“You Would Have To Pick Him Off The Floor”: Democratic Governor Threatens To Attack The President, Media Thinks It’s Hysterical

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 68 comments


In yet another example that proves that the mainstream media is perfectly fine with violence against President Trump, MSNBC aired an interview with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe during which the Democrat openly spoke about punching the President of the United States in the face.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, responding to rumors that McAuliffe might run for president in 2020, asked the governor what he would do if Trump tried to intimidate him as he supposedly did to so many other politicians during his historic campaign.

“He intimidates his opponents. He takes people like Jeb Bush and makes them look weak. He says “Low energy Jeb” and it works. He refers to somebody as ‘Little Marco’ because he’s not as tall as he is. He finds anybody’s weakness and turns it into something that destroys them.” Matthews noted.

“What would you do in a debate with him if he tried that? If he came over and leaned over back of you, what would you do?” Matthews continued before allowing the governor to directly speak about attacking the president.

“You would have to pick him up off the floor,” McAuliffe shockingly responded.

Amazingly, Matthews actually thought this direct (and possibly illegal) threat to the president was hysterical, going as far as to have the governor repeat said threat itself.

“OK, you mean, you’d deck him?” Matthews continued.

“Listen, this guy got in my space, you want to get in my space, I’ve always said, Chris, you punch me back twice as hard, and it wouldn’t be hard to do it,” McAuliffe responded.

“This guy thinks he can intimidate everybody. It’s disgraceful and embarrassing, but I tell you, when we take him on, back in his face with the facts, don’t take anything from him and hit him back as hard as you possibly can.” the liberal governor continued.

“But if he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my space, that would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that, I promise you that,” McAuliffe threatened.

Matthews ended the segment openly excited over the threats against the president while noting that the segment would go viral.

Make no mistake folks, this is the mainstream media at its finest and is even more proof that anti-Trump media talking heads are actually trying to drum up enough anger against Trump that someone finally snaps and goes after him in a violent manner.

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    1. Lurker

      Hmmm… Would be pretty cool if the secret service went and picked up the governor and held him for 48hours while they investigate the threat.

      • Gandhi

        i think Trump would kick his sissy commy a$$.

      • Gandhi

        wow, i cant wait for SHTF! thanks NRA!

      • Old Sailor


      • Paranoid

        I wonder what would happen if while the Congress is debating
        trumps wall, the Donald asked for 5 million NRA members to show up in DC; with guns, tar, feathers and rope? A few snowflakes might just melt. Supreme Court might just get a message also.

        • TharSheBlows

          Chris Mathews is another sexual harasser that is under investigation. He would undress his guests with his eyes and rate them on the TV set with his cronies. Just another scumbag sexual deviant. He needs to be fired as well. He looks like a typical drooling pedophile.

        • Sam W.

          Sun Tzu says do the unexpected, they hope for a march on Washington DC to stop any resistance in one action. Or at least disable it.

        • dvc

          paranoid i would only go if the military agreed to obey the constitution and stay the fuck out of it

      • joe schmoe

        And after the secret service he can sleep with one eye open the rest of his life. Low life scum bag elitist communist POS

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Lurker, that same scum governor would only have ONE time to say something like that to me and he’ll end up needing dental work.

    2. Ketchupondemand

      One of the most corrupt elites the world has ever seen.
      McAuliffe should be in prison for life.

      • PeterFrancisco

        Everything you need to know about McAuliffe:
        c*ck-sucking, Clinton-loving, Soros-worshipping pig.

        I’m sure one of the over 10,000 sealed indictments has his name on it. Would be a good day for this country if Craig Sawyer personally arrests him, them bashes his face in.

      • DeplorableBitter Clinger

        McAwful has a battle plan for dealing with Trump:
        Suck His dick until his knees give out, then he’s got ‘im.

        • Bruce Halle


    3. Sgt. Dale

      When he does the SS will put about 15 9mm slugs in his chest. You can bet on it.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        McAuliffe, the freaking governor of the state of Virginia, commands the state police, who reside on the doorstep of Washington DC, and very often are enlisted to protect the President.

        This is huge, the threat against the president by a man in McAuliffes position who commands top level law enforcement can’t be underestimated.

        I’m thinking this is one of the biggest threats against POTUS I’ve ever heard of in recent years. McAuliffe has gone rouge.

        I agree that Secret Service would turn McAuliffe into a 9mm pin cushion before he could ever touch the president, but what would McAuliffe’s state police detail do, while SS is filling McAuliffe with lead?

        This is big.

        • Marcus

          he’s “gone rouge”?

          You mean he’s a cross dresser..?

          • Plan twice, prep once

            Yes, he’s gone rogue wearing rouge, I imagine no one is surprised.

            McAuliffe has made a serious mistake, there is now a very good reason to investigate him, watch him closely, wiretap him, and monitor his finances and travels. If during those investigations crimes are discovered, he’s screwed, and I’m thinking McAuliffe is a real creep with lots to hide.

            Threatening a standing president is so foolish.

            • Gandhi

              the criminals fear trump

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          PTPO, I could easily do the same thing and have the same caliber.

      • tony

        The Secret Service uses .357 Sig rounds in their pistols. The damage would be much much more severe than that caused by a 9 mm round.

    4. rellik

      Let me at McAuliffe.
      I’m an old man.
      “you don’t fight with old men
      they will just kill you”.

      • Gandhi

        that polititian is just an antifa with a suit on instead of a mask?

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Rellik, same here. Got some nice hot lead for anyone who wants to take me on.

    5. SittingDuck

      McAuliffe couldn’t pick his nose without help.
      Someone please take this fool out and play “Faggot Splat” with him

    6. Heartless

      McAuliffe is just one more ‘bread and circus’ act. As is Chris Matthews. Keep you eyes on what’s really important and NOT being published/aired. That and just be ready for the fall to come of all of it. SHTF folks – ain’t just a cute phrase. It’s going to be real. You come across the 2 here once “..it” hits – just shoot them and keep moving.

    7. Majik8ball

      Oh Terry STFU you simply don’t have the balls imbecile!

    8. ColoradoKid

      Everyone is a tough guy behind a mike or a keyboard. That clown wouldn’t do shit.

      I think my 16 year old son could kick his ass.

      • JMB

        I believe he would do something. I believe he would wet and soil himself.

    9. Kevin2

      They beat each other with canes in the House Of Representatives 180 years ago.

    10. RickE.

      So exactly when did it become NOT illegal to threaten a president? Why isn’t he in jail?

    11. Old Guy

      Not to worry President Trump is the industrial military complexes darling. They will send the special forces to pick up that governor and take him to GITMO. General Dunsford is the puppet master who controls The president. Mad dog Mattis is Dunsforth,s henchman. There was a silent Coup during the latter part of Obummers second term.

    12. goofygal

      McAuliffe needs to be dealt with, and soon. Maybe some emails ?

    13. Anonymous

      Ok. Sure. I believe you tough guy.

    14. Nailbanger

      I would love to have open season on politicians and appointees,
      Would be fun, yea, its crazy, but look around us at what is passing for acceptible

      • Heartless

        Guys like McAuliffe and Matthews reminds me to increase my inventory of cans of ‘whoop-ass’. Considering all the liberal progressives and other snow-flake morons, I reckon I’m short a rack or two.

      • sofa

        McCauliff stated it is OK to smack him down, to assault violence against govenors and state and federal officials who “get in your face”.

        Contemplate what he is asking for.
        Dem party cheers for that.
        Listen to their rhetoric.
        Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg.

    15. Asshat

      Threatening bodily harm to the president is chargeable offense idiot.

    16. aljamo

      What passes for politicians in the US is pitiful. A real politician does what the people demand before he is taken out.

    17. Plan twice, prep once

      There have been rumors that indictments would be coming down, or members of congress would resign to avoid prosecution. I’ve been skeptical of these claims.

      Interesting that that the latest count of congressional “retirements” is about 31 republicans and 17 democrats. With 435 member in congress we are ltalking a loss of 48 members is well over 11%.

      I’ve been looking for articles on the subject of why the unprecedented mass exodus from congress, but all the articles are lame. People just don’t flee from powerful positions like this without serious reason.

      The last time there was a mass exodus from congress, they had just passed a law that would prevent future retiring politicians from taking political contribution war chests and keeping them as personal fortunes. I’m aware of no similar financial changes that would affect congressmen and women.

      Most articles are just about republicans leaving in mass to purposely lose their majority just to screw Trump. I don’t buy it. Something is up.

      • Nailbanger

        I am un represented, therefore taxes be damned, dont care

      • Old Guy

        Former FBI director Comey hasn’t been seen or heard from in two days. Possibly because he is locked up at GITMO. Trump knew all along that the justice dept would never prosecute hellery and it was a haven for the deep state Cabal. So he simply left the over ripe bad apples hang on the tree and continue to rot. Its military tribunal that will permately remove the traitors. And that has been Dunsforths plan all along. had hellery won. The special forces would have by necessity been forced to arrest and Detain hellery before she was able to be sworn in. however she lost the election. and by the waiting and gathering info and evidence a much larger number of the deep state cabal will be sent to GITMO. But its not president Trump who is the Key player. Its General Dunsford and Mad Dog Mattis who are exacting justice. No crooked liberal Judges to set those traitors free. No jury nullification to set them free.

        • Stuart

          The Uranium 1 indictments may be the first act in the play you’re imagining. We shall see.

      • James D

        I tend to agree. How about the mass exodus of CEOs at the end of the year? I bet there is a correlation.

    18. pedaltothemedal

      funny when douche bags try to act like a bad ass. all stops after the first wedgie. I can see trump yankin on those tighty-whitey’s until the waist band rips off.

    19. Dave

      We should be treating these people like a pinball machine would. And spitting at their feet, and accidentally missing. There is no reason whatsoever that these people should feel comfortable walking down the street. They do it, because we do nothing!

    20. Anonymous

      Another pillar of society. So respectable.

    21. Jim in Va.

      McAuliffe is a carpetbagger. He went off on gun control but didn’t get it. tried to give mass amnesty to all felons so they could vote..didn’t work out like he wanted. Also he was a Hillary brown noser and possible candidate for president. he gives used car salesmen a bad name.

    22. paljoey


    23. k9base

      baloney-one good backhand bitch /jack slap and this commie aids receptacle would be throwing in the towel…

    24. Grekko

      Do I detect the voice of a Hillary Sock-puppet? Trump would wipe the floor with this guy. I hope he does run. Trump uses the knowledge gained from reading Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. McAuliffe is still reading Dr. Zuess.

    25. Brian

      Donald Trump beware! Terry will slap you silly!

    26. nobodiesright

      If I were Trump I would publicly invite McAuliffe to the White House, have the cameras rolling, walk right up to him and say to him “Go ahead – hit me.” When he was trying to weasel his way out of it then I’d say “Ok, meetings over.” and maybe add “Typical Democrat – all mouth, no muscle”.

    27. littlerunninghorse

      I always thought such talk was illegal. Where is the secret service

    28. B from CA

      Don’t watch TV.

      The damage is acummulative.

      The more garbage you take in, the lower your potential output of anything resembling survival.

      Think about how this electric toilet effects your children.

      Think about the wasted hours you have foolishly spent before this instrument of mass mind control, disinformation, and dumbing down crapola.


    29. JustinCase

      I would love to have the chance to put that partisan propagandist Chris Matthews on the floor.

    30. Dirty

      So, a rodeo clown wears ohomo mask, loses his job and we have to put up with this shit!!!

      • Plan twice, prep once

        You know I was just beginning to miss being called a racist anytime I disagreed with Obama, but magically the media once again is back to calling me a racist, except now it’s whenever I agree with a presidential policy under Trump.

        At least the MSM can stick to a theme.

    31. Anonymous

      I think Trump would kick this Dems ass..

    32. Bert


      • ricarrdo

        Well said and straight to the point.

    33. June

      Windbag! If your going to do something like that, then you don’t tell everybody beforehand. He is a pathetic attention seeker.

    34. Grampa

      I find that people who talk greatly about physical Proust,is usually just talk. growing up in Detroit my father taught me how to fight. he showed me that anyone who stands and tells you what they are going to do to you usually cant. he taught me to strike while they are talking and strike hard so they wont get up. well I have made it to 75 so I did something right.he also told me if I started a fight he would finish it. this threat is to show how much balls he has. he has yet to find them.

    35. trudy guldin

      I want to know why all these people are getting away with disrespecting the President and are not getting arrested for it ?

    36. ricarrdo

      Ever notice how libtards get self congratulation from other libtards. How about getting real people to debate these corporate media shills. They could not stand up to reality. A bunch of nodding agreeing bobble headed drones, dolts and bimbos.

    37. Just Me

      McAuliffe’s assault of Trump threatening battery makes it ok for the Secret Service to visit him and knock some sense into him waking his memory he is not president. If the Secret Service does nothing it shows it to be a theater produced for the benefit of all of us Americans to look tough, however McAuliffe has called out Trump, I think it only reasonable that Trump and McAuliffe square for a fight in public to show America that being intimidated and being called out has repercussions, I’m betting on Trump to mop the floor with McAuliffe and send him to Bethesda Hospital for some stitches and coddling by his smear campaign buddies, if Trump is too busy I would be happy to clean McAuliffe’s clock as long as Trump says I can stand in for him, I am older than McAuliffe and considered out of shape but know I could take him in the first 3 seconds gym enthusiast or not, restore honor to Trump and bitch slap McAuliffe.

    38. D3F1ANT

      Democrats are amusing…a LITTLE amusing.

    39. Ginger

      This is the same corrupt governor who was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, and wanted to allow thousands of convicted felons to vote to help Hillary over the finish line. He is a disgusting criminal who should be indicted.

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