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    This article was originally published by Duncan Smith at The National Sentinal. 

    If you needed more proof that the thuggish Black Lives Matter movement isn’t really about black lives but instead is a front for a domestic terrorist organization, here you go.

    You may have heard of new demonstrations (riots) in Rochester, NY, Friday following the death of a black man in police custody.

    The man in question, Daniel Prude, died after having an anti-spit bag placed over his head, per department policy. And he didn’t die right away.

    In any event, that took place in March. But suddenly, it’s an ‘issue’ and one that requires a riot that injured eight Rochester police officers, some of them bad enough to be hospitalized.

    And naturally, nothing accomplishes the objective of achieving ‘justice’ like breaking things, destroying livelihoods, and burning businesses down — including those belonging to black business owners.

    The Epoch Times reports:

    A Rochester, New York man said parts of his business were set on fire during riots following the death of a black man who died in police custody in March.

    A local reporter, Charles Molineaux, took photos of the destruction of a business owned by Jesse Barksdale. It appeared that he put up a ‘Proud to be Black Owned’ sign near his business, which appeared to have been ignored by rioters.

    ‘Multiple trucks on fire at U-Haul on State Street at Brown. Rochester fire just arriving now,’ Molineaux said on Sunday morning. He posted photos of the vehicles on fire, also showing fire department officials responding to the alleged arson incident.



    ‘Three U-Haul trucks destroyed at J-Ribs on State Street. Owner Jesse Barksdale says he was bounced out of bed to respond. Livid over the destruction of his business,’ he wrote.



    Barksdale’s business was listed in June on the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle’s website as a black-owned business that needs ‘support right now.’

    But Barksdale didn’t get support.

    He instead got the wrath of mindless BLM mobsters who don’t really care a whit about black lives — or anyone else’s, for that matter.


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      1. This is the land filled with and controlled horrific monsters. Being a horrifying monster is now the norm in America. They destroy the honest, intelligent, capable, and successful ( individuls and small businesses) for the benefit of the incompetent, corrupt, and incapable, ( large corporations that repeatedly force bail outs, banks, the Federal Reserve, and the governments that also repeatedly force bail outs.) 

        America is guaranteed to fail, because the government is totally corrupt and evil to not only permit this, but to mandate it. Every single one of them is guilty of treason and high crimes. There is not a single honest person that is in elected office, or other unelected offices. Same with the press that is supposed to be the ultimate guard that makes sure that if the system –  all three branches of government, in addition to the surveillance state and military and state and local governments are corrupt, that the press would inform the public of it. They are too caught up in identity partisan politics and acting as propagandists for their paid advertisers, if not overtly promoting those advertisers, then by refusing to report on the corruption of those advertisers.

        Surveillance is out of control. Contact tracing proves that the entire surveillance state is filled with perverted, retarded, thieves and frauds and that they are incapable of fighting or preventing crime because they are in an organized crime ring. I have heard this government coming up with lame rationalizations to spy on people and violate their rights, but contact tracing is the lamest of them all.

        These are such wretched scumbags and truly lousy excuses for human beings! What a nation of scumbags and losers! No heroes in this shithole country! Just a lame excuse to hand trillions over to the surveillance state and tech sector filled with retarded, perverted, thieves, and frauds! No intelligent decent human being would stoop to such demoralizing levels! 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. If you shoot them you go to jail.

      3. Good, he is proud to be black owned and 100 percent sure he supports these insurgents.

      4. News Flash!

        Delusional lunatic that believes that he is the Chair of the United States Central Committee and Poliburo will only permit rocket scientists and electric car manufacturers to criticize vaccines and covid response!

        You might wonder who this mad man happens to be! Of course, it is Bill Gates, who has no medical expertise or training at all, and this is proven by his record!

        Bill Gates belongs in the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurrable Tryrants!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. End the war against the Constitution and the Sovereign, We The People!

        All charges against Julian Assange must be dropped because Julian Assange has not committed any crime.

        The charges against Julian Assange are crimes themselves, and those who have charged Julian Assange are in fact criminals that must be prosecuted for high crimes and treason.

        The Espionage Act is not a law, since it is a constitutional violation, the Espionage Act is a confession of High Crimes and Treason, which unfortunately happens to be the governments specialty, since nearly every act that they sign is also not a law, but a confession of high crimes and treason since nearly every single act that they sign violate multiple constitutional rights of the Sovereign, We The People.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. It’s no secret these rioters, at least some of them, are being paid to riot and destroy business’s. The so called elites are doing everything they can to invoke a race, and class war to destabilize us. I recently talked to this record producer guy from L.A….he is connected, and knows people. He said they get a little over $100. to show up to a protest. A $150. bonus if they break a business’s window. And a $500. bonus if they burn down a police car. The more violent they are, the more they get paid ! A career opportunity for the scum of the earth. They burned down 3/4ths of the block his studio is located on this spring, and the only reason he still has his business is he and five of his friends guarded it like rooftop Koreans.

      7. Yet, nobody sees the irony in MAGA being the party of Lincoln and radical Reconstruction.

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