Who Do They Work For? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Is SUING Trump Over Tax CUTS For Americans Yet Plans To Give More Free Stuff To Illegal Immigrants

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 51 comments

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    On Friday morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his states plan, along with New Jersey and Connecticut, to sue the federal government over the recent Trump tax cuts and the supposed economic hardship inflicted by them on blue states throughout the country.

    “The states appear to be taking aim at a provision that limits residents’ state and local tax deduction (SALT) to $10,000. While the law contains sweeping tax rate cuts for businesses and individuals, taxpayers in high-tax states like those in the Northeast are expected to take a hit from the SALT change,” reported Fox News.

    “The elimination of full state and local deductibility is a blatantly partisan and unlawful attack on New York that uses our hardworking families and tax dollars as a piggy bank to pay for tax cuts for corporations and other states,” Cuomo claimed in a statement. “This coalition will take the federal government to court to protect our residents from this assault.”

    While Cuomo is hoping gullible citizens and a compliant media believe his laughable reasoning, the fact of the matter is this is nothing more than yet another attack on literally anything President Trump does while also having a direct connection to the states plan to give even more free stuff, at taxpayers expense, to illegal immigrants.

    It really is that simple. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are the top three states with the highest combined sales and personal income tax and the Trump tax cuts directly reduce the amount of money said states are able to fleece from their own people while also decreasing the amount of cash flow that can be passed down to “DREAMers” and other illegal immigrant groups.

    As Kit Daniels wrote for Infowars.com:

    Not long after Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised free college tuition to DREAMers, New York launched a lawsuit against the Trump administration over its nationwide tax cuts because they hurt the state’s “fiscal health.”

    In other words, our states want to keep raping our citizens to provide candy for illegals, but your tax cuts make us look bad in comparison.

    New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have the top three highest combined sales and personal income tax rates, according to Turbotax, and the states have led the top three since 2005, so it’s hilarious how President Trump has forced them into the untenable position of defending high taxes.

    But the states are motivated to do so despite the bad optics because the money is going to illegals who Democratic leaders hope will replace working-class voters.

    You know, the voter who dumped the party due to its “Globalism First” platform and its preference for bringing in H-1B workers for jobs once open to American citizens.

    At this point one really has to wonder who these Democratic politicians actually work for?

    This example, as well as Schumer’s shutdown of the government over a fight about illegal immigrants, clearly shows that the left is now 100% on board with securing millions of illegal immigrants into future Dem voters and they are more than willing to throw actual American citizens to the curb in doing so.

    Additionally, Twitter is actually claiming that the following Tweet about the story “may contain sensitive material” while forcing users on their website to click an extra button to see it.


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      1. This is great, love it.
        Anything that shows what they really are..

        • And Cuomo id wasting more NY’ers taxpayer monies to bankroll this frivolous lawsuite. These Corrupt Commies waste so much money doing the wrong things like defending their own bad policies and wrongdoings. Sickening. Rope and tall trees are needed. Treason.

          • That’s because it’s not their money it’s yours. Like true radicals when the light shows them for who they really are, they don’t crawl back into the shadows. They step on the gas.

        • “Faced with ‘worker shortages’, employers are looking toward war torn Puerto Rico.”

          Today’s “news” (propaganda) from the New York Times


          • Right [sarcasm]. They need more people working three jobs just to pay the rent. Forget about food and the utilities and the rest of it. That all goes on the credit card.

            Yes sir. These foreigners will work 5- and 6-jobs, and do it for free, and with a smile of their faces, gladly voting for whatever candidate they are told to.

            What is it? Something like 65-percent of the former and potential workforce of American citizens have opted-out of working, hence opted-out of paying taxes, hence opted-out of funding these endless wars and endless war-mongering.

            If I was turning over as much of my paycheck (something like 40-percent) to this fully dysfunctional government in taxes, in fees, and one-time charges, and under-funded public and private pensions.

        • Cant wait to leave the peoples republic of New York – 150 days to go – I’m moving to a free state

      2. Offer all the freebies on the back of the people of those three states.. Hope all the Dreamers move to those states.

      3. This stinking commie POS, I predict with a heavy sigh, will be the Democrat nominee in 2020.

        • Hey, that’s great,,,,
          One more reason to never work again, as if I need any more reasons

          • Ive been on my own sit down strike in protest for the last 3 years, to make as little income on the grid as possible as to avoid all taxes. You see it just not pay playing their system of tax slave. Once you get off their greed grid, you can enjoy more freedoms. Actually lots of benefits acting poor. Got a $50k surgery done for about $1000, got $3800 impact fees waived for new building project under affordable housing project. And for sh!ts and giggles Im attempting to apply and got accepted for food stamps because of low income. No Sh!t!! I was approved. Keep in mind in my past work history Ive had annual incomes in the 6 figures and have paid over $25k a year in Fed income taxes out of pocket for some years. It is theft of all my profits so why work at all? It is all out rape of honest working class people. I am plenty fed up with this Country penalizing honest work and productivity and watching failure being rewarded. I am on a planned sit down strike failure program to again benefit because we live in the Twilight Zone. Its all backwards. Play the game people. Im taking notes to write a book. Just never keep any money in the bank to track. I am not doing anything illegal at all. Just stopping to earn income money. You can do this by being debt free and live off the grid with no expenses and everything I have is fully paid for so you dont have to earn much of any income. Now go live off the land as was originally intended in freedom. Im only playing by their F-Up’d rules. Always know the rules.

            • Unfortunatly if I was more irresponsible and had a reckless sex life and had some kids I couldnt afford living with me I could also qualify for Free Medicade, or if I was an illegal alien or over 65 I could also qualify for Medicade. But I had no dedise to bring any children into this F-up’d insane world we live in. I have witnessed plenty so why punish them needlessly?

              • TSB, while I’m on board with you collecting the food stamps, (bleeding the beast is good) and getting impact fees waived, it is incorrect to state that you are off the grid.
                You may be off the power grid, but it ends there. You are your own red flag.

      4. Andrew Cuomo, Jerry Brown, Rahm Emmanuel, Bill DeBlasio, and the rest of the PARADE OF IDIOTS do not understand that they are servants of AMERICAN CITIZENS. They have pandered to scofflaws (illegal aliens) in an effort to procure more Demonrat votes. Intelligent Citizens are seeing the light and these treasonous b**turds are on their way out in the states that pay attention.

      5. They are dreaming if they think this party can go on forever.


      6. Hey Governor,
        Did you order the new bathrooms on the NYS Thruway REst stops to not have partitions between the urinals in the male restrooms?
        Splashing and turning to talk hazard as well as lack of
        moral support for drunks and the elderly….whats this partitionless PP room all about???

      7. I finally understand the unconstitutional gun laws in New York. If they allowed normal carry – with or without a permit process that made sense – Cuomo would’ve been shot down like the unpatriotic enemy of the State he is. Tell ya what Andy C., you go and spout your bullsh*t off to some of the many MS-13 gangbangers in your Empire State and see just how appreciative they are to be living in your la-la-land of a territory. I figure after you finally sneezed your balls out of your nose and coughed up your own phallus and had the broken cerveza bottle yanked out of your butt you might just get the message. Sue the government my ass your worthless POS.

      8. I used to think there’d come a time when Americans would grow tired of this and we’d get up off our plush divans, turn off our 72” TVs and go and hold a small removal party upon these ” bastages”.
        But as the years rolled inexorably onward I became more and more convinced that any hope of that was mere fantasy on my part. And since I’ve no interest in extreme exercises in futility I too refuse to budge from my comfort. After all such an effort would be vain glorious and of such little note, a true waste of ones life if one had to do so alone.

        Bread and circuses amuse us.
        Truth and Light confuse us.
        Thieves and charlatans abuse us.
        And we gladly pay for it all.

        • +1

          • plus 2

      9. Can’t fix stupid and Democrats overall are a bunch a stupid fuckers

        • Nailbanger

          “Democrats overall are a bunch a stupid fuckers”

          Their leadership isn’t stupid, quite to the contrary. Their agenda is to get more votes and therefore stay in power. They’re not accountants, they don’t figure out the economics, they spend with the expressed intent to get votes to keep them in power.

          The Democrat leadership are overall disingenuous. Their core supporters buying into the utopian result without reasoning through how are naively stupid.

          • I think of Democrats as being children. Their adopted identifier “Progressive” would be something a child would create in a fantasy make believe where things magically happen. Consequences, effects, allocation of resources the nuts and bolts of the mechanics of the endeavor are for Mom and Dad, the adults to figure out.

            • “if you’re not a liberal at 25, you have no heart”…”if you’re not a conservative at 45, you have no BRAIN”

            • kevin2, you nailed it again. They certainly have the mindset of children and they are definitely living in a fantasy world. They would be chewed up and spit out in the real world.

              • Kevin2, BTW, both liberals and neocons are disingenuous.

                • The Neo Cons will straight up front tell you they’re for Free Trade exporting US industrial capacity in a “let the best man win regardless where”. They never claimed to be the friend of labor. The Democrats on the other hand are vile snake lying pieces of crap that sweet talk their constituents. Neither are on my side for sure.

                  • Kevin2, agreed. At least the neocons will admit to their agenda. Google Bill Kristol, the founder of The Weekly Standard. He’s one of the worst of them. There’s a video of him on youtube speaking at an event at the American Enterprise Institute where he openly stated that the white working class in the US should be replaced by foreigners. That’s enough right there to earn him a bullet to the head IMHO.

                    • I’ll skip the last part because an awakened public is far more powerful. Any other way is chaos that the uber wealthy end up controlling or just a reshuffling of a bad hand of cards. Regardless the Neo-Cons generally state their agenda.

      10. So glad I live in NH. Yeah, property taxes are pretty high but no sales or income tax. Love watching the surrounding states and those listed in the article freak out. Just hope they decide not to move up here bringing their BS spending with them.

      11. The governor has it ass backwards….as usual.

      12. The deep states goal is to bring America down to equalize economies for the NWO. These are actual documents with the CFR, trilateral commission, and WTO. After all, who wants to join a NWO when you have rich and poor. The intent is for everyone to come in on a more equal footing. If you look at all the trade agreements world wide, you see rich countries draining into the poor countries.

        Then there are the wars and rumors of wars. These are all about the resistors, and those who are in the way. Like the conservative American. Every country we attack has one thing in common. No central bank. They aren’t playing the game.

        • Dave

          “equalize economies”

          Your 100% correct and one more thing, genetics. They want the masses to blend into one.

        • glad I have company in this thought process and even bought a new roll of foil. since the S&L crisis in the late 80’s I have watched this process over and over in the corporate world. every 10 years or so they have manufactured some “crisis” in which major layoffs occurred. middle management close to retirement and making decent wages were first target. I would see empty offices for about 6 months and the new college grads would start moving in, grateful for a job at any salary, usually less than half the $$ with minimal benefits than the guy just let go. one good friend, who took a job, and worked for 16 years for one bank was really PO’d when he got his pink slip and 6 months severance. he was ranting about giving his “life and career” to the bank and I relayed the story to him about the guy he replaced and his feeling the same. well, within 3 months his office had the new sucker college grad in place. when I told my friend about the new hire, he got arrested when he confronted his ex supervisor about not being rehired, as he was told would happen, if/when the job was open. the corporate thieves have been paying almost the same wages for decades while supporting the illegal invasion to keep the rest of working amerikans living paycheck to paycheck. funny all these corporations are giving bonuses and raises, now that taxes are “reduced”. just another carrot on the stick to keep us believing they care. just wait for the price hike, cause the shareholders don’t like being shorted and someone has to pay. glad I am old, but sure feel for the kids and grandkids as they are blind to the facts, as are most sheeple and think the elected have their best interest. seems everyone I know refuses to read or listen to any news, much less sites like this, as it is to depressing. they have their little “worlds” and if it doesn’t directly affect them, it isn’t a problem. sad, sad, state of affairs.

      13. The USA is a good example of Central banking Control. When they control your money supply, they control your economy, your politicians and budget process, your laws and your Military to fight their bsnking wars against those other countries who resist.

        And these idiot dopes who join the US Military think they are fighting for our Freedoms. LMFAO!!! What a crock of propaganda bullsh!t they keep swallowing..

        • TSB,
          A pretty good proportion of my family
          was in the military, in one branch or
          another, in one war or another.
          Some are still in the military.
          Only one, my great uncle died in
          WWII. I’m the only one with a service
          connected disablilty(low percentage).
          Military is a good way to start out life.
          My only advice is get your degree and go
          in as an officer. One of my cousins is a
          Navy JAG stationed in Japan, living high
          off the hog.

      14. Last year the government took $7220.00 out of my pay and gave it to illegals, bastar-d children, baby mommas, EBT…..Now I need my teeth fixed, a hernia operation, and a cataract fixed.
        Yet when I who have worked my entire life need something, there is no help available. I’m tried of working 7 days a week to provide for others. Cutting taxes is good, cutting of all foreign aid, aid to moochers…would be better.

      15. I keep having dreams about killing pelosi, Schumer, warren and the likes. Does that make me a bad person? Lord we need a revolution or a civil war or something to clean society of these nutjobs.

      16. Currently, there is a movement in California by the rural counties to secede from California and form a new state in the same way West Virginia seceded from Virginia. California would be left only with the urban counties on the coast. The people of New York state might think about whether New York City is a good thing for the state to have. New Yorkers need a new mayor for New York City and a new governor for the state (preferably not a democrat).

        • West Virginia didn’t vote to secede from Virginia. The Federal Government decided that for the people of those two states during the Civil War. In 1861 Virginians (including the counties that would become West Virginia in 1863) voted 80% for independence from the U.S. Virginia voted 90% for secession not including the part that became West Virginia. The city of Richmond voted 3 to stay with the Union and something like 6500 for Virginia’s independence from the U.S. If Washington D.C. had a chance they would likely have voted to secede as Fairfax County, which had been the Virginia half of the District of Columbia before it was returned to Virginia in 1846, voted 945 to 289 for independence in the plebiscite following the Constitutional Convention’s vote for independence. Southern Californians voted in 1859 to secede from the rest of California and form a new territory to be called Colorado (Denver’s hinterland hadn’t been formed yet to the name was up for grabs) The governor and the state legislature approved but the Feds didn’t want it. The vote can be found in the “Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California 1905.” “How California Escaped Division” by J. M. Guinn, page 224. Votes on page 230. https://books.google.com/books?id=WCMLAAAAIAAJ&pg=RA1-PA223#v=onepage&q&f=false. The counties were from San luis Obispo county south. At least 20 elections that mattered in the 19th century were negated by a federal government that thought it could make better decisions that the people. If elections mattered they would be illegal.

      17. They forgot to mention Illinois we have insanely high property taxes and way too many democrats. I am hoping they might lower property taxes because of this new tax cap. If people would stop having children they can’t afford and taking the 23 grand I spend in taxes maybe we could lower them a little.

      18. Illegals do not pay taxes. They on average take 6,000 per yr in tax money working or not. Locally they lower pay on jobs they take under the table. You cant work some jobs now unless you speak fluent Spanish. Rents have shot through the roof since welfare pays to house them. Violence on the streets is common in the form of fist fights. Why are they here in my country. drug crime is up 1200 % in one year

      19. You can bet that this farce of a governor is nose-deep in Hillary’s pocket and will be implicated in the Clinton Foundation scandal before all is said and done. I hope they take his CNN-brained son with them down the swamp drain.

        • The Clinton Foundation implicates both the briber and bribe-be. The politicians / bureaucrats are one thing. Foreign leaders, ultra powerful businessmen, thats another. I don’t know how they can partially open this up. For several years this “Foundation” was the core method of conducting many (maybe virtually all) government foreign affairs.

      20. Somebody, geta rope and grap ahold of this SOB.

      21. And, they wonder why hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers leave New York State every year. The Safe Act, High Taxes, lousy weather, A Sanctuary State, full of sanctuary cities, Rochester, N.Y., Monroe County has the highest taxes in the entire United States, a crumbling infrastructure, ect.

        • I live in Rochester.

          I have never seen so much Somalian Adidas in one place in my whole life. I especially like having to wait in line at the bank, behind some Somalian couple, who have never seen an ATM in their life, while they try to figure out what “Insufficient Funds” means.

          I also like driving down West Henrietta street, past all the “illegals and undocumented who are on foot — the H1B-Visa types, the refugees (so-called), the migrants (so-called), the George Soros boat people, the so-called “unescorted children” (who were escorted by their mommies) — who are all either too stupid to operate an automobile or too poor own one.

          I like seeing all these bankrupt motels full of Hajabs and young children.

          Can’t wait until all my taxpayer money runs out and all this free money disappears. Bring on the full-on systemic collapse. Can’t wait.

          Great job there Catholic Charities. Great job there Governor Andrew Cuomo.

      22. F#$K Cuntmo. I hope he chokes.

      23. The only problem with these Idiot Democrat Politician’s plan to stay in power, is that by the time they are done, there will be nothing left but a “shit-hole” of a third world dystopia to lord over and control.

      24. The assumption being made here by Cuomo and other Democrats is that only American citizens are smart enough to see how vile, and corrupt, and evil professional politicians are. Worse is how these professional politicians keep trying to reinvent the political machine.

        All these DACA dreamers, refugees, illegals, undocumented, asylum seekers, unescorted children (escorted by their mommies), these George Soros sponsored boat people, etc., ad nauseum, may be hoaxed (rhymes with coaxed), into voting Democratic for who they are told to. But that only works once. After that forget it.

        After that these illegal immigrants will see the corruption, and cronyism in the U.S. government for what it has always been.

        The other problem is that by the time the 2050 election rolls around these professional politicians will have destroyed this country’s vaunted multi-cultural pluralistic society by using illegal immigration as a Democratic voting scheme. By 2050, Hispanics will be the majority.

        How do you say “f*ck you sh*t head” in Spanish?

      25. Thank you for your facts, The Blame, I cannot read the rest of your name as it is covered up by my cell phone. I know exactly where West Henrietta road is. I think Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse are struggling, dying cities.

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