Why We Always Get Screwed: Calculations Show “Society Too Complex to Have A President”

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    This article was written by Alice Salles and originally published at The Anti-Media.org.

    Editor’s Comment: Is it really any wonder that the most dangerous leaders in society, and their cadre of supporters, are always urging everyone to vote? Democracy has been sanctified because of its symbolic indication that the will and the voice of the people is being considered. Grand sweeping sentiments, “democracy,” the “American way” and so forth. But perhaps it is a model that never could live up to the needs of society… if voting just means picking the personality of your dictator, then there is noting to vote for.

    Not sure all the things asserted in this article should be implemented either, but it is worth keeping mind that the population and size of the societies that first instituted democracy in Ancient Greece, etc. have little in common with the easily divided, multi-dimensional population base in the United States – with a whopping 315,000,000+ people being represented by 1-of-2 presidential candidates, and 535 people in Congress.

    The most populous state in the U.S., California, is represented by 2 Senators – at a ratio of about 1 to 19 million, and each of its 53 representatives in Congress theoretically represent the views of more than 700,000 people. In Wyoming, the least populous U.S. state, 1 House member represents about a half million people, and each of their 2 senators represent about 232,00o people. Anyway you slice it, no matter what system or values you believe in, that’s a lot of people being represented by a very few… and almost none of those representatives are able to resist corruption, avoid tainted lobbyist money or uphold their promises to voters. So you tell me what the solution is?

    Mathematicians Prove Society is Way Too Complex to Have A President

    by Alice Salles

    Mathematics, a report published by Vice’s Motherboard prior to Election Day suggests, proves society is so complex that democracies have been rendered irrelevant.

    According to a study carried out by mathematicians at the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), it is difficult for government entities or single individuals to debate what these mathematicians call “social policy” if the goal is to find something that works for everyone. Once we consider that members of any society are simply too complex, the study suggests, we are able to understand that the systems of government currently available fail to meet our expectations.

    While the implications of this complexity are myriad, one of the issues more broadly discussed in the study revolves around government’s own inability to address this complexity, no matter how you slice it.

    [T]he concept of civilization as a complex organism,” mathematicians concluded, “is qualitatively different than either [democracy or communism].”

    Why Complexity Matters

    According to NECSI’s director, Yaneer Bar-Yam, “[t]here’s a natural process of increasing complexity in the worldthat at some point willrun into the complexity of the individual.” Once we reach that point, Bar-Yam added, “hierarchical organizations will fail.”

    Bar-Yam’s team seems to have learned that concentrating the power to organize society in the hands of a few individuals is absurd. After all, optimal decisions targeting society cannot be made by a group of individuals detached from it. This is precisely because issues are better dealt with by those who are affected by it.

    We were raised to believe that democracy, and even the democracy that we have, is a system that has somehow inherent good to it,” Bar-Yam told Motherboard. But democracies alone are not the only problem, he added. All hierarchical organizations fail “[to respond] to decision-making challenges. And this is true whether we’re talking about dictatorships, or communism that had very centralized control processes, and for representative democracies today.

    Because representative democracies “focus power in one or few individuals,” Bar-Yam concluded, “those systems [are] ineffective.”

    Human Complexity, ‘Human Action,’ and How They Relate

    While this analysis may sound like common sense, it becomes increasingly interesting as researchers discuss a more nuclear element of this complexity: the individual.

    An individual human is made up of atoms, which make up cells, which make up organs, and so on,” writes Jason Koebler of Motherboard. “Describing the behavior of each individual atom is incredibly difficult,” he added. But describing “collective behaviors,” Koebler added, “[is] inherently more ‘simple’ than individual ones, … Describing the behavior of atoms is more complex than describing the collective behavior of the many atoms that make up a human being.” With this analogy, Koebler adds that “[p]redicting the specific behavior of a car factory worker in his day to day life is much harder than predicting that he and a collective of other people will produce cars at the factory.”

    Because a “control hierarchy is designed to enable a single individual to control the collective behavior,” governments are not the answer. Instead, Bar-Yam explained, “coordination occurs because individuals influence each other’s’ behavior.”

    Government, then, is an “attempt to organize the behavior of many individually complex humans into something simpler and more coherent,” Koebler observes — and it’s incredibly bad at it.

    Despite the incredible “discoveries” made by Bar-Yam and his team of mathematicians, the complexity of human individuality has already been deeply explored in the past.

    Praxeology is the study of purposeful behavior, or “human action.”

    In 1949, economist Ludwig von Mises wrote a treatise on this scientific study, simply naming it Human Action. In his book, Mises argues that the individual acts in order to achieve an end he or she subjectively values, making human action an intentional act. While not all human behavior is purposeful, praxeology’s core axiom is that human beings exist and act for a reason. In other words:

    “Action is will put into operation and transformed into an agency, is aiming at ends and goals, is the ego’s meaningful response to stimuli and to the conditions of its environment, is a person’s conscious adjustment to the state of the universe that determines his life.”

    Because action is speculative, Mises adds, outsiders are incapable of knowing what will happen. And while natural sciences are capable of predicting the results of specific actions, the future cannot be predicted as a whole.

    Whether you’re looking at a group of people with common traits or an event that has similar elements from other events of the past, Mises explains, decisions are always made with incomplete knowledge. Since economics deals with the action of humans attempting to satisfy their desires through the exchange of goods and services — making this social science a study in human action — we can safely say Mises understood human complexity long before Bar-Yam discussed this growing problem with Motherboard.

    Despite what many think of nowadays when discussing liberalism, Mises explains in his book that the “social philosophy of eighteenth-century [known then as] rationalism and liberalism … does not resort to any miraculous interference of superhuman powers.”

    Instead, Mises writes in another book, Epistemological Problems of Economics, classical liberalism hopes to “lead to lasting well-being [for all]” by never resorting to government intervention of any kind.

    After all, Mises writes in Human Action, government always “means … coercion and compulsion and is by necessity the opposite of liberty.”

    Combining his insight with what mathematicians have now proven, it’s safe to say societies rely on individuals to succeed. When governments act on behalf of society, groups of individuals in power may believe they know the answers to society’s problems. But acting without firsthand knowledge means acting without the goals of every single individual in mind.

    As Bar-Yam concluded in his study, complexities make it difficult for centralized governments to act efficiently. And Mises agreed with that conclusion over 60 years ago. But Mises also offered a very different solution.

    While Bar-Yam wants to see a “more laterally-organized system of governance in which tons of small teams specialize in certain policies, and then those teams work together to ultimately make decisions,” Mises argues for the absence of government interference, leaving all decisions to society.

    As the majority of Americans get tired of politics, choosing not to vote in record numbers and allowing the minority to pick the commander-in-chief, it’s clear that Americans understand — even if subconsciously — that picking leaders doesn’t matter.

    Living life as an individual and being allowed to navigate its risks and successes without government interference, on the other hand, does.

    This article was written by Alice Salles and originally published at The Anti-Media.org.


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      1. They have a rule book titled, “The Constitution of the United States of America”; unfortunately they don’t follow it. If they did we would have sound money and as a result fiscal responsibility. We wouldn’t have sufficient funds for military adventurism at the bequest of international business. If we followed the rule book jails wouldn’t be filled with malum prohibitum “offenders” as the laws would be far fewer and personal freedom much greater. Its not a math problem its a political / social discipline problem.

        • Well Said

          • America screwed itself with the 17th Amendment.

            The 17th Amendment established the popular election of United States Senators by the people of the states.

            Before that, US Senators were appointed by the States legislature.

            Senators truly represented the States, which meant that the senators obeyed what the states wanted, that is the way it was supposed to be.

            Now the senators just promise free shit to the public to keep power, screw the union.

        • Awesome post Kevin2.

        • Wrong. The Author here is full of crap. Voting does matter. And why we will have Trump as President and not the liar cankles hag. The public woke up and discovered the media lies, Hillary lies, and the system is rigged against the average American.

          America is still worth fighting for as well as our freedoms and liberty. And if you are reading my comment here, you are one smart MoFo and wide awake and hungry for the truth. Make America Great again and call out all the liars when they lie.

          • You say “voting matters” and yet YOUR VOTE was “going out the window” IF THEY HAD BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN GETTING COLLEGES TO “FLIP” THEIR ELECTORAL VOTES INTO HILLARY’S FAVOR.

            Care to tell me again how much your vote is worth sir?

            • Equorial Sir- Tell us how many times the Electoral Collage failed to do their duty and flipped an election to the loser??? Crickets…… Yeah that’s how much voting counts. BTW/ The answer is ZERO Times. Are you buying into the MSM Hype, Lies and BS again. You believe everything you read? Why I’m still waiting for Obama to suspend the election, as per M Snyder claimed. A proclaimed Lawyer who is clueless about the law, and probably why doesn’t practice law, and resorts to misinformation fear porn. And I’ve been banned from his site, when I called out his Lying BS too many times. The nutjobs can’t take the humility when they’ve been caught Lying.

          • Even more well said

          • no you are full of crap, your fing vote never counted and for most of you here, you have never understood that the legal system is the real problem, judges and lawyers, thats your problem and no one ever talks about it. they control everything with their system of racketeering and plunder made legal by lawers and judges, who have plundered the whole country and let criminal politicians and corps get away with what they have done to the country and the people. you wont fix shit until you deal with the corrupt legal system

            • aren’t most judges, politicians and lawyers all one in the same suit??.. they make and pass all the laws to suit them selves

            • You’ve got issues sunshine. You’ve also got too many boogiemen behind your closet doors.

              • OBTW, your neighbor has called you in.

            • That’s why it’s called the just us system…

            • Most Liberals want you to think your vote doesn’t count. And why Cankles lost this last election. Less than 50% of the Liberal Soros Commies being paid 1500 to Riot did not even vote in this last election. They didn’t vote then pretend to be pissed when trump wins. Liberals are so Gulliblle.

        • ” … “more laterally-organized system of governance in which tons of small teams specialize in certain policies, and then those teams work together to ultimately make decisions,… ”

          This is a description of the New World Order, which is an AMALGAMATION of politically organized power groups pushing their respective agendas through a myriad of NGO’s they control;

          co-operating in their collective assault upon personal liberty and American Constitutional Freedoms in pursuit of their respective quest for One World Government controlled by their respective group.

          This is why INDIVIDUALS must vote.

          This is why PATRIOTS must organize into groups to magnify their voice and extend their influence by educating the next generation in American History which has sadly, been left to the Socialists. The LEFT learned about the power of organization and collective co-operation decades ago.

          Unfortunately, the LEFT is never RIGHT.

          The steady erosion of American Constitutional Liberties must be reversed by a politically active electorate. Join a Tea Party in your community. Get involved.

          The Second American Revolution has just begun. 🙂

          • DK,

            Your point is well made. You are absolutely right. The Left has been organizing and supporting tens-of-thousands of small local NGOs across the whole globe in the guise of building ‘civil societies’. Think the Soros Foundation and even many of our own left-leaning liberal institutions supported by the tax-payers; liberal foundations, and many of the European countries. Germany has been one of the economic forces that has spearheaded many of these liberal and misguided programs with a very strong left-leaning agenda.

            Let there be ‘a thousand-points-of-lights’ that get strung across this nation that represent the voters who voted in president-elect Donald J. Trump. The IRS and many government agencies and institutions have been saturated by ardent leftist liberals that will need to be identified and purged from the payrolls of the American Taxpayer supported government. I agree that this is a time to organize and speak out, think tea-parties. This election has finally given form to the thoughts and voices of countless millions of Americans who did not like the globalist direction we were being taken into by our leaders in government and in business.

            The left is now targeting ‘freedom of speech’ and will try to regulate and stifle alternative news sites, blogs, and talk shows. They are wanting to control the world by controlling the sources of information, knowledge, education and propaganda. They have done a pretty good job so far but the slumbering giant is about to wake up. They will try to swarm the giant and overwhelm it but hopefully the American people will see through the shenanigans and schemes of the Left and find an ally in the new Administration.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • The Left and the fascist globalists, i.e. the Kenyan and his German mafia ocunterpart (et al) first plan to ‘get control’ of the masses by shutting down ‘disruptive’ communication.

              “Angela Merkel made chilling remarks about her views on the need for government to control the internet and slammed anti-Islamisation protesters who she accused of hijacking the German spirit for liberty.”

              Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government

            • The Left and the fascist globalists, i.e. the Kenyan and his German mafia counterpart (et al) first plan to ‘get control’ of the masses by shutting down ‘disruptive’ communication.

              “Angela Merkel made chilling remarks about her views on the need for government to control the internet and slammed anti-Islamisation protesters who she accused of hijacking the German spirit for liberty.”

              Merkel With Obama: Internet ‘Disruptive’ Force that Has to Be ‘Contained, Managed, and Steered’ by Government

              • G. Edward Griffin
                Has some interesting videos on YouTube

                The Unruly Servant
                Something?? government??(I can’t recall)

                Informative and thoughtful conversation
                Nothing earth shattering.


                • Sarge:

                  “The Dangerous Servant-A Discourse On Government”

                  G. Edward Griffin


                • Sarge:

                  The actual title is:

                  “The Dangerous Servant-A Discourse On Government”
                  G. Edward Griffin

                  On YouTube


                  • ?

                    ………G. Edward Griffin has many good videos still available on YouTube. His commentary is extremely controversial because it is fact based journalism that defies the boundaries of typical main stream journalism without becoming absurd. You might be surprised by the idea that he does not believe there is a disease “AIDS”. He bases his opinion on the facts, but, admits his opinion could change if he was presented with contradictory information.

                    This is the same author who wrote “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, about the Federal Reserve Banking System. He writes about Cancer and Apricot Seeds.

                    This author/journalist has my respect and gratitude.

                    With the coming Internet censorship. I would familiarize myself with his materials while they are both Free and Uncensored.


                    • Get the Video DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox, and you can download most videos to your own computer.

                      I download every good video I can. At some point we may have to distribute information by sneakernet.

                    • B from CA, Anonymous, Archivist, Thanks!

                      Enjoyed watching the videos, will definitely download for the sake of preserving the Truth for posterity. Have seen his writings, re: the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the assassination of JFK, etc. Many call him a conspiracy theorist, but if it’s the Truth it is not a theory, even tho it may still be a conspiracy.

                      If there were ever to be a One World Government that was not oppressive to humankind, it would have to be ruled or governed by a benevolent leader – which won’t happen as long as fallen man is still in control.

                      Look what these sick ‘leaders’ of the world are involved in today. This most despicable, UNBELIEVABLY vile evil must be exposed and eradicated before it destroys us all!

                      “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite
                      h ttp://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/pizzagate-4chan-uncovered-sick-world-washingtons-occult-elite/

                      Dutchsinse Pizzagate report begins at the 1:05 mark
                      h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seGbMbj8-X4&spfreload=10

                      h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9ys-Lfu4Sc&spfreload=10

        • Kevin2 -hey there! RIGHT ON KEVIN! The Constitution has “had it all” from the inception, yet only a few scant years after The Constitution was invoked, assholes started having other ideas and seeking legal ways to “get around the law of the land.”

          MANY would like to see a return to The Constitution, yet few to nobody “has a clue” how to invoke the turn (which is why The Constitution loses more and more ‘ummp’ as each president takes their “jabs” at it.

          The Constitution is the ONLY THING that saved America from Obama. (He could have made a far larger mess but his hands were tied and he hated that much). lol…

          • Equorial: “The Constitution is the ONLY THING that saved America from Obama.” So True!

            Remember when the Kenyan said, “I have this thing called the Constitution that keeps getting in the way of what I want to do.”

            He did everything any good mzlm/marxist/commie could do, stating that the Constitution has deep flaws and America’s Founding Fathers had an enormous blind spot when they wrote it, and that fundamental flaw of this country continues to this day.

            He was obviously practicing Taqiya when he took the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

            • Sarge

              “He was obviously practicing Taqiya when he took the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

              No doubt about it. That lying sack of Muslim Shit.

            • Not once I can recall has Hillary ever mentioned or stated the words “US Constitution” and would rather have the laws interpreted by Her Hilly appointed Justices.

              Its pretty Amazing how close America was to be about fully destroyed under a Clinton Regime. No doubt half of America That Voted for Trump would have been on the streets hanging American Hating liberal.

              My question for Liberals is this: If you don’t Love America or Value its Constitution, why don’t you just move to a Commie Country like China, or N Korea, or Cuba??? And enjoy being a slave, under oppression. Just leave, we will help you leave, a one way ticket will be well worth the Riddance of the Cancer that Eats at America’s Heart. And when I say Liberals, I include the Jews, the Blacks, the bathroom sharing pedophiles who have a sexual identity crisis. All of you trolls.

              • Zeus

                Yep. Put them all on the Peace Train back to Honduras.
                Planes to Asia and Africa would be nice.

            • we have had a traitor in office for 8 years and no one, not a damn soul in america could do anything about it. americans are nothing but victims of their own making, you f’d yourself with a vote that never counted, and so what if it did, the damn country is just about destroyed because of everyone of them that has been in there, i suspect you just had your last so called election.

              • It’s not for lack of effort that “not a damn soul in america could do anything about” the illegal alien occupying the Office of POTUS. The fact is that the Kenyan was allowed to win and continue squating in The People’s WH because of the complicit traitors in our Congress.

                True Americans wrote letters, emailed, and called their “Reps” countless numbers of times, receiving only form letters in reply or being ignored completely.

                For a permanent Revolution to reclaim our Republic, what is needed is for citizens to begin the change at the local level. Too many “household names” are returning to Congress due to low info voters and lack of research om the Patriotic but little known incumbents.

                • Sarge, Kevin2, BfC,Anon, Eq, Zeus, and all,

                  Your posts resonate and are all spot on! Thank you for sharing the info on Griffin. Drudge had an article on the cult of Clinton that was interesting. America did just avoid a major catastrophe by rejecting Clinton. The magnitude of the prize they were after and loss is almost indescribable. It was too close for comfort. The Demonrats are unhappy sore losers and are threatening to play rough and obstruct Trump’s administration all the way. The extent of their loss is incredible! They had sold their souls to gain the world and came so close to getting it!

                  Louisiana Eagle

                  • laeagle

                    Many have no idea how close we came to a living nightmare.

                    We must used this extra time to prep for what is coming. The American People have always demonstrated for as may causes as there are stars in the sky. But these protest feel different and have underlying agendas. Agendas for the destruction of this great nation. They are not for liberty but enforcing, “Their Will” upon others.

                    Prep tip of the day.

                    Those who are using their homes to make your stand should already have thought about block and sand. Window positions most likely will be used as firing positions. The problem is the open window pane glass above you. In order to keep shattered glass from flying around you may want to cut metal flashing to cover the window above you. Secure it with the extra length added to the regular window size. A 90 degree ear. Precut ready to install.

          • ” only a few scant years after The Constitution was invoked”

            President #2 John Adams, coincidently a Founding Father, signed the Alien and Sedition Acts effectively banning criticizing the government. The ink wasn’t yet fully dried on the 1st Amendment in the Bill Of Rights when that occurred. Fortunately Thomas Jefferson reminded it but it is frightening that it even happened and by who’s hands.

            • ‘Remanded it’?

            • Auto Spell

              Rescinded it.



          • Probably True Acid on that 90%. Blacks commit at least 75% of the crime in the US and Shootings.

            That is 75% of all the convictions in the US, are committed by Backs, which actually end in a conviction. But if we add in, how many more blacks that commit crimes, that were not even caught, or they paid off some judge to swing a case. That could put this number up to 90% when you add in more NON-White crime conviction like say from Hispanics.

            It must just be Hell like in Sweden and Denmark with so many great White People and cultures, then get infiltrated by some Syrians Jihadists Refugees that go Rape the White Women because how they were dressed. That’s the Commie mentality and Motive to dilute the White Pureness and integrity as a human species which is superior in the White race, as we know how to get along. You think Blacks have integrity? Half are Felons. Would you hire a Black person to run the cash register at your business? lol

            Soros admitted in a 60 Minutes Interview that he did not care anything about the social ramifications or aspects of his (((Crimes))) for a Profit, just that if he didn’t do it for a profit, that there would be someone else doing it and for a profit, so he just feels he is filling the void, so it may as well be him. That was his comment basically in the 60 Mins interview going viral. Soros is so evil he even is a traitor to his own Jewish people, who he helped the Nazi’s steal the Jews property in Germany in the 1930’s. Evil is evil. Where is that freak anyway, Putin wants him dead or alive.

            RE: Convictions, You see when a Judge can let a criminal go, that criminal is more likely to go out and commit more crimes, and be back in the same court room again, Raising revenue for the city coffers, and the Judge can make way more bribe money with the criminal staying on the street, than in prison, and the need to hire more cops. And the second go around in court, the bribe money amount gets bigger and bigger each time. Cops must freak out when they see the same thug repeatedly on the streets after they busted them dozens of times. Its just the game of cat and mouse, and the judge hits the reset button. Even Trump said, the Cops know who these illegals are and where they STAY. I agree “Drain the Swamp.”

            That’s why every election I always VOTE OUT all Judges, to keep the courts more honest, as in term limits and then less susceptible to collusion, we hope. We see what happens when embedded US Senators, like Polosi and Schummer have too much power for decades, and then just a hand-few control the entire Senate and agenda, and those few get to decide what gets voted on. Does anybody here think Congress’s men and women Votes don’t count or matter, like in this last election?

            However just getting rid of Judges, many judgeships are appointed by the sitting Governor. If you are in Republican Governor State, he or she is more likely to appoint conservative judges to keep the system working. Unlike many liberal Commie Judges who don’t believe in accountability. And 2nd and 3rd and 4th do-overs cause he grew up in a poor black family, etc, etc, etc…

            • I think the numbers are 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies. One could say that misidentification on occasion put the wrong person in jail but eyewitnesses don’t confuse black from white from Asian. I don’t think many Australian aborigines are in the US to confuse then with African Americans. The percentages are not too shabby considering African Americans are 12% of the population.

          • if i remember correctly, even the kkk tried to tell idiots about this forced immigration about 60 years ago, did it do any good. stfu

        • The big problem is that our founders didn’t set up a country to be run from a central government, that’s what they had just shed lives over. They set it up to protect the states, who would with the consent of their citizens govern themselves. Failure to teach civics and real history is why that is not understood today.

        • One thing I learned in VietNam and in the Middle East is that confidence in yourself and your abilities scares the hell out of the enemy. THEY are crazy but weak. When you come up against them the best tactic is to be even crazier. They can’t handle it. They will either do something REAL stew ped (which gives you the advantage) or they will just turn and run away.

        • Actually the society is NOT suppose to have a president the federal government is suppose to have a president! the feds are NOT suppose to interfere with society issues it is ONLY suppose to govern the business end of the country ie. roads, national security etc. etc. and IF the Bastards would keep it at that, then WE the people could keep them in a check and balance! BUT the rulers think they need to CONTROL the populace and there fore we have a dysfunctional government trying to control the people!! things have to make a BIG change for this country to survive!!

        • Everybody has a brain and an a$$.
          It is often hard to determine which one they are using at any given time.
          For some reason I seem to be able to know which one to wipe and which one to scratch when I’m thinking.

        • Following the rule book requires that a certain group not be allowed to operate

        • Not only that but –
          We have State Governments which take federal law and apply said laws along with local nuances to the State Level.
          Then we have county and city governments which enforce those laws and add their own nuances based on the local population characteristics and integrate that with local laws.
          In all – it really is not as simple as the Federal Government wants you to think it is.

      2. Have Patience, Even when Trump is elected it will take years to clean out the Barn of the Liberals crapping on Taxpayers from Fraud Waste and Abuse. ANd I want to see Trump initiate Whistle Blowers, calling out the fraud and rewarding these heroes protecting America from Thieves. I will love it though, watching Trump close entire sectors of Government Offices and departments aka: dead wood on the books, which produce nothing but jobs for useless Liberals Obama placed on the books. So lets give Trump 8 SOLID YEARS to right the wrongs to fix all the problems and fraudulent waste in the US Government. Trump will get America back running like a “Mean Lean Running Fighting Machine.”

        • Patience is a becoming a rare commodity, with good reason.

          “..all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” (declaration of independence)

          Aren’t we tired of the constant pressure on liberty? The continual infringement that never backs down?
          It is the nature of evil to work over the long haul.
          Unfortunately, the reset process
          tends to be rapid and harsh.
          I believe we are fast approaching a particularly massive reset.
          I think a time for patience is likely behind us.

          • And common sense a superpower.

        • The swamp is so deep, dark, rank, and putrid with the foul, corrupt scum of subhuman creatures that it will take YEARS of work to clean it up.

          • Sarge,
            AGREED!!! just hope we can HELP to shorten those years!!

      3. “The most populous state in the U.S., California, is represented by 2 Senators – at a ratio of about 1 to 19 million…”

        Senators were meant to represent the States, not the people. The 17th Amendment fundamentally changed the structure of our government. Without it, things would be more distributed with the federal government having far less power. The Governors have a lot of power to ignore unconstitutional federal laws and court rulings, they just don’t have the courage or understanding to do it.

        • The Constitution give LITTLE TO NO POWER to the federal government UNLESS it is requested, for a short period of time, to elect “them” to do a specific “thing” (and ONLY that ‘thing’), and then the federal government returns to having ZERO powers.

          What we have today are the complexities of thousands of federal lawyers, judges and SHIT NOT MENTIONED IN THE CONSTITUTION that TPTB have put into place in order to “trash The Constitution” and make them ALL POWERFUL (Over and Above The Constitution, which already they “hem, haw and fight about” right? Hell, Obama never signed ONE “Constitutionally correct Executive Order during his 8 years, and not a soul in DC said a word about it but instead let it ride and ride and ride us right into where we now stand – – divided and arguing over shit that should be dispensed with (not fought about since it is man-made stupidity that someone judged to be ‘law’). Wrong.

          Let’s take it back to the period where everything was working correctly, there were few or no immigrants, and America was filled with working Americans, and not a potpourri of so many religions and lifestyles that it could NEVER POSSIBLY WORK (and damned if I am going to change MY American Life so that an immigrant does not get their feelings hurt to look upon an American flag, nor wish to stand for ‘her’.

          Right now they are talking “tough” – very well then. On Jan 20th, let’s “zero” our rifles using these tough guys and let them know exactly where American’s truly do stand, and that THEIR “fucked up ideas” will no longer be tolerated. We’ll just hang or shoot your ass.

      4. “more laterally-organized system of governance in which tons of small teams specialize in certain policies”

        Yeah sure , socialism dont work , if the Constitution was adhered to then we wouldnt need this discussion .
        Small non invasive government is key, then the will of the people would be the law of the land.
        We have checks and balances , but dont follow the rules and the executive branch over reaches without resistance.
        We have a good system if it were only used honestly .

        But the founders knew that , right ?

        • Government was never supposed to be the largest employer,
          It is fooking broken, i hope trump keeps his promise to drain the swamp

          • Nail,

            You are absolutely right. We, the people, have been feeding this Frankenstein ‘leviathan’ through our taxes and through the Federal Reserve’s ability to print unlimited amounts of ‘legal tender’.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Time to stop feeding it till the swamp is drained,
              Once thats done i will gladly step up,
              But will be damned if i contribute to this BS

      5. Oh Boy! Another mathematical genius has figured out a way to take down our government by mesmerizing us.

        All that’s really wrong with America could be summed up in one three letter word. But let me just say this. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act was fraud. It should have never been allowed. The Revolutionary War was in part an attempt by the Founders to get out and away from the Banking System in London with banks across Europe. It is still the number one problem. With so much power, these banks make a mockery of governments. So whether Royalty, or Democracy; “I care not who makes the Law”.

        • I’ve read many things on this topic; perhaps one of you can “lay it on me” in a way I can understand.

          1. America is a Republic (….”and to The Republic for which it stands, one Nation, ….”

          2. We FLED and FOUGHT EUROPE so that we could escape both Royalty and, I thought, Democracy.

          3. So, where in hell did the idea of a Democracy enter into the big picture when America is SUPPOSED to be, or is referred to as, a Republic. (Instead of The United States perhaps it should have been named The Republic of The United States or Republic of America. (or, The American Republic ….NOT to be confused with the word “Republican” …as I understand it).

          • Equorial, for #3 it seems possible that democracy became the preferred term in a sort of generic way, like ‘kleenex’ becoming the simplest way of saying “tissue” or some other description.
            Lazy man’s speak. Who started it first, politicians or media?
            So, “republic”, now rarely used, is no longer understood by most people. Many would have to look up the word to learn the real meaning.
            Dumbed down and lazy.

            And it seems it’s always called the “democratic” party instead of the democrat party.
            My grammar policing is over.

            • Ketchup very well explained. The enemy always takes you down the wrong path one step at a time, and they are very subtle. It burns my butt every time they use the term democracy, and another term which is often used lately is nation state. I most often hear it used when talking about Israel and now I hear them using that term when talking about the U.S.A. Every country is a Sovereign Nation, when they call a country a nation state they are trying to imply they part of a one world government, The UN. Trekker Out.

      6. So what can be done?

        Drain the swamp? Apparently that means something different than what I thought it meant. It must mean flush but refill out of the septic tank.

        Local government would seem to be the solution, but it’s no better. There is very little representation for the taxpayer there either. By the taxpayer I mean those who foot the bills for the parasitic .gov employees.

        The local school board is captured by the teacher union, retired teachers, alumni organizations, and jocks and jockettes.

        The mayor and council are captured by their own “importance” and public unions made up of cops and firefighters.

        It’s all just like a RICO setup. Everybody thinks their job is more important than anyone else so they bribe the costume clowns to enforce code and statute under “color of law” to stay in business. They all think they are indispensable and YOU are required to pay whatever they ask for.

        Government never shrinks…it is an ever expanding nightmare. If ya don’t like it they will get their goons to kidnap and cage you for resisting their “law”.

        Mises comes close but never says the word “anarchy”.

        • sounds like the USSR. according to 80s era public elementary school.

      7. Too complex to have a King….

        • Yo USMC – Naval Retiree just off your port-amidships. HAHAH! You got that right, and since we are somewhat to complex for a King, can you just imagine ANY form of a World Order and all of the ludicrous “hells” that would grow out of such an endeavor?

          TY for your service. I greatly appreciate it.

          • Frogman-

            Right back at ya Brother!

            It come down to timing right? We know its gonna happen its a matter of when.

            Will Trump delay that? Or expedite it? we will see….

      8. so far all comments i have read are stupid from uninformed people. stormcloudsgathering on youtube has a few videos that may enlighten some of you. the only thing that can work is anarchy. under the umbrella term “anarchy” is the room for a socialist society to exist next to some anarchists, next to a democracy, next to a group of communists. once people understand that they have no right to force their views on others, can we start to move forward. basically quit voting you assholes.
        sincerely christian anarchist
        wow, reading this commenting policy “Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated” really me claiming to be of any given religion is racist? go f* yourself, no wonder i never post to this site

        • kaleb h: Feel free to say whatever you wish upon this site. We may not ‘cotton to it’, but we WILL TRY to “see it from your shoes” before coming down on you, if at all.

          You are saying everyone here is “uninformed”. Good Lord man, about 1/3 of “The Regulars” here are 20-30yr military veterans (we don’t know shit huh)? You spout off a bunch of bullshit that is NOT TRUE IN THE LEAST and dare call US “uninformed?” fuck YOU Kaleb H. (the H. stands for Hollowhead right)?

          However, when folks come rushing in spurting off at the mouth and telling us “to go f*ck ourselves” …believe me when I say we are pleased that you NEVER post to this site.

          Now go and don’t let the door hit ya where The Good Lord split ya.

          BTW: imho it is believed, by myself, that you can’t get your head any further up your ass than it already is. (You should be able to see out your throat I should think).
          Hmm, do you work for “stormcloudsgathering” and that’s how you became “enlightened” (for none of us have the least bit of enlightenment, even though many of us are over 60, and would not mind whooping your young and dumb ass (for starters) for denouncing people you have never met nor seen in your life.

          IMHO – You have earned the dubious SHTF-Award of ONE SPEER 168gr HOLLOW POINT POINT BLANK TO YOUR FOREHEAD. PFUTT!


        • Kaleb,

          I thought every post was profound and prescient. Your contribution is always welcome but it is not necessary to put us down. Caleb was Joshua’s companion and one of the great heros of the Bible. We need many more men and women like them and all the guys you disparaged are of the caliber of Joshua, Caleb, and Deborah, and many who have seen war and the ‘face of death’, wise in the ways of this life and in government. Please be respectful in their company, that is the least they deserve!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • What do you expect from a bleeding heart liberal, most likely knows the idiot who did the math

        • Your the kinda asshole i would like to beat to death with my Estwing 24oz framer,,,,

          • Ouch!

            • Starting off with the claw side for effect

              • No nailgun?
                (you old school? 🙂

                you’d have to come up with a different moniker.

                • Ohhh i like my Hitschi guns, make life easy, figured its a lot more personal with the swinger, went with the Estwing because i dont want to get my pretty Stetto mini14 titanium dirty,,,,

                  • New moniker,,

                    • Comeon Nail,tis why they call it a “Death Stick”!I love me skull and crossbones handle,why I taped off and multi coated that part with poly!

                  • I’m still using a Stanley hammer I bought almost 40 years ago.

              • ???☠️!!!LMFAO!

      9. The U.S. government has a serious problem with duplication of agencies, programs, etc.

        I read where there are 78, yes, 78 different agencies that produce informational films, PSAs, etc. The Dept. of Agriculture has 15 agencies by itself that do this.

        I like Sean Hannity’s plan. Reduce each department’s budget by 1 penny per dollar per year for five years. Surely there is that much waste and duplication that can be eliminated.

        I think Trump is the guy who can do this.

      10. My head hurts.

      11. Solutions are simple. ARTICLES of CONFEDERATION. whihc was the original document 1776 was fought for. Only thing is, all the low IQ sheeple today spout “constitution” with NO idea the REAL history of why.
        The King had many methods of warfare. Corporate was the method used next. Plus, bribery of govt reps. Then when 1865 fails. flood the country 1880s with those ignorant and uncaring, they got a better life out of it. And diluted the population ensuring no second confederacy ..(hmm, that ROOT word again).. bread crumbs.

        Solutions, The BADGES (redcoats) are the same today.
        BADGES are REDCOATS! Police Departments are FOR PROFIT CORPS!
        Lawyers work under the BAR (british), Gold Fringed flags, Legalease .(in english, but is NOT)

      12. What is the difference between government and mafia?

        Mafia never claimed to serve the public.

        • The headline is ass backwards.
          the reason we NEED a president is BECAUSE society is too complicated.
          The presidents sole role is to be the one man that makes the “one man” decisions that take too long to resolve in committee. To be the one to act when immediate action is required.
          The president is NOT supposed to be ANYTHING ELSE if not that. He is not a legislator so “executive action” is supposed to be beyond his jurisdiction….
          we keep getting screwed because we keep letting our president do things that are not his to do…it is our own fault.

      13. The purpose of government in the US is to provide for the common defense, private property, and the rights of the citizenry. There is no need to predict or control the daily activities of any person absent commission of a crime.

        The basic premise that ‘society is too complex’ is flawed. The individuals that comprise ‘society’ are capable of controlling their own behavior within the limits allowed. There is no ‘society’. There is only you, me, and those other folks. We’re all individuals and get to act like it.

        The fascists don’t want you to live your life, they want you to live their life.

        • Good call. 🙂

      14. ***Mathematics, a report published by Vice’s Motherboard prior to Election Day suggests, proves society is so complex that democracies have been rendered irrelevant.***

        So sorry, but when the first sentence is pure bullsh!t, there’s no need to read further.

        My doctorate is in information systems- basically, data analysis for command-and-control decisions… and when I see a pronouncement like this, I just laugh. It’s a JOKE, and the only way the joke would get better is if stupid people believe it.

      15. I call BS on the “mathematical genius”.

        • Another good call. 🙂

        • No kidding. Today, Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist, said mankind has 1,000 years left to go before extinction.

          He’s just as full of it as this guy is.

          I don’t care what someone’s IQ is, it doesn’t make their opinions about partisan issues any better than that of the fry cook down at the local diner, or something. They’re still partisan and not able to be rational and objective about it.

          • Stephen Hawking has been dead for some time. Discussed here before. Someone put up a link earlier.
            Who knows, but it makes you think.
            Remove the space between ht-tp
            ht tp://milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf

      16. Scientists have laws that say bumblebees are too heavy to fly but the bumblebees fly anyway.

      17. In theory it should only require about a 1000 lariat ropes to rectify the problem. Don’t be gullible Trump even if and( that’s a big if) he is the real deal 100% really tries to implement his campaighn promises. The republic will still regress. In 4 or 8 years the tide will turn and the shortfall will become larger. The national debt is insurmountable. Simply Put everyone has gotten to big for their britches. I gonna prep for when there are not any grocery stores.

        • Where i live no grocery stores could happen real fast, there is not any appreciable back of house with huge storage capacity, locally they rely on a steady stream of containers and pallets from consolidators, or air freight, if this stops for any reason things run out quickly, i have seen it before, im sure i will see it again,
          This is one reason my prepping doesnt revolve around a single event or problem, we have the misfortune of being ruled by democrats in our state, i would leave if i could but then my entire network and the ground i live on goes away, i figure better to sit tight for now, at least the democrats closest to me are somewhat moderate, its all the transplants that are the problem, my guess is they will be the ones at the front of the lines and the noisyest trying to get the government to take stuff from those who have it for redistribution fairly,,,,
          My preps take that into consideration as well, could be scorched earth or something similar, but is a wait and see thing.

      18. Evolution must speed up. People are the same as they were 50,000 years ago.

        • The seatbelt law it partly to blame, it circumvented the process of natural selection.

          • GG

            So did the backup beeper.

            Beep, Beep, Beep. Get the fuck out of the way you dumb libtards.

      19. Old Guy, you may well find “closures” starting as soon as this fall, or perhaps sooner for grocery stores. Many of our “nitrogen cooled” facilities are SLAM OUT of foods ALREADY (if we have a bad growing season they’ll not be able to even 1/2 fill warehouses that MUST BE FULL TO CAPACITY or America runs out of rations like real fast (3 days on average for any given area). *The more the populace, the less time food stocks will stay on the shelves.

        We may find ourselves eating Kudsu and leaves, no different than apes, and with no food up north will Americans eventually become migratory beings over 1,000s of years “following the heat and food sources?” Could happen!

        The side that lost the election is looking at every available method of making us miserable, to blame on Trump of course, and so they intend to make food rather scarce in many places and we can look forward to it starting this year …anytime.

        By all means, let’s pray for the right amount of rain and we urge everyone to outdo themselves on their gardens and canning this year (hell, start early and try to grow TWO gardens in one season, which really only works in The SouthEast (I’ve never tried it in The SouthWest).

        As for Trump, I do believe he’ll invoke some astounding changes not only in America, but perhaps he’ll quell some of the bullshit going on in other places on earth – – with some simple answer to their problem? (Who is to say nay)? Trump can do a whole lot of good, but it take “we the people” to stand behind him in order to make this work in the manner we want it too. If we do nothing, he’ll have no idea what the hell we are expecting of him right?

        Taking that one even further, if TRUMP SEES US working as a team towards the same “goals” (like having enough food for every mouth in America, that belongs here), would go one helluva long way into ensuring that is what happens (now that we don’t have the “naysayers” running around blocking people from growing gardens and “the like.” Well, there will still be some, but they’ll get trounced with little effort so let them suffer it out and enjoy their suffering as much as they enjoyed “jeering you” for being a prepper! Who’s sorry now? lol…

        • Equorial, right on about store closures.
          We have kudzu vines all around us and I hate the shit. Eating it would be last on my list. Got any recipes? 🙂
          We do have coconuts by the bushel, could always survive on them along with other stuff we have growing here.

          The problem with long term food storage is probably similar to what those in the South have: how long can you store it in a hot, humid environment? Luckily we have a basement built into a hillside which stays cool. (Well, cooler than anywhere else we have, besides two fridges.) But all flours for baking and similar stuff take up the fridge space..
          Still learning what works and what doesn’t.

          • Ketchupondemand – no, I don’t know of any such thing as Kudzu “soup” either. (What it basically is for is the knowledge to folks that do NOT know it, that it IS edible, all of it, and can sustain you as opposed to nothing to eat). I’d rather go hungry myself…depending on how “lean” things were getting.

            Pass the Grey Poupon?

          • if i remember correctly, kudzu was brought over by the Japanese in the 1800s as fodder for animals.

            you can make tea from the flowers, eat the new sprigs of leaves, and do something with the roots.

            google kudzu recipes 🙂

            • grandee, I’ve heard the Spaniards brought kudzu vines here to feed their horses, probably before the Japanese.

              Recently I had to saw through a kudzu vine with a hand saw that was as thick as your wrist. Had gone up into a 75′ mango tree and it was like solid wood. Probably over 20 yrs. old.
              Occasionally we hear big trees breaking and falling as the vines get so heavy the tree gives up.
              As for eating, if it came to that I would hold the leaves over a flame to burn out the chlorophyll like is done with banana leaves.
              Yeah, I’ll make a coconut/kudzu/wild shrimp soup. Yum.

              • Would the kudza make good lashing material?I have not seen it in New England,nor want to!

                • Warchild, I’m not sure how far north it grows. I remember it freezing and dying in Florida freezes but come March or so it came roaring back.
                  Equorial, you have it in NC?

                  • as to your question Warchild, it may work but it carries a lot of water in it and locals say the cut vine liquid acts like poison oak.
                    Haven’t had the experience yet.
                    (Is the site acting up or my laptop??)

                  • There is plenty of kudzu in NC. I actually own a kudzu cookbook. I may have to use it someday, but there’s plenty of other stuff growing in the wild here that I’d rather eat first, such as dandelions, Queen Anne’s lace roots, cattails, wild onions, etc.

        • We still have that damn Food Safety Modernization Act,,,
          If Trumpster changes that around to protect small farmers ill start growing again,
          But until that happens they can stuff it,

      20. I believe Alice is thinking too hard and has strained her little brain.

      21. “[T]he concept of civilization as a complex organism,” mathematicians concluded, “is qualitatively different than either [democracy or communism].”

        Aaaaannnd therein lies the evil…
        To paraphrase:
        “we’re looking at it wrong, the idea of right and wrong is so antiquated. If you are truly intelligent, you’ll agree with me that it is soooo complex that wrong is a little right and right has much less value than we’ve always given it..”
        WARNING!! WARNING!! red lights and sirens!!!!!!

      22. Old guy, your not a troll… their is still alot of uncertainty as far as the outcome of what Trump will be able to accomplish.. it time will tell. Most believe it will take a Trump atleast two years to clean up the shit hole.. Jeff Sessions being attorney general will be disrupting the sleep if the UN selected liberal congressional congress faction.. keep prepping and some of us can only prep so much.. but I have been noticing that it’s back to business as usual and the good news is that th ammunition is still flying off the shelves, the guns are still selling.. a black thug uprising took place on the Sonny side Houston area, protesting the Trump win. That area has the highest felons and see offenders regristry, and the cops went out there to keep them in check.. we don’t expect too much of and uprising in Houston, too many people in this city are more concerned about making money, this keep Houston busy..it’s that EMP supprise that’s got most us prepping because we know what can happen will possible happen. And I an glad that we did not end in civil, revolutionary war because none of us would be posting crap her had that commensed. If it does not happen, then good l, of it does, I am all for it.. most of the folks around twins appear generally happier and look better and are smiling more and being more friendly..


        Still monitoring SHTF..

      23. I drove truck many years. Pulled a reefer trailer at different times. And for the most part The food isn’t grown where its processed and isn’t processed where its consumed. Shipped by trucks , rail and barge. And the infrastructure is badly deteoriated. Trumps idea to rebuild the infrastructure is a good thing. What I suspect is a false flag shutdown of the grid during the extreme cold between now and when obummer leaves If the grid goes down no food in the grocery stores very quickly. So Im prepping for no electricity. Things like LP to cook and heat. In not gonna run a noisy generator or build a wood fire that might attract attention.

      24. The time for M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction)of the planet has come. Let’s get on with it!

      25. Old Guy, don’t forget about the ability to COOL using LP or propane as well. Fridges and freezers both use surprisingly little for what you get back in cooling (and not having to “cook off” three freezers full of whatever due to lack of power. (It makes a great backup that you can have up and running in seconds in most cases assuming they are already in place “ready to burn”).

        We are so far out there is zero chance of our power generation being heard (we would know of their approach before they could hear us, barring drones I guess). Generacs are propane powered and super-quiet because the power heads are small (like a max of 3700W (Boost), but “full-time” should be at 1/2 load or about 1800W and the power heads will endure “heavy loads” up to 3,000-3400MAX for very short periods. (Heavy electrical loads are hard on the “brushes” (which you should have at least two spare sets of btw …especially with “regular use” as in daily).

        If you are “handy”, you can take several powerheads and mount them onto a car or truck rearend, so that you can turn as many as you wish, and as long as each powerhead operates at the same RPM it will work. Steam-engines don’t yet work because you can’t get the steam to hold “steady”, and with power the “head” must spin at exactly the right RPM or you’ll get into all sorts of problems. Using two or more requires that you put them “in phase”. Generacs “self-phase” with two only, but won’t self-start until you yank a rope. (I was not going to pay a grand for an electric start …no way). You’ll be doing it by hand within five years anyway…

        • We have a old motor home that has a LP refrigerator. It also had a 12 volt electric system with a generator powered by a 2 cyl engine. the gen engine is gasoline but I could make it run on LP or even firewood. Its estimated that a grid shutdown would cause a 90% die off within one year. Until the die off and the culling is over it would be best to keeping a low profile. being willing to take a hard line and DTA don’t trust anyone. Ive got young grandchildren and I simply don’t have the luxury of remaining at my home and fighting to the death. So If forced to I will leave. And I will burn it when I go. Hopefully the No goods who caused our flight will find the hidden can goods that I poisoned . We have a remote cave only accessible by foot. I wore a burro out packing stuff in there. the burro surprisingly easily carried a full 100 pound tank of LP up a steep mountain side.

      26. Maybe NOW would be a good time to get into the beans, make farts, save farts in large propane tank and pressurize for months, keep farting and saving.

        Eventually, you’d have 5,000 pressurized gallons of Liquid Methane that you could use versus LP or Propane (at no risk).

        If you do NOT want “bean gas”, remember to put a ladder into the bean pot when cooking it, to allow the Farter Starters to climb out.

        🙂 *old joke

        • Equorial: I always add a little pineapple to my ham and beans, that way later on in the day I will hear Hawaiian music.

      27. Just heard that Alex Jones was threatened at gunpoint!
        Y’all be ready for the backlash people.

        TRUMP… not out to getcha.

      28. Leftists spoiling the party, that’s who I blame.
        Nobody can reason with a friggin’ leftist… they don’t even know who or what they support!

        TRUMP… not out to getcha.

      29. Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three… Can you hear me Vinny?

      30. I’m missing the sounds from many wise posters here… eppe, Sgt Dale, sixpack, PITW…

        You’re info is much appreciated by many you know.


        • Eppster passed away

          • Does seem though a lot of regulars are missing for reason of,well,just not interested anymore?I get that way but try and at least make some kind of regular appearance,though,while some good a lot of articles not really doing much for me,was always the forum that made this site worth it,hope folks keep coming/come back.I do know the hobbit(genius)is out in his off line homestead,riding it out he said till winter really sets in and work calls him back,the rest,hmmmm…..

            • WD

              Kind of a ghost town at times.

              Many are getting ready for what is ahead and maybe looking at other sites for news. I try and post a tip of the day for the Newbies.
              When this is all over, if that can ever be, I hope I do not have to hear Hillary or Obama’s voice on the networks. To me they are like barking dogs that disturb the quiet of the night.
              It may be as easy as we are tired of it all and it sure has not stopped with the vile stuff from the Democrats
              I am done with, who did what or when it happened. The intellectual explanations don’t mean nothing to me.
              The hands on and how to do it and kill the head of the snake, is all that matters.
              Now it will be the Pelosi’s, Boxer’s Water’s, Reid’s, Feinstein’s, Boxer’s and Schumer’s of the world that we have to listen to in disgust. They all have that smug face that tells you they think they know what is best for you.

              Things will pick up. Give it time.

        • Sgt Dale, sixpack are OK, the rest are dead wood. Literally.. Petrified by now. lol

      31. take a large innertube. cut a hole and pack it full of green cow manure. clamp the opening shut between two boards. Pretty soon the innertube will expand like its full of air. loosen the valve core and light it. you will have a small flame but big enough to cook over.

      32. Breaking news! Cubs forced to relinquish World Series title after massive protests

        During a noon press conference today, held at the Wrigley Field executive office, team president Theo Epstein just confirmed that the Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title, despite winning the deciding game 7. Cleveland Indians fans have rioted across the country in protest of the 2016 World Series after learning that their OBS (on base percentage) was ahead of the Cubs, .321 to .316. Despite knowing the rules of the game prior to playing, where it is final score, not OBS that decides the game winner, Indians fans were outraged that they lost and demanded the outcome to be changed. One fan interviewed by RotoReuters told radio WLOSR from his mommy’s basement states that “If we aren’t are given the trophy, we will burn down every Starbucks and video game store in the nation. Remember, as coach Alinsky told us, power for the sake of power is all that, matters.”

        Fans bused in by George Soros also mobbed major downtowns across America, chanting “Not my World Series champion,” “Winning isn’t fair,” “Rape Kris Bryant,” and “Math is racist.” Even though the Cubs won 4 games and the Indians only won 3, since both teams scored 27 total runs throughout all 7 games, Cleveland is being declared co-world champions despite losing game 7. When questioned, Commissioner Pelosi stated, “We felt as though it was the right thing to do for the nation. What kind of example would Major League Baseball be setting if we expected adults who play this game, and their fans, to maturely accept a fair contest that didn’t turn out the way they wanted? This is not what they learn in school, nor in university. Instead of creating a bigger divide between the Cubs, the Indians and reality, MLB is confident that the Cubs will gladly share their victory with the Indians. Our mandate at the MLB executive is that equality of outcome, not opportunity, should be both our hallmark and our goal… besides, as we learned from Dear Leader Hilary, “rules” only apply to little people – so there is absolutely no need to follow the rules of baseball as originally established. Besides, 3 strikes and you’re out, 27 outs for a 9 inning game, and a ball reaching first base before a runner is really an outflow of oppressive white males who believed that addition, subtraction and other basic math utilized in the game is the residue of an earlier time where reality trumped feelings – no longer something we can countenance in the MLB.”

        In another major announcement today from MLB executives, given that the “equality of outcomes” is the new modus operandi of all MLB next year, Commissioner Pelosi announced that all teams, even the lowly Milwaukee Brewers, will finish with an 82-82 record in 2017 and everyone will be given the World Series trophy, along with a gold star, for just trying.

        • Very good, TEST! You should write a column of REAL news stories like this. The satire/sarcasm would be lost on the leftists, but the rest of us would be entertained.

      33. Muslim Leader in US: “Islam is not here to Integrate. Islam is here to Dominate.”

        Here is a clip of this doofus, Haitham Ibn Thbati addressin the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir (I assume this translates from Arabic into English as “Thank allah for these leftist useful idiots” or something similar. http://freedomoutpost.com/muslim-leader-in-us-islam-is-not-here-to-integrate-islam-is-here-to-dominate/

        I would like to humbly suggest to this Islamofascist that they start their domination process in Vermont (specifically in Bernie Sanders’ home town), in gay San Francisco, and in the feminist areas of New York City. They may also want to consider starting their dominiation in those “safe space” the snowflakes have on the PC campuses.

      34. Interesting topic and discussion. Having worked at the highest levels of government, I can assure you they really do not know what they are doing, but most are arrogant enough to think they do.

        But the reality is the US president has become largely a ceremonial role; a piece of theater put on for the media. Just look at recent presidents: Clinton spent much of his second term screwing about at the White House; practicing his golf moves and boning interns. Bush 2 was clearly not in charge on 9/11 and it was Cheney who was the director that day. As for Obama, he effectively moved into being a gay underwear model and golfer some time ago. Obama basically had to do just two things: one was to get elected as a black/white man; the other was to sign off on the bailouts to Wall Street (Obamacare was just a part of this). Once he got that done, then it was time to gurn, do selfies, golf, practice his ‘blue steel’ look, smoke, snort coke, and suck schlong.

        Most people know the system is too big to micro-guide it. The smart ones know 99% of so-called ‘high-level’ meetings are BS and that they only have one purpose: to gather together flying biz or first class, staying in a five-star hotel, and scam to steal money and exchange tips on bank accounts, overseas property and the best booty. That’s high-level government in a nut shell. It is why there are more summits, fora, and meetings than ever before but nothing good ever gets accomplished for the average guy or gal.

        • good description, Frank.
          Where (and when) does it end??

      35. I believe step fathers are the domestic enemy. Look what they are doing to the family structure?

      36. I don’t give a shit about the kids . I just want to f this stupid c word.

      37. Old guy I agree with you everything shows up in a truck. They need a major investment in transportation. I’m driving a 2004 international 9100. What trucking company runs a fleet this old . Don’t get me wrong they are safe and maintained at around 80 percent condition but old. Trailers are beat up with patches everywhere. Barn is too small for the freight coming through. It’s only a matter of time IMO. Nobody wants to drive a truck anymore. Truckers are a dying breed like cowboys. Wages in the bucket. Lousy management. It’s not even a career of last resort it’s just a paycheck as I see it. Freight brokers are selling the industry to lowest bidder. They hire morons. I could go on and on but you already know.

        • The last truck I drove was a 2000 pete good condition but lots of miles. it had 800,000 miles on it when I started driving it and a million 500,000 when I quit. The owner had his own DOT authority and His own cargo insurance. I received 25% of Gross Revenue. And I usually found my own loads. I made money and ran the wheels off of it. Carried two log books and dodged the scales. After I quit they took the truck off the long haul. Put it under a lowboy and use it to move equiptment. The engine was a 475 cat. and never had nothing done to it since it was new just regular oil & filter changes. a million and a half miles and still going strong.

      38. Just took a look at dicks sporting goods Black Friday ad. Get a savage axis with scope for $250 two boxes of federal target 22lr 325rnds each box for $35 that is a good deal IMO. Rest of the ammo is 50 percent off. A ruger 1022 or a looks like a stoeger shotgun for $200. The savage has my interest. Anyway thought I’d put that out there. Don’t know if dicks is everywhere but we got two of them within 40 miles of each other. There is a 10 box limit on the ammo don’t know about the 22 though.

      39. Perhaps the complexity was taken into account when the 10th amendment was added and complexity is getting too much to handle because our federal government isn’t following it?

      40. It is a very crispy clear morning, Plenty of sunshine at 54 degrees F. with a slight wind.

        Tip of the day.

        How will temperature affect your battle gear. NYLON has flexibility problems. I do not know how the material will work if it gets wet than cold. How about the old 1956 canvas gear. Think about those plastic items that can become brittle and more prone to breakage. There are items that work well in warm temps but have problems in the cold. We are moving into a new arena. WINTER! AR500 steel Plates will absorb the low temps. Plastic magazine reliability.
        I would like you to go over your stuff and make your adjustment accordingly.

      41. Guys, I met with the scientist last night for a 3 hour meeting to hear what he knows. What he thinks will happen…will update you guys later on by sometime this week.. I have good news and bad news, but the good news is really good..i will five you a hint. the cabal will not be able to do what they want to do, but will make and attempt to do something bad to prevent the inaguration..Trump getting basically handed China there asses.. they can mass troops all they want here…they have a suprise coming.



        • HCKS,
          The powers that shouldn’t be don’t always get their way. America has seen Divine Intervention in the past, and now with the election of Donald Trump, God has graciously given us a reprieve.

      42. This is more than crybabies acting their frustrations. You have people threating the Electoral College. The demonstration to “disrupt” Trump’s inaugural. Lots of activists being paid by Soros and Whomever. Much damage can be done between now and Jan. 20th. with the Jerkoff in the white house.

        I am definitely tire of the USA flag burning and waving of the Mexican Flag on our soil over ours. And many others too. If you do these things you can get the hell out and fuck your free speech. It is not about free speck, it is disrespect to our nation. Go do it somewhere else.

        It is sad time to tell fellow Americans to prepare for war on their own soil. We are saturated with foreigners that mean to do this country harm and filled with Home Land Idiots who want a more socialist state.

        Be Alert. Stay Safe. Some is better Than None.

        Prep for War

      43. 2 day long moderation holds now?

      44. @ Kevin 2, Great post on the constitution! Those patriots were wise beyond their time.

      45. Yes, it’s too complex for one man (or woman). That’s why the ‘one man (or woman) has a cabinet and individuals to numerous high level positions.

      46. While researching the news I am surprised on how many video’s are disabled for the public to see.

        Not a free press and one sided for the democrat/liberal crowd for it is not completely shown what they do at protests. License to damage and steal?
        The new propaganda is to deny public access.

        Stalin and Hitler would smile.




        • Wood chips tend to sap the nitrogen in active beds, better to use as a carbon source for the compost pile. Good mulches are straw, hay, especially alfalfa hay, and leaves, but the leaves best used as late season mulch.

        • For you folks living where its cold its good to think about tunnels and stuff like row covers and frost blankets, also cold frames. Season extension could be the difference between starving and getting by, the learning curve is steep

      48. Just heard that George Soros.. just got taken out by white hats, meaning that he is dead, it’s not 100% confirmed but I head that he is dead and fuck. I will let you guys know as soon as it hits the alternative media, and becomes public, they had to stop him from triggering the dollar collapse and the next American Civil war… I am not sure yet I an telling you what I heard. This is the best news anyone could possible hear because that literally means that all those fuck tarts, the so called 30,000 liberal communist dumb fucks who plan to stop the inaguration of Trump, may have something to worry about not just the veterans, Patriots and bikers that plan to show up in DC. Its about time that the White hats take out those sons of bitches..if this is true, thank you patriot white hats. we truly admire, and respect the wonderful work that you do..


        Donald Trump is here to stay..and I am loving every minute of it.

      49. Manure and Compost. After SHTF you will not have commercial fertilizer. Any element of organic matter will reduce yields when added green until it breaks down. Green wood chips take a long time to break down. Rotted sawdust applied in the fall will be incorporated by spring. Saving seeds is something I have be attempting. its hard to keep weevils out of the seeds without putting them in the freezer. I trying something this time. I thouroughly coated some of the seed corn in Diatomacetious earth. Time will tell if that works. I think many of us decided its futitle to even try and inform the sheeple. All trying to open their eyes does is add to the potential number of non preppers who will come to our house when things get bad.

        • It certainly does seem that way doesnt it, the whole futile to wake em up thing, i give up on that, just keep my mouth shut and do my own thing.
          The bugs in the seed is a tough one, DE has shown some promise, dusting the seeds with a mixture of DE and talc and sticking them in jars or cans seems to work, no side effects, for me the hardest thing is getting them dry enough, right now its real dry but most of the time its been pretty humid, so mildew has been a problem. We also have moths that take over anything your trying to save, with beans and peas theres a wierd little beetle, seems everything you try to save theres someone or something that is trying to screw it up!

      50. Guys I heard last night from a friend who said that a George Soros has been taken out, as in dead, it’s and Internet source, that’s reliable but I can’t confirm it yet.. I was done by the White hats Black Ops boys..I have not heard anything from my source, who has other sources.. I am just telling you what I heard.


      51. George sorros is NOT dead.

      52. Real interesting discussion. I think there are a lot of paranoid people here and a lot who have far too much faith in Trump. A lot of unrealistic stuff…
        As a former Boy Scout and air cadet, I say it never hurts to be prepared. Having said that, if the SHTF, most preppers are probably going to be forced to abandon 90% of their stuff at some point anyway.
        Focus on a plan that involves getting away from towns and cities and into survivable wilderness. Focus on skills like building fires, shelter, snares and primitive projectile weapons. Salt is the most important thing you can stockpile because it will become essential for preserving food. Guns should be kept for emergency protection only. Learn how to shoot a bow! Ammo will run out quick and probably at a faster rate the more you have!Think about buying some flintlock guns because you can maintain them yourself. Saltpeter can be made from urine, charcoal is pretty obvious and sulphur, lead and flint are very common and in wilderness areas can even be commonly fond on the surface.
        Don’t forget the US is overflowing with game these days because of tree hugging liberals.
        One mistake of prepping is to try to take all of civilization with you into the apocalypse. It just isn’t practical or logical.

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