25 Things That the SHTF Doesn’t Care About

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 469 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the best of times.  In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

    So, suck it up, put on your boots, and power through it – SHTF doesn’t care and neither can you!

    1. SHTF doesn’t care about inclement weather – snow, hail, tornadoes and hurricanes all just add to the party atmosphere for SHTF.
    2. SHTF doesn’t care that you sprained your ankle, broke your leg or are otherwise less than ambulatory. If you have to bug out without a vehicle, you have to bug out, regardless of your injury status.
    3. SHTF doesn’t care that you decided to start prepping after the trip to Disneyworld (because that trip is expensive!!!!)
    4. SHTF doesn’t care that you are on a boat in the middle of  the ocean, regardless of what you paid for the luxury cruise.  (Check out recent ill-fated Carnival Cruise of the Triumph if you don’t believe me!)
    5. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get your vehicle repaired.  You have to evacuate regardless of the leak from the oil pan, the condition of the brakes and the funny noise in the transmission.
    6. SHTF doesn’t care that the entire family is ill with the stomach flu.  The entire family will just have to pause to throw up while bugging out.
    7. SHTF doesn’t care that you need new hiking boots and that you just haven’t had time to get to the store and buy them.
    8. SHTF doesn’t care that you planned to buy some bulk foods with your next paycheck.
    9. SHTF doesn’t care that you always use electronic banking. If the ATMS are down and you have no cash, you cannot buy anything.
    10. SHTF doesn’t care that you used all your ammo at the range and Wal-Mart has been out for the past month.
    11. SHTF doesn’t care that the grocery store is closed because of a power outage and you only have a can of peas and some saltine crackers in the house.
    12. SHTF doesn’t care that you are wearing high heels when your car plummets to the bottom of a ravine – you still have to climb out.
    13. SHTF doesn’t care that the pharmacies are closed because of a pandemic and that you have no OTC or herbal medicines at home – if you catch the virus, you will suffer through it without medicine to treat it. And so will your kids.
    14. SHTF doesn’t care that your truck is almost out of gas and the local gas stations have closed because of the disaster.  If you have to bug out, you may end up walking instead of driving.
    15. SHTF doesn’t care that you are depressed because you just broke up with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. S happens when S happens.
    16. SHTF doesn’t care that you have made a rock solid plan to get in shape – as soon as the weather warms up.
    17. SHTF doesn’t care that you are visiting your in-laws, the most unprepared people on the planet.
    18. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get the propane tank refilled and now the propane trucks aren’t running.
    19. SHTF doesn’t care that your wood is not dry.
    20. SHTF doesn’t care that you have 300 pounds of beans and rice but failed to plan on a way to cook them.
    21. SHTF doesn’t care that you don’t know how to cook over an open fire without inflicting 2nd degree burns on yourself.
    22. SHTF doesn’t care if you have only a week’s supply of toilet paper – if the crisis lasts longer than a week, things will be progressively less pleasant regardless of your intention to purchase more Charmin.
    23. SHTF doesn’t care you planned to reinforce your door frame and install a metal security door – if thugs arrive to invade your home, your hollow core door will serve as a minor inconvenience instead of a deterrent.
    24. SHTF doesn’t care if you believe the fecal matter is headed towards the oscillating device or whether you think it’s a conspiracy theory.
    25. Whatever your excuse may be, you may rest assured, it could easily be on this list.   And SHTF won’t care about that either.


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      1. SHTF does not care about anything; it just happens. It hasn’t happened in our lifetime (not nationally for Americans) or globally but thats’ just a matter of time – something else SHTF doesn’t care about – time.

        • Thats why ya gotta be ready,now…you cant be ready for all scenarios(youll just fluster yourself and your circle trying to) but you can certainly negate the worst of anything that happens…I often say you gotta make it part of your day to day…part of your lifestyle…your default position/reaction…dont let it control you,you control it, regardless the time to get ready is before the problem comes…not after it clobbers you,well done Daisy!

          • SHTF has no mercy.

            Whether SHTF comes by day or night, it WILL come. Treat it like the enemy it is and be as prepared as you can.

            • SHTF sure doesn’t care after my ex made it burn when I pissed. Neither did she actually. So SHTF is basically a worthless, lying whore! I finally understand!

              • McUNlovin??????????

                • Not McLovin that ex!

                • well said Jasmine, well said indeed.

                  • SHTF does NOT grade on a ‘curve’…

                    …SHTF is Pass/Fail ONLY


                  • @JOG:

                    GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS SIR !!!!

                    Well spoken.

                    @Daisy: Spot on as usual.


              • Mclovin- SHTF is like the Honey Badger….it doesn’t give a crap!

                • Please explain.

                  • It all began with Randall. Search youtube for a video titled, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)”. Have fun.

                  • And Number 26 shit hits the fan doesn’t care about Eisen. If you are what’s left of society, I dread being alive. Your lack of maturity and lack of common sense astound me. The thought of living in your world where you steal sex from women is disgusting.

            • off subject
              i just got back from 2 weeks traveling thru three states
              zig zagging stopping at wal marts,,gun stores,,pawn shops
              NO ONE HAS ANY AMMO,,,,,and no hopes of getting any anytime soon,,,I know most of ya know this,,just tought i would throw it in,,states ,,,SC ga,,florida


              • Did you try NW GA…we got ammo…opps did I say that out loud??

          • @REB,

            Well said by the both of you, thanks for your thoughts. Kudos, Daisy!!

            • Thanks Daisy, good reminders and a great way to end the week, with a smile. Shtf don’t care basically says prepare one’s time wisely.

              Have a great weekend everyone, stay prepping.

        • If it comes before 8:00 AM It will just have to wait. Nothing comes before my Coffee and breakfast. If the world ends it will have to end without me. When I retired I quit getting up at 5:00 for anything except to pee,

          • 5 am… try 3:30 am for the last 25 years,,, dont 4 get the pet food standing by in swf,, on da sailboat<<

        • I’ll date myself, but it’s appropriate: “SHTF will NOT be televised!”

          • This is exactly what the parasites will do in America. But, people will not face this message, because they are conditioned to reject it. The people of this country will die like all the other 100’s of millions of victims of communism in the last century.

        • The rusty single shot shotgun you bought at the pawn shop works better than the tricked-out AR you ordered.

          • Works better at doing what???

            • better because its in your hand not on order

        • You could also say “SHTF won’t wait (for)…”

          It won’t wait for you to catch up, change your shoes, fill your tank or purchase that camping gear next month…

        • SHTF doesn’t care about all the drama queens who think the world revolves around them. SHTF doesn’t care about fashion and trends. SHTF doesn’t care about celebrity gossip. SHTF doesn’t care about Justin Beaver’s (can’t even spell his last name) newest song. SHTF doesn’t care about all the trendy people who look down their noses at poor preppers like me. SHTF doesn’t care about all the people who hide behind victimization just to get their way and feel good about themselves. SHTF doesn’t care about PETA and environmentalists. SHTF doesn’t care if your a politician or not… wow it just got quiet in this world.

          • SHTF doesn’t care if your hooked on pain killers and now the supply has run dry. SHTF doesn’t care if you pawned one of your prepper items to pay the waterbill. SHTF doesn’t care that you find it difficult to tell neighbors to ‘get lost’ when they come begging for survival items. SHTF doesn’t care that your dog is digging in the shallow graves of zombie apocalypse home invaders. SHTF doesn’t care if you are scared of the dark. SHTF doesn’t care if you think Darth Vader’s storm troopers are cool.

        • No, it hasn’t, but there HAVE been PLENTY of localized SHTF situations to go around. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earth quakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. These are not national level problems but they can sure f*** up your entire afternoon locally.

          The good news is that the basic preps needed to get through many local problems are not that hard to come by or that expensive. In many cases, it is simply buying a little more of what we already buy and storing it in a corner of the basement or an unused closet. TP is a great example. The stuff lasts for-darn-near-ever, is cheap, and is also incredibly useful. If we just think about it for a bit, we can develop quite a list of other things in this category. Using that list, we can stock up as we can. Even if we never have a local SHTF situation, the very worst thing that happens is that we have extra useful items that we bought when prices were lower than they are today. Not exactly what most would consider a serious down-side. 🙂

      2. SHTF doesn’t care if you are a flaming liberal who believes everything the government and MSM tells you.

        SHTF doesn’t care if you voted for Obama.

        SHTF doesn’t care if you are anti-gun and will just call the police.

        SHTF doesn’t care if you drink “their” kool-aid regularly.

        • The above immediately came to mind after talking to a flaming liberal yesterday. When posed with the “what if” scenario he immediately went to all “the talking points.”

          (a) it’s just conspiracy (showed him actual bills and DHS stuff) then it became

          (b) God will provide and I just go meet my maker (I countered with what if He if late? Isn’t it you resposibility to take care of your wife & kids?)

          (c) I will just pack up the truck and go to the mountains (I mentioned the other 2 million in Denver that will probably be doing the same thing.)

          (d) well, then we will just die (isn’t suicide against a lot of religions?)

          On & on…

          • Why the hell did you even waste your time with a liberal,you will never change there’re minds or convince them the gov would ever do any wrong doing…….let em get what’s coming……the world will be a better place….liberals and strick dems are dead to me already.

            • Fed,
              He actually is a good friend and an all around good guy. By the time I finished with him he said that if SHTF and he couldn’t escape then he would borrow one of Bilbo’s guns (mutual friend).

              So he did at least open up a little to the idea. I did not mention to him that Bilbo has less than 20 rounds for any of his hardware. Didn’t want to discourage even a little movement in his stance.

              • I see your point kindle,but if TSHF I guarantee he will be knocking on your door,or be the first one to turn you in as the crazy prepper! ……beware he knows too much already…..Feds show up at your place,chances are preeeeeeeeeetty good you’ll know why…just sayin

                • He doesn’t know I am a prepper. He thinks I am poor. Doesn’t even think I am armed.

                  I’m better at OPSEC than that.

                  • Well played,don’t wanna see any preppers lose all that time and money,to any naysayers .

                  • Did you just admit to everyone on the internet that you are armed?? And that you are a “prepper”?

            • Now you guys are just screwing with me. You know that shit drives me up a wall.

            • Good thing about Stalinist commies is that some of them aren’t armed. Armed commies will will kill you if you let ’em get close.

              • Real marxists are’nt fooled, and won’t give up thier hardware…

            • Howdy Fed up,

              ACTUALLY – and this is EVIL JOG speaking here – it’s a GREAT form of entertainemnt!

              Remember that movie some time ago (something from Stephen King…a skit about a Quit Smoking outfit, MAFIA style, Yes?) Well, ,there’s that scene where they throw a cat into a room with an electrified floor right? Ever seen a cat trying to walk without touching the floor? (Incidentally, I would NEVER condone abusing any innocent creature that way…Liberals, NOW that’s ANOTHER matter.) Yep, that scene…

              Well, it’s MORE of a hoot to watch a liberal doing damn near the same thing – mentally – (figuratively speaking that is) when you start ‘boxing them in’, like Kindle was saying above. Watching them going through the litany of mental gyrations to avoid being ‘pulled’ to where they KNOW you’re taking them is, well… FASCINATING!

              After some several (dozen) episodes of this over the years I finally HAD to quit…I realized that – like most people who realize that they’re becoming addicted to something – that it was SO entertaining that I was becoming, well…EVIL! That’s when my original nature reasserted itself and I extracted myself from that ‘lifestyle’.

              I AM ashamed of my previous behaviour – in extremis – and I promise I will NEVER so abuse those poor, wretched limited-intellect liberals again. I SINCERELY beg – of EVERYONE here – your collective pardon…

              I AM SO SORRY!!!! 🙁

              EVIL JOG,

              become again…OK JOG 🙂

              • JOG,
                Yeah, playing with liberals minds is a lot of fun. The little green eyed monster in me did come out to play…but it’s all good.

              • One word just one guy,……..eloquent.

              • It is really fun to see the panic on their faces when they realize that you are ready and not going to share with them because they wouldn’t listen to your warnings.

                I was on Ft. Ord in 1986. Everyone was making fun of me and my wind-up radio. Then when the earthquake hit and nobody had batteries for their jam boxes, the whole neighborhood was coming to listen to my wind-up radio.

            • I have changed a liberals mind… after 5 years. It can be done but it takes so long… and its ungodly annoying

              • it’s kinda like the irish joke, did you hear about the two irishmen that left the bar? welllll it could happen ! so it is possible but it just might happen that you could change a libs mind !!??

                • Normally only by example AFTER SHTF.

            • why waste your time politically labeling people, just call them what they are—stupid. naive. blind. brainwashed. dead.

            • and i think to myself… what a wonderful worlddddd.

          • That sounds depressingly familiar.

          • I’m with you Kindle, just think of what !-70 looks like on a “regular” weekend with people going to and returning from the ski resorts. Watch “it” happen at the most inconvenient time, a major snowstorm with upslope winds. Floyd Hill will be a parking lot.
            Your northern flank is secured. Standing by.

            • EOD12,
              I’ve been stuck in that clog more than once. It’s not just during the winter with snow bunnies…holiday weekends during the summer are horrible.

              • @Kindle,
                Roger that, anytime, especially on Sunday afternoon

            • Denver TV used to show 300,000 hunters in their vehicles heading for the hills on opening day of deer season. That was 40-50 years ago when we were a Republic.

              Now .gov and TV is full of Stalinist commies. Colorado (Denver in particular) is full of commie lawyers and .gov types.

              Keep your ammo stacked high.

            • Let’s say you did get to the Mountains, now what? During 2nd Elk season every rock/tree has a orange hat behind it. It may not be the best time to meet your new neighbors.

          • I’m in CO as well. So many people here say they’ll “just head to the mountains”. I don’t want to be with all of them. I’m staying put, and then heading to the “ranch” after it settles down.

            Stay away from the masses. Everyone thinks there’s enough food up in the mountains, there isn’t if everyone is up there. Read One Second After.

            • Hell…I stay away from the masses now. Damned crazy bunch these days.

            • Co, even what food is available will be wasted by those that don’t know how to survive.

              • drd exactly they will kill eat and leave a mess of unused meat, bone , and hide, they are wasters now, they will be wasters then.

                For those who don’t know how. Easy simple and maintainable.
                these are just examples. There are many other ways to go about it, but no one should be without survival skill sets.



                http://www.wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/tools/bone/index.html ( great source of needles for sewing leather. )

                http://aces.nmsu.edu/pubs/_l/l-103.pdf ( tanning deer hides and small fur skins )

                Its not about being rambo or macguyver, its about surviving off grid no power living from the land, Yes there will be many going to the hills mountains and outer small islands even, but there will be many just going there with no true survival skills besides point shoot eat leave a mess. These will not survive. The truth is almost no matter where you go ppl will end up showing up. Go to the harshest places to be left alone. Ppl survive in the desterts, mountains, tundras, and jungles. Places that others do not go to.

              • There is probably enough food in their own front yard. Most grass IS edible. Just cook it like spinach. Bugs are high in protein. In a pinch, humans are animals. A lot of them act like it right now.

            • Loved “One Second After”… learned so much from it to help our family prep.

              • read Lights Out also….awesome book..one of the most informative ones out there. Lots of “what to do” info in it in the event of an EMP.

                • Gone, who is the author? I found 10 books with this title.

                  • @Highspeedloafer,
                    The author is David Crawford.

                  • Highspeedloafer,

                    David Crawford is the author.

                • Gone2Hilo,

                  Funny you should mention Lights Out! I’m on page 158 of 611 of it, GREAT book 🙂

                  • Looks like “Collision Course” by Crawford is good, too!

              • I’ve heard of the book One Second After, but haven’t read it. I just clicked on a movie trailer for a movie of the same name, not sure if they are connected – and what is the first thing I see?

                Promotion of White racial genocide visi vi miscegenation. Some black guy comes running out from behind a building, carrying a toy rifle and along side him?

                A blue eyed, blond-haired White chick of European descent.

                Look, folks. White European people constitute only about 10 percent of the world’s population. Of that amount, only about 3 percent of our females are in their child producing, most fertile and safe age range. Promotion of race mixing between our females and any other non-white race is clearly designed to reduce the number of White babies that are born, and that is genocide.

                If that is the kind of evil that this book is promoting, then it will not be read or bought my me.

                • Not at all, the book doesn’t even talk about relationships really. It’s about a father with a diabetic daughter and the full year of hell they go through as a family after an EMP knocks out the U.S. power grid. They form a local government, the preppers are left to themselves, and the town defends itself against horrible looters and cannibals. It’s about the brutal nature of survival with so many American unprepared and left to die. And watching them waste away. It’s a decent book actually. And is an example of perhaps what 1 out of 100 towns would try to achieve, many less successful than the one portrayed in the book which is set in North Carolina.

            • CO Beach,
              I have every intention of avoiding the masses. If they head west to the mountains then I’m going East then straight north.

              • So you’re heading to Kimball, Nebraska?

                • Ugly,
                  No, not going to Nebraska. Just going east for 50-75 miles (enough to clear out the herd) then head north to Wyoming or Idaho…unless I turn and go south to TX. I have a couple of options but haven’t figured it all out yet.

                  • Unless the silos around Cheyenne are giving off a cloud.

                  • EOD12,
                    Yep, yep. That is why I have a plan b, c, d, e, f, g…

                  • We’d love to have you here in Oklahoma. I grew up in Denver, but moved out in 1993 when I joined the USAF. Seems like the progressives from Kalifornia have finally taken over Colorado. sad..

            • Cache your food. A couple hundred pounds of dry beans will go a long way.

              Might as well throw in some canned bacon.

              • Don’t forget the beano and air freshners.

            • The only people who think “the wilderness” is a convience store are the ones who have never shopped there. Even in suburbia where the deer are tame, that only lasts until the first one is shot.

            • If most of these people cant make it where they are…the mountains are gonna kill em for sure…they can be very unforgiving 🙁

              • Good. Thin the herd.

          • If all the front-ranger FSA tyes want to come to the mountains and ‘live off the land’ they’d better think twice. Without a way to help or sustain themselves or help us, they are guaranteed to not make it too far.

          • Kindle I gave up having those conversations a while ago when I learned that I can’t argue stupid.

            Semper Fi

            • godsofold,
              I only bother with good friends that I really care about. Still got half an ounce of hope.

              • Howdy Kindle,

                That’s a good idea…’doing it’ with someone you really don’t care about..it leads to the ‘Dark Side’…

                Pssst; see my post above…

                Hope all’s well for you, keep on Preppin!!


                • Hey JOG,
                  It’s hard to stop caring about your good friends and family even if they are dumber than dirt.

                  All is good here. Been working on the gardens now that it is finally warm enough to turn the soil over. I’m getting the seeds started and other stuff going.

                  Been selling a bunch of extra stuff I just don’t need or have too much of. Sold a 12 ga. rifled barrel for $125…bidding still going so who know how much it will go for.

                  So still prepping on the normal daily stuff…fairly squared away.

                  Hope all is well with you. Take care,

                  • @ Kindle,

                    Hmm, ‘Rifled slug barrel’…

                    If I may ask, for WHAT make/model?

                    I’m in th market for somesuch for a Remington 870 I have.


                  • Mossberg 500. You can find new & used on the internet.

                  • Good for you. I’ve just started downsizing myself. After a lifetime of scratching and scrapping to make ends meet, it is hard to realize that you actually have too much now. I am in the soul searching process of deciding what I really need and what is really usefull vs what is just neat or overkill. Just how usefull is that propane camp stove anyway? I like to use sticks and pine cones better.

                    Save the coffee cans to store the TP. TP is a blessing that I really don’t want to do without.

              • @Kindle & Jog….Look at prepping and family/friends this way. Lets say two people are about to jump into river. One can swim and one cannot. They both jump and discover an undertow. The swimmer swims to safety, but the non-swimmer struggles and is drowning. The swimmer jumps in to save the non-swimmer, but the non-swimmer gets a death grip on the swimmer and they both drown. That has happened many times.

                I am amazed at how many people that get in boats or are fishing from the shoreline and do not know how to swim. A person I knew drowned in 5 feet of ‘still’ waters. He panicked. All he had to do was stand up and walk. But he was terrified of water and did not know what to do when he was neck deep.

                The 95% non-preppers will probably drown us as well. But at least we can try.

                • Howdy Ug!

                  True emough…on ALL points. I don’t know how much of a reader you are but you may have moticed that I’ve ‘pumped’ a bit of text here before by a David Korowics titled “Tradeoff.pdf” In that the author lays out an absolutely chilling case for as to what happens when we finally see a disruption of the JIT (Just-in-time) logistics systems which are ubiquitous in our world today. It is loonng, at about 77 pages and especial attention must be paid to the EXACT terminology he uses in the first 33 pages to make his case…that terminology is not ‘gobbledy-gook’ at all, you just have to pay attention to his specific use of various vocabulary is what I’m asserting here.

                  That said, his conclusions are beyond what most would beleive…and entirely plausible via the manner in which he lays them out; the analysis is impeccable. Suffice it to say that my ‘read’ of what is there imply’s that for anything suchlike occuring within TWO weeks of onset the path and pattern set would simply be irreversible. He directly makes the case that irreperable harm would be done – broadly – in only as little as seven to eight days to any modern economy exposed to such. My frank estimation – based on his work – is for an attrtition rate in excess of 96% within two months.

                  It is very much the case that the pattern of this would be a self-accelerarting process. To say the least, those who cannot keep thier wits about them would simply be casualties…immediately.

                  Ig you are a reader you can find Korowics work through a simple Google search using author/title. Anywho, I’ll catch you later…keep preppin!!


          • Kindle,

            I’m just glad he doesn’t post here…

            slap slap SLAP… 😉

          • Kindle: The time for warnings is long past. Your liberal ‘friend’ and his family are going to die becasue he doesn’t believe it can happen. The danger with talking to folks like him is that he may remember your little talk WTSHTF
            and comes looking for you, or worse, tell others. I stopped having these conversations shortly after I tried to warn folks about the pending stock market mess in late 2007 and early 2008. Folks at work thought I was nuts and then lost their minds and fortunes when it did crash. I survived that and I’ll survive this as well because I can see things for what they really are like the others here. OPSEC is what we all need now. The hardest part is blending in and acting like I care about the same trivial crap that eveyone else does so that I don’t stand out.

          • Kindle… so, in summary, you lib friend HAS NO PLAN. I am a VERY strong believer in the old saying, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. The person you spoke with is a dead man walking. He just does not know it yet. But he will, oh, yes, indeed, he will. Be ready to fend this person off when he shows up on your doorstep to leech on you and your preps.

            Many of us would like to help others but have family members who will need our help desperately. It is unlikely that we will know the full extent of any SHTF situation for weeks and perhaps months after it begins. Given this and the limited supplies we have, it would be foolish in the extreme to share our supplies with anyone not in our family or at least a best friend. We simply have to grasp the idea that a lot of people will not survive the coming SHTF scenario and that our duty is to our family. Once they are cared for, then we can worry about others.

            I had a neighbor lady who was very liberal. She’s moved away now but when she “heard a strange noise” in her house not long after moving in, she knew who to come to for help. I went over to her place with my friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson plus a 4-cell MagLite flashlight. I checked the place out and found nothing but she was very relieved that someone she knew did a check. I liked her as a friend, actually, in spite of her lib ideas. She was basically a good person, just not fully aware of the things that are going on these days. There is no way that she will survive a serious SHTF scenario, though.

        • Thank heaven that SHTF does care about Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kard. If it didn’t just think how many reporters would be out of work

        • It will be truely poetic, when the libtards try calling the police after TSHTF 🙂

          Daisy, awesome observations!

        • SHTF doesn’t care if you were worth 100,000.00 per year.
          It doesn’t care if you refuse to accept it. It doesn’t care if you think your faith will save you. When it happens, it happens.

      3. Those are good 25 who cares reasons when SHTF. I thought I was ready until I listen to C2C last night. Think it was a guy named Huett or Hewitt? Just get ready, it is coming. No excuses. I went for 22 mile jog today. Was hoping for a heart attack, but I am still here; just tired.

        Good luck everyone.

        • Running out of room for food storage?

          2,000 calories in a pound of body weight. Go ahead and put on 20 to 50 pounds for when SHTF. Saves a lot of storage space and ready to bug out right there with you. Fatten up now.

          NOMI… except around the waist.

          • Now, that is good on so many levels.

          • Isn’t it 3,500 calories in a pound of body weight?
            You’d better of getting in shape, but not like those airheads chasing the “six pack”. A little body fat is a good thing, about 10% minimum and 20% maximum for men, 20% minimum 30% maximum for women. Running and body weight exercises (e.g. pushups, pullups, chinups, situps, wall pushups, squat-thrust-jumps, etc.), think boot camp. There’s a reason for that stuff. IT WORKS! We’ll all need a good level of physical fitness in a survival situation, flexibility is the key. By that I mean being able to adjust to whatever arises, plan and prepare but know that as soon as SHTF you have to react to situation and plans go out the window. Hopefully, the preparation and planning will help with the problem at hand. You’ve got to be able to “hold ’em, fold ’em, walk away, and run”, then “know when” to do which and you might be fortunate enough to “die in your sleep” of old age

          • Make sure to rotate your stockpile and check the expiration dates. Is this food you eat on an everyday basis? If not, why are you saving it?

        • Wow Ugly, I do 21 miles for the week, I would have a heart attack at that rate.

          • @Highspeedloafer….I am doing the 22 milers about every 10 days until 3 weeks before the marathon. After marathon, I will go back to long runs of 10 miles. Sounds like you are running well. Keep it up and keep prepping.

        • Ugly do you know Chris, from NW Wyoming.Trekker Out.

          • @Trekker….Don’t know? I do have a second cousin named Chris that lives in WY. When you say NW WY are you talking the Cody-Worland areas? Right now, I live in Eastern Idaho, about 1 hour to the WY border.

            • The reason I asked, this Chris is a long distance runner. Since you ran 21 miles I thought you may have knew him. He runs all over these Mountains. And in many States. Trekker Out.

              • Trekker….Not too many from WY run in the Idaho races, usually a handful at most. I think most of them do races in WY and MT. I looked at some past results and the only Chris from WY was from Lander.

                About 8 years ago, I did chat with a WY runner after the finish. He told me about trail races in Jackson and Pinedale. I cannot remember his name, but he seemed to be into the trail races which are usually in the mountains and sometimes as long as 50 miles. Maybe that was him?

                • Ugly, yes he does run trail races, last fall he ran in the 100mile trail run in Colorado. He was sick for 2 days before the race, I think he only finished 50 miles. “only 50 miles” I think his goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states. I think I’ll just stick to trekkin. Trekker Out.

                  • Trekker….That was probably him that I met after the marathon several years ago He was acting like marathons were just training runs and he prefered trails and ultras more. It is a small world.

      4. Nice article Daisy. I had read this on another site. After reading this I felt prompted to complete some of the things I’ve been “meaning to do.” This weekend I am working on adding some more security to our home. In my quiet rural community we have had in the past six months a rash of burglaries, and just two weeks ago a murder. Very frightening. One of the suspected burglars was caught about 100 yds from my home, while escaping from the local police. I knew, at the time, that I really needed to work on our home security. But, just didn’t get around to it. Then two weeks ago a murder (albeit a domestic dispute and drug involvement) just a quarter mile away. I always thought we were in a safer area than most. However, I am now seeing and assessing things more clearly. Thanks for the additional prompt to get busy! I will be getting things done this weekend and planning to accomplish something else on my ‘to do’ list next weekend.

        • The Modern Survivalist on Youtube has several videos on improving your home security.

        • The list is already working. Good points from Daisy to wake up people and maybe catch some pointers on rearranging the “priority” list.

          • Off topic alert: If you use Carbonite or something similar, how resistant to .gov demands do you think they’ll be?

            • Don’t know about that one, but I know there are some out there that the NSA doesen’t like, because they can’t break them. Keep looking

      5. Some serious “heads up” statements.
        Better to be squared away than be part of the problem.
        Gear up and good luck.

      6. Good one Daisy. In other words, you had better have SHTF at least on the back burner of your mind at all times. You don’t have to be actively pursuing survival, but had better be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes it is a little exhausting keeping it on that back burner, do it anyways. My daughter and 2 granddaughters live a couple of miles away, one is on school (very rural area). She calls me when she leaves the house to let me know where she is going to be. Since she has an infant, my job is to get to my older granddaughter at school in case something happens, unless my son in law is home from working on the gas wells. We have worked out several scenarios just in case comms are compromised by an emp or natural disasters. Then we start on setting up contact with the rest of our group. It may sound paranoid, but I sleep better at night knowing we will know what to do if SHTF

        • It’s been my experience that no matter how much I prepare there’s always a bite coming…
          I can handle the nibbles…but the big ones…

          • I have found that by handling the nibbles when they happen, the bites are considerably less often and less pressing.

      7. I got a portable toilet and a bottle on enzyme in my closet.

        I never laughed so hard in my life at the people on the cruise literally wading through shit.

        • Escecially while out at sea. Still can’t grasp the whole “poop in the shower” thing. It generally doesn’t evaporate.

          • In the olden days, the deck on the back of the ships was called a poop deck for a reason.

      8. Daisy,

        Why don’t you write something about natural medicines which can function as antibiotics?

        • Eisen..Colloidal Silver is the ticket. I was playing rough with my dog and she nipped me and it got infected so I scrubbed it good, put CS on a band-aid and within 4 days it was healed. I cured life-long sinus problems with it. It has lots of uses and is easy to make. Anit-biotics have their place but they are way over-used and creating superbugs. I use CS all the time.

          • Organic Hemp Oil.

            • Endless supply in my neighborhood. They used to grow it for rope during WWII. It grows in every fence line and is hard to kill. A Deputy told me of a time when they found a van full of it. He said they use it to cut the real stuff.

              • you must be TN or KY?

                • NE

          • @Warface…just ordered a gallon of CS, but noticed that it has a yellow “tinge”/color to it….my previous small bottle is clear….do you know why? I use it all the time (if I even feel a sniffle coming on)….also put a tsp twice a day in my outside cats water, as his eye was infected….healed up perfect in a few days…..take care, CC.

            • It is yellow because of a high concentration of silver particles. I use a lazer pointed through the jar when I am making it. If there is no silver dissolved in the water, you will not see the lazer beam in the water. When you let the concentration get too high, the water starts to turn yellow and finally will turn dirty looking. If the silver content is too high, then(supposedly) the particles of silver are too big to be absorbed by cells. If I make too strong of a batch, I just dilute it with more distilled water and it works just fine. You can also filter it through a double coffe filter and it will clear up a little.

          • When I was bit by a dog a few years ago, the usual treatments didn’t work, and the leg went septic…
            The dog said they ‘may have to take the leg’…
            Out of desperation, I remembered how to make ancient style ‘holy water’… which was ionic silver water.
            Soaked the leg in it, the next day a scab started forming and the redness started going away.
            Tried hemp oil on cuts, doesn’t work nearly as well.
            I keep some silver chloride in the form of eye drops, and the silver is a ‘preservative’. It heals any cuts, no redness or soreness even develops.
            It truly is Holy water.

            • I agree. I battled sinus problems all of my life and I don’t even remember where I heard about CS but I tried it and have been healed for over 3 years. I rarely get infections but when my dog nipped me it seemed like it was taking forever to heal and I could see it was slightly infected so I soaked off the scab and put a CS soaked bandaid un it and except for the pink scar tissue, there was no sign there was ever an injury, all within 3 days. CS is amazing stuff.

            • Actually, it was the DOC that said it… not the dog…
              (Damn arthritic fingers… now if we could just fix fingers and eyeballs…)

              • PM, if you are not allergic to bees then you need to let a few sting your hands. Sure it will hurt a little bit but your arthritis will go away. Bee keepers almost never have arthritis. In Russisa they use been venom as a medicine for artritis. FDA here in America has never approved it.


          • Don’t forget honey, to be smeared on open wounds. Reduces infection and aids healing.

        • I just ordered more garlic gel-caps this morning!!

          Keep preppin’!

        • Also consider keeping a few bottles of red wine (cheap is okay) and some olive oil for cleaning out wounds. Flush the wound with wine and flood with olive oil. This works well and I’m also a huge fan of colloidal silver. Buy of few bottles of hydrogen peroxide but watch the expiration date as it becomes toxic when too old. Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver can cure almost anything.

          • Now that’s something new to me. Care to elaborate? How does it become toxic? It is just water(H2O) with an extra molecule of oxygen (H2O2).I huff it every day for the past couple years and never get a cold.

            • JRS,
              How, exactly, do you ‘huff’, h202?

              • Well, PM, I’m sorry I no longer have the link or even remember the website from several years ago. I bought a nasal inhaler, dumped the contents, washed it out and filled with regular store bought hydrogen peroxide. I inhale 4 or 5 squirts THROUGH THE MOUTH once or twice a day. I have no concrete evidence to prove this works, but I haven’t been sick for a couple years. I am assuming that certain germs will not exist in an oxygen rich environment so I get those extra molecules of oxygen in my lungs this way. If it kills germs in cuts, why not in your throat and lungs?

                • Wow… ok… I wonder if that would work for CS, since that’s what I thought you were talking about…
                  Makes sense to me… anything, ANYTHING, that doesn’t require a doctor, is going to get real popular in the near future methinks…
                  Maybe i’ll go into business as a witch doctor…

            • That’s what we were taught in nursing school, and I don’t think they had an agenda on this. As it ages, there is a chemical breakdown and the liquid will chemically “burn” your skin. If you want more info, I’d suggest you look it up. This is one of the facts I memorized as a matter of course, among the tens of thousands of facts we had to memorize and explain the process thereof. Don’t think I’d “huff” anything. The nasal membranes are quite delicate.

        • Storey Medicinal Herb Guide “Herbal Antibiotics” by Stephen Harrod Buhner is good!

      9. Preparedness is really about common sense. At 16 my dad made me show him that I could change the tire and put on chains before I could take out the car on my own. My ski club at school taught us to have a food source, heat ( and blanket) and light source and water source in the car when going up the mountain to ski. As I got my own family we taught them how to shut off the power or water to the house when needed, how to evacuate and meet outside the house etc. It is just common sense to plan a bit. SHTF is a bigger idea but the planning is just the same. It is common sense to plan for a problem.

      10. Nice article Daisy. I think I read somewhere you went on vacation. Let us know how it was.

        On side note. Does anyone remember that movie @1958-1963? that had the guy that flew on the A-Bomb into Russia. He had a saddle on the ABomb and his cowboy hat. A B52 dropped him off and he rode it into Russia cowboy style.

        Boy, times have changed.

        • The pink panther guy and Slim Pickins. How I learned to live with the bomb and something else.

          • How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

            When I was a kid, we had “duck and cover” drills…
            We also had alert drills, when we were stationed in Germany.

            Classic movie, loved Slim Pickens better than Peter Sellers.

            It was the Ultimate SHTF…

        • Ugly
          I love that movie. It was Doctor Strangelove. Slim Pickens was the actor who rode that bomb down. He didn’t have a saddle though. He was on top of it because there were some fried wires that he was fixing and when he got it done, he didn’t have time to get off before release. Didn’t seem to bother him though. He was the pilot in command of that B-52. Loved the song too – When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again – they played it whenever their was a scene from the airplane. James Earl Jones was the radio man.

          What a classic. Peter Sellers played at least two parts.


          • I just remembered – Peter Sellers played three parts. He was Dr. Strangelove, the president and the executive officer (british) at the air base. The commander of the air base was just trying to protect his “vital fluids”.

            • Sellers ended up playing just three of the four roles written for him, as Jeff stated. He was also expected to play Major Kong, but from the beginning Sellers was reluctant. He felt his workload was too heavy and he worried he would not properly portray the character’s Texas accent. The ditector (Stanley Kubrick) pleaded with him and asked screenwriter Terry Southern (who had been raised in Texas) to record a tape with Kong’s lines spoken in the correct accent. Using Southern’s tape, Sellers managed to get the accent right, and started shooting the scenes in the airplane. But then Sellers sprained an ankle and could not work in the cramped cockpit set.

        • Dr. Strangelove. Great movie!

          • @Jeff, egore, & Theguy….thanks. I forgot the name of the movie because I only watched it once back in the late 1960s when I was a kid. I just mostly remembering the cowboy riding the A-Bomb into Russia because of some malfunctions. Now that I know the name, I will find it and rent it and watch it with my 12 year old son.

          • I agree. Dr. Strangelove 1964 If anyone hasn’t watched it, would be a good one to rent. If I remember right it will work for kids. Funny **** four stars

          • Major Kong:
            “Survival kit contents check. In them you’ll find:
            – one forty-five caliber automatic;
            – two boxes of ammunition;
            – four days’ concentrated emergency rations;
            – one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills;
            – one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible;
            – one hundred dollars in rubles;
            – one hundred dollars in gold;
            – nine packs of chewing gum;
            – one issue of prophylactics;
            – three lipsticks;
            – three pair of nylon stockings…
            Shoot, a fella’ could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.”

            Actually, the contents of the above checklist would make for a pretty decent bug-out bag!

            • Trivia note on the above scene (from Wikipedia):

              “A first test screening of the film was scheduled for November 22, 1963, the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The film was just weeks from its scheduled premiere, but because of the assassination the release was delayed until late January 1964, as it was felt that the public was in no mood for such a film any sooner.

              “Regarding the last line above by Slim Pickens – it was originally filmed as “a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff” — was dubbed to change “Dallas” to “Vegas”, since Dallas was the city where Kennedy was killed. The original reference to Dallas survives in the French-subtitled version of the film.

              Sorry Daisy – way off the point of your post. Great list, BTW.

        • Dr. Strangelove

        • DR. Strangelove (Or How I came to Love the Bomb!) Great Movie!
          yee haw

        • Dr. Strangelove, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

      11. Ladies:

        High heels and long fingernails are hideous. Really hideous. As in not even remotely attractive. The best way to catch my eye is to wear a skirt.

        • i second this statement

        • Eisen……In a personal SHTF, long fingernails and spike heels could be used as great defensive weapons.
          So you don’t like them eh? That’s interesting. Tell us more.

        • T-shirt, levis and doc Martens.

      12. SHTF doesn’t care if you never figured out how to start a fire without matches or a lighter.

        SHTF doesn’t care if you only have light blankets and no sleeping bag or tent.

        SHTF doesn’t care if don’t think that there is any chance of losing your job.

        And the list goes on and on and on.

      13. I really don’t get the whole obsession with having a (forgive the pun)”shit-ton” of toilet paper stored. I guarantee you that each household has enough magazines, catalogs, books, phonebooks, filing cabinets full of paper, old newspapers (to be recycled), etc. laying around to fill the need for years. Do you know how long a phone book from a major city would last at 4 sheets per day?!

        I would rather use that valuable storage space for ANYTHING but toilet paper…you gonna bug out with a trailer load for the family…NOT.

        • When’s the last time you tried to wipe yer ass with an 8×10 glossy?

          I’ll take the toilet paper…after I use the then useless fiat currency. Even that’s softer than a People magazine.

          • stock up on tp, leaves, paper, and most other options suck, been there done that, have lots of tp stored 4 sure

          • So many great uses for TP besides wiping.

        • store coffee filters if you must have something…one sheet will do the job and it stacks and takes up much less room than TP!

        • @KenBob- Most people here are so full of shit that they need all the toilet paper they can get.

          • I don’t wipe my ass. It keeps predators away.

        • Obviously you have never tried magazine and newspaper as toilet paper or you would not be saying that. Try using nothing but magazines and newspaper for a month and get back to me on that.
          My bet is you will have a “shit-ton” of toilet paper stored up in short order.

          • Save those old coffee cans to store it in. Nothing more useless than wet tp.

        • How about soaking in rancid cooking oil and putting it into a metal can of coffee. (empty can that is)
          heat and cooking source… kindling…
          barter…with those who don’t know better…etc etc
          Be creative…

        • In the 1800s, the outhouse would have certain plants growing near the door, one of them being Lambs Ear. All natural and biodegradable, and as soft as a lamb’s ear. Organic toilet paper. Next time you’re at the plant nursery, check it out!

          • They’d probably throw me out of the store in short order…

        • This brings back old memories. In the olden days, before Eisenkraut was a twinkle in “whatever”. People use to look forward to the new Sears Roebuck and Monkey Ward catalogs coming out, they were 2 or 3 inches thick and had pages like most phone books of today, not glossy like catalogs today. And they were free. It gave you something to dream about looking through those pages, as you sat there, before they served their real purpose. I think I’ll keep a little extra stash of modern TP, thank you. Trekker Out. P.S. I was just told of those days.

          • I was just a young lad when Pap bought our first shotgun from MW. Still have it along with a MW Western Field bolt action .22.

        • Here’s a tip for Toilet Paper shortage situations.

          Walmart sells bundles of cheap wash cloths for 3 or 4 bucks. I think there are about a dozen per bundle. They come in several colors. Anyway, they have that terry-cloth surface on them, but not real thick or fluffy. Get five or six bundles, stash them away inside a plastic bag. When SHTF Day arrives and the regular TP runs out – these can serve as a substitute.

          Also get a couple of 5 gallon plastic buckets and a couple of hand-held scrub brushes, plus boxes of latex or rubber gloves. Plus detergent and one of those garden plant bug chemical sprayers that come with a big plastic bottle and have a pressure pump on them. This can become your TP wash cloth cleaning station equipment.

          As for families or groups of people, this task will not be high on the list for attracting volunteers since it will not be a pleasant task.

          Unless of course, there are jews in your group – and since they seem to have a historical fascination with all matters which relate to scatological subjects – I’m sure they’ll be fighting over who gets dibs on this assignment.

      14. Having problems posting anything not political these days Mac.

        I think it time to accept you are an advance class site. You are past the point of making it “cute” for the Newbie. You have to many coming here from different view point to keep it simple.

        This is the site we should be stepping up the true survival needs. Like the during and after the SHIF. Let Daisy site deal with the food (Canning). We need to continue are search for ways to continue good life in this world.

        and it accept that the crazy of the 90s were as crazy as most thought.

        I am an American. Living proudly here. And not going anywhere.

        • I posted this somewhere else, but it seems to fit better here…

          Personally, I come here for ALL of the information found here. I find Be Informed’s info and earthquake predictions useful, because I live smack dab in the pacific fault zone and it is a REAL threat for me.

          I find the personal and home protection articles of great value and have actually implemented some from this site. The same is true of the wide range of opinions on combating gun control laws and hungry neighbors and friends in a SHTF scenario.

          I find the info on current political and financial trends useful.

          I find absolutely ALL of the varied opinions useful, whether I agree with them or not, because it helps ME to figure out if I’m on the “right page” in my own resolutions.

          In fact, THE ONLY THING I don’t find useful, is the name-calling and hateful little jabs at others for their stated values and opinions. Other than that, EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE is useful to one degree or another.

          EVERYONE is appreciated, even Eisenkreuz. The only one I’ve found NO use for is finx and he’s probably a govt troll, but even HE reminds me that not everyone thinks like I do, and there is an ever-present threat behind the scenes that I need to watch out for…so I guess even finx has some sort of positive purpose for me.

          This is a good site and nobody can take that away. Nobody.

      15. Any any given day, someone somewhere is having a SHTF moment.
        What is your SHTF moment going to be like when eveyone else is also having one at the same time? And are you prepared for that moment to last several months or longer?

        • Improvise, adapt and overcome.

          Anyone who procrastinates is going to have to be really wired, come that day, because they will have to accomplish some approximation of survival in a very short time,with limited resources, in a chaotic environment. But, hell: that’s life, isn’t it?

      16. SHTF = Stuff happens. Suck it up and deal with it the best you can or die. SHTF does not care. Neither does anyone else besides those depending on you.


        • @BigB,
          I disagree. For the most part the people on this forum care. Their care is measured by their words of encouragement, words of wisdom based on successes and failures of their prepping, equipment usage, dry runs, etc. And I look no further than the concerns expressed for Manos and his family in Greece where the SHTF months ago.

          Daisy, keep up the good work. Mac, thanks for letting Daisy contribute to the education of us all.

          • No Sampson, I wasn’t refering to this site. I was talking about the scenario. This is my favotite site and favorite people.

            By the way Daisy, great article.

        • Dammit man, I hate it when you’re right.

      17. Good list to recalibrate my priorities. Thanks.

      18. SHTF does not care about Jodi Arias. Neither do I. Put a needle in her arm already!

        • Rope is cheaper and reusable.

          Reduce, reuse, then recycle. In that order.

      19. SHTF is nature’s way of removing genetic stupidity.

      20. Nice one Daisy, I mean really a nice one. This is so true, so true it is frightening. In other words, the world doesn’t revovle around the individual person, it can happen at any time, any place, and to any one of us within the next moment. If people would start to see this more often, less people will have to suffer and die that are totally unprepared when this happen. WHICH IT WILL.

        • Hi Daisy– Sorry I’m late to the party….

          Accolades on another great article!
          I’ve always believed that the concept of SHTF, like the Grim Reaper, is a wraith that rides on one’s shoulder, not to be feared, but instead be recognized as a reality
          reminder of the inevitability of these events to happen,
          and that we might have only little time to prepare for,
          until it taps us on the shoulder.
          This will sound “spooky” to most here, but I know you
          will assimilate what I am saying, because, in essence,
          you just wrote the very same thing…..

          • ….maybe it would be better described as a 6th sense
            toward survival awareness that everyone has within
            themselves naturally.

      21. Stress is not value added. It can actually be very detrimental. Try to do one extra prep per day. Water, food, defense, Meds. If you have a little extra money, buy one silver oz coin per month. After one year you will have one Troy pound. If you could buy one per week you would have over four pounds. How better prepared than most others with some silver to barter? The prep you do each day can be fixing something, discarding clutter, donating. The point being, after one year you will be 365 preps better off. Each accomplished prep is psychologically beneficial and will build a better mindset, allowing you to feel more at ease, and enjoy each day.

      22. for those who prefer not to prepare…shtf will not care one bit when you have to look into the eyes of those little ones and express how sorry you are for not heeding the advice of others.

        • Great post , I will for the last time attempt to show this to people I’m trying to wake up. If it doesn’t work this time, I am going to tell them not to come to me for help…..the only thing they will get from me after that,will be lead……can’t save everyone.

          • o cmon, stop wasting your breath, if they havent got it by now theyre fucked, ignore them and get back to work, distance yourself from them, will be easier to dispatch, fucking rodents


            • Done and done. Just got back from a two hour conversation on this,three against me. Screw em I’m done,last thing I said was see ya in hell…

        • I actually started to mist on that one…

          “looking into the eyes of little ones”…

          I can’t speak for anyone other than myself on this…
          I WILL do what I can and have to, to save them.
          It is in our nature to do just that. If we’ve lost that ability…then we don’t deserve to survive.

          • If we’ve lost that ability…we certainly don’t deserve to be parents.

            • yes…agreed.

      23. Alot of dung being flung. Best keep your eyes open and your hand on the butt of your gun. Stay in your zone and don’t silhouette yourself. There’s still time to get what you think you need or more of what you already have. You’ll be able to right up until the final school bell rings. Class will be over then…

      24. Good stuff!

      25. Dirty fuckin lying bastards

        The two newspaper delivery women who were shot at during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner will not be getting a new replacement truck as promised by the LAPD, according to their attorney Glen Jonas.

        It has been more than a month since LAPD Chief Charlie Beck promised the truck to Emma Hernandez, 71, and her daughter, Margie Carranza, who had been working in Torrance, Calif. before dawn on Feb. 7.

        the ass bastards want her to pay taxes on the 30,000$ truck that the department should pay completely for , and a fuckin law suit for trying to kill them with out being identified as the target

        I hope these ladies sue the shit out of these jackasses

        • Emma Hernandez, 71
          has been having complications due to being shot, I believe one of the shots went into her neck

          now if this woman dies a few years moneths or whatever down the road due to complications, do those cops go up for murder? because thats how it goes for us people..rule of law is a mother f-er..but we all know they (cops) will skate on this and the tax payers are who will be paying for all of this..time to revolt tax payers..time for the cops to pay up for thier stupidity

          • VRF,
            Been reading your stuff for many months. You seem to have a real “hard on” for Law Enforcement Officers. I believe I read once that you admitted to being an ex-L.A. LEO yourself, so what gives?

            As I recall you were only one of the very few who took Donner’s side from the beginning.

            Step up, be a man, express you hate for the Police.

            • I was cheering Dorner on from the very beginning. It’s surreal the carnage one trained man and his rifle can unleash on the world. I just want to watch the world burn in SHTF. I’m not even sure if he did write the manifesto; it has so man inconsistancies. I hate the police. We don’t need this big police state. You numbskulls think that more police will “stop crime.” Here is a reality check from a very, very sexy woman:


              • One sick puppy!

              • Who cares what you think Eisenhole. Typical kid, thinks the whole world is waiting to hear what comes out of his mouth.

                Grow up little man.

                • In the future, I will strive to channel the maturity you have exemplified in the choice of your call sign, “Survival Slut”.

                  • Yes and we all the Iron Cross is Eisenkreuz also. Your lame for you lack of knowledge and understanding little man.


                  • I heard that SMACK all the way over here!

                  • Eisen. Please get a social life. Young guys like you need to have fun. Trolling was not my idea of fun. I beg you, quit advocating for dope and raping women.

                • And that was slutty beat down.

            • you need to research your so called “facts” first before i bother with you

              and BTW the only “hard on ” i have for the cops is to do thier fuckin job, not all this cuurent BS they seem to waste our tax payer dollars on..

              nope never been a LEO..never wasted my skills on such a bunch of wanna bees

              • is your head spinning yet? troll

                • dont call me out Survival Slut, thinking you know anything about me. first off, your way off base.. so you need to go back and do your home work before you think you know who or what I am.

                  I have never divulged what training I have had or who I am, so your getting me mixed up with someone else,, have we had a PD guy that I have talked to on here to extensive levels? yes,..but just because he was a badge doesnt mean I was or am.

                  Besides thanks for the back handed compliment..I could run circles around our currently “trained” personel..and Im a patriot, not some paycheck stiff with a tin badge and an ego to match.

                  maybe you dont see it, but im on the side of “We the People”, not we the thugs of society.

                  blinders dont look too flatering, you might want to step up to the plate of reality, and take a bite

                  • Survival Slut is a troll, look at what she said about Daisy below.

                  • Is she the old rich99???
                    Something about her tone……

            • I don’t trust any cop.

              What respect I once had for them ended when the bastards roasted the Branch Davidians in 1993.

      26. As an offshore fisherman we have a saying, when you enter the ocean, you enter the food chain. I guess you can also say if you enter a SHTF situation then you’ve entered the food chain.

      27. And nobody cares when you tweet your 144 characters about the power is out, the food is spoiling, the commode won’t flush and you don’t even know your neighbor’s name.

      28. UGLY SAYS that was Dr. Strange love or how I learned to love the bomb. [I think]

        • @Geo-Lithic….Thanks. I need a Patriot movie with some humor.

      29. SHTF tells us STFU & DIY.

        • Or, to pare this down, SHTF=STFU+DIY.

      30. SHTF does not care if you read 20 survival blogs a day, know the books “Patriots” and “One Second After” by heart or have a Life Time membership to the NRA.

        I have seen the toughest/smartest guys fall apart in a SHTF situation and 90 pound weaklings step up and deal with stuff like pros.

        It’s not the size of the dog in a fight, it’s the size of the “fight” in the dog that often get you through.

        • Amen!

        • If you are going to run with the dogs, then you cannot piss like a pup.

        • SS:
          Mostly it is just putting one foot in front of the other. You need to plan the work and work the plan. Trust me, it will be an exhausting slog. Once the adrenaline runs out, you have to carry on anyway while your body tries to deal with all the metabolic by-products of the crisis high. That will include broken sleep and 4 am watches, on top of it all.

          Been there.

        • HighN’Dry:

          Very interesting and thoughful insight for light surgical needs. Thanks for the input.

      31. The Good Book say’s, the day will come, when they will call good, bad, and bad, good. Well that day is sure here. Maryland is banning the death penalty. It ain’t good to kill cold blooded murder’s, but it’s good to murder innocent unborn babies. Be as lenient as possible on murderers, and people that use guns, against innocent people, but take them from law abiding people. Which is what the State of Maryland as well as some other States are doing.This is what happens when man starts to try and take the place of GOD. Don’t know how long this Great Country can stand, before the, Schumer Hits The Fan. WASP.

        • @WASP
          Preach it! There was a very good article on the Christian HeadHeartHands Blog a day of two ago entitled “What is a Christian to do When Government starts acting like God”. It’s written by a Theology Professor from Puritan Reformed Seminary and is well worth the read.

          Was it Billy Graham that once said, “If God does not judge America for our sins, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”.

        • Wasp, yes they have already done it. Just came over the tube. They want to make criminals out of its citizens by the guns that they ban, but a convicted killer gets a pass. Piss on them.

          • FOID cards are registration. Those states will be easy for .gov.

            • maybe, but they wont ever get all the guns.
              guns were made before FOID..and any other registration shit.

              not to mention many other possibilities.

              if people would be smart and not allow them to scare you into giving up your tools of protection, they will never get them all, only the ones from pussies.

              many long guns have no papers, many shot guns have no papers, and yes pistols too

        • murderers not murder’s

          • Eisenkraut, depends on whether your talking Yankee, or talkin Southern. The South was right! Ain’t had States Rights since the Civil War.WASP.Y’all Know What I Mean.

            • Wasp,
              I always speak my Southern english as I please….I figure it’s there problem if they don’t understand it.

              • their not there

                • Good job Kindle, you beat Eisenkraut to the punch.WASP.

      32. I’m glad it doesn’t care; if it cared it might even be uglier.

        And let’s pray neither the Shit, nor the Fan know a guy named Murphy.

        • Know him? They are all brothers by a different mother.

          No plan survives the first encounter with the enemy. You all know that.

      33. SHTF must be friends with the honey badger cause he don’t give a s**t either!

      34. SHTF doesn’t care if your Ugly, if you live in Oregon, if your a Slut, if your 12 O’clock Noon, if your Informed, Krazy, Shifty, the big E or a big Mac. It doesn’t care. Equal Opportunity smack in the face for all. But some might learn to duck. (quack quack)

        Stay Brave

      35. Always keep your vehicles filled with gas. Always. That can make the difference between a successful bugout and being stuck on the road somewhere unfamiliar with no local resources.

        • U need jerrycans with stored gas and fuel stabilizer. You need a lock on your gas tank door so people can’t siphon it without breaking the lock and making noise.

          • SUVs make it easy. High off the ground, and easy to put a hole in the tank. I don’t think the siphon hose thing works with newer cars. I think there is something in the filler tube.

            • Shit! Can’t hot wire ’em, can’t steal daddy’s gasoline, can’t make it through an EMP with ’em, can’t live through a crash with ’em, what is the world coming to?

            • or just cut the gas line itself.

      36. Say When doesn’t care about all those that I’ve tried to talk into prepping laugh and mock this prepper, when the SHTF don’t come a’beggin. Locked and Stocked!!!

      37. We don’t plan to bugout unless there’s a definite need due to radiological, chemical, biological, or poisonous air in our town. In that case, 3 family members even the 2 nonpreppers) know to meet at our boat (we’re along the coast), where we’ll be heading to the open sea and then to the southern hemisphere or anywhere else deemed “safe.”

        Keeping longterm preps at both the house and the boat is twice the cost but we sleep like babies.

        I assume those with a landlocked bugout location are doing the same duplicate prepping, yes?

        • If you’re planning for your ass to be over there then your preps need to be over there.

        • GV,

          I hope you planned for the probability, scratch that, absolute certainty, they will shut down the ICW…
          Every inlet…every pass…no transit on any waterway…
          Undoubtedly with orders to shoot if you do not immediately heave to when ordered…no exceptions…
          When the balloon goes up you better be 50nm from anything, including shipping lanes…
          I plan to stay and fight…then and only then go for a leisurely sail…Godspeed…

          • jerrytbg,

            The boat is near an inlet, a short distance to open sea. As I said, we don’t plan on bugging out unless we are forced to by intense fallout or chemical/biological agents (we’ve planned for the mild scenarios), so it’s our backup plan.

            • Godspeed…

      38. SHTF doesn’t care!! No excuses, Adapt and overcome!!!

        I guess some people still think if the SHTF that someone is coming to the rescue. The only ones coming will be coming to Rape, Pillage and Plunder.

        • I hope so. In every city in America there are people just wishing for the chaos.

        • You mean AFTER you call 911? Mobile rape, pillage, & plunder teams.

          • I do a lot of introspective thinking in the shower. Here was the latest “deep thought”. (stay with me now);

            If, after 9/11, the security of the “Homeland” was so critical as to create all these alphabet agencies, implement new rules and procedures,spend untold amounts of treasure…… why would TPTB not… lock down and make the borders of this country ironclad????
            Wouldn’t that, shouldn’t that, be at the top of the list?
            If the Fedgov is sooo worried about the security of the Homeland, how can you expect us to believe you can’t control the border?
            Would you install a $10,000 security system, and leave your front door open when you leave?
            I call …. BULLSHIT!!

            This is a plan to control, manipulate and fleece the population.

            Believe NOTHING these bastards say.

            I know this is not a revelation, I just felt like saying it.
            There, I feel better now…

            • That was good Rick. My revelations hit me at the oddest places and times too.

          • There won’t be any 911.

      39. I will NEVER believe any SHFT event is happening until the government “Officially Denies It.”

        Stay Brave

      40. Considering SHTF does give an S about much, I have been reading and listening tirelessly about the current situation we find ourselves in with North Korea. My preps have been slanted towards the almost certain economic collapse. Not much, other than iodine tabs and a few decent respirators, has really been geared towards a fallout or radiation based threat. Articles, including past ones from this site, go into great detail concerning preparations. However, in my case, a great deal of these suggestions are basically unattainable. I have no basement, no pricey air filtration or scrubbers, etc. etc.. I live in North Alabama, and now have to take into account the neighboring nuclear power facilities, and the potential for those to go offline (I have read some of your thoughts and explanations concerning redundancy in a recent article here) and create major issues as well. Would anyone like to share their current plans of actions and/or preparedness gear for this threat? Much obliged!

        • In Sweden, Shifty, every house that’s built is required to have under ground bunker for emergency/nuclear fall out. Sweden has REAL democracy– the PEOPLE voted on referendem about this and that’s why this is the law. In the good old U.S., our politicians all tell us it will do no good to have this sort of thing, as a nuclear war will kill us whether we have bunkers or not… in the meantime, the ELITE in the U.S. have underground bunkers so humungous a ski slope could fit in them… yes, “of, by, and for the people”… yeah, right!

          • Agreed, Hopper. We are disposable in the eyes of the Elite. On a sidenote, I assume it is officially time for me to start digging a hole in my back yard to hop in. Hahaha.

          • Grasshopper, I hate to be critical here but I feel I must be. We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. We don’t want “people” voting. We NEED informed citizens registed to vote in elections. I would go one step further and require a simple 10 question test before you could even register to vote.

            Ah hell, I don’t even believe my vote counts anymore because the whole system is rigged.

          • In Palestine and Switzerland bomb shelters are required in all new buildings.

        • Kind of sounds like NK is being prepped as the next victim (Iran may give us a real fight, maybe we should look elsewhere). Got to keep those soldiers out of USA, and keep the MIC busy. Barak probably thinks he is smart enough to double cross his handlers.

        • I explained mine above.

      41. If we take this Important and Accurate viewpoint into consideration we should also probably keep in mind that:

        for example

        Death (from heart attacks, etc) doesn’t care how much food you have in storage.

        Fatal automobile accidents cannot be prevented with firearms.

        Surviving at its most basic is simply Not Dying. Some of the biggest threats we face to our survival have no connection to SHTF.

        I’m sure many of you know this, but some percentage of prepared people will not survive if SHTF or even if it never happens – also some percentage of unprepared and even stupid people will manage to survive if SHTF.

        Essentially try to remember there are no guarantees.

      42. Daisy, another excellent article. Nothing in it I can dispute. SHTF DOESN’T CARE, PERIOD; NO EXCUSES, NO NOTHING! Survival Slut, welcome to our site and hope to hear more from you. I don’t think any of us will be asprepared as we’d like to be when the balloon goes up. Of course, the more supplies you can get, the better your chances of making it all the way through any adverse situation. I believe everyone should be prepping all the way up until the last minute and if you can get anything past that point, go for it. But that’s just me; at least that’s how I’m doing it and going shopping again this weekend. Adapt to the situation, overcome any difficulties you encounter, and use what you have on hand to the maximum advantage. SS, there’s an article in the archives on this site you’ll find interesting written by one of our regular posters Be Informed. Look up an article from May 12, 2012 titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” That article is a real eye-opener. Any questions you have on any survival-related subjects, just feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to help.

      43. Like the old saying goes “Lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part.”
        There are quite a few things me and mine have gone without to try and be as prepared as possible. When the SHTF, I figure that I may trade a can of beans and a small bit of rice for, oh, lets just say maybe a Harley,
        or some other luxury I have denied myself.

      44. Unreconstructed, for all anyone knows, SHTF and Murphy might be related. That would be some scary doodoo. Patriot One, if anyone comes to my place for anything, I’;ve got some “precious metal” aka “hot lead” that will say, “Oh, no you don’t!”

        • Probably so, BH. Hopefully not ‘kissin’ cousins.’


        • “Ammo sales, .357 Sig??” You lost me????

          Stay Brave


      46. BI, everyone here should go back in the archives and read your article from 5-12-12 titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?” When I first read that article, I was really struck by it. Nothing in it I can dispute. That was before I even made my debut in posting on here. I still browse other survival sites on occasion [no offense, Mac, but i’ve got to broaden my horizons as much as possible when it comes to survival], but don’t worry; SHTFPlan.com is still my first love and i won’t give up on it. You never forget your first love.

        • @ braveheart. There is so much that this site has to offer that others don’t, for one thing the insight and ideas of some quite intelligent and common sense people. I too have looked at other sites, and there is just not the type of communications with one another sites you get here. The articles that people from this site are especially good because the people talk back with each other each day and you can a better idea what it means to be someone that prepares and readies themselves. Daisy especially is quite good at this, as well Norse Prepper, and Odd Questioneer.

          I felt bad yesterday that after you had a bad day at work you had to see that idiot rat Jo(k)e(r) In NC with ITS usual total abuse of the web site and all those that comment and read it. There is something to say about a troll. First of all a paid troll or someone that is a coward only comments to the article and doesn’t comment back and forth with the audience, they are not paid to do this, only to debase the site and the articles. a coward is too afraid to look even worse than they already are, like one of those weiner dogs that will bite your ankles and run and hide rather than face down the person they just chomped.

          Joker in NC and cockroach finx are either paid trolls and nothing said will do anything good because they only depend on BO’s paycheck to them. OR they give chicken sh^& a bad name and are such utter wimps that they sit back cowering at their own shadows. Either case, they are most likely cursed with asses for heads and faces and have to try to irritate others because they hate themselves so deeply. Definitely not worth a good person like yourself’s time and certainly not worth upsetting yourself over. As the site become more successful more trolls from the government will try to poison the site. I say the best way to destroy a troll is to contribute as much to help each other as possible.

          You are very right, so many of the masses have no clue just how horrific it will be for those unprepared.

          • @BI and BraveH….You cannot make chicken soup from chicken shit.

            That is the problem with 98% of folks that will be absolutely stunned at the near future. Lets hope America has the sense to not let the Dems control the House, or we are toasted at warped speed.

            The trolls need to communicate, or they should leave to a site that shows Eutopia.

            • Howdy Ug,

              ” ….You cannot make chicken soup from chicken shit.”

              Brilliant observation!! I SWEAR, your a true philosopher masquearding as a simple blogger…tip-o-the-Hat!!

              No, no…you’ve got it backwards there. LET the Dems get control of the WHOLE kit-and-kaboodle!

              Think about it; There has never been a more incompetent, idiotic, incapable group of people on this planet in the whole of Human history. IF that happens it’ll be INSTANT SHTF-NOMI-CATIMF and then the entire thing can FINALLY proceed to the great RESET. No more waiting…finally we can be RID of the Lib-tards (who won’t make it past the first two weeks).

              Bring on the DEMS…finally, we’ll get this done and over with!


              • JOG….

                If this fiscal meltdown and the forming NWO are what Daniel and Revelation talked about, then it is going to be bad. Very bad. We will see many family and friends fall to the sword. And also, many on this site will perish as well.

                I can prep for a depression. I am not sure I can prep for WWIII.

                All I can say is that I hope we have some real Leaders running for office in 2014 and 2016. But, I don’t think 50% of Americans will vote for any positive change that has to do will govt spending cuts. Therefore, here we are and off to the races we go.

                • Howdy Ug!

                  Sorry I couldn’t get back right away…’detoured’ as it were.

                  WITHOUT attempting to START it here with ANYONE. I’ve thought about this at some length, the whole ‘Revelation of John’ thing and I have come to a startling conclusion;
                  To wit, thusly….What if it were the case that in His eyes Humanity MUST Mature before anything else may transpire?

                  Consider that EVERY modern scholar insists that the central issue of Christianity is that of “Free Will’. If, in fact, He will not abrogate the Free will of the Children then Why? How do you ‘Judge’ someone if all the while during the ‘thing’ for which they were to be so judged you stood over them forcing their hand (so to speak) – for Good or for Ill – upon WHAT would you ‘Judge’ THEM?…

                  The WILL involved is not thiers’, but instead your’s. They might well have been the hand but you were the mind.
                  The only way to allow for a ‘judgement’ of any sort is to set forth rules relative to a thing and then LEAVE and come back later to ‘check on the progress’, Eh?

                  As applied to Humanity at large theis becomes something else, something larger than the simple example above. In order to reach ‘maturity’ we must needs LEARN by doing…there WILL be ERRORS, No? So it is. It is also the case that – at some point – a ‘phase-change’ must occur engendering a Humanity-wide transdormation in the Corpus Humanis….a LEAP to Maturity. Can He Force that out of us – so to speak – I do not think so. The very force applied would skew the circumstance such that the lead thought put forth here would be in effect.

                  Where does this all go then? Simple, but frightening. IF we ARE given ‘FREE WIL:’ then we would be left to exercise it! Thus He must absent himself – for a time – from the equation whilst we develop alone and unmolested by external forces…just us, Humanity…ALONE.

                  What is transpirinbg in the World around us today is a function of the Will of Humankind…both GOOD and EVIL, and we have not YET made the FINAL choice as to what path we will take,WE have not yet arrived at the nexus, the crux point at which that occurs. Those who beleive that someone will ride in on a white horse to save the day may end up disappointed therefor. IT might be the case that WE alone must first EFFECT the choice before He may re-enter into things broadly…for the reasons stated.

                  Aside from the precedng it does SEEM to be the case that SOME in Humanity SEEM capable of leaping THROUGH the ‘veil of time’ and that we therefor have, or have been at varios points GIVEN DATA that we should NOT – by the rules of Physics as we understand them – be in possesion of. Such as Daniel, John…the HOPI, Washington’s “Vision” and others may be somesuch…there ARE mysteries Friend…and that COMES from the mouth of one who holds PHYSICS DEAR. There is MUCH that we do NOT know, but that we are only now beginning to see the barest glimpses of…a Universe of 11 dimensions, in which ALL that WE know is but the tiniest, infintitesimally small point therein…

                  As far as the current leadership of Hmanity I am uncertain that ANY now upon that stage can be of ANY further use in obtainning to the solautions we require. Time and again we see – broadly – the corruption of the World rendering those useless…the decisions which WILL be made will NOT come from Grat World Leaders…but instead from the individuals which we all are…”From the mouths of Babes” as it were…..

                  BUT I ramble to no good effect here today…We shall see! 😉


                  • @JOG….Universe of 11 dimensions? Last I read they had it at 10 deminsions assuming that the superstring theory is correct. I know of the main 4–space, matter, width, and time. The photon messes everything up.

                    Scientist can split atoms, but they have never made one yet from pure energy or from photons.

                    The problem I have with the Big Bang and 14 billion years is our very own Sun. If you back calculate just 1 bya, the Suns mass and energy would have had Mercury’s existence a very hard time, as well as Earth’s very own. That is quite a bit of radiation to justify our atmosphere, whether reducing or oxygenated.

                    Also, the Universe as we know it is quantized; that is, it is expanding faster at the outer circles at speeds faster than light and slower on the inner areas. Someday, the so-called edges of the Universe will not be visible or detected.

                    Strange Days? The Earth is having hiccups and the Universe is showing weird signs.

                  • UG!…Marvelous!!,

                    I don’t often run into ANYONE who is sufficiently well-read to even know that finer point…I am WELL pleased, impressed!

                    To be sure…it IS 10…Plus 1. 10 spatial dimesions are requied plus one of Time for a total of eleven, Ya? Alles Klar hier? The overarching theory – which even spuperstring theory is bt a subset of – is now called M-Brane Theory. Not M-Brain…it’s just a verbal shorthand for Membane Theory which is the full expansion of string theory across the whole of all possible versions thereof….type 1, Type 1A, Type II, Homogenous, Heterotic and etc. The original formulation required 23 total dimensions but thereafter some EXTRAORDINARY work on the mathematical foundations thereof produced something refered to as ‘Duality’ which allowed for the direct assertion of what was in effect an isomorphism to be drawn between the 23d case and the reduced case of 11d. As such then the obvious candidate was the 10+1 d case which is now – as stated – called M-Brane theory.

                    Some of what you mention in your missive below is hard for me to understand..could you phrase it a bit differently…I might then be able to respond to it the better. In ANY event…a pleasure!! Till later Friend!!



                  “fall on the sword”, not “fall to the sword”

                  • Eiz,

                    Are you a an idiot? Specifically, his use of ‘fall to the sword’ is EXACTLY correct…WHAT school did you attend?!?!?! THEY FAILED, clearly.

                    While I’m here…your manner is excruciatingly ABRASIVE at nearly all times …rethink your manner in dealing with your fellows….why in GOD’S name do you think that you recieve SO MANY red Thumbs in this place? ANY ONE who leads thier fellows must FIRST AND FOREMOST have about them the spirit of compassion and CONCERN for those they would lead…DO YOU COMPREHEND THIS?!?!?!?

                    I SINCERELY SUGGEST that you take a ‘Sabbatical’ from this board – for a time to consider the way and path of your LIFE and all that is within it such that PERHAPS YOU might come to a greater ENLIGHTENMENT.

                    THIS IS NOT AN effort to ‘excise’ you from this place, I SEE in you a potential…at present WASTED potential…but POTENTIAL: none the less…GO FORTH INTO THE WILDERNESS FOR A TIME AND MEET YOUR CREATOR…AND BECOME WHOLE…. THEN RETURN HERE…BUT NOT UNTIL!!!

                    NUFF SAID!!!!!!!

                    JOG…ON STEROIDS


      47. Just want to jump in here and tell you all we need to help each other as no man is an island. That said, we have been trying very hard to save up for a water filtering system and at the price of most it was just a dream, last night someone told us about wavesforwater.org they have a filter and along with 2 white plastic buckets & lids you can put together a filter system that is every bit as good as the high dollar ones for $25.00. The filter is good for 5,110 gallons or about a year for 14 people. Check it out if you want. Mallardhen

        • Yeah!! We made our own too.
          Be sure and get some extra filters.

          Keep preppin’

          • Homespun environmental has all the parts and great instructions!

            Keep preppin’

          • It amazes me more than anything that most nonpreppers don’t even consider how to get/filter their own water.

            Even without considering SHTF, we live in a hurricane zone and have had our water off for days at a time. Not to mention the poisoning that is a modern feature of public water systems. To us, obtaining and purifying water has always been our #1 priority.

            With two distillers, a large gravity-fed filtration system, a large desalinator for making sea water into fresh water, as well as longterm storage, we believe we still need MORE water preps, and have in the budget to get more.

        • got a shotgun a lantern and a 4 wheel drive and a country boy can survive

          • Just because…? Please!

      48. We are moving multiple ICBM intercepting missiles to Alaska. Obama nixed Bush’s plans to do this back in 2009. There is a huge difference in being proactive rather than reactive. Not to mention the greater cost incurred now vs. 2009. At least Obama is touring around today, pitching the evils of oil and the benefits of Green cars.

        • Jesus….just heard the defensive missiles we are moving will not be online and active until 2017.

        • G’Day Shifty,

          Umm…where did you get that from? Just curious here,
          I keep up with a lot of the militaria-related ‘stuff’ and I hadn’t heard that before..Thanks in advance!


            • Sorry for the duplicate. I am in moderation limbo.

              • S’Ok Shifty,

                Thanks for the ‘reads’ here. Oh BTW, ANY rime you include a FULL ‘link’ the comment WILL go to moderation; it’s an issue of ‘self-defense’ for Mac here at the site, LEGALITIES, as it were…else someone could stick in links to ‘child-porn’ and so ALL links have to be APPROVED since Mac would otherwise be held liable as a ‘purveyor’ otherwise.

                If I’m in a rush, I’ll give a link that reads as name-DOT-whatever as simple text in order to get something out quickly…everyone here understands that when it is given. 🙂

                T’anks again…Muchos’


        • The… what now????

          … my head exploded.

          Um. What do you think tires are made of? Wood pulp???

          “Green cars”. This is just goddamned hilarious is what this is.

          The Flintstone’s car is “green”. Barring that, wtf is he even talking about? Lithium and Platinum don’t exactly grow on trees yaknow…

        • Yes, North Korea is threatening us NOW and we will have our ICBM intercepting missiles ready in 2017. How is that going to help if “Little Man” in North Korea decides to act a fool?

          • There are 30 on station now… They are just finishing the 14 that Obama defunded in 09

          • Howdy GRITS,

            NC might WELL be threatening us openly, verbally but the basic truth is that the threat is UTTERLY empty. Regardless that the administration is moving our current generation of interceptors to Alaska (which IS pointless, just an effort by same to LOOK like they’re responding to SOMETHING in the eyes of the public) it is the case that that NC threats are funadmentally hollow. In and of thenmselves NC simply doesn’t have the tech, either aerodymmamic, guidance, nuclear or otherwise to execute any such against the soil of North America.

            The only caveat would be if they were surreptitiously acting in concert with others say Iran of China proper…or BOTH in which case it would be easily possible. But by themselves they are just a bunch of underfed shitty little self-important oriental punks whose opinion of themselves is Oh say about 12 ORDERS of magnitude higher than it actually is….the threat is little more than a silly FOOKIN’ joke.

            For what it’s worth though I DO wish the silly little shit’s would EVEN try to pull somesuch off… THAT would be the FINAL excuse that we would require that would actualize the reduction of the ENTIRETY of NC into a glass-like plain…”Glassed” as it were…themonuclear.
            Suffice it to say that – like the exprssion which came out of the hearings for Judge Bork a while back wherein a new phrase enttered the english lexicon, “Getting Borked” – that soon it will be the case that anything which smacks of an over-reaching sense of one’s own abilities leading one to threaten someone MUCH bigger than they are will likely be refered to as “Kim-ing” which will also become synonymous with an assesment of stupidity of the first Order and Magnitude….


      49. There are two kinds of people in the world. Prospects and suspects. The people that understand the significance of SHTF, and understand what they need to do to mitigate some of its subsequent misery, are prospects. The people that either don’t understand or don’t want to understand are suspects. There are two kinds of suspects in the world. Sinkers and floaters. When speaking to anyone about prepping and SHTF, especially strangers, be cautious and speak in the third person at first in order to determine whether you are talking to a sinker or a floater. A sinker is a suspect that doesn’t understand because they are simply ignorant, but with a little knowledge they will understand and become a prospect; be cautious never-the-less. A floater, on the other hand is like a bad grain of corn in a bucket of water, they will quickly float to the surface to be discarded. A Floater’s head is full of hot air and they are so filled with pride, arrogance and envy that they will quickly expose themselves. Happens every time. Stay away from floaters as they are stupid and dangerous and will come back to kill you and steal your stash when SHTF. There are many more floaters in America than there are prospects or sinkers.

      50. we truly dont know how we will act…..we think we know……but we all revert back to animals when food gets scarce….. we breakdown when a loved one dies even in the middle of a life and death crisis…..i hear a lot of strong words and talk…..but i guess we’ll all found out soon enough

        • @crash and burn- These people know not what they say. Bosnia was an eye opener. And we had armor and weapons none of you will.. good luck surviving your SHTF…. you may THINK you are prepared……

          Your not.

          • Totally agree.

            I need a fracking boat…

        • According to Anthropologists, when a SHTF scenario occurs, in the beginning, people tend to act in a very positive way–their consciousness is elevated–and they work for the group; everything is very harmonious and idealistic. Everyone is being good. However, if a SHTF lasts too long and people lose faith, they tend to go the other direction–everyone out for themselves. Also, at this point, young men tend to form gangs and can become very dangerous, stealing from others, raping, etc. We saw this occur after hurricane Katrina and also after really bad hurricanes in other areas…

          • Sorry to bust your bubble grasshopper, it won’t take two minutes after shtf to blow up. Remember sandy? People where allready ” planing” to loot even before the storm hit! ….

      51. All this info is why I’m a SHTFplan fan.

      52. SHTF doesn’t care of you voted for Bush and believe the Patriot Act is a good thing…

        SHTF doesn’t care if you voted for Romney and believe women should get the electric chair for having an abortion…

        SHTF doesn’t care if you spent millions in preparing and a hurricane destroys everything you have…

      53. SHTF doesn’t care if you are the liberal press.

      54. Every day I feel a little more boxed in. With all the GMO food and hormone laden milk and meat the choices start to become limited. I have mostly tried to solve those couple issues, but now the fish are beginning to be unfit to eat around here from the birth control pills and fertilizer runoff. I like my fishing, but I like to eat them. They found Chronic Wasting disease in the whitetail population so I’m not too sure about eating them anymore. What a mess we have created with our food systems. That there is REALLY SHTF. Kreutz is right about the old people f–king up the world.

        • and then there is this

          Dairy Industry Wants Artificial Sweeteners in Milk


          I have EXTREMELY adverse reactions to things like aspartame and Splenda
          I read food labels religiously to avoid this poison

          now the dairy industry wants to add it to their products
          without having to label it as such

          • Yessir,ole monsanto is out to kill us all!

            • Oh and monsanto wants it to have no labeling….

      55. Its not “old people”, JRS, its the corrupt corporations, corrupt wall street CEOS, the corrupt politicians… its because people forgot God and put greed above all else– young and old. (Mostly Republicans– ; )



        • Grasshopper…I do have most of that solved by gardening canning and raising chickens,hog,etc. It’s just that the Bass fishing used to be so good here 20 years ago…not now. And I always liked deer jerky and canned deer meat. It seems like things have taken a quick turn for the worse in the last ten years. Ah well, maybe I’m just having a bad day.

          • JRS, I feel your anguish, when I can’t fish, it is a bad day.

      57. So I guess what you are saying is: “When SHTF, (SH_T HITS THE FAN), Right? I don’t know anyone in my little town that is prepping. I just hope they all don’t come to my house when they get hungry, cause there wont be any for them. Hard times are a coming for a lot of folks. HARD choices are coming for a lot of folks, like do I eat OR do I feed my kids, Rats, Squirrels, mice, Dogs and Cats will become scarce. Need I say more?
        Pray Hard / Prep Fast / Time Is Oh So Short

      58. Great article Daisy! It has me thinking of additional things to be done to improve security.

        You are right…ready or not, we just have to deal with it when SHTF.

        This off topic, but I keep thinking about this, so I am posting it. Having recently lost a family member, I am reminded that we never know when the SHTF. I am reminded to “take time” and spend time with our loved ones. A friend emailed me this.

        Take Time

        Take time to pray…it helps to bring God near
        and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

        Take time for friends…they are the source of happiness.

        Take time for work…it is the price of success.

        Take time to think…it is the source of power.

        Take time to read…it is the foundation of knowledge.

        Take time to laugh…it is the singing that helps with life’s loads.

        Take time to love…it is the one sacrament of life.

        Take time to dream…it hitches the soul to the stars.

        Take time to play…it is the secret of youth.

        Take time to worship…it is the highway to reverence.

        Author Unknown

        • Good Evening KY,

          Firstly, if I may, my condolences… I am saddened for your loss. Truly ‘NONE knoweth the hour, nor the day…” The body of your post is therefor so apropo…utterly correct. Truly Daisy did a great job here, No? Most people – even occaisionally some of us – lose sight of just how fine the line will be when the moment arrives; in what comes, to put it simply, “there are no more ‘do-overs'” and all such reminders are not merely useful but neccessary from time to time such that our vigilance remains alert and aware. Again, my condolences, remember always, “To be absent from the body is to be PRESENT with the LORD” and so be comforted…


          • JustOneGuy and High Noon,

            Thank you for your kind words!

            Take care.
            KY Mom

        • Thank You for sharing this. We all face times like this.

          • Amen.

      59. Orlov’s Stages of Collapse


        but wait
        there’s hope
        Americans rising up to protest for what they believe in

        Constitution free zone and TSA granny strip searches
        protested ???


        it’s this

        ah America
        you were ONCE a great country
        now yer goin’ out like “Great” Britain
        a massive welfare/socialist hell hole

        (sorry Brits,no offense intended,us failing empires have
        to stick together don’t we ?)

      60. Well, after everyone gets their prepping priority list reorganized and wants something else to “piss” them off over the UN/TPTB agenda; check out, Agenda 21.

        I can’t remember if I ever heard of it until a couple days ago. I was watching a prophecy program and the guest was a well known writer with a slew of books on end times events that are/may happen. Well some definitely will, because they are spoken of in the Bible.

        Anyways, this man was talking about the coming Middle East War/WWIII. He spoke of “Agenda 21” and how it will provoke the UN to relocate 50 million starving muslims to the USA after the war, as a part of the Agenda 21 “humanitarian” aspect.

        Propaganda? Can’t say. Planned event? Wouldn’t surprise me. Knowing how deep the Muslim Brotherhood has it’s hands in the US taxpayer’s pockets, it would make it sound like a planned event.

        After hearing about the plans to start a database on all school kids and their parents, and now this; I have to say, WTF next.

        If anyone is interested in reading the article about the “Student Database”, Michelle Malkin posted it on Townhall.com March 8th.

        • don’t tread:

          Stay Brave

          • yep…

        • “Common Core” Bill and Linda Gates are funding it. It is sick what they are trying/doing to our public, private, and home schools. We must get our states to opt out.

        • I’ve been researching and fighting against Agenda 21 for years, and the best thing to do is to educate your local(country and city councils, architectural boards, oversight committees, planning and development) authorities about it.

          It is implemented at a local level, hence your local authorities are the ones who can refuse it.

      61. BI and Ugly, both of you are spot on. BI, I think I’m going to follow your advice on red-thumbing the trolls. When I respond to them, I do feel my blood pressure raise to some degree. So I’ll start red-thumbing the hell out of them. But when someone attacks my late, dear, beloved wife, that’s crossing a red line and I’ll let them have it both barrels, blood pressure notwithstanding.

        • trolls really don’t bother me most of the time

          I merely think of them as misbehaving pets
          who pee on the carpet !

        • @ braveheart. Anyone that attacks your late wife well they can go to hell with the other pure evil. It takes the worst scum on the planet to befoul someone’s soulmate that is no longer with them. They deserve and will have very bad luck. The other trolls are trying to take down the web site or they enjoy upsetting others, either case they are the enemies of SHTFplan, and all of us that are serious about learning from each other so we have the best chance for survival. The own personal attacks, especially against someone that cannot defend themselves is beyond rotten. This is the type of vermin that becomes target practice after civilization collapses. In any case most people are completely on your side here and won’t tolerate some slime sucker debasing your wife.

      62. wow

        a little good news to get the weekend started


        National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules

        I give it a microsecond before the Obama administration attempts to have this decision over ruled

        can’t have a police state without National “SEkUrITY Letters” now can we ?

      63. i agree it was a great article daisy thank you

      64. Having Daisy Luther write anything for this site tells me much about it and Mac Salvo.
        Given that Daisy is a Nazi, like so many others, I now see why there are so many of you crazy retards who hang out here.

        None of you mothers can stand the truth, just remember that the world is laughing at you crazies.

        “It’s springtime for Hitler and Germany”…..

        • Well.
          Ok… instant ignore list.

          • @Piper Michael….I make them “invisible” by totally ignoring them…..no tu or td……eventually, they will feel “worthless”….take care, CC

            • Yes… this was a new name on me…
              So.. this was their ‘greeting’.
              The Nazi’s are in Washington DC.
              They are the Enemy.
              People think Obama is a socialist… I think he’s a nazi…
              tomato … tomatoe….
              It don’t matter if the boot on your neck is a left boot or a right boot. I’m not sure who said it, Sinclair Lewis maybe? That when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross…
              I think its already here… if Obama were a socialist, he would have arrested half of Wall street by now…

          • Yikes,PM!….seems to be a certain group here lately who really need serious meds or strong booze/weed and arnt getting it….maybe we could all take up an offering….wonder why they all seem to show up at the same time…? govt troll class graduated lately?

        • Go away>

          • I did it again. FOR THE SLUT GO AWAY!!!

        • Thats funny! I like to hang out, and,,,, prep every day while I’m still free.

        • Is that you southern boy?

      65. Made by Navistar International Diesel. These are the people who make the MRAP armored vehicle. The DHS just purchased 2,700 MRAP’s with the Maxforce diesel engine.

        David Slew Goliath…

        The best way to stop and MRAP vehicle is to make it drive real slow for a long time. That will foul up the DPF (diesel particulate filter) a piece of EPA mandated environmental garbage. A clogged DPF can cause a check engine light and regent light to go off. If the vehicle does not go into regent mode at highway speed, or brought to dead stop to go into regent mode. The computer will derate the engine (engine power loss) and shut the engine down to be towed to a repair shop. Another big flaw is with EGR valve (exhaust gas relay) same EPA mandated garbage. EGR valves are failing all the time and it’s the biggest warranty recall stuff we have.

        The Maxforce engine in the MRAP platform is the worst diesel on the market. Poorly designed low cost diesel that’s prone to drop valves and have other failures.
        One last thing that’s kind of amusing. The A/C system is prone to failures on the Navistar International trucks. In other words, it’s going to get kind of hot for the gestapo in black body armor in the MRAP.
        If all 2,700 MRAP’s are used at the same time for gun confiscation and to round up people for fema camps, I can almost guarantee that half of them will be broke down or in repair shop somewhere waiting to be hooked up to a computer and parts to be ordered to be fixed (this usually takes weeks)

        All David’s got to do is walk and let Goliath follow. Goliath will choke on his own exhaust and come to a dead halt in the middle of the road.


        • Nice write pale rider,good stuff…..I’ve been thinking about these trucks too.. Thought a nice molitove or two would make it unbearable inside,and if you know about halon fire extinguishers ,
          Halon instantly removes air from what it’s sprayed in……sad part about that is you gotta get real close!

        • I hope Goliath is self sufficient or shows up with guns, ammo, food, and fuel to pay for the repair. I am sure that the mechanics I know would take payment up front and once they got it running would take it for a one way test drive.

        • pale rider..
          That’s rich…typical low bid gov contract. Thanks for the info. Now we have to have contingency plans to slow them down, and clog them up…
          Any ideas?

          • yes….

      66. SHTF doesn’t care about race, gender, or social status. If you’re not prepared when it hits, you’re going to find out real fast that you’re no better than anyone else.


        Many children accidentally absorb poison, yet few parents know of
        this simple universal antidote. You should have it home.
        2 part of wood charcoal pulverized (you can also use burned
        toast, yet the toast must be totally carbonized & pulverized)

        Then add 1 part of magnesia milk & 1 part of very strong tea.

        If your child has swallowed a toxic product, give him as FAST as
        you can in a little bit of water at least 2 table spoon of this

        How does it work: If the poison is metallic or alkaline, the
        Tannic acid contained in the tea will neutralize it.If the poison
        is acid, the magnesia will neutralize it.The wood charcoal even at
        very little dose, can absorb very strong quantities of toxic.

        When you have given the antidote & call doctor,
        you have 3 things to do;

        1: Discover the nature of the poison, keep the bottle or the
        Box so that the doctor can quickly identify it.

        2: Except in case where the child had taken soap or some
        Alkaline presenting burns around the mouth make him vomit.
        To do this; the best procedure is to give him, a glass of
        milk in which you have mix a full broken egg (no shell).

        When he has drunk this mixture, trust one finger in his throat.

        3: Give him another antidote mixture dose.

        4: Act quickly, some toxic can bring death in 5 min. Usually the
        Doctor is not equipped to treat poisoning home, so bring the
        Child to the nearest hospital, after having used the
        Universal Antidote.



        To oversupply your body with water if you know you will be
        without for a while and you don’t have any container. Drink till
        you need to pee, then pee and then drink again till you need to
        pee. Pee and then have one more glass of water, you are now
        fully loaded.


      69. Greetings Everyone!
        Great article Daisy!
        It’s what puts reality into our thinking about SHTF.
        I suspect that we’ll be seeing first hand(because the “media” won’t be reporting it till far too late!)some of the super-bug plagues that are akin to the “Black Death” coming to you real soon.Add to that the feckless idiots in government we now have and SHTF will be truly “God-awful”.
        To paraphrase the nursery rhymes:
        “All the king’s drones and all the king’s men won’t be able to fix the mess that we’re in.Roses are red,violets are blue,the boneheads in Congress be making a mess of our Republic real fast too.Roses are at times are black,and violets might not be blue,but if Obama and the Republicans DON’T work together,America will make Europe’s collapse look like a fine and dandy party to end all parties real soon….
        It’s the best I’ve got,anyone else got better?

        • During the time of the plague in Europe, brewers and those who drank only beer/ale were largely spared. The assumption is that this is because they didn’t drink untreated water, and contaminated water was a large factor in the spread of the plague — even the groundwater was contaminated in many places because of bodily liquids leaching into the soil and water sources. Since the fermentation process of beer involves heat and heat kills the plague bacteria, and since alcohol is also a sterilizing agent, those who drank only beer and ale often went unscathed.

          So if you ever needed an excuse to become an unrepentant beer drinker, this is it: you’re drinking beer to avoid bacterial contamination.

          (Side note: it was fear of a return of the horrors of the Black Death that led to the invention of the beer stein — in Germany in the 1400s it was mandated that beverages be covered to avoid contamination, so some bright fellow put hinged lids on mugs.)

          • Lady of the Lake,
            I think you might be talking about one of the water borne illnesses like cholera. Cholera is still a problem in places where water isn’t filtered or purified.

            Plague is spread by fleas, usually ones living on rats. It can also develop into a pneumatic form that is spread by respiratory droplets.

            • Hi Meree,

              I begin to wonder how the board is posting things lately. I wasn’t attempting to step on your feet with my post below…apologies therefor…I simply did not see you post in place at the time I responded to Lady above…did your post register immediately ‘pon your sending it or did it indicate ‘moderation’….just curious here…

              Also, I THINK that Typhus is also an issue of lax sanitation and IS a water-bourne disease…as matter of primary vector of transmission…

              Oh, incidentally, your post are always well-thought through… I always enjoy reading them Friend!


          • @ LOTL,

            Gmmm, not meaning tocontradict you on a point but I was always (have always) seen it stated that it was – in fact – primarily an issue of the transmission by ‘rofentia’ that was the source of the plague…ie, it’s transmission vector…specifically, fleas. Perhpas I’m wrong here.

            It IS the case that ALL variants of Cholera ARE transmitted through ground water supplies readily when sanitation is lax. Ah, also, here’s a GOOD one…you know the whole ‘Salmonella’ thing yes? The ACTUAL NAME for same is – in long form – Samonella Cholerae…rather an ‘icky’ thought, no?


            • OOPS, ‘sticky keys’ here

              ‘Ummm’ NOT ‘Gmmm’

              ‘rodentia’ NOT ‘rofentia’

              “Einschuldigan Sie Bitte”

              German for ‘Excuse me Please”


        • Yeah, ‘working together’ is what got us into this mess.
          You don’t seriously think O is intent on fixing anything… do you? I mean, he’s doing such a wonderful job screwing everything up, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is ever HIS fault…
          You expected… Fundamental Transformation… to be… what?… Unicorns and skittles?

      70. SHTF doesn’t care that you thought you were prepared for SHTF.

      71. Quick question…I have responded to several folks this afternoon. My comments have been in moderation for about 3 hours. Is this a normal lag time, or is it due to the fact I am new to the site?

        • Don’t know, but I’ve heard Goering was a great guy at a party

          • Sorry wrong post. for your question. If you keep the same name and address in a short tim his spam filter will know you and let you post

            • Haaa…thanks, P!

        • Putting links into comments will also get you in moderation.

        • Shifty,it’s the site…Mac said he’s working on it,. Very frustrating ….sometimes my posts take hours or won’t post at all….I try to keep my posts lite because ya never know.

        • If you have a link within your text, it immediately goes to moderation… my blog does this as well… he has it set to one link…
          If you post a link, leave out the h t t p qualifiers. That is why I usually post a link as;

          name DOT com

      72. I love it that this country is collapsing. Why… we need a wake up call the the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed.

        I’m in IT. I work non stop… 7 days a week….12 hour days… none can keep up with me.
        All the business are trying to survive the Obama socialism and the commies.
        So all businesses are seeking to automate to shed the Obamacare employer enslavement.
        Business is booming!!!

        I knew this was coming…. so after prepping up.. I bought about $5k in computer manuals and books and hit them non stop…

        This was career prepping for SHTF Socialism.

        I’m eyeballing a new wife 10 years younger, a new vette and a great lifestyle.

        While I feel bad for the country…. I need to survive and thrive.
        My advice would be to turn off the TV for good.
        Get turned onto computer science…buy many books and fire up the head phones and great music.

        All the socialist centralization created a need for great information processing.

        I bet that’s something that many of you have never thought of…
        Thrive in it.

        Your mentality that I’m a traitor to my country…. nope.
        Just freeing America from the inefficient crap….
        Everyone want a job…but nobody talks about a career.

        I just eliminated a lady’s job who was just rekeying data from one system to a bunch of spreadsheets and tossing a graph on it. All BS. This bitch was costing us money.

        This is the new America… no BS… real…efficient and runs at the speed of light.

        • I was in IT too… systems analyst/programmer for 20 years, advanced robotics and automation systems.
          It is all a tool of the darkness, because that is what it is turned to.
          I pray it doesn’t all go away, but I do hope the economics that keeps your mind humming the way it does, goes away. Then the economics of whats left, will be turned to stewardship instead of profits. That we learn our lessons about banks and money, and leave their bodies to hang until they are skeletons… and then wire them together to hang forever as a symbol of what went wrong. Lets hope you aren’t hanging there too.

      73. Another very good article Ms. Daisy! Now I’ve heard it all… calling us all, especially you a Nazi…
        I guess the Obamabots are going to ramp up the hate.

        Note to Obamabots in the Hive mind, .|..

      74. SHTF doesn’t care reminds me of the honey badger video. The honey badger doesn’t care about anything. Here’s the link to the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg
        There are four-letter words, just in case you don’t want to hear them, but the video is still funny.




      76. SHTF will punish you however it wants.
        HOWEVER there will be quite a lot of dangerous people out there that are racists and try to get rid of you because of your race.

      77. Where has SHTF? I would conjecture Zimbabwe, North Korea, and USSR are on the list. No doubt war-torn countries like Iraq and southern Sudan. Somehow Americans don’t think those can happen to us. It may not be TEOTWAWKI but SHTF is quite probable in the near term. Can’t keep bleeding the middle class because they are running out of blood.
        If I think about those places, I’d think
        “SHTF doesn’t care if you haven’t done anything wrong and don’t deserve to be a casualty. SHTF is not karma.”

      78. Survival Slut, neither Mac nor Daisy are Nazis, so you stop that shit right now. I was actually looking forward to more comments from you, but you just showed your true colors. We are a community of preppers who get together to exchange useful information on survival-related subjects to give each other the best chance possible at surviving what’s coming to this nation. We love this country and are trying to save it. We are sick and tired of what special-interest groups, especially AIPAC, are doing to this nation. The day of reckoning is coming. Google Attack On USS Liberty and see what the Israelis did to a US Navy vessel in international waters. Our tax dollars, yours included, go to support this rogue nation every year. 34 sailors were killed and 174 were wounded. In the coverup afterward, all survivors were threatened with court-martial and prison if they ever revealed what happened. You can also check out a book by James M. Ennes, JR., one of the survivors, titled “Attack On The Liberty”. It spells out in full detail what happened. I never have blind, unquestioning support for any cause.

      79. So we do have Judges that give a shit about the Constitution..well Ill be dammed..its about time

        Federal judge rules surveillance provisions unconstitutional

        A federal judge has ruled unconstitutional national security provisions that permit federal investigators to access customer information from some companies without court approval.

        • Vrf, do you really think for one second that will stop them from spying on everyone? Not even a small nucience to them,they could care less…..even if they got caught in the act,wouldn’t be more than a tap on the wrist……bad spy’s bad,shame on you,,,,continue.

          • just bringing the message bud..No where in there did I say ” I really think” anything

      80. As we’ve seen many times in the past with the criminal records compiled by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against [Your] Guns, the character of those who presume to call ours into question makes one thing very clear. What we’re dealing with are criminals who are perverting the “law” to disarm the rest of us. So of course they don’t trust us, with guns or with anything else. It’s a projection thing.

        Because they know from the bottom of their corrupt souls that they can’t be trusted

      81. Well, now. It seems as if the fat little twit in n korea has another burr in his panties. Reports of short range missles fired into the Sea of Japan. If I was him, I wouldn’t push those Japanese fellas too far. They just might have a thing or two stashed away in the basement. Nevermind that 68 year-old treaty to remain demilitarized; a guy’s got to protect his homefront somehow….
        Kim Jong ‘I’m-Not-Constipated-My-Face-Always-Looks-Like-This’ Un had better get it through his shaved head that the Japanese, were they so inclined, could slap together a world-class can of whip ass in a hurry. I’m betting they could build a medium-range noise maker with a high-resolution, million-pixel, video-remote-operated delivery system in about a week. And probably need nothing more than a few spare parts laying around at the Panasonic speaker factory.
        And what the feckless leader of the northern commie state most underestimates, is the incredibly LOUD noise it would make just before the video goes fuzzy.
        Note to Kim ‘Does-This-Dress-Make-My-Dictatorship-Look-Fat’ Jong Un- When you push too far, you’ll see just what your Nipon Neighbors are capable of. And, as for your big brother stickin’ up for you- don’t forget, the Japanese have kicked his ass a couple times before. Boy, you’re pokin’ a Hornet’s nest!

        • Smokin….Remember the Fat Bastard? The FB from NK is acting this way because I believe he has China backing him. And it may not be just China. He is not alone. As Dylan sang, ‘The times they are a changin.’

          • Indeed they are, Ugly. The times changing, I mean. As for China backing them, probably so. I think the Chicoms are mostly just using Kim as the instigator to make the Obama-led United States look weak and incompetent. Seems like there’s been a lot of that going on lately.
            And, as for Japan- who knows? I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that the Japanese know they won’t be able to rely on US military protection when push comes to shove with their Asian neighbors. Not because of the military, so much as the corrupt, idiotic politicians in charge of them. For this reason, they may have a few goodies stashed in the basement. Or at least on the drawing board and ready to assemble in a hurry.
            Treaty stipulations strictly limit what the Japanese are supposed to have. But, if it’s a matter of survival against a nuclear N Korea, backed by the Chicoms? And if America were occupied in, say Iran? Or Syria? Or both?
            If I were the Japanese, I’d certainly want an ace in the hole for just such a time…

            • Hi Smokin,
              You are right on target. The Japanese are not to be trifled with. I would bet, that the basement is already full of toys, tested, and ready to go.

      82. one crisis away

        ONE crisis away


        “We are one crisis away from a police state. All the powers are in place. Someone will flip the switch. Whether a Cyber Attack, escalating Currency War tensions or a ‘terrorist’ attack by indebted college youth, it is only a matter of time and circumstance.”

        rest assured
        there WILL be an incident of some sort
        either real or a false flag

      83. Do you know why America was ”America’ in the first place? Because we lived SHTF every f’ing day as this country grew. The only thing I dislike about this country is what we did to Native Americans…we never would have survived initially without their knowledge.

        Andrew Jackson as much as I admire him on many levels, I detest him on a multitude of others…trail of tears for example.

        John Adams, one of our founders was one of the shittiest Presidents. The Alien and Sedition Acts was the 18th century version of the patriot act. Fortunately, Jefferson and Madison in the KY and VA resolutions of 1798 curbed Adams’ power. As important as Nullification was then, it’s more important now!

        The entire Bill of Rights has been usurped. The only one left is 2A. They are not getting that, not without a bloody fight anyway.

        I am prepared to make examples of those who try and take away 2A.

        I am tired of political correctness. When they try to take our guns, there will be revolution. If they think I am going to fight their collective scum in my backyard, I am here to tell you I am going to bring the war to their front yards. I will cut their heads off and put them on pikes to serve as a visual example of what happens to those who are traitors.

        They can tell me to go to He’ll all they want, but I can assure you with certainty, that I will take great pleasure in sending our enemies there!!!

        • Amen Jeff.
          In many ways our Bill of Rights is the thing that the common people love… not the Constitution or FedGov. Centralization has always been the problem, too much power in one place. The Feds, since the days of the Whisky rebellion have never cared what the Constitution says, but it always seems to overstep its boundaries. Just like Obamacare, or patriot act, name your poison, its all poison to the people.
          Our revolution put down the aristocracy of royalty, and simply replaced it with an aristocracy of money. People don’t understand money or the ways of money, and now Jefferson’s admonition is coming true in front of our eyes…
          Money is POWER. Centralized money is absolute POWER. This must be the main lesson learned for what comes after. Because once they crash it all, money, will assert itself again, because money, will own everything. Just like the fall of Rome, only this time, I think the money power will be a global thing. The only thing to do with evil is kill it, not compromise with it, or run away from it. WE are the hands of Justice.

          When its time to stand them up against the wall, I’ll be there… Looking at the UN Small arms treaty… it is not being mentioned. I think it is Obama’s Trojan horse, so that we will see, in typical Obama fashion; “It wasn’t ME!” This is how he works, from the shadows.

          Note to Fed watchers; We see you destroying the middle class. We are not so stupid as you assume. There are millions of us, within your own ranks I suspect. So, YUP, your time’s coming. Choose a side, and choose wisely.

          The III,
          we are everywhere.

      84. Galloping Into Geezerhood

        I kind of like getting older. It gives me a built-in excuse for stuff. Like forgetting things. It’s amazing what a person can forget these days. Just last week, for example, I couldn’t find the tv remote. I said to mrs okie, as I searched the couch cushions, the end table, and patted my shirt pocket(you never know, it might’ve been there)-
        ‘Dear, have you seen the remote?’
        “What?” she called from another room.
        ‘The tv remote’ I yelled, while checking behind the mayonaise in the fridge (don’t laugh, I once microwaved one after absent-mindedly laying it on a cold slice of pepperoni).
        “It’s with the television, silly!”
        I returned the taco bell sauce packets to their normal resting place in the butter compartment,(it wasn’t there) and shut the fridge.
        When I got back to the living room, I was startled. ‘Okay. So my next queston is, where’s the tv?’ I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed it was missing.
        She came into the room, “I loaned it to our youth minister, remember? He needs a second tv for a thing they’re doing with the kids at church. I told you yesterday. Surely you haven’t forgot?”
        I honestly didn’t remember. In fact, I think she’s started playing mind games with me. Always claiming she said this or that, then wondering why I forgot. Like the time last month when she CLAIMED she had reminded me two days prior to our anniversary. I don’t think she really did. So, of course, I forgot the anniversary. (women get sore over the slightest little things…)
        We actually don’t watch much television. In fact, it had’t been on in several weeks. But this was different. ‘Well, are we getting it back soon? I got a John Wayne dvd I want to watch. Just bought it at the store and I’m anxious to see it.’
        She took my hand and led me to sit beside her on the couch, “Okie, look over there at the tv stand. What do you see?”
        I got that jr high school pop quiz feeling. ‘Uh, is this a trick question? I SWEAR I’ll remember our anniversary next year!’
        She smiled, and looked so calm…it made me nervous. “Just tell me what you see.”
        ‘I don’t see anything. Just an empty tv stand.’
        “And what do you see on the shelf just below where the tv used to be?”
        I blinked, ‘Where the hell is the dvd player?! Did you loan it to the church, too? Has it been stolen?!’
        She smiled, “No. It hasn’t been stolen. And I didn’t loan it to the church.” She got that condescending look. The one that always irritates me when we’re arguing and I know she’s right.
        She continued, talking slowly, as if to a child (she does that to irritate me, too) “Think back. Over a month ago. I gave it to Junior to take back to his dorm room at college. The dvd player’s been gone since February. You were standing right here in this room when I gave it to him.”
        ‘Oh, okay,’ I muttered, ‘Maybe it just slipped my mind. I guess I’ll go out and work on the tractor or something.’
        As I stepped off the porch, it hit me like a lightning bolt. Junior is going to college?! When did that happen?
        No wonder I’m confused. Nobody ever tells me anything around here…..

        • This is scary. My house resembles yours. This morning everyone around her is up at 7:00 am. I am the only one up before 7 on a Saturday. Asked the better half “what going on today?” Volleyball. Okay, somewhere and at sometime I am sure somewhere in the world Volleyball a game will break out. “where?” Alumni Tournament. That is a “type” not my answer as to “where?”. No. 2 daughter pops into the room. Where are you going? “Volleyball” Notice that I get the “what”, but never the “where”. 20 more questions and I find out daughter No. 1 is returning to town to play volleyball. At some point it did finally dawn on me that they might be playing at the school they attended. Now I am off to check resources to find out what time they play or this afternoon it will be “Where were you?” Wish me luck!

          • I know, Shootit. Strange how they answer our questions with a reply that just leads to more questions.
            I think they do that on purpose!

            • My head hurts…. Did figure it out. All is good.

        • Another episode of the Smokin Okie show….
          brought to you by SHTFplan…
          (did ja have to bring that up smokin… 😉 Where did I put that cane? Always losing my cane! )

          Next, for your weekend viewing pleasure…
          Piper’s fiction hour.

          The Old man looked into the face of the young boy and spoke slowly.
          “Once upon a time, there was a country called America…
          The End.”

        • Herr Doktor Jogg says,

          Ya, ist es nicht gutt…Der Halb-Heimers ist hier, zu das Krakenhaus gehen sie Herr Okenheimer…

          Yes, it’s not good, he has the Half-Heimers diesease, take Mr Smokin Okie to the Hopsital…



          • Thanks JOG! Oh, and don’t tell mrs okie I’m flirtin’ with the nurses…

            • In a GERMAN accent….

              “I KNOW NOSSING!!!”

              Hogan’s Heroes…Shulz, obviously…


      85. Awesome job as usual Daisy! You are truly an asset to this site!!

      86. After reading many of the comments here, I’m reminded of the sensibility of the policy of not trying to argue with a non prepper, or liberal, or who ever, about being prepared. You will never win.
        The vast majority of people I have struck up a conversation with, who are non preppers, or are of the liberal type, are happy in their ignorant bliss. They choose to see one outcome in their ignorance, that the government will take care of them, and keep them safe. How many times have I heard the statement, “Oh that could never happen”? Well, in a SHTF situation,, “that” always happens.
        From the beginning of my trek into being prepared for whatever, I adopted a few guidelines. When talking to non-preppers, Never discuss how much of anything I had. Never “brag” about having every situation covered. never feel that I have to ‘win” some type of argument with someone, as I really don’t care what they think anyway.
        With all the new domestic terrorist guidelines being implimented by our fearless , (useless), leaders, being close mouthed is now more important than ever. The more people you talk to, the more people will be at your door when “it” all goes down. History always repeats itself, and this time will be no different.
        I truly believe that we are getting much closer to the time, when all the things that have been talked about, for preparation, are going to be utilized. Our preps, our methods of operation, our situational awareness, everything we have done, will be put to the test. And “it” will not be graded on a curve, as mentionded very nicely put, from another poster.
        Good luck folks.

      87. A fluff piece. No useful information here.

        • Im looking forward to your nonfluff article….the indepth one that will actually help alot of people survive this mess and do well after…huh?…theres not one you say?….figgers!…all talk no imput!

      88. i think the list of 25 is very thought provoking. having been through 4 days of cold with poweroutage in Feb in Ma i can say i was prepared and only went to the Marriot for one night as i had to go to work the next day and needed a hot shower. what i learned is that to go through an emergency situation alone (divorced woman) is lonely..boring..and anxiety producing. I had a propane heater and all the camping gear with plenty of food and candles..etc. i am well prepared for most emergencies but after reading about people’s survival experiences during the Bosnian War 1992-1995 with the brutality and rapes i realized that in a truelly shit hits the fan scenario with no hope of it ever getting better..i don’t want to survive. i plan for the worst and hope for the best. but my hope is that my final destiny will be my choice not yours. god bless and good luck.

      89. Basic rules for home storage:

        Rule 1: Store what you eat, and eat what you store. It would be too
        bad to have a supply of food you would only eat with the greatest
        reluctance. Also, you can spend a lot of money on a supply of food
        and other provisions now, but after 15 or 20 years it won’t be much
        good anymore. Which brings us to the second rule.

        Rule #2: Rotate your food supply. Eat the old and replace with new
        food. It’s great on the pocket book. Large amounts can be purchased
        when they are on sale, then used when they are not. This may also
        require you to change your eating habits just a bit – like eating
        more whole grain and legume foods that are inexpensive but
        nutritious. But whatever you choose to store, be sure it’s something
        you can eat or it will never get rotated.

        Rule #3: Whatever you store, insure it is as nutritious as possible
        with the 50 essential elements required for good health. You should
        also consider storing a good mineral/vitamin supplement.

        Rule #4: Special care should be taken in preserving your emergency
        supply, especially if you plan on storing it for several years.
        Generally, if you plan on using it up within a year it should be
        safe to store your dry grains and beans in the paper or plastic bags
        it came in. But if you do this, be sure you have a cool, dry place
        to keep it. Bugs are always a serious concern. If you haven’t bug
        proofed your food you need to check it every few weeks to insure it
        stays insect free. Aside from packing up your own dry goods, you can

        Can your garden produce in bottles. This works best for fresh
        vegetables and fruits, and even meat if it is done correctly.
        However, know that after two years, wet packed foods in cans or
        bottles lose much of their nutritional value. Rotation is the key!

        Dehydrate your own foods. Some foods that lend themselves well to
        this kind of food preservation are potatoes, carrots, onions,
        peppers, and all kinds of fruits. After dehydration, be sure to
        store them in air tight bags or containers. It would also be a good
        idea to throw in a couple of oxygen absorber packets.

        Whatever method you use to preserve your food, Store it in a cool,
        dry, dark place.

        Rule 5: Learn to grow a garden now before any hard times come. This
        way you will get the trial and error out of the way before you
        really need to eat off your garden. For someone who has never grown
        a garden before, it is not as easy as it may seem. There is a real
        art to growing a great garden and this knowledge doesn’t come all at
        once. Become proficient at it now, and learn now how to preserve what you grow.


      90. Companions in the garden

        Asparagus: parsley and tomato–avoid with onion
        Bean: anything but onion
        Beet: cabbage, kohlrabi–avoid with runner bean
        Broccoli: bean, celery, dill–avoid with lettuce, strawberry, tomato
        Brussels sprouts: hyssop, mint sage, rosemary–avoid strawberry
        Cabbage: bean, beet, celery, dill–avoid grape, strawberry , tomato
        Carrot: bean, leek, onion, pea–avoid dill
        Cauliflower: bean, beet, celery, mint–avoid strawberry, tomato
        Celery: bean, cabbage, leek, onion, tomato
        Corn: morning glory, bean, lupine, melon, pea, squash
        Cucumber: bean, broccoli, celery, radish, pea, lettuce–avoid rue and sage
        Eggplant: pea, tarragon, thyme
        Horseradish: potato
        Kohlrabi: beet, onion–avoid with beans and peppers
        Leek: carrot, celery–avoid broad bean, broccoli
        Lettuce: beet, cabbage, pea, radish, strawberry
        Melon: corn, peanut, sunflower
        Onion: beet, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, strawberry–avoid peas and beans
        African Marigold (tagetes erecta) reduces nematodes
        Anise (Pimpinella anisum) deters aphids, fleas, cabbage worms
        Basil (Ocimum basilicum) variety of pests
        Bean (Phaseolus) reduces corn armyworms
        Borage (Borage officinalis) Japanese beetles, tomato hornworms
        Broccoli (Brassica oleacea) reduces striped cucumber beetles
        Carrot (Daucus carota) deters onion flies
        Catnip (Nepeta cataria) deters ants, aphids and many more
        Celery (Apium graveolens) deters cabbage butterflies
        Chive (Allium schoenoprassum) black spot on roses, fruit tree insect
        Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) deters Colorado beetles
        Corn (Zea mays) reduces striped cucumber beetle
        Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) repels Colorado beetles
        Dill (Anthum graveolens) repels aphids and spider mites
        Eucalyptus in general an insect repellent
        Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)deters aphids
        French Marigold (Tagetes patula) deters Mexican bean beetles;nematodes.
        Garlic (Allium sativum) Japanese beetle; in general an insect repellent
        Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) repels flea beetles, insect larvae
        Lavender Cotton (Santolina charmaecyparissus) deters corn wireworms,
        southern root worm
        Leek (Allium ampeloprasum) deters carrot flies
        Marigold (Tagetes) deters nematodes, cabbage pests
        Milkweed (Asclepias) deters aphids/ attracts butterflies
        Mustard (Brassica nigra) reduces aphids
        Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) A trap crop for aphids
        Onion (Allium cepa) deters Colorado beetles, carrot fly
        Petunia squash and potato bug; bean beetle
        Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) asparagus beetle, tomato hornworm.
        Potato (Solanum tuberosum) deters Mexican bean beetles,
        Radish (Raphanus sativus) cucumber beetle, root fly, many others.
        Rue (Ruta graveolens) deters beetles and fleas
        Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) bean beetle, cabbage moth andothers.
        Sage (Salvia officinalis) cabbage worm, cabbage moth, root maggot.
        Savory (Satureja) deters Mexican bean beetles
        Southernwood (Artemesia abrotanum) deters cabbage moth, carrot flies
        Soybean ((Glycine max) deters corn earworm, corn borers
        Tansy (Tanecetum vulgare)ants, aphids, beetles, cabbage worm.
        Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) cabbage pests and whitefly
        Tomato (Lycoperiscon lycoperiscum) loppers, flea beetles, white fly on cabbage
        Wormwood (Artemisia) rodents, slug, snail and many more.


      91. Wide Awake News: Charlie McGrath and Freeman Burt

        Lawful not Legal Lessons Training

        Feb 14, 2013

        Learning the foundations necessary to start the process toward making yourself and your community free. Freedom begins within. Classes available on line for those who want to enroll and start breaking the chains from the State. The State is our servant not the other way around. We can help you speed up your learning. You must be able to make the Courts work for you. The Court is not a place to fear, it is a place to get justice, but not if you are a Defendant. You must have and know your law, without your law, the legal law becomes your law by default.


        Charlie McGrath and Freeman Burt


      92. after electing clowns to office why is anyone surprised about the circus that has broken out?

        • Whoo-Hoo,

          GOOD one VRF…


      93. Lima Ohio

        It is within our sincerest regrets to inform all of you that due to the economic times, current gun industry, and governmental decision makings, that effective immediately (March 15th, 2013), Artillery Shed is no longer in business. We made a solid three year run opening on March 1st, 2010, but can no longer make it. We have made some great friends, met good people, and proudly serviced many of you. For that we thank you, and will miss you all! Please stay in touch, good luck with everything, stand fast and be safe!

        Your friends at Artillery Shed
        R.I.P. 03/15/2013

        • Another business leaving Lima, Ohio??

          • Yeah I know..disgusting, as if that state needs any more loss of jobs..thanks Obama

      94. On Drudge
        Hacker Targets Clinton Confidant In New Attack

        Breach exposed years of e-mails exchanged with Hillary Clinton

        hopefully this hacker will find and come forward with the real story on Benghazi , although most awake people already know..more sheep need to be woke up

        • VRF
          More sheep need to be woke up? My question would be,
          is that even possible? I mean, can a sheep (a person
          or the animal) ever lose it’s inherent meekness, can
          a sheep ever be a tiger? I’m not sure their genetic
          make-up would allow them to be anything but timid and
          clueless, no matter how much we would like to bring
          them up to speed. Whadaya think?

      95. Good morning, BI, just now catching your comments #1301910 and #1303334. Thank you for those kind words about my beloved. People like you, Daisy, Norse Prepper, Just One Guy, Odd Questioner help make this site what it is. Plus I do my part. I didn’t get as hard on Survival Slut as i could have, but i didn’t care for her attacking Daisy or Mac. There was no legitimate basis for it.

      96. SHTF doesnt care where your money is

        Cypriots rue bailout deal’s bank deposit levy

        Cyprus depositors line up to withdraw funds after EU-IMF bailout deal which taxes their funds

        NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Nervous depositors in Cyprus rushed to ATM machines on Saturday to drain their accounts following a bailout agreement with international creditors that includes a levy on all the country’s bank accounts.

        Lines formed at many ATMs as people scrambled to pull their money out after word that the €10 billion ($13 billion) rescue package Cyprus agreed with its euro area partners and the International Monetary Fund included one-off levy on deposit, an unprecedented step in the eurozone crisis.

        The levy is expected to raise €5.8 billion.

        European officials said people with less than €100,000 in their accounts will have to pay a one-time tax of 6.75 percent, those owning more money will lose 9.9 percent. Cypriot bank officials said that depositors can access all their money except the amount set by the levy.

        • They will do the same levy/theft of deposits here,in the end.Saw the deal reported on the fox commie news network this morning and they did not mention the levy, as being part of the deal.
          how odd?????

      97. things in Greece continuing to get worse


        and oh look
        the Greek government lies just like ours does !!!

        “The Hellenic Statistics Authority, Greece’s compiler of official numbers, has a history of deception — the country lied to get into the euro zone”

        but of course now they are telling the truth

        “. But European officials now vouch for the quality of Greek figures”

        yeah right

        if the official unemployment rate in Greece is 26%
        I’m betting the REAL rate is well over 30

      98. Pipers weekend fiction hour.
        brought to you by SHTFPlan…

        The Knockout Game
        by Piper Michael

        The old man stood there with tears running down his face, as he watched the funeral director close the casket for the last time. His wife of 50 years was in that box, and he had said his last good byes. The tears that flowed now though, were the tears of anger, an anger so deep he could not express it without destroying everything around him, but he knew suppressing it was going to kill him eventually.

        It was not true anger, but a righteous indignation at a system that had released its honest citizens into the clutches of the monsters. It was a deep seated hatred for the paragon’s of virtue that stood at the gates of madness. It was something he could no longer express, he had to become one with it, absorb it, become the physical manifestation of an injustice so heinous, that it could not be expressed in mere words. Thus he knew, he had to become justice itself, since justice was no longer blind, but willingly so. Turning its blind eye away from injustice that his world had become.

        It began that lazy Monday night when his wife was walking home from the bus stop after a long day at work. She was simply walking the last block to the safety of their home when a horde of black monsters came out of the dark to play a game with her. A gang of black thugs that reveled in their manly animal natures, but displayed the ultimate cowardice of bullies by playing something called The Knockout game, on an old lady walking alone. The thug that ‘won’ the Game, unknowing and uncaring about her bone problems, just ran up to her, and before she knew what hit her, threw all his weight into The Knockout punch. He won, she was knocked out, permanently. And as he had prepared dinner that night, as a nice surprise, he had heard the monsters yelling as they left the neighborhood. Giving praise to the new Knockout king, and when he looked out the window he saw the rear end of a crowd of 20 or more hoodies, escaping into the dark.

        Fear had gripped his heart at that moment and he had known, it was her time to be walking down that lonely unlit street. He had grabbed his cell as he ran out the door, just to be sure…if nothing else, he was going to wait for her at the bus stop… but he never made it to the bus stop. He found her, lying there in a beaten broken heap. The thugs had not just knocked her down, but the muddy foot prints on her fancy white shirt, had showed the fullness of their crime. They had knocked her down and kicked and stomped on her, and not just one of them.

        He had been afraid to move her, and as he checked her neck for a pulse with one hand while dialing 911 with the other, the tears had started, the scream had come when there was no pulse. His tears of outrage and loss hadn’t really stopped until the day of the funeral, when the change came. As he stood there watching the casket be delivered under the grass, as she had been fond of saying, The Plan had come to him like a bolt of lighting, like a message from God, as he felt the Holy Spirit itself impress upon him the need for Justice. He thought he had even heard the words in his ears; “Send them to Me”.

        The old police detective was pitiful, understanding his loss, and able to offer no comfort as the word had come down from on high to tread lightly. The politicians, the cop had told him, were wetting their pants with fear and didn’t want to start a race war in their city. They would investigate, he said. They might even know who the perp was, since these guys had been bragging about their conquests, but he was not going to say they would be able to lock them up. He told him that there were no witnesses outside the gang, and the only evidence they had was circumstantial. The policeman had been sorry for his loss, but as much as said there would probably not be a conviction, and that he should move on with his life.

        When he asked the cop if he had any inkling of which group had done this, the cop had replied ‘sure, the Crib’s up on 3rd st. We have a CI in there, that’s a confidential informant, and he says the new Knockout king was given a party and a ‘bitch’ to celebrate with … but, just because we know who he is, doesn’t mean we can do much about it, we’ll haul ’em all in, and they’ll be back out on the street in a few hours. I’m sorry, but, that’s just the way it is.”

        ‘Move on’? the old man thought, laughing to himself as he saw the Light, the spirit was right, there was no justice in this. Even the newspapers had hidden the perpetrators true identity in a cloud of political correctness, a horde of black monsters had become an innocuous ‘gang of youths’, out for a good time and things just got a little out of hand, that’s all. The perps knew, the white’s were afraid of them and that did nothing but stoke their hatefulness to new heights. They knew even if they were hauled in, they could get to any witnesses, they could practically turn off any and all investigations by simple methods, and the crackers were powerless to stop them.

        That day, standing beside her new grave, he felt the Spirit of God give him his new mission in life, to deliver justice to animals, and an animal system that helped them, enabled them, emboldened them. He had proceeded at that point to go through the motions of paperwork, cashing out all her insurance, his 401k, all nothing but a tool now he thought, a tool of righteousness. Then he began the slow and steady accumulation of the things he would need, as his plan required quite a bit of work. It helped that he liked to hobby around with homemade fireworks, he smiled as he began the process of acquiring the makings of even bigger bangs. Then one day his labor of love was complete, and he sat in his shop looking at her, “you’re an ugly bitch” he smiled out loud, as he mentally prepared to go down the road of becoming an avenging angel.

        He didn’t know where it would lead, but he knew it was a road only he could travel as he laid out his target grid on the big map on the wall of his shop. As he drove around for days, taking pictures of houses and leaving little reflective stickers as markers in various places. He tried to be very meticulate in his planning, couldn’t have any mistakes or collateral damage. He had said a silent prayer that first night as he prepared to visit justice upon the animals and their system, he had wondered how many ‘missions’ the Lord would allow, so he always left home base with the Lord’s prayer on his lips.

        The old police detective had been inwardly fuming about this situation, and being hamstrung by a system that had let the good people of this city down, and a political class that was nothing more than a bunch of panty waist clowns going through the motions of keeping the lid on a situation that was getting out of control. If he had his druthers, they would go into those gang hangouts and just clean up the mess. But he knew that was never gonna happen. He had been wondering how the old man was getting along, so he had dropped by for a visit just to check up on the old guy. The old man hadn’t been home at the time, and he considered that kind of odd, since he was retired. He had shaken it off figuring the old guy had gotten a night life since his wife was murdered, he had no idea how right he was, as he had turned to go back to his car.

        At that very moment the car radio had lit up with an all cars in the area proceed to a mass casualty event. As he had sped over to the bad part of town, fuming that the gangs were having another party that got out of hand again, he had noticed a flash or reflection above the street light at the corner. Just a hint, a glimpse of a moving black shadow, but it was gone before it had registered on his conscious mind, and he didn’t think anything about it, until much later. Then he had arrived on scene, and it was a scene of carnage. There were bodies scattered everywhere, great holes in the pavement, bricks and parts of buildings, glass, and blood, everywhere. “Jesus” he remarked as he had exited his vehicle.

        The newspaper reporter, was interviewing some of the survivors of the carnage, the bodies were scattered over half a block of pavement, surrounded by the ubiquitous yellow police tape. As crowds of gawkers pressed against the tape, their mouths agape, totally silent. He was talking to an eye witness “Dey hadn’t done nuttin’ man. Dey was jus’ standin’ ’round chillin’, ya know? An…an…all o’ a suddin’, the street jus’ blew up man…it was like a bomb ‘r sumpin’…ya feel me? Den it happin’d agin’ and agin’ and…man.. I jus’ turned and ran man, then I heard dis laughin’, in, the SKY man! An I…I stop’d and look up, and it was like…a…a black angel man! Man..then I heard it again, this wooshing in the sky, and I saw it man! I saw it, its wings was a flappin’! It was a angel man, a big black angel, like a shadow in da sky…man…it was da Angel o’ Death man..” as the youngster looked up at the reporter, shaking, scared…”Da Angel o’ Death man…and den, and den it was gon’…and all dem folks was jus’…dead…”

        The newpaper reporter talked to a few more that night, with various stories, but none so good as the youngsters. The cops were mystified, saying it did look like the street had been bombed in a crowd of uh…citizens. He had his story and he ran with it. The next day the headlines, and the City, exploded with the banner “Racist Angel of Death? “, and the storyline of a shadow in the night, wreaking havok, and that the result was ’24 murdered innocent citizens’. No mention of the fact that the 3rd Street Cribs, had been virtually eliminated as a force on the street.

        The cops had pieced it together, but they would only give a ‘no comment’. Internally however there was a mixture of shock, outrage and a vendetta mindset, mixed with the faction who were quite pleased with the outcome, they knew what happened. They knew they had a new thing, a flying vigilante who was able to rain down death from the air. The evidence was conclusive, and jived with the eye witnesses. They had been told by their chief’s to just stick to the no comment line, it was obvious the politicians were wetting their pants when all they had to say was no comment. As the weeks went on, more incidents of death from the air happened, and the body count rose, all gang members.

        Another thing happened that nobody noticed, the Knockout game came to screeching halt, not one incident of that deadly pastime had been reported in at least two weeks. The cops had begun to get the picture, they variously called him the Angel, Batman or the Shadow, but they all knew they couldn’t argue with results. They weren’t too keen on finding the guy either, in fact, most of them were happy with the night time scene becoming much more calm, almost serene. It appeared the gangs didn’t want to come out and play at night anymore.

        The old police detective had been on the job too many years, and was getting ready to put in his paper work for retirement, when all this had started. He sat thinking in his car outside the old man’s house, where he was sitting on a sort of personal stakeout. His reverie was interrupted by an APB, all points bulletin, “…mass casualty event at…” he smiled, another one…’ok’ he thought as he turned off the radio, and spoke out loud “here we go.” He donned his night vision infrared enhanced goggles and stepped out of the car. Proceeding to hide in a bunch of bushes across the street from his quarry.

        Soon, he saw him, swooping down from the heights in a lazy spiral. A wonderful sight! How does he do that? Then he noticed the back of the old man’s garage, a mechanical noise, a light in the back yard, and he saw the angel, settling straight down with a couple flaps of his wings, settling down in the back yard. Immediately, the light went out and soon after the mechanical door closed, and that was it. “Slick” the old police detective laughed under his breath. He took his goggles off, placed them back in their box and lit a cigarette. Sitting there, thinking about his next move, when he saw the door from the garage open, close and a dark figure walk slowly to the house. He put out his cigarette and walked up to the old man’s door, and knocked.

        The old man came to the door, in a towel “Well hi detective! ” he said. “Hello sir. Can I come in? I have some news about your wife’s attackers.” the old detective was telling the truth, sort of. “Sure detective, do ya mind I was just gettin’ in the shower, grab a beer outa the fridge and have a seat, I’ll be out in sec'”. The detective smiled “no problem sir, I’ll be right here, no hurry.” When the old man got finished in the bathroom, he walked into the sitting room with a beer in his hand, “so what’s up doc?” he smiled as he sat across from the detective. “Well sir, you been seeing the news, right?” The old man was a blank, unreadable, “yup, heard about that. Don’t know what to make of it.” The detective decided to just get to the point since it was late. “Now, don’t you go pullin’ my leg, you old coot.” he smiled, “Why don’t we go out to the garage and see what we see?”

        The old man, having a hard time keeping his poker face now, simply looked down at the floor “You got a warrant detective? I mean…I…don’t know wh…” The old detective stood and placed his half finished beer on the coffee table, walked over to the old man and placed his hand on his shoulder “look, I’m not here in an… um, ‘official’ capacity, ok? This is personal with me, and you, and..well…God…right?” The old man smiled and looked up. “You mean?” he asked, looking into the detective’s eyes. The detective, took out his badge, and gun, and laid them on the table. “That’s right..” he smiled “I’m not here to arrest you sir, I’m here to shake your fuckin’ hand..” he stuck out his hand and the old man took it. “I saw you comin’ in for a landing, and you got to show me this thing.” he grinned.

        When the old man and the old detective entered the garage, the old man told the detective to stand still, he then pulled the door shut behind them, turned and flipped a switch on the wall in the pitch black. The old detective turned and his jaw dropped. There it was, like an image out of damn movie or something. All black, beautiful lines, bat like wings, it filled the whole garage. “I was kinda lucky it fit in the garage, its kind of a tight fit getting her in and out, but it works. Good thing you’re here, I was gonna wait until tomorrow to do this, but now that you’re here..” the old man turned and walked over to a chalkboard hanging on the wall. The text at the top said simply; KOG.

        “You know what the body count was detective? Never mind, I know about what it was..”as the old man picked up a piece of chalk, wrote an approximation squiggly and then proceeded to draw a set of vertical lines, four at a time and crossing them off for the fifth, three groups of five, or fifteen bodies tonight. “The mind can pick up groups of five, and I counted at least three groups from the air, so we’ll say approximately fifteen, at least until I see the paper tomorrow…”

        “K.O.G.?” the detective inquired staring at the board’s tally. “Knight of God, or Knock Out Game” the old man smiled. “They wanna play, and God told me to be His hand of Justice, that’s a knights job detective. Only the rules of God apply. An eye for an eye, anyone who’s in one of those gang gaggles is not innocent… God told me to send them to Him for justice.” The detective just smiled and nodded his head. “God huh. He talks to you I guess?” thinking the old man was off the deep end. “He talks to all of us detective, its just that most of us have forgotten how to hear that still small voice.” The old man set the chalk down, then cheered up, “let me show you the KOG suit detective…”

        After they had finished the nickle tour, the detective was impressed. The craft was a work of beauty and elegance, even the bombs and release mechanism were simplicity themselves. “Antigravity? WOG?” the detective was looking at a set of letters stenciled onto the kevlar reenforced pilot harness. “Wing of God, detective…”the old man smiled. “He gave me the idea in a flash, I saw the whole thing, already designed, all I had to do was put it together… and it worked.” the detective was impressed. “Kind of a hang glider on steroids, eh?” The old man smiled and sat down… “So why’re you here detective, if you’re not goin’ to arrest me?”

        The detective sat down in the chair next to the old wood stove in the corner across from the old man. “Well sir. I saw you that first night… just a flash over the street light, but thinking back on it, what I saw was, an angel, a black angel, an angel of death. I didn’t register it at the time, but now I know it was heading straight for your house…so I put two and two together after that night…and…I just waited outside with a pair of infrared goggles… I had a hunch…then tonight I saw you coming in for a landing…and well…here I am.” the old man was looking at the floor lost in thought. “So, what do the police think of me detective?” the old man asked, tentatively. “Sir, on the surface you’re a vigilante, but under the covers there probably aren’t two men in the department that would do anything but turn a blind eye. In fact, almost to a man, they’re more pissed at the Mayor and his PC cronies for not allowing them to go after these scumbags. They’re nothing but a bunch of pussy whipped feckless clowns marching around in suits. In fact, there’s word inside the department, that the Mayor’s been talking to some of these gang leaders in secret.”

        The old man stood, smiled and walked over to the desk, opened a drawer and pulled out a large roll of paper. Walking up to the wall he took two push pins and pinned the sheet up to the wall. At the top of it was written in big letters “Phase II”. Then turning and looking at the detective he smiled, “Evil is evil detective, those that wear suits do not hide from the eyes of God.” The detective looked at the paper, and immediately realized what he was looking at, a map, with certain coordinates marked. ‘Wait’, he thought to himself, pointing at one of the marked dots, “That one, that’s…the Mayors mansion?”

        “So, still not gonna arrest me?” the old man looked him square in the eyes. “No, I was thinking more of a, Franchise…” and they both smiled.

        The End

        • Nice, I can dig it

        • A fictional feast! Excellent writing, Piper. But, then again, you’ve had a bit of practice at writing, haven’t you? 🙂
          As to the larger concept behind the story; the WHY of it all: I used to wonder about such things. It befuddled me that society’s response to evil was always so impotent. Never the right kind of anger, never directed to the right target, never even admitting the source. I don’t wonder about that anymore. The Truth, scattered like a thousands jigsaw pieces, is coming together. Though I’m still far from perfection, and still ignorant of many things, I am beginning to see. The puzzle is taking shape. And the search goes on.
          The completed puzzle will reveal a picture of incredible….beauty! It is TRUTH. And the truth is always beautiful, when considered in it’s totality. Some portions of the picture, taken seperately from the whole, have the appearance of hideous ugliness. They are repulsive. But incorporated into the whole…it is Fantastic!
          Some people will disagree, but I see the beauty of the final end. For us, for America, for all of humanity. Along the way, though, we see ‘through a glass, darkly’ and we wonder. That’s ok. Keep adding pieces to the puzzle. Make sure they’re the right piece in the right place. Then, eventually, the beauty begins to take shape.
          In the meantime- America will have to go through the Changes; the seeming ugliness of the individual pieces. There will be blood. And hunger. And confusion. Fear, anger, and violence on a scale we have never seen. These individual pieces, by themselves, are never good. And they’re never pretty. But they must come. As God pours out his wrath on evil, He will use men as His instruments of Justice. The greatest challenge for us, is to be sure we are acting on His behalf, not ours. I believe those that He uses will know…

          • Indeed Michael,

            ‘A fictional Feast’ as Smokin put it!!

            May I wet YOUR whistle as it were? (And you too Smokin and others here who have ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’…)

            I have asked here – several times – “Who are We?” not exactly as means of discovering the actual answer to the question but to prepare everyone for something else…

            Where did the Founders go so wrong? Ask yourself that and dwell upon it. Was the original error in thought which leads us to where we are today one of ommision, commision or otherwise. Was the error one which was structural within the defining schema’s they set down in the DOI, the Constituion and BOR? or something else…WHERE DID IT GO SO WRONG? Piper you mention above (somewhere, I’ve losr the point of insertion now) something similar. Allow me to offer you a small fraction of a much largher treatnment of a potential FOUNDATION, underlying ALL LAW such that the mistakes of the PAST will not be repeated in the future….AFTER the reckoning has come and gone. WE cannot repeat the mistakes of the past, No? Therefor…

            On Power and Authority:

            Whensoever it has been the case in the long history of
            Humanity that one or more people have been given Authority over
            any other person or group thereof – for any reason whatsoever –
            that given any length of time beyond the shortest imaginable,
            that ABUSES have occurred. History is so effugently replete with
            the multitude of examples of this that there can simply BE NO
            question EVER of the preponderance of this outcome in the ‘World
            that is’. In summa, this may well be expressed as, “Authority,
            which is ‘Power over Others’ leads to Corruption. As such the
            preponderance of ALL evidence being as it is, the logical
            conclusion must be that unlimited Authority, otherwise known as
            Unlimited Power must invariably lead to complete or total
            Corruption of the intent of Nature’sGod.

            Responsibilty and Authority can not, Must not EVER be
            seperated: They are NOT two seperate things, but instead two parts
            of the same whole thing, as are the facets of a diamond, or the
            two sides of a single coin.

            The central truth of this is found in the examination
            of those circumstances where one exist absent of the other. In
            the case of Authority without neccessary Responsibility one
            immediately obtains to the circumstance of the creation of a
            Tyrant. For in this case no matter the actions of those
            exercising the Authority it is plain that without Responsibility
            – which here is to be taken as synonymous with Accountability –
            then there exist no natural inhibition upon those exercising such.
            Absent any natural inhibition said Power will be exercised more
            and more frequently till all such actions are effectively
            Coercion, and thus Tyranny. Additionally, the brunt of all such
            Coercion upon those so acted upon immediately qualifies them as
            Alternately, in the event that one bears Responsibility
            yet has no personal Authority over one’s own actions then it is
            the case that those – all else who possess the Power to direct
            one’s actions and which themselves are not thereafter held to be
            liable for such direction – again have the form of Tyrants, and
            those ‘directed’ by them are again seen as Slaves Hence the truth
            of the indivisbility of Authority and Responsibility is seen.

            The forgoing is a SMALL part of a much larger whole which is yet eveolving…dwell on this Gentlemen and if your curiousity’s are piqued we will explore this further. WHATEVER comes in the future MUST be a collaboration of MANY…not just the thoughts of few, or one…but it MUST stsrt somewhere, YES?

            So it is.

            Oh, as to WHY I selected you two and not others as the inital points of exposure to this; Simple, Piper is clearly of the sort which is the ‘Aware, thinking mindset’ and Smokin’ you are one whose manipulation uf language indicates a singular appreciation for the uses of same…BORG of you are therefor GOOD candidates for such exposure. I have said some few days past that mny toime here grows short – so it does – I would like to leave this with those who themselves will likely remain in the ‘here’, or near to itr, whenm I am gone beyond the realm of Humanity…which will occur towards the latter part of May. Therefor…..


            • @JOG….You will be SURELY missed!! Sure hope Mac gets the other part of the site up and running b4 you go,so that we can communicate privately….if not, some of us have each others email address , and will try to “keep in touch”…….until then, take care, CC p.s.

              @Daisy, ya did it again girl….great article!!

            • JOG….It sounds like you are going to jump into a Black Hole? Even Light cannot escape.

            • 🙁

        • WELL DONE!

      99. A caulking gun has a pistol grip

        Take the names that voted yes and remember them.

        fix their little red wagons in 2 years. Put em on the unemployment lines.

        Patrick Leahy, Vermont, Chairman
        Dianne Feinstein, California
        Chuck Schumer, New York
        Durbin, Illinois
        Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
        Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
        Al Franken, Minnesota
        Chris, Delaware
        Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
        Mazie Hirono, Hawaii

        Good thing they are wasting time. There’s nothing more important going on…….
        like the economy, jobs, budget, wars, border security? All those non-important things? We all know it is more important to attack our constitutional rights.

        watch the other hand folks..Record numbers of gun sales. Ammo flying off the shelves. Millions more guns in the hands of law abiding Americans. Someone needs to check Feinsteins portfolio, my guess is she’s buying every firearm stock there is, and making a mint.

        Elections are coming. Senate hasn’t passed a budbet in how many years but are so concerned about banning guns? It’s time we ( the PEOPLE of the United States ) decide who is actually going to run our country. This better be showing up in the next elections.

        “‘I’m not a sixth-grader,’ said a visibly upset Feinstein”

        No, indeed. When a sixth grader refuses to answer a legitimate question, they get a zero….or a time out until they can act respectable to those who employ them or support them.

        • She is an insult to sixth graders…
          You are right, but, I’m afraid we still have to deal with the other 51% of idiots who DGI, don’t want it, and don’t care…
          It will eventually be up to the hands of justice… I smell it in my bones.

          • you got that right…all of it

        • YUP
          VRF says:
          Comment ID: 1306222

          March 16, 2013 at 9:54 am

          SHTF doesnt care where your money is

          Cypriots rue bailout deal’s bank deposit levy

      100. When IT finally comes (and it WILL), and you die either way (preps or not), but you had gone to Disneyworld, at least you’ll have some good memories with your family. After years of prepping and putting second the things that a family in a free country *ought* to be doing, I for one am joining the “head-in-the-sand” crowd. Call me a fool, I don’t really care.

        • it is quite possible to walk and chew gum at the same time

          I don’t spend my time cowering in the basement,counting my cases of Mountain House

          I take numerous mini vacations every year and go camping
          I read tons and tons of good books
          and listen to a lot of good music everyday

          life doesn’t stop just cause’ your a prepper

          prepping is merely a form of insurance against a wide multitude
          of possible threats

          • Satori, thanks for your reply. That’s a great attitude, and it sounds like you have things well in-balance. At some point I realized that I did NOT; that my priorities were too heavily skewed towards prepping and I was robbing myself of time with my kids. Lesson learned. We all wish it weren’t like this, that we could simply return to former days of sanity. As preppers, it can be a narrow knife-blade edge we have to walk, constantly wondering when the axe will fall, yet still trying to live a life. I hope things are different for our children.

          • Masterful response, Satori.
            Prepping is one of the things we do. But, it’s just one.

          • @ Satori and Piper,

            Howdy Guys!

            Satori…BRAVO! You have just explianed to those here what is the CENTRAL point of importance in life…LIVING!
            So many think that the nature of what we now face MANDATES the totality level upending of even the act of living…it odes not as you aptly put it. Life does not stop in the dace of what is to come…we adapt and modify, but too many seem beleive that thier response is to QUIT living. Keep up the good work.

            Piper, have you gotten ‘free’ yet? As I mentioned in yesterday’s forum I have been reluctant to ‘disturb’ you…you DID seem rather involved then…let me know, I’m ‘starved’ for some intellectual discussion Friend…
            something ny local environ does not readily yeild to me regularly. 😉

            Anywho, till later all…


        • I hope your children forgive you.

          What Satori said…

          • Thanks. 🙂

      101. I am ex-special forces from a NATO member. Most people need to learn how to go into ‘combat mode’. This is a high state of alertness that is something good to learn about and when and how to throw the switch on it. Most of the time you do not need to be in this state. In fact, you will just fry your brain to be this alert 24/7 and most people will think you are a tense loon to be around.

        But you do need to know what the signals are for switching to combat mode. Walking home late at night with just a few street lamps to light your way. A group of white males, drunk, are hanging around and all look at you. Go into combat mode right away.

        Sitting on subway train and it is stopped in a tunnel, the train is packed and there is no announcement as to what is wrong. Go into combat mode.

        Notice that your community has an increasing homeless population and more and more people who look rough and are hanging around. Stores are closing and it is rare to ever see the police. Go to the stage before combat mode but be ready to go to combat mode at any moment. People can rot for many years but equally things can go insane very quickly, as people in the UK discovered with 4 days of vicious rioting, burning, mugging and raping.

        • Howdy Frank,

          Excellent suggestion as it were! Mayhaps, being ex-SF you might elect to post on the nature of what ‘combat mode’ actually entails..the specifics, that is.

          In my experiance most people think that ‘Combat mode’ is a totality level increase across the board in thier sensory awareness…one such as yourself might explain the true nature of that…’triggers and filtration’ as it were. Might be an eye-opener for most here who have never had any exposure to anything other than what they see in the ‘movies’… 😉


      102. Do SHTF give a rip ’bout my underwater bi Mo’? A bruddah’s gotta git by somehow.

      103. @ All,

        The effect from the LDE flare yesterday remains projected to begin imminently..within the next hour, between noon and 02:00 PM CST.

        The modeling has been updated somewhat but the associated times remain as per previous. The density curve has been relaxed fractionally while the velocity curve remains the same. Additionally, we have seen a filament lifr-off from a region towards the western limb, this however is NOT expected to have a geo-effective component. Time will tell…

        Another place from which the appropriate notifications will be available is, of course, SolarHam.


        • Thanks, I check on things at solarham several times a day.
          Helps me to know when I might have trouble with my cellphone!!

          KEEP PREPPIN’

      104. When the shit hits the fan…all these lame brain diversions, procrastinations, and flimsey excuses will only add your mane to the casuality of war list…if anyone is keeping a body count….If you have not prepared…you will be amongst the first to parish…Moral of the story here; life is about choices…it is later than you think!commence your plan of action without delay.
        Don’t worry about what the disgruntled wife or neighbors think….you will have to bury them

      105. Mac and friends

        Have you seen this?


        BRUSSELS—Depositors in Cypriot banks will be hit with a one-off tax on their savings, as part of a €10 billion ($12.96 billion) bailout for the Mediterranean island from the euro zone and the International Monetary Fund.

        The deal, announced early Saturday, marks the first time in the euro zone’s five-year-old financial crisis that depositors in bloc’s banks will lose money. Accounts with more than €100,000 will be taxed at 9.9%, those with less at 6.75%, raising an expected €5.8 billion for the near-bankrupt nation.

        There’s an article at Zero Hedge also.

        • A one-off hit. OK… Why don’t I believe you?

      106. JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A South African cardinal who helped elect Pope Francis this week has told the BBC pedophilia is an illness and not a crime.

        Ok than..I know how to cure it..right between the eyes..DT

        • Someone needs to tell That cardinal- A hangman’s noose is simply ‘medicine’.

          • @ Both VRF and Smokin,

            RIGHT on BOTH counts Gentlemen…

            …and AS SOON as SHTF THAT will be the summary method by which all such IS addressed….forevermore. AMEN


            • …And the WHOLE of the Conregation shall say AMEN, Yea even in ONE Voice!

              • Amen and amen!

      107. @ All,

        Nothing has yet appeared at the various monitoring platforms which we watch with respect to incoming CME’s. This is NOT particlarly ‘odd’ in any senseinasmuch as the simulated ETA is critically dependent on NASA’s ability to accurately neasure the wavefront associated with any such. As it happens THAT is a non-trivial effort. Unlike tracking a rigid body’s progress they are instead attempting to track a diffuse volume which can do a myriad of things which no rigd body can.

        It is possible, as an example, for multiplem closely spaced Flares to eject nass such that the second of the two passes throgh the first and emerges thereform to strike first….rememeber, we are talking about aggregations in which the density per cubic centimeter (cc) is measured in natural counting numbers..1, 5 20, 50 and etc. Contrast that with the amount of atoms which are resented by Avogadro’s number, which is aof course trhe amount of atoms associated with one ‘mole’ of any substance, roughly 6 x 10^(24) atoms…which effectively corresponds merely to – at most – an ounce or two of even the most dense substances sch as Iridium or Osmium.

        In any event we’ll soon see the initial indications.


      108. SHTF doesn’t care that 95% OF THE HIGH-INCOME earning stoolies in your planned neighborhood have no idea what’s comingour way.

      109. Excellent list Daisy !!!
        Humorous, yet very informative.
        I am new to this site, although not new to prepping, and it is refreshing to read so many positive posts with very few TROLLS. It took me over 2 hours to read all of the posts and would like to add to some of the thoughts.
        Praying is good but remember the old saying: “God helps those who help themselves”
        Progressives(liberals, socialists, statists, etc.) always make me laugh when they call “one of us” a nazi, the nazi party’s official name is/was “the national SOCIALIST party”……….ahhhhhh, the irony.
        Toilet paper uses need more elaboration, as an absorbent material, it has a myriad of uses, besides its obvious one. Used to absorb water based topical medications makes for an excellent bandage, oil soaked, it’s a great fire starter(as mentioned above), soaked in bleach/gasoline mix and lit makes poisonous gas(oops, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that one), there are also food storage/preservation possibilities, since TP(plain) is edible, many other uses as well.
        Some “basic” products that I don’t see mentioned very often:
        Metal coffee cans, one/two liter soad bottles, salt, bee’s wax, honey, bleach, vinegar, lard, bay leaves, all are relatively inexpensive.

      110. Another good job Daisy my friend


      111. SHTF don’t care your an REI member, that your waiting on a 20% off sale or the dividends you have coming

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