Video: Second Shooter Captured Firing From Rooftop of Mandalay Convention Center?

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 31 comments

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.


    Note: This is an updated version of the article with correct calculations after further review. Please help spread!

    A second shooter fires from an elevated position at 10:04 p.m., before Paddock fires his first fully-automatic volley, video appears to show

     (INTELLIHUB) — The purpose of this article is to open a real-time discussion and investigation into the very real possibility that a ‘second shooter’ may have been firing from an elevated position on the northeast corner of the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from behind a raised parapet short wall.

    At 3:08-1/2 into the video you can see what appears to be a single flash coming from above and beyond the rooftop of the Desert Oasis Motel just to the left of the most eastward Ferris wheel support post. Then approx. 2.26 +/- seconds later (at nearly 3:11) the sound of the shot can be heard.

    It’s actually rather loud and appears to have caught the attention of a few people.

    The shooter’s vantage point

    After doing an extensive analysis on the matter, I have determined that what looks/sounds like a muzzle flash/gunshot likely came from the northeast corner of the rooftop on the Mandalay Bay Convention Center which is 848 yards (2,545 ft.) away from where the videographer was located at the precise moment the shot is fired.

    The shooter’s line of sight to where the videographer captured the muzzle flash and sound of the shot. (Google Maps)

    The shooter’s line of sight to where the videographer captured the muzzle flash and sound of the shot. (Google Maps)

    The following two images give an overview of the shooter’s vantage point. This is what the shooter would have been able to see.

    The shooter’s vantage point from the northeast corner of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    The shooter’s vantage point from the northeast corner of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    The Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    The Mandalay Bay Convention Center. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    At a range of 848 yards (2,545 ft.), the sound from the shot would take 2.26 seconds (traveling at 1125 ft./sec.) to register in the videocamera’s microphone, just as it does in the video. It’s a match.

    Midway between the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the venue. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    Midway between the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the venue. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

    In the following image, the two Ferris wheel support poles can be seen in the background to the left and beyond the poles, the venue can be seen.


    You can view the full three-hour timeline analysis by Shepard Ambellas here.

    The entire Intellihub investigation into the Las Vegas Shooting can be found here.



    Additional Sources:

    .223 ballistics chart (

    .223 ballistics chart (


    Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook. Subscribe to Shep’s YouTube channel


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      1. Did the writer or anyone check to see if there was any spent brass there in/ around the sign?

        • Love all the debate on different flashes of light in a city that is dominated by of all things…. Flashing Lights..

          • old pics used

            the photos are now know as the Skyvue wheel site

            some one needs to check if it has been finished and when
            as of apr 2017 it has not been done yet

            also for those who can stand a little bit of truth
            these are FACTS not rumors and other BS

            1 NO WINDOWS in the mandalay bay can open not one
            i should know as i helped install 30 or more during the build out.
            it is against NV state law to prevent children and the elderly from falling and also losers from taking their own lives etc or dumping cheating spouses

            2 the luxor next door has a series of lights that run all night long and are on the four edges of the hotel
            they also have a spot light that can be seen from the international space station. look for any videos of the LUXOR light show and you will see flashing lights etc running all night till dawn
            also most of the huge signs for hotels like the mgm wynn paris etc now have video screens showing food show girls bits of the stage shows etc and these can be seen for at least 1/2 a mile and flash blink etc all night and then switch to day time run these so called bill boards are over a half a million in cost and use the same power amounts as 40 reg homes per hr

            3 ALL of the casinos hotels etc are PRIVATE property and have signs stating so if some one cares to look
            the hotels have COMPLETE control of YOU and your property at all times no matter how much you may or may not like it.

            they can and have taken ear buds off children and Beats head sets of adults over concerns of listening devices that can be used to cheat or listen in on hotel security

            the minute you buy or reserve a room etc they have in the extra fine print that

            they can take your camera
            they can take your cell phone if you are filming the casino floor
            any walk mans etc can and will be taken and if deemed a threat to the hotel destroyed

            at any given time if your children even look like they will step on the casino floor they can be arrested along with the parents and the children taken to CPS.

            and yes all the stuff mentioned in the other article are 100% true

            in the state of NV any citizen can arrest any one committing a crime and hold them till metro gets on scene. and that includes hotel staff managers etc
            all they have to do is show that the person was arrested on either video or 3 eye witnesses and the BAN sticks. and since the FBI has 2 local offices they are here 24 7 365 so not out of line or belief that they tossed the whack job trying to make a story out of nothing

            Las Vegas is NOT the family friendly place that they want you to believe it is in the ads commercials. and while you CAN NOT get a hooker in the hotels ( at least legally ) you can drive 80 miles and have all the bed time fun you can pay for

            they provide hundreds of thousands of jobs both on property and support type businesses and they pay millions in taxes so the the citizens dont have to pay state income tax BUT this comes at a hell of a price. if you work for a casino you have almost zero privacy. and since most folks have some kind of social media type account the hotels now require that you

            LIKE or Friend them and you give your manager a copy of the password and sign on name.
            and THEY do search all pages of employees to see if any one is bad mouthing them or ” bringing down the Brand reputation ” by doing any thing they don’t like

            former 15 year resident

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • Interesting info indeed. So glad I have NO interest in ever being in Las Vegas again. Visited during the 80s. What people will put up with, for what???

            • SSU, very interesting post. I’ve heard some similar stories about Vegas but you’re the first one to ever confirm them for me.

          • Somebody got on the billboard and fired ONE shot? Yeah, keep digging…

            • More likely someone with a camera snapping a photo. Not all flashes of light are from a muzzle of a gun.

              • Also, more likely from the roof of the Dessert Oasis than the billboard. Flash comes from the left of the left-most Ferris Wheel pole, not between them. Moreover, there’s 1 flash of light and 3 distinct ‘pops’ about 2 seconds apart. so pops and flash are unrelated.

      2. No.

        • This. So much this.

      3. That wasn’t the second shooter on the grassy knoll?

        • We will know if Trump releases the JFK files!!

      4. The first thing that I saw was this statement, “possibility that a ‘second shooter’ may have been firing from an elevated position across the strip and to the west of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.” A quick look at a map of the area shows that this statement is incongruous with the facts. “The Strip” (e.g. Las Vegas Boulevard) is to the East of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, there is no way a “second shooter” could have been firing “across the strip to the west”. The Mr. Deli mentioned is just EAST across the strip form the hotel and south of the Las Vegas Village (the concert venue). If a second shooter was there then they would have been firing from the east of the hotel and the south of the Village.

        Additionally, the distances sited do not match what I get from Google Maps. When I measure from that billboard to the position of the videographer as indicated by the author, I come up with just under 1200 feet. But, even if the author’s 2500 feet were correct it still flies in the face of physics. The speed of sound is roughly 761 mph. Doing the math means that at 2500 feet it would take about 2.24 seconds for the sound from the weapon to reach the videographer. If my distance measurement from GMaps is correct then the sound would have reached the camera in 1.1 seconds. Neither match the 4 second delay in the video.

        Next, note that the flash is ever so slightly to the left (from the cameraman’s perspective), or east, of the eastern most column (presumably for the Farris wheel mentioned). The author’s map shows that from the billboard, even from the eastern most edge of it, the flash would have shown up, at best, to the west of the eastern most column, or between the two columns. To get the flash to show up to the east of that eastern most column, and to get the flash to sound delay like the author is suggesting, this “second shooter” (if the line of trajectory traveled through the point the author suggests) would have to have been located at the club house of the Bali Hai Golf Club, nearly a mile away (about 4400 feet away to have a 4 second flash/sound delay).

        So, I didn’t have to do “extensive” research, just a few minutes on Google Maps and using some simple math, and I have at least proven to myself that this article is all conjecture if not entirely fabricated. I think there are a lot of unanswered question surrounding this case, but to publish utter fiction like this is at best a disservice, and at worst is a fraud on the readers.

        Do your own research on this. Google can tell you what the speed of sound is, how far it will travel in a second. Then the math is simple. Go to your mapping software of choice and measure the distances and do the math. This article just does not add up!

        • you are correct. I debunked it when the author said I would see ONE flash/shot in a 15 minute video. It is detrimental to the cause of Truth when articles like this get put out.

        • He should have said “east”, that’s an error that I hope he corrects but I did see the flash he’s referring to. Also the speed of sound in those conditions and distance gives a differential of about .1 seconds from the flash to when the sound reached the recorder-nowhere near 4 seconds. There is a video of a witness who says she saw a girl go down right after that first crack and that was on the far right side looking at the stage so it is possible that the shot was fired from the billboard area.

      5. The perps getting sloppier carrying out these events as if not caring about potential eyewitness and video accounts. This coverup indicates the level of the in your face unchallengable absolute power behind the scenes. Another excellent example is the aftermath of 9-11 where the constructing pieces are firmly revealed at Dissecting the 9-11 event from a rational point of view (Part 1). Where are the 3 videos confiscated from people filming the Pentagon attack event? The perps are lined up and identified. Former DHS head Michael Chertoff is one.

      6. Were there aliens involved? I don’t care unless there were aliens involved.

        • They are aliens,the reptilian Luciferians
          trying to take over the world.

      7. Could be a camera flash. Usually the most mundane explanation is the correct one. Maybe experts in how camera flash’s would compare to gunfire might be able to provide some extra info. MA I agree, there’s not enough concrete evidence in this article, and a quick speed of sound to time comparison of gunfire and the flash would be a quick way to discard a bunch of info put forward.

      8. Whether there was a shooter on the billboard we will never know.
        It’s clear however that the Route 91 Harvest was placed inside a crossfire.
        Shots could be fired down upon the people at the concert from multiple directions.
        There are several hotels that could have been used to fire from multiple different directions.
        The report of a belt fed weapon is very clear in all the videos of the shooting.
        The report of a slide fire stock equipped rifle does not match the report we hear in the videos.
        Possibly a M240B or M60 machine gun?
        I believe it’s possible there were operatives firing blanks from different directions to mask the actual locations of the real shooters.
        The operatives could have also used pre-recorded sounds of simulated gunfire to throw off people.
        In the videos it’s evident no one knows where the shooting is coming from which is the reason everyone froze in panic.
        The FBI confiscated laptops and cellphones destroying any evidence which I believe would reveal there were multiple gunmen present at the Route 91 Harvest.
        Route 91 Harvest was a soul harvest for the evil elite.

      9. This shooting has 1000 different scenarios because it was done by someone other than the dead guy! The hotel where the “Shooter” was found dead, the 32nd. floor, had to have been at some time before shooting, closed for construction purposes, or some other excuse. That had to happen because you can’t carry that many weapons, and ammo, build shooting platforms, and install cameras, in a Las Vegas Hotel, without someone inquiring about what you are doing! This shooting was done by either, hired mercenaries, or CIA, or some members of the Obama-deep-state-military! We have two, Billionaires spending massive amounts of their own money, to have gun confiscation in America! The NWO self-described, global elitists, are pressuring the players in the USA, to get guns confiscated in order to move forward with their plans! Promises were made during the Obama/Hillary rollover to have guns gone, but Hillary didn’t win! That’s why the huge, all out efforts to end Trumps Presidency is taking place! They can’t move forward until the dollar fails, and guns are gone! Soros just rearranged his financial portfolios to put $18-Billion into his destroy America fund! He is antiquated, and that money means more to him, than eternity in hell. So you can imagine how big this is, Bloomberg has also spent a large amount of money to gain control of guns! These Billionaires are as greedy as it gets, the tend to gain unimaginable fortunes off of a NWO, leading to a OWG! (One World Government) This type of mass murder is nothing to them, however, their money means everything! Hillary was supposed to win, they had huge plans, then in the twinkling of an eye, Trump! The old wrench in the gears!

      10. Latest Fear Mongering About Self Sufficiency: Salmonella in Backyard Chickens

        “If these numbers are even close to accurate–or even off by a factor of five–that means the risk of salmonella is actually lower for backyard chicken farmers than for the general population!

        Another interesting thing to note is that the distribution of baby chicks is still pretty centralized. But the centralized food industry is one of the biggest problems relating to foodborne illness in the first place.

        So is the problem keeping chickens in your backyard, or is the problem sourcing those chickens from one of a handful of hatcheries?

        In that sense, scaring people away from keeping chickens in their backyard is just ushering them into another centralized food industry just as–or more–likely to get them sick. The real solution is keeping chickens as well as sourcing them locally from a farm you can visit.

        So the problem with these kinds of alarmist articles is that they could curb an overall more healthy behavior. They encourage people to do the same old unhealthy thing, instead of pursuing a healthier alternative for fear of a relatively obscure risk.

        Keeping chickens might actually reduce the overall chance of getting salmonella from poultry products. But even if it increases the risk, it doesn’t take into account the long-term health benefits of eating homegrown versus store bought food.”

        “And the media definitely doesn’t want people to change. They have a vested interest in making sure there is an army of negatrons to counter every positive utterance. That is how the media protects the status quo. It is how they make sure people don’t step too far out of line.

        It is how they make sure people don’t empower themselves to stop depending on the state and corporate institutions.”

        ht tp://

          • There is the issue of people making family pets out of the chickens and being physically close to them and including kissing them. Combine that with poor hygiene where people handle chickens and then food, or put their hands in their mouths, especially children who are ignorant of the nasty diseases chickens can carry.

            Interesting story, a group of Hasidic Jews were trying to run a turkey farm to produce Kosher, disease free turkeys. They tried to control everything, but still salmonella kept creeping in. They finally put some video cameras out that captured the problem. Salamanders came out at night to feed unknown to the farmers and the Turkeys loved to eat them. Reptiles and amphibians are notorious breeding grounds for salmonella. Poultry is a notorious carrier of salmonella.

            Also the same feed given to chickens attracts wild birds that are migratory and carry diseases from all over the world. Some of the worst influenza pandemics weren’t carried by people, but spread around the planet by migratory birds who transfer the disease to domestic birds, who gave it to people.

      11. What is the price of a few lives and injured people to push forward an agenda!Question nothing and go back to sleep. Be a good global citizen!

      12. Another flash? Very interesting, but shtupit.

      13. I hear multiple shooters all firing at the same time from different positions (areas) what is so hard to figure out about a conspiracy? FBI I guess is covering all this up along with the main stream media. Something is dreadfully wrong here when our government and the news ‘we trust’ (trusted) covers all this up. Kill the witnesses, silence everyone else, scrub all cell phones and push the lie on the news and it all gets swept under the rug. And we get more gun laws, more freedoms lost, they win, we lose.

        • TL, as long as we’re still armed THEY haven’t won anything. We still have a fighting chance. I don’t follow unconstitutional laws anyway.

      14. Did the authorities find all of the bullets at the concert on the grounds after the shooting? No report how many and what type? I must have missed it.

      15. ok. let’s have a reality check.
        The muzzle velocity of a 5.56 round varies, and it matters, usually between 2700-3200 fps. Also, a 395″ drop is a huge correction to allow for using that round over a 850m distance. My WAG for that distance with an AR-shooter would put time-of-flight for the projectile at around 1 second, not 2 1/4 seconds. The initial “pops” sound to me like a heavier caliber round than .223/5.56. There is definitely a different sound between the initial shots that got the crowd’s attention and the later rapid-fire shots.

      16. Can’t see any flash. How far up the tower is the flash? Anyone?

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