YouTube Takes Controversial Steps To Censor Non-Leftists

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 40 comments

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    Stating that the content is “controversial,” not the censorship itself, YouTube has taken the first few steps to censor dissenting views. But it gets worse.  YouTube will also begin to censor your searches and fill the results with propaganda while on its website.

    Last night, YouTube took to its “Official Blog” to more or less announce that they would be taking steps to censor content they determined to be “controversial,” even if that content didn’t break any laws or violate the site’s user agreement.  The message made a pledge to be part of an effort to “fight terror content online.” But the move was rightly met with widespread skepticism among YouTuber’s as nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to censor conservative speech.

    It’s not just “controversial” content creators that will be impacted as anyone who merely searches for keywords that YouTube deems ‘questionable’, for whatever reason, will be promptly redirected to propaganda videos intended to “directly confront and debunk” whatever questionable content that user was looking for. Meaning, you’ll be bombarded with the right kind of propaganda approved by YouTube designed to get you thinking the way YouTube insists upon.

    Early intervention and expanding counter-extremism work: We’ve started rolling out features from Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to YouTube. When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages. We also continue to amplify YouTube voices speaking out against hate and radicalization through our YouTube Creators for Change program. Just last week, the U.K. chapter of Creators for Change, Internet Citizens, hosted a two-day workshop for 13-18 year-olds to help them find a positive sense of belonging online and learn skills on how to participate safely and responsibly on the internet. We also pledged to expand the program’s reach to 20,000 more teens across the U.K. –YouTube Official Blog
    The Daily Caller points out, that the responsibility of censorship on YouTube will fall upon impartial (although that word is being used incredibly loosely in this instance) groups like the Anti-Defamation League that recently published a list of “alt-right” and “alt-lite” YouTubers. Ironically though, they failed to highlight extreme leftist organizations such as Antifa.
    Not surprisingly, these moves to censor content creators while shoving propaganda videos down the throats of users has been blasted by conservatives and anti-government activists online who feel like they’ve been targeted.
    Censorship of so-called “hate speech” has been the cornerstone of tyrannical regimes such as the Soviet Union.  Hate speech is 100% subjective and should never be regulated, but in order to promote fascist ideas, dictators must convince populations to accept their oppression and not speak out.  Regulation of any speech is a detriment to the human rights of everyone.



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      1. The Kind of sensorship like when we type certain (((words))) we get put into the Moderarion holding tank. That is not free speech either. We should alway have free speech, and if people disagree the can post their counter opinion. That is what a free and healthy debate is. The alternative is just twisted spoonfed propaganda. Why are some so afraid of the truth and called out for their crimes?

        • What YouTube is trying to do is called Fascism.

          And since all of Liberalism is based on hypocrisy………

          • Solution is simple…………competition.

            Someone just needs to start another website that has the same functions and let people add what they want.

            • Look at bitchute or cafemeta

      2. Under communism the government controls the media and hence the dissemination of information. Under fascism the uber wealthy own the media and de-facto control the government achieving the same goal with the veneer of freedom.

        Regardless, when the few have overwhelming or complete control the many get the short end of the stick. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton, the fascist draped in a communist coat facilitated the handful of ultra powerful control of the media.

        • “Terror Content”? It depends on what they mean by that term. I don’t follow anyone’s censorship. No one tells me what the f#$% to say or what the f#$% to think.

        • The MSM is the propagada tool used by the CIA. Been like this since the 1950’s. Look up “Operation Mockingbird”. That explains alot.

        • The MSM is the propagada tool used by the CIA. Been like this since the 1950’s. Look up “Operation Mockingbird”. That explains alot…

          • The internet, forums like this and many others have become the Viet Cong of the 1st Amendment. Its driving the Establishment mad.

      3. This is happening everywhere as the left tightens the screws. My employer- A fairly large Healthcare entity, just put in place more strict internet controls and when I attempted to get on a few sites like this one the access was denied due to “Intolerence”. INTOLERENCE??? Like the Antifa and Left wing intolerance for anyone that disagrees with their stances??? 1984 here we come!!!!

        • “Intolerance?” Hah. Biggest H8TERs on the planet are the radical left – witness the buildings burning in Berkeley, that Middlebury College prof put in the hospital by leftists who hate free speech, or their “Rape Melania” signs as just a small sampling.

          Of course the left MURDERED 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Harvard Press. Just more leftist “tolerance” I guess.

          Truth is, as Mohammed Atta told his victims on 9/11 “Just be quiet, and you’ll be ok.” They weren’t, nor will we. As Churchill said, appeasement is just hoping the crocodile eats you last. And the fascist left is the biggest, ugliest crocodile since their progenitor Hitler

        • Spudweb. Your employer wants you to be working, not playing on their computers wasting their resourses for your entertainment or jerking off to porno on company time. You can go play at home on your own devices. You are also a threat to their security by logging onto viruses hidden on sites and downloads non work related. You are the classic problem as to why companies get hacked. Its not cendorship, its good IT controls put in place to prptect them from idiots like you.

      4. crack,agree with free speech,also agree that privately run sites can do as they please,I will just visit less or perhaps even not at all.I will say there is a world of opportunity for a utub alternative,the gab thing just not seeming to grow enough to fill it,perhaps someone else will and do well while allowing ALL points of view.

        Paul Watson does a nice job on the utub censoring thing with a video,that,at moment still up and available on utub,utub keeps up the bullshit will migrate elsewhere,censoring tis a reason here a lot less,tis fone as privately owned but tis also fine advertisers get less views from folks who disagree.

      5. 99% fake infiltrators, put in there, for fluff, anyway.

      6. Keep in mind: this is after 15 YEARS of amplifying and broadcasting propaganda and hate messages from the likes of ISIS, alQaeda, and every other hate-filled Islamic radical engaged in justifying and encouraging acts of terror and fundraising online for such acts. 15 YEARS. The damage has been done. A few workshops with some kiddies isn’t going to do much to reverse the onslaught of brainwashed, zombie Muslims and fellow travellers lodged in the West.

      7. The ONLY way the left survives is by STIFLING intellectual honesty. This story is Exhibit #9,826. IMHO, Guggle should change its name to “First, let’s only do evil.” Why? Read the book Who Really Cares, by Dr. Arthur Brooks, Syracuse Univ., or Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer to get specific details.

        Or ask yourself when will just ONE Hollywierd Learjet leftist open up just ONE room in just ONE of their many mansions (google “George Clooney mansions, then click on images for a real hoot) to just ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night.

        Or ask yourself exactly how successful socialism has been for Greece, Venezuela, Kirchner’s Argentina, the USSR, Zimbabwe, ad nauseam.

        And Guggle, run by the disgusting, in my opinion, leftist Her Schmidt, is just becoming nothing more than an arm of an American Stasi.

        Here’s the thing: As John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things. The USSR found that out. Mao’s China found that out. Venezuela, Greece and Zimbabwe are finding that out. We will too.

        Truth is, even if the fascist left does take over things like YouTube, places that disseminate the truth will flower, as people KNOW the left is full of horse manure and lies. Worst case, we turn to what the Russians called samizdat (self publishing). Back in the day, it was said the fax machine brought down the USSR. Perhaps hyperbole, but it captured a truth. We WILL do the same thing, somehow, someway. The human spirit and liberty are intrinsic to our very human-ness, and cannot be finally quashed (tho the left does a great job of trying to do so – look at their gulags, the concentration camps of the National SOCIALISTS (Nazis), their abortions, their geo-engineering, their weed killers, ad nauseam.

        As Orwell said, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. In that sense, to quote the vile, evil, disgusting, murderous Che, vive la revolution!

        • Well at least they got rid of those pesky encyclopedia salesmen. My freedom was worth that, wikigoogle said so. I am googling freedom right now to confirm.

          • It is not coming up, I was redirected.

      8. I’m absolutely certain that the anonymous intellectuals managing utube are much better at evaluating what news is good for me than I am.

        I welcome utube skillfully managing my intellectual exposures and censoring all those evil influences.

        Thanx utube guys. Oh, by the way I’m young & still single – can you find a wife for me.

        • I’m sure they want you to be gay, or at least join the gay-uber-alles brownshirts, Mush

      9. P.S.

        Looks like it’s time for someone to start “ustube”…

      10. There is already censoring software.

        _ the (((3ew))) wants it all


        • B, I live by a set of rules called the Bill Of Rights. NOT by some draconian crap.

      11. Several months ago, in response to our crazy election, I verbally asked: “what is wrong with mankind?” Through the power of suggestion, (I don’t know how else to explain it), She directed me to watch several videos on YouTube, (something that I never bothered with before).

        I watched a lot of crazy stuff. I openly scoffed at the story of fallen angels, “Yeah, right.” Then heard a crash upstairs. I ran up to discover that an angel ornament had fallen from our Christmas tree! “Oh, Ok.” Message received. Just to be sure, I also mentioned that I would not agree to contract with or sell. The response: There is no penalty in asking and listening. Most folks are too busy cranking up the volume of ignorance to know what’s freely available to them. In short, “free will”.

        I relented and watched everything suggested. Along the way I learned about detoxing, meditation, numerology, the connection with math, Mandelbrot and Buddha. In many cases, I also read counter arguments and debunking of false prophets in search of their own profits. Then there was issues with religion, aliens, the cosmos, science and history. Not to mention all the benefits of learning how to defend myself from my neighbor, whom is also learning to defending himself from me, (looney).

        Finally, I ended up with Manly P Halls videos such as “How to control ones thinking.” In particular, he said that Man creates his own problems. No duh.

        Also entertaining was the Electric Universe, Immanual Velikovsky and the endless arguments over flat earth.

        I began to see and hear things differently. I watched old movies and listened to music in a different way.

        It was a massively and taxing look into the inner workings of man kind, or shall I shall man blind?

        Eventually, I wondered when this charade would end? I figured it out, it ends when I’ve had enough of it.

        Like in the movie Brewster’s Millions, when the aging billionaire wanted to teach a lesson to the aire of his estate. To make him so sick of spending money, that he would finally get what it means to have it, and the burden that goes along with it.

        Well, I’m sick of seeking “truths for sale”. Man’s worship of the one and only true “God” that he will recognize, no matter his race, creed or origin is: Money, and all it’s disciples and lieutenants of addiction and abuse that follows it. For which no one is immune.

        Two days ago, a good friend, whom once owned a business and a nice home, picked up her kid that we were watching, while driving her meth dealers car, (which was revealed to us later by his Father).

        Three houses in our once quiet neighborhood has succumbed to this disease. All of them ending up badly and leaving. Broke in more ways than one. None of those whom are under age of 50, bother to leave their properties or associate with others.

        The world is nothing more than a challenge game board of dealers and their addicts. A stratego like game of the Gods.

        Like a mouse whom questions “why the maze to get to the cheese?” Realizes that he doesn’t even like the cheese, and it not even real, anyway.

        I wish all of you the best of luck in your metaphorically speaking, “Hotel California” way of life here on Earth. You do have a choice, if you turn off the ignorance machine long enough to think about it.

        “What shall I do?” You ask?

        Just like in the Movie, Private Ryan, when Ryan asked his dying Captain, “What do you want me to do?”

        Said the captain, in his last breath: “I want you to live.”

      12. Guess I will be on the YouTube hit list, one of many lists compiled by the treasonous criminal Globalist Fascist psychopaths controlling the United States Corporation Government. The treasonous seditious Corporatist Military Junta is complete now, with the vice peddling pussy grabbing buffoon Trump completely clueless what even happened, so complete full scale Martial Law and disarmament is IMMINENT anyway, and then all the those marked on the lists will be rounded up.

      13. You-tube sucks. They are all about the shithead Liberals and that extreme cause to the Left and they hate the Right!! They are fine with the left and all of their bullshit nonsense and they censor and cancel the videos pertaining to the Conservative side of things. That bunch of jew liberals, no good rat demoRATS should ALL burn.

      14. ((((((((((((((((((((((((( do as your told)))))))))))))))))))
        silly goyim….

      15. U tube can kiss my ass!
        Go to ham radio!

      16. As a business – they WILL either meet people’s needs OR be replaced – That is the Beauty of Capitalism. Think MySpace > Facebook. If you don’t do the job – we ALWAYS find someone who will … ohh but then you loose your advertising $$$$ because as much as they do not like conservatives – guess who has the $$?? 😀

      17. Again, back to the basics.

        You Tube is a non-government entity, corporate type organization. If you want to use their facilities, you are subject to their rules. They can allow or not, any material they see fit.

        Only Governments and their agents can Censor or attempt to.

        Don’t like You Tubes policies relative to X, then don’t use it or support it in any way.

        Better yet, start your own…


        • You Tube is a non-government entity, corporate type organization.

          Heard of the corporate state? We do not have laissez-faire. We do not have a country based on individual rights.

          YouTube and other trash in Silicon Valley are products of the Military-Industrial Complex. Most all get money from the Feds [DARPA and God knows what else]. They are allowed to function if they serve the (((State))). Is YouTube really private? What would happen if they went off the reservation and advocated something like White Nationalism? These corporations MUST cooperate with (((NWO))), or else.

          To have free enterprise the entire regulatory State would have to be smashed. Here, Eisenhower’s warning:

          . . .IKE was speaking over the NWO/FCC information cartel/monopoly- married with MIC to the (((fake money hegemon))). . .

          • IKE:

            “We recognize the imperative of this development.”

            He means the imperative of the Military-Industrial Complex.

            What did the founders have to say about standing armies?

            He seems to imply that MIC is a necessary evil which must be watched carefully. So today’s problems are not from from the very existence of MIC- rather they are from poor management and oversight.

            IKE represents the utter bankruptcy-and evil- of all conservatism. Believing in freedom and statism at the same time, while not being bothered by the contradiction.

            Thank anti-ideologitss like Russel Kirk. The libs have their equal- (((Daniel Bell))), who wrote The End of Ideology [1960].

      18. Either all material or no material. If/when that happens I’ll use Youtube again.

      19. Funny that nobody is willing to offer a competing service that will remain open to all….just saying. If the service is the problem, OFFER TO SETUP A COMPETING SERVICE…

        Not hard to understand…quit whining, compete or shut the fuck up.

      20. Do YouTube like was done to works. Jeezus Christ, people.

      21. I saw a video on YouTube about the extent of corruption of the Clintons, some of it I’ve heard before. It’s more than obvious the deep state had all the dirt on those two scumbags, perfect candidates to elevate to high office. I mostly seek the anti government, anti war videos on Youtube. The internet censorship is in the early stages, it will become much worse. On the subject of the 3ews, why does zero hedge not censor that often used content from the comments?

      22. You Tube is still around? Huh..who knew.

      23. Nominal “conservatives” will also troll, debunk, and terrorize, any commentor, who does not agree to every point of the entire political platform — a package deal, with many add-ons, which may not have anything to do with social or fiscal conservatism.

      24. what conservatives need is a new media portal. all its takes is someone with some deep pockets who cares about freedom in America…they will immmediately succeed.

      25. The problem with conservatives is that they/we don’t vote with our pocketbooks. How many of us use google products every day? I do. I wish I didn’t. And it’s not just google; when companies make company political statements then they should suffer the consequences of their own speech.

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