Wearing a Gadsden Flag May Be Racist: “Expect To Be Eyed With Suspicion By Your Boss”

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 73 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: It is completely outrageous. It is a Rorschach test for being offended. This case is the first of what will be many in an formal exercise in absurdity and arbitrary loss of rights. Apparently it is doesn’t matter what the symbol that offends actually stands for, or what the person wearing/associated with it actually intended to express.

    Instead, the door is now wide open for anyone to be fired, disciplined or put on a list even though they may have done nothing at all except express their free speech. We’re not even talk about real substantial cases here… everything is racist; everything is potentially terrorist; and absolutely everything is offensive. Don’t even try to express yourself at all.

    Federal Agency Suggests That Gadsden Flag May Be Racist

    by Joshua Krause

    In recent years the Gadsden flag has become increasingly popular among conservatives and libertarians. And since so many leftists view those ideologies as racist and hateful, they’ve come to view that flag in the same light, regardless of its historical context.

    Which may explain a recent decision made by a federal agency known as the Equal Employment Commission. They’re responsible for handling harassment claims made by federal employees, and earlier this year they received a complaint from a black Postal Service employee. He claimed that the federal government had subjected him to racial discrimination because a coworker was allowed to a wear a hat with a Gadsden flag emblem.

    As for why he thought the flag was racist, he cited the fact that the creator of the flag, Christopher Gadsden, was a slave owner, and because the flag was used by Tea Party activists. In reality, the flag has no racial connotations, and not just because being a Tea Party activist doesn’t automatically make someone a racist. The flag was created as a military banner during the Revolutionary War. It has no racial context.

    The Equal Employment Commission decided that the flag wasn’t racist, but their decision came with a caveat. They said that the Gadsden flag could be “interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts,” and that “Certainly, Complainant ascribes racial connotations to the symbol based on observations that it is sometimes displayed in racially-tinged situations.”

    They’ve decided that this complaint needs to be investigated further to determine if the Gadsden hat was worn in a racial context. If that’s found to be the case, you can probably expect every federal worker who wears the symbol to be eyed with suspicion by their bosses in the future (if they aren’t already).

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Iran Hangs Nuclear Scientist for Giving U.S. Secret Information.

        Iran said it executed a nuclear scientist with suspected links to the CIA for providing “secret information” to the U.S., confirming earlier reports of his death by foreign media.

        Shahram Amiri, who returned to Iran six years ago in a highly publicized homecoming, “was hanged for spying for the U.S.,” Tasnim news agency reported on Sunday, citing judicial spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei. Amiri had access to secret information and “established contact with Iran’s No. 1 enemy, meaning the U.S., and relayed essential intelligence,” Mohseni-Ejei said.

        ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-07/iran-confirms-executing-nuclear-scientist-over-spying-for-u-s

        See over here in the US, Secretary of Defense sells Top Secrets and favors to the enemy launders the cash payments though their family charity Foundation, and then you get to run for President.

        Traitors should be hanged foreign or domestic.


        • I meant to say Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in the above comment, not Sec of Defense.

          RE: Hate is when Zionists Destroy people’s history and cultures. Dilute White populations with brown people with knows terrorist ties. Create division with Omni same sex bathrooms, confederate flag, Gays, women, transvestites, sexual perversion by Hollywood to break up the traditional family unit. That is Hate with jealousy.

          And anything regarding our proud history of success here in America, is deemed as Hate. You see when you destroy a people cultures the people have nothing left to fight for, and fall in line with the Dictate and become slaves.

          They also hate Guns for the general population, but love to provide them for free to known terrorists, so they can shoot up the place.

          Know who the Chaos Makers are and target them. They are the ones who really hate us and out history of success for Liberty. They hate Liberty. So Love America or Leave. We don’t need you or want you haters.


          • The Gadsden is hanging proudly in my building, along with the Jolly Rogers Skull and Crossbones Pirate Flag, the Mohawk Nation Flag, the Confederate Flag and the US Stars and Stripes Flag. Come and take it. Give it your best shot you hating control freaks. I still need to get the Molon Labe- Come and Take it Flag. Keep flying what ever flag you want, this is still America, and pay no attention to these American Haters.


            • I’m for the Gadsden flag. A Mexican who served honorably in the Marine Corps.

              • Good on ya ! If I had a boss that would show any negative or judge me in such a way, I simply would not work for them , simple as that ! Not a very big decision.

                But realize most Americans are easily controlled these days with some form of materialism, be it their job or losing some of their stuff or whatever ? And most are not even aware they are being controlled.

            • Just another move by this administration to slowly but surely erase our history. He’s doing it at every venue that his minions can think of. Valerie Jarrett and Lurch Kerry and Dumbo Biden all working together for the destruction of our Constitution and our way of life! Hitlary will be his third term of he doesn’t declare Martial Law first. That snake in the grass Ryan is in on it too”

            • WWTI, AMEN on the Gadsden flag! I have Gadsden flags, t-shirts, caps, and even a Gadsden flag on the truck. My Gadsdens ain’t goin’ anywhere. Anyone who doesn’t like my Gadsdens can go f#$% themselves.

              • Anybody have info on if a T-Shirt that has a Queen of Hearts that looks like HRC and says “OFF WITH HER HEAD” would be considered racist? Hate to be racist.

          • Couldn’t have said it better WHoWTFknows !

        • Who gives a flying fuck about what a scum federal agency says. I have that flag on shirts, my vehicle, etc. If you don’t like it you can kiss my ass. You fuck with me about it out in the world you better think it’s worth dying over because that may be where that leads.

          • Menzo, give me Gadsden or give me death! MOLON LABE

            • And the chimps wonder why there will be a race/civil war eventually. I may live in the sticks but I don’t have to put up with this minority crybaby bullshit. When will this bullshit stop??

      2. the DC crowd is so screwed up, NOTHING surprises me anymore that comes from the feds, NOW what allot of people do not understand is that for the most part there are lots of GOOD people who work for the feds in many capacities and they are “FED-UP” ( PUN ) with what is happening in the higher levels of government as well. I will fly WHATEVER flag i choose to fly on my own property when i wish to! and IF they want to label me something i am NOT, so be it and they can go F###K themselves!!! time to CLEAN out the scumbags in DC!!

        • Appache
          There’s a little post office not to awful far from my 20 … and I think it was built when Ben Franklin was postmaster general.??
          They have been leaving the flag at half mast.
          Like maybe they’re trying to make a statement about the current state of the Union. ??☹️

        • Anybody that claims to hate the idea or thought of being an Infidel in the usa….Yet either has zero opinion on, or has no problem with instead being an Goyim?

          That is 100% proof positive, that that person has Not done their homework on these issues period.

          For if they did do their homework and learn of the too many similarities between both an Infidel and an Goyim.

          Then that person who is wized up would also be warning other americans that not only are the Two entities like two peas in a pod-same. But also they would know that in reality if the folks of usa had a real choice to choose as to which they prefer being, assuming they Had to pick one or the other.

          Those that did their homework and got wized up would tell folks that while both are very similar, it is them that calls folks a Goyim that have far greater animosity and greater hatred for Goyims, when both are compared based only On the two religious books these named entities arrive from, as well as actual past historic proofs.

          Even worse yet is the Fact that of the two groups that calls folks a Goyim Vs an Infidel, it Is those whom calls us a goyim which has totally hyjacked full usa controls in Every way and method that matters.

          However the largest prize possession that they own and control is definatly the usa and EU Mass media TV news and newspapers. Which they continue to use in order to cause usa folks to look at the other entity with abject fear and fear of sharia law etc in usa.

          This is being done daily 24/7 so the Goyims never catch on to how all along a far worse nefarious Law system has been established and is waiting in those proverbial wings to finally be implemented in america and every eu state too.

          That far worse nefarious law system is their own invented Noahide laws. Which unlike sharia, which yes is also very evil bad, yet noahide law has zero possibilitys, nor leagle mandates for any type of “Tax” upon for example christians as has been done in sharia law lands.

          With Noahide law for all goyims, there are no such escape plans, nor allowances as there are with sharia law.

          That alone would make noahide law far worse and far more Deadly, since each of the Noahide laws carries but One main leagle effect for folks found guilty of a violation, Any violations, gets you a death sentence by Beheading period. No outs, No tax paid to allow it, no second chances, no Nothing But death Via beheadings.

          About the Only Upside if one can call it that? Is that Noahide laws for the Goyims globally do Not apply to any jewish folks!…They get their very Own different set of laws with much harder ways to charge and achive a guilty verdict for them.

          Example of that difference:..Noahide and Goyims= Only One witness and One ruleing Judge with NO jury at all ever! Is all they need to charge and convict and behead the guilty goys.

          But for the jewish seperate laws, it requires at least Two witness’s and the full court of 23-Rabbi judges aka a Sanhedrin court…Both eye witness’s Must testify that each had first attempted to pre-warn the defendant of the consequences of and the actual law he is going to violate. Then and Only if both witness’s pre warned defendant and defendant still went ahead to commit said crime, can defendant then get charged and face court of All 23 member sanhedrin judges court. And ALL 23 judges Must agree on 100% guilty verdict or defandant walks away free.!

          Once one studies and researches the main comparisons and many differences between being a Goyim Vs a Infidel?

          It is more obvious than the nose on their face as to which religion and system is more evil and nefarious indeed. In other words if an Emmy Award was given out for worse group, Talmudics wins it hands down totally!

          But FOX TV or CNN or MSNBC will Never ever teach or tell You goyim about these things eh. You must do own research while info is still available free and online or simply remain duped and unknowing of what They have planned for Your goyim futures!

          • What did you just call me????

          • Them Guys:

            •••• your truth is not Racist, it is RIGHTeous…


      3. I’m triggered. The snake scares me. The American flag triggers me too. I need a safe place to lick my wounds. I have no coping skills. Anything that I don’t like should be banned so I don’t flip shit.

      4. So what if a straight man or woman is offended if someone is flying the rainbow flag? I guess that doesn’t matter seeing how being straight is as wrong as being white. Oh but wait, what about black, brown and yellow heterosexuals? If they become offended by the rainbow what does that make them? I’m so confused
        Stay quiet Be smart.

        • Jacknife… to your point. I agree. The Rainbow Flag offends me. I have a brother that is gay and continues to shove his “beliefs” “lifestyle” in my face. Also Black Lives Matter flag offends me..along with the Malcom X marking on hats… Yep…its only offensive if its about “WHITES” or “Heterosexuals”.

      5. Are we under British Rule AGAIN?



        I must have awaken from a deep sleep.

        OH ! This must be a 240 year beard I have.

        And what is that smell ?????

        • Well I’d say it could be your funk you smell if you have slept for 240 years and didn’t wash your ass.

          • Anonymous

            You are right it’s all coming out of someone’s ass.

            LOL 🙂

          • Maybe Nancy Pelosi will wash his ass for him…

            • I prefer someone a little more attractive 🙂

      6. In order of flying:

        American Flag
        Gadsden Flag
        Confederate Flag
        NRA Flag

        Don’t like it..don’t care…try to pull it down..beware!

      7. I’m thinkin they’re not going to like it when the real tea party shows up and it ain’t tea we got in mind for throwing in the harbor…

        Bol # 3 or the Final Stand as I like to call it will be flying the original 13 star Betsy Ross and a second flag featuring The Celtic Triquetra.

        If both flags are upside down feel free to fire on my position at will…
        If not then give your heart and soul to Jeezus cause your ass is mine.

        • The 1770’s usa Patriots were correct to get very pissed off when the British began to put Tacks into their Tea.

          And we Today would also be very right and correct to begin to file a lawsuit against EVERY type Black,mexican, Faggots, etc Flags flown in Our faces to cause us to feel we are being racially harrased.

          We also would be as correct and proper if tens of Millions of white usa folks just started to rip down every such flag and every Non christian religious symbol seen within usa lands. A good start would probably be that 95 Foot Tall whitehouse lawn minorah display they used for a replacement of the always Traditional christmass Christ manger scene display that used to grace that whitehouse lawn.

          Same for holloween satanic demonic displays on same whitehouse lawn. Tear such travesties Down where and when seen.

          It is high time white folk stop putting up with a total by degign plan of full court press of antiwhitey racist displays and actions/protests. And give big Woe to all that partisipate in and support such anti white and anti gentile policy or actions period.

          Only when all and I mean ALl of those too many “minority” orgs and groups feel such massive Heat are they then going to get the hell out of the kitchen, so to speak.

          And we that are the maligned and discriminated White’s of America, have already done every possible thing such as Turn Other Cheek etc etc and all to no avail nor any relief from said harrasements.

          Therefore we are fully within all forms normal and proper Rights be that man made rights, usa const rights, and Godly Righteousness, to in fact begin a nationwide policy of our own that spells “NO More BS-PC-Antiwhite Racist-Anti Gentile-Anti American Patriot-display or actions Bar None!”

          And NO it is Not Hate! Rather it Is Righteous Indignation period. On the Whiteys part if they do this.

          And nothing so will put abject Fear deep down into the opposition kommie leftists and neocons inner mind and souls, than to see so Many pissed off white folk comming. It will totally discombobulate and boggle their minds.

          When They Feel that Heat, is when they See the Light!

          • TG

            “It is not HATE. It is RIGHTeous InDigNation”

            That would make a really righteous Tshirt…


            • B from CA: Yes it sure would make a great T shirt slogan eh…never yet thought of that till you mentioned it.

              For that 500 persons invited pig roast party my biker pal held each end of summer for about 15-20 yrs running.

              We had T shirts made up that were Black T shirts, and slogan said …”It’s A White Thang!” complete with exclaimation point too!

              We made just enough t shirts to sell at pig roast party and sell to Only attendees of party.

              but Man oh man I tell ya every place I went and wore mine at, folks went crazy asking me, No Begging me! to sell them a same type “It’s A White Thang!” t shirt..

              I had folks offering me as much as $25 or more for one shirt!…I tried to tell folks we only had arpox 300 shirts made up to sell for party attendees only and the shirts we sold costed them just $10.00 per t shirt.

              Thats what we paid to buy shirts in bulk and get a silk screen printer company to do it…Total was Our cost at $10 per so we sold then for same at zero profits.

              Man if I got more made I coud have sold Tons and tons of such shirts…Maybe even Now 20+ yrs later same shirt and same slogan be hot sellers eh?

              Bumper stickers works swell also B/CA…Fast read message and cheep cost per stickers…I think we used to pay just .50 cents per bumper sticker back in those days.

              I’d Love to make cash money profits from a legit method like sell t shirts and bumper stickers eh.

              I am a very good seller of stuff too…I can sell horse crap back to a horse! I seem to have a way with convincing folks to buy stuff if I have any stuff to sell that is.

              Todays america is even a better sales playground for most anthing related to Pro-Whites slogan shirts like we had prior…Most white folk are fed up big time and ready to act etc…And a shirt or sticker or label that shows others that “Yes I am white and Yes Very proud of it! So screw you if that bothers or upsets You and kiss my whitey ass buster!”

              That type stuff will sell Big in todays market.

      8. The confederate flag must be the ultimate racists flag. How about old white guys with suspenders holding their drawers up. The idiots running the gov are way out of line. They have made America weak and submissive to Iran paying them randsomes. Iran embarrasses our sailors. Pres Obummer is the weakest leader we have ever had since I’ve been on this earth. Everything they do is about destroying white men and bringing us down to the apes level. I’m so sick of this multicultural experiment declaring everything nationalist or white or both racist. Blacks are the racists it’s easy to see. I’ve said it before anything that makes you happy or feel good needs to be banned according to our slave masters or if they let you have it you gotta pay the tax. Our gov has never been more tyrannical. it’s just a matter of time folks. Democrats talk about revolution they just might get their wish.

      9. AMERICA ,

        Help me out .
        Help me out please.
        Someone or somebody answer this for me PLEASE PLEASE !!!!

        Are we here at this level in this country now ?



        • “This video does not exist”…wtf b-17?

        • B-17. The Zionists took the video off. They hate the truth.


      10. To be honest, blacks remind me of slavery.

        • They remind me mostly of Monkeys and apes and baboons. Except that Real actual animal apes etc act better and smarter and Far More Civilized most oftem times.

          When I was a small kid like age 4 yrs old to 7 yrs old or so, my uncle and cousin came over every sunday after church to get me and take me for a weekly walk of aprox 1.5 to 2 miles from my home To the Detroit Zoo.

          I can tell you that while observing all those ape and various types monkeys cages from being seated on a park bench directly across from the ape cages.

          One observation I noted other than how much better and more civilized apes and baboons acted as stated prior, was that even them real animal apes and monkeys stared in disbelief at colored folks when colored walked by or stopped to gaze at their african “cousins”/”Brethren”.

          I wager if them real apes and monkeys could speak english like we do?…They’d be telling Us and each other that they simply cannot believe how uncivilized and ape like negroes acted always. I kinda felt sorry for the real apes as america would have far less troubles if roles reversed, and negroes were in those cages while real animal apes walked streets free.

          A few street ape crap cleaner guy workers to clean up after them monkeys, like they used to have to clean up Horse maneuer would be far less costly and far eaiser and way more effective as compared to now the enormous costs accociated with cops looking for blacks who rape and murder and create mass chaos daily.

          Ever heard of even a single time event where africas jungle dweller Real Apes actually rioted and burned down their Own city or villages?…me neither!

          • Them Guys:

            I lived near a zoo. But I never experienced having a monkey throw its own feces at the crowd until I went to the San Francisco Zoo. Even the monkeys are obsessed with rectums in S.F. Do you remember Tawala Brawly, or some similar named black female claimed white boys rubbed feces on her before raping her. She eventually admitted it was a lie. I had the unpleasant experience of having blacks use dog feces rubbed on me. I did not put in a work report complaint. I knew the publicized Brawly case would be used to make me look like a liar. Instead I just finished my day greeting the public and smelling of dog shit. I know they expected me to leave and clean up. But plenty of people enjoyed the smell of dog shit that day. But I had a hundred witnesses if anyone was curious about my unusual perfume.

            I realize that not all blacks are bad. But not all blacks are innocent victims either. And that goes double for their mentors, the J*ws.


            • That sucks so bad. I was in a checkout line at my local grocery store a couple of years ago. I had my cane propped up against the counter while I pulled out my wallet to pay. A couple of blacks came running down the aisle, stole my cane and ran out of the store. As far as I know, they didn’t take anything other than what I needed to f***ing walk with. The black lady two customers behind me started to cackle with laughter like the awful b**ch she was. All of the white people around me were completely aghast. I did some pretty stupid crap as a kid, but never in a million years would I have stolen a cane, wheelchair, etc. Would you?

              Mac, I’ve been a reader for 5 years. I’m finally going to start posting some comments. Give me a chance.

              • Let it Rip Mossberg. Welcome aboard.. Tell us what’s going on in your world? Tell it like it is.


        • Abe Lincoln almost shipped all the Black slaves back to Liberia after the Civil War. One of the biggest and costliest mistakes in US History. He should have.

          Because the results from that mistake, is now Reverse Slavery, AKA: White Slavery, We Whitey’s are worked and taxed to death, all to feed and house these useless unemployed baby making baboons.


          • 5 Things You May Not Know About Lincoln, Slavery and Emancipation

            On September 22 1862, Abraham Lincoln issued his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, in which he declared that as of January 1, 1863, all slaves in states in rebellion against the Union “shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” To commemorate the occasion, we invite you to consider some surprising facts about Lincoln’s views on slavery, and the complex process that led him to issue the document he later called “the central act of my administration, and the greatest event of the 19th century.”

            1. Lincoln wasn’t an abolitionist.
            Lincoln did believe that slavery was morally wrong, but there was one big problem: It was sanctioned by the highest law in the land, the Constitution. The nation’s founding fathers, who also struggled with how to address slavery, did not explicitly write the word “slavery” in the Constitution, but they did include key clauses protecting the institution, including a fugitive slave clause and the three-fifths clause, which allowed Southern states to count slaves for the purposes of representation in the federal government. In a three-hour speech in Peoria, Illinois, in the fall of 1854, Lincoln presented more clearly than ever his moral, legal and economic opposition to slavery—and then admitted he didn’t know exactly what should be done about it within the current political system.

            Abolitionists, by contrast, knew exactly what should be done about it: Slavery should be immediately abolished, and freed slaves should be incorporated as equal members of society. They didn’t care about working within the existing political system, or under the Constitution, which they saw as unjustly protecting slavery and slave owners. Leading abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison called the Constitution “a covenant with death and an agreement with Hell,” and went so far as to burn a copy at a Massachusetts rally in 1854. Though Lincoln saw himself as working alongside the abolitionists on behalf of a common anti-slavery cause, he did not count himself among them. Only with emancipation, and with his support of the eventual 13th Amendment, would Lincoln finally win over the most committed abolitionists.

            2. Lincoln didn’t believe blacks should have the same rights as whites.
            Though Lincoln argued that the founding fathers’ phrase “All men are created equal” applied to blacks and whites alike, this did not mean he thought they should have the same social and political rights. His views became clear during an 1858 series of debates with his opponent in the Illinois race for U.S. Senate, Stephen Douglas, who had accused him of supporting “negro equality.” In their fourth debate, at Charleston, Illinois, on September 18, 1858, Lincoln made his position clear. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,” he began, going on to say that he opposed blacks having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office and to intermarry with whites. What he did believe was that, like all men, blacks had the right to improve their condition in society and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In this way they were equal to white men, and for this reason slavery was inherently unjust.

            Like his views on emancipation, Lincoln’s position on social and political equality for African-Americans would evolve over the course of his presidency. In the last speech of his life, delivered on April 11, 1865, he argued for limited black suffrage, saying that any black man who had served the Union during the Civil War should have the right to vote.

            3. Lincoln thought colonization could resolve the issue of slavery.
            For much of his career, Lincoln believed that colonization—or the idea that a majority of the African-American population should leave the United States and settle in Africa or Central America—was the best way to confront the problem of slavery. His two great political heroes, Henry Clay and Thomas Jefferson, had both favored colonization; both were slave owners who took issue with aspects of slavery but saw no way that blacks and whites could live together peaceably. Lincoln first publicly advocated for colonization in 1852, and in 1854 said that his first instinct would be “to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia” (the African state founded by the American Colonization Society in 1821).

            Nearly a decade later, even as he edited the draft of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation in August of 1862, Lincoln hosted a delegation of freed slaves at the White House in the hopes of getting their support on a plan for colonization in Central America. Given the “differences” between the two races and the hostile attitudes of whites towards blacks, Lincoln argued, it would be “better for us both, therefore, to be separated.” Lincoln’s support of colonization provoked great anger among black leaders and abolitionists, who argued that African-Americans were as much natives of the country as whites, and thus deserved the same rights. After he issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln never again publicly mentioned colonization, and a mention of it in an earlier draft was deleted by the time the final proclamation was issued in January 1863.

            4. Emancipation was a military policy.
            As much as he hated the institution of slavery, Lincoln didn’t see the Civil War as a struggle to free the nation’s 4 million slaves from bondage. Emancipation, when it came, would have to be gradual, and the important thing to do was to prevent the Southern rebellion from severing the Union permanently in two. But as the Civil War entered its second summer in 1862, thousands of slaves had fled Southern plantations to Union lines, and the federal government didn’t have a clear policy on how to deal with them. Emancipation, Lincoln saw, would further undermine the Confederacy while providing the Union with a new source of manpower to crush the rebellion.

            In July 1862 the president presented his draft of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. Secretary of State William Seward urged him to wait until things were going better for the Union on the field of battle, or emancipation might look like the last gasp of a nation on the brink of defeat. Lincoln agreed and returned to edit the draft over the summer. On September 17 the bloody Battle of Antietam gave Lincoln the opportunity he needed. He issued the preliminary proclamation to his cabinet on September 22, and it was published the following day. As a cheering crowd gathered at the White House, Lincoln addressed them from a balcony: “I can only trust in God I have made no mistake … It is now for the country and the world to pass judgment on it.”

            5. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t actually free all of the slaves.
            Since Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a military measure, it didn’t apply to border slave states like Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri, all of which had remained loyal to the Union. Lincoln also exempted selected areas of the Confederacy that had already come under Union control in hopes of gaining the loyalty of whites in those states. In practice, then, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t immediately free a single slave, as the only places it applied were places where the federal government had no control—the Southern states currently fighting against the Union.

            Despite its limitations, Lincoln’s proclamation marked a crucial turning point in the evolution of Lincoln’s views of slavery, as well as a turning point in the Civil War itself. By war’s end, some 200,000 black men would serve in the Union Army and Navy, striking a mortal blow against the institution of slavery and paving the way for its eventual abolition by the 13th Amendment.

            Link: ht tp://www.history.com/news/5-things-you-may-not-know-about-lincoln-slavery-and-emancipation

            ~WWTI… Know Our US History Well, so You can catch other shills lying to you. And call them out.

      11. If you live in Tennessee, and want a custom license plate for your vehicle, you can sign up at


        We need 1000 to sign up by year end, and pay, to put the tag into production…have 728 right now.

      12. It’s just another attack on Western Civilization. They have to attack every part of it in order to deconstruct it. By the way, the word racist is nothing more than a Marxist pejorative. Invented in the early 1930’s by Magnus Herschfield, a Jewish communist, who was living in Germany. His intent was to intimidate the Westerners out of the political process so the commies could destroy the West with multi-culturalism and diversity. Does it make sense now?

      13. Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”

      14. Confusion. Baas Hawg has always been able to fire people without reason. In nearly 50 years of employment, have never been allowed to wear any type of symbol that was not our company logo. When did political statements at work get approved?

      15. So… how did a flag so central to America become reviled? Here’s how:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of the propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

        Charleton Heston

      16. Is it possible that the black employee filed the complaint for one of the self-centered reasons? It’s usually about greed or power: 1. Nice lawsuit against a gov agency so he could rake in the big bucks, 2. Use of race may not have gained him a position of power over the co-worker in a prior matter, so why not go after a symbol the co-worker had on display to gain that power – which did work.

        Usually these sorts of people cannot fathom any “big picture” of what may happen in the future for their shortsightedness…not necessarily to them…but their friends and family (kids) who have a lifetime to deal with it.

      17. Modern media? gee now whom would That be?

        When at least 90% of something is owned and run and controled fully by a single ethnic group….Thats close enough to 100% to call it a Total Complete takeover of it.

        And it will always be the wishes and grand designs of that 90% part which dictates what folks are going to see and hear from said medias.

        Most folks are just too fearing and scared to name that ethnic control group is all. Or they are Gatekeepers diverting atten. away from that control group.

        • Them Guys:

          Television is supposed to be 96% j*w owned. I think it really is 100% j*w owned. The movies are run by five studios that are all j*w owned. The newspapers and publishing houses are mostly owned by j*ws. Where do you figure it’s 90%. It’s way more than 90%. The j*ws own the one bank that controls all the banks. So the whole banking system is owned by j*ws. They print confederate, I mean counterfeit money. They have control of most of the land and resources. I think your figures are too low. That’s all I wanted to say.


          • B from CA: Yes I agree and I Know it is 100% owned by them…I just figured to state it at only 90% in order so that Test don’t blow another gasket and start to again call me a jew baiter and jew hater etc!

            I also figure you b/ca can figure out whom we have here, several in fact, that are those “Gate Keepers” eh?

            One dead give away clue is when they always call the bad going on in america as Kommie or cultural marxist etc…but they then end up by calling those leftist marxists…nazis! and brown shirts! and hitlers!

            But never ever call em what they really are.

            Its all due to massive lifelong brainwashing propagandas that we all have endured which causes most folks to automaticly defend and support a certain minority ethnic group of nation wreckers as if they cannot ever do wrong.

            This happens in every sphere of society, go in general outdoors public setting where folks are at, go to a Bar, resturant, movie show, school or college settings, work place setting, etc etc..

            And 99% of all folks has one main in common and that is to always unquestionably defend those undefendable bad actors. The people just do it sub-conciensly (sp?).

            Due to said brainwashed entire lifetimes. Its also main reason most so reject Facts and real Truths about such issues. I usually just Laugh out Loud at their faces when I am confronted by such lifelong duped foolish souls.

            truth is a Weapon that works the same as if you poured out a heaping full shovel full of Red Hot Coals onto the Top of their heads!…Speak truth to them it act same as hot coals on top of head…you get instant anger and babelings and incoherant nonsense from the fools.

          • BA from CA.. The Airwaves are Public airwaves and supposed to be available for the public. But what we have right now is the Fascist Zionist media companies with the support of the Government to control the message. They have Hijacked, Seized and now control over 95% of the Media and Public airwaves. This is Theft and loss of our Republic for Free Speech. Those like AP (Associated Press) Reuters, and other are Jew Zionist media corporations where the daily scripts are written, to benefit them. Much of the American Public is brainwashed with BS Zionist propaganda.

            The Internet is about the last place where you can actually post your message and thoughts and be published. Like here at the SHTFPlan, and we should be thankful to Mac for this Medium for conversation. Ever try to send a letter to the Editor of your local news paper to be published in your words or not cut short? Good Luck. Or call in to the Radio and try to discuss what’s on your mind. Ain’t happening.

            What needs to happen is, We the people need to break up the big media and restore our Airwaves (Public Domain Product) back to the People, not in control of the fascist agenda filled with propaganda, that is accompanied by their fascist Drug company commercials selling us polluted chemicals that poisons us.

            No single Media entity should be able to own more than 3 to 5% of any media segment, or fully dominate an entire market area of media channels. That is not Freedom of the Press nor free access to give public opinion. That is Tyranny and Fascism, oppression and media slavery, from the truth of reporting.

            We need to get back to where the people own the airwaves and get back to real Investigative reporting where Journalists can hold the Government Accountable as should be. All we have now is puppets announcers with a face, following their Pied Piper and handed the talking point script to reissue as current Phony news of the day.

            So that’s the facts Jack.


      18. I have the Gadsen flag on my vehicle.
        I wear the tee shirts.
        I have the emblem on my hats.
        I would have it on my weapons if possible.
        So any of you whinny negroids from Africa that have a problem with it just remember fuck with me directly and you may get more than you ever expected. Since most of you have taken to the mudslime pedophilic goat fucking life style all my rounds have a layer of pig fat on the small ball in the hollowpoint that helps expansion. You want something good for your pig slime bodies, I’ll be happy to oblige if you ever fuck with me.
        Oh an government, you’re dead you just don’t know it yet, give it some time and you’ll be ushered into hell.

        • Holy shit Nam……….those must be slick bullets.

        • Nam, AMEN. I’m with you all the way.

      19. T n a I’d sign up but don’t live in Tennessee. They don’t have cool Gadsden plates here. They have war veteran and gay stuff like electric hybrid. Most working guys have the us flag and Gadsden flag flying in the back of their trucks.

      20. More anti gov than racist.

      21. Wearing a Gadsden Flag May Be Racist: “Expect To Be Eyed With Suspicion By Your Boss”

        If that is the case, then maybe I should seek out purchasing a Swastika Flag 卐 and put that up on my flag pole.

        If the Government/Liberals wants to make the claim that the Gadsden flag is racist … well … may as get it over with and do it right.

        卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 [it’s not racist, it’s a windmill]

      22. It was good enough for the Green Mountain Boys it good enough for me.

      23. Fly them all and stand tall! If everybody does it there will not be enough jails to hold em. molon labe!

      24. After the last flag, symbol and monument that has been deemed racist., the last remaining racist symbol, will be the WHITE MAN.

      25. I rotate flags hanging in my window,was going to take down Gadsden and hang the Blue Bonnie,will hold off awhile as I am a racist!

      26. Warchild, I also have Gadsdens which I’ll never surrender. Anyone who doesn’t like my Gadsdens can turn heir heads the other way and ignore them. I’m not taking down shit. MOLON LABE

      27. Since this is a survival site, and since getting and keeping a job, especially when there is competition for good paying jobs with benefits, though it may not be popular, and I will be accused of many things, in all good conscience, I must non-the-less admit, if I worked at a federal, state, county, city, or private establishment. I would save my clothing with sayings or symbols for off time; not wear my crooked crosses or other popular such provocative trendy stuff. If in uniform, wear it. I wore a uniform. When I ordered it I got two sizes larger so I could wear long johns and sweat pants and sweatshirt under it; in order to comply. During winter, women (and a few men) wore wigs to keep worm because the uniform hat was just a little nothing. So, I can’t get al dewy eyed over somebody who gets in trouble this way. But it’s not racist, it’s just stupid; just like people with tattoos. Give me a break. Besides making you a walking advertisement. It makes men look like criminals and women look like sluts. Don’t worry, I know I have offended you. Tuff shit. Do you want to work, or do you want to be cool.

        The best part about having a tatoo, it makes the Cop’s job easier when he needs to identify you. We’re looking for a man with a tatoo on his arm below the elbow. Bingo.



      28. B from CA; You are correct. I agree and I am one of a small Few harley biker guys that has zero tatoo’s anywhere on my body. Not a single tatoo at all. And for exact same reason you stated…it makes cops job to ID you way eaiser.

        Today I have very short head hair, combed nicely, trimmed short beard, and nobody would ever in million years guess me as being a harley rider type or biker type guy.

        I can blend into most every scene and disapear in a crowd in couple seconds flat. Everything that makes a person stand out like tatoos or signs on clothings etc makes it easy to ID that person. And one never knows what or when one may need do something not quite kosher so to speak.

        so always better to be a blend in kinda guy works best I say. plus today rayssis negroes and illeagle immigrants are very highly likely to screw with Your car or house if you wear stuff they hate or dislike or whatever. Why tempt fate eh?

        Blend in totally untill time to Act and then care not who hates what. But Now aint that time yet.

      29. Wearing a Gadsden Flag May Be Racist:

        So where can I buy two of them and patches….

      30. I got my date of birth, full name, allergies and known medical conditions tattooed on my chest right over my heart when I was 18. I had to update it with a new medical condition at 27. I’ve thought about getting the same tattooed on my right leg above the ankle just in case I get injured and medics can’t read the info. Then I realized it was over my heart and if I get injured there, not being able to read a tattoo won’t mean a thing! I’ll have checked out before they can look at the wound.

        • Mossberg, as a former Paramedic, Your name is irrelevant in an emergency. All I would want to know, is are you a diabetic, Allergies, current medications you are taking and if available Blood Type to radio in a head of time, to the hospital for possible blood transfusion if needed. Your name may be useful if you have a medical problem in your local area, however go to another state and it is useless for getting a history of your medical conditions. Really Tattooing it on your chest? lol


      31. “Expect to be eyed with suspicion by your boss.” I’m already the only conservative (libertarian) at work as it is. Everyone looks at me like I’m insane when I voice my opinion. Some of my co-workers are die-hard libs that will never be woken out of their stupor. I continue to chime in and go against the grain because a few of my other co-workers seem to just go along to get along with all the lib nonsense. I hope they’ve paid attention and realize the absurdity of the left.

      32. Liberals just spew pure Sh#t daily I for one am tried of it. You don’t like it then F@*k you liberal.

      33. A little history lesson: The Gadsen flag was created during the time when the U.S. was paying tribute to Muslim emirates in the Meditteranean. When the Marines were sent to put things right,the Naval ships they were deployed from had the flag. Stupid government worker needs to stay in his ‘safe place’

      34. Bottom line about BHO and Hillary as well as all Dems and other elites, is that we all live in the many illusions they create to control all of us. And they force us all to pay for it !

        There is a much better way to live and think to avoid most of those illusions !

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