Army of Armed Bureaucrats Now Outnumber U.S. Marines: “IRS Agents Carry AR-15s”

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    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: The fact that armed IRS agents, along with those of other departments and agencies, now outnumber the ranks of Marines would be absurd if it weren’t so dangerous.

    The founding fathers complained of the abuses under King George III, writing in the Declaration of Independence: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

    Despite hard-fought attempts to keep these forces at bay, it seems we are back to that point – and perhaps well beyond. Today, the IRS represents just one cadre of what has become a bureaucratic army. The age of independence and liberty is waning, and withering on the vine under burdensome taxes, regulations and what often seems like unlimited and unchecked government power, especially at the federal level. Something is clearly very wrong.

    IRS Agents Carry AR-15s, but the Obama Administration, Hillary, and Half of Congress Doesn’t Want You to Have One

    by Piper McGowan

    Did you know? It’s apparently official that there are now more armed bureaucrats in federal agencies in this country than there are armed U.S. Marines? That’s not being cheeky, that’s actually how it is in modern America, the Police State.

    On top of that, according to Washington Free Beacon:

    The IRS spent nearly $11 million on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment for its 2,316 special agents. The tax collecting agency has billed taxpayers for pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns, semi-automatic Smith & Wesson M&P15s, and Heckler & Koch H&K 416 rifles, which can be loaded with 30-round magazines.

    That’s right. The IRS has armed “special agents” walking around with all kinds of guns, including the dreaded AR-15 in this country. And that’s just the IRS. There are over 40 government agencies that are currently armed to the teeth.

    And yet, Joe Biden just came out to say that the Obama Administration wants these guns, which he refers to as “assault-style weapons,” banned from civilian ownership. Hillary wants the assault weapons ban brought back, and House Dems just got done having a sit-in over gun control laws which they vow to continue pushing for when they come back in July.

    Let it sink in for a sec…

    Open the Books found there are now over 200,000 non-military federal officers with arrest and firearm authority, surpassing the 182,100 personnel who are actively serving in the U.S. Marines Corps.

    There are more armed bureaucrats than armed Marines and the armed U.S. government is calling to take away the people’s ability to keep and buy certain arms.

    That’s right. So IRS agents can walk around armed with AR-15s, but not law-abiding American citizens? So the Department of Education and the EPA can have camouflaged agents storming people’s homes and businesses with guns while it becomes harder and harder for innocent Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights or possibly have them stripped away without any due process at all?

    Isn’t this why the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the first place? And made sure to add the phrase “shall not be infringed”? To avoid this very thing that is happening right now from happening? A highly centralized, militarized, and tyrannical federal government lauding over a helpless, disarmed populace?


    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.


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      1. It is a shame too, because some day, those very people will fall on their azz. They are killing their own people.. they are dirty and lower then a slug

        Some day soon they will pay . If not this older and wiser generations, the kids will turn on them

        The BIBLE say that the last days “love will turn cold ” Those kids are going to fight their own Government parents with more hate then we will see and it is going to be messy.

        When those kids in college wake up to what the government really done to them.. are they going to be mad , big time..

        • DustyFae, yep you are right. The time is not for us to know. But it will happen.

          • Of course, the time is not yours lazy ass baby-boomer, since you guys are America’s failed generation who never contributed anything to this country (except of course experimenting with all types of drugs, engaged in promiscuous and deviant sexual lives, and living like there was no tomorrow).

            Babyboomers are the core problem for all of the disgraces happening in America.

            • Rodssen, f#$% you! You millennials are the problem with this country, not us, so go trolling somewhere else.

              • STFU fat ass dork, good-for-nothing babyboomer.

                It seems that all the drugs you put in your system all these years are now start to show their harmful effects.

                Blame the babyboomers for all the disgraces occurring in America.

                • Pingon, f#$% you! come and make me if you think you can.

            • Hey Rodssen,. I disagree. as a Baby Boomer I have paid a lot of taxes in my life to spoon feed you millennial welfare recipients, defaulted student loans, have to massage your egos, so everybody who plays get a trophy. You live off of the Bell curve, and in your Momma’s basement. You never built anything or accomplished anything, and are basically a Mall Rat drinking sodas all day. Then come home to your Momma’s basement to sleep it off at night. How pathetic you come on here, and think everything is to be handed to you on a silver platter. Well here is a wake up call, get off your ass, and Go work for it yourself and you will see the light. You think its everybody else’s fault cause you are too lazy. You are the Problem Generation, and the negligent crybaby generation that thinks everything is unfair, and your generation will loose this country cause you are watching too much BS TV and playing video games.

              There is more to life than pushing buttons for pleasure.


              • WWTI, one of your best posts ever. This ‘old fart’ could still kick either one of their stupid young asses.

            • Obama…is that you blaming us again? Rodssen:you have no clue what you are talking about!

          • Your enemies want you unarmed.

            • Obumunista Building his “Brown Shirts” the SA equivalent of Hitler.
              Of course they want you unarmed!!

              Poser pretend President TRAITOR Obuminista has allowed illegal CRIMINAL immigrants to flood the “channged Amerikka”. Obuminista has KNOWINGLY allowed TERRORIST, CRIMINALS, DRUG GANGS, and LEFTIST bent individuals to enter the “new changed” Amerikka USSA.

              ***What Obumunista has done is called TREASON. OTM’s and many criminal Mexicans are an EXTREME threat to American National Security. Obumunista is a Treasonous NWO puppet. He is a Clear and Present DANGER to America.

              Obumunista now has the PRETENSE to implement MARTIAL Law and of course Gun Confiscation, once the Obuminista CRIMINALS/TERRORIST/LEFTIST begin thier activities of Destruction and CHAOS. They are his SA troops for chaos.

              “Out of Chaos comes Order.” Their version of a Leftist/Communist/UN Agenda 21/One World TYRANT Government/NWO, controlling and MURDERING of ALL Populations. Population reduction. Read Georgia Guide Stones. Written in stone.

              Anyone that has Traditional American/Family/Christian/Patriotic values will be ROUNDED up FIRST and KILLED. Study Tyrants and Communism. This happens EVERY TIME. Genocide. That is WHY they MUST take your Guns FIRST.

              Tyrants and Communist ALWAYS unarm the general population before the round ups, Death camps, Genocide. Read your history.

              A LEFTIST Treasonous element and Fifth Column are RULING over you PRESENTLY.
              They are ALLOWING a Foriegn ARMY into the USSA. They will be the TROOPS along with FEDS that will be rounding YOU and YOUR Family up for EXTERMINATION.

              That is also why US Army is recruiting FOREIGNERS to serve.
              They are talking about making Officers out of civilians who have Never served.
              These are put in place to FIGHT the American people.

              Because damn few Americans would stand for those kind of orders. The officers would be FRAGGED by their own men, Good Americans with a conscience.

              Remember– There are more people that Love America than are traitors.
              And You People are ARMED to the teeth, and then some.
              Politicians fear you.

              Brits also have prevailed against the EVIL of the NWO. They voted out of the BEAST system.

              • Wide OpenEyes-

                Spot on Brother man. I will also add this, if the lib / socialists pull a rabbit out of their hat and some how end up with the presidency again they will start making major moves….

              • Obaminista said, way back 1st term that he would have his
                “The “private army” that Obama promised he would create in 2008 has become a reality”…

                “Whether you are for it or against it, one thing is for certain. The militarized America police force is here to stay. One of the directives of the Obama administration that has received little to no attention from the mostly liberal news media has been the funneling of battlefield military equipment to the local police forces in sleepy, little hometowns just like the one you live in. The “private army” that Obama promised he would create in 2008 has become a reality in 2014. He ran on the platform of “radically transforming” America, and so he has.”

              • Check out today’s Drudge Report…UN vehicles being hauled down I 81 in Va. why are they here?

                • Jim,
                  They are there to acquaint the Amerikkan civilians with the idea that foreign troops are allowed on Amerikkan streets.

                  “Normalization” of foreign troops on main street USSA. That is one of the goals of the traitor obummer.

                  obummer WANTS and is INTENTIONALLY PROVOKING a civil war.
                  That is what the TRAITOR obummer needs to remain TYRANT in chief.

                  That is why you people need to be Calm-Cool-Collected-Peaceful.
                  Wait him out. Be a Penguin. Be cool. Swim along.
                  -Never allow the enemy to sucker you into their fight.
                  -Never engage on the enemy’s terms.

                  Hopefully there will be something left to rebuild?

                  You should pray to God. Christian God of Jesus.
                  You should be squared away. Train up.
                  You should also find another country to escape to. Save your children and family.

                  The traitor politicians will provoke a nuclear war with Russia-China.
                  Unfortunately I don’t believe we the people can stop these CRIMINAL politicians and stop their INSANITY. Politicians are criminals. Politicians are selfish-greedy-insane.
                  They WANT a nuclear war.

                  That is why you must leave. In order to Live.
                  God’s people should Leave the beast system.

          • This is all part of the Zionism of America, They LEO’s or Government Officials are taught to HATE Americans, and treat us all like the enemy. US Cops are trained over in Israehell, and sent back to be a drone Pig COP to hate and kill americans. It is also part of the Militarization of the Government, they sell more weapons and make more money. Like the handing down of Military Grade weapons to street cops. And with the HATE built up in their Brains for Americans, they think they are king shit and abuse their positions. You see this is all a scam to create Hate and conflict here in America.

            We are better than this here in America, and its time for leaders to rise up and declare war on the parasites that create chaos and division. They Hate America, so why let these cockroaches have access to our country?? Parasites are like a cancer, Aids, and meth. Hillary is a sell out to these parasites. Trump is not.

            Another agency that receives handguns and weapons was NOAA. YEAH THE WEATHER GUYS THAT FLY PLANES INTO HURICANES. .40 Cals with Hollow points to shoot down rain clouds. You see hollow points grab more air.. I think they will try to shoot down the hurricane before it hits land. Its the only explanation I can think of to arming weather guys. NOAA issued weapons just shows you its all about the Military Industrial Complex Mafia MICM getting Government contracts to sell more guns to the Tyrants with an unlimited budget, then put expense on the tax payers tab.

            We need to fire the Sell-out Congress Psychopaths and confiscate all their wealth to pay back the Tax payers they ripped off for 35 years. Starting with the Reagan era, and the contract rip off, as we were promised trickledown. Then the Bush’s Cheney’s and Halliburton’s. America’s wealth has been transferred through fraud and collusion, and we need to take it all back.


        • LMAO !!! I say every armed Marine is easily worth 10 armed pencil pushers. Then include the members of the VFW and NRA.

          Its a no brainer. 🙂

          Shoot ANY SOB that comes to your door demanding your weapons; even if all he has is a pencil behind his ear. The first 100 dead bureaucrats acting on behalf of the NWO in this regard, will force a halt to any Confiscation Program.

          Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

          • Gun confiscation won’t proceed in that way stupid animal: IRS will send you a notice to turn your semiautomatic weapons to the closest Law Enforcemnt Agency in your area; in exchange, the government will credit your bank account for certain amount of money depending on the type of firearms you posses.

            If you refuse to comply, the IRS will label you as a domestic terrorist and then, contact the FBI in order to launch an armed drone over the area where you live (most likely @ 3 am). Since you have been declared as enemy of the state, the government drone will be authorized to destroy you, and too bad if your loved ones are with you by the moment that a guided missile strikes your house (collateral damage).

            Animals like you are easy to subdue and most likely you will end up begging for mercy to the authorities…”officers please don’t kill me!!!”

            • You sir, are a coward at best, a tyrant at heart, and in the wrong people’s business.

              I can and will provide, protect, and defend my family. What about you? You strike me as a boot licking social justice warrior who has no idea what it is actually like to become an actual warrior.

              You think that talking tough while typing makes you strong at heart but the minute you come upon someone who won’t take your guff will gladly show you how weak in body, mind, and spirit you really are.

              Enjoy the bootlicking little social justice warrior. If the lead does begin to fly, just keep your head down and wait for one side or the other enslave you.

            • Pingon, if you think you’re so bad, bring it and let’s see what you’re made of.

            • Pingon, bring it on if you think you have what it takes.

          • Those “heroic” darling Marines (soldiers, airmen and sailors) are also FEDS! They are there to keep the Feds in power–NOT to protect the damsels-in-distress that swoon over their manly image. The PEOPLE (which includes women) have to be their own men–IF they are to not be enslaved by “their” manly government.

            • The oath I took stated, “I swear to defend this country against all enemies foreign and “DOMESTIC”.” If you had ever served your country you would know that.

        • So we are being taxed at gunpoint, which is absolute pure tyranny.

          There is no legitimate reason whatsoever for IRS or any other non-law enforcement agency to have firearms to use against American civilians.

          This is the very reason we have the 2nd A, and it’s time we start using it.

          • Nobama, spot on. That day is coming. NOTHING the feds do has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever.

            • Agree on all points. It is all simply about about controlling you. They believe they are above the law and can do what ever they please to fulfill their agendas. And they have gotten away with it. All these extreme acts of arming these agencies has happened under BHO and crew. at the same time they want stricter gun control so you are not armed ? so who is bullshitting who in this zoo? Rather obvious what their intent is as they speak out of both sides of their mouth once again.

              My only question is when will Americans say ENOUGH and start a tax revolt ! A boycott of all the garbage we are forced to pay for ?

              • DTET

                When the Bankers Close the banks to secure your savings to bail them out. As a result of that what retirement plans will be left like 401k. To finish the triad the stock market will plummet to record lows
                I am sure the government will try to support the free shit army but will encounter inflation.

                But the government will find NEW taxes even if you are not employed. The proverbial blood from a rock. Some people say turnip. ;0)

                Then the people will rise up and by that time it will be to late.

                Also a money change of some kind. New currency with a ratio trade for fiat. One new for ten old dollars.

                Like that jump in gold?

        • That’s right…. The damn shame is that these guys are x military, on the wrong side and gonna be dangerous to Liberty – slugs is puttin it politely !

          Coburn asks ” why does the IRS need so many AR’s “?
          Because they know what’s comin and and are gonna be ready !


        • They can come storm the house if they want but I will wind up killing them with my AK47 as I have prepared for their arrival for many years. I could use some more ARs and ammo that I will take from their lifeless corpses along with the body armor.

          • Menzo, same here. It will be interesting to see how many feds will really be stupid enough to make the attempt.

          • They’ll try to seize you when you’re most vulnerable (like they did the Bundys). To resist them means that any dealing they have with you–which means all the orders of theirs that you most likely now obey–will be their demonstration of how tributary to them you are and how easily they can make you obey them by ultimatums–UNLESS you don’t comply with ANY of their stuff but, rather, obey only things that are sensible, that a decent and peaceable person would do for others, even though those things may happen to be their laws as well.

            • I agree Anon. Most vulnerable on the road but carry loaded battle rifle always. I mind my own business and don’t bother a soul. When they bother me though I will react very violently. As they do.

          • I believe it was Ben Franklin who said: Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.

            We need Trump to take the weapons away from the fascist bureaucrats and make them beat them into plowshares so the government can again plow for the people.

            • PTPO. Exactly. Most government workers and employees as well as politicians, think they were hired to think for us because we are stupid, and we work for them..

              How wrong, its is the opposite, these Government shills work for Us, WE the People, and if they disagree, Trump will fire them. Oh the Ol’ stinky Barn is about to get cleaned out bigtime. VOTE TRUMP – aka Street Sweeper.

              ~WWTI… I bet Trump can save a Trillion Dollars the first year in office, just by removing all the Useless Dead Wood (Grabberment Employees) from the system. Mostly Blacks and Minorities, They are useless rocks and grime in the gears of the government engine. Trump is fully aware of this and licking his chops to get started. We all need to support him.

              It will be fun watching on Nightly News all the Useless deadbeat Government Employees packing their shit up as they just been terminated by the Don. Bitching, cause they Got’s lots of babies to feed.

        • Amen, Angelface.

          • Imposter, who yanked on your chain? Take your sorry trolling ass elsewhere.

        • Damn straight Capn Crunch. Reading the title again…..If Obama deputizes all federal employees, he has his civilian police force. and they are not military who swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution. just something to chew on.

      3. They better be good shots or their AR15s will be my AR15s and they’ll be in a fucking hole

        • Stupid liberals have the highest suicide rate. We need take little action, when the SHTF they will be just like the bankers and offing themselves. I’ll bet as a group far more liberals are anti-depressant users, which could make them into nutty mass murderers.

      4. Yes they are armed. But are they willing to die?

        • Better question: are they willing to be away from their homes and families for long?

        • I hope they are willing to die Diane….and I will happily accommodate them.

          Live Free or Die….2 minutes to 12

        • For a Gubment Garuunteeed pension, a yellow-bellied IRS agent would gladly give his first-born son!

        • off topic:

          After a home invasion, has-been actress Kelly McGillis said her neighbors had a duty to come to her aid if she screamed “HELP!” Now remember peons, you have a DUTY to protect ME!

      5. Time to water the LIBERTY TREE!!!!

        • My hose is ready. How’s yours?

          • Imposter, you just won’t quit, will you?

      6. Freedom of speech shall not be infringed also. If these spied on devices crap out, unlikely for obvious reasons, free speech and the shall not be infringed is free speech are solutions that make a dynamic pair to maintain freedom.

      7. This is how the Rothschilds banking criminal cartel with its frontmen Soros and Rockefellers foment wars for profit and power between otherwise peaceful Countries or within Countries.

        It is up to us to see through their manipulations.
        These armed agents are somebody’s kids. They are young, deliberately dumbed down, and brainwashed American citizens. They are being lead to believe we ordinary Americans are criminals. What they don’t understand is that the IRS and the CIA are both criminal organizations. Their schools and media are controlled by criminals.

        January is around the corner. Hopefully Trump will take their weapons and give them something with which to build instead.

      8. 13% of the US population is employed by Federal, State, Local, military, police etc.

        If the economy crumbles those people will not get paid.

        The economy is crumbling. This is where government spending goes exponential.

        Keep stacking. Venezuela is just a preview.

      9. One Good Marine Corps General plus 182,000 Marines and not counting the armor, would take 500,000 Police State down.

        Just one Good Marine General is all it takes.
        Hell, Drill instructors (Old School) would make them piss their pants.

      10. An Ar-15 doesn’t make you a Marine!

        Obullshit said he was going to a civil army to back him before he left office. Question is why do you need one if you are leaving? Leaving?

        It would take 10 IRS agents to a pimple on a Marine’s ass.


        • Obullshit said he was going to [create] a civil army to back him before he left office. Question is why do you need one if you are leaving? Leaving?

          That is the question no one seems to be considering…

          • TwoWords,
            The globalist have long term plans, I don’t think they weren’t anticipating Trump.

            The PTB may just lay low and when Trump is done they will continue their plans.

            I would hope some legislation will get passed that will prevent future abuses by dictatorial presidents.

            • PTPO

              Cross your fingers. There is no guarantee for either scenario.

      11. The. Irs. Theirs. I read an article the other day that stated ” we need immigrants”. They start more businesses than native born people. I don’t know if true but I know if you are an immigrant there are a hell of a lot more tax breaks for you. More business’s are closing than are starting. Yet we give financial help to immigrants. Fuck us native people. It is time to clean house. Armed irs agents?! And our tax dollars funding it! Jesus what is it gonna take for the civil war part 2. I am ready for it. Our direction of country is headed down the outhouse with a shit chaser. It’s got to be soon because numbers don’t lie. We are flat broke. Our employment numbers are horrific and there are too many people on ” disability”. We all know someone getting it that there ain’t a dam thing wrong with them. Once again slime ball ass crust lawyers running ads all the time for people to call them about it. The showdown is coming between workers and our sleazy govt.

        • I don’t know about all the people that are on disability not having anything wrong with them. But until you know for yourself what you are talking about. Then you shouldn’t say anything at all. I am a Veteran and on disability. So if you don’t know about something you shouldn’t say anything

          • John t. No disrespect to anyone on disability that has a legitimate issue. I have a 56 year old sister on permanent disability due to a severe stroke. I am talking about the 3 fellas I know that have been on it since 30 years old because they are drunks and can’t work. Or the 20 year old girls that come into the docs office where my sister in law works and are on disability for anxiety. Or the fella on it because of bad back but sells firewood on the side that he cut and split. So yes there are plenty of moochers on disability. And they know how to game the system. Hurt or sick can’t work? I got no problem with you? Piece of shit that’s scamming the system? You are part of problem

        • We were out in another part of the county. Nice little 3000+sf mcmansion, chicken houses out back. My step brother told me the US GOVT SUBSIDIZES Chinese citizens to come over and be chicken farmers. The govt builds the house, funds the chicken houses and the Chinks make all the money. When it’s time to upgrade the houses, which falls on chinks shoulders, they pack up and walk AWAY. I know Americans who would jump at the chance for half that offer.

          Its TIME for the globalist cabal to be exterminated. I’m (excuse my french) fucking done!

          • No pity. Just one example u gave. Can u imagine how many other stories there are? I knew of a bunch of Italians had 3 pizza places. Paid no taxes because they were on visas or whatever the hell u wanna call it. Weren’t u.s. Citizens on paper. Was such bullshit. And a Muslim girl was in my wife’s nursing class bragging us govt paying for her tuition. Guess since all this transgender identity bullshit going on can I say I’m a black Muslim Pakistani gay woman and get some tax breaks? Any ideas people?

          • NPPH, I understand where you come from. A 3000sf house can hold a lot of preps.

        • Sleasy is too nice

        • Ted, the feds show favoritism to foreigners. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? {SARCASM}

      12. Those HK 416’s are nice pieces and they ain’t cheap.

      13. I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran and on disability. So if you don’t know what you are talking about you shouldn’t say anything

      14. This story reminder me of another story about Rand Paul asking what the heck local law enforcement was thinking about accepting “governmental gifts” of bayonets for the ends of long guns. If you have never seen that exchange, it’s on YouTube somewhere.













        This makes me want to BARF ;-( Blllllaaa

      16. Check # armed feds with the # of HUNTING LICENSES sold !!!

      17. nothing to see here, i’m just a dumb ole country girl. My city slickin’ neighbor stopped by earlier. He keeps bees and asked how mine were doing. I was clearing the carport. I still have 2 BIG unlabeled boxes of emergency food I haven’t unpacked sitting there and some other stuff around it I gotta put away. Anyway, Its so damn hot and humid here in the ‘sip that I was drenched in sweat and we got to talking about how my dad and stepmom, on top of 40-50 hour work week kept this place in top shape. I have to do 7 days of work in 2 to stay caught up and get just a little ahead. And he said something I think we all know is true, not sure how many 40 somethings like me know it, but We just don’t work like his generation did. We aren’t cut out for it when you have jobs that keep in you air conditioning and not something physical outside. When city slicker is around I keep my cards close to the vest, because, well lets just say…if he went fishing, my daddy had to clean his fish. He may live in the country and he may have bees, but he ain’t country.

        The other thing…..

        You know you’re a prepper when you sort through your leaves, twigs and dead branches to store buckets of dry smoker fuel for the bees before you add any to compost or burn pile!

        • NPPH, you may be country but I don’t believe you’re dumb. I’m 59 pushing 60 and I’ve worked both inside and outside and still do so to this day. What you say is true up to a point but not all of us 40-somethings and 50-somethings are the same. I’ll admit I was born and raised in a city, but I have learned a lot about the country from my relatives in GA. I’ve been going over to north GA ever since I was a kid. I’ve learned a lot about prepping and survival from the family there. I’ll get ‘transplanted’ over there soon enough, the way things are shaping up. This 50-something definitely works like his parents did. That’s just the way I was raised. I already had some experience under my belt doing odd jobs, having a paper route, etc. before I was a teenager. I already had a good work ethic and knew the value of a dollar before I even had my first date.

          • yupe, 50 something here too. i remember as a child wanting that motorized 3 HP mini bike. i was told by my folks, “Son you can have ANY thing you want in this world, you just have to go out and work for it”. One of the best of many things my folks taught me, EARN A BUCK!

            • Markinaz, good to see you back. Isn’t it a great feeling being “old school”?

          • Sitting in an OR all day, 5 days a week giving anesthesia doesn’t do much to help me keep in shape. I’m starting to run again and when I’m home on weekends I work all weekend. Kicks my butt. Work is a vacation! . And no offense to you brave, just cuz you live in Memphis, I don’t take you as a city dude, I mean this guy is a real city slicker. He can catch fish but can’t skin a catfish or gut fish. My dad tried to teach him many times and it just didn’t take! My husband grew up in suburban New England but he’s got skills and common sense. Don’t need to call plumber, electrician or carpenter. Car broke down? Well he was a mechanic before he was a nurse and even worked on freightliners. I struck gold when I met him!

            • NPPH, no offense taken, I promise you that. My wife was an OR nurse but somehow was still able to keep herself in shape. I’ve always been very active myself. I’m not the type to sit at a desk all day. You definitely have a winner for a husband. I know what you mean about the city slicker. They generally just don’t want to learn about country living. I’ve learned some country skills from the family but still have more to learn. That will happen after the bugout.

      18. I am still pissed off at the GOP telling me my vote does not count for selection of the Presidential Candidate.

        Well If my vote does not count then you warrant is not valid. And they might be serving warrants in the future.

        • Thats my point,
          When my vote and position count i will consider participation,
          Until then
          Who is John Galt!

      19. As much as I love the Marines, even they are no match for an armed citizenry. But I do welcome them to join us when SHTF.

      20. WARNING: my sense is that NO bureaucrat is armed/trained and that this “army” is a deception and misdirection because these weapons were most likely/probably purchased to be distirbuted to the 200,000 – 300,000 Russian Soldiers already in our country, and, to other “U.N.” troops. (The U.N. vehicles have already been spotted in our country long ago.)

        When Martial Law comes it will come FAST and it will come FURIOUS!

        Let me REPEAT that: it will come so fast and so furious you WILL be taken OFF guard, yes, YOU!

        It will be upon us SO fast, in fact, you might wake up tomorrow to soldiers EVERYWHERE, the internet shut DOWN, all power turned OFF, all landlines AND cell tower signals BLOCKED, and this will bring widespread panic.

        There literally will be NO time to think, UNLESS you did ALL your thinking AHEAD of time!

        So do NOT talk about what you WILL do WHEN it happens because you need to KNOW what you will do NOW (or will NEED to do) to protect you and yours WHEN you DISCOVER martial law is everywhere.

        Soldiers will arrive by trains, helicopters, AND from underground cities/highways and will emerge AS swiftly as bees do from a whacked nest, ants from a huge mound, and like panicked rats from every sewer.

        Think of your OWN logistics: contacting (but how?) your family and other loved ones and friends; coordinating supplies; bugging out if you choose to do so; hiding preps (where?) if you haven’t already; withdrawing funds from your bank (how, if it is closed?), setting up your ham radio for valuable information and intel, and I could go on and on.

        Chances are if you are reading this at this site you are on a list and “they” might be coming to apprehend you UNDER COVER OF COMPLETE DARKNESS around 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

        Have you set up MOTION sensor lights AND ALARMS yet? (Be careful not to shoot an innocent neighbor in the middle of the night who sets off one of your alarms and just wants to talk with you about how upset he is about his marriage, or, who needs your help in the middle of the night with something important inside his/her home.)

        If you think like ‘THEY’ do (= the evil doers), then you WILL be prepared, or at least have a FIGHTING chance.

        The task is to spring the element of surprise on THEM when you have NO clue WHEN they are coming to surprise YOU!

        Trust God and get right with God every day. He is much bigger than anyone and any thing and sees infinitely more than all NSA-coordinated survelling could ever see. If your receive an inner prompting from Christ Himself to leave before the men in black arrive, then do so, that is, trust that prompting and leave asap!

        As for myself, I can only hope and pray that I will be ready to meet my Maker if I do not live to see the Era of Peace.

        Pray for me, as I for you.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      21. Recall Ruby Ridge and Waco folks. It is only a question of time before some stupid jack ass wants to make headlines again Booby trap the front door and sit back outside in the dark and watch the results. Feds are hired on racial quotas now and on liberal thinking Now they have guns and you have bulls eyss on your chest

      22. This is his civilian force that he wants. He has equipped them with weapons, ammunition and in some instances hard assets. Like all muslim cock suckers he hasn’t taken into account human nature. So they have the weapons, most are kept under lock and key to prevent them from being stolen out of plain jane vehicles. We have heard all the reports of who has the weapons, and have seen the targets that they use of average people attempting to defend themselves. Just as in each and every law enforcement department people would be surprise to learn the level of inadequacies that exist in training, staying trained and having a prepared mind set. On one department there were those of us who trained even on our own time, while a larger group gripped about a 3 month qualification schedule. There were those of us that carried 24/7 and those that once the duty belt goes off, they act like nothing will ever happen to them. Point is just because that asshole has built up the armaments, if a small group of dedicated individuals just takes out a couple of these alphabet soup wanna be warriors, the operation will collapse. Firing under extreme duress will create mental problems that they will not be able to handle. This point deals with situations where large areas are under assault, not just one house or business.
        Right now when they show up it is an overboard use of men and equipment for someone who is not a danger to them. This establishes them as a big bad wolf. Trust me most of them are nothing and when it really gets bad will run and piss their pants. Remember the great big attack at the branch Davidians compound. Those assholes who could have knocked, and gone in to talk with Koresh, had to be the big dog. What did it get them, but the chance to see their asses running away (reminded me of Monty Python an the Holy Grail). In the next big confrontation they won’t have the luxury of being the only dog in the fight, for there will be some very nasty combat proven veterans that will hand them more lead then a body can digest.
        The muslim san flea knows that he can control these traitors, while he also unleashes the pavement apes and terroristic scum from the middle east that he has brought in. There will be groups designated within their agencies that will receive excellent training, however even they will be hard pressed when their avenue of escape is cut off and they start losing assets one at a time. They are planning something big, and with the number of cowards and snowflakes wasting
        our air just seeing them all dressed up will scare the shit out of them an they will comply. It will be another story when as Queen sang “Another one bites the dust”, their sacks will shrink and piss flow down their legs. Just to make it clear on several occasion when extreme force has been used there have been officers I knew and witnessed that lost their bladder (it is a physiological function someone who has been shot at will be hitting the deck faster than shit. In exchange for this boost, you’re going to lose some things. … an ‘adrenal response,’ your body jettisoning extra weight (feces and urine). Always loss the water and crap if you think bad trouble is on the way and you have the time, at least take a piss before the shooting starts.
        Oh, this will also be a great time when it is over to collect everything they have whether they are dead or alive. Personally I’ll let them rot, I’m not going to waste of ammo to put them out of their misery.

        • Well, in fact it is not a civilian force! You will find that these AR-15 toting gurus are the people you love so much: Veterans. Veterans that are all too willing to kill you over a tax bill created by laws you don’t even understand. So next time someone asks you for money to support our veterans, then by all means step up to the booth and put your hard earned cash in the plate. Dummies.

      23. Lone R
        I think they’ll go the easy route,shut everything down and let the masses do the dirty work.Than they come in to save you,take to a nice safe place and feed you,gotcha!
        My neighbors probably don’t like my yard to junkie,that pile over there,material for a smokehouse.That pile–
        I wont be scratching my ass when it comes,week or less I’ll be set and fortified.
        Crazy like a fox
        Maniac –out

      24. Remember, the income tax is “voluntary”, so its agents are technically collecting for charity. If IRS agents can be armed with AR-15s, then anyone collecting for UNICEF or any other charity should be equally armed. Sure would liven up the next Jerry Lewis telethon or Girl Scout cookie drive.

      25. I just learned from Brother Nathaniel That every anti 2 amendment gun law since 1968 was pushed forward by a Jew in government. When will we all realize these people don’t care about anyone but fellow Jews. They want to disarm us so they can do anything they want to us . Just like they did to the Ukranians in 1917. Starve them to death. Over 100 countries in the past have had to deport these people for what they are doing to us now. When will we learn? God. Jesus . And the most famous men in history have warned us . They somehow will take over our economy and destroy it for their profit or to destroy us. They will somehow take over our media for profit or to pervert and destroy our society. They will somehow take over our government for profit or to destroy our country. Then run off to isreal with the loot and live happily ever after . Just as God Jesus and the most famous men in history warned us they’d do.

      26. I asked someone who trains extensively with SWAT on WHERE I should shoot

        if they come thru my door –

        “for the thighs, they are unprotected and will quickly bleed out.”

        • Wounding the enemy is often a good strategy as it not only takes that person out of the fight but the one or two others who must carry him out of harms way, even temporarily.

      27. 200,000 versus 200,000,000. Hmm.

        • 200,000 domestic “agents vs 182,000 Marines.

      28. Non-violence from all sides is the way forward.

      29. Obamas words in 2007:

        “we need a domestic force at least as well armed as our military”

        Lets do some real world math- 40 million former military in the US. most are armed.

        That is why they want the guns so bad.

      30. As if the fat ass liberals think that the govt giving them a gun will help take ours away… kinda like shooting feral dogs, brave in packs but as soon as one gets hit the others scatter for easier pickings..
        These politicians seem to be judging everyone by the people they see or work with, lazy stupid sheeple.. but we are not sheep nor are we stupid.
        Here in real America we work, homeschool our kids, hunt and fish,can take care of ourselves and can sneak up on a deer with a bow at 20 feet.
        DO you REALLY think some TSA goon from a major city has a chance in hell of taking away peoples weapons? Have you seen these SJW morons? Most can’t walk across the airport screening line without being winded. My 15 yr old DAUGHTER would turn them inside out without a gun. If they are dumb enough to try it my garden is going to get plenty of fertilizer.
        Molon Labe

      31. My understanding, the whole reason why all the 3 organizations are buying AR-15’s and Rounds …. is that they can. They will buy as much as they can to dry up the supply. This is there way of gun control.

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