Will The Trigger Be Pulled? “There Is More Shock and Awe To Come In 2016”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market site.

    Editor’s Comment: Global events are coming dangerously close to colliding. Indeed, those who pull the strings behind the curtain have been ram-rodding explosive situations into our societal framework on a regular basis, and have been turning up the volume for 2016.

    The diametrically opposed factions who are separated over political candidates, race, police shootings and low down economics are all being driven into madness. Will a bigger event tie these events together and unleash chaos like never before? We are living in times were it seems possible, maybe even inevitable. Prepare, because there is every sense that something is coming.

    Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016

    by Brandon Smith

    We are a little over half way through 2016 and, at the current rate, it will be a miracle if the year finishes without outright catastrophe in half the nations of the world. Some might call these events “Black Swans,” some might call them completely engineered threats, others might call it all a simple “coincidence” or a tragedy of errors. I stand strictly by the position that most of the dangers we see today have been deliberately escalated, if not strategically implemented.

    Here is the problem; international financiers and globalist nut-jobs are clearly operating on a timeline with the end goal of creating enough general chaos to convince the masses that complete centralized authority over every aspect of our lives is preferable to constant fear.

    For a more in-depth analysis on the schemes of the elites, see my articles Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood and Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization.

    In order to elicit this kind of thinking from the public, crisis events are required that will cause many human beings to act, for the most part, like rabid animals. How would this be accomplished? Well, what does history tell us about that which inspires people to sometimes sacrifice their moral code or to bow down to tyrants? Usually a loss of necessities is required — including a lack of employment, lack of production, lack of serviceable shelter, lack of ample food and clean water, lack of medical care, lack of overall security and a sense of safety, etc.

    The question often arises: “Why would the elites need to create crisis at all; don’t they already have control of the world?”

    The answer is no, not yet they don’t, and if you read my recent article The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose, you can see why they never will have total control. That said, just because the globalist plan for complete centralization is doomed to fail does not mean they will not do everything in their power to make the attempt.

    Changes in mass psychology that might take decades to achieve can be accomplished in only a few short years if the public is placed under the right amount of duress. I find that younger people (and isolated people who spend all their time on the web) in particular just don’t understand how this works. Look at it this way; you may not think crisis would be all that useful in pushing the globalist agenda forward until you find your family threatened, your children at risk or your parents in dire need. Fear of losing those we love can open the door to great collective evils, even more so than the fear of harm to ourselves.

    Those who have no concept of self defense or the will to prepare and fight are the easiest to manipulate in this way. Pacifists are an effortless meal for dedicated despots.  Hell, for some folks the simple threat of losing day-to-day comforts can cause them to make terrible choices and support destructive leaders and policies.

    Chaos is NOT the end game, it is only a tool by which the elites gain psychological leverage over the masses so that people willingly give up their rights to self determination and hand more power to the establishment.

    A perfect example would be the recent Brexit referendum, the effects of which have not even begun to rise to the economic surface yet. In light of this event, numerous political puppets and banking moguls have declared an outright need for financial centralization of all nations in order to avoid a calamity.

    Investors have been lured into a false sense of safety as equities do not yet reflect the fiscal downturn taking place in every other sector of the global economy, but time grows short nonetheless. The political can negatively affect the financial and vice versa.  Here are just a few of the latest trigger events that are piling up atop an already precarious year…

    Italian Banking Crisis

    Globalists continue to warn that the effects of the Brexit are coming soon, and that they will bring frightening instability. The latest warning comes again from the IMF, which argues that in the wake of the Brexit a banking crisis in Italy is now imminent and will initiate a “global contagion” in markets. The IMF is not wrong – probably because it had a hand in creating the crisis in the first place.

    Italy is the third largest economy in the EU. Current estimates project at least $400 billion in toxic debts tied to Italy’s insolvent banks (this obviously does not include the bulk of derivatives). The stock of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), the world’s oldest bank and Italy’s most vulnerable lender, has dropped by a staggering 43 percent. Most of the EU is inexorably chained to Italian finance through various debt obligations, bond holdings, long term investments, etc. A breakdown in Italy would indeed be a “Lehman moment” for Europe.

    In response, the Italian government and the Italian banking sector is seeking taxpayer bailouts from the EU under extraneous circumstances, but EU officials are questioning whether or not this is even legal under EU charter.

    They are also hoping that international banks like JP Morgan will successfully form a bailout response for distressed Italian assets and save Italian banks from a hard landing.

    It is doubtful that any bailout plan will be enough to stall the shock wave from an Italian bank crisis. I do not believe the elites even intend to defuse such a crisis. With Italy’s own constitutional referendum coming this fall, a political shakeup may result. If a banking disaster is mixed into this shift, the potential for Italy to exit the EU becomes more plausible. A refusal by the EU to save Italian banks would seal the deal.

    In my pre-Brexit articles outlining why I believed the Brexit vote would pass, I predicted that numerous instabilities in the global economy would be allowed to turn volatile and that the Brexit would be blamed for nearly all of them. Not surprisingly, the Italian finance minister is already placing the blame for Italy’s impending bank implosion on the Brexit vote.

    This is the economic event that no one in the mainstream is paying much attention to. Again, as long as stocks remain in the green, the mainstream is oblivious to the underlying dangers. By the time equities begin to plummet, it will be too late for most people to do much to hedge their bets or prepare.

    “Failed” Coup In Turkey

    Maybe you thought 2016 was already getting weird, but this ugly party is just beginning. In what amounted to a half-day coup against Turkish president Recep Erdogen, Turkey went from corrupt cronyism to outright fascism overnight.

    I am not so sure that this short lived coup actually “failed”; in fact, I think it achieved exactly what it was supposed to achieve.  I am not surprised in the slightest that some believe that Erdogen fabricated the entire conflict in order to provide an excuse to root out his political opponents. The Turkish government has targeted at least 50,000 people so far, including judges, teachers, and political opposition, all in the name of combating “treason”. Erdogen has been sliding into ruin for years with failed policies and an increasing penchant for human rights and free speech violations and now he has free reign to go full totalitarian.

    That said, I think the claims of an Erdogen false flag are missing the bigger picture.

    First, the coup was clearly staged. Anyone who knows anything about successful coups in history knows that you either imprison or kill the existing leadership of a government before you try to take it over militarily. Reports indicate that military insurgents had Erdogen’s plane in their sights and could have easily turned him into a cloud of flaming vapor, but for some reason did not fire.

    My instincts told me upon first hearing of the fleeting momentum of the coup that the whole event was not really about Erdogen. Rather, the event was about NATO, or a rationale for dividing NATO and weakening the West. Rather predictably, Erdogen’s government is now blaming the U.S. in particular for the coup attempt, as the Obama administration and the U.N. warn of civil rights violations by Erdogen.  John Kerry has openly suggested removing Turkey from NATO membership.

    At this time, Erdogen has allowed U.S. military operations at Incirlik Air Base to continue, but the prospect remains that this is a temporary condition.

    It is interesting that as the situation develops it is becoming obvious that whether the coup succeeded or failed the end result would be a rationalization for Turkey to break ranks with NATO and, in particular, America.  Turkey is a vital pivot point for NATO in dealing with the Middle East and Russia. To lose Turkish aid would mean a considerable weakening of NATO operations and open a path to more volatile confrontation between Eastern and Western powers.  Take note that no matter the ultimate outcome of the coup fiasco, the most probable result will be a Turkish break from the West.  If the latest coup is exposed as an Erdogen “false flag”, this process will progress very quickly.

    I will be watching this situation carefully over the next few weeks, but I suspect that tensions between Erdogen and the U.S. are slated to expand and that Erdogen is about to go full-despot with human rights violations of the worst kind. I also suspect that Erdogen will begin drafting proposals for greater cooperation with Russia in the near term.

    The instability in Turkey is an advantage for the globalists. They can use it to undermine NATO operations if they wish. They can flood the EU with even MORE refugees and blame Turkey in the process. They can even help their Frankenstein monster, ISIS, by allowing Turkey to shut down U.S. operations out of Incirlik (as if the U.S. government had any intention of actually stopping ISIS anyway). This could be used as an impetus for a resurgence of ISIS activities.

    To summarize, a crisis in Turkey is not only good for Erdogen, it is also good for the globalists. Watch for this trigger event to continue mutating.

    Race War In The U.S.

    I have covered extensively the efforts by globalists, and George Soros specifically, to create open wounds in the American social structure and divide the public along racial lines. This has been done by promoting, and in some cases funding, operations of social justice groups (cultural Marxists) and black racist organizations. Black Lives Matter has so far been the vehicle Soros has used to lure useful idiots into championing a race war that has no basis in reality.

    While there is in fact a legitimate cause for concern over the militarization of state police, police abuses are in no way limited to any single race. I wrote about the best possible solution to constitutional violations by police organizations in my article The ‘Thin Blue Line’ Serves No Purpose. In it, I outlined why state police, funded by federal cash, should not exist all and that their duties should be by taken over by elected sheriff’s offices and neighborhood watches. This removes the gasoline from the fire and undermines attempts by cultural Marxists to incite race violence.

    Of course, this will never happen. Both Republicans and Democrats are calling for even MORE federalization of police in response to the continued shootings of random LEO’s by black activists. The Democrats want more federalization because they think it will reign in violent cops. The Republicans want more federalization because they think it will reign in violent BLM activists. Notice that no other solution is being offered other than more federal presence on American streets.

    Keep in mind that the shooting of random police officers is becoming an active trend and it is only going to get worse as we close in on the November elections. Watch for officers to be killed not only while on duty, but also while off duty, perhaps even in their homes.

    The goal here is to create an excuse for martial law without necessarily declaring martial law outright. That is to say, the government will enact the conditions of martial law incrementally. This will likely include anonymity of LEO identities — meaning ski masks, hidden badge numbers and zero public accountability, all in the name of “protecting police lives.” Groups like BLM and the social justice cultists that exploit them as a weapon are not a real threat to the public overall and could be crushed in an instant by an angry white majority and militarized police unrestrained by the constitution. But this is not the point.

    The militarization and federalization of the police will end in totalitarianism in the U.S. if it receives wide support by conservatives, or widespread civil war if it does not. Police need to refuse to act in an unconstitutional manner even in the face of violence directed against them, otherwise, they risk starting a fight with liberty groups as well. Black Lives Matter would be the least of their worries at that point.

    Quick Mention – 28 Page 9/11 Report Release: If you want my in-depth look at the growing rift between Saudi Arabia and the U.S., read my article ‘One More Casualty Of The 9/11 Farce – The Petrodollar’.  I am giving this a quick mention because we have yet to hear the full Saudi response to the release of this report.  The original threat was that they would dump their U.S. treasury holdings and depeg their currency from the dollar.  This would officially end the petro-status of the dollar and eventually end the dollar’s world reserve status as well.  I believe that if the Saudi’s do take this action, they will do it quietly before bond markets and oil markets realize what is happening.  It is likely that a Saudi break from the U.S. will occur quickly in the event of a Trump presidency.

    Quick Mention – South China Sea Build Up: A prelude to WWIII?  Maybe, maybe not.  China and the U.S. have been sparring politically over the South China Sea for some time.   An international ruling has argued that China has no legitimate claims to the waters nor any territorial history.  This has led to greater tensions.  The latest build up of naval units in the region is concerning, but there has not yet been a true catalyst to instigate a war.  This is another scenario which may not materialize until next year, if it materializes at all.

    The overall purpose of these events, I believe, is first to conjure mass confusion. The globalists are turning up the heat on the citizenry much faster than ever before, and it is time to take stock of our position and response. The best defense, as I have always stated, is personal preparedness and self sufficiency, organization with friends and family, then organization of the like-minded within your neighborhood and if possible your town. Most people are self-isolated and thus weak in their defensive position. Anyone effectively organized will have far reaching advantages in the midst of social breakdown. Anyone who is organized with solid planning will become the point to which everyone else gravitates. You can either be a pillar of strength or a victim, it is your choice.

    Rest assured, there is more shock and awe to come in 2016. Now is the time to prepare if you have not done so already.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market site.


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      1. Like a slow motion train wreck…

        • The train is gaining speed it seems.

          • Fearporno seems to be the new business model to lure ignorant and gullible audiences to purchase garbage on this site and its associates.

            • There wasn’t enough “fear porn” in Europe in the build-up to WW2. Especially among the Jews, most of whom just refused to take Hitler’s rhetoric seriously. Albert Einstein seemed to be ahead of the curve, though…

        • eppe, we might see things gel (for the bad) heading in to September. JM2CW.

          • PoP

            Might be too hot to riot.

        • The “failed coup” in Turkey is NOT about NATO. Never was. That’s reading way too much into it. It was all about Erdogan seizing control of the country to protect his ass and implement Islamic Law … under his dictatorship. His corruption and that of his family had already been exposed globally while the population of Turkey was/is still in the dark. Failing dictatorship, he was heading to prison, much like Hillary Clinton.

          After a number of military coups, over the years, any opposition government or party always held power tenuously, knowing the military could intervene at any time. Erdogan’s Party represented the opposition faction within Turkey not directly aligned with the military.

          I believe that this was an inside job, with Erdogan knowing that the military opposed him and was preparing a another coup: like always when the government leaned to far to Islam. These events did not occur in a vacuum. The Secret Police equivalent surely knew the coup plan and probably had insiders encouraging action by the military with a counter-coup plan already prepared.

          Those jets were more than likely, in reality, his escort. 🙂

          • I agree Durango
            For all interested go to Shoebat.com
            Whalid has a lot to say about it

      2. The proper strategic term for the slang “shock and awe” is Rapid Dominance.
        And that’s exactly what the globalist a are currently trying to do: hit hard and fast to keep the people from properly recovering or cause them to respond a certain way.

      3. What will come will come. There is nothing you can do about it, get yourself right with the LORD, and have your Preps READY.

        I’m Taking one day at a time. Prepare for the worst and Hope and Pray for BEST.


        • I am standing with you.. l will protect my own

        • I’m going on vaction next week. I booked it after the dallas cops were murdered.

          I figured I better start using my vacation time and air miles before things get real bad and that could happen within a couple of months at the rate things are going.

          • Lena, I’m on vacation at the BOL since last Fri. and spending an extra week here. “Continuing education”. I also feel the trigger will be pulled this year.

            • you said that last year. and the year before last year. and the year before that. its in the archives.

              • Anonymous, this year seems more likely than years past considering what’s been happening. And you trolls coming around on occasion to attack me is ALSO in the archives.

                • We don’t attack you because we are trolls. we attack you because you are a stupid fuck, that makes preppers look bad.

      4. The shit is stacking up.
        I’m ready. You ready?
        Bring it.
        Prep for War.

        • “Bring it.”

          I’d rather it not be brought, but we’re past that point now. Rough times are coming, just a matter of how rough.

          But, i’m ready and will do what is neccessary to survive it if possible.

          (and cat tastes like chicken and goes down easy with ketchup if it gets to that point).

          • Ain’t nuttin wrong with a woman that’ll eat little bit of pu$$y in hard times.

            • hate to burst your fantasy, but i’m no woman. i’m a male veteran that usually lifts the heaviest weights in the gym.

              but i do concur with your thinking. if things go real bad for a long period of time, i will have some good looking women serving my needs being that i will one of the few with supplies.

              • Surprise, surprise, surprise.


              • funny that, you have a bitch’s name.

                “usually lifts the heaviest weights in the gym.”

                oh look, bragging like a bitch too.

          • cat herder won’t like that comment, lena. 🙂
            And if shtf, you better have a good supply of ketchup.
            I do.
            I got it on demand.

            • Ketchup, LOL. Ketchup is also part of my preps and on demand.

              • BBQ sauce is another great sauce to have…it will make the rats, jackrabbits, and ravens taste a little better…..but for NOW, add a quarter-cup or so of your favorite sauce to pork and beans to make them taste MUCH better….69cents right now at food for less…i plan to buy 40 or 50 bottles myself.

          • Its the elite that taste like chicken…their kids are extra tender…..Eat all the elite and problem solved.

        • Off Topic: Good news on .22lr rimfire bullets. Concealed Carry magazine just had an article explaining the reason for the total lack of ‘small ammo’, mostly .22lr’s, being hard to find was that everybody and their sister went out and purchased one, and then got some ammo. That was enough in sales to completely deplete both the shelves, warehouses and supply-houses and the ‘makers’ had nothing for raw materials to just jump on making some ammo in a hurry. Had to wait for both powder & shells (mostly). The good news is the new stuff will be hitting the shelves starting this week (Browning is making a nice, new-for-them, 22lr with a nice ‘crack’ to it). They are as accurate as is your weapon. It will come online about the same time I would think, except the prices are going to be a bit higher from now on. Of course!

          • What are you going to shoot with a .22 round? A racoon? A rat? A dog? Jeezus dude. The only thing I ever used a .22 for was target practice.

            Overhyped. A brick or two is good for storage, just in case. I would actually prefer a nice strong pellet gun with a tweaked spring. Less hassle, easy to use for the same small game.

            “Locusts on the Horizon” by the Plan B Writers Group has several chapters on what type of pellet rifle to buy and why.

            Oh and for rats? Just buy some basic rat traps. Not complicated.

            • Great for practice, even better to keep for barter.
              Otherwise, I tend to agree about pellet guns.

            • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKehfI8nJrw
              watch this video…it’s about how gungrabbers are so WRONG…in there somewhere is a story of a teenager shot an intruder with a 22, and put them in the hospital in critical condition….22’s KILL people all the time….many good stories in here that are similar

          • Evidently that mag didn’t do much research. .22 dried up for that reason (as did most major calibers) but it stayed depleted because the major manufacturers used the incoming raw material to focus on other calipers, particularly ones that could be sold in massive qty on contract. They had standing obligations to federal and state agencies for 9mm, .40, .45acp, and 5.56, so the .22 assy line simply sat idle for awhile.

            By the way, .22 has been widely available in ohio for a couple years now, not sure where you live. My LGS had a six foot section of shelving currently fully stocked of nothing but .22lr…

      5. “Chaos is NOT the end game, it is only a tool by which the elites gain psychological leverage over the masses so that people willingly give up their rights to self determination and hand more power to the establishment.”


        Example: Elites like Soros fund and agitate the BLM crowd of useful idiots to cause chaos and then the ‘popo uber alles’ useful idiots blindly side with popo and voila POLICE STATE.

        • nunyaB, right about Soros. With all his Open Society, Move-ons, Media Matters and who knows what other tentacles he has reaching all over the globe I’m wondering if he’s not just the face of evil, but the controlling puppeteer of all of it.
          Die already man!

          • My point was meant more to try to educate the idiots that blindly support the cops like they do no wrong.

      6. If the establishment becomes too overbearing and restrictive I expect the people to unite and rise up to voice and present a collective effective response. I know it’s past that from tptb, but people as a whole are slow to react to impending danger. People want a government that supports them and that has their best interests being represented, yeah that died decades ago. People are the crawling tortoise, the opponents the hopping hare. The result will be similar to that race. The plodding turtles will win while the big rabbits will be eaten.

        • i excpect that too, but there’s going to be some chaos and a lot of unprepared going out in chaotic ways before enough people decide that its time for real “change”.

        • Alijamo:

          Patriots need representatives in a government that is responsive to the needs of the people. That will require more actual participation in current runs. Dr. David Duke wants to hear from you at Dr. David Duke info @ gmail.com. He is trying to decide if he has enough support to win in a run for Congress.

          Young people live as though you will run for President of the U.S. Maybe some day you will.

          • I always knew you were a fucking white supremacist. Take your bullshit and stuff it up your ass.

            Fucking moron.

            • And what you? Fucking pussy race traitor?

      7. “There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.
        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This drives most politicians.”

        “But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith. It is based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience, embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences.”

      8. I think you will see more local level violence followed by martial law.

        • In these days and times I would not hold out much hope for instilling We The People into any form of martial law. We’d not stand for it (I am speaking for the ‘country folk’).

          However, it gets more complex than what anyone is mentioning, which is this: Sheriff’s are the ONE THING that stands between We The People and The Federal Government. Aside those Sheriffs are Congressmen/Women and Governors and a total abundance of 100% waste & fraud. (It should be their mandatory middle names for ID purposes).
          As of late there have been an increasingly large and ‘spread out’ effort by law enforcement to get the Sheriffs “on line”, and it appears to have worked. We DO have a long, line of Sheriffs that would stand up to their Oath of Office and run the like of BLM out of their counties. (Google it as there are many sources, all of them quite credible, imho).
          With that said, this very well ‘could’ turn out to be one hell of a “next few weeks” given all of the agendas that need to be met, or so it seems they are all needing to be accomplished now …worldwide with an increase in frequency as they go. That too is all part of the game of Psychological Operations (PYSOPS). Putting “the people under a bit of pressure” always makes any situation “seem” more urgent than it actually is. So that’s the best way to view these matters (as long as the Sheriffs or other officials are keeping the feds off of our lands and to hell out of our homes (and hey it wouldn’t hurt to start making them adhere to The Constitution too, or use it against them as it was worded to do if necessary).
          I personally find it necessary, when all is said and done, to hang the bastards.

      9. lena

        Hard lessons are going to be learned. Inability to recognize danger and then how to deal with it is going to be the demise of many. Stacking all your stuff to the ceiling will do you no good if you can not cope with the situation at hand.

        Get ready for the bitching and moaning the crying and yelling about how woe is ME.

        What thy need is a good bitch slap.

      10. lena

        Hard lessons are going to be learned. Inability to recognize danger and then how to deal with it is going to be the demise of many. Stacking all your stuff to the ceiling will do you no good if you can not cope with the situation at hand.

        Get ready for the bi ching and moaning the crying and yelling about how woe is ME.

        What they need is a good bi ch slap.

        Repost. Moderation got me for a certain word.

        • um, i’m a veteran.

          i have slept in mud, in the rain, lived outside, used the ocean as my bathrrom and also bathtub and eaten the same meats for weeks on end; i think i will be okay.

          only way i am going down is by overwhelming force.

          • Pleased ‘ta meet you lena. I too am a 21yr Naval Combat-Veteran. (SEAL). I have no doubt you’ve enjoyed all of the wonders of military life and strife (foods that make the galley look GREAT!), the “hurry up and waits” and you are dead on the money when you say that you “think you will be okay,” because you will. Anyone who could have survived Boot these days and just plain the military lifestyle (whether you like it or not style), was enough to harden you for the coming conditions assuming you’ve set yourself up …and that’s a no-brainer isn’t it? 🙂 Cheers and thanks for your service mate!

        • •••anon:
          Slap the right woman and get blocked and counter punched.

          Fifth degree black belt trains grandkids to defend against bullies, foreign and domestic.


          • B from CA.

            A Fifth Degree Belt, man or woman being well trained and disciplined would not place themselves in a position that would force them to say, “Woe is me”.

            Never met a black belt that was a crybaby.

      11. – Benito Mussolini himself – a “co-founder” of fascism summed up his philosophy with the motto: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

        Extra credit:
        “The citizen in the Fascist State is no longer a selfish individual who has the anti-social right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity. The Fascist State with its corporative conception puts men and their possibilities into productive work and interprets for them the duties they have to fulfill.”

        You know where this led. Both communism and fascism are Christian heresies, holding that man is perfectible outside of God, exactly as Solshynitsyn said.

      12. Yeah, we’ve already been hit up for food money, and we know this is just the beginning. I just hate it. I hate it with a damned passion I hate it… what DO you do what someone that has never brought ONE THING ‘to the table’, and has never worked but instead spent all of his working years attempting to receive 100% Disability Pay (from Social Security Disability). His wife is ready to leave him since he’s so adamant about not finding work because of his disability but having Internet access to “put in paperwork” so that he can keep trying.
        Trying “my ass”. His wife is leaving as he was caught “on line red-handed” with one of those little lovelies with the webcam ya know? That didn’t go over well. Like a fart in church.

        I just frigging hate it…..

      13. y’all have a great weekend. I need to get a few things tended to before it gets any danged hotter. hooowheee!

      14. 22lr was never dry here. There was gouging on it though. I would love to find a m6 but people want an arm and a leg if they are selling one. 22 is only good for hunting animals that won’t fight back. Too weak IMO. I could make a bullet proof vest with duck tape and a couple phone books that would stop a22. Still wouldn’t wanna get shot by one though. Cheap suppressive fire to keep heads down. I went back to centerfire pistol shooting it was just about the same price as the 22 and has more defensive potential.

      15. Took my little nieces on a week long of outings. It was educational. Two stops were eye opening. Bear in mind I am overly situationally aware.

        One day trip to the big city to see the big green lady in the harbor. At one point we went to a highly recommended park to kill some time, before meeting up with more family. The girls were having a blast on this two story slide. The upper part of which is obscured from view. I see some older teen boys stroll in and make for the back area. Unsure if their path is connected, I make for the slides high ground and find these creeps have made a bee line for it. Lots of little kids using the slide with mom at the bottom. The top unsupervised. I hear the Middke East accents. The minute I emerge from the path up, and start moving on them, checking them out, they take one look at me, and leave fast. Freaking creeps. Let me just say, I think we’ll be reading about tragedy at that park.

        Then a two day trip out to Gods country to the West. To a state with perhaps one of the highest concealed carry permit per capita rates in the US. I spot tons of people packing, everywhere. I see the fake cell phone cases, the extra zipper pouches in moms bag, the heavy thing in the cargo pants, the second wallet on the other back pocket, the bump in the small of the back, etc. Very relaxed, everyone’s polite, few seem worried. I actually draw a little attention, because I’m too situationally aware. I still have my City eyes on, and that’s not normal here.

        We had a great time, I saw a few really creepy people. Watch you backs out there folks, the times they are a changing. Always have a plan, simply looking like I had a plan freaked out the punks in that park that looked to be up to no good.

        May I suggest preppers who may have a weapon available for one hand, consider having a distraction for the other hand. This I will leave up to your imagination, but it could be a handful of change, a can of pepper spray, or a super bright flashlight.

        • Oh I forgot the big joke of the trip.

          I’m in the pedestal of Lady liberty, and find the way they have anchored her to the pedestal is with some incredibly huge threaded rods that are held fast with the biggest nuts I’ve ever seen!

          So I now have a picture of me standing next to lady liberties nuts, and they are huge I tell you! Almost as big as Michelle Obama’s!

        • PTPO: thanks for the heads up and real world reporting.

          I had a similar situation with a pre-teen at my local grocery store. The thing that stuck in my mind is that this kid had dead eyes. I have started making a point of looking at people directly, when speaking to them. This probably sounds odd if you are of a certain age.

          Was at a local subway, recently, and there was a young black gal there. Didn’t say hello, didn’t look up, didn’t make eye contact. That is just plain bad customer service and I made sure to call the store to let them know about this employee. If you can’t make eye contact and say hello why are you working in a customer service business?

          Anyhow about the crazy kid at the grocery store I figure the brat thought he could pickpocket me. Stood behind me and when I looked back at him and said he could go ahead he ignored me. Just stared. Creepiest pre-teen I have ever met. I am guessing that little brat is going to cost someone their life and this country a lot of money once he goes to prison.

          Keep your heads up folks. Pay attention. Not everyone is friendly and on your side.

          • thanks to BOTH of you!….you’re the reason i read shtfplan…..comments are MORE important than the articles themselves sometimes.

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