A Green Beret’s Guide To Low-Budget Home-Defense Techniques 101: “Early-Warning Systems and Fortifications”

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).

    early-warningThis article is the first in a series that covers hardening your home and some easy, low-budget alternatives for early-warning systems and fortifications.  For all the prior service members (especially 11-Bravos), parts of this will be basic: this info is especially for those who haven’t been in the military to introduce them to some fundamentals.  Please bear with me and do not feel insulted.

    We need to define a few terms that I hope you’ll come to use: cover, concealment, and camouflage.

    Cover provides you with just that: a certain amount of protection (depending on materials used) from small-arms fire up to the dam-dam (artillery).  Cover places that material between you and the aggressor to protect you from bullets, spears, etc.  Examples are walls, foxholes with sandbags, or log piles.

    Concealment, on the other hand, shields you from view, but doesn’t necessarily provide you with physical protection from attackers.  Examples here are thick hedges, bushes, or screens (such as for a duck blind).  You can have both:  a sandbagged fighting position (FP) with a hedge having its top running the length of the front parapet and slightly above it, obscuring the FP from view.  The hedge could also serve as camouflage of its own physical merit.

    Camouflage is the art of blending men or materials with the surroundings: a disguise.  The camouflage should be dictated by season, terrain, climate, and whether an urban or rural environment.  Obviously if you’re in downtown Chicago, you may be noticed wearing BDU’s and a drive-on rag, camo’d up and bedecked with small cut tree branches akin to the Swamp Thing.  You may also wish to reconsider walking around as a one-man forest with artificial leaves in the dead of winter.  The object is to blend into your surroundings as called upon by the moment/time of the year.

    All three factors can complement and mutually support one another: a protective masonry retaining wall (cover) behind some thick bushes (concealment) with happy flowerbeds in between the bushes (Better Homes and Gardens Suburban Camouflage).  You’ll have to take time to carefully spec out what features your property has and what you’ll need to add or detract.  Remember this rule:  do not permit your attacker to be able to use the FP against you in such fashion.

    Now let’s cover windows. Tiny Tim may wish to tiptoe through the window with a Molotov.  You can put a stop to this by covering the exterior of the windows with wire mesh.  I strongly recommend 2”x 3” rectangular wire-mesh/re-wire; either galvanized or coated, the heavier the gauge the better.  The wire doesn’t obscure any view and can accommodate your muzzle for a firing port (on movable windows that open).  The wire will help deflect rocks, grenades, and Molotov’s, the latter, I must say from experience being very bad.  A marauder can throw a log through it to pave the way for the Molotov, but the wire can buy you the time to deal with him first.

    Wire that doesn’t match your house can be painted with all-weather paint for metal using a brush or roller.  You can pre-measure your pieces and then attach them to the casing or the house with those U-shaped nails that electricians use.  The more the merrier, at the farthest edges all around to negate a pry-bar.  I strongly recommend this way, as screws can be unscrewed.  Very important: make sure there’s space between the window and the wire, to allow some give for the marauder’s projectile.  You may have to build it up on all sides with 2”x 4”’s to provide that space, but it beats a barbeque.

    Walk your property. Note down and commit to memory every critical distance and feature: front door to front gate, length and breadth of ground, dead space, and possible places for attacker cover and concealment.  Have your whole family participate and make it a group endeavor, taking special care to teach the kids the “why” part.  Assign each family member/cohabitant an area of responsibility to defend.  The Eighty-Deuce [I was in B Co. 2nd BN, 504th PIR (ABN) before I went SF] was great with repetition.  Our First Sergeant’s favorite sayings were “Repetition promotes a good follow-through,” and “How you train is how you’ll fight.”  Sound and true advice.

    Training and emergency drills for your family will cut down on the confusion should anything occur; repetition could be the deciding, winning factor for your family’s engagement.  I also highly recommend Motorola’s, one for each family member.  Teach them good commo and radio discipline and how to keep it short and sweet (KISS principle in effect).  Vox’s free your hands but they don’t have great range and solid objects such as walls can interfere with them.  Motorola’s are simple.  Keep it simple.

    If you’re in an area and State that you can do it, fence off your property and put a securable gate on it.  The fence can be supported/strengthened by blending natural and man-made defenses that will prevent or slow vehicles from entering a point other than the gate.  The gate is exactly where I want them.  Channel your attacker.  Funnel him into the areas he will be vulnerable to you.  Make sure to post signs inside of your fence about 10’ back and visible everywhere: No Trespassing/Keep Out/Private Property.

    If you can swing it, run the aforementioned rewire all around the fence on the outside (if it’s split-rail and post).  Cut stumps with their roots still attached make excellent “buffers” for the outside of your fence.  Space these about 10’ outward.  When snowfall comes, they won’t be able to be used as “Evel Knievel” ramps.

    With electronic sensors and surveillance you’ll have to tailor your system to fit your needs also taking budget, geographic location, and climate into account.  Here in Montana IR sensors aren’t too effective with steady temperatures of -20º F, not to mention if an EMP ever occurs.  If you have such a system, I recommend hooking them to an internal chime in your bedroom and not into lights.  If the intruder enters the property, the lights will let him know you’re alerted and light his way for him.  He’s already trespassing on posted property with dubious intentions; hopefully the “Castle Doctrine” applies to your state.  Better to localize him to the sensor he tripped, alert your family quietly, grab your NVG’s, and deal with him.

    I’m sure many of you have my mindset: preferring the Lensatic Tritium compass to the GPS-gadget.

    Here’s a low-budget “Uncle Caveman” alert system for you: 15-20lb-test nylon line, eye hooks, and cup hooks for a tripwire perimeter.  Secure one end stationary, and the free-running end tie to a bunch of aluminum cans with pebbles in them.  You can cover the whole perimeter of the house.  Just make sure you shield the cans from moisture and wind as much as possible.  Know where they are: you should practice walking around your house in the dark and knowing by feel how to avoid tripping them.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall: show those trolls who crouch and crawl!  Mirrors (4” to 6” round or square, convex are preferable) can be positioned on the corners of your porch and outside your windows.  You can also set long dressing-type mirrors outward from the corners of your home.  Is Tiny Tim squatting next to that front porch wall, with a baseball bat?  The mirror can show you.  Remember, they’re light dependent, and they also work both ways.  You must practice with them and train your eyes to use them regularly so that it becomes habitual.

    Remember with all of this, training for each and every member of your household is vital; with this training will come good feelings of confidence that will help quell fear and panic if an emergency arises.  It is good to train as a team.  Success brings family bonding and will help each of you develop confidence in one another, as well.  May it never have to be put into action, I wish for you.  In the next article we’ll cover tactics and defenses in depth for the home, and go deeper into the fortifications.  Finally (CYA-policy), be sure to check out all laws and regulations prior to taking any actions or utilizing the information in this article.  Have a great day!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Ankle sized pitfalls with bamboo spikes. Hundreds of em.

        • and covered in feces

          • What does a big buck do when the red coat army
            (deer hunters) invades his bailiwick?
            Take heed and save your ‘rack’ too.

            • Evade, watched a bunch of them lay down the other day when we were hunting, i was spotting and my friend was down moving close to them with his bow and i watched 5 just crouch down in the brush and cactus, my friend thought they took off so gave up and started walking back, they got up and ran when he broke a bunch of twigs as he was walking away,,,

              • I should have guessed you would
                have known that Kula, my friend.

              • The bed down with the wind at their backs and watch with eagle eyes as you come at them…..

              • Kulafarmer

                We still hunt and use dogs here. I have seen big bucks crawl away from does and bolt in the opposite direction of the does. A lot of times they will run in a straight line while the does circle. They are more cautious than the does. They also come out later than the doe’s. They are way more nocturnal.
                One exception is the rutt. Even then they are still more difficult. The best time to get the buck is when he is chasing his doe.
                Is this a lesson for us too. lol


                I have lost my rack once chasing a doe. For us old bucks now it is called divorce. Now I have found a wonderful doe. So beautiful and graceful. We are both very nocturnal lol.

                I mean no offense to the ladies here and hope you find this funny. I will use nice words for the joke as I am a gentleman.

                An old buck and a young buck get to the top of a hill. They look down and see a bunch of does. The young buck says to the old buck ” Let’s run down and screw one of those doe’s “. The old buck says to the young buck ” No let’s walk down and screw them all “

          • YES!! Hah!

            • Nice little article. I’d like to see more like this, maybe with more detail and content. Maybe some spec ops methods of moving without being seen, in addition to camo.

              • Nice article? You can get about the same level of ideas from watching “Home Alome”. I suspect that the writer has zero to little military experience. He also writes like a 6th grader.

                • I guess you missed the first part of the article: “low-budget alternatives for early-warning systems and fortifications. For all the prior service members (especially 11-Bravos), parts of this will be basic: this info is especially for those who haven’t been in the military to introduce them to some fundamentals. Please bear with me and do not feel insulted.”

                  a fair mistake i suppose.

                  • Nope. I didn’t miss the first part of the article at all. As I stated, you can get more sophisticated ideas from watching Home Alone.

                    The article is rubbish.

                    “The Eighty-Deuce [I was in B Co. 2nd BN, 504th PIR (ABN) before I went SF] was great with repetition.”

                    Because the Military isn’t about repetition, just the 82nd…

                    Its amazing how many big mouths were always SF or SEALS or …. especially anonymously on the internet.

                    I used to be the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

                    • I was combat arms when I was in the Army, and everything SFC Johnson said was spot on correct about his observations and repetition. Thats how training is taught and reinforced by my trainers and chain of command, when I was in training in 1991, and all through my career.

              • Dear Sixpack

                Thanks for the comment. I meant to tell you I took to heart some of your advice for the article I wrote pertaining to the Russians. Believe it or not, I have been reading your comments (and everyone else’s) for a long time. I have a tremendous amount of respect for your opinion, as well as others who write both in a sentient and a sententious manner. My compliments to you, Sir.

                My apologies if I offended your ethnic background with the earlier article. I did not mean it in that way; it was the furthest thing from my mind. I have the utmost respect for the Russians. They’re great fighters and thinkers and I know this from personal experience. Other than that, hoped you liked this one and soon I’ll be posting the follow-up.

                Jeremiah Johnson

                • JJ, keep up the good work! You must have seen
                  the Robert Redford film by the same name.

                • Jeremiah, do you do consulting work I am also in western Mt. and would like additional eyes looking at my situation thank you

                  • oh brother…

                  • Dear Jim,

                    I do perform consulting work depending on the scope of the project. Do you wish to communicate via e-mail? My editor pulled yours from the comment section just in case you wished me to mail you mine, as it is private in this manner. Just let me know.

                    Respectfully Yours,


                    • yes I do wish to communicate by email

          • Going all Cong on us are you

        • I live in a tract home in a suburb. 70,000 people. 2 story stucco house that’s typical in the Left Coast. Bullets will pierce through stucco as far as I can tell. Anything that can be done to fortify my home?

          • you could take one room lower floor and try to fill the walls with pea gravel, that will stop allot but not all bullets, you would also need to know did they use 1/2 sheet rock or 5/8 sheet rock? I always use 5/8 for all of it, but then i am not a contractor trying to make a buck.there are some articles on this type of bullet proofiing try googling it!

          • Depends what you want to keep out or is it to stop projectiles? Do you want to make your entire house a fortress or just one safe room? How big is the budget and will you want to do it on your own? Is your roof asphalt? Are existing walls concrete or 2x’s with drywall? What is your yard and fences like? Give us some info and we can help you out.
            molon labe

            • More details. I live in a cul-de-sac. Neighbors are the wave “Hi” variety, but nothing more than that. Except for my across the street neighbors who are devout Mormons. Never talked to them about prepping, but I expect them to have months and months of food stores per Mormon doctrine.

              Anyways, I don’t have much budget, but would like to do something in the event that we’re a crazy die-off phase and there’s no rule of law. Even among neighbors (Remember the Twilight Zone episode?). Budget? About a $1000 for perimeter defense and fortification for a tract home that has neighbors on both sides where their houses are about 12 feet from mine and where I have two backyard neighbors. Only the side neighbor has a 2-story house. The roof is tile. The existing walls are 2x’s with drywall. The fences are typical wood fence that’s between tract homes. No fence in the front.

              Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

              • At least your roof won’t burn. Keep enough 3/4 plywood cut to size for the windows stored. It won’t stop bullets but will keep out rif raf when they bust your windows out. Also moving or thick blankets to black out windows at night.

                Do you have a basement? Make sure you’ve got plenty of duct tape and plastic to seal off in case of fallout.

                Gravel is an excellent idea between studs, inconspicuous, you will probably need to put plywood under(or over) the drywall to keep it from bowing. There is nylon (kevlar) fabric and bullet proof fiberglass sheets that can go under drywall also.

                Make sure doors have long enough screws to go into the studs and the deadbolt latch plates are reinforced and have long screws also.

                In the meantime watch for any remodeling at gas stations, banks, anywhere there is bullet proof glass. I did a job once on a gas station that they replaced the glass. I asked the owner if I could have it. He said sure if you clean out the rest in the garage. Took 2 pickup loads out. We tested it. It stops any pistol and will stop up to a 30-30 at close range…
                molon labe

                • Don’t get overconfident with that glass. Just saw a Youtube video in which 1 1/4″ glass was easily penetrated by .454 Casull, 7.62×39 and 5.56 NATO.

                • Good ideas WIprepped. The track home scenario is not often a good one if things get really bad. On a limited budget you need to store food and some ammo. Get plywood and repair items, along with some fire extinguishers.

                  Prior to complete collapse you will have individuals or small teams trying to break in so the key is to not let them get in either easily or unannounced – so concentrate on doors and windows. Some of these burglars will run as soon as they see a flashlight and hear a gun shot or warning. You just have to clean up and repair their entry damage. But you need to plan for the ones that break in and do not run. They are likely more determined and better armed. They may also use diversions and enter some part of the house that you are not actively defending. If you are watching your front door, and you hear a crash in your basement – what are you going to do? This means having some way to block your interior doors, setting interior firing positions to keep them from moving forward, or to set up a safe room that you can retreat to. But once they pin you down there they will likely loot the rest of your house.

                  In the complete collapse scenario you will be facing larger well armed gangs and if you are trapped in your house you are probably going to die. The only hope at that point is to join with your neighbors to blockade and defend sections of the neighborhood (from the outside) – or to get into the woods to evade.

              • FreeSlave, That is a myth about mormons. I live around a lot of them and my mormon friend told me only about 15% have any preps at all. Mormons are the biggest sheep (mostly) I have ever seen.

                • Then the other 85% are masters of opsec.

                • You think people will just tell you everything about their preps? Perhaps you are the sheep.

                  • Or perhaps you are an idiot. I have been around mormons all my life and I guarantee you that figure is correct. I have mormon friends and they concur. Listen to glen beck much?

                    • Genius? I doubt you are a genius. I am a Mormon, and no sheep. I can’t stand Beck. You obviously are a naysayer about everything and have a need to be right about everything. Tell you what,”Jeanyus”, why don’t you come and see if you can break into my house and get away with anything! You know nothing about the Church or what we do, so why don’t you drop the “I know everything facade,” and start learning. If you can’t learn something from all the folks here, and the articles, then you are a troll, plain and simple.

                    • If you have moron friends and admit it you are the biggest moron of them all

                • Whatever your child molesting, pedophile, polygamist, prophet says sir!

                  • Come on, man. Keep it civil. No need to get nasty here. Being nasty and hurtful is how we stay divided, eh?

                    I think we all might just learn things that could mean the difference between life and death.

                    Peace…..and good will….to all here.


                • Most of the mormons (mainly farmers) i know have 12-15 kids and a food supply for 12 months. They still shop monthly, but to rotate used supplies. Its all calculated and planned. Im not a mormon, but i visit the lds warehouse in my area for 25-50lb bulk grains ( the one i visit is very well hidden and lacks any visible signs). Pricing is cheaper at the warehouse versus on their website too.

              • @free slave, sounds like my neighborhood. Bay Area by any chance on the left coast? What I have done is I have plywood cut that goes on the inside, but I do like the idea of the wire on the outside as explained in the article. I have sand bags stored and if needed, I plan to fold back my fake lawn and I have 1/4″- gravel and stack up 3′ high inside for cover. I still have plans for an escape hatch to sub area under the house. Another good thing to have is carpet tack strip to put on top of fences. Also have my trip wires ready.

              • I have suggestions. do you have access to used tires, timber? do you live near a creek? is bugging in your only option? other things depend on what part of the country you live in.

          • Free:
            Make your house look like is burnt out and abandoned.
            First take a propane torch and blacken around your windows, eves and doors, It’s stucco so you should be able to blacken it out very easily. Board up your window and doors just enough so you can see out and use them as shooting ports if need be. Make sure that you can cover the open areas so no light gets out at night. Have one first floor window and escape window and another window that has bushes around it to cover the use of going in and out. Put trashed out house hold stuff in your yard even old clothes, furniture, busted TV’s, ECT…make it look as crappy as possible.
            Put bushes and flowers that have thorns on them around your house especially under and by your windows.
            It’s not worth getting all cut up for a piece of crappy plywood.
            This will not stop a bullet, but it might just make them think twice about looking in a burnt out house.
            “TO SLOW UP A BULLET”, you will have to sand bag all gun ports and you might be able to put 1/2 inch steel plating on the walls at each gun port.
            The typical house on the left coast, right coast or in between is NOT Bullet Proof!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

            • Agreed, Northern Reb. Just stop for a few minutes and look at ANY house and you will see that is nothing more than glorified cardboard. Grew up in an adobe house in Colorado. 18 inch walls of Adobe. Sure wish I could build like that again. Adobe was a great insulator, too. For the cold winters and hot summers. I the winter, the one pot bellied coals stove heated the entire 2 story house.

          • Sandbag a closet for a safe room. Better yet an entire bedroom for when TSHTF. Nothing stops bullets like sandbags and they’re cheap! Have few hundred on hand and a sand supply.

            • Saw a youtube on ceramic balls that were placed in the walls, but can’t remember where or when I saw this. Trekker Out.

          • Think outside of the box we call our home. Neighborhood and area defense. Keep them away from the Alamo, once you are penned up inside, it’s over.

          • buddy i am sorry, i dont really have any solid ideas for left coast people. are you sure thats were you want to be so close to collapse? think about having a bug out plan to a friends house in the mountains. relocate your job or get a new one close to the apps on the right coast. run to the mountains my friend.

          • Dear FreeSlave,

            Absolutely, there’s a lot that can be done. My next part will go into greater detail on actual fortification for just your type of structure. Be patient, and it’ll be with you shortly!


            • Thanks Jeremiah and thanks to everyone else who contributed helpful suggestions!

              I’m trying to make the best of a non ideal situation. Still gotta make money, still got children, and don’t have a BOL. Do have several other families that we prep together that are in the same boat.

              I saw a video of Venezuela at Ferfal’s site where people are standing in long lines for hours and hours. I could survive that. But if it’s the mass die-off scenario, then I gotta do something to get neighbor zombies, gang-banger zombies to move to easier targets. If it’s government troops and drones who are rolling up to do damage, then I got nothing. Gonna piss me off to have my preps seized, but whaddya gonna do?


        • A few other good things are…

          Use furniture strategically placed as a barrier. A bookcase filled with books is great. Place it against a wall like a bedroom on the outside and cut a hole through the wall and bookcase on the 2nd row of books down just big enough to see the other room and shoot from. Dressers are good too, fill the back of the drawers with bricks.

          Install remote control lights so you can turn on the lights in an area from your hiding spot and see them before they see you.

          Install security window film, it will stop bricks, logs etc.

          Install night vision cctv cameras (cheap on ebay) and small monitors (ebay is cheap). 4 cameras and a quad monitor is about 250 bux with all cables and it can run on 12 volts. Get the cameras with 100 foot or more range.

          Dakota alert makes some good motion sensor equipment also vehicle detectors. Use steel doors on all outside doors.

          Keep smoke grenades handy, they can give you a chance to get out and cause a lot of confusion and panic to intruders. You cam also get Pepper spray grenades.

          Make a hatch in floors of rooms so you can escape under your house if you have a crawlspace or basement.

          Keep weapons in several rooms in the house.

          Thats just a few other things to do. I wrote a post covering a lot of this stuff a few months back and I can’t find it now but this will get you started. Prep on 🙂

          • Thanks Genius. Like the idea of propping up bookcases and dressers.

            • Freeslave there are many ideas depending on where you live? what part of the country do you live?

              • NorCal. Not Bay Area, thank goodness.

                • But the homos will be the first ones out of town, they already have their shit packed 🙂

          • Genius:

            The bookcases have been a major part of my plan. I have 3 large bookcases, 2 of which will exactly cover my 2 most vulnerable windows; the other one will cover one of my bedroom windows (the other bedroom window is covered by a large shrub that comes all the way up to the top of the window.) Even if I remove all the books, I will still need a neighbor to help me to move the two biggest bookcases.

            I had also planned on putting wire mesh around my other windows. I have a bunch and a whole bunch of those U-shaped nails. Now I just looked and see that my storm windows are flush with the sides of the house. I don’t think I would have the skills to attach 2X4s in addition to putting up all those pieces of wire mesh. I am 71 and live alone. Any other ideas?

            • Have a company install security window film. It is tough stuff and a lot less hassle.

              • I have checked on this. Too expensive. I just have my Social Security. Even the do-it-yourself types are too expensive and most need someone to help. I am wondering it strapping tape or packing tape over my basement windows would do some good

                • That would only make the glass break out in one piece. You need someone to help you put up screen. Welded wire fencing would be good bent at the edges and screwed to the sides with washers and concrete screws from the inside. You could also electrify it by attaching a wire from the hot side of an outlet to it. Sorry but I can’t think of much else you will be able to do by yourself. Have you checked with local charities to see if they offer help?

                • You can build a wire mesh inside a two-by frame inexpensively, and hang it from eyebolts screwed into the window studs. Your neighbors will help you hang it all up when the time comes.

            • Books are good for a barrier, but only when stacked so bullets will pass through several books, not just one on a shelf. Face them with the dust jackets towards the room, several books deep.

              Even better is to stack them in boxes, then stack the boxes like hay bales, with lumber interleaved between the boxes. A bookshelf is open in the front, and usually has a flimsy back, so the books are the only barrier.

              Even better : firewood. Stack tightly, and use the densest wood available. Oak is better than pine, slow-grown wood better than plantation wood. You can mitigate soft wood by stacking it deeper, for a better barrier. If you can, run the rounds through your table saw to square it up, like lumber, then stack that tightly.

          • Genius.

            Smoke grenades? Been awhile since I have seen the military canister type. They were pricing at about $35 bucks a pop. Might be able to get marines signal smoke canisters but the cost money too.

            Paint ball gun type, pepper balls but have not seen them either for the public. Bails bonds people like, Dog the Bounty Hunter, use them.

            Google for home made smoke bombs. Need sugar and stump removal granules. Mix accordingly.

            • Here is a company that makes anti burglar pepper spray devices>> http://www.burglarbomb.com/ 😛

          • The books need to be turned on the shelves so the oncoming bullet is passing through several books, not just one book.

            The shelving is generally flimsy on the back, open on the front, giving no real barrier to a bullet. Better thing to do with the books is pack them in boxes, spines up or down, so the bullet will pass through several, and stack the boxes. Place lumber in between stacks of boxes, and stack them like hay bales, so they interlock.

            Another good barrier : firewood. Stack tightly, with the long dimension parallel with the walls, in layers. Pick the densest wood you have. Oak is better than pine, and slow-grown wood is better than plantation wood, but you can make up for that by depth.

            If you have time, run your cordwood through the table saw, and square it up, like lumber. Good, tight stacks are better than porous piles. You can build a barrier 18″ thick, or better, in a short time once you square the round logs up.

            • Yes that would work turning the books sideways but it would stand out and you’d look like an idiot. Fill your bookshelf with nice big thick books the way they are supposed to be. Compress them in the shelf as tight as possible and it will be pretty much the same stopping power as sideways books. In fact it could be even better. Go out and compare with some old books or phone books and see what is better (squeeze the books that are being shot from the spine. You could also put some steel plate behind the books on the back of the shelves. No need to make things stand out and raise questions.

          • I really like 8 mil window security film.

            There’s DIY videos on YouTube, and if you do it yourself it’s not that expensive.

            I put it up a few years ago and it still looks fine, meaning it looks like the original glass. It does filter UV light so it protects furniture and carpets from sun damage. This sounds insignificant, but sun damage can get expensive in the long haul.

            I originally installed because of a specific security threat. Since then I rested well while a hurricane and several other intense storms blew through, this stuff will stop a 2×4 coming at 60 mph. I also rested well when there was a rash of home invasions in my area. The bad guys loved to smash the tempered glass on sliding doors and then just walk in. It’s not so easy with the security film, and likely they won’t have the needed tools to get through. They will have to work really hard, make a lot of noise, and will totally lose the element of surprise.

            If the SHTF I already have decent stealthy secure windows, I can also add heavy mesh when that starts being fashionable. If I were to put the heavy mesh up too early, it might make me a target. Not a bad idea to buy a roll of heavy mesh and put it into the basement for the day it’s needed.

            I have always kept enough plywood in the basement to board up most windows. My window film won’t stop the glass from breaking, it just doesn’t let anyone through easily. Once broken I would need to board up anyway.

          • Hopefully the fags and child molesters will be the first on the train.

        • At a bare minimum you should have dumbbells and a yoga mat in your bedroom and run around the neighborhood. Some of you fuckups think a gun will solve all your problems. It wont.

          Physical fitness is your second biggest prep.

          Plus 30% of the population is fucking fat and I’m sick of looking at you. Disgusting fat rolls hanging off you as you fart and belch all goddamn fucking evening sitting on your couch. You tub of lard. If you cant beat the gut than at least fucking do some exercising.

          Ask Selco about running through a building shooting insurgents when you haven’t eaten for two weeks.

          • That fat guy that’s been hiding out for a month is gonna be in better shape than you. Long as he’s got water those stored up calories will keep him alive.
            molon labe

          • I hope you get eaten by fat people. I’d rather be fat than a gay pedofile.

        • How seriously do you take nuclear attack and WWIII?

          I’m inclined to think we never fought a war without banker permission, and the big one wont happen because no one wants to risk nuclear fallout.

          Still, the Mooselimbs are fucking crazy. Would they do it? I wouldn’t put it past them.

          We should have bombed the fucking Kabba and banned all Mooselimb immigration long ago. Especially that hijab shit. You cant even see the goods a bitch is selling. I like my women dressed like whores.

          • Don’t you mean you like your guys dressed like kids? War ever breaks out, you’ll cower in a corner and cry because that’s what girly men like you do.

        • Mad Max and the Terminator have new installments releasing within the next few months.

          What’s different?

          They both now feature female warriors, conditioning you to accept females in the military.

          Why do I care? Politicization of the military at a time when geopolitical tensions are heating up and they might very well need to be deployed. How much do you want to fucking bet if they declare martial law you wont see fucking women driving tanks down main street USA?

          Do we want to place women in fucking combat theaters now? Unless the fucking kitchen is under siege, methinks not. How did you goddamn baby boomers let shit get this far ANYWAY?? Did anybody ever think to put their damn foot down?

          • Hilarious, a chickenshit who never served a day in his life, criticizing people who went to war for his freedom to criticize.
            Did you ever think to put your own foot down, chickenshit?

            • We’ll we [you] can continue to respond to Acid’s bait or not that’s up to you. He knows he controls the narrative when we[you]do. I would prefer to ask him about cold weather clothing.

              • I run up these mountains at -5 F.

                An expert at bugging out in the deep cold.

                That’s a real advantage over other people.

                Not posting juvenile insults on a computer. How many adventures has Dipshit been on? How much useful advice does he produce?

              • Well said, Acid can be informative at times.

          • Good Lord, are you still fucking talking? Don’t you have a middle school to stake out or something? Nobody cares what your faggit ass has to say. You are a moron and you’ll be one of the first to die, so nobody wants advice from you dickbreath. Weird seein a queer bitching about feminism. Now, go put on your skirt and lick some asshole. Dirty, desease infested nasty fuck.

            • Dunjin,

              Asshole Itch will NEVER stop these weird posts as long as even a single person responds to it.

              Negative attention is better than no attention.

              If 100% ignored lonf enough, it will go away.

              I’ve never commented on it before, but I see that same pattern unending.

              -Just my 2 cents worth…

              • Right on. When he started threatening peoples kids on here I lost it. I’ll just let him make
                A fool/demon of himself. Though iI seriously believed he will not stop. I don’t think he can

        • Somebody on here said they were in Zion before.

          Now should I wear waders in the Narrows in July or not?

          • Hah! Are you for real? All you do is talk shit and then ask for advice like someone likes you. You should really just stick with your nambla forums.

          • Won’t waders make your panty-hose bunch up?

          • AE,
            NOT unless you want to be extremely uncomfortable AND look incredibly foolish. Waders in the Narrows? Really? In July? I’m not much for Zion in July at all. Too damn hot.(especially in the Narrows) and too many touristas.

            • The say it can get 30 degrees colder in the narrows than out in the open.

              • That 30 degrees is relative, when it’s 110 in the open and 80 in the canyon.

                I’m an old desert rat, raised down there. An old thin wool sweater, worn under the shirt, will keep you plenty warm when the evenings cool down. If you can’t wear wool next to your skin, get a mountaineer’s fishnet shirt, they work fine.

                Layering works, just like in the cold.

                Don’t forget your hat and plenty of water.

        • I can just imagine the looks I would get from my suburban home as I start putting up barbed wire on my fence and screen mesh on my windows……

          • Yeah, that’s going to cause some concerns in the hood, no doubt about it!

            I think it’s perhaps a little better to have a couple rolls of wire in the garage, waiting for when it’s needed to block entry to the entire neighborhood.

            Someone can toss a Molotov over most urban fences and hit the roof of the house on the lot with no trouble at all. They’ll have a real hard time tossing those cocktails from the intersection down the road a half mile.

        • I have hole done for 50 of these. Working on the spikes.I have other things also.


        My wife and step-daughter just came in and woke me up to explain they’d
        never seen tanks before

        but they were held up by a train for about ten minutes. They saw all kinds
        of tanks on it.

        Thousands of them they said, but at train speed 10 minutes only amounts to
        hundreds, coming in

        from Mexico by rail. American tanks they think (but I don’t know how that
        would be). I live 1/4 of a mile from the Mexico border. Yes, they have to
        move tanks around but for half a decade of living here we’ve never seen
        even one tank on rail. Never. Not even one. It must have been a very
        impressive sight because they were just jibbering in spanish in excitement
        about having seen it all. Take care, man. Please forward this to Hawk. I
        lost his address at the moment. Terry

        I saw this post on Steve Quayle’s site, Today March 28,2015 so I’m passing it along to Your readers..


          • See March Martial LAW IN THE SOUTH WEST ******

      3. A few years back I made up some pull string activated infrared LED illumination devices by simply attaching a spring, AA battery and an IR led together inside a piece of pvc tubing.

        A piece of drywall tape paper (the only heavy paper I had handy) goes between the battery terminal and the spring and is attached to a string to pull it out and turn the LED on so no switch is needed. Really, really easy to make and cost about a dollar or so. (I imagine that drywall paper pull tape could be improved on, but this was just playing around)

        My original idea was a trip wire illumination for a night vision monocular (one a friend had, not my own, that we were playing around with) to light up an area and give an invisible warning of an intruder without alerting the intruder he was spotted.

        Worked sort of OK in a first test then he moved away and I just sort of forgot the idea, since night vision is out of my price range, till I was reading this and considered that if those night vision scopes and things I see people using are still infrared sensitive then they may be useful to scare off someone thinking he is sneaking up on you unobserved and make him look for someone else to play around with.

        A confrontation avoided is the surest confrontation to survive and passive avoidance is easier than standing watch all the time.

        Anyone have any thoughts on this? Practical or not and still useable with today’s night vision stuff or not?

        • NV is out of my price range too, BUT, an older sony camcorder with “nightshot” is not. With the nightshot (NV) on, it also uses IR illumination. It also has 938X zoom. The handycam doesn’t even need a tape in it, and it doesn’t even need to record for you to be able to read a business card at 150 feet..in the dark.

          “Low Light” settings are also useful.

          I got one of mine for $75 in excellent condition. The other one won’t take a tape, so I got it for a whopping TEN DOLLARS. The NV and low light optics still work and so does the zoom.

          Be creative and find other options. Mine is much better than none at all, even though it won’t ride a picatinny rail.

          • A cheap and portable night vision device can be home made. These items are inexpensive on ebay. Get an 8ah 12 volt battery and put it in a 9mm ammo can (plastic). Get an invisible IR cctv bullet camera and a 4 inch monitor. Connect the camera to the monitor and then to the battery with an on off switch. Mount the camera to the outside of the can or hold it in your hand. You will be able to see in the dark for about 75 feet or so, the only issue is the light from the monitor. Use a small trickle charger to charge the battery.

            Or you can mount the camera (extention cam cord required) and keep the box and monitor next to the bed or other place to see whats happening without detection. Invisible IR cams are more expensive but don’t put out the red glow cheaper night vision cameras do.

            • Did anybody else see the article linked from Drudge about a company investigating night vision eye drops?

              • Also of interest, Dr. Sam Shum and others at MannKind Corp have created a dry powder inhaler for the administering of insulin for the diabetic. Good news for the diabetic prepper?

                • It would be if they didn’t have to regulate and dole it out in miniscule quantities, like they’re afraid someone might stockpile some of it…

            • You can also make your car drive at night with no lights on using this system.

              1: Disable the brake lights on your car.

              2: Install 2 IR 12 volt 48 led illuminators on the bumper or grill of the car (cheap on ebay).

              Install a wide angle night vision cctv camera on your hood or grill. Connect it to a 7 inch monitor mounted inside the car over the instrument panel.

              When all this is on you should be able to see in total darkness without any lights on. Just use the monitor to see. The camera, monitor, IR lights all use 12 volt DC. You can be the poor mans James Bond lol 🙂

              • Don’t forget to disable the daytime running lights on most cars these days.

            • This deal with the trip wires sure sounds good, but just wondering what am I going to do with all these deer wandering around through the yard. I can see a lot of sleepless nights coming in the future. Bet JJ up in Montana might have this problem. Guess I’ll have to train the local deer to step over them, or maybe I’ll just start eating them. Trekker Out.

              • Dear Mountain Trekker,

                You bet I would have this problem! The good thing that helps that out is my Russian Mastiff. My property is closed off and he roams the yard. He’s pretty good at avoiding them. If something comes into the area, he usually drives it away before it hits the tripwires. You did remind me, though, in the follow-up, I have to detail what I do when there’s three feet of snow on the ground. Have a good day Trekker!


        • I really love the idea of the infrared trespass indicators, being dark until tripped.

          If I wanted to look for a preppers house, I might use night vision to find the house with IR light sources and IR survalence cameras.

          To increase the range of IR cameras better illumination is the key. If you can solder, you can change the LED’s in cheap solar sidewalk lights to IR LED’s, place them around the perimeter just beyond the limit of your cameras range to light that area up, and silhouette trespassers.

          Poor mans night vision, take a cheap, or old retired digital camera, carefully take the optics apart to find a plastic disc, it is an IR filter that blocks IR light that would mess up daytime color balance. Remove the filter and reassemble the camera. Now check out the camera’s low light ability.

          To obscure the light from the camera view screen, cut a matching hole in the end of a shoe box the size of the screen, and attach the camera, at the other end of the box make a small hole to look through. Turn on the camera and you can look at the image without it giving you away.

          • More on DIY night vision.

            I was looking through YouTube and there must be a dozen videos on how to remove the IR filter from an old camera so it can see at night.

            There are several approaches to making DIY night vision. One is to use a view finder from a 1980’s style camcorder and get a modern good quality survalence camera and put them together.

            One enterprising girl took a pair of welding goggles, a short piece of PVC pipe, a lense, and a camera with its IR filter removed and created a wearable light weight, functioning night vision goggle.

      4. We’ve planted yucca all around the perimeter of our property. It grows like crazy and hurts like hell if you pierce any part of your skin with it. Cheap, easy, first deterent to intruders.


        • The plant I’m using is Mahonia( Oregon Grape). The tips of the leaves( like Chinese Holly, only bigger) are like needles on steroids! They are going around the perimeter of the yard, and Pyracantha is good too. Other spiny plants you could have under your windows are crimson barberry, crown of thorns,shorter hollies, and raspberries.

          • What can I plant. I am in Zone 4. Most prickly plants won’t survive this cold.

            • Prickly pear cactus, ball/pincushion cactus native to Nebraska sandhills survive to a least -40 they just don’t like being to wet. There are many other that also live in frozen winter areas.

          • That’s for Zone 5 and above.

            • I meant to Oregon Grape is for Zone 5. I am in Zone 4, or even 3.

              • Look around at what they use for ‘social planting’ in commercial landscape sites up there. That should tell you what will thrive.

      5. HME with pressure plates… keep it middle east.

      6. Strobe lights, to blind.

      7. Jeremiah…
        All of your good suggestion and advice serves no one in the urban jungle environment for which cover,concealment and camouflage will be subject to the buildings and your position in relation to those. Your article is mostly to fight from a static position…in my estimation..the battles for Liberty and Freedom will be in guerilla warfare, stealth and a lot of mobility….the Viet Cong knew this and made this their advantage to winning that war. Fighting from a static position is utterly a disadvantage when faced with overwhelming personnel and equipment. For those who have large properties in rural areas…it will be easy to isolate you and the result will not be in your favor. This war will not be conventional and will require anticipation and imagination that may mirror the type of fighting in the Pacific Theater or Europe in WW II,… hence we have JADE HELM15 exercises to address this kind of conflict. In conclusion, where ever you are.,whether it be in the urban jungle or in a jungle itself. Your best use of that environment is the starting point on how to tactically face your enemy…but static fortresses area deadly place to be in.

        Live Free or Die…one inch at a time

        • @ talon1776

          Concur. Just from an amateur’s reading of history, there is no fortification that a sufficiently determined adversary with enough time can’t breach. Or starve the defenders out, which amounts to the same thing.

          I listen up when an expert like Jeremiah Johnson speaks within his expertise. My comment to him would be, Who are we defending against? If we are defending against the Golden Horde, who are rapidly dehydrating and starving camped out in our neighborhoods, we are well positioned.

          If we are “defending” against a professional military, ours or anyone’s, those of us who aren’t retired Special Forces can just forget it. They can position a tank a quarter of a mile down our street and with a shell or two blow however artfully constructed a fortress to smithereens. They can drop a dumb bomb or two and do the same thing.

          The thought that I am going to run through the woods with an 80 kg pack on my back, to play Viet Minh or Che Guevara, is preposterous. The superbly fit, adroitly cross-trained band of specialists you operated with … get real. No civilian has that.

          The most serious thing I seek to defend myself from is an out of control government trying to disarm me. That encounter I probably will not survive. But neither will some of the raiding party. If enough liberty people stand up, the disarm will not go very far.

          To the other commenters: Thank You. I learn a lot from you.

          • John Allen.

            RPG’s LAW’s Javeline. Take your firing position right out flat. A few rounds from a fifty cal. will wear you ass out. Lots to think about when you are defending your home as to defending a log and sandbagged position. I still go with hide in plain sight. Pavestones. Rail road ties. Cinder bock. Gravel. Make all those landscaping ides work double duty. Nice to look at but you have the material to fortify a position.
            Fill the landscape tub with sand and plant stuff on top.
            Yes potting soil too.

            Confronting the military will up your chances of getting killed. I just want to keep the wolves at bay and that is plenty itself.

          • Dear John Allen,

            Just wanted to tell you your words are “spot on,” and in the next article I intend to emphasize that these fortified positions are neither impregnable nor are they unable to be bypassed.

            These are just basics to help people understand the fundamentals. I’m going to also delve into what you mentioned: people who may not physically be able to do certain things and how they can defend their home.

            I do say this: the out-of-control government is a real consideration. Prep for them, the “marauders of the neighborhood,” and anyone who may constitute a viable threat, remembering that your property is not worth your life. Abandon it and live. I’ll write more on all of this. I thank you for your comment and interest in the article.


        • George Patton said that static defensive positions were monuments to human stupidity.

        • Dear Talon,

          Point well taken. I will expound on all of this in terms of defensive position in MOUT/urban situations; I have a good deal of experience here.

          After we cover the defensive positions (to “stash” the family), I promise you we’ll cover offensive opns. I agree with your words, and let’s make’em pay for every inch. Regarding the Cong, I consider the work “The Tunnels of Cu-Chi” a must-read for all regarding true commitment to guerrilla warfare and clandestine operations. Thanks for the advice and the comment.


          • Jeremiah…
            It is always appreciated from me to learn and apply from a patriot, what I may need to consider for my own needs. I eagerly await your next article on offensive opns. Thank you for what you bring to this forum., for your willingness to impart to all of us, to fight the good fight. I live in SoCal…behind enemy lines…I need your perspectives and expertise. This country is like no other…a military exercise training in an environment..trains for only one reason..to use that training in that environment…standing by…

            Live Free or Die…it’s what matters

            • P.S. I will read “The tunnels of Cu Chi”… It will compliment what I learned from my uncle who was attached to the ” Black Tigers”.

      8. Cheap wireless motion sensors sold by Harbor Freight as driveway alarms work for me. Range is limited, though. I have 4 of them set up indoors, so if a creeper has gained entrance, I can know what room.

        Household Alert wireless (Amazon) has much better range, but the receiver is dependent on grid power, unless you rig a battery backup. One receiver can handle up to four sensors.

        Motion sensor lights that go on for maybe 5 seconds and then off again leave your night-time creeper blinded for long enough. Easy to arrange with an industrial timing relay.

        Another low-budget nasty is to hit ’em with a strobe at 13 cycles per second. That mimics the alpha wave pattern in the brain, and has been known to induce epileptic seizures. (Found that out in the psychedelic ’60s.)

        Rosa multiflora grows fast, and spreads like a weed. (To farmers in my area it’s as much a pest as russian olive.) In 2-3 seasons you can have an almost impenetrable hedge. Prefers wet soil, though.

        • I suppose rigging some high-intensity lights pointing OUT, would really make NV intruders wish they’d left theirs in their packs…buying you a few more seconds to react.

        • Old Coach, nothing would work better than Multiflora Rose for a perimeter, but in most States they would be on you like stink on you know what, before you could ever get a good stand. There use to be a saying about MR, it is bull strong and hog tight and that ain’t no lie. There use to be a lot of it in Missourah, but it is a noxious plant and as you say it spreads like a weed, so I think they made people get rid of it. Trekker Out.

          • Maybe so. In my Ohio River Appalachia AO they’d have to burn down half the county to eradicate it.

            Maybe put in a dense stand of raspberries?

      9. 8 cameras and a DVR to record can see every square inch of my property any where I am on earth. 12 guage behind door. That’s for good times. Getting barb wire like the kind at the prison.

      10. A dog that at the minimum will bark at strangers and alert you. Biting is a plus but not required. I’ll do the biting(so to speak). Then if push came to shove on the grocery side, you could grill it.

      11. Probably a good idea to have a central safe room to operate from. Make a few intruders pay and the rest will most likely scoot away. I like the idea of a dog…..feed it zombies.

        • POP- you could grill it? Thats F’d up but on the hillarious side. I LOL’d for a few minutes. I will maybe grill my cat if it gets hairy (out there LOL)

          • No joke. Cat is a Chinese delicacy. Too good to serve to us roundeyes.

          • LMAO, bf I had to laugh at your response. All BS aside I’d rather have the dog around cause he can hear and scent a lot better than me. Only if my belly was nawling at my spine would I grill poochie. As far as the cat goes….yeah, hell why not. I’d mostly likely toss her on too.

      12. Just make someone you dont care about like a “mother in law” investigate any strange noises.

      13. The Romans used hundreds of caltrops ( sharpened nails with a barb stuck into a piece of wood and driven into the ground.) In front of their camp every night. Also, how about tanglefoot?

        • Simplex nails.

      14. Thorny rose bushes around windows funnel the intruders in to your kill zone. The camera system with the night vision is the bomb I don’t even have to get out of bed to check on bumps in the night. Plus I’m the only one around that has it so there are easier targets around. You don’t want to go overboard with bars on windows and doors you just want your place to be harder than your neighbors. Sometimes a beware of dog sign will dissuade an intruder even if you don’t have a dog. No trespassing signs would keep me away how about you. Maybe a alarm company sticker on the outside doors it doesn’t take much nowadays. I just like the surveillance cameras myself if I’m gonna be watched everywhere I go in public then I have a right to watch over my property. My cameras overlap each other so there is nothing I will miss out on. I’ve watched my neighbors washing cars and having cocktails in a canvas chair in the driveway. Plus it has night vision can’t beat it for the $ you can install it yourself with minimal tools and a days work. Well worth it IMO the prices of these systems have gone down some. 1tb DVR records everything if you have any funny stuff going on you can put the clip on a thumb drive and bring it to police it will help them capture thieves thus making your area safer. To me this is better than a night vision monocular that doesent record you can’t watch your house while you are on vacation through your smart phone like the camera system can and the cameras are much cheaper. Dogs you gotta take care of buy food take them to vet board them when you want to leave town. I’m just pointing out the pros of the surveillance system. To me it’s worth the $ I paid $6 or 700 bucks I don’t remember exactly. The police can’t show up without me knowing well in advanced. What good is another gun gonna do you.

        • Just a reminder.
          If you can access your camera feed via internet so can they.

        (An Ultimate Line in the Sand)
        All Federal, State, and Local Elected
        and Appointed Officials and Employees;
        All Public and Private Media Outlets
        WE THE PEOPLE, the Free Citizens of these United States, of the Several Sovereign States, and of the Counties, Cities, and Towns in those states;
        Notice of Non-Compliance, Declarations and States of War, and
        Citizen’s “Rules Engagement.”
        BE ADVISED:
        WE THE PEOPLE, the citizens of these United States of America, individually and collectively, hereby proclaim certain specified and unspecified usurpation’s, laws, regulations, policies, practices and actions of elected, and non-elected public servants and employees are unconstitutional, unlawful abuses and excesses of power, control, and manipulation, often to the detriment, safety and security of citizens, and without just cause or legitimate, lawful authority; and that such violations will no longer tolerated.
        Henceforth, any and all violations of the Constitution of the United States of America as written, amended, and ratified by the several states, by any public servant, whether elected, appointed, or employed by federal, state, or local government shall be deemed to be unlawful acts and as such shall be prosecuted and tried in appropriate judicial jurisdictions.
        To Wit:

        Any and all violations of the Constitution of the United States of America through and by legislative action, collusion, coordination, cooperation, financing, monetary management or assistance, or other mutually beneficial legislation, actions, contracts, or agreements;
        Any and all laws, mandates, legal requirements, codes, and penalties enforced against any public or private commercial entity or enterprise that causes or forces said entities or enterprises to violate in actuality or in effect the Constitution of the United States of America;
        Any Executive Action or Order, either at the federal or state level, that forces any and all political appointees, staff, or employees to violate the Constitution of the United States of America or act in such a manner that the constitutionally protected, God-given, natural human rights of the citizens of the United States of America are violated or denied, or that puts the safety, security, and lives of said citizens in possible or imminent danger and jeopardy.
        NOW BE IT KNOWN:
        WE THE PEOPLE, the citizens of these United States of America, after countless and repeated offenses and violations of our rights, both individually and collectively, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America

        We will no longer comply with any law, Executive Order, regulation, code, treaty, or other mandate that violates our constitutional rights, forces us to violate the constitutional rights of our fellow citizens, or puts our lives and well-bring in jeopardy or imminent danger, or violates and invades our privacy or property without a warrant issued by impartial judicial authority.
        We will, when aforementioned violations and actions are attempted with, and by, the use of armed force or aggression, oppose and deny said force and aggression with armed response, as is our right and duty under the Constitution of the United States of America.
        Any action or attempted action by any government entity to use any armed aggressor force or any armed military unit(s), whether foreign or domestic, to control or force compliance of American citizens, will be met with armed resistance. Any and all such actions WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND A STATE OF WAR SHALL EXIST;
        Any action or attempted action by any government entity to declare a general state of “Martial Law” without due process and lawful justification, or without a clear failure of state or local government to fulfill their function to protect the citizens, WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND A STATE OF WAR SHALL EXIST;
        Any action or attempted action by any government entity, whether by legislation or Executive Order, to “Suspend the Constitution of the United States of America” SHALL BE CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND A STATE OF WAR SHALL EXIST;
        Any action or attempted action by any government entity, whether by legislation or Executive Order, to specifically disarm, deny, confiscate, or otherwise violate the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, SHALL BE CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND A STATE OF WAR SHALL EXIST;
        Any action or attempted action by any government entity, whether by legislation or Executive Order, to arrest, detain, or hold beyond a lawful period, without warrant, due process, or probable cause and without access to or representation of legal counsel, for any reason, any citizen or group of citizens, in any jail, prison, work camp or facility, or detention center or camp, without the express permission or request of the citizens, SHALL B E CONSIDERED AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND A STATE OF WAR SHALL EXIST.
        American Citizens’ Rules of Armed Engagement

        If representatives of a government agency, or members of an armed force, come to you or otherwise engages in any activity that denies or deprives you of your constitutionally protected, God-given natural human rights, and does so with violence or the threat of violence, and further, does so without a warrant issued upon presentation of probable cause by lawful judicial authority, armed resistance and engagement is authorized.
        When, due to an unprovoked assault upon your person that puts your life in immediate jeopardy or has the potential to inflict great and serious bodily harm, armed resistance and the use of deadly force is authorized.
        When, due to an unprovoked assault upon other persons that puts their lives in immediate jeopardy or has the potential to inflict great and serious bodily harm, armed resistance and the use of deadly force is authorized.
        Date___________ Location ­___________________

        Note from the author. Please do not erroneously label the foregoing document as a threat; it is not. It is a “line in the sand” that, hopefully, will be understood by all for precisely what it is. The widest possible distribution of this document is authorized, including personal and mass emails, with specific emphasis to all government personnel and agencies at all levels and functions, citizens’ organizations, and the entire spectrum of media outlets and Internet sites including Face Book, Twitter, You Tube and other social media.
        Douglas Lamb
        Patriot Militia Call Sign FIREHAWK

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        • wow !

          • Yea that was what i said, read it on from the trenches, went and copied it at the guys blogsite, im going to print a few hundred of em and mail them out

            • this printed out, should be everywhere.. you should see the print out in your court houses, at every government establishment ..everywhere

              also its time to shame Law Enforcement ..they are against Liberty, and should be shamed as such being anti American

              look up quote from Dr Robert Higgs “good cop/bad cop

              • “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

                We need only consider the following:

                (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
                (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
                (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

                There are no good cops.”

                Dr. Robert Higgs.. time to pick a side guys

        • You are mentally ill. All of these acts have been committed. So what are you waiting for, permission? Hahaha

      16. If you have a 6ft wooden privacy fence in your yard, like a lot of close neighbor homes, you can run rows of barbed wire along the top, use heavy staples to nail it in along the top inside rails, doesn’t stop the determined, but it’ll make an honest crook think twice about trying to jump over the top, totally hidden from the outside.

        Added a 1/8″ flat bar with 3-1/2″ screws into the striker side of all my doors from top to bottom with a hole for the deadbolt and latch. That anchors it to the stud vs door jam and prevents kick in’s.

      17. Don’t forget a cheap dogbowl for outside (for your phantom doggie).
        Deadbolts that need keys into both sides, so when they rob you they gotta go back out through the window too. (Just leave a key in the lock at night to get yourself out quick).

        Is your doorbell loud enough to hear? (Yes I am home. Go away…)
        I disagree with Jerimia about silent MD alarms- I say let them trip the lights and spook off, NOT continue towards you and a confrontation! wtf is an intentional effort to confront about with him? Seriously? So now you have a dead body on your hands when you could have just spooked him? Or you initiate an ongoing thing with neighborhood asswipes? I say plan to evade that crap, avoid engaging!

        Never intentionally aggravate somebody that knows where you live, and you dont know them.
        Never drive home when you’ve got a jackwad tailing your six!

      18. There are many ways to fortify your home but something that gets missed is your escape routes. In short, you can build-in for a siege, but if your foe is determined enough and has time on their side, they will eventually breach your fortifications and overwhelm you. Throughout history, there are many examples of well-fortified dwellings eventually becoming the charnal house for those who are inside. A good film for this in contemporary circumstances is Charlton Heston’s Omega Man.

        Instead, what you should be fortifying for is advantage and time. Firstly, you want advantage. When somebody is intent on breaching or attacking your property/home, you want to have the scales tipped in your favor from the start. The first thing is alert systems: you want to know as soon as possible that somebody hostile is coming on to your property. Further out is best. Once the alarm has been raised, you then need to have counter measures. For example, you are in bed with your wife. Somebody has cut a hole in your fence (which was electrified and this has set off a bell in your bedroom). You get up and turn on your camera systems: immediately you see two Mexican gang members in bandannas and holding what look like AK-47s. As they move across your yard you hit a button and a common garden sprinkler system filled with gas is switched on and sprays the intruders with petroleum. You then hit the ignitor. Both intruders are burnt to a crisp in no time. You make an assessment to see if they were alone or in a group and just the first wave. You check the cameras again and find a van with seven more on the road. At this point you take the decision to bug out but to first set a trap. You filled your fake daughter’s bedroom with fake gold bars in a fake safe. You have also packed the room with explosives that can be detonated remotely. You escape with your wife, daughter through a tunnel that takes you out of the area three houses down the road. Each one has a bug-out bag and assault weapons. The intruders cautiously make their way to the house. Out of fear of more attacks like the one that cooked their friends, their progress is slow, buying you plenty of time. Two of the intruders are impaled and killed by the basement laundry window as they fall into a trap of sharpened rebars. The remaining five panic and start opening fire. They burst in through the living room window and start smashing their way through the house. More time for you to escape. Half an hour later and they eventually get to the bedroom, tripping a sensor which goes off on your mobile phone. A second sensor indicates they are messing with the safe. You dial 567890 and Ka-boom!! No more Mexican gang intruders.

        • You need to get out more. Movies have fried your brain.

      19. Improvised “police lock”. Screw a piece of 2×4 across the width of your door, about 42″ above the floor. Likewise a piece on the floor just far enough back to let the door open all the way. Use LOTS of #10 or #12 deck screws. Then cut 2 pieces of 2×4 that will wedge in between on the diagonal, one on the hinge side, one on the latch side. Only way past that is to literally fragment the door, which if it were a steel-clad fire door would be impossible without a cutoff saw.

        This is a poor man’s version of an iron and steel device I knew in tenement in NYC where some of my druggie friends lived in the early ’60s. They called it the “police lock” because it will keep the cops out. It actually had a key to let you open it from the outside. The floor end was a steel socket, so there was nothing to trip over. The diagonal brace was a 1″ steel bar, rounded on each end. I keep looking to see if anybody still makes it.

        • UV protective tint film on windows
          We have it on ours, will absorb a sledgehammer blow, glass breaks but doesnt cave in, good to prevent flash bangs

      20. I know a fella who uses just the motion sensor switches from motion detector lights, no bulbs. when triggered they just lit a small lamp indicting their position in the yard on a schematic board of his property mounted on a wall in his kitchen. As he was explaining it his wife was working in the yard and walked around the house to the back yard and her progress was indicated by bulbs flashing on the board indicating where she was in the yard. Fascinated, I suggested a sound modification to help when one was not watching the board or while sleeping. He was delighted and said Mark II version will incorporate that. Busy yards may want that sound feature controllable or a pleasant chime at least. His system worked well, didn’t use hardly any power and one had to look closely to notice the install. He said it catches trespassers before they turn into thieves.

      21. A word on sandbags. Weight difference with dry sand and wet sand. Heavy either way. Have you tried to fill let’s say Fifty Bags. Then tote them to the desire position, How many do you need?

        • Side note,
          Dont use gravel to fill your sandbags
          Large caliber rounds turn the gravel into shrapnel

      22. Oh ever hear of a trippy trap ? very fun with a trip wire to a shot gun shell loaded or blank its a great warning system ! inexpensive get a few…

        • Rat trap works good for these, little bit sensitive but works well, shot shells loaded with a little powder and just cardboard wadding works well too so as not to waste components

        • Shotgun shell signal devices? This is precisely what Martin Winters was arrested for building.

          Knowing how to make them, legal. To actually suggest people construct them can net anyone that makes them ten years in the slammer.

          Are you from the FBI?

      23. ht tp://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/032715-745529-harry-reid-corrupt-and-self-serving.htm

        some are catching on?

        • Looks like Reid fell flat on his face alright. Should have been a sword. I could hear Cliven laughing from here.

      24. You must know by now that the U.S. government and mainstream media continue to insist the 9/11 Arab hijacker story is true, and that this false fact is being taught in public schools, creating the unfortunate situation in which the government echoed by the media is foisting a deliberately false view of history on the people it pretends to govern, inform and protect.

        You must know by now that Osama bin Laden died ten years before Barack Obama said he did. You must know that Obama ordered the murders of Seal Team 6 before any of those principled individuals could reveal the lie the president told to boost his election chances.

        You must know by now that Saddam Hussein didn’t have the weapons of mass destruction which led to the United States “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq that murdered more than a million innocent people. You must know that the deal was about stealing Iraqi oil, which has been accomplished.

        You must know by now that the invasion of Afghanistan was a giant hoax to protect poppy production so the CIA could sell more heroin on the streets of the world. You must know that all those American soldiers who have come home and committed suicide have done it out of shame for the needless atrocities they were involved in.

        You must know by now that Muammar Qaddafi wasn’t cruel to his Libyan people like Barack Obama said he was, that he provided free houses to newlyweds and free college for everyone and had a notion to make all of Africa independent of white exploitation with its own currency. You must know that he was unjustly murdered and raped in the street after Obama declared a no fly zone over Libya in order to steal billions of dollars in gold he possessed.

        You must know by now that no children died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school had been closed for years because of asbestos problems, and dozens of people in town got their houses bought for them for participating in the colossal charade. You must know that this is the most bizarre event in American history, even more bizarre than the false flag 9/11 demolition.

        Read more: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=106518

      25. Weinstein: Jews must violently assault “anti-Semites,” organize as mafia
        The disgusting Jewish Hollywood mogul and director, Harvey Weinstein, has openly called for violently assaulting “anti-Semites,” who are simply people who criticize and expose Jewish criminality, subversiveness, and domination of the Western world. The Algemeiner reports:

        Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday night urged Jews to stand together and act against antisemites, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

        “We better stand up and kick these guys in the ass,” he said upon accepting the Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner at the Beverly Hilton. “We’re gonna have to get as organized as the mafia. We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”

        Weinstein admitted he was moved when he read The Atlantic Monthly‘s April cover story headlined ‘Should the Jews leave Europe?‘ and a piece by New York Times columnist David Brooks about how to combat antisemitism. He said, “It’s like, here we go again, we’re right back where we were [before the Holocaust]. And the lessons of the past are we better stand up and kick these guys in the ass.”

        The co-head of The Weinstein Company said he believes it is time for Jews to band together with those Muslims “who are honorable and peaceful.” He noted that while Jews must be understanding of their “Arab brothers and our Islamic brothers, we also have to understand that these crazy bastards [Arab and Islamic extremists] are also killing their own.”

        “They’re killing neighbors, they’re killing people from all sorts of different races,” he said. “And, unlike World War II, when we didn’t act right away and we paid the price, we better start acting now. Trust me, I’m the last guy who wants to do anything about it, but I realize if we don’t, we will perish. We can’t allow the bad guys to win.”

        The famed producer was among four honorees recognized at the event, where more than a dozen Holocaust survivors were asked to stand as they were applauded by the audience. Weinstein was introduced on stage as “a really nice Jewish boy” by his friend Jeffrey Katzenberg and actor Christoph Waltz. The latter won the best supporting actor Oscar twice for his roles in a Weinstein-produced films including Inglourious Basterds, where he played a Nazi.

        Weinstein told the audience at the event, “Too bad movies can’t all be like Inglourious Basterds, where Hitler gets what he deserves.” […]

        Could you imagine if a pro-White activist openly declared that Whites need to “get as organized as the mafia” and “stand up and kick anti-Whites in the ass”?

        One thing should be crystal clear to regular readers of this site: the vast majority of Jews, and certainly the organized Jewish community, are entirely disconnected from reality. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the West, who receive their information and opinions from the Jewish owned and controlled media and “entertainment” establishment, are entirely disconnected from reality as well.

        The Jews are so paranoid, so programmed and controlled by the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, that they will stop at nothing to silence any criticism of their people and ethnostate occupying Palestine (“anti-Semitism”).

        Criticizing Jews or Israel, pointing out the obvious fact that Jews dominate and largely control the Western political, financial, media, and cultural establishment, and exposing the various false narratives promoted by Jews and their media (especially the false “Holocaust” story of WWII and the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11) is akin to “another Holocaust,” i.e., the destruction of the Jewish people, according to the organized Jewish community.

        Recent events in Europe, including the “Charlie Hebdo attack” and the alleged “shooting” at a synagogue in Denmark, are in all likelihood staged, media created events designed to hype the threat supposedly faced by Jews around the world and to further justify the persecution of “anti-Semites.”

        This is getting serious folks – it’s time for the world to recognize the true nature of the organized Jewish community, and the threat they pose to our cherished concepts of freedom of speech and expression specifically and traditional Western civilization generally.

      26. Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


        Now that it has officially been established that the Jews control Hollywood, the obvious next question would be to ask what the consequences are of this Jewish control over one of the greatest propaganda mediums in the entire world?
        Why is it that there is so much decadence in Hollywood movies?
        Why are there so many films which denigrate Christian values?
        Why are there so many films about Nazis and the demonization of the German people?

        To me the answers are all obvious, the only question remaining is whether these Hollywood Jews are consciously or subconsciously trying to subvert gentile society through their movies.

        Are they actively gathering together to discuss their plans as claimed in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or is it just their innate wicked nature which subconsciously influences the content of the films they make?

      27. It is important to pay attention to the laws in your jurisdiction. In the UK, you are not allowed to do anything to defend yourself against an intruder. If you harm the intruder, it will be you who will go to jail. So, it is important to use ‘passive’ methods to detect and thwart intruders. There are many simple ways to ‘f#ck’ with intruders. As an alert system, a simple piece of very thin dental floss attached to noisy tins placed around your property perimeter works. Natural plants that are full of spikes should be what greets anyone trying to walk across your property. When they get to your home and try to come in, an old special forces trick is to place trip wires at ankle height in front of entry ways. An intruder barges in in the dark, takes a step or two and then goes head first into the floor, accidentally discharging their weapon. As they go to get up, a cloud of pepper spray fills the hallway. Coughing, spluttering, scared, panicking, you take a aluminum baseball bat and start wailing on them (I joke!); of course you patiently wait for the police to arrive and take down the intruder’s details.

        • That was funny, Frank. Such BS. No wonder you Brits are so f’ed up.

          Save your al u men e um for your Spitfires and kill the huns.

          What did you do with all the weapons our civilians sent you for your home guard during WWII?

          What a bunch of pussies. Even Monte must be cringing.

          f ’em

        • Advice like this will get you riddled by that accidental discharge or the thirty more the perp pumps out:)

      28. If I were a kid, I’d feel embarrassed if my family did this stuff. I’d have the pent up urge to tell/not want to tell my buddies how weird things were. I’d look at stories on the internet of freako survivalists killing their family and wondering if it was going to happen to me.

      29. 2 large earthquakes in the Pacific, both some what shallow. 7.5 and 6.7. Islanders beware.

      30. I just got the chance to read this article and comments. Very smart folks out there and will more than likely survive using these plans.
        I know it is impossible to keep the Zombies and Leaches away for ever, but along with the ideas given here no one said. DISTANCE. (that I read)
        Keep them as far away as you can. This will solve may problems. It is a terrible thought to have to say this but you need a clear KILL ZONE.
        From your KZ then put out all of your nasty little thing you think of that will let you know that they are coming in to your area and have gotten by the KZ. That is when everyone in the group does there thing to protect the group and compound.
        Now your KZ might be as far as 500 yards to 100 feet. Now this is depending on where you are setting up in a BOL or BIL. (Bug Out Location Bug In Location)

        To the above with the great ideas. THANKS

      31. Yes, like my scientist friend told me, this calapse is going to be really bad, so bad, he already left town. A fat ugley overweight woman, that i work with sys that i am a conspriacy nut, that this will never happen. My brother is a even bigger retard. I tried talking to him last weekend about that he needs to get ready. He told me that restrants throw away food everynight, and that the food banks always have food, that we will be able to get plenty of food., These are the types of stupid idotic people we have around. I have news for stupid, i have read Selcos Course, and have Failure of Civility. I am prepping, and will continure. SWIFT-The society of worldwide, interbank Financial Telecommunications, is frikin real. Russia and China already formed a parallel IMP Bank, backing thier currencies with Gold and minerals. We are finished, Jade Helm 15 is here, see the pattern, yet some stupid fat old lady is telling me crap. And get this the food banks will help me when Tshtf. Yea right. You take a good look at Houston, Texas and the trafic in this city and think that this will be a cake walk, think again. One friend of mine just found out that his employer just built a home 300 mile outside of Houston in the middle of nowhere. That it would take 1/1/2 hrs driving at 80 mph to get there non-stop, so all the so called experts add vising me, take a flying leap. The only real advisors i listen to is the person who owns this site, the writer of the artilces and the commentors who advise me, to take responsiblity. Doom and gloom, gotta luv it.

      32. These people are so brain dead, its not even funny, they cant even walk accross the street without staring into his cell phone. Total complete fricking retards. As for the single stupid women i meet from time to time when i tell them that i prep for shtf, they are like, so you belive in all that crap dont you. A teller at a Jp Morgan Chase told me 3 yrs ago that i need to stop listneing to the negativity and most of the conspiracies that i hear are not true. Gee, the teller is advising me and i am too paranoid. When the shtf hit me 8 months ago, when i was homeless for 1 1/2 months, as i walked the streets of Houston, looking seeing the homeless and acetping that i was one of them, but i have a business, and i am good at it, and was able to make it and get back inside a house, and i boosted ny business, and raged ecomonic war against my oponents.,i am not weak, but it happend to me. I did without eating for 3 weeks one time and almost passed out, and i was on water. Then the car broke down, and i am not outside 24-7 sleeping under a friking bridge. This my friends gave me a whole nother perspestive, Now i prep, i prep and i perp again, and i prep again, and again. 5 million people living in Houston, picture and a grid calapse, or financial calapse. My scientist friend said this city was war gamed for this very thing. The results, only 5000 out of 5 million will survive. Those are the prepares, the gangs, the thugs, the violent rejects, who will reak havoc on the surviving prepers. The new war breaks out among the remainding 5,000 survivors, then we get invaded after 25 more years by the other countries coming here. we are dead, dead, and dead even when we survive shtf. So to the fat lady, more power to you, you have it all figured our dont you. WRONG.

      33. Mr. Johnson…thank you so very much for this information and thank you to all of you for your input I learned a lot.

        • Dear William,

          You’re more than welcome. I’m going to follow this up with some more in-depth coverage on fortifications and tactics. I’m going to incorporate into that piece some information people have mentioned/asked for in the comments section. I’ll have it for you soon. Thanks for reading!


      34. Re: Low-Budget Home-Defense Techniques 101.

        Good stuff.

        Those battery operated driveway chimes are great inside, too. I also like a battery powered motion spot light. Outside they are ok, but inside a dark room they are BRIGHT. I face them towards exterior doors. I am trained to shade my eyes from them when I make my rounds.

        I have a Bull Terrier that barks like a BIG dog. He does a good job, but it is the OTHER dogs in the neighborhood that let me know what’s up. Two labs live about 50 yards from my house, outside, in a chain link fenced yard. Those two dogs create a lot of racket EVERY time someone walks down either of the only two streets that lead to my house on a dead end. I have a 2nd floor room that gives me a clear view of what they are barking at.

        I have a home fortification guide by Joe Nobody. I have put to use some of his suggestions. I am fortunate to have a wife that doesn’t care that I use the entire ground floor as an Uncle Caveman force multiplier.

        I have no doubt my efforts will mean NADA against Uncle Sam, or any group of a dozen or more non-idiots that, for some reason, want to get in my house, or destroy it. But I am hoping to thwart any meth/crack head idiot that thinks I have something he might want.

        I live 30 miles east of one million city/suburb dwellers. My hidey hole is 70 miles east. If the power is out for more than 2 weeks I will have some serious decisions to make.

        What I lack in intelligence, military training, and financial wealth, I make up for with paranoia, practice, and a distrust of everyone.

        I like shtfplan. I like the articles. I read a short story by the author about a canoe trip gone wrong. It was good.

        • Dear Ben Raines,

          Thanks for the comments. Believe me, I learn a ton from others who comment. One of the things I do is highlight the ones that are really packed with info and minimize the font. Then I’m able to keep a whole bunch of information not necessarily covered in the article as relevant material. The comments serve as a readily-available reference/notes resource.

          I’m almost ready to submit a follow-up to this piece; it will cover more of an urban/suburban setting in some regards.

          Because of what you wrote (re: “the power…out for more than 2 weeks), just for you I’m going to do a special piece on things to do with a grid-down, power-out scenario. Thanks for mentioning it; you pointed out a good topic. Hang in there!

          Have a good day

      35. Bought some body armour today and ordered a portable solar power plant. Next week two extra pairs of Soloman boots and a USEDm( since EPA) screwed up the new one wood burning stove. As for security planting some very thorny stuff under windows of BOL and will take his suggestion about heavy mesh screens on windows, great article.

        • Some good basic ideas,helpful for those of us who did not grow up like Grizzy Adams along with a few special ops tours under our belts,hope all well that visit here!

      36. Clymores and Fougasse….. with barbed wire circling one’s home….

      37. I have a home outside a small town, but only 300 yards from a major north-south state highway.

        The house was built in the 1950 era by my father and grandfathers. It is solid masonry……brick exterior, solid concrete block, then 6 inch block, stud walls and thick plaster inner walls. So, it is multi layers of brick, block, plaster. A full basement underneath.
        The windows are high enough to require a step ladder for entrance, but, the living room has a large picture window with a narrow window on either side. I worry about this entry point. There is a brick flower planter underneath the entire window. I want to replace this window anyway so suggestions about how to best secure this opening for SHTF time would be greatly appreciated. The more secure the better.
        As well, the exterior doors will be replaced with steel doors ASAP. The best method of making these doors withstand SHTF also appreciated.
        Just replaced the shingles, otherwise would put metal on the roof…….I may still do so.
        Basement windows are small but need to be secure. Suggestions appreciated. Will replace what ever needs to be replaced to secure them.
        I have MANY tall bookcases, and many books. BUT, for SHTF I think I will go to craigslist and look for free ones….or at yard sales. Could stack books at least 4 deep, with MY own books on the lower levels and the crap books over the window areas. I suppose I could even super glue the books together so that I have one 12-18 inch think book, instead of books 4-5 deep that can separate.
        Could mount motion lights, connected to solar panels, on the garage, shop, and hobby barn, and house.
        River boarders the east side of the property with steep embankment between house and river. How best to set this up? If we still have electricity, I could run at least 6 electric wires, each powered separately, approx. 12 inches apart. That way it would require some doing to short the fence out. Is there a way to make that fence higher voltage? I won’t give a tinker’s damn if it electrocutes someone coming to do harm.
        I have considered looking for used chain link fencing, 6 feet tall, to enclose half the yard……..the yard is 3 acres, longer and more narrow, running north-south. House sites on south half of the yard . Seems that a tall chain link fence could have various strands of electric fence wire run carefully throughout the fence, using at least 6 separate wires and power sources. Again, could use higher voltage if electric power and the info. To hook it up. Any one have any links?

        Thanks in advance
        BTW…..I am retired woman living alone.

      38. I was also with Co.B, 2nd, 504th in 72. All good advice. (but for some of us, better check your HOA rules first)

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