there Mark. Rules are optional boys and girls.

              • PWTW:

                Prep like your soul depends on it…because it does! In the final analysis that is all that matters.

                Great article, great advice.

                I do have a question however, who is Gog and Magog in the Bible? It is my understanding they are Russia and China. If that is so, people who believe that neither is coming against the United States have a big surprise in store.

                • Don’t remember which one was which, but one of these patriarchs settled near Moscow, Russia and the other settled near Istambul, Turkey. They are commonly understood to be big players at the Battle of Armageddon. But don’t forget there will be other players on the field like “Gomer(Germans) and all his bands”. Study, Prep, and Pray Hard; we live in interesting times!

              • Jesus said sell your cloak and buy a sword (weapon). How hard is that to understand? If you dont have a weapon how will you keep the other esentials you have stored?

                • Well said. Perspective is very important.

                • Truthfully, I don’t know what to do. Bring It on is bad; But more preps? I’ve already got a supply of 24# cannon balls and some black powder just in case a cannon shows up and needs solid shot. My wife doesent even want to see anymore stuff. I’m eating peanut butter that was 99 cents a jar. My 30-06 Ammo cost 8-12 cents a round and my .22 ammo was $4.99 a brick. I’m getting old and I don’t see a good way to update myself.

              • @pwtw: All those EOs are fine for .gov, IF they can be enforced. They simply cannot. When they try will be during a SHTF event; all Hell will be breaking loose.

                Their control will be list, and the fight will be on, without a doubt.

                To simply throw up your hands (and not prep) trusting that God will save you is foolish. I have children that I will NOT simply give up on, and consign to God’s good graces. Instead I will do anything in my power to protect them, and see that they have their own chances at good, long lives. It’s my DUTY to do so, and anything less is cowardice.

                If you’re not willing to do what you can, then you’ll just be another body to step over.

                • Thanks for the responses.

                  It tells me some folks are thinking and very awake.
                  First, I want to address Breathial. You are very much correct and my short article/comment should not be taken as an excuse for not preparing for all scenarios.

                  Prioritize; The Heavenly Father and Son, J.C. first.
                  Second: prep with prescribed/necessary meds.
                  Third: Food stuffs, including potable water.
                  Fourth: Security = firearms,knives,traps,dogs,surveilance
                  Fifth: Barter items = extra food,silver,seeds,ammo,etc.

                  The second item i will address is from PO’d Granny. Thanks Granny, for all you do and say.

                  The Gog Magog Army wil be primarily Russian and Chinese troops and all other anti-USA/American fighters they can muster up. i still am convinced, more and more that they will come against the USA via the Arctic and eventually Alaska/Canada.

                  I have tried to make Ezekial 38/39 fit eastern Jerusalem sections of Israel-the Nation, and I can’t make the pieces fit like it does for the remote wilderness of Alaska.

                  It doesn’t matter if it were NY City, God is going to handle that Army/battle as a sign, once and for all, that He is still on the Throne, and it will cause many to “believe”, and therefore become saved/accept Jesus Christ.

                  I conclude by saying; a man, or woman that will not stand up to protect, by whatever means available, the innocent little children and elderly disabled, is a flat out coward and failure.
                  God gave us grey matter for a reason and we should use it to pray, plan, prep, protect, in the event of clamity.
                  Putting God first doesn’t mean we should just reat on our laurels and expect him to do everything for us. That kind of thinking will get you and yours, a gord thumping.

                • The Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle in .308 or 5.56 is an excellent choice for those who do not want to play nice with Ruger. Very accurate, the 5.56 takes standard AR mags, and the MOssberg .308 takes standard AR-10 magazines, the Ruger’s mags like all Ruger mags, are proprietary.
                  The Mossberg costs a lot less and from my experience IS a bit more accurate than the Ruger Scout Rifle.

              • Sorry, but your preps don’t mean diddly if you can’t protect them and your family. Just sayin’

          • I would guess that most of the big talkers are just that. Going without food, water, shelter and getting shot at are not something anyone would want, especially if they have family. I would also bet that the majority of the so called preppers that visit here have no preps and are just BS ers.

            • I think most people will freak out mentally before anything. I can’t say how I would react. I am usually the calmest guy in the room during an emergency(20+ years active duty). Buuuut, I have never been in an OMG the world is burning situation.

            • I don’t know how many “REAL” preppers there are; but I can say this: There has been one hell of a bunch of prepper stuff sold in the last few years. Here in the west Wal Mart and several other large food stores have started selling 25 year pack food, I don’t know how many billion rds of ammo have sold above “normal” in the last 6-8yeas but It’s Billions. $43 Million silver Eagles sold this year. And almost 9 million guns. Something is going on.

        • What do you guys think of this wind power design?

          ht tp://

          ht tp://

          • Go to the windpowergov site. There are only a few really good places for wind power such as I84 through Oregon along the columbia, and East bay @Livermore Ca. Not cost effective and a pain to service as it is mechanical.

          • That’s an interesting design, some of the blade design features look a little gimmicky, but am curious about its cost compared to other designs.

            Could be a good compliment to a PV panel array, especially for this time of the year when my current system is under-generating from lack of sunlight.

            • “Supposedly” this design is better than the traditional wind mill ???

              So they say….theri arguments for being a better design are interesting and seem to make sense to me…then again, I don’t know much about this stuff 🙂

            • The Wind still blows at night when the Solar Panels are not producing anything. Layers of energy production is the best prepping plan. If you can afford to produce energy in layers, then do so. Even hook up a turbine on a small creek on your property to generate power if you can build it without permits. You can grab and tube gravity fed water down a pipe to a turbine or paddle wheel to make it turn, then do so. Go for it. Screw Naysayers. OPSEC!

              • Hook up a couple of dumb donkeys on a turnstyle to keep the wheel turning. What ever it takes.

                • I just got a 3 1/2 yo siberian husky. She is a runner. Maybe I should start a team. With the coming ice age, a dog team and sled sounds pretty good. Add to that the advantage of running dogs creating a power source.

                • Or mexicans from the Home Depot parking lot.

        • I do not look forward to the loss of all we have developed as a society. The collapse is inevitable and you should prepare for it.

          When the government makes the taxpayers responsible for the 300 Trillion derivatives that the bankers ran up. You have 50% of the populace living off the other 50%. Etc. The Big Reset is looking better all the time.

        • Kevin2, I’ll second that. I’m kinda partial to my flannel sheets. My wife said to me once, “If you like your flannel sheets, you can keep your flannel sheets”. I’ve never doubted her sincerity.

        • Pussy, step up be a man.

          • Lately I have been running into Men, who are so whooped by their wives. This guy I know said every time I buy ammo she bitches. And I know he wants to get more prepared security wise, but is being held back. Men Grow your Balls and do what you need to do. You want GUNS and AMMO and she wants frilly Curtains. Sheesh. Question for Men, Who the Heck is in charge at YOUR HOME? Do you need permission to do anything? Express your thoughts. Maybe she bitches cause you never SOLD her on the What if 6 Thugs break in your house in the middle of the night. Fear will change her mind about this hopefully. It could be the other way around. Women want to get prepared and the Guy is more into golfing. Like WTF? This is no time to dilly dally.

            • WWTI:

              A couple posts back you said you would vote for Elizabeth Warren.

              I left a post for you there asking if your comment was sarcasm. Last I looked you had not answered me.

              It took me only 5 minutes on my computer to come up with her involvement with Wall Street bankers…..she is up to her ears with their support. Check out who her top donators were. She is even further to the left than Hellery Clinton.

              You think she was brilliant with her rant about the change to Dodd/Frank? She has to satisfy moveondotorg, her second greatest donor; therefore her rant. She KNEW that the bill had enough support to pass WITHOUT her vote.

              So was your statement sarcasm, or have you just not bothered to look up her record?

            • WWTI, I do what I want to do! (as long as I have permission to) 🙂

            • WWTI, my wife accompanies me sometimes to gun shows, and to the local range. She has her own guns, some she bought herself.

              I carry often. One recent trip to Vegas, walking down the strip, she felt me to make sure I was carrying, and when she felt my hard piece (no my other one) it reassured her with a sense of security. Enough to give me a rise.

              When looking through the Sunday ads, if she comes across a Bi-Mart or whatever ad for ammo, she makes sure I see it.

              Oh yeah, I got a good wife. Nothing to bitch about.

        • yep kick it down the road to your kids.. right? and their kids, your grand kids ,, eh? right Kevin2?


          • EOTS.

            The word coward should not be used here. Many are just in a comfort zone. Being called crazy is just as bad as coward.

            • so .. call me crazy than

              I’d rather be called crazy then coward .. but thats just me i guess.. one hell of a thing for a father/ parent or any human to “wish” this shit down on another generation .. havent we had enough of that crap already? I mean if two generations before me said “stop the bullshit” than we wouldnt have to be in the police state were already deep into and fighting for every dam right as we go thru life

              quit backing away from REALITY!

              There is NO comfort zone to rest in while our REPUBLIC is being destroyed right under our nose, and anyone that thinks there is ,,, has one hell of a rude awakening coming hard and fast

              • Your of the mindset that some post Revolution Thomas Jefferson will rise up and there will be a “New burst of freedom”. Newsflash, virtually every revolution had a successor as bad if not far worse than the guy they had overthrown. The Us was just about the only one I know of where it by itself created a good functioning government.

                Your weapon is a video. Your battleground, public opinion. See Lech Walensa, Vaslav Havel and Ghandi.

                • well I guess we will see then

                  somehow history has shown most of us that your above “weapons” will be useless and we will resort back to the only one that gets the job done.. hey its not my choosing its just reality and history

                  and as we pay attention each and every day the enemy is using their weapons and we are being killed while were all just sitting here waiting for the go lite

                  the war has already started .. they are already shooting us,
                  hard to block a bullet with public opinion or shoot back with any authority with video

                  time for putting up with the bullshit is over

      3. My favorite “go to” weapon? The ballot box..HHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAA. My congressman/senator’s email…….a cop. They will protect me. I do pay taxes ya know.

        • Yeah, that ballot box’s usefulness as a weapon only depends on how well you can throw it at the ones who rig the elections. Oh yeah, maybe that’s why they bolt them down.

          • Congress just showed us what the ballot box is worth.

        • Yep 911 is just 20 minutes away, maybe… 45+ mins one time I called. Felt like hours. IN SHTF it may be days before they can respond with extra body bags.

      4. Has anyone else noticed that all the advertisment here (at least on my page) has big boobed women….not complaining.

        • Not a single BBW appearing in my advertisements. . .

          • WRONG INTERNET ACRONYM!!! >.<

            Dear lord don't google "BBW". Just don't.

            • A family is at the dinner table. The son asks the father, “Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?” The father, surprised, answers, “Well, son, a woman goes through three phases. In her 20s, her breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s and 40s, they are like pears, still nice, hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions.” “Onions?” the son asks. “Yes. You see them and they make you cry.” This infuriates his wife and daughter. The daughter asks, “Mom, how many different kinds of penises are there?” The mother smiles and says, “Well, dear, a man also goes through three phases. In his 20s, his penis is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it’s like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it’s like a Christmas tree.” “A Christmas tree?” the daughter asks. “Yes: Dead from the root up, and the balls are just for decoration.

              • BJ, that is a good one. If you have more, bring them on.

              • BJ..had to send this one to the wife…guess I better go to the BOL…

                • I sent it to my wife and mother…..LoL

                  My grandma (moms mom) was the best joke teller I ever heard and she used to tell long jokes all the time to friends and family much like this one.

        • lol…them cookies follow you everywhere, dave.

          I enable notification of third party cookies so I can delete them as they appear. That way no adverts for midget donkey porn sites appear when my wife is looking over my shoulder.


            How the NSA can ‘turn on’ your phone remotely and listen in from your cell phone microphone.

            Even if you power off your cell phone, the U.S. government can turn it back on.
            That’s what ex-spy Edward Snowden revealed in last week’s interview with NBC’s Brian Williams. It sounds like sorcery. Can someone truly bring your phone back to life without touching it?

            “StingRay”- Government spies can set up their own miniature cell network tower. Your phone automatically connects to it. Now, that tower’s radio waves send a command to your phone’s antennae: the baseband chip. That tells your phone to fake any shutdown and stay on.

            A smart hack won’t keep your phone running at 100%, though. Spies could keep your phone on standby and just use the microphone — or send pings announcing your location.

            The Only Way to STOP This is to:
            Pull out the battery. Without a power source, the phone can’t come back on. This is the best, most surefire option. It’s also, annoyingly, no longer a choice on most top-of-the-line smartphones. The iPhone, HTC One and Nokia Lumia don’t have removable batteries. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy and LG G3 still do. Create a barrier. Use a signal-blocking phone case. You can buy them (Off Pocket, HideCell) or even make your own — assuming you have the patience to do so.


            • A friend of mine who had previously done work for FEMA on EMP studies, told me this back in 2011. Everyone I tried to tell looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t believe me.

          • That gave me a good chuckle, thanks for that

        • And the problem is?

        • Dave in Idaho – That is your Computer Cookies Following you to what ever site you log onto. Welcome to Google World that Maps your Internet Log on Habits. Get off the Big Boob Porn sites. lol Or at least wipe your history before proceeding. Ha!!

          • Its the advertising Mac sells… the Tee shirts etc. No real exposed titties…

      5. Kevin2, we all like those things and will still enjoy them while we can, but the day is coming when we’ll lose the grid and the internet. Before I got into computers in 2005, my shortwave radio was my primary source of information. I still keep 2 shortwave sets with single-sideband capability [SSB] with my other electronics in a metal trash can [$25 from Home Depot] using a roll of packing bubbles [$15 from The UPS Store] for lining. SSB is a must have feature in a shortwave radio as it allows you to tune in to military frequencies, amateur operators, etc. Ham operators will be a vital source of information in any post-SHTF scenario. Also, a significant stockpile of batteries will be essential for that shortwave radio, LED lights, or any other electronics you wish to preserve from EMP. As far as weapons are concerned, a good .22LR rifle like the Ruger 10/22 is essential for getting small game. It could very well come to that if you want to eat. For close-up work, a 12-gauge pump shotgun with various types of ammo can’t be beat. For a good all-around rifle, I prefer the M1 Carbine. It’s a proven workhorse from WW2 and Korean War that is easy to operate and fun to shoot. 30-round magazines are available for them, of which I picked up a few extra at the gun show this past weekend. Also got 2 new Ruger pistols, along with some extra ammo. I’ve already shot my wad for Christmas.

        • braveheart

          Did you go for the SR 22?


          • Possee, I sure did. I got mine for $379.95 at Bass Pro Shop. With sales tax and the NICS fee, total came to $425.10. It came with 2 10-round mags. I’ve already got it broken in at the range. Best shooting .22LR semiauto pistol I’ve ever owned. I picked up some more mags for it at the gun show this past weekend plus a brick of .22LR. I’ve already shot my wad for Christmas.

      6. Regardless of your weapon of choice you need to practice with it every day until it is like a part of you. My great grand father was in two gun fights that we know of IN each he drew and fired and that was that He had five sons and each day they went out with a pistol and fired at a knot hole in a stump. IF you hit the knot hole you got breakfast. They were good shots.

        • Rules for a gunfight

          1. Forget about knives, bats and fists. Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns. Bring four times the ammunition you think you could ever need.
          2. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammunition is cheap – life is expensive. If you shoot inside, buckshot is your friend. A new wall is cheap – funerals are expensive
          3. Only hits count. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss.
          4. If your shooting stance is good, you’re probably not moving fast enough or using cover correctly.
          5. Move away from your attacker and go to cover. Distance is your friend. (Bulletproof cover and diagonal or lateral movement are preferred.)
          6. If you can choose what to bring to a gunfight, bring a semi or full-automatic long gun and a friend with a long gun.
          7. In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived.
          8. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading, and running. Yell “Fire!” Why “Fire”? Cops will come with the Fire Department, sirens often scare off the bad guys, or at least cause then to lose concentration and will…. and who is going to summon help if you yell “Intruder,” “Glock” or “Winchester?”
          9. Accuracy is relative: most combat shooting standards will be more dependent on “pucker factor” than the inherent accuracy of the gun.
          10. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.
          11. Always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.
          12. Have a plan.
          13. Have a back-up plan, because the first one won’t work. “No battle plan ever survives 10 seconds past first contact with an enemy.”
          14. Use cover or concealment as much as possible, but remember, sheetrock walls and the like stop nothing but your pulse when bullets tear through them.
          15. Flank your adversary when possible. Protect yours.
          16. Don’t drop your guard.
          17. Always tactical load and threat scan 360 degrees. Practice reloading one-handed and off-hand shooting. That’s how you live if hit in your “good” side.
          18. Watch their hands. Hands kill. Smiles, frowns and other facial expressions don’t (In God we trust. Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them.)
          19. Decide NOW to always be aggressive ENOUGH, quickly ENOUGH.
          20. The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.
          21. Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet if necessary, because they may want to kill you.
          22. Be courteous to everyone, overly friendly to no one.
          23. Your number one option for personal security is a lifelong commitment to avoidance, deterrence, and de-escalation.
          24. Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun, the caliber of which does not start with anything smaller than “4”.
          25. Use a gun that works EVERY TIME. “All skill is in vain when an Angel blows the powder from the flintlock of your musket.” At a practice session, throw you gun into the mud, then make sure it still works. You can clean it later.
          26. Practice shooting in the dark, with someone shouting at you, when out of breath, etc.
          27. Redardless of whether justified of not, you will feel sad about killing another human being. It is better to be sad than to be room temperatire.
          28. The only thing you EVER say afterwards is, “He said he was going to kill me. I beleived him. I’m sorry, Officer, but I’m very upset now. I can’t say anything more. Please speak with my attorney.”
          Finally, Drill Sergeant Frick’s Rules For Un-armed Combat.
          1: Never be unarmed.

          • Great rules to live by! I saved your post and will read it repeatedly. Thanks European American.

          • If the thumbs up feature were available I would give this 103.

            • I would give it 76,254 Rthumbs up!!!

          • I’d add FreeSlave’s rule to the above list for Rules of a Gunfight:

            Repent and Trust in Jesus Christ Your Savior and Lord if you ever get in a gunfight. Therefore, if you lose and die, you are ready to meet your Maker and live forever with God. Otherwise, you lose and die in the gunfight and go to Hell. That’s no good for you.

          • love 21
            21. Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet if necessary, because they may want to kill you.

          • Just an hour or two at a gun range really builds confidence. Guns are a tool. Know your gun tool inside and out. Be in charge of your gun tool not the other way around. Learn how to change magazines in -2 seconds or less. 2 in the chest and one in the head. Boom Boom Boom!!!

        • You must Carry everyday and Get your Carry permit license Yesterday. ASAP. When the SHTF it will be too late to get a permit, Everybody should at least get it, just in case you need to bug out and you can carry legally. Or would you choose to be a felon and sit in a FEMA Camp for training? Life is full of choices. DO NOT DELAY, get it today. Some States take 60 to 90 days to get your carry permit. Its not like a fishing license. Fill out the APP, go get a few Passport photos, go get fingerprinted, submit your app in. Follow the directions, errors mean delays. UNless you are already a Felon then you are SOL for SHTF.

          • WWTI, you make a valid point about carrying in a post-SHTF scenario, but you overlooked one thing. In post-SHTF, all of the rules we are currently living by will be thrown out the window. There will be NO rule of law. LE will be at home taking care of their own families. As individuals, we will be on our own. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about being caught with any kind of weapon. It will be different. It will be “NO HOLDS BARRED AND ANYTHING GOES”.

          • Not having a permit should not be reason to not carry. Yes get a permit, or as many permits in as many states as you can, but if you are stuck in a place that does not issue permits, you may need to make the decision to carry anyway.

            It’s your life. And your family’s. “Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6”.

            Just don’t be a dumbass when carrying. Dumbasses with carry permits scare me more than criminals carrying guns.

      7. You are right… There all gone. Now theres ammo and knife ads. Oh and one of those 60000$ bomb/tomb shelters.

      8. get ad-block plus dave in idaho.

        i got me a gypsy woman! 🙂

      9. My Glock 29. Also my AK-74. And a good knife. I love them and will never leave them.

      10. This Week On Moyers and Company.


        BILL MOYERS: What if it’s too late to change a system that is so in place, so entrenched, and so well-funded?

        JOHN R. MACARTHUR: Well, there’s two things can happen. You could have revolt, you could have rioting. I guess you could have open revolt in the streets. Or you could have a demoralized, lower two-thirds of the American population that doesn’t benefit from the advantages of the top third or the top fifth. And people just get used to it.

        — End Quote —

        This is a pretty big deal when the editor of Harper’s Magazine and the grandson of John D. MacArthur (MacArthur Foundation) comes out and says this. He ain’t no loon and is well connected.

        Word of Advice. Study Selco’s writings. I am. We might need this stuff in the near future.

        • Me and my entire team have taken his course. It is now required for team members as is Rawles book and dare to prepare

          • @ Man on the inside… No offence, but I bet they have a SWAT team prepared just for you with all the advertising you have done over the last 2 years.

        • GET THIS: Looks who Profiting off of OBAMA CARE: The Pigs are following the Federal Funding Pig Trough.

          ObamaCare Is Funneling Billions To Defense Contractors
          The Kaiser report also shows that traditional defense contractors like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Booz Allen are increasingly turning to HHS for business, thanks to cutbacks in defense and the explosion in ObamaCare spending. Last year alone, six of the biggest cleared $2.3 billion.

          General Dynamics got $814 million mainly to help with ObamaCare call centers. Defense giant Serco got more than $400 million, much of it for collecting paper applications after the online marketplaces failed.


      11. I’m just gonna call 911 and then run and scream like a little girl, guns are bad

        • Break out the legally owned and safe nerf bat strike them with your indignation. Scream it’s not fair three times, and cry out with your “participation” badge training. But remember the guy trying to kill you and rape your dog is a victim too, so while he is eating your liver do not hurt his feelings by calling attention to why you did not deserve this.

          • RAPE my DOG!!!! OMG no one ever told me they’ed do that! What can we do?

      12. 15,000 Germans held an anti-Islamic immigration protest. I’ve always held the German people in high regard. I hope the movement continues to grow.

        • In Germany and Australia there were counter-demonstrations to show support for Muslims, with more people than those on the anti-Islam side.

          I wonder how many idiots would show up to a pro-Islam rally tomorrow, given the insane school massacre in Peshawar today.

        • Borders…Language….Culture
          The German People have this absolutely correct and they will grow in what is the moral high ground.
          The American FSA loving diversity Zombie is oblivious…they are devoid of all
          Morality because “caring is sharing”

          When a Nation lies…a Nation dies
          Michael Savage

          Live Free or Die…Nation is Race and Race is Nation

      13. No handguns here lol best we can do is a few hunting rifles. If it came down to it I think id instinctively grab my 12 gauge easy to use kids and wife could use it easily without having to thik about to much. It can feed you protect you easy to find ammo of many types. Very trade able to. No you won’t tally up no 1000 yard snips but you will eat.failing that a good olfashioned single shot. 22 and a good knife that and a bit of smarts and pre planning should see you through. Main thing is don’t go looking for a fight with a family in tow.

        • Main thing is don’t go looking for a fight with a family in tow.

          Heck no! Never look for a fight. The first rule of a gunfight is not to get in a gunfight.

          • lotta internet cowboys forget the point is to survive. I figure they will simply be a statistic during the first few months. E&E, if you have to fire, you’ve probably already lost.

          • FreeSlave, absolutely dead nuts on. First rule of a gunfight is avoiding a gunfight.

      14. My go to weapon? Depends which cache I’m closest to at the moment.

      15. I hope it don’t all fall apart. I just got up and fed the wood stove. Im sitting here in the comfort of my home. Warm & well fed. My grandson is staying over hes sleeping on the couch where he fell asleep watching TV. Out of debt and my Ponzi check arrives at the stroke of midnite. Today the grandson & I will go cut firewood and take our guns heck we might even kill something good to eat! Ill let the kid drive the tractor. It rained yesterday however it was warm. So we played in the shop. We fired up the 55 chevy & opened up the hedders boy it was loud. For me life is very enjoyable at this moment. If they can keep kicking the can down the road forever it wont bother me.

        • Old guy, I’m on the same page, hope they kick that can until it falls of the face of the earth. I end my prayers every night with ” and lord please let my grandchildren grow up in a free country” I still keep preppin tho just in case.

      16. “Try to imagine yourself the worst moments in your life”……So there I was, on the shitter taking a “massive” when I reached for the paper and there was only the cardboard tube…………..Sweetheart?! Honey!, can you hear me????? Damn!!!!

        • The lack of striking paper reminds me of a scribbling on the stall of a crapper when I was a teenager working at a factory in the early seventies and had to go grunt.

          It goes…

          Here I sit so broken hearted
          Came to shit but only farted
          Strained some more my dear departed

          Great, so now I sit in stinking vapor
          Cussing the bastard that used all the paper

          What? Bossman’s calling, no time to linger
          Look out ass here comes my finger

          “the shithouse poet strikes again.”

      17. PO’d ,
        ” Try to imagine yourself in the worst moments in your life ”

        Like when a nervous sleep deprived SF Lt calls in the wrong grid coordinates bringing naval gunfire down on your position .
        Happened 25 years ago this January 29th .

        It it all comes down to this what are your going to do to preserve life and limb ?

        Incident on going here that bears watching , PTSD Marine goes on rampage , still at large
        His MOS 0317 , Falluja Iraq vet . VA causality before this event, Walking Dead .

        This is not going to end well .

        Number 23 in EA’s list should be #1 , know it , understand it , live it .
        There are only two sides of the coin now , those that support the police state and those that want to destroy it .

        My main SHTF liberty teeth , supressed HK91 with thermal for Varmint removal .

        Semper Fi 8541

        Get more PT your going to need it .

        • NT-BR- Yes those Varmits really get nasty at night.. lol stealing chickens and all.. I’m beginning to think IR is better than Night Vision. From the Vids I’ve watched.

        • Ya know, it’s really a shame you aren’t different, that you don’t understand what side you really are on. I feel sorry for you and what it’s going to be like in your head when you finally do realize it. Talk about PTSD.

        • You know ya really should change your screen initials to BR. Broken Record. Get a fuckin’ life dude.

          • ^ That response was for BJ.

        • NB, just fooling about. I’m pretty much set and yes my easiest day was yesterday. I’m sure Selco, by reading his accounts has seen the white elephant and I ain’t trying to take anything away from that. Take care ‘ol boy….

      18. Ruger SR 1911,AR in 300 Blackout and a good KBar! Are we having fun yet?

      19. A good bolt rifle.
        A good pistol.
        A good shotgun
        A good knife
        A good women
        ah!!! Wait a minute STEEL YOU CAN TRUST.

        Oh!!! excellent survival skills.

      20. as stated in the article … the “local” military/law enforcement standard assault rifles will quikly become available to the populous thru various avenues … it would happen here in the US also …

        more reason to make sure to stock plenty of.233 even if you prefer the AKs …. you’ll need to upgrade to a full auto to keep up with the warring neighbors ….

        • It gets me how people can slam the former President but fail to say anything about what the other side does to people.

      21. The USDRUB Pair Will Be Discontinued Due To Recent Instability Of The Russian Ruble

        “Please aware that the USD/RUB pair will be discontinued starting on Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00 a.m. EST due to recent instability of the Russian Ruble.”


      22. lil tid bit

        to remove a blood stain of your own blood, use your own saliva

        the enzymes in your spit will break down your blood type

        wont work with your spit and someone elses blood

      23. hey , another mis-direction?

        ht tp://


      24. “You are cold, hungry, in pain or fear, when your kid is home sick without medication and you feel like some very heavy weight is pressing down on you from all the pressure”

        So what does it have to do with the type of gun you use? Unless you plan to rob or kill people for medicine and food or release pressure by shooting someone…. The article uses a poor reference for semi-auto weapon use.

        It should read: “People are cold, hungry, in pain or fear, and the pressure is causing them to steal and do harm to your family to get it because they didn’t prepare.”

        This reason makes better sense to have semi-autos and 12 gauge scatter gun like I have.

        If you stick to the first quote, you should have been better prepared, have skills and knowledge on gathering wild food and medicinal herbs or growing them, and using trades and barters, but not suggesting here to using guns to kill people for it.

        • The problem with shotguns is they only work for very low duration encounters. Once you expend your 4 to 8 rounds, your done. You can reload a 30 round magazine into you carbine in about the same time you can reload one round into your shotgun.

          Shotguns and handguns only worl well at conversational distances.

          The best policy is to do everything possible to avoid a fight.

      25. Much can and has been said about ‘the perfect’ weapon for SHTF. There are many to choose from. We all develop our favorite’s and shop accordingly. But I want to point out that the ‘best’ firearm in any situation is the one you have with you at the time of need. Doesn’t matter what cal. or what design or manufacture. A Highpoint C-9 in the hand is superior to any Glock, Smith, or Ruger in the store simply because they are in the store and not in your hand.
        Everyone here will probably agree that the 22 lr is not a combat weapon. However, if someone is ‘plinking’ at you with one are you going to stand there and mock them or are you going to get down. If you are hit with one are you going to ‘shrug it off’ or are you going to seek medical help. Most firefight’s on the streets lasts 15 sec’s and with less than 10 rounds exchanged, then everyone scrambles for shelter or escape. Don’t discount the 22 lr it can save your life.
        Don’t get me wrong. If you gan afford the better weapons then by all means go for it, wish I could but I cant so I will use what I do have, 22’s and shotguns.
        God bless.

        • A 22LR can kill anyone just like any other round,
          Was having trouble getting 22 ammo
          We dont have small game anyway so got rid of all my 22s
          Picked up a .25Benjamin Marauder. I get bullets from Mr Hollowpoint, 43grain HP slugs
          Look just like a pistol bullet and fit nicely in the magazine,
          Now i can get trigger time any time right here at home, its not a firearm so is unregulated, but i bet one of those slugs going through some fuckers forehead right above his or her left eye would ruin their day just as well as a 22HP
          Am just sayin

          • Agreed Kula and JCL.

            This morning I am purchasing a Ruger 22 with a 16 inch barrell. I will have to purchase the 30 round mags outside of Ca but NV is only 2 hours away. This rifle is so light. Getting it with the black composite stock with a swing butt stock. Can’t wait for the ten day waiting perion to be up so I can put a couple hundred rounds through it. 22 ammo still supposedly in short supply. Did you guys ever hear of a mini brick? 225 rounds? More expensive than buying by the box of 50. New Ca. gun regulation going into effect after first of year. To buy a rifle you must attend a long gun course. Trouble is no one knows anything about it.


            • BigB, check out Joebob’s they’ll break the Ruger 25 rounder down into parts and ship it as a rebuild kit. Get them here (MD) all the time. Just put them back together when you get them(very easy).

            • BigB, if that’s a 10/22 you’re getting, then you’ll love it and made a damn good choice. I’ve had one of the stainless models since 2000 and love it. I have a bunch of the 25-round mags myself. I’ve seen the mini-bricks of 325 rounds. I found a full brick of .22 at the gun show for $50 and bought it. Vendors told me that now .22 hollowpoints are harder to get than the .22 target ammo. Don’t understand that one.

            • I bought the wife one of those 16″ barrel 10/22’s in pink for Christmas. I put a red dot sight on it. Man is that thing light and handy.

          • sure, a .22 may kill you… eventually.
            in the meantime, he’s still movin shootin and reloadin.
            Given a choice, .45ACP for me thanks.

            • Yes, he is. But not for long and you should be gone by then. The 22 lr is responsible for more deaths of humans and animals than any other caliber known to man. It has been around for a long time and will, hopefully, be around for a long time yet. I personally have brought down more than one deer with a 22. (I poached more than one, hee hee)
              If I or anyone started popping caps at you with a 22 you will be looking for shelter and if you get hit you will need a medic. Don’t disregard the 22.
              God bless.

              • When we used to kill a cow for our freezer one head shot with a 22LR hollow point was all it took.
                That was all i used for years pig hunting, cant even count how many wild pigs met the ground with my marlin 22 bolt rifle,

                • Shot a deer recently with a .22 at about 100 yrds through the heart…she didnt go just a few feet and crumpled dead as a doornail…she was only about the 100th Ive taken with one…so ya, Ill just keep using the harmless .22! 😉
                  Alot of the arguement (some)folks have with the .22 and other light calibers is simply the fact they cant shoot as well as theyed like to think they can so the want a caliber that simply smashes the target if they hit within a yard or so…thats what mortars/grenades and missiles are for… 😉 REB

              • 22LR is one of the best suppressive fire rounds I know of
                in a semi auto you can really lay down some rounds quickly and accurately

                keeping your assailant from moving is a great tool in winning

                not to mention carry weight of a 1000 rounds of 22lr vs ANY other round

                remember the only time you can carry too much ammo is when your on fire or over your head in water , so for the 22 it wins in most categories

                and anyone who tells you it doesnt have killing power .. tell them they need to learn how to aim better .. because its all about shot placement .. be lazy with a 22 , yes you will be disappointed .. be dead on with a 22 and dinner is on the table

                • Johnny, Kula, and Enemy, spot on about the .22LR. Check the story about the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley on Wikipedia. James Brady was disabled by a .22 round severing his spinal cord and Reagan lost more than half of his blood while in the operating room. All Hinckley used was a Rohm .22LR revolver aka Saturday Night Special. Those guns were later banned as a result. Brady and his wife turned in to POS gun grabbers later on.

                  • Thanks everyone. Great info. I got to hold it today. So light and going to be so maneuverable. 12/16 after 3:00 PM it will be mine.


                    • Sorry, thats 12/26

                      A police chief in a small town here in N. California told me that a 22 LR was the deadliest round a person could be shot with at close range as the bullet does not have enough force to travel through a person so it bounces around inside the body.

                      And it’s not like I am going to use it for offense, it is soley for defense and hunting, I have plenty of other hard hitting guns for offense. But they are heavey and not good for say clearing your house.


                    • BigB, very true, the lethality of the .22LR is often underestimated, or under-respected.

                    • Congratulations, have you named it yet?

        • ” A Highpoint C-9 in the hand is superior to any Glock, Smith, or Ruger in the store simply because they are in the store and not in your hand.”
          I’d respectfully disagree. I can count on the gun in the store to at least be consistent in its results (it wont fire because you don’t have it, therefore you need to come up with an alternative beforehand). A highpoint may let you think its going to serve as self defense, the let you down exactly when you need it. Honestly, in order to become reasonably proficient with a handgun you will be spending several times more on ammo than your gun anyway, so why cheap out on a tool you’re depending on saving your life??? Used glocks are <350…. high point c9 is what 150? spend the extra 200 on yourself or your family, theyre worth it.

          • Please, don’t get me wrong. The point of my post was that what you have in your hand at the moment of SHTF is the best one to have regardless of brand or caliber. It was not to imply that one brand is better than another.
            If you can afford the ‘better’ weapon then by all means get it. But to denigrate one because it is cheap and not your choice is shortsighted. My three oldest sons said the same thing to me when I bought the High Point. They boasted about their Berettas and Glock’s dependability as apposed to my C-9. We went to the range (which is in my back yard) and each took 100 rounds. In the end I out shot them with one ‘stovepipe and two misfires.’ The Glock came in second and the Beretta was embarrassing. Granted, the C-9 required a little ‘tweeking’ to bring it up to standard, but it wasn’t much. Don’t discount the cheaper firearms. If I could afford it I would buy a Ruger P-89. A little bulky but quite reliable. But I live on a 791.00 month income and 40 years of prepping was destroyed by three divorces so I am starting all over.
            God bless.

            • Run what ya brung, sorta like bracket racing. If all you can get your hands on is a muzzle loader thats still better than nothing!
              Thats why i went with the Marauder, guys are taking deer with them here at close range, im actually looking to get an extreme big bore air rifle, am just wanting to make sure i have a way to charge it other than a scuba tank, wont be many scuba shops open after things go south, the marauder i hand pump,
              Was also the reason i picked up my bows, been shooting a PSE Revenge compound, love it, so easy, got a Hoyt Dorado too and shoot the same arrows, the bow with a nice broadhead is a game changer, just imagine the look on some yahoos face when that shaft is sticking out of his sternum! I like the PSE tactical cross bow, bad ass, still havent gotten around to ordering one though but those arrows will go through body armor.

              • that arrow might not be sticking out of his sternum .. If i had to bet .. it would run straight thru him
                these compound and cross bows of today are a beast

                I have seen my arrows go straight thru a deer .. and hit bone or solid mass ,, still sometimes goes right thru

                I love primitive weapons .. people think they are not deadly.. I laugh in their faces

                archery is a silent killer .. why give your self up eh?

                • Actually had an arrow go right through a deer the other day, was from the Dorado at full draw, 45yds, is only a 45# bow, sorta a bitch following the blood trail, am rethinking my broadheads, looking at expanders, been using Muzzy 3 blade 100 grain

      26. Where I live there are plenty of tall pines. A person with a set of tree spike climbers and a 10-22 can snipe the hell out of you. A experience person can go up and down real fast.

      27. Since I don’t own a handgun (damn those thieves), the one I will not consider is a .25. A friend was shot with one in the shoulder. His Letterman’s jacket stopped the bullet. A tough Pollack (from Compton CA), I won’t describe what he did to the shooter. His mom spent hours working on his knuckles.

      28. The most effective low cost bolt action battle rifle is the M44 or the budget type 53. The rifle is $120.00 and 440 rounds of 7.62x54r is $120.00 with shipping. The 7.62x54r will be a very common round to come across and is armor piercing.
        See if this works for you at

        Live Free or Die…all I want for Christmas is my friends to get a M44

        • amen. I live very close to AIM so no shipping for Marcus 🙂

      29. Folks if the world keeps poking the BEAR with a stick, the BEAR is going to bite somebody in the A$$ soon. This SH~T is getting serious believe it or not. Get your extra ammo now before the run starts. No place on this earth is going to be safe when it starts. I not sure but I think the FAT LADY is walking up to the mike to start singing. Order your heirloom seeds now and get extra. Time is running out for us. Prepare like there no tomorrow because there just might not be. For what its worth IMHO.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      30. “What is your go to weapon for SHTF and why? Please share in comments or on our community forum.”

        The weapon I have on me or with-in reach when SHTF happens of course!!!

      31. sks battle proven tough simple easy to maintain and 7.62 will nock them down even with body armor the kinetik energy also a wide variety of different rounds can be had fmj hp steel core incindiary tracer different rounds for different applications

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