“After Armageddon”: Marine Shows How to Survive An Urban Disaster

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Aftermath, Emergency Preparedness | 187 comments

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    Metropolitan areas can change in an instant with a major catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands of people could be gone just as quickly.

    Society could be unraveled by any number of scenarios, and it could leave you stranded, without loved ones and desperate to secure food, water and shelter. Escape to the countryside or a remote location may not be feasible. Could you survive in an urban environment if the SHTF and everything you knew was gone?

    Rudy Reyes, a veteran Recon Marine, lends his expertise and shows how to survive an urban environment, find resources inside a broken city, all while avoiding other survivors whose interests can’t be assumed to align with yours.

    If a major disaster wipes out the power grid or kills people in mass, the desperation will set in right away, affecting you and all those who survive – people who you don’t know and can’t trust.

    To avoid people attacking you to take any food or resources you might have, you must take precautions to approached people only on your terms, avoiding any chance encounters where you could be outmaneuvered.

    Travel is dangerous, and everyone who crosses your path could pose a threat. Open movements invite trouble and may risk your life. Reyes enters a shutdown library to recover sewer maps to facilitate stealth movements underground and travel with greater security and speed.

    Reyes also covers crossing barriers (including rivers that could be contaminated with waste water, harsh chemicals or poisons as a result of the disaster scenario) while avoiding unique dangers. In a great for TV moment, he uses a grappling hook to climb up a bridge without entering the waterway.

    Reyes demonstrates how to take strategic shelter, build fires that burn with relative stealth, and sleep/rest only with an observation post and escape route in mind, should anyone expect arrive. He provides tips for food scavenging, checking cans and packages and how to navigate to better ground.

    With the power out, Reyes also infiltrates a hospital to take advantage of its stored power – long after the masses have raided it for medical supplies and drugs. He taps the back-up generator, and with a bit of fuel salvaged from a diesel tank at an abandoned gas station, then sets up a base location with running power. A found car battery is recharged – using the hospital generator – and used to start a vehicle or power some essentials.

    In time, with the essentials covered, communications strategies are formed to find others, forge allies and consider rebuilding a normal life with a small community of survivors. Reyes shows how he might set-up an antenna, once found and salvaged, on high ground in the hopes of making contact through short wave radio.

    If you get this far, you can send a message and potentially reach people across a 25-mile radius. Plan to meet at a landmark, arrive ahead of time to survey and watch for potential trouble, and hopefully make new friends working towards a common goal of survival and sustainability during a harsh and bleak aftermath.

    Should civilization end up in shambles during your lifetime, you can use a few of these tips to make the best of a bad situation and find the resources and means of survival no matter what. Prepare for anything that may come your way.

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      1. I’d be praying all the time while moving and navigating and providing and protecting my family during this crazy time.

        • After 5-6 months of using up stuff I’d finally have enough room to get it organized and inventoried. But assuming a Royal Marine is in Jolly old England , first thing I’d do is get out of the country. Only places in that country you have a better chance of surviving than you do of winning the power ball are either owning some of the old keeps or in the far North where it’s UGLY. in the winter.

          • “Reyes enters a shutdown library to recover sewer maps to facilitate stealth movements underground and travel with greater security and speed.”

            I see. The medical system is broken, but we should slog through sewage. Clear thinking?

            • I could take only seven minutes of this video. Totally irrational to my mind: an individual man moving into a city, with no apparent firearms. Very foolish. If SHTF truly happens, and it will somewhere, no one there is going anywhere.

              The only time when it makes sense to move at all is if a RUTHLESS invading force like ISIS is coming your way.

              Otherwise, be there to get there. 🙂

            • Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Get bitten by one of those rats or snakes that would surely be lurking down inside the sewers, and you could have a plague sweeping the city in no time.

            • Much easier to wash off sewage than stop blood flow.

          • Agree: it is an over-populated cesspit that has a population far exceeding its carrying capacity. These people can only be fed through trade and when shtf happens, trade shuts down, thus no food. People will go nuts: they went nuts just at the mere hint they might not get welfare payments at the inflation rate. Imagine what they would do if food supplies were disrupted?

            The islands in the far North of the country are the only safe places because, just as “Charley don’t surf, sir!!”, the cultural enrichers do not do cold weather, driving rain and a diet of barley and whiskey.

          • Be careful doing the shipping container bunker thing

            Here’s what not to do when burying shipping containers….About 1/4 down the page show the inside of a shipping container with only 18″ of dirt on it.
            ht tp://graywolfsurvival.com/2625/why-you-shouldnt-bury-a-shipping-container-for-a-shtf-bunker/

          • I know a guy that buried a container. The next spring it had 3 feet of water in it. BAD IDEA! Think man!

            • I found this video about using those foam ear plugs as bullets. The first thing I thought of, was what a safe way to teach kids or the wife how to handle a real gun, without the risk of shooting anyone or anything behind the target… plus it’s cheaper than real bullets.

              Anybody care to chime in?


        • Military survival training is not the equivalent to SHTF survival training. Do you people understand that? They operate under completely different sets of assumptions and require completely different skill sets.

          It’s always good to have military training, but that per se doesn’t qualify you as an all around survivalist.

          • Acid,
            Yes you would be better trained for guerrilla warfare than standard military. and even that won’t totally prep you!

          • Yea, and one very big difference – is that the military always have supply lines in place that they can rely on for replenishment of food, medical support and ammunition.

            • Um, they have a supply line 99% of the time. I work with some guys who had to get out as best they could. Yes, they are big time preppers.

        • this guy obviously wants a reality tv show.

          • That’s stupid. DO you really think welds are more important than batteries in SHTF? Think!

            • Not stupid! How else are you going to fix a cracked frame or metal break? Battery welding is a great idea (for people that know how to fix shit).

              • If I hooked welding cables to my solar battery bank I could weld the titanic back in shape lol. THINK! Fuck acid, you aren’t to handy are you lol.

        • http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-12/meanwhile-chicago-120-people-shot-first-10-days-2016

          120 people shot in shitcago so far in 2016.

          The overwhelming majority of non-whites belive in gun control, especially Hispanics.

          And they will become the majority very soon.

          Buy all the guns you can and bury some for posterity to bequeath to your kids as an heirloom.

          Our only options when whites are not the majority will be to form a new country in one of the Midwest states, or to force an apartheid state.

          South Africa was first world, even for blacks, until they were pressured to end the system, at which point it became a shithole.

          African and South American countries were doing far better under colonial rule than native rule.

          For every 100 years of British colonialism the GDP per capita increases by 40%

          Whites must take a stand now, our country is being ruined.


          • On the plus side, new technologies make what you describe possible. Unnoticed, we crossed a line into a world where we can define who we wish to work with, live with, share communities with. We do not have to take the thin gruel of urban decay, criminality and low-IQs foisted on us by the state anymore.

            Look at dating sites and apps: while some of these are just for sex, they are actually doing something rather clever: enabling people to seek out those they really want to be around. Research has found out the following: Asians want to be with whites and whites with Asians; Asians do not want to be with blacks; black men want to be with Asians, Hispanics, whites; black women only want to be with black men; Hispanics want to be with Hispanics, whites, Asians; Hispanics do not want to be with blacks.

            • I don’t think Hispanics necessarily support gun control–where I live in the southwestern US, most hunters/ranchers/cops/gang members/gunshow enthusiasts are Hispanic, as they outnumber all other races. All of the aforementioned groups have and use guns. I think you find support for gun control in places that already have strict gun control, and uncontrolled criminals who don’t mind breaking gun laws to achieve their evil ends. The honest people, who fear prison won’t own them, and so they become the victim class that supports anything that they believe will “save them”. I won over a relative that still lives in Chicago by pointing out to her that Chicago has two and a half times our population. They have gang members, we have gang members. They have outlaw bikers in the drug trade, we have the same. They have garden variety armed robbers/carjackers/muggers, and we too, have those. They have crazy people–just like we do. Their bad guys all have guns–so do the bad guys here. They have the toughest gun laws in the nation, we have NO gun laws. They have over 500 murders per year, we have 39.

      2. Life would sure be different…

        • PPE
          hey there old friend.
          Take a look at Detroit . This will give you an idea of what its going to look like WTSHTF!

          I n tell you that you w2ill not survive alone for a long period of time. You will have to have a group f family and friends that are likeminded. You will be surprised how many hat will become like minded WTHTF.

          • EPPE
            Sorry computer doing some crazy stuff today.
            Should read I can, will, of, that. computer skipping letters.
            Does this every time here an article change.

        • Ya think???

          Couldnt resist bud

          • “A”
            You made me laugh. Thanks.
            I knew you couldn’t resist.

            • I have a prediction that I guarantee will come true 100%!
              WERE ALL GONNA DIE! (eventually) 🙂

      3. Selco critiqued this guy years ago. And Selco makes perfect sense.

        Selco says you cant go out in daylight, nor can you do anything to risk injuring or exposing yourself, such as repelling or scavenging, lest you die.

        • Acid, there something else we can agree on. I also took Selco’s course and highly recommend it to everyone.

          • Was Selco’s course internet based or in person?

            • JS, go to http://www.shtfschool.com. It’s well worth your time. Selco survived the siege of Sarajevo in the Balkans wars of the 90s. He’s already lived through a societal collapse and has some valuable lessons to teach to anyone who’s willing to listen and learn. I highly recommend him. I’ve taken the course along with my family. He’s the real deal.

              • I was traveling through Budapest in the late 1990s and got to meet some soldiers that were on R&R at the Budapest KFC. It was nice to see those young men and to talk to Amercians!

                Also made a stop at the Harley Davidson shop in Budapest and got the t-shirt. Yep. There sure as heck is a Harley shop in Budapest!

                Very cool city and I am a big fan of Europe’s single country with a Christian constitution, since 2011. Here is a link to the Hungarian constitution, in English: http://www.kormany.hu/en/news/the-new-fundamental-law-of-hungary

                Hungary was one of the first countries that refused to admit unlimited numbers of gimmigrants. Smart.

        • Selco is good. His school course is worth every penny.

        • Acid Etch says Selco says…nor can you do anything to risk injuring or exposing yourself, such as repelling or scavenging, lest you die.

          Was trying to imagine poor old grandee doing the bridge and elevator thing. Hahahahaha, lest you die. That would be me.

          So i think i will stick to starting fires with batteries and steel wool. That was a neat trick!

      4. If you are living in a dense urban environment, you are already behind the eight ball.

        If you are a commuter and working in a dense urban location, in a grid down event, the clock is ticking.

        Have a plan…then….practice,practice,practice….then practice some more.

        measure twice,cut once…..BA.

        • I thought Americans spelt ‘practice’ as ‘practise’ – is that why you are called BadAmerican?


            • I’ve researched it and you appear to be right – there’s a distinction between verb and noun.

              I just thought that practice was the UK English spelling and Practise was the US spelling.

              Back to preparing for SHTF and reading the articles on this site!

              God bless:)

          • @Ricky:

            I am called many things, ‘cept late for supper.

            I earned my name. Can you say the same, RICKY.

            I’m cravin’ some misbehavin’.

            Be safe…stay the course…BA.

        • At least in an Urban environment you will be able to shoot a lot of thugs. Makes saving the ammo worthwhile.

          • @JS:

            True dat.


            Biscuits and gravy for breakfast made with blood sausage that had been fried up like bacon. Yummy.

            Oh yeah…..I am a grandpa as of today…. he too will earn his name.

            Behind every blade of grass……..BA.

      5. “Rudy Reyes, a veteran Recon Marine”

        Rudy … Rudy … Rudy … wait a minute … this isn’t the football player is it? Oh well … it’s still fits him well.

        Go Team Rudy!

      6. Not being from the city, I believe it would be the worst place for me to go. Being from the country now that is where I COULD SURVIVE.

        A lot of the info he gives would be very helpful Remember when the SHTF you will be stressed and won’t remember things that is why I always say if you venture out, travel in a pack of 3.

        Here is why. A small group of three gives you 3 sets of eyes, 3 sets of weapons, 3 people can give you a chance to get some REST that you will NEED. 3 people can carry more supplies back. Most important is 3 people can think things trough better.

        All in All a very good article.


        • Excellent expansion on the Rule of 3’s. People who follow this stuff are already well-aware of the original Rule of 3’s: 3 hours of exposure to elements without fire, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Three people to a unit is an excellent progression up the survival ladder.

          I may be going off point a little here, but it seems to me that terrorists and other individuals with bad intentions and good training are also aware of this other Rule of 3’s. The most effective bad guys seem to operate in units of 3 or less. From their end, if you’ve got a maximum three guys in a unit, the odds of someone giving away information on what they are doing is very remote.

          • Peter, I thought the rule of 3 was this: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

            • Phil you be right, and its 3 seconds with out thinking! Trekker Out.

              • MT: Thank you for the minder! 🙂

        • The Marine says the first thing you do is head for a city.

          I have lived in many cities several years. No way would I go into a city when the SHTF.

          I like your group of three, Sgt. Dale. Two committed, one in reserve, even if we’re talking only a few yards. All three armed with the same caliber weapons, preferably heavy, large caliber, tough and ugly. Have many caches in your AO. Ammo and food, mostly. Loading equipment and supplies, brass, bullets, primers, and powder is essential. Shelter and clothing is obvious.

          Carmick Mccormick’s character in “The Road” had only one round for his revolver.

          Your “aim small, miss small” was Mel’s characters’ advice (The Patriot) to his young sons. Mel carried several weapons, long and short, while he ran toward his enemy.

          On their saddles Nathan Bedford Forrest’s men, CSA, carried all the weapons they could muster, mostly shotguns.

          Horses and pack saddles will come in handy.

          Semper Fi

        • Sarge, I WAS born and raised in a city although I’ll be bugging out to the BOL at the first sign of SHTF. The Rule of 3s has never been more true than today.

        • There is no way in hell I would head for the city in a SHTF situation. Ever.

      7. Seen Rudy Reyes in Apocalypse Man a number of times. Lots of good information in that show. One of my cardinal rules on survival is look for stuff you can do quick and easy; doesn’t matter if you scavenge the stuff or were smart enough to build your own kit. There’s plenty in here that meet that criteria. I keep some small note cards from this show in a waterproof plastic pocket in my EDC.

        For starters, everyone SHOULD know that steel wool and a square battery will give you a fire any time you need one, but the percentage of people who know this is shockingly low. The covered fire is something you can do anywhere. Don’t have damp cardboard? Depending on how you build your fireplace, wet rags or shemaghs over a smaller chimney opening do the same job.

        The bicycle pump siphon is classic outside the box thinking. It’s any easy scavenge because people are literally going to leave the parts on the shelf. DIY fuel is a must-know. You need to get the formula correct making the stuff. Octane booster for fuel would figure to be another easy scavenge that people will leave on the shelf.

      8. The only fear I have is being out of town for work when the SHTF…

        In between, the reality is I have to work…

        When traveling, I do now carry two hand guns, a pocket 38 snubbie and a 1911 with several mags of ammo and my “get back bag”

        I would be missing my FN AR about then…

      9. Glad I don’t have to worry about it in a city since I am so remote, but must have skills for approaching thieves who stumble upon my place. First thing taken away would be my fire number and mailbox. Then signs go up in the woods:

        No Trespassing
        Paramilitary Training in Progress

        No Trespassing
        Land Mines
        (skull and crossbones)

        • I like your signs.

        • Quarantine- Plague would be better….


            • The radio active signs work. I once was staying at a busy hotel and finding a parking spot was difficult. There was a semi trailer in the lot with those flip signs on all sides. I went around and changed them all to radioactive and always had a parking space when I came back to the hotel in the evening.

        • My favorite sign is this.

          Beware of the dog; he can make it to the fence in 5 seconds. Can you?

          and this:

          Beware of the dog. The cat isn’t trustworthy either. (I have had female cats that are so protective of home they will growl and pace at the window at people they don’t like. Their instincts are always right.)

      10. MAC and SHTF!! A History making event is taking place in Burns Oregon The Idaho 3 % just rolled up on the FBI compound Burns ,Oregon to open a dialog with the Harney county resource center!!!! You all may want to check it out not you tube under.Historic Militia moment on Pete Santilli Show. This is an unprecedented event,and a goof one for our constitutional rights!!!!!!

        Take Back America!!!

        • Thinker, not a word Nazi, but what a difference one letter can make. In the last sentence is it suppose to be a (g) or an (f) as it is written. Trekker Out

        • Thinker I should have said is it suppose to be a(d) or an (f).

      11. A local fella has posted on his land perimeter just outside town. “No trespassing live fire range” Nuff said,we all get that.

      12. Just got a new red dot from my Son for Christmas and put it on my AR. I roughly sighted it in the other day and I believe I might like it. I only shot it at 50 yards, looking for some pro’s and con’s from brother survivalist on SHTF about how these sights might work at longer yardage. Not completely sold on these sights so tell me what you think. Trekker Out. Never To Old To Learn!

        • “red dot” is kinda generic wording

          whats the make and model?

          is it an Eotech ?

          • Eotech is a little pricey until I find out if I really like them. What I have now is a Bushnell. If I’m going to spend 4 to 6 hundred dollars on a sight, I’ll put a good scope on my AR and then I know I can shoot out to 600yards. Trekker Out.

            • M.T.
              I sent you some info on dot sights.
              But it is in moderation?

            • M.T.
              I have used and I’m still using my Bushnells. This is one of the best Dot scopes I have used. Make sure you use the long sun shade cap on the end of the scope. It will stop the wash out. That I’m telling you about in my other post, that is under moderation.

            • Most AR set ups are best suited to within 150 yards especially if all you have is a 16″ barrel
              And most red dot sights don’t have the ability to “dope” the dot so to speak so it too will lend itself to 150 yds or less

              • If I were to scope an AR
                It would have to be an AR10
                Not a 15
                308 has more potential to reach out and make its self known at longer ranges

                • Don’t anyone here get me wrong
                  I’m NOT saying an AR15 won’t shoot out to 600

                  I’m just saying the better tool for that would be the AR10 or a nice 300 bolt action

                  Sall m sayin

                  • “E”
                    As I see it the AR 15 223,5.56 will shoot way out there but the little 22 cal. bullet has problems with the wind. It can be done, but there are better rounds to use out to 500 or 600 yards. 308 is pushing it with out practice. 308’s like my M1A, or some of the new bolts can shoot out 1200 to 1500 yards with no problem with a Pro behind the trigger. 300 Win. mag would be my choice. There other great rounds out there but my choice is the 300 Win. Mag.

                    • 338 Lapua
                      338 RUM
                      Both good rounds with knock down at 100m and beyond,
                      Theres others,
                      But like Sarge said, 300WM
                      Its just creeping up into the too expensive to shoot too much range, the 338 and up are costly to shoot. Low price rifle, the Savage BA in 338Lapua is a nice piece, decent accuracy

                    • Roger on the 300win
                      I have an ABolt in 300 WM
                      And it would have no problem with a stable group at 600+
                      Without too much work

                    • .300 winmag is the shit! Get a 1/10 milrad adjustable mildot scope and with practice and your own home made match ammo and your 1 bad mofo 🙂

                  • In most situations i would definitely want my 308 bolt gun, its fly shooting accurate since i got it worked, same with the 300WM, i do have a nice little AR15 that i put together from parts, black hole weaponry barrel, at 200 yds it hits on a dime if i didnt drink too much coffee, but even with a BTHP i am not so confident in knock down stay down, will definitely ruin some poor fucker or fuckette s day, or few months

                  • M1A in 308, get the carbine version.

                    It’s a solid round, Savage makes some very functional inexpensive bolt action rifles that are also available in 308, they make good handout weapons, and you can standardize on ammo.

                    308 Winchester has a lot of recoil. I’m hard pressed to shoot 50 rounds at the range with a bolt action, yeah it starts hurting. 308 Win. ammo is twice as heavy as 556, the weapon is heavier, and the ammo is about 30% more in cost over 556 for the AR.

                    An AR15 in 556 I can shoot all day, the wife as well as anyone small framed can carry it, shoot it and haul a lot of ammo for it.

                    Neither are very concealable, first buy should be a handgun plus a holster for it.

                    Ammo for both is readily available. 338 and 300 Win get expensive, and are less available.

                • EotS, I was really just interested in what kind of yardage I could expect out of a red dot sight, I already have what is nessasary for 1000 yard shots in my M1A Springfield National Match. But Thanks to All for the Info. Mostly just wanted to hear some input on Shooting and Optics. Trekker Out.

                  • Best sights ever put on a rifle – M1 Garand.

                    Best rifle ever made – M1 Garand.

                    I know, you pussies can’t handle it. Too heavy, can’t stand the recoil . . .

                    I see that the Navy boys gave up their AR clones without a shot fired. Sort of like the French army, never fired, dropped once.

                    bommie told them to stand down. Or was it hitlery? Or Kerry?

                    They can tell you what stamp’s on your letter you’re holding toward the pie in the sky, but can’t find two boats in a small pond and send overwhelming firepower to their aid?

                    I don’t fault the sailors, just their pussy leaders beginning with that miserable bommie.

                    That’s the AR mentality for you.

                    Too heavy.

                  • First round hits @ 400 yds on bowling pins no problem.
                    16″ AR, American Eagle 55gr. with Bushnell TRS-25
                    3 MOA dot. Much easier(faster)than with a scope. I have 59 year old eyes and wear bifocals.

            • The EOTech is true hollographic though so wherever the reticle is is where its shooting, not all sights are equal, you get what you pay for.

            • MT if you do scope your AR, check out the Vortex 1x6x24 ‘Strike Eagle’

              • PO’d Never had a Vortex, but I have been hearing some good reports on them from friends. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

                • We qualified out to 300m with our m68 reflexive sites with no problem. At SDM we shot out to 550 meters with acogs and open sites. You can get that with a red dot if its zeroed properly at the correct range. Here’s a site with some info.

          • “M.T”
            I have used several types of dot scopes on my rifles. For just using them for basic combat rolls they will work just fine , BUT make sure you have batteries. Now on my two Tactical AR’s that I use at the PD. I use Trijicon Dot sights. One 30 second blast from flashlight and I have a sight that last for hours. With no wash out in bright sun light. I have had wash out with bright sunlight on some of the battery operated dot sights.

            On my AR pistol I carry in my squad as back-up. I’m using a TecVector Red, and Green display with a Dot. Circle & Dot, Cross Hair, and Circle with Cross Hair. I have put it though some rough stuff and it has held up very well. I have it set at 25 yards. I’m also using a TecVector Light green laser with this little jewel.

            Now for range. I have shot very good groups out to a 100 yards using these Dot sights on my rifles. For a man size target it would be very deadly. And have taken several deer and Yotes using them.

            What I have went with on a couple all of my AR’s and Mini’s, and my M1A is a Chevron reticle. These sights have three colors Red, Green, and Blue. Now if the batteries die you have black. I also use a see thru scope mount so I can use my Iron sights. I personally like these better than dots for ranges pass 75 yards, but under 75 yards you can’t beat them.

            Now on these I have shot super groups out to 100+ yards, and have used them to take Deer, Pig, and Yotes out to 150 yards. So they would be devastating on a man size target.

            Believe me once you get use to using them you will ask yourself why didn’t I do this sooner?

            I hope this helped.


            • Sarg, Thanks for your input,I was really wondering how my red dot would work for yotes out to 200 yards. One thing I have found out is that on a moonlite night with snow, I can see to shoot with this sight whereas with iron sights I can’t see them. Trekker Out. If you Own’em Use’em!

        • I’ve found that typically, most holographic type scopes are good for 100 yards or less. The reason is, the dot (or reticle) on these scopes is typically 4 moa (inches) or greater at 100 yards.

          They are good for putting a bullet in the general vicinity of what you are shooting at, but a little too course for fine work. As you increase the range, the problem becomes more pronounced. So the concept of “aim small miss small” becomes difficult to implement.

          Another thing to consider is that some of these scopes are darn near useless in bright sunlight. You can’t see the dot.

          They are great for up close and personal engagements. You use them with both eyes open. The idea is to acquire your target and the dot goes where you want to hit.

          A better option (though very pricey) are the scopes made by Trijicon. I have one on my AR and it has a chevron style reticle. No problem shooting 1″ groups with it. Magnification on the scope is 3X. It will do anything the other holographic sights will do as well. But like I said…..very pricey. You’ll pay as much for one of these as you will for a rifle. But they are an awesome piece of gear.

          • The only reason to shoot anything over 150 yards in a SHTF scenario is for food, and an AR-15 is not going to drop anything worth eating that far out. Far better to keep your head down and let any people that far out go by. Anyone that is a threat is not going to give you a good target anyway, and in a SHTF scenario you need to save your ammo in case they get a lot closer.

            • Agreed. When you’re able let danger just pass by.

          • Does anyone have an opinion on a
            ATN X-Sight 5-18 Smart Riflescope w/1080p Video, Night Mode, GPS, Image Stabilization?

            ht tp://www.amazon.com/ATN-X-Sight-Riflescope-Stabilization-Android/dp/B00I6PAOLQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1450766096&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=atn+x-sight&psc=1

            Looks pretty cool for an M1A.

            Remove space in ht tp on link above to make it work.

      13. I have already seen this on youtube

        Sgt. Dale my computer is doing the same thing.

        • Do you fellas have the new windows 10? There are quirks aplenty in the OS. I have the same issue w/10 that I didn’t have w/7

          • “O N V”
            No I have Windows 7. If you give me anything else it would be like a caveman flying an F16.

            • So easy,
              Even a caveman can do it

              • lol

      14. Iran holding 10 America sailors…

        • “Your post was vague, as in. It appeared to make Iran look like some bad guys”

          “here is the scoop of what is going on”

          According to the Pentagon, it briefly lost contact with two small US Navy boats operating in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday. The vessels have been picked up by Iran, who has assured Washington that both ships and crewmembers will be returned to the US “promptly.”

          “We have been in contact with Iran and have received assurances that the crew and the vessels will be returned promptly,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told the Associated Press, adding that the ships were travelling between Kuwait and Bahrain when the Pentagon lost contact.

          Senior military officials speaking to NBC News say that up to ten US sailors were on a training mission around noon ET when one of the vessels — small riverines — began experiencing mechanical difficulties and drifted into Iranian waters. The sailors have been detained by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces on Farsi Island.

          he White House says it is working to resolve the situation, and wants all US personnel returned to normal deployment. Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters at the White House that the administration is hopeful that the situation will be resolved.

          US Secretary of State John Kerry is in communication with Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif, and one senior official speaking to NBC says that Tehran believes the incident to be an accident and that the Americans will be released in international waters within hours.

          • I thought the whitehouse and administration was all chummy with Iran now singing whatever the islamic version of cumbaya is

        • Never let a crisis go to waste. This is the escalation they’ve been looking for for a long time

        • I say one thing if REGAN was President these sailors and there boats would be brought back ASAP.

          Lets see what HOME BOY will do?????????

      15. If you are located in a major metro area, and the SHTF….forget about surviving. Too many hordes of desperate and dangerous bottom feeders, criminals, gangs, etc..Your only hope is “escape”, and not much chance of that. Basically your screwed.

        • J, I’m in a city so no one knows that better than I do. That’s why I monitor everything so closely so I’ll know when exactly to bugout.

      16. I watched this for 10 minutes. The first thing I have to say is this guy started off taking too many chances by rappelling up that rope over water. That was stupid. The premise of the show is not realistic. Go into a city and dark buildings and do dangerous and stupid things like climb an elevator cable. Ridiculous.

        • Yup, should be going away from crowds, not to them,,, brainless if you ask me

          • Kyla, my thoughts exactly! When the Federales start telling people they can line up for free food and water I will be running the other direction as fast as possible!

        • Check the FEMA maps for where you live, zone borders are usually rivers, gorges, or mountains. A plan to escape via several routes is not a bad idea, assume major crossings like bridges or tunnels are blocked or guarded.

          To get to bug out locations and alternates, will you need to cross FEMA zone borders? Good luck if you answered yes.

      17. Folks the vast and I mean the vast majority will be YOYO (your on your own). Learn skills that will help see you through the TUFF TIMES on the horizon. All we have is our-selves and family. Remember GOD is in control.

        We The Few!





        • Confirmed

          This is the perfect kickoff to invasion of Iran. There will be no release of the sailors

          • “This is the perfect kickoff to invasion of Iran”

            How do you figure? Iran isn’t going to play Washington D.C.’s childish games.

            Let’s just say for the sake that Iran didn’t release these Sailors, and the US Military decides to use force. Any invasion on Iran, will automatically bring Russia into the mix to Iran’s aid.

            This scenario would not play out well for US Military nor for us in general. There would be too much of a dominate force going up against US Military personal. This would be a suicidal attempt if this was to occur.

            • What are we doing in iran anyway???

            • I can openly admit when I’m wrong.

              I was so wrong on the sailor thing it’s not even funny. My bad


        Yellow Stone?
        Pacific rim?
        June 2016? June 2016/June 2016/June/2016/June2016?/50-100k/5,000-

        North Korea Starts the war?/November 2016/Cancellation.
        Scientist? 350,000,000/48 States=50-100k-5,000/W.

        As for the Marine, what is he thinking. In a city like that with a picture like that, women will be the in the millions, and men will be extinct. Silly marine, he worries too much.

        No Comment, and after meeting with my scientist friend this Sunday, the results will be the same, NO COMMENT.


        Watch that black arrogant thug talking crap to the boys trying to act bad, as one 3%’-er boy put his ass into his place.




        No comment.

        • now its the men that are going extinct hcks your an IDIOT.
          Not less then a week ago you felt sorry for all the women because they were going extinct.
          the most basic question and you want answer it. GO GET YOUR MEDS CHECKED. you come on here and just vomit all over an intelligent conversation with your ridiculous grandiose claims of secret scientists , spies , foreign agents trying to threaten you. You are a LIER. Your facts make no sense. Most here know hcks you have a big problem with what’s real and what’s not.
          You come here to escape some brutal reality and for a few brief moments when your posting you seem to forget your pathetic situation.
          Then when your called out to clarify you start to insults and threaten to walk away but your always back out of the hundreds of sites you COULD go to you keep coming here insisting your the one doing us a favor. Please go hinder I mean help someone else.
          I mean don’t get me wring I live to troll you.why camt you just be normal. Or at least admit your a kid in moms basement playing patriot commando
          Grow up hcks your an IDIOT

          • Too many chemicals,
            Or maybe not enough

        • HCKS

          Pacific rim will kick off California that in turn sets off the Yellowstone caldera leading to the norks starting ww3 in earnest which leads to obola to cancel the nov 2016 elections

        • HCKS first thing I noticed on this video was the FBI established their authority, about 4min. and 35 sec in, by asking “we the people” if he had permission to carry and he submitted immediately. I know there are more of us than they’re are of them, but they will show up when it’s time. Will We? If you notice they always have you out flanked. They didn’t at the Bundy Ranch and that was one of the reasons they backed down. Trekker Out.

      20. ‘Sell everything,’ global banking giant tells investors and brace for ‘cataclysmic year’

        ht tp://business.financialpost.com/investing/global-investor/sell-everything-banking-giant-tells-investors-and-brace-for-cataclysmic-year

        “China has set off a major correction and it is going to snowball”

      21. Another thing that the Marine needs to let people know about City calapse is that the smell from the rotting and decalying bodies make cities unbreathable, so you have to leave and go to the BOL..Good video, but unbreathable air is what my scientist friend warns about. Lots of bodies, dead all over, and that city wont have clean air for 1 1/2 years. If your trapped their you die. Women have advized me on this site, i have a problem with women and dont know know what i am talking about. To show how serious have gotten, when i meet with the scientist this sunday, i wont be reporting on what he tells me, but because of the backlash on this site, a am keeping my mouth shut.

        Survirors list. These people will survive. BOL?

        2isone-East Texas.
        me-the scientist BOL-lots free energy tech, lost of food and water, out in the middle of bum phuck.



        no other comment.

        • You won’t keep your mouth shut you can’t your a complete idiot.
          Again your scientist friend opinion seems to have swayed towards the topic its men this week no moon men or Jovian planet this is stuff you smeared on here your scientist changes shtf sceneries every other day guess that Jovian planet just decided to not bother us????

          • I’m Cerial guyz!! Scientifucalist fwend told me big Secwet !! The DREdLOKC norf Korean moon bats gonna make city mens extinct ! Dey gonna get reel stinky and u won’t be able too breath in duh city for 90 mill yun years!! You see when I’m rite!!
            Only survivers will be:

            Mr Snuggles my stuffed panda
            Bubbles the gold fish

            Dats duh troof!!!!!
            H/C/K/S LMNOP

        • HCKS
          Thanks! I hope you are right.
          I think there will be a lot of good folk here on SHTF plan that will make it. I also pray that we never have to find this out.


        • I saw that in Katrina. Not dead bodies but stinky refrigerators.

          Everybody evacuated and failed to clean out the refrigerators first. The power was off and the people could not return for a number of weeks.

          The refrigerators smelled like total death. They could not be cleaned out. Everybody left the fridges on the side of the road and they STUNK!

          It was so bad you could not drive down the street with the window down.

          In Chalmette I had to drive through a Government decontamination station. It was like a car wash, but in the middle of the high way. The soldiers said it was to prevent diseases from the dead from leaving the area.

          • Y’all should have been in Gulfport, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Thousands and thousands of tons of raw chicken that WAS frozen in warehouses at the port were washed inland. Think of swimming pools full of chicken, in 90+ degree heat for several weeks. The clean up crews even rubbed Vicks vaporub under their noses, under masks. Nothing got rid of the stench. At the end of the day,the workers had to undress outside, wash off with a garden hose and lava soap before they could get in their vehicles. If someone was wearing a dark blue jumpsuit, you knew that he had done “chicken duty” that day.

            • Ozark: thanks for the report! I started prepping because of Katrina. I was not in the area but watching it on the news scared the hell out of me. Been prepping ever since.

              I grew up in the countryside and stuff would die in the woods. We had a Husky / Samoyed cross and that dog would always find the remains and roll in it and then come home. That stink was always just awful.

      22. here’s one urban area that didn’t do so well

        “There are no more cats and dogs alive”: the starvation crisis in Madaya, Syria

        h ttp://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/%E2%80%9Cthere-are-no-more-cats-and-dogs-alive%E2%80%9D-the-starvation-crisis-in-madaya-syria/ar-CCrhUM?li=BBnbcA1&ocid=ACERDHP15

        a lb of rice going for $250

        • Satori that is bad when all of the stray dogs and cats are dead. Not like they ever get that fat in those areas. Wonder if they are catching rats and eating them? Probably. There was an article this last year on Drudge about “baby tiger” being sold as a luxury food item in Vietnam. What is baby tiger? Cat meat.

          I consider an airsoft pellet gun excellent for use in a suburban or urban area. The prepper book “Locusts on the Horizon” talks about the use of a top-notch pellet gun as useful in a suburban setting because they are quiet and some are powerful enough to take out a racoon, possum, rat, squirrel and you don’t risk any loud sound. That book also mentions upgrading the spring mechanism in order to make a pellet gun more powerful.

          • I think you are confused about Airsoft, they shoot a soft vinyl pellet, they are good for simulated firearms training, especially quick draw shooting, and safe indoor tactical practice. Airsoft handguns are available that simulate all major brands of handgun.

            A good high power pellet rifle in .177 or .22 at a 1000fps will work well for preppers.

            A better approach to gather local game is with snare traps.

            • PTPO: Thanks. I am not an expert on pellet guns but after reading “Locusts” I thought the idea was good. I read that book a few years ago and need to go back and re-read it. I grew up shooting a .22 rifle. The thing about a good pellet rifle is it is quiet and the problem with a ricochet, for example when shooting into trees for squirrels, raccoons, etc, is reduced when using a pellet gun / rifle.

              So are you saying there are pellet rifles that can shoot pellets and .22 ammo? Not heard of that.

              I have no experience with snares. That would be a steep learning curve but if it came down to survival I would learn. I do know that in my area there are huge raccoons. Twenty-pounds and up. A few years ago they had warnings to people to not let their small pets outside at night because packs of raccoons were killing them.

              • Pellet guns are basically available in three calibers .177, .22 and 25mm.

                They are all pellets, the .22 is a 22 caliber pellet not a 22 round as on 22 long rifle, short etc. it’s just a bigger pellet the same diameter as a 22LR.

                Then there are some very impressive large caliber air rifles made by Sam Yang (it’s a company) check out pyramydair.com. Sam Yang and one other that I can’t remember make large bore air rifles in .30, .45 and .50 caliber. These air rifles are as serious as many hunting rifles, and can take a dear at a hundred yards.

                These big bore air rifles come out of S. Korea where a civilian gun ban was instituted when the US set up the government there. Amazing how not one government ever created by the US government, has a second amendment in their constitution! Anyway Koreans loved guns and since airguns were legal, they took them to the limits of modern design. The Koreans make some way cool serious air guns, some of the best in the world. And the good ones aren’t cheap.

                Check your state and local laws, some states and cities like NY City control air guns like they control firearms. About 45 states out of 50 don’t regulate air guns in any way unless they are abused. Then infractions are often considered a firearms violation, but that only comes in if you abuse them and use them in the commission of a crime.

                I have a couple great air guns and they are used frequently. To make a safe backstop get a couple sacks of “rubber garden mulch” from a garden center and fill a large shallow box set at an angle so it doesn’t spill out. Pellets never bounce back, and are captured without creating lead dust. I have an old .22LR and pellet trap made of steel, but I stopped using it because pellets and bullets turn into dust when they hit it. The rubber mulch backstop is superior in many ways.

        • Something else to consider.. When the sheeple can no longer feed their animals, they will either eat them, or release them to fend for their selfs.. When dogs start to run in packs, it doesn’t take long for them to revert to being wild.. You will be part of the food chain .. Just something else to keep in mind, if you stuck in the city or suburbs…

          • I lived in Alaska and dog packs were a hazard, they killed children some times. Dogs would be some serious trouble.

        • Wow
          With the deep freeze upon me here in gods country
          I could be a rich man with all the ice around here

          • Oh lol you said Rice
            I saw Ice
            My bad .. Dam screens too small for these old eyes

        • Ah a perfect example of just ‘what are you willing to pay to eat’.

      23. Exactly HOW representative of Muslims is this? When I saw how many supported the 9/11 attackers in one poll in Europe, this didn’t shock me one bit.

        https://youtu.be/qv5WlxjLe7s?t=54 58 seconds

        What happens when the radical Muslims come marching in to meet the radical gays to implement Sharia law there?

      24. Pretty much, stay put for as long as you can. Limit interaction with anyone you don’t know and trust. Sustain on what you’ve stored. Collect water where you can.
        Don’t waste a single round that doesn’t result in the culmination of a situation.
        Let the rabble burn itself off. Nothing you can do will save them. 70% will be gone in a matter of months if the fan doesn’t return the sh*t to where it came.
        There will be enough danger and fighting to be done with the remainder without stepping out spoiling for a fight.

      25. The guy swings through the air on a rope where anyone could see him. He runs up and down streets in broad daylight where anyone could see him. Why did he have to crawl through the sewer and climb down an elevator shaft?

        I don’t need to go to a city. I already have everything he was searching for. Except I don’t have to hot wire my truck. And I won’t have to suck water out of a mud puddle.

        • Range is highly affected when in the concrete jungle

          I’ll take my long range ,over a corner every 100 feet
          Any day

        • But you’re not making a TV show.

          Don’t you know how many essential supplies are hidden in elevator shafts? Or that elevator shafts open into floors not accessible via stairways? In such a crisis, always run through sewers and rappel up tall structures whenever possible.

      26. Won’t be doing any stupid shit like rappelling unless gonna die if I don’t. Survival looks like survivorman not bear grills. That is adventure and shtf is not the time for that thrill shit. There are gonna be a lot of dead people who took chances for nothing. I read about selco and took his advice on the canned gravy just think about a rabbit in that rather than just boiled in water or grilled. You could make a lot of nasty shit taste better too. Anyone that thinks shtf will be exciting needs their head examined. You will be scared and sleeping with one eye open and pistol under pillow with rifle not far away and you will be hypersensitive to sounds at night. Forget wasting calories on adventure. You will be doing chores and improvising stuff you need out of garbage just so you don’t have to risk going out into the streets. I don’t know about you guys but the nearest city to me is nasty now. Shootings all the time in the park during the day of course it’s the niggers and spics. They will come out to the burbs looking for shit and people they can victimize. For the folks out in the rural parts don’t think they won’t come out to you aswell.

        • I hear that asshat. I use the powdered gravy mix in #10 cans it stores longer and takes less space. Divy it up once opened into sandwich bags. I agree, shtf will be a mutherfooker and I will not go anywhere near a city. Spices are great to store and cheap if you know where to shop. Even the basics salt, pepper, garlic, sugar, red pepper, chili powder can almost make a turd palitable lol.

        • Asshat: I agree. That guy rappelling was some stupid stuff. Great for TV not practice in real life. Anyone around me starts thinking that kind of stuff is cool is the time I tell them to get lost they are on their own.

        • I’m not a big fan of gravy;but along the same line of thinking, I like to stock a lot of sauces like soy, BBQ, hot, fish, teriyaki, sweet & sour, etc.

          Glass bottles are preferred for long-term storage.

          If international trade is affected, spices from other countries will attain phenomenal value, just as in colonial America. The best will be pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, and vanilla beans. Of course, cocoa powder and coffee will be worth their weight in gold also.

      27. Hey Mac,
        Off subject,
        You were posted on Free Republic today.
        I’ve been banned there, only they know why.
        This site gets more exposure than we realize.
        We can have Acid Etch to HCKS, without censorship.
        Keep prepping, We all ROCK!
        Aim small, as the SGT says.
        Fuck them all as Kula says.
        God will sort it all out.

        • And the meese get allah to sort them out…

      28. One curious thing with this – many here have said they are ‘bugging in’ – something much safer than wandering around a city – but what happens six months or a year AFTER bugging in? You may eventually need to come out – and at that point, with your own supplies low, some of this may be needed.

      29. While entertaining, it wasn’t very realistic. Too many risk of severe injury while scaling the exterior of a building when there’s a perfectly good door on the ground floor. With proper technics and an abandon city it shouldn’t be as risky as walking on ledges. If part of your plan is to have to go into a danger zone, I’d say you need a new plan. Furthermore the roads and highways will be littered with abandon cars and trucks so you won’t be cruising around empty streets. Most of us old timers on this site wouldn’t get caught without our resources. Being prepared and aware will prevent you from having to go to the sewer system. It’s also a good idea to know your territory out to a range of about 1000 miles and have the maps in your bug out gear. None of us knows where it will be safe post fact, so stay agile and mobile. Remember your bug out plan has to fit in the vehicles you have. A 2 year supply of toilet paper isn’t going to do you much good if yo have to run. Consider a $15 squeeze bottle bidet to cleanse your back side.

        I was amused by the comments of Angry Beaver and HCKS, but that won’t help anyone.

        • Consider a $15 squeeze bottle bidet to cleanse your back side.

          Go to walmart, to the picnic section and pick up some of those clear plastic squeeze bottles (think catsup/mustard) for $1.

          They work great. 🙂

          For $15 you will have enough for the whole family.

          • Yeah I guess you could, but the angles wrong and the nozzle doesn’t pressurize like the bidet. Let’s face it even the bidet is cheaper than one package of toilet paper from SAMs Club. The other thing is no one will mistake it for a drinking water bottle.

      30. Correct rellik, one day in the future, we may NOT get to talk to one another, like this…
        Thanks, Mac…

        • You can almost count on that bud, IMHO our ability to do this stuff pisses off the power players to no end, i wish there was a way to duplicate this mode if communication but utilizing an un interruptible system, shortwave etc, but not limited like ham etc,

      31. Thanks for the support my legitimate prepper posters..

        Yes rellik..SHTF IS THE SH…T..look at the trolls angry Beaver and conti- divide, trolls who think they they have you guys fooled by attacking me on the govenment end game preppers survival formula, the one that they don’t want the public to see, which means a ELE event for women..leaving only 5,000 of them on the surface of the US. You see real survival exceeds over 20-30 years according to my scientists friends I side intel..man that was one viscous attack on my post. I out facts and get attacked, then idiots don’t know the this just draws more attention to my post and preppers take me more serious and they should..monitor DutchSinzes.com. The environment is what we need to worry about, that why I told you guys that Oregon is the least of our worries, did anything bad happen yet, no..thw environment and EMP weapons is the threat..all false flags will be on the environment from this month one a.d blamed on the planet and global warming.. this is why I am telling you guys what I am being told.. the phuckers built nuclear plants on too of Yellowstone purposely to cause nuclear fallout in a national scale to kill out over 90% of us. There is very likely that China, Russian, isis and other troopa cab do to us, they are going to suffer the Co sequence when they get here, when the food supply get cut off, because we will be feeding them with bullets not food..the cone here and they die here..

        Patriot one, angry Beaver and Conti divide are DHS/fusion center employees literally trying to silence me..because I have been outing the plans for 2016-2019.. my info is the real deal, this is why they keep attacking me.. they have changed for handles several times in the last 4 months and if I was a fake they would have exist ignored my comments..then they back up the legitimate posters then attack me again trying to get into the game of trust among your guys..this is how they play it.. my scientists friend has reviewed the last 10 th reads and says that they are trolls.. I am going to lay it low for now then out the real info right before the big one happens..


        Conti- divide
        Angry Beaver

        No matter what time I post even if it’s 3:00 in the morning they attack immediately.
        Other attacks I have been told are coming from IRA mgr’s, finicial institutions that want to prevent people from pulling cash to Convert cash to gold and silver..the trolls they come on here also attacking me.. they know that Governor Abbott got the gold from the federal Reserve last September 7 th, all 250 metric tons of it cancelling three Texas calapse but the EMP threat remains..

        I am friends with the biggest oil company recruiter in this city ???, , and he told us that Canada has calapsed and the oil industry has completely shut down..beaver is in Canada, no he is not he is the US. That is US IP address. He is lying and is a fraud..



        The policy of truth..

        • Thanks Hicks!

        • HCKs- Don’t let the attacks bother you. Keep keeping on. After I read your post about the bridge attack, I did some digging. Baytown bridge (Fred Hartman) has been shut down several times in the past few years… ostensibly for “jumpers”. That would be a great cover story. Everyone who lives around this area knows what’s over there. And no- the ptb would NEVER tell us peons that had almost happened. It would sink the real estate market on that side of town for starters. I don’t doubt we’ve had several near misses all over the country in the past few years. The cable cutting in Ca. wasn’t done by amateurs and it is naive to think this kind of dry run isn’t happening in other ways in other places.

        • I don’t get involved in online spats, but here is some good advice. When people attack you personally, ignore them.

      32. Wow got him going this time.
        Night night little boy have a good sleep. Certainly glad your as smart as you are lol

        • Angwy beaver = número uno gubmint info troll face!!
          My scientifucalist fwend told me stuff dats tru and 2 seconds later here come gubmint troll attack!!! Gubmint trolls everywhere !!! Dey follow me to DMV and take all duh low numbers!! Dey follow me to Safeway and take last rotisserie chicken!! Dey work at McDonald’s and give me GIRL happy meal when I’m a BOY!!!!
          Ima get you wasscally gubmint trolls and learn you a thing or two! Wait till flying moon monkeys zoom down on dere flying zoom brooms and make all the volcanos get diareah and Norf Korea kidnaps Justin beiber then you’ll see!!!!!! Kay-YAAAA!!! Calpase is here!!!!
          Dis last time I warn u trolls!!! I know lots of secwets you stupid poopy heads!!!!
          Gotta go gwandma says its time for me to take my good boy medicine
          H/C/K/S out!!!

      33. Depends on the crisis to be honest. I would consider two, broad kinds:

        1) Slow political and economic decay punctuated by sharp crises. This is the norm for most places. Think of Detroit, Chicago, New York in the ’70s, Africa etc. In such places, there are many opportunities to make your fortune (and have fun), so it would be a mistake to just leave. Be flexible and exploit opportunities. Keep a back-up place somewhere safe and boring (Switzerland etc.).

        2) Epic disaster, environmental, civil war, terrorism, or invasion. This is a very different scenario. This is where you need to evacuate the urban centre pronto and re-group somewhere safe with good distance from the disaster zone. From that position, you can evaluate the state’s response, and decide your options at leisure. But definitely do not hang out in an urban area in such a scenario. As others have pointed out, other people will be your problem. When they are alive, they will be violent and panicked; when they are dead, they will stink and carry diseases.

      34. Travel by vehicles will be a death sentence IMO. If I need to go out I will be on foot traveling lite and not on any trails. I will blaze new paths. My mindset will change drastically. It will be worth going through the thickets slowly to avoid detection and possible attack. Humans always take the open path. Enemies will be waiting for you to go this route. Spices are great to have for making stuff taste better. Salt is need in your diet anyway. Vitamins keep up your immunity and energy which will help keep you from getting sick. You will have to slow down and conserve calories. Pick and choose what you need to do carefully weigh out the risk reward. Your goal is to survive not be a soldier. Fighting might be needed but it should always be avoided. Firing a weapon makes a lot of noise. Everyone will be sensitive to this. I don’t want hungry hordes to know I just bagged a deer for myself. Crossbow or bow for silent kills an army duffle bag with the backpack straps can be used to haul meat. Line it with contractor trash bag to keep it from getting soiled. Man portable is the best way to get stuff around the gi duffles with backpack straps are huge capacity and just fine for short trips. They fold up small and can be put in a main pack too. People don’t mention them but they are like the portable wheelbarrel. Get the authentic gi nylon ones they are strong a five gallon bucket fits inside to protect the walls from punctures plus you have a container for water or whatever.

      35. The world is our oyster! Thank y’all kindly for making things easy for us. BWAHAHAHAHA.

        • S&L Sometime you’ll find a pearl and some time you’ll find a shotgun stuck up your ass. Trekker Out. So Pucker Up!

      36. This guy lost me when he moved toward a city instead of to the woods. I could survive in the woods, plants are fresh food and animals are protein. Endless stupidity creeping around like a rat in town. Scavenging is not sustainable.

        • Have each person in your group carry 2 or 3 Conibear traps. They will assure your best source of meat, fur too. Keep warm.

      37. Stiner, Sarge, Frank, Captain crunch, rellik, you guys are really smart, intelligent people, genius and many others…a lot us are going to survive, and I have warn about the environmental implications. Women, make sure your ladies have at least 100 rounds and I recommend that you get a glock 19. That holds 17 rounds, make sure you have a lot batteries and get the high calorie bars because they are light weight and will sustain you..also add vitamin D3 and vitamin C, to boast your immune system to prevent your self from getting sick during the event..i cannot emphasize this enough that you must get with men who prep…and that if your single I am telling you ladies that red necks are the key to your survival..my scientists friend keeps telling us that the government data keeps showing that women’s decision making in a crisis is always a fail and winds up with her he disaster, ending their survival, they are and instant target, in war. In calapse, environments, etc..look at Germany for phuck’s sake and use your head ladies..I am telling your all the truth.. every time I post look at the comments that follow. Getting mad at me is not going to increases your chance of survival..if your think that these people don that plans, look at deagle.com.. what twisted sick mind makes a website like that and shows 250,000,000 dead Americans by 2025.. explain this to me ladies, explain it. What does this mean.. I have been told what it means and I am not happy about it either.



        • Agree: women need men to protect them. Lesbians, man-haters may hate that fact, but it is the truth. As you bring up, look at Germany: led by a woman leader who has been praised to the skies as a powerful leader for at least a decade and she just threw the women of Europe to the wolves of Islamic rape. “Hey, thank you sista!!”

          I have seen it first-hand time and time again: destabilize a society or country, and the women and children get fed to the wolves. They get raped, enslaved, murdered, abused. I have never once seen an ‘Agents of Shield’ type force of hyper-aggressive lesbians and femanazis suddenly pop out of the sky and save the women and children. It never happens. Hillary let ISIS rape and murder Yazidi women and children.

      38. Been in water and sewage treatment for 20 years. Stay the Hell out of those sewage drains and storm water runoff pipes or you’ll be dead Johnny on the spot. Seen this guy’s stuff before. He will get you killed quick.

      39. Seriously…. he is instructing people on how to swing across rivers using a grapling hook? –he is advising people to use the cables on elevator shafts? –he is advising people to traverse a city using the sewer system?

        Please spare us more advice.

      40. Ok. So I watched the whole video while doing laundry, and although there were a few good tidbits in there, I was generally unimpressed. The very last, (and I mean it) thing that I would do is head towards Dallas or Houston to scavange, crawl through sewers, throw improvised grappling hooks to swing off bridges, etc. But… the video was good for a post because of all the side talk we’ve recently engaged in concerning urban bug ins. There are surely ways to survive in the city and burbs, as was done by Selco and in Argentina.
        I am reminded that we are not the first folks to be aware of danger and to plan accordingly for disastrous times. I have an as yet, unhung photo in my laundry room of the Spruce Tree house in Mesa Verde, Co. Toured Mesa Verde with a friend a few years ago and was amazed at how those people lived up in the cliffs. In one cliff house, you had to crawl through a tunnel to get access to the first main room, with the rationale being that if you were a stranger, momma would give you a head knocking as you poked your uninvited noggin in. The Anasazi lived in a period of protracted drought and resource competition. They farmed on the ridges above their dwellings and built their homes in the cliffs near water sources.
        We will do the best we can. I personally think the expansion of the horde will be somewhat limited by the sheer amount of vehicles blocking the roads out of town. In Houston, what that will break down into will be the wars between Mexican and Black communities first… probably Mexicans defending their resources since they are a little more likely to keep staples and make things from scratch. White affluent communities like those that surround the Galleria (River Oaks, Tanglewood) may be somewhat protected at first, but will soon be overrun after the police, who live in middle class communities run home to protect their own interests. Those affluent areas will be like a criminal Disneyland to these groups… with kitchens as big as a small house and stocked wine cellars. There will be a lot of absorption into these areas with bases being established by different groups. Any home that has a yard service or maid service is going to be an open book target after the fact, since the layout of the house is known- I think that will be a time when hubris will catch up with these folks, when they think they are safe because they have always been protected. Many will not leave until it is too late, even though they have homes elsewhere.

      41. good signs for woods would be “caution, unexploded ordnance” and a picture of a man with his exploded leg flying off, or “Caution, rabid animal trapping in progess”. I always thought a smaller grappling hook and some rope would be an excellent item for urban “hide in plain site” use, if you cannot vacate the city safely, use it to climb up onto the roof of an industrial building with a raised edge that has already been looted, you could hide out and have a good reconnoitering view.

      42. Haven’t I’ve seen this a few years back? great video… With popcorn.

      43. Yes shinmen..you are correct.. that’s not realistic for most people, the advice should be to get the hell our of the city. Not to mention the rotting, sticking decaying bodies contamination of water supply.. no way in hell I even trust water filtration with that kind of crap..then again the trolls have advised.



        • HahHahahHA

      44. 2isone, you are one lovely, super intelligent woman….yes that event did happen, some limited info leaked out the Web about it..these idiotic trolls like conti divide and angry Beaver seem to have a lot of anger towards me..nothing pisses off trolls like the truth.



        • Thanks HCKS for the kind words. Yes, when I read they had shut down the entire opening to the channel, I knew the jumper story was fishy… no pun intended. Somebody supposedly fell off a vessel too on the same day, which is what the press used to justify shutting off the ship channel. As if. With billions in cargo coming in and out on time sensitive schedules, there is no way the ptb would (or could) shut that channel down. There is only one good reason they would do that, and we both know what that is.

      45. Patriot one, my apologies, that was spell check type o error.. you are not agency ass clown..plucking cell phone keeps making me type crap.


      46. This is so old… wasted my time looking at it.
        In fact I think this is a couple years old, just guessing.

        Lotta bad information in that video, but hay.. go to his site.
        Buy some of his junk.

      47. The Reyes show is ridiculous, though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. The few tidbits I remember is when he throws the grappling hook to swing across the bridge and gets it right the first time. They didn’t show the hundred tries that didn’t make it. Then he goes to the hospital and with a gallon of fuel starts up an enormous generator like he was flicking on a light switch. An industrial generator that size used to run a hospital would not last long with a gallon of fuel, even if you could get it started. It reminded me of the Woody Allen movie where he is something like 500 years in the future and finds a VW Bug in a cave and it starts right up.

      48. Because nothing says stealth like running a hospital generator. This guys stuff is old and too Bear Grylls.

        Plus we aren’t ever going to see this kind of Armageddon – this shit is only Hollywood: Even Syrians got the f out of dodge before having to survive in these conditions.

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