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“You White B—h!”: Anti-Trump Thugs Attack White Woman Over Her Supposed Support For Trump

Alex Thomas
December 14th, 2017
Comments (55)


A 32-year-old liberal white woman was attacked and robbed by two Hispanic teens who accused the woman of being a Trump supporter while pelting her with groceries at a Bronx area deli Wednesday night.

Amazingly, the woman is not actually a Trump supporter and was apparently attacked as one simply because she was white. Keep in mind that the left has specifically blamed white people for Trump’s election victory so one can imagine that the teens were simply carrying out an attack they thought was for the “greater good.”

The New York Daily News reported:

The victim, her roommate told the Daily News, is most definitely not a Trump fan.

But the suspects, possibly teens, saw her differently.

“You stupid white c—,” they yelled at the victim inside the Musa Gourmet Deli on Jerome Ave. near E. 167th St. in Highbridge about 3 a.m. Dec 2.

In the new America, teens feel so emboldened by the anti-Trump talk that they now apparently believe that they can attack anyone they believe supports the president with no repercussions.

Additionally, these anti-Trump thugs also apparently believe that they can use the threat of violence to keep anyone that supports the president from even living in the Bronx itself.

“You think you can live here in the Bronx, you Trump supporter? You white b—h!”

Her attackers started flinging store goods at her.

Zid Ali, 31, the deli manager, said when one of the suspects grabbed the woman’s bag, which she had placed on the counter, “she said she was going to call the cops, so the other one took her phone.”

“They ran out,” he added, “and she ran after them.”

But the suspects got away and are still being sought. The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident.

This attack is part of a larger problem where parts of the hard-left literally attack all white people for their perceived slights against the liberal orthodoxy.

Just yesterday I noted the fact that after Doug Jones stunning election victory, the hard-left went to work attacking white people as a whole simply because not all whites in Alabama voted for Jones.

“That’s right, in the new America, the hard-left openly mocks and insults all white people simply because a certain percentage of them do not vote for liberal candidates,” SHFTPlan reported.

“Keep in mind that BOTH candidates were white yet that did not stop the race baiting left from conducting a vile series of attacks on the white race while pretending that they are the civil rights heroes.”


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    Author: Alex Thomas
    Date: December 14th, 2017

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    1. fullmoonrizing says:

      This just gets crazier every single day. Goes to show you that a lot of the white people that do NOT support President Trump and are also bashing him and whites that do support him are not going to be immune to this type of activity.

    2. Braveheart1776 says:

      Everyone here knows I don’t normally stand up for liberals but in this one case I’d make an exception. If I’d been there I would’ve shot both of those spics. And they just ASSUMED she was a Trump supporter because she’s a white female? Those two spics better be glad they didn’t encounter me.

      • gandhi says:

        man! those bags of m&ms really hurt!?

      • Wilson says:

        Note to Alex: woman NOT women

      • gandhi says:

        yes braveheart, you always stand for truth, justice, and the amerikan way.

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Gandhi, I stand up for what is decent, moral and right. There’s a lot of things in the system I don’t approve of. Especially law enforcement and the courts. Too much corruption; cops, lawyers, and judges consider themselves above the law and think they’re better than anyone else with their anti-public mentality; too much ‘selective enforcment’; they don’t treat everyone the same and pick and choose what they’ll enforce or not enforce; they don’t believe in ‘equality under the law’, etc. They are all bogus. To me it’s all null and void.

    3. I’m white. No S**t Sherlock!

      You gotta problem, come and get you some

      Let me SHOW you white privledge!

    4. Braveheart1776 says:

      It’s high time for pushback against these foreign scum.

    5. Vet1 says:

      It’s slipping away…

    6. Heartless says:

      Unfortunately (or perhaps ‘fortunately’) you were not there. But remember, if you had been – unless you …. ahem, cough, gag…. were a law-breaker, you’d most likely not had a firearm. It was New York after all. Only bad guys have guns there doncha know? And to carry on with this poor attempt at humor… you could’ve given those same perpetrators a very stern talking to, starting with ‘splainin’ how you understood their awful childhoods of poverty and despair first.

    7. Too bad she didn’t waste both of them right there in the deli. F ing spice need to be taught a lesson. Maybe drag their assessment through their neighborhood behind do a truck. Time to break out the crosses and nooses again. Make America white again.

    8. Press 9 for English says:

      White must come together as one and stand together as one.

    9. Press 9 for English says:

      “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” — Wendell Phillips

    10. TEST says:

      “…the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.”
      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

      And here’s the thing: once you realize that that line is within you, yourself (me!!), it necessarily forces you into a place where you know you are an imperfect, fallen human. And from there, it is a short distance to learn that there is a just God who is also loving and gracious, and deigned to pay for the falleness that you and I have.

    11. Old Sailor says:

      Nothing a couple of #10 cans of tomato sauce wouldn’t have taken care of.

    12. Serenabit says:

      I’m getting tired of all these stories. Leftists complaining, threatening, and even attacking people based on political ideology .(or in this case just their perception and racist views on another’s ideology) Had the conservatives done this during the Obama administration; in addition to being called racists, they would have been incarcerated for any act of physical violence or threat to an administration official. We are moving closer and closer to civil war, and the Leftists are the ones pushing us all in that direction.

    13. Anonymous says:

      These entitled young people (Millennials) and others like them are thugs from both parties.

    14. Dave says:

      I love the smell of napalm in the morning. I also love to see libtards taking out libtards

    15. Steady Steve says:

      She is probably a Trump supporter now.

    16. The people who make excuses for such actions and who argue that we should be more tolerant and understanding, are more evil that the ones who commit the crimes.

    17. Beaumont says:

      “pretending that they are the civil rights heroes.”

      Those were coarse, Communist agitators, not actual heroes.

      ” to keep anyone that supports the president from even living in the Bronx itself.”

      Yet, you’re not calling that frank, demographic displacement.

      Read the writings of early explorers, and tell me there are no familiar stereotypes. You gave stereotypes access to reading, writing, and Western technology. What was the predictable outcome, based on hundreds of years of the same experiences.

    18. Millennial Liberal says:

      Ok rednecks bring it on. Your retarded to have voted for Trumps.
      Enjoy Christmas in your trailer parks. There is nothing wrong with socialism.
      In fact I’m willing to pay more taxes to help my black community. Everyone of you is racist piec s of shit.
      Don’t ever come into Whole Foods when I’m working.

    19. TriggerHappy says:

      And 35 sorry ass Republicans want DACA.

    20. Kate says:

      blah blah blah i’ll kill em and blah blah blah blah i’m a badass on the keyboard blah blah blah. comments section is nothing but bullshit. you will do nothing and this is more race baiting by this racist website that attracts a bunch of ignorant trash.

    21. CoinCrusher says:

      Wouldn’t you guys consider this a “Hate Crime”? I would, and would use this Liberal manufacture against them. I’m sorry but they threatened and physical accosted a person for their supposed “beliefs”; that’s a hate issue. They need to go to prison and the, maybe then some of these crazy ass Liberals will think twice about removing a MAGA hat from someone’s head.

    22. WILLY says:

      Hope they gave her AIDS and untreatable TB…