Bigger Crash Coming: “Scale of the Final Stage of Collapse Will Be Truly Unprecedented”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and first published at Brandon’s site is

    Editor’s Comment: The system is taking advantage of the public’s naivety, and its false hope in the latest stock bubbles. The truth is that the underlying factors are tipping towards disaster; the real economy is grinding to a halt, and no amount of good news about returning jobs and production can turn that around overnight.

    Obama’s administration left us with a huge bill due, and the banksters-that-be have poised the next administration for the collapse. Those who follow economic news may know of the warnings, but much of the public has no idea about what is coming. Take heed, and get ready. The happy times may not last…

    The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017

    by Brandon Smith

    Yes, the narrative of the “new normal” has been around for so long now that many people have simply grown used to it. The assumption is that the fiscal “new normal” has become the fiscal “normal,” and though the fundamentals continue to strain under the weight of poor global demand and historic debt levitated by extraneous fiat stimulus, the masses feel far less fear than is warranted. Hey, why should they? We’ve managed around eight years skating on thin ice, why shouldn’t we expect eight more years of the same?

    The banking elites have done the job they set out to do, which was to drive the economy to the very edge of the financial cliff, and then keep it suspended there until the general public became comfortable living next door to the abyss.

    Why do this? Well, the greater dynamic at play here is something the average person will not understand or refuses to examine — economics today is about mass psychology. The economy is a tool, or a weapon, by which international financiers can influence the public mind and the emotions of the mob. In order to grasp the mechanics of economics it is not enough to deal in statistics and trade principles; one must also grasp human behavior and how it is manipulated. One must acknowledge that in economics we witness the transmutation of societies by word and by force, by chaos and by order. Economics is alchemy.

    The globalists (in their twisted view) seek to change lead into gold, and just as in alchemy, these elements are a metaphor for psychological evolution. For the globalists, social engineering is a form of witchcraft; they see it as creation, or a grand form of architecture.

    But it is not creation. The globalists are incapable of such art because true art requires wisdom and empathy. All they know is how to deconstruct existing systems generated by nature and free men and rearrange the shattered pieces into something more oppressive and ultimately less interesting than what existed before. Give the internationalists a Mona Lisa and they will shred it, reconstitute it and regurgitate a paint by numbers coloring book.

    The globalists only know how to turn gold into lead.

    If you do not understand the reality of globalist influence in markets and the nature of economics as a weapon; if you actually believe that the economy operates purely on some kind of free-roaming free market principles, then you will never be able to wrap your head around the otherwise absurd behavior of our financial structure.

    The psychology of fiscal “recovery” is a vital tool for change and for developing false dichotomies. For example, I recently came across this article from the pervasive propaganda hub of Bloomberg. In it, Bloomberg outlines a story we are by now very used to hearing from the mainstream — that the presidential era of Barack Obama has left the economy of the U.S. in particular in “far better shape” as he leaves office than when he entered office.

    Now, anyone who has been reading my analysis for at least the past six months (if not the past ten years) knows exactly what I think about the current state of the economy and what is likely to happen in the near future. For those new to my position, here is a very quick summary along with linked evidence supporting my claims:

    From the 1990’s leading into the year 2007, the Federal Reserve engineered a massive debt and derivatives bubble through the use of artificially low interest rates in the housing market. Alan Greenspan, the presiding Fed chairman at the time, openly admitted in interviews that the central bank KNEW an irrational bubble had formed, but claims they assumed the negative factors would “wash out.” This is a constant meme set forward by the Fed — that they were essentially too stupid to foresee a collapse of the bubble they knew they had created. They prefer that the public believes that the Fed was “incompetent” rather than deliberately destructive.

    The low rates fueled a machine of mortgage backed securities and derivatives based on trillions of dollars in loans to people that had no ability or no intention of ever paying them back. The Fed had aid in this program from the ratings agencies, which labeled obviously toxic debt as AAA for years, and the SEC, which refused to investigate any legitimate claims of asset manipulation and ill intent. This corrupt behavior on the part of the SEC was showcased in the testimony of SEC whistle blower Gary J. Aguirre, who warned of dangerous debt pools and manipulation within the banking industry in 2006 before the derivatives collapse and also warned that the SEC interfered with any investigation attempts into the problem.

    This led to the well known “Great Recession” triggered in 2007/2008. The Fed along with numerous other central banks around the world had conjured a crisis and then offered their own solution to that crisis. Namely, the solution of massive fiat stimulus programs purchasing toxic debt, treasury bonds, corporate stocks and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.

    The “bailouts” and quantitative easing projects, however, were actually cover for a far larger program of untold trillions in overnight loans to corporations, domestic and foreign.  A never-ending river of dollars created out of thin air and pumped into companies for near zero interest. It was these free overnight loans that allowed international conglomerates to sidestep the monstrous black hole of derivatives debt they were circling and purchase their own stocks through stock buybacks, thus reducing the number of existing stocks on the exchanges and artificially boosting the price of the remaining stocks. This caused stock markets to skyrocket from near death to historic highs.

    In the meantime, government bureaucracy has worked tirelessly to manipulate statistics to falsely reflect an overall recovery. The stock market is much easier to manipulate than the fundamentals, so, the fundamentals must be misrepresented.  While some numbers slip through the cracks and issues of true supply and demand continue, the vast majority of the populace has little clue that the collapse of 2008 never actually stopped, it was just shifted into a state of slow motion.

    The Fed’s low interest rates, specifically on overnight loans, has allowed the economy to sputter along for eight years, and has greatly enriched the top .01% in the process. But now, their strategy is changing.

    The problem is that stimulus has a shelf life, and while certain stats can be skewed and the stock market can be inflated for a time, eventually, consequences must be accepted in the real economy for attempting to defy gravity for so long.

    The initial collapse was designed to foster an even greater event. Without the derivatives bubble, the central bankers never could have convinced the masses to accept the idea of a fiat stimulus bubble which would eventually put the dollar at risk, along with the overall U.S economy. Taking the brunt of the 2008 crash would have been painful, but not insurmountable. But with eight more years and tens of trillions in added debt along with increased geopolitical tensions and an equities bubble for the ages, the scale of the final stage of collapse will be truly unprecedented.

    The purpose of this final event will be to generate so much chaos and desperation that the public will be compelled to search for extraordinary solutions. The globalists will be ready with those solutions, including those they have openly outlined decades in advance in publications like The Economist.

    The end game? The formation of a single monetary and economic authority under the management of the International Monetary Fund, and the establishment of a single global currency using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights as a “bridge” for locking national currencies into a harmonized exchange rate until they eventually become pointless, interchangeable and replaceable.

    The problem is, the globalists cannot possibly initiate this end game in a vacuum, otherwise, they would take the blame for the inevitable collateral damage to people’s lives as their “great global reset” is undertaken. The globalists need a scapegoat.

    Enter Donald Trump, the Brexit Referendum, and the rise of “populist” movements. For the entire first half of 2016, globalists were “warning” non-stop that a rise in populism (conservatives and sovereignty champions) would result in international financial catastrophe. It was as if they KNEW that the Brexit would succeed and that Donald Trump would win the election…

    This has been my position for the past half year — that globalists were planning to allow conservative and sovereignty movements to take the reigns of power, that they would allow the passage of the Brexit and the rise of Trump, just before they pull the plug on the system’s life support. The Federal Reserve in particular has already launched the final phase by beginning a series of rate hikes which will remove the safety net of free and cheap overnight loans to companies, thereby sabotaging equities markets. I specifically warned about this over a year ago when most analysts were stating that negative rates and QE4 were “just around the corner.”

    And this is where we are today. As noted above, Bloomberg writes an interesting bit of propaganda starting with a bit of truth. Here’s the beginning quote from their article:

    “Research suggests factors beyond the control of any U.S. president, not their actual policies, set the course of the economy. Yet with voters, President-Elect Donald Trump will secure much of the praise or blame when it comes to the impact of his agenda over the next four years.”

    The recovery narrative from 2008 to today was imperative to the globalist’s greater agenda. For a considerable portion of the public must be made to believe that under a socialist and decidedly globalist president (Barack Obama) the general trend in the economy was positive and that “things were getting better.” The rise of conservative movements today sets the stage for the final collapse and the IMF’s great reset, in which conservatives and sovereignty activists will be blamed, whether there is any evidence of culpability or not, for the crash that the globalists have spent the better part of two decades setting in motion.

    After the dust has settled, the argument will be that the world was “on course” before the Brexit, before Trump and before populism. The argument will be that globalism was working and conservatives screwed it up with their selfish nationalist endeavors. After the final crash and perhaps numerous deaths from poverty and violence, the argument will be that the only conceivable solution must be a return to globalism in an extreme form; or total global centralization, so that such a tragedy will never happen again.

    Bloomberg helps to set up the scenario, by claiming that Trump is “inheriting” a stable and improving economy compared to the economy that Barack Obama inherited:

    “While today’s economy is a mixed bag by historical standards, one thing is clear: Obama has left Trump a 2016 economy in a better state, by many measures, than when he was first elected president in 2008 in the middle of the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”

    Of course, Bloomberg fails to mention that the standards and statistics by which they measure economic “improvement” are entirely fraudulent.

    For example, real GDP is at -2 percent, not +2 percent as Bloomberg claims, when one calculates for distortions such as government spending, which is counted towards GDP even though government does not actually produce anything. Government can only steal productivity from citizens and reassign that wealth elsewhere.

    Bloomberg also cites a vastly improved unemployment rate. They once again refuse to bring up the fact that over 95 MILLION Americans are no longer counted as unemployed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics because they have been jobless for so long they do not qualify to be included on the rolls. This lie of reduced unemployment has been pervasive through the entirety of the Obama Administration.

    Bloomberg then mentions a greatly improved housing market that Trump will enjoy when he takes office. They certainly do not include the fact that pending home sales are now plummeting and home ownership rates in the U.S. are so low you have to go back to 1965 to match them.   They do not mention that the majority of the boost in home sales during Obama’s two terms was due to corporations like Blackstone buying up distressed mortgages and turning the homes into rentals. The housing market is NOT being supported by individuals and families seeking home ownership, but corporations snatching up real estate on the cheap and driving up prices.  Wall Street is now America’s landlord.

    And there you have it. The globalist setup continues with mainstream outlets telling Americans that the economy is in ascension as Trump and populists move into positions of power, when in truth the economy is as dire as it ever was if not worse off. To add to the theater, Donald Trump has ventured to take credit for the sharp rise in stocks and the impression of improving economic stats.  In one of his latest tweets just after Christmas, he had this to say:

    “The world was gloomy before I won – there was no hope. Now the market is up nearly 10% and Christmas spending is over a trillion dollars!”

    Now, if you know anything about the true fiscal situation, you would think this statement is a severely idiotic move by Trump.  No incoming president with any sense would try to take credit for the largest equities bubble in history.  But, take credit is essentially what he did.  That said, if you ALSO understand that the globalist narrative is engineered so that conservatives take the blame for the coming crash, AND if you believe that Trump is knowingly participating in this narrative (as I now do after he lied about “draining the swamp” and front loaded his cabinet with banking elites), then Trump’s statement makes perfect sense.  Trump is playing the role of a future bumbling villain, the populist maniac who gets too big for his britches and brings disaster down on people’s heads.

    The false recovery narrative will indeed die in 2017, and it will be because the globalists WANT it to die while nationalists are at the helm. This is perhaps the biggest con game in recent history; with conservatives as the fall guy and the rest of the public as the gullible mark. One can only hope that we can educate enough people on this scenario to make a difference before it is too late.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and first published at Brandon’s site is


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      1. Awesome, the arrest and Citizen Tribunals for the criminal treasonous Secret Society psychopaths controlling the entire US Government from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC will soon begin then…the day all true freedom and liberty loving Patriots have all been waiting for…TRUE FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE FROM THE GENOCIDAL TREASONOUS SECRET SOCIETY CORPORATIST FASCIST PSYCHOPATHS CONTROLLING THE POLICE STATE HELL ON EARTH OF DAMNED AND DOOMED AMERICA!!!

        • You forgot xenophobic.

        • “The globalists (in their twisted view) seek to change lead into gold, and just as in alchemy …”

          And my observation is that they have been very successful in turning fiat into real wealth in the United States where the Rothschild system has been progressively tweaked and perfected over 100 years.

          A “crash” and a “collapse” are not synonymous. A crash generally occurs at the end of every business cycle for the reasons I mentioned in the next article, and because bubbles always burst.

          In my view a system “collapse” would result from a systemic flaw in the financial infrastructure evidenced by the flaws in the Chinese and European financial infrastructures; demonstrated by the events in Venezuela, and would require a complete restructuring to repair. The USA no longer has these systemic flaws.

          In Europe a “collapse” is planned; WAS planned to turn nation states into subservient political entities supporting the European Parliament as it moved to a single state entity, like the United States. They moved to fast and that will be their undoing.

          The coming “collapse” in China will represent a bubble economy bursting on top of a flawed financial infrastructure induced by adherence to Party Principles; not unlike Venezuela.

          In both examples the pain for average individuals (without preps) in Europe and China will be EXTREME; perhaps even fermenting Revolution, not unlike those designed by Soros and the PTB in the various “color revolutions”.

          Unfortunately the Globalists have intertwined economies internationally through Free Trade, meaning that like the Middle East, the PTB will not be able to control the madness once it starts and it may very well bite them in the ass when Europe and China unravel.

          With TRUMP the USA is likely to avoid most of the turmoil (by comparison to Europe and China) if sufficient time is available to mitigate or reverse the NWO policies pushed by Obola and W. He will need two terms in the Oval Office to do this and must have the staunch support of Patriots behind him and pushing him to keep his promises.

          No one should believe that he will NOT drain the swamp. He will. He must CONSOLIDATE power first.

          While it is true that many NY Banker Elite have been added to administration, lets remember that he has to manage the country and economy after he consolidates power and that REQUIRES people with the experience and skill to navigate the turbulence ahead while he sets policies.

          Its not a perfect world, but what TRUMP has done is enlisted the powerful to act for US in administering those policies.

          As time goes by self preservation of their own financial interests (through the preservation and dominance of the general economy of the USA) may well be the motivating factor for them to serve US and avoid the fate of Europe and China.

          Keep prepping. 🙂

          • “A “crash” and a “collapse” are not synonymous. A crash generally occurs at the end of every business cycle for the reasons I mentioned in the next article, and because bubbles always burst.”

            Here are those reasons:

            “Rising rates by the FED are designed to slow demand, reduce inflation,slow the economy, (even induce recession) reset markets, and the hidden agenda: facilitate the transfer of wealth (real assets) from the leveraged to the Uber Rich for pennies on the dollar.”


          • The one thing that I can agree with Brandon about is the fact that the SCALE of this cash will be larger than the last (in dollar terms) because there are more people, more credit, and more dollars in the system.

            As a RATIO, which is what really matters, the CRASH will likely be no larger than past recessions or depressions.

            A MAD MAX scenario only comes to the USA through an emp, nuclear war, pole shift, the BIG ONE, Yellowstone blowing, or other Act of God.

            But hey! We weren’t designed to live forever in the flesh !!! So get over that idea !!! 🙂

          • We will enter a great age of prostitution as a result. China and Europe contain some of the most beautiful women in the world. When they collapse, those women will have no choice but to turn to the oldest profession for work. And they will want US dollars for that work.

            Trump will boost the US dollar and back it up with the US military. Just as in the 1950s they would sing “Mother and daughter working hard for the Yankee dollar”, so that will be the song once again across Europe and Asia.

            • Frank: I’ve never heard that tune before, but I think the number of co-eds working their way through college in the USA has risen dramatically since globalization has transferred good paying jobs offshore in the New Normal.

              Thats reality. The good news and the bad news. 🙁 🙂

      2. Yet with voters, President-Elect Donald Trump will secure much of the praise or blame

        It is not George Bush’s fault?

        • J.S.
          It’s Obullshits fault!!!!


          • I am not sure how anybody or regular investor can navigate this entire rigged financial Ponsi scheme system without getting clubbed over the head or suffer great loss at the casino table.

            What I do know, is most everything trades within a cycle of patterns over time, And why I like to study these history of trading charts, and where to Buy in low, and sell at or near the high point, usually works for me, and just sit back and wait until it looks like it going to max out and then get out. Yes its market timing.

            The other sure thing, is to acquire hard assets like Gold and Silver that I can hold in my hand. That’s worked for thousands of years as a universal currency for trading and preserving ones wealth, which you also buy low and sell high.

        • Let’s see what Brandon has said in the past 4 1/2 years about economic crashes and collapses before taking this article to heart.

          May 2012 ht tp://

          September 2012 ht tp://

          August 2013 ht tp://

          March 2014 ht tp://

          March 2014 ht tp://

          November 2014 ht tp://

          April 20 15 ht tp://

          June 2015 ht tp://

          December 2015 ht tp://

          And one year ago in January 2016 ht tp://

          March 2016 ht tp://

          April 2016 ht tp://

          A third article about a “global reset”!! April 2016 ht tp://

          October 2016 ht tp://

          October 2016 ht tp://

          December 2016 ht tp://

          • Thank you, but this time its for real so says my friends brother in-law. Hes a high level operative in the CIA (janitor). Told me jade helm exercise will be start of the civil war in 2015. So you best get your crap togethor and buy some gold.

            P.s i sell gold an its gonna Octoople in price soon. 🙂

          • Well, it’s evident everywhere. The world is ending soon, buy my book/DVD, etc. (now it’s 3rd, 4th, 5th.. edition).

            No doubt folks are now either tossing or eating their first batch of SHTF buckets due to expiration.

            Venezuela is now in it’s 3rd year and just about to collapse. Unfortunately, not everything sells well unless there’s cinematic theater.

            Even in the great depression and all the wars and calamity before, there was years of gradual decline in the abyss.

            What makes it so different today is that we have millions on EBT, and so the “soup lines” are electronic. One merely has to stand in line to take notice of how many whip out the EBT card to get a sense of the issue.

            While not a scientific observation, ten years ago, it was one in ten, today, it’s more than half.

            Also, did you notice the usual piles trash and boxes in the post Christmas curbside pickup? This year it was absent in my neighborhood.

            Also less frequented are fuel oil trucks -folks have their thermostats way down to conserve, and I’m sure the grass cutters in spring will be less as well.

            There won’t be any brokers jumping from high towers for the crash on cue, because nobody is held accountable and sent to jail anymore. The fines, in the millions, are factored as fees into the rip off of the billions.

            There’s always a chance of a black swan to the power grid, a run on the banks and EBT down. Unpredictable revolts as a consequence. Also factored in as risk.

            This is why we prepare, (so do the elites on a much larger scale, of course). While bunker sales rose 700%, its not panic, but could be prudence.

            I do get your point: Panic Sells.

          • LMFAO !!! 🙂

            • Peter Schiff predicted the mortgage collapse years ahead too, all while fools and talking heads laughed. Some people just see a lot further ahead than others.

              • Anyone with any knowledge or experience in the mortgage industry could see the mortgage bubble and subsequent crash coming a mile away.

                When Liar Loans are the norm without documentation, credit standards eliminated, and appraisers being hired by the loan officers instead of a credit officer; even a blind chicken could hear the train coming when it crossed the tracks. 🙂

                • Almost no one saw it coming. If there are so many examples, then list all these people and where they made the predictions. Schiff received the same dumb responses that Smith is getting from people like you. They are ahead of their time, and ahead of you, that’s all. : )

                  • Hey don’t forget to rush out and buy some SDR’S so that when demand for them skyrocket as they become the OWC replacing the dollar, you don’t have to stand in a “Star Wars” long line to get some.

                    Or did you buy some already ??? 🙂

                  • Anyone in the mortgage industry with half a brain saw it coming. Only outsiders without knowledge of the mortgage process, not following the reality couldn’t see it coming.

                    No one said anything because banker bonus’ are based on VOLUME !!! 🙁

                    • Remember that expert in Britain who said to SELL EVERYTHING a couple of months ago because everything was going down the crapper??

                      I forgot what it was related too, maybe Brexit?

                      Now OUR stock market is at all time highs. LOL!

          • Yep. Funny on how Brandon keeps pumping out the doom porn. Ever tried to use his Alt-market? Epic. Fail.

            • I like the Altmarket site, Smith just publishes the facts and his predictions are spot on. Last couple articles I read there had 20,000 hits in one day. That’s hardly a fail, lol! Seems like the few critics out there are really just losers trying to elevate themselves. You never see them showing off their own articles or work, probably because they’ve never done anything worth mentioning.

            • This guy won’t PRINT any comment that does not proclaim him as GENIUS at his website.

              Read the comments, all proclaiming him GENIUS and EMPEROR and all that stuff.

          • +Muddy And he was right about all of it. Like Smith said before, we’re in the middle of a collapse right now, it’s a process not an event. 95 Million people without work, 50 million on food stamps, 20 trillion in national debt, and the only thing to show for all that bailout money is a stock market bubble. Anyone who thinks we’re not in a collapse right now is a moron.

          • Well maybe just maybe when you forecast a collapse every month you will get lucky and hit it someday and then will brag about forecasting it right. What a loser don’t believe anything these gloom and doom guys say.

            • This author is right consistently, though. I read through most of the links Muddy posted and nowhere in there is Smith predicting a collapse every month. If anything he’s held to the same position he always has and the trend today matches perfectly, which is impressive. All Muddy has done is paste a bunch of links without taking the time to read them or actually put together any specific argument against something Smith has said. It’s kind of lazy.

          • Excellent Post Muddy, Good Jobs collecting the BS from the Authors. When I do this, I call them out directly for posting hypocritical claims. Jeremiah Johnson is a shill. An hypocrite, as he served his master still on the Govn’t dole from the Military, but still acts like is such a bad thing for all these wars he contributed to. Mac refuses to post my Calling out BS on JJ. Not sure why? I call it like I see it. BS!!!!!

      3. Meanwhile the drums of the war pigs grow louder.
        Comey, Clapper, Brennan take their “case” to Trump about Russia and the hack story.
        They’re the hacks, though.

        We know DHS tried it in 3 states. WTF?
        War will take our minds off financial collapse I guess.
        The media is already at war the American populace.

        • you know the Russia spy story is total bullshit because the government never inspected the DNC servers. How can you accuse someone of a crime without ever inspecting the scene of the crime?

          For what ever reason, i don’t know, Obama is desperately trying to start a war with Russia.

          Russia has enough sense not to start a war because they know it will destroy them financially and probably militarily, but Obama is hell bent on doing it.

          • Bottom line, the Kenyan wants to stay in power, no matter what the cost to Americans or anyone else.

      4. If SHTF happens,the level of stress will be massive no matter how well prepared you think are. Deep, continuous sleep will only be possible if you are part of a group. Prolonged lack of this kind of sleep will cause your blood pressure to rise drastically. You may be stuck in your location for some time which restricts your recreation. Fresh fruits and vegetables (especially green, leafy vegetables) might be hard to come by. Relaxation exercises, meditation, and yoga are not typical redneck pastimes but they can help. Prayer too. Beetroot and other vegetable juices can help. Patriot Nurse has some good videos on her website. High blood pressure increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. This is something you need to focus on before SHTF hits.

        • The problem with being part of a group is that half of preppers are nut jobs.

          you would be much better off being part of a neighborhood level group. 4 or 5 neighbors forming a citizens defense force, manning barricades, watching out for each other.

          Family is always the best, close neighbors are second best.

          Hell, I bet half of you don’t even know your neighbors names.

          • We have a subdivision with 25 houses in it,( over 300 acres) and we are friends with at least 15 of them! The other 10 are on the other side of the S/D, but we still know their names! At least 20 of the 25 have firearms, and most have target practice in their back yards. I feel very safe here. There is only one way in or out. Good luck if you are a bad guy. We can set up a checkpoint in less than 30 min.

            • sounds like a perfect defense position.

          • I agree JS, half the people on here are nutjobs. lol btw/ where is eisenkraut who screams in all caps the Superior White Guy is being eliminated. We are just too smart for our own good.

          • John Stiner: got to agree, people living around you make s sense because they can keep watch while others are sleeping. Many will just give up over time, as not an ideal way to live long term. People can’t visit out of town and will lose communication with extended family that is out of their area. Social activities will stop as folks are afraid to leave home (go to the parks, dining out, beaches, camping, etc.) Living this type lifestyle ongoing will make folks wonder why the H they even voted at all and turn cynical on all politicians as losers/duds.

          • For a great example of what to expect in a SHTF situation, read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen, just the tip of the ice berg of what society will have to deal with.

            Although the scenario is an EMP strike, similar conditions will be present in any type of societal collapse. The follow-up “One Year After” is also very insightful.

      5. The economy has more lives than a cat. Collapse was predicted for 09,10,11,12,13,14,15 & 16. Thats eight, maybe we have one more, maybe not.

        I’m grudgingly saying that he slight of hand of Keynesian Economics to date has worked. I, being of simple mind and not formally educated in such matters subscribe to one plus one equaling two. I’ll very grudgingly state that to date I have been wrong.

        • The problem with collapse is people have the wrong expectations. Everybody thinks it will be like MAd MAx beyond the Thunderdome.

          It won’t be. It will be like Venezuela. Even in Venezuela, if you did not see people standing in line you would not know that collapse was happening.

          Economic collapse will be barely noticeable.

          Maybe you loose your job, maybe your kids move back in with you, maybe you get your car repoed. But that is about it.

          • I agree: collapse will be decay not Mad Max. Things will just change and that will be the collapse. Hipsters will make it cool to be poor; it will be normal for most women under 40 to work in the sex trade to supplement their income; anywhere where there are black people will truly suck nobody will want to go there or live there; more and more Asians will be doing the professional jobs; rather than steak it is hot dogs for supper; the rich will go to private schools and the poor will be sent to n#ggerschools.

            On the plus side, people with brains will get it they need to up their game. Women will keep fit and dress better; men will also have to get ripped if they want to get any job; the lazy and the slobs will be the extreme poor and end up homeless. Their neighborhoods will be sold on to wealthy migrants from the collapsing emerging markets. And so it goes…

        • Kevin2- The destruction of my income started in 2010 and its been down hill from there since year after year. So yes you can include 2011 through 2016. Drip drip drip is better than No drip. Cause then it is game over and the shooting starts.

          BTW/ If you have ever considered Body Armor, you better get it now. The POS in congress have a bill to eliminate sales to regular Americans. That’s right we will no longer be able to protect ourselves from other flying bullets.

          You Could Soon Go To Jail For Protecting Yourself From Bullets: Congress Proposes Body Armor Ban

          Read More:

          Washington, D.C. – A new piece of legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives, H. R. 378, labeled the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, which if enacted would deprive law abiding citizens of another means of self defense.

          The armor is purely defensive in nature, and people should always have the ability and right to defend themselves against attack.

          The right to self-defense is the right from which all other rights are derived. As John Locke stated, self-defense is the first law of nature. Each person owns his or her own life and no other person has a right to take that life, or hinder the preservation thereof.

          The Supreme Court has held that the police have no duty to protect citizens, so that responsibility now falls squarely on the shoulders of individuals themselves.

          To take away people’s ability to access defensive armor, after telling them that they are on their own and are owed no protection by law enforcement, almost seems like a cruel joke.

          Why should a law-abiding American, that takes steps to defend themselves passively, be criminalized?

          • Isn’t body armor only good against hand gun ammo? Many will be using rifles for protection. Income has gone down because banks pay no interest, few pay raises even for retirees. No ss raise this year either for most.

            • Laura Ann. Level 1 & 2 in light body armor for hand guns which are like 900 to 1300 FPS. Then you have level 3 which is good for some rifle rounds, then Go to Level 4 and that is the best out there which will stop .308 or 30-06. You can get AR500 Steel plates or lighter weight composite body armor. Plenty of sites on the internet for ballistics stats and for purchase. Do your homework.

        • Keven2: Collapse was predicted early 80’s, mid 90’s y2k, on and on. Many older folks stopped prepping because of so much hype via online, newsletters and books over decades. Some prep for weather issues only because they have a life outside of hoarding stuff, then having to toss it later wasting money spent. (y2k bull s.)

      6. Bigger Crash Coming: “Scale of the Final Stage of Collapse Will Be Truly Unprecedented”

        HO-HUM heard this before.

        I don’t want it to come, but I would be nice to have it come before I get frigging old to do something about it.


        • The problem with collapse is the reset later. Typically with a reset, there is a new form of government.

          Do you think we will still have gun rights with a new form of government in place?

          • As long as folks have guns John,they also have “gun rights”.

            That said,do not limit your self in weapons of defense/offense,a lot on net for ideas if necc.,start with USCrow,just be careful.

            There is so much one can do at home to build weapons,sure,am all for bill or rights which affirm natural born rights in regards to firearms but they are just a start.

          • John
            Yes. TPTB will never take all the guns. The US will not look the same. There might be some parts that won’t have guns and they will run like hell to get to the area with the guns, because they will still have rights.


            • sgt Dale: California folks w/brains either left and relocated to a better place or hid their large capacity rifle magazines, since Cal. is a communist run state of idiots. Leave this hell hole now if any of you live there, folks!

        • Sgt Dale,

          lots of us are at that age and i would bet that is part of the plan they tested the waters and saw how many will fight and now if they wait a few years those numbers would dropped allot, and at the same time they will be looking at OTHER ways to get there agenda done, so it will be a rough ride over the next few years!

          • Only problem with that is the older i get the less i care about my own safety,,,,,

            • Naibanger. funny,, Yep it all starts when those punks keep walk on your lawn, and then you come out with a shotgun. And tell them to gt the hell off your lawn. Beware of GOM (Grumpy Old Men), They ain’t got nutting to loose at that age.. and most are probably armed with a revolver they got 40 yrs ago.

          • C’mon Sarge you’re only as old as you feel. As long as I draw breath I can pull a trigger.

          • A54
            Yes 3lSt of the month 63, I fell like I’m in my 40’s. Look like I’m in my early 50’s grey hair and lack of it.

            Now when we die off there are a these kids coming bad from Iraq and Afghanistan. All the ones I have worked with in Law Enforcement feel like I do. The ones I work with are all patriots!!!


            • OK Sarge,you sure you are not smoking herb?!You buy into the 60 is the new 40 thing you are definitely on something!

              You visit Michigan and drink the water?

        • “I don’t want it to come, but I would be nice to have it come before I get frigging old to do something about it.”

          Ha, ha, hee, hee, that was LOL funny!

          Thanks for good laughter, Sarge.

          • F.S.
            I’m happy you got a laugh. My post was worth my time then. As long as I draw breath I can pull a trigger.

      7. Ah yes. Very tired of the Well fed bearded babies, standing in their cubicles, sucking thumbs and crying over NFL scores and having to shovel snow. All the while, half the biomass on the planet has been killed off thanks to GMO, Aluminum Vapor Trails, zealous use of poisonous fertilizers and the Fukushima contamination pump.

        When I bring these issue up in casual conversation, all I get are blank stares, cud chews and crickets. Yes sir, a good case for Entitlementism and NotGonnaria conditioning.

        Perhaps the NWO’s idea of “depopulation of the useless” is based on a Darwinism model?

        I deplore anyone new to this to wien off or limit the sugar intake, (raw honey is great substitute). Switch to foods from local farmers markets, and stop watching TV and turn off the radio. Give it one month to detox both mentally and physically.

        With renewed energy and ability to think clearly, you’ll join the top 3% of those of us whom are well aware of the fleecing the sheeple will have to endure in the months to come.

        Venezuela 2.0 or bust,(consider the irony of that statement). Here we come…

      8. After the collapse, all evil governments formed in the future will be compared to the criminal treasonous genocidal psychopath controlled US Government from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC. The Secret Society psychopath controlled US Government has now set the bar of vile disgusting horrifying maniacal violent evil so high, that it can and must NEVER be matched in the future the psychopaths have left us and our children!!!

      9. We give the president far to much credit and blame for the state of the economy. The system has to be overhauled for a correction to occur. Very hard to do.

      10. Along with beans and lentils, store 25 lb. bags of dried peas in food grade buckets with gamma lids for easy access. Keep two buckets of each variety. Use the food for your family meals. When one bucket is near empty, order a replacement 25lbs. Bag of dried peas, beans, or lentils.

        Your grocery bill will shrink, along with your waist and doctor’s bills. Keep beef bones, chicken, turkey, and ham hocks for bone broth to rehydrate and cook.

        Add some carrots, celery, hot and sweet peppers, plus any left over vegtables and lots of healthy herbs.

        Save your money. Purchase in bulk and use a home canner. With your savings, buy more necessities of life. Some things like perfume can be made for much less than what they cost. Make up can also be made at home. Teach your women how to make these things rather than buying them.

        If you have a scissor; put hair in a ponytail in front of your head. Cut. You get a perfectly layered haircut on the cheap. If you like a softer look. Cut into the blunt end with little snips. Use the money you save on books. What is inside your head is more important than what is outside.

        • ” put hair in a ponytail in front of your head. Cut”,are you fucking serious B,cut my gorgeous locks?!What the fuck are you drinking,home made turpentine?!

          I may die quickly in the coming “troubles”,but Dammit!,I will look good dying!

          • No No,,,.. You put a salad bowl on the top of your head and cut around the edges. Or in my case, I get the dog clippers out, and put the finned depth cut adapters on the sheers and snip away carefully. I been cutting my hair for decades with electric clippers and get compliments on how professional it looks. Have saved thousands of dollars in haircut fees. Back in my younger years when I gave a crap, I would go to some Hot chick pay her, and end up dating her for a while.

      11. War child:

        I don’t hate you because you’re beautiful. Just take off an inch. OK, buddy. What a baby!! Lol


        • To quote David lee Roth back in the day,”It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose,it’s how good you look doing it!”

      12. This is all hyped up BS. I’ve been hearing and reading this for 10 years. These guys write the same crap over and over again. Enough already.

      13. “counted toward… GDP even though government does not actually produce anything”

        Doesn’t GDP always include Govt spending?

      14. The sky is falling… The sky is falling… You must just copy and paste the same doom and gloom message every 6 months, job security I guess… Who says Trump will do things b the status quo policies? If we tell the rest of the world to pay us back what they owe us, stop giving money away to other countries, start tariffs on China and rebuild our economy we can get out of this mess… stop being so negative all the time

      15. Brandon’s articles are like a car wreck, horrible but you just have to stop and look. Great start to another year of fear porn trash.

        • Well said !!

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