Building Your SHTF Gunshot Survival Kit

by | May 1, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 177 comments

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    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of the Alt Market community.

    Editor’s Note: As a prepper, you are likely stockpiling food, supplies, and the firearms and ammunition to defend them from looters. But those who will come looking for your larder won’t be coming empty handed. Like you, they’ll be armed, and they won’t hesitate to do harm. While we hope for the best, we must also plan for the worst. If you find yourself in a post-collapse situation that requires you to fire your weapons down range at live targets, then in all likelihood the people you are shooting at will be returning fire. No amount of planning and preparation will ensure your safety 100% once a firefight breaks out. People may get shot. Medical training to provide immediate trauma care is a must, as are the medical supplies to stop the bleeding and dress wounds. In the following article, Brandon Smith provides advice and a checklist that will save lives should the worst happen.

    The purpose of survival culture is to assess and address probabilities and uncertainties, and of course, prepare accordingly.  We view assumption as the greatest Achilles Heal of humanity, and disdain attitudes of complacency, apathy, and general stupidity.  For us, wide eyed and naïve ignorance is a fatal disease; one that gestates during the best of times, and strikes mercilessly during the worst of times.  That said, there are some scenarios which even survivalists do not like to think about.

    Being shot, or, hit with indirect shrapnel, is not a problem many of us want to imagine having to deal with.  Some preppers, believe it or not, refuse to acknowledge that fighting may ever occur.  They may think that the coming collapse will be mitigated and that government tyranny will fade away along with the financial structure.  They may have a rather irrational faith in the effectiveness of digital currencies and other questionable technologies in defusing future crisis.  They might even see themselves as “invincible” or untouchable, believing that their training will trump any circumstance.  However, historical precedence cannot be denied.  Most economic disasters over the past century have led to eventual widespread war, internal conflict, surges in domestic crime, government brutality, or, all of these violence prone situations combined.  And, no matter how much training you might have, there is no accounting for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Ideally, the best method for dealing with a gunshot wound is to not get shot.  Since there is absolutely no way to guarantee such luck (even people who avoid conflict can still be a victim of it), we must set aside some money, and space in our bug-out-bag, for a fast and effective medical pouch designed specifically for a traumatic combat injury.

    This means a kit entirely separate from our general purpose medical supplies that is easy to get to not just for ourselves, but also for others who might be trying to save us.  I recommend this kit be standardized amongst those in your survival community so that everyone has the same setup, and understands the functions of each item within the kit.  It is also important to avoid the mistake of centralizing all medical functions into the hands of a single person within your community.  Every individual survivalist should have their own trauma package, or what the military often calls a “blowout kit”, so that their resident medical expert does not have to bear the full burden of purchasing supplies, and redundancy is maintained.  Med gear runs out very quickly during social collapse.  Don’t assume others will have it for you when you need it…

    The point of this kit is to stop bleeding as swiftly as possible so that the bullet or shrapnel can be removed and the wound sealed.  There are many premade blowout-style kits on the market today, but from my research, the mark-up on most of them is too high, the items are often substandard quality, and, they are always missing certain vital gear that you will have to buy later anyway.  Building your own is not difficult; here is a list of essential items, all of which are used by EMT’s and Military personnel, to get you started.

    Medical Pouch: A small medical pouch with molle straps allows you to keep your trauma kit on the outside of your pack if you wish, clearly marked so that your teammates can find it and use it.

    Battle Dressing:
     A large compression bandage usually found in surplus stores.  It may be wise to supplement this battle dressing with a large surgical dressing to ensure heavy bleeding is controlled.  The more blood lost, the more likely the wound will result in shock, and fatality.

    Roll Of Gauze: 
    For wrapping the wound and aiding in compression.

    Medical Tape: 
    Most veteran medics I have discussed gunshot response with have told me that medical tape is the first item to disappear during crisis.  Stock extra, and make sure all the people you work with have some in their kit.

    Nitril Gloves: These emergency gloves are thicker and stronger than standard latex gloves, and do not cause reactions in people allergic to latex.

    Trauma Shears: Very important.  Used to strip away clothing around a wound, cut tape and gauze, cut makeshift bandages, etc.

    Extra Long Tweezers: 
    All foreign materials and shrapnel must be removed from the wound in order to avoid infection later.  Sometimes, a bullet impact will carry bits of material from clothing deep into the wound channel, and long tweezers will be essential in their removal.

    Combat Tourniquet: Cuts off blood flow to a heavily damaged extremity.  I highly recommend the C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet widely used by military medics.

    Hemostat Forceps: Used to clamp off damaged arteries in order to stop bleeding while repairing a wound.

    Sterile Scalpel: 
    Used to open the wound channel to allow easier removal of foreign materials.

    Celox Blood Stopper: A coagulating agent that can be poured into the wound to quickly stop bleeding.  Does not need to be cleaned out before the wound is closed.

    Celox Granule Applicator: An injector with plunger used specifically for combat wounds.  Insert the applicator as far into the wound channel as possible, then push in the plunger and slowly back the applicator out.  Celox blood stopper is injected into the core of the wound.

    Irrigation Plunger: 
    Wounds should be irrigated with a non-abrasive sterile solution, such as saline, in order to help avoid infection.

    Small Bottle Of Hydrogen Peroxide: Use to sterilize your hands and tools.  Do not use on the inside of wounds.

    Halo Chest Seal: The best seal for chest wounds on the market.  Glue on the seal works even when damaged area is bloody or unclean.  Stops all air loss through the chest when a lung is punctured.  Contains two seals per package for a through-and-through gunshot.

    Nasopharyngeal Airway:
     Allows for breathing in the advent of airway closure; also keeps ample oxygen flowing into the lungs which aids in preventing shock.

     There are many different sutures on the market, though the needle and thread versions are most common.  Make sure your thread is silk, or any other material that will not cause an allergic reaction or infection.  I also recommend storing Steri-Strip style sutures which can be used in instances where there is no time to sew up the wound.  Your medical expert should also have a Surgical Skin Stapler on hand, which is much faster and less painful than thread sutures.

    Large Instant Heat Packs:
     One of the primary concerns with traumatic wounds is “shock” caused by blood loss to internal organs and the brain.  Once a wound is cleaned and closed, there is still a danger of shock, and the patient must be kept as warm and comfortable as possible in order to promote free blood flow.  Standard procedure is to wrap the wounded in a blanket and elevate his legs, however, I would note that a blanket only retains the heat already being produced by the body, which, after trauma, may be reduced.  I recommend storing at least two large instant heat packs in your kit; one to be taped to the chest area, and one taped to the thigh near the femoral artery.  This will add hours of extra heat to the patient’s circulation along with the blanket and may make the difference between life and death.

    Though this list might appear long, all of the items above are small, with little to no weight added to your pack.  I have each of them in my own trauma kit, with space to spare.  Total cost for this kit is around $120 or less, depending on your supplier.  Other items you or your medic should have on hand for post-op on a combat wound are:

    Antibiotics: Open wounds are also open doors to massive infection.  Shock is caused usually by blood loss, but it can also be caused by expedient infection that damages internal organs.  Antibiotics are usually needed to prevent this outcome after blood loss is stopped.

    Isotonic Saline IV: An IV with isotonic saline can be administered to help replace fluids in the body and increase circulation.

    Blood Plasma IV: Some preppers have their own blood or blood-type stored and ready to be administered by IV in case of a combat related injury.  The process for such storage is beyond the scope of this article and I recommend further research with your resident medical expert.

    It’s a sad thing that average Americans are being forced to plan for violent trauma to themselves, their families, and their friends, but this is the reality we will soon be living in.  In Argentina, a moderate economic collapse resulted in social breakdown, rioting, looting, as well as organized pillaging in rural areas.  Combat-related injury and death were common.  In Bosnia, after a full-fledged collapse, snipers infested cities like fleas, and gunshot wounds were the norm.  The U.S. has been sitting on the very edge of a full spectrum collapse since 2008, and regardless of what you might have heard from the mainstream media, nothing has changed since.  The potential for a violent event in your personal life in the near future is very real.  Accept this fact, prepare, and continue to live confidently in the knowledge that if the worst happens, you did everything you could to be ready for it.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Yeah, I’m gonna have to read a book on what to do with that stuff first, I think.

        Maybe I better make friends with some prepping doctors or something.

        • I guess you could practice on a roasting chicken from the store.James

          • Just eat the chicken and find some one to show you the other. The only way you gonna get that chicken to stop bleedin’ is cook it till it does.

            • “They might even see themselves as “invincible” or untouchable, believing that their training will trump any circumstance”

              Anyone with REAL training knows better than that.

            • It’s true you can’t resuscitate a grocery store chicken.

              • Hahaha…I suppose that’s the case. 🙂

                Your first comment is spot on…DO find someone to teach you…
                It may just save your life.

          • Go hunting!!!

            • I don’t know why you got so many red flags… I took your comment as “good luck finding a trama doctor or nurse for your group or community….”

          • I should have said to practice stitching. So no misunderstanding. James

        • Penetrating wounds to the head that involve the brain should not be treated at all. Remember that 90% of all combat injuries involve not only penetration but burns. Antibiotics, ( collodial silver ) and pain meds like asparin, motrin and tylenol are essential. Personal hygeine is imperative. Keep everything as clean as is practical.

        • F Yea!

        • You should check out this website: Mantis Intelligence, they have a list of 85,500 names on the NO FLY LIST! The only one that I know of that is public information. They also have a terrorism incident map that shows government training events that have occurred at the same time as the terrorist attack. Very interesting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • femanine products work good in emergency. tampoons work great for stopping bleeding in gunshot wounds they are sterile also maxi pads,remember they are designed for absorbing blood.

          • Our unit medic used to stock up on the maxi pads when he ran low on battlefield dressings.

      2. have some items,moneys tight but need more, what to do?

        • A lot of these items have less expensive alternatives. Feminine hygiene products, for example, are cheap and sterile and come in both pad form and tampons that fit right in bullet holes then swell to temporarily stop the bleeding. A chest seal can be made with a Ziplock bag and duct tape. Super glue will replace some suturing.

          I disagree with his statement that “The purpose of survival culture is to assess and address probabilities and uncertainties, and of course, prepare accordingly.” That sounds like a prepper talking to me. The purpose of survival is to learn to use what we can get to stay alive.

          • women’s pads and tamposn are NOT sterile. never have been. They will work in an emergency but the packaging is not sterile. Many packages for tampons and pads are poreous and let germs through.

            • While that is true about pads not being sterile, the other dressings won’t be either after you open them. No way will anyone be able to set up a sterile environment to deal with a wound. What you are going for is “clean” in this situation. And the pads should work fine.

              • Exactly!!! Clean is good. And might I suggest, guys, unscented
                Tampons and pads. The brand OB doesn’t even have an applicator
                So you wont have to be concerned with little cardboard or
                Plastic tubes to dispose of. Just fyi……

          • Be careful of using tampons on bullet wounds as they can cause infections from deep insertions in chest cavity by leaving debris upon removal.

        • You need to learn expedient treatment options if you dont have the money to buy the items or in general because these items will run out. Learn how to use a belt or strap as a tourniquet. Learn how to apply makeshift dressings and use direct pressure. remember your most important tool is your mind and “What Iffing” now will give you blueprints to succeed later.

          As for “Go hunting!!” I suppose if you are trying to save whatever you are trying to kill but I imagine your patient will not be too receptive.


      3. I do stockpile medical supplies as well as everything else essential for survival. I do see a few things on this list i need to get and will do so this week. To everyone, it makes perfect sense to stockpile as much in all of these medical items as you can get. If you haven’t gotten any of these items yet, NOW is the time to do so. You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones. After TSHTF, there won’t be anything left available. Walgreens, CVS, etc. will be cleaned out just like supermarkets and everywhere else. braveheart

        • Absolutely one of THE BEST informative articles I have read on this site, thank you…now I know my preps are lacking. Need to go shopping immediately.

      4. Very scary thought I try not to think about it I figured that if I got shot I would probably die anyway blood loss infection or something like that but i guess every gun shot wound is not fatal if treated right stop bleeding clean wound close wound and antibiotics for possible infection I would not want to die from something that could have been treated for 120 dollars spent way more on prepping to be taken out so easily

        • Northeastern Prepper: It’s always about the math and statistics says the numbers are on our side. First: In all modern wars, tens of thousands of rounds are fired for just one hit and that hit isn’t always fatal. Second: Around 80% of all gunshot wounds are non-fatal. So unless you’re hit in the brain, heart, or in a major artery (aorta), chances are very good that you’ll survive. Your chances are even better with the proper GSW supplies and some knowledge of how to use them. The biggest mistake untrained folks make with GSW is not looking for the exit wound which can bleed more than the entrance wound. The second mistake is not treating for shock. Believe it or not, according to many stats, the worst wound (least survivable/70% fatal) is a shotgun blast up close. I hope this puts your mind at some ease. There’re lots of good medical courses out there for treating trauma. Take one while there’s still time.

          • Thanks for the advice

      5. Why can’t I ride my skateboard down a public street? Why is it illegal for a person who is not handicapped to roll down the street in a wheelchair? Why is it illegal for a person to ride on the handlebars of a bicycle? Why is it illegal to wear a mask in public?

        • Because a skateboard is a childish toy and a hazard to any type of motor vehicle, that paid the taxes to build the streets. Because someone who is not handicapped has no right to the considerations given to someone who is. Because it is not a safe manner of riding a bicycle, and someone else has to pay for your imbecility. Because you don’t have the right to walk around hiding your identity, either you are an up front stand up guy, or you are a worthless sneak. Now you know.

          • spot on smokey

            iron cross is nothing but a whiny little punk he claims to be a surfer hot rodder biker well i guess we know what he really is a self absorbed little child.
            Me Me Me why cant i do what i want why why why. a narcissist little mess looking for his Obama care

            i saw eisenkreuz yesterday jeans and t shirt ripped up hat on sideways with the certificate of authenticity. riding a BMX bike following his Boomer dad and there trailer full of soda Cans to sell. so that they can have a happy meal.

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • I never said I was a surfer or hot rodder those were examples. I’m a biker.

              • BMX doesn’t count

        • Tyranny, my friend. We must tell you what to do because you are not smart enough to think for yourself. Besides, it provides us with a nice revenue stream enforcing unconstitutional laws so we can buy more fancy equipment to oppress you even more.

      6. This is the fear I have if we go through a collapse. I will admit I would need a whole lot of training for this. Except for stopping bleeding, digging around a body is way beyond me. I don’t have a group so if I was badly wounded I would be screwed. I do know an EMT and we have talked some so I hope if TSHTF he will join up here. Pray this doesn’t happen. God Bless, James

        • Most of the EMTs and First Responders in our neck of the woods are idiots. I wouldn’t trust them to work on my dog, much less family members.

          If I can’t get a qualified Dr. or better yet a RN; we’ll take our chances with each other, using sterilized tools and good ole common sense. I worked at a hospital for about five years and saw and heard of some horror stories. There are a lot of people working in the “medical field” that shouldn’t be. The majority of the Registered Nurses I came into contact with, had more common sense and compassion than all the Dr.s,CAs,and NAs put together. If you know and live near an OR(operating room) Nurse, then count your blessings and stay in good standing with her. She could save your life.

          Antibiotics would be nice, but antibacterial salve like Neosporin is a must. Alcohol; surgical spirit or high proof liquor spirits, (not beer or wine) is a must.

          A surgical stitching needle with string for deep wounds, may come in handy, or it may be a necessity.

          • don’t tread, you really hit the nail on the head. It’s been 25 years or more but I worked in hospitals too. The quality of my co-workers was terrifing to behold. I had to change carrers to get away. Many were there just to punch the clock and do as little as possible. The negelect, indifference, and outright falsification has to be seen to be believed.

          • don’t tread:

            Do not use an ointment on a puncture wound. It seals in bacteria and excludes air. Your vet will have a powdered antibiotic called Neo-Predet, used for hot spots. It will help dry up the wound/infection. Silver Sulfadiazine is cream-based, water-soluble and excellent for deep wounds and burns. Epsom Salts compresses will help wounds heal. Can be used as a soak or for irrigation. You can irrigate with any clean water in a pinch. It can be boiled, if possible. Apply it in a soft continuous stream, like raining on the wound. You don’t need a forceful application. Fill a Ziplock and cut a notch in one bottom corner to control the irrigation.

            Those chest seal bandages are a good idea, because they will stick to wet skin.

            That alligator tape that sticks to itself without adhesive is good for attaching a gauze wrap to a limb.


        • THANK YOU Dr. Eisenkreuz!!

          Y’all Beware! WTF?

          • That’s our Nina! When he’s good, he’s real good!!

            Keep preppin’

            • I am not Nina I only post as the ‘Kreuz.

        • Ok credit where credit is due, Eisen your 100%right on this one, and just as an add on, you will need antibiotics no question about it. A bullet wound will introduce everything pathogenic from the enemies hands the air the bullet passed through and all the flora on your skin. All of it is now inside the wound and looking for a new home, so dont kid yourself that you can go on without some sort of antibiotic.

          Now as a side note I was down at the feed store last week and I just happened to notice a ton of meds for critters and such, I wonder if any of those meds happened to be antibiotics, oh how I wonder…

          • In many cases it’s pretty much the same as you would get from a pharmacy…at a fraction of the cost…
            that also applies to fish antibiotics…

            • FishMox-available at your local pet food store=250mg Amoxicillin per capsule.Make sure thats the only ingredient listed,you don’t need the extra ingredient to make your scales shiny.

          • Purchase capsules, not bulk powder, from Thomaslabs. Com or
            Aquatic. Pharmacy online. I’ve been using them at least 2 years.
            The capsules are exactly the same as what you get from the doctor.

            Keep preppin’

            (Store in the frig and don’t worry about exp. Dates)

            • Problem is some antibiotics degrade ALOT faster in the fridge, and some will kill you as they become toxic after a time. Maybe do a little more research on what and how to store the meds???

        • Why can’t I do that while riding my skateboard?

          • Why do you old people hate skateboarders so much? I just want to ride my fucking skateboard down a public street.

            • Because mommy is worried to death every time you leave the house.

      8. I linked this fine article the other day to the article Building Your Bug Out Bag, and I can see that Mac liked this as much as I did. Thank you to Brandon for this article, we are going to need it soon I suspect.

        • A big draw real estate salesmen use in Florida to sell
          a place to the retirees is by advertising it as “close
          to a hospital”. Just goes to show ya how important good
          medical care is under any circumstance.

      9. Training is good. A cute sexy nurse with the training is better. If you are hit use your common sense, if you have any. If all else fails, watch some MASH DVD’s. Its meatball surgery.

        Worse comes to worse …. they shoot horses don’t they? The next world is better for most people than this one anyways.

        • I don’t give up so easily. I’ve stitched myself up a couple of times, once with plain old thread until I got home, the other using superglue. As long as I can reach the wound, I’ll fight for my life until I can’t fight no more…I’d do the same for the guy next to me, and want him to do the same for me.

      10. I have been married to an ER nurse for almost 20 years,she has also worked the ic unit.she will be a great asset to our group when the shtf.

      11. The moon is dark enough for an Israeli attack on Iran and/or Syria is between May 4 and May 14, check out when a massive “Military Drill” is going to be held from Israel:

        Coincidence? This time might be the time? Something that we all need to watch carefully as WHEN war does break out, BIG TIME SHTF and we get worse as time goes on, perhaps very rapidly. Time to prepare was yesterday, better late than ever to all those still holding back on prepping, as late could be over with soon.

        • BI…you have Mail…see Mac

        • @BI, my husband works a job that allows him that kind of knowledge about Israel. If and when something happens over there, I’ll be sure to come on this site and let you know. I know people on this site claim alot of things, and you can believe me or not. But I do know that with everything going on, the people across the pond don’t view global events the way our media portrays the same events.

      12. Here is a easy to make and proven wound treatment called “sugardyne”

        To make sugardine, simply mix one part 10% povidone iodine (or betadine, but this is usually a bit more expensive) to two parts white sugar. You can add more or less sugar to reach the desired consistency. The sugardyne should be like thick honey when all mixed together. Keep the sugardine in a container with a lid. The mixture will occasionally need stirring but it will never go bad.It can tend to get very stiff in the cold and sometimes the sugar settles a little. Povidone iodine ointment can be used in the mix as well.

        Stay Strong Y’all!

        • Yes, been there done that.

      13. Selkirk, try to locate a copy of ST 31-91B, US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook, an excellent reference. Some other books you may find useful are as follows: Alternative Cures by Bill Gottlieb full of natural home remedies and published by Ballantine Books. Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care by Buck Tilton is also useful. My favorite is The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies; Proven Remedies That Medical Doctors Don’t Know About by Mark Stengler, N.D., The Natural Physician. That one is VERY INTERESTING AND A REAL EYE OPENER. Another useful one is The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines by Charles W. Fetrow and Juan R. Avila, both of them Pharm D. Another one that was extremely controversial to the medical establishment is Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau, Vol. 1 and 2. Dr. Trudeau even faced legal problems over what he wrote in these books. All the information was previously censored by the FDA and AMA. Anyone will find these books extremely interesting and useful. braveheart

        • I have a copy of the Kevin Trudeau book, thanks for the others.

        • Braveheart: You’re kidding right? Trudeau never went to college let alone medical school. He’s nothing more than a snake-oil salesman. Herbs, acupuncture, and ‘secret ingredients’ aren’t going to help one bit with a GSW. Please name one N.D. that ever successfully treated any major trauma such as a GSW. Me, I’ll take science over voodoo any day.

      14. I can see there are going to be a lot of dead people.

        • ……which will breed disease if they can’t be buried or burned.

          • Can someone, honestly go into detail about that? Consider low man power.

            • Stock up on contractor tough garbage bags , kitty litter , vinegar , bleach , sea salt , and bags of lime . you’ll be using all this during shtf event .

              buy yourself a good shovel , two handed axe , face shield and googles – it’s easier to move a body if cut into quarters , dig a dump pit off back of your property by about 100 yards down wind / flow from your water source and home , dump your dead there and burn them .

              humans are very dirty bacteria filled creatures and turn to corruption when dead … they turn black in 2-3 days stomach swells with fermenting gases and the bodies orifices oozes corruption and waste . disease like cholera , black plague will spread quickly if the bodies aren’t taken care of properly .

              burn the bodies later on you can harvest the lye for soap and use the ashes in your gardens to neutralize the dirt acid level raise the ph levels the garden plants will love you . pee in your garden also ammonia good for the soil .

              use the kitty litter in house for sheeit bucket .

              use the lime on dead folks and in your out house sheeit pit .

              salt is for meat preservation , wound cleaning , tooth ache .

              straight bleach is a cleaner sterilizer and water purify .

              apple vinegar is good for everything as a immune system booster , wound cleaner and sterilizer .

              etc etc

              NinaO ;0P

              • If we put lime all over the bodies will it help or hinder
                The burning process?

                • warning lime is toxic and burns : the lime is very toxic in general , burns skin , burns your lungs if breathed in , when burned turns into caustic toxic gas not good to breath into lungs at all it will burn your nose mouth eyes throat lungs literally .

                  the lime is to be put on bodies you can’t burn right away to deter disease outbreak neutralize putrid smell and bodies you bury . if you do burn them after throwing some lime on them do so far away down wind from your shelter , people , livestock .

                  NinaO ;0P

                  • example description of lime : typically limestone or chalk, are composed primarily of calcium carbonate. They may be cut, crushed or pulverized and chemically altered. “Burning” (calcination) converts them into the highly caustic material quicklime (calcium oxide, CaO) and, through subsequent addition of water, into the less caustic (but still strongly alkaline) slaked lime or hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2), the process of which is called slaking of lime.

                    When the term is encountered in an agricultural context, it probably refers to agricultural lime. Otherwise it most commonly means slaked lime, as the more dangerous form is usually described more specifically as quicklime or burnt lime.

                    NinaO ;0P

                  • That’s the plan, thanks. We will be wearing face masks with thieves oil
                    Sprinkled inside to help with the smell and protect from disease.

                    Keep preppin’

              • Two headed axe, maybe? I have never seen a two handed one…thanks for the list, will get cracking on the stuff I don’t have…

              • Vinegar is a great weed/grass killer instead of expensive, abrasive, dangerous Roundup.
                Have been using it for 2 years now.

              • Will you come over and help me dig that 100 yard pit?

                • @Indy Colts

                  ummmmmmmmmm … Nope ! ;0P

                  if you kill it !

                  you carry burn bury it !

                  that body disposal buryin’ policy helps deter wanna be ‘John Rambo’ itchy trigger fingers in your group !

                  NinaO ;0P

      15. You can lead a sheeple to fact, but you can’t make him think about it!

        Keep the FAITH

      16. Tampon’s for gun shot wounds.

        Keep the FAITH

      17. A good IFAK and trauma kit is a must to have near by all the time. To quote Skinny Medic “you never know when you will become a first responder”.

        I almost always agree with Brandon, but I don’t keep my IFAK or trauma kit on the outside of my bag or pack. I want it protected, clean and dry.

        Gun shot wounds, even a so called clean through and through flesh wounds get complicated quick. Seek proper medical attention immediately!!! It’s not like the movies where the corpsman or medic is doing surgery.

        That’s why I tell people to find a doctor, dentist or vet for your group, a general surgeon would be ideal.

        • A mil grade IFAK is definitely needed, but your theory on keeping it on the inside of your pack will get some somebody fucking killed. You need that IFAK as close and accessible to your own person as possible. If your right handed, you need to be able to reach your IFAK with your left hand and apply a CAT, then follow from there. You need to be able to be in any position to reach and remove what you need, not digging through a pack somewhere. Real IFAK’s are made to get wet.

          Please don’t give someone advice about an issue as serious as this when your clearly haven’t the slightest clue as to what your talking about.

          • I know you know how right you…
            I just hope everyone else comes to understand…

            • are…I hate typos… 😉

          • Brain Dead

            The only advice I gave was “seek proper medical attention Immediately” and the importance of having a doctor in your group. Brandon gave the advice on the IFAK I just don’t agree.

            Everyone in my team knows how I pack and where my shit is. Also we all carry different levels of gear and Doc. has the real Trauma bag.

            I stand by my advice, “seek proper medical attention Immediately” and the importance of having a doctor in your group. I also stick with keeping my stuff protected, clean and dry.

            Next time I’m in combat I’ll ask the enemy where they are going to shoot me so I can make sure to have my IFAK in the proper position. That’s assuming I’m conscious after I’m hit.

            • Not sure how old you are (no offense), but get shot twice and once alone an then tell me about your theory’s. I’ m not trying to pick a fight, but you need to be able to mend yourself if others aren’t around.

              What if you had to drop your gear in a hot situation and uour IFAK was in your gear. Mine is attached to my FLC. I carry a tampon with me at all times, even going to the mall.

              • Anonymous I assume your saying you got shot twice? Since one was alone, is it fair of me to assume it was not combat? Every day life with crime is not the same as combat. I don’t dress quite the same way for work and war.

                My typical day I dress with dockers and a polo shirt. On my person my EDC inlcude; a Gerber Dime, a very small 160 lumen key chain light and a DP9 in my front right pocket. No tampons and my carry IFAK consist of two bandaids in my wallet.

                If infact you were shot twice; if we every should meet remind me not to stand near you. That’s really bad luck, but look at the bright side your still alive which means God is looking out for you. I don’t consider that luck.

                No offense taken Anonymous everyone has their own opinion and preferences. I just do some things different based on my experiences. Its obvious you have had different life experiences. By your call sign I would say there is 20 to 30 years difference between us.

                Good luck to you as you endeavor to figure this stuff out. Your way a head of the majority who really know nothing…

      18. I use to listen to John Galt on the shortwave and this guy has some decent predictions that were quite accurate under his belt. He made extremely accurate forecasts of the 2008-09 crash as it was happening. Check out this long but worthwhile BO article about stormtroopers coming to a city of your hometown in the future.

        • Thanks for the link, BI.

          It is definitely a sign of the times.

          While the little woman and i were fishing around for some crappy on the lake yesterday, (only found sunfish and smallmouth), i was pondering about time.
          Here it was, May 1st, 2013. Five years ago today, the world was heading into economic collapse that was orchestrated by TPTB thru the Banking/Financial systems and their greed.

          Some people survived and dug out. Some are still digging. Some were runined,financially and may never be able to dig out. Some have resolved to a life of poverty and despair where their is no chance of ever getting back to where they were, financially.

          If the Lord tarries; what will the world scene be like in another five years? At the rate our freedoms are being stripped away in America; I see a system controlled by Socialists and people living under martial law.
          This article just confirms my fears of that type of system coming soon.

          As for me and the better half; we are trying to find joy in the freedoms we still have. We don’t have a lot of $$ to spend but we do go into the National/State Parks and enjoy the rivers/lakes and other scenic beauty. A time is soon coming where all that which has been taken for granted as always being available, will become unavailable.

          Enjoy what you can now while it is still at hand and feasible. Thank God everyday for those things that He created for our enjoyment and take in all you can, because it will soon be just a memory.

          • Thats a great thought and sometimes our lives are too busy to slow down and enjoy the beauty GOD created.

      19. Prepper Friends and Americans.

        Upon reading this article and the Bugout Bag one, I came to the conclusion that myself and my family are toasted if and when SHTF. I am as dumb as they come.

        The Bugout stuff alone would require a UHaul. How would one fit all those great ideas in a backpack? I believe you need to know several bugout locals as of today. If not, then get going. As JayJay said, ‘You need to know all water sources in your area’….

        Was it Sitting Bull that said, ‘Today is a good day to die’?

        If and when it gets this bad, maybe we will be like Spartacus–fight until dead or captured. I know that SHTF and that we will see it. I am preparing the best I can each month–and also telling the listening ears the same as well.

        I believe the best survival strategy is get with likeminded folks, much like book Patriots, and be prepared and ready when SHTF. No man is an Island. We can survive and win better as a Team. A Team in all states.

        The thing that bothers me the most is that we all know that this stuff is a planned attack to destroy America. They will print dollars until the dollar is useless, then bingo–SHTF.

        I have been reading Ecclesiates. I also drink too much beer. Getting ready for Marathon in two weeks. Good luck friends. Keep going.

        PS. Thanks for all inputs.
        Pss. Brandon, nice article. Thanks for the wisdom.

        • Howdy Ug!

          “Beer and Ecclesiates”…now that’s a combo I hadn’t thought of…



          • God gave us all green herbs of the earth, that includes grapes, hops and barley. Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding. If it wasn’t okay for Christians to drink alcohol, why are these two things true?

        • Ugly-your family and mine will be toast together; I had the very same thoughts reading the last few topics.
          We are screwed.

      20. Howdy, BI, I believe when the balloon goes up we’ll all have to become our own “first responders”, etc. It will be difficult trying to wear several hats all at once. I have BOOCOO books on survival, alternative medicine, etc. that I wouldn’t give up to save my skin. I just finished tending to some matters that kept me offline for the past 5 days, including finalizing my “bugout location” IF things come to that AND provided that we’re NOT hit with an EMP. I need to check out that article on the bugout bag. I’ve got an old ALICE pack with the frame, but I’m getting the feeling I may need something bigger. braveheart

      21. Ugly, my preps would also take a U-haul to transport out of the concrete jungle I’m in provided we’re not hit with an EMP. If that happens, then I’m bugging IN. I’ve spent the last few days getting my Plan B finalized and some supplies are already in place so my overall load will be reduced to some degree. I just hope I have never have to use it, but the way things are shaping up….. braveheart

        • braveheart….not to be negative, but I feel we will all be using our supplies sooner than later. By sooner, I am saying 5 years or less. Probably less.

          A bugout bag is somewhat ridiculous. Let me explain. If you need the BO bag, then you have already waited too late. You are a refugee with 1000 other refuges along the same trail.

          If you bug-in, then what good is a bug-out?

          A bugout bag should be at your chosen bugout location. That way your only goal is to get there and when there you have your supplies. Then from there, you decide what to do.

          My biggest frustration is that 99% of folks don’t think this will happen, thus not preparing. They see a 72 hr kit like FEMA suggests, but nothing of the scale of an economic collapse where 80% of folks may be unemployed.

          I’d feel better if at least 20% of Americans see this coming, thus preparing. But not. So here we are, just a few and what a sad day for all when SHTF.

          Preparing is not fanatical, it is logical.

          Keep going.

          • @Ugly,

            I agree with everything you say except “If you bug-in, then what good is a bug-out?” statement. I don’t know why they call it a bug out bag as mine as well as the rest of the family have one in our cars. They are not made to bug out so much as they are for the purpose of getting back home or to our family retreat.


      22. Gawdess help the person to whom I am the first responder. Waaay outside my skill set. Since April 15th I have been carrying a QuikClot Combat Gauze 3″ x 4 yards from in my left back pocket.

        I have and read 68W Advanced Fieldcraft Combat Medic Skills AAOS, also from Chinook.

        The more medical type stuff get from Chinook. They also give a better price than getting gauze and med tape retail from places like CVS and Costco. The more everyday things one can get in a lot of places.

        The QuikClot ACS advanced clotting sponge to stop moderate to severe bleeding says on the package that it shows up on x-ray and warns “do not eat.”

        Having read 68W does that mean I have those skills? Heck no. Treating a gunshot would be waaay over my head but unfortunately I might be all there is.

        • I could say “the sky is blue” and two of you aren’t going to like it. Because I don’t believe the fairy tales you believe? awwwwwwwwww The problem with your theism is you think believing something you can’t prove gives you authority to dictate to everyone else. it doesn’t.

      23. most of us won’t make it if requires any kind of surgery. but feminine napkins make a good sterile dressing and a Iraq vet told me he carried tampons because they plug bullet holes and can save lives from blood loss until medical attention can be obtained.

      24. The Veterans Administration VA Hospital is where Veterans go to Die !!!


        N.O. ;0P

        SHOCKING: VA Hospital in Wisconsin — Vets Left to Die!!!


        Treated worse than a horse! Broken bones left to rot, infections allowed to spread and life threatening conditions left untreated.

        • And you were doing so good today. Then this again.

      25. something to think about to augment the kit would be the “Israeli Trauma Dressing.” I know how how of you guys feel… This thing is jam up. think trauma dressing + gauze + tourniquet. It’s a breeze to self deploy, compact and proven to work… I keep 1 on me at all times… Like I said just food for thought.


        link to follow

      26. But, but… Rambo just filled the wound with gunpowder and lit it off….

        Instant cauterization.
        Might wanna get real drunk first…

      27. JOG! You there?
        See my post in previous thread…please?

        • You have Mail

      28. Nice article and lots of great stuff in the kit. I would caution the use of heat packs on acute or critical injuries, (think Faulkland Islands War, very cold) a lot of the wounded troops brought off the battlefield had body temps far below normal and evidence based practice shows that because of the cold temps the system is put on hold suspended if you will and because of this the survival rate was better than expected.
        Snisha kudos the sugardyne is a great idea, make sure your not giving iodine to someone allergic to it, raw honey does the same thing. I know doesn’t seem right to pour honey right on a wound but its true. Every bug out bag should have Tee Tree Oil its an essential oil you can find at hippie/health food stores its good for all kinds of cuts skin infections and skin in general. I understand the Australian Army carry it standard.
        Get over your scweemishness if this thing turns into a bloody conflict(God forbid) but if it does you better get your head around the fact that you or someone you know love and or need is going to get hurt and you may be the only help around.

        TAKE A BLS/CPR COURSE NOW. lots of them are free so just do it.
        Educate yourself and talk to all the 1st responders you can, EMS paramedic ER nurse docs and techs. Do not beleive the shit you see on hospital based soap oprahs they are so full of it its mind boggling, the only show that comes close to hospital life is SCRUBS so take that for what its worth.
        Know your allergies know your blood type know these things about everyone in your group.

        oh yeah one last thing dont get shot.

      29. I’ll make you painless and patch you up for some PMs…

      30. I have had a makeshift bullet/blade kit for years now. I always try to recommend this to people I speak with. I would bet not more than 1 person has given it a second thought. I guess you can only try so hard. I have a few noncoventional components that would be great, but this borders on medical advice.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      31. ““Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing a people to slavery.”

        -Thomas Jefferson

      32. I have considered this scenerio. Sad fact many people are just not going to make it. It absolutely depends on where you get hit.

        IF you can control the bleeding you increase your chances but not by a lot, without a surgeon these wounds will have to heal by secondary intent, which means that infection is going to claim many,and that’s if you get passed the Hemorrhagic shock phase (fluid replacement). Large doses of antibiotics would help but there are just no guarentee’s.

        Chest wounds and abdominal wounds being the worst (except for the obvious head wound). They say nipple to naval is “no man’s land” because you cannot prove above or below diagphramatic injury without radiological or surgical intervention (it begs the question of “where are they bleeding”, chest or abdomen, meaning; where do you open to attempt to stop the bleeding. Who here wants to probe a bullet or fragment tract without being able to provide some pretty serious sedation.

        READ ALL YOU CAN. The ABC’s now the CAB’s (Circulation, Airway, Breathing) can get you moving forward, Direct pressure will stop most moderate bleeding and add Cayenne Pepper to the wound (not a wives tale), sucking chest wounds tape the occlusive (like plastic) bandage on three sides to prevent a tension pneumothorax. Sometimes a prayer in your heart is all you have left to carry you the rest of the way. Good luck and God Bless.

        Potato out

        • Thanks, Mr. Potato Head

      33. Also, forgot to mention that my wife is an RN and my prep buddy. That REALLY helps!


      35. wtf !? ;0P

        this you gotta see … especially if you have or gonna have kids someday .

        The Perverted Disney Empire (Illuminati Pedo Exposed)


      36. Solar Update,

        An M-1.1 peaked at 05:10 UTC. By appearances this was something between an impulsive event and an LDE…both, neither. The genitive soure region appears to have been NOAA 11731..northen hemisphere, slightly beyond the Solar Polar meridian (slightly west of ‘center’). That about sums it up for the moment Folks…


      37. *** ‘ Nigel Farage for New Free AmeriCa Prez 2016 !’ ***

        Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe Apr 30, 2013

        Nigel Farage spoke at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.

      38. My VA Medical Appointment

        I visited a VA physician last week who was quite enthusiastic. It was a “new” doctor in the practice, a young lady (at MY age, EVERYBODY is “young”! When I was born, the Dead Sea wasn‘t even sick!)

        She was obviously a liberal by her dress and manner. I was thinking of hitting on her, but I don’t like the phrase she used,“You remind me of my grandfather.”

        She asked me what was wrong, and I replied, “I have a cut on my leg; and I think it may be getting infected.”

        She said, “Before we start, I have to ask you a few questions. Are you allergic to any medications?”

        I replied, “No.”

        She said, “Do you have any guns in the house?”

        I said, “HUH??”

        She replied, “Guns. Do you have any guns in the house?”

        I asked, “Why?”

        She said, “I’ve got to ask this question. It is required under the Affordable Care Act.”

        I asked, “What are you going to do with the data?”

        She said, “We compile it, amalgamate it, and submit it to the government.”

        I said, “Well, I have a Tommy Gun. I let my kid Tommy play with it.”
        She said, “What’s a Tommy Gun? I don‘t think that is the kind of gun they are concerned with.”

        With THAT, I knew I had a live one. I said, “It’s similar to a B.A.R., but a little heavier and shorter. I have a B.A.R. also.”
        She said, “A B.A.R.?”

        I said, “Yes.”

        She looked puzzled. Then she brightened up and asked, “Do you have any assault rifles?”

        I attempted to look puzzled, and said, “I don’t know. What is an assault rifle?”
        She said, “That’s a gun that is used in wars.”

        I said, “As a matter of fact, I do I have a replica of a Revolutionary War musket.”

        She began to look a bit exasperated. I pretended not to notice and kept up the appearance of trying to be helpful.
        She said, “Do you have anything more modern than that?”

        I replied, “Well, yes I do. I have a replica muzzle loader from the Civil War. Do you know the difference between a musket and a muzzle loader?”
        She rather peevishly said, “No, I don’t; and I don’t want to. What else do you have?”

        I said, “I have an M-1.”
        She asked, “What’s that?”

        I said, “A rifle.”
        She asked, “What kind?”

        I replied, “It is called a Garand.”

        She rather loudly said, “I don’t care if it is a grand rifle or not. Is it an assault rifle?”

        To which I replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know what an assault rifle is. You say it’s a rifle used in war, yet you say that my musket and muzzle loader are not assault rifles.”
        She calmed down (a bit) and asked, “Anything else?”

        I said, “I have an MG-.30, and an MG-.50. I‘m also part owner of an Apache. But they are not rifles.”
        She stated, “Well, then, I’m not interested in them. Anything else.”

        I replied, “Well, yes. I also have a 12-gauge and a 20-gauge pump. They are not rifled though.”
        She said, “I’m not interested in pumps; I’m interested in guns.”

        I replied, “Well, then, I have a Colt, a Luger, a Glock, a bazooka, a Parabellum, a Kalishnikov, a Henry, an Uzi, a Llama, and a Beretta–but they are not rifles.”
        She then said, “I’ve had enough of this. I think you’re toying with me. Let me see your leg.”

        I then said, “Excuse me, but before you look at my leg, I have a few questions to ask of you.”
        She replied, “Of course. What are they?”

        I said, “I have given you a lot of information about my guns. I am somewhat concerned about your knowledge and ability to assimilate, make coherent sense of that information, and report it correctly. Do you know the difference between a .22 caliber and a .223 caliber? It’s a rather fundamental difference.”
        She replied, “Actually, I don’t.”

        I said, “I see. Let me ask some more relevant questions. “How much money do you make?”
        She said, “That’s personal, why do you ask?”

        I said, “Well, in pushing the Health Care Act, my president cautioned the population about doctors that would amputate a leg rather than treat a cut because they make more money that way. Consequently, I wish to know if you are financially troubled. What kind of car do you drive? What are your house payments? How much is your mortgage? How much credit card debt do you have? Do you have a student loan; if so, how much?”
        She said, “I’m not going to answer those questions. You have no right to ask them.”

        I then asked, “Do you have training and education in homeopathic techniques? Do you know the benefits/effects of CoQ10, ginseng, fish oil, Creatine, BCAA, and other such herbal treatments?” Do you know the difference between Panax ginseng, American ginseng, and Siberian ginseng?”
        She replied, “Well, No!”

        I then asked, ”Well, have you studied it at all?”
        She replied rather defensively,“NO; it’s all a bunch of hogwash anyway!”

        I said, “Oh, then you have read the research on it. What have you read?”
        She then said, “I don’t waste my time reading such things. Why are you asking me these questions?”

        I said, “Well, if I’m going to turn my body over to you for treatment, I believe it is reasonable for me to know something about your motivation, training, experience, and competence. Do you know anything about the practice of holistic medicine?”
        She said, rather angrily “No, I don’t!”

        I said, “Oh. O.K. How much experience do you have in practicing medicine?”
        She replied, “Well, not very much.”

        To which I said, “Well, we all have to start somewhere. What medical school did you go to; what is its rank in terms of other medical schools; where did you intern; and where did you do your residency? What is the rank of the hospital where you did your internship and residency?”
        She rather peevishly said, “All my credentials are posted in the waiting room.”

        To which I said, “Really? The rank of your medical school is posted in the waiting room? Do you have any experience with leg injuries? If so, how much?”
        I guess that was too much for her. She rather crossly said, “I think it would be best if you saw a different doctor.” …and started to leave the room.

        I said, “You know, doctor. You asked me irrelevant questions about my guns, and I answered them. Whether or not I own guns is really none of your business and has absolutely nothing to do with any treatment you might prescribe. On the other hand, I ask you questions quite relevant to my situation, and you refuse to answer them. Isn’t that somewhat backwards?”
        She said, “But I HAVE to ask those questions. It’s the law.”

        To which I replied, “Actually, it is NOT the law. Here is what the law says–taken directly from the Affordable Care Act:”

        (1) WELLNESS AND PREVENTION PROGRAMS.—A wellness and health promotion activity implemented under subsection (a) (1) (D) may not require the disclosure or collection of any information relating to:

        (A) the presence or storage of a lawfully-possessed firearm or ammunition in the residence or on the property of an individual; or

        (B) the lawful use, possession, or storage of a firearm or ammunition by an individual.

        (2) LIMITATION ON DATA COLLECTION.—None of the authorities provided to the Secretary under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or an amendment made by that act shall be construed to authorize or may be used for the collection of any information relating to-

        (A) the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition;

        (B) the lawful use of a firearm or ammunition; or

        (C) the lawful storage of a firearm or ammunition.

        You may verify this at,


        “As you can see, you have broken federal law TWICE–once by asking, and once by collecting data.

        It is perfectly legal for me to own guns; it is NOT legal for you to ask and/or collect such data.

        YOU are breaking the law, and, yet, YOU are the one that is angry.

        Not only that, but you erroneously stated that you must ask such questions, and you did it in a very authoritative and convincing manner.

        You gave me false information, which I then acted upon by answering your questions.

        On that basis, how can I be expected to trust your medical judgment?

        When I attempted to ascertain your medical competency, you became defensive and hostile.”

        “There is really no need for me to see another doctor in this practice. I‘ll go somewhere else, where my privacy is respected, and I can trust the information I receive.”

        Y’all Beware! Thanks Colonel.
        Semper Fidelis,
        George E. Jones
        Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps, Retired

        • The sad part about what Y’all Beware just wrote is that although his comment sounds tounge in cheek the truth is not that far off from the reality of going to the V.A.

          I am only renewing my meds and trying to stay away from the place. I will wait till my primary refuses to re-new my meds unless I come in. I will then keep my mouth shut and only answer what I have to. Which will probably mean that they will say I am depressed which in turn means I will be referred to a shrink which means when I don’t show up I will be adjudged to be a psycho which means they will come for my guns which means I will probably die when they come for my guns.


        • Ultimate “checkmate” dude!

      39. Cattail fluff is wonderful for soaking up blood and bodily fluids .
        Spruce gum will hold gaping skin together .
        Need to collect it, melt it down over low heat in a disposable metal pan .
        I use an old tin can .And store it in small glass 2 oz jar .
        Drop in warm water to melt it .
        Mullien leaves contain a mucus that heals burns and severely damaged skin .
        Use the large leaves . Pick them green and dip into boiling water for 30. seconds .
        Just barely soften them . Apply still warm one layer deep .

        The green goo eases pain and speeds healing . Instant relief .

        • Thanks 22! Great info about spruce gum and mullien leaves!

      40. Spruce gum also contains a mild antibacterial agent .

        I will think about this . I have certainly dressed my fair share of wounds .
        But have never received any medical schooling at any level and am. NOT QUALIFIED. to give medical advice .
        My comments are for public information only .
        I’m just trying to point out there are things out there that can be substitutioned when you have nothing with you to use .
        And the excretment hits up close and personal .
        Prepare prepare is all I know .
        Take care

        • Thanks.22! Didn’t know about the Spruce gum. Is it the sap that you use? I’ll have to look up the Mullien leaves to get an eyeball on how to identify them. I do keep two large aloevera plants in the house for burns and abrasions. Stay safe.

          • @ Po ‘d Patriot
            Yes, the lumps of sap .
            Collect them and melt on low .
            I sit the can on a rock close to a fire .
            Mullien grows in very poor soil .
            Thick oviod ( eye shaped ) leaves covered in heavy velvet .
            One single tall spike of yellow flowers in the fall .
            Awesome for sunburn if the cooked leaves are chilled .
            And the mucus soothes and heals .
            Used it on a.friend two days ago when his irritated itching skin would not heal and then he fell and suffered chest bruises .
            He could not lift his right arm .
            Now he is singing about it .
            Even faded the bruises .
            I just know it works well .
            Take care
            Public information and discussion is my reasons for posting this .

      41. **Israeli Bandages**

        There not expensive and if you are hit, it emilinates two steps. Anyone who doesn’t have one or more if these in their trauma kit needs to rethink the reason why they don’t have at least one.

        You may find them online, but normally you can find them at at G-show.

      42. “Substituted”

      43. You can always cut the waist cord out of your jacket to tie off a wound.

      44. Family Food Security

        There’s no lack of raw food products in the country, but the processing, transportation, and marketing of groceries is vulnerable to disruptions. Each bite of your dinner travels an average of 1500 miles to get to your table. Most grocery stores stock less than a week’s worth of food; without daily deliveries, their shelves will empty fast. The entire food processing system has only 60 days of product in it.

        There’s a lot of loose talk in the media disparaging the household
        management practice of keeping 2 or 3 months’ supply of food on hand.
        When I hear this, I know that the commentator has never been poor and
        has probably led a relatively sheltered and comfortable life. Having
        such a life is not a bad thing of course, but it should be tempered with
        humility. Typically, the only flexible item in a poor family’s budget is
        the grocery money, and if there is an emergency, that is where they go
        for money for the doctor, car repairs, or whatever. If the family has
        extra food, they can do this and still put dinner on the table. If they
        have no extra food; they are out of luck and out of food. The less
        economic security a family has, the more important it is that they keep
        savings in food.

        There’s other reasons to stock a full pantry. Buying large containers
        usually results in a lower price per unit. Every time you go to the
        store for just 1 thing, you often end up with “just 10 things”, so one
        secret of saving money is staying out of grocery stores as much as
        possible. It is easier to do this if you have a well-stocked pantry. You
        also save quite time as you don’t have to go to the grocery store so
        often, you have what you need at home, ready to go. A well-stocked
        pantry is a good idea what-ever happens. Do the people disparaging this household management practice as hoarding think about these issues? Not likely, that’s why they’re preaching against frugality, prudence and food security. Grocers and food processing corporations don’t like such thrifty habits. They make extra money when we go to the store 7 days a week, without planning menus or making a list, and buying whatever “looks good.”

        Is there a connection between the full court press from politicians and
        news media against this traditional and frugal practice — and food
        industry advertising revenues and political contributions? I don’t know
        the answer to this, but would it surprise any of us if it turns out to
        be true? Unfortunately, this isn’t a question that will be asked by
        today’s mass media.

        Mergers over the past decades have brought most of the wholesale food
        processing and distribution systems under the control of a half dozen
        major transnational corporations. Today our food distribution resembles
        an hour glass — a lot of producers, a diverse retail system,
        constricted in the middle by a handful of big players. Due to
        competitive demands to minimize expenses, production capabilities have
        been streamlined. There are fewer processing facilities. A lot of small
        operators have gone out of business or merged with one of the big
        players. Since there are fewer food factories, the processed food must
        travel longer distances to reach the customers, and at each stage of
        those transportation systems there are vulnerabilities.
        Just keep putting back what you can when you can.

        Keep the FAITH

      45. When the SHTF and there is no way of getting someone to a hospital you have essentially gone back to 1913. We will be set back 100 years in such an event. People did not survive gunshot wounds to the chest very well, they did have surgery back then but not as refined as today. They also had opium and ether on hand. We won’t have a way to sedate the pt. Doing surgery will be on someone wide awake and feeling everything. If someone took a bullet to the chest…They have very little chance of survival…Same with gut or thigh. Without the ER, communities are back to relying on local doctors. The best one can do for a major gunshot wound is first aid and try to find an ER that is open and has room. We will only be able to do minor operations and first aid. That’s really all you can do.

      46. Solar Report,

        Little has occured since the M-class event in the ‘wee’ hours this morning. Pointedly, the general level of activity has diminished slightly to roughly the B-7.0 class of continuous emission.

        Only three spots on the surface of the visible disk are significant at this time, NOAA 11731, 11732 and 11734. Most of the activity we have seen, icluding last night’s M-class flare is associated with 11731. That said, 11734 remains the one to watch. Same is at this point at nearly an area of 1000 SM (Solar millionths of the visible disk) amd is clearly in a slow growth mode. The magnetic compexity of 11734 is middling with the only noteable region being that at the rear of the group where two regions of opposing polarity are forming what looks to be a ‘squall line’. The magnitude of that is at this point minimal and same does NOT appear in the corresponding HMID (Doppler) imaging; ergo, small magnitude, as yet.

        Planetary magnetometers have resunmed relatively nominal, ordinary traces and nothing further is expected at this point. Please to note that the M-class flare last night did merit both a type II and type IV radio burst warning from the SWPC (NOAA) with the emission velocity as described in the type II warning as being 703 km/sec…the ejecta from this may be geo-effective in a matter of days(read as ‘likely’).

        That’s All Folks!!!


        • You have email.


      47. gotta learn how deep to go after a bullet, or fragment.

        asses the damage it did on entry and what will need to be closed up and how.

        believe it or not quick treatment on most gunshot wounds will save the victim.
        and most gun shot wounds if they have not hit a vital, are survivable.

        On another note:
        The fact that we support, feed, educate and arm our enemies, here and abroad is the driving factor that is killing America. We have homeless, uneducated, mental, abused and still we offer free rides to illegal aliens and citizens of countries that hate us! Right now–we are trying to vote to give a free ride to 11 million plus that are criminals! The USA we built will die a miserable death if this is allowd!

        pay attention to who votes how, and vow to rid them of our government any legal way necessary

      48. So why isnt he GONE?

        On the economy, 53 percent disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while only 41 percent approve.
        •Obama’s approval rating on “gun policy” is also 41 percent. Meanwhile, 52 percent disapprove.
        •And as the immigration debate continues to flare on Capitol Hill, only 40 percent approve of Obama’s handling of the issue. Fifty percent disapprove.

        source From Business Insider’s Brett LoGiurato:

        • oh forgot to say

          this admin NEEDS a fish needs water

          Heads up people!

      49. who the fuck is running this asylum? and why arnt they on trial too?

        WASHINGTON (AP) — One of three college students arrested Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombings case was allowed to return to the United States from Kazakhstan in January despite not having a valid student visa, a federal law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

        Authorities charged the student — a friend and classmate of one of the men accused of setting off the deadly explosions — with helping after the attacks to remove a laptop and backpack from the bombing suspect’s dormitory room before the FBI searched it.

        The government acknowledged that U.S. Customs and Border Protection was unaware that the student was no longer in school when he was let back into the United States.

      50. I am going to tip my hat to Eisen. Go Hunting. Most of you have never seen a gunshot wound and the destructive power of a bullet. Depending on what caliber and type of bullet, FMJBT, Hollow point, bullet weight, velocity and expansion will dictate the seriousness of the wound if that could be said. FMJ’s will most likely pass thru the flesh if they do not hit bone but the exit wound will be much bigger in most cases. Small caliber ammo with high velocity may ricochet around inside the body like 223 and the hipper velocity 17 cal. which will fragment. Now really figure when you have to probe to remove the projectile. PAIN! Also the bullet is initially HOT from the traversing of the barrel.
        Magnification goggles is a good idea. Get a pair at Harbor Freight. Heats packs can burn and the use of some clotting agents may burn the good tissue.
        Now think about all those 40 cal, hollow points the government brought. High velocity, bullet weight, major transference of shock wave from bullet expansion and trauma to surrounding tissue.
        If you decide to get a surgical kit, open it up and look at it for a moment and visualize what instrument is use for what purpose.
        Going to be an eye opener.

      51. Two glaring omissions in my opinion:

        A wildly disproportionate weighting towards having guns and ammo in a hypothetical SHTF scenario when in fact, after your first hand gun, shot gun, and main battle rifle have been secured, body armor should be a close second. You won’t live to shoot all those thousands of rounds you have been storing in a real shoot out. The attackers will likely be armed and desperate, and shooting back.

        Any medical kit should include, if possible, some local anesthetic like 50ml bottle of 1% liodocaine (xylocaine) with epinephrine to anesthetize wound edges which will facilitate exploration of deeper structures and/or wound irrigation/debridement/packing. (10 cc syringes with 1 1/2 inch needles (18 guage for drawing up the med in syringe, and 25 guage for injecting)

      52. Alright, now that we are all becoming Backyard Medic’s I want to put this out for info from my own use.

        Silver Hydrosol. Been using it for few years and I have had no colds except for pollen allergy. Works on small cuts and I have not turned slate grey. Agree it is an introduction of metal particles within my system.
        Consider it as a fluid way to introduce a substitute anti biotic to a deep open wound. The military are now impregnating BDU’s with silver stains to prevent infection from clothing in the wound.
        You can make it yourself. Just putting it out there.

      53. Shrapnel wounds are the worst as they tend to introduce debris. Which cause fatal infection.

        In an environment with no antibiotics, stomach wounds always turn fatal.

      54. Mac, et al.

        On Drudge now;

        ‘violence prevention unit’ for Palm Beach county…

        “turn in the guy down the street if he hates government”.

        Minority Report;
        Precrime now coming to a town near you… watcha bet…

      55. For a very important article there is hardly any correspondence on the subject. No full discussion as to treatment to each part of the body. Hands, feet, legs, chest, buttocks, joints, head. Removal of scar tissue and bone fragments.
        With a chest wound. Do you lay him down or sit him up?
        Then complicate this with the onslaught of shock. Lay him back down? That causes more blood flow to the wound.


      56. I was once in emergency medicine as an EMT and saw many injuries. On occasion, lots of bleeding. While blunt trauma to the exremities is one thing, to the torso is another. Shock, blood loss are all working against you in a situation as this and professional medical help is essential.
        Training, experience and supplies will save some lives while others will require a higher power. Get some training! Pay the fees and get to know a few paramedics that will talk about their calls. Some will be able to handle these injuries while others would be better instructed to support your efforts. I have seen this and when the moment arrives, YOU ARE IN CHARGE. You will take over and your training will provide the best solution for the victom. That is why training is so important. Very important (Don’t get tunnel vision), know what is going on around you. Direct someone to assist you in this.
        May God be with you my friends. You will need his help.

        • @CLEM

          We are so far removed from death and injury that many will freak out and do things that hurt more than help.
          To illustrate, a fat boy like me, being shot from the side. Now depending upon entry point it just may blow thru the flab, but a few inches back and it is in vital organ area of the abdominal. Serious enough but not life threatening. Another happening is that a tourniquet being applied for a simple laceration.
          Agreed. Training is the key.

          • Completely agree. Check my post below.

      57. Body armor

        • Yes, Body armor would be wise along with plates. Cheap as it is. Just purchased over $200.00 in medical supplies. Bandages and such. Working with chain saws, heavy equipment and stuff that can rip your hide open is what I deal with and most would go to the emergency room. Yah, Most rifle callibers will do their job and now that hollow point pistol bullets perform the way that they do would cause similar damage as well. We have our limits is what I would like to convey here. Administering IV solutions is beyond my scope not to mention the expense of the purchases and rotation / storage.
          Have you ever met a good vamp? Try starting an IV in the field under fire.

      58. Do you know the difference between capillary, vein or arterial bleeding?

        • Arterial – bright red, spurting blood
          Venous – darker colored, oozing blood
          Capillary – seeping, like from a skinned knee

      59. You guys may not agree with my decision, but I started an 8 week FEMA Community Emergency Resonse course a few weeks ago. A WEALTH of knowledge in the course, so far. The only reason I knew the answer to Slingshot’s question is that the material was covered in the second class I attended. We also learned Triage, tourniquet application, wound bandaging, splinting broken bones with cardboard, towels, etc. Head to toe medical assessments we also covered. Future course modules will deal with Terrorist attack (chemical, etc.) aftermath, fire fighting, psychological concerns, search and rescue in low to no light conditions, lifting debris from injured victims, and injured victim carry/move techniques. Etc, etc, etc. the course is free at this time, and they give you a free medical response backpack, filled with emergency response goodies, upon graduation from the class. It is definitely a great opportunity to learn a very solid basic set of skills. Plus, it is free. You guys and gals can check with your local EMA to see if they are offering CERT classes in your area.

        • BTW, I freaking hate auto correct. Apologies. Typos drive me nuts.

        • I wanted to add that I have read multiple articles, etc. about emergency medical situations and treatment, but the hands on approach in the class is absolutely invaluable.

        • You have done well, Shifty.
          Fire mans carry, two man cross arms carry, single pull belt carry. Fire fighting, types of fires and extinguisher use. When to move and not to move injured. Triage and examination. Proud of you, Bud.

          • @Sling – Very refreshing to hear. Many thanks!

      60. Expect the unexpected.

        How about getting hit with a tracer round?

        I am going to stay here at this thread because I am to pissed off to go to the new one about Florida.

      61. Don’t forget (some) BODY ARMOR does have a Shelf Life….

      62. I believe someone else touched on this but to elaborate on medications and such.
        Major injuries involving bleeding. No blood thinners like aspirin. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. Some people have reactions to sulfa drugs and antibiotics. Iodine may present a problem. Thirst can be helped by biting down on a wet cloth instead of liquid ingestion.

        • Very true, I almost died from sulfra drugs twice. Once time ran a 103 temp for almost 4 days. Did know what the issue was until I researched Bactrim online. It did get rid of the staff infection without surgery so I was graftful for that.

      63. I hear ya slingshot. Worked with a guy that shot a sapper in Thailand durring the Vietnam war. He was trying to make it over the wire and onto the air field when the M60 round hit him. Blew up. Head dangling from the barb wire for a few days. Other than that it’s a FMJ round.

      64. I would have to add to the kit a large bore needle for a collapsed lung. Look up how to use it and what signs are given to detect a collapsed lung. Also, the medical supplies could be brought to a Dr. for him to work on you. More than likely he would run out of supplies fast. Anybody know where to medical supplies without a license? Even basic ones? Farm supply stores are limited. Looking not to use myself but to bring to a Dr. in a bad situation. An Empty IV bag and cathiders for aministration could be a life saver.

      65. and how is it that Brandon happens to be an expert or authority on gun shot wounds and trauma care?
        Has he been in many fire fights, field cleaned and dressed gun shot wounds and other open wounds?
        I think if he’s going to espouse his opinions on a matter he should have some experience lending to his credibility.
        just sayin…

        • @WhatTheBug

          I work with experts, guy, that’s how you learn. And, since none of those experts are writers, and since I felt the information was important to relay, I put together this article. If you don’t think the information is correct, then please, by all means, check it with your resident medic. However, if it turns out that the information is good, then I would hope you are at least man enough to admit it…

          • Hmm, little touchy are we? You may want to grow some thicker skin if you are going to be the leader of a freedom movement.
            I am merely using your own line of logic and reasoning (go re-read some of your alt-market replies to “non-expert” prepper members who are free thinkers and have their own opinions) to point out the following: you have no personal hands-on experience, therefore you have no credibility, so don’t you tell us…sorry this is flawed reasoning.
            Anyway, I’m sure the content of your article is beneficial. The source or author has no bearing on the truthfulness, validity or accuracy of information.

            And don’t call me guy, pal.

            • @Whatthebug

              Who’s touchy again, guy? Sounds like you’ve been put in your place before over at alt-market and now you might be a little bitter.

              In your opinion, working with experts in the emergency medical field for years does not make a person qualified to relay information? How so? And, if the information is solid, then why do you care what my “qualifications” are? You seem a little fixated. It’s not healthy.

      66. Yet another MacGuyver article. Meaningless to 99% of the population, already known by .9%, and only good for inciting lucid dreaming about Mad Max scenarios in the other .1%.

        Just rub a little dirt into the wound!

        • Yes, because no one in this world ever gets shot, and economies never collapse, and people certainly never get violent when they do collapse, so why spend a few bucks to prepare? Surely, the government will always be there for the public, just like they were during Katrina.

          Clearly, anyone who cares knows all about this gear, which is why I’m receiving hundreds of emails from people asking me where they can buy this kit and learn how to use it. I wish I had the world all figured out like you do, buddy. It must be nice…

          • LOL. I love a good smack down.

          • Katrina?? Why go there?? Just check out FEMA and momma govt. during Hurricane Sandy!!
            Nuff said.

      67. enjoyed this post, very informative, all i can say is training, training, training, see if your community provides any type of advanced first aid classes

      68. Does anyone know a vendor that sells the above items in the article?
        I think it would be easyier to buy it as a kit, instead of piecemeal.


      69. If you get in a heavey fire fight and get hit, your gonna pretty much be screwed anyways. Just think about it. Cut’s, spraines, nicks, scrapes, etc. are one thing, but full out fire fight, you better be in the right place at the right.
        Make your peace with your god and go ahead and get use to the idea, that you will die, except it. Most importantly, die for a damn good reason, make it worthwhile, there could be others depending on you.

      70. Survival kits are seriously so important in the world today. There are survival kits for every type of emergency you may encounter. It’s so important to get yourself an emergency preparedness kit to be ready.

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