U.S. Refuses to Bomb ISIS Targets: “Can’t Get Clearance Even With a Clear Target in Front of Us”

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 181 comments

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    By all accounts, ISIS is clearly the biggest threat to the United States, with the San Bernardino attacks just the most recent to take out Americans.

    And yet, the U.S. military and President Obama refuse to bomb known ISIS targets, including advanced propaganda and digital media houses, that they admit they have thoroughly mapped out – but refuse to strike.

    According to the Washington Times:

    In a secret project tied to the overall U.S. campaign against the Islamic State, intelligence officials have spent months mapping out known physical locations of media safe houses where the extremist group’s operatives are compiling, editing and curating raw video and print materials into finished digital propaganda products for dissemination across the Internet.

    Most of the locations are embedded in heavily residential areas in Syria, Iraq and Libya and are not being targeted by U.S. airstrikes because of Obama administration concerns about civilian casualties…

    The sentiment seems mismatched, as the United States under presidents both Republican and Democrat have not balked at civilian casualties tolls, even when that figure approaches one million innocent lives. While the sentiment seems noble, it is not realistic, and is resulting in propping up the power of ISIS further.

    Just a few weeks ago, WND reported on how U.S. airstrikes are so limited, that pilots can’t even get clearance to take out a clear ISIS target:

    President Obama has given U.S. military pilots an impossible task: Wage a successful air war against an enemy hiding among civilians – without killing a single civilian.

    Pilots who have returned from deployments say Obama refuses to permit airstrikes 75 percent of the time against the Islamic State group.

    “You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can’t drop, we can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us,” Rep. Ed Royce, R-California, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon. “I don’t understand this strategy at all because this is what has allowed ISIS the advantage and ability to recruit.”

    Instead, the American people are told to fear ISIS, but not to stop potentially dangerous or radical Islamists from entering the country; people are told that ISIS has changed everything, even as certain Western and Arab partners continue to fuel ISIS armies with weapons, cash and training.

    The increasingly glossy and appealing propaganda produces by ISIS and disseminated around the world – allegedly recruiting more extremists to their cause – is perhaps too good to be true. Who is really helping ISIS to produce world-class media, and why aren’t their facilities being shutdown?

    But critics, including a growing number of lawmakers on Capitol Hill and some current and former officials directly involved in the project, say the administration’s effort is badly mismanaged and underfunded, allowing the Islamic State to maintain a physical footprint of media production houses upon which creation of the terrorist group’s most influential products depends

    The propaganda operation’s vastness and sophistication are considered unprecedented in Islamic terrorism… Twelve issues of the group’s official propaganda magazine Dabiq are now online in several languages, including Arabic, English, Russian, French and Turkish. The shiny content, organizational integrity and layout are more thorough and professional than those of many American newsmagazines… [and] using elaborate graphic animations, special effects, live-action speed edits and Hollywood-quality voice-overs.


    “Obviously, if we know where they’re producing the propaganda, we should be doing everything we can to destroy their facilities,” said William McCants, a Brookings Institution scholar and former State Department senior adviser for countering violent extremism.


    [T]he source, who added that “bombing is absolutely not the only way to take a communications product offline.”

    Indeed, there is more than one way to undermine or destroy the communications and propaganda strongholds of ISIS, along with its military forces – and yet none of them are being pursued. Meanwhile, Americans are home are being killed by the monster our U.S. government created, raised, coddled and unleashed.

    What about American lives that are at risk?


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          THE AVERAGE JEW IQ IS 115



          • Average IQ of african americans… 70! I completely believe it too heres some proof>>

            ht tp://www.dailystormer.com/how-is-it-possible-that-africans-have-an-average-iq-of-70/

            • Africans=70 african american mix=85

              • THATS RACIST!

                Lol! Somebody had to say it. Now that its said, here are some more informing YouTube vids for you to watch. Don’t get taqqyi’d!

                Search YouTube for the following words:

                why we are afraid bill warner

                The 43 minutes you spend will be more convincing than any video you’ve ever watched about the Lie And Murder Ideology.

              • US Congress. 55

                • Obola = 40

            • First, shame on you for quoting a racist website.

              Second; James Watson, who discovered the structure of DNA and won a Nobel Prize, already proved that blacks were less intelligent than whites as part of their DNA code in 2007. Therefor you are not telling us anything we didn’t already know.

            • Read “The Bell Curve” by Hernstein and Murray if you would like tons of evidence for differences between racial groups’ cognitive function. It is still amazing to me that some people will try to deny lower black IQ when the sample sizes for these studies run in the many millions and have been consistent over time.

          • You’ll wish you were circumcised if something like The Road happens (TEOTWAWKI) and you won’t be able to shower very often.

          • raysis! Truth is no defense! I am tolerant, therefore a better person than you!

            It is only a coincidence that I live in a gated community!

        • Be honest with us, Mac. If my analysis could not withstand challenge, I would re-think my conclusions, not suppress the evidence.

          Are you doing your own censorship? Or do you have an Israel-firster doing it for you?

          It is really pretty sad that you write about ISIS, but conceal the Israel connection.

          UN: Proven Ties Between ISIS And Israel

          I regret that I have previously posted that I trust in your integrity.

          • JQP — it’s literally 90% of posts… I am all for the sharing of this information but it’s often every post from you and several others referring to the jews or the tribe or whatever… And almost every article we post here ends up somehow being relevant to The Jews and is inundated with scores of links. I get it — we get it.

            I am fairly certain that the majority of readers are not interested in having to scroll through what is often a multi-hundred word post about this subject matter and tons of links. Thus, in an effort to keep the conversation focused on something other than ‘The Tribe’ and what all they’ve done to humanity, I have chosen to outright delete these comments. If you consider that “suppression” so be it.

            For those who post similar material and wonder why they are always in moderation, the answer is simple. We simply do not have time to read your 2,000 word comments about the Jews. If you repeatedly post such information then all of your posts end up in moderation until such time that a moderator can review the content.

            I have noted on many occasions that we will not post this material here, especially in mass amounts as if often the case with several users here.

            Frankly, it has gotten to the point where we have to treat these kinds of posts almost like SPAM.

            If we let every such post fly then the entire comment section would be nothing but anti-jew posts. I am not exaggerating when i say this.

            • Start an anti-Jewish website where all like minded people can visit and comment. 🙂

              All of my comments are moderated and I have been here more than five years. 🙂

              Don’t be a pisser, moaner, whiner and cry-baby. Go with the flow. I do. 🙂

              • DK,

                (1) Months ago, when Mac first expressed his displeasure at long or repetitious posts, I did exactly that. Click my red screen name. 🙂

                (2) It is no more “cry baby” to note the double standard here than it is to complain about the economy. If discussion here is suppressed, how is here different from there? 🙂

                • John. Lesson No1. Never argue or find fault with the BOSS.

                  If you don’t like it fella… FUCK OFF… PLAIN & SIMPLE.

            • Mac,

              Just out of curiosity, are you part of the tribe yourself?

              Because as a bisarxual messianic joo, I know that it sux to be a conservative when the target of the hate speech…is YOU! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              • Lol!

                • Acid, be nice.

                  Good thing Mac has a sense of humor…

                  Yall behave…

                  • By the way, is a bisaxual something us old f@ckers do not know about?

                    Just messing with ya, cid….

                    Who won in the debates???

                    • I thought that meant he has to buy all his sex lol.

                    • G, I even spelled it wrong…
                      New one on me. But I’m 56, but try to be 18.
                      Freaking body ain’t what it usted be…
                      Acid, be glad you are young, cuz getting old is a biatche…

                      Be well all…

                  • Just passin through the site trying to read myself to sleep, after taking a 9:00 pm, afternoon nap. LoL.

                    And…voila’, I see the topic has once again shifted to recruitment of -ew baiters from the other side paradigm. I am happy to see that Mac has thoroughly stated his case “once” again. God bless you Mac.

                    It sure seems strange to me that a large handful of so-called Christians have so much hate for “all” -ews. Evidently they have been brainwashed into believing that all have fallen into the status of Kenite/sons of Cain/of the synagogue of Satan..-ewish blood.

                    Can’t they accept that there are totally different groups within -ewish peoples? Well, I for one can totally understand why a “dyed in the wool” Cat-o-lick feels that way. You know, like JQP that has instigated this whole -ewish hate mess, years ago.
                    Many have jumped on the bandwagon. Them guys is a master recruiter and claims to be Christian. You people are wasting too much valuable time hating, and not reading the word.

                    Ok, I am back to my work, and will leave you folks to it for a few weeks before i check back to see the latest.

                    Merry Christmas to all that are not haters of the brethren.
                    This may be the last Christmas to have any speck of normality left to it, as conditions worsen around the globe.

                    • And on that note, I’ll leave you all with this reminder from a post i made back in July.

                      It had this wording…..” The messages have been coming through loud and clear. As I stated a few weeks ago here, the five months from August through December 2015, will set the stage for the domino affect, that will take us up to the final five months that will consummate, the end of this age.”

                      Well, to some of us, it is clear what has taken place since i posted that prophetic commentary.

                      We saw the final nail in the coffin of breaking God’s commandments come to full fruition as the passing of the Queer marriage law go forth without a large outcry after July. The Christian Right just laid down and took the liberal reaming like the queers, that pushed it upon our nation. That set the stage for many more events, but i will only remind folks of a few nuggets.

                      In September the NWO offically began as the Pope signed off on it at the United Nations, and confirmed his commitment to the Interfaithism movement as well as the faux climate change/tax the USA, and give the $$ to other countries while the elite take their “under the table” cut.

                      The jig is up now on the whole, infiltration through migration of islamic refugees to the west,and what it is all about. World domination through implementation of islamic societies within communities and mosques in western Europe and North America. I read the other day that the Muslim Brotherhood owns and operates all the Mosques in USA, which has now reached over 3000.
                      There goal is not just a few “tens of thousands”, but at least 50 million to each continent.

                      Ironically, the EU countries have killed at least 50 million babies through abortion, as well as North America. Makes one wonder…..an eye for an eye maybe…from the Creator?
                      Punishment comes in many different ways.

                      The masses, especially the liberals, will ignore the facts, but these past five months definitely have set the stage for the last five, and the dominoes will continue to fall.

                      Take time to pray and be thankful, as well as asking for divine protection from all the hell that is coming.

                    • Thanks once again passin.

                      You know some proper heavy intel about the spirit realm, I’m kinda seeing this bad shit you tell us about being played out.
                      Fuckme, these are crazy times for sure… Guess we’ll all be screwed one way or another when it comes.

                      Hope Mrs passin enjoys her chair.
                      Merry Christmas to you and your people.

                    • Mrs. passin is happier than a pig in shit/mud.
                      i got lucky and found a 700 $ lazyboy rocker recliner, on sale for 400. Since she got it early and is lovin the relaxation it gives her with her bad,bad, back, I found a 43″ LG flat screen on cyber monday for 300$. She is so, so happy, but like most women…give ’em an inch and….now she wants a mini fridge beside her chair to keep her water and occasional wine cooler handy. LOL!

                      Thanks for remembering about her, and the Christmas wishes.
                      May God Bless you and yours.

                    • Passin: Your definition of Hate is as convoluted as your biblical interpretations of which prove you to be just another in a very large usa group of likeminded Judiazers.

                      Perhaps You need study the New testement for a change, a huge change for you I admit..But one that may do you quite well if you are the so called “christian” you claim to be eh…I do recall that in one or a couple verses of the new testement books Paul the writer of it gave christians in general a Very strong Warning as to how they should at all times Avoid the false prophet types, false teacher/preacher types and above all…

                      Avoid like the Plague those who are actually Judiazer types…

                      So Far You passin has a batting average of 1000! and on Each catagory folks got warned about by Paul.

                      And I wont mention how often You yourelf Used to name jews and make many mentions of jews in a negative light or way…Any who has been reading here any length of time now knows that already.

                      If I were like you I’d look at converting to babylonian talmudic judaism since you make so swell of a Judiazer.

              • Acid, you’re a member of the TRIBE? You’re kidding.

            • thanks for the clarification mac…we appreciate you and the site soooo much!!

              • Yes indeed, thanks Mac!

                • Mac ironic that all you wrote of regarding so many long worded lines to read, tons of links to wade past etc etc. Well describes those always same never ending Very Extremely Long replys that Test continues to copy-paste again and again and again…..His come in Two flavors usually…#1 Tests long winded postings of his 100+ page antigun rant stuff…..And #2 Tests main favorite topic of repeated over and over same replys on Lib leftists etc.

                  About the ONLY thing or issue Tests long posts do Not have within them that you complain of is the Taboo jew issue….But thats because Test postings all always attempt to blame leftists and liberal dems and ecpecially soviet kommies, while at same time he twists it around 180 degrees to always end it by saying those liberal leftists kommies are.. nazis!…Somebody alert him to the nazis are all now long gone dead…But them kommies now they are still alive and in usa and are the main number one problem….

                  So huge a problem it is the reason so much needs be written about them and whom they really consist of etc.

                  So basically its their fault for being kommies and nation wrecking america so bad as to why so much is needed written.

                  I also agree with make my days comment on how terrible PC has been for everybody and for america as a nation.

                  And that too is rather ironic since PC is also an invention of…That Taboo to name bunch, designed to cause folks to do as You Mac are doing! Censoring but ONLY censoring stuff if about that Taboo group.

                  With All due respect to Mac here…It kinda reads more like a huge Cop-Out answer to JQP.

                  • What makes it a cop-out? He explained the facts in an intelligent manner that anybody could easily understand, well, almost everybody it seems, there’s always some idiot who can’t read. You come across as a crybaby, you’ve had plenty of your comments posted so quit your damned whining, you sound like a small child.

                • Guess that is the reason I dont visit here much. There is always a ‘reason’ not to address the core issue facing us, the perps BEHIND the NWO one world govt plan.
                  Does Slavo ban those who post endless screeds against Muslims? Obviously not, as we see here. Yet to name the real root of the Albert Pike plan perps? Slavo now bans you?
                  Fkk u Slavo and your site. I’ll take a pass from the jackass

            • Thank you Mac.

              I and many others who don’t comment like we used too appreciate that.

              The trolling by knuckle dragging neanderthal biggots have hurt the comment section beyond repair.

              Used to be time where this section was filled with useful information by well informed people.

            • Thanks Mac, your candor is refreshing and I sincerely appreciate the forum.

            • For what it’s worth, Mac has never censored any of my references to my dirty whores. Just Sayin

              • What’s wrong with dirty whores?

                • i’ve done a lot of work with unwed mothers, dirty whores, and nasty girls of all sorts myself…so, i’m with YOU hugh….what IS wrong with dirty whores.

            • Does everyone realise how lucky we are to vent here?
              One day we may not be able to do so.
              Sure there are good and bad of every flavor of human out there.

              Thank you Mac…

            • 90%. Well then maybe you should bow to the democratic majority who are -rare & unusually- awake to this core issue which is forbidden and banned for discussion on so many sites. Now yours is just another of those censoring site.
              Folks? Take your ideas, convictions, assertions and move on to another site where you wont be censored to protect the perps. God knows, there is always some justification to protect these fake victims and let them hide in the shadows, which has been key to our societal downfall. Secrecy and stealth are their ace in the hole.
              Don’t bother to moderate or ban me- I wont be back.

            • Right on the money Mac,

              Prepping is all about being self sufficient. It’s people who get of their duff and do something positive.

              The crowd that sits in their moms basement espousing negative hate, and blaming all their problems on this or that ethnic group or religion aren’t doing anyone a favor, especially themselves.

              I am a aware that liberals do frequent sites like this and post this crap to discredit shtfplan. I have to say I couldn’t do what you do and still keep my sense of humor. Awesome job

          • Hey john Q, what’s your problem? You say you’ve got your own website, great! Why can’t you have your discussions about the Jews with all of your buddies on YOUR website? Nobody can censor your comments there, can they? Great, your censorship problem has been solved once and for all. You’re welcome.

            • His problem is he’s a loser. Look how many of these losers are awake at 2.00 Am posting comments on chat boards. Doesn’t have much of a life does he.

            • 3rd attempt @ Johnny

              Outreach, laddie, outreach.

        • Acid –

          you should focus your anger at the ones who have been perpetuating the problem. That is the Main and First priority, the Second is dealing with the sandniggers when the time comes.

          If if wasn’t for the US Governments involvement of Al-Qaeda/ISIS..etc. Islam wouldn’t be an issue to you, I or anybody else for that matter.

          Attack the Source, and the Symptom will disperse.

          • The source is Saudi Arabia home of the Wahabist teachings and the source of funds for the radicals. The billions they receive for their oil are used to destroy us. Most likely they are buying influence and many of our officials both elected and appointed. If we continue on the current path in five years there will be no correcting the damage.

        • Nice one Acid.

          I’m wondering just how many bods here have bothered to even view your clips?

          We’ve gorra fight the good fight.

          Islam is a monster that needs killin’ before it gets a foothold.


      1. Why would we bomm our own troops?
        Why don’t they (pilots) see who they are really fighting for?
        Why do the pilots blindly follow orders and never question shit?
        Why have some drone pilots blown the whistle that 90% of the people they kill are not the intended targets?
        Why are amerikans so easily duped and defend their ignorance tooth and nail?

        So many Why’s and so many lies………

        • I wonder why pilots here in the US would set behind the conrols of their aircraft and spray us with poison chemicals,

          Who owns these planes and who are these pilots who pick up their paychecks for destroying our environment with the chemtrails?

          They certainly deserve a high position on the “list”. Destroyers, every one of thm….

          • MMD, I think a lot of those planes are controlled remotely. The govt. has the ability to take over control of commercial airliners from remote locations. I believe I read that Weather Underground has the setup for it.

            • Thanks Genius: I will dig into it and see what I can find.

              BTW: You will enjoy my post on the last thread…..

              • MMD, Yes good post. I replied but it is in moderation 🙁

                • Why is your post in moderation, Genius? Or did you hit another truth nerve?

                  Did you post something horribly obscene? Must not be that or Acid Etch would be banished forever.

                  Some posters say their posts are kept in moderation until several threads have been posted up; by then who looks back to see what was written or defended?

                  Some say when they hit the submit button their post simply disappear.

                  Some even defend SHTF, saying there is no censorship.

                  Test (yes, the poster Test) when I questioned his history lessons that did not seem to cover the Russian Revolution stated “the lack of coverage of those years was because this is Mac’s site”.

                  When I replied to him that I would like him to clarify his answer before I called it a form of censorship…..
                  ‘crickets’. No answer.

                  Political correctness is destroying our nation; our foundation has been eaten away because of it. Freedom of speech is having its tongue tied; simply because we are not allowed to identify the truth of who/what/why of what is happening to the whole world.

                  Why would any race/religion or subject be exempt from
                  scrutiny? That is the MSM’s way of keeping us blinded.

                  Fortunately, the truth is out there. It just takes time and perserverence to dig down the rabbit holes. Let your fingers do the walking through the links supplied here.

                  Like you said in a post, Genius…..”if you dig far enough it will make you ‘puke’. One thing I know, you will never be the same.

                  • Maybe you should start your own site or maybe not post nonsense.

                    • Nonsense? What nonsense?

                      Mm-day’s post is valid. Perhaps your over-sensitivity would be better served, by refuting his post via facts/links etc.

                    • Man some Taboo issues sure brings out which folks here are totally filled full of whitey guilt eh…

                      Better plug them white guilt pc correct leaks before every bit of it is going to get depleated…Then you types will need go Back to square one and start all over from scratch on again being full to the brim with whitey guilt.

                      Discalimer: Yes I realize this anomoly aint what affects them all…Some of course are simply just plain totally Ignorant and prefer to remain in ignorant denial of that Taboo group issues.

              • Check out geoengineeringwatch.org…

                That is, if you really believe all those “conspiracy theories” about “chemtrails”… lol…

                • JustMe, I advocate reading that site a lot. But for most, the truth is too skeery 😮

            • They apparently can take over passenger train locomotives that way too, being as computerized as they are. That’s how the train derailed by going too fast around a curve while the crew were trying to brake it? …All so the socialist could clamor for more government takeover of railroading–railroading being a long-standing libertarian industrial success story that the socialists don’t want to have retake the place of amateurishly personally-driven auto, truck and air transport that’s so lucratively, for them, dependent on Big Oil. Their tentacles stretch everywhere!

            • Supposedly, Raytheon Corp mfgrd the hardware system, whilst P-Tech(LLC, I think)…supplied the software.

              Do some research on P-Tech’s background, Genius..and where their headquarters are located. Ditto, the software they provided (which was/is installed) on all U.S. air traffic control system computers…just prior to 9/11.

              ..talk ’bout rabbit-hole puking! check it out for yourself.

              -supposedly, aerial remote control of modern (U.S. made) commercial airliners is a fact of life..the DoD & “others” maintain such capabilities.

              • Yep, like WOOOPS we hit a tower! WOOPS we hit another one! Thanks for that Hunter I will look into it!

                • Genius:

                  That link is awesome. Thanks!

          • Of course!! ISIS Is a baby of Saudi Arabia and we have to help Saudi Arabia out militarily in order for them to only sell their oil in US dollars (the Petrodollar). THAT IS THE DEAL BETWEEN THE US AND THE SAUDIS!!

            So, of course we hesitate to bomb ISIS!! We are committed to these awful people who cut off peoples’ heads– the Saudis and ISIS.

            • Ah, the horror house of Saud.

              They’re gonna be sorry big time… Just waiting for it.


              • One can only hope.

          • Many young pilots are just trying to log hours for a real job. Anything for stick time……

        • America has finally given up hope. they are just waiting until Obama is gone then they will try to rebuild. Hopefully Russia and China won’t have fucked us over completely before that happens.

          • When and if Obama leaves Office, why would anybody think things are going to be better? Not going to happen, the Trend just within the last 30 years of Politics is self explanatory.

            Vote … vote for who, more of the same?
            This is what people will be getting … more of the same and worse. There is not going to be some guy or gal in the Oval Office that is going to have the power to save our nation – it’s done!

            Hope …? Fuck Hope! … hope is refusing or not facing reality. This is the 21st Century, there is absolutely no room for optimism. If people want to choose and live in a Optimistic World … then have at it, because the end result is a person who is deceiving themselves by choice while neglecting the realities that they encounter.

            • I believe you are right, but I HOPE you are wrong lol.

              • LOL …Nice … I see what you did there Genius ツ

                • The old war monger Lindsey Graham, in the debate tonight stated emphatically that the next president WILL BE A WARTIME PRESIDENT.

                  I believe him to be an insiders, insider. Have no reason to not believe his statement. So pray and prep.

                  • War with who?

                    Syria? Russia will control that.

                    Iraq? They don’t want us there because the US armed and funded ISIS.

                    Iran? They will have a nuke so we won’t challenge them.

                    Israel? Probably, Obama hates them and US policy will have truly made them enemies by the next president.

                    Russia? Russia is in a major arms race right now, but the US is doing the opposite. Russia will challenge NATO in a major way before Obama leaves office.

                    China? Nobody cares about China as long as they keep sending us cheap crap.

                    Afghanistan? The Taliban have already taken the country back.

            • FTW, Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.

              • Hope = optimism = praying = stupidity

                • lol, do you have a welcome matt or wall sign stating. ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE? lol, Oh brother!

        • It’s worse than that; check out youtube, bill still #476
          They are already bringing in unvetted syrian refugees into the us using cargo/combi planes.

        • …because they would be sent to live in Leavenworth,KS.

          • Well if your a mass murderer regardless of orders YOU are responsible and SHOULD be in Levenworth!

        • That was the first time in my 43 years that I have seen armed Americans challenge the federal authorities and win. These people were true patriots.

          It was only possible because of pro gun state laws. We are seeing more and more States that are rejecting federal overreach in ensuring more freedom for citizens of their states.

      2. Does this surprise anyone?

        • Nope

          • For those of you who have a Smith’s supermarket, They have a sale on 10 gallon stainless steel tamale pots for 25 bux starting tomorrow. They are great for many things (clearing throat) if ya know what I mean. Thats a great deal, just sayin 🙂

            • Ain’t big enough.

              • Ha ha ha, but it’s all that will fit on the stove.

            • Can it be a cheap Faraday cage/pot?

              • hmm ya I suppose so. A galvanized trash can is cheaper though.

      3. Genius, I know what you mean. I’ve known all along that the CIA was behind ISIS just like it was behind al-Qaeda. I don’t care what the Russians do to ISIS. I see DC as our No. 1 enemy, not anyone else.

        • I actually see Democrats as the biggest enemy of America. They run DC, the government ABC agencies, the Drive by media, Police unions, court system, et al.

          • rellik… YOU ARE WRONG. The only satanic tribal forces running the DC are located in TelAviv and the desert of Saudi’s. TelAviv is the master planner owning the ABC agencies in the USA ing and the rag-head head choppers are supplying the money and the army of the barbarians trained by the IDF cult. Enough of the bullshit R and D talk.

            • Stolz:

              Before Genius asks, would you be my neighbor? Love seeing you keeping everyone straight.

              For the Trump supporters here. CNN reported Trump hadn’t arrived for the debates because he had an appointment with Sheldon Adelson.

              So I ‘googled it’ and sure enough, lots of papers found that tidbit interesting enough to report on it.

              Any here don’t know old Sheldon. Well, look up the dirty old bastard and see for yourself who this kingmaker is.

              All republicans who make a run for the presidency ‘must’ pay homage to this sob. Want to know what TPTB looks like. You will be looking it square in the face. Gotta have a wink and a nod from old Sheldon. And his gold goes a long way too.

              Trump is in on the game….such a shame!

              • In today’s Political Theater of Showmanship.

                Trump today is what Obama was in 2008.
                Trump is giving the people what they want to hear, much like what Obama did.

                Did Obama make his promises come to fruition? … of course not, and he never intended them to be.

                Same as Trump, if for some odd reason he becomes President.
                Things he says, will not come true and the typical finger pointing at the Democrats will pursue for holding him back on his promises.

                Same ‘ol shit in the spotlight of political theater. It would seem most people would get sick and tired of the same old story line that resemble re-run shows year in and year out.

              • Poor old granny pee pockets, nothing left for her but endlessly search the net for Nazi propaganda and comraden. You guys better think up some kind of action plan quickly because in 20 years or so you’ll all be gone. Doesn’t leave you much time for action, hey wait a minute, you’ve never intended for anything but trolling the net anyway, so you’ll never be a threat to anyone.

                • Frank: Yes indeed and maybe You and the several others like you that only always write ad hominin attacks and name calling should actually try posting up relevant facts backed truths which prove what You types all claim.

                  That is of course assuming you actually Have such factual proof or documented facts other than assinine name calls eh.

                  Though one would by now think “If” you and the other idiots had any such counter proofs to dispel what, make my day and a few others here Unafraid to write truth and name actual culprits, by Now you’d have posted it up no?

                  Hasbarra always give themselves away by such actions as you do or simply via their extreme chutzpuh hubris.

                  • ThemGuys, I get a lot of the same crap. Just attacks (pathetic ones too lol) and NO REFUTING FACTS! I don’t understand why people don’t post contrary facts to prove others wrong. It’s common sense and logic for fooks sake. If I am wrong about something I want to know about it and correct it. In the war on knowledge, the truth is the first victim…

                  • Them guys,

                    What wasn’t factual about my post? mmd has revealed herself to be none other than pissed off granny hiding under a new moniker. The rest of you are in your sixties so that means in 20 years or less you’ll either all be dead or mindlessly pissing down a tube in nursing homes. All of you NEVER do jack shit but fight your imaginary battle on the comment pages of shtf.com and cry about being censored all the time. So, I’ll ask you again, what part of my comment wasn’t factual? I know you’re going to run away and pretend you didn’t see this, all of you cowards will, because you can’t refute what I’ve just said here. What a pathetic bunch of old, liver spotted, jealous, helpless geezers, reading your sorry repetition of how everything is the fault of Jews instead of looking at your own miserable lives. And I always enjoy watching all you cowardly ” comraden” have to rush to each others aid every time somebody points out the truth about all of you. Yeah, that twenty year time frame can’t happen too soon, the world won’t miss any of you, trust me, and it will become a better place once you’ve all become worm food.

                    • Frankenstein:

                      Unless some are given IP addresses from this site you do not have the foggiest notion who I am.

                      And did it ever occur to you that it is easy to become a Granny at a very early age. So your old age theory about “old posters” here is bullshit; just like your snide attacks on the truth.

                      I hope Mac’s “90% posts” is truthful; means there is a lot more wide awake people in this world. Not everyone is brave enough to even “try” to post the truth; but they certainly (until now) had the chance to read it and pursue links to identify the truth.

                      But Frank, they don’t need to despair. Unless purged, they only need to work backwards at SHTF subjects. It is all there, Frankenstein.

                      You appear to be one of the bloodsuckers we write about. Pity you when judgment falls.

                    • Makemyday/ aka pissed off granny,

                      Brains were never your strong suit granny. But that’s to be expected from the likes of you, jqp, cunter, err, hunter, weenie genie and the rest of you sorry assed geezers. How could I tell you wonder? Three things that gave you away. First, you’ve referenced biblestudies.com, nobody ever brought up that but you. Second, you referenced Rappaports column, NOBODY but you EVER talks about him, Lastly, you damn near fell out of your chair gushing when cunter, err, hunter, showed up a few threads back. When you add up all three of these facts, it’s too much of a coincidence for it to be anybody else but you. Sorry if you’ve run into somebody who’s smarter than you, but you can call me ” genius” from now on if it makes you fell better there pee pcokets.

                • Frank, the stench of piss is overwhelming is it not.

                  • incognito,

                    Indeed it is. Granny can change her handle a hundred times over but never change her STENCH.

          • They really aren’t Democrats anymore. Now they are radical communists and socialists. Not too much longer before the brown shirts come knocking on the door asking what party we belong to.

            I was thinking of voting in the Democrat party primary this year. It would be kinda like joining the Hitler NAZI party in about 1934. Maybe then I would survive the initial culling.

            • john stiner

              Hitler didn’t have the NSA and all the techno information.

              Its far too late to create a different political position as everything you have said and typed in the last decade is there for the snooping.

          • Definition of “Branch Manager”.. someone who attacks branches of a tree expecting to kill the tree while ignoring the root of the tree and cannot figure out why the tree still lives.

          • Yea, locally democrats used to be different bud,
            Now with all the mainland and outside influence its a different story, the old school democrats are at a loss when it comes to ideology within the party now. Big difference between the political climate in the islands in the 60s and now, personally i prefer the 60s, but thats no shock.
            What is shocking is how ignorant the democrats within the state government are today, they just dont get it that chasing after federal dollars is stupid and does nothing to truly benefit the people.

        • That is why Obama had to fire sooooo many military and federal civil servants, because they objected to the Obama plan.

      4. Genius, CIA created both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Everything is so bogus these days.

        • Don’t forget crack cocaine too…….

          • From what I have read there is a lot of silver in bomms. Less silver all the time with every boom! Before long maybe silver prices will go BOOM!

            • Genius

              Allegedly, the tyrants in Brussels(E.U.) have mandated (or intend to), that lead-based electrical solder, will no longer be allowed in the electronics mfg industry on the continent.

              Thus likely to drive up the $$$ of silver, for use in wave-solder machines (see circuit board mfg.)

              ..heard this from a Siemens Electronik tech (from Belgium), I worked w/ last month.

              Cannot verify such to date…but it wouldn’t surprise me!

              • Damn, I better go buy up a bunch of electronic rosin core solder then. Silver is for plumbing, has been for a while but is hard to work with and has a higher melting point. I think it was a patriot missle I read about uses 600 oz. of silver each.

        • Brave,

          Don’t look now but it appears the genius has filed for a dudevorce from you. Don’t fret, these internet romances never amount to anything and I’m sure you’ll find another leg to hump soon enough.

          • Karl troll, go find another forum to stink up.

      5. America, under the leadership of Obama, has been on the side of the Islamic usurpers since the start of the “Arab Spring”.

        Should it surprise anyone that we are now on the side of ISIS that grew out of that movement?

        At least Russia knows how to go after them and why, maybe they’ll save us in spite of ourselves.

      6. Remember to vote for Hillary.

        • There is a good article over at survivalblog.com titled “How To Title Retreat Property, An Overlooked Item in Your Planning, by John in the Ozarks” Worth a read for sure.

        • Hillary’s first election victory–
          1966 Voted most likely to ride a broom to the senior prom.

          • Or ,ride the girl in home economics class

          • A broom???

            Hell, I would have thought she preferred a “kick-start vibrator”.

        • Whether you actually do or not?

          Hooray for Diebold.

      7. Why don’t the “gentlemen of the mainstream news media” investigate and expose this? Aren’t they our trusted guardians of truth, the bull dogs who allow no bullshit to be foisted upon us?

      8. At this point, the people on the ground need to just take care of the problem, and lie to the Pentagon and WH about what they are doing.

      9. Anybody else getting screwed this year on property taxes? Mine have skyrocketed.

        • Can’t send millions of illegal kids to school for free….

        • I have been getting screwed for years on taxes. Doubled in the last 4 years. I am thinking of having it in an LLC to get it out of my name and maybe save some fed notes.

      10. I miss the good old days. When a soldier, seeing the enemy in his gun sight, didn’t have to turn and ask permission to pull the trigger.When a soldier lived, slept, showered and fought with men he could rely on never to be openly homosexual.
        When a soldier would go into battle, risking life and limb, believing he was fighting a just war and, even when he had doubts about the war itself, at least he knew the goal was to win. When a soldier never had a second thought about which side the Commander In Chief was on.
        Oh, wait. I don’t remember any good old days like that. Either I’m too old to remember or too young to have ever known those days…

        • I remember thinking, while living overseas, that if anything went wrong I could count on US Marines dropping in to save American citizens. These days, I think I would be fearful of them, Isn’t that sad?

          • The Marines will drop in to save global corporations. If some American citizens get saved in the process it becomes a “cause celeb” as its the ostensible reason that the public just eats up.

            • Nothing against US Marines guys its just they don’t get a chance to choose their enemy as TPTB pick it for them.

        • Hey Smokin’-oh,

          Heard a good one from a former ‘Force-recon Marine’ (deceased owner of a vibrant, mid-sized job shop mfgr in SC)..a few years back, right after the Obummer regime mandated faggotry in the ranks.

          I’d fixed his down machine & most of the employees had left for the day, my service report was signed & invoice accepted, Acct-dept was cutting my check.

          Anyhow, the man liked good bourbon & Robert-Burns cigars.

          We we’re in his office, sipping Knob Creek (I think) on ice, burning stogies & generally shooting the shit, per the political realities of the day..when outta the blue, he asked:

          “..what’cha think ’bout the govt allowing fags in the military?”

          “Gonna destroy unit cohesion” I replied. “..what’s your take?”

          He said flatly: “It’s gonna cause CONFUSION!”

          (Huh? I thought) ..then he explained, thus.


          Imagine you’re in a serious firefight, you’re in a foxhole w/ some politically protected / openly queer guy in your unit, who’s cowering beside you.

          There’s utter chaos going on around you..incoming mortar & RPG rds from the enemy..MG rounds whizzing overhead..the staccato of returning SAW’s to your left/right..yells & screams for the medic amid the din..

          ..and suddenly an enemy soldier leaps up & in an NVA crouch, begins charging your position, whilst spraying suppressing fire..

          ..suddenly, you hear the Gunny SGT. yell: “..shoot that cocksucker!”

          (he took another sip & a draw on the cigar…grinned) and said: (***)

          “..ya see where CONFUSION will occur?”


          Yeah, I know..this story has made the rounds in VFW-hall circles for sometime. That said, I actually had it explained to me, in the above manner. T’was my first time exposure to said, brutally honest humor.

          (***) …rest in peace “SGT/Bradley”..you are not forgotten!

      11. They don’t want to bomb their own agency, “ISIS”. They only use “ISIS” as the excuse for bombing the real Free Syrians who, like all the Americans on this site say they’ll be defending themselves from “their” government, are fighting for their liberty from the government of Western elitist colonial governor Assad.

      12. To Obama everyone of ISIS that we take out are killed by friendly fire. It just goes on day after day with no end in sight. Bought an AR Pistol for the outhouse the other day and I believe it will do the job OK.

      13. Off the subject, but I had a difficult time sleeping last night because of this gun prohibition bill Obummer has set up. Did you people see the video at Alex Jones’ website of Naomi Wolf? It is EXTREMELY important that people see this video!!

        Just go to: “Naomi Wolf interview at Alex Jones website”. There are 10 steps all would-be-dictators use in order to turn an open society into a closed one.. Alex said that getting the guns is the last step.

        Who is on their “no fly” list? Naomi Wolf, for one. I remember reading about it… she has never committed a crime. However, she did write, “Give Me Liberty” and other books which tells how our country is turning into a police state. She criticized the government, tells people what is happening… so, of course, she is on the “no fly” list, as are all of us…

        Paul Craig Roberts says that it is critically important that we wake people up. He says that if even 3% of the population is awake, we can change things. So PLEASE copy the page here on SHTF about the gun control (Republicans in on it) and distribute wide and far, to everyone you see. Hang it up on bulletin boards, lamp posts, or whatever. We don’t have much time!!!

        Once they get the guns, all Obummer has to do is to sign more executive orders and his dream of becoming the first American dictator is in his pocket. He has a whole year to fulfill his dreams and all the pieces of the puzzle are there, for his taking… all he has to do is get the guns!!

        PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO: “Naomi Wolf interview with Alex Jones”!!!!!!!!

        P.S. I doubt they will come door to door and ask peacefully. If you don’t come and turn them in, I imagine they will come in squads, knock your door down and start firing… this is Police State Time and things are changing…. little by little.

        • We all knew this was coming. Now it’s at the door. Don’t keep all your shit in one place! I don’t think the door to door will work out so well (for them). Just stay calm and think your way through it. Remember, no one here gets out alive (physically). Die on your feet or live on your knees, whatcha gonna do? You can’t stop it so quit worrying and just plan as best you can man!

      14. We are not in a legitimate war in the middle east, it is a spectacle for the masses put on by
        The cartel. They are just flyovers for show. The enemy is being welcomed both here and abroad,
        I can not believe our forces are still putting up with it. It is all about money, control and turf nothing to do with humanity at all…….


        Title: Jesus joins the NRA by Matt Barber

      16. zionist jews wants to start ww3, period

      17. Speaking of Hilary, one of the scamsters behind this whole dog’s breakfast, Reporter Catherine Herridge has received confirmation from the intelligence community that at least two of the emails Hillary Clinton received on her private, unsecure server as secretary of state were not only classified, but “top secret.” http://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2015/12/15/affirmed-at-least-two-clinton-emails-were-top-secret-n2093931?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=

        But no need to read the article. Hilary could be Bernie Madoff, the whole Enron team, Al Capone and both Bonnie and Clyde, and absolutely nothing would ever, ever happen to her. Remember, as Leona Helmsley once said, “Laws are for little people.” Now… anyone know if leftist Obama crony Jon Corzine ever found that $1.6 billion dollars he “lost?” Just askin’

      18. Brave, I responded to your thread about the dred lock burglary..those phucks should be lucky your weren’t home to out a. 40 cal to the ass of one or two many of them to teach those little notty headed pieces of sh…t a lesson.. sucks how you lost your guns and it’s now in the hands of criminals black thugs.

        As for you isis head chopping phucks apparently the US government can’t hit their targets, then send those jihadist to our areas and see if we will miss when they attack us..



        Immigrants my ass. Phuck em.

        • Katy, maybe try posting a bunch of job applications on the door lol. That will scare any naphead away! Also leave some on the seat of your car! Perhaps a help wanted sign on the gate too 😛

          • Make damn sure those Job Applications says “REQUIRED” or else they lose their funding and receive a free boat trip back to their motherland.

      19. HCKS, now I’m keeping one of shotguns loaded at bedside at night. If I’d caught the f#$%ers, they would have received a NICE batch of 00 buck.

      20. U.S. Refuses to Bomb ISIS Targets: “Can’t Get Clearance Even With a Clear Target in Front of Us”

        We are not suppose to be in Syria and engaging in mayhem in the first place. The US Government has no authority nor do they have the consent from the Syrian Government to be there.

        Only Russia has the consent of the Syrian Government to rid the garbage that the US Government created. Obama and pals have lost their foothold in Syria, and they’ll try anything to regain their position there.

        They have one problem with that … US Gov and their collaborators have been outed as being the direct threat to humanity. Good luck in convincing others that what I say is not the case.

        • FTW:

          True Story!

        • WORD!

      21. It’s better news for wholy war.

      22. Very good… .

      23. They can’t bomb the media safe houses.

        They are located in Langley.

        • Main media video of terrorists producer is website of “Site” terror intel or close to that name and its main female owner is Rita Katz…Oft seen on many varrious fox tv shows almost constantly….She is also a likley Mossad agent too or ex-mossad now…

          Internet is filled with articles that prove she is a scam swindler artist big time…Rita Katz film co Fakes terrorists videos For MSM TV stations to Air and claim its all 100% true fact etc…

          More like 99.9% fake propagandas with a wee bit .01% truth so to get duped american to believe in it all.

          Ritas faked vids has been so outted and for so long now its a wonder shes still doing them! I guess Dual Citizenship has its privilidges eh. Ms. Taboo

          • And yet again, you show everyone here all you can do is bitch and moan about it. NEVER going to actually DO anything that requires getting off your sorry ass will you?

            • Ok! Frank, what’re are you gonna do about it???

              ..seems all you’re good for is towing the Ⓤ line of lies, deception, graft & cheap-shots.

              ..how very ‘genetic’ of you!

              • Hunter,

                I’ll tell what I DON’T do!!!!!

                ….. won’t post 6 times every thread about how nobody listens to me while posting the same tired old bullshit about Jews and crying like a little bitch about being censored while never removing the seat of my pants from the sofa to actually DO a goddamned thing.

                … How’s THAT for ” genetic” ? Speaking of, what slime pool did ” them guys, genius, makemyday, jqp, and the rest of the sorry assed old Nazi comraden cowards ooze out of?

      24. They can’t bomb the media safe houses.

        They are located in Langley.

      25. The corporate neo-con PNAC Anglo-Zionist fucks declared that “there can only be one”.

        One world boss or flash boom fuckers…


        Brave, good strategy..i don’t use number 8 shot indoors. I use 00 buck shot. When I asked one of my cop friends at the gym, they told me that when you have and intruder do you use nun 8.. cops tells me that that’s for birds and that 00 buck.. is what they is if someone come son to this house…so your right in the money. My bandaleers have all sorts of rounds including 00, .59 caliber Hornady, .70 caliber Acutip, brenneke deer slugs and number 4 shot, whish I am told is good for several off limbs at 20 yards of kees..i keep slugs for the bigger dred lock post calapse that may be charging at me, you will need a slug to drop those. I also have a 18 barrel for close quarter combat, plus a 24 inch smooth bore, plus a rifles cantilever barrel for big game at 150-200 yards and beyond.. Brave your wqr game assessment looks effective. After examining a lot videos after moat cops shootings once the riot starts, you can then multiply that response times a 1,000. Luke my scientist tell us, they it’s going to look like world war Z.. literally hundreds and thousand of people changing toward you.. in your area of town Brave, if you have two bandaleers, you have 110 round ls of 12 Guage, plus you side arm. I also recommend a 308, of 270, for long rage capping, just incase the chi- coms soldiers role in..when shtf commenses you will need to know that 00 buck is excellent for firing through your walls to kill multiply attackers with one round.. I know you know all if this stuff already, just saying.

        My post is not to offend good African Americans who are preppers, your own people will be coming for you guys so get ready to stop them and protect your family.. I am not racist just taking facts about cities and behavior in general. I have good black friends and they are prepped and they support the current Bs, they are black Red necks..as for the Latino gangs, your asses will be getting capped by read necks and blacks post shtf..



        Phuck me.

        • Katy, may I recommend #4 buckshot(not #4 birdshot) in 3 inch mag. 12 ga. It is 42, .22 cal balls at 1250fps. Like getting shot 42 times with a .22 at once. Not likely anyone will live through it and the pattern is sure to splatter internal organs completely. 🙂

          • At house range any shotgun pattern at 20ft or less is fist size at best, likely 2″ in diameter. Buckshots effect is like a slug. Heavy birdshot, I prefer the compromise to BB Goose Load is preferred having less unnecessary penetration than buckshot. Those little pellets tend to have a greater probability of bouncing around once inside a torso like shrapnel. The point is kind of moot as a 12 gauge shotgun at that range hits like a ton of bricks or one + oz at 1200fps.

          • Genius

            I believe the pellet size in a Claymore is .177. A 12 gauge 3″ magnum has about 70 of those pellets or 1/10th of a claymore. That is serious!

          • Genius, thanks for the tip. I’ll get some of those. If the same turds come back who broke in previously, they’ll regret NOT taking my shotgun. That’s locked and loaded at my bedside every night now.

      27. Emergency Survival 10 Commandments
        1. Stay in present time. Don’t get overwhelmed by fast changing events or
        motions. Automatic reactions can be good or bad. They are often based on fixed
        ideas. Fixed ideas if not appropriate to the present time situation can get in the
        way of doing the correct action. Staying in present time being fully aware of what
        is going on is mandatory in emergency survival situations.
        2. Observe the obvious. Look for the simple obvious what is in front of you to
        observe. Do a careful full attention in present time observation. Remove fixed
        ideas from the equation. Fixed ideas on how to handle come in to staple down the
        confusion of the situation.
        3. Evaluation of importance: Is there something (situation) going on that is more
        important to observe and be present for?
        4. Define the current situation: What is the problem or situation that needs
        5. Do your own analysis: Keep your own counsel. Determine all of the options
        available for the situation definition. Share with others and get them to do the
        6. Evaluate all of the options: The basic cycle of handling will be observe-decideact.
        Careful observation and definition of the situation can lead to correct
        decisions of the best option for action.
        7. Bring order to current environment. Don’t do actions that add to the confusion
        that is currently going on. Put attention of those that can handle on to the proper
        actions that are need. Put others attention on what needs to be done.
        8. If needed jump in and bypass others to get the vital actions done.
        9. Help others: Help or get help for the injured or physically in trouble. Remove
        those that have gone insane from the environment. Calm those on the boarder of
        insanity and give them something simple to do.
        10. Look for out points. Put attention on it to get it handled. Look for plus points
        and encourage and reward continued effort in that direction. If you bypassed
        those evolved, transfer reasonability and action back to individuals involved or
        someone else present. Back off and get others involved.

        Author unknown.

      28. Progressives both parties single goal just Obama more aggressive. Terrorists instill fear. People will want safety. Makes it easier for government to give it to them up to martial law. They will go after their enemies, their political opponents. Hillary has made it easy, stated her enemies are Republicans.

        • The enemy Sue is Islam.

          Take some time to study this barbaric pseudo religion.

          It’s loaded with hate towards us… THE WEST.

          Never feel awkward when stepping up towards attacking Islam.

          Islam is the friggin’ pits.


      29. The Abominati,….uggggh, I mean Obama Nation doesn’t want to bomb Isis targets because actually they’re Obama’s friends! They’re friends of McCain, and The Bush family as well, I NEITHER favor the Right or Left!

      30. Can someone explain to me how the Republican debate tonight went from ISIS to establishing a no fly safe zone over Syria? Safe for who? ISIS has no air force. Christie’s tough guy stance of, “I’ll shoot down Russian planes”, was answered well by Senator Paul. “Thats a recipe for WWIII”.

        I lean towards Rand Paul anyway but I think he was the only voice of sanity up on that stage and it showed.

        • Safe for ISIS.

          They (meaning the Anglo-Zionist Empire) are attempting to refigure the ME by establishing a Sunni arc right below the Shia arc that reaches from Iran to Syria and puts the pincher vise on them with Turkey to the north and the Sunnis to the south. They will have the oil reserves in the Sunni arc controlled by the vassal states of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. PNAC doctrine.

          Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have different ideas.

          The Pauls are marginalized because they are the only ones that believe in Constitutional principles and a “no foreign entanglements” foreign policy.

          The rest, both blue and red, are in favor of exporting more death and destruction and chaos. One of them will win and it doesn’t really make a difference which. The bosses’ policies will be followed to a tee with minor tweaks along the edges to keep the people at each other’s throats. No one gets elected without passing muster.

          Red or blue, they both aim to violate more rights and will get the terror watch list gun ban passed and also the encryption back doors to all communication by passing US Code to that effect.

          The police state is turning the screws down now…all in the name of the fake War on Terror, the fake War on Drugs and the fake War on Poverty.

          • JRS:

            Right you are.

            Faux business news “bigger than even the feds rate hike today, the head of the FBI insisting on the encryption back door”.

            And the noose gets tightened a little more.

          • JRS

            I understand it in the broader sense but thanks for the geographic detail.

            The physiology of the body politic to accept that which makes no sense appears to be a collective Stockholm Syndrome. The idea that the true plan is global control is too frightening for the people to contemplate. Its therefore not as much the gullibility of the public to accept the official ostensible reasons that but rather it is intentional. Food and circus is the opiate that facilitates the lack of cognitive reasoning.

            Rand Paul at least has an international forum in the debate.

      31. Ha I heard blacks have thicker skulls which means smaller brains. Saying that the nigs are inferior in intelligence is not racist it’s fact. Of course saying it is not part of the multicultural race mixing agenda so therefore it’s racist. Observe the blacks when you see them out in public they have the intellect of children. Anyway I like oo buck whatever is cheap.

      32. “…elaborate graphic animations, special effects, live-action speed edits and Hollywood-quality voice-overs…”

        That might give a hint as to where the ISIS videos are produced and perhaps by whom.

      33. US Pilots are not allowed to drop Ordinance on ISIS targets in Syria. I know. I was there. Nuff said.

        • RT News reported USAF pilots bombing the same hole in the ground, day in and day out in Syria.

          This let Obama report X number of accurate dead on air strikes against terrorist positions.

          I’m so tired of the Potus that will go down in history as “He Lied like a Persian Rug”.

          400 more days in office and counting.

      34. Maybe we should hit the ISIS in the white house!!!

        Just thinking out loud!!!

        • Stay safe pig.

        • Maybe we should hit the banksters that are bankrolling the white house and ISIS.

          Just thinking out loud….

          • Ok granny, how’s about YOU leading the charge for once instead of just flapping your tired old gums about it instead?

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