Bunker Sales Skyrocket 1000%

by | Mar 24, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 65 comments

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    Earthquakes and Tsunamis have killed over a quarter million people in recent years. Fears of radiation fallout grip the world. War in the middle east is expanding. The global economic system may be approaching a breaking point. While these events are considered unlikely probabilities, they are, as we have seen, within the realm of possibility. Even one-in-a-million scenarios, like an asteroid collision or pole shift have happened in earth’s history, wiping out species across the entire planet.

    If the absolute worst were to occur, the best place to be is out of the way and out of view. As we witnessed on September 11, the US government has their plan in case of an emergency. When America was under attack, security personnel quickly moved the President, Vice President and key members of the government to underground bunkers. In the 1950’s and 60’s, at the height of the cold war, families across America were installing bunkers in their back yards to protect themselves from the possibility of atomic war. Today, as modern as our era may be, people have the same fears as before, perhaps more so. According to the following report, the government isn’t the only one building Armageddon shelters as of late. Several companies have made it possible for private individuals to take steps to ensure the safety of themselves, family or 950 of their closest friends:

    These companies that sell Doomsday bunkers and underground fallout shelters are seeing sales and inquiries just skyrocket. There’s one company called Vivos which makes huge underground shelters that can fit anywhere from 200 to 950 people and it has seen reservations rise over 1000% just in the last week, since the earthquake hit.

    The CEO likened it to a four-star hotel underground. Pool tables, lounges, everyone gets their own room, a bathroom, there’s a kitchen, a bakery, dental facilities, medical center, full stocked wine cellar, a pet kennel and even a prison where you can put people if they start being violent. And why would you need all this crazy stuff in a fall out shelter? Well, because you could be there for a while.

    Being prepared may be a fringe industry, but more people now than ever before are spending time, energy and money to ensure they have the essentials in case the worst were to happen. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that all families have at least two weeks of supplies that include food, water, and critical medicines. Those who prepare for disasters often refer to themselves as preppers, and they’ve found that once they start stocking up, two weeks just isn’t enough. In addition to the basics recommended by emergency organizations, preppers generally look out at a time line of anywhere from thirty days to a year, and they plan accordingly. Freeze dried foods, five gallon buckets of dry goods, garden seeds, precious metals, self defense armaments, and fuel stores are all of the supplies any serious prepper has in their home or secondary bug-out location.

    While some may refer to companies in the preparedness industry as profiting off of people’s fears, the same could be said for any industry. All advertising, or at least an overwhelming majority, utilizes fear based marketing. Mainstream news channels regularly carry headlines driven by fear and panic. They’ll be the first to admit that headlines sell news (and advertising). Who’s going to tune in to cable news for hours at a time unless something sensational is happening, or perceived to be happening? Commercials for prescription drugs, clothing, detergent, vehicle sales, makeup, and all manner of consumer products sold in America use fear based marketing targeted at adults and children. This is regular practice. Advertising, by its nature, creates a fear or a void, and then sells you a product to fill that void.

    We digress.

    The fact of the matter is that while we may feel like we need all of those products to fill the voids in our lives, most of them will do nothing for us in the event of an emergency or large scale catastrophe. It’s obvious by recent and historical events that sometimes bad things happen. And they don’t just happen in far-off places or on the TV. They happen close to home.

    Some individuals have a real concern. They see signs all around them that something, perhaps they can’t put their finger on it, just doesn’t feel right. This in itself can often lead to stress, anxiety and depression and become debilitating to one’s everyday life. If  taking action like creating a wealth preservation plan, acquiring reserve supplies and learning new skills mitigates negative emotional responses and subjugates the fear of an impending doom, then that is a positive development for all aspect of your wellness.

    Getting ready may help a prepper feel better emotionally and spiritually, but there is certainly a stigma associated with such actions by the general populace. The only thing we can say to those individuals skeptical of such activities is that the US government plans for all manner of far-from-equilibrium scenarios like economic breakdown and  spends billions of dollars on building bunkers, stockpiling food and medicine, and arming themselves – and they are doing it with the skeptic’s tax dollars. The ironic thing is that in an emergency, those who view preppers as abnormal or out of touch will reap none of the benefits of those federal preparations, as they are reserved for continuity of government contingencies and the best, brightest, and elite of our society. The skeptic will be the one left holding the bag, which will of course have no food, water or supplies contained in it.


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      1. The “problem” with “bunkers” is that
        1. you have to get to them when tshtf
        2. you have to get them before someone else does (i.e. the other people who know of them – family, friends, neighbors, etc…)
        3. you have to make sure the construction workers putting them in don’t come back… .(“hey Steve, I know where we can get plenty of bean, bullets and band-aids… maybe even a little tail”.)

      2. Sketch – #3 Yeah, I thought about that…LOL!

      3. Sketch – #3 Yeah, I thought about that….LOL!

      4. An insulated conex box under a big shade tree that is bolted down to a concrete pad makes a pretty good bunker out in the country along with a wood stove.  Refurnished ones can be purchased at different stages and trucked pretty easy.  They can be easily painted the background color.

      5. You have to read between the lines here…

        These bunkers are equipped with Computers, Showers, Laundry Rooms, etc.. Like a 4 star hotel.

        Okay, is it just me or when the SHTF and these bunkers become necessary will all this stuff work?
        I think not! Let alone what Sketch said above.

        I think those people will have to fight off anybody who knows about these shelters tooth and nail, kill or be killed.

        Take your $25grand and do something efficient with it – LIKE THINK FOR YOURSELF AND PREP!
        It’ll be cheaper and you’ll know what you have rather than a possibility of having nothing but a smaller bank account. I’m not for it!

      6. Bunkers or no, your analysis and points are well-taken, especially the part about the government preparing with the skeptic’s tax dollars. Bravo Mac! I’m concerned the economic breakdown that the U.S. government has prepared for is not too far in the offing — please see “Breaking – Elite to Hold New Bretton Woods?” at http://www.MalthusUniversity.com. As always, I hope I’m wrong, but better to ready early than not ready when TSHTF!
        Anthony Schiano,
        aka “President Malthus”

      7. the bunker ventilation system is highly vulnerable to delibrate obstruction and/or gaseous mischief.

      8. Pretty but she needs some duct tape.

      9. remember the “dirty dozen”.

        nuff said….

      10. Pinkley: Never heard of it!

      11. Wow, I actually agree with Mushroom.  Who would have thought……..

      12. What kind of General?

      13. We are just going to stay put.  We’ve got ample preps and ammunition.

        We will vigorously defend our home & family and if our number comes up, then its just our time.

        My biggest fear is starving neighbors showing up at our door.  They’ll notice that we aren’t losing weight as rapidly.  How could you say no?  But if you say yes, they’ll be back tomorrow (with more people too).

      14. I just heard that #1 is visiting the U.S.

      15. 25 grand?
        I could make my own bunker that no one would even know about for thaat kind of skratch.

        lol..like i got 25 grand to make a box in the ground, that i may or may not ever need or if i even did make it, that i would be anywhere near it WTSHTF

      16. Oh… one more:
        #4 – you have less maneuvering ability when the time comes to defend it – ESPECIALLY if its buried…

      17. If we do get some fallout coming our way, our house isn’t really able to protect against it so what do you do? Evacuate! So throw some gear in the back of the car or truck and get on the highway with a million other panicky refugees headed to some tent city where you live like in a primitive camping condition hoping the govt will provide enough food, shelter and water oh yes and security ( remember Katrina and the Superdome?) I’d rather just hunker down for a few days and ride it out. Dont need all the luxuries and such, just a couple of feet of earth over my head. Anyone left roaming around will be dead from radiation poisoning anyway. Dont need anything fancy. Maybe just one of those steel culverts buried underground. Anyway I’m working on that. Don’t cost twenty five grand either. Just a few thou.

      18. And whose to say one or more of your 950 “roommates” don’t bring others along that don’t have a spot reserved, then not only do they know where it is, but then there would be chaos at the entrance to the place – there are just too many things that could go wrong in that situation – I could spend 25K much more effectively than that.

      19. I had a dream…..I’d built this huge underground room. It was crammed full of supplies. Food, water, medicine, all kinds of stuff. Then I heard these mortar shells or bombs or something hitting the roof. Some of them were breaking through and exploding. I felt like I should be safe cause I was underground but I wasn’t sure. Maybe I should’ve built it better or stocked up more. And all the while there was this cranky old guy from NY sitting in a worn out easy chair watching TV. I started trying to wrestle the remote away from him but couldn’t get it…then I woke up. Bunkers…bunker busters…bunker mentality…archie bunker…who can keep up with it all? Life is such a mystery… 

      20. Are these bunkers figured into the new housing boom?  Liars morgue-age.  What ratio Freddie to Fannie?

      21. GA MOM,
        you either have to say no or start prepping for everyone in the neighborhood, everyone has a best friend or a close relative to feed and once you feed one, you have opened the door, they may move on the first day if you say that was all you had, but they’ll be back the next day or two with help, a hungry person is a mean person

      22. VRF: “25 grand? I could make my own bunker that no one would even know about for thaat kind of skratch.”
        When you include the cost of the real estate, security systems, and provisioning….I don’t think so. At least not the way I would design the project. Based on the situation in my area (Texas), I would budget around $300-500K for something that could serve as a long-term sustainable retreat (sustainable meaning the ability to grow/manufacture continuing supply of provisions, not just using them up).  These co-habitation bunkers sound like a good idea to me for certain types of people. I very much agree that getting to the bunker complex is going to be a really big weak link (just as with any bug out location).

      23. GA mom said: “My biggest fear is starving neighbors showing up at our door.  They’ll notice that we aren’t losing weight as rapidly.  How could you say no?  But if you say yes, they’ll be back tomorrow (with more people too).”
        This is talked about quite a bit in prepper circles. There are quite a few possible responses. Opsec: be low-profile, be careful of information leakage, isolated retreat location with difficult ingress, analyze lines of sight, use objects such as prominent trees for range-finding  ;   provisions: have extra provisioning for barter or to give away. Main thing is to appear to BE a begger, not someone who has stuff of value. When I travel (Asia/Europe) I am very low profile and dress like a bum..and I’ve never had a problem with people.

      24. .call me,  I have put underground  concrete shelters in  with solar gen.   small  air filt. sys,    food stocks,   water pumped from undergound well, using solar pump,’6k for solar pump. i have built bank vaults for wells fargo, with # 7   re-bar on 4″ centers double  walled  and can even put underground  escape route, hidden, through galv.  culvert pipe all for a 6 member family for 63k.    e mail me at  [email protected],  send me  half to get started,  and other half on completion.

      25. I am gonna build me a bunker!

      26. The only event that would require a bunker is a nuke event, even then there would be limited devastation.
        What’s going to be needed (if what seems to be taking place occurs) is lots of stored food, seeds, guns ,ammo, water or the ability to access it & purify it.
        I really don’t believe that we’ll have a Mad Max scenario, it will most likely be like what the Argentines went through, bad inflation, loss of pensions, etc.

      27. Comments…..Americans are still so self-oriented. What an opportunity it would be to win people to Yeshua Jesus. There are christians in Burma praying that God would bring persecution to them so the church would grow.

      28. Will the reporter be in the shelter?

      29. Stilo, you do realize that if you were born in Pakisatn that you’d be Muslim instead, don’t you?
        The religion of man is largely a geographical phenomenon.

      30. #5  You have to make sure your bunker is airtight in case a pole shift turns it into an underwater bunker. ( It’s gonna need an airlock and scuba gear. )

      31. A bunker is nothing more than a very expensive tomb. All flexibility vanishes the minute you pull the hatch closed. Don’t live near Nuke targets, problem solved. Spend the money on a good root cellar instead; store food and weather tornadoes at the same time. You are not going to be able to prep for every possible contingency so spend your money as wisely as possible on the basics………enough to cover the most realistic scenarios. The fear of the unknown is in direct correlation to the ability to withstand adversity; keep it simple, keep it real, and keep it to yourself.

      32. Comments…..no Dave, its a personal choice no matter your ethnicity. God says that he chooses some from every tribe and nation. He works with the will of man to gather a people of his own– a new creation. The universal church is not the same as the invisible church, which is comprised of saved individuals– by personal faith in the blood of Jesus. It’s true that the percentages of christians in 3rd world nations is something like 2%. But I’m not a percentile. I have free will and can choose, obviously.

      33. @Stilo
        blah blah bullshit. religion is a way to CONTROL people. It defines (to its own ends) how people “should” behave within their own faith and serves as a division. Telling us that one religion is the “right” religion is like telling people what the shape of water is.
        Spare us – and this board with your hypocritical philosophical ramblings. If there is indeed a “true” religion – and that is “christianity”, tell us please what religion Job was. Tell us also what the religion was of the “good Samaritan”. (here’s a hint, neither was of the “chosen people” then.)
        Religion is NOT faith. The two are NOT interchangeable. go spew your hatred somewhere else.

      34. He wasn’t talking about ethnicity. He was talking about geography. He said ‘geographical phenomenon’. I fail to see how in the world you got issues of ethnicity out of that. If you believe it’s entirely possible that you PERSONALLY could spontaneously convert to Islam, then your point is valid. Otherwise, it isn’t.

      35. “There are christians in Burma praying that God would bring persecution to them so the church would grow.”
        And there are many educated people who hope that Christians eventually stop preying on desperate and defenseless people in order to win converts to their blood cult.

      36. I’m accepting applications …… the reporter can “bunker” with me. 🙂

        the funny part is “”your taxes”” are paying for Barry’s”” bum boy”” “”” reggie love!!!!””
        His quote unquote – GAY PERSONAL TRAINER – maseuse!!! lol ;0) your all morons and your living a lie! Keep payin’ your taxes – Reggie needs a raise!!! lol ;0)

      38. @ stilo, sketch, Dave, Dboy- I call my brand of faith “plain vanilla Christianity.”
        No popes, priests or mystical ceremonies required. No denominations either. It’s kinda like I see my neighbors house on fire and I go to him:
        “your house is on fire, can i offer you a water hose, fire extinguisher, some insurance?” He says: “no, my house aint on fire. Your just imagining things, now go away.” So I go away. I don’t curse him, threaten him or twist his arm. I just leave him alone, and I don’t feel smug or superior to him. I really think the house is burning, He doesn’t. One or both of us is wrong but it’s not up to me to force him. People can be forced to DO things but you can’t make them believe something if they don’t want to. And I know lots of violence has been comitted in the name of Christianity over the centuries but that never was real Christianity. The founder, Christ, warned about judgement, and all kinds of bad stuff in the next life but He NEVER condoned  force as a way to convert people. Just because somebody kills people in the name of _______ doesn’t mean the one whose name is used really wanted that. No different than me going to the pawn shop and saying ” I’m robbing this store in the name of Dboy” Yes, the store got robbed but it wasn’t Dboy that did it. I just used his name without his permission and against his wishes. All the crappy stuff done by so-called christians shouldn’t be blamed on Jesus or his true followers who don’t do that stuff. Also, we don’t need to talk their ears off if they don’t want to hear about faith or religion- which reminds me, wasn’t this topic originally about bunkers or something?

      39. If I dig a hole big enough to squat in, and then pull a sheet of plywood over me, does that count as a bunker?  I will have a ham sandwich and a hand grenade in there with me.

      40. Be careful not to pull the pin on your ham sandwich.

      41. No need for a bunker.
        Now, you should be hoarding all the garbage, especially old broken larger items, and dumpster dive.
        Then when the SHTF, take your broken garbage that you have been saving in your home and thrown it everywhere on your outside property.  Just turn your front and back yard into a garbage dump, looters will think you have been hit already and move on to your neighbors.   For good measure, have a dead body or two near the outside front door.

      42. Thanks Castro- I feel much better knowing my yard is not an eyesore (like the city council keeps saying) It’s actually just “pre-positioned disaster decor.” By the way should the dead bodies be fresh or should I scrounge one now and keep it in the freezer?

      43. Comments…..All right: presecution! Love it.

      44. Very, very nice of you to buy and build these complexes for petty government officials and their elitist buds 🙂

        You’ll still be sleeping in your car and pimping for can goods after spending $25 – $100K!

        Emergency Plans in Louisville Confiscate Private Property

        This is simply more proof that in the event of a disaster the local and federal governments have plans in place to CONFISCATE private property.

        In the event of a disaster, your government will NOT be on your side. I repeat, your government will NOT be on your side!

        Language in Louisville’s proposed emergency response plan, which would give the city the power to “commandeer private property” and “seize” buildings in a crisis, has given several of the city’s elected leaders pause.

      45. I have a LARGE dog pan with (BITCH wrote on brim), LARGE dog dodo in yard, 6 Guns/Ammo magazines by door, empty 10 gauge 00 shells, box with crushed beer cans & redneck bumper stickers on front/back door.  I always answer door with gun in hand, but friends understand.
        What grade of plywood?

      46. I have been thinking about hardening a part of my basement, to a point that it could withstand the rest of the house collapsing on it, has any of you ever thought of doing that.

      47. James Woroble Jr….. I guess they wont mind then if we confiscate their bodies after blasting our way in with hollowpoints and evicting their spirits to hell or wherever,eh?

      48. DEAR, NWO Debt Slaves, QUESTION FOR YOU???
        Why??? Cause your taxes pay “”Barack I Take it in the Bum Obuma”” aka “barry sotoro”, your illegal alien illegal El President’s Obuma “”BUM BOY”” Reggie Love’s”” …aka Obuma’s gay personal trainer/ sex slave – Salary at the america brothel known as the “”White House!””
        So while your out on the street starving, homeless, penniless , about to loose your home by an illegal  default on your mortgage! Thinking about suicide or robbing the local food mart, just to eat!
        SCREAMING – “”PLEASE REGGIE MY LOVE! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!”” grunt ggrunt squeel… lol ;0)
        *personally – I prefer my taxes payin for and the picture image of “”Bill I’m a murdering  Druggy Whore Clinton””, getting a BJ from Monica I’m a fat BIG MOUTH piggy Lewinski than the previous image of our gay ilLegal prez OBUMA and his real bum boy desecrating the Oval Office Desk, where Marilyn Monroe did her best work for JFK , Robert Kennedy and America!!!
        Keep payin your taxes NWO Debt Slaves! Reggie Love needs a raise!!! lol ;0)
        “GAWD Bless Thee Reggie Love!” For all you do for Gawd and Country! Now smack that ILLEGAL ALIEN PRESIDENTIAL ASS! ;0) LMAO
        your all suckers… livin’ a lie!
        Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sheeple!
        and remember… “Don’t shoot Till You See the Blue of their U.N. Helmets!!!”
        AND to all you Boy’s in uniform REMEMBER…
        Obuma YOUR Illegal Commander and Chief ; just loves you boy’s all sweaty in uniform… NOW STAND your lil’ Soldiers at ATTENTION for his Inspection – Atten’ HUT! lol ;0P
        America is soooo Fk’d!

      49. Is it too late to buy stock in companies that produce cruise missles?

      50. My hunch is that a shelter like this – even underground – would not be allowed under our city’s building restrictions.  Funny, isn’t it?

      51. ANON: Not too late as there are tens of thousands of cruise missiles yet to be used and replaced. Try Raytheon in Tucson Arizona where they make them.
        Sue:  A shelter like this would not be built within 50 miles of any city limits. probably on a private ranch way west of the Mississippi.

      52. Ricky,
        I’ve considered hardening a part of my basement with wood and steel. The only think I dont think I can do is make it fireproof enough to survive if the house caught fire. Collapse, yeah, I could line the walls, inside and out with 2x10s or something and pour congreted between the studs. It might be that even dry sand or even just plain mud would be good enough after it dried.
        Just don’t know. Be nice to be able to do that. I’m considering building a bunker type extension to my basement complete with hidden escape hatch.

      53. Durango said: March 27th, 2011 at 6:49 pm
        “Not too late as there are tens of thousands of cruise missiles yet to be used and replaced.”

        FALSE:  We never had this large number from the beginning.  We have been using  Tomahawk Cruise Missiles all these years in Iraq and Afghanistan, everywhere and last week in Lybia 112 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles alone. 

        Where do you get these bullsh*t number of “tens of thousands”  from????

      54. Durango Kidd said: ANON: Not too late as there are tens of thousands of cruise missiles yet to be used and replaced.

        FALSE:  We never had this large number from the beginning.  We have been using  Tomahawk Cruise Missiles all these years in Iraq and Afghanistan, everywhere and last week in Lybia 112 of them alone.

        Where do you get these bullsh*t number of “tens of thousands”  from????

      55. The battle of Armageddon is on the horrizon, as if it were prophasized by God.  These disasters and wars are man-made, not by God.  I don’t believe the stories about 

        People don’t trust the government, the main media, or even Fox news; Fox is intentionally giving wrong information from the Elites. 

        We don’t have near enough for Armageddon, the U.S. has given most of what we have left to NATO countries and recently for use in Lybia.

      56. NR, concrete block with rebar concrete poured in voids.  A couple of 90’s scuba diving tanks for presure air in an emergency with bunk beds, gravity water & canned goods.  5 gal honey pot buckets with lids.  CB radio with external antenna & steel door with barn door drop angle iron for back up.

      57. Would you mind sharing your plans? Blocks are usually 8x8x16. Is your thickness just 8 inches? What about your overhead support? Thickness overhead and the span width?

        Thanks in advance. sara.j at embarqmail dot com

      58. Comments…..  It’s “The Others” that you will have to watch out for.  Stay inside and keep press’n the button

      59. NWO U.N. Blue NAFTA DHS – COP KILLER
        Bye Bye American Pie!
        I shot and killed a NWO U.N. blue Cop with my .45 semi-auto black glock today… a Disabled, Homeless, Cold and Hungry Veteran… I deserve more  than this… now I live beneath a bridge… why? why? why?
        I had done my time… stood my watch upon the wall; a Gaurdian of Liberty… now a cop killer?  Running from the Law… why? why? why?
        The false NWO IMF homo druggy prostitute barry soetoro- a.k.a illegal president Barack Obama and AIPAC israeli jew controlled U.S. congress… stopped my Social Security check the other day… on april 8th, 2011… they broke america’s piggy bank… gave away the pennies to the banks and told me “sorry” none for you! You are Many! And We are Few… MORE FOR US! None for You!
        I am a Disabled Veteran… I once Served My Country with Honor and Pride.
        I killed a NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS Cop Today… why? why? why?
         I had robbed the local Korean corner store… while the radio on the shelf played “Bye Bye American Pie”…  I’d only pocketed a milk, hot pocket and a pie… ran by the screaming korean clerk for the open sky… hopped on my ex neighbors kids pink huffy bike… peddling in a craze… hauling fast down the lane… making my one handed get away… thinking “bye bye american pie”… smiling in mirth… while with my other hand grabbing from my shirt, a half frozen Hot Pocket… then a crushed Moon Pie… shoved both gleefully in my mouth… I had gotten away … then I sweared “shit!”… it all dribbling down my beard… I thought; I shoulda done like Ben Bernanke… and taken more, more, more…
        Then down the way… my calves screaming in pain… I slowed down… a mistake… I’m screwed now… an NWO U.N. Blue NAFTA DHS Cop car pulled up behind, tires screeching… siren blaring , lights a twirling, screaming over the horn “PULL THE HELL OVER!”
        At that time… I said to myself “FUCK IT!” an thought “I’m homeless cold and hungry”… this Asshole Cop  isn’t gonna do me like “Rodney King”!… “The NWO U.N. IMF Fuckers did this to me”… I skidded to a stop “swiiishhhh!”… planted my worn out boots upon cold concrete… reached into my sweat soiled pants waist… an pulled my cold heavy .45 glock like slow dead weight… fingers numb… pointed it at the windshield of the NWO U.N. NAFTA blue patrol car… looking the Cop dead in the eye… I recognized him, he use to be nice to me, always smiling when we met on the street… Officer Friendly, now wearing NWO Camo Combat Gear, with U.N. Sky Blue Patches… once our neighborhood hero… here to “Protect and Serve”… now no more… now he is a DHS Federalized Thug… a NWO U.N. NAFTA blue Storm Trooper Whore… ordered by our illegal false president obama to “Punish and Enslave!”
        And while the innocent child in me… kept asking… “why, why, why ?”… the newly found stone cold cop killer in me… didn’t bat an eye… I aimed an pulled the trigger BLAM  BLAM BLAM 1,2,3… right through the windshield… into the NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS Whore’s red screaming face!!!
        There I stood astride my pink huffy steed… staring dead pan at the car’s brown vinyl covered rear seat, red blood, white bone chips and grey pink brain matter splattered over it. Staring through the shattered windshield and GAPING red hole that had been a human face.
        Humming to myself “BYE BYE AMERICAN PIE”… thinking “I’m still Hungry!”
        author after note: Wake up America, there are foreign troops and american traitor troops under the United Nations blue Flag, NAFTA blue Patch and IMF Bank Control right now; at this very moment here on American, Canadian and Mexican soil. Just waiting for our Illegal President Obama to call MARTIAL LAW! Upon which time they will invade america and place you all; america under their U.N. NWO IMF military control. It’s either YOU or THEM!!! U.N. AGENDA 21 is here!!!
        NOW is the time to…
        Talk to family and friends…
        They are not here to protect you! They are here to disarm you – “Punish and Enslave!”
        To Force you all under their one world government control – NWO Debt Slaves one and all!
        U.N. AGENDA 21 is here!
        … spread the word.

      60. @Sue said..
        My hunch is that a shelter like this – even underground – would not be allowed under our city’s building restrictions.  Funny, isn’t it?

        here is the deal, you say nothing..you do it yourself as much as possible.
        there are no “permits” for this type of thing.
        this is something you keep under your hat, completely..no one knows but you and those that you hold to your heart when TSHTF..

        do it as secretively as possible, or make the build process look like something else..
        or go slow enough as to not raise any red flags to neighbors..
        dont buy the supplies with a crdit card, try to get as much as you can for it on the sly..

      61. I built an underground shelter in 1999. I got an engineer to design it ($1000 for plans) it had 12 inch walls to the soil, 8″ ceiling (designed to allow for another 8″ pour later). It was 11 ft wide x 18 feet long. Ceiling at 6’8″

        The key was the permit was for an exercise room at ground level. With a full basement. Thus the need for a concrete floor at ground level. It now has a 16″ poured ceiling.

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