A Gun Ban Won’t Work Because…

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    This article has been contributed by Tom Chatham, author of The American Dream Lost: Economic Survival Strategy For a New Paradigm. You can visit his web site at Project Chesapeake.

    My initial argument is the fact that if we cannot stop illegal immigrants or drugs from coming across our southern boarder, how can we prevent weapons from coming into this country. I’m sure a liberal progressive can make the case that they won’t be smuggled in because it will be illegal or give us some bewildering excuse from fantasy land. This brings me to my second argument.

    Even if someone in Washington could snap their magical fingers and all of those evil guns in America suddenly disappear, it would only take a few days for individuals to have another gun in their hands. A well motivated person with a few hand tools and a pile of scrap metal can make a gun in a week or two and that does not include the actual gunsmiths that can turn out precision works of beauty. A gun is nothing more than a mechanical device with several moving parts. Anyone with any mechanical ability can make one. It may not be a long range weapon but at close range it will do what guns are made to do. CV axles, axle shafts and hydraulic struts are plentiful and cheap as are other junkyard parts. In WWII, small .45 cal guns, that you extracted the shell casing from by pushing a wooden dowel down the barrel, were dropped to resistance fighters. These very simple guns allowed persons to acquire better guns from enemy forces. Homemade guns are not high quality, depending on the persons ability, but functional nonetheless. If Joe sixpack can make a gun in his garage out of scrap metal, how can anyone stop that if they don’t know about it? If Joe can do that imagine what a good machinist can do. If guns are taken for whatever the reason, new ones can be made. Because of this, a gun ban is meaningless.

    Statistics from the FBI’s mountain of data indicate that as gun ownership has gone up, violent crime has gone down. I don’t understand why this is bad but I’m sure some liberal progressive can straighten me out on that.

    The weak link is the ammo. With reloading equipment and a few dies you can cast new bullets and reload the shells. The weak links in the weak link are the primers and powder. Many Americans have stockpiled ammo that will provide reusable shell casings so in a long term situation the main replacements you will need will be primers and powder. Even if you don’t have a gun or reloading equipment, stocking selected primers and powder will provide you with an excellent barter item should the situation arise.

    My third argument is much simpler. I Won’t Allow It! I didn’t spend 18 years defending this country so some want-to-be dictator could take my rights away. I know there are many more out there that feel the same way so I know I’m in good company. There are many who would accept the servitude of oppression with open arms, but once an enlightened people have known the dignity of freedom it is difficult to shackle them once again to servitude against their will.

    The following is a partial list of books available for “Academic Study” or just go to Amazon and search for home made guns.

    Home Made Guns and Home Made Ammo  by Ronald Brown

    The Do-it-Yourself Submachine Gun  by Gerard Metral

    The Submachine Gun ( Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance vol1) by Bill Holmes

    How To Design Build and Sell Your Own Small Arms  by Bill Holmes

    Finally, I leave you with this story.

    In the war torn country of Lebanon, a man worked at a factory called Sewing Machines Inc. He desperately wanted to buy his wife a new sewing machine but could not afford it. One day he decided he would take one piece every day and take it home with him and when he had all the parts, he would assemble the machine for his wife. The happy day finally came when he had all of the parts but he ran into difficulty. Every time he assembled the parts he ended up with a machine gun.

    Tom Chatham is the author of The American Dream Lost: Economic Survival Strategy For a New Paradigm.


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      1. First reason is bcause criminals dont obey laws.

        • Outlaw guns and soon only the “outlaws” will have guns.

          • This needs to get out to all persons wanting a non papered private firearm. The Washington Arms Collector which is the club holding the largest gun shows in Washington State are currently imploding on themselves due to internal strife. Power hungry issues of money and control from Second amendment and Goal, both politic action group are causing this.
            This is not the warning. The warning is THE CLUB requested a Ruling by Department of Revenue and got one. From now on any person selling at any special event more than 2 time a year shall have a current Washington state business license and collect sales tax. First as I am writing this many private collectors are packing up and will not be showing up with there collections in the state and more will as it sinks in. The ruling has all ready been appealed once. This will quickly spread throughout the redoubt.
            BUT But even a bigger problem our incredibly intelligent leaders (On June 24th after the most heated public gathering ever in the history of the club)have gone and are in the progress of requesting, by than forcing the ATF to rule on a concrete legal description of a Private collector for license purposes. We have been able to keep them at bay because the current rules allows many opinion. Opinions can be challenge. Solid in place rules and ruling cannot. This can cause many to fine it even more difficult to find legal private gun. If the Atf does finally make a ruling it will go country wide overnight. And than many may find themselves in a world of trouble.
            Please either help me get this out. Or help me find ways to get it out. In my 25 years of gun collecting this is the most terrifying thing that has ever happen.

            • Thanks for the heads up. Can you give any more info? Any article links, letters/emails,etc.

              Thanks again.
              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • Te is no link or articles. They did this as a direct and voluntary request to the dept of $. Right now all there is, is a formal sheet you must sign to attend a WAC function declaring what you are with a signature under penalty of law. Our membership which was caught asleep voted 2 lawyer in a row to the position of president. And allow members of a political action group (THey will argue what they are) to sit on the board. I am on a little keyboard now. I will post phone numbers and email later. Confirmation will have to come from other WAC members that I know look at this blog.

              Yes I am from Washington state. But OPSEC is still preserved so please tell everyone.

            • A a official Ruling from the WA State dept of ruling. It is written and signed by the XXXXX in charge. And there is no love lost there which compounds the problem

              Wac # 425-255-1123
              WAC # 425-255-8410

              Issue of the dept of $ is of club record. Issue with the ATF request are still in the President inner circle.

              Also I Was trying to get this out on Seattlegun.net and my account and thread was shut down and I was suspend from use. Do not know what to think of that.

            • sorrry to hear that i go all the time guess i wont now…

            • Be careful Sixpack It is still considered a firearms. There are many that were not required until 68 long arms. But all after 1898 are firearms. And are under the rulings of the ATF

          • Looks like I would become an outlaw

            • Where I live everyone would just ignore them anyhow.

          • Why would anyone comply with a law and turn in all their good guns and then violate the law and manufacture a cheap piece of crap gun to use. Makes no sense to me.

            • I like paper only sales.

          • Since crime has gone down, tptb must expand the definition of crime. We the Paople that are God fearing, home schoolers, veterans,etc.. have become the terrorists;hence law breakers hence criminals.
            To grow your own crops is a crime? To posses a weapon (gun) will be come a crime.
            Australia banned guns and what happened? Crime sky-rocketed. No thank you libs, I’ll fight to keep mine and fight to help others keep their’s.

            • @drd:

              …I’ll fight by your side…

              …U.N. small arms treaty is an act of war…

              …traitors can come to the park and try out my new swing-set—–attached at the neck…


              ..I’ll see you on the beach……OOOORAH !!!

            • HAHAHA! Oh god the guy below me you are wonderful 🙂

              My Colt M4 and I stand by you

          • Keep in mind that in the 20th century governments killed almost 1/3 BILLION of their own citizens—NOT including war. Democide dwarfs all private crime.


            This is about protecting YOUR life and the lives of those YOU love from the plans of the banksters.

          • The self-appointed “elite” will likely achieve their ban by other means.

            Note that George Soros’ Cereberus Group has bought many important USA gun and ammunition manufacturers.

            Tried to buy surplus ammo lately? Seen the prices of the commercial alternatives? Noted the prices of quality firearms lately?

          • But if everyone is an outlaw who are the “inlaws”?
            What is the point at which the boat flips over?
            I think guns are like bathtub gin from the prohibition years.

        • First reason is because our Founding Fathers knew that a well armed citizenry could not and would not be easily shackeled. That was their reason for the right to bear arms and time and circumstances have proven them right.

          • YOU ARE WRONG. The first reason is because God knew His Children could not and would not be easily shackeled.

            He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. – Luke 22:36

            Pick your Bible, any Bible, and give me something different.


            • Has anyone in here ever woke up alone? It’s painful. Anyone offering silent prayers would be appreciated.

            • I have been coming to this site for quite a while because of what i read in the comments. I get more out of those than I do the actual article. There are alot here that have the gift or whatever it is to be able to get what they have to say across. After seeing what I have seen for the past 45 plus years, I have come to the conclsuion that god is the cause of the death and destruction that happens in the world. with all the different religions and sects and beliefs, it is no wonder why it happens. For example, some guy that has been brainwashed, straps a bunch of explosives to hiself then goes into a crowd of people who do not believe as he does, yells out some reference to who he is listening to or some other reference to his god then sets it off to take out as many as he can looking for a reward in the after life. If you do not do what my religion/beliefs dictate then you are an infidel/non-believer/anti-semetic or insert some other name here and must die. If you do not do this or do that, you will not reap any of the rewards. So, if all everyone who believes this or that and is looking for some kind of reward, then you are greedy. Puppets on a strings is what it reminds me of. How can anyone beieve there is only one that can get you to a place that no one has never seen, never mind physically been there and came back to tell us about it….unless they were on some kind of drugs. The only so called “proof is what some have said is written down then and there are plenty of examples of people in high places have said one thing and meant or done the opposite. How could you possibly believe it? There were at least 10 humans that pre-date christ that have the same characteristics or characteristics that come so close to each other, if you didn’t see their face, you wouldn’t know which is which. Religion has convaluted EVERYTHING on this planet and those who have been brianwahsed to belive the whole thing will be in such a stupor when they find out it was all for nothing. if everyone beleived the bible, like they claim to, and do not live up to it word for word is a hypocrit and if they did, there would be no room for politically correct anything. I know i will get flamed for this and that is to be expected when someone has been brainwashed to believe what they have been told is the absolute truth….almost like believing everything the governement tells you when they are the ones that cause most of the problems then rush in to say “We have the answer”! and then how many people will believe it. Don’t bother with name calling because that will just prove my point. You have to have an open mind and be able to see the big picture instead of the little petty stuff that goes on. anyway, just my half a cents worth.

            • @ eh

              I agree with you on one thing you said. That religion is responsible for alot of the pain and suffering on this planet.

              It is not GOD that is responsible for all the death and misery in this world. It is man! Men do these things not GOD. They may do it in the name of Religion, but religion has nothing to do with GOD. The problem begins when men think it is a good idea to believe a religion that teaches them to kill other humans.

              I consider myself to be a Christian. Christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life. Just like some of us on here don’t consider ourselves to be preppers-it is our way of life.

              I seem to offend alot of people at my church just because I will admit that I have doubts about God. Like who he is, what he wants or does he really exist? I guess they think that if you don’t believe in him 100% without question then there is no way you can go to heaven. I believe that it is natural to have those thoughts and questions. I also have faith and a hope that he does exist. After all I really hope that MAN is not really the most intelligent being in this world. If so we are all in alot of trouble.

              We are all going to need Him before all of this is over.

        • The nanosecond that any government decides to take away their citizen’s right to protect themselves and their families, that government has started a deep rotten road to the crapper. It has been proven time and time again over the course of history that when you take away the ciyizen’s right to protect themselves, crime goes up sharply. Criminals are mostly cowards that are predators that prey on the weak, and will seldom if ever try to take on someone that is packing a firearm.

          It infuriates me at the shear wickedness of countries and states and counties in the U.S. that even ban stun batons and make it extremely difficult for people to even obtain pepper spray. The ONLY reason behind this is that they want to put their heavy thumb and iron fist down on those that won’t take becoming a victim and actually fight back against an attack. Anyone that wants to own self protection is not a sheep and that is someone that the government cannot easily control.

          Anyone that is “out” of the flow of the government’s control is considered an “outlaw” even if they have not done anything illegally. The government sets all sorts of mind traps that the common person falls into like; the police are the only ones to protect you, you don’t have a right to kill or hurt someone even if they want to kill, rape, or assault you, or it is all for the courts of your peers to decide a criminal’s fate. Governments will gradually take away firearms and eventually everything that they consider a weapon.

          It is more than just gaining control over the firearms and other weapons out there. The governments, U.S. including, want to gain control over people’s minds and turn them more into the common obedient robots than they are now. When you take away someone’s right to defend themselves they become that much more depended on the state to take care of them and protect them. It is much more insidious than people realize, the banning of guns. There is a much higher plan with taking away people’s right to defend themselves than getting rid of firearms.

          A nanny state is something that is awful because the government absolutely DOES NOT have people’s best interest. The more dependent something is, the more absolute control that providing what they need has. The mere threat of cutting off that dependency CAN AND DOES make individuals fall into total compliance, without even having to fire a shot. This is what is so terrifying is that a government can obtain most firearms through offering your firearms for food after a disaster.

          This is the trend that most disturbs me the most, the total willingness of most the population to freely give up their rights for convenience and in the empty promises that the state gives. Unfortunately when the majority of the population agrees with a terrible new law such as a gun ban, it can pass. Then those that want to maintain their basic rights as a human being to defend themselves have the choice of going to prison for illegal firearms if they are caught or surrending them. Terrible choices.

          You would think with the large gun ownership in the United States that there would also be a large number of people preparing, not just 1%. This kind of tells me that MOST people would give up their firearms under the “wrong” circumstances. You would think that someone that owns a firearm would cherish that freedom and fall into the survival notion and the need to protect that freedom of gun ownership. You would think and hope that the people preparing would be more like 25% or higher. Not seeing this shows that MOST people will just hand over their firearms without much of a hassle. I sure hope I am wrong about this.

          • Thanks Be informed. Your comment is far more coherent than the original article, which was so poorly written I could hardly detect a cogent train of thought. Not to mention that you managed to articulate (very well) the same ideas without insulting whole swaths of the population who consider themselves liberal/progressive, and yet who also own guns and are strong supporters of 2a. There are many of us, and if the article author was smart he would stop mouthing the same propaganda that spews out of the televisions across this country.

            Not everyone who is socially liberal believes in a “nanny state” just like not everyone who is socially conservative believes that women are second class to men. I wish this website would stop posting insulting, false caricatures of the citizens of this country. They are the same lies the MSM has been telling for decades now, serving only to divide us and teaching us to scapegoat our neighbors.

            Be informed, you bring up one excellent, critical point: many people are “asleep” and far too willing to trust the government, even with their guns. I believe many people would “fall in line” if only out of fear, and those people are not all liberals either. I know many so-called conservatives who fervently believe that if we just got the liberals out of power, all would be well with this country, thereby paving the way for fascism. They may even be the first to vote for a police state, “protecting” them from those evil progressives. They are kidding themselves just as much as the folks who want a European-style nanny state, complete with free health care for everyone.

            The banksters are neither conservative nor liberal, folks. They are only out for themselves, and love it when sheeple fight amongst themselves, calling each other names. Think.

            • @ Sarah. Whether liberal, conservative, progessive, or whatever someone wished to be identified with, the trust in the government is exactly what so many are getting themselves into troble over. Even the best intentions of a government to care for their people, which is rare or non-existent anymore, only so much can be done with the resources that are there. Taking away a basic right of protection because the state feels that they can do the job of protecting someone far better is extremely unrealistic. How can a tiny little lady of say 100 pounds defend herself against a 6 and 1/2 foot tall muscle bound 250 pound pervert trying to rape her without a weapon of some sort and no policeman around? Can’t be done, as it would be the same as one of these politicians taking on a silverback gorilla or a bigfoot or something.

              This is something that too many in any form of power that actually might retain some form of decency don’t understand, true hard core reality. Even taking away every last firearm will not curb crime, as much of the crime is done without a firearm. Taking away a good honest person’s given right to defend themselves is empowering the criminal. There are many states that have banned stun guns and stun batons, even TASERS, and IF many people had been carrying one their lives could have been saved or they could have avoided been severely injuired by not just criminals, but dangerous animals like vicous out of control dogs.

              Those in power that don’t have the best interest of people absolutely want people to be completely reliant on them, as this means complete control over them. A similar example is the way they keep the raptors and other birds half starved at these bird parks so the birds don’t fly away and will perform for the well paying audience. This is not true at all wildlife parks, but I knew someone that was really involved in this and told me that these birds would only be feed when they performed well and on cue. Birds are quite intelligent and did what they were told so they could eat. The governments of the world deploy similar tactics with their people, so the people become so dependent on the state they will do just about anything to obtain what they need.

              You are so correct about the super elite, they are no affiliation to anything other than themselves. It is an ugly oligarchy that people don’t understand because it is so well hidden. Those that think for themselves, the mavericks, those in power cannot stand. Those that choose to use their minds regardless of their beliefs, are big time problems for those in power because they do think. When they convey an idea and get others to think then these people become the maverick that draws more of the herd away from the well established boundaries that they want to keep.

              There is still some individuals, thankfully, that will not take this garbage that those elistists try to shovel down our throats, and one of these is taking away a person’s right to defend themselves. This is why I said there is something much more insidious to taking away people’s guns than getting rid of the firearms themselves. Right now, the U.S. government has the technology to pick anyone off with a drone strike that they want gone, Israel does this all the time in Gaza with militants that are just as well armed as anyone in this country. It is the control factor with firearms bans that they want.

              It is far easier to condition the population with subtle non-detectable means than to attempt to strongarm the population into compliance. This is what worries me more than the government trying to force people to give up their rights, that enough people will surrender their freedoms without any resistence and go along with the enslavement process like cows that gladly walk into the cattle cars blindly. Moo, Moo, Moo.

            • @ Sarah

              Women are DIFFERENT from men. That does NOT make them “second class.”

              Prosecute the dynastic banksters for their economic crimes against humanity and prosecute their Zionists for their genocide. Run every last one to ground. Hold the trials and punishments in Nuremberg.

          • Be informed; the elite are self proclaimed elites (wanting us to think of them this way). We that think freely know that they really aren’t elite, just plain old freeloaders.
            You’re right, they can’t understand or even comprehend our way of life and thinking process (paraphrasing). They don’t realize that we’re not in love with our fire arms, we understand the need for them and the nature of man. There are only two types of people; givers and takers. Those that want to remove our basic freedom of ownership of guns are takers as are most gov’ts.

        • Kevin, I love the way you snuck the first into your comment. PERFECT!!!!!!!

        • Yep! And that includes all the criminals in DC who call themselves ‘politicians’…

        • A gun ban will not work because I own a gun and will use it to enforce my right to keep it.

          • How brilliant! So what happens when guns are outlawed? You start shooting cops?

            They’re not going to confiscate guns until the economy has tanked and after Obama declares martial law. Then they can bring in foreign soldiers through the UN to do their dirty work. They will be BRUTAL. They will kill whoever resists along with their families. Human life means nothing to people who want to go along with the UN’s agenda 21 approach to human depopulation.

            • Guns can not be outlawed by any legitimate authority. I will only shoot at someone who tries to take my guns in violation of the Law. It would be far better to die protecting your guns than to spend years in the corp slave camp after you give them to it.

              Do you really think that Obama is going to “declare” martial law? It may be applied, but it will never be declared.

              The UN is a legal fiction and it’s agenda is to control it’s resources, including the people it conquers and turns into sureties for persons it creates.

              It will not conquer me. And there are a lot more where I came from. It may get BRUTAL as you say, but most likely for those who try to attack within the country.

              All that is needed is for about 5 out of 100 to resist by shooting Lawbreakers when they are committing crimes against them on their own property. Then they will think twice about participating in such crimes.

              It will be war, but not because the people want it.

      2. I hope a gun ban will not work because of the fact that the crime rate is going down as more households have their own arms. That should be easy enough for the American people to understand.

        • The Clinton “assault” weapons ban caused a lot of Congressman to lose their seats the following election giving control of Congress back to the Republicans.

          • You really want to give control to the Republicans of Democrats?

            No! Someone with the heart of David like Ron Paul or Nothing!

            • You mean the ultimate pork filler of House Bills that he knows will pass, pads them with A LOT of pork, then votes against them? Or maybe a 30+ year professional politician who knows the ‘beltway’ games? No, maybe an unapologetic homophobic, or then again maybe you would like an ultra isolationist? Is that who you are talking about? But I know, that can’t be Ron Paul. Yeah, Ron Paul, that’s who we need. Not!

            • What? You mean the ultimate pork filler of House Bills that he knows will pass, pads them with A LOT of pork, then votes against them? Or maybe a 30+ year professional politician who knows the ‘beltway’ games? No, maybe an unapologetic homophobic, or then again maybe you would like an ultra isolationist? Is that who you are talking about? But I know, that can’t be Ron Paul. Yeah, Ron Paul, that’s who we need. Not!

        • I had a dream the other night that my grandson was up for show & tell and had brought a well worn antique AR-15 and kevlar helmet that his grandpa had carried in the second civil war…..the very same items that sit new in my closet today….. i’m not sure how much i believe in premonitions and all that but it got me thinking about this kind of thing, I think the third argument is the strongest, sooner or later a line is going to have to be drawn, and each of us must decide for ourselves at what point they have gone too far….

          • My grandson will bring in a Tidy Bowl blue UN helmet with a bullet hole through it and tell the story of how grandpa bagged his first smurf.

            • Dan Fong: Sorry to burst your bubble “Dan” but everyone is going broke so fast, especially Europe, that you won’t get the chance to shoot any smurfs like you did in JWR’s book. No money=no NWO. But cheer up Dan, you’ll get your chance to deal with some really bad guys like the gangs outlined in both of JWR’s books, and in “One Second After”. Mobile organized gangs with some military training will be the real challenge. And you’ll get to warm up on the local thugs and clowns who think they’re tough. It’ll be like varmit (marmots, squirrels,ground hogs,etc.) shooting practice prior to deer/elk hunting season. Stay sighted in.

          • Jesus Christ drew a line in the sand. You must not be far from God, Sir.

        • These things can be held self-evident:

          Some can’t understand anything outside of their brainwashing. Some can’t see beyond their own fear.
          Some can’t think for themselves.
          Some can’t understand beyond what they’ve been told.
          Some can’t revolt without permission.
          Some can’t disobey a life’s worth of programming.
          Some can’t believe what they can’t see on TV.
          Some have already surrendered, if only in their minds.

      3. Hiya Kevin

        I know there Are many that would love to see firearms banned in the US. I cannot understand this. To me it is a deterrent to those wishing to do an individual harm.

        I have no such deterrent there is little doubt in the mind of an attacker that he/she would get more than superficially hurt.

        To those that would see the US disarmed. I say this….you are out of your minds, the bad guys and i include government will have weapons and will use them willingly against a population that has been disarmed.

        Take care

        • Off topic

          Germany has just had their rating cut from AA-to A+

          • @burt- have you heard abou this?

            Breaking Reports: Cyber Bank Raid in Progress Targeting US, UK, Euro-zone Banks*

            UK’s Sky News has just reported that a huge worldwide cyber bank raid is ongoing- €60 million have been confirmed stolen through 1 server, and a total of €2 billion is estimated to have been stolen through an additional 59 servers!

            The doc over at silver doctors.com

            Sky news pulled the story allready.

            • Don’t keep any money in a bank that you can’t afford to lose!

          • We will see more news like from Europe in the coming weeks or months.

            • Scout motto

              I assume that the US is the same as here and everything goes through the banking system. It is impossible to collect salaries and payments without using the banks and obviously the worry is that it will vanish before people have a chance to get the money out.

              A great deal of shit has been caused by the RBS fiasco, I think you are right, there is much more to come.

              Take care

        • As a personal pet peeve FFS stop using the term ‘bad guys.’ your audience has an IQ over 60.

          • Rafter an

            I do not recall having to satisfy you with terminology I use. Don’t be so bloody rude

            Take care

        • Burt- Firearms are also a deterent against tyrany and that is why they want to get rid of them. Tyrany cannot exist as long as there are those prepaired to face it with arms.

        • Burt the Brit:

          “government will have weapons and will use them willingly against a population that has been disarmed”


          They own the technology that they sell to us. These truly are the times that test men’s souls.

        • I share your sentiment on banning guns. That would be the end of this country. Civil War will break out on that mandate.

          One only needs to look at Syria however, and the fact the USG has thousands of Drones in the air already. The USG has a technological head start. Millions of mercenaries with equipment we don’t even know how to use.

          Mortar Rounds will scare most into submission. Like the founding fathers, we’ll need foreign assistance to emerge victorious. How many patriots will step up when Martial law is imposed?

      4. i agree so were do we go from here

        • Testing. I’ve been getting a 404 error all day when attempting to post.

          • ” GOD WILL’S IT !!! ”

            “ASK HEYZEUS your beaner gardener TO FIX IT !!! ”

            *** @pp its da’ feds filtering you out – blocking you . you need to change up your comp name , workgroup , renew your comp i.p. address .

            *** if that doesn’t work , go to ninjacloak.com .

            *** also break down your posts to smaller encrypted sentences , change your name / name format .

            hope this helps you ya’ “BIBLE SMOKER !” . ;0)


        • Blameless to Heaven.

        • Withdraw your consent to be governed. Morally, we have no obligation to heathen scum. Are these words inviting a jack booted assault? Yes! But I no longer give a rat shit. It’s coming anyway; so why would sooner be worse than later?

        • I understand that those drones are fatally disrupted by a strong laser beam aimed properly—a friend of mine once built a pretty damn powerful laser unit with a few bucks and some scraps…

      5. I would place the greatest stock in the third argument. Whatever arguments the airheads use against firearm ownership, the bottom line is not whether or not those arguments are practical, it is that, “freemen shall never be debarred the use of arms”. Thank you Mr Jefferson. The operative word in his statement is of course, “freemen”. Only slaves or serfs may be disarmed.
        Sic Semper Tyrannis!

        • Or as Burt the Brit might say
          “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves
          Britons never ever ever will be slaves”

          or as every good son of sam says
          “stand strong until freedom dawns”

        • Agreed. The third argument is the first in my book.

          • @arco says —but we shouldn’t have to argue about this in the first place…

      6. Chicago IL, is the perfect example why gun control laws don’t work. Chicago have some of the most strictest gun laws in the country and yet gun violence is up 35%. and yet Detroit MI, which allows a gun for home defense is the justifiable homicide capital of the U.S. meaning the bad guy is the one that is losing the fight. the bad guy have a hard time killing when they are getting shot back at.

        • I live on the fringes of Crook Co and have every legal right to keep a firearm in my home for defense. Even residents in the city can own a gun if they take classes and re-new the registration every year and own a FOID card.
          Besides, it’s the murder rate that’s up 35%, not gun violence. (I know, not much of a dif)

          Home defense shootings aren’t the problem in Chicago.
          Intruder comes in-I shoot him-no problem.

          • Don’t call the police, dispose of the perp yourself. You WILL get sued by the perp family. I have police in my family, this is what they have told us. Swamps are a good disposal place, coyotes etc. will take care of the body.

            • Seriously??! Not gonna be dragging a corpse to the swamp.

              ‘Old man in Chgo shoots intruder -woulda been ok but he didn’t have a FOID card so old man gets booked. If only he’d smashed his head with a bat instead cops said…’

            • That’s Chicago for you, in the South the rules are different, when you take care of the situation yourself and no one else knows.

            • Me Says: Hell, in Detroit, the police take hours to respond, if at all because the city is broke. Other towns will follow suit because they have all over spent and will be cutting services. Unless you live in a big city with a lot of cameras or you are in a large mall on the weekend, any shootout you find yourself in will likely be go little noticed , if at all. When most folks hear gun fire these days, they duck for cover. If one doesn’t wish to make a ‘big deal’ out of it, one can calmly walk away from the scene. If one was smart enough, a revolver would be used because there would be no shell casings to recover. But even if a semi is used, I’m sure a smart gun owner would have used latex/nitril gloves when cleaning and loading his weapon-to prevent body oils and such from touching the gun or the ammo-prevents corrosion you know. And should one find himself heading home after being forced to use his gun, he would probably clean it completly-corrosion begins immediately after use. And of course, washing one’s clothes and body, especially the hands and face, is also prudent; all that powder and lead can harm the skin and clothing. And should the authorities show up at your home, one is not obligated to answer the door or to even speak to them unless they have a warrent. Should one find themselves being questioned by the police in a custodial situation, never speak to them without an attorney present. Even if you are being questioned as a ‘witness’, you’re under no obligation to assist the police in their investigation. And always insist on your 4th and 5th amendment rights. The cops are not your friends and they are not there to ‘clear’ you as a suspect. Imtimidation only works on those who don’t know their rights, so know yours and keep your mouth shut.

            • …and you believe everything the government tells you? Of course, the police in your family WON’T be the ones handing in their guns and getting killed…

          • Remind yourself of this when you are sitting in jail for protecting your family. Google it.

            • This is exactly what has to stop. NO ONE should go to jail for protecting themselves or their family from harm…No one. At least IF you do go to jail, your family will be ALIVE to visit you. A trade I’d be willing to make.

            • Come to West Virginia. Recently a man was robbed at knife point after cashing his paycheck at Wal-Mart. He was carrying so immediately chased the guy down and shot him dead in the back. He was arrested, but later released without being charged.

          • That’s Chicago for you, in the South the rules are different, when you take care of the situation yourself and no one else knows.

          • @lil bit
            1st im sorry u live close to Chicago.But what I wanna say is yes owning a gun isn’t too much of a problem but wouldn’t it be nice to CARRY it with you when walking down the street? The guy snatching chains and pulling people out of their cars is. How easy would it be to get ur gun out of ur glove box and your loaded clip out of your trunk so I can show this guy he picked the wrong car when ur staring down his barrel? Jet saying… Wouldn’t it be more fair to pull the same punches as them? Owning isn’t enough. To ly understanding we r the only state left without concealed carry. I blame Chicago. You can defend it but I hope that City has another great fire!! But for now I’m looking for a job on greener pastures. (Missouri sounds real nice these days)

      7. Not really a gun or firearm, but once while I was in High School, I built a spring-fired piece that would fire a shotgun shell via trip wire to keep deer out of a garden. Took only an hour or two, using stuff that was collecting under my Dad’s workbench and a welder. It was built to only scare the deer, but could have been made lethal with just a little more time and pointed to a target rather then just up in the air.

      8. Too bad all my guns are at the bottom of the nearest lake, canoeing accident.

        • So weird! I had a canoeing accident and lost mine too… I know, I know – I’m stupid for leaving them in the canoe….

          • Beefcake/Mac

            You lot are very accident prone, especially when in comes to firearms and water. It seems everytime any of you go boating losses are incurred lol

            Take care

            • I know, I know thats why I don’t have guns anymore. As soon as I buy one I drop it in a lake. Weird huh?

            • Rivers are quite hazardous too—once it goes over the falls, it is gone…

          • Lake Tahoe is just a wonderful place to canoe….water is so deep….they can’t even explore the depths yet and find my guns!

            • Kim

              Not you as well? There are so many of you having these problems of late. A great deal of bad luck seems to follow you lot around. If I was a lesser woman I may think there were a few porkie pies being told on here. However, as you are such an honourable bunch of people I will accept entirely what you say.

              Take care…especially if carrying weaponry near water.

            • Yeah the same thing happened to me on Moosehead lake. Maybe i should take a course in basic canoeing. Take care.

          • Remember the feds say they can use what you post on forums and comment sections as evidence against you, in a court of law, the scales of justice dictates that I/we can then use my/our posts as documented proof of unfortune events.

            My swimming kitten induced boating accident is well documented in shtfplan comment section.

            • Kevin

              You saved the kitty, an honourable indeed to put the life of an animal before his gun collection.

              Take care

            • @Burt the Brit — I can see why everyone takes their firearms to the lake or river, you never know when you might happen upon an aggressive trout!

          • What were you thinking? LOL

          • Mine were stolen…such a pity

            • I sold all mine to some dude. ID? Private sale didn’t check, can’t remember his name. Receipt or cancelled check? He paid cash. Deposit slip? Don’t trust banks so I spent it to buy junk silver and real nickels.

            • Took all my weapons to the desert and sand storm buried everything, cannot locate site, as I was wandering the area. Any body have some advice????

          • Unfortunately, while on vacation some punk thugs broke in our house trashed it and took everything that was worth something, including my guns.

        • i know you guys are just joking but if the gov came for our guns it wouldnt mater if you had possesion or not.
          no gun off to the fema camp
          also in fl the state doesnt have copies of the paper work all they know is that it was called in to see if you could purchase a gun. the dealer is required to hold the paper work for 25 yrs. i have a feeling that alot of documentation would come up missing or have been lost

        • …”No Sir, Mr. Stormtrooper, these are not my guns. I took them off some other POS that looks just like you. I’ll be havin’ your guns now, ‘sides, gators gotta eat too.”

          ..Come and Take ’em….and your little dog Toto too…

      9. This is why they’ve weaponized viruses and chemical agents, no need to confiscate….just a clean-up crew.

        • Infidel

          Sadly, you may have a point there

          Take care

      10. Kevin

        Thanks for that. I would assume that the crap we have been fed about RBS and Nat West is likely a part of this.

        That’ll be another half a dozen Russian oligarchs buying £5,000,000 properties in London with a suitcase full of cash…am I entitled to a timeshare in the house if some of my money paid for it?

        Take care

      11. The author of this piece is simply reiterating what all pro gun advocates know and believe. I’m actually kind of stunned a minimal tax on ammunition wasn’t in the health care fiasco since they believe bullets are responsible for so much injury and urgent care. Hand Gun Control Inc. and anti gun advocates like Holder (who stated in 1995 that we have to brainwash America about guns) haven’t made more progress in making guns so much more expensive they become property of only the elite – like in many European countries. Give them time or worse – a second term – and it could easily start.

        On a related topic I often disagree with my fellow prepper’s about ammo. If I ever run out of ammo our world probably isn’t worth living in any longer. Seriously folks I enjoy my firearms, I collect them, and I stock up supplies (cleaning, reloading, and ammo) for them. God forbid I would ever run out of ammo – cause if I did I’m one really bad shot (not) or our population just took a hit. And I know many who collect more than I do. Do the MATH please. 60 million gun owners, 10% serious gun owners like me, and that is 6 million x what in ammo? I’m just going to say 10k rounds? That is 200 rounds of ammo for every man, woman and child in this country and I didn’t even get into the military or police. Ammo is an over sold commodity – right now.

        • Best figure I have seen is approx 7 Billion rds per year sold before Obama, around 12 Billion now. If true, it means we have been putting aside 5 B per year above what we were, for the last 4 years. That’s 20 Billion and we were stockpiling a bunch before. That would indicate we have enough on hand for all of WWII. I don’t know how valid these numbers are? Anyone got better.

          • thats probably pretty close…

        • Jim..if the intent of the PTB is to depopulate, why the huge move on our rights to have guns??
          1) we kill the bad guys
          2) we depopulate
          Isn’t that a win-win??

          • The best part is the idiots that want to take away our guns are the UN, Progressives, Liberal Idiots, and Commies/Socialists, and I forgot Lawyers. We depopulate the really stupid and can start over with common sense.

          • Their goals of lowering the population far exceed the mere 9000 per year in a population of 300+ million. They want NAZI numbers, Communist purge numbers and civilian firearm ownership has historically held back governments from state genocide.

            More people have been killed by their own governments in the 20th century then perished in war in the same period. All the groups persecuted we’re first disarmed by their respective governments. It’s a fact that all civilians disarmed have not been the focus of state sponsored genocide yet all civilians that we’re the focus of state sponsored genocide we’re disarmed by statue prior to the genocide taking place.

            Look at JPFO for the irrefutable data.

      12. Many of my guns were stolen a few years ago and I’ve got a police report to prove that I don’t have them anymore!

        Funny how they only took the semi-auto’s. Gosh darn, I sure do miss them, by golly.

        • Bearing false witness?

          • Government Guy

            I can see why you might thnk that lol

            Take care

            • Oh Gregory,

              If by my calling him a Troll, is what you mean bu name calling… are you serious?

              Plus, just like you and Joe, everyone has an opinion, right? But those like you and Joe, are the only ones who can voice them I suppose. When there’s a dissenting opinion, especially on the topic of Christianity, ours aren’t allowed, right? Sorry… that will never fly with me.

              Still waiting for you OR Joe to respond…..

            • Sorry… hit the wrong “Reply”… my bad.

          • I am not bearing false witness against anyone, which is what you mean.

            All Christian’s have a “duty” to defend themself and others. This is a right and obligation.

            • GG,

              We have to remember, our rights are given to us by God, NOT man. Therefore, The Bible is correct in what he says. It is every Christian’s (not the new-age ones, but the ones who actually read and understand the Word and don’t accept only what some other man tells them it means), “right” to defend both life and property, and other innocents. To do otherwise would be wrong.

            • OK… someone explain to me the 2 thumbs down? If it’s a non-God thing, never mind! But if you have a valid reasoning, then please enlighten us. I’d love to know who on here doesn’t believe that God gave you, me and every human our rights. If you think any other, then you are a slave to man, period! It’s either God who gives life, liberty, freedom and rights, or it’s man. If you believe man gave you these, then at ANY TIME a man can also take them away. Let’s have some Thomas Paine “Common Sense” here, shall we?

            • Thomas Paine has been mentioned. Read Paine’s “The Age Of Reason” in which he debunked the bible and how he was treated after its publication. Paine was a man considered a patriot during the Revolutionary War for his pamphlets but derided by those same people who considered him a patriot for merely pointing out the obvious, the bible is nothing more than a collection of myths, fables and legends, much like the koran or any other so called sacred book. I have my guns to defend myself against the religious zealots I see here who do not believe that religious freedom includes the right to be free of religion. So, when you come to try force your relgion on me, and I believe that is very likely given the comments I see here, I will gladly send you to your maker.

            • To the TROLL JoeinNC,

              (NOTE: To all the God-haters and Christian-haters, this post is not for you to lambaste and degrade. This is for the TROLL in NC)!

              I tell you what, I will interject a personal opinion here first, then facts.

              Opinion: you sir have no idea what you are talking about. There are enough haters of God here, and you can go elsewhere as far as I am concerned.

              1) Prove to me, and everyone here, that God and the Bible are myths. NOT INTERESTED IN ONLY YOUR OPINION!! Use FACTS! I will NOT waste my time on you by proving the Bible 100% accurate, or that it is scientifically, historically and archeologically PROVEN to be correct and accurate, until you spend the time to PROVE your claims. I will tell you this, NO OTHER “holy book” can claim the absolute accuracy of THE Bible… period!

              2) So, what you think then — seeing that you just “know” God doesn’t exist — is that your Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa was an ameba, right? So which of your relatives was the APE!?!

              3) I was referencing Paine for his COMMON SENSE, not his Christianity. But, since you saw it as your duty to use this post as your anti-Christian slam of the day… FINE! If you have the honesty within you (which I highly doubt) read the following and UNDERSTAND what I was referring to and WHY I was referring it!

              These authors (John Eidsmoe and Ben DuPre`)say it much better than I could, so… I will use a snippet from them…

              “Although he was an American revolutionary, calling Paine an American Founding Father is a bit of a stretch. He emigrated from England in 1774, just in time for the War for Independence. He never held elective office in America, although he did serve as secretary to a congressional committee. He returned to Europe around 1787, alternately claiming French citizenship while serving in the French Parliament and American citizenship when he was jailed by the French revolutionists and wanted American help, and he ultimately returned to America in 1802. He was so ostracized by Americans because of his attacks on Christianity that when he died in 1809, only six people attended his funeral.

              Paine had his detractors. John Adams called him an “insolent Blasphemer of things sacred” and said of him, “It is indeed a disgrace to the moral Character and the Understanding of this Age, that this worthless fellow should be believed in anything.”

              A century later, Theodore Roosevelt called Paine a “filthy little atheist” – an unfair assessment, because even in his sophomoric attack on Christianity known as “The Age of Reason,” Paine clearly and resolutely affirmed his belief in one God.

              But as a pamphleteer Tom Paine was sublime, and in this respect he made his major contribution to American independence. Gen. George Washington ordered that Paine’s pamphlet, “The American Crisis,” be read to the troops; and no wonder, for the pamphlet opened with a resounding call to arms:

              These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

              In 1776, Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense” sold 100,000 copies in the first three months after publication. But ironically, it struck a responsive chord with the American people because, regardless of what he believed, Paine based his arguments for American independence and against monarchy squarely upon the Bible:

              Government by kings was first introduced into the world by the heathens, from whom the children of Israel copied the custom. It was the most prosperous invention the Devil ever set on foot for the promotion of idolatry. … Monarchy is ranked in Scripture as one of the sins of the Jews, for which a curse in reserve is denounced against them. … All anti-monarchical parts of Scripture, have been very smoothly glossed over in monarchical governments, but they undoubtedly merit the attention of countries which have their governments yet to form. … But where, say some, is the king of America? I’ll tell you, friend: he reigns above, and does not make havoc of mankind like the royal brute of Britain. … The Jews, elated with success [in Gideon’s victory over the Midianites], and attributing it to the generalship of Gideon, proposed making him king, saying: “Rule thou over us, thou and thy son and thy son’s son.” Here was the temptation in its fullest extent; but Gideon, in the piety of his soul, replied: “I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you; the Lord shall rule over you.” Gideon doth not decline the honor, but denieth the right to give it. … These portions of Scripture are direct and positive; they admit of no equivocal construction. That the Almighty hath here entered his protest against monarchical government is true, or the Scriptures are false.

              Paine further argued that independence was God’s plan for America:

              Even the distance at which the Almighty hath placed England and America is a strong and natural proof that the authority of one over the other, was never the design of heaven. … The Reformation was preceded by the discovery of America, as if the Almighty graciously meant to open a sanctuary to the persecuted in future years, when home should afford neither friendship nor safety.

              Why, one might ask, would this “Blasphemer of things sacred” base his case for American independence on the Bible? Two possible reasons come to mind: (1) Paine believed the Bible when he wrote “Common Sense” in 1776 but later became a skeptic (unlikely, because he says in “The Age of Reason” that he began to have doubts about Christianity as a child); or, more likely (2) he didn’t believe the Bible, but he knew he had to base his case on the Bible or the American people would never accept it.

              Oscar S. Straus, secretary of commerce under President Theodore Roosevelt, declared that among the American colonists “the Bible was studied as no people excepting only the Jews had studied it.” Like the Hebrews of old, the American colonists were the “people of the Book.” They learned to read using the Bible as their basic text, and from the Bible they derived their worldview, their knowledge of right and wrong, and the way of salvation. Paine recognized that the American colonists were a deeply Christian people who would never assert their independence unless convinced the Scriptures justified them in doing so. According to John Quincy Adams, the glory of the American Revolution was that “it laid the corner stone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity.”

              And so, as this unbeliever used the Scriptures to make his case to a Bible-believing people, Thomas Paine’s infidelity is in itself a strong testimony to America’s Christian heritage.”


              Now, if you can answer ALL THREE questions WITHOUT opinion based attacks, then by all means, let’s continue an intelligent and coherent conversation. If not, then please… get lost!

            • I guess I should make it clear that question #3 was:
              Again, WHO was Paine, what again did he exactly believe, and WHY did I use him? Certainly not a reason for you, JoeinNC, to go on an anti-Christian rant armed only with HALF truths!!!

            • Even though I may not agree with everything V said, the fact is that was an old fashioned smack down!

              I’d like to see how joeinnc answers the questions. Maybe he’s smarter than me.

              Round one goes to V

            • V: Joe in NC said nothing about hating anyone or anything, you’re just assuming that if he and others don’t agree with you and your beliefs that they ‘must’ hate you, the bible, and God. Where’s the direct evidence-there is none! By calling the bible and other sacred texts myths is not hatred, it’s just a statement of his oppinion. I’m no longer a ‘real christian’ because I’ve seen so much hatred coming from the likes of you-you did start the name calling-especially from the independent Baptist churches I use to attend. You curse and damn eveyone who’s not like you with a hatred you take little pains in hiding. I’ve heard it a thousand times from various pulpits and now I’m hearing it from you. A tree is known by the fruit it bears, and the vile contempt you have for Joe is proof that God does not reside in you. You’re like most fundamentalists I’ve known-a phony. And please don’t bullshit me with the excuse that your anger is ‘just God’s righteous indignation speaking through you’. I know that after you read this, you’ll hate me too and have something especially nasty to say. If you were a real christian you’d feel sorry for Joe and me and you would pray for us, but I bet you won’t.

            • Gregory8,

              First of all, re-read my post. I never said he hated me, nor did I say I hated him or ANYONE else. Where do you read where I said that. Please, tell me! I told the “God-haters” that this post was not for them, and you know (if you were being honest) that those people exist right here on this site.
              Secondly, anyone, including yourself, who says any — let’s call it derogatory statement against God because I know your type… if I use “blasphemous”, you would attack that too saying that I am being “fundamental” (oh wait, you already did!). Anyway, anyone who, oh what the heck, blasphemes the name of God DOES HATE HIM and all that is associated with Him, including His children (Christians). Wiggle out of it to make yourself feel better, that’s fine. But you know it’s true.
              Thirdly, I SPECIFICALLY said I didn’t want his opinion, since he already shared it. I did NOT blast him on having an opinion. I asked him very sternly and matter-of-factly to BACK UP his opinions with facts. I really don’t know what post you’re reading Gregory, because you’re making all of this up as you go it seems.
              Fourthly, what name did I call him? Please, share that with me. You are again reading into it what you want to evidently read.
              Fifthly, you don’t know me! I am a stern believer in saying it straight up without pandering to any Politically Correct monitor. If you don’t like that old fashioned “hell and brimstone” approach, that’s fine. But DO NOT attack me for it. You are the pot calling the kettle black Sir!
              Sixth, I deal with facts, how about you? Like I already said, I am not going to waste my time “proving” anything to folks who could care less. To those who are searching for Truth, I will share all day long. To those like yourself, who make it clear that it’s, what did you say…. bullshit… then why would I waste my time on “proving” anything when your mind is already made up?
              Lastly, sorry… but NO ONE can decide if they are going to be a Christian one day, and then the next they drop it. It does not work that way. God created the family unit FIRST to show us an example of His family plan for His Kingdom. If you think you can just “get saved” and then decide, heck with it, I no longer am that, then you Sir have been deceived. It’s like this… can you EVER not be your Mom and Dad’s son? No! Why? Can you not do anything bad enough whereby they can “officially” disown you? No! Just as it is with God. When Christ enters your heart, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, you are not the one “choosing”, He is. And, once you are His child, no one, not even oneself, can break that family tie. Christ said that not even the Father can pluck you out of my hand. He was talking to His children who believed in Him. So, how in the world can you, or anyone, just decide to believe and then tomorrow decide not to and disown Christ and Christianity? It can’t be done. The only reasoning is… one was never truly a Christian in the first place.

              And yes, I pray for folks all the time, like it’s any of your business! And yes, I do feel sorry for people like you and Joe. However, I will not throw my pearls to the swine either my friend.

              Now, I assume I’ve answered your questions… please answer mine! You’ve threw all this into this, now “prove” where you are right, and I am wrong in what I’ve just wrote. Namely, your accusations directed toward me!

              I await your response….

            • Let’s try this again…

              Oh Gregory,

              If by my calling him a Troll, is what you mean by name calling… are you serious? That’s not calling someone a name … it’s fact. And a daily occurrence on any Forum. Please….

              Plus, just like you and Joe, everyone has an opinion, right? But those like you and Joe, are the only ones who can voice them I suppose. When there’s a dissenting opinion, especially on the topic of Christianity, ours aren’t allowed, right? Sorry… that will never fly with me.

              Still waiting for you OR Joe to respond…..

          • He didn’t say he saw who took them.

        • V: You must have some real chip on your sholder. I never said that you, or anyone else can’t have an oppinion, or that your’s is less important than anyone else’s. As long as we are still a free country, we can all express our thoughts, no matter how unpopular they are. What I find offensive is your ‘christian’ intolerance for those who don’t believe in your version of God. You vilify them and you call them names. In other words: you are a phony christian like the ones I spoke about in the various fundamentalist churches I attended as a young man. You’re so full of hate you can’t see straight. How do I know, because a real christian, if there really is one, would have responded in love and compassion for those he considers ‘unsaved’, but you sure as hell didn’t. So please, talk all you want, I sure don’t wish to slience you. Every word you utter is just more proof that you’re nothing more than a hate filled bigot who’d love to use violence, if necessary, to quiet those of us who disagree with you and your beliefs. Over and out-till I hear from you again Mr. “V” Hypocrite.

        • Oh yeah!

          I’ve watched that several times in the past. She is DEAD on.

          Thanks for the “memory lane” trip, it was time to see it again.

      13. Personally I’ll never give as charity or barter ammo. Anyone who knows you have enough to give away knows you have more than enough. I’d give it to my family and that’s it. No need to arm people while at the same time letting them know you have more than enough that you can spare some.


        God Bless.

        • yeah, PLUS they know exactly what kind of ammo you have on hand, and can probably figure what kind of weapons from that

          • That’s why I have stored 1000’s of .22 LR. I learned that from Rawles. Barter only .22. You’d be surprised what a box of 50 might get ya! Plus it doesn’t harm your OPSEC.

      14. Piece of threaded pipe,end cap with hole drilled in it, nail, hammer or rock and a shotgun shell. Oh yeah, and a paid up life insurance policy.

      15. They couldn’t ban guns now because there are too many of them.

        • No, but they can ban ammo, stock up NOW.

          • they cant ban ammo for the SAME reason they cant ban guns: there’s already way too much out there. By the time TPTB confiscated all the ammo we didn’t use, they would no longer be in charge.

        • “unusual” gun laws of swizterland? interesting how the guy talking in that video phrases that.

          I once saw a video about the swiss, they showed some footage of a guy grocery shopping with a mp-5 strapped to his back, walking down an isle,past some lady, and the lady didn’t even bat an eye.

          Do that here and BAM—SWAT TEAMED.

          Switzerland has constructed enough bomb shelters for their entire population, with a years supply of food.

          They ARE the last free republic in the world. The US? I don’t know WHAT the hell we are now.

        • soooo, that would be between 80 and 100 million people…. yeah, good luck locking us all down

          • They are working on it. After they get the majority to “self-arrest” and confine themselves, the numbers get smaller and smaller.

        • Your numbers are way off my friend!

        • Maybe this is why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world.

          (short Swiss video)


      16. There are probably 400 million guns in this country. The only way to get them is to kick in every door in the country at 4:00 AM and search the house at gunpoint. Not once, but several times. Even the lefties won’t stand for that, although some claim they won’t mind if it gets the guns off the streets. Can’t ask an illegal alien for his citizenship papers, or stop and frisk a gangbanger, that’s profiling, but they’ll cheer when the SWAT team kicks their door in.

        • From the movie Tombstone………
          Doc Holliday- “And you music lover, your next.
          Billy Clanton- “It’s the drunken piano player. He’s so drunk he’s probably seeing double”..(as he pulls his knife from the sheath).
          Doc Holliday-(says and he pulls two pistols out and points them at Billy)… “I’ve got two guns, one for each of ya!

          P.S You’re a daisy if you do!

        • Smokey

          Does that include the underwater ones or just those immediately available lol?

          They can call a ban if they chose, but that does not mean they will get all the guns, as you say, they would have to search many times. If banning something removes it from society we should all be living in a drug free utopia.

          I would suggest they do not have the manpower, storage facilities to hold what they loot, nor big enough courts and prisons to cope with the level of con-compliance that will undoubtably occur.

          Take care

          • Now that you mention it, it would take several hundred crack teams of divers to locate all the firearms at the bottom of lakes and streams, if this board is to be believed, enough guns to arm a small NATO ally reside in the depths.

          • The Government does not have enough people to do this!
            There are over 100 million registered firearms in America!
            Essentially the largest standing Army on Earth!
            Good luck with your confiscation assholes!

          • does that include all the ones from the fast and furious debacle that made it back home?

      17. I’m sure most here have heard this ladies story. (I have posted it before, but somethings are worth repeating)

        Video is clearing spam.


        On October 16, 1991, Hennard drove his 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby’s Cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, yelled “This is what Bell County has done to me!”, then opened fire on the restaurant’s patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and later a Ruger P89. About 80 people were in the restaurant at the time. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people and wounded another 20 before committing suicide. During the shooting, he approached Suzanna Gratia Hupp and her parents. Hupp had actually brought a handgun to the Luby’s Cafeteria that day, but had left it in her vehicle due to the laws in force at the time, forbidding citizens from carrying firearms. According to her later testimony in favor of Missouri’s HB-1720 bill[1] and in general, after she realized that her firearm was not in her purse, but “a hundred feet away in [her] car”, her father charged at Hennard in an attempt to subdue him, only to be gunned down; a short time later, her mother was also shot and killed. (Hupp later expressed regret for abiding by the law in question by leaving her firearm in her car, rather than keeping it on her person. One patron, Tommy Vaughn, threw himself through a plate-glass window to allow others to escape. Hennard allowed a mother and her four-year-old child to leave. He reloaded several times and still had ammunition remaining when he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after being cornered and wounded by police.

        Reacting to the massacre, in 1995 the Texas Legislature passed a shall-issue gun law allowing Texas citizens with the required permit to carry concealed weapons. The law had been campaigned for by Suzanna Hupp, who was present at the Luby’s massacre and both of whose parents were shot and killed. Hupp testified across the country in support of concealed-handgun laws, and was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1996. The law became part of a broad movement to allow U.S. citizens to easily obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

        • It’s too bad that things like this have to happen to get good legislation passed. IMHO there shouldn’t need to be a concealed carry law anywhere. We have the right to bear arms per the Constitution. Why do we need a permit to do something the Constitution allows?

          • We have to have a permit because we vote the wrong people into office. Vote them out and things will change for the better. Case in point are the 1994 and 2010 Congressional elections. The 2012 election is going to really brass off the gun banner radical lefties in this country.

        • I missed being there by 5 minutes.It has been on my mind ever since. What would I have done had I not caught that last minute phone call that said a meeting with my supervisor over lunch there was cancelled because he had had a heart attack. Yes, God does move in mysterious ways. I’m alive today to prove it.

      18. Gun control has little to do about guns and a lot to do about control.

      19. they would look funny trying to take all the guns away from all the millions of gun ownders in america who are fed up with this hitler style bull shit.
        these ass holes are blowing smoke out their ass.

      20. “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

        definition of infringed

        infringed- past participle, past tense of in·fringe (Verb)
        Actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.): “infringe a copyright”.
        Act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on: “infringe on his privacy”.

        Any of the multitudes of regulations, gun free zones, permits,limits on types or calibers, waiting periods, and outright bans( hand guns,semi auto evil ASSAULT weapons and real full auto comes to mind) all seem to me to fall under the definition of the word infringed and therefore are unconstitutional, But since when has that stopped them?

      21. there are two kinds of people in this world, those with guns, and those who dig…

      22. Gun control works in closed areas.

        It won’t work in America, since it is too huge.

        It works in Korea. There were lots and lots of guns after Korean War; somehow both Koreas seized all of them.

        It worked in USSR, both after the Revolution and after the War. Anyone who had a gun was declared an enemy of state and sent to gulag. It took them some time, but nobody but commies had guns after on year or so.

        • Ultimately it’s not control but rather gun confiscation.

          “It won’t work in America, since it is too huge.”

          The USSR was more vast than the USA. It may not be successfully implemented in the USA for other reasons but not because we’re too huge.

          Too many confuse firearms ownership with freedom believing as long as they are armed they’re free. If you have to hide your arms from your government your not free. If you can’t vote or your vote is meaningless because the potential choices are pre picked your not free. If your wealth can be confiscated your not free. If you can be incarcerated without charges presented before a grand jury your not free.

          We’re often more free then our peers but in reality we’re loosing freedom as time passes.

        • Don’t you just love it when ‘gun control’ is the approved terminology for confiscating guns from the civil population, prior to the civil population being exterminated or sent to labor camps?

      23. As I keep saying, guns are easy to make. An SMG in a week is achievable. BUT.. without ammo, they’re useless.
        Ban the sale of ammo to civilians and you’re in trouble.
        Reloading is one thing but making ammo yourself is impossible.
        Enter the next generation of weaponry…heh heh…

        • Yes, Arrows and stones!

          • A good compound bow and hunting tipped arrows can do some damage in the hands of someone who knows how yo use them well.

        • You can make ammo. You can make gunpowder. You can make shells. It is not impossible. If it were, the ammo factories wouldn’t be able to make it. It will be difficult because you will need a little chemistry and a little metalworking ability.


      25. If the take guns, they’ll then go after Bows and Arrows, crossbows, slingshots, spearguns, and eventually knives of any shape and size. It is all about control.
        I’m afraid of this poser in chief and his corrupt organization and the only way to get them out is to ELECT AND HOLD ACCOUNTABLE A NEW PRESIDENT, HOUSE, AND SENATE.
        I don’t like Romney but he can win at least over Obambi. We have to take the Senate away from Reid and the rest of the idiots. Get the RINO’s out, Grahm, Snow, McLame, McConnel and the rest. Resend the 17th Amendment and restore the senate to the states and NOT the Liberal Progressives.
        I know many like/love/worship Ron Raul but he doesnt have a chance at winning and a vote for him is a vote form oblammer. Change takes time to implement and the progressives took 120 years to get us to this point. Start local, vote, vote, VOTE, get everyone you know registered to vote and drive them there if you have too.
        We have to get rid of this socialist in November or there will not be another election…. ever.

      26. MOLON LABE !!!!!!

        • Read the whole post to see this phrase. Can’t beleive it’s this far in!
          Kudos Nam Marine. You win!

        • Come and get them

      27. You can’t have my guns. But I will be glad to give you my ammo. One well placed round at a time!

      28. OOOOOPPPPs, Just sold all my guns. Needed the food

      29. Gun control has way more to do with with control and, simply, to be dependent on police to keep you safe. (…which they can’t.) The illusion of safety that one has with police patrols is simply a fantasy. Because of this, police must keep up the illusion at all costs so that they can continue to patrol the streets, get paid, get grants and, simply, suck on government teet.

        Some say its about control, well, it is, but its the control of independence. Police don’t like do-it-yourself security personnel. Its hazardous to their employment. …and also, if they decide to be one of the bad guys (which they VERY OFTEN DO), then it is a threat to their life.

        As such, they have convinced most of the American people that guns are dangerous and they should only be in the hands of trained personnel. Well, just look at the statistics. Most of the gun deaths in this country are cause by THE POLICE.


        Sorry, but this issue angers me! It is the very most apparent use of word magic and lies that TPTB try to use against freedom and liberty. One of the main reasons America is different is because of our permissiveness of personal arms. It keeps us from being slaves and it keeps us from being invaded.

        People that argue against the carrying and use of arms for personal defense are ignorant morons that never held a gun or studied the results.

        • @NetRanger —you are my hero! You took the words right out of my mouth! Thanks.

      30. “A gun ban wont work because”..no one should ever comply.

        • Ah, but the sheeple in Chicago proves that logic wrong. All for $100.00 too! I guess those idiots would be the same ones selling their birthrights for a cup of soup with TSHTF!

          You’re right of course, VRF. But as I look around, it seems I see more and more who are apathetic, and complacent, than those who are like us. It’s a sad, and very frustrating thing!

          • WHEN the SHTF … not “with”. Sorry…

      31. Guns aren’t the only weapons. The human animal is a very clever thing when threatened.

      32. I do my own gun work and I can’t stand republicans. Or democrats for that matter.

      33. IMI(Isreali Military Industries)Began in a crawl space hidden under an industrial laundry and thier first ammo was made by hand out of brass lipstick tubes. This article is SPOT ON and still fails to mention those of us who dont put all of thier eggs in one basket.

      34. Sorry, gotta yank yall’s chains a bit.

        What Would Jesus Shoot?

        But seriously, two hands on the gun when canoeing!
        You guys and your slippery fingers.

      35. If all you folks dont do some thing about loosing youre guns while canoeing they will outlaw that too.

        • Well, I guess we’ll all be in great shape once we start swimming again…

      36. This is an example of how whacked out laws become and how a gun ban could be accepted by MOST of the population: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/dad-charged-assault-tossing-mcdonald-fries-daughter-210836547.html This person is facing “FELONY” assault charges for throwing french fries at his stepdaughter. If he is convicted he loses his rights to possess a firearm.

        Think about this for a minute, this occurred in massachusetts where romney is from. I would like to believe that romney would support 2nd. amendment rights but when you see this type of lunacy in the state in which he comes from, I would question that romney would be on the side of those that put freedom as a top priority. I also heard of all sorts of other anti-rational laws when he was governor there. In massachusetts it has been ALWAYS difficult to possess defense weapons such as certain concentrations of pepper sprays, romney did nothing to charge those regulations for people defending themselves. I sure wish Ron Paul had more support, he would preserve basic freedoms, ESPECIALLY that little piece of paper called the constitution.

        • ..and everyone will mentally add him to this country’s “criminal” list. The truth is, MOST “criminals” are NOT violent. This issue is the sneak attack on our 2nd amendment rights. Once they cook up enough “laws” to make us all or most “criminals” then gun confiscation will be complete an legal. It will be accepted. I’ve long held the idea that this is the way we will ALL be disarmed…one small, non-violent group at a time.

          After all—who can justify allowing a “criminal” to own a gun? Even if their crime was just for driving a motor vehicle on a suspended license…or pointing a laser pen at someone…or ? (fill in the blank)

        • you can make some pretty effective pepper spray in your kitchen. Just get a spray bottle that sprays a stream and you’re good to go. If you like to be warm, isopropyl alcohol works great too.

      37. Gun Ban?!?!? LOL.. I judge the area I wanted to live in by the condition of the road signs. Well… actually there’s so many holes in them they don’t qualify for road signs anymore.

      38. “My initial argument is the fact that if we cannot stop illegal immigrants or drugs from coming across our southern boarder, how can we prevent weapons from coming into this country.”

        Oh, but we can stop illegal immigrants. We’re simply making a conscious national decision not to do so at this time. :-/

        • We can stop illegal immigration in one month.

          Half year’s tax exemption for the head of one illegal. Pree passage to the nearest border checkpoint for those who surrender voluntarily.

          Within a month there are no longer an illegal.

      39. I believe that Holder and Obamas Fast and furious Gun running was ment to arm the mexicans so that they could trigger a false flag, or a staright up war between them and us.
        we were going to be used by our government as pawns for this game, with the eventual out come of dis arming us.’

        These traitors need to go to prison

        • Never ever give up your guns..we are being set up..you will need them

        • @vrf- Kinda reminds me of iran/contra.

          I would bet a buffelo nickle that ALOT of cocaine is also in the mix, as it was then.

          • What can you do when your troups are the ones protecting the crops that makes the government the most money?

        • My thought is that None of the details of the F&F program were supposed to ever see the light of day,having these weapons only affect Mexican citizens.

          I think Obumbler’s real motivation was to try to convince the american public just how easy it was for the Mexican drug lords to get evil semi auto assault weapons from the USA gun stores and then reinstate the assault weapons ban when big media proclaimed the public is clamoring for tighter regulations.


          Though a tragedy, Brian Terry’s death was not in vain. Inadvertently, his death by one of those guns very well might just have saved our second amendment rights, exposing this whole scheme that otherwise might have never been discovered.

      40. We the people are the target of our government.

        we are being set up..our own admin. has plans to start a war between the two countries..they were just arming the opposite side so there would be more blood shed.(F&F) and bring about the end of our second amendment rights and many more.
        we dont stand a chance as one person.. we need to come as one, but not alone, if you get me?
        yes your own government was planning on killing you..270,000,000 arms..and 3% owns them..all this hate the south americans was perpetuated by this goverment..same as the civil war just now in modern times with modern directives.
        I take the threat personally..
        there are so many ways the admin can strip you of your 2nd..easy as one person..like the guy who threw fries at his step brat, he is probably going to be tried as a felon..and with that conviction he will lose his 2nd amendment rights.
        Banding as one is the only way to save this county from the criminal acts of ths admin. (not really sure how to acheieve this)
        the Mexicans are not our problem..but they were going to make them our problem.(mostly the drug cartels and we know how vicious they can be).and they were doing a dam good job of it….so good infact, they got one of thier own killed in the process, and have been doing nothing but trying to cover it up ever since.( im sure more than one presidency is invoved here)
        arming the enemy or making someone an enemy and than arming them to be sure they could inflict bloodshed , to me is the ultimate Traitor to ones country and its people.
        they want war…any war..its how they feed, on us.

        • Or make the price of bullets/ammo out of the normal American family’s reach.

        • I believe you are mistaken that ‘fry guy’ will be convicted of a felony. Only time will tell who is right. BTW, I know several convicted felons who have guns so maybe the threat of further incarceration is not much of a deterrent. .

          • ok..so he wont be able to carry or own legally..that was my point..or part of my point

          • Wait, you “work for” the gov’t, yet you “know several felons”? Who, Rangel, Clinton, Reid, Bogovich?

            • dont forget Obama and Holder, Bush, etc…

            • Oh yes, silly me! I just didn’t want to list all of them. After all, it’d take up WAY too much room! LOL!

      41. Man I would sure like a sewing machine….

      42. Buying more ammo today. Don’t forget spare parts.

        • Remember, remember the fifth of November,
          the gunpowder treason and plot.
          I know of no reason, the gunpowder treason
          should ever be forgot…

      43. A gun ban would work fine. Obama waits until it hits the fan and declares martial law. The US brings in a foreign army through the UN. They make gun possession a death sentence for everyone in the house where a gun is found. When people use guns against the government or its foreign army the people are told to turn over the people involved and the guns or the army will come in with air strikes and wipe them out. Or they may send in that foreign army to separate the men from the women and children. They kill the men. They do whatever they want with the women and children. Men won’t fight if it means rape, torture, and death for their wife and children.

        • thats what they would like to hear… but they dont know me too well..do they?

          if anything an act as such you lay out, would make me seek 100 heads for every one they took illegally

        • Yes that’s true. But what if you don’t have any connections to anything or anyone else. Beware the wrath of a man with nothing to lose. . .

        • sound like what happened in Iraq…

      44. no gun ??? go home made chemical weapon for close combat defense –

        if they do take your guns , just buy a super-soaker water gun and fill it with a mix 50/50 ratio of tap water and cleaning ammonia .

        i guarantee this will stop “any FEDGOV GESTAPO attacker” cold .


        • They’ll just kill you and your entire family.

          • they’ll be blinded instantly.

            permanently if not treated asap.

            they can’t shoot what they / you can’t see.

            makes a good silent … cop police “mugger” water chem gun.

            combine this by following up with a good knife attack.

            your “protected” in close quarters.


            • your all limited only by your own imaginations in self defense .

              think of what your end result is , then build it .

        • until the ammonia eats up the rubber parts and you lose pressure…been there, done that.

      45. “Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.” — L. Neil Smith (Libertarian author)

        • Can I have a “Amen”?

      46. A gun ban won’t work because I won’t comply, and no one can make me comply. I am willing to lose it all and do almost anything to maintain the right to bear arms. That is a line in the sand that will change the whole approach to the discussion. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

      47. A response to “V” about GOD and the Constitution.

        I don’t understand why people get so hot headed when their beliefs are even minutely challlenged. I myself abhor all religon yet have full faith and love in GOD. I also believe in the Constitution allowing the people to believe as they want. Your rant was unjustified and way over the top in regards to JoeinNC. Calling him a troll for believing differently than you is nothing more than a defensive reaction from someone that does not fully believe in themselves. Have a little more faith in your faith and comments like his will have little effect on you. I agree with him about not letting any religon try to force him to convert to any faith. This country is about freedom for all to believe as they want to believe. Personaly after reading both comments I would trust Joe way before I would trust you post SHTF. People like you would just try to force YOUR beliefs down everyone elses throats.

      48. I reading a popscience magazine not to long ago. It was a 2012 issue I just cant remember. Anyway, everything you need to make powder is at lowe’s or homedepot etc. 1ST is charcoal
        2ND is sulfer which is found in the garden section for roses
        3RD is salt-peter which apperrently what is used in stump removal stuff.
        Now this may not be great stuff, but you could probaly use it in a black powder rifle or for other uses such as fireworks. The main thing is to grind each part seperately before combining them. Have not tried it yet but you might be able to find it on thier website.

        • That’s going to make a pretty poor gunpowder, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Granule size, ratios, humidity, etc., etc., are crucial.

      49. The real reason that outlawing guns will not work in the U.S. – There are over 275,000,000 “small arms” in this country (about a third of all those in the world). Texas has more National Guard, more State Guard, more military reserve, more retired military, more retired special forces, and more privately owned guns than any other state. (and that is not counting all the unregistered guns that still work but were made before registration of new guns was a requirement.) Gun sales last year in the U.S. skyrocketed. A number of manufacturers had to temporarily suspend taking orders, because they were too back logged.

      50. Whenever I see this, turn in your guns and get a gift card, it reminds me of how some people will do anything no matter what for money: http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin707.htm

        Figures that it is one of the hellholes of the country and BO’s hometown.

      51. Mr. Chatham is totally correct. My wife and I have lived in the third world about 1/4 of our lives and we have seen incredibly efficient firearms made out of junk. Somewhere in a closet in “Africa” is a shotgun made from a steering column and bits and pieces of metal. A file, a hacksaw, and a foot powered lathe were all that was needed to make a very shootable 12 ga. And as a boy I made a double barrel .22 out of some steel tubing and a mouse trap. Where there is a will there is a way. No ammo you say, well black powder isn’t that hard to make and the local “African” used match tips to make percussion caps. Great article.

      52. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you won’t have great difficulty with the law if you actually use it. Soon as a body shows up with a gunshot wound you’ll be liable. Something to keep in mind.

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