“Unfortunately, This Is Only the Beginning”: Black Gunman Fires at Whites, Police in Passing Cars

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 139 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Organic or astro-turf, justified or not, there is something very ugly that is rising to the surface. A string of incidents has seemingly come out of nowhere, just as Hillary and Trump head to convention, and the people of this country become frustrated about the corruption of the system, and the farce that surrounds voting and elections.

    Will chaos completely spill out into the cities of America, beyond any control? Or will this remain a series of sporadic and highly provocative headlines? Either way, everyone had better keep their eyes open, because the U.S. is headed into dangerous territory they have steered clear of for many years now.

    Mass protest, civil disobedience, riots, indiscriminate killings on both sides and more can be expected, as major pressure is fueling a war of society. Can we really expect that this is all unconnected, or that it will simply die down?

    4 Shot, 1 Killed After Black Gunman Fires At Passing Cars On Tennessee Highway, Targeting Police, Whites

    by Tyler Durden

    The worst case scenario we predicted yesterday, hours before the shocking events in Dallas had taken place, is now in play and the genie unleashed by the recent incidents of police violence – whether unprovoked or justified –  and popularized by an aggressive speech by none other than the president in which he collectivized the failings of the US police force as one organic whole, is now officially out of the bottle.

    Recall we said that “we believe that the current wave of anti-police sentiment will sublimate into a surge in social violence across the US, especially among blacks who target police, and sadly culminate with deadly consequences for all involved.” While it is not clear if Obama’s speech yesterday was the spark that accelerated precisely this sentiment, but after yesterday’s mass killing of police officers in Dallas and various incidents across the US today, we are convinced that what is on the surface a surge in class/race/occupation tensions between segments of the black community and segments of the police force (because it clearly does not involve everyone in the those two respective groups), is about to escalate into a full blown war.

    Case in point, the latest incident in what increasingly more are calling an all out race war was reported moments ago by AP who said that 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, who is black, opened fire indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway. He later told investigators he was angry about police violence against African-Americans. One woman died and three others, including one police officer, were injured in the rampage.

    Lakeem Keon Scott. (Facebook)

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that initial conversations with the suspect, 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, revealed he was “troubled by recent incidents involving African-Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country.”

    As AP adds, Scott was wounded in the shootout with police, remains hospitalized and has not yet been charged. All those shot were white, police confirmed.

    Scott was shot by police after opening fire about 2:20 a.m. Thursday on Volunteer Highway in Bristol, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a press release. Scott was seriously wounded, but was in stable condition Friday afternoon, police said.

    The announcement came just hours after 12 officers were shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas by a man who police say declared he was angry about police shootings of black men and wanted to exterminate whites. Five of the officers died.

    Lakeem Scott was armed with two weapons, an “automatic-style rifle” and a pistol, and had a large amount of ammunition during the Thursday morning incident, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a press release.

    The shooting spree in Tennessee began around 2:20 a.m. Thursday. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation alleges Scott — armed with an assault rifle, a pistol and a large amount of ammunition — fired shots through the window of the Days Inn on Volunteer Parkway.

    Evidence is marked at a crime scene at O’Reilly Auto Parts connected to the
    shooting on Volunteer Parkway early Thursday morning in Tennessee

    The front desk clerk, Deborah Watts, was struck and injured. Days Inn owner Kiran Patel said he awoke to the sound of gunfire. His wife called the front desk to see what happened, Watts answered and said she’d been shot. She remains in the hospital in serious but stable condition.

    Investigators said Scott then “indiscriminately fired at several vehicles driving on Volunteer Parkway.”

    He was confronted by officers from the Bristol Police Department. “During that exchange, the investigation shows Scott fired at the three responding officers,” the TBI said. “After which the officers returned fire, striking Scott.” He was taken to the Bristol Regional Medical Center, where he remained in serious, but stable, condition on Friday, police said.

    Newspaper carrier Jennifer Rooney, a 44-year-old mother of two, was on her way to pick up papers for the morning delivery when a bullet struck her. The Bristol Herald-Courier reported that her car careened over a median and crashed through a chain link fence.

    David Whitman Davis was also injured by flying glass from the gunfire, the TBI said.

    Three officers with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department arrived and confronted Scott, who fired on them. Office Matthew Cousins was hit in the leg. He was treated for superficial injuries and released.

    Scott was stuck by the officers returning fire. He remains in the hospital in serious but stable condition. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said the investigation is ongoing as they work to understand the shooter’s motive.

    Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Ready as I’ll ever be

        Game on

        • God bless the Ku Klux Klan!

          • troll

          • See Tightrope . cc for fun stuff.
            I ordered a HUGE very interesting flag (I’ll let you guess). I intend on plastering it on top of a hillside I know a couple hills from an international flight path – – spread eagle with a spot light. If that dont make a few ethnic group fliers pizz down both legs, they are even stupider than thus published.

            • I told this community in December that we would see lots of violence this summer.

              Yes. its in the archives. 🙁

          • I don’t know what planet you people are from but here on the east coast, everyone mixes together… Out here its mot a matter of White versus Black, but rather Us (the People)versus the Elites. It seems you’ll are tryng to stir up trouble… which of course, makes the elites happy!

            Just yesterday, I talked to this little black guy and we were discussing the events on TV– the shooting of the cops… and me and this little black guy agreed perfectly!!

            Few days before that, I talked to this white guy–maybe in his 30’s— and we agreed perfectly about events also. He is an anarchist and he said we are at the point were things could go either way– either more austerity against the people (police state) or the complete opposite– Both of these guys I talked to are very aware of false flag events, the lieing corporate media, our civil liberites taken from us, the outsourcing of jobs, etc… The People Are Awake!! and Ive talked to others as well, who are equally awake!!! Maybe its different on the west coast where you live, I don’t know… but here, blacks and whites are NOT enemies… rather, its THE PEOPLE VESUS THE ELITE!

            • Wake up as “Anonymous says_CommentID:3586307” has suggested. Play into their hands or not. This is a very pivotal moment in this GOD-for-saken country. Oh and one other thing, Native Americans, blacks and other people groups have been dealing with terrorism since our African ancestors were dragged here. But some of you won’t acknowledge that. Seek YESHUA, do it fast and by HIS Word “not your” interpretation of HIS Word. A day of reckoning is at hand. But don’t take my word for it; take the Word of ONE in WHOM some of you profess to know:

              1 John 4:20 KJV
              If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

              Matthew 22:34-40
              34)But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. 35Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,
              36)Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37)Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
              38)This is the first and great commandment.
              39)And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
              40)On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

              Revelation 21:5-8
              5)And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
              6)And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.
              7)He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
              8)But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

        • Just wait till Farakan gets dont whipping up a frenzy.
          Its too bad , another problem created by the socialist left in a bid for more control .
          Just watch the gun control freaks come outta the woodwork !

          • socialist left? do these labels even mean anything anymore? Look at clinton, all the neocons are fully on board with her. But i agree currently the mainstream left is particularly scary because it atempts to dupe well meaning people not the horrible racist freaks that the right trys to co opt

        • It’s kinda hard to be ready for someone just opening fire on you with no warning and no reason to expect it to happen (like when you’re behind a counter in a business or driving down the highway just going about your normal life).

          Sometimes the only thing between you and being dead is pure luck, and unfortunately you can’t carry that around with you.

          • “taking a bullet” is when you can ‘see the flash’ from the barrel but never hear the ‘boom. Otherwise, you’re fine:keep shootin’

          • Kinda like just walking down an innocent jungle path minding my own business and some wacko just opens up with an assault rifle. Yelling and screaming some kinda crap about killing white Americans. Sometimes it’s just luck we live. Yup, I do agree with you.

            • Don’t you mean …and some bunny just opens up…

        • Have started engine…Ready for the flag to start

        • We are never ready. Cognitive Dissonance cause us all to have blind spots in our plans for protecting our families.

          Sure wish I had bulletproof panels in my car doors right now.

          I watch ASTN on dish it’s a show about personal and home defense, based on real life incidents. I believe it can also be found on UTube.

          A recent show was about a woman who was shot at while driving home from work, robbery was the intent, they shot out her tires. Kind of like the attack in Tennessee, except instead of robbery, the Tennessee attack was multiple racist attempted murders on whites. I thought that scenario was a bit far fetched, oops. Cognitive Dissonance.

          • PTPO –
            You must be white !
            Only a racist white person ( non gender) would talk that way.
            You have suppressed the black folk so long that only a civil war will give em back what we took .
            Where is your guilt ???
            I think only black lives matter , we white folks had our chance so now its time to turn the US into a third world shitpot like its deserves to be for crimes against humanity.
            What are you thinking ?

            • Maybe you did something evil in your life, but I have always treated all human beings with the care and dignity they deserve. What’s all this about “we whites?” We white folks had our chance? What chance? – I KNOW you aren’t dragging all white people into your “crimes against humanity” – I deny any and all culpability, and I deserve nothing but the most proper and decent treatment from whites and blacks and all people, since that is how I have treated them.
              What is wrong with people who have this self-loathing and self-hatred so easily caved into, because of an anti-white media you lose your head so completely?
              Is your skin color your fault? Is your race your fault? Yes, because you’re white but if you were black it wouldn’t be your fault? LOLzzz you are a mess honey. Get psychiatric treatment.
              Anyone tries to hurt me or mine black or white is getting blasted.

              • I really like your last sentence because it shows what protecting your family is all about. So many people seem to feel black people are the threat here. We are not and should not be your main concern. Ev for those living in a major city. When things really go south does it happen in your neighborhood? On your route home? No. So by would you go out of your way to target black people? Sounds like looking for trouble to me.

            • Did you forget 690,000 men died freeing the black folks.Read your history.

            • @ Hammerhead, Ever since the first black man was hauled over here there has been trouble. They are a curse on our nation. They are 13 percent of the population and do 50 percent of the crime. I think a civil war is fine. Maybe we will have a final solution then,

            • You forgot to break into a chorus of “Ol’ Man River”.

            • You’re being sarcastic, right?

          • Thanks for sharing the info about ATSN. Watched the first episode of season 1. Very valuable info. Plan to watch more. Recommended especially for your daughters or wives to help them stay safe.

            • Very important for anyone that “concealed carries” or has a firearm for home defense.

              Many scenarios for CCW, the panel that discusses the reenacted situations discus them from civilian, law enforcement, tactical and a legal perspectives.

        • That was a big fat easy target. When it’s dark just look for those teeth.

          • Menzo, I was thinking the same thing. If I had been one of those cops I would’ve done a double tap to his head. 3Cops opened up on him and only WOUNDED him? Sounds like they need to go back to the range.

            • This mess ain’t gonna be good. This is the first wave of fodder for us to fight. Every bullet counts.

              • Menzo, lead and brass matter. LOL.

                • Everybody: Call Your us senators and Reps!

                  Demand a FED LAW that Forces every african BLM member and every “New” black Panther member to…

                  Wear a set of them Sneeker tennise shoes that has LED Lites which light up Bright as they step Down with foot.

                  Then when night arrives and the perps go bezerko wild in streets again…And attempt to Hide in nearby woods areas.

                  Just wait for sight of Running moveing LED Glow lights and take positions and AIM aprox 4 to 5 feet Above LED lite source.

                  Guarenteed Chest or Head hit each time!

                  Call Congress DEMAND such Law NOW! Just do it for them…whitey childrens, wont you please?

                • Just bought a teeshirt on eBay that reads: Black Guns Matter.

            • I’m surprised they didn’t call for a bomb squad, and let him bleed out a bit. One of your first lessons as a bow hunter, let it settle down and bleed.

              • Luckily we dont have this crap here,,, still not good but is one good thing about being so far detached

                • Yeah, we are blessed in many ways, and cursed in others.
                  The Mynah birds ate a shitload of my green apple Bannanas the
                  other day and cops didn’t care.

          • Menzo, big fat phuck like that could soak up quite a few rounds. Gotta hit them in the heart, head or a major bone to whoa ’em up.

          • No need to shoot them either; just wet their lips and stick’em to a mirror or window.

        • Hi All….

          WARNING for SHTF’rs in Louisiana……

          a coworker has a sister in Baton Rouge. One of the sisters acquaintances is a LA State Trooper/Parole Officer. This acquantance knows/ works/meets with Sid Gautreaux the East Baton Rouge Sheriff who is trained and well connected with FBI. FBI updated there is chatter about a significant threat. Busloads of blacks coming in from out of state to cause serious problems….read that as to “PURGE” whites, as in the new moving coming out, “the Purge”. Those in the know are warning all family and friends to steer clear of well populated areas in Louisiana such as malls, shopping centers, water parks, sports events etc. Estimated time frame this weekend.

          Heads Up, Stay Sharp!

          • NPPH

            Wonderful, simply wonderful.

          • NPPH, there’s plenty of armed white folks in LA. Let those monkeys bring it on and they can get fed to the gators. Swamps and bayous everywhere in LA.

          • I heard something about that too. From what I recall it is the New Black Panther Party that is organizing it, so it’s not a small organization by any means. If you live in the area then by all means, lock, load and be ready to defend yourself. Don’t initiate it, let them be the ones to start it and then take down as many of them as you can. Remember too that there will be disaffected ex-military types among them as well, so do not under-estimate their tactical abilities. Avoid them if you can but do not go down without a fight if you cannot.

            All I can really think right now is WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON HERE??? HAS THE WHOLE WORLD LOST IT’S MIND?

            • OMG Winston – this is nothing. Your Psychopath in Chief and his neocon minions are are trying to pick a fight with two nuclear superpowers (Russia and China) and you are worried about a few shooters. Major cities turned to smoking glass craters and nuclear winters decimating all life on the planet has my attention far more than a few low IQ idiots with guns. Nato is meeting in Warsaw to plan how to counter “Russian Aggression” (read: how to convince the sheeple that WW3 is a great idea). Check out today’s Ron Paul liberty report video and start prepping in earnest (don’t forget to stock up on iodine and other radiation medications).



            • pretty much. I slept with my Ruger 5.56 ready to roll with spare mags by the bed last night. I usually just keep my.45 out. I am repacking my GHB tonight, and will be ready to roll whatever the circumstances. I have to be on call out of town next weekend, and I work in a democratic crap town. guess i’ll be ready for whatever it takes to get home if becomes necessary. I still haven’t found a way to get home without going through a high risk area for running into roving gangs on highways, etc. They have just built a huge shopping center along the edge of a wealthy community on the one road I had to shoot me over to a highway that runs through protected lands with no homes/stores. The thugs will loot that place in a heart beat. won’t be safe.

          • “Trained and well connected with the FBI”. First warning sign

            • I know a lot of folks are alarmist, I personally would not share info like this unless I could trust who told me and it sounded truly legitimate. When I post opinion or rumor, I label it as such. It was hours after I posted that I saw media confirmation on alternative investigative news sites. I understand the hesitation to take things at face value on an anonymous forum such as this.

        • Damm Straight, Captain!

          GAME ON!


        • Nobody will win a race war, we will all be losers.

          • Well Heck I don’t really want a race war but ..If they start killing white people dunno guess a race war is what we will have to deal with… It will not be just whites that will rise up against the blacks I think everyone hates N#$$@rs I know my Hispanic friends do. We must remember that the evil one in the white house and his handlers want this to happen as the destruction of America is the goal. If they destroy the republic there goes the military there goes the economic might. Nothing stands in the way of the NWO then.
            Now I am not that smart but I do know a couple of things. All the arms and ammo the federal government is stockpiling all over the country is not for the post office or the IRS which the purchase orders were for. But this is all part of a larger plan to infiltrate the whole country with enemy combatants and bingo bango THE DEMON INFESTED IMPOSTER in the white house has all the weapons to start his own little war here in the streets of America.
            HeHe Now if you study history there are about as many black war hero’s as there are French. They are not great warriors they are murderers rapists and thieves. Most won’t get off their asses and get a job much less do gorilla warefare.

      2. God bless the Ku Klux Klan.

        • Piss on the Klan.
          They wouldn’t let me join just because my wife is jewish and my mom is black.
          I went to a meeting I was invited to. But they didn’t like the bed sheet I wore.

          See I like Roy so I had “Trigger” bed sheets with horsey’s all over them. Very cool!
          But I couldn’t see very well because I refused to cut eye holes in my horsey sheets.
          Would have ruined them when I put them back on bed for night night time with wifey. She doesn’t like holes in sheets.

          Also the sheets were a little pinkish, not real bright white. Because I tried to help wife out with laundry once and red socks got accidently washed in my horsey sheets.
          Seems Klan has very strict, very white sheet with no horses or pinkish tent dress code. And they want you to cut eye holes!

          Black Panthers wouldn’t let me join up either.
          I’m a Green Beret but it seems your Beret has to be black to join them.
          Darned. Seems I’m out of luck there too.

          Police wouldn’t let me join because I shoot too well. I don’t use three magazines of 15 rounds each to hit unarmed man, lying on ground in hand cuffs, with two rounds. Police also said I was not a team player because I wouldn’t shoot people’s pet dogs.
          And I thought that dragging unarmed senior citizens out of their SUV and body slamming them on pavement wasn’t nice. I just didn’t want to do that. Bad manners.
          Guess I don’t have what it takes to be a Hero Police either. Darned.

          My wife is calling for dinner. Must go for now. Hmm…I wonder if Hells Angel’s is taking new members? Better work on my Honda CB500. Good Japanese motor cycle. Those Harley’s are just too loud! Wish me luck.

          If that doesn’t work out there is always AARP to join. I wonder if 35 is too young. Does anyone know?

          • Little Jimmy;
            Hi Smokin.

          • Careful Jimmy…..if you get on the AARP mailing list, it is harder to get off than the ‘no fly’ list.

            • Maybe The wifes connections can get you into the israeli Mossad?..But then you have to entrap 4 yr old pallie kids with free candy bars in street, then when kids half starved via israel aparthide tactics reaches for candy you fill kids stomach with bullets from usa supplied M-16.

              That way kid shot in abdomen howles in abject pain while you and mossad await 5 adults to come to kids aide and then mass murder em all.

              Then bring in D-10 Dozer to level their home and build jew settelments there.

              If mossad rejcts you too? Try next the us state dept as thats also run by dual tribe citizens in usa and answers to mainly Telaviv. Oyvey! decisions decisions.

            • AARP can suck my ass. They are the reason Oregonians can’t pump their own gas.

          • In his autobiography, Sonny Barger said that if he had known how well made the Japanese motorcycles were, they would have used those instead–Harley-Davidson bikes of that era were VERY high maintenance, unlike rice rockets.

        • Sieg Heil!

          • The Klan and Neo-Nazis actually do not like each other.

        • Screw the Klan and all racial supremacist organizations. I am so sick and tired of people who think they are better than others because of the color of their skin. What saddens me the most though is that all these small minded people will now get their race war and I may be forced to choose sides out of sheer pragmatism and play the prison tribal politics of the day. I yearn for a time when we can all live in peace together. I want to see a modern day Martin Luther King, but sadly all I hear are voices of hate and division that are funded by the globalists trying to push for chaos so they can create the new order. Can’t anyone see what is really going on? Why are people so damn blind to the truth! Why don’t they see that they are being played!

          • Winston–

            Whites are the only race that thinks that way. Suck it up, the multi-racial utopia you babble about has never, and will never, exist. And yes, the average black is not even close to being the intellectual equal of the average white. If skeletal human remains are found, investigators can determine the sex, race, and approximate age of the deceased. It’s not just skin color. We all know that. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves. If you’re white, almost all non-whites would jump at the chance to gut you like a pig.

            • I beg to differ. There are many blacks out there calling for their fellow blacks to wake up and smell the shit the democraps have been selling them. That we are all God’s children and we will all be judged. There voices are silenced most of the time, but several are standing up now despite the hatred thrown their way by other blacks. in the words of another SHTF’r, Plan Prep Pray




        • You must have been in your cave a long time.
          The US passed “ME Status” a few clicks back.
          Wake the heII up!

        • Yeah but hang on spaceman we’re doing our best to get there!

        • Spaceman, tell that to the black savages. they’re the problem, NOT white people.

          • We are Not Mideast?…Okay then tell Us here as to Why for past few years, maybe past decade now, USA Cops and entire police dept’s like in New York last Fall if I recall correct, have been Sending usa cops To get trained better By Israeli Mossad and IDF army trainers?

            Since at least during GW prez admin. this has been an Ongoing issue.

            And if anybody thinks Mossad and IDF aint teaching USA cops to treat ALL types usa citizens exact same as them in israel treats palestinians?…You have a very very long path to real facts and truth to yet follow.

            Perhaps even too far and too late to ever fully awaken at this late date?

            What do you thunk will happen once usa cops, are trained to think of usa citizenery as no better than “Goyim” which in english means “A Sub-Human Animal only slightly above actual animals that cannot speak and not serve jewry as well as serfs/slaves”. For if not for That Fact? Goyim sub humans would never been created in first place and that is the talmudic proof that goys exist Only to serve as slaves to tribe members and zios.

            but don’t take my word for it…Research this stuff yourself and see whats real truth.

            Then research how MANY such zios have infiltrated and Hyjacked usa fed govnt and every form MSM including Internet websites. Except for a small few sites compared to their endless numbers sites tribe zio kontrolled.

            Why do you think most huge websites like WND and Drudge etc never ever mention anything negative about israel or ziojewry?…Because those sites are Gate Keeper controlled Opposition types is reason.

            Yet Many folks even here at shtf will profoundly rebuke that statement!…Yet its as true as the blue sky is real.

            remember that them what You aint allowed to complain of nor provide counter-infos about are whom runs it all.

            Soooo…Name The number One main taboo thing most forbidden to dare speak of even in hushed whispers? Like the third Rail of everything too dangerous to even approach let alone discuss?…HINT it begins with a J and ends with a W…..Ok got that memo?…Name what rules and creates a huge mess in usa and world. Oyvey! hint#2.

          • clinton and comey are white. so is chris mathews. stephanopolas, mcdonnell, ryan, boehner, soros etc they are the problem too.

          • Braveheart
            You may believe what you say about black savages. I lived in Texas 30 years but came from a less rabid dog background. I saw white racism front and center and those racists occurred to me as scary and insane. I have thousands of examples in memory. I supervised highly skilled legal secretaries for a while, one black. She was top at her job because we were in a top international law firm. I had two vicious old white bitches that ragged hatred on her every day of the week. They couldn’t come up with a real reason… but uppity black bitch. I had to separate these morons. The black employee kept her head down and worked. The old white bitches trolled. I kept peace more or less. What if that black woman snapped and shot all of dead after years or racism and hatred? You and the old white bitches would call her a savage and say she’s the problem. She wasn’t the problem. I would have fired both of them but… Texas.
            Multiply this by thousands and that was the reality of living in Dallas Texas for 20 years.

            I know you will never change your mind about blacks or women. But I spent 20 years wondering why black people did not pick up a gun and murder some racist asses. Then ahain, I haven’t shot any misogynists. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing.
            My theory is that the elite that run things encourage these natural differences between people to keep them stupid and easy to manipulate. It works so well… that a white person can watch police brutality against a colored person and celebrate instead of acknowledging that it is the training ground for elite using police brutality against YOU.

            • Rebecca, I’m not painting with the wrong size brush. There are some real good black people in the company I work at and I’ll stand up for them anytime. It’s just the ones who have been brainwashed with all the anti-white propaganda that we have to be concerned about. White people are demonized and marginalized by the MSM 24/7/365. MSM makes up 95% of all news sources in the US; print, radio, TV, and online. They’re all owned and controlled by only six mega-corporations all owned and controlled by that ‘tribe’. That is fact which I knew for many years before ever coming to this site. Just where are these black groups when good black people are being killed by thugs? Nowhere to be found. But let any blacks get killed by any whites, then they’re all over the place and it’s top news story for days, weeks, sometimes even months. Loretta Lynch has already said the Dallas incident will NOT be labeled as a hate crime. No surprise there considering she’s a dirty black racist herself. Anytime white people are attacked by the gangbangers it’s downplayed. The MSM covers those incidents as little as possible or not at all. I have to go along with Them Guys, Stolz, Tucker, etc. I don’t care for the way white people are treated in the US today.

              • Rebecca, BTW, as far as women are concerned, I LOVE women. I am opposed to feminism. I’ve seen firsthand what it has done to the minds of American women. It’s not good for them or men. The feminists use women. they don’t really care about them. Hell, I care more about women, especially white women, than NOW ever will.

      4. “The worst case scenario we predicted yesterday, hours before the shocking events in Dallas had taken place, is now in play and the genie unleashed by the recent incidents of police violence – whether unprovoked or justified – and popularized by an aggressive speech by none other than the president in which he collectivized the failings of the US police force as one organic whole, is now officially out of the bottle.”

        Do what?

      5. This stinks of alinsky and soros… obammy is working on getting his reason for martial law.. keep prepping and heads up for trouble.. stay safe and God Bless…

        • Navy guy, quit being a dumb ass. Obama doesn’t want to stay in office any longer than he has to. He can make a huge money once he leaves office. You don’t think Clinton or Trump can’t be controlled by the same people you say control Obama? Wtf, get some sleep or critical thinking skills.

          • Tunkcuf, good point about Clinton and Trump. Everything’s going to blow up even if Donald Duck was in the WH. Summer is getting a bit too ‘interesting’.

          • There are more interesting things in life than money. One of them is power. Obama is NOT a capitalist like former presidents were. He is an idealist who lusts after absolute power and may well be willing to do anything to get it. I used to look at all of the theories about there being no elections this year as absolute madness from tin foil hat wearing nutters with too much time and not enough porn on their hands. Now I am not so sure.

            He refuses to speak out against evil, be it from Islamic teachings or black racists. He even appears to want to incite violence in the country he supposedly leads in order to try and generate greater chaos. What is his end game? Is he pushing a race war for the purposes of causing enough pain that Americans will give up their right to bear arms, after which he will turn our nation completely over to his globalist masters? Is he merely inept? Or is it some mixture of the two? I tend to see him like comrade Stalin, a self concerned psychopath with little regard for human life who is willing to sacrifice other people in order to achieve his goals.

            • Winston
              I see Trump as being very Stalin. Strong man, no freedom of speech, purges.
              I grew up in law firms and Obama seems like a typical attorney to me, and that is no compliment. Hoeever, most of them are too nerdy to be a Stalin. They are generally employees to bigger fish and that is exactly how I see Obama.

              • girl, you need to get your head outta the sand. If you’re on this site, and you still think obama is a typical attorney….I’m sorry but you are not at all as informed as you think you are.

                • No pity party
                  I dang sure do see Obama as a typical attorney in the global mega law firms where I worked for 30 years. He worked in one of them. They are all contract employees paid by the hour by big criminals… to help them break the law or rewrite it. They work for banksters and corporate goons. I suggest he is controlled from above like other lawyers in Congress and you are silly if you think he will ever be “the man”. He is an hourly contract employee.

              • You will get no disagreement from me regarding Trump. The only person I fear more in this election is Hillary Clinton. The biggest problem I see is that it WILL be one of them that wins the Presidency unless something unprecedented happens, like an electoral college nullification of the election. Sure, theoretically a third party candidate could take it, but we all know that won’t happen. So, how do you vote? Do you vote with Wall Street and the MIC for Hillary and gun confiscation, or do you vote for a loose cannon that claims to be pro second amendment and anti-globalist? If I really only have those two bad choices I will vote for my right to own firearms if for no other reason than it possibly staves off all out civil war for another election cycle. Then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll vote Libertarian this time as a possible sane alternative, but I don’t agree with them completely either.

            • Winston you have a good point. I just keep looking at the house deal he did in Chicago before he was elected. The other thing I look at is the fact he loves vacations and golf. He and his wife are going to make a lot of money. I really don’t think he will attempt to stay in office. If the Dallas shooting was meant to lead to martial law and Obama’s eventual seizing of power, I will think there would have been numerous shootings at protests at the same time.

            • DHS bought 2+ billion rounds of hollowpoint .40 cal ammo, 2700 MRAP armored fighting vehicles and 1200 portable bullet-proof kiosks to keep SOMEBODY in power. Guess we’ll see who that is…

        • I think you hit it on the head navyguy!

      6. Imagine if you switch the races Obama and the media would have gone full retard by now.

        • Yes, curiously absent from any media coverage (unless I’ve missed it) is any mention of the term “hate crimes” in any of these shootings — Dallas, St. Louis, Georgia, Tennessee…They used to love to mention those laws…hmm…

      7. ALL lives matter. Violence is not the way to solve problems.

        Wonder if he’ll be charged with a hate crime? Gee, why even ask? I’m sure he won’t.

        • Sorry, Test. If a Pit Bull gets out of its yard and terrorizes the neighborhood, sometimes violence is the ONLY solution. I don’t worry about what I may have done to make it want to rip me apart.

      8. This is the work of fools.

        Did he consider the effects of his violent emotional response to perceived injustice? NO! People who act in this manner are generally unable to think things through. That’s why they react with violence. They feel anger. You, the other guy, is there and look remotely similar to the perceived threat, in recent times, that threat is perceived as white skinned.

        My guess is that this man’s mother drank plenty of alcohol when she was pregnant. The children of women who drink during pregnancy have lower levels of tolerance to stress and exhibit marked decrease in the ability to empathize and little to no ability for introspection, and/or sense of responsibility for their actions a with virtuall zero remorse and no conscience.

        The doctors will knock themselves out to save this person and pass on the cost of his care to taxpayers. Loose-loose.

        • Bfrom CALI –
          I dunno about his mom and her drinking habits , but i would really like his help putting up hay .
          That dude looks like he could toss a bale half a mile !
          And i bet hes fun at parties too !

          • “Didnt mean to interrupt your Black Panther party ”

            Forrest Gump

            LMAO !

          • looks fat and weak to me

        • That piece of shit isn’t worth saving. A festering zit on the ass of society. Surely has been, and always will be.

        • “lower levels of tolerance to stress and exhibit marked decrease in the ability to empathize and little to no ability for introspection, and/or sense of responsibility for their actions a with virtuall zero remorse and no conscience.”
          — AKA sociopath/psychopath

      9. Blacks are racist. They hate whites and cops. Blacks have problems with being violent and should be banned from owning guns. this is why I’m for segregation. Our cultures are vastly different. Glad I live in a white neighborhood.

        • The 1st Amendment guarantees the right of association. I want to avoid blacks. I make no bones about it. I am a white separatist. That does NOT make me a white supremist. Do you understand the difference or are you just dumb?

          • Diane: You sound like a very Logic thinker as opposed to so many females today base most all of their thoughts and ideas and beliefs upon an Emotional Feelings based concept of reality.

            I sure wish I had met one like you when I was younger as it would have saved me much cash and grief.

            Also most every word or phrase such as seperatist and raysist and hater etc etc have all been manufactured to precicly play upon the emotional feelings PC based crowds.

            this has been used as a Weapon Tool against mainly White Folk ever since so called civil rights movnt era.

            Same goes for the word of “Equality” and the never ending repeated “we are all the same but for skin color” meme.

            NO thats not even remotely true period.

            Skin color is but One difference in a bevy of differences culturally and mentally and in every other way.

            the Only Real true “equality” ever intended and that can work correctly is Individual Rights as per BOR as listed therin. equal rights to same laws, same standards of enforcement of said laws etc. equal free speech etc.

            this new standard of “Yes we all share BOR type equal rights…BUT!…Some Minority groups and races Must also recieve Extra-Special-Rights Added To existing indiv rights so to equalize em all to whiteys” is BS Crap and Nobody should accept nor demand it. Besides…If all are so equal?…Why do mainly darkies require so many extra rights to become as equal same as whites are?…it is a huge Oxymoronic statement and makes zero sense.

            They Cannot make nor force equality when brain doctors and scientists and dna experts have proven that a Vast difference exists between IQ’s-Brain sizes-and various other issues when races and ethnicities are compared as “equal”.

            Who here feels 100% equal and same to Motzart was it? that created his first symphony at age of FOUR yrs old!?

            I cant play a piano at all! I Can play an elec Bass guitar with the very best of players…But never wrote any symphonys…Do I now have rights to looot and burn down cities for that?

            In the protocols of elders of zion they mention how they are going to create in peoples the demands for 100% equality in all issues etc…Then in next sentence they Laugh at that concept as only something stupid goyim will believe in, since They knew that NOTHING in entire universe has EVER been created 100% equal!

            No two snowflakes are equal. The Most identical Twins or triplits each has Different fingerprints ergo no such equality exists there eh…and no such thing exists any place in all of creation period.

            but being a unique Individual IS what must be demolished in peoles minds..Group think equailty is the Goal.

            Everyone same but exceptions for them at top of jewdeopyrimid of nwo jwo.

            • Them Guys, BRAVO! I couldn’t have said it better.

        • blacks are no more compatible with civilized society than muslimes. I bet a lot of slave owners had buyer’s remorse.

        • Asshat, I agree completely, blacks are the most racist beings on the planet, always have been and getting worse. That shows in all their racist organizations, like BLM, NAACP, UNCF, BET channel, Jet magazine, etc. If white people had their equivalent of any of those special-interest groups, it would be called racist and bigotry.

          Then Hitlery spouts off yesterday saying whites should listen to them? To hell with that.

      10. Are they really wanting a full scale war against whites. This tub of lard killed one person for what, hell I hate the way that the government murdered a white patriot in Oregon, but there was no cause for me to open up on innocent people who had nothing to do with it. You blacks haven’t yet started in areas where whites will pull over and blast the shit out of you. It’s coming assholes and you started it. I really don’t want to hear anymore touchy feely crap about getting along. My friends that are black are repulsed by what is going on and they can’t believe how our country is being fucked up by this president and those that do his bidding.

        Picked up another light/laser combo, another K of .308 and 5.56 as well as a k of 300 blackout subsonic. Prepping never stops.

        • First wave of fodder for us to fight, it’ll be another group next, then another. I’m not going to waste any ammo. Only kill shots. I’m one of those whites that will pull over and blast them.

      11. I think the Samson Scenario is upon us.

        Judges 16:30

        30And Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” And he bent with all his might so that the house fell on the lords and all the people who were in it. So the dead whom he killed at his death were more than those whom he killed in his life.

        While a Black civil war against Whites will likely not succeed because of the numbers and the end result would be Samson’s death (Black subjugation, extermination, and/or expulsion), but the lasting effect would be the destruction of the “House” (the USA) in any semblance of a free country.

        Amerika fer sure…


        • OR you has it Backwards…Blacks never should have been brought here in first place. And while most in south rabidly hate prez lincoln, its too bad he didnt at least remain alive long enough to Finish his Ongoing Long Range Plan to ship every african black back to africa or to other place he planned as #2 choice once slaves were freed.

          Reason Lincoln had to Add another location choice, and he already Had found several men that began the difficult task of convincing leaders in a central american nation to accpet the freed slaves if those guys were paid off to allow it. And his plans included a method for blacks to rule and work and sell coal and other nat resources to other nations so to remain self sufficent etc.

          Reason for that #2 choice in central america was due to African Leader Kings REFUSED Lincolns request to allow freed slaves Back into africa! In other words even their Own kind in africa didn’t want usa blacks to return there!

          I just wonder if That plan was the real Main reason for plotting death of prez lincoln eh?…A “certain” zio group within usa wanted blacks to remain here so to create future chaos as You now see developing!

          And I have prior posted up Plenty proof of that desire by that group to keep blacks in usa so to cause major troubles like today we see…

          in Russia 1917 the bolsheviks used Peasants to assist in their genocide of whites of east euro nations. But usa has zero such pesant class, so blacks became next choice to create havok, chaos, and abject Ruin of white america.

          Englands Top head Kommie, admittedly so, was Israel Cohen whom wrote his book in 1912 called “Our Racial Plans for 20th century America”!

          I posted prior an book excerpt from it thats also retained within the US Congress Archived written materials.

          Mr Kommie Cohens main Racial Plans for america was to Boost blacks and browns Above whites, Place Blacks into HIGH paid sports positions and elected offices etc, and into high paid hollywood actors positions, so that then his komme usa fellow traveler pals, like Soros and Bill Aires can use MSM medias to Promote to white women that they can feel safe now in engaeing in sex and makeing babies with blacks. This was said by Cohen to be the main first steps in creation of END of that race so hated by his ziojew peoples…The Whites they so hate, and consider their final obstical to their achievment of a JWO world rule.

          Check SHTF Archives for quote of israel cohens evil racist books plans. It is zio jews and kommie jews like him that make it look so bad for that 2% of his tribe that are the good ones eh.

      12. Thinking of Sgt Dale. Stay safe out there,Sarge. May God in His kindness and mercy wrap you up in His protective arms

      13. A time to live a time to die a time to laugh a time to cry a time to love a time to hate a time for the armour of GOD. No evil shall Harm his people.

        • There’s also a time for punctuation friend.

          • Thank you, Miss Manners…

      14. Most of my 71 years has been spend in the Detroit suburbs and more than half of that working directly in Detroit. What America is now seeing on the national stage I saw face-to-face on the Detroit stage as it died starting 50 years ago.

        In the beginning 50 years ago in Detroit the front pages had pictures of “rogue black youth’s” who committed vicious acts against Detroit’s citizens. In the end the front pages were filled with “racists killer cop’s” who indiscriminately killed black people. Last year a friend who still works in Detroit said to me “…from the news in the paper and the radio each day you would think cops were committing genocide on blacks. … Yet the news had almost nothing a few months back of the 5 white teenagers in Grosse Pointe ripped apart by the black gunman with his AR-15 as they sat in their car smoking weed. One of those kids died, one can’t walk now and the others have serious injuries. But what blew my mind is none of local or national news people would touch the story. I was only a small story on page 10 of the Detroit Free Press. It was written like it was an accidental shooting. In the old days this was a page 1 filled with photos …”. And so it is with our national MSM today. Filled with “racists killer cop” stories being killed or being the killers.

        What the liberals did to Detroit and are doing to other cities like Chicago has now spreed nationwide with Obama’s edicts and MSM fanning the flames. What they did is destroy all of the institutions that took an interest in stopping the future “rogue (black) youth’s” and instead turned this into a political story about “racists killer cop’s” and the need to confiscate firearms.

        The net result is Detroit and Chicago are now lawless Ghettos where few cops are proactive. If a shooting happens in Detroit today in a private home and you call 911 it is 2 or 3 hours later the cops show up to do “report” on the incident as the bodies are hauled away. The only exceptions is they track TV news and arrive quicker to “look good” if a TV news crew is coming or they are on the scene. The last exception is if the shooter is dumb enough to continue firing and multiple reports keep flooding in. Then they are forced to respond.

        What is sad about all this hype is the effect this has on the decent god fearing blacks, like many those I worked with in Detroit. Most of them were more paranoid then I was about the violence. One black woman I worked with was saving 15% of every pay check to get a down payment to move to a small suburban house so her sons would not get hijacked into the street gangs. Every morning she would start “… do you know what them dam drugs is doing to my neighborhood. A boy 4 doors down got shot daid over them dam drugs…”. So I think of her when I when I see and hear about the civil war talk.

        People find ways to adjust to all the shootings. Someone I worked with stayed late on night at Burroughs corp and was robbed pistol whipped and shot in a secondary parking lot we all used (he survived). This happened the year Detroit was gaining the Murder capital of the year award. The woman in our work unit were ready to quit in-mass from the fear factor. My boss got on it quick. We all were to come an go in daylight hours. But a quirky thing he did was start a murder lottery – that actually worked. He put in a starting $300 bucks to start as the big prize and gave us all equal chances to guess the murder total for that year. Then each paycheck we could buy more tickets to Dec 15 to guess the murder total for that year. People would come in and say “… hey another 3 murders today what is total up to now. If we get 2 murders a day I could win the big price…”. Dammed if I know why but the fear factor disappeared….

      15. Black people cannot win a race war.

        • Rebecca

          Can we prove that assumption?

          • Anon, that’s NO assumption. Look up the latest Census Bureau figures. That alone will prove Rebecca’s statement. Blacks don’t have the numbers.

            • Nor the brains

            • Braveheart1776

              Does it matter? Like yourself we have been around the block a few times and I am done with the bullshit. I am ready and I know you are too.
              I do feel that the only way to cure this problem is to have a war. If it go south badly, I do not want to negotiate till one side is beaten down for good.

            • And if you keep in Mind that they will be up against both, whites and latinos, their chances look even slimmer (not that it would stop them from trying thou).

            • They may not have the numbers by themselves but they do if you count their allies in, their allies including the Federal government along with many State and City governments as well as the Muslims and a good number of the various illegals.

              • Anonymous
                Now you are approaching the truth. The government can win, blacks cannot. The government protects criminals from citizens. Let them step aside a month and crime drops to near zero. Don’t believe for a minute blacks woundn’t clean up the hooligans. Blacks cannot win against white people. The government protects drug dealers, you name it. Banksters. Destabilization and turning people against each other. I am not buying in… too stupid to go around shooting black people when the government will scapegoat them. Self defense? Sure. Race war religious war blah blah. The Banksters have destroyed this country and fools let bankster employees in DC turn us against each other. Wake up sheeple.

                • Rebecca, not even government can win. they don’t have the numbers either.

            • Brave, There are enough inner city gangs of thugs, with no morals that they can win. Most whites sit back and watch until it’s too late. We let our conscious get in our way. Most won’t have what it takes to strike at the approaching enemy before they take fire so to speak. even in small towns blacks raised without benefit of a father or faith, are serious cold hearted thugs. 1/2 mile from my mothers house, just a few years ago, a black couple in a trailer heard their neighbors fighting once again around 4;30-5 am. At 530 am someone drives down the street and sees a trailer on fire. They call 911. The cold hearted bastard was sitting in his lawn chair watching his beaten wife burn to death in the trailer. Unless folks have military or police experience I think there are few of us who will have an inkling as to what it will take to fight for our survival.

              • NPPH, what you say about whites is true up to a point. Ever since I first got my arrangement for the BOL over 3 years ago, my family has been teaching me some extra things about survival. Half of them have been in the military so they’re not dummies. Every supply run I’ve made to the BOL over the past 3 years has also involved some ‘education’, so to speak. Next weekend I go back to GA; another supply run, and some more ‘education’. My family were all preppers BEFORE the word was even invented. I do have the mindset to do what’s necessary when the balloon goes up. Any white folks who refuse to stand up for themselves and their families will pay dearly. I’m in Memphis so I’m not a stranger to the gangs nor their mentality. We’ve already had 115 homicides here this year; mostly black-on-black. Every time I go to GA I can’t help but wonder if this is my final trip; the BUGOUT? this next one COULD be the BUGOUT the way things are shaping up. summer has been getting too ‘interesting’ for me.

                • I know most folks here know what it will take, even if they don’t like to have to do it. I’m talking the hordes who have no clue, no military in family. Plus the elderly and disabled won’t be able to get in the fray. Hispanics and Muslims will throw in with the blacks just to thin the herd. Not being pessimistic, just saying this won’t be a slam dunk.

                  • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

                    No doubt the Latinos and Muslims will join together with blacks to kill whites. Only logical.

                    I hear the president is calling himself the “Great Healer”. What a crock of shit.

                    Baton Rouge and St. Paul had demonstrations with unruly protestors.

          • And the sterotype of a black being a poor marksman is actually true. they cock the gun sideways and spew lead. hit innocent bystanders more often than their intended target. the little redneck hillbilly urchin learns to take careful aim. hold their breath and slowly squeeze the trigger. Its more rare for them to miss . They usually only need one shot. Then they duck hunt. Nobody really likes to eat those crappy tasting ducks. Its the learning to shoot a bird flying. taking a lead so the shot and bird both arrive at the same place at the same moment. My children and the older grandchildren are all good shots. And I hope they never are forced to shoot another person.

            • Lot of police officers are piss poor shots too. Seen it many times on the range.

              • Pop
                Shooting in a fear situation is not like range situation. Takes a lot of training to overcome that fear and adrenaline. I count Iit as a good thing, keeps the body count down.

                • that depends on how you channel adrenaline. When you are accustomed to working under pressure and channeling that stress into focus….

                  • No pity
                    true for the few who manage it. Nobody wastes ammo like professionals… trained ones. The ones who can handle it probably come by that through genetics.

            • Mesquite-smoked ducks are heaven on a platter. Not oily or greasy, they are among the best eating wildlife you can put into a smoker!

      16. @Braveheart.. stay away from downtown tomorrow…there’s gonna be a BLM protest near the civil rights museum.. hope it’s not a repeat of Dallas.

        • B in TN, I heard about it earlier. I stay out of downtown all the time anyway. thanks for the heads-up.

      17. well from where I’m sitting looks like this week end will be time to dust off the ole lazyboy and break out the popcorn…

      18. If Blacks demand a race war they would be giving whites the excuse they need to justify the white man’s latent anger, and propel him into action.

        Bomb every predominantly black area from the air. Swoop in afterwards, pick up stragglers and exterminate them on the spot.

        Game over. Should take about three weeks from beginning to end.

      19. The races will never get along with each other and live in harmony. Heck the very dark really black skinned ones don’t get along with the lighter skinned ones. If one does apply himself and works and is successful they call then a uncle tom. If they cant get along with each other there isn’t any hope of them getting along with whitey. However its a clever trap. We are being set up. The plan is not to use the UN blue helmets to subdue the US citizens. The plan is divide and conquer. they will use race war and ethnic cleansing and have us kill each other and reduce the numbers. There will not be any race war in my part of the world. The neighboring county Boone County Ar. Is home of the national headquarters of the KKK. before coming here and starting trouble the black folks need to read history and learn what Fagans troops did to the rebellious blacks during the civil war. Its not gonna be good. Don’t matter what is the cause or who is at fault. Its just the way things are shaping up.

        • The caliber of people who would want a race war would NEVER read history. They’d watch a cartoon about it, perhaps, or listen to a Jay-Zee song about it, but they’ll never read anything. You WILL have to show them.

      20. I don’t think we can trust a word the cops say these days, we know that from 9/11 and everyone has a right to defend themselves and i think the blacks have just worked out that talking fixes nothing.

        it’s not that they are smarter than white americans it just that they have more balls and are not cowards and will stand their ground when cops are killing them all over the place and who can blame them.

        The white debt slave hate to see these blacks not jumping when told to by “Mr Policeman” like they do themselves each morning for the boss at work that likes his arse being kissed just so the white debt slave can cover his bills.

        Our international bankers don’t want slaves that cost too much or ones that won’t play the game and are playing both sides off against each other and making off like bandits with the money

      21. Old guy. U right. The races will never live in harmony. And the sooner these liberals understand that the better off we will be. Multicultural and diversity do not work. Period. Look at the Muslims overseas, Shiites and Sunnis , Kurds and whoever. None of them get along. I truly believe a race war is coming. Blacks despise whites. No amount of kumbaya bullshit is gonna fix this. Just get it started so we can get it over with already.

      22. The nexus here is social media. It’s a perfect platform to a) find others to feed your anger and b) find others to piss you off. It’s amazing how all you hear is these protests organizes through Facebook. This woman live streams her boyfriend dying on Facebook. Everyone has a stupid reactionary opinion on Facebook. I see Junior up there in the article posted on Facebook, as did the Dallas sniper.
        Yet Zuckerberg eliminates pro gun pages but allows thugs to orchestrate race war. I honestly think the Internet is the solvent that is dissolving race relations, marriages, religion.

        • Charley
          I agree with you on the Internet being the solvent that disintegrates all relationships. It allows people to reinforce their worst ideas and impulses by combining together and calling any dissenting opinion a troll or other names. On the one hand it “feels” good to get affirmation, on the other it does not knock reality into hard heads.
          Nothing like living in a local community to make you learn to get along with others. Like family, work associates, churches, neighborhoods, towns. If the groups are all white, they still disagree and fight!

      23. its Not the Internet per se Charlie…More like all the Zukerburgs and his Ilk that Maintain their Mindest of they alone are a Master Race and ALL others are nothing more than Goyim-sub human animals.

        The religious doctrines that guys like zukerburg have been indoctrinated with since birth teaches them that as Fact. It also reinforces for them and teaches them that it is actually considered a Huge Virtue for he and his talmudic ethnnic tribe to Lie to, Rob blind, Kill off any and all Goyims since it is Zero crime nor any Sin as long as done to a Goyim.

        I am NOT makeing this stuff up! Their holy book volumes of talmud which they consider The highest official holiest words in entire universe bar none…Much more Holy and Higher than even old testement Moses five books ever were…Contains too Many such arrogant and vile and rabidly perverted teaching verses than I can list here.

        But You Can find it all online very easy now and read for yourself what their minds have absorbed since birth and how it reates to all non talmudic goyim…Thats Us incase you was asleep at wheel..Us = Goys to Them and Them = the Master race tribe destined to rule and Own entire world period.

        Maybe its main reason that aprox 75% or more of all those klinton era school shooter guys like Dylan and Klebold and that guy who shot US Rep Gabby Giffords, Batman movie shooter guy etc etc were ALL…jewish!

        Well hey when taught from Birth it is a huge great Virtue to “Even the Best of the Goyim gentiles Should be Killed”!! Is it any wonder why so Many go out and begin to assainate mainly White Christian school kids like in Colorado?

        Recall US Rep. Gabby Giffords event? Every TV news 24/7 from Moment of her shot, went rabid ape shit screaming “White neo nazi raysist, and antisemitic jew hater and evil whitey sepperatists” etc etc…That went on 24/7 for full FOUR days straight….Untill Oh Oh! TV News discovered that arizona shooter guy who shot us rep giffords was also, like she, jewish!…All of a sudden every TV news went Blank and never again spoke a word of that shooter guy or event.

        The Only thing they did allow after discovery he was also jewish, was when a dozen top surgeons and brain doctors came back on TV in a news alert, to tell us all that when they first stated she got shot in Front of Forehaed…They makde a mistake!!! as it really was she got shot from back of Head!

        HOW does a Dozen usa TOP brain specialists docs and surgeons ever make that mistake eh?…EVERY body to ever fire a gun Knows how a bulet enters a head or body way smaller size hole than it Exits head right?

        NO mistake was made..Them docs Changed their story to make it look as if shooter guy stood directly Behind her before fired gun….I bleieve its due to that FED Judge also shot at same event by same shooter and his head shot killed judge instantly. it was a Paid Hit on Judge and gabby giffords was hit by error makes way more sence.

        Because just Prior like a week or two prior to judge shot then, he decided a fed Gun Case or some other equally hotbed type case and dems and libs went crazy wild bashing judge for that decision. He was White and Christian too,,,Therefore Prime Goy Target by shooter trained since birth to hate and kill goyim per talmudic teachings.

        The real Big Pictures far bigger than most realize and than even more folks refuse to accept as truth it seems eh.

      24. and if you listen to liberals, thugs and criminals, its all whitey’s fault.

      25. The only video that I have seen on the traffic stop is after the shooting of the boyfriend. I would like to see what happened before the shooting before I make a judgement. I find it a little hard to believe that a man was executed for a broken taillight. I do not trust the media to accurately report the events. Often it is more profitable to embellish than to tell the truth.

      26. Right or wrong, planned or orchestrated, nevertheless, when the white silent majority wakes up, if they take to their guns – look out America – they will take only so much, there will be a line somewhere and it looks like its going to be crossed.

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