A True Survival Story: “Taking Their Possessions and Some Seeds, They Had Retreated Ever Deeper Into the Forest”

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    When Josef Stalin instituted a campaign of purging dissidents in the 1930’s, some 17 million people were left dead or missing by the time it was all said and done.

    Had you been targeted for extermination during this Great Purge, your chances of survival very rapidly approached zero.

    Most became victims when their government classified them as enemies of the state.

    Some, however, and against all odds, found a way to survive.

    This forest [Russian Taiga] is the last and greatest of Earth’s wildernesses. It stretches from the furthest tip of Russia’s arctic regions as far south as Mongolia, and east from the Urals to the Pacific: five million square miles of nothingness, with a population, outside a handful of towns, that amounts to only a few thousand people.

    Thus it was in the remote south of the forest in the summer of 1978. A helicopter sent to find a safe spot to land a party of geologists was skimming the treeline a hundred or so miles from the Mongolian border when it dropped into the thickly wooded valley of an unnamed tributary of the Abakan, a seething ribbon of water rushing through dangerous terrain. The valley walls were narrow, with sides that were close to vertical in places, and the skinny pine and birch trees swaying in the rotors’ downdraft were so thickly clustered that there was no chance of finding a spot to set the aircraft down. But, peering intently through his windscreen in search of a landing place, the pilot saw something that should not have been there. It was a clearing, 6,000 feet up a mountainside, wedged between the pine and larch and scored with what looked like long, dark furrows. The baffled helicopter crew made several passes before reluctantly concluding that this was evidence of human habitation—a garden that, from the size and shape of the clearing, must have been there for a long time.

    It was an astounding discovery. The mountain was more than 150 miles from the nearest settlement, in a spot that had never been explored. The Soviet authorities had no records of anyone living in the district.

    As the intruders scrambled up the mountain, heading for the spot pinpointed by their pilots, they began to come across signs of human activity: a rough path, a staff, a log laid across a stream, and finally a small shed filled with birch-bark containers of cut-up dried potatoes.

    The sight that greeted the geologists as they entered the cabin was like something from the middle ages. Jerry-built from whatever materials came to hand, the dwelling was not much more than a burrow—”a low, soot-blackened log kennel that was as cold as a cellar,” with a floor consisting of potato peel and pine-nut shells. Looking around in the dim light, the visitors saw that it consisted of a single room. It was cramped, musty and indescribably filthy, propped up by sagging joists—and, astonishingly, home to a family of five.

    lykovs-homeThe Lykovs lived in this hand-built log cabin, lit by a single window “the size of a backpack pocket” and warmed by a smoky wood-fired stove.

    Led by Pismenskaya, the scientists backed hurriedly out of the hut and retreated to a spot a few yards away, where they took out some provisions and began to eat. After about half an hour, the door of the cabin creaked open, and the old man and his two daughters emerged—no longer hysterical and, though still obviously frightened, “frankly curious.” Warily, the three strange figures approached and sat down with their visitors, rejecting everything that they were offered—jam, tea, bread—with a muttered, “We are not allowed that!” When Pismenskaya asked, “Have you ever eaten bread?” the old man answered: “I have. But they have not. They have never seen it.” At least he was intelligible. The daughters spoke a language distorted by a lifetime of isolation. “When the sisters talked to each other, it sounded like a slow, blurred cooing.”

    Slowly, over several visits, the full story of the family emerged. The old man’s name was Karp Lykov, and he was an Old Believer—a member of a fundamentalist Russian Orthodox sect, worshiping in a style unchanged since the 17th century. Old Believers had been persecuted since the days of Peter the Great, and Lykov talked about it as though it had happened only yesterday; for him, Peter was a personal enemy and “the anti-Christ in human form”—a point he insisted had been amply proved by Tsar’s campaign to modernize Russia by forcibly “chopping off the beards of Christians.” But these centuries-old hatreds were conflated with more recent grievances; Karp was prone to complain in the same breath about a merchant who had refused to make a gift of 26poods [940 pounds] of potatoes to the Old Believers sometime around 1900.

    Things had only got worse for the Lykov family when the atheist Bolsheviks took power. Under the Soviets, isolated Old Believer communities that had fled to Siberia to escape persecution began to retreat ever further from civilization. During the purges of the 1930s, with Christianity itself under assault, a Communist patrol had shot Lykov’s brother on the outskirts of their village while Lykov knelt working beside him. He had responded by scooping up his family and bolting into forest.

    That was in 1936, and there were only four Lykovs then—Karp; his wife, Akulina; a son named Savin, 9 years old, and Natalia, a daughter who was only 2. Taking their possessions and some seeds, they had retreated ever deeper into the taiga, building themselves a succession of crude dwelling places, until at last they had fetched up in this desolate spot. Two more children had been born in the wild—Dmitry in 1940 and Agafia in 1943—and neither of the youngest Lykov children had ever seen a human being who was not a member of their family. All that Agafia and Dmitry knew of the outside world they learned entirely from their parents’ stories. The family’s principal entertainment, the Russian journalist Vasily Peskov noted, “was for everyone to recount their dreams.”

    The Lykov children knew there were places called cities where humans lived crammed together in tall buildings. They had heard there were countries other than Russia. But such concepts were no more than abstractions to them. Their only reading matter was prayer books and an ancient family Bible. Akulina had used the gospels to teach her children to read and write, using sharpened birch sticks dipped into honeysuckle juice as pen and ink.

    Dmitry (left) and Savin in the Siberian summer

    lykovs-sistersAgafia Lykova (left) with her sister, Natalia.

    Isolation made survival in the wilderness close to impossible. Dependent solely on their own resources, the Lykovs struggled to replace the few things they had brought into the taiga with them. They fashioned birch-bark galoshes in place of shoes. Clothes were patched and repatched until they fell apart, then replaced with hemp cloth grown from seed.

    The Lykovs had carried a crude spinning wheel and, incredibly, the components of a loom into the taiga with them—moving these from place to place as they gradually went further into the wilderness must have required many long and arduous journeys—but they had no technology for replacing metal. A couple of kettles served them well for many years, but when rust finally overcame them, the only replacements they could fashion came from birch bark. Since these could not be placed in a fire, it became far harder to cook. By the time the Lykovs were discovered, their staple diet was potato patties mixed with ground rye and hemp seeds.

    In some respects, Peskov makes clear, the taiga did offer some abundance: “Beside the dwelling ran a clear, cold stream. Stands of larch, spruce, pine and birch yielded all that anyone could take…. Bilberries and raspberries were close to hand, firewood as well, and pine nuts fell right on the roof.”

    lykov-homesteadThe Lykovs’ homestead seen from a Soviet reconnaissance plane, 1980.

    Yet the Lykovs lived permanently on the edge of famine. It was not until the late 1950s, when Dmitry reached manhood, that they first trapped animals for their meat and skins. Lacking guns and even bows, they could hunt only by digging traps or pursuing prey across the mountains until the animals collapsed from exhaustion. Dmitry built up astonishing endurance, and could hunt barefoot in winter, sometimes returning to the hut after several days, having slept in the open in 40 degrees of frost, a young elk across his shoulders. More often than not, though, there was no meat, and their diet gradually became more monotonous. Wild animals destroyed their crop of carrots, and Agafia recalled the late 1950s as “the hungry years.” “We ate the rowanberry leaf,” she said,

    roots, grass, mushrooms, potato tops, and bark, We were hungry all the time. Every year we held a council to decide whether to eat everything up or leave some for seed.

    Famine was an ever-present danger in these circumstances, and in 1961 it snowed in June. The hard frost killed everything growing in their garden, and by spring the family had been reduced to eating shoes and bark. Akulina chose to see her children fed, and that year she died of starvation. The rest of the family were saved by what they regarded as a miracle: a single grain of rye sprouted in their pea patch. The Lykovs put up a fence around the shoot and guarded it zealously night and day to keep off mice and squirrels. At harvest time, the solitary spike yielded 18 grains, and from this they painstakingly rebuilt their rye crop.

    Perhaps the saddest aspect of the Lykovs’ strange story was the rapidity with which the family went into decline after they re-established contact with the outside world. In the fall of 1981, three of the four children followed their mother to the grave within a few days of one another. According to Peskov, their deaths were not, as might have been expected, the result of exposure to diseases to which they had no immunity. Both Savin and Natalia suffered from kidney failure, most likely a result of their harsh diet. But Dmitry died of pneumonia, which might have begun as an infection he acquired from his new friends.

    His death shook the geologists, who tried desperately to save him. They offered to call in a helicopter and have him evacuated to a hospital. But Dmitry, in extremis, would abandon neither his family nor the religion he had practiced all his life. “We are not allowed that,” he whispered just before he died. “A man lives for howsoever God grants.”

    When all three Lykovs had been buried, the geologists attempted to talk Karp and Agafia into leaving the forest and returning to be with relatives who had survived the persecutions of the purge years, and who still lived on in the same old villages. But neither of the survivors would hear of it. They rebuilt their old cabin, but stayed close to their old home.

    Source: These excerpts have been made available by The Smithsonian Institution and shared for the increase and diffusion of knowledge

    The Lykovs had the clothes on their backs, some personal possessions, and some basic supplies when they fled the Purge.

    They made it in one of the most inhospitable regions in the world for forty years.

    Despite the challenges and regardless of the odds, humans are built to survive.


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      1. Amazing story of fortitude, ingenuity,
        and survival.

        • I took a lot from it. His wife would have survived in 1961, had they brought a means of listening to the outside world, such as a radio and power source. Of all things from society, he missed salt the most. And he couldn’t hunt, but to track the animals until they fell exhausted. For anyone who would bug out, this story is full of nuggets.

          • Take home message?
            Bug out.
            Fight tyranny.
            Return before you starve…

            • Live free or die.

              • Tell us about life on the bayou.

              • The only purge that we will see is one that purges these socialist/Islamist invaders OFF America for good.

                • Islamist invaders? The Judeofascists have already taken over.

                  • Shut the fuck up you Nazi troll.

            • This is a great story and offers much to think about.

              Read this today at From the Trenches World Report…

              Obama Backup Gun Grab: UN Treaty Confiscation Vote Soon!

              “Section III, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Programme of Action mandate that if a member state cannot get rid of privately owned small arms legislatively, then the control of “customs, police, intelligence, and arms control” will be placed under the power of a board of UN bureaucrats operating out of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.

              On November 7, the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly voted 157-0 (with 18 abstentions) in favor of Resolution L.11 that will finalize the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in March 2013.

              China, the United Kingdom, and Germany all voted to move the historic measure toward passage.

              As we have reported, when the treaty was being deliberated in July, the United States was the only obstacle preventing the global arms control regulations from being imposed on the world.

              Miraculously, however, all the points of the agreement Secretary Clinton found so distasteful in the summer were made so much more palatable after President Obama’s reelection, and every single attack on the right to bear arms remains in the version of the treaty approved on November 7.

              Within hours of his securing his reelection, President Obama placed a late night call to the U.S. United Nations delegation ordering them to vote in favor of a passage of L.11.

              As soon as news of the U.S. policy 180 was confirmed, a new round of negotiations on the treaty was scheduled for March 18-28 at the UN headquarters in New York City.”

              • In case there is any question – the story about the family surviving in the wilderness has given me alot to think about.

                The news article about the upcoming UN vote planned scares me very much.

                Every TV channel and every newspaper SHOULD be informing people about this upcoming vote and rousing the people to speak up and loudly tell these politicians NO…WE DON’T WANT THIS VOTE TO PASS!

              • Should the United Nations vote on a world gun ban, would that be the foundation of bringing foreign troops on US soil? So we have Washington D.C., Wall Street and the U.N. Assembly Building in New York telling us what we should do.


                • This would be justification to declare open season on all these assholes

                  • Kula….Im afraid that it will be the beginning for open season on all of us.

                  • This was already covered extensivly Here several articles Back….NO they cannot do ANY treatys that so destroy Any rights or nulify the very us const that disallows such.

                    And thats been totally Confirmed by Several us supremes ct cases from back in early to mid 1880’s up to 1940’s era if not even closer to todays time frame.

                    Just the fact that hobammy became Head of UN securoty council(still is?) is Unconstitutional.(holding Dual offices with usa & Foriegn body).

                    There is also stuf in the us const to Forbid any states or political folks from makeing ANY agreements or treatys etc with ANY other nations. Or if I recall correct, not even state treatys or agreements between states unless if falls into certain contexts of whats ok to do…And that aint alot.

                    Yes I am aware hobammy and finestiens crowd dont give a rats ass what the us const says or allows…But well over 150+Million americas Do! Their crowd also Knows this. And even when they attept to Hide it they do Fear we the people…Especially them whats well armed.

                  • Kula stay cool brother. They are poking and poking and provoking looking for a fight. Stay cool if you react they will point thieir boney finger and say see what happens… Then your neighbors will get on the bus… make a plan thats better than what ch thinkn…

                  • Ugly, thing is it is OUR turf, id like to see the un and feds try that here, the locals would have a field day with them

                • Hope they wear those blue helmets. I’m just sayin’……

                  • They will be the troubled kids that are being trained at HS troops. I have a friend whos kid was given a choice homeland secturity troop training or juvie… He will make a nice dispendable brown shirt.

                • Treaties do not confer powers not authorized by the Constitution…Constitution trumps treaties of any kind, with any nation, by any powers.

                  [But now, who can say–behind closed doors, many ill things are considered}

                • @slingshot,there will never be foreign troops on US soil,unless every single one of us is death.

          • @prepperpah she would of survived in 1961 if they took a power source and radio with them in 1936?

            what power supply would supply power for a radio in 1936 that was portable? Also would of lasted almost 30 years , shit I want one of those power supplies.

        • Off Topic – Sorry, but I feel this is extremely important.

          Boycott the Super Bowl!!!

          Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Guns Assoc. will be running an anti-gun ad during the Super bowl. It will feature children (who knew) delivering the message.

          Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/03/gun-control-super-bowl-ad_n_2608902.html.

          I don’t believe the NRA will afforded an opportunity to respond. We can respond by emailing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, telling him why you are boycotting the game. If like me, it will be your first missed Super Bowl, tell him that too.

          Go To: http://www.nfl.com/contact-us, then click “OTHER” which will bring up an email dialogue box.

          If you believe in the unrestricted Right To Bear Arms, as I do, please help spread this boycott message far and wide and show TPTB that we have a voice that will not be silenced.

          • The NFL doesn’t control what commercials are seen. CBS is the one who should be boycotted, because CBS decides what commercials will be shown. Granted, by boycotting CBS you will also be boycotting the superbowl by default.

          • For anyone who assumes that the gun ban will make things safer – please forward this story of a mother held back by police as her son bled to death. Don’t put your faith in the police – they haven’t yet caught the animals that did this.


            In case anyone is wondering – I’ve spoken to a couple of eye witnesses and the group that attacked the 16 year old included white men. (SO tired of hearing the ethnic excuse for senseless violence when in reality it’s often just a question of being the smuck in the wrong place at the wrong time that identifies you as a victim.).

            This mother has been in my prayers all week as what she suffered must be every parents worst nightmare. I have to compare victims of knife crime (and YES they are illegal too here in the UK!) with this Siberian familiy. “Freedom” is a hollow joke when you live in fear of random senseless violence with no way to protect yourself and the police can’t help.

            It won’t stop with knives or guns. We are still currently allowed an airgun below 12lb. However Scotland wants these brought under our already draconian gun permit regime. If it passes there then the rest of the UK will follow. Not even allowed to defend ourselves from rodents if the ptb have their way. (Not being a weapons expert I can’t see what else a low powered airgun is good for).

            The Old believers were incorruptable – I’ve spoken before about how established religious organisations become infilitrated by what some here call the Zio-tribe. (I actually believe they are simply parasites or pyschopaths, but we musn’t scare the children). They paid a very heavy price for this across the old Soviet empire.

            Usery was forbidden throughout most of the world for millennia, damaging as fiat & usery is to the very structure of a civilisation, and this is unacceptable to the Global plantation builders.

            If we are not careful it’ll only be from remote areas like the one this family retreated to that will form the nucleus of the reemerging human race, post shtf die off.

            • lone mum: please confirm if this is truth. Other day I heard on tv news that as of next year 2014 ALL current laws that restrict imigration INTO England will be 100% abandoned, and as of 2014 Brits cannot stop Anybody from entering and Staying as long as they want to in Britian/england….True? Thanks if you can answer this.

        • The more I read and see, the more I believe that it is our children and grandchildren who will most likely live in a world that is survival of the fittest. This plan to abolish our rights as americans and transform this country into a socialist dictatorship has been in the works for more years than you would believe, in my opinion, it is going to go sluggishly along until most of the over fifty generation is pretty much gone.

          You would have to be in complete denial to not see how the public schools are indoctrinating the next generation to their way of thinking. The pharmaceutical industry is now recommending brain altering drugs meant for adults, for our children if they show signs of being independent or not fitting the public school mold. They don’t want to convert anyone over 50 because they know that generation has lived far enough in the past to compare the present to. Those over 50 are not so easily fooled and the socialist ego maniacs are not in a position to change that mentality because they can’t and they know it. They will wait until the wise ones are gone and then it will be truly a new world order.

          Educate your children as to what is coming and give them the insight and knowledge of history that they will need in order to survive and perhaps even have a hand in changing what is to come for them.

          The elite monsters in charge have studied us, they have done their homework and they are waiting ever so patiently for the opportunity to accomplish their final goal, ultimately it will be complete domination over the entire human race and replace God with the devil. This may sound dramatic and a bit out there however if you do believe in God, the real God, then you also believe that the devil is constantly trying to capture souls for his own power. The devil is walking the earth as he always has and for now he is getting stronger every day. Of course in the end he looses but what hell can he create while he has such free reign with so many followers.

          • I know there is a God. However, the “devil” is not what you think it is. God made everything– including “maya”/ delusion. Don’t want to discuss religion here, but please remember God is Love and stop with your ignorant dribble.

            • I’m afraid you have taken God out of context. Yes, he is “love”, but this is but one emotion God exhibits. God is hateful, joyous, sorry, sad, and jealous too.

              For anyone to believe God is only “love” is sadly mistaken and have misrepresented his Word.

              In fact, I would venture to declare that the “love” of God today is the lesser of His Being, knowing the apostasy of our acts toward His Word and His creation [Earth].

              • This is for all them folks who believe in all the al gore type enviro stuff, and the constant liberals crys to end poverty etc.

                by Tom DeWeese
                February 2, 2013

                “The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can’t let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.” —Michael Oppenheimer (Environmental Defense Fund)

                The reminders are put in front of us everyday. Poverty in the world. How horrible. Starving children. Unimaginable hardships. Hopelessness. SOMEONE MUST DO SOMETHING!

                Of course, the answer for the world leadership is to throw money at the problem, either through volunteer charity programs or mandatory taxation. The problem is, after subjecting us all to this redistribution of wealth in order to sentence the poor to a lifetime of breadlines, the only thing that changes is that we have more and more poor

                What other way is there? How do we eliminate these horrible conditions and create jobs in these very poor countries? Well, in a recent article I argued that “Private Property Ownership is the Only Way to Eradicate Poverty.” It is. But there must also be an infrastructure of electricity, clean water, commerce and transportation in place as well. One must have these things to provide jobs, health, and an upgraded standard of living for the means to purchase private property, after all.

                So, it seems that a good place to start the process of eradicating world poverty and ending the bread lines would be for international companies to begin to invest in such an infrastructure. Building power plants and water treatment plants would lead to the development of housing, schools, shopping malls. Better roads would spring up as people would need to get to the newly created jobs. Farmers would need to employ new ways to increase their output to feed new mouths as people from other regions would arrive seeking the much needed jobs. Prosperity and hope would overtake poverty and hopelessness. It’s the very system that helped to make the United States the richest nation on earth with the highest standard of living. Finally, instead of depending on us for their daily ration of bread, these people would be able to help, not only themselves, but others in need as well. The entire world could begin to move toward a global prosperity, which our leaders say is their goal.

                There’s only one problem. Poverty is unacceptable only as long as it doesn’t hurt the environment! What? Say that again? Yes, you heard me. If such action to end poverty and improve people’s lives is somehow a threat to the world-wide plan for Sustainable Development, then such development is not to be considered.

                Believe it or not, there is a worldwide Sustainable Development policy to prohibit funding of development projects in Third World countries, if the projects don’t meet the political agenda. It’s called the Equator Principles.

                According to their own documents, the Equator Principles were established in association with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation in 2003. They have been adopted by 73 financial institutions around the world, covering over 70% of international projects such as dams, mines and pipelines. Three American financial institutions are associates of the Equator Principles, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup.

                Citigroup is a major player in this process. It has used these “voluntary” green standards to turn down development loans for projects like shopping centers, power plants, and housing projects in Africa and other developing nations.

                Why would Citicorp want to turn away such huge sources of new business? Because dedicated Sustainablists believe it is environmentally correct to leave African natives untouched to live in their mud huts and walk five miles a day to get clean water. That, they believe, is environmentally sound. They deny these people electricity to light even a bulb in their huts. Of course there is no internet. There are few roads. There are fewer cars. Walk wherever you go, scratch out a living in the wild and be ignored by the rest of the world. That is Sustainable Development.

                The Equator Principles are applied to all project financing transactions. As the application is presented for funding, the project is carefully reviewed to determine if it meets “comprehensive international performance standards” on issues such as “labor and working conditions, natural resource management, pollution prevention, impacts on Indigenous people, community health and safety and cross-cutting themes such as gender and human rights.”

                Break it down: Natural resource management, for example, means no drilling of oil or minerals. Water use is restricted. Labor and working conditions? Ask America’s rust belt in Youngstown and Pittsburg how that worked for them. The same labor rules and environmental regulations detailed in the Equator Principles led to the destruction of industry and to empty American factories decades ago. Community health and safety? Sure. No clean water? No modern medical facilities? No reliable transportation? How are health and safety supposed to happen? And “gender” and “human rights?” What does gender have to do with building a power plant and how does a new dam affect women’s rights?

                All of these terms are social justice weapons used by self-appointed NGO/ Stakeholder groups to promote their own political agendas. The people who just want to improve their lives and have simple things like running water and heated homes, common utilities which you and I take for granted every day, are caught in the middle. Pawns and victims, sentenced to a life of poverty, sickness and neglect.

                It was the UN’s Brundtland Commission which defined Sustainable Development as, “development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” What’s wrong with that? The “needs” the Commission refers to are not human needs, but those of the “planet.” It concludes we can only meet them by eliminating or reducing “unsustainable” activities globally. These include property ownership, consumerism, high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, roadways, automobiles, dams, and so forth. These ideas, then, are on what the Equator Principles are based.

                But what about the basic human needs, the wants, the dreams of people in Third World nations where we’re reminded again and again that they are starving? Well, that’s what life long bread lines are for in a sustainable world. Ah, the compassion of “Progressives.”

                Gee if peak oil etc is Fake?…Why would They do/say that stuff?…READ above article for Answers!

                • Angelo Mysterculaso,

                  Take one digital minute to do some due diligence and you wouldn’t waste so much space looking like a discarded douchebag of the FauxNews sphere.

                  That perverted quote attributed to M. Oppenheimer of EDF by Glenn Beck is that, a PERVERSION OF OPPENHEIMER’S WORDS.

                  Now that I’ve done the due diligence for you, stand aside the oxymoron pulpit and go read M. Oppenheimer’s book DEAD HEAT (1990) where actual quote is found.
                  Else read this from M. Oppenheimer himself: http://www.princeton.edu/step/people/faculty/michael-oppenheimer/in-the-news/Correcting-Glenn-Beck-.pdf

            • Cindy,


              Overcoming Satan

              The apostle John says that believers can overcome Satan when “the word of God abides in you. When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He cited scripture to him (Matthew 4:1-1036). In addition, Paul tells us that the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, is our only offensive weapon against the Satan (Ephesians 6:13-1737). In the parable of the sower, Jesus said that there were those who heard the word of God, but failed to take it in, and so were led astray by the devil (the seed that fell by the side of the road). So Christians resist the devil by knowing and memorizing scripture so that we cannot be deceived by the lies of Satan.21 The Bible gives believers the following instructions about resisting the devil:
              •Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)
              •”In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
              •In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Ephesians 6:16)
              •Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world. (1 Peter 5:8-9)

              Please tell me what you think the devil is? I already know that God is love, I never have and never would say otherwise. God loves every human being on this earth, he is every ones Father but the ones who choose to live under the rule of the devil will be cast off and not be allowed to live in heaven, the sad part is that God will still love them and cry for them. It is called free will, God is not a dictator, we all make choices.

              I don’t understand your post at all.

              • Genesis 6:6 & 7

                6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

                7 And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

                This is a father weeping for his lost children and angry at what they had become.

              • I find the story not only a tale of a families survival but a great story of faith. The only book a bible. Today one out of a thousand would have made it if that for 50 plus years in the wilderness with no support or modern tools. I think the Smithsonian had a little more info on the family. Sad the one gal left by herself as they all died off. Tremdous story in so many ways. The will to survive, the will to be loyal to God to the very end. The out right evil that was unleashed on humanity.
                Infact by the same sponsors that are pulling the strings today. The American people at large are clueless to the Rockefellers, and NGO’s, the banks. They funded communism, they off loaded our technology and secrets to Russia during the WWII.

                The best prep is having faith in God. We can’t prove God, but the athiest can’t disprove Him either. But the evidence is clearly pointing to the creator, Mathmatically impossible that this is an act of chance. Our hearts long to know God and the bible confirms the truth of the story like no other book every has or will. The story of the Russian family was truly powerful.


            • Utter nonsense.

              • This sure aint “Nonsense”….NOTE: date(1912! It Began with boomers Grandparents being brainwashed! and every generation Since!) and Person this statement was spoken by!(Also note this was entered into the U.S.Congressional Records so Yes, it IS for REAL!)

                Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his ‘A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).’ Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559.”

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his ‘A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).’ Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559.”

                If this don’t convince naysayers who still refuse to believe that YES it was ALL Planned BY Design, to RUIN the USA, and the majority White Middle class, then nothing will awaken them and they too will continue to enable such Pure Evil.

                No Honest person today can deny that, every tv show-sports-movies-Ads on tv and in magazines and billboards everywheres have been, and currently Are in, the final stages of what Mr. Israel Cohen(jewsih talmudist, ya think?) has Outlined back in 1912.

                WAKE UP Whiteys! then awaken the blacks if still possible(?).

              • For the sake of clarity here….I was referring to Cindy’s post.

                When I posted my response, hers was the only comment visible. Other’s posted before mine appeared, so it looks like I was commenting on their response. I was not. I was answering Cindy.

            • read the bible!

            • If that is what you believe Cindy, then you are a fool!

            • may you burn in an eternal hells fire!

          • You, the people who created this entitlement monster and put your kids $17 trillion in the hole are going to “educate” us? No, I think it is your kids who need to give you a swift kick in the rear on a daily basis.

            • If you would quit with the all cap like this one. Your ideas would be read more and agree with a whole lot in most cases.

              • Im not here to get likes. If I would quit what? Telling the truth?

          • I agree with some of what you say and disagree with the rest. I’m a public school teacher and in no way am I indoctrinating any student’s way of thinking. Matter of fact, where I teach it is very anti-Obama, pro 2nd amendment area. I retain what our forefathers wanted for all, the ability to think for themselves and gather as much factual material before spatting out garbage. All students are entitled to their opinion, but back it up.
            Let me say for the record however, I’ve been teaching for over fifteen years and am a Army veteran as well. It amazes me that some students do come in with presupposed ideas of certain things such as MLK is a saint, Lincoln was flawless, Kennedy was a warrior, Thomas Jefferson knew everything about the Constitution (which by the way, he was not even present to sign it). All leaders had their shortcomings and I’ll be the first to point it out with facts and DISCUSS it with them. This is democracy at work.
            This is my classroom and the world I control. I’m sure it is different from school system to school system.
            Brother, you hit the nail on the head about the pharmaceutical companies. I’ve sat in on some meetings with the school psychologist in the room about some students who have mild attention deficit disorder and they are eager to recommend ritalin in a heartbeat. I flat out told one that he was full of crap on one occasion because he wanted to prescribe it to a kid whose father was no where in the picture and mom was already strung out on drugs. This was her way of getting her fix through her son. It didn’t matter, mom got the nod of approval and she went skipping out the door. That is part of the system that needs to get fixed.

            • If so you are one of a few goodones…I applaud you..keep it up!
              One small point just cause its a pet peeve of mine(nothing personal)…we do not live in a democracy(mob rule)we live in a republic “ruled by law” with some democratic overtones…at least we were founded as such…to the degree we veer from that we get what we see,a mess!
              I will not be ruled/bullied by the stupid…the selfish… the takers…simply because the system has been corrupted by those who think they get their way cause thay and thay “homies got the votes”…this is one point the PTB have gotten away with for too long…the second ammendment is our “VOTE” to cast against the tyrant and his crowd…just sayin…”Live free or die tryin”

        • URGENT TO ALL,

          Tonight around 6 pm I was visiting my buddy. He is the Godfather to my children, a small business owner and financial advisor with ZERO of a criminal record.

          A loud knocking at the front door we shrugged off then followed by a thunderous banging on the back of the house.

          My friend answered and a local town police officer was there asking if he was the owner and if he was the person he was looking for.


          To me it sounds like this cop was there to see how far he could bullshit somebody to turn in their lawfully owned firearms without a fight. I have seen some crazy things in my life and this was certainly one of them. It made no legal sense and felt like an intimidation tactic.

          I know this sounds completely insane but it just F*****G happened. I prob would doubt it myself reading this. But make no mistake about THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE AND ARE TRACKING US LOOKING FOR ANYTHING TO TAKE AWAY OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

          I am going to post this at the front of the next few articles Mac puts up so everybody can here this.

          God Bless Us All

          • Please state the officer’s name for the record.

            • What State And city did this happen in?…I am just curious is all. I realize Every state has antiguners and plenty of cops that will obey such orders. I am curious though as I also think “some” states and citys are far worse at this crap when compared to certain more progun areas it seems. Thank you in advance.

              • Massachusetts. The laws have always been restrictive but to lose your firearms over a traffic violation is something else. Where will it go from there. Parking tickets? Late mortgage payment?

                • Late O’Bummer Care payments will put you in the Gulag. The time to engage OUR employees is NOW, while the US Constitution can still be wielded as a weapon.


                • Thanks Wolf. In Mich yes you can get your carry lic suspended for certain offences. But each offence Only suspends the ccw lic and wont ban guns owned.

                  They vary usually in Three tiers. 1st offence=6 month ccw lic suspension…2nd time for Same offence=1 year suspend and final tier or 3rd offence of Same thing= 3yrs suspend and a few remove all further ccw lic rights for lifetime.

                  But if I recall correct, none, except of course Major stuf like felony crimes or crime when guns used etc will cause guns to be forfieted.

                  You need move Far away from that state I think. In fact I think soon we ALL may need move to enough States combined together to create a new “america” for patriots and halt all entry by all others who reject Our ways and Rights.

                  Not sure how to get that acomplished?…Maybe it will happen by default soon eh.

                  • Up here in Massachusetts the local police chief determines who is a “suitable person” and what type of license they should have. There is no legal definition of suitable person. It is entirely up to the police chief in every city and if you rub them the wrong way for any reason they will determine you unsuitable.

            • It can and will, come to a city near you. Your CCP can and will be used against you. As I’ve stated before, i spent the time and 50 bucks for the class and then wised up before getting mine. Terminate those permits, you don’t need the hassle. If there is no local or state ordinance, carry your weapon visibly if you want. I know a man, a good man, who has been walking around with a pair of 44’s strapped to his jeans for years. He gets funny looks but nobody F’s with him.
              In 1999 I dated a girl with a pair of 44’s strapped up near her….. oops, wrong story for this site.

          • Do not think for one minute they do not have a data base of everyone who legally owns rifles as well as handguns. These are all small attempts to gauge the spirit of Americans who legally own weapons. How difficult will it be to confiscate? Some incident will happen which will prompt the government to attempt to confiscate all weapons privately owned. Don’t believe it? What happened after the CT mass killing? People were only too eager to surrender their right to bear arms in exchange for security. Did they receive the security they desired? NO!!!! All the new laws have accomplished, at least in NYS is to criminalize weapon ownership if you are not willing to register your semi-auto rifles which are deemed to be assault rifles. The extended magazine ban makes most semi-auto handguns impractical to own as no one mfg. 7 round magazines. To load a magazine with less than the standard 10 rounds is to invite malfunctions and misfiring. Anyone who uses his handgun for self defense has to ask him/herself, are you willing to risk a malfunction when your life is at stake?
            I do not believe our Founding Fathers enacted the 2nd Amendment with the intent of giving the government the tools needed for confiscation (such as registration). What sense would it make to permit the citizenry to be armed while giving the govt. the ability to confiscate the weapons? The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to give citizens the means by which to protect and defend themselves (and their families), as well as having the means by which to protect oneself from a tyrannical government or enemies, domestic or foreign. Registration of all weapons makes these means useless. I can understand and concur with background checks as well as licensing those gun owners who wish to carry their handguns concealed. However to also mandate the registration of every rifle which has been incorrectly identified as an assault weapon is to invalidate the intent of the 2nd Amendment. How can you protect yourself from a tyrannical government when the tyrant has the ability to confiscate the means by which you are to protect yourself with? Gun buyers, after having been cleared, should be given their application for a background check, or it should be destroyed in their presence. For the government to have a data base of everyone who is purchasing a weapon is to nullify the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

          • City and state please–Wolf.

        • @Emily: agreed.

          I had read this earlier in the week (twitter is a beautiful thing, no?) and there were a few things that really struck deep:

          * one form of entertainment they had was to recount their dreams to each other. That showed some pretty heavy creativity, and in spite of the drudgery of survival, they still took time out to do that.

          * they were forced to improvise once rust wiped out their kettle and other utensils. This shows the importance of keeping your stuff in top condition as much as you can. Mind you, they didn’t have much time to do anything when they ran – they basically grabbed what they could and got the hell out of dodge, maybe sneaking back for a few things afterward (like that weaving loom they had) when they thought it safe to do so.

          * the story of how their rye crop was killed off save for one little seed – and how they nurtured that seed (and saved all subsequent seeds) until they could regenerate their rye crop and seed stock off of it? That is friggin’ *tenacious*

          * You can get pretty damned tough with enough practice – sleeping and running outdoors in a Siberian winter, barefoot? Damn.

          * I found it interesting that they didn’t quite know how to fashion spears, bows/arrows, traps, or the like (let alone try to get some fish during summer). OTOH, it illustrates that most folks really don’t have that large of a skill set.

          * this story illustrates, in spades, the reason why you need a community to survive. Their language began drifting, literacy dropped to whatever could be taught off the old (and likely fading) family bible. Everyone was related, so not much in the way of sex or kids are gonna happen there, folks. They did okay, but… the house was a hovel, they lived in perpetual fear, and they were forced to mostly survive, as opposed to living. That last bit bears remembering, especially as you make your own plans.

          • Your last point is a good one, survival vs living,
            nt girlfriend says she doesnt want to survive through some sort of colapse,, would rather take a bullet,, I get it, famine, lack of any facilities, any modern anything, but that will be one of those holy crap moments, we gotta get out of here, so then you run, weather in the truck with some stuff or just the bug out bag and whatever else you can manage to drag along, (wont be much were not or Im not a mule) so heres the conundrum we may all face, yes you can run and most likley hide, but maybe it is better to fight until they kill you and take a few of them with you? that way your suffering isnt so drawn out???
            definitely something to ponder, the survival instinct is strong, run, hide, figure it out, most likely be pretty close to starving, primitive people didnt necessarily all thrive, ALL native or indiginous peoples had many times of famine and near starvation, but that did build resilience to some degree, in America what really screwed them over was the white man and the many transplants that took over, they sort of destroyed everything wherever they went, and as such caused even more hardship for the people, sort of the same thing happened here in Hawaii,
            Lots to ponder with this stuff, Good article.

        • wow. incredible in its tragedy. those poor people were traumatized beyond recovering. Damn the Bolsheviks!

      2. Glad I live in the Sunny South.

        • Many will be envious of the fortuitousness of the place you call home, but don’t let the pleasant environs lull you into complacency.

          I call California home and I’ve seen what easy living does to people.

          You, my sturdy Southern friend, are more of a target than others. Southerners have shown a propensity to be extremely intractable when faced with demands issued by those who seem to believe they know better than you.

          God bless you and may He stay at your side in what is to come.

          • I too am from california Newport Beach to be exact. And i grew up right on the beach but was the only kid in the whole area with a real gun (22) and that hunted. I have been and always will be a major gun advocate.
            Now to get to my story. While going home to visit my family and buddies i found out that my best friend had been arrested shortly before my co.ing home. I asked him why. He said his house was getting new carpet so he was moving everything to his moms a few blocks over till it was done. He had got the furniture first and spent all day moving that. When night fall came he was getting around to his guns (all leagal). A cops car came last as he was loading his many rifles (in the proper locked cases) into his truck work box to take to his moms.
            The newport beach police stoped and asked him what he was doing. He told them. Their responce was to arrest him (ILLEGALY) and too confescate his weapons. He asked why he was being arrested and they said cause “he looks like his is going to start a war.”

            So its friday night at 10pm or so and he finds himself in jail and being booked. The next MORNING he is released with out his weapons and sent home. A few days later he recieves a letter from the Newport Beach Police department. It basically saying we are sorry for arresting you for no reason at all. And we will try to make sure it doesnt happen again.

            Do they give him back his STOLEN WEAPONS? NO NOT EVEN CLOSE. They tell him they are going to hold onto them to make sure they arnt stolen or used in any crimes.

            He goes to them a few weeks later and says i wa t them back. They tell him sorry toughf luck we cant just give them back. You need to get a lawer and have him file the proper papper work. Them ontop of that we have to make you wait the 10 waiting period for each and pay for the trasfer fee’s. Oh and in california your only alowed 1 handgun a month and 1 rifle a month.

            Long story short ill never be going back to california or my home town to live in fear of being arrested for nothing. Love california but think it should be cleared (purged) of the liberal hate mongers and their way or the highway ideals.

            Oh and he decided it would take too long and too much money so he didnt get his POLICE STOLEN guns back.

      3. Dang thats tough. No In and Out!

      4. Just another example of how indominable the human spirit can be…the desire to remain free and alive can sustain a person through hell on earth..sadly for everyone like this,thousands will perish…gotta get tough or die is still true.

      5. And I’ve never once thought about keeping seeds,until now! A good story of endurance by courageous people!!! EXTREME PREPPERS!!

        • Good idea mm, I always have a good supply of heirloom seed stored for two years, enough to feed a group of about 10. I keep corn, green beans, squash, turnip, carrot, melons, tomatoes, potatos, raddish, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, pepper,okra and onion sets. I planted sweet potatoes this year and have kept them in good shape so far. Keeping my fingers crossed on those. I will probably start adding other seeds to my supplies this year as things get worse.

        • Straight stick, rub one end on rocks to make a point-eat rabbits before they get your garden. There are always caves in the mountains, start there for warmth and defence, use lever and fulcrum on large rocks, make walls. You can also weave pliable branches and grasses for a roof, thatch it. Knives and rope are awesome. Jerky is not hard to make, I have done it a couple of times. Start thinking about it now. Your ideas and a little knowledge of using historic tools and you will not just survive, you will have the time to sing!

          • Another reason why a bolt-action rifle in .22LR is probably the ultimate survival weapon to have. Low report (plus easily quieted even further with improvised sound suppressor), and if you are an excellent shot, capable of taking virtually any game you would ever think about eating.

            Don’t bug out without one.

            • Ive been singing the virtues of a supressed .22 for many years.

              • Kulafarmer a good site is

                besides the classes there is a lot of information at this site.

                Primitive Technology books 1 and 2 are a must have set for the survivalist to be.

                If going the bow route use re-curved over cam. Less parts to break 🙂

            • Amen to that, Walt. I have friends that were getting too macho with their guns and bought the big bore magnums. Now they rarely shoot them and besides it’s just overkill on most of deer sized game.

              The little 22lr is just plain good to own and can kill a human just as easily. Shot placement is key.

              Thank God we started stocking 22 ammo a few years ago. Cheap bulk packs are getting hard to find.

      6. First time I have heard this story. Rather brilliant.

      7. This is an amazing story. It reminds me a little of an excellent film made a few years back that wasn’t some MKUltra mind manipulation piece. It is called “The Way Back” and I would highly recommend it.

      8. Those days are coming again and soon. But no hiding of cabin with drones and technology these days.

        • Maybe possible to live off the enemy. Drive around in their liberated vehicles and eating their own confiscated food from the brownshirts. I dunno about ChiCom food though. Fishheads… YUCK FOU!

          Standing by in Texas.

          • Must have pissed off half a dozen ChiCom supporters so far. Hmmm. Maybe the above story about having to haul balls from an extermination nation just ain’t clicken, eh? Grown attached to that stockpile of food and goodies your willing to die for it? Liking the story but it just can’t possibly happen to… YOUs and YOURs? Since you like Chinese Communists so much ya can’t fathom falling back to a safer location and on the way deny them their comfort, equipment and supplies? Why haven’t you turned in your weapons yet, ChiCom bootlicker?

            • No, I don’t think thats why you got all the thumbs down. It may just have to do with your chosen moniker and then your very last comment, the 2 just don’t go together.

              Your conversation matters.

              • Thank you Highspeedloafer,

                It gives perspective.

                The truth is not something you wear only when it’s popular. Look, I’ve been with the 2nd Amendment when it was very unpopular. Like when it was all about “hunting” and “you only need 5 rounds” BS like what this mule said back when here…


                So, out of one side of the mouth say “the 2nd is great” and out the other side say “well your a peasant and thus you only rate a slingshot”. Because that was popular? I call that weak.

                Years back I engaged gunophobics. Introduced my old boss from NY State my 5.56 “ASSAULT RIFLE” scary name black rifle. Well, some time later he showed me his new black rifle collection, 5.56s, 6.8, 308s. Said he was impressed with what I brought and so started on his own. The lone “GUN NUT” and now half my old shop is full of hardcore 2nd Amendment supporters, some were building multiple rigs. Hell when I started collecting it’s like you couldn’t, shouldn’t talk about guns. Shunned. Now, gun owners and Constitutionalist minded folks are everywhere, talking subminute barrels and accessories and such. And I’m glad my countrymen are standing up.

                About 15 years ago I thought this UN takeover was all but a done deal. The patriots might have this thing licked yet. We need to get on the offensive, peaceably if at all possible, to restore the other Amendments we have lost to the americant usurpers. We need to defend against any assault on fellow patriots. Let the usurpers know what we mean so they do not err.

                If the truth is not popular, make it popular. Sound off! One truth is not an enemy of other truths. They go together. The moniker is truth and so is it about the ChiComs.

                Them ChiComs have got more than a trillion reasons to come here and put people face down in a ditch if they don’t get their way with our country. So, get ready. I’m aimin to deny it them, whatsoever. No Fear but for the Lord.

                The Truth, even if harsh, is a steadfast companion of Righteousness.
                Standing by in Texas.

        • This is one reason im glad i live where i do, not enough drones to patrol the miles and miles of thick rain forest, miles of shoreline inacessible except by foot through the forest or ocean,
          Water, cover, shellfish that can be eaten raw, wild fruits in abundance, yet close enough to civilization to observe and scavenge

          • Kulafarmer….todays drones can map anything. You are not hidden. If you have ‘Google Earth Pro’ take your iPad with you to your secret location and then look on iPad thru the maps and see just how secret your secrets really are. You will be surprised.

            And Google Earth Pro is elementery as compared to the drones being built today.

            • I realize this, my buddy who is a surveyor has a comercial license to a satellite mapping and GIS service that is updated weekly, unreal resolution in the photos, i guess my point is that im just one little fish in a huge tank and i would bet that the PTB will have much bigger fish to fry, their resources will be more valueable than chasing one guy who disappeared into the forests of the Hanamanu valley area on Maui, in terms of threat we will be negligible, IR can track anything or anybody anywhere but what is the goal and what are the priorities,

            • Everyone keeps talking about drones. why not look up “drones– vulnerability points/weaknesses” and figure out how to take them down? Everything has it’s weak points. We just need to figure out what the drones’ is. In the book “the Patriot” he talks about sabateuging equipment of the federalists when they tried to steal citizens’ guns in order to establish the NWO. Knowledge is Power.

              • Cindy: already been done, IE: Disable command central control of drones and Take control by Collage students in some professors class, as a class project. It was in cahoots with feds and company that makes the drones.

                They paid a univ. professor & class to see if it can be done…Yep! Class designed a system by computers and internet hookup to gain full control Away from the real drone control center.

                Although that test project probobly gave the drone makers what was needed to halt future take overs of drones that way, I bet Others out there could again do the same type thing and perhaps Keep the info silent.

                Most anything “They” invent, can be defeated by american inventivness and ingenuity eh!….Today the drones…Tommorrow…Fort Knox!!(yeah right!)

                Reminds me of that old commercial on tv for Sunsweet Prunes….”Gee can’t you do something about them wrinkles?”

                Ad Voice over man:…”Today the Pitts…..Tomorrow the Wrinkles”

                • The drone base and CENTCOM in south Florida won’t last a week.

            • @Ugly
              Google earth Keanae, Maui
              The forests here are so thick u cant see the ground!
              Lots of water, lots of edibles, if your near the streams or ocean theres lots of crustaceans and other stuff, AND NO FREEZING TEMPS! There is lepto in some of the streams but a good purifyer like the katadyne pocket can do 13,000 gallons that should get ya through a few years
              Bug out bag is indispensable, i keep mine real close, keep my bow and 24 arrows with it, and a few spear points from ColdSteel as well as 5 or 6 striker type fire starters as well as hooks and line

              • Kula….I have google earth at my office, so I will look tomorrow. But you should look at the very area with Google Earth Pro and see if you can zoom in to the spots that you are referring too.

                Kula, since others also read this blog I would be careful about giving out too much information. I am glad you are in an area that you know very well. I wish everyone from Hawaii well.

                For your own research, go to your area with your buddy that does GIS and see what he can do. Let us know if you feel safer or not-safer after that.

                I have a prepper friend in Pocatello, Idaho and he told me about a secret hideout area that also had a freshwater spring nearby. I went along to see and also brought my iPad. When I showed him the map, he was pretty dejected. He has not talked to me since. I think I kind of scared him, but I was being honest. If you are going to hide in the wilderness then people need to know the ‘spy’ technology that is out there. And it will get worse when the drones are in action.

                In reality no-one knows what will happen. All we know is that there is an economic collapse coming. Thus, debt reduction, food, water, shelter, and defense are first priorities. Also need to be community oriented assuming the community will listen. If we see drone attacks and foreign armies on our soil, then we know hell is going to break loose and it will be something almost impossible to prepare for. Like I have posted before, lets just hope that most of this is just paranoia.

                Good luck with everything.

                • Thats just one area, check that whole side of the island, its pretty much ALL like that, believe me, theres room for others out there and could be a positive, the google earth perspectives dont do justice to those forests and the terrain, believe me, shit disappears out there, the other side of this is the visibility can be 0 lots of the time, that is the trade side of the island,
                  Im not worried about giving away too much info, if i need to be invisible i can be, most people over here wont be going into these areas, and the guys who are thinking about it are like me and most likely know the local lands the same way, sorta like folks who live in the bayous, they thrive, others die

                • @ugly
                  Forgot to add, like i mentioned before, the size of the fish will be a huge factor, im quite sure im an insignificant fish, if im bugging out things are real bad, if things are that bad there will be wayyy more important things for TPTB to be paying attention to, also even with the best technology there are limitations, the biggest one i can think of has to do with the numbers, there may be lots of drones over here, but they will be concentrating on militay and infrastructure assets, not one or a few or even a few dozen refugees hiding in the valleys or ridges of the rainforest on an island that the population hovers around 100k

                  • Kula….I agree. Drones and the SS are not specifically coming for you. It is a technology that we will all see in working force in a few years.

                    Our biggest worries are the dollar and this war machine that we USA seem to be engaged in. Those two items alone can turn the world upside down.

                    For me, I am not panicing, just preparing slowly each month. If I buy on impulse or fear, then I always buy the wrong stuff. Sounds like you have prepared well and all I can say is I wish you well.

                  • Thanks Ugly, think we all need luck

      9. Ya gotta be a little crazy, otherwise you’d go insane!

      10. “Despite the challenges and regardless of the odds, humans are built to survive.”
        And a DEFENSE WEAPON with a 30 round magazine goes a long way in support of that desire.

        • Or a bow with a couple dozen arrows with broadheads

        • “And a DEFENSE WEAPON with a 30 round magazine goes a long way in support of that desire.”

          They didn’t really have any version of that worth a damn back in the 1920’s.

          Also – what happens when you run out of bullets?

          • Odd Questioner:

            They didn’t have the internets back then either —
            So why are YOU even posting in regard to this story?

      11. THIS is the most ASTONISHING thing I have EVER read. I am absolutely flabbergasted that anyone could have done as did these…words fail me #$#^%@#^@


      12. This is one of the most amazing stories of survival I’ve ever read or heard anywhere in my whole life. I can only think back to stories I’ve read and heard about survival in the South during the Reconstruction era. Reb and Unreconstructed Southron, I know both of you can relate to this. I had ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and survived the war and aftermath of federal occupation. The freed slaves were given special treatment and white people were treated worse than second-class citizens. Sharecropping, the kind of stock we came from, and our faith in God were the only things that saw us through that period of hell in old Dixie. After the national elections of 1876, we took back our land and state and local governments. We kicked out the carpetbaggers, scalawags, blacks; everyone who hurt the white people. The oppression of the Reconstruction era was the primary reason for segregation in the South. The so-called Civil War was never about slavery; Even Abe Lincoln himself admitted to that. It was about making the federal government stay within the limits of the Constitution. Check out the following books by the Kennedy brothers, James R. and Walter D. [no relation to the Mass. Kennedys]. “Myths Of American Slavery”, “Was Jefferson Davis Right?”, and “The South Was Right”. Those 3 books tell the true story of the so-called Civil War. “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas J. Di Lorenzo is an excellent account about what Lincoln was really like and shatters all the myths about him. We’ll all start having our own stories of survival in post-SHTF begin sooner than we realize. DEO VINDICE! Braveheart

        • USA has never had a civil war. The CSA states were not trying to take over. They simply wanted to leave.

        • Wow, unbelievable. Do you really believe your bullshit. If this site is about this then I will not come back. The Civil war was not about slavery, but about what these ” books” say. Holy shit. Then you believe that a black would be so inferior as to be enslaved but your ass would not. You believe that the Constitution is for everyone one but…. You say you would die for the Constitution.. Free people but the blacks, it’s about states rights? Retread what you posted. Do you believe this. Don’t want to change the narrative but read and retread. Did you ever hear about Jim Crow? The migration of the blacks to the north in the 1950’s and1960’s. and why? Poll taxes? I am not a defender of anyone but do not plead a superior countenance of southern responsibility and enslave your fellow man. What makes you morally greater than a Chicom? I believe that any man, woman, and child is superior to the gov’t because their rights are superior. I will not go down the road as prescribed but will champion the rights of all. Haven’t we seen enough of enslavement from the feds to the tune of 16 trillion. Whose side are you on?

          • “If this site is about this then I will not come back…”

            If all it takes is one comment that you don’t agree with, to drive you away, you don’t need to be here anyway. Bye-bye.

            • Been watching this site for months. Don’t need your acceptance. It’s the Jews, its the blacks… We are all in deep s$!t and you say ” don’t come back”. With people like you the gmint has already won. Jesus Christ above saying, Youk foo. Oh, brt he did when he went to help the girl at the well. Glad I don’t get my acceptance from people like you. Just read what you post. Mac your so good, Daisy your so … This is how you get your ass handed to you like all of us did this last election. Bye. I’m ashamed I’ve been here. Last post. Go with the thumbs down robots, it looks better for you.

              • Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Every post I make in HIS name testifies to this truth. I have no shame for this part. What I shame for is that those remnent that are left to recognise this truth. So I speak harshly, only to shock into awareness. SEEK YE HIM. If it succeeds in only one to this direction, I will be happy that my Lord has gained by this. I am not Righteous, but live and die by HIS righteousness.

                Also, we know that this regime is Weather Underground extremists and have declared some time ago that they mean to bring foreign powers to this land to subjugate. Specifically the ChiComs. Prepare.

                Too extreme? We have not seen the fulness of the extreme it will be. Yet, no matter what happens, prepare yourselves to continually extol the Creator of heaven and earth and HIS Righteous Son Jesus Christ. Wisdom is justified of her children.

                • Agreed. So why do some on this site want to sound like a bunch of skinheads. Jesus Christ came to save everyone. Not just Caucasian Europeans. The enemy is outside and I have people quoting Abraham Lincolns racists rants from 165 years ago. Don’t want to understand but it makes all here look like nuts. I am no better than the next. By Grace I am saved. I am imperfect and problematic. But I can and will not defend racist, bigoted bs. I trust no one these days and anyone with the attitude of some I trust even less than the gubermint. We are in this together and anyone who doesn’t understand that we are all created equal doesn’t deserve the right to be.

                  • If the ChiComs bring alot of fishhead MREs I’ll save them for you, ok Ut prosim?

                  • UT: do You mean racist Skinheads like this real actual Kommie, ISRAEL COHEN? Does his name sound like skinhead to You idiot? READ his quote below.

                    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his ‘A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).’ Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559.”

                    NOTE: Further reading of this evil Bastard Kommie shows what he means by “Process” is:…If/when Enough whites are convinced to make babies with NON-White mates, the whites will cause a Self-genocide of their Own Race!

                    Mr. Cohen also says more…That being, once he and his filthy evil brood of Kommie jewsish folks gain total control, they will pass LAWS that whites can ONLY marry or make babies with NON whites. That way He and his Ilk can speed that “Process” to fully Exterminate All whites within a single generations time frame. As once the final geneartion of existing whites die off, their “Mixed” children will NEVER again reproduce any more white folks!

                    Thats the rest of ISRAEL CHOHENS Evil kommie plans from the Same source…His book and speeches back in era of 1912…WAKE UP, UT Prosim, you got lots to catch up to before you are truly awake.

                    In case you cannot figure it out?…Mr Cohen is a evil Kommie JEW..Not all jews are such…But Alot sure seem to be, and weekly we find out more info that substantiates this.

                    You need to wake up and shed your emotional based crap opinion. Oh and you said Christ came to save everyone right….Tell me then Why do most of Todays preachers, especially the mega church/tv show pastors Keep advising christians to NOT promote Christ nor His Gospel to Jewsih folks?…Is them type pastors where you get ideas?…Or just the usual TV crap passed off as truth or facts today?

                    You are a class-A enabler and too fool to realize it.

                  • we are all created………

                    ……Sam Colt made us equal, just sayin’……..


                • All I know is that it will not be pretty, nor do we even want to be in it–that is civil unrest and WWIII.

                  The chip is here. So is extreme spy technology.

                  The dollar has failed and there is no way the central bankers and the NWO folks will pay it back. It is easier to destroy it thru excessive printings and debts, let us suffer from it, confiscate ownership, and then start with a new system where the surviving peasants will have a chip and a unique number to buy or sell. Without it, they will come looking and to destroy. It will be a cashless society, thus they can monitor everything that is done on a worldwide basis.

                  Weird stuff is happening. And the pace of it is moving very fast. Survival will have a new method and a new meaning. The days of hiding in mountains and going undetected are over. We need to be watchful and just learn about food and water. What happens is anyones guess.

                  • in the book, “the Patriot”, the author (ex-military man) talks of getting together in small groups to fight the UN forces who try to take over America. Fighting alone won’t work. Excellent book on tactics… goes into detail.

                  • And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads
                    Rev 13:16

                    to compel by command, authority, or force.

                    to secure or bring about by force.

                    Disarm the specific demographic. The only demographic ordered to resist the mark at all cost and they will use force to mark that demographic.

              • LOL! No problem, but we’ll probably just see you again with a different “nom de plume” anyhow.

              • No! YOU go READ the Post I added(it is above this, scroll UP to READ it) If that statement from back in 1912 won’t convince You of anything?…Then it IS idiots such as You who base their own opinion on either crap others told You to believe, or simply you base opinion on Raw Emotion, which changes from moment to moment depending on whatever todays TV msm talkers or lib kommie professors teach you.

                And you got it 1/2 right…But the Other 1/2 is that them blacks was Used by them jews…WakeUP!

              • Ut prosim,
                Your’re sounding like a troll…..
                but please keep reading,you might learn something useful to you.

            • Oh God, you win. You got more thumbs up than me. What about my main discernment. ” I believe that any man , woman and child is superior to the gov’t because their rights are superior”. Doesn’t that strike a note with anyone. Or has everyone lost their individuality.

              • UT: God also grants every person FREE Will to choose. And at some point, ALL who choose freely to side with Kommie Destroyers of America and its True patriots folks, have LOST any right to expect the Patriot folks to honor the normal american rights they had.

                Its the same as a TRAITOR. They Lose the right to be considered a real american any longer since They freely chose to become an ENEMY from Within. And such enemys from within are by far the absolute worst criminals a person can be.

                You should Read and Research what you believe and why and do so asap…Before You fall into Their traps pre set for folks exactly such as You UT Prosim.

          • At UTwhatever. You got all that from Anonymous’ post? I think your twisting stuff and got issues. Grow the fuck up!

          • “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.” — Abraham Lincoln

            Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858
            (The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)

            • So the fuck what. Do you agree with the slavery of your fellow man. Listen to yourself quoting 150 year old text and agreeing with it? Every quote has a historical, political and relative meaning. Do you agree with Lincoln and what he said historically. No wonder Repubs get such a bad rap. I guess I’ve had my head buried for too long. Don’t understand why someone would post those word of grave decisiveness unless you believe them! Wow I am on the wrong site. But at least you say directly what you believe and don’t hide behind moderators.

              • @ut; No one here wants a slave that will try to kill you in your sleep when you can have a machine. Just turn the key off and sleep like a baby. Slavery was ended by the machine age. Southern people were so injured we will never get over what happened. No where else on earth was so much blood spilled over slavery and slavery is pretty muck finished world over. We are talking about our survival here.

                • Beowulf

                  Slavery has never ended. Politically correct terms such as people trafficking are used to cover much of it up but E & C European girls are being sold in the coffee shops of International airports on a daily basis. These sexual and domestic slaves are then put to work in Western nations. Babies are bred to order for the satisfaction of sick Western peadophilic cartels. Slaves are still marched across the Sahara on a regular basis to satisfy the market in Saudi – a country where it is still 100% above board and legal.

                  One small segment of global slavery was much reduced (the US born Black), but globally the numbers of humans bought and sold like cattle yearly have been increasing exponentially.

                  The sheople smugness in countries like the US and the UK, coupled with the willingness of global governments and law enforcement to turn a blind eye means that the slave trade continues to grow from strength to strength.

                • No where else on earth was so much blood spilled over slavery and slavery is pretty muck finished world over.

                  I disagree- look at Haiti; the other country to violently overthrow slavery instead of letting it die a natural economic death as happened in England and other West European countries.(See how well that worked out?) It was dying here until the invention of the cotton gin made cotton profitable enough that slave labor was once again economically competitive.
                  Slavery is morally wrong and socially wasteful of valuable human potential. Violent change of social structures (including slavery) leaves generations of conflict in its wake.
                  Educate, people, educate. (This is not the same as gov’t accredited school attendance.)
                  Spread the truth and teach your kids to think critically and for themselves.

              • UT: what are you? Like age 14yrs old or what?…You Now ask why did he post that quote by abe lincoln?..

                Its to PROVE Your statements prior on why civil war occured are WRONG You fool…Or are you just a typical liberal that never can admit when proven wrong?

                Its too bad dems libs got you to buy into all the lies and False history taught since 100 yrs ago. Seems You prove what some say..IE: Liberalizim(kommizim) is a MENTAL Derangement! do your neighbors know about you yet?

              • Abraham Lincoln’s dead, UT. Don’t think he got your red herring posts. Need to post on hww next time. (That the Hell Wide Web in case your as ignorant as your posts would lead us to believe.)

            • Negro people still use that you must be old

              • I guess I am old. That part of everyone is created equal is also I guess.

                • Okay,no ones saying(certainly not I) that “all men were NOT created equal” I completely concur that ANY human beings rights are superior to the govt…the point I have tried to make on occasion is the fact that we(as Americans)have been fed a line of bull about what the war was all about and thats important for where we are right now…sure theres some truth in certain aspects of the revisionists history of the War between the states…BUT the fact remains they (tptb) have had to blend some truth with alot of lies in order to confuse the issue without being found total liars(kinda like their spiritual fathers MO).
                  The equality issue gets alot of twisting too…all men are created by God equal… equally worthy of his grace/mercy and forgivness…likewise according to the Constitutions principles all men were created equal by their Creator and born with the “package” the one that includes life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and all the other rights that are God given….this is the “equal under the Law” point that the founders tried to establish…does it work all the time?…no!…is it an ideal worth pursuing? Absolutly!
                  Outside of Gods creation and the Law we are not all equal…no one even the founders believed that and no one if they really think about and understand reality would conclude that all are equal….we elevate or debase “ourselves” generally by our own actions/beliefs/ect…we can blame no one else in most cases….some people are great runners,some are really smart in math,some can fix a car some can grow things well….all kinds of differences and abilities..all reflecting on equality in certain arenas….we have a say in some of these things in others we dont(genetics/upbringing/ect)…Im a good farmer and can build and fix things…but I am in no way equal to Einstien at calculations….I want all Americans to stand equal before God and before the Law…race or color can not be allowed to be an issue!
                  However if I/we personally choose to not like a person because of ANY issue,regardless of what that issue may be I/we have that right…I/we have a right to not associate with you…or not hire you or not want you around over any issue(notice I didnt say I/we can beat them up or steal their stuff)….the govt has NO grounds(lawful) to try to make me/you do anything concerning how I/you feel about any other person,their race/religion/ect….why is it people feel they have some moral right to dictate to anyone else how they will think/feel/relate to anyone else?… under the law they dont but under politically correct intimidation they try because in pursueing the “fuzzy feel-good” concept of “equality for anyone/thing”regardless of merit) we wont have too many people sticking their neck out to remind people that you can not violate the real rights and equality of persons under the law to think and speak even in a manner that offends some perons or groups…its not the sweet speech that needs protection under the law its the offensive!
                  So lets not cloud the issue…this isnt about saying someone isnt equal,its about the federal govt and the elitists and how they revise everything to fit their agenda and how people believe them…people who should know better…quit concentrating on the little bit of truth in their arguement and look at all the lies and deception they put out…the war was/is just one example of all the lies, theres so much more to this…this is why we should pull together and refuse to allow them to frame the reality we live in, and dig for the truth,find it and proclaim it for ourselves and agree to disagree on some issues,sometimes without hating each other! Thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

                  • WOW!!! Thankyou :0 I’ve been lurking here for years now and you are the one that made me make my first comment!!!

                    I am impressed and encouraged, thanks again….

          • ” The Civil war was not about slavery,”

            Please explain the confederate const. You know, the one that was all about slavery.

        • Honest Abe was in communications with Karl Marx. Did you know this?

          • Yes.
            And they were both in communication with the “Old Scratch.”

            Marx’s “The Fiddler,” dedicated to his father:

            “See this sword?
            the prince of darkness
            Sold it to me.”

            “With Satan I have struck my deal,
            He chalks the signs, beats time for me
            I play the death march fast and free.”

            • That is true.

        • I’ve always believed that the “winners” write the history books. Lincoln is made out to be the great hero, and the fact that he was assassinated makes him sacrosanct and untouchable as regards to the true nature of a man who probably set the foundation for an over-reaching Federal Government.

          There is another civil war coming. And unlike the last one, this one will truly be over slavery……the attempt by the globalists to enslave the entire world and install a neo-feudal civilization of a very few elite with the remaining population the serfs.

          And again…..the winners will write the history books.

          Let us hope that this time…..it’s us.

          Death to tyrants.

        • Scots Wha Hae, brother BraveHeart. And Alba Gu Garg.

        • Amen!….sad that so many who claim to be awake(even some here) to what the federals are up to today…to be preparing to resist and to fight…so many still cant seem to admit that that same govt that they know is lying to them today,right now…they still think it told them the truth about lincolns war…incredible!

      13. Just imagine this. With all that we know now, from the sharing of information with each other, we could be thrust into a similar situation and probably fare a lot better. Knowledge is power and the more we all know when true SHTF, which it will, the better chance we all have. This is why I implore everyone out there that has ideas on survival, or what to look for when something is ready to happen, even question that can make us all think, please chime in. The more participation the more information that we all will obtain when all of us need it.

        • Evening BI,

          A quick item to note here. Some two days ago a ‘filament
          liftoff’ was observed in the southeastern quadrant of the
          visible solar face. As it happens the esimated trajectory
          of this ejected mass WILL be geo-effective, specifically,
          beginning at around 4 am CDT this morning the density of
          the solar wind will rise preciptously and simultaneously
          the avarage velocity thereof is being modeled to also rise
          sharply, both peaking some 6 hours later.
          It is not always the case that the two of these things
          occur conjunctively; here they will and there may be
          significant magnetic torque’s exerted thereby over the
          following 12 hours of so. Given that we’ve discussed
          ‘excitement/relaxation time previously’ I’ll speculate that
          any effects noted by way of this could take as long as 40
          hours to manifest…or as little as 16 hours depending on
          the relative intensity of the tandem action…be so advised.


          • JOG. This is interesting, and seems important. Would you please translate it to English?

            • Solar causations, celestial watch, earth changes, quake watch/prediction.


            • Howdy Rick:),

              Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner…was on a
              LONG jag up and through last night (about 50 hrs) and as
              of this AM when I got horizontal I stayed that way!

              To answer your question briefly.. First, the estimate
              that WSA-Enlil gave for the activity we were expecting
              was flawed, little of nothing occured.

              Secondly, it is the case that the solar wind, much
              like the wind here with which we are all familiar is a
              highly variable thing indeed. In standing out in a
              field and feeling it wash over you it both changes
              direction (due to eddys and whorls) and changes it’s
              speed as well.

              The same thing applies to the solar wind – which is
              ANYTHING but constant or regular. Per the modeled wave
              we were given it appeared that an unusaully strong
              conjunction of both density and velocity was to occur
              …it didn’t. It is to be noted that solar wind modeling
              is INSANELY difficult, even for such as NASA/NOAA who
              have all the instrumentation and computing horsepower
              that you and I do not…EVEN for them.

              Had it been the case that what we had expected had
              occurred then it was very likely that the passage of
              that (which is an electrically charged flow of matter,
              effectively a flowing ‘current’) would have produced
              a corresponding magnetic effect just like a coil and
              a compass needle does only here around the Earth itself.
              Since the Earth has it’s own magnetic field then the two
              would thereby interact and consequently there would be
              ‘torque’s’ exerted on the deep core of the Earth.
              Without here going into further detail, suffice it to
              say that same has distinct effects on the siesmicity
              of the Earth itself.

              Inasmuch as the Sun so interacts with the earth under
              our feet BI and I have a central shared interest and so
              my post thereto. In the future, Mac has assured us that
              there will be a perma-forum here to be called (likely)
              “Earth Changes” which will allow for those who follow
              such to more directly access that which is of interrest.
              Hopefully, too it would serve to lower the congestion
              in the more general open forums here for the benefit of
              all. If you follow such then come over once Mac gets
              things ‘up and running’. Again sorry for the delay…
              gotta snooze sometime dont’cha know! 🙂


        • BI,

          The SHTF family is probally some of the smartest and well informed group I have it known. We have a weakness that can bring all the cards down on our heads…We would not fare better because this weakness haas brought down many before us..Without out it we are doomed to fail..One word (Communication). If I was going to attack somebody the first thing I would do is leave them in the dark with no way to communicate to any others. If the net was taken out today there are very few of us that could even find out if raids are taking place accross town or in the next county. Just something I have been thinking about since not everybody will have access to ham radio’s.. Thoughts Gang?????????



          • @ DPS
            Ham Radio. CB radio with 100w kicker. Small hand held radios(FR50). Take over a radio station. Radio/police scanners. Not much but something. Coded road signs.

            • slingshot,

              I have already got the cb’s I even dug up my dads old base unit, LOL it even has the old D-4 mic. Okie knows this mic..I just wonder how many others have done this.

              Thank you for your input.


              • That’s how we communicate and get together.

                One night a week, those that have C.B’s or Hams Broadcast at a certain hour. Allow for skip and maybe set up a meeting place in a suitable area.
                No phone or internet involved. Better opsec. What you all think?

          • Hand held ham units, amazon has a bunch of them, get a couple of the goal zero guide 10 chargers too, well worth it, get extra batteries and leave them sealed up.

      14. WOW,

        Most of the people around today would die without their IPOHONE


      15. “Despite the challenges and regardless of the odds, humans are built to survive.”

        It seems to me it’s healthier, for the mind, heart and Spirit to Thrive, rather than simply to Survive. The lesson for me, here, is to keep it simple but have some diversity with what is contained within my physical provisions; The Basics, which are the essentials, and then a few of the simple luxuries to bring some sweetness to life and soften the hard edges and to band together with kindred spirits.

        Surviving works for me as an interim process (if I’m so fortunate to make the transition), but long term? No thanks. Team up with an armed community of “Old Believers” (Constitutionalists) and make a stand against the Bolsheviks, rather than head for the hills, is my plan, metaphorically speaking.

        • I met a guy in kona who escaped from Czhechoslovakia, left his home in the middle of the night with his pjs and one night slipper, somehow made his way to south east asia, then to hawaii, i guess most of his town got slaughtered by the russians
          Sort of hard to imagine but quite sobering

          • Another reason why you must have a bug out bag. Im not escaping in my pj’s if I were in fact a person who had pj’s.

            • I hear ya, my bob has a few full sets of fatigues, extra socks and ponchos, first thing i grab is my boots! Second is the bag, firearms are nice but there are more important items for survival

        • Good Evening EA..and BI as well,

          I respectfully beg to differ with you as to, ‘…and make a stand against the Bolsheviks, rather than head for the hills, is my plan.’ BI and I both have seemingly a single mind on this..the logic is simply too involved to present shortly here, but perhaps (I infer from having read many mnay of your postings, that you are of the ‘thinking type’) perhaps it will be the case that when Mac releases the PM here that we might converse at length and so debate such, so suffice it to say that in my estimation of ‘the shape of things to come’ there are few ways in which anyone might survive in even middling proximatity to civilizationas it now exist. IF something BAD happens the death-throes of it’s constituent elements will be so ferocious and furious that I truly beleive that the entire landscape proximate to will simply be ‘denuded’ of the very basis for further life to thrive. Anywho, nuff said for this night…bear my invitation in mind for later Friend…


          • I really didn’t understand a whole lot of that. Perhaps you could put away the thesaurus and use spell check a bit more?

            • OOPS, Sorry Six,

              Didn’t mean to sling anything to ‘high’ as it were.
              Here’s the rough translation from MUNGO-BOOG to English:

              EA wants to hang around (probably in and around where he is) after ‘theshithitsthefan’. Neither myself (nor BI, I think) thinks this is a particularly survieable state of affairs since if anything extreme occurs I frankly think that , Oh say just about 99.1 of the existant population si going to end up with a ‘mild’ case of DEATH…
              The reasons for my thought here are a little involved but tend to circle around the notion that we are now SO dar away fromthe skill sets that allowed our predecesors to survive and thrive coupled with the bulk of the people not having a sh_tt_n-clue about such that when they start EATING each other then, well after all’s said and done maybe we’ve got um, say ABOUT 63 people left alive in the continental US post-facto.

              OK, I admit, that’s a slight exaggeration…but straight up here; IF something BAD happens Brother very, very people out there – even a lot of people HERE – just do not yet grasp how BAD it could get…no ‘shine’ here and ABSOLUTELY NOSARC at all.

              Well hope that answered your question, stay strong Brother…till later…


              PS: I’ve always got ‘spare time’ for almsot anyone so lonf as what gets said ‘ain’t bullsh_t’

              DAMN, almsot forgot,

              “NOT ON MOR INCH”….”EVER” 🙂

              • Oh, and incidentally, my typing SUCKS tonight…I’m up late waiting for an incoming CME to hit at about 05:00 CDT and I’ve alrady had a REALLY long day, Adios Brother!

              • thanks, make made it…better…

      16. Stalin didn’t have 20,000 drones in the sky to track and kill dissidents and Patriots. Or scores of officers eating out their substance.

        Engage your employees now while you still have a Constitution to wield as a weapon.

        • This knowledge:


          Combined with this type of application:


          And scaled up a bit or by simply using a series of microwave emitters from microwave ovens, wonderful things begin to happen.

          Nothing built by a human that another human cannot subvert, alter or destroy. If the people in this story can survive in the wilderness with virtually nothing, for decades, I think we have some smart people in our country that can also adapt and overcome.

          If a couple of sand people using $26.00 software and a laptop in the deserts of Iraq can hack a drone, I’m quite certain there are many people in this country that could do far more if backed into that corner. We’re the most dangerous predator on the planet and not an easy prey, remember that. It isn’t our physical strength, our speed nor our technology, it is our mind that makes us this, use it.

          Things to consider, that’s all.

          • In addition, how many on the inside are die-hard supporters of the Corp.?
            I imagine it wouldn’t take to many to “gum up the works”.
            The higher the order of technology, the less forgiving to breaches in system integrity.
            I am conflicted. Yes, “they” have superior equipment and supplies. But, I have yet to interact with a group of “them”, who were not, I’ll keep it nice, inefficient.
            The only thing that gives me pause, is the iron fisted brutality that is sure to come from their ranks. The seeds of that are evident, across the board.

            I am confident is has always been this way, between the controllers and the controlled. But they have a surprise waiting for them this time. (me-hopes)

            Maybe, if we’re fortunate, we can start a Government that’s ” by the People, for the People, of the People”.

            My suggestion for this would be for mandatory re-sets every so often. Oh, and I like this; “No new law to be passed, unless Two(2), old laws repealed.”
            You would just need 10 paragraphs of clarification, or the future libs would redefine the meaning of two.

            • The alternative to period re-sets might be something like what they did during the old Norse Thing meetings: all the laws of the land were read aloud during the proceedings. Although this was primarily because no-one had the means to write it all down, it also provides a strong limit to the amount of legislation that could ever be made.

              What seems to be the general failure with governments ever since Roman times is that it is too easy to make more and more new laws — no real mechanism that limits it. At some point, ignorance will have to become an excuse for not following them, by which time anarchy logically follows.

              Meanwhile it becomes more and more expensive to enforce these, and as someone has said, that every day we inadvertently break one or more of them. And get caught, like the gentleman in New York that had some pieces of metal with him, that turned out were 30-round magazines.

      17. My 12 year old son is going to get to sit down a read this tomorrow when I print it. Then he can explain to me what happened.

        When I was his age we lived across the road from an old Maori guy who used to spear eels in the swamps with a bit of wire 5′ long. Then smoke them and swap them for jam and milk with my great aunt. He lived in a one room shack, and we thought none the less of him for that.

        I worked with a man who pulled all his own teeth and used cow penicillin to treat the infection because it took him too long to drive to town. His daughter hunted wild pigs with a knife and dogs.

        Not long after white settlement of NZ there was a maori man who grew wheat at Mokuiti and sold it at Kawhia Harbour after carting the 10 bags to the coast. Check it out on Google earth and see if your back would stand the trip, 1 man, several bags, carry one, drop it, go back get the next, and so on repeatedly over days, and over some really shitty country.

        We have become a pampered breed, and that alone presents a major challenge to anyone with no conception of how tought things can really get. Hell, most pet dogs would die if they had to hunt.

        • Eagle eye… “I worked with a man… His daughter hunted wild pigs with a knife and dogs”

          I bet she was long and tall and six feet from the ground and had big teeth. She could eat an ear of corn through a picket fence and tall enough to hunt geese with a rake. Sounds like my kind of gal!!!! LOL

      18. I was so fascinated with this story I read it twice. My teenage daughter read it and re-told the whole story to her brother. This is one of the most interesting things I have ever read, and it interests people from all walks of life.

      19. Off subject. But promising news. In Wyoming HB103,HB104 and HB105 as of Fri. all three pro gun bills were passed by the House and sent on to the Senate. So if you live in Wyo. or for that matter any where in the country, flood these Wy. Senators with emails, and tell them to pass these bills. I don’t know how they will be numbered in the Senate, but HB104 is the bill that rejects any new Federal Gun Control Laws and authorizes Wy. Law Enforcement to arrest Federal Agents if they try to enforce them. Trekker Out! P.S. The Ballot Box does still work. These Representatives were elected by the people of Wyoming.

      20. “Despite the challenges and regardless of the odds, humans are built to survive.”

        99.99% of Westerners aren’t.

        • While I think that the majority of “modern” people would eventually die in a long-term large-scale event, there are plenty of folks who would survive…no matter how pampered and clueless they appear now. Their chances of survival are MUCH less than someone who has thought about survival and who has prepared in advance, but their will to live (when push comes to shove) will be as strong as any prepper’s.

          I’ve read comments on the internet from people who don’t see the need to prepare, to the effect of “I’d rather die than survive like that”. But I think they’re very deluded in that regard. Some people would “curl up and die”, but most people would not. They would end up trying to live, even under extreme conditions that they cannot imagine now, because that’s what humans do. That’s what we’ve done for tens of thousands of years. Survival is what we’re built for, whether we realise it or not.

          Just because that ageless struggle to survive SEEMS less relevant today, because of all the artificial cultural supports we’ve built, doesn’t mean that it actually IS less relevant. Just a tiny shift in circumstances and we might be forced to live very different lives. I doubt the man in the article would have believed you, if you’d predicted years before that he and his family would one day be living alone in the wilderness hunting and gathering for food. He would have probably thought you crazy. Yet that is what happened…that’s what he did in the name of survival. He survived through luck, skill, endurance, and the grace of God. And I think that will to attempt to survive in the face of all odds is not as rare as we modern people might think.

        • 99.99% of Westerners are now “programmed” not to survive.

        • Not to be contrary but I think we’ll all be suprised at who lives and who dies…when TSHTF there wont be any rules and those that can and determine to do so will survive by any means possible…the big strong smart military guy getskilled by slipping and hitting his head and the little welfare jerk inherits his stash…anything can and will happen!

      21. Amazing story of escape and survival with many lessons for those of us here who are preparing for the coming collapse. No guns or gold; bibles and SEEDS became the real basis for their survival. They had the will and the skills to live off the forest and it seems the most powerful tool was the HUMAN MIND. But in the end? No plan to rebuild society. A man lives for howsoever God wants – and should have the Freedom to do so. Peace

      22. My wife and my mother-n-law somewhat think I am crazy. We just recently bought a house that already had 5 large apple trees and 2 smaller apple trees and several grape vines. There are several papaw trees on the property but I would personally have to be really hungry to eat them. I can’t stand them. Their is also 2 large hickory trees and a large black walnut on the property as well. Anyway, I have planted another apple tree, 3 peach trees, 2 pakistan mulberry trees, 2 jujube trees, 2 plum trees, 1 fig tree, and 3 raspberry plants. I have 2 hazel nut trees, 6 honeyberries, and 2 nero aronias on the way. My wife asks what I am going to do with all of this stuff in a couple of years when it starts to produce. I tell her it can rot on the tree if I don’t need it but at least it is there for my family or even my neighbors. After reading stories like this I am more certain than ever that this might help keep us alive when SHTF really hits hard. Hopefully it will wait for a couple of years to give this stuff time to grow.
        My father-n-law told me the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. Sure, putting away food is great but eventually it will run out and you will want some variety. Like keeping seeds, planting several kinds of trees and bushes help maintain long-term food availability. However, once a tree or berry bush is established, you don’t have to replant it every year like you do seeds.
        If you are thinking about planting trees such as a Bradford pear which is useless except for firewood, plant some fruit trees instead. Instead of planting flowering bushes, plant blueberries, nero aronia, service berries, or some other berry bush. They are just as pretty but more usefull.

      23. A truly amazing story! And, imagine the odds of survival for the average American in those circumstances. Today, most people would panic and dial 911 if they got lost at the mall. My, how times have changed…

        *note* in future posts, when addressing Eisen, I shall refer to him as ‘young whippersnapper’ (my way of getting even for him ragging on us old folks!)

        • @ Okie,

          Yeah, I’m an ‘old fart’ too…’young whipper snapper’, I like IT! 🙂

        • Just make sure you have your teeth in…just joking…

          • If I can find ’em!

            • Me too…
              How I looked at my retirement party…they dressed me up…I digress, You know the rest of the story.
              THERE WERE NO ANIMALS INVOLVED…lol! :>)


      24. Resist – freedom from tyranny is that important


      25. Words of wisdom are sometimes found in the most unlikely places. In the movie, ‘The Grapes Of Wrath,’ a gas station attendant tells the okies, as they’re about to cross the Mojave desert in their old jalopy, “You folks sure got a lot of nerve.” Tom Joad responds, “It don’t take no nerve to do somethin’ [when there] ain’t nothin’ else you can do.”
        I find that to be very wise. Even profound. Now, when faced with a dire situation, I don’t have to worry about being brave, or smart. I just have to do the only thing I can do. That’s comforting. And will no doubt come in handy next time I have an argument with Mrs Okie. (Dear, I bought this hundred dollar chrome thingy for the truck because…there wasn’t nothin’ else I could do)
        Patrick F. McManus, one of my favorite authors, has a crusty old character say, “Smoked carp tastes just as good as smoked salmon…when you ain’t got no smoked salmon.” I couldn’t agree more. Even though I’ve never smoked a carp. (couldn’t keep it lit) It’s a great lesson in contentment. Not much different that what I learned from the apostle Paul. And quite useful, given the abundance of carp in the local fishing holes.
        Perhaps the greatest lesson of all, is what I learned from Jeff Lynne. He’s the musical genius who created the Electric Light Orchestra. In addition to countless hours of entertainment, enjoyed by millions, we also recieved this incredible nugget of wisdom, when he sang, “Ramma lamma lamma lamma, Rock & Roll is king.” Who can argue with such profundity?

        • My great-grandmother had this on her tombstone: “She hath done what she could.”

      26. I like Eisen’s comments. They keep my right thumb exercised. (I said that with a smile, you young whipper snapper)
        What is old, anyway? For some of today’s younger generation, I guess it’s anybody over…26? Or old enough to have a good time on Saturday night without a fake ID. Or old enough to remember who was president before Clinton.
        I can remember all the way back to LBJ. He was the last democrat to carry Oklahoma. Of course today, nobody in the state will admit to voting for him. Kennedy was assassinated when I was a tyke. And the old bald-headed golfer was in office when I was born, but, like so many things these days, I can’t remember it.
        When I turned 50, the stores started offering me a ‘senior discount.’ I was offended. I don’t think I look that old. Plus, even in my teens and twenties, I always resented the old folks getting a lower price than me. I still feel that way. Don’t offer a better price to the old customers. Dammit, let them pay full price, or shoplift it, like the rest of us!
        And speaking of old folks…We have lots of slang terms for them, but very few for the younger generation. We can be called:
        Blue hairs
        Mature (that’s ok when said by normal people. I despise it when it’s used by some namby-pamby limp wristed politically correct nitwit on public radio)
        The Geritol generation

        But we don’t have that many slang terms for the youngsters. Why don’t we just make up some?
        The less mature
        The spike haired generation
        The experience challenged
        Generation Whine
        The non-rent payers
        Dependants (useful only at tax time, otherwise a pure financial drain)
        Musically inept

        By the way, y’all need to congratulate me. I may be getting a new grandchild soon! Not confirmed, but they think one’s in the oven. My apologies to all you overpopulation propaganda believers, but in Oklahoma, it’s just what we do. Babies are wonderful! We love ’em!
        Besides, it’s the natural result of…ahem..you know. Heck, even me and Mrs Okie might have—No, wait. She’s too old for that. And I’m too damn tired. Think I’ll take my Geritol and go to bed…

        • Potential congrats on the potential grandbaby, Okie! I love babies too.

          • I can help. 🙂

        • Senior sex..I think you my have just scarred my brain lol. Congrats Okie, just love it like the jewel it will be. Clay

          • *shudders*

          • Thanks Clay! Mainly, I mentioned it to get the sex/violence ratio back in balance here. Seemed like were were a litle heavy on the v and light on the s. Just trying to help Mac whenever I can! It’s my civic duty!

            • Okie,

              Congrats okie just do me a small favor buy the kid a belt and teach him how to put it on and use it..


        • Congrats Okie, from a fellow Okie!

          • Thanks BBstacker.

        • One grandfather died at 98, the other at 80, and grandma at 95 (she was a real Native American). They got meaner with each passing year. At the age of 90, grandpa was helping me frame a boathouse. He was a machinist and taught me how to build engines with my hands. I dont know a single amateur who does that kind of thing these days. My other grandfather was a farmer. If you insist on getting old, give ’em hell before you go.

        • Love it Okie. I used to play mario racing on the wii. My moniker was old geezer. My score total was always in the 9000 range. I just loved putting it to them young whipper snappers. For the most part it was a waste of time, but like you say, I didn’t have anything better to do.

        • Congrats Okie!

      27. Primitive skills are critical for survival but few bother to study them or gain hands-on experience. The story about the Lykov’s illustrates how people might adapt and survive if ‘stripped down’ to the bare essentials. Here in the US, many of our primitive skills can be learned by studying Native history and culture. There are also many organizations and small businesses that teach primitive skills to those who are interested.

        To survive in a primitive type of setting, a person might not have any of the modern props — especially if they fled (bugged out). Without many modern utensils, a person has to return to the basics — TRUE basics — and adapt to living off the land. Survivors such as the Lykovs were removed from industrialized products and had to return to hand-made processes.

        Taking survivalism seriously, a person must become familiar with basic skills like basketmaking, spinning, hunting/fishing, tanning, gardening, open-fire cooking, pit cooking, and perhaps even clay pot construction and firing and flintknapping. The Lykovs were clearly able to subsist but had they known a few more primitive skills, they may have fared better. We can all take a lesson from this sad but inspiring tale, perhaps even be forewarned.

        • Very well-said, Zoltanne.

          I’m absolutely in awe of this family. I found it particularly interesting that they were getting by, despite the extreme hardships, until they began to spend time with the scientists. It is sad that they were “contaminated” and perished so soon after and it makes me very curious to understand precisely why.

          In comparison to this family, most, if not all, of us, are only playing at survivalism.

          • Daisy,

            I totally agree with your below statement and wish/pray more people would realize the truth therein.

            “In comparison to this family, most, if not all, of us, are only playing at survivalism.”

            Zoltane is correct “primitive skills can be learned by studying Native history and culture.” But then the “whipper snappers” would have to get over mind block of anything old is useless.

            My dad was very much into Native American philosophy and culture and we (kids) were raised with it all around us. I pursued it as a young adult and spent the next 20 years studing under 4 different Native teachers. I wanted a variety of Native viewpoints and approaches, thus the 4 different teachers.

            While doing the above I worked for Outward Bound for 10 years taking city slickers into the wilderness for “an experience”. I would have to agree…most if not all would not make it. Not because it is impossible but because of their mindset. Skills can be taught but if you don’t have the will and open mind to it then yeah, it is impossible (for you). Most people have become so soft, lazy and pampered that the concept of “roughing it” equates to torture.

            I actually laugh when I hear people say they don’t want to survive but thrive during a TEOTWAWKI situation. My advice is to get the survive part down before worrying about thriving.

            I used to write articles about this stuff but got sick of all the nay-sayers ranting about it being impossible. Maybe impossible for them but not for someone with the will to live.

            Granted, surviving in the wilderness would not be my first choice by far. My attempt was to help provide some hope and skills that if worse came to worse they might be able to make it a little furthur down the road.

            Even in the worse of situations I believe if you can hold onto a sliver of hope and have some skills then you at least might have a chance to make it through some really tough stuff.

            Just my thoughts for what they’re worth. OK, nay-sayers bring on your “expertise”….as I sit here looking at a handmade spear with an elk bone spear point hanging in my living room….

            • My grandma was a Shawnee.

              • Eizenkreutz

                My grandma was a pain in the arse, lived to 97 and taught me more about prepping than I ever realised. Living in a 700 year old thatched cottage with a well down the lane or water, no piped gas and no electricity meant she reLly knew a thing or two about getting by.

                She gave up her home at the age of 90, to live in the village ( 7cottages in a row) with her 71 year old daughter, mains electricity and running water which she constantly complained about having a funny taste.

                She was a prepper for 90 years and never even knew it, what a woman.

                Take care

            • Kindle, you’ve got mad skills!

              For me, it took moving out to the very very cold boonies with no central heat and a rather precarious grasp on electricity to teach me how much I DON’T know. Luckily, I get the chance to learn while there’s still back up. If my gardens fail, then I can go to the grocery store. If heat fails, I can fire up the kerosene heater and go buy more kerosene.

              When it hit -42 a couple of weeks ago I became all too aware that bugging out to the woods in that would be a very likely death sentence. I grew up down South and never experienced anything like that snot-freezing, skin burning cold – I can’t even describe it!

              So many people THINK that they have skills, but unless you practice them regularly, you cannot rely on them. Not only do we have to recognize what our skills are, we have to recognize what they AREN’T. We need to know our limitations so that we can build in those areas, whether that is our fitness, our abilities or our thresholds for tolerating our environments.


              • It also helps to comm with those who’re able to provide the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ knowledge…to help you out and shorten your learning curve.

                • Anton ~

                  Yes – I am very lucky to have smart friends and the group here! I have gotten loads of helpful advice!


                • Daisy,
                  I’ve never played with the -40 degree weather stuff…kinda like I never took on those Canadian Rocky Mountains around Banff and Yoho…recognized they were a little out of my comfort zone.

                  I did spend 2 years living soley out in a wilderness setting. I must admit after 2 winters of living in polypropylene and wool 24/7 I ceremoniously burned the polyprp in a fire and swore never again if I can help it.

                  I’m a 5th generation Texan on both sides of my family and I greatly prefer sunny and warm. I can do the barefoot thing pretty well outdoors but nothing like Cody Lunden. Moved to Colorado in 1988 and found a happy medium.

                  • Thus far, it’s wonderful for about 10 months out of the year here. But wow, those other two months!!!!! And I too, am a layering pro now. It’ll be nice to peel down to a single layer of clothing soon!

              • -42F is the coldest Ive personally experienced…had friends in Alaska telling me about the minus 70-80 stuff cant imagine that…stay warm! 🙂

            • Kindle, I’m sure there are a number of us who would appreciate any of your “tips” towards becoming more adept with primitive skills. Please don’t be discouraged by the naysayers or Red Thumb Brigade — they do so from ignorance, anger, and little self-respect. Those of us who are throwbacks have already heard the negatives before anyway. We’ll be your best listeners, too. 😉

              From personal experience in some traditional skills, I readily noted that the Lykovs might have simply used a drop spindle to spin their hemp thread rather than using a spinning wheel which is more complex machinery than a stick and a hook. Unless a person has spun fibers, they wouldn’t realize this. I also noted that the Lykovs could have made a rudimentary weaver’s frame from hewn wood with notches instead of relying on a ready-made loom of some type. If I had to bug out quickly, my spinning wheel and small looms wouldn’t be coming along — they’re not the most important machines.

              “Whipper snappers”, as you call them, don’t get it because they don’t understand the basics and aren’t exposed to simple machines as the most important devices we have at our disposal. (Simple machines: pulley, lever, wheel, etc) Most machines complicate things, but this is what “whipper snappers” rely on. When they are unavailable, these people will be unable to function unless they can think outside-the-box. In essence, machines complicate things, tools keep it all simple….

              To further our chances at survival, I feel it’s very important to learn old, traditional crafts that rely less and less upon mechanical devices because there may come a time when there is nothing but literal horse or man power to drive the machinery. In all of our civilizations throughout time, it has only been since our industrialization that we have had the benefit of powerful machinery. Yet the majority of our society could not function without it.

              Without a fishing hook, could everyone make a hook from bone, glass, or rock? Without a sewing needle, who could fashion a bone needle? Without iron, who could craft a vessel to cook in? These are the types of problems we may face if our civilization grinds to a near-halt. Anyone who has been spooked into reality by reading about EMP disasters can see how this situation might occur.

              Unless you work with your hands and pursue these handcrafts, though, it’s not clear. Although the Lykovs ‘made do’, their experiences were pulled from the very lifestyle and customs they were familiar with. I hope this sinks in with each of us — they survived, yes, but they were in a subsistence lifestyle that was life-threatening. Had they been exposed to terrace gardening, their gardens might have been much more productive. Had they known how to trap animals or make a long bow and some arrows, they could have hunted small game.

              In a sense, the Lykovs didn’t think “out of the box” — they did what they knew how to do. This is exactly what we must be wary of… without any knowledge or exposure to a more rudimentary, even primitive, we all cut ourselves short on how we might adapt to suit our needs based on what we have at our disposal.

              • Zoltane,
                I have been absolutely fascinated with the old traditional skills and crafts for as long as I can remember. I have quite a collection of antigues and would love to have the chance to study under an old timey blacksmith or metal worker.

                I have a small collection of copper and brass pots, pans, candle holders, ship and railroad lanterns from the 1800’s. I would give anything to study with someone who still knows how to piece the metals together without modern technology….like the old forges.

                Rocks….wanna talk rocks…I got lots of rocks. Been collecting them my whole life….have quite a display on my front portch. My dad had an innate knack of finding the “camps of old.” I spent a healthy part of my childhood “boon-doggling” across the fields of west Texas and New Mexico.

                My family wound up finding a fairly large collection of authentic Native American arrowheads, spear points, awls, pottery, grinding rocks, pedestals, ceremonial pieces, etc. It is the one thing I told my dad before he passed away 5 years ago that I wanted him to make me a case of some of the old authentic pieces we found when I was growing up. He did and it now hangs next to the spear on the same wall. He put the awl that I found when I was about 7 in the center of the design. One of my most treasured possessions.

                • Kindle, we are kindred spirits. You are the only other female I’ve heard who has expressed an interest in blacksmithing. Forging metals is magical….

                  The only ‘souvenirs’ from my travels are stones. Oh, I’ve picked up the occasional driftwood or odd fallen branch, but it’s the rocks that appeal to me. Should have been an archaeologist for the stones or bones.

                  • My mom was into lapidary and while we were out-n-bout we would also collect stones to take back and run through the rock tumbler. Great anticipation waiting the hours for the rocks to run through the tumblers to see what “treausres” we found.

                    Both my parents would make cases of their finds and we would get a booth at the Gem & Mineral show every year for exhibition purposes. Kinda miss those days…

                • I found a really nice grain grinding pestalstone in my cornfield last summer…itlooks good withthe rest of my collection…I understand!

            • Oh Kindle, I forgot to mention that about 10 years ago, we were fly fishing in upstate New York and I spotted a peculiar stone on the river bank. I picked it up, knowing it was THE most unusual stone I had ever found — I was fascinated. I pocketed it, not easy in waders, waist deep in whitewater and fishing all day. But I kept it….and I kept looking at it. The stone fit into my palm beautifully. It was shaped like a little loaf of bread.

              I would wager that less than 0.05% of Americans would even know what this stone really was.

              • To wash clothes is my guess.

            • Good words!…yessir I think Id rather live under that piece of plastic sheeting I lived under years ago and be free than live in a penthouse and be a slave…its all about priorities.

            • Kindle
              Thats the thing
              Ya gotta not die first, in order to work on survival, if things unravel and its winter on the continent, many will die from exposure and hypothermia in short order, never mind making it long enough to figure out food gathering or hunting.

      28. …….and no one knew they were there. There WAS One…..Great story Mac. Thanks for sharing it here.

      29. Chris Kyle, record-holding sniper as Navy SEAL, killed in double slaying at Erath County gun range Texas


        Lords Grace upon you, Chris Kyle.

        • Looks as if Chris was “working” with a young former Marine, suffering from PTSD. They were at a shooting range. Initial reports speculate, (just relating what I read), that the gunfire may have caused the young former Marine to “snap”.

          Whatever the cause, wow, 4 tours in a war zone, and this?

          I had an uncle, died in a car crash the night before shipping out for his 3rd (voluntary) tour in Vietnam.

          This is wierd. Conspiracy theories will flourish.

          • It’s bad all around bad. There’s alot of PTSD disabled Veterans around here. The Tyrants will likely exploit this against other Veterans to further the minority report future crimes BS I’ve been reading about lately. Temporary security against Liberty at every turn. Bastards. Damn their Hubris.

            • That’s part of the plan…bank on it…oh wait, no, believe your gut… pays out more…more than is apparent.

      30. …….and no one knew they were there all this time.
        One did know. Thanks Mac for sharing this story here.

      31. The human spirit is very strong. Just look at the Japanese soldiers that were found hiding in Pacific island caves 20 to 30 years after WW2. They existed for years without detection.

      32. We have so much at our fingertips and still many do not prepare.


      33. This story is evidence that you fools should be spending at least as much energy in trying to prevent a collapse as in preparing for it. Many of you idiots seem to hope for a collapse. This story shows it will not be a pleasant experience for you or your children.

        • I think it is very naive to believe that we can convince anyone to change all the shit behaviors that Americans tend to embrace. This is the only thing that could have prevented a collapse. It is now inevitable at some point. $17 trillion is insurmoutable at this point. So, no Joe, I will spend more time in prep mode than shouting from the rooftops that we are headed in the wrong direction as a country. The new narrative about the deficit from the Left is that it is so large that it no longer matters. Unfortunately at the end of all those bonds, treasuries, and stocks, there is a living, breathing person that will be very pissed when they don’t get paid. This will be when things go from bad to worse. Believe it or not, but the public will only ridicule and poke at you for being a “kook.” Everything must be fine, right?…the dow ended over 14k didn’t it?

        • @ Jo(k)e(r) In NC. Was it necessary to call the good people here idiots? You could have put over your point of view, no matter how wrong it is, and let it go. You are a very strange individual in that you can’t just say something without calling a bunch of people you don’t even know names. I believe that everyone should be able to own firearms in this country, other than criminals and the criminally insane. Joker in NC should not have firearms, take that for what it is worth joker.

        • JoeInNC

          For years I have been trying to convince people to prepare even for the hurricanes that hit the gulf. Get out of debt, stay out of debt and put something away for a rainy day. The tech bubble and housing bubble I did warn many. I even tried to get them to at least invest in some precious metals. I have reduced the comments about prepping cause I just about had with people who don’t want to listen. Also I have enlarged my preps because of government intrusion.
          I really think you want it all to go away. Not going to happen. You with your Normal Bias and me with my survival prepping. No middle ground.

        • @JoeinNC…..

          I see that your mommy let you back in the basement. Why don’t you do something useful and go back to surfing the gay animal porn sites?

        • Fools? At least these people ADMIT it’s coming. What does that make people like you?

        • 10 to 1 ratio of trying to prevent vs preparing, although nothing seems to be working.

          What do you do to prevent it? What do you suggest others do?

      34. If you do head into the woods, be sure to diitch and destroy your cell phone, smart phone , lap tops, and I pads/pods

        seems there is more then enough data, and ways to access it . and the cops and FIBis, etc..will be more then interested in extorting it, or you for that info.

        check out this link to see how far they have gone to get info off Tryvon Martins phone

        • Out of curiosity, what is the best way to destroy the information on your computer and make it unrecoverable? Water?

          • My guess would be heat. Take apart the memory from hard drive and fry it.

            • Ahh, you beat me to it. I was going to say a cutting torch and then put it in water.

          • Sledgehammer to the hard drive. Or better yet, remove the hard drive from the computer, open it up and remove the platters….then take a sledgehammer to them.

            • You must be an IT guy…because that’s what I was told…
              or 3000f…as per the pros I know.

              • Yep.

          • Small propane or map gas torch or a bonfire

          • If its so bad you need bug out may as well burn entire crib and all what cannot be carried away. Why leave it for looters to take and torch?…Or for feds to hand it all to Undeserving illeagles after hobammy grants instant citizenship and then wants to “redistribute” Your stuff and entire crib to?

          • 1. Take out the hard drive.
            2. Put in a box.
            3. Write “fragile” on it.
            4. Mail it.

          • Load up a picture of Ms frankinstein or hillary…the phone will melt down in …3…2…1….BOOM!!!

            CAUTION!!!!!! DO NOT look at the screen after the pics load…instant blindness followed by an uncontrollable urge to tear your eyes and face off will happen immediately…THERE IS NO CURE…not even death will release you from the horror!

          • The surest way to destroy the information so that it is impossible for even the spooks to recover it is to disassemble the disk drive, take the platters out, and scrape the surface off. You should do this to all drives that you are disposing of. I would probably reassemble the drive so the spooks might waste a little time trying to recover data.

            Solid state drives and thumb drives would have to be erased and then smashed. Solid state drives are almost impossible to completely erase.

            For CDs and DVDs, just take them outside to a sidewalk. Lay them on the sidewalk, label side down. Then stand on them and spin around. That will grind the recording layer to shreds.

        • Attach a magnet to your cell phone, go to a truck stop, and attach it to one of the trucks.

      35. Years ago I read a report that up till the 1920’s, people were finding isolated colonies of escaped White slaves in America in the mountains and forests. They’d survived similarly to this Russian family.
        Not something that you’ll hear about today.

        • Yep…indentured servants, mostly from Ireland. The majority of caucasian, southern appalachian people today are derived from this genealogy. ALong with a smattering of Black Dutch.

      36. I can live in the woods and survive, having done so several times during my life. hunting, trapping, fishing and havign vegetable gardens, making do with what I had was the means of the day.

        My grandparents taught me how to garden and fish, my father taught me some rudimentary hunting skills, I leaned to trap on my own and honed the hunting skills over time.

        I’m a big fan of JUST DO IT….Anything less and you will still have a leaning curve, do it now so those that depend on you don’t have to deal with various degrees of failure/success…

        Havedn’t posted in a long time, been busy building my distillation units for peeps.

        ALAN W, your unit has been ready for months, just waiting to hear from you.

        Those waiting for a 2+ gallon unit, they are being worked on and will be done inside of this month.

        I fried a welder and had to get a new one…lol…heat intensive work.

        And pardon me for taking time off but have been night hunting wild hogs, putting meat on the table.

        Made ham, bacon and smoked/jerked pork. Here is a recipe:
        2 lbs brown sugar
        1/2 cup Mortons Tender Quick (curing salt)
        1 cup kosher salt
        1 large bottle of liquid smoke
        1 1/2 cups water

        boil stirring constant, dissolve as much as possible

        place meat in gallon zip lock freezer bags with ample amount of the above, store in refrigerator, turning over bags daily for 6 days.

        take out of refridge, put on smoker for 3-4 hours, take off smoker and put in dehydrator for over night.

        recipe will do about 15-20 lbs…delicious and will last as long as you need it to, when vacuum packed, even when stored in hot environment.

        take care y’all

        Terry W. Reed

        • @Terry, what would it cost to get some hands on tutoring from you?

          • Not a red cent, I’m in Houston proper area and run around in East Texas big thicket and Gulf coast.

            I’m also happy to talk and give knowledge any way I can.
            You may reach me through my website www dot lnlprotekt dot com. Call or send me an email. I work a day job as a designer in an engineering company so if you call during the day I may not be able to talk long. You can generally reach me at my number provided on the website, except for today, left cell at home….lol

            Terry W. Reed

      37. Amazing story. If they just had a few basic survival skills, they would have been so much better off. Instead of starving for all of those years. Sounds like they were scared (understandably so) and just grabbed what ever they could and ran. How to make a bow,arrows, a fish trap. Just a few skills could have really made a difference in their life. Sort of makes me feel a little inadequate, sitting here in my comfy armchair, typing on my laptop with a nice warm cup of coffee.

      38. Mac, could you site some sources, i would love to read more. Peace Clay

        • oops, I see the citation now.

      39. From the movie Hunger Games: (Paraphrased), A little hope (Freedom) is more powerful than fear. Too much hope (Freedom) must be contained (By Government). You see too much hope (Freedom) is a bad thing, so it must be contained (By Government) at all cost, for control (Of the People).

        Welcome to the 2013 HUNGER GAMES. May the odds always be in your FAVOR!

        NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!
        Pale rider

        • Amazing how many idiots read that book and cant see it in real life. I have a relative who is an expert in WW2 and refuses to see what is going on now.

          • You’re absolutely right on that. My 11 year old daughter did a paper on “The Hunger Games” last year in grade 6. She compared the Peacekeepers in the book to the UN Peacekeepers and also drew many other comparisons to current day.

            The kids had to read their papers in front of the class. She told me that the teacher was very condescending and pointed out to the class that “although **** has a good imagination, we have to keep in mind that the book is fiction.” (My daughter was spitting mad about that.)

            Sad when a little kid can see it and the people allegedly “teaching” her cannot.

            • !!!!!!

              You said your daughter was close to my age!


              • Hahaha – this is my little one! My older girl is 17 and away at school. 🙂

                • The way you talk i would of though your kids were a lot older than that. I was assumings mid thirties at least.

                  • Oh – hahaha – they think they are, but no – 12, now, and 17

            • Oh no no Daisy…that teacher knew exactly what she was doing!
              Can’t have those little sponge minds thinking now can we?

          • Sounds like a terminal case of Normalcy Bias.

      40. I’m not sure if I would consider that existence “living”. Surely God has more for us that just breathing.

        • And giving to others as much as we can then nurturing the minds of the next generation,teaching them how to think.
          May be old school but it’s how my father taught me.

      41. I was suprised that there was no mention if the family had some long pork after the matriach passed. Yes, I know the thought is distasteful…I agree with Stan; at what point is shear existence for existence only worth it?

      42. Yeah, I agree with stan522. I think its better to get together with others and fight for OUR country rather than just slink off by yourself in the wilderness! Seems a little cowardice. What was it that dude said…”give me liberty or give me death?” We need to research (while we can!) organizations that are standing up to treasonous feinstin b.s.

        BTW, have you’ll seen Anonymous’ video–“response to Obama’s Gun Policy” in which he talks of treason and what to do about it?

      43. Wow! What an incredible story.

      44. Bravo in bringing this to us, definitely inspirational and enjoyable read.

      45. What I took from the article is that they lived in an era and area where they were raised with homesteading skills and that with a belief in a higher power you can endure and you can endure for a long time. Religious belief is a prep that I fall short on, I recognize the value and strength of belief yet I would have to overcome my inherent distrust of organized religion and human nature to control others. I would have to trust my mind, spirit and soul to another person for their guidance when I know that all are flawed. If you put 10 different preachers into a room you will have 11 different interpretations of the bible. I have never met that person in my life that gives me the confidence to embrace their religion yet I do believe in God, I spend a lot of time in nature and I give him thanks for many things, for much beauty, serenity and wonderment. I don’t give Gaya or a rock that thanks.

        Another thing I got out of the article is if you survive for 40 years but your clan, bloodline or species dies off then you lived a life in vain. Survive until you can live, you need to be a part of a community to live.

        • A couple of other things from the article. For 40 years they kept growing potatoes from their original bug out bag, potatoes seem to been an ultimate bug out seed. Critters must have not preferred the potato plant. Also don’t plant all your seeds at once, weather my kill them off. Learn basic out door skills such as building snares, traps, bow and arrow. The ability trap rodents would keep more crop for their survival also the ability to get meat and pelts would have made their existence a little more pleasant.

        • You will never find an organized religion that has everything correct. Every protestant denomination has some pet verses that they treasure above others. Some concentrate on baptism, some on snake handling.

          There are a number of verses in the New Testament that no church that I know of mentions or believes. For example, it is clearly stated that Jesus was down below for three days and three nights. Yet all of the churches say that the crucifixion was on Friday evening and the resurrection was on Sunday morning, which is only half the time previously stated. The crucifixion was actually on Wednesday evening and the resurrection was on Saturday evening. That gives you the three days and three nights. The empty tomb was discovered on Sunday morning, but nowhere does the Bible say that the resurrection had just happened.

          Most churches today say that you go to heaven just as soon as you die. I can find nothing in the Bible to confirm that. In countless verses in the Old Testament, it is stated that so-and-so is asleep in the grave. In the New Testament, Jesus said that even King David was in the ground and was not in heaven.

          So you need to read the Bible for yourself and pay attention to all that it says, not just to scattered memory verses. I would advise anyone to read the New Testament first, as that contains the information needed for you to be saved. Then read the Old Testament to learn history and to see the foretelling of Jesus.

          If you can’t understand parts of it, get Asimov’s Guide to the Bible. Isaac Asimov goes through the entire Bible, verse by verse, explaining everything. Even though he was Jewish, he did a good job of covering the New Testament.

          By the way, as more and more old manuscripts turn up, the King James version is turning out to be the most accurate Bible translation.

          • Thank you for the well written reply


        • Sure seems like alot of SEALS dying these days. I longer trust no-one.

          • It does seem that their life-span is ever-decreasing. Alwyas mkes me think about that ad they put out against Obama.

      47. More stories please.

      48. chris kyle…okie and other “elders”…how many actually think this WAS NOT a random killing? show of hands please…on second thought, thumbs up if ya think it WAS NOT…thumb down if ya think it WAS.
        ps: not the first and for sure won’t be the last one taken out!!

        • My thinking is that the killer was one of the “assassins” that they have programed to do this kind of thing. The purpose? To set the stage to disarm returning veterans….especially if a veteran is receiving treatment for PTSD. They’ll be considered too much a risk to be allowed to have firearms.

          What better way than to use one of their “tools” to murder an American hero?

          Just one more tool in their war on gun owners and the second amendment.

          • Do some searching for “MK-Ultra”

            I wonder how much we’ll learn about the background of the killer in this case? And I also wonder how much of what we learn will really be the truth? Or will it be a construct of lies?

            I have zero faith in anything the government says today.

        • I’m guessing of course it more then likely is the result of 2 vets not agreeing with each other about something. Maybe even a bulling thing..


      49. A quick reminder for you sports fans. There’s some sort of sporting event today. Can’t remember exactly, I think it had something to do with soup. Maybe I’ll watch it. I like soup.
        Especially beef barley. And chicken with them curly little noodles. Now, where did I put the crackers? Has anybody seen my glasses?…

        • I’m a football fan, especially college football. The sport keeps millions of our young men in peak physical condition, teaches them self confidence, gives them a mental toughness, channels male aggression, teaches team work and tenacity and it’s American. The positives outweigh the negatives, without football we would be european pussies.

        • On the table next to your diapers, viagra, and hemorrhoid cream.


        • YOUR glasses…where are mine…

        • Okie–I started making my own chicken noodle; cheaper and little sodium.
          1 can of chicken, spaghetti noodles, 1 chicken bouillon cube, 1 cup water.
          Boil cube in water, add cooked pasta(that’s spaghetti for ya’ll southerners), and chicken.
          Adjust to number servings.
          Pretty good!!

          • Thanks JayJay 🙂 We’ll give it a try.

      50. Do you guys remember the fact that a lot of the seals involved in the raid on Osama died within a short period of time in a copter crash? All of these things are far too coincidental. There is much more to these coincincidences. Twenty years ago I never would have thought this way. This once great country of ours is more corrupt than ever.

      51. Funny thing they would have a greater chance of dying in this Ponzi world from type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart desease, getting a STD, entrapped in a motor vehicle accident or being murdered or worst of all becoming celebs on the Jerry Springer show (does it still exist dont have a box). I will also choose to take the seeds my Cambridge wide margin 1611 Authorised Bible, a falkniven a2, a garden spade my two buckets, a Hilleberg tent for starters lots of cable ties of all sizes, my katyden pocket water filter & spare cartridge & other goodly stuff. All together about 100 pounds/ 45kgs in & on top of my bergen. Go tell those reprobate antichrists their microchip might have my name on it but it wont have my skin to go under

      52. Great tale of survival, but Earnest Shackleton’s survival tale is still one of my favorites. It was a neverending test of will, one that tested every man in the antartic expedition for an unbelievable 2 years. Nova did a 2 hour video on it and there are plenty of books written as well.
        If you know the story, then you can appreciate the odds that they were up against. Their ship got stuck in the ice and was frozen in place before reaching Antartica. The crew was unable to do anything for many many months, hoping the spring would thaw the ice and free their ship. When the thaw finally came after 10 months, the ship began to creak and groan. The motion of the heavy ice splintered the ship and forced the crew to remove anything and everything that they could before it sank. That was just the start of their epic struggle, I’ll leave their story here both as a teaser, and to bring up a point that I feel is important.
        If anything is to be gained by their experience, it is that they left PREPARED. They were planning a crossing of Antartica, so they had a head start on provisions. Surely they would have never dreamed of being isolated for 2 years in sub zero temperatures, but they adapted. Would they have survived had they not had a head start on provisions, a few months of rations to buy the time needed for adjustment to their situation? You tell me.

        • Shackleton’s epic adventure and Captain Bligh’s survival, navigation and seamanship after he and some crew were set adrift in a long boat with minimum provisions are two of my favorite tales of survival and skill. There was also a north pole adventurer or northwest passage explorer that had a tale of survival during the era of Shackleton, I can’t remember his name though.

      53. Still think bugging out is a good idea, people?

        • Agreed…the only alternative left to us is to stand our ground and fight …
          Because, this fight is just …the future of free people across the planet depends on us.
          If we fail our countrymen we fail humanity. Failure is not an option.
          If that sounds grandiose to anyone…go piss up a rope…and go clean the latrine…

        • It’s not the preferred thing to do, but sometimes you have no choice.

          The lesson here is to always be prepared to do it at a moments notice. For instance, you should always have basic survival gear in your vehicle. You may not have opportunity to get back to your stuff.

          Those people in Russia evidently left with little more than the clothes on their backs. It sounds as if they didn’t even have basic tools that would have made their existence much easier.

      54. Very good story! Amazing test if wills!

      55. I spoke with a guy from Homer, Alaska who teaches special ed at 2 Russian Orthodox Old Believers towns where he has to fly to and from.
        He mentioned that Homer has a problem with kids doing burglaries.
        When I asked, he said there is no juvenile deliquency at the Old Believer’s settlements, that he knows of.

      56. For everything there is a time…a time to bug out…a time to stay put…a time to keep silent and a time to scream out…a time for war and a time for peace…God grant us the wisdom to know the time!

      57. Interesting they had a source of Hemp enough for some clothing and seeds.
        Hemp seeds are a complete protein with lots of good Essential fatty acids.
        You could almost live on them alone if you had enough of them.
        I use Hemp seed powder for my after workout smoothies.

      58. Print and save what survival info is available NOW. Go outside and learn how – even on cold rainy or snowing weekends.

        Many things are changing. When there is no electricity or running water be prepared and able to adapt.

        Y’all Beware! Learn from your mistakes while the S has still not HTF.

      59. A little off topic…sorry. I’ve been coming here for quite a while now and find it very interesting learning about what some “real” people in America think about things, and I am also learning to prep.
        It’s such a shame a few idiots constantly butt in with nothing to contribute except put-downs (JoeinNC and Eisenkreutz come to mind).

        I live in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia and we have just had our worst flood on record. The north side of our city looks like a war zone, houses and businesses swept away, sunk in huge holes, and/or damaged beyond repair. There is also much damage in other parts of the city. My house and business are both high and dry luckily, so I am helping where I can. We had a bad flood two years ago, but of course very few thought to learn from it and prep, so people were again panic-buying and running around blaming everyone but themselves for their situation.

        Again, people like JoeinNC and Eisenkreutz come to mind. They would be the ones running around crying “poor me”, and blaming everyone else for their shitty lives. Or perhaps they’d be out looting.

        May I suggest they and their ilk are totally ignored? As soon as I see their names, I now thumb them down without bothering to read their tripe, hoping their post will be “Hidden due to low comment rating.” Trolls like that are just wanting a reaction; they crave attention: probably have no friends.
        They’ll generally go away once reactions are not forthcoming.

        Sorry for the rant, but things are a bit tense around here…

        • God bless you Bastet…
          Having been where you are in ’99, I can tell you most people are hopelessly out of touch with reality. I witnessed fights over 5 gal of gas, empty grocery store shelves, looting, robbery, the absolute worst of humanity comes out, and this went on for weeks…
          If/when the shtf, the story in the OP brings up what I’ve been saying for some time, even preppers have their collectives up their collective…. why?

          Because they think they can just go it alone. As an island in a sea of chaos, where Murphy rules. The above story should be a good lesson to them that we need to form a network of producers, and our own network of refuges to form a sort of Guild. Mutual aid, support, defense, and ready list of bug out locations when your refuges or BOL becomes nonviable. We all bring skills to the table, and it is a network of skills that form the basis of a society, which is the infrastructure of economy, which leads to the necessities of war.

          War? Yes, war. We are in an economic war for survival of our cultures, our beliefs, our children, and our very skill sets that degrade over time when not allowed to put them to use. We are in a war against evil, whether one believes in conspiracies or not, evil coagulates, it comes together, it organizes, this is happening now, and people(preppers) would rather ignore it or whine and complain about it, instead of doing what the situation demands; organize an underground network of skills and capabilities.

          Many want to go right to the gun, that would be a disaster. It would give them what they want, an excuse to take off the velvet glove. Yes, it will eventually come down to it, but it should be smart and not dumb. One by one, the MOO’s(Militia Of One), will be starved, ratted out by their neighbors because of ‘suspicious activity’, or simply starved or cold because of cut offs of basic necessities. They will cut off whole areas of ‘insurgent activity’, while looking for you with drones, now that drone strikes against Americans are ‘legal’.

          The coming UN gun ban, will be the Dark man’s petard, that we can hang him on, but it must be millions acting as ONE, coordinated, organized, and in their face. It is time to quit backing down, as we have said; “NOT ONE MORE INCH”. But this must become a dual strategy, economic and militia must get organized and quit worrying about freaking ‘agents’. If you organize for economics, forming a trust network of friends as we do here. There are people here who I would trust with my life, literally. There are people here, who I could cut their throat, literally and without remorse. But, once organized for economic survival, the Defenders will naturally gravitate towards each other, and can remain anonymous with the proper crypto channels while using the CoC concept to simply coordinate the responses, share tactics and tools, of MOO’s.

          MOO’s… you will be tracked by drones. You think 30,000 drones over our skies is a misprint or a threat? Think again, think about the coordinated information such a swarm of eyes in the sky would represent, and you end up with a concept I spoke about awhile back called; GORGON Stare. The many eyes coordinated as one, tracking all heat sources, synchronized with all other information from the Census that gives names, addresses and GPS coordinates… I worked with these evil bastards, and all that data went to the MIC before it was used by the US Census, think about that.

          MOO’s, you will die… one by one, or group by group. They will hunt you down like animals, or surround you and cut you off from civilized ‘stuff’, and your neighbors will turn you in, gladly, for a loaf of bread. When the dollar dies, the oil will be cut off, and Islam has the oil. What will be their price then? As the pale green horse rises in the East, it can be seen as national submission to Allah, giving the Dark man his last trigger for becoming a False Prophet.

          This network already forms, and is in the babylonwilderness , only the good guys are invited, those who recognize who is the Son of God, and that He islord . But you must abandon all superstitions, doctrines and ideologies of men, to transcend them and become His hand of justice in the Unified Field of Light and Dark. To unify you must climb the mountain of wisdom, and leave the things of children behind, the things that divide us.

          There are tools for absolutely secure comms, and a cover story that is a Holy Joke, become a JEDI, and the enemy is blinded by the Light because the Darkness will ridicule. Justice Enhanced by Direct Intervention, requires you to solve the riddle above, to pass through the Pipers portal and prove you are worthy.

          The Piper plays a New Song,
          that the Chorus may Sing,
          so the People can dance,
          and the forests will echo with laughter.

          May The Force be with you.

      60. Good story. This illustrates why I have gone to the point mastering flintknapping. I can even do some metal work and make clay utensils. I’m so good that my work is recognized by our state historical society.

        Everyone needs to learn these skills. No more bullets? Make spears and arrows. No more iron pots? Make replacements out of fired clay. Your BDU’s wear out? Better know how to tan deerhide and prepare pelts. You can even make cloth out of cattail fibers.

        I can live out in the woods indefinitely. Can Mr UN stormtrooper? Doubt it.

        • Tomahawk,
          Blessings and solicitations…
          It would be wonderful if you could layout some of the basics of these things, I would like to publish/archive it at my sites. It would also make a great article/series of articles for Mac…

          I have done some of what you speak, but a jack of all trades makes a master of none…;)

          As the MOO’s are slaughtered and picked off one by one, and our towns turn into Nazi hell pits, more will consider this, but I am old and soft, so I have been working on many things to bring some semblance of civilization to the wilderness if it becomes necessary. MY RV is getting solar panels and a wood stove. One day I hope to have it running on producer gas(wood gas). Can’t be without my civilized Teepee… it will keep out the bugs and the critters… already have cross bows and know how to make arrows. Have chickens will travel…;-)

          • Sorry it took so long to get back. Our modem bit the dust on wednesday and we just got back onto the Interwebz this afternoon.

            I’m a self-taught flinknapper. I started experimenting with it back around 1984 by just wacking pieces of flint and slowly got the idea of how it was done. By 1988 I was making and using my own handmade flint-tipped arrows.

            It’s really not hard. Once you learn how to do it, it is remarkably simple. The key is learning how to control yourself: how to precisely control your own muscle power and the angles you use to flake the material. Once you learn how to do it, it can actually be a fun and addictive hobby.

            I’m fortunate to live near Flint Ridge in Ohio. Good material is abundant here; just walk around in plowed fields or search the banks or rivers or creeks. I prefer to use Coshocton Black flint as it is a true flint with a higher silica content. It doesn’t need to be cooked in the ground like Flint Ridge Chert.

            For anyone starting out, I gotta recommend The Art Of Flintknapping by D.C. Waldorf. This book is so well written and illustrated, you can teach yourself how to do it relatively quickly. He also has videos available.

      61. beautful story of survival and living(barely) off the land

      62. On topic about the need to learn and save primitive skills, use of tools, etc:

        If anyone finds themselves passing through Eastern Pennsylvania then you have to go to the Mercer Museum in Doylestown which is less than an hour north of Philly. Henry Mercer was a writer, millionaire philanthropist, historian, etc. and when the boom in technological advances happened at the beginning of the 20th century he feared that newer technology would cause the older tech to become obsolete and eventually forgotten. So he personally started collecting and saving from destruction thousands upon thousands of tools,agricultural implements,and other “primitive” 18th and 19th century items used in the daily lives of the people of Bucks County, Pa. so that future generations would have access, information, and examples of obsolete technology.
        He then built a massive museum to house his collection. Today the Mercer Museum is open to the public and you can learn about obsolete technology which we all may very soon have to relearn and adopt in our everyday lives.
        The place has probably every agricultural tool known to man, furniture, coaches, whaling and fishing gear, farming implements, etc that was used 100-200 years ago.
        (basically, when shtf it is one of the places that I am definitely going to have to “borrow” from.

        Plus you can also take a ride down to Tullytown, Pa. and visit Pennsbury Manor which is a living history site on the grounds of William Penn’s Manor farm…I’ve learned tons of stuff there from rope and clothes making from flax, brewing, soap and candle making, gardening, etc. as well as learning about the history of the Leni-Lenape Indians and how they did things back in the day.

        I’ve been lucky to live in this area and have these incredible sites and museums to learn from during my childhood which has spilled over to become helpful in my adulthood as a prepper.

        Check out their website: http://www.mercermuseum.org and read up on Henry Mercer, the guy was definitely one of the godfathers of prepping and survivalism….he even built his own castle called “Fonthill” 😉

        Main point is- check around for museums, living history sites, etc. in your area because there is a wealth of info there that will help us all. And this IS the type of thing that we ALL will have to relearn and adapt to someday in the future. You can even usually take classes and learn “the old ways” from experts and historians at alot of museums and such. The internet is great for the info, but there are usually places you can go and get free hands-on experience with past technology and survival in a pre-modern agricultural society that will beat the pants off of what you can read about on wikipedia.

        …and if anyone here on shtfplan happens to be from the philly-ish area or happens to actually pass through the area, then let me know and I’ll meet you at the museum and give you the tour 😉

        Be safe and keep on prepping!

      63. Would be hard to do that in America.There is no place I believe in the lower 48 a family could go undetected.Not with drones and google earth.Think in my case I would be a enemy of the state.

        • I have four outbuildings. None of those show up on Google Earth and would not be visible to a high-flying drone either. The full size of my house is not apparent from the air. The old part of the house is visible, but the equal size addition in the back is not. My garden is not visible from the air.

          The government has no idea what I have. I checked the county GIS website and found that the county thinks I have a newer house with the wrong number of rooms and two fireplaces. I don’t even have chimneys, and they think I have two fireplaces. I have a photo of my house taken over ten years before they think the house was built. I think I might tell them about the fireplaces so my property taxes will go down.

          If I were out in the boonies at a bugout location, nothing would be visible from the air. All buildings would be under evergreen trees. All gardening would be random plants in naturally open meadows.

      64. The mail lady just drove up and handed me my backordered set of six throwing knives. I’ll be practicing at targets with these until 22 ammo becomes readily available and affordable again.

        Built an old timey rabbit gum(trap) last week. The first I’d built in about 45 years. Gonna try it out by trapping some rabbits and taking them up to the retreat/BO location and add some new blood to the population. Brush piles and rabbits can add to your cold weather meat supplies. Just have to keep a handle on the varmints such as racoons,foxes, and feral cats. Not much you can do about the Bobcats and Hawks, unless you have plenty of time to sit around and watch.

      65. 🙂

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