A Really Fun Semi-Automatic Shotgun

by | May 4, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 37 comments

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    For those interested, here’s a great primer for the beginner SHTF prepper from our friend and long-time contributor Rick Blaine: An Introduction to SHTF Home Defense, Guns, and Safety . Rick discusses a variety of weapons that would be of benefit if the S were to ever hit the fan. Everything from handguns and rifles to ammo and safety is covered.

    In the market for a shotgun? Check out the following video of the Saiga 12 semi-automatic shotgun. It’s Russian made, takes a multi-round magazine or drum, and is a whole lot of fun at the clay pigeon range (if the owner let’s you go full-out). Priced at around $600 with no modifications, it’s reasonably affordable.

    Having something like this in your corner is not a bad idea. We find it to be an excellent complement for our Beretta 92FS handgun and Norinco SKS assault rifle:


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      1. Love it. Great vid!
        I’ve got a Remington pump 870, but you can never have too many shotguns 🙂

      2. Good luck on the Saiga; price up 50% in the past month due to speculation on an upcoming ban on “assault shotguns.” I called every shop in the county; none available at any price. Sold out!

      3. The Kel-Tec KSG looks like an interesting Zombie Apocalypse shotgun; extremely compact with 14+1 selectable capacity. The Saiga has more capacity and is semi-auto, but it looks like there will be no more imported.

      4. No thanks, there’s a reason why shotguns are not widely used in combat scenarios. I’ll stick with my AR-15 and Sig P220.

      5. It’s called the Molot Vepr. It is indeed a tough piece, but a bit heavy. It’s very close to the weight of a combat rifle such as FN or AK.
        A friend bought it for practical shooting down at the shooting club. For this purpose, after a while, it’s not convenient.
        For an emergency i would prefer something lighter such as mossberg 590. A pump action gives the advantage of the manual use, so you can avoid mallfunctions due to cartridge.

      6. I’ve actually been considering picking up a second shotgun.  I’m a big fan of my 870…but I gotta admit…

        These look pretty bad ass.

      7. I’m a former Marine…and I’m a big fan of the Remington 870 Wingmaster it’s affordable and reliable.

        How ever the Saiga 12 gage is a sweet weapon system but, it alone will not save your ass! your training will.  The weapon is only a tool of it’s master!

      8. AR-15 still rules.

      9. Comments….. Spot on Bloodyfellow! I do enjoy AKs and have shot the saiga. I received a call from a friend about a week back who told me that a dealer had just come into seven of the saiga 12s and wanted $750 each. I prefer the 870 20 and 12 gauge shotguns myself. If I wanted to spend some big bucks I’d pick up maybe an extra AR upper or more food. Anyone can usually pick up a good 870 remmy even used for $200.00 bucks or so and get some add-on bling at Midway.

      10. I know this is a bit off the subject but, though some of you may really like this site if you have not already found it.  Lots of good deals on gun parts & accessories as well as other cool prep related stuff.


      11. Would leave much quail for eatin’ would it?

      12. For my money, the Benelli Nova. It handles 2-384, 3, and 3-1/2″ magnum rounds. Light weight, multiple configurations…$500-600.

      13. Scott, thanks for the link – prices are up higher than what I want to spend unfortunately. At those prices another AR or whole AK outfit would make more sense. Already have a Mossberg 590A1 so that will have to do for now.

        A guy I work with has a modified Saiga, modified by a man in Ohio; he moved the trigger, added a folding stock and bought a 20 round drum for it. Nice weapon!

      14. Id rather have an AA12..too bad, i bet you cant get that one either

        the balistic rounds are the bomb…haha get..the bomb

        anyways , sweet, and shot guns are good for home , and close quarter combat..where you need to spread out your projectiles..ar14-15..all those are great for longer distence but in close you or around walls and thru doors one projectile cant hit 3 guys unless they are stupid and standing in a line..

        I have a few toys for any home invader..for in the home, and than have the ar for outside and in the woods..
        along with multiple side arms and on my back the ol 1300 with dual pistol grips 7 with one up and 10 on the rail 

        Love to get out on the farm and blast away with it, very verisitle..food provider, protection

      15. I bought one of these two months ago for about 685. now getting a pistol grip and folder stock and get it all 922r compliant. haven’t shot it yet, but it’s a fine compliement to my AR indeed.

      16. Thanks Jonny……Also Neo, good stuff there. I’d like to throw a good HWS on the top of either of these bad boys, maybe even some night vision. Talk about a force to be reckoned with LOL. I do like my Mossbergs but I think I’ll spring for one of these when available. I have shot the Saiga however it just wasn’t quite right enough to get me to part with the cash.

      17. I’ve read about these jamming and it does have a failure to eject in this video.

      18. We all have our preference’s when it comes to high fashion lead slinging!  Having said that I prefer the AR10 over the AR15 and I have used both in the field with practical application.  The AR15 although the AR15 or M4 with the 5.56 is an great weapon …they just don’t possess knock down power or range that I like.  

        Following a blood trail through a building complex  made me a believer of the 7.62 > 5.56 but, now that you bring it up the Saiga 12 or the AA12 with the short barrel would be nice to have had once you were going from room to room.  Yea! one of those would have been nice back then.

      19. I understand that it operates flawlessly with heavy loads only. I understand also that some versions of the saiga-12 have a setting that allows it to shoot one round and then manually cycle it. I think this was done to compete with pum paction shotguns for ‘non-standard’ loads. Not sure of the types of ammo being cycled in the video,and I did observe the failure to eject also.

      20. Hey, Bloodyfellow. If you like the 7.62 NATO, check out the Keltec RFB. It’s on my ‘acquisition list’, but probably will get it next year b/c the spouse might toss me out of the house cuz of all the guns I have already.  http://www.keltecweapons.com/our-guns/rifles/rfb/

      21. Operator error, operator ignorance, lack of maintenance and trying to save a few cents with cheap shitty ammo are the root cause of 90% of weapons related malfunctions. The other 10% are caused due to a multitude of mechanical issues which are quite normal given the operational parameters of weapons of this magnitude and provide an exceptional training opportunity when they occur.

      22. DAVE- to shoot the lighter loads you have to go with a lighter recoil spring but, you don’t buy a Saiga to shoot birds…:)

        • My siaga 12 shoots all loads no prob and gas system is unmoded. snd one more thing with a rifled slug u can get headshots at 150 yards

      23. Comments…..NeoIsolationist-  Yep…that is sweet!!!!

      24. Took my 870 and replaced the stock barrel with the Police 18″ barrel then painted it to blend with the Mossy Oak paint it came with. Lost the magnum capability put much easier to conceal under my raincoat now. My AK is tricked out but really its only for me to get from point A to point B then toss it and hope the 45’s carry me the rest of the way if it comes to this. For longer distances I use the Remington 700 7mm Magnum. I was fortunate an was able to embezzle enough money over the past 4 years to amass lots of rounds. The thing kicks with 50 foot pounds so hopefully 1 round 1 kill will work cuz after 3-4 rnds. your shoulder is toast.

      25. Comments…..Do they have it in a 410, do you know ? wow what a gun !!!!!!!!!

      26. @bloodyfellow – ‘the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle!’ – Semper Fi!

        @Randy -yes they have it in .410, but my brother in law has been waiting over 6 months for one, but they just aren’t available. If you aren’t well armed bye now, it’s too late!

      27. Why was I born in Holland?

        Here you can only dream of owning a firearm.

        Have no idea how to get ‘some’ here in this part of Europe.    Ideas?

        • vote in new laws or move to wv usa i haveone its great fun to shoot

      28. Rick Blaine – If I could only have one shotgun, the 870 would be the one. Great choice. It’s a quality weapon; nearly fail-proof. 

        Freeport56 – I’ve got a Benelli Super Black Eagle that shoots the 3 1/2 Mags. Absolutely love it. Very versitile, though a bit pricey. Since it’s recoil operated rather than gas operated, it’s a bit more robust than some of the other semi’s; but it kicks a bit harder too.


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