Why The UN Human Rights Council Is Silent As Venezuelan’s Die Oppressed Under Socialism

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 67 comments

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    The United Nations Human Rights Council has been silent on the death of Venezuelans at the hands of their democratic socialist government. The UN has sided with death, but that isn’t surprising, considering the horrific plans they have laid out for most humans.

    The Miami Herald is calling the UN’s lack of response to blood in the streets in Venezuela a “travesty.” Despite Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s bloody repression of opposition protests that have resulted in more than 100 dead, thousands of wounded and hundreds of political prisoners over the past three months, the United Nations Human Rights Council, UNHRC, has not uttered a single word about Venezuela’s human rights crisis.

    But there’s a reason for the silence, and all one has to do to figure it out, is lightly scratch the surface. The UN doesn’t care about human rights.  It’s a front for their ability to massively depopulate the earth for the advancement of Agenda 21.

    In 1992, at a Venezuela conference, the United Nations passed something called “Agenda 21,” for which the elder US President, George Bush, publicly gave his support. It referred to something called “Sustainable Development,” but what this plan laid out very clearly was a one world government. This idea of One World Rule is not new to the Bush clan, or even to the modern day Illuminati. It has been around at least since the times of the Roman Empire, and before. –The Daily Sheeple

    Could this be the reason the UN doesn’t care about a few hundred Venezuelans and their oppressed deaths? Possibly, but don’t expect the mainstream media to report on the horrors of socialism.  Human beings who seek freedom are the biggest threat to the political structures which are planning to destroy most of mankind, which is why governments are using brainwashing techniques and propaganda on the weak masses.  Humans will always gravitate toward their freedom unless brainwashed to accept their own oppression. This is the reason we have so many people across the globe cannot see taxation as the theft that it is. But the explanation for the UN’s silence gets even more disturbing.

    Some have an even more sinister reason for the UN’s silence on the oppression of the Venezuelan people.

    There is a reason for that inaction, of course. About half of the council’s 47 member countries are dictatorships — including Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela — who defend one another against charges of human-rights violations. In fact, the UNHRC is a mutual protection society for the world’s worst dictatorships. –Miami Herald

    That isn’t exactly comforting.  Dictatorships, which the US is headed quickly towards becoming, are in control of “human rights,” so expect the eventual announcement that there is no such thing by those claiming ownership over others. Neither the United States nor any other socialist democracies represented at the council have presented any motions to the council condemning Venezuela’s human rights abuses. That’s because death is a necessary outcome to those who seek infinite power over the lives of others.

    As the United States stumbles toward tyranny and becomes more socialist, the changes of our streets looking like those of Venezuela increase.  The hypocrisy of instituting the very same socialist policies which caused Venezuela to collapse would appear too obvious for those attempting to brainwash the public in the United States.

    Hope seems all but lost against a world takeover, but those on the bottom forget that they are many while the elites are few.


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      1. Wait until amerika allows the snowflakes to create “gun free” zones or “free speech ” zones then it will be “no food” zones.

        • Will give a whole new meaning to the term food desert

        • Gandhi, I don’t recognize any of those commie concepts. The snowflakes can go f#$% themselves.

          • In SHTF my pet dogs will eat before my human neighbors will. In WROL It will be fun to use those stupid NRA window stickers on cars ? for target practice.

          • I only have one word for looters, “die!”

          • Good because corporations = socialism

          • The UN human rights council is a bunch of rich people. Why should they care?

            • The U.N. is THE evil empire!

              U.S. out of the U.N.
              U.N. out of the U.S.

          • The US Government also violates human rights in every Country they invade including genocide on women and children and non enemy combatants. Over 1 Million dead in Iraq alone. The US Government also poisons its own populations with GMO Laced foods, Fluoride and arsenic in the public drinking water supply. They also let Americans get over medicated with Opioids and other toxic poisons in FDA Drugs. Half the crap on the shelf n Grocery stores is not even food, but labeled as food or consumables. The UN and Human Rights council participate in Human Trafficking and Pedophilia, and fights along side Western forced in invading countries. The UN is still occupying Haiti/ after the Clinton Fiasco and continuing raping children and women. The UN is a Sham Organization, and the US needs to withdraw ASAP and declare the UN Null and Void.

            • Yes, and don’t forget to take your loving vaccinations from your loving abortionist snowflakes.

              • And geo engineering

        • Well Wyo is already almost a “Free Gun Zone”. What we need is a “Cheap ammo Zone”. I read about all these plots and plans and it seems so silly, The Rich got the vast majority of the money, I don’t care I got enough. But I just don’t see the possibility of them doing much more out here in nowhere land. Not much to gain and a lot of possibilities they just get their butts shot off.

      2. Hmmm perhaps because the U.N. is basically a joke and no one is too concerned over it.

        • I think they were right to hand their guns over in 2012. Gun free zone=food free zone=law free zone=NRA zone hahahahaha tewls.

          • With no guns, their defenseless wives and kids can’t protect the house while the man is out hunting for tomorrow’s food. Hahaha so looters will take what you gathered the day before. But they didn’t mind being unarmed while government checks were good.

        • Top notch article Mac. Well done!

          You state, “This is the reason we have so many people across the globe cannot see taxation as the theft that it is”. So true, but also that is why people would not accept “public assistance”, because it was receiving stolen property. Making them a party to the crime!

        • CC, the history of UN ‘peacekeeping’ operations alone speaks volumes. They’re also called USELESS nations for a reason.

        • Ex Mayor Michael (((Bloomberg))) is attempting to implement Agenda 21/30 and the Paris Climate Accords onto American Cities to comply even though Trump pulled the USA out completely and withdrawn from it entirely.

          (((Bloomberg))) is an America hating control freak Traitor and enemy combatant and should be charged, tried and shot via firing squad for Treason for his crimes against American citizens for attempting to Void out the 2nd Amendment. (((Bloomberg))) is just another scumbag (((George Soros))), but in a suit. They work in collusion and conspiracy to overthrow the USA so their Masters can make us all their slaves.

          Ain’t happening on my watch, expose (((them))) at every turn and take a good look at (((them))) and what (((they))) look like. That is what a Traitor looks like.

      3. I’ve been curious as to why the media doesn’t cover this situation. There are people down there starving and getting killed. Isn’t this the perfect bleeding heart story for the MSM? Those people need help but it’s all for nil unless their economic system gets overhauled.

        • The media are all flaming communists, socialists or Marxist. The failure of communism in Venezuela is antithetical to the progressive/globalist agenda, they will never cover it or any similar real news.

          When they do occasionally write a rare article, the narrative is twisted so the victims become the bad guys and the bad guys becomes framed as the heroes.

          • You miss the point of Venezuela: socialism “succeeded”. Make the poor powerless and the rich powerful. Those dictatorships can have Feds disappear you with no trial.

            • Gandhi, Feds have to get close enough to someone in order to ‘disappear’ them. They’ll never get close enough to me.

              • They got Finicum

            • Gandhi,
              You have a point, the powers that shouldn’t be have publicly admitted they want to eliminate 90% of the worlds population. From their perspective, Venezuela is a work in progress.

              • Yes but the flamingos and zoo animals are suffering. People suffering, who gives a $hit.

        • Jackknife, the media is the same one that will shout out indignation over the rights of some bird or endangered species while calling abortion a right. The same one that insists that common core education is somehow a move towards progress over a disciplined classroom. The same that will scream for women’s rights while stating that Muslim women are strong for being forced to wear the head-scarf and have their genitals mutilated. That want the protection of the law for any and all violent protest; yet, shriek when a citizen stands up for his or her rights. They are highly paid persons after all. They all sold their souls – mind, body, hearts – to the highest bidder. Hmmm, what’s the word for someone who will do or perform any act no matter how vile for cash?

      4. Why am I not surprised? Think they would do anything if the U.S. were in the same boat? They would be cheering!

        • Just wait, they will get to cheer soon.

      5. Why? We have sanctions against Venezuela . That means if any country buys or sells anything to Venezuela . They can not buy or sell anything to us for one year. Is the Venezuelan government gonna give up that lite sweet crude the easy way or the hard way?

      6. UN + Doing = UNdoing

        Here ends the lesson.

        (Cue up Monks singing softly in background)

      7. Agenda 21 (now renamed) is utterly and completely evil.

        The situation is Venezuela is nothing new. The Black Book of Communism said the left MURDERED ~ 100mm last century. Dr. RJ Rummel, Univ. of Hawaii (tough job, but SOMEONE has to do it, right?) said around 170 million if I recall (see https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/PERSONAL.HTM ) When they opened the Soviet archives in 1991, they said there had been 61 million “excess” deaths. Mao? Maybe 20 – 30 mm dead, plus his Red Guard antics (compare that to the Red Guards in Berkeley, CA…. same diff). Pol Pot? What was it? 3 – 4 mm?

        Truth is, death, poverty and ignorance has ALWAYS followed the left at ALL times, starting with Robespierre and continuing to today. Maybe there was an excuse 100 years ago, when famed journalist Lincoln Steffens LIED and wrote “I have seen the future (in Stalin’s USSR), and it works,” in that he was doing the usual leftist schtict of lying to bring in utopia, but today, only the intentionally ignorant could still buy into that gambit

      8. And how does this garbage come about? E.g., you have famed leftist Woody Allen saying “”It would be good… if [President Obama] could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.” http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/23/nation/la-na-ticket-20100523

        Pol Pot “got things done quickly,” too, Woody. I’ll believe you when your mansion and penthouse is repossessed “in the name of the people.”

      9. Forget about Venezuela. Yemen. Yemen is being destroyed as we speak. The US has sided with the Sunni terrorists of Saudi Arabia against the Shia people of Yemen. Cholera is rampant and the Globalists are refusing to allow the medicine into Yemen. The Globalists have destroyed the infrastructure of Yemen. The NWO is heartless.

        • Him, “The NWO is heartless”.

          That sums up why I prep. But I would add ruthless to heartless.

          • Justice, agreed. The NWO is ruthless and heartless.

            • So are your snowflake neighbors, ruthless but luckily incompetent.

              • Mine are stealing, dirty, drug using thugs. There will be a fight here, but I’d be surprised if any of them prepped. I’m sure they have some guns and ammo, but not a lot. I’m in the process of finding a mobile home to move to BOL. Going to look at one in a few minutes. Trying to get this done and completed soon. Would also like to buy good older vehicle that can still operate after EMP. Already have ATV(it’s noisy though) Have golf cart and tractor. I wish more Americans would prep and be ready to fight the NWO devils. Waiting

                • Life is good for most people, why prep? If you go to a backyard barbecue and you get at least one Weiner you think all is great. But not enough weiners and then it makes you think?

        • Him,
          The war on Yemen is all about destroying “Al Jazeera”. Al Jazeera has become a powerful global tool for the Shia movement. Sunni’s like the House of Saud want a leash on it, or want it shut down. The Emir of Yemen is very proud of Al Jeseera, and won’t allow it to be muzzled, he refused option one.

          Option two is currently being pursued by the deep state. Yemen will be in ruins and Al Jaseera will be no more. The genocide will be in the tens of thousands, and a Shia nation will be left in ruins and lose all influence.

          Incredible how single minded and ruthless the globalists are. The continuing war in Yemen is proof the globalists are proceeding on schedule

      10. Socialism hard at work benefiting the idiots who allowed it to flourish in that country, dont feel sorry for them, they are getting exactly what they voted for

      11. Nailbanger the UN has been communist and pushing for one-world communist government from day 1. No one owes anything to the UN. Look at the history of their so-called ‘peacekeeping’ missions. They’ve been a failure in every country they’ve been in. They’ll also fail here. Over 100,000,000 gun owners here will see to that. The UN can’t even enforce any resolutions they come up with. Other countries just flip them off and never get penalized for it.

        • Funny, the democrats what the same as communists?

        • Out of 100,000,000 gun owners only two know how to shoot: that’s me and one other guy that I have not met yet. Maybe Miculek could take me in a fair fight so it won’t be fair?

          • Being fair in a fight doesn’t count.

            Being the winner does.

      12. There was a time when the UN was at least half useful for the benefit of humanity. But, since the mid-2000s, the UN has been taken over at its highest levels by the worst of third world nations, and in particular, many of its senior staff are now Muslims from those nations. In summary, the UN, which gets most of its funding from the US and the Nordic nations, spends that money hiring third world dirtbags and Muslims. Most UN peacekeeping missions are staffed by third worlders, thus all the rapes, cholera and sex-for-food.

        This explains why they are quiet about the slaughter going on in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Venezuela etc. Because that is just another day at the office in third world land. It also explains why they are facilitating the mass migration of third worlders to the West: charge a bribe or a ‘fee’ to the local headman back in your village and then help them get a passage to Europe. Collect more fees as those indentured ‘slaves’ either collect welfare or get a crappy job, or work as a prostitute. Take the money and buy land back home and start a construction company: get a contract from the World Bank to build something: rinse, repeat.

        • FT, sorry to bust your bubble, but the UN has NEVER been beneficial to us average citizens anywhere.

      13. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/07/13/the-russians-and-chinese-have-massive-assets-in-the-us-and-are-awaiting-orders/

        SHTF makes some news on Hodges site. See what agents are saying about china announcing that they have spies on the US soil. Looks like all the muscled up chi-com males all over Houston are really here for something else. That may explain what’s going on with certain things like that one chi-com males I saw filming the good looking blond chick working out in the aerobic room at the Copperfield gym.


        • Quite a few in Cinco Ranch.

      14. The incredible thing is that so many Venezuelans still support Chavez/Maduro and Socialism. The media continues to report Venezuela as “teetering on the brink”. What constitutes “going over the brink” and when. The national occupation is waiting in line to buy essential items like flour, sugar, milk, medicine, toilet paper, soap. 700% inflation rate. There are men who do nothing but cruise the streets on motor scooters and rob anyone carrying anything of value. They may or may not kill you. Carry a bag of groceries? Pull out your cellphone? These things can get you killed. How can anyone still want socialism? Send Bernie Sanders down there to straighten things out! Just don’t let him come back!

      15. Check out the article at The Daily Coin, “Court Rules Citizens Have A Right To Fight Back Against Police Brutality”.

      16. If every patriot kills two or more government agents who come to take your guns and food it will be too costly for them in the long run. Do you want to be an government agent trying to pick up guns? I wouldn’t think so! Even if fifty of them show up and you kill some and wound some they will start thinking a bit. Of course you may be dead but at least you will have stood for something which is freedom!

      17. Europe is for all practical purposes socialist and its northern section, from a standard of living / health care perspective is high. Venezuela has bad government period.

        • Political ignorance in the US is epic. Northern Europe is not “socialist” but social democratic. And that is a big difference. Social democracy believes in essential freedoms and rights, and operates in a concensual decision-making model. It also believes there is a bottom no human being is allowed to sink to, and thus a floor is placed on how far a person can sink. Under American oligarchical capitalism, you can crater right through the floor and be left to die on the streets, crapping in the open as tech millionaires stroll on by.

          Social democracy is the highest form of human existance so far achieved by man (a flawed creature, so not perfect). American oligarchical capitalism is little better than fascism and possibly far worse (at least fascists protected the race and spent generously on the health and well-being of the population).

          Social democracy is being undermined by an American policy of forcing social democratic states to become like the US, where any moron in the world can just rock up and start living there. This is not social democracy since social democracy means a responsibility both ways, the state to the individual and the individual to the society. A lazy-ass Muslim living on welfare and not working and committing crimes is not playing by the rules of social democracy. Nor is he alligned with its values, which are feminist and pro LGBT rights. Social democratic states need to assert this and kick out those who do not abide by those values.

          • Hey, Frankie…for once I almost agree with you. As a Norwegian, I much prefer to live in a society that cares about its citizens than one which wants to bomb and maim brown kids, purely to make already obscenely rich people even richer. And the “poor” morons on this site support those rich people by voting them into power and then defending them..sheesh!

            Kevin 2 sometimes talks sense..but really, he should stick to keeping his nose out of things he hasn’t a clue about, such as European politics..like most Americans, his ignorance of the world is palpably and painfully embarrassing.

            • Palpably and painfully? Let more brown kids in and see what happens?

          • Frank…Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro was also known as a Socialist Democracy.As soon as the price of Oil tanked How is that working out for them now?
            Let’s also look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy even France. ALL of which are European Socialist Democracies…ALL of which are bankrupt and ALL of which will eventually look like Venezuela.
            And as an American, I am not proud of where we have gone. Before the “NEW DEAL” which introduced SOCIAL Security and other SOCIALIST Policies as a safety net, we were the wealthiest nation and biggest CREDITOR to the world. The banksters didn’t like not having control, so they caused the Great Depression and 20 years before infiltrated the US by creating the Federal Reserve Act. Shortly thereafter the creation of the IRS, the CIA and all of the other bureaucracies designed to enslave the populace began, and its been a downward spiral since….NOT DUE TO CAPITALISM…but instead due to CORPORATE CRONYISM…Government in bed and being CONTROLLED by the banks and corporations

            Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically states the ONLY THE CONGRESS…not a private bank, has the power to print and coin money.

            Socialism is simply the equal sharing of MISERY. You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it…and re-distribution does EXACTLY that

            • I agree with you that capitalism has great wealth creation powers but you make a key mistake: you fail to address the scientific and technological age. When America was ‘rich’ from raw capitalism, it was not the richest country in the world. That was England. England got rich because it built a global trading empire and used the profits to invest, especially in industry. America got ‘rich’ through share cropping, slavery, and resource exploitation. America was a mostly rural nation in the period you mention.

              European countries, one after the other in competition with England, industrialized and modernized throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were richer than America at that time. That competition eventually led to an arms race and to WWI. That conflict gave rise to new philosophies to address the techno and scientific age that had been further advanced through war spending. Competing philosophies sought to address the rapidly urbanizing Europe and its industrial labour force. Socialism was one, but so was fascism. Socialism sought to organize people through a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ and to use that to expand the benefits of industrialization. Fascists, on the other hand, made friends with capitalists and industry and decided they would get wealthier by working with them than fighting them or destroying them. Instead they would co-opt them into something called ‘corporatism’. Musolini was the first to speak of this new system. The Germans liked what they were hearing and added their own dimension (Germany at that time had the smartest scientists and most advanced scientific research). The Germans, following the British and the American Fordists, became interested in a ‘new man’ for this new age. They felt that science could be used to make a new human being and that society could be made hygenic and clean. All deformaties and failures of human beings could be removed through science and technology. And so the Germans came up with Nazism: racial fascism.

              This led to WWII and the destruction of European wealth. And this was how America became the wealthiest nation on earth. A last man standing, not blue-jeans capitalism. As can be seen from when America does face an aggressive competitor, the Soviet Union, or China, it comes to a stalemate. In many ways, today, China is the freer more capitalistic society. And Russia is also much freer.

      18. Homo proponit , sed Deus disponit

      19. You can buy a fruit tree at Costco for $24.00.
        For $200.00, you can buy six different kinds of fruit and two nut trees. You don’t need that much space to make yourself permanently self sufficient. Buy a good USA made shovel and some potting soil. Dig a generous size hole, and plant your tree. Then fill with potting soil. Put a little fertilizer in and water. When you plant, do it so the tree is slightly lower than the surrounding soil. Make a circle mound around it to keep water from being wasted. By keeping the dirt around the tree low, when it rains, the water will go to the tree. If you like, you can set up a water system beneath the surface of the soil to get to the root without being evaporated by the sun. Or, just use a hose. Keep it simple. Buy a home canning system to preserve your fruit. It takes a few years before the tree really gives you much. And for the first couple of years you will need to water at least once a week. More often in August and on very hot days. Once established. Your trees will produce no matter whether you bother with them or not.

        I mostly only plant perennials. Water helps, but many plants survive without attention. Look for hardy plants that can take being neglected. Then give them a little TLC and reap the rewards. With a little work, you’ll never have to worry because you have no money. You may not be rich, but you and your family will always have food.

        If you’re going to landscape your house, incorporate edible trees, edible shrubs like berries, edible flowers (harder to find but talk to a nursery), edible ground cover (strawberries), edible garden of lettuces, tomato, squash, kale, potato, onion, garlic, chives, parsley, celantro. It is not difficult and it is healthier and fresher than anything sitting on a shelf. Plant peppers, too. ?


        • Good info B of CA.. I need to get on that at my BOL. It takes a few years for trees to start producing, so get that stuff in the ground as soon ad you buy your property. Every little bit helps. Go buy one fruit tree a month, and after a few years you have an orchard of various edibles. Protect them with some fencing maybe so the critters don’t eat the trees or plants.

        • Two years ago I planted peach and apple trees. They were producing nicely this year. The deer we’re kind enough to remove all the peaches and apples as soon as they became bite sized.

          I need to encourage the trees to be taller and produce a nice canopy of fruit just out of reach of the deer.

        • Pecan trees produce in 7 years.

      20. “Neither the United States nor other democracies represented at the council presented any motions to the council condemning Venezuela’s human rights abuses.”

        So, who do we blame for our own inaction?

      21. how thick are some folks skulls. They are always the USA is a Democracy? This nation us a Republic that has a mob rule democratic election system. However the bill of rights does keep the Mob rule in check. Democracy’s are very poor goverments. Hati is a Democracy. And I don’t care about any one of those Venezuealian’s . My give a durn is broke.

      22. The Bill of Rights supposedly protects “Freedom of Religion” but the courts have twisted things all around. The idea is to protect the rights of atheists to not be exposed to any religion at all. The idea is to prevent any religious expression in public life. Everything has been turned around from what the framers of the Constitution intended.

        • Brian…you are wrong. Certain parts of the 1st Amendment are NOT superior to other parts of the same amendment.
          The 1st Amendment would be better stated as
          “Government Shall Make no Law against the Free exercise of …”
          Multiple unalienable rights…and amongst those are the following two that are applicable here:

          The Free practice of any Religion
          The Free practice of Speech

          Atheism is NOT a religion. It is the ABSENCE of Religion

          Therefore someone who exercises their Unalienable RIGHT of Freedom to Practice a particular Religion ALSO has the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to talk or PUBLICLY PRACTICE his/her Religion.

          The 1st Amendment basically RECOGNIZES that right and SECURES IT for all American Citizens (or in those days…”The Citizens of the Several States…because there was no such thing as “American Citizens”)

          So you are DEAD WRONG that the 1st Amendment does NOT protect Atheists from seeing people DEMONSTRATE and SPEAK about their Religion. It simply means that you should then CHOOSE to simply ignore what others are saying in a peaceful manner
          As a Christian, I don’t have a problem with other religions practicing their unalienable right in public…I just ignore it

      23. Ghandi…I’m a Marine (ret)with a combat patch and also a lifetime NRA member with the dumb sticker on his Jeep along side of a sticker that says “semper fi” Shooting NRA members or their cars in a WROL situation is a really good way to get yourself planted six feet under…and with someone trained in covert tactics….I promise, you’ll never see it coming.
        That’s a really dumb thing to say here. WE the people are being subjugated by a very few elite (as the article correctly espouses)
        Based on your other comments, you need to realize who your like-minded friends ARE, versus your foes and start realizing that we share a common yearning to be free peoples as well as a common enemy who wants us enslaved

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