An EMP Attack Is Scary, But It Could Be Nothing More Than Alarmist Propaganda

by | Jun 4, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 97 comments

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    In a recent hearing of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski put the recent EMP attack hysteria into perspective when she said, “The United States has recognized a potential EMP attack as a national security threat for decades, and our efforts to understand a potential EMP burst are not new.”

    An EMP attack would devastate the United States for years but the study of that threat is still being conducted. In fact, the Department of Defense and national labs have been studying these issues since nuclear weapons came into existence. Extensive tests in the 1950s and 1960s examined the potential impact of an EMP burst on both military and civilian infrastructure.  But, in March of 2017, former Central Intelligence Agency director James Woolsey and Peter Pry wrote an op-ed in The Hill claiming an EMP attack “Could Kill 90 Percent Of Americans.” And that set off a chain reaction of EMP hysteria.

    But before being overly concerned, there are a few things we should all know. When following a link provided in the article written in The Hill, it cites the words of former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, who has gone off the grid after spending 20 years on Capital Hill.  He describes a novel he had read called One Second After. Bartlett stated that in the book, “The weapon was launched about 300 miles high over Nebraska, and it shut down our infrastructure countrywide. At the end of the year, 90 percent of our population is dead; there are 25,000 people only still alive in New York City.”  But what’s important to remember here, is that he’s speaking about a book.  An author’s work of fiction, and much like Agenda 21, while scary, it’s still just a book.

    Woolsey has called the grid “totally vulnerable” to an EMP attack and called for $2 billion in funding to “fortify” the grid.  And that’s important because like any issue (for example climate change), we should always follow the money. Woolsey and Pry frequently produce EMP alarmist articles, that cite this statistic of an EMP attack killing most Americans – the statistic which came from a novel.  All the while, Woolsey has worked with three different venture capital firms who have investments in companies that profit off of EMP hysteria.

    Woolsey is currently a Strategic Advisor with Paladin Capital, a D.C.-based private equity group who invests in cybersecurity, telecommunications, and alternative energy companies.

    He is also a venture partner with Lux Capital, a firm who focuses on “long-term bets on contrarians” in emerging technologies. Lux Capital is invested in energy-based companies including Gridco Systems, a company who creates systems to help utilities avoid possible power disturbances and Crystal IS, which works on water purification. Before joining Lux Capital, Woolsey was a venture partner with VantagePoint Venture Capital, a group who invested in companies looking at “grid optimization” while he was a partner. Clearly, these interests should be kept in mind when we consider advice on EMPs, even if it is from the former head of the CIA. –Washington Examiner

    So, the EMP threat is real, but in today’s world of competing challenges, not a top threat or priority in an age of limited resources, according to the Washington Examiner. Of course, most liberal media outlets feel this way about an EMP alarmist but cannot follow the money trail when it comes to climate change alarmists. Either way, our job is to present the public with information.  Much like climate change, it’s up to you to decide if you prep for an EMP attack or if it’s simply a way for alarmists to generate revenue.



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      1. If you are interested in the real effects of an EMP, read up on Starfish Prime. That EMP knocked out power to Hawaii for a few hours. No one died

        • Fck the Grid, We’ve been paying into the Grid for 10 decades and instead of the Grid Masters hardening the Grid they are responsible for, they’ve been lining their pockets and Wallstreet investors with our money. Don’t give a dime to this Plunder Scam to fleece Tax Payers to give to the Grid Criminals a dime, that have been ripping us all off with high Priced Grid tie service all this time.

          You want to protect the Grid, Get off the Grid all together, and Protect yourself and be independent. If you went all Solar right now for your electric, your ROI is in about 8 to 10 years with full service 20 kWhr’s of annual electricity. After that you stuff $20K in your pocket every additional 10 years in your own investment profit. Harden your own grid and Get off their Grid.

          Think about this, do the Math. You pay $200 a month for electric. x 12 months = $2400 a year. x 10 years = $24,000 which pays for a solar system including the 30% Tax rebate. Life expectancy of Solar easily, 25 to 30 years easy. After 30 years, you are $48,000 ahead of Grid tied Rape and Pillage. Start Paying yourself.

          I have not had an electric bill now in 27 months. I am all off the Grid,and my ROI is about 4 to 5 years on my small 1200 kW DC solar system with Batteries. And its funny listening to my neighbors complain their electric went out again. And I never have that problem. Your Grid tied electric goes out, and you loose everything in your fridge and freezers. Now what did you just learn here. Wake up and Get off their Grid or continue to be a slave and under their high priced grid BS.

          Harden your own Solar System via EMP proof with proper grounds and keep all the electronics in a metal box. If you buy your own Solar system the Government will pay you 30% of the Cost in Income Tax Credits until Dec 2019. What you waiting for? And EMP. Throwing Billions of our Tax Dollars at Grid Tied Scoundrels will not fix the problem. Its a Scam. Don’t buy into that BS.

          • wow…good post thx for the info

        • They used your standard 1 MT big bomb that produces a big boom, but next to nothing in terms of gamma rays. That’s why Hawaii saw minimal effects from a test 1400 miles away.

          Gamma rays are what produces the voltage that kills stuff in an EMP, and low explosive yield bombs, like the ones North Korea is testing, are well-suited to putting out immense amounts of gamma rays. The process known as coupling is how EMPs kill electronics. The voltage from an EMP does not couple directly into small electronics. It couples into large conductive objects so the voltage can progressively couple down into smaller and smaller conductive objects. That’s why an EMP will kill things like power grids, anything hooked directly into a power grid, and automobiles. An EMP probably will not directly kill your cell phone because the phone is not a large enough object for the coupling process to take place. It may power up, but you won’t get any service because the cell phone infrastructure got coupled, then fried.

        • The possible deaths would not specifically come from the EMP its self but instead from the chaos that would ensue if the grid were to be down for an extended period of time.

      2. EMP as cover for a stuxnet attack??

      3. Y’all look at it this way…

        If your ready for the small things that happen all the time. (ie: extreme weather) Than you are better off then the rest of the zombies that will roam until they drop dead.

        Y’ all play nice now.

        • I like your way of thinking. It must be Southern thing (ArkLaTexan with some TN blood tossed in ). So all this ain’t for you, brother. Just an addendum to the excellent point you made.

          The Rambo preppers are all buying guns and ammo to protect themselves from the ravenous hordes.

          The practical preppers are different. They have real-life experience. They have no visions of glory or empire buiding. They have no desire to fight or kill unless it’s a do or die situation.

          And without exception, we all hate what’s coming. We all just want to be left alone so we can live out the lives gifted to us. Each according to what makes her/him happy.

          And if we die and nothing happens? Who cares? Who did we hurt?

          Trust me, folks: It’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it.

          Also, believe me when I say that most of us are more than willing to bear the shame of posthumous finger-pointing, “I told-you-sos,” and snide remarks about “crazy” preppers. Hell, they were doing that right up until the time Vesuvius popped its top and buried Pompeii. “Don’t worry… it’ll be fine… it rumbles all the time…”

          SMDH. Most people never change and are incapable of actually learning to think and reason on their own. They have to be spoon fed every single thought and then told that they “reasoned” it out on their own.

          That’s why you see the proliferation of Memes and “Viral” videos. It’s an infection. It is a perfect model of how diseases spread among the general population.

          Most people are sheeple and will bleat and run to their owner’s every whim. Some people are not… and they so badly want us dead that they are willing to blow up the world to do it (that is pretty dedicated though. Gotta admire that).

          That’s why we are going to sit back and wait for stupidity, dehydration, and starvation to thin the flock out.

      4. I know former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, and he will be known as being a modern day Casandra. He is one of the few good things to come out of Maryland and tried to wake the Nation up regarding a genuine threat.

        I give old Roscoe credit for putting his money where his mouth is. He obviously believes in the possibility/ probability of an EMP event and it potential consequences.

        We know exactly, because of atmospheric testing in the 50’s and 60’s, the effects of high altitude atomic detonations. We can reasonable predict the total CAOS that would follow. And not even Maxwell Smart will be able to save us.

        • Sorry, CAOS should be spelled with a K.

          • Its spelled Chaos. Use a dictionary if you cant spell. Sheesh!!

            • Can’t is a contraction, you should have an apostrophe in it. If you can’t spell look it up in the dictionary. Sheesh!!!

              • Man was not meant to type w/a smart phone or i pad. Use a keyboard.

            • KOAS from get Smart!

        • Justice I wish old Roscoe had been one of our reps over here on the Delmarva. Last I heard he retired over somewhere in Garret County (or there about) and was living off the Grid.

        • Roscoe Bartlett was bought and paid for by the very defense contractors who would have made millions providing EMP protection, but then if you know him you already know that too. The first post, David was spot on about Starfish Prime, but conspiracy theorists always fabricate reasons why this time is different when in fact the more things change the more they stay the same. Recognize that all utilities are conveniences and force multipliers, but don’t rely on them.

        • I am kind of surprised that something like this has not yet happened. And not many good things come out of Md that is for sure!! Awful damn place to live for so many different reasons. I should know, I have the piss luck of being a resident and am kind of stuck here for a reason or two.

      5. We need to harden our hearts, the grid can wait.

        • Should the worst happen, and the grid is fried by a North Korean (or whoever) EMP, let me know how that works out for ya Grandpa…….

      6. Yay

      7. Just remember, while America’s power grid is unprotected, everything in the military is fully EMP shielded. Talk to anyone who has served in the Navy and they will tell you that every piece of equipment and every cable is protected. Why is it that our life line is not important, but theirs is?

        • “Why is it that our life line is not important, but theirs is?”

          the answer……not available to rebel scum

          • You think the US Military is here to protect us? Wake up dopes. The US military is the Armed Gang to protect the US Fascist Corporations and its Wall Street Gangsters raping and pillaging the Globe to protect their monopolies on trade and currencies, like the Petro Dollar. The US Military is a FRAUD and any Idiot who signs up for the US Military is another Gangster Thug based on FRAUD.

            You think the Police are here to protect you? Again, they could care less about you, as its all about protecting their own paychecks and raising revenue for their Maters who employ them. You people got a lot to learn about life. Most of all Government is a Smoke screen via taxes to cover up their Fraud. The Grid is a scam as well. Why buy into the scam?

        • Guess you haven’t heard about what happened to our destroyers in the Med when Russian MIGS overflew them and they lost complete power to ALL there systems……..

          • I suspect that was more than just an EMP attack. I am no longer in the loop, being retired, but that sounded more like a very targeted high energy radio wave. Nothing is 100 percent fool proof, but those destroyers do have EMP protection.

            • How about Pay Americans to get off the Grid and be independent. When you are grid tied you are only as strong as its weakest link. If everybody was independent off the grid with Solar, there would not be this worry at all. You can’t take out 250 Million independent household grids all at once, can you now? Its a No Brainer.

            • The navy’s old ships can all take a nuclear EMP as well as direct lightning strikes.

              Over the years, these ships have been retrofitted with modern electronics those electronics are made with commercial electronics for the most part. They are not particularly well shielded from high tech, high frequency EMP’s

          • Yes, I sure did read that article, NOT good at all, very concerning actually!! Russia has some “black-box” toy that basically shuts down US ships like 100% DEAD in the WATER folks.

      8. It is refreshing to see this article on here. Good critical thinking is priceless for preparedness. We could also better understand what survival is, and reexamine the post 2008 prepping wave. When 70% of GDP is consumerism, and the 2008 financial crises stopped consumption of consumer goods in its tracks, what does a power structure do? It scares the hell out of everyone and the answer is to buy survival gear. This is consumerism. Follow the money. One can not consume their way to security.

        • Critical Thinking is understanding the “Follow the Money” flows from the Naïve US Tax Payers to the Utility Scammers. Don’t give them a dime. Just order them to comply with these EMP Standards to harden the Grid they are responsible for, and quit stuffing their Utility Profits in their pockets like they been doing for 50 yrs. They can be regulated to do this, without spending a cent of Tax Payer money. Its all a scam to give Billions to Utility thieves, like they will do anything about this, but laugh at the dopes supporting this financial fleecing scam.

          • Sorry to keep dogging you GiveThemLead, but your use of capitalization is horrible. You should take an English as a second language class or stop correcting other people’s post. Sheesh!!

      9. Hm. EMP strikes don’t really scare me. They don’t scare me because I really don’t GAF what they do anymore. This is not my war. I didn’t start it. I don’t believe in it, and I damned sure don’t support it.

        I also don’t think it’s fair that billions of innocent people should have to suffer untold horrors because of a relatively few greedy megalomaniacs want to be emperors of the world.


        We just want to be left alone so we can work, play with our dogs, torment the neighbor kids, drink a little beer and smoke some green bud, hang out with friends… and generally live out our gift in peace.

        That’s all we want.

        That’s all we ask… to be left alone.

        It’s really not so much, is it?

        But you couldn’t even do that, could you?

        And now we hate you.

        So go ahead and pop your EMP devices to your greedy, black little heart’s content. Burn it all to the ground. Turn it into ashes. Go ahead… We The People paid for and built it anyway. We did it before and we can do it again.

        Go ahead. Do it. I dare you.

        Please do… because we are out here waiting for you.

      10. On a more positive note on EMP, the snowflakes will either toughen up and survive the school of hard knocks or die. I have never seen such a generation of cream puffs in my life! Wow!

        • Got that right. Kinda makes what’s coming almost worthwhile, huh?

          • Yep​. Or the USMC.

        • Oh so true. They don’t know how to pull a weed or paint their own walls. Heck, some don’t even know how to clean their home. But they do have the latest electronics and can locate the finest nail salons.

        • The snowflakes will try and loot from the ones that are somewhat prepared……

          • And they will get lead poisoning

        • Most clowns in this country would not last very long, no damn chance of it…

      11. Its a real possibility. 90% of us would be dead in 6 months. We are totally dependent on the grid. There are enemies of this country that could pull it off. It is not a conspiracy theory. A denial of any of these facts is akin to sticking your head in the sand. And yes, there are people making money off the scare tactics…..

        • If the entire grid goes down, it will be an excuse for me shooting 90% of the morons trying to steal my food and resources. The Key equation to this is Load up on Lots and Lots of Ammo and Lots of High Capacity Magazines to feed your battle rifle and side arms.

      12. Mac needs to do some actual research before writing his articles. The “90% mortality” figure did not originate with the novel “One Second After”. It came from the Graham Commission report, which I have read. He does a serious disservice to his audience by putting out false information about a very real threat. The Russians have included a preliminary EMP attack in their nuclear war doctrine since the 1960’s. Are they just joshing us? Why did the US military TEMPEST harden our military electronics? Just for fun? Geez.

        • AI E.GATOR,

          You are 100% correct about the source about the “90% mortality” figure.
          MAC should be ashamed of his sloppy article.
          Also who cares if someone is making $$$$ off of people preparing for the worst disaster that COULD and probably will happen. Its not a matter of if, its just a matter of when.
          Take Care

      13. I don’t believe anything Lisa Murkowski says. So much so, I actually sent money that I don’t have to support Joe Miller in his campaign against her.

        There’s a lot of debate about EMP effects, simply because no one (no duh!) has been able to test it a live setting. The famous reported Ted Koppel did a book on this, Lights Out. Generally, I disrespect the leftist media, but this one sounds pretty well research (I have only seen interviews and excerpts).

        • It has been tested live, unintentionally. Starfish Prime took out radios and electricity 800 miles away in Hawaii. There was also a test in Russia that took out electricity, burned up phone lines, and burned up a diesel generator.

          There have also been smaller, non-nuclear EMP tests that stopped cars and burned up components on printed circuits.

          So I won’t stop being prepared for the possibility of the lights going out.

      14. This article is a very curious departure from the sentiment and tone of previous articles on this topic. It’s almost as if some gas “gotten to” Mac.

        • ….check under the bed for giant pods….

      15. The government will fund the military and take care of itself but the public be damned. When 90% of the taxpayers are dead where will they get the money to go on existing? Even Russia provides for their people.

      16. Best to have alternatives to your electrical apliances if an EMP occurs because we will be going manual labor on everything.

        • False. What they don’t tell you is this: The EMP will wreck the grid. It might wreck something thats hooked up to the grid or to some type of “antenna”. (Antenna = Long Conductor In Air or Ground).

          Something they don’t tell you is this: Most everything is already sheilded. You know, like a car? Yeah, not only is the ECM encased in a metal box, the metal box its in is inside the body of the car.

          If you’re close enough to the EMP for it to blow your laptop/ipad/TV/phone, etc, you’ll be way more worried about the blast than your electronic device.

          99% of the problems caused by an EMP will be because the grid will do a faceplant and not recover. Even if it only blows 5% of the transformers, it will still be devastating. The GDS (Grid Down Situation/Scenario) is the problem. Don’t fret about putting your walkie talkies in a steel ammo can, worry about getting power to your fridge, well pump and how are you’re gonna heat your living space.

          • Well said! I been saying basically the same thing about our electronics for years. The part I’m ignorant of is substation protections. I know the power generation stations will be OK because they are highly protected from outside perturbations.
            That is why when a problem occurs in one area they all go offline and bringing them back up is so tricky because of all the protections.
            If we lose substation transformers, the trouble is that they are not well spared and are custom made to order. eg. it takes months or years to get new ones.
            So we’ll have power stations that work, electronics and electrical devices that work, but no way to connect the two together.
            Everybody might want to get a few solar panels, inverters and batteries to run your house “stuff”.

          • I agree. Furthermore, only a few major cities need to be hit to affect the entire US economy and, by default, the global economy. NYC and DC are the only two cities that need to be hit with an EMP. Imagine shutting down Wall Street for a year. Imaging shutting down the federal government for a year.

            Okay, maybe not a year. What if NYC and DC are shut down for a month? Something to think about.

            • PD, if NYC and DC shit down at all, it’s a BLESSING. A lot of problems would be solved.

      17. So, Mac, not gonna post my comment?

        • Macs been not posting half my comments because they are truthful, and he does not want to offend the Parasite tribe for their crimes against America. Its time for the Full truth and nothing but the truth, not some BS watered down propaganda crap, like we’ve been getting for 60 years from the MSM. Post all of my comments, get the truth out.

      18. I would prefer to generate as much power on-site as possible. Realistically, I can’t go off-grid. I might be able to generate some of it and supplement it with generator(s). I might have enough to get by. The problem has always been economics. With solar and wind becoming cheaper, this might change.

        The interconnected regional grids will always lag behind what is possible. It varies by location, but generally you can produce and transmit power more securely and cheaper than you can today. If we haven’t modernized the system, then the economics has not supported it.

      19. Not sure I get this article. We shouldn’t listen to him because, as a previous poster already mentioned, “he put his money where his mouth is”? And One Second After isn’t the only book, our “source” for that matter stating that an EMP detonation over the US would be catastrophic.

        I think I’ll check on my Faraday cage anyway…


        • Good to see you’re still around Mal.

        • Captain! Good to see you!

          Nobody will be worse off with a faraday cage. How did you build it? Did you use hardware cloth and solder (or at least clamp) corners so it was one big conductor or some other method?

          • I use galvanized trash cans with lids. Fill the bottom with kitty litter / silica dessicant to absorb moisture and bubble wrap between that layer and the items stored inside. It is my understanding that no grounding is necessary. Easy, cheap way to store extra electronic components.

            • Galvanized trash cans score high in the book. Well done.


              • Thanks! I like the KISS method best.

          • Gents:

            Never truly left. Just stopped posting. Seemed like we were always preaching to each of our fellow choir members! 🙂


            My Faraday Cage is an altered gun safe. Taped the seams with aluminum tape. Inside the padded interior, I have a large ammo can, similarly taped. The safe itself is probably offering protection of around 30dB. However, the ammo can offers another 40-50dB of protection. (Estimates, but probably pretty close). Keep spare batteries and most of my good Comm equipment in the ammo can.
            Got the idea from: Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms — Arthur T. Bradley, Ph.D.

            Take care and have a great night!

            • Mal Reynolds,

              Good to see you post!

              We use a gun safe as a Faraday Cage too.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

      20. I reject Mac Slavo’s point of view in this article. Mac has made political arguments, but provided not scientific arguments to support his point of view.

        I consider an EMP threat to be very real. So, I store up some food and replaced the electronic lock on my safe with a mechanical lock.

        Mac — do you consider my replacement of an electronic lock with a mechanical lock, and storage of food to be a “hysterical” response?

        • Brent,

          Reject his point of view? You mean this one:

          “Either way, our job is to present the public with information. Much like climate change, it’s up to you to decide if you prep for an EMP attack or if it’s simply a way for alarmists to generate revenue.”

          I think Mac was pretty much just examining the entire scenario, however, I would not worry about the lock on your safe. Maybe if it was on the top of a 40ft pole in the front yard and unshielded. I would, however, recommend you use lithium AAs in it. They last much longer.

        • brent H, you took some wise precautions. My handgun safes have electronic locks that run on 4 AA batteries but also have a key lock if anything happens to the electronics. So I can get my handguns out either way. My long gun safe is key lock only, so once again, no issues there. I’ve also prepared for grid-down scenarios and also take the EMP threat seriously. I’m not sure what Mac’s motive was with this article but don’t think he meant any harm by it.

      21. EMP is enormously overblown.

        North Korea doesn’t have the capability and would be obliterated if they tried. Neither does Iran.

        Russia and China would never use EMP short of full-scale nuclear war – and if that happens, you have more to worry about than your electronics failing.

        In short, NO ONE is going to attack the US with an EMP.

        I’d be far more concerned about a solar flare than a deliberately created EMP. And unless that flare is huge, it’s unlikely to do major damage. Plus, absent from followup physical damage, repair is likely to be effective if time-consuming.

        Another possibility is a LOCALIZED EMP attack conducted by terrorists. Also very unlikely due to limited terrorist technology capability, plus it would be very difficult to do anything more than short out a small area. Much more bang for the buck using real explosives. Highly unlikely.

        James Woolsey is a cretin and nothing he says is to be taken seriously.

        Most of the anti-EMP advice comes from people with little to no knowledge of EMI technology and should be thoroughly researched if you think a solar flare is likely.

        Bottom line: Like a zombie breakout, you should be worried about a lot more likely things than an EMP attack.

      22. The military has known about the emp threat for years.

        They did tests on their equipment supposedly have hardened them against such a threat.

        Have to wonder what happened to that US destroyer in The Black Sea a few months ago that allegedly had its electronics knocked up by that Russian Aircraft.

        Well, at the end of one year 90 per cent of Americans
        will not be dead if such an event occurred. I don’t believe that. I think many will die, but not 90 per cent.

      23. The true effect of an EMP (natural or otherwise) is unknown. I’m not one to swallow the load of crap dished out from the agenda driven PTB, but I respectfully disagree with Mac’s assertion that the 90 % figure came from a fictional book. That “90%” figure has been repeated in congressional reports as far back as 2004. This link is from 2012
        From report :
        ” Dr. Graham has said that a major catastrophic EMP attack on the
        United States could cause an estimated 70-90 percent of the our
        Nation’s population to become unsustainable. ”

        – Hale

      24. If you are prepping for a long term EMP grid down event, you are pretty much prepping for everything else that could possibly happen.

      25. EMP or CME.. either one would return us to 1800’s in a blink of an eye.. Its why the navy still uses solid state electrical systems and vacuum tubes on the reactor control rod systems even though everything is inside a giant steel hull… redundancy for EMP..
        Anyway in my opinion the Govt is now trying to distract from the possibility of it happening. Just like they say the economy is fine and the dollar is sound.. I tested equipment, vehicles and computer systems for the Navy before i got out in ’97 to test EMP survivability and i have seen what 300000v Emp generator will do to anything with a microchip.. poof..
        SO I AM GOING TO KEEP PREPPING FOR EMP/CME AS WORST CASE SCENARIO AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.. the Story from One Second After is pretty optomistic from the research and work we did. If the govt says “dont worry” it’s time to start getting ready for it..

      26. In the entire history of the known universe, there has never been as much as a single successful EMP attack.

      27. The nuclear bomb and the EMP would be an act of war, and no less than a nuke on NYC or LA etc.

        The military responce would be the typical ‘MAD’ and ‘Mutual Terror’ related scenario.

      28. what is Dr. Peter Pry’s financial Benefit? If your premise is Woosley and Pry write “alarmist” articles about EMP for financial benefit you provide no proof that pry is motivated by money. You also totally disregard the 2008 EMP Commission report- were they are benefiting from being alarmist? I find it ironic that a Prepper website who makes money selling doom and gloom would be so hypocritical as to suggest that 2 great American’s would be penning “Alarmist” articles for financial benefit. You lost some serious credibility in my opinion.

      29. If you get what you need when you are young and able to work, plan for the future, live in the present, and learn from the past; you just might turn out alright.


        • Article is illfounded. THE KEY SOURCE IS THE 2004 CONGRESSIONAL EMP COMMISSION. It forecasts 90% American dead after one year due to failed water, sewage and gas pumps resulting in pandemics, starvation, and lack of transport. Transformers and consumer electronics burned out. Replacements an ocean away in Japan, Korea and China.

      30. Alarmist propaganda? Don’t use a rubber it’s just alarmist propaganda?

      31. This article is ill founded. ‘One Second After’ is not the basis for an EMP concern. The 2004 Congressional Task Force on EMP is THE SOURCE. It found an EMP would cause such societal disruption that potentially 90% of the American population could die within a year. No pumps for sewage, water, gasoline and electronics on cars and trucks burned out. Transformers burn out with an EMP. Most system transformers are site specific and are made in China, Taiwan or South Korea. Good luck in getting timely replacements. Jim Wolsey gets involved in companies that address the problem because the job needs to done.

      32. Article is dead wrong. 2004 Congressional Task Force is THE SOURCE. Check it out. 90% of Americans dead in a year due to social disruption; loss of power for water, sewage, gas pumps, medical equipment. Tractors, autos, trucks stop working. Food deliveries stop.

      33. Do some research before you insult us all by writing such an article.

        • maybe that was harsh…what I mean is don’t discount solar flares, natural threats etc. …oh yes, and the Army war college study and all the tests done in the 1960s…hello?

      34. Forstchen issued a heated response on Facebook saying, “Talk about FAKE NEWS. An article published on March 31st in Popular Mechanics alleges that my novel ‘One Second After’ presented the potential of a 90% fatality rate in the wake of an EMP attack. That based upon my book, members of Congress now run with that figure.”

        “Such bad reporting is highly misleading and dangerous. I based those grim statistics in my novel on two bipartisan Congressional studies, published in 2004 & 2008,” Forstchen continued. “My novel was published in 2009! How can a novel published years after the first Congressional report influence that report?”

      35. This article is all over it! May 07, 2014 The Oldest Trick In the Book: Empire Pretends It Has to Launch Wars to “Defend” Itself

        Empires – almost by definition – fight imperial wars to gain land and resources. But if they admitted to their citizens what they were up to, people wouldn’t be that excited in sacrificing their families’ blood and treasure to fight a series of wars. So empires always pretend that they’re being attacked … and they are simply fighting to defend themselves. The ancient Roman leaders whined, “But we have to protect ourselves!” And every empire has done it since.

        • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

      36. When the power winks off for the last time, the cities will learn real quick what kind of cesspool and jungle they live in when the savage animals in their midst have no need for their human like camouflage anymore.

        VIVA LA 72 HOURS TO CHAOS!!!

      37. or 9 meals to meltdown….

      38. The war is already in full swing and yet few are aware.

        June 3, 2017 TOTAL GAMMA AND BETA RADS in 2007 YRTW No 20XFacing a Dying Nation

        Good Day! This is “Your Radiation This Week ” for the Radiation High readings for the year 2007. These are the recorded Total Gamma Radiation and Beta Radiation Highs that affected people around the States.

      39. Whether an EMP attack is likely or as all-encompassing as predicted in many of today’s novels , I believe it will in all likelihood occur . I believe this because it’s being put out there as if it will by a government which I believe will be tacitly complicit in creating such a scenario . Once the grid is down they can do anything they like . That I believe is their plan and the rest as they say will be history .

      40. So we’re supposed to be worried about the money related to EMP prep? Like we’re being fleeced?? Sorry, $2B is chump change compared to hundreds of other programs no one knows about. Cut one of those, spend the money, then it’s one less thing for us to worry about.

      41. One employee says there is no competitive bidding. He is specifically told what to order, and who to order it from. (That is a redundancy, since it could have been ordered, directly.) He does not know the use of the math course, which he was forced to complete. He doesn’t know that his utilities company is described as a petty cult of personality, online, or that he is expendable, to the company.

        There was a court case, in which makework at the personal home of their cult leader… ahem, boss… would bring alphabet-soup organizations to City Hall. The townspeople didn’t bother, though the streets are in decay, on a good day.

        Another one of their employees watches me a prune a tree, then prunes his, watches me remove a pump from the spa, then removes his, watches me plant a palm, then plants his…

        5ish of their aging, white employees walk around 1 Mexican quota case, who arranges traffic cones, inside of their storage area, or otheriwse pretends to look busy. A fried meth addict directs traffic.

        Why do you need teotwaki, to be so skeptical. It’s turnkey — a money machine, to collect corporate welfare. They got their jobs the same way as Homer Simpson.

      42. When deciding whether an expenditure is worth it, you have to look at the probability of the event, the consequences if the event occurs, and the cost involved. Low probability, with minimal adverse consequences, means you won’t be willing to spend much money on the problem. But low probability with huge adverse consequences means you are likely to be concerned enough to risk some of your money on the problem. And of course, a high probability with huge adverse consequences means you drop everything and spend whatever it takes to prevent the problem from occurring. I view an EMP as example #2 – low probability of the event happening but huge adverse consequences if it does. In that case – 2 billion seems like chump change. I would invest the money with no regrets.

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