Worn Hillary Resurfaces: “Deeply Disappointed About the Results of the Election”

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 84 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: She’s back! Just over a week after the election, Hillary made her first public appearance again, though she looked a bit worse for wear. Nonetheless, she stuck to the script and talked up the importance of supporting children, more than once quoting Martin Luther King, Jr.’s statement, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Apparently, it was a gig that had been planned to parallel the first event she made with Bill just after his election back in 1992.

    Her admission at being disappointed by the election is surprise, but it is a sign that she doesn’t plan on going away, and may well be around, though in what capacity isn’t clear.

    War-Torn Hillary Emerges: “I Will Admit, Coming Here Tonight Wasn’t The Easiest Thing”

    by Tyler Durden

    Hillary emerged from hiding today, for the first time since her concession speech on November 9th, to give a speech at the Children’s Defense Fund gala in Washington D.C.  The weathered look on her face indicated that she’s had a pretty rough week and maybe a “medical episode” or two.  That said, we suspect her typical $250,000 – $500,000 speaking fee was simply too much to pass up…crying in bed with the dogs can wait just one day.

    “I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me. There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.

    While the idea of the Clintons retiring from the public eye forever would certainly be welcome news for about half of the country, somehow we suspect that’s not likely to happen.

    Hillary’s comments, among other things, touched on the disappointment of the election results which she is clearly still trying to absorb herself.

    “I know many of you are deeply disappointed by the results of the election. I am too, more than I can ever express.”

    “But as I said last week, our campaign was never about one person or even one election. It was about the country we love, and building an America that is hopeful, inclusive and big hearted.”

    “For the sake of our children, and our families and our country, I ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level.”

    The divisions laid bare by this election run deep, but please listen to me when I say this. America is worth it, our children are worth it.”

    Believe in our country, fight for our values and never, ever give up.”

    As Bloomberg points out, Hillary’s appearance at the event was planned before election day and was supposed to be a post-election victory lap since it was also the first event the Clinton’s attended after Bill’s election.

    Clinton’s appearance was planned before Election Day and, had she won, would have been a clear signal that she was staying true to her roots. Instead, it was an opportunity for her to begin to chart a path ahead after a loss she didn’t expect and a wake of sorts for ardent supporters and staff. Marian Wright Edelman, the Children’s Defense Fund’s founder, described the event as “a love-in for our dear friend” and noted Clinton has a lead of more than 1 million in the popular vote. “She is the people’s president!”

    Clinton didn’t hint at her future plans except to suggest that she’ll keep doing what she’s done throughout her career. “America is still the greatest country in the world. this is still the place where anyone can beat the odds. It’s up to each and every one of us to keep working to make America better and stronger and fairer,” she said.

    Ironically, Hillary still said nothing to the 1,000’s of violent rioters in NYC, Oakland and Portland who have decided that destroying other people’s property is the appropriate way to deal with their grief.

    With that, here are Hillary’s full remarks:

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Dont go away mad, just go away!

        • I saw her speech, she looked like an old worn out tire. She has obviously been hitting the booze.

          I wish i could have been there so I could yell at her, “choke on that, bitch!”

          I sure hope Trump appoints a special prosecutor. If he does not, the Clinton’s will pop up with their finger into something else.

          • I say to the OLD Bag, just move the F on…Soros big money didn’t help, Foreign donors didn’t help, slanted Media didn’t help, neither did the illegal, or dead votes. Once everything settles down & we squash the final Liberal into the ground. We will be demanding charges be brought against your sorry azz. .

        • In terms of determining the popular vote, the rule of law needs to be accounted for. With as many as and estimated 3 million illegals and/or outright fraudulent votes (folks voting from the grave) being cast, I find it hard to believe that Hillary won the popular vote with a little over 600,000 in her plus margin. If you expand the voting participation for US President to 500 million folks in the EU, 1 billion in China, and even another billion in India, Hillary may or may not have won that popular vote as well. The point is, ONLY registered voters as contributing legal citizens should have a vote here in America.

          • There is no way that Hillary won the popular vote, estimates of fraudulent voting this year are 3 to 6 million illegal votes cast. Some folks are saying it could be 10 million.

            She lost ‘bigly’. Anyone starts with that popular vote line of drivel, ask them how many fraudulent votes were cast.

            • smokey,
              YUP, she lost in a landslide and the illegals cannot be allowed to vote! there are soooooo many things that MUST change in this country IF we are ever to stop its demise!! Trump has started to implement SOME things and we will just have to see what he can and cannot do, FIRST thing is STOP the influx of illegals, secure our borders, bring the industry BACK TO AMERICA!! and CLEAN OUT the f—- scumbags who have been lining their pockets at the tax payers expense instead of for the good of the country!! and these scumbags need to made a example of !! BIG TRIALS and LONG jail terms OR EXECUTIONS!!!

              • Even with her millions of phony votes, the bitch still loses, anyone want to dispute that is was a miracle from God? A baby killing, man killing, lying, thieving, drunken, satanic worshipping witch that gave our countries secrets to our enemies, got beat in a landslide!…and morons, MORONS are burning cities in her support? unimaginable, a good portion of this country has gone completly INSANE!

            • She is going to support kids? how is she going to do that? Maybe by donating to “pedophile island” so her and bubba can take jaunts down there in their buddies island??

            • She really is deceitful going to a children’s event, when she has been involved with child trafficking!

              • “She is really deceitful!!!?” are you kidding me, I mean REALLY!!!!, this old hag bitch defended a rapist of a young girl and laughed about it. Lies to your face about helping women and children, and the women sucked that up like candy, truly and fully unbelievable. My God ladies why not get behind some one that has some ethics and female, some one that is not a woman abuser, a child rapist and probably hands them over to her sick assed, impeached, disgraced husband of some sort. There also you confuse me dumb asses, a rapist, woman abuser, proven liar, but he had you fools hanging on his every word – damn, ignorant, gullible, foolish childish fools. Don’t want a better America, just get a woman in the white house, don’t care that she is a evil, lying, back stabbing old hag bitch. My God, you betray us with a suck ass, worthless, power hungary president, that has a fake, ugly, worthless kind of {wife) if you can call her that. Takes vacations that break the bank, cares nothing about America, and wants to turn it into a muslim paradise, why would I want the sick, perverse, little bastards here. You fools need to have your heads examined for REALLY.

        • She did not say she curled up with Bill Clinton and made love did she? Bwhahahahahahaaaa I wonder if they will divorce and Bill can go on with life without the battle axe hag.

          I bet Bill hopes Hillary will be indicted and locked up, and he will no longer has to listen to her Nagging BS.

        • “all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book… and never leave the house again.”

          Promises, promises!

          • LOVE IT.

        • – to bad
          – so sad
          – your dad
          – now – Fuk off Beach.

        • Amen, brother! Great advice which as a Clinton liar and criminal, she will do her best to keep in the lime light! I like what she said in the first part of her come-back comment when she said she thought about curling up with a good book! That’s the way it should be and I hope she does and stays there on the couch or in bed!! We don’t need her anymore!

      2. She has never been easy on the eyes anyway.

        • My Cialis erection was lasting more than 3 hours. I was starting to panic until I saw the Clinton speech, then it immediately deflated!

          • Pretty funny bud

            • She very much resembles the hag she truly looks like. Looks like death suckin’ on a lifesaver.

          • Good one! I’m not surprised in the least!

        • Folks, This is what a Pig looks like with No Lip Stick on. lol

          • Arnold (Green Acres) might be offended, or maybe attracted. Who knows.

      3. When Hillary speaks, she “Makes America Grate Again.”

      4. This anti American b*tch wraps herself in the American flag and talks about how important children are when nothing matters to her except absolute power.
        It’s not about money, she’s taken enough of that.
        It’s about absolute power.

        I hope the Clinton Machine has a broken back, never to rise again.
        If I were a banker I’d be writing the Machine off for good.

        • I can’t image anybody donating to the Clinton Foundation now. Why would they? Clintons are not in power to sell the Government.

          I suspect they will finagle their way back into government.

        • Ketchup, don’t write off Chelsea. We are not done with this
          evil yet.

          • Citizen, damn right. the whole Clinton clan would have to be taken out. Not to mention that Chelsea’s husband is a member of the tribe, has connections to Goldman-Sachs, and his father spent some time in prison for some kind of scam.

        • If you want to infuriate me quickly, mention Hillary and children in the same sentence.

          God you… just have no idea man. Personal thing.

          My hatred for her goes well into the land of irrational, let’s put it that way. Specifically because of this issue. Non-violent of course mind you but the idea of her with any kind of power or any ability to speak to and influence large groups of people makes me very pissed off.

        • Look at all of the unknown names who invested “how much?” because they “Just KNEW” that Hillary was going to be our next POTUS (mostly because SHE said so), and apparently Bill’s meeting with The AG on The Tarmac wasn’t so impressive, being that Hillary’s “past affairs” are now being looked into with a much more discerning eye (since there is no chance she’ll be president in her lifetime …thank you God, Thank you God…).

          A lot of somebody lost billions on Hillary Rodham Clinton, and even worse were being “duped” by the very news agencies they were controlling (they heard it so much did they begin to actually believe it was the real thing)? Possibly…

          Now that she looks completely ‘like hell’, she’s perfect for that orange suit (or will she get a separate facility with private chef, nightly “pedo” privileges with a little girl and whatever else she desires)? Bill stands to be swallowed into this whole thing so he’s shutting his face and staying OUT ‘O DA RACE!

        • Children only matter to her in so far as her ability to eat and / or molest them. She’s a satan minion and loves “spirit cooking”, cannibalism, etc. These “people” are complete luciferian FREAKS.

      5. a lot of people don’t believe in the electric chair, but in THIS case, i think we should have electric BLEACHERS…start with killary, barack o’bomber, lorreta lynch, eric holder, and go right down the line with all their cronies…the list is long, and the damage to our divided states is great.

        • It is funny that the Democrats keep calling Trump a fascist. Fascists are socialists. Isn’t that the Democratic party platform? Socialism?

          I will be really disappointed if Trump does not appoint a special prosecutor for all those traitors.

        • That’s the best solution put forth yet buttcrack! Yeah!!!!

      6. She must have fired her professional make up artists.

        • I suspect all of Hillary’s hangers on have all been fired. No more bribe money coming in, no more paid speeches because they can’t bribe someone who has no power.

      7. Good Lord will you just go away. Nobody wants to hear from you or Bill again.

        You got your ar’ssss hand to you on election day. No just go away you ugly hag!!! But don’t go to far there is an Orange Jump suit waiting for you.

        This has bee a great year. First the Cubs when the W.S. The Hitlery get her butt handed to her, and The best deer hunt in 34 years at Bol#2. (see below)

        Off Topic.
        Just got back from BOL#2. Great hunting trip. The Wife took a beautiful 8 Pointer, and a doe. I took a narly big rack 11 pointer. Never seen so many Big bucks. Only can take one buck and one doe, but we saw over 20 bucks with spikes to a couple bigger than my 11 point. Food plots and mineral licks working out. Been 10 years now with the licks and it is now paying off, We have seen a gradual increase in rack over the last few years.


        • I am jealous….. of the wife that hunts, not the deer.

          • I thought she hated dogs…is she lying again?

        • Sgt. Dale, welcome back and congratulations on the trip. I just got back from my BOL yesterday; had to go back to the ‘old grind’ {SIGH}, but such is life. I’d also love to see the Clintons go away but I doubt if that happens anytime soon. Still not sure what to expect from Trump but I was overjoyed to see the hildebeast get her sorry ass handed to her. I’m still stacking, still armed, and all options are still on the table.

        • Can’t eat them antlers Sarge. But they do look great above the fireplace!

        • sgt,
          nice to hear that your wife hunts too, my wife has been hunting for many years and we both enjoy the comradery that it creates! and of course the meat is really good!not as many wifes hunt as ones that fish, too bad as those people miss out on a lot of life!

          • A54
            people just don’t know what they are missing. I told my wife if I have go shopping with her she had to hunt and fish with me. The fishing part wasn’t hard, (she always gets more and better fish than I) Once she tried hunting it was game on. She loves the outdoors.

        • That Midwest /IL Area is a lot of Corn Fed Deer.

          Good Job Sgt.

        • Due to the fires Western NC is seeing an amazing number of deer (even in all daylight hours) fleeing one fire only to find they are running dead at another. It will screw up “the rut” at this rate bigtime.

      8. Obviously the looks of a person thats been on a 7 day binge of sedatives, drinking and general psychotic fit throwing. She looks like someone teetering on the edge. And she called Teump unstable? What a joke.
        She said:
        ” stay engaged”, “fight for values”, ” never give up” and ” stay engaged on every level”.
        This is liberal speak for, continue the rioting, looting, burning and violence against anyone who even resembles a conservative or Trump voter. She’s just a Soros puppet.
        But I celebrate the fact that she was rejected by the true American patriots and made mostly
        irrelevant as she will be to old and sick to run in four years, if she’s even alive then.

      9. “inclusive”

        I dont want an inclusive america if I have no say who is included.
        Muslims? nope
        Hispanics been in America less than 200 years? nop
        Real Americans can never accept the immigrants as they are the DIRECT CAUSE of our misery.

        Immigration increases housing costs and LOWERS PAY.. indisputable facts/

        This is why i HATE immigrants.,

      10. All so sad how she has decayed. Hillary once was hot: just look at pics of her through the 60s to the late 90s. Most guys would have had a go. There aren’t many women in American politics who are hot anymore. Sam Power is the best on offer these days.

        • I know a Marine that played hide the salami with Hillary back in the day. He was a bouncer at a north side bar in Chicago. She was 20 or 21 at the time. My, how times change.

        • The hildebeast’s face is a face of evil. Sam Power is a total commie shithead.

      11. Now is not the time to become complacent. The commies and the islams are plotting something big.

        • Stay away from crowds…

        • For certain. Inauguration Day is going to be a riot, literally. They are planning for it, bringing in up to 100,000 snowflakes and anarchists for the occasion. That’s just one city. Expect similar riots, not demonstrations, riots, in a dozen cities or more, and perhaps even moderate-sized towns in some areas.

          The plan is for a ‘revolution’, in no uncertain terms. Already, prominent Democrats are calling for ‘resistance’ in terms echoing WWII partisan activity, this is cover for the events to come. They are going to try to bring the country to a halt in order to force a Trump resignation. Wait for the demands ‘for the good of the country’ to start in earnest just a day or so after Inauguration Day.

          Also expect massive labor problems in agriculture this spring and the rest of the year, including, by design, planting, harvest, and canning seasons, in order to force a blanket Amnesty.

          Stock up on some food now, and plan for a garden in spring. Tell your neighbors to do the same thing, and tell them why. This is not some unknown ‘maybe’ event like a hurricane or Niburu, this is a planned food shortage to end the threat of deportations. It’s coming, and it’s going to come fast.

          • Ya know,, sometimes you just gotta say WTF,

      12. You get what you pay for.

      13. The Democratic party is bankrupt when it comes to having people who could be capable of being President. If you add in “willing” , it is even worse! The ideal should be great candidates from both parties who don’t owe their sould to anyone but I doubt we will ever see this!

      14. Samantha Power is piece of shit too. And a lesbo. She has been deeply involved in the nations in the Middle East and North Africa, Sudan, and Myanmar, so on the bright side, she probably has AIDS by now.

      15. JS, I didn’t know Power was a lesbo. Interesting. People really do reap what they sow.

      16. I would pardon hillary for all the political stuff and tell all her supporters that she wasn’t the victim of a power shift, and I didn’t just go after my opponent. I would prosecute her to the full extent of the law for the child sex trafficking and and all the other crimes that are not directly connected to her political offices. And I would suggest that it be tried in a state that has a fast track for the death penalty. (or maybe just one of the states that passed a “kill old sick people law.” and let her go that route.

      17. Moloch has cast her aside.

      18. The left sheeple are all whining about Trump being a white supremist bla blabbblaaa bla bla,,,
        They need to give it a rest, from where im sitting and what ive seen and heard the only racist bigoted narrow minded people are these leftist boo hooing all of this BS

      19. Go ahead and cry because when a foreign Burka, or chi-com soldier enters my city i know what that means for me and the people in my area.. so cry all you want… i am not backing down on my preps. As far as we are concerned nothing has changed.


        • HCKS, same here with me. All options are still on my table.

        • ALL “burkas” are foreign. Period. As are all Chinks, Slopes, Snakbars, Niggas, Beaners, etc. And ON and ON.

      20. The disenfranchised, ignored, trampled upon former well paid US industrial workers that are now competing for low wages in the, “Service Economy” have rightfully blamed NAFTA (an euphemism for Free Trade) for their plight. I know hard core UAW members, including pensioners and officers that voted for Trump, a Republican. This is unprecedented. Hillary was no Democrat.

      21. She was setting up for mushroom clouds to hide her tip toeing past the gallows. Schlonged, big time. We still have it because of the truth so called “alternative news” reports. A new front opens up with the news wars and a counter offensive has begun on the whistleblower front. An unseen quick right jab has them staggered. Truth will finish them off. They cannot stand the light. Shine the light.

      22. Clinton is just another, disgusting, arrogant, tyrannical, self absorbed elitist, with nothing more to offer any place on earth. Good riddance, and please Clinton(s) don’t bother annoying America ever again!

      23. One of Hillary’s statements in her speech was “I ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level.” This is promoting people to further their riots when she says on every level. If you pay close attention to some of her statements you will see her hidden messages. She has yet to come out and speak directly against the rioting. She’s not mentioning how the country should be uniting together behind President elect Trump.

      24. Okay. Am taking a break from this till January unless something drastic happens in the meantime. HCKs- I have a dedicated phone # set up for you and the number is posted under a pseudonym on a public bulletin board in your area. If something drastic happens I will come back on and tell you how to find it. If not, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody. Common sense and prepping are great things- Constant negativity??? A bad habit. What good is worrying about your life when you can’t enjoy a moment of it? Prep on.

      25. Hahaha! I have to laugh because it’s not that she won’t “go away”, it’s that y’all can’t stop talking about her. Why do y’all care about a “loser”? Very telling!

      26. Old cankles isn’t long for the world. She will take the dirt nap before she is ever prosecuted. One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel describes her. The stress of losing and the uncertain avenue that the investigations are taking will hasten her illness.And yes we need to beware of Chelsea Hubble. No matter what she must never hold public office . Thank God we avoided war with Russia by her losing the election. And if not for voter fraud she wouldn’t have got the popular vote.

      27. What is going on with ole cankles face? It looks like she has a broken jaw?

      28. Madeleine McCann, the two year old kidnapped several years ago, when her doctor parents vacationed in Portugal:

        I finally looked up on YouTube but this two part about this child is the only one I’ve seen. Apparently, John Podesta and his brother are dead ringers, they look eerily like the FBI portraits of the two male suspect’s portraits.

        The police are asking for anyone who has knowledge of the Podesta brothers being in Portugal at the time of the kidnapping to please contact the people handling the investigation of Madeleine McCann, as the fact of the Podestas being in Portugal at the time of the kidnapping would tie them to the crime and break the case, if such can be established.

        Apparently Hillary is tied to the Podestas and child abductions/child abuse/sexual perversion. But I haven’t researched that yet. Yes, this is the same Podesta who gave the fill in speech for Hillary when she wasn’t up to giving her speech after being defeated at the Presidential election.

        __ If I had the money, I’ld make a movie about this _Based on a true story.
        __ it has all the components of a great movie

        __ sex – power – corruption – mystery – crime

        • Please give us a hanging as the happy ending , ok
          ,? Thanks
          Signed : at least me
          But hoping for at least a 60% yes vote , no fraud now

      29. “Stay in the house”? Such a homebody. Perhaps now she finally has time ‘to stay home and bake cookies’.

      30. all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.”

        I have a slightly better idea…

        Coincidentally it does involve never leaving somewhere ever again…

      31. I still say there’s a civil war coming.

      32. Don’t believe this old hag. She wants you to feel sorry for her so she won’t have to face the music for all that she has done. She don’t give up. Look bad and oh poor little me. She still acts like it was someone else that cause her to lose. NO. Look how many did not want her. Please, can just go away.

      33. That’s really what she has always looked like. We were seeing made up Hillary, the candidate. She must have smelt a buck to bring her out again.

      34. Deeply disappointed? …that she can’t continue to screw over the whole world for a few more years before the evil she contains kills her body. She looks BAAAAD!

      35. Notice how much she has aged in a a couple of weeks ? What would she look like at the end of four years as potus . Dead .

      36. If she would it been much much less crooked and lied less maybe she had a chance but deleting national security emails and stealing money from donations made to poor countries and her dirty husband using under age kids for his sexual pleasure is not going to get her elected

      37. Do you notice how when she says anything with an S she slurs? She doesn’t care about children especially if they haven’t been born yet. Also, what does she mean about making America fairer?
        As the saying goes Hillary don’t go away mad just go away.

      38. I’m deeply disappointed she didn’t eat a hot piece of lead and butter for breakfast the morning after the election.

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