Antifa Violence ALERT: 56-Year-Old Man Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Antifa

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 46 comments

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     An Antifa member violently attacked a Trump supporter in New York putting the 56-year-old victim in the hospital. David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breathing, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, and loitering.

    According to Breitbart, the male victim was taken away in an ambulance after he was assaulted by Antifa outside the Night for Freedom gala in New York City, a gathering of the New Right and Trump supporters organized by Mike Cernovich. The victim of the violent attack was reportedly leaving the event when he was descended upon by members of “Antifa,” who are classified as a domestic terrorist organization by U.S. security agencies. He is currently in a stable condition at Bellevue hospital.

    “A Night For Freedom” was hosted at the FREQ club in Midtown New York, a venue that was secured at the last minute after a last-minute cancellation by the initial venue. (Last-minute cancellations and bureaucratic hurdles have become a common tactic used by colleges and venue hosts to censor New Right events). This event featured a host of New Right speakers including Gavin McInnes, Stefan Molyneux, Jack Posobiec, Lucian Wintrich, and Michael Malice. The event was well attended, with over five hundred attendees spread over several floors.

     The aftermath can be seen in the video below.

    Two others were also hurt in the fight and taken to the hospital. It is currently unclear if they were attendees of the event or protesters. “Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization,” said event organizer Mike Cernovich. “This is what Democrats support.”  Cernovich took to Twitter shortly after the event to publicly denounce those who had attempted to derail it.  He went on to retweet posts highlighting support for the violent leftist organization from DNC deputy chairman Keith Ellison.

    Political violence from the left is becoming the new normal, and it appears that the elite leftists in the government wholly support these types of actions and mentalities.


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      1. Doesn’t antifa mean shoot terrorists on sight?

        • well if he cant whip an antifa faggot communist then he must not be much of a fighter.

        • So , What is the “new right” ?

        • Bob, any mofo who tries to harm me het shot on sight.

          • I meant to say GETS shot on sight. Typing too fast again.

            • BH Then you notify next of kin. Right.

              • Tacoma, someone else can notify his family. As long as the turds avoid me they’ll be just fine. It’s antifa that has bad intentions toward other people, not me. I would only be doing what any other sensible person would do.

        • Bob
          As a cop there will come a day when we look the other way when these pieces of shit know as antifa get the living shit kick out of them. Might have squad trouble.

          • Thank you Sgt. As one of the thin blue line also, I too might have to return my patrol vehicle for repair at the motor pool.

      2. Why aren’t I lucky enough to have one of these snowflakes attack me? Oh, that’s right, they’re a bunch of wimpy little mama’s boys who only attack when they have a whole mob to support them. Silly me, thinking that they would actually have the balls to initiate a one on one attack.

        • Rick, that same tactic is employed by black thugs. Same as all other libturds.

      3. Yes sir we’ll get him on that loitering charge. Crap, if he was waiting to assault somebody that’s not loitering. Get your CCW and carry.

        • Fuck the CCW, just carry

          • YEP !
            Its your right to self defense .

            • Hammerhead, long time no hear from. How’ve you been? And agreed about self-defense.

          • the time is fast approaching where you’ll HAVE to carry.

        • CCW is actually the change you get if you get caught without asking for a permission slip to carry
          CPL is the “permit” or in some states CWP

          Concealed Pistol Permit
          Concealed Weapons Permit

          Yes correct terminology is important

          It’s as wrong as saying an AR15 is an “assault rifle “

      4. “F’ers” fly a flag that has not national heritage to it in my country, they are invaders, enemies or worse. These ‘anti-facists’ are cowards deep down. Typical pack-driven animals lacking individual courage or conviction. What type of scum feels the need to wear a bandana mask to voice political difference? I’m kind of hoping one of the local ones give me a ‘go’. It’d be a good way to relax and let out some of the tension of waiting for the big ‘it’ to happen.

      5. These punks can do this kinda thing in places like ny/nyc and be fairly confident the victim is unarmed….I dont see them pulling this crap in Smalltown USA or in places where folks have their liberty teeth on them.They claim to be anti fascist but employ hitler youth tactics,hardly a suprise but most of these type of tough guy wannabees act like wolves…they hunt in packs and go for the weak looking ones…stay alert and be ready to unlock and unload when this comes to a theater near you.REB

        • Don’t insult Wolves like that. They are noble animals. antifa are marxist scum.

          • agreed….compared to these scum, wolves are noble…so are rattlers and skunks….heck even rabid dogs at least have an excuse for their behavior….these people have none.REB

        • A few well placed fragmentation grenades work wonders for breaking up antifa scum gatherings.

      6. Get in their faces,make them back down. They only have courage in large numbers. They feel the need to hide their faces, can’t maintain their views in public. Only cowards hide behind mamas dress too unsure of their point of view and fear debating issues like men.when they lose an argument they resort to violence. Their decline is coming…..

        • I say stay off a ways, watch who is who, follow em home, maybe they have an unfortunate accident on the way

        • Jim in VA, agreed. Their DESTRUCTION is coming. If that punk had attacked me, he would’ve been laying on the ground in his own blood leaking out of several 9mm bullet holes.

        • Piss on getting in their face Jim, just Mozambique the first one that steps forward. Then when the rest of them are having their oh shit moment. Let them know too, they can have a come to Jesus moment just as fast as their buddy did.

      7. He just didn’t accost the right person. If he had, they’d of either emptied the clip or dumped the cylinder into his chest.

        • PO’d Patriot,it’s only a matter of time until these young,brainwashed punks jump the wrong people and it ends up costing these punks far more than their willing to pay.

      8. These thugs are like a pavlovian dog and are already trained to attack on command. With this in mind I feel that a “Candid Camera” type setup is in order.

        1. Get someone who has the most sympathetic background. Vietnam Vet medic therefore by default a senior citizen, disabled in a wheel chair, former factory worker laid off due to NAFTA who volunteers at an animal shelter (with lots of very tear jerking pictures).

        2. Put man in (1) at a pro Trump rally with flag, sign. Surround him with hidden video cameras, audio.

        3. Infiltrate the anti Trump group, agitate them (easy to do) into action. Record everything.

        4. Have people stand by as runners to take the recording devices to immediately and with quality get them disseminated throughout social media.


        • Its like the NYPD cops who pose as easy targets for muggers. Bait.

          • And when they get real good at it they are MASTERbaiter’s! All kidding aside, baiting them into getting the living shit pounded out of them sounds like FUN! It would be sooo easy too. Too bad we don’t have them anywhere within hundreds of miles here.

      9. And if you do anything other then let them beat you, you will be the one go8ng to jail. So it is either hospital or jail.

        • Dave

          That depends upon where. Both Florida and Delaware are reasonably good on lawful self defense. Delaware also is great on civil suit defense. If your not criminally convicted you can’t be charged in a civil suit. In their enclaves like NYC , NJ, California all bets are off. You couldn’t be legally armed there anyway. At a minimum your going to jail for possessing a weapon.

          • I read somewhere that NYC taxi cab drivers have problems with Hornets and Wasps and therefore many carry Raid Hornet and Wasp Spray.

            • You would only go to jail if you called the cops. Otherwise you have a chance of getting away free. DON’T EVER CALL THE COPS!

              • Genius, damn straight. I NEVER dial 911 for any reason. If/when I’m confronted by any mofo for any reason I’m doing whatever I consider necessary to get out of the situation alive. I won’t be thinking about any LAW OR ANY OTHER BS POLICY THAT CAN INTERFERE WITH SELF-DEFENSE. All that matters is getting out of the situation alive. Any law, rule, policy, etc. stating otherwise is NULL AND VOID to me.

      10. Dave, anyone who tries to act against me for self-defense will just get themselves killed. Their best bet is to stay out of it.

      11. “It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

        ANTIFA is Communist.

        It began in the 1920’s.


      12. I hate Antifa as much as I hate Trump and his supporters.

      13. Why do the cops have their hands behind their backs???
        They can’t even protect themselves anymore?

      14. LMAO. None of you hobbyists are going to do a damn thing. I’ve been hearing this kind of talk for well over 30 years. And nothing. But I know: “Oh yeah! Well you just wait and see! Some day, before the second coming of Christ, TSH’sTF… then we’re gonna show them (Thump-Thump-Terump)!”

        Up until 6 years ago, I thought the Patriot… I mean, the Hobby Movement, might be serious with all the chest thumping and loud mouth proclamations of freedumb and libertard… but it is the same old crap.

        Face it, you are not getting your freedom and liberty back… ever. Ya’ll are just a bunch of mouth breathers, and the “movement” is just a hobby.

        • You need to get on down here to the North Georgia mountains for a little R&R and meet the folks. Most of the people I know are stacking and training real hard. These libtards will never start anything down here. Most of us know where the wild hog live. Never trust a man that keeps pigs or know where they live.

          • Southernman, I have family in N GA myself. I was with them just recently during the holidays for some R&R and training. I’ve already got most of my supplies stacked at the BOL. Agreed about the libturds. They wouldn’t make it out of there alive.

        • Curt, POLITICIANS blow hot air, NOT the people on this site. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      15. Curt sounds like a troll.

      16. Predators prey on the weakest members of the herd.Walk tall,be aware of your surroundings and carry a means to defend yourself.A common claw hammer is a legal-to-carry-most-anywhere craftsmans tool.
        Watch your six.

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