Camp FEMA Update: “We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp”

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    Though details are scarce and media coverage has been completely restricted by officials, stories of what victims of Hurricane Sandy are experiencing at the hands of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the wake of the storm have begun to emerge.

    The few available images from these so-called “tent cities” suggest that Camp FEMA isn’t all it’s cut out to be, with one resident using some choice words to describe how FEMA and the Red Cross have completely failed at their jobs.

    …made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got fucked.

    Via The Daily Sheeple

    In other such tent cities the conditions are about as bad as you can describe them; on the order of third-world refugee camp, or worse:

    One reason: the information blackout. Outside of the tightly guarded community on Friday, word was spreading that the Department of Human Services would aim to move residents to the racetrack clubhouse on Saturday. The news came after photos of people bundled in blankets and parkas inside the tents circulated in the media.

    But inside the tent city, which has room for thousands but was only sheltering a couple of hundred on Friday, no one had heard anything about a move – or about anything else.They treat us like we’re prisoners,” says Ashley Sabol, 21, of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.

    Sabol, who is unemployed and whose rental home was washed away in the hurricane, remembers being woken up on Wednesday at the shelter she was staying in at Toms River High School. Conditions there were “actually fine,” said Sabol.

    Sabol was told that she had half an hour to pack: everyone was getting shipped to hotels in Wildwood, New Jersey, where they would be able to re-acquaint themselves with showers, beds and a door.

    Sabol and about 50 other people boarded a New Jersey Transit bus, which drove around, seemingly aimlessly, for hours. Worse, this week’s Nor’easter snow storm was gathering force, lashing the bus with wind and rain.

    After four hours, the bus driver pulled into a dirt parking lot. The passengers were expecting a hotel with heat and maybe even a restaurant. Instead they saw a mini city of portable toilets and voluminous white tents with their flaps snapping in the wind. Inside, they got sheets, a rubbery pillow, a cot and one blanket.

    There was no heat that night, and as temperatures dropped to freezing, people could start to see their breath. The gusts of wind blew snow and slush onto Sabol’s face as her cot was near the open tent flaps. She shivered. Her hands turned purple.

    It has taken three days for the tents to get warm.

    Source: Reuters

    Access to the facilities has been restricted by armed guard. The same holds true for activities inside of the facilities, with guards posted around the clock.

    The post-storm housing — a refugee camp on the grounds of the Monmouth Park racetrack – is in lockdown, with security guards at every door, including the showers.

    No one is allowed to go anywhere without showing their I.D. Even to use the bathroom, “you have to show your badge,” said Amber Decamp, a 22-year-old whose rental was washed away in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

    The mini city has no cigarettes, no books, no magazines, no board games, no TVs, and no newspapers or radios. On Friday night, in front of the mess hall, which was serving fried chicken and out-of-the-box, just-add-water potatoes, a child was dancing and dancing — to nothing. “We’re starting to lose it,” said Decamp. “But we have nowhere else to go.”

    In the aftermath of this disaster, as well as the Hurricane Katrina debacle, it should be clear where the government’s priorities are.

    They’ll buy billions of rounds of ammunition and won’t hesitate to put 30,000 drones into the skies over America, but when it comes to helping Americans who have lost everything, they are woefully unprepared.

    This begs the question, what happened to the hundreds of millions of emergency rations, emergency blankets and supplies that were supposedly regionalized by the Department of Homeland Security fully two years ago?

    Their plan is to complete the supply of fifteen H.S. warehouses around the country in the next three months. Ms. Bylier is quoted as saying “we have worked hard the last six months to meet our local objectives.” She continued “the goals of Homeland Security are in sight.” It’s difficult to know if this is a good or bad omen. No comment was offered as to why this program has been given so much urgency at this time.

    It’s nice to know we’re ready. But ready for What?

    Yes, exactly. Ready for what?

    This is a limited-scope disaster that the government and populace knew was coming. While tragic, the worst-case scenario here is perhaps 50,000 people who can be deemed refugees who have lost their homes and belongings. Additionally, another 250,000 required short-term assistance like food and water in the immediate aftermath.

    If FEMA and DHS are incapable of dealing with an emergency that affects less than 1% of the US population simultaneously, what type of response should the American people reasonably expect in the event of a sustained wide-scale disaster?

    • What if the New Madrid Fault cracks and causes a high magnitude earthquake across a multi-state region?
    • What if a rogue dirty-bomb or nuclear attack forces the evacuation of numerous metropolitan areas all at once?
    • What if a Tsunami on the order of Sumatra in 2004 inundates the East or West coast?
    • What if a massive solar flare or hackers take down our power grid infrastructure leaving the nation without electricity for weeks or months at a time ?

    In all of these scenarios tens of millions of Americans would essentially become refugees.

    Given the abhorrent response by the organization upon which we have been told we can depend in an emergency, the after-effects would be nothing short of Apocalyptic. A die-off would start immediately after the collapse. Many would die within a month’s time due to lack of food, clean water and from the spread of disease. The rest will battle for resources as their failure to prepare will leave them with no other choice.

    Here’s the lesson: HELP WILL NOT BE ON THE WAY.

    It will be so bad, in fact, that people will be praying for shelter in a FEMA concentration camp.


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      1. Would of been better off trying to construct some of the downed walls and start a fire in my destroyed home, than be treated like a number and on a cott inside with a bunch of loons with rules and other crazies. I would of stayed in my home that was destroyed than go to a fema camp and wait in long lines. What did these people stop working and now just hang out in a fema camp? What about where you park your car or how about all your stuff. I head they put signs on the homes not allowing them to go back and get their belongings, You voted for this liberals. You get what you ask for,

        • As a former NY’er I wish the best for you Clint !

          • PEOPLE- Why are the comments we write have a ID number behind it? That to me is for tracking us.

            • Clint, those numbers were there before, but only seen if you clicked an actual comment, as from the right sidebar of most recent comments. It’s gonna be much easier to track comments of those leaving useful commentary. Or to call out trolls, trawlers, SNAPrs, the GimmeDats, etc. Don’t get paranoid on us now — online comments are permanent no matter if there are numbers there or not — there are much worse things to fear….. (Like the idiots who voted JesseJackson Jr regardless of his mental and criminal problems!)

              • Half the population of the US did not vote for Obama.  Oh what a divided world we live in.  Someday I do belive what is happening in Greece with Happin In the US.  What other choice do we have left.  Government control needs to control the Government.  They don’t have to live with insurance called Obamacare.  Just everyone else.  No Government employee has to deal with that injustice.  The Government has gone too far.  We need to fight for our contry and TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!

                • Deb, I agree with you, more or less, HOWEVER, the majority of Americans seem to differ with your point of view. Socialism is becoming the new drug of the masses. It gives them the artificial high that goes hand and hand with Communitarian Law: we are all equal, i.e. a life style that promotes the antithesis of  integrity and individual liberties. Over the last 10 to 20 years a great shift, indoctrinated through the educational systems of this country, towards collectivism, i.e. communism, has programmed that generation to believe that socialism IS the solution (against the corrupt Capitalists selfishness and greed). The program is seen everywhere, from TV to films to drugs to social networking.


                  It’s already too late DEB, there is NO America to take back. How can one take something that no longer exists? It’s over. Learn how to speak the foreign languages of; Socialism, Sustainability, Communism, Agenda 21, etc., etc. If we were to have taken back this country, i.e. returned to Constitutional Law rather than followed Communitarian Law, it would have happened a long time ago.


                  Unless there is a coup by those in the military who truly understand what is happening and are willing to make a stand with the “massively sophisticated technology” that they possess, then, the world record number of weapons by American civilians in this country will never be put to use like they could have been, ten or twenty years ago.


                  WE ARE THE MINORITY. it may appear on the internet that those who are willing to “take back American” are vast in numbers, but look around you… Your nation, your region, your state, your city, your community, your neighborhood, your family… who’s taking anything back? Only entitlements if anything… it’s running rampant and Denial is the culprit.

              • Oh I don’t get paranoid on it because I don’t care if they know who I am or who we are. I always like a challage when it comes to defending my home. Even if I get overpowered and do my job I still have pride and what its gonna hurt for a few min and then its over. ohhhh not that. Thanks for posting that explanation for me on that Zoltanne. Thank you

                • Clint, wake up, and try to curb your pathetically apathetic attitude…dolt!

            • That will be your FEMA camp ID number.

          • Clint is just spouting off showing everybody how smart he is….he didn’t have to deal with it…..he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. RODSTER, URADOPE!



          Except when I was at the VA this morning. Did a little volunteering this morning. Nowhere have I seen a single person say anything to a VET today. That is just disgusting. I walk up to a fellow Vet. (He was wearing his hat) And just said thank you. He was so surprise I thought he was going to fall over.   What does this say about us as a people.

          • I too, am a vet, 22 years, inlcuding Dersert Storm.  Retired in 2000.  I need no special attention or recognition for my service.  I volunteered, did my duty, plus became a better person from my service experience.  Not sure where we get the idea that vets are so special.

            • Because we are the “minority” who have served our country.  That is what makes us special.  We serve so others can freely exercise their rates.


              • Really Chief ?,

                All this time you have been worried about my freedom, my rights?

                I’m finding that a little hard to believe.

                • SD Mule- That is a slap in our faces. I’m a vet and care, maybe I’n not following you. When we join I would say most want to serve this country and do the right thing and earn a trait or a job. I would say most take pride. Ok probably when young people sign up they are not thinking that, “I’m joining to protect the freedoms of others” but while in we are doing a job to protect this country and learn respect and honor, even if we have a complete loon in charge. I work with recruiters and you would not believe the number of young men who want to join the Navy as Seals, because of 9-11 prior one and the latest one. There are many vets that do care and don’t wan’t terrorists destroying our country and do take pride in protecting the people of this country. Maybe I’m not following you on this.

                • Your rights are our rights  mule, of course we are protecting them!

                • You had it right The mule is just being an ass.

                • My best friend that I will ever have, has his name on a black wall

                  in DC. YES HE DIED FOR YOUR FREEDOM.

                  Now for you sir you can KISS MY VET ASS.

                  Hco 1st Air Cav. 70-72


                • I have to agree with SD on this one. There was a time when the motive for one to join the military was “fairly” clear cut; defending freedom and democracy. In the last 10, 15 years, that has been changing. The military is being used in spreading corporate ownership or resources, i.e. acquiring more and more in the name of selfishness and greed. Millions of “innocent” civilians, men, women and children are killed by our troops to further that cause. Some may argue that’s the intent behind all wars. Maybe, maybe not, but now we are seeing “gangs” of US military men and women, under the influence of Rx and non Rx drugs, spreading genocide on a global scale. And, they are headed to this country.


                  I no longer honor vets, especially those with blood of innocent on their hands.


                  Everyone in America, since the beginning of attending our educational system has been methodically brainwashed/programmed/indoctrinated to believe that one “has” to support our troops, NO MATTER WHAT. Sorry, people like SD are willing to question that, and I agree.


                  War is a business and business is GOOD.


                  US Troops are becoming the enemy of Freedom and Democracy. A sad commentary on how the manipulated mind can get molded to do what it is told.

                • Saddle up that horse and come on out to San Diego,Copperhead,

                  and lets see what you’ve got.

                • Copperhead ,

                  no he didnt die for OUR freedom . He died on the job …………like a fireman or a cop . He knew the risks , and unfortunately paid the price . My freedom was never in danger or anybody else’s freedom . We created the monster in Sadam and these poor bastards had to clean up  the mess our government created . When my freedom is in danger , I will put on my Confederate kepi and grab a rifle and give my mom her 26th bar in the UDC……………..but sorry to say, the biggest danger to American freedom is the US government .

                • European American ,

                  interesting you should say that . I read a poll a while back taken in europe asking which country they feel is the biggest danger to world peace .

                  the answer was : the United States .

                  take that how you want to .

                • Clint Hospo,

                  Your request for clarification, in a respectful manner,will receive

                  a response in kind. I do not believe that the majority of people (men and women) who join a military branch,do so with the thought of any one but themselves. Why do I say this? I grew up in Oceanside,CA. Home of Camp Pendleton (U S Marines). I have lived in San Diego,CA., worked on Naval Base San Diego, Naval Air Station North Island,    Naval Amphibious Base, MCAS Miramar,and Camp Pendleton. I have a nephew who is a medic in the 82nd Airborne. I have interfaced with many,many military personnel in both business and personal arenas. My experience has been that they are like any other human. They are neither special nor superhuman. This is a job to most of them and nothing more. Many of them are from small towns with no other prospects when high school is over. This does not make them good or bad, just human. Thank you for your respectful manner.

                • Copperhead ,

                  your out now ……… can stop eating all the bullshit they can feed you .

                  Same with all the others that are now out …………throw away the propaganda leaflets ………….you are now free to think outside the party line .

              • 22.5 million vets in US.  Minority my ass!

                • Vets should be honored , my father and all my uncles were WW2 vets and before that Confederate vets . The thing I question are statements like ” we fight for YOUR freedom ” and things of that nature . The reason is that after WW2 , almost all conflicts we have gotten into have been strictly political rather than actual danger to the nation . I dont blame the soldiers that their government and leadership is questionable . But I also feel no personal obligation for gratitude in the modern day  , its a job they signed up for like any other job , like a fireman………they are not drafted and understand the risks . I just wish the government would honor their responsibility  to these people after they finish their enlistment . My thoughts center more around where their loyalty will be if they have to choose between the government or the people . Because without them ………..the government has no power . Where do they stand ? We should honor those that came before ( to me its WW2 and earlier ) on this day ……….but the questions do need to be asked .

                • I guess “Nargonstalator” doesn’t mean mathematician or statistician. Eh?

                  I think it is 21.4 million vets alive right now (accurate as of May 2012), and with 240 million people over 18, that puts it at about 9.3% of the adult population.   Any way you measure, that’s a minority.

                  We need to follow the Swiss Army’s lead – everyone serves 2 years, and helps carry the weight (even the snotty little politician’s brats).  Plus, we all bring home our rifles, and good 9mm hand gun, and we train/qualify every year (ammo is on the government).  I think the Swiss have a good thing going.  They have a large, fully trained standing army, ready to defend their nation, they know the rules and they also have a VERY low incidence of home burglary (VERY low).

                  And what exactly is a “European American?”  I’m sure you aren’t trying to impress anyone with THAT hyphenated name.  US Vets have more than likely either pulled your mommy or daddy’s butt out of the jaws of death, or kicked their butts for being the “bad guys.”

                  Meanwhile, I must admit it is entertaining, even as it remains very confusing as to why people (ANYONE) would continue to think ANY government will take care of them in their true hour of need.  Oh sure…. just keep telling yourself: “The socialists love me. They will take care of me. They will help me when I REALLY need help.  They will do the right thing.  Just click your heels 3 times and say: Mayor Bloomturd, save us, save us right now from SANDY the Monster, Global-Warming, Climate-Change, Wall-of-Water Powerline-Killing Storm!!!  Pwweeeeeze?
                  What?  No?  Why Not???
                  Yes, it’s a 32 oz Coke.  So what.
                  Do you really think the STORM KNOWS that I broke the Bloomrturd rule of NO 32 oz Sodas on Staten Island??  OMG…Help us all… THE END IS NEAR… OMG…. no more Coke I pwomise Mr. Mayor… may I kiss your RING?  Will that help us?… oh my… FORK ME…
                  No – I’m not kissing THAT shriveled up little thing… NO WAY – no matter HOW MUCH Coke you let me have BloomTurd Man! Go away. I’m joining the Tea Party! That’ll show you! (Someone told me they have all the Coke I could ever want – SO THERE!).


              • well said chief,,

            • Amen ! brother USN 1979 through 1989 here, thank you for your service sir.

              • D514801W USN 71-77 USMC 77-79  and married to an old marine too.  still serving others as a veteran volunteer…thank you to those who served before me and along with me and after me.


              • AS1 (AW/SW) here shipmate, 1993 – 2004. Good to see all the vets on here.

              • From 89 to 09. It is good to see vets here.

            • God bless you.

            • Actually, Joe, what you said makes you special…..You volunteered, did your duty to and for your Country and…..became a better person from your service experience which, in turn, made you a better citizen …….what’s so special about that?  Just EVERYTHING……I thank you

              FOB  widow of two tour Vietnam Vet

            • Vets are Special!  I grew up in a military family. Father a Navy Chaplain. I saw so many families who shared their father with the world by helping him be ready to go in a moment’s notice. We can enjoy the level of freedom we have due to men and women being willing to join up and go. Thank you! Visit us at and share your story. We love you and thank you and appreciate your willingness to protect. if you have learned something we can benefit from…..we’d love to hear it. You don’t survive battle without knowing some survival skills. Peace

            • If you don’t know what makes a vet special, shame on you.

              Spent 23 years in the Marines. Came back from VietNam in 19668 and got spit on and had trash thrown on us. Now if you don’t think that is special I don’t know what is. It’s great to have someone say ‘thank you’, finally…

              MGySgt USMC Ret.

              • Bless you brother!

              • Salute…gunny!


            • It goes back to when it was mostly a conscript citizen soldier military. Any combat vet deserves a little special recognition because he risked it all.

            • Let’s see how special soldiers are when they are kicking down doors in YOUR TOWN.

              • Let them come, I actually hope they do. Guaranteed the “vets” you are addressing on here such as myself are not ill prepared nor ill trained. We as vets are a special breed, and i will agree that there are some that serve for a paycheck but I am also glad to say that “I” haven’t served with anyone like that. I don’t “expect” a thanks but when I receive one in brings tears to my eyes and tugs at my heart . Trust me I am not one that cries a lot especially in front of people and I am a female. If I come across a vet that served before me I always give respect that “I” feel is due them. I have generations of vets; grandfather (marine), dad (marine), 1st uncle (navy), 2nd uncle (army), myself and husband (army), and my 19 year old daughter stands a whopping 5 ft tall and 98 lbs is a cop in the Air Force. So yea I’d say we are well prepped and i won’t go into details as to how. Take care and god bless.

            • JoeinNC….it’s propagated by media and big business. It’s like conditioning…I remember getting ready to board a flight when all of a sudden a ticket agent got on the loud speaker and announced that everyone should “give a huge round of applause” for our servicemen overseas, it’s friggin disgusting. Only in Totalitarian regimes are the people conditioned to worship militaries! Good Grief we’re fucked!

          • @FBP

            Why do I need to shake the hand of my Veterinarian?  Did my dog have it’s puppies?

            Just Joking, thank you, and all the Vets, for their service.

          • “It is just not Walter Reed,” Oliva slowly tapped out on his keyboard at 4:23 in the afternoon on Friday. “The VA hospitals are not good either except for the staff who work so hard. It brings tears to my eyes when I see my brothers and sisters having to deal with these conditions. I am 70 years old, some say older than dirt but when I am with my brothers and sisters we become one and are made whole again.”


            • This might have been something to discuss, had the info been presented as actual fact rather than speculation.
              The sky is falling, coco.

              • 10 veterans test positive for hepatitis after colonoscopies

                The Veterans Affairs department says 10 people have tested positive for infectious liver disease since they were exposed to contaminated colonoscopy equipment.

                The 10 are among thousands of patients who have been warned to get blood tests since being treated at VA facilities in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Miami and Augusta, Ga. All three sites failed to properly sterilize equipment between treatments.

                VA spokeswoman Katie Roberts said Friday that four Tennessee patients have tested positive for hepatitis B. Six have tested positive for hepatitis C, a potentially life-threatening form of the viral infection that can cause permanent liver damage.

                ~ N.O. ;0P pssszzt

            • You couldnt give it a rest for one day.

              This just shows what kind of person you are. no wonder only a few come to your defence. Hell that put thier chartiter in queation too.

              I sugeat just for this day of remeberance you just keep to yourself.

              You said one day I would turn around and you be there. Remember I have seen you. And i was not impressed.

              • The Assassination
                Of Pat Tillman


                WHY WOULD SOLDIERS WITH NOTHING TO HIDE, WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING burn Tillman’s uniform–and his body armor? After the shooting, the Rangers destroyed evidence that would be considered critical in any criminal case, the records show. They burned Corporal Tillman’s uniform and his body armor. Months later, the Rangers involved said they did not intend to destroy evidence. “It was a hygiene issue,” TILLMAN WAS ASSASSINATEDHe was shot in the forehead, THREE TIMES, and the “official” story, which changes faster than the wind, is that he was shot with an M-16.

                • Not even an hour. Good grief man. Let it go. You are on your own can you get the message.  Now of course you will attack this from another handle. But we all know. All of these suck but they have nothing to do with any kind of preparedness. Stick to that. We all know it isn’t right out there. \\

                  Instead of point out the what we know. Make some proposal on how to fix it. But you won’t people prefer to click on the graphic. Not the how to. And that would cut into your income.

                • Sad story, here is a guy that had it all and decided after 9/11 to enlist. Pro football career and alot of other good things and he was killed by his own guys. Still wondfring about all the coverup. Friendly fire happens, unless this was something else.

                • I see you like to point out a lot of negatives as far as the military goes. Well before these men and women signed up guess what, they were average everyday citizens. The things you have posted happen out in society just as much if not more. No one said that ALL military personnel were “perfect”…stand down off of your soap box guy for real. I give you props for your “google” skills, but thats about the jest of it….

            • yep we take good care of our vets. Another reason i stay away from the VA  Death traps er hospitals.

              • How do you say that I and many receive excellent care from the VA.  I help the Vet there and the one that bitch are normally the ones who wouldn’t even fill out the form to say I was in the service. They think they are above it. Just because they are vets doesn’t make them all smart. They deserve respect, but some thing they must look after themselves.

                • “The V.A. Veterans Administration is where Veterans go to Die!”

                  V.A. = Eugenics Death Care




                • Court orders major overhaul of VA’s mental health system

                  9th Circuit says treatment delays for PTSD and other disorders are so ‘egregious’ that they violate veterans’ rights. Judges say they waited ‘long enough’ for the VA to act and were compelled to intervene.

                • Bullshit I help in that clinic. They are required and they do it to have any Vet in a appointment within a week.   The problem is getting the vet to show up. Yes it hard but that is why they need treatment because they do not see it themselves . So they self medicate

                • @fbp – L Fool



                • FBP i`m a combat vet,,i see what you are saying all the time,,,so you know i volenteered for the LRRPS in 67-69,,you understand this i hope,,

                  thank you

            • coco puff sh*t head: cram your anti semetism. Why is it all the unsaved, idiotic loons come out of the wood work to spew their stupidity, whenever a disaster is spoken of?  Blame the muslim, marxist, h omo illegally occupying the White House—NOT the Jews. I can’t wait until you are at the final judgment, standing before Yeshua, the JEWISH MESSIAH. Oh, to be a fly on the wall that day!  Enjoy your eternity. Pack for warm weather.

              • Cant wait for the judgement of these type eh!

                From The World Conquerors by Louis Marschalko (1958):

                Marschalko quotes in page 94:

                ‘Lenin: God of the Godless’ by F. Ossendowski (1931).

                “The role of Jewry will be most important in laying the foundations of the *new world order*. Jewry possesses adaptable characteristics together with outstanding intelligence and extreme cruelty. A Russian could never treat Russian counter-revolutionaries as cruelly as a Jew can.”

                Honammy is Bad for Jews/Isreal?!!   Not acording to jews!

                Let’s see, Obama is responsible for the largest package of military aid to Israhell in the entire history of the US Presidency. That sounds like he really despises them.

                National Jewish Democratic Council:

                “Throughout his presidency, President Barack Obama has made strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship a top foreign policy priority. His work to strengthen that relationship places him among Israel’s strongest supporters ever…”

                This is an entire page by the NJDC listing the extraordinary amount of political, material, and fiscal backbending that Obama devoted to Jews and for Israhell. ( )

                On September 21, 2011 Netanyahu stated that President Obama deserves  a “badge of honor” for his defense of Israel at the United Nations. ( )

                And Defense Minister Ehud Barak told CNN this summer, “honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that I can remember in the past.”


                PROTOCOL NO. 22  , 1899(?)

                “The secret of what is coming. The evil of many centuries as the foundations of future well-being. The aureole of power and its mystical worship.

                “In all that has so far been reported by me to you, I have endeavoured to depict with care the secret of what is coming, of what is past, and of what is going on now, rushing into the flood of the great events coming already in the near future, the secret of our relations to the Goyim and of financial operations.

                “On this subject there remains still a little for me to add.”

                MORE PROOF OF Jew EVILS!

                “After the First World War, the cultured Western world was shocked by a series of articles in the London Morning Post.

                The series was entitled ‘Underground Conspirators’. H.A. Gwynn, the editor of this newspaper, in his book ‘The Cause for World Unrest’, quoted authoritative contemporary reference books (until then ignored by liberal historians), that pointed out that the French Revolution was far from having been entirely caused by a revolutionary disposition of the lower classes.

                At this time both Jewish and Masonic powers were already operating, and *”BY BUYING UP ALL THE GRAIN STOCKS, THEY CREATED AN ARTIFICIAL FAMINE, AND THROUGH THIS FAMINE, THE REVOLUTION OF JULY 14th”*.

                As early as 1776, the Spartacus movement, created by Adam Weishaupt, had been established in Bavaria and this movement suddenly re-appeared again in many different guises inciting dangerous outbursts during various revolutions after the First World War.

                Gwynn’s treatise proves that all the revolutionary movements of the nineteenth century were infiltrated and to a great extent, controlled by Jewry.

                Gwynn established Jewry’s role in Freemasonry with the help of data contained in the book ‘L’Entree des Izraelites dans la Societe Francaise’ of a converted Jew: Abbott Lemann; as well as with the evidence collected by the American author and Freemason Albert Pike.

                ATTENL!!!   ORT!!!(poster above)

                He proved that Jewry had inculcated a hatred of Christianity into the secret societies, so that under the cover of liberalism, they were actually able to remain undisturbed while they worked to undermine the Christian social order.”

              • The original Hebrews (JEW) are African Black.

                “If they go to war with Iran, which they’re setting the stage for now, it’ll be because the Zionists have pushed Obama to do their bidding andÉ to put a black face on an illegitimate war and use black and brown and poor white to fight a war for the Ashkenazi false Jews that have come out of Europe. These same people started apartheid in Africa. The same Jews are guilty of Jim Crow and the laws that segregated us and they’re the same forces that are in Palestine right now telling Palestinians in their own land what roads they can travel on and what they’re not free to travel on.”
                Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

                “If the white race is under the name Israel, where did the name Jew come from? Adam never said he was a Jew. Abraham didn’t say he was a Jew. Moses didn’t say he was a Jew. The name Jew comes after Judah. Hebrew is different. The original Hebrews look just like you. The original Hebrews are Black.”
                Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

                “They stole land in PalestineÉ And this Synagogue of Satan knows that the end of their time of rule is up. The jig is up.”
                Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

                ~ Farrakhan In His Own Words RULE On Jews

              • Helen Thomas : Jews ‘own the White House’

                Helen Thomas is not sorry, nor were the comments that ended her career accidental.

                “I knew exactly what I was doing – I was going for broke,” she told Playboy in the magazine’s April interview. “I had reached the point of no return. You finally get fed up … I finally wanted to speak the truth.”

                helen thomas controversial quote:

                “Jews need to GET THE HELL OUT of PALESTINE !” ;0p

                Thomas, of course, left her perch as the dean of the White House press corps last year after telling a rabbi and blogger that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else.” Her family is Lebanese and she grew up in the Detroit area, home to one of the country’s densest populations of Arab Americans.

                She spoke at length about the situation in Palestine, her feelings on American support of Israel, and her take on Jews.

                But her most controversial comments echoed ones she’s made before about the influence of Jews in American life, which have contributed to her name being stripped from journalism awards.

                “[The Jews are] using their power, and they have power in every direction,” she told Playboy. “Power over the White House, power over Congress … Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control … It isn’t the 2 percent. It’s real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. [To the interviewer] You don’t deny that. You’re Jewish, aren’t you?”

                *** I love this Ole’ Lady HELEN THOMAS she has BIG BRASS BALLS . ;0)

                ~ N.O. ;0p

              • @ORT

                You are correct, Ort.  Sometimes I ask  anti-semitic hostile posters  to post a picture of themselves so I will recognize them on Judgement Day.  Yes! In order to see their faces aghast:

                “And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Gen 12:31

          • I salute all Veterans. Even though America seems pretty much lost, I will be an American Soldier at heart forever.

            • I try to donate to many Vet orgs as much as I can. The tide of requests for Thanksgivong and Christmas donations are coming in stronger this year and more frequent than last year.  How much of the donations reach the Vets??

              I am just wondering if  it really gets to the Vets. Blind, hospitalized, loss of limbs,  Vets family meals, and more. I thought that donating to the VFW was one that sent donations to all of these various causes???

              Help!! Do any of you know the answers??




              • Want to  make sure a vet gets your donation? go there yourself. You can look up  your local vet hospital and/or resident nursing home. The facilites take donations of gently used clothing shoes etc.. The gentlemen and Ladies have a “store” were they can “shop” for clothes etc/.. It is always appreciated by the residents for anyone talented to  come and perform (sing, magic shows, comedy etc) or even to  volunteer to take a vet outside. All the residents need smaller lap  blankets (ladies who  knit and crochet) The VA hospitals need volunteers all the time. My father volunteered until he could not longer drive the tram. At the end of his life when he could  no  longer stay home due to  his size( 6’9″ , I could no longer move him or even turn him )and condition, the folks at Emory L. Bennet went over and above to help all of us , not just my dad. – daughter of USAF 81st, c-1907.

              • @Patriot Guest……the best way to determine what percentage of your donations actually goes to veterans is to go to their website and check out their pie charts…..most of the legitimate organizations have them……see how they spend the money which is donated… administrative costs (payroll) operational costs etc.  Another way to make sure your money goes a long way is to contact the military organizations near you…..American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars..etc…..and donate directly….or, for a more personal note….make a food box for as many military families as you can afford and bring them to these organizations and they will make sure they go to where the need is greatest. 


              • Donate to Fischer House. They do not waste money and do a real service for the long term combat wounded, those with the nasty wounds and amputations.

              • How to Weed Out the Bad Charities: 

                Ideally, all tax-exempt charities would put 100% of your donation to good use. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Thankfully, groups like the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) and GuideStar act as watchdog organizations.  At   (the Web site run by the AIP), you can research a charity, and/or look though thousands of nonprofit organizations and view their ratings. You can look through popular causes like cancer, abortion, child sponsorship, human rights, international relief, etc.


          • For what, going to do the Gov’s dirty work? I think not…

            You have  free Medical what else do you want? A medal…. Earn one..

            I might catch flack for this but it needs to be said..

            I refer to yall as Military Morons… JTK, My deceased fathers silver star is in the closet. I broke the cycle of MM’s in my family..

            Anyone with half a brain knows there has been NO wars in our Lifetime that were Defensive wars.  However there was plenty of politically motivated conflicts. Sorry, but I never felt the need to be a pawn for a politician. Don’t think much of anyone that did…

            If you enlisted behind 911 then you don’t even have a half of a brain. How many indicators do you need to prove to you not to believe everything you see on TV? Ever heard of Propaganda? Guess not…

            If there was EVER an enemy threatening the continental US then I would be the first to bear arms to protect her. I’m am a Patriot not a pawn.

            I suggest you watch what the MOST Decorated Marine at the time of his death had to say about our wars. After I watched it I didn’t ever have to know anything else about the subject.

            War is a Racket by Smedley Butler



            Go ahead hit the neg, but sometimes the truth hurts……..>

            • Maybe you are just a coward. However I do agree that with the exception of the initial response to 9/11 the rest was BS. Iraq and getting bogged down in a ground war in Afghanistan were truly stupid then again look who was behind it. His two daughters should have been on the front lines.

            • If it hadn’t been for the volunteers (military), you would have been drafted!  Remember the draft?  You should thank God everyday that you have the LUXURY  of making that choice.   The war in Iraq would have been fought regardless.  War’s will be fought either through free will or slavery!!!

              The AMERICAN MILITARY, we are the ONE PERCENT!

          • I thank you!  I thank all the vets out there who sacrificed so much to defend and protect what our forefathers fought so hard to create!

            I am sad, but glad my dad (USAF ret) passed away in October 2008 before this lying thug in chief got elected.

            God’s Peace and Grace be with you all everyday.

          • FP:  During the election, I wrote about King O not having respect for veterans and especially deceased veterans and every single response I got was along the lines of “who cares…they’re dead.” Words fail me.

          • FB ,

            it says we the people ARE SICK OF WAR ! and the scams behind them . Stop enabling the government by NOT enlisting !  cut  off their source of fodder in the form of what they consider expendable meat . You think the government gives one fuck about your fathers , sons , mothers , daughters currently serving ? Think again !

        • No more empathy for the dumbed downed, brain dead, fluoridated/gmo ingested masses who grovel to the feds when in panic..except for the infirm and elderly…

          It is time to take care of our own..those who prepare!

          We are the small minority and best prepare in every which way

          and keep our profiles at zero..

          At the local range today(packed btw) everyone was in agreement.

          The shtf is well on its way.

          Nothing more satisfying to be at a range with like minded folks locked and loaded and prepared..

          and nothing better hearing the thousands of rounds fires and the smell of gunpowder on a beautiful fall afternoon..especially in the belly of the beast..Massachusetts..Cape Cod..






          • How the hell could anyone give you a thumbs down by writing what you said clear and simple. There are really stupid people on this site that think this is a big joke or think we are loons, we already know that. I won’t feel one bit of sorrow for any of these turds when they are clueless and begging for something to eat. I will only feel sorry for the elders and young children.

            I wish people that don’t agree with us would explain their stance on their clueless beliefs. I said things would not get back until next year and I still believe that. Many thought it would of already hit by now, durango kid was saying the same, but nobody knows and at least we are all preparing and preparing more. That is something I respect that most of us do on here except for these idiots who are very stupid and thinks this is not real. take a look at Hurricane Sandy idiots and see how thats working out for that people. You lose power and your gonna be in a world of hurt unless you got preps and a plan to deal with it. unlike the Sandy victims who didn’t even have gas!!!

            • I know what you mean, Clint.  There are people that cruise sites like this just to show a negativity towards anthing they don’t understand or disagree with.  Most of those types are introverts and can’t carry on with an intelligent conversation/discussion.  They aren’t necessarily “trolls”; I call them “trawlers”.

               Some are just ugly people and will thumbs down a comment based upon the person’s handle that posted it.  I get it a lot from people that are regulars that i have pissed off some where along the way. So be it.

               I don’t really care about what those people think of me.  I’m not here looking to win brownie points or looking for recognition.  I just want to fellowship and learn.  If my comments may be of help to others, than great for them.  I don’t need a personality contest prize to make myself feel all warm and fuzzy.  A good bottle of wine or a few beers can do that.  Sometimes a little sweetness from the little woman is good too, but I don’t live for it or count on it.  Just sayin’.

              • I hear ya dont tread….the number of people who have given me shit for the “Son Of Sam”  label… means son of sam adams btw

                and of course, my initials double as SOS, which our country surely needs right now


                • America needs an ABBA song?

                • @Bob. Funny. LOL!

            • Clint

              I never waste my time explaining nor arguing with those who are eyes wide shut…rather spend my time with those of kindred spirit who celebrate and practice the 2nd amendment..and those here who prepare…period!

              We here all know what eventually is coming down the pike and witness the unraveling on a daily basis..inflation,devaluation of the dollar,erosion of personal liberties one by one.and the central planners destruction of our Constitution as well and all that goes with it..

              I could care less if I had 100 thumbs down..screw them all. they will be the first crying to feds to save their sorry asses for lack of preparedness…


              and will suffer the fate..



              • You both are right, and see stupid people can’t explain something so sweet. I will save it. You both are right. Thanks. I just get so pissed off!

              • The hard core truth, spoken with conviction.

            • ch,

              thumbs up or down dont mean a damn thing ……….its just a tool to give people the illusion that the poster actually gives a shit what a faceless nobody thinks about their comment ……………..

          • One of the thoughts going thru my mind the other day was all those people complaining about when were they going to get some help.  Well what if the situation was so bad that help was never going to come?

            The walls would have to cave in before I leave my home, and even then I would probably construct some kind of shelter  out of what was left.

            I know things are really F’d up on the coast, but thats why I choose not to live on the coast. It amazes me how people choose to live in flood plains or coastal regions prone to hurricanes, or on hills that get washed away in mudslides then play the victim when the inevitable happens.

            I got plenty of camping gear and I can take care of myself. One thing I am sure of, they ain’t dragging me off to one of their ‘shelters’.  Don’t ned and don’t want any special ‘help’.


            • what would happen?

              a lot of people would die..and to those who think prepping is stupid is dieing because you were innept? or lazy? or ill prepaired..? or not prepared at all because you thought someone would do it for you?


              only the ones that come close enough to the edge to see the light will wake up that life and sustainability is their responsibility

              • VRF… your right on the money!  It’s the same every year. The storm comes and people are surprised and unprepared. I just don’t get it…

                Yes, it should be a call to awaken the sheep, but will it?? What ever happened to personal responsibility? The people on the East Cost had several days warning. Just look at the headlines that were ALL over the news a few days before the storm hit. Why are they not prepared? What does it take?

                Everyone should store some staples and other food stuff just in case. We buy our basics at the local stores but we also got great powdered eggs, freeze dried mushrooms, pineapple and great freeze dried ground beef that has a very long shelf life w/o refrigeration. We got a super discount from Whatever the emergency, when the trucks stop rolling and the stores are empty we will still eat delicious meals. If you order be sure to get some Taco TVP. You’ll kids will swear that you must have stopped by Taco Bell! It’s delicious and inexpensive and they deliver right to your door!

                Store it and be ready for when the next storm hits.

            • I recall after Katrina, tv news interviewed an Alabama couple, whites retired aprox age of 65+ yrs old.

              The news lady asked the couple “What is it like copping with such as this, when you return to find your home totally ruined or gone?”

              The woman of the retired couple answered her “Oh we are USED to it now! in fact we been here at same location over 30+ yrs and this will be the 5th time we REBUILD since home was Fist built by us!”!!!

              She was happy insurance pays it all…If my math is right, the katrina disaster will be the SIXTH time the Same home is built/Rebuilt!

              News lady asked “Do you ever get tired and consider a MOVE farther away from waters Edge?”

              Again woman answered, “Oh No No!! We Love it so close to the Oceans Edge!  And as long as Insurance pays for it all….Why Not!”

              I had to switch chanels then as I began to wonder how high MY homeowners insur. costs will Soar to offset their stupidity etc.

          • Our’s was packed too.  Everyone we talked to agreed it had never been so busy.  Maybe it’s gun season coming up, but when there are 10-20x more people than usual, something is different.  It’s not like most people were sighting in their 30-06’s either.  Check out for a list of all the new petitions (from citizens) for secession.  Prepare for the worst, I’m all out of hope.

            • Southpaw

              None of the dozens upon dozens at the range today were carrying nor practicing with hunting rifles..

              Unless  9mm 40  38   45′ 22lr 223 762 are varmint calibers.

              All the hunters I know are already up north as deer season just started in New England..with shotguns.!



          • Amen Posse.

            Vet here (Army 11th ACR 85-89), and thanks to all vets.

            On the range issue, I couldn’t agree more.  I went to the range to zero in my old 30-30 for deer season and there were a lot more people out there zeroing their rifles and they were pissed.  I hope things stay calm, but wow.

            My neighbor had a hot prowler in his house last week (a cat burglar who went through his house while they were sleeping).  His rottweiler chased the burglar out while he was upstairs in his bedroom.  He only has an old .22 rifle hanging in his garage.  He has FINALLY woken up since the PD here didn’t take a report because nothing was stolen (to keep the city’s stats low).  He wants a gun but his wife is still refusing.  I hope she feels at home in a camp.

            Keep your powder dry folks


          • Who do you think those people will be using their guns on if the shtf?

        • You had my complete agreement up until the “liberal” thing.

          This is INCOMPETENCE. It needs no other labels, unless you want to label it “intentionally incompetent”. There were “conservatives, democrats, republicans, liberals and a host of other political labels that were involved in creating this situation — one EO, one new law, one administrative rule, one concession at a time. To sell this as only a “liberal” doing is just letting the tons of other culprits off the hook without a sound. THIS WAS A CONCERTED EFFORT.

          I too, believe this is the way they PLANNED to treat American citizens from the beginning. I too, would rather salvage a torn off wall or roof and build myself a lean-to out of debris, before entering a FEMA prison camp. I’d rather camp in some bushes, with scraps leaned into them. I’d rather just keep walking until the nightmare faded from my view, or I couldn’t walk anymore.

          Why aren’t we slinging arms on our way to the white house yet?

          Because we’re already in our own de facto FEMA camp, we just won’t admit it to ourselves. LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING

          • +1

            Well put Sixpack!

          • I`ll tell you the reason ,,,we are all just a bunch of people,,going our seperate ways,,not a unit of anything,,,,give me or anyone a unit and we will take the white house BACK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • Is it just me or has anyone else gotten the idea that the blue leader community organizer and his bunch are TRYING to further fracture the US citizens into smaller and smaller isolated groups. Look at all the TV shows and movies about the US breaking apart and now today the 15 states who have had citizens file for secession.

          Lest we forget: United we stand, divided we fall.  Oldest trick in the book, seperate them and then pick off the stragglers first.

          • What is all this about Citizen petitions being Filed to the Whitehouse?

            Are they waiting for hobammy to “allow” or give them “permission” to sescede or what?

            And one post said they filed to whitehouse and are Now planing to start a New Govnt.?  Don’t they Already have a State Govner and state reps etc?

          • C      AMEN!!!!!!!

        • You are so right Clint.    Everyone should stay away from FEMA and these Government Agencies.   FEMA Camps are the Concentration a Camps.  I would rather sleep in my car or go to relatives or rent a room and eat top ramen then go to a FEMA camp.


          • you can come to my/our place,,eat good,,work good ,,,together

        • I have been thinking about posting this but just felt like it did not matter until i read the above article and your post.  I too am in NJ, the Southern part and we were luck this time.  The June storm played heck with our area and northern part of the state was left alone.. So I feel for you deeply.

          I want to relay my first hand experience comments about FEMA.  They are beyond worthless, and anyone who is worried about the FEMA “Death Camps” has nothing to worry about.  By the time FEMA was to get things on place to put us into one of the camps most people would or could be gone somewhere else.  I spent almost 3 days in a shelter here outside of Atlantic City working as both a paramedic and other things I will leave out here.  We were running out of medical supplies by Tuesday night and if it had not been for the local hospital bringing in the supplies things in the medical shelter I worked in would have been a lot smeller and the patients would not have been treated as well as they were.  By Thursday when we started closing the shelter and moving folks into the city we still had not seen anything FEMA said they had stockpiled for disasters like this.

          So, moral of story…  You are onyour own!!!  not for 3 days not for a week, but possibly forever if and when the really bad one happens.  Stay strong Clint, I do understand your pain and with the folks here in the state you will make out much better with them than you will with anything from FEMA..

        • Hey clint did you forget about katrina? I dont think bush did very well there, now did he.Republican/democrat same crap.Time for third party.

        • The moral of the story: Don’t go to any type of “relief center”.

        • Yes, those who voted for what we now have can sit back & thank themselves if they ever have to go through this hell.  I only wonder, however, did this party ‘really’ win like they claim they did?  There are too  many things coming up over this past election.

        • Yeah, bush did much better w/katrina.We need a third party!

      2. America is a concentration camp.

        • …and Canada is moving towards lockdown just the same.  The elites know exactly what is on the horizon and exactly when it’ll go down.

          • …and they’re losing their grip.

          • Can you clarify what you mean “Canada is moving towards lockdown”.

            • @patience, our fearless leaders here in canada are doing some very odd things and saying some very stupid things. i think thats what he means.

        • Have you ever been in a concentration camp?  That was a stupid comment!!!  Things are not good but far far far from a concentration camp!

          • HOW FAR are we from living in a concentration camp? Maybe we should wait til we’re in one to announce it?

            • Your a fucking idiot!  Do you own any weapons? Do you eat regular meals? Can you get in a car and drive to the grocery store and have a choice of thousands of items?  Can you travel from one state to another?  Do you have clean fresh clothing to wear? Fresh water to drink?  Do you sleep in a decent bed with warm covers?  Are you beaten on a regular basis?  The list goes on and on.  Really, a concentration camp!  Maybe you should spend some time doing something other than crying and whining.   Take a break from the negative and try doing something positive.

              Like I said, things aren’t the greatest but believe me, far far from a concentration camp.  You’ll know it when that happens because you won’t have your computer or your iPhone……

              • I love you Bill. God bless brother.

                • 🙂

              • The UN is working on that. They want to control the web now, too…



                • your right about the labels. good post.

              • I think what he ment is , just wait..its comming.

                No we are not in a concentration camp……yet.


                but why wait until you are


                oh, if you didnt understand thaat, then go blindly bashing away..good day

          • Is this not similar to the initial conduct of the national socialist party?  Camps.  Showers.  Am I the only one doing the math here?

          • Those conditions could be put in place in twelve hours. It is the mind set of those in charge that gives things that feel. TSA groping passengers and then yelling orders for things that have nothing to do with their job. These pricks are union now.

          • If you have armed guards everywhere and need to show ID to use the facilities

            you ARE IN JAIL or a Concentration camp.

        • F rozen

          E ntrails

          M inimal

          A ccomodations


          …make mine a double…BA.

          • F ucksup

            E very

            M ajor

            A ssignment

            • @ EA


              …the voting is in , we have a winner….EA!!!

              • Freedom




              • Devvy Kidd has an article at newswithviews website. She says shes found out that Hundreds of Thousands of Military-Mail in Ballots were Mishandled and first sent in a box labled  “ammunition” sent to Afganistan base!

                Then, after ballots sat idle there(afgan) a Full Month, finally an base officer seen it and wondered why it was sitting in stoarge Unopened?

                He was shocked when he opened box and found so many mail in ballots. Devvy says he then asap re-sent the box of military ballots to the USA to proper location etc.

                Where it seems Pol-workers officials said the ballots arrived an HOUR LATE! so Hundreds of Thousands ballots were NOT counted as legit!

                Devvy Kidd goes on to report that some org or group of repubs took a look and accurate count, and vast Majority were Romney votes!

                So Many votes for romney especially in Key state areas like Ohio and Fla etc, that if added as should be Hobammy would have definatly Lost election period.

                Devvy is getting others to join her in massive calls to Stop us reps from acerting a win for hobammy and to Include the Military ballots before excepting any certifications from Electorl personal etc!

                Hobammy aint an official win till us reps certyify it so she is trying to get national repubs And dems to both refuse to cetify a win unless Military ballots get counted.

                Devvy Kidds article was yesterdays or day prior… at newswithviews website.

                • This was on American Thinker last week, but they retracted it.  It ended up being proven as a hoax.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was real though….

        • Not for me, at least whole I’m still living and after that what does it matter?


          Standing by in SC out.

          • GSM l what part of SC upstate,, mid or lower,,upstate here,,,


        • what city are you in Iowa? Have you been to CR?

          • i live i n CR.

          • CLinton here

        • Probably!

      3. And they have the nerve to call it Camp Liberty.


        • It’s right up there with “Patriot Act”.

        • I can’t believe Tent City makes them show ID cards. WTF?? Haven’t they gotten the number-tattoos finished yet?

          • Zoltanne:

            YOUTUBE RFID Chip commercial.

          • How ironic!  ID for EVERTHING but voting!!

            • Good point on that. Even General petraus however its spelled can hide a whole benghazi scandel but can’t hide an affair with a women!!

              • How big of a threat or concern was he? I mean Clinton served his term with his pants down around his knees and he was ultimately over the CIA.

              • You can bet your ass there is more to that story then the MSM is feeding the people foolish enough to still get “news” off of a TV..

            • Yeah didn’t you know that’s how Obama won and that’s why the liberal left used the discrimination card and claimed it would intidate the Mexican voters BS?     illegal alien and other foreigner non-citizen voter fraud all over America got Obama elected.     Just ask any illegal alien, many have all already admitted it to me.

        • and ‘they’ best be careful, because it won’t be long until liberty comes TO that camp for real.  It’s just a matter of time.  The elites know what’s coming and when, but they are also fully aware they’re losing control.  Just look at ‘TV’, all media, pop culture, etc, etc.  They’re trying desperately to distract us.  The tides are a-changing, my friends.

          • I could not agree more with you on this. They know we are pissed beyond pissed and know we are reading and watching every article on this new gun ban they want to do. They know how many hits and people are watcing this as well.

            On another note, was thinking all they would have to do is lower gas prices to a 1.50 and food prices would come down to everything that uses gas, people would have a lot more money but the corruption and the greed they can’t do it! They would rather let the whole thing come down, and pain and famine to millions including other countries to see the money comming in each month than to lower prices and have the economy boom. Obama is no dummy (but he really in reality is) and he knows that if he takes regulations off business it would boom, but I believe he want’s to transform this country with huge expansion of federal government and new laws that he can’t do it, he wants this whole thing to implode to have total control and ban of all weapons here in America.

            There are so many variables to take into account if he is trying to do this that with his advisors telling him to do this and take this away that many of his plans have backfired on him bigtime and with the cover-ups it’s taking a lot of time from him destroying this country at a faster rate. I don’t get why key members in the military and house and senate are not getting together to stop this from happening and they are allowing this to happen. Unbelievable! Then when a assult gun ban comes in the Republicans act like they care to stop it from happening against us.

            But there is no peep with the NDAA or other laws they pass not one real care. These asshole all of them are so corrupt and the money and promises they get to do this to us is nowhere to be seen to help us. I think there is going to be some dirty deeds done dirt cheap to some of these people by good people in the very early future if they keep tearing and turfing our constitution up. We must all ban together and I think people are starting to except for these racial gangs against certain races. Keep prepping and don’t let these liars and crooks get your blood pressure up. They are not worth it.

            • The reason key people aren’t doing something about this is because they are all either blackmailed or threatened with worse. Every time  one of them has a scheduled plane “accident” or “heart attack”, or gets their cover blown on their private deeds, the rest see that they can be next if they don’t stay in line. I believe the reason otherwise good people do these things, is because they are being covertly forced into inaction.

              If a coup was going to happen, they’d need to defeat the massive surveillance grid they themselves helped build. They’d have to work under the radar and against the odds.

              Julius Caesar didn’t have a massive surveillance grid in place to see Brutus coming up behind him—THIS DICTATOR DOES. Perhaps an EMP or total grid down situation might be a good thing— it could make the playing field a little more even in some respects.

              • It is because they the Republican party are all part of it also.   Check out Spineless Boehner as he pretends he’s pushing for extending the Bush tax cuts for all including the rich and in the 11th or 12th hour he and all the Republicans will give in and pass whatever Obama wants.   This is Obama’s and the liberal left trick, and the Republicans and Boehner play the game spinelessly along with them because they’re all part of it (ripping us and America off!)

            • The only way that the US will join the One World Communist Government is if we can not say no. And that means that we would have to be on our knees. So economic implosion is a must!

              And don’t discount how much Obama hates the US. All of his failed plans to force the cost of all forms of energy would bankrupt this nation and make milliions live in miserable conditions. And move us toward their OWGov goal.

            • Since one hour after elections was done, every msm tv station and news show includeing everyone at Faux news, began their New mantra.

              Repubs lost due to changes in demograpuics! aka= Mexicans now are 10% of total voters. And hobammy got aprox. 70% of mex votes.

              All they all spoke of was that issue. NONE mentioned that White folks are Still a huge aprox 68% Majority of america.

              It is so obvious any repubs that really desire a win?…Would at least try to get white voters interested eh……But No. Instead every fuckin repub parrots what msm talking heads Spew on how repubs Must chase after mexican votes from now on!

              And same as Negroe voters, mexicans…Especially illeagles who get “amnesty” citizen status, WILL vote Dem libs every time bar none.

              So it seems repubs agree with msm fully and fully intend to Disregard whites and Lose Tens of Millions white votes, in favor of going after  not needed and not atainable black and brown votes!

              Fine…I will sit it out each election and allow stupid repubs that are so afraid of race card antics etc, to self-Implode. Perhaps afterwards we can see a rise of a real third party to Replace such Whinny Whimpy Asshat repubs.  Zero back bone is an Understatment!

              • A3P ?


        • Kind of reminds you of the sign over Auchwitz….

          “Arbeit Macht Frei” ……Work Sets You Free.

          Sick irony

      4. I’ll take my chance with the looters, thank you very much.

        • Yes good point! I would take my chance with the looters and they will not get very far I promise these looters that.

          • I don’t know about up north but there is a open shot policy on looters here is the deep south. We take that offense in the rural areas very serious and they know it.

            Yep I”ll take my chances with them too.

            Katrina Vet….  Out

            • Up North we got the “SSS” policy on Looters or All/Any other nefarious types.

              SSS= Shoot em, Shovel Em, Shut Up about it!!!!!!

              Jessie and Frank James’s Mom to RailRoad swindlers= “Ok I got my prayer answer from the LORD!…Um hmm, Jesus says we can Kill & Bury em out on the back fourty, then grow us a nice corn crop over em…Nobody will Ever find out about it!”

      5. You get what you voted for…


        The folks on the east coast have voted for Looney Toones that want to take away the Constitution.  You wanted no guns, Gov to feed and clothe you for years and years. Now do not gripe, you voted for it. Maybe some of you will wake up after this experience.

        • And New York is out there making sure that NO ONE is feeding the homeless. That means all the refigees from Hurricane Sandy.

          Population controlled if you ask me.

          • Bloomberg is worth 25 billion. Wanna bet this piece of garbage has not given a dime for any assistance to those affected by Sandy. He is too worried that some one may eat too much salt or have a big soda, pathetic. When I was a kid growing up in New York any mayor that pulled crap like this would have been punched out.

          • They are practicing….trying to establish a model they can follow for the rest of the country.

          • @Mona…I did hear today  that Russia sent a cargo plane with 50 tons of aid to NY/NJ…..I could NOT believe my ears!!  The news report said they also sent aid to CUBA  when Sandy was first a HURRICANE……What is going on??

            • they are just sending useless stuff back that we sent them is all

          • I seen an article(but aint read it yet) said NY and NJ Unions was halting help due to union rules and jobs etc!….I’d believe it too.

        • …or not…

        • I thought Tuesday was Soylent Red day…


      6. Good article, point taken.   I have read that when the west coast goes,

        the east coast goes,  the middle of the country goes, *new madrid fault*

        or *yellowstone*,   that the mundane masses will have no choice but to be

        herded into the central of the country.     Will these events take another

        10-20 years, or will they take place much sooner.   The government sure

        isn’t going to volunteer any information.




      7. Katrina was Bush’s fault while the media gives Odumber a pass while more dead are found. I read LIPA is run by NY State. Wonderful isn’t how efficient and responsive gov’t agencies can be? 😛

        NY, Obama played you for the fools you are. Once he got your vote he high tailed it from there. Just keep voting for incompetent leaders they will always be there when you need them.

        • @ Rodster: but in this election, 12 million fewer people voted than in 2008, why ?  It’s easy. no matter which side right or left, these 12 million people know the only winner is the status quo, foreign wars not approved by congress, 30,000 drones flying overhead watching us (wtf, why??) and an out of control federal reserve essentially destroying wealth thru economis extermination of peoples life savings, and an economy that will never approach full employment ever again thanks to NWO globalization.

        • Are you kidding me?  Obummer could have gone on a personal shooting spree in New York the day before the election and those dumb@sses would’ve still voted for him.  NY is too full of sheeple… and that’s the sad truth.


          • Mal reynolds, exactly!! Obama could of made out with another man and the college kids and mainly the single women would think thats cool or something. They love paying high gas prices and not getting a job when they graduate. Then Obama could pass some law saying the white man has had it too good for too long but not any white male under 32 and tax us for just being white, and people would vote for him if they were black or mexican or a female.

            The to top that off Obama could show his college transcripts and say he lied about his country he was from and cheated thru college and more college kids would think that is super cool!  He could sleep with a young child and still would vote for him!!! I don’t get it what people see in Obama. It’s so sad that none of these single women who believe birth control, womens rights, or race rights have anything or are so much more important that having a job or lower gas prices and a stronger country and a strong secured country, but they still vote for him.

            I think there was some serious voting fraud that never got investigated. You have seen in the past elections recounted and investigated but on this one the most important it was nothing and not even mentioned. The supreme country allowing Obamacare to pass when its so obviously not. If these things are not eye openers to you and, (this is no conspiracy here people it can’t be any more obvious) Obama will be putting in full gear in collapse mode policies and regulations on us like we have never seen. Pockets of freedom fighters will emerge here in the United States not since the civil war I think for the first time and the elite will lose this one unless they poison us all thru water or some type of chemical attack.

            It will be out of hand.

            People and new readers we are not loony! There are some very sharp people on here that are trying to help you. All we are asking you to do is at min get at least a month of food and water to take care of yourself! that is not much and have a weapon with ammo to protect yourself. This hurricane was a joke to the possibilities of whats to come here in the US. Don’t be naive young people. We may disagree on here when or what will happen but we all agree it will be very very soon!

          • Obama could have been found in a bed, naked with two teenaged boys and these loons would have still voted for him.

            Obama promised them stuff.  Obama is Santa Claus to these morons.  As Rush Limbaugh said, “You don’t vote against Santa Claus”.


          Ever heard the saying?

          If you always do what you‘ve always done, youll always get what you always got.

          Stop voting period. That would send a way more profound statement..


        • LIPA – ah, yes.   Lived on Lungeyelind  twice, once in 1977-78, and again 1992.   Was working long projects that required me to be TDY from my real home.

          This report about LIPA reminds me of another report I read recently about Venezuela.   Down there Chavez has packed the management of their power grid with his cronies, and they being incompetent have screwed it up to the point where many area have hours-long blackouts every day.    That sort of cronyism is the rule, not the exception, on LungEyelind.

          Apologies to you, Clint, if you’re a native, but coming from outside I was able to see the forest and the trees.


      8. A glimpse of the future…

        I think I hear a fat lady singing…


        • And the “fat lady singing” (after she drank too many cans of malt liquor after Tuesday night’s “win”) is shelly obama.

          • Thats worth two thumbs up!

        • NOPE not the fat lady singing thats the sound of a chain gun

      9. Don’t worry.  They’ll let you shower soon.

        • Oh yeah….and those showers are a real gas….

        • The showers will be behind the door labeled  “TSA screening room”


      10. Greetings Everyone!

        This a “test run” of what FEMA is really all about.Control,period.Not giving aid,not helping(except in a photo-ops moment) not giving any real aid.It’s not unlike what the Nazi’s did in the early days of their camps before WWII got started.The had their propaganda mill in full swing showing their “guests” eating,exercising,and even giving the camp commanders shaves,all the while smiling.All looked fine at the “work makes free” camps.We ALL know what happened to the millions of their guests.I have no doubt that TPTB want something similar for us.Just think! What a solution to all us pesky folks who object to their “ruining the earth”  just to be able to continue  their  lavish personal lifestyle.I also sure they have plans to “cleanse” the rest of the planet via germs and sicknesses.

        Just my thoughts


      11. This the difference between living in a nanny state versus a state that treats residents like adults. In my county here in Florida, each Spring the Sheriff’s department convenes a Hurricane Preparation briefing for our town. The deputies advises everyone ,”…for those of you who plan on staying with your homes during a hurricane evacuation, be sure to have plenty of water, food, first aid, fuel, batteries, a generator, an emergency radio, essential survival items, and the ability to defend your home and family against criminals for a period not less than a month  in the event of catastrophic damage.”

        I take that advice very seriously.

        • SAME deal Palm Beach county

        • Born and raised in central florida,,all we had was candles,,kerosenes lamps,,,plenty of food and a hand pump in the kitchen,,whole family would gather and bunk on the floor on pallets,,,(no not the wooden ones),,,but out houses were build to withstand high winds,,,good old days

      12. This makes me sick.  How dare anyone equate a Fema Camp to a concentration camp.  I have met survivors of concentration camps. You had your chance to prepare or evacuate.  Now your bitching that the government can’t get it right.  When did the Government ever get it right.  Whining about no cigarettes, no radio, no television.  You sound like Obama’s moocher class. You can’t or won’t do anything for yourself.

        • caribou,


          Don’t be too hard on these wayward folks. They obviously didn’t get the memo that the US Government is broke officially and unofficially. They are lucky to be received any “assistance” at all!


          It will take some time for the masses to adjust to the new paradigm and lower their expectations accordingly, but it will happen.

          • I don’t mean to come off so harsh but these dumb downed cry babies make me sick.  Back in the late seventies I had the chance to meet two sisters that survived Auschwitzs.  They were the only ones to survive out on nine in their family.  The abuse they went through was insane.  For these FEMA Camp people to parallel what they are going through with a concentration camp is disgusting.  I don’t know if Salvos’s intent was to drum up sympathy for these people but they will get none from me.  There is a bigger storm approaching this country and if these FEMA Camp people can’t endure a little discomfort their going through because they had no plan of action, they will never survive what is on the horizon.

            • caribou,

              I totally understand. My reply was meant to be sarcastic. I’ll have to work on the delivery. These Sandy victims need a reality check if they were actually expecting anything like a hotel room! Seriously, a hotel room? However, it won’t take long for the word to get out as to what to expect the next time this occurs.

              Folks need to understand that western civilization is an extremely thin veneer, and when that veneer is disrupted and not restored immediately, they are literally less than 72 hours away from living in Third World conditions regardless of what social strata they claim.

            • caribou.

              These two girls are 21 and 22. To them a day without ” facebook ” probably is like prison. This will be a learning experience for many people. I hope they learn the right lesson. Hopefully many other people with learn something from this  also, as in what not to do.

            • The Germans are so amazingly good ata anything requiring organization and high technology.  Even MORE amazing how from German “extermination camps”, there were millions of survivors . . .  How can this be?


              • They named the Month between June and August after all them so called “survivors”…..Ju ly

                Funny how today there barely Any military survivors left from All nations involved in WWII…Yet the massive numbers of “camp” survivors, Steadily climbs every few years!

                Seems a few folks here aint as yet researched all them tales and lies we all was taught to believe…..Especially them 1000 hollywierd movies on this issue eh!   OyVey!  Oh well some folks can’t never shake it off even when massive amounts of factual truth is there for the Reading now.

                I rekon some rather keep believing it all for some uncanny irony eh.

                Kinda like so many Whites who Like being filled with White Guilt, and actually get pissed off when you try to tell em to get over it etc eh.

                “It Must be true because why else would I think it in my head”?

                Next to the Fed reserve Hoax…..The 2nd biggest Swindle for Billions of cash  is due to the tales of the…Holocaustianity Religion foisted upon Every White nation in forms of Guilt.=$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! OyVey! GimmeDat!

            •   Give FEMA a little time. They are updating the game for the 21st century.

          • I don’t mean to come off so harsh but these dumb downed cry babies make me sick.  Back in the late seventies I had the chance to meet two sisters that survived Auschwitzs.  They were the only ones to survive out on nine in their family.  The abuse they went through was insane.  For these FEMA Camp people to parallel what they are going through with a concentration camp is disgusting.  I don’t know if Salvos’s intent was to drum up sympathy for these people but they will get none from me.  There is a bigger storm approaching this country and if these FEMA Camp people can’t endure a little discomfort their going through because they had no plan of action, they will never survive what is on the horizon.

          • yep, agree that gubbmint is broken, but lets see what happens when the social security, SSDI and welfare checks stop going out, then the real SHTF…

        • Suggest you study your history a bit.  Both Hitlers and Stalen’s concentration efforts started out volentary. They were just going to give you your own little place away from everyone.  Wasn’t till later it came with a large oven.

        • Caribou and Bill: Your comments are on the money, what  ever has happened is nothing like any concentration camp and it’s an insult to those who’ve been in them.  2005 Katrina and now 2012 Sandy;  this  proves that FEMA,  and Feds in general,  couldn’t find their collective asses with both hands and a flashlight.  They are a sad bunch, and folks are worried about them rounding all of us up and putting us in camps-PLEASE!! All that End-of-the-world-us freedom-fighter-agaisnt-the-TPTB-of-the-NWO is great copy for books and movies but doesn’t match up with their performance-PERIOD! What this DOES show is that things will continue to get worse and that the government’s response will only get more pathetic as time goes on. So we all better be prepared to take care of ourselves because it is YOYO Time, now and for a long time to come.

        • @caribou:

          Oh, relax.  It’s called ‘hyperbole’.  It’s used all the time to make a point.  And that wasn’t the first time I’ve seen someone compare something to a) a concentration camp or b) the holocaust.


      13. you can never really tell who preps or not in your neighborhood. i just hope mine does. i doubt it though. it won’t take long for these people to turn in to zombies in the event of shtf. i tried mentioning it to some of my neighbors. saying “maybe WE should START preparing…” i usually get the “oh like those weirdos on tv?” change subject. i might as well designate the bullets im stocking up on for each and every sheep i call a neighbor…

        • Those same neighbors will be the first ones knocking on your door when the SHTF, trust me. 😉

          • i agree. I would like to have a talk with the neighbors about preparing and if they chose not to, and you say you do when it does fall apart they will be the first ones begging or trying to break into your place when it does fall apart or turns you in. never tell your neighbors how many guns you got our how much ammo. In a way its good because if they don’t think you have weapons they might try to break in and that will be the last mistake they make since you are armed well and they will never know. I know it sucks and it would be hard to pull the trigger on your neighbors but that is your stuff that they are trying to forcefully steal from you without asking. And if they do ask and you say know I probably will be kind to give them a few bottles of water or a few pepsi and a can or 2 of food.

        • Why not try a different approach!  Go knock on the neighbors door & introduce yourself and get to know each & every one.

          To be a great neighbor, nod & wave, and stay out of each others business, but band together in times of emergency!

          This approach is very effective in my neighborhood during and after hurricanes in SE Texas! Neighborly help is far better than FEMA accommodations.

          And besides,  you’ll save bullets for people that really need it.

          • Please skip the introduction. I’ll forget your name anyway. Just nod and wave and stay out of my business.

            If there’s a fire I’ll be there for you, be there for me.

          • Call me crazy, but that one germaphobe from doomsday preppers gave every neighbor a ‘quarantine kit’. Why not a food stock kit and a knife/baton or something and give them something to think about?

          • God bless SE Texas! Rita and Ike couldn’t destroy those good folks and that goes for SW Louisiana and Mississippi, too! They rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

      14. Help will not be on the way. Let that resonate between both ears. Everyone is expendable. We are the criminals. Think about how inmates are living better than sandy victims!!! Makes you think huh?

      15. Silly Americans. FEMA  is like insurance. You keep paying for something you think you have until when you need it, and then, guess what? It’s not there.

        It’s all a big front for a behind the scenes operation which you SHTFanners already know about.

      16. Hopefully some good can come from this.  I hope that everyone everywhere looks at this situation and realizes the the government cannot and will not save us.  Hopefully many people see this and prepare themselves for the next disaster. I believe some will but unfortunately most will go back to sleep. This is one reason among many to prep.

        • Thats a very good point! I hope fox news and even the liberal news shows this and how worthless and a waste of time and resources this is and how much money is paid for all these workers making things more difficult. I think would of been much easier for them to distribute 55 gallon drums of water in each area which would be cheap in bladder bags and when done just return to be re-used. Food the same fashion. but that would not be returned and blankets and other supplies.  Not saying this way but something like this. And with these tents and checking ID’s and temeps flaring why dont they get power backup to the gas stations in the long lines and not have all these chiefs and middlemen trying to tell the fashion things have to be restored. you know what I mean. Its totally not efficient

      17. America was in R & D mode from the resurrection of Christ up to 1775, with the biggest spikes being ML nailing divorce papers to the Catholic church and the landing upon the shores of America. From 1775 to 1787 she was a prototype. 1787 to 1871 (the act of 1871 when she became an international corporation) was America 1.0.
        1871 to 1913 with creature from Jekyll Island followed by federal income tax was American 2.0. 1913 to 1933 with FDR and the “New Deal” and case law replacing Constitutional Law in law school was America 3.0. 1933 to 1945 with America’s wealth stolen, including everyone’s gold and gold certificates being replaced by phony FRN’s and history being revised to children in school was America 4.0. 1945 to 1973 with God and His word being taken out of schools, the push to murder the innocent America’s growing bullying worldwide was America 5.0. 1973 to present with terrorism, false flags, run away corruption in all politics, U.N, Barack Hussein Obama, Executive Orders, FEMA, police state a run away military,  etc etc etc (this section could be pages long) is America 6.0. Don’t know when or how, but I am sure that America 7.0 will be the last.

        Just random thoughts running through my mind last night as I enjoyed a nice fire on the patio. Take care all

        • I believe it was Einstein who said, “I don’t know what weapons WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with rocks & sticks.”

      18. This is truly a glimpse of what the very near future holds for millions of Americans. Even now after reading things like this article on Reuters and Yahoo the majority will never wake up. On yahoo this article was tucked behind more important articles about football, winter fashions, and Justin Bieber breaking up with his girlfriend. Seriously, check it out. The American sheeple are way too far gone at this point. There is no waking up, there are no lessons learned, and there is no saving any of them. The few of us who have taken our preparations seriously and who have taken actions to ensure that we ourselves are responsible for our own survival will be the only ones who will be able to make it through any future catastrophic events with any semblence of self-sufficiency and comfort.

        It’s only going to get worse. Much, much worse.

        We are standing at the very edge of a crumbling cliff and the only direction it’s heading is down.

        Stay Alert, Stay Awake, Don’t Panic, and never forget your towel.

        So long and thanks for all the fish…

      19. What do you all think,but what dose the WH think.

        Hard times are fast approaching.

        15 States Including Texas Have Filed A Petition To Secede From The United States!


        • Bullshit.  Where is the petition?

          • @Jnc:

            Its groups of people with petitions from 15 states. You know it has to start somewhere.

            • It will never happen. If they secede do they think they are going to get SS, Medicare and all the other welfare programs? As soon as people realize that the checks stop coming that will be that. They think that the Feds are going to give up military bases in their states?  I agree with their goal of getting out of a corrupt system it just will never happen this way.

              • The fed govt has already destroyed each states industrial possibilities, job opportunities (unless you work for the feds) and with federal aid, made it nearly impossible for any state to stand on it’s own feet anytime soon.

                This too, was part of the plan.

                • @Sixpack—-Th Feds have always used th money to get their  way,if all else failed! It used to be called BLACKMAIL!!!

              • maybe they are just trying to wake up some of the idiots?

            • 24 now.



            • True ,

              most will not do anything but its the ones that do  that make the difference . The revolution was going full blast and won , but only about 6% of the population actually got involved in it . The new dissatisfaction is WAY over 6%

            • To bad the petition to ‘grant work authorization to visa holders’ has triple the signatures.. oh and the election re-count…

        • sure would be nice if they would all get together and tell obamaland to go to hell.

          • I think Obummer’s authority should end at the Washington DC city limits. period.

        • Not a bad idea at all. Imagine living free!

      20. this is just a preview of things to come. if this does not wake the sleepers up nothing will, the clock is ticking prepare like there is no tomarrow. keep your preperations to your self or close inner circle, loose lips sinks ships. what is coming is going to be much worse than most think. stay strong stay informed prep like hell and be ready. this is not going to be some video game or tv show this will be a 24/7 life and death survival. if your not ready willing and able to do what ever it takes your not going to make.

      21. An old tactic of “Bait an Switch” ;

        ” Sabol was told that she had half an hour to pack: everyone was getting shipped to hotels in Wildwood, New Jersey, where they would be able to re-acquaint themselves with showers, beds and a door.”

        When one is in distress, the lie from a Government official is like sunshine on a bad rainy day. Most would fall for this., when one is in dispair. 🙁

        Prayers East Coast !!!!



        • People wake up! The Nazi’s systematically lied to the Jews the same way and they bought it! It took only about 10% of the Nazi Army to control and eliminate millions of Jews! Read “How Do You Kill 11 Million People” – why the truth really does matter. The Jews still have not learned their lesson! Good luck to Israel! Obama lies so often and so easily it’s amazing how people won’t hold him accountable! Couple that with his total disdain for having to work with Congress and predilection for only Executive (Dictatorial) Orders and we have a recipe here folks for the end of the Republic as we know it! The Sheeple (Marxist that he is) will wake up one day and wonder what happened – DUH! Steel an election, confiscate guns, control ALL the media (make them propaganda arms of the Dictator), seize the Internet (for our protection? and to eliminate free speech), listen in on all our conversations (NSA), read all our emails (NSA)…this is ONLY the beginning! Sounds like Communism huh? Oh, remember Obama’s off-mic quote: “This will be my last election. Tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility after it.”

          • I thought the “Nazi Army” was fighting all those huge tank battles on the Russian Front and in North Africa and that it was the SS that supposedly ran those ‘camps.’ Of course, while you are screaming about ‘Nazis,’ Zionists like Dianne Feinstein are coming for your guns and promoting a non-white Amerika.

            It’s time to put down those “Sergeant Rock” comics and read something real:

            “Rabbi Says: ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing'”

            Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’


            They hate ALL whites.

            Here’s a startling revelation for all asshat White Merkins who spend their lives ‘blessing Israel’ — the chosen consider YOU part of ‘Europe’ too. That’s why they have done everything in their power to fill Murka with non-Whites since the Jews Javits and Cellar wrote their “Immigration Reform Act.” Their just-ended election-circus with two AIPAC vetted ‘choices,’ and the Zionist media’s rejoicing over your impending political irrelevancy in your own country is just the beginning.

            Finally, this endless violin-playing and boo-hooing over “The Holocaust” ignores and trivializes the Soviet Concentration Camps that were RUN BY JEWS (MY relatives DIED in THOSE camps — read Solzhenitsyn), and further, it generates sympathy for the very people who are trying to enslave and destroy us TODAY.

          • Sometime in the next two years the Fed. will cease buying debt. That will mean default. It will be planned and is part of the Cloward-Piven that is being used right now to overwhelm and collapse the country. Cloward-Piven  almost collapsed New York City in the seventies.

            • John W. : Good, it’s just what we need-a real jolt to the system.  We need have our ‘Reset’ putton pushed because we’ve gotten too big and too lazy and don’t know how to take care of ourselves. It’ll be akin to  an addict ‘hitting bottom’-time to change our ways or die.

      22. Salient point about how bad people will be treated in the case a larger-scale / national-level disaster occurs.  If this can be spread enough, though, this is the type of thing that will greatly motivate the people become self-sufficient.

      23. Clint and jason, I’m with both of you all the way; I’ll take my chances with the 2-legged animals any day over going to Uncle Scam to save my bacon.  GFG, you’re spot on about FEMA.  In post-Katrina, at least people down in the Gulf Coast had the trailers for shelter which later proved to be poisoned.  When the real endgame SHTF takes place, what everyone who gets taken to FEMA camps can expect will likely be worse than what the Sandy victims are going through now.  it’s just another example of what can and will happen when you depend on government for anything.  I’m pretty well prepped now and still prepping for what’s coming.  Give me self-sufficiency any day over depending on anyone else.   Braveheart

      24. not be be insensitive to the horror that people experienced because my heart truly goes out to those people but to me hurricane sandy was a great drill on what to expect in a partial collapse of society and supplies and i have learned so much ……i will NEVER be caught with my pants down again and again my best to those who suffered SO MUCH during sandy and i couldnt imagine going through what they have and are going through .

        • How hard was that  to admit. After all the comment you have made here.

          • well really my comments were about an economic collapse , i never thought i would see this happen in the northeast being i have lived here for 43 years and never had something like this happen

            • Well when the economic collapse comes you can make the same comment about never having experienced it before. That is also true of death, you have not experienced it but sure as heck you will. We had a couple of good sized hurricanes when I was a kid living out in Bohemia. Then again there was nothing out there then except farms and woods. Back then the country started in Westbury almost in NYC.

        • Guess you never seen bodies piled up 8′ high on the back wall of wallmart, because that’s where they settled after the water went down? Not NOLA btw, try gulf coast MS. where she made land fall. Everyone (tv, net) was focused on NO and all they had was flooding…. Try a 20’+ storm surge.

          There’s a water line marker on the over pass getting on to I-10. That shit is the same height as stacking 4-5 car’s on top of each other.. That’s about 10 miles NORTH of us… imagine those things..

          You’d best learn to ‘imagine’ it or you will be a victim of it..

          I remember people on the net talking plenty of shit about us in the south after Katrina because of what they saw on tv.. People with there hand out.. Wasn’t like that were we are… We pulled together and put it back together…

          I had property in nola but had just moved to the coast when she hit. Didn’t go back to nola other then to finalize things.. It was time to move on..


      25. What does everyone think this is a FREE 3 day weekend.    This one has been paid for. Remember to thank a VET for paying the price for your day off.

        • What does all this vet worship have to do with the discussion?   The military serves the political class, period.  The military will be used against the general populace here, just as they have been in every totalitarian state in history, and most of them will just follow orders.


      26. Cavemen and women survived without the aid of government…why can’t modern men and women?

        • @Son of Hob:

          100% of Cavemen worked for a living.  You see, there were no democrats back then to steal from the producers to give to the idle and the damned.


          • Cave dwellermen didn’t have no car jacking monky to deal with neither

            Nor any welfare ones.

        • Caveman  operated on commonsense and instinct to depend on your self. Your buddy Trog is tending to his (or her ) own affairs.

          We breed these qualities out of most metropolitan areas.


        • When cavemen roamed the earth, all he had to do was feed himself and sidestep larger predators. He could make a shelter or take over a cave if he wanted to. He could pick berries and eat, drink or smoke what he wanted to.

          He was about as free as a human can get.

          Now, SOMEBODY OWNS EVERYTHING! Picking berries could land you in jail. NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere. Find a cave? Nope. The government owns that land. Cut some saplings down? Nope…somebody owns them trees. Regulations, Rules, civil, criminal, maritime, commercial Laws—ALL restrictions on where you go, how you get there and what you can do while you are there.

          Me? I’d much rather dodge dinosaurs…

      27. Why don’t they just leave if things are so bad?

        • Where would they go.   This why I am not as concerned about the Golden Hoard. They are to lazy to get up and help themselves.

          • Anywhere that is not a concentration camp?


          • @fbp-L Fool ;0p

            Your TRULY an Idiot-Savant … your gonna get innocent New Prepper’s hurt with your moronic hopism b.s. @fbp-L Fool .

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • Once the Golden Horde has been thinned (and honed to ferocity) and they’ve cleaned out an area, the thugs at the pinnacle of ruthlessness will comprise the most formidable rover packs imaginable. They will move on to an adjoining region, and then another. But the inverse square law will work in your favor: Imagine that you take a jar of marbles turn it upside down on a wooden floor and then lift the jar suddenly upward. The marbles will spread out semi-randomly. But the farther from the mouth of the jar, the lighter the density of marbles. Hence, the rover packs will attenuate themselves into a huge rural expanse that is peopled with well-armed country folks. By the time the looters work their way out 150 miles from the big cities, they will be thinned out considerably. The rover pack is your primary threat in a total collapse, no matter how remote your retreat. Here are your potential adversaries: A squad to company size force (12 to 60 individuals), highly mobile, moderately well armed with a motley assortment of weapons and vehicles, and imbued with absolute ruthlessness. Be prepared.

              * see link below

            • the “golden horde” threat is very real .

              by the time it reaches your front door it will be made up of the smart ruthless veteran gang-banger killers rapists looters and opportunists .

              there will be no negotiations …

              prepare to defend yourself and homes .

              darwins law is in effect during shtf .



            • the “golden horde” threat is very real .

              by the time it reaches your front door it will be made up of the smart ruthless veteran gang-banger killers rapists looters and opportunists .

              there will be no negotiations …

              prepare to defend yourself and homes .

              darwins law is in effect during shtf .

            • the “golden horde” threat is very real .

              you’d all be wise to properly prepare for it .

      28. consider:  in a larger scale shtf scenario, there may not even be enough fema freaks to go around… so, the most likely option may well be for them to concentrate on the high-density population areas…  crowd control, tent cities, maybe an occasional meal…  pull people away from creating “tribes” or support groups making them all unwitting participants and recipients, drive each to the same level of depravity and need, portion out all forms of relief in the most meager amounts keeping every last one completely dependent on those who control the crowds… 

        test ops, folks…  they’re gauging how well the controllers function and how far they can push the crowds without backlash…  anyone seen any actual footage of how things are now…???  or is it still “file footage” of the storm and just after..???  they DON’T want anyone seeing what is actually happening now…  rumors have it that there is far less debilitating damage than we’re being led to believe meaning that there’s an alternative purpose in corralling so many needlessly for so long…

        • Anyone seen the trailer for Dragon Day? Looks like the movie  will be pretty good.

          • Damn, stop supporting the libs in Hollywood.  Get a good prep novel or manual instead.  Hollywood has been screwing us for years with their lefty opinions. DON’T SUPPORT THEM.

          • Man, Get a life.

      29. NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS GET, AVOID THE FEMA CAMPS AT ALL COST.  Like the concentration camps of Nazi Germany they will thin out the herd their.  What Nature fails to take care of during the economic collapse they will finish with a vengeance… 

        Avoid the FEMA Camps at ALL Cost…

        • you tube   the master train fema  ……


        • Here is the most genocidal political movement in world history, which created the largest concentration camps and the most horrendous slave labor system of the 20th century, in which millions of gentiles and Christians were slaughtered (on the size of the Gulag concentration camp system cf. C. Andrew and O. Gordievsky, KGB: The Inside Story and N.Y. Times, Oct. 22, 1990, p. 82. None of these camps are being preserved for posterity. Most were destroyed long ago by special military brigades; cf. Michael Specter, “Cold Reminder,” N.Y. Times, Dec. 3, 1994).

          This was a movement staffed in its upper echelons by Judaic Communists and yet the world is comparatively silent about the holocaust and war crimes this thoroughly kosher system inflicted and the identity of the persons who were its architects

          According to the internationally-syndicated RNS wire service (reprinted in “The Christian News,” Jan. 8, 1996, p. 2), “Some 200,000 (Christian) clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union, a Russian commission reported Monday (Nov. 27, 1995)…40,000 churches (were) destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980…”

          The Siberian novelist Valentin Rasputin wrote in 1990: “I think today the Jews here in Russia should feel responsible for the sin of having carried out the revolution and for the shape it took. They should feel responsible for the terror–for the terror that existed during the revolution and especially after the revolution…their guilt is great. They perpetrated the relentless campaign against the peasant class whose land was brutally expropriated by the state and who themselves were ruthlessly murdered.”


          • Judaic Communists
            V.I. Lenin, supreme dictator. Leon Bronstein (Trotsky): supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army. Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev): executive, Soviet Secret Police. Solomon Lozovsky: deputy Soviet foreign minister. Maxim Wallach (Litvinov): Soviet foreign minister. Yuri Andropov: director, Soviet KGB, later supreme dictator of the Soviet Union.

            Jacob Sverdlov: first president of the Soviet Union. Sverdlov ordered the massacre of the Czar’s family–women and children–in the town named after Catherine the Great, Yekaterinburg, (renamed Sverdlovsk in 1924 in honor of the murderer).

            Jacob Yurovsky: commander, Soviet Secret Police. Yurovsky led the death squad which carried out Sverdlov’s order for the murder of the Czar’s family, including the bayoneting to death of the Czar’s daughters. The Ipatyev house, where, in the basement, the massacre had occurred, stood intact until 1977, when the local Communist party boss at that time, Boris Yeltsin, ordered it demolished, lest it become a shrine to anti-Jewish sentiment.

            Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (pictured at left): chief mass murderer for Stalin, ordered the deaths of millions and the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches, including the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Standing amid the rubble of the cathedral, Kaganovich proclaimed, “Mother Russia is cast down. We have ripped away her skirts.” (N.Y. Times, Sept. 26, 1995).

            Mikhail Kaganovich: deputy commissar of heavy industry, supervisor of slave labor, brother of Lazar. Rosa Kaganovich: Stalin’s mistress; sister of Lazar. Paulina Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee and wife of Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov. Olga Bronstein: officer, Soviet Cheka Secret Police, sister of Trotsky, wife of Kamenev.

            Genrikh Yagoda: chief of Soviet Secret Police, mass murderer extraordinaire. (Jewish poet Romain Rolland, winner of the Nobel Prize, wrote a hymn of praise to Yagoda).

            Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel: founders, the Gulag death camp system.

            Lev Inzhir, commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration. Boris Berman: executive officer of the Soviet Secret Police and brother of Matvei. K.V. Pauker: chief of operations, Soviet NKVD Secret Police.

            Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk: commissars of death camps and slave labor, supervised the mass deaths of laborers during the construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal.

            M.I. Gay: commander, Soviet Secret Police. Slutsky and Shpiegelglas: commanders, Soviet Secret Police. Isaac Babel: officer, Soviet Secret Police.

            Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Aleksandr Orlov): commander, Soviet Red Army; officer, Soviet Secret Police. Feldbin was chief of Soviet Security in the Spanish Civil War. He supervised the massacre of Catholic priests and peasants in Spain.

            ALL 100% of These are JEWS!!! JEWS! Zero Nazis, Lots of JEWS! Kommie MURDERERS!….MURDERERS OF WHITE CHRISTIANS!!!=JEWS!!!

            100 Russian Kommie GENERALS!

            David Dragonsky: general, Soviet Red Army, Hero of the Soviet Union. Grigori Shtern: general, Soviet Red Army. Mikhail Chazkelevich: general, Soviet Red Army. Shimon Kirvoshein: general, Soviet Red Army. Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, Soviet Red Army. Haim Fomin, commander of Brest-Litovsk, Soviet Red Army. At least one hundred Soviet generals were Jewish (cf. Canadian Jewish News, April 19, 1989).

            GERMANS= Murdered by Filthy Kommie JEWS!!!

            Ilya Ehrenburg, Minister of Soviet Propaganda and disseminator of anti-German hate material dating from the 1930s. Ehrenburg instigated the Soviet Red Army rape and murder of German civilians. Referring to German women, Ehrenburg gloated to the advancing Red Army troops, “that blonde hag is in for a bad time.”

            In a leaflet addressed to Soviet troops, Ehrenburg wrote: “…the Germans are not human beings…nothing gives us so much joy as German corpses.” (Anatol Goldberg, Ilya Ehrenburg, p. 197). Goldberg concedes that Ehrenburg, “…had always disliked the Germans…now that there was a war on he turned his old prejudice into an asset.” (Ibid., p. 193).

            Another publication distributed to the Red Army, this time as the soldiers approached Danzig, was described by a historian: “Millions of leaflets were air-dropped on the troops with a message composed by the propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg and signed by Stalin: ‘Soldiers of the Red Army! Kill the Germans! Kill all Germans! Kill! Kill! Kill!” (Christopher Duffy, Red Storm on the Reich).

            The Soviet leadership acknowledged that Ehrenburg sought the extermination of the entire German people (cf. Pravda, April 14, 1945. [Pravda was also published in a Yiddish edition, Einikeyt). Ehrenburg won the Order of Lenin and the Stalin Prize. He willed his papers to the Israeli Yad Vashem ‘Holocaust’ Museum

            Time to RElearn History based on Facts!  Nazis were like Kindergarten kiddies compared to JEW kommie killers 25 yrs BEFORE Nazis existed!!!


            Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC): new form of the Bolshevik YEVKOM, Stalin’s recruiting conduit for funding money, supplies and political influence for Soviet Russia from world Jewry as well as the dissemination of gas chamber atrocity propaganda (cf. The Black Book)

            Nation of HUNGARY! 1919 to 1950….

            Bela Kun (Kohen): supreme dictator of Hungary in 1919. Kun was later Stalin’s chief terrorist in the Crimea. Kun’s eventual successor was Matyas Rakosi, Jewish Communist mass murderer of Christians in Hungary. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency of May 14, 1997, Jews “…played key roles in ushering Communist rule into Hungary. In fact, during the brutal oppression of the early 1950s, the regime’s top five leaders were Jews.

            WAKE UP…Christians! Stop Jew Worship! LEARN TRUTH!

            • WWII….My Father and Many of Your dads or uncles or grandfathers went to WWII to become ALLIES (unknowingly) with all the above post Named Kommie Russian JEWS! to Murder Innocent German women and kids!

              Yes these cold hard facts are indeed cold to learn. But TRUE none the less!

              Those atrocieties mentioned above by all those EVIL hate filled Jew Kommies, PRIOR to and during WWII……..Are not what we should celebrate.

              I wonder if this info was learned by My Father After the war and can be the reason he refused to speak of WWII at all Period.

              I wonder if He figured it out as did our greatest General…George Patton, who wrote in his diary, and letters to his wife and a few good pals.

              “I now know..We Fought the WRONG Enemy! We killed millions of good Fine White Christian German folks, very much like us…..When we should have joined forces with germans to go to Russia and Kill off every last evil murdering kommie Jew bloshevik!”

              Patton goes on to write that he now fears due to pressure from NY jew run MSM and Ikes(pres eisenhower) refusal to go deal with russians There in russia……Our(pattons/kids-our generations) Children Will have to Fight these kommie Bastard jews on Home soil in America one day  before its over.

      30. The areas most favorable to Obama was the coastal towns hit by the storm, it would be good for some of Obamas supporters to spend some time in the camps.

      31. Hello….???

        When did comments here start getting assigned “Comment ID” numbers?

        Did I miss something?

        • No opinions, huh?

          Okay then, just for funsies – let’s play this:

          “Hey Fred, comments 917, 345 and 918,360 and 918, 455 appear to be worth a second look.  Some really subversive crap.”

          “Okay Zeke, I’m logging them in now.  Man, this is sooo much easier than copying some of those weird handles some of those dweebs use.”

          “Roger that, Fred.”

          Or something like that.


          • i find myself laughing ,

            then it strikes me it is really a nervous laugh Cause stranger things have happened

        • @BraneFrees—–See Zoltanne =ID 838889—–

      32. Does this web site make my paranoia look fat?

        It’s quite possible that the camps are merely a trial run. Oh, they’ll make it appear to be a genuine relief effort, but the main purpose may be to see how well the populace tolerates tyranny while in distress. And, to see how compliant the corporate media is in reporting only what they want us to know. The gauge of public opinion is important to them. Actually helping people- not so much.

        Think about it: if a hundred thousand people are dying in a camp, and nobody but those hundred thousand, (and at most a few dozen outsiders) know about it…then, as far as gov/corp AND the rest of America is concerned, IT”S NOT HAPPENING!

        Not saying that thousands are dying yet. Just using it as an example. Watch the national media coverage. Mostly distortions or a virtual blackout. And see the reaction (or lack of) from the dumb masses everywhere outside the disaster zone. To them it’s just another day of bread & circuses. The gov may simply be using this as a fine tuning of the plan, before shifting into the next higher gear!

        I’ve been visiting Alex Jones site, does it show?

        •   no, you are not paranoid.

          there is some reason why no news is allowed in and a even greater conernment why those in there arent allowed any access to what the news is.

          something is right. could be the govt just doesnt want word getting out on how inept they are when there’s a financial collapse coming, but could be more.

        • Spot-on post Okie, was thinking the same thing about this being a “test” from FEMA and TPTB.

          Hope you and yours are doing well.  Read your post a couple of weeks back about the crap you and your family had to go thru to get where you are today.  You are a fine American…a “glass is half full” kind of guy.  God bless-

        • Add this to your paranoia . i still have not seen news footage of one keeping hearing about it but whereis the coverage

          The lakers win and they’re everywhere.

          These camps fall into the same category. the media is ashamed their guy is doing this so they’ll just gloss over it.

          Just like libya, he dropped the ball “So quick cover his ass. so we don’t look stupid for jamming him down your throat”

        • Expect to see video of people (a VERRRY few) being taken to hotels and catered to hand and foot, with the refugees smiling and laughing.

      33. sounds like its  time to store more food. water and ammo if you havent recently.

      34. This is their training camp. Before a despot gov. can be assured that they can police and de-bone a population said government has to first make sure the evil plan is wrinkle free. Guards everywhere, checking papers constantly, sheeple needing permission to do anything; contacts to outside press and family severly controled. The camps have begun to open….roach motels if you will…where sheeple can check in but they never check out.
        Welcome to training day.

        • “Relax, ” said the night man,

          “We are programmed to receive.

          You can check-out any time you like,

          But you can never leave! “

        • ???? Did they confiscate all cellphones and recording devises????

      35. This lends credibility to my assertion that the FEMA camps being reported throughout the country are not for the masses, but to protect the elite from them. The FEMA camp I visited was nicer than my college dorm. They will get the gold mine while we get the shaft.

        • Remember when I asked GC to think a different idea of these camps.

          Think they are to house people in a 1 male to 12 female ratio. And only after they pass a full medical. All under 30 and anyone showing up with serious skills over 30 are whisk away to bigger camps.


            The Pentagon Assassination murder of Seal Team Six

            Tony Cartalucci. Featured Writer

            What is a known fact is that Osama Bin Laden was not killed earlier this year during the hyped-Pakistan raid, but rather died nearly a decade ago due to health problems. This means that whoever landed in Pakistan and murdered the people occupying the alleged “Bin Laden” compound, just a stone’s throw away from a nearby CIA safe house, killed someone else. It is quite clear that these people, alleged to have been members of the ultra-secret SEAL Team 6, would then be liabilities to whoever attempted to foist this hoax upon the world.


            • Give it a rest.

              • The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 1 + 2)

                Posted by Ann Barnhard

                August 6, AD 2011

                The entire Bin Laden episode was stagecraft. It was pure theater that was designed to give Obama a boost in the polls and give distraction and cover. Distract from what? Cover from what?

                “Where’s the Birth Certificate”

                August 6, 2011: A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6. Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.

                The Obama regime IS THE ENEMY.
                They are Marxist tyrants who hold the lives of Americans not just cheap, but in scathing contempt. They will say anything, they will do anything, and they will murder ANYONE in order to protect themselves and consolidate and increase their power.

                The Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s. The Weather Underground was founded by Obama’s political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of “Dreams From My Father”, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn.

                *see link below

                • The Execution Of SEAL Team Six
                  Penned by Ann Barnhardt

                • They dont give birth certificates for constipation

            • Can’t be Nina-O.  Obama said so.  On national state sponsored propaganda channels (and with a serious face) worshiped by the same sheeple (and voting machines) that re-elected him.  Electronic voting machines:  “you select, WE DECIDE”.  All is good in the world.  Especially Obama’s world with SEAL TEAM 6…gone.

              Get your free RFID chips at Wally World, my guess:  starting soon.  I believe a free bag of  “cheat-u-some-more” (cheezy) comes with the implant.   What voting dumbass can pass up this opportunity.

              It will be fine, the rats of Benghazi are soon to descend on the Rat-Commander-n-Chief.  A circus worth watching.  Assuming more rats don’t follow Hillary, Holder, Geithner, and Panetta in jumping this sinking ship.

              Petraeus will be subpoenaed, if not “suicided” first.  Fun times ahead.


              • @Yental ;0) Whaddup PrepBro…

                Hoooow Big Chief ;0)

                I do hope the Folks of your American Indian Tribe on the Res are ready for whats coming . It’s gonna get ugly here for next few years . You might want to talk to your Tribal Elders give them a heads up – Agriculture and Beef Cattle food production are going to be big next 5 years .

                Respect and Peace

                ~N.O. ;0p

      36. “The mini city has no cigarettes, no books, no magazines, no board games, no TVs, and no newspapers or radios. On Friday night, in front of the mess hall, which was serving fried chicken and out-of-the-box, just-add-water potatoes”,   WOW no this or that,  but wait, a HOT MEAL, be glad you got it!!

        Ask a vet that was in WWII or in Nam about the rations they had to eat. Im talking about the guys on the front lines that were allways on the move.Ask about TVs and games. And out-of-the-box add water potatoes are not that bad. Eat them all the time.

      37. OFF TOPIC

        I know that there are a few pretty smart folks that post here including some Zero Hedge-heads, so I’m wondering; Would moving some cash into another fiat besides the dollar be a good/bad idea. Say  Canada, Costa Rica, or Switzerland?

        FYI:  own gold, silver, ammo, guns, land, food, ect.

        • as a rule, I would not move any funds to an offshore bank, unless you have a passport and dual citizenship in the country of the bank where you make the deposit.  in the event of a national disaster and total martial law lockdown, including no power grid, your chances of retrieving off shore money greatly decline unless you have a private jet and pilot at your disposal 24-7.

        • You already OWN all those currencies buy owing Gold, and to a lesser extent, silver.


          BUT….. yes, you can buy foreign currency. Check out I wouldn’t know what to tell you though about picking one. If we go down, Canada does too… I would not own Canada’s currency, Jap Currency….would not touch the euro… and small countries I would not touch also.

          This is my last comment ever on here. I do not like this number bullshit. Try for advertisers another way, Mac.


          And this article sucked by the way. Everyone talks about being independent here, and now even YOU are whining that they are not being “taken care of”?

          Times must be slow. Artcles of late suck, and this numbe system bullshit id for the birds.

          • Sorry to see you go, thanks for your thoughts. Ditto on the Euro & Yen as they are QE-ing like Uncle Ben.  We live close to Canada, I know that there are a few Syrup Suckers that post here, hoping to here from them.


            Never Give Up-Never Surrender

            • Canada is devalueing their dollar as well. to keep at close to par with USD, if they let it go to high it will kill exports to the US a major factor of our GDP is reliant on exports.

          • No, I think it’s not so much that the sheeple aren’t being “taken care of” as much as it is that the government has no right to use and abuse citizens like it does. If they can do it to THEM, then they will do it to the rest of US. The government is SUPPOSED to be FOR the people, not AGAINST them.

            It is the lies and deceptions that make us angry. It’s that they forcefully take OUR hard-earned money to pay for it, and then FAIL TO DELIVER AS PROMISED!.

            It’s the idea that TPTB are somehow more valuable as human beings than we are.

            When people are responsible for their own lives, the consequences belong to them as well as the freedom. The masses needed a wake up call, but if the government was doing what it was supposed to be doing, THIS didn’t need to happen like this.

            I’m pretty pissed off that they took MY tax dollars and bought hollow points to SHOOT ME with…I don’t have time to feel too sorry for anyone who got caught up in this mess. I’ve got to focus on not making the SAME mistake!

        • I would imagine in the run up to collapsing the dollar they will use that as an excuse to seize bank and retirement accounts, In an attempt to stop the default of course, most likely to pay for some vacations for the first family or whatever they are.

      38. Rich99, I’m happy to hear you have finally seen the light.  Welcome to the wonderful world of prepping and I, for one will be happy to help you with advice  and others will too.  PP,  I agree with your point about Sandy being a ‘test run’.  The next disaster could very well be the New Madrid Fault erupting,  which is my stomping grounds.  I live only an hour’s drive from the southern end of that fault and if it goes,   I may be in deep doodoo.   Like I said earlier,  I’ll depend on myself and no one else, period!   braveheart

        • my biggest issus to date are heating energy and medicine due to my lack of faith in MMS

          • @ RICH99.  For months I was trying to warn you and others never to take Mother Nature for granted, the chances of going through a horror that was natural was much more possible for most people.  Not to be some know it all, but to protect you and others from becoming too complacent about the ugency of being prepared for what is coming.  It was too obvious what was coming when I saw that pressure dropping, as this is the indication of how much kinetic energy there is in the hurricane.  Your last post that you said about Sandy being a weak storm really worried me because I truly thought you were going to die from this true monster.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to the people that post here.

            A weather man by the name of Joe Bastradi, i don’t know if I spelled his name correctly, at AccuWeather gave a warning about 5 or 6 years ago about the northeast.  He said that the ocean’s currents were setting up for a powerful storm to hit New York like back in 1938.  The following year, nothing and he got flank for this.  Years went by and still nothing and he lost creditability as some of his forecasts became a little off.  Then Hurricane Irene struck and many people said that this was Joe’s prediction.  Well we all know what happened this year.  Many times people try to give warning out of concern and are laughed at until it actually happens.

            RICH, you are correct this is a dress rehearsal for true hell.  Unlike yourself that will definitely now prepare for it wisely, most others will sadly let it go away like Hurricane Katrina and say to themselves, it won’t happen again.   Looming though is several potential misery ridden holocausts for people.  Hurricane wise Houston is one place that could easily get hit with a Category 5 Wilma type intensity.  The petrochemical plants there on top of the refining of oil products would be catastrophic to the economy, something that this country has never seen before.

            I talk about 4 different earthquake scenarioes that would cause very widespread destruction but the one thing I actually worry about more than anything is a true pandemic or a mega bio-warfare attack on the country.  One ton of anthrax equally spread out in 100 of the largest cities would kill this country.  Yes, 20 pounds of this horrible bacteria on each city would end the U.S.  Just look at the impact of a tiny amount it had on the country’s mail service.  An engineered super virus from Iran or North Korea could kill easily more than 50% of the world’s population as a germ only has to have a reserviour to keep it going and there are plenty of human beings for that.  Germs truly frighten me more than nuclear war because the fuel for that germ is available until it runs out, human beings.

            This is why others became so upset with your chicken little comments, not because they wanted you to see and go through firsthand some SHTF event, but because the idea and philosophy of preparing must be taken completely seriously and not downplayed ever.  Too often through human history those that don’t prepare are so sorry for it, yet the masses never seem to learn.  In any case I and others are glad you are okay after Sandy and that you can help others through your own personal experiences to prepare for their own good to what is coming.

          • I would say you cant beat a good wood stove for heat.  Store cords of wood in advance if your area is limited in supply.  After storms there seems to always be fallen trees and wood debris that can be scavenged to burn which means you’ll need a chainsaw or a good old fashioned whipsaw or sharp axe if your fit.  For short term emergencies having a kerosene heater with fuel is great also warm clothes and a cold weather sleeping bag helps. I have slept in a good sleeping bag under a tarp with 12 inches of snow on top and was warm wearing a touque of course.  As for medicine other than stocking up prehaps it would be wise to see a naturapath to see if any natural remedies are available for your specific illness. Just some thoughts any other suggestions?

            Take care

            • What would I do if I was caught uprepared in hurricane Sandy.If house was destroyed and bugging out was not an option no cash on hand no injuries.  Make a small shelter from house debris or whatever is available carpets plywood sheet metal.  Collect wood debris for fire  make small fire as needed if conserving wood if plenty wood keep small fire going.  Find something to boil water pot/pan ducting to shape a bowl.  Look for water sources small puddles, water tanks collect and boil water. Scavenging for food carry a long stick that can be used as club for self defense a shovel is ideal  walk alley looking for cats to ‘take home’ keep an eye out for wet areas that may have bulrushes pull roots for soup.  improvise a slingshot from bycicle innertube on coast shoot seagulls in city look for pidgeons if u can find where pidgeons roost for the night especially an old building sometimes you will find eggs and squabs for soup boil everything good.Also on coast look for mussels and such attached to rocks wharves etc. dig for clams. look for seaweed and kelp.  do not be afraid to stand in line for food or charity.  Repeat as necessary.  You have to make it till some form of help arrives there is limited choice for the unprepared without freinds/family to go for help.  What would you do?

      39. Veterans Day.  Thank You For your Service and Sacrifice.

        I served 1964 – 1984 U.S.A.F.

      40. Louisiana, Texas,Florida,Alabama,Colorado,Michigan,Kentucky and many other states petition the govt to seceed from the union!




        • S.C, New York, Missouri, Tennessee, Oregon, New Jersey, North dakota, Montana, Indiana, Georgia,  North Carolina, ……

          • Been tracking the TX petition for a couple of hrs now, at 6:00 pm it had 7140 signatures and just checked it again and it had 11140 signatures. Looks to be going viral



          • Just checked the stats on the Tc petition 44430 have signed since it was put in place just 3 days ago. over 30,000 signed it today. That should wake up some folks and we still have till Dec 9th



        • Live in michigan, have never heard of this petition.

          Besides with those morons down state marching lock step too elect this socailist. I seriously doubt they want to jump ship now and seceed.

          Come on be serious

      41. Just watched the doomsday preppers for a while.

        The evaluation of the family that was preparing for an earthquake, 

        the family was told by the ‘experts’ that there is only a 3% chance of an

        earthquake devastating an area in the United States.    *seriously?*




      42. Fema Camp?


        I think I’d take my chances out on the street, but than again Im one of those types that find a way without help from the government

        than there are the types that would bitch about getting hung with a used rope.


        If you let someone else be responsible for what happens to you, than you deserve what you get, sorry I know its not all fuzzy and sweet, just a reality smack

      43. OK, Mac, what’s with the big blue “Comment ID” numbers?   The better to help FEMA/FBI/BATFE in tracking us?   Distracting & unnecessary.

        • Coach, thanks for your feedback. Over the last several months we have received numerous requests for these to help folks keep track of their comments and such. I will see about making them a bit smaller and less ‘in your face’.

          • Mac., pardon my ignorance, but , how does one go thru the process with these ID #’s to get to one’s comment?

            • Mac.., I read your reply to another post below. THX.

            • They dont help . That was a bullshit answer.

              I hope that halps, Comrade # 839742

          • Mac, thanks for the new posting engine that lets us use HTML and has a spelling checker.    Great improvement!

            As far as the numbers – anyone using Firefox (and everyone should be) can find their own posts by simply doing a string search – CRTL F brings up the box.

            At least make your presentation post the numbers in smaller typeface and not in bold, and I’ll acquiesce.



            • Coach, thanks for the feedback… the font is smaller and a little more out of view now.

              A few more comment updates are coming if we can get them to work, including direct Youtube embeds.



        • OC: You are not happy unless your BITCH’N about something.

          This world dosen’t revolve just around you.

      44. Service men and women go through this each and every day while deployed.. Not to say it is ok  to be treated like this, but just remember that this day is a tribute to the Veteran’s of this great country.

      45. Here’s the saddest part: these people weren’t simply unprepared idiots living right next to the ocean or the bay, there were areas here in NJ that NEVER flooded before Sandy that were inundated. These poor people were displaced in moments when the tsunami-like tides rolled in, they escaped with nothing, sought “help” from FEMA and ended up being treated like convicts for no good reason.

        Get this: FEMA actually CLOSED their mobile offices in my hard-hit town a few days ago because we got a few inches of snow (which melted completely in around three hours). FEMA has been next to useless around here: people without insurance and/or family, friends and helpful neighbors are screwed. When some survivors went to FEMA for food they were referred to charities, when they sought help with lodging they were given “vouchers” to sleazy motels in towns 25 miles away. Not a trailer or MRE anywhere to be seen. They are next to useless.

        At least NJ has been semi-helpful to their own, over in Staten Island people are starving, freezing and dying a full two weeks later.

        • Yep, ES.  It is a warning to all who are wise and paying attention.  This hurricane is just another example to people of the days to come. 

           Prepare and watch.  Let a word to the wise be sufficient.  Always expect the worse case scenario and prepare accordingly.  A surprise isn’t necessarilly a good thing if it comes when you have your pants down.

           Knowing what I do of these times and the times ahead;  I would have evacuated those areas around Jersey shores and Long Island a few days prior to the surge/impact.  Those people, God bless and protect them, had plenty of warning.  Should have got the hell out while the gettin’ was good and easy.  Probably 95% of those folks had the means and ways to leave before the SHTF.  Relying upon governments and charity groups is never a good idea.  Rely on the Heavenly Father and the good common sense he gave us.  Just sayin’.


        • National Guard Armories used to be the first line of response with area military bases used as the supply depots for food. blankets etc. This is no longer done since no one in charge has any idea that anything can ever go wrong. Oprah will not allow it. They have has such safe easy lives that they cannot understand how fast things can go bad.

      46. Another earthquake one hour ago in Guatemala, 6.5.  Just like I warned Mac this morning in comment #835406 at the near to the bottom of the previous article.  As you can see from the fema camps, a large scale disaster is something that will overwhelm what is available.  Let’s see now we have the possibility soon of a east coast tsunami that .01% is aware of.  A Pacific coast nightmare that will devastate Washington and Oregon.  When the Caribbean fault breaks it will put a mass of stress directed right at the New Madrid.  Then there is always the southern San Andreas that is way, way over due and the central portion that is overdue also that is tied into the Cascadia fault.

        Just look at what Sandy did, and the amount of destruction and magnify that 5 to a 100 times for the varying disasters.  Fema camp coming to near you.  I don’t want to overblow this earthquake threat for two reasons; I don’t want to ever cry wolf and unnecessarily frighten people when the threat is not there, and because I don’t want to look like a fool predicting something that never manifests itself.  What I see right now is huge.  I gave locations yesterday based on that earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands that a 6.5 earthquake of larger would strike, one of them was the Caribbean, there it is.  I said yesterday that the near India earthquake that I said would strike a day previous was not from the South Sandwich Islands, it was not.  These places that were hit before are still likely to get hit again.  83% chance, 131 out of 158, does not lie, math works all too well.

        People that are along the U.S. east coast needs to get their state “leaders” off their ass right now and get an early warning tsunami system tied into the hurricane and storm warning that they already have.  Puetro Rico needs to make ALL their citizens totally aware of the grave tsunami threat they face or that commonwealth of the U.S. is going to have deaths rivalling Haiti from the earthquake and the flooding waves from the tsunami.   The Caribbean plate is in very bad shape and no one in the media is talking about this to let people know.  Forget about fema, there are going to be a lot of need for funeral burial plots unless people become aware of what is out there.

        The west coast at least has tsunami warning systems up, and people know what the Cascadia fault can do.  Even in southern california there are tsunami warning signs up and some way of alerting people to what is coming.  What about the east coast?

        I am not saying that all four diasters are going to go off bang, bang, bang, bang one day after another, they could.  What I see happening first is the Caribbean fault breaks, then the Cascadia, then the San Andreas, and perhaps the New Madrid, in that sequence.   You look at these fema camps now, and at least there is some sort of outside assistance coming in.  After one or two of these disasters I talk about, these fema camps will look slightly better than Haiti, true cess pools of disease and dying.


        One another reason to avoid a fema camp is that when disease spreads it spreads like a brush fire.  If you are not already sick for one germ, you are sure to get another deadly disease or two or three.  Perfectly healthy people walk into these pits that they call fema or other “help” camps and they are a lot worse off than if they had just tried to tough it out and find what they needed outside the camps.  Better yet, have much stored up so you always have the option of never stepping inside one these camps.  Watch the earthquakes and other geophysical events, it is ramping up like a race car ready for the green light.  Also watch the Middle East, Israel is also ramping up, the new moon is Tuesday and will be dark enough for an attack until next Sunday.

      47. @BI: The USGS working on Sunday and a holiday Monday to boot something is up BIG TIME on the NMF.

        • @ copperhead.  I know, the USGS knows, you copperhead knows, and now thanks to Mac’s site everybody that reads and comes to this site also knows.   Thank you for the heads up again and again from all of us.

          • BI: The family member has one of those ground rods least than 200 yds. from their home. They have checked it 3 times  starting late  Sat. afternoon. They are checking the one’s very 3mi. apart though, for now

      48. WOW now we have comment identifiers

        • @ #836532Yes Comrade! Enjoy them

      49. and we have people using these id numbers like it is normal…I wonder if the jews in ww2 did this 2,,,how are you doing today #485,,,,I’m doing alright today# 978

        • AH Hello Comrade #836538. Stay away from the ovens!

      50. No matter what happens in very near future the lowly common man will always get the SHITTY END OF THE STICK.

        Prepare yourself and your family accordingly.

      51. @ Emily. 3% as in the chance for any given day. that 3% will climb a lot over the course of a week, a month, so on. The government and others gives whacked out chances that are slanted to fit their own agenda and controlling the masses’ fear factor. When I give a 80-90% chance of an earthquake happening, what happens usually? An earthquake happens. I would like to see the odds that they give of anyone forecasting earthquakes, but it is happening one after the other.

        The Cascadia fault is ready, the Caribbean fault is ready, the San Andreas is ready, the New Madrid is getting ready not 30 years from now like these suckers skew the averages to their advantage. I knopw enough about statisitics and for these ass monkeys to give such a chance of 3% doesn’t even take into account that there are many more than just one fault threatening the country. To give these ridiculous 3% is to say that none of the faults will not give way in 30 years, but one of these faults will not give way for more than a century. One of more threats increases the odds of one of more of the threats manifesting themselves. They say the country, not a specific area, that automatically increases the chances even if it was 30 years.

        This type of horesh&* that is fed to the people is why I try so depserately to give completely accurate percentages to reflect the TRUE chances of something happening. When I say 90% like the Previous Balleny Islands region being hit that larger earthquakes will occur I mean 90%, precisely, no skewing numbers, that is the chance. What happened, 6.7 in Java 10 miles from where it happened 2 years ago, 6.6 in Vanautu, 6.6 in Costa Rica, and gave 80% chance of 7.3-8.6 earthquake, one of the locations was southern Alaska, was 135 miles off in Canada at 7.8. Said there was a 83% chance of a 6.5+ earthquake coming by Nov. 24 based on previous records, bang 6.5 a hour and a half ago in Guatemala. Warned Mac in previous article to watch Caribbean plate.

        I cannot stand slanted averages, and many people suffered horrible letdowns and mass disappointment and depression from the totally slanted right leaning polls with the previous election. Carl Rove’s idea was to inspire many to get out and vote and be enthused, and because of this very failed idea many people got horrible stomach aches because they were told that there was going to be a GOP landslide. These slanted numbers did harm that people but most will recover from it, but in the case of a disaster, people need to know the actual dangers that threaten them and giving them some asinine 3% is criminal. There will be many people that will die that have believed that 3%, and that did not prepare when they should have. This is so wrong and unjust.

        • BI you scare  the hell out of me, but I mean that as a compliment. I followed your posts on Sandy several days before it hit and remembered what you said about the pressure dropping. I remember Monday afternoon (just before I lost power) watching the weather guy talking about Sandy and making a ‘casual’ mention about the pressure (which at the time was 27.9 I think). And I thought holy crap this is going to be bad.

          I wonder if it would have made a difference if the MSM weather people would have stressed the significance of that? Probably not.

          Anyways I can tell you know what you’re talking about and not just blowing smoke up you know where. So all this earthquake talk has got my attention and I’m starting to arrange my preps (the best I can) for just such an event.

          Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

          • @ arco.  You could have a storm that is much bigger than Sandy with a pressure that is much lower, but because of the pressure isobars being so spread out you could have winds of Category 1 or 2 and pressures that are Category 5.  When the pressure is so low there is less atmosphere on the water, less weight and the water forms a huge doom or bubble.  Winds drive the heighth of storm surge but so does the size of the doom of water being piled up towards the center of the storm.  While the news media is reporting of winds ONLY maybe 90-100 mph in a mega super storm, call it Hurricane Jerry, the pressure is like down near 26 inches.  What will come to shore is a nightmare.

            The news will tell the people that the winds will cause only minimum damage and the storm surge will be a few feet.  What would be coming would be a storm surge that of Katrina or Wilma.  Remember what they said about Sandy,  storm surge of 6-11 feet at the highest.  I said it would be 14-16 feet because of the pressure being so low.  13.88 feet, and it would have been a little higher should it had come in just a little later with the highest of the tides.  I was taught in school by one of the most renouned climatologists to look at the WHOLE parameters of what is going on, with earthquakes and other geophysical events.  In other words really study what is going on.

            What is most concerning about the three areas; the Cascadia fault, the New Madrid, and the Caribbean fault system is that they almost line up perfectly in a line shown on a three dimensional scale, a globe as the direction of the way the plates are drifting.  A line that few people on this planet know about until this comment is posted. 😉  The faults and the plates are so connected with each other, and earthquakes can be predicted with observing the fore shocks AWAY from the point of actual breakage, especially in the polar and sub polar regions.

            • Beinformed

              You seem to be concerned lately of a possible major event unfolding.

              Please keep us updated should all your data add up for the next big one..especially here in the States..On the surface we did witness the feds having major readiness drills last year for the entire area of the New Madrid fault…

              Perhaps Mac could have a live feed update site strictly for the most earthquake informed of all..yourself!

              With a red alert as well..

              Thank you for all you do..



              • I agree Possee — I think a lot of us are coming here to see what BeInformed and Copperhead and JustOneGuy have to report. I love this site!

      52. As a prepper the lesson I’ve taken from this, is that IF the worst happens and I’m forced to evacuate my home then I need to:-

        1. Have somewhere SENSIBLE to go! 

        This means organising NOW with friends/family in OTHER parts of the country/world that we will have a reciprocal agreement to take one another in.

        If there is a localised disaster, (civil unrest, fire, flood etc, etc) then my neighbours home may be destroyed too. I’d rather work for my keep for a fellow prepper than end up in a place like this and think that even for refugees there are varying levels of dependency and helplessness. This option needs to be agreed beforehand.

        2. Take another look at my bug out plans

        – A single backpack can be stolen or lost in a way that is less likely to happen if my most precious possessions are stored in pockets about my person. (preferably hidden from public view).

        -review again how I’d get to those previously agreed sanctuaries if the order to evacuate came. 

        Lots of people on this site have young relatives away from their family home at college etc. These young people need to know how to come home or to trusted family friends rather than entrust themselves to a gubberment camp.  There are degrees of “refugee” and a loan of a greyhound bus ticket that can be repaid by parents sounds a far safer solution than a gubberment tent city for these young girls. I’d certainly lend the children of my friends the money to get the hell out rather than see them end up in a place like this.  With the way the world is going the favour may be returned sooner than you think.

        These are just my thoughts as those young girls are in a distubingly vulnerable situation right now. In their shoes I think I’d be tempted to leave the camp while I still could and just start walking.



      53. USDA delays release of data by 9 days…

        Food stamps use reaches all time record – biggest monthly increase in one year.

        Now … 47.1 million people

        Article at Zero Hedge

      54. Nothing good EVER comes out of a re-education/re-settlement/refugee/concentration camp.  6 million Jews would tell you, if they could.




        Before an Earthquake

        Potential earthquake hazards in the home and work place should be removed or corrected.
        Top-heavy objects and furniture should be fastened to the wall and the largest and heaviest objects placed on lower shelves.
        Water heaters and other appliances should be firmly bolted down.
        Pay special attention to emergency equipment, such as radio transmitters and medical equipment.
        Set aside emergency supplies and equipment.
        Learn First Aid.
        Teach family members how to turn off electricity, gas and water by learning location of safety valves and main switches.

        During an Earthquake

        Protect head and face.
        Remain calm. Do not rush for exits.
        If inside, stay there, if outside, stay there.
        If inside a building, stand in a strong doorway, or get under a desk, table or bed.
        Move away from windows, glass doors, heavy mirrors, pictures, bookcases, hanging plants and heavy objects.
        Watch for falling plaster, bricks, light fixtures and other objects.
        Avoid using elevators as power may fail.
        If you’re in an automobile, don’t stop on a bridge, under or near to electrical poles or close to buildings from which debris may fall.
        Try to remain calm and reassure others.
        If you are in a store or shop, move away from display shelves containing bottles, cans, or other objects that may fall.

        After an Earthquake


        Check for fires.
        Check Utilities – shut off if necessary.
        Check your house for serious damage – evacuate if there’s threat of collapse.
        Check for injuries – administer First Aid.
        Be prepared for additional earthquake shocks.
        Collect water.
        Clear up hazardous materials.
        Assist others.
        Turn on a transistor for emergency bulletins.
        Stay away from landslide prone areas.
        Stay away from buildings that might have been weakened by the earthquake.
        Remain calm.


        Do not light a match or turn on a light switch. Use a flashlight!
        Never touch fallen power lines.
        Do not use telephone except in extreme emergency.
        Do not go to the beach to watch for giant sea waves.
        Do not go sightseeing! Keep the streets clear for the passage of emergency. and rescue vehicles.
        Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in danger of further injury.

        • I read an article by an earthquake rescue worker that you should not get under desk and such for protection during an earthquake as if the ceiling collapses it will crush the object and you with it.  His recomended lying down beside a heavy object,desks, metal bathtub, beds, beside your car etc. because then the overhead debris falls and crushes the object but forms a ‘safety triangle’ like a leanto over you.  In his experience he found many victims crushed under objects deceased but those that were beside heavy objects survived and were rescued.

          • @ Patience.  The best course of action is to try to get into the open if you can.  I have heard about that safety triangle and this makes some sense, however it will depend on the type of earthquake that strikes and the construction of the building you are in.  It seems like the old bathtub because it is so solid, at least the cast iron type not the plastic ones in some homes, have saved many people.   I am not sure if this approach would work with a 90 degree thrust fault like the Newport-Inglewood is.  In Kobe, Japan and some other locations people were literally thrown up into the air as the force of gravity was accelerated way past 100%.  In Northridge earthquake, the energy was focused off to the north because of the angle of the dip of the fault, there is registered 175% that of gravity.  Had the dip been reversed it would have been directed at the city of Torrance and Redondo Beach and it would have looked like Kobe.  I still say for your best chance of survival, this laying next to a sturdy object is a pretty good plan if you can’t get to safety in time away from what would fall on you.

          • Patience: I believe that it is called The TRIANGLE of SAFTEY.

      56. I always look for the silver lining to every dark cloud. There usually is one. NYC will survive this disaster and some will be wiser for it.

        Every new Prepper is one less adversary.

        • The fact that NYC will survve is not a postive.

          • AYE !

      57. Each of us is responsible for ourselves, our families and our communities.  Do not expect the local government (ie: fire police, medical assistance) to be available.  NOTE: You Will Be On Your OWN for the first 24-72 hours after a disaster, so plan accordingly.  Fill your First Aid Kits.  Prepare for broken arms, legs, puncture, crushing injuries, mothers giving birth, Burns, etc.

        Scary but true.

        Water, food, warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, camping gear and a means to protect yourselves are priorities.  Plan accordingly.

        Obtain required medicine, strong pain killers, sleep aids, Insullin,  Metformin, Enzymes for digestion for Diabetics . . . talk to anyone who is a Diabetic or your Doctor.

        Get your house in order. . . . . .NOW. . . . .When there is time.

      58. @Be Informed,   when I watched that doomsday prepper show and heard that %
        I just had to share this information on the board.    I do not wish to come on as an

        alarmist, or,  a chicken little saying, “the sky is falling.”   I do think there is a much

        higher % of earthquakes or another natural disaster hitting the U.S.   I also believe

        that the mundane masses are being duped,   and important information is being

        kept from them.   As Jack Nicholas told Tom Cruise,  “You Can’t Handle the Truth.”

        I think that if the mainstream masses actually knew what may be coming down the

        pike, perhaps mass hysteria would erupt.    I dunno, just my humble opinion.

        I know you have a good reputation B.I. and Mac has vouched for you. 

        @Mac,  this respond box will not let me use single spaces,  it makes me use a double

        spaces bw each sentence.   





        • Watch out for that show saw preview of season 2

          They have a 15 year old that  they seem to be setting up. Picturing him as a columbine style nut and recruiting his friends .

          they have set him up for a shit storm of gun lobbists

          Although the series does have good info mixed in, they don’t have the peoples best interest at heart.

        • @ Emily.  You know it is like one of those science fiction movies or shows in which a time traveller knows what is going to happen, and so few of the people will listen to the warnings of someone trying to save them.  It is so frustrating when you can see something just ready to kill thousands or tens of thousands of people and nothing is being done in those states to alert them.  Early warning tsunami systems would not cost the states much at all, expect the thought that just maybe there could be a tsunami, tourist industry.  These states rather have 100,000 people or more swept away by a tsunami, should the beaches be crowded at the time it happens, rather than givc people some alert like Hawaii does.  It is sickening to think about that one afternoon a tsunami 20 feet or taller would come roaring to the shorelines along the Atlantic seacoast and kill so many, where only a few would die, an entire medium size city worth of people will die.


          Using this bold implant I say this:  Atlantic and Gulf States, get an early warning tsunami system right now, so people have a chance WHEN a tsunami hits.    Emily, isn’t it amazing how few, the preppers/survivalists are the ones that listen and act?  Guess that is why the people on this site and almost all the other preppers/survivalists  around the world are the top 1%.

        • *Jack Nicholson 🙂  Jack Nicklaus was a golfer.  You make a good point though.  It did crack me up though.  Thank you.

      59. No kidding. I just finished a number of books on Auschwitz and these people are nowhere near concentration camp status. In Auschwitz the theme was “work them and starve them to death” basically. In the morning one of the rituals before was commanding the prisoners to take off their caps quickly, then put them back on. This was repeated over and over. If you were one of the slow ones you were clubbed to death or shot on the spot. They needed to thin out the herd. Don’t tell me what these people are going through is like a concentration camp… especially on Veteran’s Day.


        The 12 Levels of Intensity of Earthquakes!

        Instrumental.Not felt except by a very few under especially favourable conditions detected mostly by Seismography.
        Feeble.  Felt only by a few persons at rest, especially on upper floors of buildings.
        Slight.  Felt quite noticeably by persons indoors, especially on upper floors of buildings. Many people do not recognize it as an earthquake. Standing motor cars may rock slightly. Vibration similar to the passing of a truck.
        Moderate.  Felt indoors by many, outdoors by few during the day. At night, some awakening. Dishes, windows, doors disturbed; walls make cracking sound. Sensation like a heavy truck striking building. Standing motor cars rock noticeably.
        Rather Strong.Felt by nearly everyone; many awakened. Some dishes, windows broken. Un-stable objects overturned. Pendulum clocks may stop.
        Strong.  Felt by all, many frightened. Some heavy furniture moved; a few instances of fallen plaster. Damage slight.
        Very Strong.  Damage negligible in buildings of good design and construction; slight to moderate in well-built ordinary structures; considerable damage in ordinary structures; considerable damage in poorly built or badly designed structures.
        Destructive.Damage slight in specially designed structures; considerable damage in ordinary substantial buildings with partial collapse. Damage great in poorly built structures. Fall of factory stacks, columns, monuments, walls. Heavy furniture overturned.
        Ruinous.  Damage considerable in specially designed structures; well designed frame structures thrown out of plumb. Damage great in substantial buildings, with partial collapse. Buildings shifted off foundations.
        Disastrous. Some well-built wooden structures destroyed; most masonry and frame structures destroyed with foundations. Rails bend greatly.
        Very Disastrous.  Few, if any (masonry) structures remain standing. Bridges destroyed. Rails bend greatly.
        Catastrophic.  Damage total. Lines of sight and level are distorted. Objects thrown into the air.









        • @ Copperhead.  I have been looking at many of the pieces filling in on the USGS map of earthquakes and these areas that no earthquake activity is occuring is very compelling.   You see the Caribbean plate of course and others like the San Andreas, but when you look at the lack of activity on the Philippine plate’s eastern side, this really is strange.  It is the longest area in the world where plate collisions are occuring that there is no real earthquake activity.  There are plenty of other areas around the world where spreading is occurring and there is not much activity there because of not that much strain built up.

          The Phillipine plate is where the deeepest point of the ocean is at, the Mariana Trench, and the lack of earthquake activity on the plate’s eastern side is something to watch.  On the USGS map it is the area north of Australia where about 2000 miles of of no earthquake activity on a plate that is being sandwiched between the Asian plate and the Pacfifc plate.  I wonder if there is enough stress built up here for a super mega earthquake, in the high 9 range.  I am going to have to research this region more in the coming days as I don’t know a lot about this area.

          • Did some reading about the Philippine plate and the Caroline plate to the south of it.  This area is a jumbled mess of smaller plates sliding past each other, converging, subduction zones and volcanic islands everywhere.  I have never really looked in detail just what a puzzle of pieces this area is as you have the Australian plate moving towards the north, the Pacific plate moving northwest, and the Eurasian plate moving southeast to south.  What I was more interested in is the history of 8.0+ earthquakes in this region.

            The only earthquakes I found that fit this was 4 of them all between 13 to 22 degrees north by 143-146 degrees east.  This left out the northeast corner of the Philippine plate of any great earthquake and left out the Caroline Isalnds region.  The eastern part of the Philippine plate has been hit and recorded in; 1902, 8.1; in 1909, 8.0; in 1914, 8.7; and in 1993, 8.3.  Because this is out in the middle of the ocean, this area has obviously been hit before 1900 but no one recorded it.  The 8.7 shows this area is capable of a 9 mega quake.  The lack of major activity on certain portions of the plate, even on weaker oceanic crust, is disconcerting.  What is even more unsettling is the recent high activity of mega earthquakes that this region has not experienced anything that large shows a possible very high level os stress built up here.  No one can really tell because it is so deep here, without probing the sea floor.  I say the lack of very large earthquakes at such a compressional junction point shows that this region is just as dangerous or more so than than the fault rupture in Indonesia that was 9.1.   An 8.7 in 1914 more than shows this area is well capable of a mega quake.

      61. Barack Hussein Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. On the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.

        They (the left) and their mesiah are practicing ‘The principle of al-Taqiyya’ The principle and uses of skillful lying. The root word “taqiyya” means to protect against or conceal. the principle of al-Taqiyya is the Islamic justification for lying and deceiving. Al-Taqiyya is drawn explicitly from the words of Muhammad, and from the examples he and his successors set. The Qur’an and other Islamic books condone lying. A consensus view among Muslims today, as much as there is one, is that all the world is a legitimate battlefield upon which Islam should compete and win out as the dominate worldview. No problem – most ideologies compete for dominance like that. But in this battlefield context, the doctrine of al-Taqiyya is justifiable in virtually every situation, and at least radical Muslims exercise it in exactly that way.

        • RuckOf The Ridge: Did not Nikita Khrushchev say himself that we will destory you of with in.

          You are so right about the Big O.

          • “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

            Nikita Krushchev

            Nov. 6, 2012 proved him right.

          • Yes, and well before that Abraham Lincoln said:  “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. “Prep Well / Prep Safe…. and Prep Hard

        • @Ruck

          I have had that conversation with so many people, all of which looked at me like a dog that you are attempting to teach a card trick. It’s obvious to the point that it couldn’t be done with an explanation and be any clearer.

          However, in all of my country ignorance, I had never heard of the doctrine of al-Taqiyya and didn’t know it was a teaching of the Qur’an.

          Thanks for for bringing something new to the table!

          I thought I was becoming just another conspiracy theorist. However, paranoia isn’t a symptom if the bastards are really out to get you!

      62. Mac:

        The new  # system is great!

        Looking FWD to the other improvements.

        As for the folks who are upset about the “numbering of their comments” making them more vulnerable,just remember something as we post here.


        And I doubt they’ll let us have a “Alamo” moment.Why should they?It’s far easier to do the “snatch and grab” at their leisure  while we’re buying gas, groceries,going to the doctor,etc….I suspect the ammo purchases are for “Starving,angry Sheeples and a few Hairy Old Goats.”

        I have still a hope for the future,just my “give a D**N” for  the present system as we know it is just about used up.

        “The CHANGE” is oncoming’,and not even TPTB will be able to withstand it.

        All the BEST to all here,and esp. so for the folks on the East Coast.
        Hope things are O.K. for Manos and his people in the “Greek Tragedy” that is Greece at the moment.

        • The comments themselves have always been numbered and those numbers available via the date/time stamp permalink for each comment…the only thing different now is that we display those numbers… soon, if all goes well, one will be able to create user accounts and follow any given user’s comments…

          Also, an update I am excited about if we can get it to work is ajax comment submission so that the page doesn’t ‘reload’ on each comment submission… that should speed things up considerably for users and server performance…. coming soon!

          And,for Iowa, a new forum (I have codenamed it Operation Iowa), as well as user private messaging in an encrypted environment… hopefully this week if all goes well and the server issues we’ve had lately have been resolved.

          Thanks all!


      63. I remain surprised that anyone would trust in a FEMA camp after the response to Katrina. It may be a sign of some people’s desperation that they chose to accept placement in the camps.

        I think there are many things that are being covered up with SuperStorm Sandy. (I suppose it will provide fodder for the book and TV industry for years to come.)The information in the media seems to be avoiding evaluating the death toll and summarizing the numbers of displaced people as well as the types of care that has been made available to the refugees. I remember hearing about large groups of people who lived subterranean in New York City. Has anyone done any accounting for these?

        A friend of mine in the utility industry tells me that it is not just the above ground utility lines that are going to need to be replaced. There are miles of underground lines that would have been damaged by the wet ground and these will need to be dug up and repaired.

        One of the things that this has made me consider is what would I do in a situation where I became a refugee without any supplies. If I were separated from my bug out bag and had to figure out how to survive with only mental capacities. It is a sobering consideration.



      64. What doesn’t make any sense is that these people have all now become Obama’s favorite type of people. People who require being taken care of. I don’t understand why they are not forcibly removing white New Yorkers from their home and giving it to the refugees. Or at the very least. putting them all up on Fifth Avenue with a debit card full of money…

        I wonder how New York voted in the election. Oh yeah, I remember now.

      65. As of Saturday November 10, 2012, 15 States have petitioned the Obama Administration for withdrawal from the United States of America in order to create its own government.

        As of 12:46 am, Sunday, signatures obtained by Louisiana, 7,358; Texas, 3,771; Florida, 636; Georgia, 475; Alabama, 834; North Carolina, 792; Kentucky, 467; Mississippi, 475; Indiana, 449; North Dakota, 162; Montana, 440; Colorado, 324; Oregon, 328; New Jersey, 301 and New York, 169. Many more States are expected to follow.


        • 8pm, Sunday.



          Louisiana… 11,604

          🙂  🙂  🙂 🙂  🙂

          • really moving isnt it?

            all that is needed is 25,000 and its a go

            • 25,000 in a months time i should say

            • The 25,000 just means the President will review it.  These are petitions originated by citizens, and while I agree with them, only action by their state legislators will cause any change.  I just hope the states aren’t too fat on the Fed teat to grow a pair and reclaim their sovereignty.

      66. quote : “We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp”

        *** then leave . dummy .

        ummmmmmmmmmmm … “Maybe cause you are in a FEMA HOUSING RELOCATION CAMP !”

        LIVING UNDER dependent on THE NWO U.N. ZOG eugenics based FEDGOV very micromanaged red-tape clogged low budget EMERGENCY SHELTER and CARE Programs!

        “It ain’t gonna be like Club Med or the Play Boy Mansion !”

        In all the times the FEDGOV FEMA tried to help in disasters over the years did anyone say “Oh hell yeah ! This “Rocks” living in a “TEMPORARY” Homeless Shelter , FEMA CAMP or FEMA TRAILER !

        3 P’s – piss poor planning piss poor performance .

        “Every Community should be responsible for it’s own Direct Emergency Disaster Planning Maintenance Responses and Clean Up !”

        FEMA = FOOLS EASILY MANIPULATED are ASSIMILATED to the NWO U.N. ZOG Plantation Prison Tax Debt Slave Nation of AmeriKa !


        ~N.O. ;0p

      67. The lesson from Katrina was this: potential real estate development areas will be emptied by FEMA/DHS in a very effective way. (Real estate development, or then some other purpose.) No people will be left in those areas to take any inconvenient photos or anything. Helping people is just a facade and doesn’t need to be done effectively except during photo ops. The same is happening after Sandy.

        Correct me if I’m wrong.

      68. crap … i meant 6 p’s .


        “DAMN YOU LUCIFER !”



        • you are some piece of work.

      69. Believe me. . . . you are on your own.  Don’t believe me?  Wait until the next disaster.  You’ll see how responsive the county, state and federal government are to come to your aid.  You had better prepare now for their absence.

        • @ 1982MSGT.  You are so correct and not just because they don’t care.  The magnitude of a true mega disaster will certainly overwhelm everything.  Millions of people made homeless by the San Andreas breaking will likely not even have enough tents to shelter them.  People are going to find out what life in Haiti has been like.  Even IF the government had planned for the well being of the people, it is extremely unlikely they have planned for what a true mega disaster will bring.  Millions in need is an enormous difference between thousands.  People will eventually truly hate the word fema.

      70. I don’t know exactly what to think about these ‘reports’ I’m going to wait until I see more of them from other people that can be verified. Sometimes there seems to be a fair amount of people that immediately sound the alarm over something purely on the word of an ‘anonymous source’.


        Prepper Ideas
        Plan – Prepare – Prosper

      71. Insurance companies, government steals life insurance benefits from PTSD veterans

        Families of four veterans diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following their tours of duty in combat zones who committed suicide after returning home are charging Prudential Insurance and the Department of Veterans Affairswith refusing to pay life insurance benefits they are due.

        Learn more:

        Learn more:

      72. Heads roll at VA (11,000 usa gulf war dead from Depleted Uranium)

        Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed
        by Bob Nichols
        Project Censored Award Winner

        “Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter charged Monday that the reason Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi stepped down earlier this month was the growing scandal surrounding the use of uranium munitions in the Iraq War.

        Writing in Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter No. 169, Arthur N. Bernklau, executive director of Veterans for Constitutional Law in New York, stated, “The real reason for Mr. Principi’s departure was really never given, however a special report published by eminent scientist Leuren Moret naming depleted uranium as the definitive cause of the ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ has fed a growing scandal about the continued use of uranium munitions by the US Military.””


        “He added, “Out of the 580,400 soldiers who served in GW1 (the first Gulf War), of them, 11,000 are now dead! By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability. This astounding number of ‘Disabled Vets’ means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems!””

        Now We just have to figure out which muslim islamic country is to blame so that another 3rd world country can be bombed into the dark ages .

        • You are somehow under the impression that “muslim islamic” countries aren’t already living in the Dark Ages?

          • @BraneFrees

            “… And your under the VERY FALSE IGNORANT impression just because your NWO U.N. ZOG FREEMASON controlled “FALSE-FAG ILLEGAL WAR ADDICTED COUNTRY AMERIKA/ NATO” – CAN DESTROY others” … THAT YOU and your false VERY FAKE religion is “SUPERIOR” some how TO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS of other countries , their own individual belief systems , animals of the wild and millions of life form species on Earth .

            * piss off dumb ass @BraneFrees.

            • @CocoPuff CrackHead

              Man, you have the most remarkable ability to to ramble and spout in the most incoherent manner that I believe I’ve ever seen.

              You just get on a tear and off you go – making up facts and spewing assumptions like a a seriously ADD-afflicted child.

              It would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad.

              • ;0(  …… boo  hoo

        • @CocoPuff – you da man!

      73. I feel for these people, I really do. However, why are they looking to the government for everything? At what point do they accept responsibility for their own actions i.e. building next to the ocean. These people had already gone through a previous hurricane, so it’s not like they didn’t know of the potential for another.

        If an individual’s home was struck by a tornado, FEMA, County or State government would not show up. Why should this be different? The municipal government should clean up the debris, assure that all of the utilities are operable and it’s job done.

        It’s simply not the purpose of my tax money to refurbish their homes, feed them, or to provide them with any type temporary housing. If your home was to burn tonight (God forbid) nobody is showing up with blank checks. If you don’t have insurance you are simply screwed! So why is it when a “group of goobers” build on a cliff in California, live below sea level in New Orleans, or next to the ocean suffer a loss they expect the government to make them whole again?

        I put considerable thought into where and how I built my house. I would love to live next to the ocean but the risks outweigh the benefits. Living next to, or in a national forest would be great, but the risk of wild fire far outweighs my desire to live in old growth timber.

        Again, I do feel for them, but I have to laugh when they are jumping up and down yelling about how cold, how hungry, how thirsty, and how disappointed they are that nobody is taking care of them.

        I’ve done without some luxuries so that I might be ready to take care of myself in the event of a disaster. Several of the flooded homes shown on the news had 100K boats in their yard, next to cars I can’t afford to drive. Maybe they should have put a little back, or made some emergency plans in the event of such a disaster.

        I know I’m a heartless bastard, that’s  documented in the divorce decree.  I even expect some thumbs down… but why do people willing to take such idiotic risk feel they need to be treated like victims who had no idea of the risks they were facing?

        If you don’t appreciate the damn tent, maybe you should implement your own emergency plan. Oh, you don’t have one? Then be a good little sheeple and go back to your FEMA tent, eat your federal porridge and  like it.



        • Once most of these people have recovered from this event, they will also recover thier normalcy bias. And, the will buy new boats, and cars, and plastic junk, ad nauseum. And, they will have learned no long term lesson from the event. And, they will still criticize and ridicule you for prepping. And, next time they are in a disaster, they will cry about the circumstances.

          I would wager 1 in 10, maybe less, will have learned the hard way this time around, to make some kind of hard-times preperations…



      74. Be in formed…
        As you have been posting the earth quakes, I have notice temp changes In the same area of Cuba,and the islands adjacent.
        These temp changes happen with in a day or so of your predictions.
        I watch gulf of mexeco and south as these are the water if fish.
        Cuba had given drilling rights to there countries.
        Could the “fracking” they are doing be stressing
        These ares as well?
        Last… Have you heard anything on this sink hole
        In louisiana?

        • @ Oldsalt.  I would like to see just how much temperatures changes as crustal shifts can add some degree of heat to the ocean, but usually ocean water takes much time to change that much.  Water is difficult to heat or cool, and why areas around the ocean or large bodies of water have what is called temperature lag is which the warmth of the summer doesn’t hit when it should at around the summer soltice on June 21, it is usally later July, same holds true for the cooling effect of winter usually being the coldest in January and February.  If there is a jump due to the palte, I think it would indicate something that was more in the weeks long process of building up.  Interesting though.

          Fracking does help to generate small to moderate earthquakes, larger ones I am not sure of.  I know that many people suspected of the mass drilling of Signal Hill during the 1910’s-1920’s lead up to the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.  Removal of a fluid is something that leaves the crust necessary to shift to readjust itself.  I have suspected the removal of groundwater around the New Madrid fault region for irrigation has sped up the time when the next earthquake occurs by a lot.

          The situation in Louisana is alarming but not yet that seriously critical.  Look at the size of the sink hole in comparison to the land mass around it.  This area is still tiny, but shows a symptom of an underlining problem that is getting worse.  A good doctor will look at see if a health problem is getting any better or getting worse, even a gradual decline in the person’s health shows something rotten is going on.  The sink hole is the same, it is getting worse and worse, even if the area affected is still tiny.  Making a mountain out of a mole hill is one thing, but sometimes the mole hill becomes a mountain, a huge one.

      75. They called the US a paper tiger in the past, now it is true. This administration is made of paper. FEMA is all paper and unable to act when needed. This was   just a training exercise for FEMA for what they think is coming, detention camps for us. Stay strong patriots.

      76. A man died and went to Heaven. As he stood in front of the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks?”
        St. Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie, the hands on your clock move.”
        “Oh”, said the man. “Whose clock is that?”
        “That’s Mother Teresa’s,” replied St. Peter. “The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.”
        “Incredible,” said the man. “And whose clock is that one?”
        St. Peter responded, “That’s George Washington’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that he told only two lies in his entire life.”
        “Where’s Netanyahu’s clock?” asked the man.
        “It’s in my office. I’m using it as a ceiling fan.”

      77. The Economic Collapse of Greece (full version 8 min). Whiteboard Animation by Angelow

        The bankers know what they’re doing and they’re doing it on purpose.

        Reason: Take all the real wealth of a country- ie real estate and infrastructure, then turn the entire population of most of the world into debt slaves.

        We all need to follow the Iceland model: Jail the bankers immediately.

      78. What quality of tent and how many bathrooms?

        • Did the Tent Erector Employee Union put them up?

          Did the NYC Board of Zoning approve bathrooms based on occupancy?

          Has the Fire Marshall posted evacuation signage and instructed occupants per Regulation 6.43.959A?

      79. …so…fema has struck out twice at least now eh? Whats the odds they’ve planned to fail in all instances? Whats the chances they knew awhile ago the “fema” platform wasnt gonna cut it…wasnt gonna be able to be the organization they wanted it to be,to be able to control people and situations the way they want to be able to do….what better way to get the people to demand a universally bigger  all powerful super-fema that has the power (at least to these idiots) to do what it wants when it wants and how it wants…all legit  too because “the people” demanded it,voted for it,blessed it…how can anyone condemn the govt for overstepping and stepping on the constitution and the people who defend it,when its being done for the “good” of the community…just my outlaw/rebel/suspicuos mind running again….something to think about maybe? or not…”live free or die tryin”

        • Failing




        • That’s the “progressive” way, come up with a plan, implement it, watch it fail, then say it failed because it was too small, triple the size, scope, & cost, then watch it fail again.  Then say it is still too small, triple the size again, on and on to infinity.  They are doing this with stimulus, gun control, carbon cap regulations, etc.  It is how a constitutional republic transforms into a fascist totalitarian regime – progressivism for all……

      80. Copperhead and BI,  thank you for any updates you can give on NMF.  If only that fault could wait to erupt until I’m gone from this world.  Nailbender,  I couldn’t agree with you more.  It makes me sick to no end to see these same kind of people, who just experienced Irene back in the spring, keep onliving in denial and not waking up.  It’s still ‘business as usual’ for them.  They have no problem wasting their money on stupid electronic crap,etc., but can’t develop the foresight to stockpile at least a 3-6 month supply of non-perishable food, water, water purification items. medical supplies, camping supplies, etc. in case of any disaster.  I’m a prepper and a survivor, of regulat power outages, thunderstorms, 1 tornado, numerous hurricanes when i lived in Florida, even been burned out of a mobile home.  I was a prepper before the word was even invented.  In all of those situations,  I had everything I needed to survive and I came out smelling like a rose each and every time.  I depended on myself and no one else.  Give me self-sufficiency over dependency any day.  i love coming to this site whenever i can and share my thoughts and other info with other like-minded people.  I’ve tried talking to people where i work about these things and they just look at me like I’m from the moon.  When the real SHTF finally hits, it’s going to be like that article BI contributed back in the summer “How Horrific It Will Be For The Nonprepper”.   That article says it all.   Braveheart

      81. ::  gets on top of doghouse and howls loudly for all to hear ::        sorry, I couldn’t think of anything important to add. Kudos to the usual suspects for their excellent posts.


        @ copperhead           ” do not goto the beach to watch for giant sea waves ”      not sure if that was ment to be funny…but it made me laugh



      83. Damn ZOMBIES … they’re every where !!! ;0p

        the-walking-dead AMC Channel t.v. show Sunday Eve .

        “i love this show ;0) – i just wish it was longer ;0p .”

      84. NYPD ARRESTED DOCUMENTED Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9 -11


      85. BPD: You would be surprised at the number of people that did just that and died.

      86. The President comes in for a photo-op and promises help is on the way.  It has been 2 weeks now since Hurricane Sandy and FEMA doesn’t have a clue.    The mainstream media buries the story and reporters are not allowed in the shelters.

        Maybe those that are able should get up  and start marching to DC and camp out on the White House lawn.  They could call it the DC marathon.  Then maybe the mainstream media might shed some light on their plight and the total incompetence of this administration.

        • Do a search on The Bonus Army, WW1 Veterans. See what will happen to them if they try to camp out in dc…


          • Kudos to you JustMe for knowing history!  My statement March to DC was tongue-in-cheek and shows that a president is capable and the military and police are willing to fire upon its citizens.  There is precedent.

      87. something about that story doesn’t seem right. They say there are armed guards, in lockdown, have issued ID cards, ect. Fema has this site listed as a temporary rest facility for workers. I’ve worked shelters and ID’s and armed gaurds were unheard off. It makes no sense to hire armed gaurds and have the ability to issue ID’s and not supply basic needs. Also, the story says they had no TV yet I saw  large screen TV in the backgroun in the pic. I can understand if the heaters were not working for one night but the rest really makes little sense and I have yet to see any other story colloberate this one story with 1 girls who was interviewed. I spen the last hour combing for more witness storyies to this and this is the only story, being copied and passed around. Started on Routers. So we have 1 story, with one girl who made this claim and it’s passed around like it’s multiple stories and many people are making this claim. It’s not sitting right with me. It sounds like a PR stunt.


      88. Big headline of the day! Justin Beaber and Gomez have called it quits! The country is being destroyed from within, the administration is determined to make us all one of the herd, human suffering is going to accelerate in the coming months, the world is on fire and earthquakes are getting more prevalent everyday. We are in deep shit and what do we get, massive coverage on the breakup of two elite losers. What the hell is going on? Is the media all on mind control drugs?

        We are being lied to on a daily basis, we are pretty much no better than sheep going to slaughter. I hate what this country is becoming more every day. I will fight the insanity until I no longer breath.  We are in a vortex of deceit and evil but I will hold on to my grasp on reality and the funny thing is, I sound like the nut because this is not the way most see it. I am not a nut, but a realist, time to batten down the hatches and keep a strong hold on what you value because they will try to take it away.

        • Meanwhile, Blue Light Special: Turkey is on sale in some stores right now. Buy one, can one.


      89. The GREAT CENTRAL U.S. Shake Out. Feb. 7, 2013.

        The largest Earthquake drill in the Central U.S. History

        Register Now at

      90. The point is that if the folks can’t depend on the government to come save them in a fairly localized emergency then you surely can’t depend on them for help in a widespread national disaster.   You have to prepare to help yourselves and the best time to start doing that is now.  You’ll never have more time to prepare than you do right now. 


      91. This is what is wrong with this Country! Nit picking and being a cry baby whiny ass! It doesnt really matter the motivation of the person joining the armed forces, they all do the same job and that is protecting you and your freedoms! SO many men an women died protecting your RIGHT to be able to come to a site like this and post your opinion! Whether they joined for pride and honor, or for skill training they all work and fight defending us! SHOW some respect for another LIFE if you cannot grasp the reality of  military! So many people are so lost in the daily grind that we need days like this to remind us WHY we are able to be lost in our personal little lives!  Maybe if you jerks would stop being so selfish and respect others on a daily LIKE YOU SHOULD then we would have no reason to have specific holidays to remind every one to say HEY thanks for putting up with our ignorant asses and keeping us safe!!!! To our vets and current Military ::: I salute you with my perfectly polished and manicured hands and thank you for doing all that you do allowing me to be perfectly polished and manicured! If it were not for you I would be waiting in a line some where for my daily ration of bread and cheese!!! Kisses and hugs to you all!!!!

      92. I sit here perusing the REAL news as I do every morning and there is no other other conclusion a sane person can come to other than the foxes are in the hen house and we, the watchdogs, are tied at the stake. We really truly have entered new territory as a country. The level of incompetence, corruption, and outright agenda of tyranny is beyond most peoples comprehension because our media, schools, and “leaders” tells us the words of panic and concern are just “hyperbole”, a word used to stifle those trying to speak the truth.

        We have just re-elected a man for the position of President of the United States of America who, in his own words, writings, and videos, has proclaimed his marxist leanings, his marxist mentors and heroes, and his marxist plans for our country, yet it is hyperbole to call him a communist/socialist/etc.

        We have Rep. Lt. Colonel West in Florida, a staunch BLACK critic of obama and a vile villian to the left who at first count, lost his seat in the house. Upon further investigation it appears he in fact may have won. We have data saying that over 100 voting districts in the battleground state Ohio had a more than 99% vote tally for obama (by far the most lopsided results ever seen in American politics) yet no one in the mainstream is questioning this AND it is hyperbole to discuss the idea of election fraud.

        This election saw over 13 million less voters than the “historic” elections of 2008 and Romney had almost 3 million less votes than McCain got, and this in an election year where the incumbant has made the economy worse over 4 years and has been riddled with scandals (including one mere weeks before the election where Americans were killed in a foreign land), his citizenship questioned by even his Secretary of State and has an administration of communists, some of who were forced to resign, but that would just be “hyperbole” to suggest there is something fishy going on.

        We have the Director of the CIA, who before this position was the General overseeing the wars in the middleast who the left called General “betray us”, now resigning in the beginning days of the investigation into the Benghazi scandal over an extra marital tryst AND we have a Secretary of State who says she is not going to testify in the above said scandal hearings because of scheduling conflicts, yet it is hyperbole to say something is very wrong with all this.

        We have a growing police state being managed by DHS and TSA, announced plans to use 10,000 unmanned drones over the country, DHS is buying BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, and its just hyperbole to claim this is dangerous to our liberty.

        We have a 15 Trillion dollar debt and $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a Federal Reserve printing money with reckless abandon, yet it is hyperbole to say we are heading for financial collapse.

        I could go on and on but to what effect?  We have a vicious cycle nightmare going on, our mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine for this leviathan of tyranny that threatens all of us, and an ignorant populace being led around by the nose by said media who just keeps telling them, “don’t listen to the naysayers, its all hyperbole”

        Not sure how we get out of this mess, actually I don’t think we can. Its going to come down to individual survival so that enough of those with a clue are still standing to create something good out of the ashes.

        • pretty much sums it up, doesnt it?

      93. what the hell is it with these numbers, u  tracking us or what.

      94. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it is a challenge to go on every day with this knot in my stomach.  I know that something is on the horizon…I can feel it.  I don’t know the when and I’m not 100% sure of the what, but all signs point to chaos.

        I am baffled how the sheeple can muddle through their everyday life with little attention at all cast to the absolute “what ifs”.  I understand that these idiots truly believe the government will be there to rescue them, even with all of these GIANT wake up calls.  I understand the govt is not nearly organized enough or prepared enough to handle a major disaster.  It’s just insanity.

        People, when stressed and threatened, often times respond violently.  They behave no different than a caged animal.  They react.  They don’t think.   They need someone, anyone to tell them it will be okay and that food is on the way, there is shelter, here is a book, here are some cards, etc.

        My point is this:  preppers by nature are usually leaders.  People need leadership.  I know a lot of people on this site talk about when the SHTF they will hold up and let their neighbors fend for themselves because “they had their chance to prepare.”  But that line of thinking makes us no different than a bully, no different than the govt who ignores the people in need. (in my opinion)

        I challenge this:  when the SHTF become the leader that is sought.  Wise thinkers, strategists, skilled persons will be needed during major disasters (whatever their cause).  Nobody likes a person who says, “I told you so.”  Rather, we should all consider our valuable roll as emerging leaders.  You don’t have to give anyone your physical preps, but you can provide your moral support, wisdom and maybe some sweat in order to help others.  Our humanity, our morality, our ethics and our souls will be at risk if we turn away from those in need.  I truly believe in the phrase, “teach a man to fish” and preppers all have loaded tackle boxes.

        • I feel the same way Kynase – trying to find a way to enjoy living each day in spite of preparing for a scary mysterious future; living on tenterhooks. I started prepping with a me-first attitude, but have evolved into a realization that I am prepping for a community of sorts. I have a fanciful hope that my preps can be like the miraculous fishes and loaves and just keep giving when the time comes.

          • Cast Not your Fishes before Swine!

            OOPPS!! I meant cast Not your PEARLS before swine!

            Trust Not every spirit, but Rather Test each spirit to see if they are of the Lord first before letting them into your homes……Them who aint do not let in and do not bid them God speed. For if you bid them God speed and they go do evils then You will also be guilty for blessing their evils ahead of time.

            In other words we don’t owe help etc to everyone. Traitors or evil types etc don’t qualify as “Brethrens”.  Everybody aint your brother or neighbor. and you do not owe them anything.

            Read about it in the new testement, its in there!

        • Hi Kynase,


          “…Bravo…Think, Thin, Think….Good Job!”

        • My mind set is, Im prepped so I can provide for my family in a time of need..Im also prepped so I can help those less fortunate than myself if the time comes. Im also prepped if when the SHTF and there are many out there that would have nefarious means to get away with and do unspeakable acts to thier fellow man, to step in and shut it down.

          I am also prepped because I have seen from my youth how innept this countries Government has increasingly become, and how they will handle things in a lawless fashion, so when they come up against me doing the right thing, maybe I’ll have the upper hand and be able to survive without the need for this useless Government.

          And im prepped for the possibility after its “over” I’ll be able to live free for the first time in my life

        • Being a leader can get you Killed. If people do not want to take the time to prepare, let alone listen to what you say now, then what do you think is going to happen to you if ever they think, you wronged them?

      95. Preppers do not expect support from a state organization; they do not have faith in that system – this article underscores why – and it’s consistent with the past few decades of government processing – the gov does not have the welfare of the people in mind.  Much irony – the gov prepares to help people in need, but otherwise implements irrational policies that will destroy our culture and way of life, and ensure that dependencey will forever increase. 

        A word on Texas secession:  If we secede from union, a lot of fed money (huge subsidized contracts – defense, space, infrastructure, etc., etc.) will go with it.  We’ll wind up with another Texas-Mexico battle for dominance almost instantly.  We have much in terms of natural and industrial resources, and on that end, should have much to trade.  We should annex Louisiana for their food and music and because more than half of their progeny live in Texas as it is.

      96. Venice is flooded..


        yeah I know, but way deeper then usual

        • VENICE, Italy (Reuters) – Nearly three quarters of Venice was flooded on Monday and tourists swam in St Mark’s Square as a wave of bad weather swept through northern and central Italy, forcing the evacuation of 200 people from their homes in Tuscany.
              Shops, homes and historic palaces filled with water in Venice and authorities said 70 percent of the lagoon city was flooded.
              High water in Venice reached 149 cm (5ft), the sixth highest level since records began in 1872, forcing residents to wade through waist-deep water. Tourists in swimming costumes sat at cafe tables under the water.

          • I dont think I’d be wanting to sit or swim in that water…where do their toilets and sinks drain to?

            and if its to a treating facility like it should be, where are the treating facilities and are they high enough above water level?

            yup thats not a fish, its a piece of shit

            • Now you mention it after the Pope went surfing all day!

          • I lived in Italy for 3 years, not but two hours from Venice. I visited there several times, and I can tell you that the canal and lagoon water are filthy, and sometimes have dead cats, garbage and other unidentified nasties floating in them.  Those tourists are pretty naive for swimming in it.  oye!!! nasty.

      97. Venice, being in the Med which has no tides, could never suffer the way our East Coast did.    Besides,  it’s built on a mud flat and has been slowly sinking since the Middle Ages.

      98. *Be Informed*


        Recent China Earthquakes May Be Aftershocks of 1976 Quake..Recent quakes in a city less than 100 miles from Beijing are likely the aftershocks of the catastrophic earthquake that destroyed the city 36 years ago, new research finds.

        this is the story ive read

        Is that bullshit, BI? or is it possible?

        • @ VRF.  This about China having aftershocks is not bullcrap, it is horse manure ;).  They have this notion about the earthquakes of the New Madrid being aftershocks from 200 years ago.  When a fault violently breaks it will have aftershocks for many at tops a decade.  After this time the fault’s new boundaries have pretty well established themselves.  When you see earthquakes in the 1976 Chinese area this is because the fault is going through the next new cycle of strain and stress at the same place.

          After the Balleny Islands region earthquake I gave a munber of locations that were likely to get hit.  On Java there was a 6.7 where they had been a 7.0 earthquake 2 years ago within 10 miles.  This area was also hit more than 30 years ago when the Balleny Islands region had an earthquake.  This 6.7 was not an aftershock, just the result of the same fault going through a release of stress.  Think of an earthquake like taking a piece of plastic wrap and holding it really tight for a few minutes, then release it.  You will see the initial reformation of the shape of it, then much smaller spasms of the pastic to further reshape itself to the way it was, these are like aftershocks.

          For every size down from the original size earthquake you have 1, then 10, the 100 and so on.  8.0, you can expect one 7.0, ten 6.0’s etc.  Whenever you have an earthquake and start to have more earthquakes much later on, it means the fault is going through a renewal of energy being locked up and one day break from that pressure.  Just another cycle that people don’t want the masses to know about.  Just like saying that the any movement on the San Andreas that is overdue for a huge one is just aftershocks from 1906, 1857, 1812, or around 1700, this is the purest of manure and probably based on misinformation given to public so they can continue to live live through their rose coloured glasses and believe that the fault they are under will not break during their lifetimes.  That why we are the preppers/survivalists and they are the conforming  driven masses.

          • Ahhh ok, I think I got it.

            I kinda figured it was just something for them to put in print “just in case” they could look right.

      99. Be Informed,

        This is from a dream that a person had back in 2010 and describes earthquakes, flooding and New Madrid fault .

        Sometimes looking outside the box, can help us understand more. Here is a comment of the video link below. (length of video is 7min 40sec.)

        “I read some of the comments on here, and I understand people’s frustrations about all of the 2012 hype and the onslaught of videos being made… But, the date of the upload of this video was Oct 2010. I think the guy was just putting out a warning of a dream that he had, out of concern for his fellow brothers and sisters; not to try to scare anyone. He did give almost 2 years’ notice, so people could prepare– if they wanted to.”


        Y’all Beware! He is from upper SC.

        • @ Y’all Beware.  I to have had a few dreams come true, and many that never did.  The earthquake prediction system though works on past earthquake activity to help predict where the future earthquakes will occur.  It is working way beyong what I thought it work.  Combining this with recent plate movements it is showing that earthquakes can be predicted.  This time was given eastern Alaska, and this time it was a bull’s eye today.  The prediction of India the other day was based on what I call an obvious observation, as this was off a 100 miles.  Until November 24, the other areas I gave and the previous 131 locations are still quite possible for another large earthquake.

          Since you live close to the coast on South Carolina maybe there is someway you could have someone send you an alert Via email or something WHEN the Caribbean plate goes on the eastern portion so you are not caught off guard.  Why there is not an early warning tsunami system is beyong words to describe how absurd this is.  WHEN it breaks you will have anywhere between 2 and 1/2 hours and 4 hours, maybe a little longer, to get to safety.  Watching that tsunami come into Thailand reminds me of a flash flood rushing down a narrow canyon, except it is extremely widespread.   These suckers are often faster than flash floods as some have been clocked at 50 mph, most go about 35 mph.

          Maybe you could talk to some state respresentatives about getting some early warning tsunami system tied into the South Carolina storm warning.  You would think after Charleston got hit on August 31, 1886 by what was around 6.6, that the state government would appreciate what an earthquake can do, especially a mega thrust fault just slightly smaller than the Japanese fault that produced that 9.0.  They don’t have to take my word alone about this, they can find Science oriented magazines, publications, etc. that have written about the dangers of this massive fault east of the Virgin Islands that runs down to Venezuela and Guyana in South America.

        • @ Y`all Beware ,

          I found this article awhile back and found it to be a very interesting read , somewhat the same as the link you provided .






      100. The guy with SD Mule is more like a mules ass, impotent and stupid.  I suspect he no vet in the first place.  I’m a vet, and wasn’t a hero or any kind of a big deal during my 4 years, but I have the greatest of respect for all vets, most of whom are better soldiers than I was and deserve all the respect we can give them.  I salute them all.

      101. Here’s something from my home state, Texas, that people should pay attention!!

        Homeland Security is helping Texas build huge domes anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 sq feet in size.  They are building them approximately every 18 miles along the coast.  They say they wil store equipment in them and they can be “shelters”.  I saw photographs of one in our paper, along with the article on them.  Now I ask you:  What kind of equipment????  I have some ideas on that, since I have been researching FEMA, FEMA CAMPS, SHTF.  But I won’t go into that at this moment. BTU, along with all the other strange thigns they ahve been doing lately, like buying multi millions of rounds of ammo and also more arms than you can shake a stick at; I believe they are up to no damned good, and are getting ready to “contain” us. I would like to see some feedback on this.  I am no conspiracy theorist, simply a watcher and listening grandma of 68.  TELL ME SOMETHING DO YOU TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT OR ANY OF THE FOREIGN ENTITIES WITH WHOM THEY ARE WORKING?


        • Linda

          How about some links to substantiate those domes..newspaper link..anything..






          • Maybe they are for temporary holding of Millions of mexicans who likely will Flood into texas and arizona when hobammy anounces Amnesty for all illeagles etc?

            I heard Mark Rubio, the tea party darling and who fax news calls a “Riseing Star” repub senator, speak at an interview a week or two ago.

            Rubio was asked his stance on mex illeagles, and his answer went something like this….”Well we sure need a new better imigration reform policy. One to streamline or speed up the citizen process. Because afterall, besides the already 12 Million latino(or latina or Hispanic not certain what differences are?).(ps that 12 mil is more like 30 or 40 million by now)

            There are at least Another 50 Million! yes he said FIFTY million MORE waiting to come here the legit way and we Owe it to that group to speed process up etc!

            Then just one minit later in next sentence Rubio Ups the anty and says “Like I said before, there are at Least 100 MIllion! waiting to enter usa leagle ways!…..From 12 Million to 50 Million to 100 Million Hispanics in less than Two minits of talk!

            I think tea party idiots got royally Duped when they supported Mark-all I care of is hispanics like myself-Rubio……Plus the facts that rubis is NOT a natural born american citizen neither, same as hobammy, except rubios parents was Both Cuban citizens when he was born.

            Maybe Thats reason zero repubs or fox tv talker heads would go after hobammys fake birth cert eh?……Cause they wanted romney to choose rubio-the Riseing star- as his VP running mate eh?

            Becks tv shows and hannity etc are already massively promoting Rubio for 2016 Prez for repubs!…..Repubs will Again be losers. Repubs=Whigs.

      102. ps sorry for the typos


      103. St. Lucie County, Florida Has 141.1% Voter Turnout … Obama Wins
        “Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast”
        “Coincidentally (or not), St. Lucie County is also in Allen West’s district where 6,000 votes mysteriously “shifted” from Mr. West to his challenger.
        Out of the 247,713 cards cast, somehow election machines counted 123,591 total votes.”

        • well KY Mom


          they do say

          “vote early and vote often”  !!!

        • Nothing new here really. The same crap has happened twice in Minnesota in the past 5 years. Once for Senator and once for Governor. In both cases the Neo-Communist Democrat won.

          Before that the Daily Machine ran Chicago like a private kingdom, still do.

          The problem is, we are a bunch of gutless little girls, myself included. So let’s have a pretend tea party and wine some more. “They  cheated and that’s not fair”!

      104. I’m buying as much as I can afford and vacumme pack most of it all. The items I buy for storage have been entered into my database so I can keep track of the freshness. I bottle my own water using empty soda bottles. I use the hot water side of the faucet as the hot water helps make them seal better. When the cow manuer hits the fan my family will be able to sit at home and wait out any short term economic or weather related disaster. I own my own solar panels, inverters, batteries, fuel, stoves, planty of toilet paper, etc. (Remember, if your local water treatment plant closes, plug all your drains and if you can get to it, plug the sewer pipe so there will be no sewage backing up into you home.)  Make all the preparations and rehearse them all. Watch Doomsday Preppers on NATGO channel on Nov 13. I may seem crazy but I’m well ahead of most of you on my preparations for any disaster that may come our way. Bar a house fire all my supplies are stored well below the ground and in waterproof containers. My ammo stockpile is also vacummed packed and in water tight containers.

      105. I am 45.
        I have been a spiritual, hard-working, ethical introvert.

        I have been as a cat in a dog-eat-dog world.
        America has definitely become apathetic, immoral, narcissistic, and sensationalizing of their wild imaginations that are far detached from reality.

        Everything wrong is what a majority of humans excercise.

        It’s no wonder that my shameful home country is, chunk by chunk, paying the price for self-rightousness.

        I was homeless a few times during good years for others. I maintained my self-respect, dignity… but was devestated, exhausted, and hopeless as most people visciously cut down or manipulated others for their own gain – whether for the material, or for pecking order. A hundred times I’ve seen the best workers get cheated/cut down for others’ wicked monopolizations.  Many have been as parasites in the host organizations of society – killing off the benevolent, and adopting their own.

        They are beginning to taste what they have put the innocent through.
        I think that they would still be too proud, too crooked, too self-rightous to work together pro-harmony to emotionally & psychologicly survive.

        It’s self-initiated payback; it’skarmic “cause & effect”.

        I mourn for them, but have a degree of satisfaction that they are now divinely offered the lesson of empathy & consequence.

        So many of US many of them would not care for. Now they join their victims, whom they are likely too self-rightous to take survival advice from.

        May the new homeless evolve quickly & wisely.

        I do have a home & job now, but I earned it all, though many of them have not earned MY charity.
        do remember those who few who have helped me.

        Prey not upon your neighbors anymore, in bad times or good, for it is below Civilized.

      106. …Yet the fascist government & Fed created $29 trillion to bail out banks and companies.  When it comes to human beings, all of a sudden they’re broke.

        If we weren’t taxed to death & made poorer every second by constant Fed created inflation, maybe some of us would have some money to help out.

      107. Many vets confuse their oath.  U are to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  That means the current 2 party group of enemies that off-shore jobs and debase the currency and run up debts that we have to pay would be included.

        Fighting illegal wars is not something to congratulate someone for.  No declaration of war has been declared in the Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, nor Syria invasions.  The military is being conned into breaking the law of the land, becoming no better than the CIA created terrorist organization called Al-Qaeda, which is now being supported with US weapon in the government’s trying to overthrow Syria.

        • unfortunately for the government

          people are starting to wake up to a lot of things


          when thinking about joining the military

          you HAVE to ask yourself


          am I serving the country

          or am I serving the government ???

          to me they are no longer the same

          the gov really needs to start stepping up its propaganda

          too many people  just aren’t buying anything they say anymore



          • Anyone joining the military now will be serving the global banksters.

      108. BI: The Helicorder at PVMO Lat. 36.4137-Long. 89.6997 Portageville, Mo. is showing some intense micro activity.

        • @ copperhead.  This is exactly where I would think you would get some intense tiny earthquakes, at the southern most portion of the fault.  I think much of this is from the intense strain being emitted towards the New Madrid because of the Caribbean plate.  Really watch at around 18 degrees and  at around 58 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge for movement, this is a beesline right towards the New Madrid.

          Just for everyone’s information, the Alaskan earthquake is just about where, within a degree or so, of where the Cascadia will eventually be.  The line goes right up where they had that 7.8 and the 6.4 today, some seismic stations call it a 6.5.  The doors is opening for the Cascadia region to move into.  After the Cascadia fault breaks, the San Andreas will then have its door unlocked and opened, much like back in 1700.


          Copperhead and everyone else, there is a new moon tomorrow.  New and full moon are better times for earthquakes and the best time for a completely dark sky for Israel.  Looking at Israeli news and over 300 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel the past 3 days.  First time since 1973, Israel has engaged Syria up in the Golan Heights.  I think everybody might be wise to check over their preparations as SHTF could come all of a sudden on multiple fronts.  Could, not necessarily has to, but not a bad time to go over what you have, what you are going to do in case the world goes to hell, and what else you need to get.  Not a bad time, would you agree?

          • BI

            Should the middle explode it will pale in comparison should your geo physical summations come to fruition..

            And the markets are at an eery standstill as well.

            And the political quagmire, as always, is heating up with the Petraeus debacle unfolding..

            And how many states filing legal petitions to secede at this point?

            We are surely at a near boiling point, Beinformed, in every which way come Sunday.

            Perhaps the Mayans were correct that this year will be the great reset ..

            Only time will tell..

            Tomorrow is another day..

            Preparing should be an every day mindset..


            • Middle East

              Sorry about that typo

              Well imbibed cognac has its effects..



            • @ Possee.  I know.  This is why on top of the geophysical predictions, I am trying to alert everyone to a very dangerous situation over in the Middle East that could bust loose anytime with one side doing something stupid.   The new moon is tomorrow and will be dark enough for an attack on Iran by Israel until Sunday.  This is extremely difficult to forecast because it is based on human interaction rather than the physics of the planet.

              On top of the gathering signatures for succession, wouldn’t it be nice to get just as many people signing on to become preppers?  Being outnumbered almost 100-to 1 by the non-preppers would sure be nice if that number could be reduced down to 50-1 or even 25-1.  I know it sounds like pipe dreams as people continue to think the fema will save them no matter what.   The 99% and the 1% of those that prepare, I never thought that those that try to be ready for the future would be so few.

          • The mid-Atlantic ridge just popped a bit.

      109. BI,


        A 6.2 up at Cape Yakataga, Alaska…about 10 minutes ago.

      110. The more I read, the more convinced I am that the election was a complete scam. Rigged to the hilt. I hope it will come out and the ass in chief will be kicked out of our white house.  I read that he won by only 300,00 votes in the key states, something stinks and just the thought that he could be booted out makes my day.

        If there is a giant shift in the earths crust then I hope it splits wide open where the anointed one and his minions are.

        Maddness is the rule of the day from now on. Lets see, not much info other than this site on recent earthquakes, no, that’s not news worth but the hollywood bottom feeders are. Prepare and hope you can survive what is coming, they know and guess what, they sure aren’t going to let you know until the day after.

        • “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
          ― Joseph Stalin

        • So was the first time he got “elected” and nothing was done about that either..and nothing will be done about this time.

        • @ JustOneGuy and Satori.  Please check the previous article, Comment ID # 831823 in which I gave the locations primed to get hit, Eastern Alaska was one of them exactly where you just had the 6.4.   You will see it on the long list where all those previous places were hit after the South Sandwich Islands got their 5.2 last week on the 9th.  To go back and see that myself in a comment giving days before the event makes me feel like Doc Brown in the Back to The Future when he said I finally made something that actually really works.  You just don’t know how long I have experimented with different theories on earthquake prediction that have never panned out.  Finally, something that works, finally.  Often I have to go back and see it for myself that it was a forecast given before the event.

          I just wish someone would see these predictions coming true one after the another and get an Atlantic coast to caost tsunami warning system up, because the big one in the Caribbean area is coming, and many people will die because they are not alerted to the 25-50 mph waves, (depending on the angle and slope of the coast), coming straight at them from the tsunami.

          • BI,

            JOG here, go back to the HOPI thing….DIG a bit…it ain’t good…


          • Hi Bi,


            BIG jumps on the Kiruna and Lysele magnetometers. Solar getting very jumpy the last hour. Boulder shows a distinct deviation, GOES-13/14 magnetometers also show distinct deflection….sumptin’ soon I tink’

            • Hi Bi,


              An M-6.0 flare occurred at 02:04 UTC. NOAA’s warning center indicates that the ACE satellite recorded the passage of a ‘sudden impusle’, followed by an increase in SW speed immediately thereafter. This increase is not attributable to the preceding M-flare but is instead the coincidental arrival of a mild IS shock wave from previous ejecta.As before, the point of origin of the M-6.0 appears to be NOAA 11613, per the EUVI SAM imaging. Start watching the USGS now to note any synchronicity in action.

              • A link to the NOAA X-ray Flux (1 minute plot) is:



                The following are routinely generated By NOAA SWPC;

                From the NOAA Space Weather Warning Center:

                Space Weather Message Code: SUMSUD
                Serial Number: 163
                Issue Time: 2012 Nov 12 2339 UTC

                SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse
                Observed: 2012 Nov 12 2316 UTC
                Deviation: 16 nT
                Station: Bou

                Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP2
                Serial Number: 828
                Issue Time: 2012 Nov 13 0231 UTC

                ALERT: Type II Radio Emission
                Begin Time: 2012 Nov 13 0204 UTC
                Estimated Velocity: 1193 km/s
                Description: Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.

              • @ BI,


                Another M-class flare, this one occurring at 05:50 UTC. No concommitant increase has been seen in the solar proton flux, same contines to decay.  Electron flux remains at very low levels and SatMag remains highly deflected relative to the previous average. At this time the ‘sweep’ curve post-flare suggest that additional flaring may well occur.

                Apparently, another tremor has occured in the QC/Haida Gwaii vicinity.

      111. I think we are up to 20 states that are signing Seecession Petitions

        States with citizens filing include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Oddly, folks from Georgia have filed twice. Even stranger, several of the petitions come from states that went for President Barack Obama.


        with 50 states were almost at 1/2 of them .

        • Hey, VRF. I noticed that. I perused and there was an article warning about this being a possible false flag. That never even occurred to me. Doesn’t mean the article is right, but it does offer an interesting angle on the petitions.

        • VRF

          I am ready!!

          .I’m done already..

          Give me a handful of preppers, Constitutionalists,fiscal conservatives,1st and 2nd amendment,militias and the likes..let’s roll and get this baby rocking..!!

          No irs, no social security, no taxes,no nothing..just  land with well water,land to grow food and raise livestock..and everyone must be armed.

          No gmos. no corporations or banks..nada!!

          Everyone self sufficient..everyone must serve ,one year,at some point,in a self established non paid, non benefit type of government body that represents the entire population and holds true to the Constitution as written..

          Perhaps a dream..yes..but damn it sounds great to me..

          Wait,,,wasn’t that the original intention for the United States?

          Sign me up!



          • What of all the Good folks who are too old or infirm to do work etc?…..Do you tell them types to go away?  Not everyone is able to work or grow food or whatever any longer.  Have you thought about that?  Just wondering is all.

            • they should impart their wisdom, for us to learn from, at least thats how the indians did it. Seemed to work for them until our government stepped in and fucked that all up too

          • I hear ya Boss..same sentiment

      112. RICH99,

        It is good to see you back on the forum again.  If you wouldn’t mind, it would be great to hear “lesson’s learned” from someone who has had a taste of SHTF.

        God Bless!

      113. @ rich99….did you get your hair messed up by the wind and a little wet perhaps?  My guess is you’re a REAL prepper now. Welcome to the club.




      114. @ All,

        A Solar Flare peaking at a magnitude of M-2.0 occurred ar 23:28 UTC, roughly one-half hour ago. The apparent point of origin as identified in the EUVI SAM imaging is NOAA 11613 located in the South-Eastern quadrant.

      115. Already 15 states are already talking and are signing petitions for secession from the USA. This is bad news folks. My grandparents were also from European nations, like a lady above in the comments section wrote about,those nations were also in disarray and broken when my ancestors came here looking for freedom. I do believe that this will be the last Thanksgiving dinner for many of us. Use this time of year to ask your enemy for forgiveness and ask your friends and relatives to prepare  because this is about to as this website is titled: SHTF! God be with you in these last days that we have in peace, and pray for me as I will for you, for what is to come.

      116. ZOG AmeriKa CIA “AL-CIA-DUH” FSA Terrorists to the Innocent People of Syria

        “We’re going to FREE THE SHEEIT OUT OF YOU !”

        *see pics below




      117. ZOG CIA Puppet Prez Obama’s (israel’s bitch) Illegal CIA Drone War on the Innocent poor Children Women and Men  – of Muslim Heritage around the world in pictures .

        *see pics below


      118. I live in upstate New York bw Buffalo and Syracuse.  Where do I sign?????

        • Emily,

          The article is at the Daily Caller.  I posted a direct link yesterday afternoon, but it is still in moderation.

          Drudge Report has a direct link to the article that has links for the different state petitions.  Here is the title of the article.

          UPDATE: White House deluged with petitions for secession…

        • Look for this article at Drudge Report:

          Update: White House deluged with petitions for secession…

      119. This story is a sad reflection upon our government.  They have spent hundred of millions for emergency supplies and yet when the citizens actually need  assistance they get treated like concentration camp internees.

        It would have been best if the citizens walked out of the damaged area and went to the nearest church for help.  At least they would have had hot food, a warm location and most likely a shower and bathroom – free of charge.


        One can not expect FEMA or the RED CROSS to provide all their needs.  One must be able to fend for themselves.  The next time you are warned to evacuate get the (you know what) out of there.

        Next time you will know what to do.  Take care of yourself – because the government will not be there early enough to help.

      120. @BI: When the CASCADIA goes will that effect YELLOWSTONE any? I know your busy, I was just wondering.

        • @ copperhead.  Sorry about not seeing this comment, there are so many comments sometimes I miss certain comments, just didn’t see it.  In my opinion Yellowstone is not going to go off until there is an earthquake within 100 miles of it that is 6.5 or larger to open up some rift in it.  Or maybe a very large earthquake in Utah or Montana that is 8+ within 200 miles of it.  In 1700 and every 260 years on the average before that the Cascadia fault has gone on and nothing has happened to Yellowstone.  I think something pretty close is going to be the eventual catalyst to it.

          There is always the possibility of Yellowstone going off because of some sort of deep thermal burst under it or near it.  The heat under the crust is constantly moving and there are all sorts of hot spots and eddies of intense heat that could erupt.  I would think if anything as large as Yellowstone were ready to erupt that there would be warning sigsn all over the place that volcanologists would pick up quickly.  There is a good sceince behind forecasting volcanoes, there are many signs to look for; gasses in well water, ground deformation, harmonic earthquake activity. much more.

          I have said this before that I really feel that the true danger of a supervolcano lies down in Indonesia, maybe with Toba again, but especially in New Zealand with MT. Taupo.  I really feel that the southern hempishere is where the next super volcano will blow up.

      121. I wonder how the hell Mushroom is doing, betting he has a ton of crisp $10 bills stashed by now…LOL


        • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but mushroom passed away a little while ago.

          In honor of Mushroom let’s all get a #10 can, stuff it with crisp $10 bills and bury it in the back yard!

          RIP Mushroom!

          • Norse Prepper,

            Thank you for passing that news on to me. Mushroom sure was a lot of fun to talk with and he will be missed. 


            RIP Mushroom

      122. I’m puzzled that not even one person commenting on this article asked for proof.  Are you telling me none of those people living in FEMA tents has a cell phone with a camera on it?  How’d the story get started?  Where’s the source.  How about a little follow up?

      123. Further to the subject of the original post:

        When the US was thrust into WW2, this kind of thing was rampant.  The Army and Navy were full of incompetent political animals that couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag when a real war was on.   In a couple of years these drones had been out if dire necessity shunted aside, and the generation of managers that became the “greatest generation” came to the fore.   Those were the people who won the war, came home and eventually took us to the Moon.    Here we are fifty years later, and we’re back to square one.



      124. @ beinformed…… you sir are a genius for forwarning about a potential alaskan quake….then it happened !       


        • @ Badpuppydog.  There are some really intelligent individuals on this site, and I have found one method of increasing one’s intellect, anyone and everyone.  First of all someone MUST get rid of the conditioning that we all have been poisoned with and allow our minds to be free to think unobstructed.  Next, try to get rid of the biased opinions on a subject and look for the truth whether you like it or not.  Many people want something so desperately that they will believe anything that sounds favorable to their desired goal and needs.  This is extremely difficult but the more someone can do this, the clearer the answer will be.  Seek out the answer, really work at it, because this not only makes the relentlessness and drive to get the answer that much more desired, it works the mind like a muscle of the body.  Lastly think unconventional and don’t believe just because science or society says that there is no answer or it is impossible to solve something, that it can’t be done, because it can.  Exercising the mind is so important like someone that needs exercise to keep healthy.

          • @Be informed

            You are 100% right. Its called mindfulness, it started in the East and made its way over here. I’ve been teaching it at a mental health facility and it’s exactly what you said. People have to break their negative thought patterns so that they are not stuck in their minds with continuous negative thoughts. Plus many people just go through their daily routine just reacting. They don’t process the things that are happening, they just think it’s all part of “the plan”. We exercise at the gym to keep our bodies healthy, but people need to really exercise their minds too. Mental toughness will carry you further than how much you can bench press.



      125. This speech was broadcast by legendary ABC Radio commentator Paul Harvey on April 3, 1965:

        If I were the Devil . . . I mean, if I were the Prince of Darkness, I would of course, want to engulf the whole earth in darkness. I would have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I would not be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree, so I should set about however necessary to take over the United States. I would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: “Do as you please.” “Do as you please.” To the young, I would whisper, “The Bible is a myth.” I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is “square”. In the ears of the young marrieds, I would whisper that work is debasing, that cocktail parties are good for you. I would caution them not to be extreme in religion, in patriotism, in moral conduct. And the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to say after me: “Our Father, which art in Washington” . . .

        If I were the devil, I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull an uninteresting. I’d threaten T.V. with dirtier movies and vice versa. And then, if I were the devil, I’d get organized. I’d infiltrate unions and urge more loafing and less work, because idle hands usually work for me. I’d peddle narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. And I’d tranquilize the rest with pills. If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine yound intellects but neglect to discipline emotions . . . let those run wild. I would designate an athiest to front for me before the highest courts in the land and I would get preachers to say “she’s right.” With flattery and promises of power, I could get the courts to rule what I construe as against God and in favor of pornography, and thus, I would evict God from the courthouse, and then from the school house, and then from the houses of Congress and then, in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and I would deify science because that way men would become smart enough to create super weapons but not wise enough to control them.

        If I were Satan, I’d make the symbol of Easter an egg, and the symbol of Christmas, a bottle. If I were the devil, I would take from those who have and I would give to those who wanted, until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. And then, my police state would force everybody back to work. Then, I could separate families, putting children in uniform, women in coal mines, and objectors in slave camps. In other words, if I were Satan, I’d just keep on doing what he’s doing.

        Paul Harvey, Good Day.

      126. Just had a 6.0 on the southern end of the Nazca Plate down in Chile.  I honestly don’t see how the Caribbean plate can take much more of the stress from the Nazca, South American, Cocos, and North American plate that are all on the move.  If everyone looks at the USGS map, it is breathtaking to see what is happening.   The entire South American coastline that is where the Nazca plate collides with the South American plate to create the Andes mountains, has had an earthquake of moderate size within a few hundred miles of each other.  All the other locations around the world sticks out like daggers poking up out of the ground.

        There has been times in the past in which there have been swarms of very large earthquakes within days of each other.  Remember when I remarked about all the different locations of all the earthquakes about three weeks or so ago, and then that 7.8 hit in Canada?  This is looking very similar.   What bothers me a lot are those two earthquakes on the western portion of the Nazca plate that occurred 5 and 6 days ago, this shows that the plate is moving away from the spreading zone and the result is all these earthquakes on the South American coast.


        The Nazca plate is about 30% the size of the South American plate, but when it collides with the South American plate the transfer of energy goes outward towards the other areas that are also locked and “loaded”.  Interesting that is goes to the area in the South Sandwich Islands that had that moderate quake that looks like the precursor that showed what is happening.   It also goes to the Cocos plate that collides with the Caribbean plate.  But because of the direction of the eastern portion of the Caribbean plate it is directed here more than anyplace.  That sideways U with the curve of the U being compressed by the northern section of the South American plate.

        I gave the Caribbean plate as one of the danger zones until November 24, but if I see anymore polar activity that is directed towards this area I might just be ready to call it.   If you see any earthquake of at least 7.5 along the longitude line between 45 degrees west to about 63 degrees west from about 14 degrees south to 45 degrees south, the Caribbean plate is toast, it is over.  This would be western  and central Argentina, northeastern Chile, western Paraguay, central Bolivia and Venezeula.  A 7.0 might even do it.  This would be the sign you are looking for.  Also signs to look for are larger size earthquakes on the Equator zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge 6.6 or larger.   Any 5.0+ quake above Alaska would also be a sign to look for.

        • Hi BI,


          Solar is up tonight, see the last post above… 🙂

          • @ JustOneGuy.  The solar activity has a bearing on the magnetic field of the planet that in turn affects the movement of the plates.   About 11 hours ago the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge had two earthquakes, 4.9 and 4.8.  These were new locations and if you take a globe and use a tape measurer and take a west to northwesterly path which is the direction that the North American plate is drifting, you come right upon the central to north prtion of the San Andreas.  This shows that the North American plate is exerting pressure on the San Andreas and redirecting it back at the eastern section of the North American plate.   4.9 and 4.8 are not that large, but it shows that the San Andreas is also under strain, less so than the Caribbean plate and the Cascadia fault, but still under tension.  I would be interested to see what will happen during the next intense solar storm, Kp9 or 9+.

        • Should I give my family in Peru a heads up?

          Lima , Cusco & Arequipa

          Or will this S.A. pressure cause the quake to be elsewhere? I dont have a solid grasp on how this earthquake stuff all goes down


          • My wife’s family is from Lima also, but they are used to earthquakes of one sort or another over the years…

            Can’t hurt to inform them then anyhow….

          • @ VRF.  At this point YES.  If you look at the chart I posted on the last article of the 131 out of the 158 times that this area of the South Sandwich Islands was hit, 5 times there was a nearby large earthquake to Peru.   First one; number 89. on Oct.17,1990, 7.0, number 80. on March 5, 1987, 7.3,  number 74. April 8,1986, 6.5, number 60. Nov.30, 1983, 7.7, and number 10. Nov.9, 1974, 7.2.

            As you can see from this, 5 times is a reason to be concerend over the course of the last 39 years.   If I was in Peru I would concerned more about the western movement around the Pacific Rise of the Nazca plate because it shows that there is movement of the plate eastward towards the South American plate, and this means earthquakes.   Past earthquakes have occurred after this location in the sub-polar region was hit.  I don’t want to alarm your family in Peru, but I surely would be on guard until later in the month.  I am far more thinking though about the Caribbean plate and the Cascadia fault right now are ready to break.  A major earthquake though in Peru would be enough to set off the Caribbean plate, it is that ready to go.

            • BI what part of Peru would you think is the bigger possibility?



              or Arequippa?

        • Hi! BI

          watching closely, and telling my girls what to do in case we are no together when it happen. also i  told her about the triangle of life that is where you have to be in case of and earthquake .

          in another ramdom though when you look the direction  the plates are moving and where the earthquakes are, it  give the imprecision  that the caribbean plate is going to rotate. maybe in a million  years panama would be separated from colombia

      127. What did the sheeple expect, the Hilton Hotel? It’s about time the sheeple woke up.

      128. Commented at 8:52 last night and I’m still in MODERATION. Guess I’m in the DOGHOUSE for some reason.

      129. just a reminder or Geryl’ s earthquake predictions


        ” Gery’s upcoming predictions

        from Ure’s site today

        “Quaked, Rattled and Rolled?

        In our special update Sunday, I outlined a (for now fictional) account of how earth changes could be getting just a tad too real and Sandy may be part of an effort to keep the civilian population in the dark (literally and figuratively) while government planning for some future emergency continues full speed.

        No doubt about it, Patrick Geryl’s prediction for a 7.5 quake in this period came in smack-dab on. And, if you’re too lazy to see what’s ahead, here’s what we reported on Sunday:

        “Hi George,

        Next date for a 7.5 plus or larger is November 25 – 28

        November 7-8: possible 7 plus

        November 13-14: 6.5 plus

        November 15-16: 6.5 plus

        November 20: 6 plus

        November 22-23: 6.5 plus

        November 28: 7

        December 4-5: 7 plus

        December 11: 7 plus

        December 17-18: 8 plus

        December 21: 10 plus”

        • @ Satori.  I went to the link about Patrick Geryl and I would like to know this person’s method of forecasting earthquakes.  Is it psychic or by using playing cards or something, or is there something behind it?  As you can see for the past several months I have been forecasting earthquake after earthquake each time getting a little closer to the exact location based on hard core scientific research based on previous earthquake sequences.  As you can see from the previous articles I said that eastern Alaska was one of those places to be hit possibly, it was and the largest earthquake in 25 years there.

          I have found that based on pure chance you can predict that a certain size earthquake will strike the planet.  Getting the right locations and the size are an entirely different story.  Remember on my comment section I warned that a 7.3-8.6 earthquake was coming by Nov. 2, it was 7.8.  I gave southern Alaska as one of the areas to watch for, it was 135 miles off.  Please, anyone that doesn’t believe this check the previous comments on this site.

          Unless this person has a method that he is willing to share with the audience like I have to done to try to help people understand earthquake prediction for the betterment of humanity, then I would give a lot of skeptism to a person like this.   I want everyone to know how to predict earthquakes so if I croak or the government takes me away to Area 51 or something, that what i have found out can continue on to help people.  Look at the 131 out of 158 different earthquakes of 6.5+ that occured after the South Sandwich Islands area was hit in the past, there is a pattern that can be used to predict future earthquakes which is working again and again.

          I wonder if this individual is simply reading my predictions and making these their own.  Again, check out the high level of accuracy of the polar activity predicting the future earthquake activity for the past several months as true forecasting using true time tested science and statistics.

      130. @ beinformed….I agree…we have all been condtioned with so many lies and distortions  it’s hard to tell which way is up or down. It’s very difficult to find a single shread of truth in a sea of lies. The MSM is talking about who general Petraius may have slept with instead of talking about all the insane tectonic activity and solar activity so people can get ready. Most people in America live in a fantasy land. They are consumed with sports, reality tv, cars, video games, etc, etc. It’s amusing to me to watch these sports casters debate a football game as if it were the most important thing there is. They leave no stone unturned when debating sports. But when two political lackies are talking about serious issues like our debt…they won’t even mention the elephant in the room ( federal reserve ) or the fact we are already broke. Most of them have the nerve to say the economy is improving…which it isn’t. They sure as hell won’t tell everyone what you , I and most here know about the scary earthquake and solar activity. But anyway….thanks for the reply and keep up the very impressive work sir.

        • @ badpuppydog.

          You are right. You just can not get a straight answer on anything. Nothing going to get fixed  either cause, That’s the way, Uh huh, Uh huh. They like it. Uh Huh. Uh Huh!

      131. @ everyone…I almost forgot…doesn’t anyone know what the shelf-life of an un-opened bottle of whisky, vodka, gin, rum  is?  I would appriciate any info given on the subject. I’m guessing if it’s unopened and kept in optimal conditions it should last decades.



        • My father won bottles of liquor at wild game dinners when I was a little kid.  Five to twenty years later, the liquor was put in the punch bowls 7-7, Screwdrivers, etc. when my husband and I got married.

          I agree, unopened, it will likely be fine.

        • @ badpuppydog.  As I understand it alcohol that is unopened becomes more and more valuable over the years.  I read that someone recently had a bottle of  brandy that was from the 19th century that sold for tens of thousands of dollars and the rich character remarked it was the finest taste he ever had.  Of course you spend that much money for something you condtion your taste buds to believe that it was well worth the money for it.  I know that they make fruit cakes with rum and brandy and preserve them because of the alcohol.  It might be a nice thing to sell if it is that old.

      132. @ vanmom..thanks for the input…I think booze will be a great barter item.

      133. @ vanmom…thanks for the input…..I think a variety of booze will be a great barter item. We all might need a shot or 2 when things get really bad.  All sizes too…the little airline type bottles all the way up to 1.75 size. I’m gonna get all the popular variations…whisky, rum, vodka, gin , tequilla, etc. In the right  circumstances an unopened bottle of booze could be VERY valuable.

           Smokes would be darn near priceless too…I just can’t figure out a way to preserve smokes for a long period of time.

      134. @ slingshot…. to me finding the truth is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack these days.

      135. I am reading about all the solar flares, earthquakes predictions, volcano eruptions and other forms of earthly upheavel and you know what? Just like Yogi Berra would say, It won’t happen, till it happens.

      136. Smokes can be preserved for long periods of time by placing them in the freezer, in their cartons.   I know someone who did this and it worked out fine.

      137. NONE !

      138. In light of Hurricane Sandy, I hope it is pretty obvious that we all need to get some type of food storage and emergency preparedness kits going.  I recommend starting with a simple first aid kit and 72 hour kit for each member of your family.  When that is complete store enough water that your family would consume in a weeks period of time.  2 liter pop bottles are easily accessible and can be stored anywhere.  When this is done then start on canned goods or ready made meals.  Set goals and accomplish something each month.  Taking this one step at a time can make this overwhelming task simple and affordable.

      139. @ beinformed…..I’ve been researching shelf life of booze all day and the basic opinion seems to be if it’s unopened it will last 100+ years if kept out of the sunlight and kept at optimal temperature ( room temp ) . Some experts even said that if they found an unopened bottle of booze 1000+ years old ( wow )  chances are it would still be good if it was stored correctly. It seems nothing can live in a high concentration of alcohol ( bacteria ) so it has to be scotch, bourbon, vodka, gin, tequilla, or rum. No flavored stuff..just the basic spirits. On the other hand if it’s opened it won’t last near as long….but…it will last many years still if kept out of the sunlight and at optimal temps….the more booze left in the bottle the longer it lasts once opened…if it’s just a little in the bottom it won’t last  as long as a nearly full bottle. So basically the stuff will long outlive me..( unless I tap into it of course)  Thats intresting how it shyrockets in value if it’s really old……thanks for the comment……


        commencing : operation jack Danials

      140. @ emily…thanks for the reply…good to know smokes will keep for a while in the freezer….I think i’ll stash 3 or 4 cartons in the freezer for more bartering power.


        commencing : operation marlboro man      :>)


      141. “If FEMA and DHS are incapable of dealing with an emergency that affects less than 1% of the US population simultaneously, what type of response should the American people reasonably expect in the event of a sustained wide-scale disaster?”

        Personally, I expect NO response from FEMA or any other government agency in the event of a widespread disaster.  Like the cops down in NO during Katrina, they will abandon their posts in droves to be with THEIR families.  YOUR family will just have to handle the situation as best they can. 


      142. And since HAARP’s website has gone down, and there are many people going around saying that HAARP has shut down when it hasn’t, I wonder if they are planning another major attack soon.

      143. im in the navy and i never thought that this government might even be trying to do this. this is good info and im doing more research but all i gotta say is what the fuck?

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